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Anton Chigurh (watch where you point that thing) colorfully, Bukowski-ly, paints a picture of the current state of Western White Man’s self-annihilating mind.

“[re: Ebola], there is always something new out of Africa, and it’s all bad.”

The elites in the West are so terrified of seeming racist that they’re apparently willing to kill us for it.

The West is like the stupid white girl at the bar who gets invited to go off on her own by a black guy. She is terrified of looking racist in front of her friends, one of whom is a black girl from the office who she likes to impress with her liberalism.

So she goes happily with the black fella, who turns out to be a savage niqger. Later, after the niqger brutally rapes her without a condom and leaves her in an alley for dead, she thinks, well, at least now everybody knows I’m not a racist.

A day later she sits in her hospital bed, recovering from her internal and external injuries and having contracted Ebola and AIDS. She will not survive this combination compounded by her weakened, broken body.

She hoarsely tells her friends visiting her, including the sassy black girl from the office who she wants so desperately to impress, “It’s not his fault. He had a hard life. He’s experienced racism his whole life. I know in my heart he just made a mistake. White people are so racist, and we made them slaves for like 800 years, sometimes they get angry. I don’t blame him.”

That’s the mass of Western whites right now.

White ethnomasochism evil is like Ebola: Super virulent, kills with impunity, spreads easily, but burns itself out before reaching truly pandemic proportions.

At least, that’s the hope. Anyone care to place bets?

Related, here’s one of the rotating header images I shamelessly pilfered from the Kakistocracy blog.

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Speculating about what George Washington, were he alive today, would think of what his nation had become, commenter Sgt. Joe Friday over at Ethnocentrist of the Blogosphere writes,

George Washington? Hell, imagine Dwight Eisenhower surveying the scene only 53 years after he left office:

Then: Operation Wetback.
Now: Repeated amnesties for illegal Mexican border-jumpers.

Then: The Gemini project, first manned spaceflight.
Now: Paying the Russians to put our stuff into orbit.

Then: Single motherhood strongly stigmatized, low rate of illegitimacy.
Now: Single mother a sort of secular saint, high rate of illegitimacy and climbing.

Then: Blue collar manufacturing jobs plentiful and well paid.
Now: Manufacturing jobs shrinking.

Then: Homosexuality considered abnormal.
Now: “You’re a homophobe.”

Then: Immigrants expected to make an effort to assimilate, learn English.
Now: “You’re a racist and a xenophobe.”

Then: Own a small business and you’re a respected member of the community.
Now: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that! Somebody else made that happen!”

Then: Traditional gender roles the norm, most believe men and women have different, biologically hard-wired natures.
Now: Women can do anything men can do, and do it more capably.

Then: High levels of trust between unrelated strangers, low rate of crime.
Now: Declining levels of trust more common, crime rate brought down through a combination of fudging the statistics, high rates of incarceration, and the rise of a “surveillance society.”

Then: Being in need of government assistance a source of embarrassment and shame.
Now: Gimmedat.

Then: Virginity or at least a minimal number of sex partners the ideal for women. Low threshold for being considered “damaged goods.”
Now: Promiscuity is praiseworthy; the idea of “damaged goods” is antiquated and misogynistic.

You get the idea.

We all get the idea, Sgt. Joe. The ugly decadence auguring the decline and eventual destruction of America could not be clearer to those with the eyes to see.

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Comment of the Week winner is “anon”, who supplies a very apt metaphor to describe how successful, happy relationships are ultimately a pairing off of a psychologically beta, highly empathic woman with a less empathic, pack (socially) dominant alpha man.

This is like how a pet dog will check his owner’s face and look the owner in the eye every 10 seconds to see whether the owner is happy with the dog because the dog is behaving correctly, or if the owner is going to punish the dog for doing something wrong. A dog that is owned and trained properly by a male owner knows the owner is the alpha; the dog is beta. Both are happy.

In a relationship, the woman should be the beta. When the man is the beta, the woman is repulsed and confused. With a dog-owner relationship, when the owner is beta–like a single woman owner–the dog is confused and unhappy. You will notice, if you are a dog owner who walks his dog every day, that the dogs owned by single women spinsters are the ones who are nasty to other dogs; they are confused because the female owner treats them like a living furry teddy bear and never disciplines the dog properly.

I have just summarized all of CH’s teachings for you. I’m not even kidding. Read carefully and think about it.

In a dog-owner and in a woman-man relationship, the beta (submissive) will look at the alpha’s (dominant’s) face every 10 seconds and is very good at detecting whether the alpha is pleased with the beta.

I actually read a book about dogs one time and then I started noticing this. My dog looks at me every 10 seconds, looks at me in the eyes, and determines if I’m happy or upset with it. My dog never tires of working to please me.

As colorful summaries of the CH worldview go, this is as close to striking distance of core teachings as any.


COTW close runner-up is Mike, who has some insight into low SES versus high SES moral senses and ethical codes.

I’ll give my experience. I’m low SES but went to a high SES private school. Low SES people are more empathetic, and thus their interactions are different. My high SES friends cannot keep up with even normal (non confrontational) low SES interaction. They also run into issues with me because, as a lower SES person, manners and social behavior means a lot to me. The reciprocation just isn’t there with them when it should be, and when they don’t recognize protocol it comes off as disordered from my perspective.

They can be assholes, but many aren’t – as most are constrained by their SWPL ethics rather than any innate empathy. However, in some cases, their lack of empathy leads to a specific type of anti-social behavior that is a definite precursor to dysfunctional social behavior if not criminality.

Absent sociopathy, which is what Heartiste conflated with ‘normal prole criminal behavior’, the typical normal IQ (100) prole personality is less criminal prone than higher SES personalities. This is due to empathy. What makes up for that, in the statistics, are higher levels of low IQ individuals (<100), abuse or attachment disorders that screws personalities, and more culturally accepted violence as a means of resolving disputes amongst males. In black communities, that violence is amplified to much higher levels because it’s instinctual rather than cultural (empathy is shockingly low amongst blacks in general); hence the disparity in violence between prole white and prole black neighborhoods.

In other words, proles are nicer and more reliable friends but more unpredictable for dysfunctional behavior in groups. Higher SES individuals are more uniform in behavior but also in their lack of reliability and trustworthiness as friends and in business.

Here’s something funny that I’ve noticed: when higher SES individuals begin to engage in business in competitive environments, they find that those environments simulate lower SES threatening environments and thus they all of a sudden put more emphasis on loyalty and other prole social norms that depend on empathy for execution. There’s nothing more valuable to a high SES executive than the loyalty of his few truly prole underlings.

That last paragraph is astute. It gibes with my experience as well; when the heat comes around the corner, successful alpha businessmen who normally luxuriate in their social rank will quickly assume the attitude and slogans of “lower” ranking prole men, and emphasize as mike said, loyalty and teamwork (aka ingroup cohesion). It’s a microcosm for what could soon be happening at the national level, once lifestyle indicators really start to go south.

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Commenter Trust perceptively piths over at Alpha Game Plan,

Another way men and women’s thinking is alien to one another. They see liberty a different way. To a man, they see liberty as making their own choices and bearing both the benefits and consequences of their choices.

Women, on the other hand perceive liberation as making their own choices and enjoying any rewards, while passing the consequences to others. Which, of course isn’t liberty at all.

Hence this [Scotland independence] vote. They see the union as an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of another, failing to see the other party in the union has wants and expectations as well.

This is one of those things that will have overlap between the sexes, but in a large enough sample size one will be able to discern obvious sex differences in emotional perceptions of broad abstract principles, like liberty. And yes, it has been my experience that women do tend to underplay the role of honor and self-determination and the consequences thereof compared with how men view those topics. Women are simply more pragmatic and self-serving than men, and this kind of difference bubbles up often in surveys that ask each sex their opinions of big issues like independence or national healthcare.

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Reformed Blue Piller painfully recounts,

Betas live in hope; partly because they are unaware and naive as to women’s true nature and motivations.
It’s the same sort of thinking where a guy might believe that a stripper likes him because they had a conversation in a strip club and she was nice to him.
I know because I once was so Blue Pill it was painful.
Also; as far as socialising, in many cases there aren’t really that many alternatives other than going to bars/clubs.

Hope is the feeling that really nails the naive beta male belief system about women’s nature. Hope is the true mindkiller, surpassing fear in enervating power. Hope is 500 Days of Beta, languishing in daydreams and comforting superstition while the real world spins on by.

You will never hear a natural say “I talked to a stripper. I hope that means she likes me.”

Hope is the last refuge of the inert. Save hope for divine vocations and train your cynic’s eye on earthly concerns.

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Max from Australia, come on down! This COTW trophy isn’t gonna polish itself.

When women in the west had “dread” back in the 1950s they all had bodies like Jen Selter (without the Darkness). Now with 3 levels of Cradle to Grave Beta Bux from:
1) The Welfare state
2) Divorce rape
3) AFC’s [ed: average frustrated chumps]
They all look like Oprah.

Think about this as a measure of the collapse !!! Your Grandpa was banging a 20 year old virgin with a smoking body (as hot as Jen Selter by today’s standards) and they both spent the best years of their lives devoted to one another. (instead of their IPhones and our “Tinder” lifestyles)

Although this comment has a high glibness rating, it contains more than a kernel of truth. Dread game on a societal scale keeps women in line, always working hard to please men lest they be cast to the icy wastelands with the rest of the anti-feminine rejects. The opposite of Dread Game — Coddle Game — relaxes selective pressures on women to stay feminine and thin and agreeable. And so what you see now in the decadent, coddling West is what we get: Ballbusting fat feminist cunts and careerist androgynes.

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gunslingergregi burps up a nugget of pith from his prolix comment splatter. Here he explains his thought process if his girlfriend were to hypothetically get trained by 12 angry minstrels.

after my bitch gone she need 12 dicks to try and replace mine

Great reframe! You deserve this week’s COTW. The reframe is such a powerful tool of social influence that you should try to become adept at reframing every interaction, romantic or otherwise, to your personal advantage. Reframing is sexy and masculine and dominant. It’s a self-aggrandizing tactic that alpha males use frequently and beta males almost never use, unless by accident. Of all the pickup techniques, I can think of few as distinguishing as the reframe that so starkly delineate the social behaviors of alpha and beta males. (Lesser betas will often reframe a situation or conversation to make themselves appear worse.)


COTW runner-up is Arbiter, reminding us that women have a very different psychology from men when peer pressure is brought to bear.

Career focused women are having ‘egg-freezing’ parties – NY Post


“I don’t have a significant other . . . but I hope to one day and have kids,” said attendee, Donna Kanze, 35, of Manhattan, who has a career in the technology sector. She’s already signed up for egg freezing.

Of course it has to be parties. Celebrate together like a herd and put it on the internet. Don’t forget the selfies. And when you work out, you should work out in groups.

Women act this way because women have always survived through other people. A woman had to win the approval of other women in the tribe, because children were best raised with each other’s help, and a woman needed the other women to like her so they would help her children. She also had to please her mother-in-law, who ran the household, and her husband, who brought home the food and protected her. Her day was very much about winning the approval of other people.

It is also the reason why they on average use a larger vocabulary in a day than men. Communication, connection, affirmation of belonging. No wonder that women like living in large cities more than men do, and dislike living in the country more. No wonder that they are more orthodox, no matter what the reigning orthodoxy is: Christianity, Islam, communism, nationalism, secularism. (When people talk about how women are “oppressed” by religion in the Gulf, they are unaware of the fact that the women are generally more religious than the men.) The group means survival.

And if you are a leftist, your whole ideology is about organizing in a group in order to attack and take value from other people, while the Right’s ideology is about building value. So “career-focused” New York women will be among the most group-obsessed women in the Western world.

When EggBanxx’s marketing director Leahjane Lavin, 34, announced that she just underwent two cycles of egg freezing herself, the crowed whooped with approval.

But of course they did. Whoop as a group, ladies.

The herd mentality explains a lot about women. For instance… popular misconception to the contrary notwithstanding, most sluts are not beautiful women. Sluts are largely drawn from the 4-7 SMV class of women; they are those women who can’t get the high quality men beloved by all women except by throwing their legs open and hoping that they get lucky and manage to trap one of those good men with their honeypot freebie. (Ugly women don’t even have this option because most men don’t want their sex, however readily available it’s made to them.)

Given that most women fall into the fat 4-7 part of the SMV bell curve, there is a herd-like incentive among some of them to extol the imaginary virtues of sluttitude and to actively suppress slut-shaming dissent. Prettier women have the opposite reaction — sluts undermine their sex market leverage — but they don’t have the majority herd numbers to put up an effective counterfront.

And so it is with this egg-freezing business. High SMV women (pretty, young, non-careerist) instinctively know this Wall-induced tech-savior scramble is a shit way to go about living a happy life with a loving man and bearing his children, but they are overwhelmed by the growing numbers of careerist hags rounding up their hagherd who desperately want to believe that a tech-rejuvenated hatch of eggs is the equivalent of a young pretty face, smooth skin and supple flesh.

Unfortunately for the aging careerist hags, men don’t get boners for wombs and frozen eggs.

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