The Race To Self-Disgrace

I couldn’t hold my lunch down reading this anecdote from mendo,

On the subject of shitlib talking points:

I’m in the elevator, getting ready to leave for the day. it stops on on floor and two guys enter: one a whiteish looking dood with dreadlocks that would rival Bob Marley and some brit limpwristed bloke.

Dreads is yapping away about his kid or some such as they enter. He also stinks. Limpwrist then adds that his daughter doesn’t like boys or girls; that she’s really asexual. Dreads agrees in that tone of agreement that accompanies such dialog.

Limpwrist says it makes him feel better that she’s asexual. Says it like a normal man would talk about the fact that his six year old son wants to plough his female teacher.

We all exit the elevator at the lobby and Dreads adds that he’s been married six times and he hopes his son is gay. Both men laughed. Dreads says he oughta put it on a shirt. This was normal to them. All of it.

Soyborn White males have so debased themselves, and live within the constraints of such a malignantly corrupt culture, that they ostentatiously display their fealty to the most undignified tenets imaginable.

Status signaling about hoped-for asexual daughters and gay sons is how soyborns “fit in” to the reigning Whitegeist. It’s public profession of faith in a religion which teaches the ultimate good is the social and genetic annihilation of their own race.

They don’t have to really believe their signaling for the constant vows of faithfulness to Globohomo to rot their brains. If you say something self-evidently stupid enough times, you’ll either start to believe it yourself or you’ll actively seek allies to the cause in order to avoid a second of self-reflection. Sad!

Related, I’ve noticed an increased effort by shitlib friends to draw others into “alliance” with whatever their cause du jour happens to be. It’s a try-hard recruitment push that coincides with mass red pilling among White normies, and which I think is the best evidence that the country is nearing a political and social inflection point.


Johnny Redux comments,

I’ll say it again, they want your White sons gay or dead, and your White daughters pimped out to browns and blacks.

Is Gimp Dog The New Birthday Cat?

A reader has used Gimp Dog Game with a chick.

Why not? It’s funny af. If a girl is giving you a hard time, or she’s fishing for your thirst, send over Gimp Dog to dance on her un-stroked ego.

Gimp Dog is the equal of Birthday Cat in the non sequitur department, he’s just as baffling to girls expecting a predictably boring beta male response, and he carries an air of subtle condescension and amused mastery.

PS This nuclear neg Trump gives to Bernard Sanders is pretty much how I imagine Trump picked up all of his women.

PPS Stool Wars

The Backup Country

“People are beginning to ask the right questions”

A reader asks,

How on earth can you expect someone to do what is best for their country, vote for the best of their country, when they have a BACKUP country to go to?

An exceptionally fair question which does not slavishly taint-lick the implied subject of the question, so you and your family will suffer banishment from canaanite society, driven to penury and isolation.

He’s not handsome but, you know, chicks dig a man who’s killed a mountain lion with his bare hands.


According to news sources, he wrestled the puma to the ground and got the big cat on its back, pinning it with his body, and from that position he was able to grab a rock and bash the cat’s head.

PS There’s the Thousand Cock Stare, and then there’s the One Cock In A Thousand Stare, which this woman has for him.

Tattoo parlors are experiencing a decline in customers for the first time in years, maybe decades. 70% of laser tattoo removal clients are women.

My hope is that we are entering a new age of revitalized femininity, when (White) women rebel against the tankgrrl ethos that has dominated the American sexual market landscape for the past two generations.

I, for one, am sick and tired, not to mention repulsed, by the butt-kicking superbabes, the gun-toting NRA babes, the careerist shrikes, and the battlecunts storming Cuntgress.

I want feminine women back. Beautiful, soft, vulnerable, charming feminine girls who don’t have a stick up their asses about men.

Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Based&Christpilled Hungarians

Eastern Europe will carry the torch of Western Civ/European Christendom after Northwestern Europe surrenders it.

Do we have a based&whitepilled president in Trump?

The central mystery of the Trump Presidency is this: Does Trump understand the National Question, and if so does he agree with its basic premise?

Because if he does, then his actions to date are somewhat baffling.

If he doesn’t on either count, then his actions make some sense if seen as those of a man who truly believes the sole point of the Wall is to keep out drugs.

PS On Ivanka’s hobbyhorse, paid family leave:

Paid family leave likely won’t do what’s implied by it: raise the birthrate of White Americans. It does sound good and it will bolster Trump’s 2020 election chances.

In fact, PFL is more likely to suppress White fertility, by encouraging more women to join the workforce.

The lasting solution is high wage jobs for men that allows women to be SAHMs.

PPS Here are the anti-MAGA provisions in the bill Trump just signed:

1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to

2) Liberal local officials have veto power

3) Bill contains a blatant amnesty

4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter

5) Doubling low-skilled workers

Word is that McConnell lied to Trump that there were no “land mines” in the bill. Trump should have insisted on reading the whole damned thing himself, even it it meant weeks before making a decision on it.

Paris, Then And Now

And by “then”, I mean a mere 17 years ago.

Diversity + Proximity = Filth

It doesn’t take long for pathological altruism to transform White cities into cisterns. Seventeen years of open borders and Paris is now a dump.

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