A reader who for obvious reasons prefers anonymity asks a favor,

Me and my friends would like to fly a Chateau flag at the next pro Trump Rally. Any suggestions?

Fly the Happy Chateau at a Trump rally? Hoist the Heartiste standard above the battlefield strewn with the crushed egos of antifa?


A modest suggestion: Use the front page banner of this blog.

Anyone who manages to take a photo or video of the CH flag held high at a Trump rally will earn two distinctions: Shiv of the Week and Shitlord of the Week. If a shitlib faints at the sight of it, or immediately falls to her knees before it to vow fealty, I will add a permalink to the dissident blog of your choosing.

Not all sidewalk activists hawking material for the shitlib cause du jour are nuisances best avoided. Occasionally, a hot babe will thrust her ample pamphlets and bodacious donation sign-up list in my face. When I spot one of these sexy solicitors, I do what any woke-weary womanizer would do: flip the script and assume the sale.

CHIPPER GIRLTHING: “Hi! Would you like to help secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?…”

WANDERLUST WOMBCHIPPER: “This is an elaborate ruse you’ve set up just to flirt with me. There are easier ways to get my attention.”


CHIPPER GIRLTHING: “Hi! Have you heard about White Genocide?…..”

WANDERLUST WOMBCHIPPER: “Yes, I’ll go out with you.”

CHIPPER GIRLTHING: “Huh? No no, I’m not asking you out….”

WANDERING WOMBCHIPPER: “Oh, well I figured you were since you came right up to me. You come on strong, has anyone told you that?”


Trust me, these girls haven’t heard one interesting word from any man since they started their job as a wacktivist cause du jour whore for UNIVERSAL MANDATED ABORTION NOW. When you speak to one of these girls as I have shown above, you will practically smell the pungent aroma of sex wafting from her flowering furrow.

The Gorsuch Effect

Praise Kek, the God Emperor has not betrayed his principles.

(but we here at the chateau will help keep him honest.)

Here’s a simple social experiment necessitating few input variables other than a public venue and a street hustler to determine if you, or other men you can observe, exude alphaness or betatude.

Those carnival barkers working for non-profits like Greenpeaceout or Abortion, Yay! are useful proxies of a man’s SMV. Try this: the next time you pass by one or more of these millennial hippies holding clipboards and pamphlets near subway entrances, bus stops, or along busy sidewalks, take note of their reaction to you.

Do they accost you to pitch their dreck? You exude betatude.

Do they let you walk by unbothered? You exude alphaness.

Pretty cut and dry, if I must say. And if the NGO urchins begging for donations let you pass unmolested with a look of apprehension and even fear in their eyes, your alphaness may be off the charts. If, on the other hand, they rush right into your face and press their case for an uncomfortably long time as you stutter and stammer to get away, your betatude is bad enough to require a PUA’s intervention.

In short, look like a badboy who doesn’t suffer bullshit gladly, and you are likely an alpha who enjoys plenty of female attention. Look like a niceguy who takes shit from everyone, and you are likely a beta balls-deep in the GoFap Zone.

If you want to gauge your progress from invisible beta herb to irresistible alpha chad, keep track of the reactions you get from volunteer streetside beggars. You want to unlock the achievement level in which all those shitlib cause du jour curs are retreating from your arrival like the fucking Red Sea parting before Moses.


Prof. Woland writes,

I was once approached by a SPLC fundraiser while getting out of my car at whole foods (where else?). He asked me if I knew who they were and tried to rope me into some guilt trip social justice tripe. I stopped and thought for a second then answered back that they were an anti-white organization. His face contorted like he had stuck his finger in an electrical socket. He was shocked. When I came out of the store 5 minutes later there was not a trace of him.

Beautiful. People think that these scumsucking anti-White leftoid organizations like the $PLC are so fully converged with the Weltanshauung that they are nigh impregnable to attack from the righteous, but the reality is that they are powerful because they’ve never experienced REAL PUSHBACK. The anti-White Left has been so protected and coddled by the media hate machine that they have no idea there are people out there who KNOW THE SCORE about them. So when they get hit with an accusation of anti-White bigotry, they fold like cheap lawn chairs. Because they know it’s true.

Globalist Girl: Paul Ryan

Globalist Girl Cuckryan is happy to deny Trump funding for his signature campaign promise. Via:

Despite President Trump’s request for more than $1 billion to fund the Mexican border wall this year, Paul Ryan is expected to exclude the money in the April spending bill.

Ryan recently told reporters funding for the border wall may be included in next year’s bill.

Now it loos like Paul Ryan may get his way.
According to reporters President Trump may wait until later this year for funding of the border wall thanks to Paul Ryan and Republican lawmakers.

The Senate needs 60 votes to pass legislation. The leftoid legacy media is framing the issue so that Recucklicans take full blame in the event of a government shutdown, but there are only 52 GOP Senators; eight more are needed for passage of the spending bill. Not one Democreep traitor is interested in protecting America’s borders from foreign invasion. Cuckryan is the last globalist girl in the world to go to bat for Trump, so he’s all too eager to throw Wall funding under the bus to hurt Trump, and milk his Pyrrhic victory with vague assurances that the Wall “may” be funded next year. (Hint: it won’t, as long as Cuckryan is in power.)

Can Trump sign an Executive Order relocating Syrian rapefugees into Cuckryan’s neighborhood?

Ironically, it’s Ted Cruz who’s got the balls to fight for Trump’s Wall. Cruz is acting more Trumpian of late than Trump himself.

Globalist Girl: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has failed the “doe-eyed suffering child” test. From the “Today” show (via Politico):

Assistant to the president and first daughter Ivanka Trump said allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. “has to be part of the discussion” of how best to help those fleeing Islamic State militants and Syria’s long-running civil war.

Trump’s remarks, which aired Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show, marked a break from the policies put in place by her father, President Donald Trump, who has signed multiple iterations of an executive order that places an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees entering the U.S.

Leaving aside that the viral media images of suffering Syrian kids have turned out to be fake or posed to provoke Western sympathies, there’s the fact that most of these Syrian “””refugees””” are young men of fighting age, i.e., economic migrants and shock troops for the caliphate.

#RemoveIvanka from the White House. Like any Globalist Girl, she will undermine the nationalist-populism agenda, pressing for open borders to the Dirt World with weepy eyes and bleeding heart as her logic and reason. I don’t think this is entirely her (((husband’s))) influence; Western White women on their own can’t help aligning with Globohomo, Inc. against Heritage America.

Related: The United States is not, and has never been, a nation of immigrants. That’s just anti-White propaganda to demoralize Whites into accepting into their homelands the migration of vast hordes of nonWhites.


Commenter Scott writes,

I had to laugh when Ivanka went into the lion’s den two chairs away from frau Merkel, and she was booed lustily. Apparently her “globalism” offers no street cred among the Soros elite in Europe. A few more unpleasant experiences like this and maybe she’ll become more red pilled. The real threat has always been Europe, not Syria, something her daddy understands.

The problem with women in politics is that unpleasant experiences don’t affect them the way they do men; instead of red pilling Ivanka, the boos from the globohomoists are likely to convince her to bend over and appease her tormentors to win their validation. Game 101 about female nature. Chicks love a challenging jerkboy, and right now in the circles she travels the challenging jerkboys are the globalist cocktail party attendees, not the working class White men and women of Heritage America.

Globalist Girl

Les Saunders, Protestant swoops in to take the Comment of the Week with a vivid portrait of the Globalist Girl.

As I was doing my rounds today, something made me think about a girl, an intern that is, whom I had under my supervision a few years back.  The more I reflected on it, I came to the conclusion that she was (or still is, if her Twitter feed is anything to go by), the prototypical Globalist Girl (or Globohomoist Girl in this rampart of truth we call le Château) for she, like so many other young women I’m crossing paths with these days, lives and embodies the Globalist “spirit” or “ideal.”

This girl was attractive, I will give her that (and probably in part why she bobbed up from sub-conscious today), with a great body.  She was mixed race; White and some other indeterminate origin.  Being a Strong, Empowered, Woman, she landed a somewhat coveted paid internship in my organization while in the process of collecting a worthless degree in international relations/comparative politicks, a degree which, autrefois, might’ve had some caché, if not now for the saturation of such degrees being doled out, but is imperative for our upcoming cadre of Globalists.  At 24, she’s now more well-traveled than most people in our parents’ (boomers) generation, and certainly visited more countries than I had at that point in life.  Conference here, workshop there. Semester in some European capital, co-op in Asia, girls’ trip to Latin America, none of which incurring any personal expense to her, with either the university, the state, some organization, or even daddy picking up the tabs along the way.  Then flitting about from one short-term job to the next, always looking for the more exciting, unique thing. Not unlike their approach to men, either.

While being passionate about Global Warming, Social Justice, Fair Trade, and Feminism, you couldn’t miss her in the latest brands, the newest iPhag, the hippest overpriced restaurant, whilst clutching a Starbucks and retweeting Important Serious Articles by Soros, the Cuckonomist, Buzzfeed, and Justine Trudope.  Everything is “amazing” or “problematic”, the wage gap must be closed, #refugeesarewelcome, and abortions must be readily available.

Globalist Girls are in every Western country, they are forming sizeable majorities on university campuses, they are landing the internships, they are entering the institutions and companies, and they are voting away the freedom, prosperity, and culture which took us centuries to achieve.  The globe-trotting, the university indoctrination, and the alacrity with which they pursue globalist dreams has left them with allegiance to no country, no people, and certainly no race (and perhaps no man?)

Speaking of men, I also maintain that there is no Globalist Boy/Man equivalent to Globalist Girl and this, like so many of Globalism’s soulless programs and ancillary projects, is entirely by design.  Globalism, like previous Marxist programmes before it, needs foot soldiers – the useful idiots – to carry out its machinations. Soros and Zuckerberg can’t do it alone from their bunkers.  And women, being easily manipulated with feels campaigns, are just the ones to do it.

Globalist Girl is the canary in the coal-burner, a harbinger of the civilization-wrecking horror that’s coming down the pike. That was a keen observation of our shrikegeist by LS, P. Globalist Girl, you have inspired me (once again) to song.

Globalist Girl

Well she was a Globalist girl
Raised on Facebook Likes
She couldn’t stop screwing her way
Through a dreary nightlife
After all it was a safe sex world
With lots of cafes to drink at
Yeah, and if she had to raw
Dog it, she had one conception
She would never keep

Oh yeah, all right
Take a selfie baby
Fake a pose all night
She was a Globalist girl

Well Harry Potter gifs make her night
She sat alone in her cubicle
Yeah she could hear her eggs go dry
Out of love for anyone
Hashtag: Marriage out of reach
And for one desperate Tinder match
She swiped right on a PUA
God it’s so shameful
Grad school and three dose
Xanax Salon and Buzzfeed

Oh yeah, all right
Charge your sex toy baby
Check your phone all night
She was a Globalist girl


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