plumpjack makes the case that a common thread of existence binds humans with creatures as lowly as the parasite worm.

the message that people need to get is to ignore all the party lines and focus instead on the biology.

you have hosts at one extreme and parasites on the other. parasites have no morality. once you start seeing parasitism as a “legitimate” survival strategy you cease to be shocked by it. it just IS, and you deal with it appropriately, which, BTW, ISN’T teaching it to be something it is not. you deal with absolute parasites in absolute terms.

parasites need hosts for survival. hosts, oth, NEED parasites because they keep them strong. think about the alt-right movement. why does it exist now, and not 20 years ago? it is the host’s reaction to feeling threatened at a fundamental level. if there were no threats, the host would get soft, which is exactly what happened, and it’s why the strong (shitlords) are now being compelled to act decisively.

hosts vs. parasites. very simple.

And fat hosts = fat parasites.

The obesity epidemic is a physical manifestation of the blubbery softness of the American soul. It’s why the soul is being eaten from the inside out. Let’s hope the immune system reaction is still strong enough to repel the parasitic infestation, and that our next generation of men will be the ZFG Thors our current generation of weepy androgynes cannot even fathom for themselves.

Two recent news items from Trumperica that have stirred the shitlibs and their media friends to a frenzy provide a glimpse into the under-rated genius of Trump and his ability to logic trap his enemies into awkward hypocritical stances.

Item One: Trump’s tweet about flag-burners

This isn’t an idle emotional blurt from Trump. He knew what he was doing. By triggering all the pro-flag-burning shitlibs just days before his announced “Thank You” tour, he racks up tons of good will and favorable photo ops when protestors arrive to do exactly what he trolled them into doing.

More sadistically, Trump is also aiming straight at thecunt’s corrupt, dying heart. He knows that Hillary Clinton, as a New York State Senator, co-sponsored a bill to outlaw flag-burning. This is trolling at a level that even Kek Kekself cannot comprehend.

Item Two: Trump considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State

Trump’s interview of Petraeus was designed to make the ClintonNewsNetwork take the bait, and to once again drive his golden shiv deeper into thecunt’s rotten heart.

Trump is goring thecunt by proxy, exploiting the very media channels that have tried so mightily to hoist her dumpy dying body into the White House to do his bidding and crush thecunt into dust, scattering her pulverized legacy to the winds.

Flag-burning ban? Hillary did that.

Petraeus broke the law? Hillary did that, too.

Just read what Trump said back in July about Petraeus.

“The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair!,” Trump tweeted in July.

Trump’s courting of Petraeus is a direct shot at Clinton, who now has to deal with the media suddenly remembering that the laws Petraeus broke, Clinton also broke them and then some.

4D-chess? More like forty twists of the shiv.

White Nationalism, Briefly

Necessary, but not sufficient.

Via “Firetooth”, quoting @JohnRiversToo:

You might not be Ethnocentric.
But your Conquerors will be.

And that eternal truth demolishes just about any configuration of universalist rhetoric.

Your love wins morality will mean nothing if its vessels are erased from the face of the earth by, shall we say, a more forceful morality.

It seems by casual examination of the 2016 election results that the city-countryside political divide in America is hitting a zenith (or nadir).

whorefinder writes what this could mean for the future of America as a single political entity.

When empires are on the verge of collapse, it occurs when the political divide in the country is between city and country—or, more definitely, when the city folks don’t care about the country folks and vice versa. Happened in the Roman Empire, happened in the Ottomon Empire, happened in Persian Empire.

I don’t know the cause of such divides, but it becomes strikingly obvious when you read history: when city and country are the dominant political divides, the country is doomed.

City mouse and country mouse rape!

The geographic divide in 2016 has shifted from where it had been for decades — North vs South — to East vs West. That is significant. (Agnostic has lots of posts explaining why this shift was predictable.)

But as significant as that geographic shift is, it pales in comparison with the stunning bifurcation in voting behavior we now have between America’s dense urban Diversitopias and her rural and suburban provinces that blithely cling to a slim White majority population profile. I’ve seen analysis that showed this election had the largest divide between city and countryside of any election in US history.

whorefinder is right; the city-countryside divide — or SCALE-COMMUNITY divide — is an ominous portent of American collapse.

Scanman reminds us that our current city-countryside divide is not unique in American history. (But perhaps its Trump-era intensity is unique.)

The divide has been there since before Jefferson and Hamilton but I don’t know if it has ever been so stark and raw. Rural nationalists vs (diverse) urban globalists.

My money will always be on the guys who can change their own oil and know how to hang a door.

whorefinder replies,

The divide was there at that time–it was why the union was so tenuous during and after the Revolution. Southern agrarians and citified Northerners were at odds, and the South was very hard to convince to rebel against Britain compared with commercial centers in the North. But during later periods the divide waned—midwestern farmers became allied with eastern banking interests, etc. In the 20th century the divide all but disappeared after FDR’s realignment. But it has reemerged in the last few decades with a vengeance.

The Trump phenomenon has been compared favorably to the rises of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan, but I’ve been telling friends that Trump is most like FDR; a re-aligner who will, if he’s true to his word and character, usher forth the next era of classical egalitarianism of the kind the US had mid-20th Century during the “great compression”.

If Trump doesn’t succeed, and his successor is a Diversity Is Our Strength anti-White retread, then the urban-province divide will find a resolution in a second civil war; though this time the sanctimonious side won’t win. The military bleeds red state values, and the cities by themselves are easy to blockade and starve out.

I have to l’chaim-five Levantine of the Blogosphere for his good post about the three major narratives that the legacy media are currently creating to attack Trump and undermine the legitimacy of his upcoming Presidency.

I guess I underestimated how much the mainstream media (MSM) hates Donald Trump and overestimated their journalistic integrity. I apologize for my wrong prediction.

The MSM has created three post-election narratives which they are following in order to weaken Trump and set him up for impeachment (or so they hope). Listed below in declining order of importance:

1. Trump has MASSIVE conflicts of interest with his business.

2. Trump is reneging on his campaign promises.

3. Trump was elected because of “fake news” and Russian propaganda and he lost the popular vote

Leviticus of the Blogosphere is right. I have heard all three of these media talking points emphasized and re-emphasized in the days since Trump’s election win. Lately, number 3 — the “fake news” agitprop — has dominated the errwaves.

The shitlib media is working with very thin material in these anti-Trump narratives. On the “conflict of interest” narrative (the only narrative that has anything substantive to its claims), my understanding is that because Trump has his assets tied up in properties (instead of in blind trusts like most Presidents have had) he is particularly exposed to charges of influence peddling and payola if, for instance, foreign dignitaries stay at his hotels. Some libs are calling for Trump to divest himself of all his holdings. Trump won’t do that, nor should he, but I can see the merits of his lawyers telling Trump to bar diplomats and other foreign functionaries from even stepping foot in his hotels.

Number 2 is a dead end for the lying media. Trump isn’t President yet, so he hasn’t had any opportunity to fulfill or renege on his campaign promises. Any rumors about Trump’s choices for his Cabinet are worthless if they originated with a legacy media outlet. This is purely the media acting as agents of demoralization against Trump supporters for the benefit of the Democreeps and NeverTrumpers.

Number 3 is a desperate Fail Mary pass by an increasingly unhinged media losing their marbles as Inauguration Day approaches. There was no Russian-backed propaganda assault to elect Trump and if there was I can guarantee that it would have changed the minds of precisely zero non-Trump voters to switch to Trump. The “fake news” charge is likewise a false, sloppy narrative pushed by the libfruit media hive to emotionally uplift the various anti-Trump factions and to serve their interest of discrediting the blooming nodes of alt-dissident realtalk that are rapidly undermining the mass media’s hold on the collective consciousness.

(Hilariously, the shady shitlib operation — PropOrNot.com — that all the major media organs sourced for their oddly coordinated claim that an unchecked multiplication of “fake news” websites turned the election for Trump named, among other mainstream right targets of shitlib ire, the Drudge Report as a “Russian propaganda” outlet.)

Also included are popular libertarian hubs such as Zero Hedge, Antiwar.com, and the Ron Paul Institute, along with the hugely influential right-wing website the Drudge Report and the publishing site WikiLeaks. Far-right, virulently anti-Muslim blogs such as Bare Naked Islam are likewise dubbed Kremlin mouthpieces. Basically, everyone who isn’t comfortably within the centrist Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush spectrum is guilty.

The Strapon Within sneers on cue.

MPC has a characteristically scathing cut-down of this “fake news” bullshitlibbery.

But this is certainly a new low–promoting a puppet organization with maximum opacity as a curator of a list of nefarious news baddies–it’s like something out of an Austin Powers movie.  Sometimes when you look at the roaring vortex of collapsing media orgs, you experience that disquieting feeling of the world becoming dangerously chaotic.  We are living in the most interesting of times.

I’d add a fourth anti-Trump media narrative to Latka of the Blogosphere’s list: “Trump is a liar who falsely claims that there was massive voter fraud by illegal aliens and other noncitizens.” When Trump body slams the media and their delusional liberal narratives, as he did recently when he opened the Pandora’s Box of illegal aliens disenfranchising American citizens, the media often respond with the only defense they have left: SJW incredulousness.


At least it’s refreshing to hear the media tacitly admit that illegal alien vote fraud is something bad and should be avoided. Up until Trump made it a front and center issue, the media was actively colluding with ethnocentric la raza leftists to help them institute their preferred policy of widening the franchise so far it prolapses and mestizo presidential candidates spill out for the next hundred years. Remember, this is the same media, now lambasting Trump for even suggesting that illegals may have swung elections, that, before Trump raw dogged Miss Overton, gave positive press to nutjobs who wanted to do away with any voter verification laws and hand ballots out to border jumpers.

If any group of schemers, liars, and sophists deserves the label of fake news, it’s the “maintream” leftoid media. Trump was right to draw attention to noncitizen vote fraud, because it’s not a figment of his imagination. It’s happened, and no one with half a brain really believes it isn’t still happening in states like CA, which has turned 40% nonWhite hispanic. It’s time to get to the bottom of this noncitizen vote fraud scourge of democracy, and fix it by kicking out illegals and instituting strong verification protocols. (Maybe repeal the 19th Amendment while we’re at it. It can only help.)

Addendum: There is something in LotB’s online persona that compels me to needle him. Maybe it’s his combination of dialectical pretension and squirrelly evasiveness. Then of course there’s his egotism (not that there’s anything wrong with that… *preen*). This post is representative. LotB prides himself on always striving for the truth, but I can think of three self-propagandizing lies off the top of my head that he has indulged and/or endlessly recapitulates.

  1. Jewish-Americans don’t have a look. LotB claims they are indistinguishable from Gentile-Americans. This is patently untrue. Exceptions like Jared Kushner prove the rule: American Jews, like other Causasian ethnics (and I’m using Caucasian in the broadest categorical sense), have a look. Just like Irish-Americans have a look (dat chin), or Italian-Americans have a look (dat swarth). Most people could, based on nothing but a glance, positively identify the American Jews from a random assortment of White Americans. They might miss a few outliers, but they’ll get the majority of them. Why? Because #PhysiognomyIsrael.
  2. Jewish IQ explains their extreme liberalism. Also false. I have demonstrated that Jews are EXCEPTIONALLY leftist even after controlling for IQ. They have inherited a genetic disposition to leftist ideologies. Call it the tikkun olam gene.
  3. Michelle Obama is good-looking for a black woman. This is a trivial lie, but LotB does have a habit of beauty boosterism when the discussion turns to mediocre-looking and ugly women. I think he’s got a streak of white knight betatude that makes him assert some very stupid things about women and the sexual market. Michelle Obama is not fat. That’s all she has going for her. So yes she’s a step above the typical morbidly obese black woman of similar age. But compared to other height-weight proportionate black women, The First Trapezius is below average in looks. She’s got a hugely prognathic jaw and is muscled like a male athlete. It’s disgusting.

In the truth-speaking sweepstakes, I cannot deny that the Chateau is more truthful than the Lamb’s Den.

Trump And The Romney Chew Toy

God Emperor-Elect Trump has reportedly been considering Mittens Romney for Secretary of State. Trump supporters are livid that a traitor like Romney would be handed such a plum post. Trump’s confidant and campaign consultant Kellyanne Conway, tweeted her dissatisfaction with the rumors of Romney’s front-runner status for SoS. Trump’s loyal supporters question his judgment when they aren’t concocting a Byzantine 50D-chess move.

First, this is the legacy media reporting the news about Trump’s transition team. They lie like rugs. I would take anything they say as fake news until an alt-righter with inside info corrects the record.

Second, everyone needs to remember the force of nature that is Trump. He is a good-hearted, magnanimous alpha male (with a horny level for the ages) who never forgets a backstabber. I believe he enjoys planning his revenge on his enemies as much as executing it.

Given these premises, think about what you would do in Trump’s position to maximally and publicly humiliate someone who had betrayed you at your weakest moment? You’d invite Romney to your gilded hotel headquarters, promise him SoS, release him on a fume of hope and greed, and the next day have Conway issue a few tweets revealing how many Trump supporters loathe the idea of Romney receiving a position in Trump’s Cabinet.

Romney now thinks Trump really wanted him, against the wishes of his base and the advice of his campaign team. Suddenly, without warning, on a day of his choosing, Trump announces Dana Rohrabacher for SoS. Romney suffers a public humiliation so profound his power to influence anyone in Trumpworld is reduced to zero.

I could be off-base. Maybe Conway really did go rogue, and is in her special way trying to get Trump to rethink the wisdom of selecting Romney, while Trump for his part perhaps views Romney as cuck-approved insurance against a GOPe insurrection during his reign.

We’ll find out when Trump makes his SoS choice and announces it on Twitter and YouTube, bypassing the legacy media and adding insult to the parade of humiliations that the media have rightfully endured this past year.


PS Photo caption time. Enjoy these two post-meeting paparazzi shots of Trump beaming victoriously and Romney wincing like a boy just spanked by his mommy.


Up yours, magic underwear!


Hey Mitt, I got the multiple wives without signing up for your stupid religion! Win-win!



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