Memory Loss Game

I remember reading a long time ago a story in a local magazine about a young man who had been in a bad car accident and sustained bouts of memory loss from it. I wish I could find a link or a publishing date/name, because the article was astounding confirmation, in a roundabout way, of the effectiveness of Game. (An association I hadn’t made at the time reading it, but upon recalling the article realized it was there.)

Buried in the middle of a winding bio about the car-struck man was a funny aside he admitted regarding his post-accident dating life. Paraphrasing, he said that he was dating more girls than before his accident, and it surprised him because he kept forgetting their names, faces, and the circumstances in which they met. He said a girl would call or text him (this was long enough ago that calling was still a thing) and he would have to ask her name and how they hit it off. If he initiated the follow-up call or text, he’d scan his phone for newly added numbers (which sometimes had the girl’s accompanying name entered as “BAR X GIRL”), and have to ask the girl to remind him where, when and how they met.

Hilariously, he said that this ordeal became so taxing that occasionally he’d just come right out and say “I have you as BAR X GIRL in my phone. I have memory loss from an accident, could you tell me if you were the girl I met at BAR X?”

His eureka moment came when, after months stumbling through his strange new memory-less dating landscape, he realized his inability to remember girls’ names or important facts about them had no effect on his love life. If anything, he said his dance card was more full than ever. He said girls would be offended at first by what they thought was his lack of consideration for their worth, but wind up making out with him at the end of the night anyway. Crucially, he mentioned he rarely told girls about his accident because he didn’t want his dates turning into sexless sympathy hugs. He’d just say he forgot this or that about the girls, and carry on as if nothing was amiss between them.

The lesson is an ancient one: chicks dig men who act like they have a surfeit of snapper options. And one way to signal your desirability to many women is to sometimes forget their names and favorite colors.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement provoked a whitelash from a few put-upon White shitlords-in-training, who answered with the more universalist (and cheeky) ‘All Lives Matter’ riposte. After all, who can argue against all lives?

Well, blacks can. ‘All Lives Matter’ really bugs blacks and virtue ejaculating fagwhites. I don’t recall exactly from whom I heard this, (I think it came from president Gay Mulatto xirself, but it easily could have been any random dindu), that the reason ‘All Lives Matter’ is, despite the innocuous message of the slogan, a slap in the face to Our Unsullied Underserved is because it belittles the “special vulnerability” that blacks experience in their violent, crime-ridden communities and to the police that are tasked with the thankless (and life-threatening) job to keep order there.

Apparently, to our aggrieved half-blood president and sun-dried blacktivists, only blacks have a special vulnerability to black violence and to police abuse of power. But the reality is, as usual, 180 degrees removed from the Numinous Negro Narrative; if anything, Whites have a special vulnerability to predatory, violence-prone blacks. Even after controlling for relative population sizes and frequency of inter-race contact, black-on-white crime is disproportionately more common than the inverse. And police shootings disproportionately involve White suspects. Those are two big media-manufactured anti-White whoppers debunked by stone cold data.

What is going on here is pure psychological projection. Blacks and their perpetually pissed mulatto mouthpieces and libfag White patrons know deep down that EVERYONE ELSE is especially vulnerable to black predation; it’s not just blacks who can’t relax around other blacks….. no one can. So when a black hears ‘All Lives Matter’ he is reminded that once again Whitey is not giving him the MUH RESPECK he feels in the haze of his tumescent self-esteem he richly deserves. Blacks, especially the talented tenth ones, get that their race is a stand-out menace, and that’s what motivates projecting their failures onto the White Man, who serves as the shame-magnet for black dysfunction. To be rudely informed by the implications in a harmless and inclusive platitude that black lives are not uniquely vulnerable to police misconduct or violent crime is a Bled Pill too ferric to swallow for a race so thin-skinned they kill if you dawdle while handing over your wallet.

You’re on a first date with a girl. During the date, she conspicuously scratches and rubs her nose. Red-faced, she explains that when she’s nervous her nose twitches and itches uncontrollably. You reply:

A. Warm smile: “Aw, don’t worry about it. My nose itches like that when I’m nervous, too.”

B. Sly smirk: “I see that charm school tuition really paid off.”

C. Frown: “Damn, gross.”






The astute reader will note the given replies are representative of the major dating male archetypes: the beta, the charming jerkboy, the asshole. Two of those three you don’t want to be (and one you definitely never want to be). The lesson here is that newbs often confuse jerkboy charisma and assholery as the same thing, when they are very different, in execution if not in substance.

Days of Broken Arrows writes,

I’ve noticed that no one — and I mean no one — despises Trump quite like barren older women. As with Sarah Palin, they seethe with envy because fertility. The biggest anti-Trumpers I know are dried up old tarts.

I think this is right. Basically, Trump’s biggest haters are TheCunt’s biggest supporters. Which is fitting. This epic cage match is, when you boil it down, a war between White self-annihilators and proudly fertile Whites (using fertile in both the biological and cultural meanings). Existential, you might call it.

The Don Will See You Now

Zero integrity spergratsnake Ted Cruz betrayed his pledge to endorse the GOP nominee and soapboxed tonight about his “conscience”, refusing to endorse Trump in a speech that was delivered in draft format only two hours before Cruz’s scheduled podium time.

The Trumpioso family sat in the audience somberly listening to Cruz’s speech, each of them looking like they were about to give the kiss of death to Scruz’s political career.


In order:

Disgust, Anger, Contempt.

All three are vital emotions that have been sorely missing from the American Right, and never more needed than now.

Ivanka’s expression is the most soul-killing. That’s the look a woman gives to a man who proves himself a coward.


You’re fired….from life.

It bears repeating that this is the greatest US election season in living memory. And the fun is only just beginning. Wait until TheCunt is squarely in Don Trump’s cross hairs.

There are some aspects of Game that qualify more as art than science. Everything is reducible, but the poetic oscillations of life most strongly defy digestible truncation. Seduction has those poetic parts that emotionally resonate but yield little to logical examination that the limbic system hasn’t already deduced.

This came to mind in a recent post about a reader who tried to pique the curiosity of a hindquarter-flaunting attention whore over (I presume) Tinder. I gave him some advice, but in the end he lost her with this line:

i fucked up by asking her “isnt it past your bedtime?”. the broad didnt reply

As I explained to him, I would’ve warned him (if I knew ahead of time) that that line was a tingle stopper. Girls hear that and think “creepy beta trying to keep me up all night talking sex”.

But why, exactly, is that line icky to girls, but a similar line that is CH-approved —

“go to sleep stalker. i’ve gotta get up tmrw”

— is alluring to girls?

We can all feel in our bones how awful that first line is, but what precisely is it in that combination of words in the original iteration that curdles cooch? If chatting with Tinder girls is an art impregnable to deeper scrutiny, how is a man supposed to know what will work and won’t work?

I’m about to ¡SCIENCE! this bitch all up in here. The first line – “isn’t it past your bedtime?” – suffers from two pussy-parching flaws:

  1. It’s a question asked far too early in the interaction (immediate questioning puts the man in the unsexy chaser role, begging for scraps of info from the girl)
  2. The word choice, and the innuendo ejaculating from the sentence, trigger a girl’s anti-slut defense system. She hears “bedtime” and thinks “sexytime”. She also feels the question implies she’s staying up just for him. Nothing wrong with assuming the sale, unless you pull that card too soon and without sufficient confidence in your hand.

The second line – “go to sleep stalker. i’ve gotta get up tmrw” – solves these problems. It’s a statement, not a question. And it avoids ASD-triggering sex words. It also assumes the sale, but less cloyingly; the facetious “stalker” accusation is a false disqualification that makes girls’ hearts race. The second line insinuates that the man is the “chasee”, and that perception influences how she will feel toward him (intrigued), but the insinuation is couched in a cocky jerkboy dismissal rather than a yearning horny inquiry.

On a whiteboard, the two lines aren’t all that substantively different. But in the realm of pickup, seemingly trivial word choices can accelerate, or blow up, a rolling seduction.

Melania’s speech was a better remake than ghostbusters.

Heh. As most of you know by now, Melania’s uplifting speech at the CuckNC convention contained a few lines apparently ripped from a Macaque Obama DNC speech. Cucks, naturally, were besides themselves, lathering into a high dudgeon about Melania’s writer lifting lines from Michelle’s writer, (while continuing to evade realtalk about black crime).

I would have dismissed this non-event as incompetence on the part of one of the Trump campaign’s speechwriters, until I found out there was also a Rick Roll meme-egg buried in the speech. That sealed it for me: a saboteur was working from within Trump Central to humiliate him and his beautiful, classy wife. This could not have been a mere cohencidence. And I’m not the only one to notice the workings of a mole.

Let’s get one thing straight about the anti-Melania hate: It’s the domain of ugly women and the effeminate beta manlets who see Melania as every girl who ever friendzoned them. Which means just about every feminist, male lapdog, and cuckbot in existence. Shitlibs and cucks don’t sincerely believe the plagiarism kerfaggle is a great moral failing; if they did, they’d have feverishly flapped their limp wrists in the direction of Gay Mullato, Joe Biden, and Martin Luther Kong Jr., all violators of the Credentialist sacred commandment to cite original sources of sappy bromides.

(I’ll plagiarize myself from Twatter: The wages of #credentialism: Fags more hysterical about source of anodyne convention speech than they are about massive demographic change.)

Back to the Trumpentraitor mole. It was either a physically sickly Dem operative or a balloon-faced cuckservative. The hate for Trump is equally intense in both groups. My bet is that the mole is a cuck. SJWs and the rest of the degenerate freak mafia will go on protesting and gathering shekels during the Trump Rule, but cucks will lose everything. They are discredited now; they’ll be out of work once Trump is elected and exacts his justified revenge. Cucks/neocons have nothing to lose by pulling every dirty trick in the book to prevent a Trump Ascension. Expect to see this and much worse in the coming months from snakes and saboteurs slithering out from the GOPe stool-warming machine.

So what should Trump do? He takes my advice, so here it is.

If there’s an anti-Trump mole:

1. Caving to cuck need for apology/admission: BAD

2. Quietly firing mole while publicly trolling cucks: GOOD

And on a more personal note, Donald if you want this, you have to vet your insiders under the assumption that all of them are potential elements of subversion. Due diligence. This applies to Mike Pence, too. The stakes are higher than even you know.

There is a great deal of cucking in a nation.
– Elder Smith


Someone named John Robb adds,

She had an NYC author she knew edit the speech. That’s how the sabotage and the rickroll were inserted.

Isn’t it just like a (((Manhattanite))) to prey on the innocence and trust of a comely )))woman(((.


As is his wont, The Trumpening masterfully reframed this “”””controversy”””.

Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!

How can you not love this guy? Oh I suppose if you tendered your balls to the cuck altar, you might not be able to love Trump, but that’s a lonely price to pay for MUH TRUCON PRINCIPLES.


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