The Tall And Short Of It

I love the long legs of tall slender women, but shorter slender women often have better overall bodies punctuated by pertly round asses and fleshy tits. Taller women tend to have leaner, less curvaceous figures and flatter asses.

This is my burden of choice. Lord help me carry on.

Peak Estrogen

I really thought we had reached Peak Estrogen during the Cuck Menstruation of 2015/16 when Trump ran for President, but these past few days of cucks tearing up the 1st Amendment in their race to condemn self-aware White people for speaking unauthorized opinions on matters already settled by the Ministry of Untruth has been like free-basing soy and birth control pills. Pure estrus.

Rushing headlong to condemn violators of sclerotic social norms is such a womanly thing to do, but nobody ever confused GOP cucks for real men. McAmnesty, Magic Underwear, Fruitio…these hysterical, treasonous, and authoritarian queens have to be jettisoned from power.

Take a breather, post C’ville. The truth is just starting to dribble out past the Gaystream Media information curators (as usual it looks bad for leftists). When you feel dazed & confused by the swirl of events, ground yourself with the following truths:

1. The Prime Enemy is the media
2. A White majority is self-evidently good
3. Economic nationalism and de-urbanization are necessary correctives
4. Trust Trump. He’s the best friend you’ve got.

PS Trump’s “alt-left” is a linguistic kill shot.

1. isolates, freezes, and polarizes the left
2. easy to remember
3. sidesteps hoary old terms like marxist that normies tune out
4. opaque enough to smear entire left
5. forces Fake News to cover it
6. most crucially, PUTS THE LEFT ON DEFENSE

Tiki Torch Vigils

Just like candlelight vigils, except with bigger candles!

This has been an edition of Your Daily Reframe.

Instead of waving Indo-European symbols harkening 1939 Germany to herald a brighter, Whiter American future, why not choose this (or its cousin) as a logo:

Or, if you prefer a logo that trolls the skype media (and let’s face it, their combination of tribal supremacism, neuroticism, and anti-gentile sociopathy makes them very trollable (obligatory NAJALT and Yes Some Gentile Whites Are Like That Too but let’s take this moment to remember that the media is disproportionately filled with skype artists and until it’s cleansed of skypistry, dissidents will have to choose symbols that don’t automatically play into the hands of the gevaltishment)), then why not wear the insignia of a great revolution in thought:

I mean, if you must latch onto institutions and symbols that are on their way out because of their emotional value, then you may as well pick a team that has a history of glory and victory.

(Personally, my preferred rally uniform would consist of sexyasfuck dark jeans, a pec-fitting black t-shirt, an unequal symbol tattoo, and an American flag bandanna.)

Slap an American flag alongside these symbols and you’re good to go! What is the Chaimstream Media gonna do, label a proud boy crew of Christian crusaders for Truth and Beauty the equivalent of Nazis? Normies would riot.

If you listen to CH, Alt-Right “leaders”, you can’t go wrong. I’ve spent years in shitlibopolises, fucking shitlib chicks, fucking with shitlib dudes, subverting the shitlib establishment. I know how they think, what makes them tick. I know how to get under their skins. Throwing their leftist skypistry back in their faces drives them nuts. Playing EXACTLY to their hoped-for caricature of their enemies only fills them with glee.

Don’t fill leftoids with glee. Fill them with impotent rage. Their tantrums will be their undoing.

PS Photos have emerged of the Dodge Challenger that rammed a crowd of anti-whites being hit by baseball bats wielded by antifa losers just prior to delivering a fat shaming of epic proportions. This is pretty solid evidence that the ramming was not a premeditated attack but rather a panicked or enraged reaction from an alt-driver who justifiably assumed the crowd was gonna pull a Reginald Denny on him.

The younger, hotter, tighter a girl, the less grateful she is for male attention. She expects it, so when she gets it she’s not grateful, only slightly annoyed that yet again her expectations were met in the most dully predictable manner possible.

This is why it’s counterproductive to compliment girls when they are within the window of maximum nubility (age 15-25). Complimenting a hot babe is an automatic admission against interest; you soil your SMV relative to hers and to the men who don’t compliment her. At her hottest, her ego will never be bigger. A lifetime of poz-facilitated ego stroking will never match the natural ego tumescence she has at her fertile juiciest, when her Bartholin’s sniffy lube engorges not just labial folds but limbic folds.

Telling her in so many words or betrayals of body language that she is a scarce commodity is a tingle killer because you’re not telling her anything she doesn’t already know. She may not be averse to hearing it — if only because a tiny dopamine hit is worth suffering the clumsy proximity of the source — but she won’t be intrigued by the man plying her with compliments. Given enough thirsty betas lavishing her with happy feelz and she’ll come to resent her flatterers; compliments will seem to her assumptions of mutual love she doesn’t share.

Girls are attracted to men who defy their expectations without remorse or apology. The lack of fervid flattery by these men is assumed by a girl to be evidence of confidence in their station and acclimation to endless glowing receptions from women. Non-neediness and disinterest in courting approval is the attitude that drives women crazy with curiosity.

The time in a woman’s life to compliment her is when she has gracefully aged into gratitude (or long before she has matured into ingratitude — little girls need a father’s protective love). A woman who has shed her insta-sex appeal receives fewer genuine compliments from fewer HSMV men. That’s why when bootlicking white knights assert that women are “nice to men who are nice to them”, they are really talking about women past their Peak Allure. (In my observation, suck-up white knights are rarely with hot girls; their treacle can thus be summarized as a long-form exclamation of sour grapes and ego assuaging misattribution).

Can we extrapolate the attraction triggers and dampeners in a 20 year old hottie as operative over the course of her lifetime? Yes, with a caveat. Women never really lose their taste for jerkboys, but they do gain a seasoned (heh) appreciation for the complimenting niceguys they looked past when the looking was good. When women age and their mate choice options dwindle, their willingness to settle for a boring non-asshole beta increases. This is why compliments that once landed with a thud on an HB land like manna from heaven on an FHB (former hot babe).

Lesson: If you want gratitude from women, choose your targets wisely. And tailor your message. Seducing a young hottie? She’ll be grateful if you make her desire you. Chatting asexually with a former hottie? She’ll be grateful if you make her feel desirable again.

Pax Dickinson was at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. He presents solid evidence that the VA State Police had explicit orders to drive the UTR protestors into antifa to be assaulted, because authorities wanted the violence to happen so that they could revitalize their flagging anti-White Narrative.

One, it looks to me like there are a lot of dindus in antifa. So in all but name this is essentially the start of RAHOWA.

Two, Trump has played this very well so far. He has condemned violence “on all sides”, and now he’s having DOJ and FBI investigate the events in C’ville, and that means VA governor McAuliffe and the VSP, along with their antifa pets, will be put under the spotlight for collusion to deny the right to free assembly, rioting, and incitement of violence. Contra uber antiwhite scumbag McAuliffe, there’s no place in America for his brand of leftist anarcho-tyranny.

This was a classic pincer movement, and it worked. VSP to the north, antifa filth to the south, no exits east or west. As far as I’m concerned this is nothing short of a declaration of war by one faction of Americans against another.

The Dutch monarchy adheres to very strict rules concerning the mating and marriage practices of its royal family.

The monarchy of the Netherlands passes by right of succession to the heirs of William I.
The heir is determined through two mechanisms: absolute cognatic primogeniture and proximity of blood.

The Netherlands established absolute cognatic primogeniture instead of male preference primogeniture by law in 1983.

Proximity of blood limits accession to the throne to a person who is related to the current monarch within three degrees of kinship.

The Dutch Constitution prescribes that every royal who is eligible for the throne and wants to marry someone, must get permission from Parliament to marry that person.

Therefore, members of the Dutch royal family/The Crown Prince(ss) cannot have a same-sex marriage, unless he/she abandons his/her right to the throne.

Hybrid vigor? Hah, that’s gene dilution agitprop for the plebs. White royalty in nations like Holland are into a finer form of aesthetic and behavioral supremacy: eugenics.

In Gregory Clark’s book A Farewell to Alms, the central thesis is that 800 years ago a process of natural reproductive culling started in England and continued long enough to birth the Industrial Revolution. Smart, conscientious, upper class English people had more kids, and dumber, impulsive, lower class people had fewer kids. What then occurred was an over-production of the wealthy elite, whose sons and grandsons, from lack of elite positions, fanned downwardly in social status to occupy middle class and lower jobs. There they mated with sub-elite women — you could call this a “dribble down effect” — and spread their superior genes amongst a wider swath of the English population. The genetic profile of the English thus improved, and this led to them helming the Industrial Revolution.

The process outlined in A Farewell to Alms sounds eerily similar to the BOSSS strategy I have recommended to make America great again. Smart HSMV men should eschew marriage to overeducated cunty shrews in favor of marriage and family with feminine, under-educated, sweet White secretaries from less stellar social classes. Then their good genes will spread out rather than be sequestered in a credentialati hothouse of low fertility shitlibbery.

Right now in the West, the opposite fertility pattern is happening: A+ men are matching up with hand-picked female specimens from within their social and educational (and royal) circles. They may preach the wonders of miscegenation, but their actions are solidly in the camp of purifying their blood. Miscegenation for the plebs, genetic purity for the landed gentry.

In order for this insular and ultimately deleterious genetic pattern to break, there has to be a concerted effort via culture channels of communication to explain to the masses that the elite don’t have their interests in heart, in fact want them genetically destroyed in a slurry of mixed race breeding, and that they are setting themselves out quite literally as a special race of Eloi with their mating and marriage habits. We have to dump feminism, in other words, so that upper class White men can feel unashamed to pursue those lovely submissive under-educated White women who would be happy to take their seed by the wombfuls.

This is genetic egalitarianism, and in the final analysis all forms of egalitarianism issue from the genetic substrate.

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