An Eye Contact Crib Sheet

Eye contact from women is usually the first cue that men who aren’t cut out for cold approaches rely on when deciding whether to initiate a courtship salvo. The disadvantage of waiting for eye contact before making a move is, naturally, the waiting. You’ll never cross the finish line if the starter gun doesn’t go off. The advantage of relying on eye contact authorization from women is the efficiency of only chatting up girls who have ocularly indicated a willingness to be chatted up by you. Plus, eye contact is one of those proto-sexytime signals that can be deduced from a distance, and in various locales. You can catch a woman’s eye on the sidewalk as easily as at a bar or a boardroom.

If eye contact is a must before you’ll consider talking to a random girl, then this post will help you identify your choicest targets. Did you know that people have autonomic eye movements which operate at the subconscious level, and which differ according to contextual inputs?

The rules of eye contact are simple. After catching her eye:

  • If she looks down: She’s instantly attracted but shy.

Approach this girl, but go easy on the cocky jerkboy game. She’s a natural introvert, and a romantic at heart. Don’t come on too strong. A light touch will do, flirty and coy. She’ll just be happy you even had the balls to escort her from her dreamy inner sanctum.

  • If she looks to the side: She’s not instantly attracted.

You will have your work cut out for you on this girl. A side-looker is as good as (or bad as, depending on your perspective) a cold approach on a girl who hasn’t noticed you. The side-looker has a boyfriend, or she doesn’t like your look or your leer, or she’s a manjawed feminist who is constitutionally incapable of flirting with men without having an existential moral crisis. You can turn a girl like this around, but it will mean you have to be exceptionally bold and full of teasing and negs. An effective opener would be one that immediately disqualifies her, flips the script, and assumes the sale. For example, “I caught you checking me out. Don’t worry, even though it’s nothing new, I’m still flattered.”

  • If she holds eye contact intensely: She’s instantly attracted and slutty.

Weaker men wilt under the pressure of the hard-eye contact girl. She’s dripping sex from her limpid orbs, and only men made of sterner stuff will rise to her fightin’ iris challenge. Nothing much needed here but an open-faced “Hi” and a pretext to absolve her nascent feelings of aggressive sluttitude (such as asking her for directions if you cross her path on a street corner). A direct, “Hey, I noticed you from across the room, and had to come over and see what your deal is”, will work in any bar setting. Ovulating women are often intense eye contact machines, and will lock on any man who has the right “look” for her fired-up womb. (This look encompasses not just physical traits, but body language and fashion sense.)

Strangely, I have yet to make eye contact with a girl who reacted by looking upward. If I do, I’ll assume she’s a nun. Or already on her knees in front of me.


As readers have probably noticed, this post was mistakenly titled “An eye contact crib shit”. It has since been corrected. :lol: I keel myself!

What We Have Lost

Reader Moses links to an extraordinary website of just-released photos from 1935-1945 America, and comments:

OT – Over 100k photos of American everyday life between 1935-1945 were just released online.



Observe the style, the formality, civic rituals and shared civic culture. That is the culture that built America.

It’s gone.

Street scene at 38th Street and 7th Avenue, New York City, Nov 1936.

Detroit, Michigan. Style show of clothes worn by better-dressed office workers, presented by the Chrysler Girls’ Club of the Chrysler Corporation at Saks Fifth Avenue store. Chrysler girls drinking non-alcoholic punch. 1942.

Tip Estes, Indiana hired hand, with four of his nine children. Near Fowler, Benton, Indiana. March, 1937.

Men waiting in line outside the city mission–the first twenty-five will be fed. Dubuque, Iowa, April, 1940. [ed: that’s shame and gratitude on their faces, a look we haven’t seen on America’s underprivileged in a long while.]

Housewives in Tygart Valley, West Virginia, have weekly group meetings in home economics. Here they are quilting. September, 1938. [ed: not a fatty (or single mom) in the bunch. today, west virginia has the highest obesity rate in the nation.]

Student with recreational director during basketball game. Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama. 1939.

Something more tragic than nostalgia for a time in America you weren’t even alive forms a knot in the pit of your stomach.

I wonder, if late-stage decadent Romans had had access to photographs from Rome’s glorious past, would they have seen the light and done all they could to turn back before it was too late?

Reminder: What we have gained:

Anyplace, America, 2015.

The Wickedest Links

1. As usual dissident alt-right websites are the ones doing the job legacy journalists won’t do. Is there a HALF-WHITEWASHING campaign being conducted by Hivemind operatives to erase from the public sphere any evidence of Chris Harper-Mercer’s anti-cop, anti-White, pro-black radicalism ideology?

According to initial police reports, Mercer left a manifesto behind at the scene. Where is that manifesto? Was it burned by Narrative “cleaners”? The public deserves to know what motivated Mercer’s murderous rampage, so that there’s a chance to thwart potential future attackers before they snap.

2. Another heavenly trumpet blast heralds The Trumpening. Trump says Eisenhower’s 1950s illegal alien deportation plan dubbed “Operation Wetback” is a model for his own immigration plan.

It’s very effective of Trump to remind Americans that what’s he’s suggesting we do about illegal invaders isn’t (too) racist, beyond the pale or practically impossible, as so many shrieking shitlibs want you to believe. It was done before without the gates of hell opening, and that means it can be done again.

This is another good moment to remind the studio audience how much more COMPETENT 1950s America was compared to 2015 America.

3. Related: Trump is back up to 34% in the latest IPSOS poll. ¡Jabe! is down to 4% in the new Pew poll.

Gonna have to agree with the Trumpendoge here. Chihuahuas are shit dogs. Ugly, nasty little yappers. Diminutive, thin-skinned, and useless, just like our New Diversity America.

4. Here’s shocking news (not): South Africa’s murder rate is up in the past few years, reversing a slow decline in the murder rate over the previous years. Nearly 49 people are murdered every day in South Africa, and it’s safe to say White Afrikaaners are not the ones doing the murdering.

Someone else can check the numbers, but I believe lovely Honduras remains the number one murder nation of the world. Clearly the solution for these wretchedly homicidal countries is to circulate propaganda photos of a dead kid to ethnomasochistic shitlib SWPL Americans so that they will open the US border to millions of murderous Hondurans and Bantus. That’ll level the worldwide murder rate (lower the sending countries’ crime rate and raise the US’s crime rate) and make gated community bubble-headed status whoring spergitarians like Bryan Caplan and Alex Tabbarok happy.

I have a better solution: Separate countries.

5. BigGalYoga. Namasticate.

6. More research points some of the blame for the rising diabetes and obesity epidemics at endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDCs).

Known EDCs include bisphenol A (BPA) found in food can linings and cash register receipts, phthalates found in plastics and cosmetics, flame retardants and pesticides. The chemicals are so common that nearly every person on Earth has been exposed to one or more.

Westerners have had decades now receiving the harsh blowback of the industrial/better-living-through-chemistry revolution. Blowback from the iPhag/information revolution is starting to sting. And, as CH has predicted, the eventual and inevitable robot/sexbot revolution will usher a blowback so powerful it will shatter the foundations of the economic and sexual markets. Prepare for an era of accelerated gene-culture-environment co-evolution the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen since, oh, the Toba Event or the Black Death.

7. This is a great thread about smoking, and its unusually rapid demise as a social bonding ritual in the US. Although I’m not conspiratorially minded, I like Bixxy Noodles comment:

It was never about smoking per se. Think of it as more like a proof-of-concept roll-out for a social control system, which has now gone from beta to alpha to gold release.

Smoking was an easy target because its social pattern was recent and not deeply ingrained. But it WAS ubiquitous and associated with a highly addictive substance.

I like to point out to fat acceptance losers that the insanely effective anti-smoking campaign in America is proof that aggressive, sustained, and widespread social shaming can indeed work to change human behavior on a large scale. The success of anti-smoking PSAs, regulations, adn social stigmatism is a mild rebuke to strict hereditarians who hold that nothing changes in a culture without the human genetic substructure changing first. This isn’t an argument in favor of blank slatism by any means, but it is a reminder that humans also have genes which make them susceptible to feeling bad when ostracized by their tribe. What worked for smoking may not work as effectively for fatty fattitude, but it’s worth a try. And by “a try” I mean a real try, not a half-assed try that spares fat fucks’ feelings.

Anyhow, Bixxy is onto something. It’s easy to envision the ruling class learning all the wrong lessons from the success of their anti-smoking propaganda, and applying those lessons to perfecting the science of mass mind control on a host of issues that are deleterious to the well-being of middle class White Americans.

As for smoking itself, one other reason it disappeared so (relatively) quickly from the culture is because people really were prematurely dying from it by the truckloads. The evidence, laboratory and real world, is that smoking industrially packaged cigarettes in any frequency beyond the casual, socially lubricating one or two cigs is obviously bad for you. The obviousness of smoking’s lethality doubtless helped supercharge the wider shaming incentives to encourage people to quit.

But this topic is trickier than that. It may be true, for instance, that getting a little bit of nicotine into your blood has health benefits, because it acts as a minor stressor which in turn activates anti-aging cellular mechanisms. So while smoking two packs a day will send you to an early grave, smoking one or two hand-rolled, lightly-filtered cigs made from fresh-leafed tobacco a couple times per week might actually improve a number of physiological markers.

The social angle of smoking is equally as interesting as the physiological angle. Smoking does make men appear more masculine. (It’s a mixed result for women, who can either look trashy or sultry while smoking.) Smoking does seem to lighten moods and grease conversation. I smoke a cig now and then, (mostly, when I find myself in the rare venue that allows it), and I get a lot of leery looks from SWPL chicks who want to join or ask me in a roundabout way why I don’t conform to social expectations about smoking in public. It’s a pretty good passive opener, I’ve found. My total inhalation, though, is probably no more than a few hand-rolled cigs per month. I’m sure a lot of former smokers have neural wiring that disposes to addiction, so for them total abstention is the only answer.

Despite my occasional indulgence and admission that smoking is a masculine social ritual, I think the war against smoking in the US and the banning of it from public venues was generally a good thing. Occasionally, the elite get it right (or rather, used to get it right). Besides the health factor, it’s also pleasing to come home with the scent of a woman’s perfume on my clothes rather than the scent of a woman’s perfume + stale cigarette smoke.

A couple of final points: the en masse abandonment of smoking is in line with the general Western trend toward abandonment of male masculinity (and embrace of female masculinity — I think there are more young female smokers than young male smokers now). American men are healthier and less smelly, but they’re also more effeminate.

And, it’s useful to think of the anti-smoking movement as the precursor to the rise of the SJWs. Smoking was first reviled as unhealthy, then it was reviled as gauche, offensive, and low class. The sort of thing BadWhites do. This would become the template for our current crop of SJW witch burners.

8. Randall Parker on Peak Median Income, by US county. And here he reminds spergitarians caught up in their fantasies about mass incarceration of minor drug offenders that only 17% of state prison inmates are there primarily for drug offenses. Bottom line: the US locks up a lot of ultraviolent bastards for long periods of time, and this makes everyone safer, and probably* has the beneficial knock-off effect of reducing the fertility of the worst of the worst, which will pay huge dividends for your children and grandchildren.

*Chicks do dig ultraviolent jerks, but if the jerks are locked up before their reproductive years really kick into high gear, and conjugal visits are prohibited, it’s possible to put a real dent in their genetic contributions to future generations.

9. P. D. Mangan has a new book coming out titled Muscle Up. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, supplements, optimizing muscle growth, anti-aging strategies, and the concept of hormesis from his site, so this book deserves a reading. And the proof is in the author. Mangan looks in better shape than most men half his age. Other good posts: Increase autophagy to extend your lifespan. How to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle.

10. America’s art schools are now nothing more than art-less propaganda vehicles for anti-White male, anti-Western hatred. The institutional structure of academic arts and humanities must be destroyed and the earth under their smoldering foundations salted for good measure. Kill it all with fire, and watch in wonder as new vegetation emerges and long-dormant saplings stretch their leaves to the sun.

Sam Hyde (of Million Dollar Extreme fame) trolled the holy fuck outta CNN goobers.

At 0:18, watch for the Easter egg crotch blackout.


COTW winner is tsparks156, cutting to the quick with his trenchant observation about one of the primary characteristics that distinguishes assholes from niceguys.

In my time I have seen many unfortunate nice guys that are lonely. I’m trying to remember if I have ever met a lonely asshole.

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful country music tune.


COTW runner-up is shartiste, springboarding off the Ahmud hoax bomb story that has so animated shitlibs and President Butt Naked, to outline a general theory of cultural decline resulting from the equalist project of raising the Defective/Normal Ratio of society:

The scope and brazenness of this hoax speaks to how out of touch elites are with the common man. Yet it also gives hope. All the conspiracy theories about how these smart rich people masterfully control everything fail on one point: elites don’t truly understand what makes people tick, so they can never fully win hearts and minds of the masses. They will always have their defective cheerleaders: the fat and slutty, the eunuchs and gammas. But normal, typical people will see through these gambits. That is why the keystone strategy of liberals is to raise the defective/normal ratio in a society and win with the one-two defectives/democracy combo punch.

They do this most obviously by simply importing defectives and more gradually with conversion, by turning otherwise normal people into defectives by making women slutty workaholics, men weak cucks. Media has been doing this but its been a slow grind since the 60s and many are resistant because their biomechanics are averse to it.

This is why we have hope, albeit temporary. When normals have an option, they will always be won over by leaders that intuitively understand them. These leaders will have an advantage because they work with people’s sensibilities and people need far less Machiavellian persuasion this way. Messages become simple: Build Wall. No Rapists. Better Deals. Let’s Win. Obvious truths negate decades of carefully insidious progressive demoralization of the masses. Those in control take great care to make sure these leaders never break in to the arena, because once they do they are not the heel, they are the hero. The barriers to entry are high.

Trump is the first to make it. He may not be the last. But he may also be the last chance. When the defective/normal ratio tips too high, coupled with universal suffrage, the state is doomed. If Trump gets cockblocked it will be an interesting century for America or whatever is left of it.

May we live in Trumpening times.


A two-fer for shartiste.

A nascent HBDer that thinks he’s clever might suggest that the univeralist blank-slatism of white liberals is a culture that mirrors their genes. I’d argue that it is not, but rather a tendency toward status-whoring. Those who can’t achieve status through more traditional means lean on liberal politics to signal intelligence and status, buttressed by media and Hollywood liberal signalling. This blank-slate diversitard stuff isn’t in anyone’s genes, if it was then rich liberals wouldn’t live in 95% white enclaves.

HBDers would argue that the genes are the causal agent that germinates the expression of status whoring and whatever is the contemporary outlet for socially signaling one’s moral superiority. So one could say both the HBDer and shartiste’s views are simultaneously operative. I do think shartiste’s point about the numerical growth of shitlib defectives meaning that there will be more empty status signaling by SJWs who couldn’t accrue real status is spot on.


Let’s make it a three-fer for shartiste!

lots of times when a guy “suddenly lost interest” its because he got the notch. women often omit this detail from their “I got ghosted” stories, they don’t want to believe putting out can vacuum the attraction out of a guy that quickly, especially when it had the opposite effect on them, but the novel new nookie brings a clarity that had been clouded to the man in pursuit.

Men fall asleep after sex. Women want to talk, cuddle, and get reassurances that their love is reciprocated after sex. That right there should be enough to clue even the stupidest gender bender feminist that men and women are fundamentally different in their psychologies.

Even if a girl likes you and shows it by feigning interest, don’t be one of those dudes who ensnares his date in the quagmire of sports talk. As you’re getting excited by your good fortune to find a girl who makes you think she likes going over the finer points of the zone defense, she’s drying up like a Central Valley megadrought.

Just because you’ve found a girl who’s willing to be a good sport about your sports fanaticism, doesn’t mean you should test her resolve. You want to get laid? Drop the sports talk, and start communicating with her in the language of love: her own voice.


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