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Max from Australia, come on down! This COTW trophy isn’t gonna polish itself.

When women in the west had “dread” back in the 1950s they all had bodies like Jen Selter (without the Darkness). Now with 3 levels of Cradle to Grave Beta Bux from:
1) The Welfare state
2) Divorce rape
3) AFC’s [ed: average frustrated chumps]
They all look like Oprah.

Think about this as a measure of the collapse !!! Your Grandpa was banging a 20 year old virgin with a smoking body (as hot as Jen Selter by today’s standards) and they both spent the best years of their lives devoted to one another. (instead of their IPhones and our “Tinder” lifestyles)

Although this comment has a high glibness rating, it contains more than a kernel of truth. Dread game on a societal scale keeps women in line, always working hard to please men lest they be cast to the icy wastelands with the rest of the anti-feminine rejects. The opposite of Dread Game — Coddle Game — relaxes selective pressures on women to stay feminine and thin and agreeable. And so what you see now in the decadent, coddling West is what we get: Ballbusting fat feminist cunts and careerist androgynes.

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gunslingergregi burps up a nugget of pith from his prolix comment splatter. Here he explains his thought process if his girlfriend were to hypothetically get trained by 12 angry minstrels.

after my bitch gone she need 12 dicks to try and replace mine

Great reframe! You deserve this week’s COTW. The reframe is such a powerful tool of social influence that you should try to become adept at reframing every interaction, romantic or otherwise, to your personal advantage. Reframing is sexy and masculine and dominant. It’s a self-aggrandizing tactic that alpha males use frequently and beta males almost never use, unless by accident. Of all the pickup techniques, I can think of few as distinguishing as the reframe that so starkly delineate the social behaviors of alpha and beta males. (Lesser betas will often reframe a situation or conversation to make themselves appear worse.)


COTW runner-up is Arbiter, reminding us that women have a very different psychology from men when peer pressure is brought to bear.

Career focused women are having ‘egg-freezing’ parties – NY Post


“I don’t have a significant other . . . but I hope to one day and have kids,” said attendee, Donna Kanze, 35, of Manhattan, who has a career in the technology sector. She’s already signed up for egg freezing.

Of course it has to be parties. Celebrate together like a herd and put it on the internet. Don’t forget the selfies. And when you work out, you should work out in groups.

Women act this way because women have always survived through other people. A woman had to win the approval of other women in the tribe, because children were best raised with each other’s help, and a woman needed the other women to like her so they would help her children. She also had to please her mother-in-law, who ran the household, and her husband, who brought home the food and protected her. Her day was very much about winning the approval of other people.

It is also the reason why they on average use a larger vocabulary in a day than men. Communication, connection, affirmation of belonging. No wonder that women like living in large cities more than men do, and dislike living in the country more. No wonder that they are more orthodox, no matter what the reigning orthodoxy is: Christianity, Islam, communism, nationalism, secularism. (When people talk about how women are “oppressed” by religion in the Gulf, they are unaware of the fact that the women are generally more religious than the men.) The group means survival.

And if you are a leftist, your whole ideology is about organizing in a group in order to attack and take value from other people, while the Right’s ideology is about building value. So “career-focused” New York women will be among the most group-obsessed women in the Western world.

When EggBanxx’s marketing director Leahjane Lavin, 34, announced that she just underwent two cycles of egg freezing herself, the crowed whooped with approval.

But of course they did. Whoop as a group, ladies.

The herd mentality explains a lot about women. For instance… popular misconception to the contrary notwithstanding, most sluts are not beautiful women. Sluts are largely drawn from the 4-7 SMV class of women; they are those women who can’t get the high quality men beloved by all women except by throwing their legs open and hoping that they get lucky and manage to trap one of those good men with their honeypot freebie. (Ugly women don’t even have this option because most men don’t want their sex, however readily available it’s made to them.)

Given that most women fall into the fat 4-7 part of the SMV bell curve, there is a herd-like incentive among some of them to extol the imaginary virtues of sluttitude and to actively suppress slut-shaming dissent. Prettier women have the opposite reaction — sluts undermine their sex market leverage — but they don’t have the majority herd numbers to put up an effective counterfront.

And so it is with this egg-freezing business. High SMV women (pretty, young, non-careerist) instinctively know this Wall-induced tech-savior scramble is a shit way to go about living a happy life with a loving man and bearing his children, but they are overwhelmed by the growing numbers of careerist hags rounding up their hagherd who desperately want to believe that a tech-rejuvenated hatch of eggs is the equivalent of a young pretty face, smooth skin and supple flesh.

Unfortunately for the aging careerist hags, men don’t get boners for wombs and frozen eggs.

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PA grabs the Golden COTW,

Vox had a post this morning that features two pretty twins and likely meth-heads busted for prostitution, working for a black pimp. CH tweeted the link this morning.

One wonders about anyone in their life, maybe long ago such as their great-grandfather before they were born, who’d have been heartbroken about how they ended up. Maybe he even was like the daddy in Loretta Lynn’s “Coalminers Daughter.”

A philosophical question comes up, contemplating these wasted girls. What would be their opposite, the best a woman can be?

A scientist, writer, Olympic star? No. A rare Jane Austen aside, female accomplishment is superfluous to male accomplishment, and it comes at too great an opportunity-cost if she fails to have children.

Then, maybe giving a nod to hedonism, is being a lissome young hottie with a job and a degree, confidently strutting down a fashionable district the best a woman can be? No. Although her smile is gold, the raw sex appeal of a bernankified skirt pales next to the flash of an Amish girl’s pale wrist and blushing cheek.

It seems then, that the best a woman can be is to be a good wife to a solid man and a mother to children that bear his likeness.

Greatness is so in reach to the woman. It’s a tragedy and a crime that the land we call our country makes it so rare a thing.

Declining civilizations all share a malign distinction: The elevation of the ugly and the repudiation of the beautiful, in body and spirit and language and art. Living in America at this time is to experience a daily carnival of the ugly lording it over the beautiful. It is a dark time, but also a fascinating time for those who can step outside the rushing stream of sewage and contemplate it from a distance.

Why this should be so is a mystery with a million clues, but there appears to be an ancient demonic algorithm encoded in the birthright of mankind that stirs to life when a people have succeeded and prepare to enjoy the long spoils of their labors. Like Agent Smith, once this arcane mind virus starts spreading there’s no stopping it, not without terrible sacrifice. Humility yields to hedonism, and then to cultural exhaustion, which ends in hallucinogenic self-annihilation. Perhaps white people suffer from this mind virus more acutely.

PA’s timeless truth is revolting to the Heralds of Hideousness. It causes them great psychic pain to hear it. Their thrashing is enjoyable to behold.


Occasionally, very witty or, uh, passionate haters will win a Comment of the Week. “Becky” is COTW shambler-up with this acrid fleck of rage.

As a female minority in T.O., I would say this is a pathetic article. Women are people, not receptacles for your tiny dick you misogynistic, fist pumping, popped collar douchebags. This is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read.

How incredibly sexist and douchey of you. Not surprised no woman wanted the time of day with you or your misogyny. Maybe women have standards and are happy with who they are and don’t need assholes like you telling them otherwise. Or hey! Maybe they’re not all in to men. Stop assuming you deserve a woman simply because you’re a man and maybe women will be more likely to head your way. Just a helpful life tip. It’s 2014 dude. Grow up. Evolve or suffer a lonely life.

Our bodies are not objects you tools! [ed: self-contradiction within the span of seven words! impressive.]

But, not sure if…


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The Anti-Gnostic comments a lot over at Cheap Chalupas headquarters, and he (best guess) is usually good for a pithy shiv.

How the market prices white neighbors is one of those economic phenomena that economists’ wives understand better than they do.

There are a lot of things non-economists understand better than economists, not because economists are dumb, but because economists are superfluously smart and cursed with an addiction to hyper-rationalize their faulty feelgood priors.

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After Randall Parker gazed in the crystal ball and saw chaos and decay in America’s near future, commenter “Jim” contributed a sound bite worthy of the coveted CH Freelance COTW.

Places like Brazil and the Congo have enormous economic potential just based on geography, climate, and natural resources. A place like Japan is mountainous (only 3% of the land area is arable), few natural resources, not located near major trade routes, subject to frequent catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis. But Japan has the Japanese people who are more valuable than all of Brazil’s natural wealth.

Doesn’t that get right to the beating heart of all our loud, violent, useless social discourse?

whatever happens, japan has got
the japanese, and you have not

When future elites, at least those having evaded the gallows following Civil War II and walled off in far northern city-state compounds where the ice winds blow, dare to spend a moment to wonder when it all went south for America, a few of them with integrity — no more than a handful, mind you — will find the strength within to betray their ravenous egos and confess that the project of their forebears to flood their homeland with non-anglos and non-germanics was seppuku with a dull shiv. Cutting out the viscera of a country never ends well.

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“Director” spits the pith and takes home the COTW,

It boils down to this:

A white Special Ed kid is actually a drooling retard.

A black Spec Ed can probably be retarded but musical, funny…like a pet with human characteristics. Even if they are drooling tards it’s compensated for by youthful ebullience.
Combine this with the victimology and self critique of whites and you get this Sandra Bullock syndrome. Adopt a Muh Dik and fulfill a Protocol of the Elders. These 4/5 types buy into it.

Director is referring to the recently noted phenomenon of nice white sluts teachers having flings (perhaps even falling in love) with their dumbly hormonal students of remedial vibrancy.

Cultural propaganda counts for something. Doubtless a lot of these teachers are fucked in the head, but a relentless stream of anti-white, pro-noble savage agit-prop emanating from every honeycomb of the Hivemind can push psychologically fragile white women over the edge into self-immolation. Sandra Syndrome is a good term for the illness that manifests when untethered white women seeking an emotional outlet for their pathological mothering instinct and a sexual outlet for their thwarted desire open their hearts and legs to their developmentally and morally child-like charges.

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COTW winner is AspergersKills, who relates a night when the vibe seemed formidable and he had to dig deep and remember that it’s a man’s evolutionarily assigned job to make the first move.

To give an immediate example of how this forum helps men, I went into an upscale karaoke restaurant last night to eat. I quickly noticed that I was the only male amid 50 twenty one year old girls celebrating their 2 year college graduation. I sat down in a leather lounge chair at a table between them and the place where singers tend to perform. They would stand over me and cheer their friends. But, in the first twenty minutes I was there, they would not make eye contact with me or otherwise recognize my existence in any way.

Most men would feel humiliated by this. They see it as belittling and unfair that women pay no attention to male strangers and that women try not to make eye contact. Elliott Rodger would probably want to go block the exits and burn the place down after experiencing what I had last night. The few men who did show up at the restaurant over the course of the evening, shrunk into themselves because the group of 50 really hot young women was quite intimidating.

But I remembered something I read here once, that the best way to break ice at a karaoke joint is to choose a song requiring a duet and then ask a woman to help out with the duet. I went up to the DJ and, just then, one of the three best looking of the graduation gang came down to choose a song as well. I learned later that she was hoping I would talk to her. I did. I asked her to complete the duet I chose and she was thrilled to help.

The duet performance went great and all 50 girls applauded us. That earned me big points with everyone as well. There’s a PUA term I forgot the name of that describes what happens when a girl’s companions mostly seem to like you. It opens the Heavens with light. Soon they were competing to sing duets with me and they’d lounge in the 3 empty leather chairs at my table, their gorgeous legs up on the table. I felt like the sultan of swing. Without thinking about it, I would lean back in my chair and put my arms out along the back of it, or drink my coffee by holding the cup itself instead of the handle, mild pieces of advice I picked up here and internalized.

Meanwhile the other guys got zero attention from the girls and sat like introverts leaning into their drinks mumbling to each other.

The most uncomfortable part of the evening for me was figuring out whose number to get, recognizing that there was an element of losing out on dating one of the other 49 if I didn’t do it the right way. It was also true that I only really connected with 5 of the 50 over the course of the evening. As this site notes, it is a numbers game. Some people just aren’t into each other no matter what their behavior (or looks).

So sites like this teach positive behavioral modification to prevent guys from shrinking into themselves in the presence of hot women. I wasn’t “acting” last night. I just chose a clever way of introducing myself and becoming part of a group.

These kinds of stories bring a tear to me eye, they do.


COTW runner-up is Just Saying. And he’s just got something to say about tapping into that sexy female id.

They crave the drama, and get antsy when it’s missing.

This is one of the things that I look for. We (one of my girls) and I were at a family theme park earlier this year, and there was a family. Young children, Mom (hot little blonde early 30′s) and the Father and an older couple that I later learned was his parents. So my girl (20 yo, brunette) and I were sitting having a fast-food dinner – when Mom and Dad start arguing. Didn’t really matter why but it was obvious that Mom wasn’t happy – of course. So she goes storming off (I enjoyed watching her jiggle-past), and my girl says to me, “I think that’s my cue. I’ll call you in a few if all goes well,” and takes off not that far behind while I finish the burger and fries and sit and enjoy the view. Good to her word she calls and says she has a “new” friend and are heading to the car,

Long story short – Mom wasn’t happy that for most of the last week they had been doing “kidsy” things and she had wanted the Grandparents to take the kids so she and Papa could have some quality time today since she hasn’t had sex all week. So she ended up having quality time with a couple she didn’t know. Women are strange and wonderful things – she wanted time with her husband, but being raw-dogged by a guy she didn’t know was just as acceptable to her. It took a while to get her there – an hour or so, but the journey is half the fun and everyone knew where it would end up, it was just a question of letting her get there. I have used women’s need for drama to benefit myself throughout the years – it is very dependable. Women are such simple creatures – give them another female to compete against – one that is younger, hotter, and more attractive and enjoy the results. The guy is pretty much superfluous other than he gets to enjoy the competition since whatever the younger one does, that older one will HAVE to do as well. Never trust a woman when there are other women around – they will toss a marriage, kids, and everything in their needs for a little drama in their lives. Never forget that since it tells you what you, your family, and everything else is worth to her – not as much as that few hours of excitement in a boring life… Remember that since it will NEVER change. It is how women are – so accept it, and use it to your advantage….

Drama is the Force. You can use it for good… or you can use it to command the dark side.

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