An anon at Sailer’s site passive-aggressively snarked about Steve neglecting to mention the Menopause March because it wasn’t just filled with “angry black women”. The Anti-Gnostic used the opportunity provided by the anon John Leibowitz acolyte to expose the reality of that cunt festival.

It turned out to be a bunch of well-fed white women wearing $150 running shoes and holding $500 cell phones, with more life options than they know what to do with.

Practically speaking, there are no more rights left to give women. So when they find out that all jobs frankly kind of suck, everybody forms hierarchies, everybody has to compete, and successful men don’t enjoy their company, what then? Answer: find a lightning rod for all your inchoate rage about your sucky life and go on a stupid, pointless march.

Judging by photos, there were a lot of menopausal fatties and hippie boomers at the Menopause March, which convinced me to change my preferred name for it from the Menstruation March. Even the pre-Wall chicks looked old for their age. Shrieking Leftism notably accelerates aging in its adherents. All that stupid rage based on lies and vapid solipsism must keep cortisol and inflammation levels perpetually high when their precious snowflake egos aren’t sufficiently fluffed.

Case in point: Ashley Judd


This woman used to be a hard 9 not long ago. The Wall decided to target her for early expiration once she gave herself over to the Cat Lady Cult and starting speaking bitterbitch poopytalk. Here’s video of her at the Fatties Finally Get Off The Couch March reciting a poem titled “Nasty Woman”. It’s so insipid in its White man-hating evil that one could easily picture this screechy, crazy-eyed, rancid psychocunt at the side of Pol Pot cheering on his liquidation initiatives.

“Ashley! Ashley Judd is here!” Fucking sicko Michael Moore looks and sounds like a giddy old lesbian. If these are our enemies, the war is already won.

The Tingle


First, can I just say how UPLIFTING (heh) it is to look at First Lady Melania instead of Harambe Trapezius? A guy could get used to this.

Second, every man who’s lived a day in his life knows that look of a woman rocked by a silent, seismic tingle of love rushing on a current of lust. Right at the moment Herr Trumperica assumed the most powerful throne in the world, a barely-contained supernova of admiration and primal desire escaped Melania’s poise. Sex for only her man drips from her gaze in this photo.

If optics were everything in politics, Americans have the distinct pleasure of jettisoning a sooty smoggy reduced visibility for a gleaming, glorious, crystal clear vista that extends to the farthest horizon. The stars shine in all their multitude tonight.

The Resistance



(what I would’ve given to see a zfg shitlord strut through that Bitter Bitch March wearing this mass triggering projection of toxic masculinity.)

PS Why couldn’t any self-promoting and enterprising alt-righters foot the airfare for this Original Shitlord to crash the Million Skank March with his member impudently wagging in their screwed up faces? You’ve gotta stay one step ahead of the deranged Left if you want to play this game.

wait your turn, ladies

Shia LaBeouf probably would’ve misinterpreted it as an invitation to suck his dick.

Freak Fault Lines



The Left’s fault lines will soon rupture, bigly. Diversity + Proximity = Centrifugal Tribalism.

The only thing keeping the modren Left “””unified””” is White Submissiveness. The day that Whites stop bending over in abject obeisance is the day the Left falls victim to its internal contradictions.


A great comment from safespaceplaypen:

The left’s intellectual basis has past its prime long ago. The philosophers and leaders that gave it its teeth have all died away. All that’s left is the remnants of its most dedicated ideological followers – those who believe in the principles but don’t know why; they just like it because it appeals to their biological dispositions. This is what happens when you have no intelligent or philosophical foundation to your movement and when your opposition has grown clever to your arguments/tactics and has adapted – you get incredible, eye-opening inconsistencies and contradictions, where the only thing sustaining you is teenage angst, a degenerate culture and billionaire financiers.

The reality about any movement run on pure feelz is that it will burn itself out spectacularly and in short order. As sspp writes, incoherent rage without intellectual grounding will fly off into the ether, untethered and fizzling out on the panting, red-faced, empty diatribes of bitter cat ladies and misshapen grotesqueries. The alt-right, whatever one may say about its tactics, has at its many nodes a real intellectual heft girding its memes and trolling. That is why it wins, and will continue to win, besting both the Left and the Cucked Right. Rhetoric is unstoppable when it’s wedded to Realtalk.

Rhetoric + Realtalk = Victory in War.

That is funny as hell. But again I cannot tell if a shitlib protestor is man, woman, or xir-beast. The modern Left is a Rorschach test. What sex and/or species do you see?

Leftoid protestors used to have a veneer of coolness (way back), until the internet thunderdome exposed them all as androgynous fatty crybaby loser fugs. They’re like a mass catfish operation on normie society; you think you’re reading about scary revolutionaries and then a phone camera catches them blubbering in the middle of the street as cheetos tumble out of their chin folds and you’re not sure if they pee sitting or standing.


Pudendum: I’ve always had a fondness for Bill Clinton, and this is why:

I don’t doubt that Trump and Bill Clinton were good friends (at one time). Unapologetic alphas who love women tend to “get” each other.

Sentient slips a saucy shiv through the bunched bustle of the departing administration.

This is probably the first night in forever that the First Lady is getting banged out by The Prez tonight…

Melania is going to get sore from all the WINNING. But it’s a good sore, something that America’s shitlibs will begin feeling during the next eight years as their delicate snowflake psyches take a long-overdue pounding back to reality.

The Counter-Qualification

Qualification (having standards and applying them to women) and Disqualification (telling a woman in so many words that she doesn’t meet your standards, to raise your SMV relative to hers) are vital Game concepts that no seducer should leave the fapping hovel without.

A reader suggests a third entry in the Qualification suite of pickup dialectics: The Counter-Qualification.

Dear CH,

Think I came up with a new way to handle a woman trying to qualify you – I call it “counter-qualification” (CQ). I was out on a date tonight and this girl was asking me a lot of questions – not because she was curious – but because I felt she was trying to qualify me a lot.

So at a few points I said to her “Wait, this isn’t a job interview – is it? You’re asking me a lot of questions…” if her questions were sounding like too much like an interrogation Eg. if she said, “so do you go to shops all the time and try to get dates? When was the last time you used Tinder/online dating?” etc. In which case, I used counter-qualification.

I did this on the iDate I went on last night and the same thing again – the girl got a bit defensive and qualified herself. Again, when she was trying to interrogate me about my dating habits, I would tease and say “see – you’re doing it again. back in “interview mode”. Do you do this to all the guys you date?”

I’m gonna play with it some more. I’m also thinking I could start using CQ questions like “why are you asking me that question?” or “why is it so important for you to know that?” – of course, has to be done with the right tone, expression, etc. to avoid sounding butthurt and defensive.

Be interested if anyone at CH has experience with this. Maybe next time a woman gives you a shit test and it’s a question, you could:

a) Ignore
b) A&A
or c) CQ


The CQ is a push-pull subroutine that’s more akin to teasing than to qualifying, but the gist of this reader’s definition is clear enough. In fact, the “wow I didn’t know I was going on a job interview” CQ line that the reader uses as his example is a well-known PUA shit test-busting tactic for instantly deflating a hot babe’s pretensions and flipping the chaser-chasee script. If a girl peppers you with interrogative questions and you cheekily reply, “is this a job interview?”, she will back off her aggressive posturing and regard you with more carnal curiosity. After all, she’s used to beta schlubs dutifully answering her questions as fast as she can ask them.

So that’s the CQ. The A&A response would be something along the lines of “My job? I’m a male stripper. Work is slow right now, but I fill in my free time doing bored housewife porn”. A&A achieves a similar result as CQ, slowing a girl’s momentum and asserting your manly prerogative.

Caution is warranted when using these tactics. If the girl is just needling you to see if you’ll break beta, then CQ or A&A can be repeated with a positive response rate. She’ll laugh and stop asking her banal questions. On the other hand, if she genuinely wants to learn more about you, then don’t overuse CQ or A&A; you’ll sound spergy and suspicious, like you’re trying to hide something unflattering about yourself. If she’s a real deal doll, then one CQ followed by one A&A is all that’s necessary, allowing you to gracefully segue into surrendering a sincere answer to her questions without losing alpha bed-cred.

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