Pulling Out Vs Pumping In

A comment from Inlikeme that compares pulling out to pumping in:

…if you’re whipping it out you’re ready to go again in a few mins.
If you’re blasting inside it’s snuggle time for like half an hour or more.
I wonder if there’s a study on oxytocin levels (in chaps) on whipping it out v holding her down and blasting inside.

A cursory search of the CH archives reveals that there are no posts dealing with this topic. A regrettable oversight! One must hand it to Inlikeme for providing comment fodder not already covered in dusty tomes housed in this esteemed retreat. A rare accomplishment.

Time for a pro and con misticle.

Pulling Out


Nothing says “ownage” quite like your jizzbomb oozing down a woman’s face.

You can accurately gauge your intensity of desire by the size, shape, color, and don’t forget texture of your ropey release. (this is also how you determine if a woman is commitment worthy)

As Inlikeme noted, pulling out shortens the refractory period, for physiologic reasons which are not yet clear to the labcoats. You’re ready for round two before the speckle has spackled.

It’s fun to aim and drain.

Pulling out is actually a fairly effective form of contraception, assuming your girl isn’t crazy and liable to abscond with a thimbleful for a secretive bathroom fingertip insertion.

It’s easier for the girl to caress your scrotal depths at the moment of delivery, adding to the pleasure.

Surprise eye shot! (back, and to the left…so hot)


You’ll cuddle in your own mess.

A gnawing feeling of Darwinian futility.

A gnawing feeling you aren’t Spawndo material.

Crazy girl opportunism.

Effort spent trying to keep her from turning over and soiling your sheets with her cummy tummy.

You will hear Captain Obvious’ refrain “BUNZ => OVENS” ringing through your head. Buzzkill!

If she jumps out of bed to clean herself, rather than lay there admiring your property markers, it’s a major slut tell. She’s done this with other men, and has gotten inured to its BONDING potential. A keeper will never wash off your wayward seed without reverent ritualistic tribute.


Pumping In


Now THAT’S lovemaking.

Nothing says “genetic ownage” quite like holding her down and filling her with your champions.

No orgasm will match the intensity of the orgasm which tickles the cervical portal.

Congrats, you’ve done your part to save the White race. The screaming of the Captain Obvious is finally silenced.

Buried deep behind the borderline, your nut will feel like a hot river instead of a squirt gun.

If she takes you in, happily, eagerly, she may be a keeper.

A half hour later, she’s still giggling about you dripping out of her. Giggling. Not chortling like a high T careerist shrike.

It’s fun to lay there inside her for a while after, going slowly soft but never so soft that you slip out, and getting hard again while still inside, so you can fill her up like a swimming pool.


She *said* she was on the Pill. You can trust her, right?

If she’s a super slut, guess what? You just commingled sperms with her morning lover. You better hope the idea of “scooping” doesn’t put you out of the mood.

Interminable cuddling.

Viscous queefs.

She’s more likely to consider the act one of finality, to close out the evening. It starts with flaccid post-coital cuddling, and ends with nethers-grazing blue balls.

You might fall in love. Not so great if it’s the third date. You want to keep that love card in the deck, or she’ll have hand.

You might come too fast if you know you can have all of her.

You’ve always wanted to be the Jackson Pollock of body painting.

Chateau Policy Reminder

There has been an uptick in zero-commenter-cred passers-by attempting to use this blog’s comment section to smear the names of their perceived enemies by associating them with this blog in some form or another. There’s no good term for this sort of vengeful, guilt by association doxing, so let’s just go with that.

Numerous comments that have included the full names (and sometimes addresses) of random non-public people (putatively ex-lovers or ex-spouses) have been deleted, and unfortunately the moderation has had to stiffen up to prevent repeat offenders from spamming comment threads with the names of people they want associated with a “deplorable” blog.

CH proprietors don’t tolerate actively hostile doxing campaigns, no matter how much the vengeful doxer may think their ex-boyfriend or ex-wife deserves it. If an IP is connected to one of these surreptitious doxing campaigns, it will be banned.

This is our world now. Scummy people have realized the power of the dox and guilt by association with dissident broadsheets, and they are leveraging the stifling thoughtcrime suppression to ruin lives in acts of personal vendetta.

As always, anonymity remains the operative principle of this blog, and readers are not just afforded maximum anonymity here, but are encouraged to use pseudonyms. Anyone who requests a comment deleted for personal reasons will be obliged as quickly as possible.

PS Without revealing too much, it’s gotten so bad lately that guilt-by-association dox victims have emailed desperate requests to remove their names from comments here. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss a few, but we try to honor every request for privacy.

From Sophia,

this study indicates male children of women who used extra progesterone are significantly higher to be homo or bi-sexual.

Uh oh. Chalk another one up in the “God of Biomechanics will not be denied” column.

Does progesterone influence baby’s later sexuality?

A new study addresses whether supplementing progesterone during pregnancy, a common practice to prevent miscarriage, could influence a baby’s sexual orientation in later life.

Dr. June Reinisch, director emerita of the Kinsey Institute in the U.S., led the study. She found that bisexuality is quite common among men and women whose mothers received additional doses of the sex hormone progesterone while pregnant.

As discussed in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers tracked the sexual development of 34 Danes whose mothers were treated with the hormone to prevent miscarriage.

According to the investigators, progesterone appears to be an underappreciated factor influencing the normal development of variations in human sexuality and psychosexuality.


The 34 participants in the study were drawn from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort, which comprises information collected from virtually all children born between 1959 and 1961 at the university hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 17 men and 17 women were selected because their mothers exclusively received the progesterone lutocyclin to prevent a miscarriage.

These men and women were compared with a carefully selected control group who were not exposed prenatally to lutocyclin or any other hormone medication, but who otherwise matched the study participants based on 14 relevant physical, medical, and socioeconomic factors.

The participants were all in their mid-20s when asked about their sexual orientation, self-identification, attraction to each sex, and sexual history using questionnaires and a structured interview with a psychologist.

It was found that men and women whose mothers were treated with progesterone were significantly less likely to describe themselves as heterosexual. One in every five (20.6 percent) of the progesterone- exposed participants labeled themselves as other than heterosexual.

Compared to the untreated group, the chances were greater that by their mid-20s they had already engaged in some form of same-sex sexual behavior (in up to 24.2 percent of cases), and that they were attracted to the same (29.4 percent) or to both sexes (17.6 percent). Both exposed males and females also had higher scores related to attraction to men.

Granted, this is a small sample size, but its findings are so scandalous as to demand further investigation, because what this portends for modren society is NOT OK. Problematic, even.

Miscarriages are more common as a woman ages, and the miscarriage rate rapidly increases after her mid-30s.

The study of more than 600,000 women in Denmark who had a pregnancy between 1978 and 1992 shows a steady age-related rise in rates of miscarriage — from 9% among women in their early to mid-20s to a whopping 75% among women age 45 and older.

Progesterone supplementation is given to older pregnant women to prevent miscarriage.

Progesterone supplementation is associated with an increase in the possibility of delivering a baby with a sexual identity crisis.

Modren society is oriented around female independence from the natural consequences of female reproduction. More precisely, it is oriented around avoiding early pregnancy, accumulating pointless credentials, riding the cock carousel, and settling down much later in life with a beta male to pop out 1.2 autistic homosexual babies.

American women (stay away from me) are marrying later and having children later in life. And there is no end in sight to this trend, barring an environmental cataclysm. A cleansing fire, if you will.

Our women are





and hormonally-invaded vessels giving birth to a generation of Darwinian dead ends.

We are becoming the race extinction we virtue signal.

We should have hewn to Truth & Beauty, and we could have avoided the unfolding catastrophe.

Truth: Younger women have healthier wombs.

Beauty: Younger women are hotter and birth sturdier babies.

Related: Progesterone treatment in mice affects the testosterone level and sexual behavior of male offspring.

Today’s Game tip comes courtesy of reader SiluetteSign. In my educated opinion, it has potential.

What does a girl’s face look like when she is soaking wet with Gina tingles?

Here is a quick way to find out how.

First try and irritate the girl. Ways of eliciting shit tests have been discussed extensively in the betasphere so I won’t discuss them here. Of course when she is irritated she will hopefully shout at you or raise her tone of voice. At which point in the ultimate state of ZFG zen you look her and calmly assert yourself : “don’t shout at me”. Then you can give her a towel to dry herself.

That’s the face of Gina tingles. She doesn’t even have to shout at you. You can just make her think she did. Use with caution.

Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in girls shit testing men on their appearance. It used to be girls preferred shit tests that targeted an insolent beta male’s social status, his sexual desperation, or the way he carries himself. (For example: “Are you always such a dork?”, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!”, etc)

But something changed in the ginegeist; now girls are going for the attempted killshot shit test by insulting a man’s appearance or looks. I think this has to do with the masculinization of American women (feminine women abjure crass insults) as well as a general tenor of rancor and bitterness between the sexes that has developed as a by-product of trending anti-socialization.

That is, men and women are spending too much time away from each other with their romance substitutes (porn, vidja, social media, cats, yoga, purple saguaros), and not enough time flirting and understanding what makes each sex tick. PoundMeToo is only exacerbating the division.

This retreat from the flirting field and ignorance of the opposite sex’s specific desires and needs has led to a pandemic of battlecunts psychologically projecting onto men the pain the women would feel from suffering an insult to their looks. Women now believe, mistakenly, that men are as shattered by a slur against their appearance as women would be, so women have adopted the looks-based shit test as their go-to ice breaker-slash-alpha male filter.

It’s not a flattering look on women.

Furthermore, the killshot shit test (or killshit test) is what one would predict to increase in frequency of use among women living in an alpha male dead zone. Where women are surrounded by supplicating soyboys (soyplicants), women are more resentful, and therefore less interested in cultivating the finer courtship tactics of the demure lady.

These women just want to see beta blood flow.

This is why SiluetteSign’s shit test buster has so much potential, especially when used against girls who go straight for the looks insult with the purpose of instantly causing the man to slink away tail between legs or to lash out impotently.

“Don’t shout at me” deftly defuses a killshot shit test. One, it doesn’t bother addressing the substance of the girl’s slanderous attack. It’s as if her insult didn’t register with you, and all you took away from it is that she was screeching like a banshee.

Two, it takes what could be a devastating disqualification and flips the shit, so that she now has to defend herself from a less coarse yet more deeply cutting insult which implies she is unfeminine and low class. You know which kind of women shout a lot? Yeah, your garden variety SWPL chick does not want to be associated with that crowd.

The worst response a man could do would be to defend himself against the insult to his appearance. You will never logically arouse a woman, and that goes double for entreaties which attempt to sell your looks to her.

I’ll tell you a related convo I had recently with a girl:

BATTLECUNT: “That [X] makes you look [bad thing] and [badder thing].”

SLAYER OF BATTLECUNTS: “Oh wow, [bad thing] AND [badder thing]? Flattery will get you everywhere. But next time say it, don’t spray it.”

Own the girl’s insult, turn the tables on the girl, redirect the convo to your liking.

These are the fundamental rules for courtship in 21st Century Post-America.

Deep State Update

The nonprofit (ha!) Democracy Integrity Project which opened days after Trump’s inauguration with the express purpose of investigating Trumps “ties” to Russia, has Soros and GPS Fusion fingerprints all over it.

Days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a nonprofit organization opened up shop in Washington, D.C., to continue a private investigation into the president’s possible ties to Russia.

Only a few details of the group, the Democracy Integrity Project, have trickled out over the nearly two years since its founding.

The organization’s founder, a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer named Daniel J. Jones, hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS and dossier author Christopher Steele as part of the initiative, he told the FBI in March 2017. And it has been revealed that billionaire financier George Soros has given at least $1 million to the group and is considering giving more.

But The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained Democracy Integrity Project’s articles of incorporation showing that a white collar defense attorney who has worked with Fusion GPS in the past and a former State Department official were also on the group’s board of directors.

Documents obtained through a public records request show that Adam Kaufmann, a partner at the firm Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, and Dafna Hochman Rand, the former deputy assistant secretary of state in the bureau of democracy, human rights and labor, are listed along with Jones as Democracy Integrity Project board members. […]

But it is Kaufmann’s link to Democracy Integrity Project that is especially noteworthy.

The former chief investigator at the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Kaufmann has worked in the past with Fusion GPS on behalf Derwick Associates, a Venezuelan power company reportedly under investigation for bribery and money laundering.

It’s slimeballs all the way down.

Soros => GPS Fusion => Kaufmann => Steele => phony dossier => FISA => Mueller => silent coup against Trump.

FYI, Chuck Ross reported the above story. He’s been putting out fantastic stuff for the Daily Caller.

Wouldn’t it be great if Chuck wound up being the next WoodwardBernstein, exposing the story of Spygate and Deep State sedition to deligitimize Trump’s election?

More Deep State perfidy:

More: From DEUSVULT,

Think they want us distracted by FISA and FBI because of this:

FISA Judge Collyer report: Under Obama, collected surveillance of private citizens was being illegally accessed & used by “contractors.”

EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of queries were violations.

The worst part of this slow motion coup is the feeling of impotence if you’re cursed to be woke to it. Every lever of power is pulled against Trump, and there seems to be no one within the system who has the scruples and the courage to expose these swamp creatures for what they are and what they’re doing.


Hundred-Handers is a new rebel group actively subverting the reach of Globohomo through the use of COPROP guerrilla tactics.

I’ll leave it to J.R. to explain the purpose and means of the Hundred-Handers.

Hundred-Handers is about trying to make IRL pro-white flyering as easy as possible using small simple stickers

seems to be trying to extend the IOTBW [ed: It’s Ok To Be White] campaign with simple standardized stickers and giving ppl very simple instructions, get this printer, these stickers, just carry them with you and when you’re alone somewhere, slap one on something

interesting idea

so you buy an $80 label printer and then you get a set of pro-white stickers in your (anonymous) email 2x a month

print ’em up, keep some in your pocket, and when you’re out and about and nobody is looking, slap ’em on places in public

it’s a very simple idea

just simple stickers to get ppl thinking

Great tag line.

These Hundred-Hander guys are on the right track. Guerrilla warfare. Invade the safe spaces of shitlibs, don’t let them think any public square in America is theirs to own. (Reminder: most shitlibs are transplants, so their claims to the public squares of their adopted cities are tenuous.) Get under their skins but leave them no easy target to harass, jump, intimidate, or dox.

From their social media faq:

Their calling cards:

Powerful relief, indeed.

This one is my favorite:

It’s so subtle yet the message will not be lost, particularly on snowflakes who are already hypersensitive to anything remotely resembling pro-White advocacy.

PS Audacious E* has a great post on that travesty of justice which just occurred in the James Fields trial and sentencing.

Fields’ sentencing was humiliation propaganda, meant to scare future white men from publicly and proudly identifying with their racial heritage.

It always has the opposite of the intended effect.

*FYI Audacious Epigone has moved over to Unz. A smart move, because blogspot is a Goolag operation, which means AE’s deplatforming from there was just a matter of when, not if. No dissident voices are tolerated in the new, super tolerant Post-America.

PPS According to the info in this screenshot, at 4′ 11″ and 330 lbs, HH’s BMI was precisely 66.6
The number of the beast.

Questions That Need Asking

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