Beta Of The Month: Asexual Purgatory

There are apparently asexuals among us. They claim they have no interest in sex, and it’s not a psychological coping mechanism for involuntary celibacy.

Jenni is one of the estimated 1% of people in the UK who identify themselves as asexual. Asexuality is described as an orientation, unlike celibacy which is a choice.

“People say ‘well if you’ve not tried it, then how do you know?'” says Jenni.

“Well if you’re straight have you tried having sex with somebody you know of the same sex as you? How do you know you wouldn’t enjoy that? You just know that if you’re not interested in it, you’re not interested in it, regardless of having tried it or not.”

I’m trying to picture how musty and cobwebbed her vagina must be. It’s probably fused shut at this point, kind of how the skin of morbidly obese corpses will fuse with the couches they died on. I wonder if she’s ever shoved anything up her puss to get off? If so, that would put the lie to her assertion that she has no desire for sex. More likely, she just fears and loathes male sexuality. I bet her nightmares consists of 3D penises raining down on her like ICBMs scarring the sky with cum contrails.

This is true of Jenni who is heteroromantic, and although having no interest in sex, is still attracted to people, and is in a relationship with 22-year-old Tim. Tim, however, is not asexual.

“A lot of people actually ask if I am being selfish and keeping him in a relationship that he won’t get anything he wants [from] and he should go and date somebody like him, but he seems quite happy, so I’d say I’d leave that up to him,” says Jenni.

Just when you thought the world couldn’t possibly have enough self-hating beta males willing to sacrifice a basic human need for the company of weirdo übercockteases. And is it my imagination, or is the ratio of white and asian beta to alpha getting more skewed every year? Welcome to Generation Puffboy.

Tim is enjoying spending time with and getting to know Jenni by focusing on the romantic aspects of their relationship.

It’s like compliment & cuddle, times one thousand. With no chance for redemption in sight.

“The first time that Jenni mentioned in conversation that she was asexual, my initial thought was ‘hmm that’s kind of odd’,” says Tim, “but then I did know enough not to make assumptions about what that meant.

What a mincing pissant. Tim, when a girl you met has told you that she doesn’t like sex and will never have sex, your first thought should’ve been “I just wasted thirty dates with this insufferable cocktease. How do I get away from her before my emasculation is total?” At the very least, return the favor by using her as a pawn to meet other girls.

[Tim]: “I have never been obsessed with sex. I’ve not been one to have to go out at night and have to have someone to have sex with, because that’s what people do… so I’m not all that concerned about it”.

One reason why betas allow themselves to be LFBFed and used as emotional tampons in perpetuity is that it relieves them of the stress of sacking up and busting a move. You could call it cockooning.

Jenni’s relationship with Tim does have a physical side, as they cuddle and kiss to express their affection for each other.

And there it is. Beta of the Month. Congratulations, Timmy, you sicken the world of normal men and inspire the pity of normal women. When you masturbate away all that pent-up energy, lay down a tarp with a ten yard clearance.

Asexuality has been the subject of very few scientific studies which has led to speculation about why some people feel no sexual attraction.

“There are people who definitely view it as a disorder and are like ‘oh if we give you these pills we can fix it’. Or people who ask you ‘have you had your hormones checked’, as though that’s the obvious solution,” says Jenni.

Maybe Jenni really is clinically asexual. Maybe her brain is missing a few synapses. I can abide that possibility. Or maybe, she feels no sexual attraction because all she dates are betas. In which case, one date with an insensitive jerk who isn’t an uuuuunderstanding wet noodle should clear her condition right up.

“And then you get people who go one step worse, and I have been asked before if I had been molested as a child, which is not an appropriate question to ask somebody to be honest, and also I haven’t been. It was the assumption that ‘hey you have something wrong with you, clearly you were molested as a child’ is just such a terrible attitude to have.”

This is the problem with the modern, equalist society: nothing is wrong with anything. Hey, sweetcheeks, there is something wrong with you. Evolutionarily speaking, there is something very wrong with you. Instead of demanding people pretend you’re normal, embrace your wrongness. Wear it proudly, you princess of deviancy, you queen of crazy.

Let’s have a look at the tense couple.

Now perhaps there’s a chance Timmy is getting some nookie on the side, when he’s away from this sexless cipher. That would mitigate his betaness somewhat. (Only somewhat, because every second with her is a second stripped from more fulfilling endeavors.) I doubt it, though. Look at his face. His pinched, “walk all over me” expression. This is a guy who nurses a secret hard-on every time she hugs him, then rushes home five hours later to drain himself into a couch crease. The least she could do, if sex isn’t her thing and she values his cuddly wuddlies, is give him a tug job to completion. But she never will, because, ultimately, chicks like her are selfish cunts. And when a selfish cunt meets a selfless dweeb, the penis loses.

BOTM: Timmy and his taunted testicles

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  1. OMFG!

    Yeah, he’s so happy he won’t even look at the camera – the very vision of masculine pride.


    • How does looking at a camera equal happiness? How exactly does looking at a camera equal “masculine pride”?


      • Wow. Troll much?

        His pose and expression say it all. I’m sorry if you choose not to “listen”.

        I’ll admit is not a wholly specific answer.

        Call it a gut reaction. (Feminist translation: “intuition”.) Gut reactions have an uncanny way of being right.


    • Oh wow you are a troglodyte aren’t you? judgmental much? Not wanting to have sexual intercourse does no make you a prude or a cock tease. I’ve had bouts of asexual feelings as well as the complete opposite feelings and the point is all feelings are personal and valid.

      Thinking the only way to be intimate with another person is through sexual contact is not only ridiculous but incredibly limiting. This woman was kind enough to open up to you and instead of trying to look at life from her perspective you immediately demonized and vilified her for her PERSONAL choices which are not only none of your business but have nothing to do with you!

      Do the world a favor and either pull your head out of whatever dark hole its shoved into or keep your banal asinine comments to yourself.


      • So you’re saying that when you’re in an intimate relationship — as these two losers appear to be — and the other person tells you you’re not getting any nooky, you’re not supposed to take it personally? Because it’s a personal choice that’s none of your business?

        Jesus, lady, is there anything more personal than having your putative sex partner tell you you’re not worth fucking?


      • You should take your own advice.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:35 pm drunicusvandal

        A woman who isn’t sleeping with a man IS NOT in a relationship with that man. And, in my opinion, isn’t worth spending much time with. I’m quite sure if her friend was able to state his real feelings about this, he’d admit to either being heartbreakingly frustrated, or gay.


      • Yes, because sex defines a relationship, right?

        Let’s get this straight: A man who doesn’t mind not having sex is not gay. I know, it’s a crazy concept. A man…not having sex? But its true. The fact that he loves his SO enough to respect her not wanting sex means that he really cares for her. If he were gay, he could go out and find a male partner.

        Some people define relationships in ways other than “having sex = relationship.” If he wanted to tell her all about how frustrated he was, he could break up with her and find a girl more willing to have sex. Personally, I think its sweet that they’re going out, despite the fact that she doesn’t want to have sex.

        Also, not all asexuals completely decline sex. Sometimes they do end up having sex, with reasons ranging from wanting to have kids to just wanting to make their partner happy.

        Personally, I’d be turned off by someone talking like you are. It gives the impression of “I have sex all the time; no big deal, no real importance.” It gives a message that sex is just some passing thing for idle amusement, and not anything special or emotional.

        Call me gay all you want, but I’m perfectly fine with not having sex if I really love the girl I’m dating. Oh, I’m also asexual, so come at me, bro.


      • What the fuck is wrong with you? Just because she doesn’t feel the need to fuck everything in sight does not mean she is any less of a woman, or him any less of a man!
        Jesus, it actually makes me sick that some people can be this ignorant. Asexuality is a real orientation. It is a part of who some people are, just as being a sick fuck is a part of who YOU are.

        Act like a human being for once, instead of being a close minded moron. This is for both the author of the article, and the comment.
        GROW UP


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:48 pm John Norman Howard

        How come your banal asinine comments are worthy of posting, then?



      • “Feelings” “Feelings” “Feelings”
        Then I went cross-eyed and couldn’t read anymore.


      • I’ve had bouts of asexual feelings as well as the complete opposite feelings and the point is all feelings are personal and valid.

        The difference between men and women ladies and gents! Women are fucking retarded and men aren’t.

        Don’t you men all the mushy gushy, gumdrops and rainbows, can’t we all just get all feelings are all personal and valid? You certainly don’t mean that the feelings of those of us at Heartiste are personal and valid now do you?

        Does it hurt being so illogical?


      • Does it hurt being so misogynist?


        As a man, I want to abolish people like you from the ranks of manhood. A true gentleman tries to understand and empathize, not belittle or demean.


      • You mean does it hurt being such a misogynist or does it hurt being so misogynistic and the answer to your question is that I’m not.

        I’m an anti-misandrist.

        As a man, I want to abolish people like you from the ranks of manhood. A true gentleman tries to understand and empathize, not belittle or demean.

        Oh I understand them just fine. I even make allowances for their stupidity and inability to think rationally.

        Don’t worry though. I’m not a modern man and would kill myself should I find myself in your rank.


      • lol. What a dumb broad.

        this is why you never accomplish anything, woman.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 10:46 am NoQuarterForCatLadies

        Wow, judgmental much? People open up to you on this website about their personal feelings that she’s a broken, manipulative weirdo tormenting a hapless loser, and you come here and demonize and vilify them? All feelings are personal and valid! NO FEELINGS CAN BE JUDGED EVER!


      • So our feelings about them can’t be judged then.

        Shut up and fuck off.

        Your poisonous relativism obliterates the basis for civilization.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 1:47 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

        I feel you have a reading comprehension problem.


      • Are you, or are you not, judging my feelings?


  2. Have you watched the recent House episode where he finds out what’s wrong with an asexual couple? You’ll love it.


    • What episode? Link?


      • The episode is called “Better Half” and it aired on January 23. However, it’s inaccurate in its portrayal of asexuality.


      • Translation: it points out what b.s. “asexuality” is and how people lie to themselves and others.

        Poor wittle lefites. Is no one buying your b.s anymore?

        Better go protest!


      • Hey broseph, I think calling yourself straight is a load of b.s.

        Go have your brain checked and lots of gay sex. Then you’ll realize that everyone is bisexual.

        That’s essentially what you’re telling all asexuals. We don’t need to be told we’re stupid lefties. We certainly don’t need people telling us it’s a load of BS. Do you tell gay people that they just need to stop being stupid lefties?


      • @ confuzzler:

        “Do you tell gay people that they just need to stop being stupid lefties?”

        No, I tell stupid lefties that they just need to stop being so gay.


  3. Voluntary eunuchs. What a concept.


    • Asexuality isn’t voluntary.


      • Nope, it’s a mental issue, just like homosexuality. Though at least asexuality doesn’t drive you to plunge your dick in another dude’s ass.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:49 pm John Norman Howard

        As well as other appendages… feh.


      • Wow fuck this answer! You this homosexuality is a disease? You’re the one who’s sick.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:23 pm John Norman Howard

        It was officially classified as a mental disorder until 1970 or thereabouts… before the era of PC Agenda über alles.

        But categorized as such or not, any rational being knows it’s an aberration… whether he/she dares to say it out loud or not… here at the chateau, we call a spade a spade, Twinky.


      • Who cares if it’s not “normal”. It’s not normal to be an ultra right evangelist either but we don’t run around calling them mentally ill most of the time.

        [heartiste: i see what you did there.]


      • “It was considered a disease until 1970”

        Exactly. You are not even trying.


        The reason LGBT people are ostracized from society, dani, is not because of predisposition – it’s because of everyone else telling them they are sick monsters/getting kicked out of their houses.


      • It’s definitely not normal (the average person is straight, nothing to argue here), but how do you define when an aberration is a sickness that needs to be treated? A lot of normal evolved behavior is quite destructive and stupid when put in settings of modern civilization. We don’t call it a disease though, we call it normalcy. But an equally destructive inborn aberration is called a disease, and non- destructive aberration is also called a disease.

        Don’t get seduced into words of those who want to call every single aberration a disease (or even call healthy reactions to injustice a disease, because it doesn’t correspond to their learnings on how people should act), you will regret it.


      • It’s often accompanied by all sorts of other really perverse pathological behaviors; i.e. drug use, promiscuity, etc.

        They’re outliers.


      • There’s a lot less drug use than some would lead you to believe. Anyway, have you seen high schools in the south recently? A quarter of the girls are getting knocked up and the average high school relationship is a few months tops. I’d generalize high schoolers as promiscuous before I’d label every gay and lesbian the same.


      • @anon:

        I’d be interested in seeing the racial breakdown and then look at disability rates in those same families, i.e. how many of the family members are on SS disability and how many generations of them are there? Those girls’ grandmothers are etelling them its timeto get pregnant so thye can get more state aid. You refuse to see that you have essentially set up a career of dependency for certain, ever expanding classes of people because those are the incentives the left has created. SS, without all the disability moochers, would be solvent for the foreseable future, but when you overload the camel and encourage people to overlaod, it the back eventually breaks.


      • Not an issue, an orientation. Just like you’re driven to have sex with women, asexuals are not driven to have sex with any gender.


      • I read an article on a woman who fell in love with the Eiffel tower. Is that “an orientation” too? The biological purpose of sex is to provide individuals with an incentive to mate. If that system causes you to stick your cock into another man’s ass, or rub off on the eiffel tower, then you’re sick. If someone liked eating dirt (and there are people who do, actually) you’d definitely think there was something wrong with their brain. But pound another guy’s ass and it’s “just an orientation” because hey, you can get them to vote democrat if you try to fool them into thinking they’re perfectly OK.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 8:57 am John Norman Howard

        Eiffel Tower today… Washington Monument tomorrow!


      • on February 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm Ryosuke Nicewarner

        So you think that there is something metally wrong with both the homosexuals and the asexuals? Even when they may have done nothing wrong? Especially the asexuals? They don’t really drown others and force them to accept them. Some of them just want to be left alone. So what makes it right for you to go judge them so harshly? Do you know any personally?


      • You do not need to do something wrong to have something mentally wrong with you.


      • Yeah people who molest children and animals would rather be left alone with their own choices as well.

        I have known many gay women, they just strike me as tomboys who would prefer not to deal with the inherent difficulties of hanging around with men, nearly all the good looking ones “discover” that they like men as well in their late 20s.

        Gay men tend to have deeper issues.

        I don’t care what they choose to do, but when I get forced to call it normal it is a little annoying. It is not normal behavior.

        But even mentioning this is now a hate crime it seems.


      • I’ve met low sex drive men or men who have given up on women, but they retain an attraction to them. Some are good friends. I personally don’t care what people do, as long as I remain unharmed by it, that extends to society in general and its impact on children.

        That said, we have every right to hypothesize why this behavior deviates from the norm and the general submission to a feminist world view it engenders. We fear its eventual politicization, as most left ideas, no matter how daft, seem to gain acceptance through constant repetition in the media and the demonization of normal behavior. This just makes me want to invest in more guns and ammunition, because we will eventually have to fight it out. There’s just not enough room on this planet for lefty idiocy and the sensible, productive people they depend on to finance their daft schemes to coexist.


      • That puts it below homosexuality. At least they’re using their equipment.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 8:59 am John Norman Howard

        Well, I’ll give you that.


      • Interesting use of “below.” Does that imply some hierarchy of which sexuality is best?


      • on February 7, 2012 at 10:01 am John Norman Howard



      • Please tell me you’re being sarcastic here. What even gives you the idea that homosexuality or asexuality is a “mental issue”? Talk about homophobic.


      • I already explained why it’s a mental issue. Also, some of you stupid fucks really need to learn what an actual phobia is.


      • i think im in love


      • Wow, what a dumbass. A phobia is an irrational fear or hatred of something.

        How does Homophobic not describe you? You are irrationally claiming that it is a disease, and, in doing so, claiming that it is inherently bad and should be “corrected”. I’m not sure if you realize this, but, yes, it was considered a disorder until the 70’s, but THIS ISN’T THE 70’s. Psychology has developed, people have learned, and got around the basic Homophobia so omnipresent in society. Saying that is a disease because it used to be one is no more compelling than saying “The world is flat because people used to believe it.”.

        You are living in a time warp where you only consider the medical understanding of the 1970s. Well, no, you’re not – you obviously know that it’s no longer considered, so you know that defense is bullshit. You’re just hoping that it will help disguise your so blatant xenophobia.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 3:01 am drunicusvandal

        Sex is meant for procreation, primarily, which is why it’s so.pleasurable – to ensure that the next generation of humans arrives.
        By definition, gays or so called “asexuals” are aberrative. Not choosing the opposite sex is, evolutionarily speaking, deviant.
        This is not to say that gays are “wrong” or bad or evil, simply that they’re abnormal.
        I do think, however, that our educational and academic institutions, once they adopted all this PC brainwashing crap about “diversity” and tolerance raised a generation of nincompoops; brainwashed idiots who think the highest virtues are recycling and organic food, and the worst sins being accurate descriptions of inferior cultures and demography.


      • “inferior cultures and demography.”

        So, what are some examples of inferior cultures?

        [heartiste: just look at the countries people try to leave and the countries that people try to get into.]


      • Yes Kathleen, look up “Phobia”.

        Disliking homosexuality is not a “phobia”, and those who say it is so are those who wish to make people who disagree with them poilitically appear mentally sick.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 8:59 am John Norman Howard

        Being disgusted by something perverse and not wanting it around your children = healthy evolutionary mentality… not fear, dyke.


      • on February 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm Science is great

        It sounds like you guys need to read some evolutionary bio/psych. (Sperm Wars, The Red Queen, The Moral Animal, etc.)

        Homosexual behavior exists in most mammalian species. It’s not a mental disorder.

        Also, what percentage of you gay-haters would identify yourselves as religious? Just (bi-)curious.

        (See what I did there?)


      • on February 7, 2012 at 10:10 am John Norman Howard

        It’s obviously a mental disorder, even if some male monkeys will rub up against each other on occasion… on a side note, dolphins and walruses rape like sons of bitches, which makes rape amongst our kind nonetheless abhorrent.

        Don’t mistake relative commonality for normality (read: the most preferred behavior for a society to function properly).

        And, no, glory holes are not merely ‘street art’, Twinky.


  4. Just when I begin to think there’s a bottom limit to Betas, another proves me so wrong. Also, here’s an uber-Beta who might rival our asexual friend:



    • i actually think that kid will figure it out. check out turbohamster on the long-winded chick response in the comments.


    • Actually that took alot of balls to throw all that out there.

      The kid’s only 18. He’ll be Neil Strauss-level macking by his senior year – and utterly merciless toward the kind of bullshit some of his female classmates are bringing in the comments.


    • I bet the comment from “Drew” was the best but the YDN staff deleted it as being against their terms of service.

      Nobody mentioned in the comments or the article that the coeds have a very limited amount of time before the tables would turn in their mid-twenties. The assumption that female SMV doesn’t change over time was rampant in the discussion.

      Except maybe Drew violated the terms by writing that.

      [heartiste: interestingly, i bet more than a few female asexuals are young and thus blind to the inevitable deterioration of their sexual attractiveness. this allows them the luxury of being “asexual” while keeping open the possibility of future couplings should their psychosis reverse itself (or be reversed by a man who truly excites them). it’s a pose, iow, nothing more, and one that is aggravated by low testosterone and hormonal imbalances.]


      • Sure, just blame “chemical imbalances” for everyone’s behavioral differences. Everyone has some sort of imbalance; that’s because the mind and the brain aren’t separated in some magical way. When you think differently, your brain reacts differently. Just because I have more serotonin than you doesn’t mean that you need antidepressants.

        Of course, Heartiste, never having experienced the terror that mania or depression or psychosis is, can easily diagnose people with all sorts of mental illnesses. People who prefer to stay home more than the average person are labeled “socially anxious” in need of treatment, people who have a down day after a breakup are considered depressed, and now you say that people who are not significantly attracted to the opposite sex are “hormonally imbalanced.”

        People are unique and different from each other. It’s ironic how the seduction community claims to preach being “non-judgmental.” You have no right to tell other people how to live. As long as they are not bothering you, which this woman is clearly not, leave them alone.


      • Heartiste has a very judgemental way of describing things, which has been very effective in keeping the site popular. Even so, what you are trying to argue is that you can’t say that one way of living is better than another. You’re trying to say that all lifestyles are created equal, from a value-judgement point of view.

        This simply isn’t true. Yes, it’s possible to be happy and asexual. It’s also possible to be happy and asthmatic, or obese, or alone. But the fact is that people are adapted to live in certain ways, and we step outside of that at our peril.

        Asexuality is a natural adaptation, but it’s a natural adaptation to some fairly poor living conditions. Healthy, well adjusted people do not become asexual. Asexual people can become healthy and well-adjusted, but then they’ll usually stop being asexual.

        You might as well glamorize depression.


      • David Jay is asexual, and he makes good money in a good life. I’d say there’s more to it than just diet and living conditions.

        Also, are you implying that you can also just stop being homosexual by moving out of state and taking vitamins, or are asexuals the only ones with this privilege?


      • > It’s also possible to be happy and asthmatic, or obese, or alone.

        Damn, I have all 3. I’m fucked…


      • The brain is a biological machine. Everything is “serotonin”(or other relevant neurotransmitters/ brain structure).

        Why are you dumb?


    • He’s young and hasn’t had the stinking scales of feminism (and, as a Yalie, I would assume far leftism) fall from his eyes.
      Hopefully he will someday look down, realize there are two of them down there, stop fearfully apologizing, and start molesting trashy state college girls, ideally until around age 40 or do.
      At that point, comfortably ensconced in a well paid career, he’ll find some foreign, slender, feminine sexbot to start with which to start a family, if he wants to give up fun hobbies, other women, and free time.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:21 pm driveallnight

        Save for the bit about giving up fun, other women, etc…..why do my ears feel so warm right now?


      • He’s young and hasn’t had the stinking scales of feminism (and, as a Yalie, I would assume far leftism) fall from his eyes.

        As a Yalie (class of ’05), I can say this with certainty: if it could happen to me, of all people, it can happen to anyone. He’ll get there eventually.


  5. Haha…. this guy is beta at best, but more likely just 100% omega and happy to merely (and finally) have some female companionship. Arguably, a platonic relationship with a female is a step up above sitting in your room all day by yourself just jacking off and playing World of Warcraft.

    Anyway, off-topic question still related to lifelong pick-up/game. It’s not doubt that being a beta or omega will give you a poor life. But being a lifelong pump-and-dump alpha, does anyone here feel like this lifestyle is a ticking HIV/(insert other STI) timebomb? Thoughts, anyone? Heartiste?

    It almost seems like a lose/lose, but maybe a fellow alpha/higher alpha can help clear my mind.

    [heartiste: the stink of troll on this comment is strong.]


    • “Arguably, a platonic relationship with a female is a step up above sitting in your room all day by yourself just jacking off and playing World of Warcraft.”

      If you would not rather look at pornography alone, and just go about your business, than have anything to do with that freak above, you have one foot in the Timmy Boat.

      “Thoughts, anyone?”

      Avoid shagging fags, and slags who shag fags, you’ll be fine.


    • For any other n00bs happening by: The higher quality women that alphas usually end up with generally have very low STD rates. That’s one reason why they’re higher quality women.


      • High quality women (by that I mean normal, responsible women who plan to become wives and mothers, which is still about 90% of women) don’t even think about sleeping with idiots like you and other people commenting on this blog …

        Normal women are not interested in casual sex, did you know that? Women who these “alphas” sleep with are emotionally damaged and most likely drunk. Emotionally normal, normally conscious women with normal IQ don’t go out to bars looking for a hookup.

        So Dominate247 is very right – with a pathetic lifestyle that some people here promote you can expect to catch an STD sooner or later. I’m happy that at least the author(s) of this blog advocate romantic love and don’t write depressive posts about dirty emotionless sex with drunk girls … (something we can read at RooshV)


      • And how many of those 90% haven’t ridden the carousel? What’s your number up to? There’s a reason that modern women don’t wanna discuss their “past” with their boyfriends.

        High quality women are rare.


      • Why does a woman have to want children to be high quality? I get that you’re probably idealizing a traditional wife/mother thing, but how many of the guys who post here do you think want children? So why does a woman lose quality if she doesn’t want kids (or can’t have them)?


      • Even if they don’t want children, they certainly idealize those qualities. Its been related here so many times as to be a cliche.


      • “Why does a woman have to want children to be high quality?”

        Women who don’t want to have kids don’t lose quality as human beings but they kind of lose quality in biological sense. You can’t really drink, smoke and sleep around until you’re 35 and then suddenly realize that you want to have babies … I mean, you can, but your body is kind of “low quality” if you do that … It’s better to think in advance. Hope you understand that I don’t judge women who don’t want to have kids, I was speaking from biological point of view.

        “… but how many of the guys who post here do you think want children?”

        Not many. But most women don’t give a shit about what these losers here think. They are INVISIBLE to normal women.

        [heartiste: regrettably for you, that is the complete opposite of reality. men who don’t want children are usually alphas that women love. i’ve yet to meet a woman who thought a sexy man was invisible because he wasn’t crowing about how much he wanted kids.
        seriously, i have to ask, from what puckered asshole to you pull these insane delusions of yours?]


      • In America, the social scene is more as in Britain than the Continent. Substitute bars for discotheques. Nice European women in the prime breeding years still go to those, and even if they don’t go home with a man every night, some do, usually those who are ovulating. But I agree that the frequency of ONS sex is simply not there for most men, even if they get decent at game. I think in the end, game gets practiced most successfully in the serial monogamy subset of society. My attitude has always been that if I like a girl enough to sleep with her once, then twice or more is even better. My relationships that failed short term were ultimately due to basic incompatability or challenging circumstances. I’ve also been selective and have not slept with many women I could have. Nice girls get sucked into that nexus quite easily.


    • Have you ever heard of mitigating risk by wearing latex condoms?


    • Beta’s life is driven by fear.


    • Nobody gets HIV. More importantly, you’re allowed to find a middle ground between lifelong pump-and-dump and lifelong celibacy. Duh.


      • Too bad the “sexual marketplace” hell that is the dating/mating/marriage scene today doesn’t have a middle ground– it’s pumped-and-dump/carousel or nothing. He/she who dies still with a spouse somehow wins!


      • People do get HIV. And asexuality is not the same as celibacy. Asexuality is not experiencing sexual attraction. While celibacy is voluntarily abstaining from sex.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:44 pm drunicusvandal

        HIV infection is extremely rare amongst heterosexuals, unless they use intravenous drugs (with used, dirty needles).
        Gonorrhea, chlamydia, mollusca, and warts are quite common, but also quite treatable; about the worst disease you’ll get, practically speaking, is herpes, which is gross but hardly a life-wrecker.
        You do need to wear prophos, though, to prevent gross, game trashing diseases and 18-22 years of grief & expense with unwanted children.


  6. She’d let me split her slit.


    • Actually, I bet she wouldn’t because from the sounds of it, she is in a comitted monogamous relationship and is the type of asexual that doesn’t want and doesn’t have sex.


      • Au contraire, mon frère. You take what her flyaway hamster vomits at face value, I take what she upchucks with a grain of cold semen.

        She wants a cock, and she wants it bad. I can tell by the expression on her face, the only thing this young woman needs is a strong willed man to walk in her life, throw his dick on the table, make her feel like the submissive creature she longs to be and her fused pussy lips will part with lubricated excitement.


      • You have a magic penis that makes women become sexual? Please, share your secrets. I’m sure the asexual community and the lesbian community would love to hear about your magic penis.

        Seriously, as a man, this disgusts me. At what point were you touching yourself in the playground and thought “My penis…is special. It’ll make all kinds of women explode in their sexuality”? I mean, really, it takes a very lonely man to fantasize that his penis has the capability to get some asexual woman out of a rut into sexuality. If the girl wanted sex, she would have it with her boyfriend, who seems like he’d be okay with the idea if she was.


      • lol, the answers you seek can be found in the archives of this blog, my young padawn.


  7. [Tim]: “I have never been obsessed with sex. I’ve not been one to have to go out at night and have to have someone to have sex with, because that’s what people do… so I’m not all that concerned about it”.

    In true beta ” “I’m not like those other guys”fashion, he rationalizes that wanting sex is the same as being obsessed with sex.
    He would’ve did the same thing if she shut him down after the first attempts at sex.


    • You’re acting like she cock-blocked him as soon as he got his pants off. She clearly stated that she was asexual and she had no desire for sex. Stop acting like she led him on, and that continuing to date her isn’t his choice.


      • I said that his action wouldn’t have changed IF she did led him on, which she didn’t.

        He like many men have decided to change themselves to relate to the woman they’re involved with.


  8. I wonder if, just as the guy allows the LJBF out of fear of the stress of having brass balls and slapping that ass

    I wonder if she takes the ‘asexual’ posture for the same general reason.

    In any case, I’d ransack that tasty little tart.


    • She’s about five feet tall, bone-thin, and looks elfen; definitely no curves beyond the most basic female dimensions. Possible neoteny.

      Probably with the onset of puberty, she instinctively understood that she wasn’t competing with other pubertal females, then took deep refuge in manga, Bjork, and Tank Girl.

      I’d bet money she sifts through photos of hot girls at 4chan. Twats like that are usually masochistic, betraying their dissatisfaction with self.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 11:30 am John Norman Howard

        Any woman who dyes her hair like a clown wig doesn’t need to open her mouth to let the world know she’s a headcase.

        To me, the whole candy-colored coif and the “Look at me, I don’t have sex!” schtick reeks of yet-another variation of Attention Whore.

        And without knowing any better, seeing the proboscis on that Adrian Brody look-alike beta of hers, I detect the faint odor of gefilte fish on this whole story.


      • You’re close.

        Female, like male sexual desire, correlates very strongly with circulating androgens. This girl looks like she literally “suffers” from that latest of middle aged male pharmafads, low-T. Talk about slight build, wide set eyes and the lack of a manjaw. Plus the somewhat childlike, asexual notion that beauty in females are judged like beauty in a painting; by the strength and composition of colors in her hair, rather than by the interplay of flaunting and hinting at sexual cues. Not that I’d ever expect she would care to demonstrate, but I’d almost be willing to bet there isn’t much there in the way of a clitoris for her to get off with, either.

        Just like kids don’t have much in the way of sexual desire, it is not much of a stretch to imagine adults with a child like composition of circulating sex hormones are similarly disposed. And if anyone likes to cuddle with no desire to escalate, despite what the pedos might convince themselves, it’s kids.

        But honestly, while self describing as literally asexual may going a bit far to the other side, I don’t think it is any more of a disorder than the wannabe-carricature-of-Sex-and-the-city-and-hip-hop-whore-sex-obsession that afflicts most US females these days. After all, as long as this girl manages to suck it up and get pregnant before 40, that still puts her ahead of most of her barren, whoring peers. And she’ll probably be a faithful wife and cuddling mom to boot 🙂


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:39 pm John Norman Howard

        Fair points… well done.


      • Why the hell does she need to “suck it up and get pregnant before 40.” It’s not like this planet is suffering from underpopulation, exactly.


      • The fact that the world is not “suffering from underpopulation”, does not imply that Western societies do not underbreed. Women are designed to get pregnant at 16, and pretty much stay that way until 40. When they don’t do that, they end up (ab)using the facilities designed to support this role for alternate, more destructive ends; hurling us toward the kind of dead-end, runaway dystopias we are suffering through right now.


      • Developed countries sorta do. It’s third world hellholes that need to stop fucking.


      • If she’s “asexual”, she can just split herself in two and reproduce herself. Fuck the whole icky penis in vagoo stuff…


      • Works for paramecia.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:02 am John Norman Howard

        Thread winner, take two.


      • The developed world is suffering from underpopulation or rather insufficient replacement. 3rd world romanticism will not allow the west to continue flourishing. They will drag us down, not us pulling them up.

        Women who don’t want kids are either selfish or cold and manly, often all of the above. Like career women, good for casual sex, but little else.


      • If she is masochistic, then we’d REALLY have some fun.


    • That’s a buttered up photo. Here’s a better one: http://www.tutorhunt.com/profile-images/jenni.goodchild98609395.jpg

      Nothing “tasty” about her.

      She lost the genetic lottery and now is rationalizing.

      She COULD snag a guy 1-2 points more alpha by getting rid of the “Homosex FO-EVAA!” hair dye, getting some length on her mane, and adopting a more feminine attitude, but let’s not kid ourselves on such a rational change in short order.

      The guy is even worse off. After 5 years or so in this arrangement the anger will slowly but surely peak to the surface in a fit of passive-aggresive rage. The ensuing breakup will leave him stuck for ages in incel status.


  9. If she doesn’t care if I had sex with other women and she cleaned my house, it might not be so bad. If you won’t have sex its only fair. Personally I want to keep having sex with young girls, but I don’t want to spend time with teenagers, I could see this working for me.


    • “If you won’t have sex it’s only fair.”
      Hey, guess what? She doesn’t owe you sex. It’s something she gives to you when she wants to. If she doesn’t, it’s rape.


      • If she has no sex on the table, then there is no reason to give her anything in return.


      • Women love to forget this basic fact. We’re supposed to allow ourselves to be plundered with impugnity and ask for seconds.


      • Wait, so giving someone something like respect or a relationship is based entirely upon sexual payment? I’m pretty sure the emotional abuse hotline would like a word with you.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm driveallnight

        “It’s something *she* gives to you when *she* wants to.”

        Well, of course. It’s only important that *she* gets her needs met, right? Christ on a cracker, female solipsism is like herpes: ugly, recurrent, non-curable.


  10. The guy is fucked up.

    As for female asexuality, research shows that 15% of women are unable to orgasm via any means. 15% is a significant minority. If such women are unable to orgasm, then being asexual isn’t such a stretch.

    Now, there is no research that has demonstrated that physically healthy males cannot get off. Therefore males that claim to be asexual are likely lying.


    • Disagree. There’s a huge stress between a non-orgasmic woman who experiences arousal and desire, and an asexual. I imagine most of the 15% are the former.


    • Flame: re 15% unable to orgasm
      In the past, women’s ability to orgasm didn’t mean they would not have sex. For most of human history, a fact of life for women was “you don’t screw, you don’t eat”.


    • These are the 15% women that I didn’t fuck… yet.


  11. The writing on this one was particularly good. Great post.


  12. He may either be the victim of incredibly low testosterone (biological or environmental) or he is delusional. He probably thinks that by staying with her, she will recognize him as a loving and non-threatening man and eventually open her legs to him.


    • People who are asexual or are “sexual and in a relationship with an asexual, usually are perfectly normal people with no hormonal defects and are not delusional. And some people don’t need to have sex in a relationship, and from the sound of the original article, he doesn’t want to get in her pants because she doesn’t want him in her pants and never will.


  13. Britain is full of beta wankers. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she has never met a guy who made her think about sex.


  14. Look at her little cuntish face. She just enjoys the power trip and the attention. Look at her fucking rainbow haircut for fucks sake. Just another attention whore…move along


    • This girl looks like a feminist. Maybe that’s why she’s asexual … But most likely she’s just too young to think about sex.


    • Asexual erasure at the max right here. Some people don’t experience sexual attraction, get over it.


      • You, my dear, need a darn good cocking. Medicinal you understand.


      • I like how some people are like “WAT NOT WANTING SEX SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT.”

        It makes me wonder if these people looked further than “I can’t have sex with that person” before yelling. I can guarantee that most people, if they actually educated themselves and tried to understand, would be all right with the concept of asexuality.

        Besides, alphas, us asexuals just lower the amount of competition for you. What’s there to worry about?


  15. One reason why betas allow themselves to be LFBFed and used as emotional tampons in perpetuity is that it relieves them of the stress of sacking up and busting a move. You could call it cockooning.

    Also a direct result of feminist indoctrination. From early childhood guys like this are told to downplay their masculinity, women are all-powerful/virtuos/etc., and that what they want (young, hot women) is a threat to humanity.

    The result is that they fear women and believe them to be far superior. In their minds approaching an genuine 7 on the hotness scale would be like approaching a human god and asking her on a date.


  16. I’m sure there are those who are truly asexual. Whether or not that is the case here remains unseen.

    What is for sure, though, is that this guy is a total omega and/or a closet gay.

    It would be an interesting(though unethical) experiment to raise a girl exclusively around pansy beta men and prohibit any knowledge of masculine essence and see how that effects her sexuality. Would she simply not develop strong sexual urges in this case or would she become attracted to the least feminine men around her?(Even if those men would be considered candy-asses in the real world)


  17. on February 2, 2012 at 6:26 pm Rant Casey - BR

    One reason why betas allow themselves to be LFBFed and used as emotional tampons in perpetuity is that it relieves them of the stress of sacking up and busting a move. You could call it cockooning.

    Right on.

    As you see he looking away from the camera, you can sense an avoidant type of personality.


  18. Good Lord, that fucking perky rainbow-headed cunt needs to be fucked till she dies.

    This is one who will grasp reality only when her minute, pink asshole is dilated to grapefruit size by a fat greased cock.

    She needs to talk to me, this fucking sweet little bitch. 😉


    • Good Lord, that fucking perky rainbow-headed cunt needs to be fucked till she dies. This is one who will grasp reality only when her minute, pink asshole is dilated to grapefruit size by a fat greased cock. She needs to talk to me, this fucking sweet little bitch.

      Some chicks’ clits just don’t work right – for whatever reason [and G*d bless their poor starving little souls], they simply cannot have orgasms.

      And, of course, these kinds of chicks always seem to be too dull and too uninspired – or just too wholly immersed in feminazi critical theory – to summon the strength of character to FAKE an orgasm.

      But trust me, f*cking a non-orgasmic chick is far, far, far worse than just staying at home, whacking off into a towel, and getting a good night’s sleep.

      Bonus Points: You don’t have to suffer the next morning’s hangover.


      • There are women who’ve had the clitoris removed and still come like pigs.

        What you need to do with an “asexual” or “non-orgasmic” female is simple: you need to tease them at great enraging length and activate the deepest female gene, that one that shines for filth and depravity.

        These unexploded females need a man who understands their hunger for obscenity.

        This won’t happen to them with a nice Jewish boy like we see above.


      • “But trust me, f*cking a non-orgasmic chick is far, far, far worse than just staying at home, whacking off into a towel, and getting a good night’s sleep.”

        Woman’s climax should be of no concern to a man. Only one is important.


    • Well, maybe she doesn’t want to be “fucked till she dies” and perhaps you should take what a woman wants into consideration and stop making incredibly creepy comments.


  19. Not related, but something I wanted to toss out:

    This is the “safe” way of saying “feminism was bad for the country.” This is a relatively moderate site, and one of the biggest in the economics sphere.

    The first time these topics came up, was MR linking to CH.

    CH ushered in one hell of a social revolution, considering he was just a guy who made a blog to make fun of betas.


  20. “This is the problem with the modern, equalist society: nothing is wrong with anything.”

    Except with those argues that there is something wrong with that kind of society, and are able to prove it.


  21. Alpha of the month
    Married 50yo Costa concordia captain who is behind bars but 25 yo dancer domnica cemortan is “in love” with him

    Shippwreck/manslaughter game !


    • If by “Alpha” you mean insecure dumbass who fucked-up a luxury kiner and get a bunch of people killed to try and get into some skank’s pants, sure.


    • I noticed that as well. Manslaughter game enters the lexicon.

      OT Note the pathetically framed comments to an article “Sex Life Differences Between Republicans and Democrats”



    • on February 3, 2012 at 10:50 am qwerty@uiop.nl

      The Francesco Schettino story is just beyond parody for anyone who gets the joke (as Sailer would put it), because almost every single dirty cliché gets prime airtime and validation, at least, if you’re paying attention.

      Here’s a 50yo portly guy who steers a cruise ship into Atlantis, blames this on anything but himself, then tries to secretly escape by diving into some life boat (later telling the media he ‘fell into it’), while not informing the hapless passengers. Around a dozen of passengers die because of this. So, not soon after these grotesque sins of irresponsibility, unheard cowardice and malign negligence he gets arrested and… he gets publicly defended by both his wife and 25yo blond ballerina Moldovian mistress who claims to ‘love him’.


      For real.


      • Yeah, that’s game and being “Alpha” today… look at all the rule-breaking bad boy action going on, being resposible is for “Beta” losers! His wife and that woman are from spoiled social-welfare Europe where they haven’t had a war or anything bad happen in 60 years– this crap is the most “ballsy” thing they’ve seen in ages… and he’s an Epic Fail idiot.


  22. Newton, by almost all accounts, was strictly asexual and died a virgin. A recurring theme on this blog is that the repression of sexuality behooves the forces of civilization. It’s harder to think of one who added more to civilization than Newton.


    • on February 3, 2012 at 4:43 pm John Norman Howard

      And Walt Disney was a high school drop-out.



      • Pretty bogus comparison. There might be successful people who dropped out of high school, but they’re not successful because they dropped out of high school. (The only correlation between dropping out of high school and being successful might be that a few people who dropped out of high school were free-spirited, domineering rebels who were still bright. Most high school drop outs are anything but bright.)

        In contrast, men with low sex drives are probably nerdier or more Aspergery, or conversely, nerdier or more Aspergery men have lower sex drives. This, in turn, helps them focus monomaniacally at mathematical and scientific pursuits. On the other hand, artistic men probably have higher sex drives than normal (such as Richard Wagner).


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:12 am John Norman Howard

        Glad you mentioned Wagner… puts the “my Newton theory, of course, is merely rank speculation” kibosh on you bringing up the fact that some great man in the past MIGHT have been asexual, hence the underlying meme is that what this story’s little twinks are up to maybe ain’t so bad.

        It’s the game the queers play… bring up past otherwise-admired people who were queer, whether true or not, and use that as an intellectual ping pong paddle to gain acceptance of today’s perverts.

        Well then, show me another Newton… not these dweebs.


      • Well, I don’t really care about asexuals, asexual awareness, etc. My point is that it’s plausible that men with weaker libidos are more inclined to the sciences, with Newton being the most extreme example. It’s also in line with the point makes often, that the repression of sexuality is often to the glory of civilization, with again Newton being the most extreme example.

        But yeah, what geniuses did in the past don’t necessarily mean that people who share their sexual preferences are superb specimens thereof. I certainly would never endorse pedophilia, although the Ancients were well versed in pederasty.


    • He also a fucking weirdo and as mal-adjusted as you can get.


    • Einstein had 2 wives and it seems he cheated on one of them with the second one… But there is something to what you say.
      If you have no sexual desire, you can devote yourself to many things you would otherwise have no time for. Sex and romance costs money and time, and occupies your head while more important things could instead occupy it. Like how to invent a cure for cancer.
      On the other hand, there’s no guarantee an asexual would be talented or ambitious enough to add much to civilization. They might instead dedicate themselves to watching cartoons all day.
      I think the recurring theme on the blog is rather that when sexual people’s sexuality is regulated, civilization happens.


      • on February 6, 2012 at 6:58 am webbercs@plu.edu

        “On the other hand, there’s no guarantee an asexual would be talented or ambitious enough to add much to civilization. They might instead dedicate themselves to watching cartoons all day.”

        Not being sexually satisfied can be an amazing tool towards realizing ones dreams. Wagner’s most productive year was probably in 1854, when he wrote down the score to Die Walküre and conceptualized Tristan und Isolde. During that time, his marriage irreparably collapsed, and he was starving for Mathilde Wesendonck.

        Thing was, premarital sex was scandalous in the 19th century. Sure, a whole generation of intellectuals was campaigning for free love, but it more or less seems that women kept their legs shut. The way to attract a new wife, or to make an affair seem worth it to a married one, was to increase your status in society. Not being sexually satisfied makes a man willing to risk everything, because if he doesn’t succeed now, he’s genetically doomed anyway. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to learn enough Game and then approach hundreds of girls in bars, and when you notch count goes up enough, you can rest easy with the feeling you’re a champ, without really doing anything.

        So, I’ll summarize by saying that asexuality, or a lack of interest in sex, can with very exceptional men drive them into all sorts of useful activities which don’t involve getting your dick wet. Or, being hungry like a hippo for sex can propel men to go through those useful activities, until enough women (or the one if you live in a monogamous society) are begging to have your children. Either way, sexual satisfaction can blunt that killer instinct which makes men conquer.


    • on February 5, 2012 at 3:21 am drunicusvandal

      Liebniz and Rieman, the real inventors of calculus, were far more important than Newton.
      And Einstein, Feynman, and Oppenheimer were huge pussy hounds, as were Picasso, Hemingway, and virtually all non-gay musicians.
      Newton was more likely a virgin because he was so unusual, nerdy and possibly autistic. Also, the society he lived in strongly discouraged premarital sex.
      Or it simply could’ve been that Newton was a homo. So was Alexander the Great, Socrates, St Paul probably, and Laurence of Arabia.


      • Leibniz discovered calculus independently of Newton. He was a genius, undoubtedly, but Newton spearheaded classical mechanics as we know it. I guess you could say Leibniz was more important than Newton regarding pure mathematics, but Newton’s work in the sciences eclipses Leibniz’s contributions to philosophy.

        “So was Alexander the Great, Socrates, St Paul probably, and Laurence of Arabia.”

        Alexander the Great and Socrates lived in Ancient Greece, which, believe it or not, had radically different views of sexuality than we do. Calling Alexander or Socrates homosexual is frankly anachronistic. Socrates hated his wife and loved drinking with his friends, which is what we call gay and the Greeks called pro-social behavior.

        St. Paul may have been gay. He consistently refers back to a problem he was trying to pray away, always unsuccessfully, until he concluded grace was sufficient for him, and he needed his flaw to be humble. Is that flaw homosexuality? Again, the way his contemporaries viewed and categorized sexuality is very different from our own. He lashed out against gays for being unnatural, which is in line with what other Judaeans did. He also became wedded to his faith and coolly accepted marriage a superior alternative to sleeping around. That’s not particularly far from how many in the Ancient world interpreted lust.

        In today’s post-Freudian America, it’s considered shocking, disgusting and unhealthy for men to opt out of sex. Sure, there are a lot of betas who can’t get laid, but they’re ashamed of it and pretend to their friends that they’ve been with multiple women. Mainstream society instructs men to compliment and cuddle women until they have some sort of loving, emotional relationship with sex as the main course. If a man finds physics, poetry, philosophy or what not more fascinating and enticing than pussy, then he considered to be either a closeted homo or a weird, prudish Christian. In either case, it’d be better for him to get out of the closet and start fucking either men or women.

        It’s not my contention that asexuality in men is good, or that men obsessed with sex are vulgar fools. It’s that being asexual or generally uninterested in sex (while still having a girlfriend, like Mark Zuckerburg) can be very fruitful to society with the right type of mind, the sort of which is exceedingly rare.


    • Newton was an aspie. Too afraid of sex. Not asexual.


  23. What’s the point of the rainbow colored hair if she’s not trying to attract sexual attention? I would expect a true asexual to be more frumpy.


    • Answer: She isn’t truly asexual. Any amount of care for appearance means her gonads are intact. The haircut is about defiance, not to discourage attention, obviously. Generally women who mutilate themselves had low self-esteem in adolescence, i.e. loser debutantes to the sexual marketplace; the culture of female defiance provides them with an easy style for their pathological low self-esteem, which is only worsened by ugly hairdos, piercings and the like, thus reinforcing the aversion from self and sexual intimacy.

      If this behavior could speak, it would say: “I’m ugly so I’ll make myself uglier and pretend I don’t want the attention I think I don’t deserve.”

      Thanks to cradle-to-grave pandering in Western society, she is enabled to spend her life indoors, safe from chance encounters with cocks that might act as jackhammer to her bedrock of inhibition.


    • Me too.


    • Hell, she’s cute… I’d do her, hard and make her feel it for once.


    • Personally I don’t see how rainbow colored, short, unruly hair cut in an unflattering manner could attract anyone’s sexual attention, unless maybe someone from the LGBT crowd. I think she just uses her hair as a way of further emphasizing her ‘special (asexual! lookatmehowcoolami!) snowflake’ status.


      • Or maybe she just likes having rainbow hair.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm John Norman Howard

        Or maybe she’s just an attention whoring special snowflake.


      • Heaven forbid somebody just like having rainbow hair as a personal decision -eyerolls- Look at all these idiots we’re surrounded with.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:28 pm John Norman Howard

        Heaven forbid one of harpies bizarres does herself up like a freak and gets called on it.

        Shove off, cunt.


      • I think a psych would call her rainbow hair a symbolic vagina.
        It’s flashy, it’s spread open, colorful, luscious.
        Pretty much like any peacocking found in nature.
        It’s advertisement for her genitals.
        The fact that her hair is so uncommonly peacocky tells volumes about her alleged asexuality.
        Her hair rainbow signal is obscenely strong.


    • Just because someone is not trying to attract people doesn’t mean they have no desire to dress or appear in a way that pleases them. It is entirely possible that they dress that way for their own personal approval as opposed to the approval of others.


      • And we all know society is at its very best when thousands of self-approved provocative anti-harlots are ranging about!

        Tit pics or stfu.


    • A girl can be an attention whore without being a sexual whore.


    • Agreed.

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


    • She might be embrasing how different she is and wants to look cool to other people. Since when does short rainbow hair attract men anyway? I thought it was long hair of healthy color that did it. To me it’s a sign that it’s less about attracting men and more about wanting to express herself through her hairstyle. Would make sense if she was, for example, an artist.


  24. I dated a girl like this (well, saw her 3 times). She was 22 years old. So fucking reserved and .. cold. We ended up screwing the 3rd time “because [she] wanted to see what all the fuss about sex was”. I thought it’d be an “ahhhhhh yeah, I gotttt it” conquest moment. Instead it was this…odd, passionless, awkward fuck.. the most mechanical bang I’ve ever done. Afterwards, I GTFO with an uncomfortable distaste in my mouth. Turns out she later turned into a raging whore.

    So yeah, under the calm veneer of sanity this rainbow haired rocker-grrrl chick wears, I can assure you there is some *serious* crazy brewing underneath.

    …the perfect storm.


    • Because obviously your experience is paramount.
      No, some people who identify as asexual never change.


      • *sigh let me guess.. another female that believes there are no trends… that everyone is a unique little snowflake, with their behavior being representative of no one but their individual selves.

        grow the fuck up.

        ppl are predictable and repetitively unique at best. Once a dick penetrates her sacred little cunt and the temple of joyous purity she’s built up in her mind crumbles, the raging slut-demons trapped within shall escape and reap havoc

        in which case we’ll probably see her in a homemade gangbang porn 3 years from now. or maybe her and her pathetic sub-male boyfriend will get into cuckold loving where he’ll gaze into her eyes soulfully while another dude raw dogs her cunt from behind


      • Check out the entitlement here. Obviously I don’t believe that everyone is a ‘unique little snowflake’ otherwise I would very likely believe that your unique experiences were intrinsically related to your identity.
        The only reason women normally believe their vaginas are some sort of sacred object is because of patriarchal notions anyway, and it’s highly likely that as a liberated woman she has bypassed this notion of her body as some sort of ‘temple’. Nonetheless, she is perfectly entitled to have no sex or as much sex as she wants, anyway she wants, without people judging her. It’s just sex.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:31 pm John Norman Howard

        Toots, your one of the most judgmental tedious coozes, and with a permafrost scowl, that we’ve seen here yet… and of course, railing against others being judgmental. 🙄


    • @ Michael:

      “We ended up screwing the 3rd time “because [she] wanted to see what all the fuss about sex was”.”

      You must have cringed hard (and laughed your ass off) when a TWENTY-TWO YEAR OLD GIRL deigned to descend from her throne to “see what all the fuss…was” regarding one of the most powerful and creative forces of human existence. For you see, it is only we–the unwashed masses, the unenlightened riff raff–who would engage in such dreadful pursuit!

      “So yeah, under the calm veneer of sanity this rainbow haired rocker-grrrl chick wears, I can assure you there is some *serious* crazy brewing underneath.”

      Oh baby, it’s a-comin’!


    • Timmy apparently needs to take Rainbow Dull to a rave and feed her a few hits of X..give the old id a bit of kickstart.


      • He’d probably just show up wearing androgynous raver cloths and calling himself something gay like Star Baby… not even X could give a girl a warm and fuzzy over a dumbass like this.

        But, yea.. he IS only a kid. Give him time. Even a pitiful Beta like this can become a man, given a drastic enough event (walking in on her getting gangbanged?)


      • “given a drastic enough event ”

        Take a good look at Rainbow Dull.

        It’s only a matter of time, my friend.


      • He’ll witness her learning to enjoy anal and double-penetration soon enough.


  25. The title of this article should be “OMEGA OF THE MONTH”!!! This guy is well below beta. He might be lying, but I doubt it. He’s not even trying and failing. He’s much worse. He’s not trying and failing. It’s ok in only one way to be an omega because not everyone can win, and someone has to lose. Life isn’t fair, and I don’t disrespect, despise or otherwise think ill of omegas. However,when you fail to try, I do think ill of you. At the very least he should save his money, visit Amsterdam and fuck whores. I’d respect him more for that then what he’s currently doing.


    • Agreed. He is the OOTM, not BOTM. Betas typically do have a sex drive and want their ladies to have a sex drive too (even if she’s satisfying it with other men).


    • To be honest, we lose sight of a very simple fact: perspective tends to adapt to circumstance.

      the human mind is dynamic like that; facilitative psychological mechanisms that adapt our emotions, perceptions and mind frames in light of varying stimuli are part of the mind’s wirings.

      In his eyes, I’m sure he believes… i mean, TRULY BELIEVES, what he says.

      all those white knights out there believe in the purity myth, man. they usually aren’t faking it.


  26. Most guys need to learn the hard way

    A couple tales of emasculated men I know of:

    A friend of a friend of mine who is your quintessential manic pixie dream girl has been dating her boyfriend for over two years and she JUST had sex with him a couple weeks ago. The girl (age 22) candidly admits that she doesn’t see them being together in the long run yet he maintains that she’s his future wife.

    A girl (age 23) who I’m acquainted with from university began dating her boyfriend who was a virgin at age 20 last year. The guy fell head over heals in love with her and would routinely shower her with extensive gifts and limitless affection despite the fact she made him wait several months before they had sex. The most fucked up part is that she simultaneously maintained a relationship with her wealthy sugar daddy who was a research professor at our Uni. To make matters worse, her boyfriend knew the entire time, but the only protestation he could muster up was passively aggressively asking her to end the relationship, which in response she’d lie and say she will until the next time he’ll find evidence that she didn’t end it.
    The relationship with the sugar daddy prof finally ended when she found out she contracted an std – albeit curable – from him in which she passed to her boyfriend who as I mentioned was a virgin before meeting her. After finding out, he broke up with her for a few days, but of course ended up getting back with her because he “loves her SO much.”

    Again, most guys clearly need to learn the hard way. It’s a pity.


  27. It’s Britain, no wonder she’s asexual. You’d probably have to go a hundred miles before you could find a single Alpha.


    • trew dat

      A man who uses phrases such as, “I’ve not been one to … “, nevermind the ensuing betatude, is hopeless by the very stuff of which he is made.


    • True, the British Bulldog has been long neutered, I’m afraid.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 10:44 am drunicusvandal

        Prosperity along with a rigid class system inevitably neuters a society. Never would you see a society descended from Vikings, Vandals, Celts, and the Scythian legions of Rome tremble in the face of hereditary privilege after literally conquering the world, as the British did, without their aristocrac and “honors” system.
        The Americans (whom the Brits view in the way the Greeks view the Romans) never had a formalized ruling aristocracy. Excepting a few wealthy planters in the Deep South, most Americans worked their own farms, built and burnt iron in their own factories, and built much of this nation with a bit of smart debt and billions of gallons of sweat.
        And, unlike our British forebearers, our enormous muscles, brains, and testicles (along with our Constitution) will likely pull us out of this Euro-malaise we’ve sunk.into.
        And manginas like Timmy and his “girlfriend” will be relegated to their proper roles of teaching children the piano or sheltering flea-bitten kittycats.
        Sad, as the rest of us will be composing music, building skyscrapers, programmin


    • Speaking as an aussie I would love to agree, but working class English blokes tend to be far more alpha than the average middle class wanker, which the above beta clearly is.


  28. on February 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm someguyontheinternet

    Jenni’s relationship with Tim does have a physical side, as they cuddle and kiss to express their affection for each other.

    If she was really asexual, she wouldn’t have any reason to desire affection from the opposite sex. It looks like she’s just a frigid cunt selfishly using a sackless loser for her emotional gratification. They deserve each other.

    Also, is it just me, or is every man named “Tim” on the planet a cringing eunuch with a face like a squirrel?


  29. Which one is the male? They could both be. That probably explains a lot. From my experience, young single girls with really short hair tend to be a little “off”.


    • They also tend to be freaky in bed, which was probably what he was hoping… although not quite this way.


    • Very good point. You will also notice that it is the most needy, soft and feminine of men who are attracted to these closet cases. Generally, the men will love adoringly and the women will loathe the partner’s nature.


    • No asshole short hair is quite often seen as a symbol that women are discontent with society. So, basically, they’re not blind to your ignorance. Sucks for you.




      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:48 pm John Norman Howard

        I never thought I’d see a hamster break the sound barrier.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 6:32 pm driveallnight

        Heh, we had one go Secretariat last year but this one’s even faster.


      • Look, baby, “asshole short hair” is intolerable; either grow it out and braid it, or shave it the fuck off.

        I don’t need to get stubble-burned by a feminist shithole.


      • Haha, good of you to mock the bint’s lack of basic grammar ability.

        Imagine the fuck you’d get from this slut after spinning that massively geared up hamster. Hoo weee.


      • Cute, correcting my grammar.
        It’s called being colloquial. I could run circles around you linguistically.

        Back to the matter at hand.
        They don’t need you either. Hence the lashing out I suppose.


      • ” I could run circles around you linguistically.”



      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:34 pm John Norman Howard

        No doubt you’re a cunning linquist… and if you want to talk about others “lashing out”, try not to bite your own tongue as you talk, Madame Hypocrite.


      • Like this?


      • Duuuude, the human brain is very flexible and is capable of doing and believing just about anything. However biology always wins in the end. Feed a zen monk enough crack or heroin and you’ll knock him out of his centered state and into simple addiction. Similarly, you can convince yourself that society is responsible for whatever you want, but you’ll keep acting in ways that are best described by biologically deterministic theories and probably lie to yourself about even doing it in the first place. Your instincts are stronger than your conscious beliefs.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 3:32 am drunicusvandal

        Women aren’t content with a society that repeatedly massages their egos, gives them.huge amounts of legal priviledge, vaults them far ahead of far more qualified males in both the corporate and academic worlds, AND lets them control almost entirely the dating and marriage arenas?

        Yet they’re still “not content?”
        Jesus, lady, I’d be happier than a pig in poop if I had even half the special girl.priviledges my younger sisters have.


      • Is that so?

        Most women i have been with who had short hair simply thought it made them look young and cute to men.

        But I am sure you know best, you seem so certain.


  30. Congratulations. Through the muck and mire of the putrifying flesh of the land whales posted, the omegas that marry them, and the supllicating white knight beta bitches that make excuses for them, you’ve found one whose hole is so deep that the rotting rescesses of billion year old cum splatter over the constant bacterial hydration provided by his pathetic and flayed soul’s weeping has produced a stench so foul that it overpowers the smell of moldy testosteronated femcunt and menstration soaked mangina that I slog through on a daily basis and has made me physically ill. I want to find this man, put him in a room with a gun on the table loaded with a single bullet (it’d have to be a fucking .22, since there’s no way his estrogen atrophied muscles could handle even a the pussy non kicking NATO issue Glock 9mm) right next to a picture of his cockteasing dyketronic. On the back wall right in front of him, in big ol’ black and bloody letters ten feet tall, the message: ETERNITY with a wide screen TV right in the center.

    Why the Tv, you ask? That’d be where I’d pipe in the feed of the bets I was taking on how long it’d be before he shot himself along with full HD view of the cunt of his ‘asexual’ cuntalicious thingfriend getting a train run on her while she screams to the world how much she fucking loves the cock reaming she’s getting.


  31. “… I did know enough not to make assumptions about what that meant.”

    That’s the problem right there. Somebody who refuses to make any “assumptions” (smart people call these “judgements”) has no backbone. Keeping an open mind about EVERYTHING means you never have to make a judgement, take a stand or fight. It’s Beta all the way.

    A woman saying “I’m asexual” should create two reactions. First, “What the fuck is wrong with her?” followed closely by, “Not going to waste anymore time here”. Any other reaction is wrong.




    • A woman stated she is asexual should be respected and not treated like some diseased creature, and maybe if you really can’t go without sex, some asexuals with compromise and have sex (not diminishing their asexual identity since asexuality is about lack of sexual attraction rather than libido), or some asexals are willing to be in an open relationship. Either way, asexuals people (and people in general) should be respected.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:51 pm John Norman Howard

        You can start by respecting the spirit of this forum and shut that gaping maw under your nose, toots.


      • Respecting misrepresentation is like respecting scientific theories that have been improved upon or disproven – a waste of valuable time.

        AKA: Piss off.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:35 pm John Norman Howard

        Goes for you too, toots… or did I already tell you so under your other socket puppet monicker?


      • Asexuals and people in general should be respected?


        Why should respect be the default position?

        I’m going to assume that your answer will reduce down to “because”. Or, “because it’s nice”


      • You completely missed what I said. I never said that she shouldn’t be respected as a person (though nice attempt trying to reframe what I said; really, cookie for the effort). I said that a man looking for any type of non-friendship relationship with a woman (either LTR or ONS), his reaction on hearing that she’s “asexual” should be “What the fuck is wrong with her?” followed closely by “Not worth the time. Later”.

        I don’t care whether she is asexual or not. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that there are people that derive no pleasure from, or desire for, sex. It’s so far outside what is normal that the person making such a claim should be examined if for no other reason than psychological research. It’s much more likely that this is another form of Attention Whoring from somebody that has struck out repeatedly with the people they’re really attracted to.

        That said, my comment was directed at Tim. Anybody unwilling to make a value judgement does not have the backbone to stand up for themselves. They spend their entire time trying not to piss anybody off.

        “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in your life”
        – Winston Churchill

        Guess what the opposite of that means? If you have no enemies, you’ve never taken a stand.

        Guess what Beta is? An Alpha is not afraid to make his opinions, thoughts and desires known and to hell with anyone around him. There are ways to do this brazenly (Asshole Alpha) and there are ways to do this quietly (Stoic Alpha). Both types, and the range of behaviours in between, are not afraid of pissing people off.

        To deny what is intrinsically part of the VAST MAJORITY OF THE HUMAN RACE just to avoid confrontation is disgustingly spineless. It’s so far away from what being a man is that it does not even register on the Beta/Omega scale.

        If you can’t understand that, then you won’t get much out of this blog.


      • I don’t agree with the attitude that this forum carries either, but unfortunately they’ve got the facts right.


      • You disagree with the attitude of this forum because you are just another beta desperately seeking the approval of feminists.


  32. Maybe I am just a little wierd, but I can so imagine pumping the hell out of her from behind while he sits in front holding her hand and staring tearfully into her eyes.


  33. Wow, such anger. Simmer down there, Casanova. Yeah, you finally met a chick you can’t dig your vile claws into, just deal.


  34. Definitely.

    I wont be surprised is SHE is taking some serious black cock on the side.


    • Yeah she’s asexual which means NO sex. Well done.


      • Yes,
        ….and Bill Clinton was married, which means no adultery.
        ….and dozens of child abusers were Catholic priests, which means a strict vow of celibacy.
        ….and Amy Winehouse went to rehab which meant no drugs, and definitely no overdosing on anything.

        Tell me, do you always believe what you are told?


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:52 pm John Norman Howard

        You’re replying to Harpies Bizarre why?


      • Good point. This cretin is so brainwashed and emotional that reason is only going to annoy her.


  35. If a woman lets a guy repeatedly bone her without committing to a relationship we say she has low self-esteem and advise her to get the fuck out because he obviously doesn’t give a shit about her.

    This is that, but the other way around, and Tim should be advised accordingly.


    • Or maybe we should let people do whatever they want in a healthy relationship and get out of people’s personal lives.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:54 pm John Norman Howard

        Show us a healthy relationship and we’ll stay out of it, harridan.


      • Harridan? Look up gaslighting some time and engage your opponents on an equal grounding.

        She certainly defines a healthy relationship as a relationship with romantic involvement and without sex. Which of course, is the only thing that matters to them.


      • That is not gaslighting. Try again.


      • Ahh a learning moment… Gentleman, note the following imymy’s comment…

        – The lesser beta male in the article is not an asexual, He is sexually repressed. There is no recognition of the sacrifice he is making for his girlfriend.

        – The only thing that matters is how ‘she’ defines a healthy relationship, with no thought given to her parnter’s needs. And then a sarcastic jab about what matters to ‘them’ as a couple. lol.

        This is the reality of behind the mirage of social approval you receive walking down the path of the beta.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:18 am John Norman Howard



      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:41 pm John Norman Howard

        Is Runbyateapot your other sock puppet login? I’d like to economize my responses to just one of you, if so… ’til then, the only gas around here is coming from you… beware someone doesn’t light it.

        Besides, on that whole subject, women are the premier gaslighters, especially when it comes to false rape allegations and divorce proceedings… femcunts such as yourself are masters of the genre because, having no concept of truth, you’re able to convince yourselves of the veracity of the most heinous falsehoods.

        Now get thee to a nunnery, women… your lances are but straws around here.


      • I think if I hear one more programmed sentence from a fembot I may subconsciousnessly slap one right in the mouth.


      • Sure, he can do whatever he wants, even stay in a relationship with an asexual, but as someone who was asexual and turned sexual, I can’t imagine how he’d deal with it long term. If they both remain happy, well, good for them. It just seems really unlikely.


      • Thanks, Imma go bone someone repeatedly, stringing her along but not committing to an exclusive relationship, glad to know you won’t judge.


  36. She will ride the cock of an outlaw biker rapper quarterback one night in an explosion of drunken passion. She will be choke-fucked, take it up the ass and swallow. He will learn of it, rationalize it as a “side effect” of her “condition” and continue being a sexless gooftard.


  37. You guys can have her. She’s a lucky charm.


  38. This girl is only asexual with this beta chump. She’s not some vestal virgin. She’s probably been accidentally railed with alpha dick, and asshole game to the point of ruin. Realizing that someone of her caliber is unlikely to be privy to alpha affections in the foreseeable future, she’s hanging out on standby. She won’t say a word to beta boy when she finally moves on to greener pastures, and when he finds out she’s taking it in the ass from a trash collector who pulls her hair, he’ll be devastated.


    • No, if she identifies as asexual she is not having sex, period. Nor does she desire it. And hopefully she will never change. Not with any men, or women, or any gender binary. Stop being so discriminatory.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 4:55 pm John Norman Howard

        Oh my, guys… I think we just got scolded by Kate Bush-less.


      • Kate Bush is a wonderful musician.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm John Norman Howard

        She is indeed… sucks for her that you show an uncanny resemblance… sucks for you that there appears to be no music within you.


      • You don’t show your tits to everyone.

        You show your tits to someone (or more).

        That is to say, you discriminate among men for those whom you deem worthy of seeing your itty-bitties.

        Now, stop being so discriminatory, AND SHOW US YOUR TITTIES.


      • “Hopefully she will never change” really? that’s messed up. I can understand that there might be something messed up in your guys’ brains that makes you not want sex. But if they came out with a way to fix her, you would be opposed to it? Sex is really a wonderful thing. It occupies the minds of people, is the subject of music, of films, of poetry. Sex is an integral part of the human experience. Its not bad, or dirty, or humiliating, it is quite possibly the greatest thing humans can ever do. Being is asexual is not normal, and I actually kind of feel bad for those of you that are. You not wanting her to change is really quite selfish.


  39. Jeez, even lesbians like dildos… and she doesn’t just let him do her because “he seems to like it,” at least. Sheesh. World’s biggest cock-tease. Watch, in five years, she’ll be taking multiple BBC (big black cock) creampies while he watches and STILL won’t let him get off with her– that’s her jollies she’s getting already (power).


    • Or maybe she doesn’t want sex and we should respect that. Assuming that all lesbians like dildos is an asinine assumption to make of an entire group.


      • Hey, if she likes orgasms, she’s not asexual.


      • Asexuals are defined as having no intrinsic sexual appetite. That doesn’t mean they’re incapable of feeling pleasure, they have nerve endings.


      • So if a dog licked your pussy you would orgasm?

        Sex has an inexorable psychological component. Things only respond when one is aroused first.


      • Actually she probably would. Lots of girls like to smear peanut butter on their crotches and whistle for Fido


      • on February 5, 2012 at 3:46 am drunicusvandal

        Prolly not. Too young to be so frumpy.


      • First pic shows she is in need to lose some weight DO NOT WANT


      • So, dick, dildo or vibrating washing machine, it’s the same fun?


      • How is one diagnosed “asexual”?


      • That’s wrong. You can have orgasms if you’re asexual (some do and some don’t). You just don’t want to involve anyone else in your orgasm-inducing activities. It just means your orgasm-mechanism works, but your desire for other people does not. Wouldn’t you say that a person who likes masturbation but not sex is also an unusual person?
        For an asexual, orgasms are as sexual as the pleasure of
        riding a rollercoaster
        buying something really nice for yourself
        eating their favorite food
        playing with puppies and kittens
        (Can’t speak for them all, but this is my general impression)


      • While I am inclined to believe a woman who says she’s generally not interested in sex with men or women, I am not inclined to take her seriously when she considers it part of her identity in the way that wanting to bone other men is part of a gay man’s identity.


      • So what do you fantasize about while having orgasms?


      • on February 4, 2012 at 1:24 pm mmmmalkovich@yahoo.com

        would you shut the fuck up already, cunt? You’re like a fucking broken record. How many times do you have to spam the same bullshit comment until you realize you’re on the wrong blog?


      • lmao.

        And maybe pigs fly out of her vagina and sing Indigo Girls songs.

        But not likely…


  40. Agreed with Jason on this one. Gal is undoubtedly getting some side action, she’d not be “asexual” with say, Russell Brand. Or whatever bad boy floated her boat. Asexuals don’t have rainbow hair advertising “I’m easy” nor do they maintain slender physiques. The guy is probably so low in ability to pull women he figures this is the best he can get.

    And yeah, she’s probably pining for that Alpha that had her first.


    • “….nor do they maintain slender physiques.”

      Er, do you think everyone is naturally predisposed to be fat, and all thin people are deliberately working to keep themselves that way?

      Some people are naturally skinny. I’ve known plenty of people who could eat all day and stay thin as a rail.


    • It’s funny, all the asexual people I know — and I know quite a few — are skinny.


  41. I cannot help but wonder how this story got to the front page of big-time media. Did the media folks put out ads requesting true-life stories of asexual babes with rainbow hair to which this couple responded? Did this couple make the contact to sell a story? I am having trouble seeing this as anything but a tabloid scam because I cannot sort out any believable real-life motivations here. Maybe she is an attention whore and he is deeply clueless – OK, that I get. But how did this weird little tragedy get thrown up on the main stage?
    If there is something like asexuality it most certainly is related to very low T or abnormal T receptors. That glint in her eye does not remind me of low T girls but I could be wrong.


    • About twenty three years ago, Anne Landers and Dear Abbey both asked the question to their readers about sexless marriages. They got lots of feedback and the discussion went on for weeks, three letters at a time. There were tons of marriages that functioned like this, neither party wanted sex. Ann and Abbey were twin sisters and were the dear Prudies of their day, but much more influential and served as a good bellweather for female thinking and values of the day.


  42. “Testosterone puts ego in driver’s seat.”

    Testosterone can skew one’s judgement, creating the impression that decisions are best taken alone even in situations that call for collaboration, according to a new study.
    In a clever set of experiments, scientists led by Nicholas Wright at the University of London showed that women given a dose of testosterone become less inclined to act in concert even when it was clearly in their interest to do so.
    Finding the right balance between working together and going solo, and knowing when to do one or the other, is an essential life skill.
    In some circumstances, joining forces with others is the best way to achieve a desired result: that’s why lions and hyenas hunt in packs, and why humans cooperate on the playing field, in the laboratory, or in battle.
    But sometimes decisive individual action is needed to break free of group-think, or to come out ahead of the game.
    To a significant extent, our ability to navigate between these two extremes is acquired through learning and experience, but some of these impulses are hardwired too.
    Earlier research, for example, on the biological underpinnings of group decision making revealed that a naturally-occurring hormone, oxytocin, promotes the urge to work side-by-side.
    At the same time, it was well established that testosterone boosted risk-taking, anti-social behaviour and the kind of aggressiveness that fuels contact sports and trading floors on Wall Street.
    But whether the alpha male hormone par excellence, also present at much lower levels in females, also makes individuals shun cooperation and become more egocentric was not known.
    To find out, Wright and his colleagues carried out a series of tests over two days, spaced a week apart, with 17 pairs of women volunteers who did not know each other.
    Their results appear today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
    Putting the ego in charge
    On one of the two days, both volunteers in each pair were given a testosterone supplement, while on the other day they ingested a look-alike placebo.
    The researchers chose females because in men an additional dose has the effect of suppressing production of the hormone by the body.
    During the experiment, both women in each pairing sat in the same room, but in front of separate computer screens.
    The women were shown the same two images, and asked to pick the one in which a hard-to-discern high-contrast pattern appeared. If their individual choices agreed, the exercise ended there.
    But if they diverged, the women were told to consult with each other and reach a joint decision.
    Pairs of women who had taken the dummy pill were significantly more successful in coming up with the right answer than those pairs who had been given the hormone, the researchers found.
    “The higher levels of testosterone were associated with individuals behaving egocentrically and deciding in favour of their own selection over their partner’s,” even when that choice was wrong, says Wright.
    “Too much testosterone can help blind us to other people’s views,” he says. “This can be very significant when we are talking about a dominant individual trying to assert his or her opinion in, say, a jury.”
    The broader conclusion, he adds, is that hormonal levels can disrupt our attempts to work together.

    from: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2012/02/01/3420731.htm


    • TL;DR: Bullshit science with an anti man agenda and a foregone conclusion.


      • Actually this makes a lot of sense: More testosterone = more Alpha. Not caring about other people’s views = Alpha. Dark Triad traits = Alpha.


  43. ***shudder***

    back in his younger days moses used to try “nice guy” game to get girls to open their legs. never worked. ever.

    thank the Lord for game.


  44. I love posts like this on this blog – it’s funny to see this guy being so annoyed at seeing people he doesn’t approve of being happy.

    [heartiste: was the roman centurion annoyed when he was whipping jesus?]


    • And the article gets owned…
      How dare they be happy with anyone but him or those he approves of? -sarcasm-.


      • That man above is not happy.

        Men are biologically set up to need at least a minimum of sex to be happy. Otherwise we end up at SciFi conventions or forever logged into world of warcraft.


    • Sometimes people with cancer are happy. There’s plenty of happy losers out there too. It’s not happiness that we’re discussing here, it’s qualitatively a different thing.


    • lol. Delusions die hard with lefties…


  45. Look at that chick. She’s definitely cute (can’t see much below her collarbone). I have a feeling she’s not “asexual” so much as “having sex with some other dude.”


  46. “And is it my imagination, or is the ratio of white and asian beta to alpha getting more skewed every year? Welcome to Generation Puffboy.”

    I think younger generations of men are definitely more beta. Thing is, most younger men have been raised in a feminist era where they have, from a young age, been constantly bombarded with the message that men are evil abusers, that everything male including male sexuality is bad, and that they must essentially act against standard male behavior in order to be a decent human being. A larger proportion of younger men were also raised in divorced or single mother homes, and so they are more likely to have been emasculated by overbearing mothers.

    As a result of all this, many younger men feel that they have to make more effort to appear to be nice and non-threatening to women. The net result is castrated, milquetoast betadom.


    • I think you nailed it Nick


    • Spot on.


    • The media amplifies it, but I think the underlying phenomenon is closely related to the rise in autism. That is, intellectuals without social skills are gaining increasing amounts of social and economic power, leading to increased mating opportunities. Their children have even more low social intelligence traits.

      Men without social intelligence (ie nerds) are easily dominated by socially intelligence women, leading to feminist culture. Only by supplanting that culture with a different one (ie game) can you change that balance.

      I have my differences with Heartiste on minor points, but the underlying principle is solid.


  47. on February 2, 2012 at 11:14 pm WarriorClass III

    That guy makes me want to puke. What a loser.


  48. Pretending to not be interested in sex is often a kind of shit-test that women run on men in order to flush out who are the naive betas who still believe in the comforting lies of women’s mother Mary purity, and can therefore be used and strung along in the hope of eventually getting some, while the same women will often screw bad boys on the sly.


    • Yeah, he’ll walk in her on one day after wanking it in desperation to find her screaming “Fuck me, fuck me with you big cock!” with some stud or two.


  49. Slightly off-topic, but our friend Niecy is back. Has a Yahoo! piece on…

    What Makes a Woman Wife Material?


    1,100 comments so far.


  50. The rainbow hair, badge of attention whore freakdom. Run away! Run far, far, away!


  51. This is the proper voice and behavior of a woman who is truly feminine; just listen to her voice and demeanor:


    • Lana Del Ray strikes me as someone with no intrinsic social skills. What she’s doing is all learned behavior. I say this for two reasons: one, her dad works in IT and is therefore likely to be a low social intelligence nerd. Second, look at all the complaints about her being “fake”. Like a game newbie, Del Ray’s behavior is oddly linear and lacking the complexity of natural behavior. Also, the friends she mentions in that video are beta nerds too, exactly the sort of people a socially retarded chick like her would feel comfortable around.


    • You can bet she’s coached before every interview. She’s a product of music moguls, well packaged and well marketed but still a plastic cunt who couldn’t write her own songs even if her life depended on it. Do some research. She’s just a fake looking for fame, like all the Top 40 “artists” in that business.


    • I liked one of her songs where she whores it up with a hypertattoed guy.

      Make no mistake, sweet and seemingly innocent chicks like that are the biggest freaks you’ll ever meet. Those big lips are specifically designed for sucking on a big alpha cock. Hyperfeminine women dig hypermasculine jerks.
      One of my biggest rookie mistakes was to become soft with this kind of females. It seems like the natural thing to do, but it’s definitely not.


    • Excellent example, Shawn. Thanks for bringing Del Ray more fully to my attention. I had just seen a WSJ piece about her (by Liz Phair of all people).

      These are the young women I know. They are simply neutral in the war of the sexes. They aren’t pro-feminist or anti-feminist so much as a-feminist. Non-invested. They are the reason why I’m not worried about the future. Feminism jumped the shark in the 1970-80s, and the girls born that decade forward simply have no connection to the angry bulldykery that flushed a century of manhood down the toilet.

      Ian wrote: “Lana Del Ray strikes me as someone with no intrinsic social skills. What she’s doing is all learned behavior.”

      Aren’t all “social skills” extrinsic and learned? The girl is put together and pleasant. That vaults her ten steps ahead of the women of the generation that preceded her.

      Although, is she just coming off a show or something? The make-up is pretty blunt, a case of “overgaming” for women. Her big, expressive kiss-me mouth hardly needs the emphasis of blood-red lipstick, and the lashes are clownish — unless she’s on stage.


  52. on February 3, 2012 at 1:37 am Lilliputianess

    Is my man alpha or beta? I’d classify him as an alpha but I’m biased.
    He is:
    a 57-y/o trial attorney and former mayor; local legend
    never married or sired children
    chess champion
    smokes tobacco from a pipe (hugely unpopular in this area)
    has a v resonant hypnotic voice (pure testosterone/the way OT Jehovah’s voice would sound, forget The Ten Commandments)
    140+ IQ
    composite of Arthur Miller, Dawkins, and a young/thin Kissinger wrt looks
    is the best (and priciest) lawyer in the region
    works 100+ hours/week
    inhumanly virile, gets hard at the sound of my voice; his dick is like a steel rod encased in flesh (doesn’t need Viagra)
    looks like an uptight, repressed Republican, fucks like he’d win the gold medal in the Porn Star Olympics
    will inherit millions when his mother dies

    For the possibly beta category:
    Says he’s in love w/me after 6 months of dating
    Proposed to me; marriage slated for August (has never proposed to anybody before now)
    Actively trying to impregnate me; wants a son
    Paid for a dozen dates before finally fucking me (he could have had me on the second date; every other man had to jump through hoops for 4-6 months)
    His last few girlfriends were no more than 10 years younger than himself (I’m 30 years younger)

    right-leaning Libertarian (Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance; it’ll be Romney vs. Obama; Obama will win unless he gets caught on tape blowing a 10-year old Boy Scout)
    right brain dominant
    high IQ and educated but dirt poor
    no children or previous marriages but 1 engagement
    upper middle class family background
    have exclusively dated doctors & lawyers
    Slavic ancestry
    no tattoos, non-smoker, non-drinker
    all of the markers of a gold-digger
    would gladly sign a pre-nup for him if he asks me to

    was aware of/idolized this man from afar for 5 years before dating him; I feel like a Beatles fantard who grew up, lucked out and got engaged to a Beatle

    was frigid before fucking him, now I do things in bed I wouldn’t have dreamed of before being w/him (fake-rape, getting choked/slapped, assfucking, getting defiled by sperm in every orifice, fucking on every desk in his building including the state representative’s, etc.) and I love it

    He has the kind of facial proportions that drive me nuts, Brown wide-set eyes, bushy eyebrows, narrow mouth with lips set in a permasmirk, dimpled chin, an elegant philtrum if there ever was one. The nose tip-to-upper lip ratio fits my ideal (more of a long nose than short). His profile is what drives me nuts. He has a very distinctively masculine Roman profile.
    The first glimpse I ever had of him was in profile in fact. He was puffing on a pipe (not a pretentious affectation like I first thought but the pipe is his trademark) and looked grouchy and pompous. He exuded scholarly superciliousness and Oscar the Grouch sex appeal. He was intoxicated and arguing politics with another older gentleman. I was captivated (when I was a teenager my peers watched reality shows on MTV…I watched C-SPAN….half soft core porn (when the Republicans were speaking) and half court jester farce (when Barney Frank was sputtering spittle/lisping).but too intimidated to approach him. For five years.

    The steamy chemistry we have is like nothing I’ve ever felt w/any other man. I think he is the first authentic alpha male I’ve encountered and that’s why I’m seeing stars. The first time we brushed fingers I felt a jolt of electricity. If he isn’t alpha who is?
    I’m not objective when it comes to this GOD of a man so I’ll let the masters of this blog do the appraisal if they are so inclined.


    • Yup. He’s an alpha.


      • If this is real, he sounds like a socially retarded nerd who learned to become alpha but never quite mastered the finer details. And the writer sounds like she’s got similar issues given the off-putting narcissism in the comment.


    • I’d say your hard-running hamster, no doubt exhausted from this email, tells the whole story.


    • You write like a guy, but assuming you’re not a fat fuck trolling from his mom’s basement:

      Alpha is what women like if they’re not intoxicated by love and the pill.

      If you’re saying he’s alpha, then he’s probably alpha.

      Paying for dates is the right old school way of doing things. He doesn’t get minus points for that.

      You don’t sound like a heavy shit-tester. But does he pass your shit tests? Does he take charge in the relationship? Does he act aloof most of the time? Does he take everything that you say seriously (that’s bad)? Do you face female competition over him?

      Anyway, he sounds like a keeper. Don’t blow it by acting like a selfish cunt.


      • on February 4, 2012 at 8:28 pm Lilliputianess

        I’ve never been on the pill and definitely won’t be starting now.
        Shit-tests: The feeling of manipulating him isn’t gratifying so if I catch myself wanting to default to one of my routine tactics I stifle the urge and turn the other cheek. I know a certain game has to be played in this world and I’d be smart to keep my defenses up, but I’m taking a chance and trusting him to not need love games (esp. at his age). Calculating every move and running cost-benefit analysis is too exhausting. Usually I’d do my conceited cunt shtick and talk about how many guys want me and remind him how lucky he is to have the one everybody wants, but I’d feel foolish and icky disrespecting him that way. He’s a wise 57, he knows what he has.
        The biggest “shit-tests” I’ve run on him… Diagnosing him w/NPD, high-functioning/exhibitionistic subtype (not tossed off as an insult, just a detached observation). And doing some pretty spot-on impressions of him to his face which he seems to enjoy (w/his distinctive voice/dialect and haughty body language he is easy to imitate). Think Sherlock Holmes w/his pipe in front of the fireplace saying “Induuuubitably!” and Oscar Wilde’s snobbery.
        Yes, of course he takes charge. He decides when, where, how, etc. “You’re the boss, applesauce” comes out of my mouth a lot. Gay…I know. I did try to refuse the goodies 2 or 3 times but he overruled my objections…ha. Rape by a lawyer in the bedroom is hotter than in the courtroom I’m guessing?
        Female competition:
        Other women do not seem to think he is the steamy sexpot that I believe him to be. My friends think I’m insane and they say he looks like he could be my grandpa. Older women (40+) respond more favourably to him but his rudeness intimidates many of them and a good quarter of the middle-aged women in the area have been fucked over by him in divorce/child custody cases. He makes sure the ex-wives get the minimal amount of alimony and child support. Men in this area love him and want to be him but the women despise him. He’s had his tires slashed 3 times in the brief time I’ve been w/him.
        Seeing his previous girlfriends is what made me realize that gaming him wouldn’t be necessary. They are in their 40s, a few were married, have had children, and do not meet the caliber I would assume a man like him would require. I’m younger, prettier, thinner, daintier, etc. Also the first woman he’s ever had who hadn’t pushed a baby out. He calls my you-know-what his gateway to paradise. TMI?
        I am baffled as to why his previous women are so unimpressive, but I’m like manna from heaven after he’s swallowed flavorless gruel for so long. I don’t compete for cock so seeing his exes was reassuring. I have to be The Absolute Best A Man Has Ever Had and I have no doubts about that with him. Contrast did half of the work for me. 🙂


    • Yes, he’s Alpha… and not just “Alpha,” he actually has character and morals as part of his strength. Don’t mistake being civilized with chump, ever, with this one.


    • either you’re trolling or you’re an incorrigible narcissist.


    • on February 5, 2012 at 10:52 am drunicusvandal

      Would you please stop seducing my twin brother, you horny young things? I thought he’d be tearing it up, after I taught him everything he knows.
      Of cours he’s alpha, but he does have the kindly streak many older alphas have, as we conquer and summit.
      And you do.know of course what a lucky young woman you are – do you have a twin sister by any chance.


    • Only you can say for sure. He is to you what you see in him . You sound as if he owes you, however, for the age difference. If you marry him, you’ll likely be well off at an early age. Its more than a fair trade.


      • on February 10, 2012 at 1:43 pm Lilliputianess

        No no no, I need the age gap. Wisdom and life experience can be a proxy for raw (high) IQ (I need all of those to ward off boredom). A man is boring to me before the age of 50. I’ll probably die before he will. I hope so at least. People like him outlive the rest of us.


    • Your real question is about showing yourself off here. “Am I a high value girl or what ?”. Well no. You’re just an attention whore like all the other ones.


  53. maybe she’s rich. or her parents are 🙂


  54. You have to be a real sucker to willingly commit to a lifestyle of no sex ever, while still offering your time, affection, and resources just to be endlessly teased.

    He probably justifies accepting the celibacy for her with “she has a great personality and I love her,” which is code for “she’s the only non-hog actually interested in me.” He accepts her dysfunction purely because he doesn’t want to be lonely but is also too afraid to leave his comfort zone and approach women who actually have sex.

    But thinking about it, if you’re a lame beta there are advantages to dating an asexual woman over a normal woman. If her condition is legitimate, she won’t be out banging alphas. And if she does for some reason (i.e. she lied), and gets pregnant, he’ll know for sure that he bears no link to the bastard spawn.

    As any man trapped in a comatose marriage can tell you, it’s not like a guy this beta would be getting much (if any) sex from a normal girlfriend anyway. Difference is that your average guy in a sexless relationship can’t fall back on “she’s asexual” to cope; they just have to accept the cold fact that their woman is sexually unattracted to them personally.


    • Or, y’know, he actually loves her for who she is, without any backwards thinking required. I guess not being constantly craving for sex makes us only half-men in these modern times.


      • Pretty much always. Even if the public ideal of Chivalry was chastity, those guys still liked to kill, at close quarter with stabbing, hacking, and bludgeoning weapons and not often for church sanctioned reasons, so my guess is they broke the other rules too, like those of chastity. As far as the ladies were concerned, look no further than Guenevere. Unconditional love simply doesn’t exist. No woman could be that amazing for one. You’re not as fabulous as you think you are.


  55. Could not read past the first paragraphs.. claustrophobia set in.


  56. My current girl was an asexual freak. Even after taking her virginity I found no option but to date around. Even took a different live-in for a while.

    I had thought she was a hopeless lost cause who could never learn – or at least could never learn enough. Surprisingly, she did become orgasmic, and she regularly initiates sex now.

    But still, sex freaks are not made from asexual freaks.

    A second apartment is again in order, as I’m a man who needs at least one full out sex freak as a regular.


  57. http://www.ucsf.edu/news/2012/02/11440/male-and-female-behavior-deconstructed

    Deconstructed in a scientific/genetic sense, not a bullshit post-modern new age hamster sense.


  58. This article is borderline abusive,

    [heartiste: it is required.]


    [correction: asexist.]


    [actually, it’s more misandrist than misogynist, but don’t let that spoil a good mental narrative.]

    and contains massive and sickening amounts of rape culture.

    [why have you raped my culture with your hurtful comment?]

    What the hell are you thinking by writing this?

    [“i wonder if i hit the mark? yep, sounds like i did.”]

    Are you for real!?

    [more real than real.]


    • on February 3, 2012 at 1:25 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

      There’s probably some racism and homophobia in there too. I just can’t be bothered to check.


    • N, your mental narrative is correct and heartiste – could you not put that at the end? You’re interrupting actual intelligence.


    • on February 4, 2012 at 11:39 am Lord Googlemash, Cultural Minister, Island of Rape

      “massive and sickening amounts of rape culture.”

      N, I am horribly upset by your bigoted and intolerant words. We Rapestanis have a proud and centuries old culture steeped in great tradition. Whether it be our vibrant traditional songs and dances, or our beautiful hand-woven tapestries, or our spicy, hearty, cuisine, we have many great cultural aspects to our nation.

      If you do not like the customs of the Rapestani people, you do not have to participate in them, but please, at least show us some respect. I think if you did that and perhaps maybe opened your narrow, bigoted heart and mind some, you would delight in the joy that comes from embracing diversity.

      With warm words and encouragement,

      Lord Jahindra Googlemash
      Cultural Minister, Island of Rape


    • Gosh, N, I would just hate it if you were dragged into a back alley in the projects and painfully gang raped for hours and murdered by a bunch of Obama-voters.

      Gosh, that would be just awful.

      Hey, wanna meet me in Newark?


  59. Wow, so you guys honestly can’t imagine that some people just plain don’t want to have sex? Seriously? Not only that, but you then proceed to cast aspersions on affairs, gender identity, and HAIRSTYLE of all things, and in general act like anyone who doesn’t want sex or is willing to forego sex for romance must be less than human? I see betas here, but they’re not in the article.


    • If you don’t want to have sex, fine, don’t have sex. Just don’t call yourself “asexual” and preen for the BBC. Live by the photo-op, die by it.


    • You misunderstand.

      She’s asexual, that’s fine (though I have an element of doubt about this).
      He cares deeply for her, that’s fine.

      The thing that makes him an object of derision is that he goes through the motions of an LTR in the abiding hope that she will, one magic day, see how genuine his love is for her and give him the sexual gratification that he so badly desires.


    • Men want sex. If they don’t, something is usually physically wrong with them. Men want sex more than women (in my opinion) because that’s how the evolutionary process worked. So for a man to give that up for a chick who is 5/6 at best, it is a fucking ridiculous inversion of the way things should be.

      My guess is the chicks here would shit a brick if a guy said he didn’t believe in cuddling and affection outside of sex. Why? Because you’d recognize it’s totally unbalanced. in other cultures, incidentally, this is pretty normal.


  60. I don’t understand why people here are so threatened by this woman not wishing to have sex. Are we personally offended because, /oh no/, someone doesn’t want our magic cock? Do our lives and courtesy and basic decency fall apart because we’re too insecure to accept that some people just won’t want to have sex with us, bottom line? Why does it bother us so deeply that we have to say such nasty things about her? How /dare she/ do whatever the fuck she wants in bed.

    But hey, I don’t plan to stick around for a debate. I’m merely going to ask you that you examine the fact that some of you have wished rape on a girl because she doesn’t want to have sex.


    • on February 3, 2012 at 5:01 pm John Norman Howard

      Disdaining and/or mocking the abnormal does not constitute feeling threatened…

      That’s the impotent shaming language your twink professors taught you in Gender Studies 101… but it doesn’t fly here, where we talk turkey.


    • lol “rape”


  61. I actually believe in asexuals.

    [heartiste: it’s written in the bible.]

    You guys need to stop bashing her,

    [what about the guy getting bashed? does he not merit your everflowing sympathy?]

    just because y’all think with your crotches doesn’t mean everyone does.

    [“hi, i’m an asexual because i’m better than fornicators. i don’t think with my crotch like all those coitusnormative people do. see? watch me not think with my crotch! still not crotch-thinking. ha, losers!”]

    Some people are just not interested in sex, and no, those people don’t NEED to have sex to determine that.

    [i notice your email addy is princesspinkpanda. have you thought that perhaps your love of princess pink pandas and your fear of normal human sexual contact are related?]


  62. HAHA Fuck you.
    Not literally, because I’m ace.

    Some asexuals actually DO feel sexual desire. It’s just not sexual attraction TO any person. Asexuals may masturbate and even watch porn, and still be considered asexuals. There is a difference between the orientation asexuality, celibacy, and lack of sex drive caused by medical reasons. Asexual people are often quite comfortable with the fact that they don’t find anyone sexually attractive. They might find them beautiful or handsome, they just don’t want to sleep with them. Some asexuals in relationships with sexual partners do have sex. It’s not that the asexual person is sexually attracted to them in a lust sort of way, it’s that it makes their partner happy and it’s an intimate thing.

    Some people wouldn’t want to be in a relationship like this. That’s fine. That’s their choice. But some people do. If this guy loves her and values her for more than just her genitalia, then he doesn’t mind that she’s not a sexual person.

    Please inform yourself before continuing to make acephobic (incidentally, asexuality falls under the LGBTQQIA umbrella, so it’s not that different from saying that about gay people, don’t know what your take on that is) and hideously sexist remarks.


    • on February 3, 2012 at 5:03 pm John Norman Howard

      (incidentally, asexuality falls under the LGBTQQIA umbrella…

      Cue Ralph Kramden: “WHHHHOOOOOAAAA, what surprise!”


    • Ah, the LOOJHBCIYIUJNKNIHIHJLK umbrella. I see. Good point.

      Why all these femcunts coming on and trolling? Don’t you have BBCs you need to giving positive discrimination to?


    • “asexuality falls under the LGBTQQIA umbrella”

      LGBTQQIAPBJBLTXYZPDQ…Jesus fucking tap-dancing Christ, how many more fucking letters does this acronym need? Wanna throw in some Cyrillic and Japanese Katakana for shits and giggles as well?


  63. I was completely disgusted by the tone of this article.

    [heartiste: i am disgusted by the tone of your comment.]

    As a sexual person, asexuality is valid.

    [so is necrophilia. (ya gotta love that leftard mincing weasel word “valid”. one of those words that means so little in most contexts yet the person saying it thinks means so much.)]

    Also fuck you.

    [redirect to: jenni.]


  64. Lol @ rainbow hair


  65. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    [heartiste: your silly posturing.]

    Asexuality is a legitimate orientation.

    [legitimate != normal. or healthy. or immunity to mockery.]

    Let me put it like this: Assuming you’re a straight man, how do you feel towards other men?

    [they make useful cannon fodder.]

    Now imagine all women inexplainably vanish overnight.

    [fleshlight sales skyrocket!]

    Everyone else just becomes gay and claims that’s the natural way of things, which confuses the hell out of you.

    [and here is where you take a wrong turn down false premise lane. most of the remaining men would likely not become gay. not without some severe and untidy coercion at any rate.]

    Would you suddenly start craving gay sex?

    [no, but neither would i pretend my sexual desire for women was nonexistent.]

    Would being raped by another man (an “attractive and manly Alpha”, of course) “set you right”? No?
    Then why are you assuming this is the case with asexuals?

    [because most asexuals, judging by their neuroses and life circumstances (see post) are heterosexuals with heterosexual romantic needs who have psychological barriers preventing them from experiencing physical intimacy with another human being. they are broken. so in an effort to justify their brokenness, they surround themselves with weak, harmless, spineless, plushboys like little timmy who don’t threaten the sanctity of their secret garden of unearthly escape.]

    They are just people who feel towards everyone the way straight people feel about the same sex. What about that is so hard to accept?

    [reread the post for comprehension. i did write that i accept that a number of asexuals may have something wrong with their brains that has completely shut down their sexual drive. but if that is the case, then these congenital asexuals need to come to grips with the fact that they are not normal, will never be seen as normal by normal people, and are utter dead ends in an evolutionary sense.
    but my guess is that most “asexual” women just get a power rush from keeping weak-willed men in a constant state of blue ballitis, and fear the vulnerability that they will not be able to control in the presence of a strong, sexy man.
    asexual men are probably just gay homos who can’t come to terms with it. or nerdos with all their testosterone sucked out by the terrycloth fabric of their my little pony costumes.]


    • I have zero issues with asexual nature. I just think the guy’s a dweeb for putting up with it …and being public about it!


  66. I am disgusted and heartbroken at not only the content of this article, but the comments being made on it. You have NO RIGHT to claim what is normal and what is abnormal in the ways of human sexuality, and to do so in such a public forum makes you the lowest of the low, in my opinion. You are promoting acephobia and rape culture. Who. Gave. You. The. Right?

    You want facts? Here are some. Sex isn’t the be all, end all to life Couples (and I mean real couples, not one you saw on an episode of House, which was, incidentally, also extremely acephobic and lacking in anything the way of a proper explanation regarding asexual behaviour) do not always have to have sex. Many are just fine being a committed, loving relationship that does not involve sex. It sounds trite, but it’s true. Do not try to project your alpha-beta shit to the world without even the basic facts to back it up.


    • Okak, who pingbacked this post to Disgusted and Heartbroken Women’s website? Lol. This should be an interesting day…


    • Shut up whore.


    • “Who. Gave. You. The. Right?”. The Bill of Rights, read it sometime. What gives you the right to weep all over this fine thread?

      “? Here are some. Sex isn’t the be all, end all to life”

      Since the primary purpose of sex is reproduction, I suggest you go back to school and take some biology courses.


    • You understand that “normal” is essentially a statistical term right? Therefore heterosexual sex is normal and asexuality is abnormal, that is statistically the case.

      Sex isn’t the “be all and end all” – food and water are pretty good too. Still, man cannot live by bread alone…


    • it’s rather easy to tell what’s normal and what’s abnormal sexual behavior. normal sexual behavior is the procreative, monogamish heterosexual practice that sustains our existence as a species and is practiced by the vast majority of humanity. abnormal sexual behavior is anything practiced by a minority of adherents, including gay sex, pickup mastery, rape, dogfucking, various kinks, and asexual behavior. this is derived from the definition of ‘normal,’ which is “the usual, average, or typical state of a condition.”

      ‘normal’ contains no emotional bias. there’s no reason to be ‘disgusted and heartbroken’ by an assertion that something falls outside a statistical center. the bare statement that any minority sexual behavior is abnormal does not contain by itself a value judgment that it is invalid or wrong absent a clear indication that the practice thereof is against a participant’s true wishes or desires.

      the self-esteem movement failed on this front by redefining normal to mean acceptable and attempting to expand the inclusive reach of the former. nobody’s fooled.


    • Oh boy… Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, attempts are now being made to shame us into accepting ‘acephobia’ as a “thing.” Before Sandra’s comment I was unenlightened as to what constituted ‘acephobia’, so I looked into it. Apparently it means something along the lines of “discrimination against” or “hatred of” or “intolerance of” asexuals.

      [heartiste: does it cover “making fun of”?]

      Now for the REAL treat– check out this excerpt from the website from which I learned ‘acerphobia’s’ meaning:
      “To the best of my knowledge, asexuals do not get murdered or arrested or turned away from jobs simply because they don’t experience sexual attraction. Any oppress ion we do experience, we experience because of being members of another group that is oppressed. For example, asexuals who are also transgender individuals experience discrimination against transgender individuals. Asexuals who wish to have romantic partners of the same gender might be read as gay and treated accordingly. And so on.”

      Trying to figure out which group deserves the honor of being most oppressed is like trying to find the beginning or the end of a Mobius strip, even for the freaks themselves! I mean, my own thoughts on the matter were initially, “Asexuals are totally gay.” But now I don’t know WHAT to think!


    • he has every right to claim what’s normal and what’s abnormal in the ways of human sexuality; human sexuality exists for 1 reason. to reproduce. any behavior that goes against this is welcome fodder for ridicule and sneering distaste.

      why DO YOU care so much if he judges creepy dudes who are willing to be sexually frustrated, or freakish chicks with intimacy complexes. what’s YOUR agenda?

      I love how creepers like you demonize male sexual agencies with little cute buzz phrases like “Rape culture”. men have needs. they want to fuck bitches. such a need evolved….

      ur rage is actually beyond reason, although I’m trying


    • “Many are just fine being a committed, loving relationship that does not involve sex.”



    • Hi Sandra. Want to fuck?


    • lol “rape”


      u support da murder of fethuses ;ozozozoozz



    • You have NO RIGHT to claim what is normal and what is abnormal in the ways of human sexuality

      —just. died. laughing.

      Only a feminazi left-wing whore could be so blindingly ignorant of numbers and statistics to claim there is no “normal” in human sexuality.

      This is why men create things, and women just watch. And complain.


      • Actually we don’t need to define what is normal : the Species does it by flushing out the unable.
        This is biology, not morals or whatever human categories.
        What is “normal” is whatever produces strong prosperous communities on the long term. This criterium, if you look at it, is very straight, square and conservative. But it’s just biology and the success of certain societies and behaviors.


    • Your phobia against sexuality is intolerant, judgemental and unbecoming. You have no right pushing your arrogant asexuanormative propaganda in this forum. Begone, bigot.


    • You know, you think your man doesn’t resent it, but he does. It will be ugly when it blows up. You’re just self centered and overbearing in your demands of a man and he is apparently too weak to fight you about it. Its nothing more than a rationalization for your guilt over cheating your husband out of one of the greatest joys in life. Why do you do that to him? Are you so cruel?


  67. Congratulations for writing the most offensive thing I’ve ever read.

    [heartiste: please. if this is my most offensive, i’ve disappointed myself.]

    I’m actually impressed by the levels of misogyny you’ve reached here.

    [what about little timmy? he comes in for more of my abuse than rainbowface. if anything, this post leans more misandrist. but of course you don’t see that. because you have biases you must nurse.]


    • “what about little timmy? he comes in for more of my abuse than rainbowface.”
      He is nothing and she is everything.
      She is the world, the universe, the planet, the super mommy woman Goddess.
      He is a tool, which should be happy to serve her and die for her however she sees fit.
      He should be grandiosely grateful NOT to have sex with her yet to be given the honor of sharing her life (read : chores).
      Eunuchs for life !
      The Goddess owns our souls.
      How dare you question the Goddess and her desires ?
      Puny male. Prepare for your ritual execution.

      Then a few years from now, washed up pseudo asexual whore complains about life being hard on her.
      It’s obvious she’s using him. She’s gaining status by owning a pet boy AND his balls. He is in her bitchzone 24/7. She has castrated him.
      The way he looks 90° away from the camera with a painful expression is priceless. The way she dyes her hair like an obscene peacock, smiles and seems to be enjoying herself speaks volumes as well.

      HOW DARE YOU question the Goddess and her life ?
      YOU are nothing.


  68. on February 3, 2012 at 6:28 am Elizabeth Cadman

    This is the most awful article I have ever read in my life. How dare you belittle people becuase of there sexual orientation. Thats just who they are. You can’t change it or force a different sexuality upon a person by raping them like people seem to suggest in the comments. The things you’e saying sexually about her is considered harassment and is totally disgusting, you seem to have no respect for this people. But then again you are all cowering behind computer screens, you can say what you think you want with out consequences. But there are consequences. To the person you’re talking, to the people who are asexual and to anyone offended by this. Homosexuality isn’t some caused by some brain disorder, neither is asexuality. Have some god damn respect for different people. You can go around talking about people like this, you wouldn’t like it if it was you. You are going to get lost in a world of acceptance, becuase people are slowly but surely becoming more accepting. I know its hard to think past your opinion but If that guy is staying with her regardless and he is not asexual that is a very, very strong relationship built on love and trust, unlike this article thinking a relationship can’t hold it self together with out sex. It is so sad to see so little education on difference in the world. You’re aloud to be proud for being straight, so its only fair people should be proud of their sexuality too. My advice to you is to sort your disrespectfulness out, educate your self and try you’re very best to be more accepting. Becuase one day you may announce this view in a bar, coffee shop or even on the street and you might just get punched in the face. Becuase people don’t take discrimination hands down anymore. They fight back.


    • I know its hard to think past your opinion but If that guy is staying with her regardless and he is not asexual that is a very, very strong relationship built on love and trust, unlike this article thinking a relationship can’t hold it self together with out sex.

      For someone who probably ascribes to moral/cultural relativity, you seem so determined to prescribe your own absolutist conception of the moral good onto everyone else. I call hypocrite. And if you can’t see what I mean by this statement, (in relation to the section of your post that I quoted), then you are retarded.

      You’re aloud to be proud for being straight, so its only fair people should be proud of their sexuality too.

      No, your kind see to shaming and and degrading any heterosexual male who does take pride in his heterosexuality and/or masculinity. Again, I call hypocrite.

      But then again, you can’t expect any better from people whose conception of reality is based on ignorance and ressentiment.


    • Doubt it.


    • Somebody needs a hug!


    • “people are slowly but surely becoming more accepting”

      “you might just get punched in the face”

      Looks like the whole ‘acceptance’ thing is taking longer than it might have. Acceptance of opinions you don’t like, that is.


    • Imagine the public outrage if this blog were written about homosexuals or even straight people.


      • Fags are fucked up people. No amount of p.c. dogma will change that.

        This post is written about straight people: a sackless beta boy and his manipulative, look-at-me-with-my-made-up-disorder girlfriend who’s sleeping around on him.


    • on February 5, 2012 at 3:57 am drunicusvandal

      You poor, brainwashed,naive child. I hope for your sake you’re forever kept in that safe, sanitary, clean little cocoon that your parents and teachers built and that your wealthy husband will.maintain.
      I hope you’ll be able to.happily.munch on extravagantly expensive organic food, ride safely through CT in your Prius, and be able to write passionate, tear stained letters of advocacy to parole boards, Congressmen, and NPR.
      For if you ever do have to make it in this bare-knuckled, zero-sum world of greed, lust, and anger, those cute little liberal goggles will be peeled pretty mercilessly from your face, and your world will never be as tiny and happy and simple as it oncecwas.


    • “If that guy is staying with her regardless and he is not asexual that is a very, very strong relationship built on love and trust”

      Actually, it sounds like a very weak, one-sided, unnatural relationship.


  69. Hahahahahahahaha
    You fucking suck
    Have some sensitivity

    [heartiste: spot the irony.]

    instead bashing an entire group of people for something that is NOT A FUCKING CHOICE.

    [neither is bloodthirsty psychopathy. but no one coddles psychopaths.]

    The whole world does not revolve around sex, my friend.

    [actually, it does. sex is the life force of the sentient universe. sex is the alpha and the omega, the cauldron of creation, the pulsating, throbbing, inflamed, veiny foundation upon which all else rises to glory. the second the world stops revolving around sex, is the second the world begins its spiral into the illimitable nothingness of eternal black death and infinite void.]

    What you’re doing in this article is like saying that all gay men are just cockteases who are preventing other men from having sex with women

    [that’s very lawyerly of you.]

    (which is obviously the only thing that matters)

    [i dunno about you, but no gay man has ever prevented me from having sex with a woman.]

    Also, not to mention, I’m glad you see women as people and not just sexual objects.

    [people exist because they are sexual objects. think about it.]

    It’s nice to know that about half the world is respected.

    [respect’s got nothin’ to do with it.]


    [wait for it…… waaaaaaait for it…….]

    fuck you

    [how would you know what that’s like?]


  70. If someone has abnormally low sexual desire – whether for physiological or psychological reasons – and they choose to withdraw from life & sit it out in a quiet corner, it shouldn’t matter to you, it shouldn’t require your intervention. Is the health of the species at stake? Surely from an evolutionary perspective it’s better for people like that to opt out of the gene pool. So why pile on, what is it about these people that threatens you?


    • “If someone is lame (…) and they choose to withdraw from life & sit it out in a quiet corner”
      which is exactly what these two losers don’t do. They should go and die in a dark corner, yet, here they are on the internet, whoring for attention with their nauseating story, hamster trips and all. I don’t see what’s NOT to criticize and ridicule about this.


  71. FFS people, you’re making fools of yourselves.

    First of all, asexuality is lack of SEXUAL ATTRACTION. It does not mean you don’t have sex. Plenty of asexuals do have sex. I have no idea whether the couple featured in the article have sex, and I don’t care.

    Second, Tim is a beta/whatever because he actually makes his OWN mind up about what is important for him in a relationship instead of bowing to peer pressure? God, the irony kills me.


    • Go on, this is priceless.


    • First of all, asexuality is lack of SEXUAL ATTRACTION. It does not mean you don’t have sex. Plenty of asexuals do have sex. I have no idea whether the couple featured in the article have sex, and I don’t care.

      Sex = walking, breathing, blinking?

      Second, Tim is a beta/whatever because he actually makes his OWN mind up about what is important for him in a relationship instead of bowing to peer pressure? God, the irony kills me.

      Can it be that he is making up an excuse for his own failure with getting a woman to have sex with him?


  72. I was asexual until I was 19 and it totally means you don’t want to screw ANYONE, and you aren’t sexually attracted to anyone. There was a guy I liked at 15, and he liked me (that is what heteroromantic means). But he asked for sex and I thought it was gross. I told him we can be together but he should go fuck other women instead. I was tortured for a week because I liked him, but couldn’t make him happy.

    Also, asexuality doesn’t mean you can’t masturbate. Many asexuals do it, but they do it just for fun (it has the same purpose as eating icecream or using a swing – it’s fun), they don’t want to share it with others. Asexuality means you aren’t sexually attracted to anyone, and have no desire for sex. Some asexuals don’t mind having sex if their non-asexual partner asks for it (neutral asexuals) and some think it’s gross (repulsed asexuals, if I remember correctly). Sometimes it’s just the way a person is, without any penis-fear involved.

    Although in my case, it really was penis fear. Or actually, it was because my peers convinced me that sex is something boys do TO girls, and if you have it, you’re subjugated, humiliated and degraded. If I only knew that those things were just desires of certain women, not something all guys want to do to you. Undoubtedly some guys ARE like that, but they aren’t that hard to avoid.


    • Translation from womanese:

      “I didn’t meet an alpha until I was 19, every guy I was around before that was too beta to moisten my cunny”


      • Lol no, I didn’t meet the only man I ever fucked until 22. The transition from asexuality to sexuality happened spontaneously. Just slowly got over the horrible impressions about sex my peers made on me.


      • lmao. Like a typical woman, you’re dumb

        Let me write this slowly, dingbat:

        Anonymous said: ““I didn’t meet an alpha until I was 19, every guy I was around before that was too beta to moisten my cunny”

        So he was saying that you didn’t get turned on until you were 19, when you met a man who turned you on.

        He didn’t say “when you got fucked.” He said “when you got turned on.”

        Gosh you little liars are so damn dumb.


      • Chill, will ya? So much noise over a tiny mistake, geez. If it was a major one, I’d see your point.


    • So you should have started your paragraph “I WASN’T asexual until I was 19”, I had penis fear. Since you actually weren’t “asexual” how do you know anyone else is? Nice to see your feminist friends watch out for you like that. The good ones would have tried to turn you onto pussy though so you didn’t go without.

      Since you actually weren’t “asexual” how do you know anyone else is? Or is it one of those orientations that has “for now” appended to it? i.e. I can’t be bothered to go pick up my girlfriend to have sex tonight so I am asexual for now.


      • Eh, forgot to add that I also didn’t have much desire or need to fuck other people. Neutral to it, but made worse by penis fear. If there was no fear, I’d probably have sex with people just out of curiosity without much desire. Maybe get a non-asexual bf and have sex with him just because he wants it.

        My guess is that some people can stay asexual all life, and some won’t. Those who change to sexual are usually called “late bloomers”, but I think they can be safely called asexual as long as they have no sexual attraction to anyone.


    • So, as we’re now all thinking, what was it at 19 that made you non-asexual?


  73. That naughty look in her eye says: ‘I am getting all this attention and I do not have to do ANYTHING in exchange for it, therefore I must be VERY desirable, and my relationship is just permanent courtship’. Then she gets to tell the whole world about it – attention whoring! It is of course the ultimate Fitness Test and cock-block. I am ashamed to think I have fellow-countrymen like her long-suffering Beta of a boyfriend.

    My guess is that behind his back she is (and if she is not she soon will be) banging ther local football team, and I imagine he cruises the gay bars for some, ANY, action.


  74. “Evolutionarily speaking, there is something very wrong with you.”

    Asperger’s Syndrome has shown to be very dominant over “neurotypical genes”. I am evolutionarily superior to you pitiful neurotypicals. 8)

    ~Beta Male


  75. Jenni just doesn’t want to grow up. Her expression and pose in that picture (plus the rainbow hair) makes me think she still wishes she were a little girl.


  76. First question to ask any self-professed asexual should be, “Do you masturbate?” If they do, their whole premise dissolves, plain as that.

    [heartiste: good point.]

    An asexual male is simply a male who’s never learned what game is and how beneficial it is.

    [i’ve read that in the animal kingdom among some species the total losers in the mating market will commit suicide to spare the resources of the group. perhaps that is what’s going on with male asexuals.]


  77. what should a girl do if her boyfriend or husband gives her tons of affection but little sex?


  78. I’m sorry your male ego feels so incredibly threatened

    [heartiste: that’s just something losers say to rationalize the ridicule they receive.]

    by a small percentage of people who simply aren’t interested in sex, that you have to write an entire article degrading them into freaks of nature.

    [if the straitjacket fits…]

    You might as well be a sex-crazed primate throwing his fists against his chest.

    [it’s sex-crazed primates all the way down.]

    If you can’t understand why a guy would stay with a girl that isn’t interested in sex,

    [oh, i can understand it. he’s either not attracted to her, or he’s a loser who can’t reach for what he truly desires.]

    then you’ve obviously never had a meaningful relationship of your own based on anything beyond the primal urge to procreate.

    [is it your contention that a primal urge to procreate precludes relationship meaningfulness?]

    Thanks for being a part of rape culture

    [fact: people who reflexively spill feminist boilerplate like ‘rape culture’ are part of the stupid culture.]

    and the reason women must always be wary of men.

    [so here we get to the heart of the matter. asexual chicks have an irrational fear of the penis.]

    I just hope your dick is as small as your mind.

    [you must feel threatened.

    ps do cucumbers send you into hysterical crying fits?]


    • I am utterly disgusted when people call out people for hypocrisy and insensitivity, then throw an insult aimed at their physical features.

      The entire argument loses all credibility when you do this. It’s abhorrently petty.


    • Well, my brain is the size of a planet, so…


    • Anyone who unironically uses any of the following phrases automatically gets filed in the “Dumbass with completely worthless opinions” mental folder:

      *”rape culture”
      *”the patriarchy”


    • [you must feel threatened.

      ps do cucumbers send you into hysterical crying fits?]

      HAHAHA!!! that was just way too funny!!! 😛


  79. Most of the people who have left comments here should be fucking ashamed of themselves. I don’t even have words for how disgusting some of these comments are, not to mention the article itself at points. Fuck’s sake.


  80. I just….I…..this is just too fucking pathetic for me to read….dear lord.


  81. Well at least they won’t reproduce to propagate their tainted genes.


  82. Gotta love the part where she gets angry at people for asking her if she was molested. Because telling people you have no sexual desire at all is completely normal and healthy, but trying a logical approach is invasive. Honey, you’re the freak bringing up your freakishness. Don’t be upset at the normal human reaction: trying to understand your freakishness.

    That said, chicks like this are usually just scared. Not being the prettiest, they’ve taken the extreme approach and tampered down their sexual desires, afraid of losing a man and having passion to actually attempt it. What’s more, they’re unsatisfied with the men (re: pussy beta boys) around them but have rationalized themselves to the point that they avoid the men they actually like (alpha acting, frattish guys) and claim they don’t like them.

    They’re the female equivalent of men who date fat women to “prove” that “lookism” is a “social construct” but can’t get a chubby up.

    Most of them, when ovulating, will secretly skank it up at a distant bar and go home with the frattiest alpha around. Then feel guilty about it and pretend asexuality.

    Leftism and Feminism and what they’re “supposed” to like can really fuck a girl up.


    • @ whorefinder:

      “Gotta love the part where she gets angry at people for asking her if she was molested. Because telling people you have no sexual desire at all is completely normal and healthy, but trying a logical approach is invasive.”

      My thoughts exactly. Did you happen to notice this gem?:

      ““There are people who definitely view it as a disorder and are like ‘oh if we give you these pills we can fix it’.”

      What she’s suggesting beneath the grrrl-power-tainted temper tantrum is that she must have indeed sought a doctor’s diagnosis on her condition; who else could have been the “we” in the role of pill-giver?


      • Or it could be because those questions are consistently asked to anyone with a sexuality not deemed ‘normal’.


      • Because, dingbat, reproduction is extremely important to living creatures, thanks to evolution. And normal sexuality is how we reproduce. So if you claim to not have any sex drive despite being evolutionarily hard-wired for it, you are definitely a freak of nature—or, as this girl is, lying about it.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:33 am John Norman Howard

        …who make it a point to let their world know about their sexuality.

        Like it’s been mentioned several times already, sweetie… live by the photo-op, die by the photo-op… or as the Japanese say, the nail that pops up gets hammered back down.


  83. Nice to know there are such kind, intelligent, and understanding people out there on the internet. :I

    (I’m being sarcastic. You’re all a bunch of asshats.)


    • The truth is that the Chateau is indeed one of the most kind, intelligent, and understanding sites on the net.

      Call us whatever your little pea pickin’ heart pleases, but this is the place where the jaded, heartbroken men of the world come to get the unvarnished truth, rather than the washed-out propaganda your kind spouts off daily.

      Game saves lives.


    • lmao. Poor wittle wiberal. Did we hurt your feelings by not accepting your freakish pussy behavior and rationalizations?

      Go stuff another dildo up your ass, boy.


    • @ Jackson:

      “(I’m being sarcastic…)”

      Thank you for pointing that out.


    • OMG. Genuinely burst out laughing in approval.


    • Leftists never can stand the facts of cold, hard reality.

      Better to live in your delusions and die heroes to causes that will never come true.

      Delusions are a powerful toxin for so many leftists.


  84. Hey, fucktard. Nice to see how YOU managed to make it up the evolutionary ladder. Considering your highly obscued view of things you know shit about in the first place, it’s really rather astounding. I just LOVE seeing ignorant fuckheads, like yourself, mouthing off like this. There are plenty of people out there who have no interest in sex and would be more content on a romantic-loving relationship than a phydical one. They are honestly more admirable than the fuckhounds of the world. Life is NOT about sex, nor does it revolve around it. That’s probably a shock for you to hear, but get the fuck over it.

    [heartiste: is anyone else noticing a trend here? the asexual loser mafia keeps tipping their neurotic hat with cluewords like “fuckhound” and “breeder” and “thinking with your crotch”. one could be forgiven for assuming these solipsistic weirdos have some sort of hang-up about sex and about people who like to have sex. you see, for the typical self-proclaimed asexual, it’s not really about being born that way and wishing for understanding and acceptance. it’s about acting out deep-seated psychological discord through tolerance-themed intolerant temper tantrums and demonization of those who belittle them on account of waving their mental health and normalcy in their faces every day just by being alive.]


    • I’ve noticed you seem to be angry. Would you like to talk about it?


    • on February 3, 2012 at 2:57 pm John Norman Howard

      Heartiste nails it again…

      The amount of hamstering and raw-nervism evinced on this thread is a surprise to me.

      I mean, I knew the internet was an amplifier of the human condition… I just hadn’t realized we were that far down the road to oblivion.


    • “There are plenty of people out there who have no interest in sex and would be more content on a romantic-loving relationship than a phydical one. They are honestly more admirable than the fuckhounds of the world.”

      Fuckhound…I love it! I’ve got a new way to describe myself.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm John Norman Howard

        Yeah… I haven’t been called that since my honeymoon.

        (wipes a tear of nostalgia from his otherwise manly visage)


    • “tolerance-themed intolerant temper tantrums”

      THIS. (lolz)


    • @Heartiste:

      It’s called cognitive dissonance.

      The louder they shriek, the closer you hit to their sore nerve.

      “tolerance-themed intolerant temper tantrums”: gold


  85. OK look CH, you’ve simply outdone yourself on this post. Brilliant and funny as hell.

    And one look into that girl’s eyes and you know something is….off.


  86. My love of this site (and others like it) has no bounds!


  87. Actually, for your typical 22 YO omega with aspie traits, having a girl friend without sex would be a big step up from their actual existence. It would be a great opportunity to learn social skills and learn to be comfortable around a woman. You guys take all that stuff for granted, so you don’t see this.


  88. Wow, is this for real? You think you know everything, don’t you? Why don’t you get your sorry, hateful ass off of the computer forever and just leave us alone. We’re not hurting anyone, and we’re not trying to convince people to be asexy with us.

    [heartiste: “asexy”. LOL. btw, what is this comment but an attempt to convince people of your point of view?]

    Most of us have no problem with sexual people and why would you even write this?

    [to get at the cream-filled center of a really juicy target.]

    I usually don’t hate on the internet, but: GO CHOKE ON A DICK AND THEN DIE IN A HOLE YOU MISERABLE HATEFUL BASTARD.

    [i thought you said you have no problem with sexual people?]


  89. Beta of the month? More like beta of the year. There’s no fucking WAY it can get any lower than this……….

    [heartiste: stay tuned. i have just received another candidate for BOTM that quite possibly plumbs greater depths of indignity and self-flagellation than timothy tinyballs.]


  90. I think I just threw up a little.

    [heartiste: did you see a penis-shaped fruit?]

    You, and everyone agreeing with you, are the scum of the Earth.

    [keep in mind that the sexual scum will inherit the earth. the asexual outcasts will… i dunno, what is it you freaks do with your genitals? squeeze your eyes shut when you have to take a shower?]

    Do your research, you sad, pathetic excuse of a human.

    [good, gooood, your hate is welling up within you.]

    It is a legitimate orientation.

    [what’s your opinion on goat fucking?]

    So, she does’t want sex, and her boyfriend is happy with that. What is wrong with that?

    [why are you so afraid of people like them being called wrong?]

    The ignorance of you, and the people commenting, and everyone else who agrees with you is the reason this world is going to hell.

    [it’ll go to hell a lot faster if everyone stopped having sex.]

    I don’t even know if it’s considered just ignorance, actually.

    [i’m sure there’s a serious sounding feminist-approved pseudoscientific stitched-together word that will amply describe your legitimate outrage.]

    I bet that you all probably are misogynistic,

    [what’s with the misogynist cries? the guy took more shit than the girl in this post. if anything, you’d be more on the mark accusing me of misandry.
    ah, yes, i know what explains your oversight. you neomaxizimdweeby asexual poseurs are really psychologically damaged feminists who loathe male desire and the reality of innate human biological differences.]

    ignorant little men that are overcompensating for their small-shall we say “stature”?

    [i’m dense. what do you mean by “stature”? i really want to understand your humor, because i hate missing out on something funny.]

    -and are mad because you probably get turned down a lot by woman.

    [damn, by that line of reasoning, genghis khan was one mad motherfucker who got turned down by a lot of women.]

    This is probably because you are such a pathetic creep,

    [it’s kinda creepy to be afraid of your own vagina.]

    but the last one’s excuse was probably that she was asexual, and you just had to get on the hate train.

    [there’s nothing like a bit of the ol’ ultrahate to keep the spirits high!]

    Anyways, do your research, and stop being a disgusting human being.

    [when you go to the gynecologist, does he have to pry you open with a front loader?]

    You repel me.

    [i bet you say that to all the boys.]


    • [when you go to the gynecologist, does he have to pry you open with a front loader?]

      Instant classic. I’m stealing this from you Heartiste.


    • If you want to say the woman is asexual….I might be able to buy that, but the man derserves the criticism he received in this post.
      #1. Men have a higher sex drive them women
      #2. Men are much more likely than women to be hopeless losers in the sexual marketplace, forcing them to date fatties, asexuals, etc…

      It seems very unlikely that he is truly an asexual.



    hahaha how the fuck do you people even breathe?


    • Note the left-wing logic: anyone who makes fun of these freaks is a closeted fag.

      That’s some cracker-jack use of your Performing Arts degree there, Chester.


      • on February 3, 2012 at 5:15 pm John Norman Howard

        Exactly… you can tell the degree of their mental unsoundness by the fact that they use their own proclivities as epithets to shame others.


    • Well, my brain fires off impulses to my diaphragm, which contacts or expands to cause my lungs to take in the atmosphere, from whence essential chemicals are extracted and waste material is expelled.

      How do you breathe? Osmosis? Skittle-powered unicorns?


    • I don’t even know. It’s that awkward situation where we’re not stupid enough to bring our children into a world where this kind of idiocy exists and they keep fucking procreating. Very irritating.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:38 am John Norman Howard

        The true colors keep coming out… and running. Too bad your parents didn’t feel the same way.


  92. “This is true of Jenni who is heteroromantic, and although having no interest in sex, is still attracted to people, and is in a relationship with 22-year-old Tim.”

    Heteroromantic? I hate that kind of made-up terminology that justifies deviancy.

    OTOH, heartiste’s terminology is gold because it’s true to life:
    * übercockteases
    * Generation Puffboy
    * cockooning


  93. Wow. You must all have the tiniest cocks. I mean, really. Are you that insecure about your own masculinity? So, someone you have never met and probably never will doesn’t want to have sex. How shocking. What a bunch of pathetic wankers XD


    • on February 3, 2012 at 5:17 pm John Norman Howard

      Better a tiny cock than none at all… or in your case, a reamed out bung hole through which a fist may pass.


    • Isn’t making fun of cocks…

      Never mind, to engage with these things is lowering. Just the mediocre brought up to our level by leftist, utopian stupidity.

      People to be controlled, not convinced.


  94. on February 3, 2012 at 12:43 pm Oh, you're SUCH a manly man! Take me now, O Paragon of Masculinity!


    Oh, man, you’re SO EDGY, buying into the status quo like this. I can barely handle your badassitude.


  95. I used to have hope for humanity. Then I read this blatantly offensive, crude and frankly slanderous article, and the ignorant, Hitler-esque (defining ‘perfection’ in certain aspects of the human form as compared to ‘imperfection’ in others, calling asexuals ‘freaks’, not willing to do true research before speaking, incredibly sexist language, complete unrepentant acephobia… I could go on) comments about it.

    Add to that the perpetuation of the divide between ‘alphas’ and ‘betas’ (a ‘Brave New World’ situation apparently isn’t too far away) and the thought that ‘betas’ deserve scorn for – as you would define it – being emotional, understanding, and sensitive…

    You people disgust me. I thought you should know that.


  96. Ah! With these last negative responses, it’s looking like debate time!

    (More likely, flamewar time, but it will be interesting nonetheless).

    Keep at it, guys!


  97. Here’s a youtube video with her talking about pedestalization:


  98. Is there (hard – not social) scientific data on asexuality? Maybe these people have low hormone production. I doubt it but just wondering.


  99. What the actual fuck?

    Whoever wrote this is an insuffrable dickwad. Cut off his penis. He deserves it.

    [heartiste: so physical mutilation is how you answer a disagreement in opinion. nice to know.
    since that’s the standard, i hope your clit and labia get cut off. you deserve it.]


    • on February 3, 2012 at 5:22 pm John Norman Howard

      The enemy yet again shows his/her true colors… say something he/she doesn’t like, and all veneers of civility are stripped. Sort of like watching the broads of The View (both panel and audience) laugh about the guy whose penis got cut off.


    • Nah you see, the clit and labia don’t really have anything to do it.
      The intention is to stop procreation. The response is ‘I hope your womb is removed’ (In whatever way appropriate).


      • on February 5, 2012 at 9:44 am John Norman Howard

        Snooki-uggams, you’re just full of sugar and spice and every nice, aren’t you?

        Guys, can you imagine the nuclear-level shrew this bitch is going to be when she crosses the Matron-Vixen line after the age of 35 or so?

        I shudder to think…


  100. Here’s a bunch of Youtube videos of her:


    • Mmm, finger-lickin’ cute with a British accent. Not to go all Buffalo Bill here, but… I’d fuck her, I’d fuck her hard. (Pedestal? Only to look up her skirt.)


  101. I seriously can’t believe you are serious. The fuck is wrong with your brain that you can seriously publish something like this in the public domain? You may consider yourself alpha or whatever, but this article would suggest otherwise. You are a little bitch who thinks he is an internet hard man. I really feel sorry for you and your way of thinking.


  102. LOL – laughed so hard – good writing!


  103. Reading through some of these posets, I find myself wondering if “rape culture” is the new way to sound informed, educated, etc. among the feminist campus cults? In my day on campuses, they used terms like “patriarchy”, “male privilege”, and the like and attended “take back the night” rallies. The whole campus feminist thing was upper-middle class female hysteria, and best simply avoided, as they were no threat to anyone, except the occasional idiot castrato who “dated” one before getting accused of date rape. Those women lived impossibley privileged, safe, comforable lives, yet they saw some sort of holocaust engulfing them. Hysteria.

    I don’t much care what the new lingo is, except to the extent that I hear it hereafter, I will know to let my face go slack, and change the topic to something the feminist zealot true believers have no opinion on,like Zimbabwe inflation rates. That way the conversation is over quicker, and I don’t have hear their braying rhetoric about most topics.


    • Welcome to the tert. education money making scheme. Morons with arts degrees and insufferable egos. Pre programmed like robots to fight the lefts holy war.


  104. If Timmy Boy ever winds up in eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or Latin America, he will find a reason to drop Rainbow Dull immediately.

    I personally hope that this kid soon realizes he is being shafted.

    Also, I bet that his beloved Jenni is getting some on the side anyway.


  105. Offtop.

    Half population of Poland (almost) was involved in child searching (alleged kidnapping) because of woman confabulations.



  106. on February 3, 2012 at 2:02 pm Hung One On You

    Really fascinating article on response rates in online dating and what the message says.

    Check out the part where he talks about compliments….and what the best opening phrase is.

    Turns out if you compliment the looks of a girl in anyway your response rate plummets..

    And turns out the best opener is an indirect bullshit opener that conveys little to no interest. The top opening phrase was “How’s it going?”….the worst..>”Hello” and “hi”

    pretty much validates everything that’s talked about on this site with respect to opening.

    indirect + conveying a lack of interest = gina tingle = response

    Exactly how it works in real life.



  107. the sanctimonious comments by liberals/feminists who can’t seem to grapple with the thought that there are people in existence who don’t subscribe to their secular religion and consequently hold non-pc views are amusing!

    It’s always just a string of shaming tactics with them, anything to avoid having to actually construct a meaningful counter-argument of course.


  108. I don’t understand this. What are you trying to gain by writing this article? In all seriousness, what would you get from being a total douche on the internet besides attention? If that’s all you want, then, congrats. You did it!

    I also really love your snappy comments back at people who say this article is disgusting. How awful it is that they disagree with you! You don’t need to take that shit from them, you have a blog hosted on wordpress! You’ve really come farther than any of us ever could.

    Also, not all women care about sex. It doesn’t mean that they just can’t get any. But, since sex is mostly characterized as being done by a man and a woman, people would assume that if men love it so much then so do women! What a bitch she is for not wanting sex! What bitches woman are for not wanting sex every minute of everyday! What heroes men are for forcing themselves upon woman too! Then when a man is respectful of a woman, oh shit he is WEAK. And to be honest, you’re basically saying that men should just take what they want from woman and we, as woman, should let them. It’s only fair, considering SEX IS A BASIC HUMAN NEED, according to you.

    If you want to respond with those oh so hilarious comments, then remember, if you really want people to understand your point and possibly agree with you, then be mature about it. Saying her worst nightmares involve 3D penises falling around her is something I would expect a 10 year old boy to say.

    I do agree that it’s stupid to say nothing is wrong with anything, after all, there is something very wrong with you.


    • I don’t understand this. What are you trying to gain by writing this article? In all seriousness, what would you get from being a total douche on the internet besides attention? If that’s all you want, then, congrats. You did it!

      I don’t understand. What are you trying to gain by commenting on this article? In all seriousness, what would you get from being a total crybaby on the internet besides attention and ridicule? If that’s all you want, then, congrats. You did it!

      Now, get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.


  109. on February 3, 2012 at 2:35 pm Ace of Spades

    So you’re not misogynist, you’re misandrist because you’re bashing the guy for being a lowly “beta”/”omega”?

    [heariste: right. listen, doofus, by your own standard definition of misogyny as verbal abuse, i stand just as guilty of misandry. now maybe you don’t like this logical connection because you’re a brainwashed feminist cunttoy, but that doesn’t change the fact that you and your ilk studiously avoid showing expressions of sympathy for the man in this post who comes under my attack that you are more than happy to lavish on the woman. for the slower among you, this is called a double standard.]

    To me it sounds like an “alpha man” is supposed to be better than a woman. Treating women as your equals would be a sign of weakness, wouldn’t it?

    [chicks dig dominant men.]

    And a woman who doesn’t want your precious alpha cock must be sick.

    [a heterosexual woman who doesn’t want any cock is sick.]

    Yeah, totally.

    [totally, dude.]

    Narcississm at its best.


    You know, just because your brain seems to be located in the crotch area doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

    [yet another asexualist blurt revealing its true motivation and psychology behind the tolerance mask. face it, you just hate normal people.]

    (Thankfully there are enough sexual people who do also have a brain, but that might be hard to imagine for you as well.)

    [does each use of the genitals subtract 1 IQ point? discuss.]

    I am an asexual myself,

    [you don’t say!]

    and I dare say I am neither fat nor ugly nor lacking in opportunities.

    [you daren’t!]

    I simply have no interest. I don’t get it.

    [hey, maybe you’re one of those outliers with a fucked up brain structure you inherited from birth. jsut remember… you are not normal. get used to it.]

    I’m not claiming it’s normal, but it’s not something bad.

    [define bad.]

    Neither is it better. It just is, and if I have no problem with it, I don’t see why you should.

    [i don’t “have a problem” with it. it’s no skin off my nose if a few nuts want to cuddle until death do them part. i just like mocking those who claim to be asexuals. i like mocking their lifestyles, their freakazoid intimacy arrangements, their pretenses to normalcy, their
    demands for acceptance, and their hidden psychologically demented underpinnings. it is the predatory relationship of the strong on the weak. a state of glorious nature. a riptide into the depths of the id.
    it is good.]

    Rape, by the way, doesn’t usually help people accept the bliss of sexual intercourse.

    [rape. always with the rape with you feminists. is the word rape supposed to be an argument ender? a logical loophole that discredits any opposing thought regardless of fact? here’s a thought: the overwhelming majority of sexual acts involve no rape at all.]

    Instead it usually screws up their life and often enough prevents them from enjoying sex ever again due to traumatic memories.

    [if a past rape has caused a woman to turn asexual, then that proves my point that many asexuals are simply mentally damaged people who need help to get over their fear of the penis. it does them no good for people like you to reinforce their beliefs that asexuality is a harmless lifestyle choice or an innate characteristic just as legitimate as normal sexuality.]

    The magnitude of ignorance in this article and the comments below is really off the scale. Impressive.

    [i’m guessing this is the first time in your stunted, bubblegirl life you have been presented with a viewpoint that challenges your equalist, we-are-the-world twaddle.
    and shocked! shocked you are!]


    • This can’t be the conservative “Ace of Spades”, is it?

      No way. I’d be shocked that this level of stupidity would come from him.


    • This post actually gets to the heart of the matter. For asexuals, all sex is rape, and anyone who enjoys sex is promulgating and glorifying “rape culture”.

      Here’s a tip. The more you throw around a word as an all-encompassing insult, the less people take it seriously. You’re hurting your own ill-fated cause by constantly equating normative sexual desire with rape. This is one of the reasons why we laugh at feminists, and why we laugh at you.


  110. Hey Heartise, looks like you’ve really frazzled the half-men and femi-cunts with your posting.

    Are you being linked to from a hate site like Jizzabel? Or are all the mentally-retarded, sexually stunted, brainless, Obama-worshiping hipsters just drawn here on a random Friday?

    [heartiste: the most broken of humanity are the easiest to troll.]


  111. I don’t really care if you disagree with being asexual or not, but just try to be a little more mature about it.

    [heartiste: nah. maturity doesn’t help the message get under the skin.]

    Making fun (that is what you’re doing) of women

    [and men]

    who feel no sexual attraction or who don’t always desire sex is very juvenile.

    [but fun. it’s the adult version of pulling wings off insects.]

    As is making fun of anyone, really!

    [all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.]

    It’s just not fair to make assumptions that all asexual woman are afraid of penises.

    [you’re right. a better assumption: they hate penises.]

    They may be afraid of sex, and what comes with it, but not that they are afraid of a cock and that’s it.

    [maybe they hate sex because they’re surrounded by lickspittle beta males all day? who could blame a woman for projecting her disgust for betas onto the act of sex itself when she has no alternate experience from which to draw.]

    If one woman declares herself asexual because she’s never felt sexual attraction or the desire to have sex all that much, that’s her choice.

    [making fun of someone for their choices is not the same as denying them their choices. is this concept hard to grasp?]

    If someone else legitimately is afraid of having sex or being in a relationship, then that is once again her choice to not have sex. And after reading this article, it’s doubtful they would ever come to terms with themselves, especially since you make them feel so wrong for choosing this lifestyle.

    [asexuals: the weaker sex.]


  112. on February 3, 2012 at 3:03 pm John Norman Howard

    Oy vey, the amount of hate spewed by those who call heartiste a hater!


    • *nods*

      it’s interesting, from an academic standpoint, even.

      their anger is… it’s so seething, you can feel it blurring your computer screen. it’s amazing. to get so upset by a guy lightly ridiculing this couple and DARING to say a man of quality should expect sex from a girl he’s with.

      this is why so many male sycophants probably fall by the wayside… even if they try to empathize with feminist types, the feminist attack on males having any desires or needs is so palpable that eventually the sympathizing douche will get disgusted with being attacked for being human


  113. All of the negative comments that our gracious host has so thoroughly demolished intellectually have the same user icon. Not sure what that means at wordpress, but for most sites it means the same IP address. All the work of one troll with much time to spend methinks.


  114. what, i’m not allowed to be asexual?
    oh alright
    because something is obviously wrong with me.


  115. The best way to ask for anal sex?


    I’d say that applies here.


  116. Wow….there’s a lot of crazy people defending this girl…but none of them is thinking about the guy.

    She’s a nutter. And I’m like a fucking nun and I say this.

    Even if she is missing a ‘brain chip’ it’s not nice to do that to a man. If you love someone you want him to have children and to experience life to the fullest and she’s robbing him of that.

    What a selfish disgusting Rainbow Haired turd.


    • Since when did having children equate to having a full life?
      Perhaps the man desires to have no children. And even if he did desire to have children, it’s her body, and a decision they both have to make.


      • on February 5, 2012 at 4:24 am drunicusvandal

        Is it her body? Her husband or boyfriend (as an “asexual,” she won’t really have either, but) is likely feeding, sheltering, and clothing her, or at least contributing SOMETHING financially. What is she giving in return?
        If it is solely her body, then she is being very selfish by denying it to.someone she’s supposedly “in a relationship” with, though of course in reality she doesn’t have a boyfriend, ir a relationship, at all.


      • After she pops the zits on his back, she can at least give him a handjob. Just because you’re asexual doesn’t mean you have to be a cold narcissist.


  117. Good times.

    It’s simple: if you don’t want ridicule, stay out of the BBC. Instead, we have an attention whore and her chump.


  118. The Asexual Mafia is swarming the comments section like angry stingless bees. We need a catchy name for them. Firebrands of Frigidity? Barren Battleaxes? The Neutered Network? The Desiccated Coven? Help me out here!

    [heartiste: the eunuchracy.]


  119. @ bo:

    “There are plenty of people out there who have no interest in sex and would be more content on a romantic-loving relationship than a phydical one.”

    Are you suggesting that a phydical [sic] relationship precludes romance and love? Cannot a phydical [sic] relationship coexist alongside romance and love? And what’s to be said about Olivia Newton-John’s early 80’s pop hit, “Let’s Get Phydical [sic]”?


  120. Thank you so much for hating me.

    If people like you liked me, I’d be doing something wrong.

    I guess I’m good 🙂

    (The feeling might be mutual)


  121. on February 3, 2012 at 4:13 pm Lilliputianess

    Was my comment caught up in moderation? *is a long-time fan of this blog/not a troll*


  122. Honestly. A person’s sexuality is their choice and their choice alone. You have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to judge them for it. Accept it and move on. Or don’t accept it and deal with it YOURSELF. There is no need to spread hatred. Frankly it doesn’t shine a bright light on you.


    • Here’s what I don’t get. Why do you keep saying No One has ANY RIGHT to judge? We can judge all we want. What do you propose; to make it a thought-crime and hate-speech to say something that disagrees with your touchy feely dogmas?

      No one here is saying lets raid her home and hold her down while forcing her lame limp-dick male cuddlebuddy to bang her at gun point. We are criticizing her. Is that so wrong, Sarah. There’s no reason for you to be so hateful and venomous over people sharing an opinion.


      • “No one here is saying lets raid her home and hold her down while forcing her lame limp-dick male cuddlebuddy to bang her at gun point. ”

        As any criticism or suggestion that such things should not be, in their heads, instantly partakes of the same hyperventilating fear as if we were saying precisely that, we might as well say it — for really it wouldn’t be the worst thing for either party. OMG! they want to force us to have pleasure!

        The funniest, saddest aspect of it all is that their indignation and fear of “judgement” is due to coddling and the victim narrative — generations of coddled entitlement complex; not one of them has ever faced real persecution.


    • Honestly. A person’s sexuality is their choice and their choice alone. You have EVERY RIGHT to judge them for it. Accept this and move on. Or don’t accept it and deal with it YOURSELF. There is no need to complain. Frankly it doesn’t shine a bright light on you.

      There, I fixed it.


    • Sure we can judge. People judge people all the time. You are judging the commenters and author right now. Who made YOU the Supreme Court of Internet of Opinion just because you bleed every month?


    • on February 3, 2012 at 5:34 pm John Norman Howard

      Don’t plant your ass on the BBC if you don’t want people to talk.


    • “Frankly it doesn’t shine a bright light on you.”

      OMG, stop judging you witch!


  123. @ Anonymous, on February 3, 2012 at 11:40 am:

    “Anyways, do your research, and stop being a disgusting human being.”

    But I DID do my research; I looked diligently into the meaning and significance of ‘acephobia’. And I learned that it’s just as totally gay as I’d figured it to be.


  124. Fuck Buddy (also see, ‘Booty Call’): A situation wherein a woman provides convenient sexual availability with no expectation of a reciprocal emotional investment in a relationship. Ideally 100% sexual availability, 0% commitment.

    Emotional Tampon: A situation wherein a man provides unlimited emotional support, provisioning and comfort with no expectation of reciprocal sexual response in a relationship. Ideally 0% sexual availability, 100% commitment.

    Pixie girl is the feminine social equivalent of the worst douchebag Player you can conjure in your mind.


    • Exactly. But such is the “patriarchy” (lol) we live in, that pixie girl is somehow portrayed as the adorable, innocent victim, and her direct equivalent is rendered a devil who must be burned at the stake.


    • Maximum Cocktease, gives her much better jollies… one day, like I said, he’ll walk in on her after wanking it dry to find her screaming “Fuck me, fuck me with your big cock!” with some tool who doesn’t play that.


    • “Pixie girl is the feminine social equivalent of the worst douchebag Player you can conjure in your mind.”

      Only because Tim allows her. If he gets angry after a while because she refuses to have sex, he might want to go back a bit and remember his own words, that he told he he was ok with lack of sex.

      Players who are that honest about not committing are not doing anything morally wrong. It’s the liars and manipulators/those who lead on who are douchebags.


  125. Asexuals? Why is this shocking? All women are asexuals, it just takes marriage and/or children for the disease to manifest itself.

    Seriously, here’s why this is bullshit – lets presume for a moment our little pixie is asexual and has no desire to engage in sexual behavior – what’s stopping her from sexually satisfying her Beta BF?

    If she’s truly sexually indifferent, one would think that engaging in sex would have no more significance than doing the dishes for her. You may not enjoy or have a desire for washing dishes, but you do them because you like clean dishes.

    If she is self-aware enough about her abnormal condition to volunteer to be the subject of a BBC article about it, does it not stand to reason that, even though she doesn’t desire sex, she would still engage in sexual activities to satisfy the natural sex drive of a man who is willing to accomodate her ‘condition’?

    You cannot use the argument that it’s wrong to force a woman to have sex with a man against her will in this case because, as per her assertion, she is entirely indifferent to sexual desire. Wives or GFs begrudgingly, but dutifully having sex with their partners are off-put because sex in that context is perceived as an obligation, not for a lack of normative sexual desire. In a case of true sexual desire neutrality, a sex act would have no more bearing than her brushing her teeth or driving a car. Sex would be a mundane act.

    This isn’t the case here; Pixie girl is sex-averse. She is not sex-neutral, she is sex-negative. If she masturbates or has any sexual motivation to bring herself to orgasm she is not asexual. If she fucked the Beta boy without having any impulse to get off, she’s asexual.

    [heartiste: excellent deconstruction rollo. lends credence to the theory that female asexuality is really anti-male sexuality. which is why the “asexual” losers came out of the woodwork for this post. the truth hit too close to the bone(r).]


    • Interesting point. I know that a lot of asexuals have sex with their partners due to a desire to please their partners – but you then have to consider that a lot of people (even here) discredit asexuals if they have sex. So even though they feel nothing towards the act of sex they are nonetheless pressured to feel something towards the effects that sex has on those around them.


    • “Seriously, here’s why this is bullshit – lets presume for a moment our little pixie is asexual and has no desire to engage in sexual behavior – what’s stopping her from sexually satisfying her Beta BF? ”

      That makes sense. But that is the thing – she is sex-averse. Some asexuals are not, and they do exactly what you describe – fuck their partners just to please them.
      Also, some young women don’t know that men have this natural sex drive. Since she isn’t a man, she might think their sex drives are the same as normal women’s, so she might not know that a man might really need sex and might ignore it like it was nothing. He’s doing his best to make her believe it, too. But I don’t know her, it’s just a guess.

      Oh, and you can be asexual and masturbate. Even kids as young as 5 can masturbate, but they don’t usually want sex. Asexuality per definition doesn’t exclude masturbation. I know it can be hard to understand, because it seems that men need to be aroused (have sexual desire) to get an erection and be able to masturbate, but women can do it without arousal or any sexual thoughts. (again, can’t speak for everyone and correct me if i’m wrong about this).


    • Well done.

      “Seriously, here’s why this is bullshit – lets presume for a moment our little pixie is asexual and has no desire to engage in sexual behavior – what’s stopping her from sexually satisfying her Beta BF?”

      An extreme case of artificial scarcity: i.e. will to power over the male.

      I’ve fucked girls with dead cunt nerves. They actually felt no tingle, and their attachment was entirely mediated by emotion, and for that they spread. If this one doesn’t spread, it is purely an aversion to sex and an exercise in control … rather as I speculated above, btw.


    • on February 4, 2012 at 11:03 pm don_callanan@hotmail.com

      Great reply there Rollo. It pretty well answers the majority of the trolls that have arrived here.

      Boy oh boy Heartiste, you have stirred up the swamp with this one! I bet you are really really frightened right now. I especially like the ones that make fun of your manhood – priceless and self defeating.


  126. Hey, yea, so I’m glad people can become neuro-scientists from the BBC. I never knew they could generate a new wave of medical professors.

    But fuck it, as a sex positive asexual male I’ve enjoyed sleeping with women sexually. Its all good for a fun time, sure. Asexuality has nothing to do with one’s interest in sex, just the fact that you don’t really get a hard on looking at either men or women.

    So let’s start with where you and the rest of the media are fucking retards: Asexuals can enjoy having sex.

    Now, if you can get your head out of your ass and follow close, I’ll try and use small words:

    I like sex, but I’m not particularly attracted to either gender. Hence, I am an asexual. I don’t go nuts over a hot woman, and I really doubt an asexual woman would go nuts over a hot, dominant guy. So honestly, your concept that one would is deluded and strange.

    I understand you have this need to point out so called “beta” males with your backwards psychoanalysis, but I think you’re reading from the same text book that says people will bully others to cover up the same flaws that they have. ie: You make fun of “betas” because you are one. Unless, of course, outdated psychology is outdated. You obviously don’t think so. Congratulations, you’re a winner.


    • “Asexuality” by etymology means a lack of sexual interest. If you are having any sort of sexual activity, you aren’t asexual. Full stop.


      • Greek, motherfuckers, do you grok it?


      • This is a reply to you and the other person talking about definitions. Etymology man to the rescue:

        Heterosexual-Sexually attracted to others.
        ___sexual- Sexually attracted to ___
        Homosexual- Sexually attracted to the same (gender).
        Bisexual- Sexually attracted to both (genders)
        Pansexual- Sexually attracted to all (genders)
        Asexual- Sexually attracted to none (gender).

        Note the lack of libido in any of the above definitions. Unless we change asexual to mean “No interest in sex” but that would be etymologically incorrect, as the pattern doesn’t fit. Have a nice day.

        [heartiste: if you’re truly sexually attracted to none, then you are not getting a boner. the boner doesn’t lie. most likely, you are just garden variety bisexual.]


      • This implies that heterosexual men don’t suffer from arousal issues:

        ie, sexual attraction is directly related to arousal, therefore a lack of arousal means the lack of sexual attraction. I guess that new fad “viagra” is going to drop dead soon because all those guy who can’t get aroused simply aren’t attracted and don’t want to fuck.

        But no, there are other things that lead to arousal. Smells, situations, physical touch, all are independent of the gender or even presence of a sexual partner.


      • 80% of man who need viagra to fuck wouldn’t need viagra if their partner was an 18 year old girl with a 0.7 waist to hip ratio. They need viagra to get hard because they’re trying to fuck post menopausal landwhales


      • …When did this turn into an etymology debate ? ‘Cause if it does, I’m sure it’s time to remake the entire English thesaurus. Few words keep their etymological meaning. Neologisms are made every day.

        [heartiste: “words have no meaning”. and that, folks, is how the loser brigade gets away with saying such bullshit.]


      • Note the lack of libido in any of the above definitions.
        What. The. Fuck?

        “Asexual- Sexually attracted to none”
        Wrong. Asexual – devoid of sexuality.
        Perhaps, if you reproduce by splitting yourself in half, you can make the “asexual” claim.

        Libido – Sexual drive.

        Sexuality presumes having sexual drives.

        Now look up another word on your own, spellmeister: antonym.


      • Just because you aren’t interested in something doesn’t mean you don’t do it. For example (iffy metaphor) you do subjects you don’t enjoy in school, but they bore you senseless.
        It means a lack of attraction to people, it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of feeling pleasure. I imagine most asexuals require actual physical stimulation and cannot be visually excited by a sexual partner.


      • you do subjects you don’t enjoy in school, but they bore you senseless.

        Bad analogy. You do the subjects in school because it’s required. I don’t WANT to work my day job, but if I want food on the table and a roof over my head I must. It’s called responsibility.


    • Now you’re shifting the definition to fit your agenda. Nice tactic, but you’re insulting my intelligence (and pushing beyond the bounds of your own) with that ploy.

      Go back to throwing insults, it’s more your style.

      C’mon sis, tell us some good ones.


    • Hey dumb ass why do people who have sex,but obviously have a shitty libido fuck up and misuse the word asexual… which if you understood linguistics…


      • I’m grappling with your lack of communication skills, but I’ll give it a go:

        I don’t have a shitty libido, its quite normal to above average actually. Thank you for your concern. But no, I’m still not sexually attracted to either gender just because i get boners. Partners just happen to be more fun compared to jerking off.

        [heartiste: so let me get this straight. you get a boner, you insert that boner into men and women and get off, and yet you experience no sexual attraction. mmhmm.
        maybe you just can’t get past the idea that being part of a species with higher intelligence means things and acts will get labeled. it’s labeling! run for the hills!!]


      • Sex=/=sexual attraction.

        [heartiste: i’m not sexually attracted to obese women or men. i could never sport a boner looking at the naked bodies of obese women or men. if i could sport a boner looking at those types of people, it stands to reason that some sexual attraction component is at work there.
        is any of this getting through to you?]

        For example, I do boxing. I will spar with partners and boxing is fun. This does not mean, however, that I was boxually attracted to my sparring partner and that I was like “huh, yea, I’d wanna box you” before hand, but rather I wanted to box and he was available.

        [this analogy is so stupid it defies the courtesy of a measured consideration, but here goes. if you are boxing with someone, and you do this a lot, and seek it out, it means you probably like boxing. you are “attracted” to the sport of boxing. if you are boffing men and women, and you do this a lot, and you seek it out, it means you are attracted to those men and women you boff. if you weren’t, you wouldn’t boff them.
        no amount of sophistic lawyerly bullshit will spare you that labeling.]


      • Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/attraction

           [uh-trak-shuhn] Show IPA
        the act, power, or property of attracting.
        attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement: the subtle attraction of her strange personality.
        a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices: The main attraction was the after-dinner speaker.
        a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure; attractive feature: The chief attractions of the evening were the good drinks and witty conversation.

        Physics . the electric or magnetic force that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together.

        Your statement: But fuck it, as a sex positive asexual male I’ve enjoyed sleeping with women sexually. Its all good for a fun time, sure. Asexuality has nothing to do with one’s interest in sex, just the fact that you don’t really get a hard on looking at either men or women.

        So, therefore, you like sex with women, it’s all for a good time with women. Therefore, you are…


        Say it with me now


        Sexually attracted to women.

        It was fun pointing out that you are a dumbass, as well.


      • “For example, I do boxing. I will spar with partners and boxing is fun. This does not mean, however, that I was boxually attracted to my sparring partner and that I was like “huh, yea, I’d wanna box you” before hand, but rather I wanted to box and he was available.”

        Makes pefect sense. There is nothing sexual about sex for an asexual. It’s like any other fun activity. But that still doesn’t explain how an asexual man can get a boner if it’s not activated by sexual desire. Can you make one appear with manual stimulation or something? Or maybe you participate in bonerless sex, which I know exists?
        For asexual women sex is as just another fun activity makes way more sense. They don’t have to get anything up to do it.


      • Your cunt has to get wet, fucking a dry cunt isnt very fun.


      • Way easier to fix than a limp penis.


      • But no, I’m still not sexually attracted to either gender just because i get boners.

        So, you use a cantaloupe or a watermelon then?


      • You don’t appear to know what linguistics is yourself. Linguists do not make judgements about people’s use of language or declare that one use of a word is wrong while another is right. They observe and track changes, and do all sorts of others thing. Being a linguist is not the equivalent to being the guardian to what is and isn’t “good” or “proper” language use. So if asexuals want to adopt a term that has another definition to describe themselves, they’re perfectly right to do so. Words are capable of carrying more than one meaning, especially when the assignment between word and meaning is completely arbitrary.


      • Correction: Thanks to the counter culturalist hippies and cultural relativism “Linguists do not make judgements about people’s use of language.”

        This is thanks to years of emotional nerd lecturers spouting nonsense such as, and such as you’ve just regurgitated, that “Being a linguist is not the equivalent to being the guardian to what is and isn’t “good” or “proper” language use.”


      • Translation: I want to redefine the meaning of loser.


    • Interesting. There is something I’ve been wondering: how to asexual men manage to get erections if neither gender arouses them? Do you have sex for fun orgasms and all that? If you ever masturbate, what do you think about when you do it? I’m not being offensive, just curious.


    • “But fuck it, as a sex positive asexual male I’ve enjoyed sleeping with women sexually. Its all good for a fun time, sure. Asexuality has nothing to do with one’s interest in sex, just the fact that you don’t really get a hard on looking at either men or women.”

      Asexuality has nothing to do with one’s interest in sex!


    • Cool story bro.

      I’m a beef positive vegan. I’m very proud of my status as a vegan, and I celebrate it by eating Quarter Pounders at McDonald’s every Friday.


  127. “Court Allows Man to Seek Money from ‘Daughter’s’ Biological Dad,” Christina Ng, ABC News via Yahoo! News, 3 February 2012


  128. on February 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm Apparently Beta as [non]Fuck

    bigots ahoy!


  129. on February 3, 2012 at 4:45 pm Sarah, who returned

    You are an abomination.
    Your hatefilled rant only serves to make asexual people feel bad about themselves. Wow. I’m sure you’re really proud of yourself for that. Because that’s what you should aim for in life, isn’t it? making other people miserable?
    Oh wait. No it isn’t.
    You fill me with rage. Righteous rage, I like to think, because to me your argument (in fact every word leaving your mouth, metaphorically speaking) is ridiculous. But you actually think you’re right, don’t you? you really believe this bullshit you’re saying?
    I don’t understand you, really, I don’t.
    Personally, I think you’re an idiot. Not worthy of expressing your opinion, if you choose this way to do it. And since you choose to be spiteful, I feel justified in being spiteful myself.
    People like you are the reason that I, as an asexual, feel uncomfortable admitting to it. There is nothing wrong with me. Argue all you like, but there is nothing wrong with me. There is, however, a whole lot wrong with an asshole like you who feels the need to hate on the way I feel about people. Not even you. I don’t concern you. But I’m asexual, so your rant about asexuality includes me. Sweetheart, let me tell you this, even if I was interested in sex, your personality would still be a massive turn-off. I don’t care what you look like, you could be the most stunning-looking human being in all creation, but with a mind like that, you’re just as appealing as the most unattractive human. Wow. I’m getting personal now.
    Does that please you or infuriate you? please, because you dragged me down to your level of petty name-calling, or infuriate, because it’s not nice to have a complete stranger come up to you and tell you unpleasant things.
    I don’t know man, I just really hate your guts. But I will move on with my life, slightly more wary of the human species in general, because there are assholes like you among us, but generally positive, because we’re not all like you.
    Thank god for that 🙂

    [heartiste: losers on a stage, full of self-contradictions and unintentional irony, signifying nothing.]


    • Look at how many times the word “I” appears in the parent comment.


    • “People like you are the reason that I, as an asexual, feel uncomfortable admitting to it. There is nothing wrong with me. Argue all you like, but there is nothing wrong with me.”

      Sarah, I don’t know how old are you but if you are under 30 you might just be too young to think about sex, family etc.?

      But if you are over 30 or 35 and you never fantasized about making love to anyone or having a family, that’s a bit unusual … I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with you, but most normal people start to think about this eventually …


    • Amen!


  130. Why all the spitfire from the whacked-out equaltarians? I love the way reality grinds the delicate sensibilities of the stalwart ball-barons of liberalism.

    Do these fucktards not understand if asexuality was adopted, writ large, we would face extinction? The answer alone should provide cynosural proof, whereby rational thought leads to the obvious conclusion that that bizarre orientation is: ABNORMAL and wholly inharmonious with human nature.

    Liberalism’s eternal enemy: Mother Nature.


    • You have mistaken asexuality as something that is ‘adopted’ by a person.

      Obviously we are going to face extinction because 1% of the population is not interested in sex.

      Does it really bother you that much?


      • I was making a point that asexuality is abnormal, I employed a rudimentary thought experiment to illustrate that elementary point, cf., ([if] asexuality was adopted, writ large). My scorn was primarily aimed at the fantasy ideology of liberalism, because only fucktard liberals would seek to normalize something so utterly abnormal and out-of-line with human nature.

        It’s too bad simple logic falls short of the gent.

        And, no, I could care less if some weirdo doesn’t want sex.


    • It’s all about attention and moral vanity.


    • And that’s the reason we have overpopulation, the belief that everyone MUST reproduce for the species to survive.


    • You do know that accepting asexuality won’t suddenly make more people asexual ? It might make them aware that they are, but they won’t just become asexual all of a sudden.
      Oh, and I’m not even getting on your point about how this would make us face extinction. Because I’m sure you have never EVER used any kind of contraception. EVER. And if you have, well shame on you for leading humanity towards extinction too.


      • “You do know that accepting asexuality won’t suddenly make more people asexual?”

        No shit, Sherlock.

        “It might make them aware that they are, but they won’t just become asexual all of a sudden.”

        You don’t say.

        “Oh, and I’m not even getting on your point about how this would make us face extinction.”

        Good, because you clearly missed the point.

        “Because I’m sure you have never EVER used any kind of contraception.”

        I did about seven-hours ago.


        For ever ever, for ever ever?

        “And if you have, well shame on you for leading humanity towards extinction too.”

        Shut your cock holster!


    • Geez. I hate find out what you think of homosexuals. What about asexuality being adopted??? Excuse me. YOU don’t have any fucking clue into someone else’s orientation.


      • Well, since you’d hate to find out, I feel obliged to divulge: I have no quarrel with Peter Puffers. I accept homosexuality, and, asexuality, as irregularities that occur in nature. Again, my verbal petards were launched at the anti-nature philosophy of liberalism and those indefatigable liberals – whose rational faculty so clearly lies in abeyance – laboring to normalize the abnormal, e.g., asexuality.

        Just because I love this scene so much, I present to you, The Architect:

        While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed, thus creating the otherwise contradictory systemic anomaly, that if
        left unchecked might threaten the system itself. Ergo, those that refused the program, while a minority, if unchecked, would constitute an escalating probability of disaster.


  131. LOL I can’t believe what I just wandered into, are you people for real … all these comments talking about relationships as if love and affection meant nothing, what is even GOING ON here. Ever heard of married couples who are still head over heals after 60 years? Long distance relationships? People having accidents that cause them to be physically unable to have sex – do you think that makes their partners automatically fall out of love with them or what? You cannot control love. It doesn’t magically go away if you’re told that you can’t have sex with the person. If you haven’t figured that out yet … I guess none of you have ever been in love?? Fuck, I’ve found the hiding place of a bunch of unlucky bastards. Never mind then. You’ll get it once you’ve experienced it, trust me.


    • Such couples are rare as hen’s teeth today and always were. You’re quite wrong about love here as well. This whole business of yours is really about fear and control of masculine energy.


    • I’m confused. Your premise is that people in love are asexual? I disagree and am certain most of those loving relationships you point to started because of sexual attraction. Just because you have been told you can’t have sex does not make you asexual, otherwise, “You, ITF, are now sexual” would wreck your ideology.


    • Yeah but in all of those instances…you are physically incapable of having sex with the person because of age, illness or distance. But you still WANT to have sex with the person…and if the barrier to sex was removed u’d be shagging like rabbits.

      Love has a sexual component, because true love is the bonding of two souls both mentally and physically to produce children—children being the physical product of that love.

      What are children other than the mixing of two compatible souls? What is fucking then an attempt to become one with the other person and create something bigger than oneself?

      You guys are too influenced by the homosexual definition of love. It’s weird it’s like your all virgins or something.

      You guys are all virgins because you guys have no clue what love is.

      Our society sucks. Everyone forms such shallow relationships now because of political correctness and media brainwashing that talking nicely to your faucet head counts as love.


  132. I love the fact that this post attracted a new type of mafia. Some of them will inexplicably be attracted to the archives, and I already hear the screams of cognitive dissonances.

    But I bet the echo will be much more enjoyable in the vast corridors of the chateau. And I envy the proprietors for this upcoming sadistic blast.

    [heartiste: a masterful troll on my part, i must say!]


  133. If a woman won’t sleep with a man its because she doesn’t trust either him or herself. People of all ages are at all different stages of sexual development. Unless there is a biological/chemical issue, all the hard-wiring is there, the program just hasn’t been run. Denying the importance of sex only means a person is unawakened to it. That’s okay. As Plato described, a person must adjust to the light of truth in increments. In this case, the light is red 🙂


    • “If a woman won’t sleep with a man its because she doesn’t trust either him or herself.”

      Wrong, slut. It’s because he has not dominated her enough.

      “People of all ages are at all different stages of sexual development.”

      Pre programmed bullshit. Wont respond.

      “In this case, the light is red.”

      No. The cock is red. Red raw and wanting to thaw.


    • Nah, the issue is with her and her psychology. There are plenty of chicks that bang assholes they don’t trust.


  134. on February 3, 2012 at 6:03 pm UnconcernedCitizenness

    Sweetie, sweetie, if you’re so desperate for sex that you’re going to show this level of hatred to anybody who removes themselves from the dating pool…You probably want to get that checked out with a very kind, patient doctor. Too bad asexuality isn’t a choice, because I think you (and the human gene pool) would benefit immesurably for it.


    • on February 5, 2012 at 2:26 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

      Our sadistic desire to gain pleasure from mocking our social inferiors isn’t a choice – it’s something we’re forced to live with from our biology, and that you need to learn to be accepting of. Stop medicalizing our dislike for manipulative attention whores with your judgmental rape culture!


    • @ UnconcernedCitizenness:

      “Too bad asexuality isn’t a choice…”

      But earlier on you and your people were spazzing out at us precisely because you believed that it was indeed a choice.

      Look here, Jiggles, all I’m saying is that if you guys would just take a few minutes to get your story straight… …then I’d STILL think ‘asexuality’ was a totally gay made-up thing!


  135. This is also a left wing political statement, insofar as men are the source of all violence and evil in the world, especially in post war European lefty canon. This guy no doubt rationalizes his pennance as some sort of redemption for the sins of all men against women for all of eternity and has chosen to learn to love a woman for her true self. How limiting for a man of intellect (hopefully).


  136. I’ve seen this so many times, dudes willing to drop their beliefs and opinions at the mere thought of getting some pussy.
    Woman will cheer because it’s another chump who’s changed themselves to fit their views and Chumps will cheer because they think it’ll get them some pussy.


  137. This subset is also big into the gender neutral child raising fad among the dipshit lefty crowd.


  138. Oh, man. The evisceration of the shrieking twats in the comment section has been delicious.

    What’s most appalling about these angry asexuals is their utter obliviousness to their hypocrisy and myopic stupidity. “No right to judge, you asshole!” “You insensitive fuck, die in a fiiiiree!” Emotional instability coupled with poor character and lack of perspective has rendered them spastic screaming frothing dryheaving tards in response to blasting strobelight CR shone on the ugly terrain of human sexuality. Who are really the emotionally immature ones here, when you look a little deeper?


  139. on February 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm drunicusvandal

    Are they certain it’s only 1%? This is Great Britain they’re speaking of here. I’d have thought it closer to their percentage of homosexuals, which must be about 48%.


  140. Well-written, fucking hilarious article. Another crazy chick “hooks up” with a pussy. Timmy looks like a southern fairy to be sure with his hipster vest. That rainbow hair looks like shit. Not much else to say except that these two suck and probably shouldn’t be on the news. The flame war was funny as hell too especially the individual who wanted to cut off the author’s man meat because she disagreed with him. Awesome stuff.


  141. It is also a complete repudiation of masculine energy and values. This represents the triumph of feminine life energy over masculine, hence the smug look on the girl’s face.


  142. This is where Mary Daley gets going and it ends with a society dominated by women and perhaps 2% male. Continuous revolution leads to this end on the current trajectory.


  143. Plan A – This guy needs to quickly figure out this woman’s ovulation cycle and determine when she is next ovulating(if she isn’t he should skip ahead to Plan B). Then he needs to dress up as a caveman, go completely animal, and try to light a spark of sexual desire in her and take her to bed. If it still doesn’t work, Plan B.

    Plan B – Delete her number from his cellphone and walk away forever.


  144. To all the silly people defending Rainbow Hair Girl:
    She volunteered for this. No one drafted her to serve in the frontlines of the Culture Wars. Getting “judged” by strangers is always the main point behind volunteering for a story with photo per the BBC. Without doubt, she was expecting all sorts of envy, lust, and emo-support in response.
    Someone should tell her the truth instead.
    The dark warriors here at CH are the only truth-bringers in this sick little drama. You silly people should thank them and ask their forgiveness.
    On second thought, don’t bother asking for forgiveness, or mercy, for that matter. You have come to the wrong shop for that.


  145. I actually knew a hot girl that claimed to be asexual. She had the same weird alternative style as the rainbow hair girl seems to have; the girl was into mortuary science, dark anime, and talked about stoic logic of all things.

    Why are the sexually weird ones the socially weird ones?


    • Why are the sexually weird ones the socially weird ones?

      That’s what makes them weird. It’s almost universal that anytime someone is deviates from normal sexual behavior they will be socially weird in some form or another because the whole point of the social sphere is to aid in your sexuality.


    • The non hottest of all the girls decided to become the hottest of all the weird girls. Pretty good strategy….

      BTW Ive said this before but it seems like asexuality is the new “cutting?


    • Socially weird is sexually weird.


  146. What the screeching pantywaists forget is that asexuality IS normal – for a prepubescent child. Boys and girls are both asexual for awhile. Then you change. You change physically with puberty, and mentally with growing up and experiencing life. It’s the way of the species.

    All women are asexual… until they’re not. I dated a girl who rode horses when young. She was around the barn and saw horses mating, stallions getting sheath cleanings from the vet, all sorts of stuff. Her comment to me: “It all looked sort of stabby. No way was I letting a man do that to me.” Then she grew up, found a man who attracted her, and found out she very much enjoyed us having sex. Was she an “asexual” and then “recovered”? Hell no. She simply grew up, experienced life, and changed her vague half-formed child’s opinion based on her real-life experience as a grown-up. If some people have such serious hormone imbalances that they experience no change from puberty, they’re physically unwell. Something is wrong with them. If someone has such serious mental imbalances that they experience no change in their child-fear of sex (very likely here, given Rainbow’s hairdo), then they’re mentally unwell. Something is wrong with them.


    • True. When you’re still young, you can’t know for sure if asexuality is a permanent part of you or something that will go away. Not sure if the same can be said about people in their late 20s and 30s…


  147. What the hell, dude. Just what the hell. I am relieved to see some comments have already told you just how wrong you are.
    First of all there are asexual males, too — it’s not just about women “playing cocktease”, as you put it. Second of all, if sex is all you’re looking for in a relationship, then get in a relationship with a toy, not a person. Relationship’s about feelings too. There’s no “alpha” or “beta” in here — just being a little bit grown up. Also, I love how you keep telling that the woman’s wrong, yet show no reason why she’s so wrong. You keep insulting her, but you can’t disprove any of her points. This just brings one question from me. Why does it upset you so much that a person wouldn’t be interested in sex anyway ?

    As for the whole “it’s not natural” thing, well, that’s just being silly. Humans aren’t animal, AND there are animals who barely even have sex in their lives anyway — and of course I’m not referring here to species that reproduce without sex at all, like many aquatic animals. I can recall of various species of monkeys and apes that barely have sex as well. So how is it not natural ? Oh, right, I guess you decide what’s natural and what’s not, just like you can stick a personality on a man and a woman you’ve seen one picture of.

    By the way — it seems this is a troll article. My point still stands about the would-be non-troll comments.


  148. @ ITF:

    “Ever heard of married couples who are still head over heals after 60 years? Long distance relationships? People having accidents that cause them to be physically unable to have sex – do you think that makes their partners automatically fall out of love with them or what?”

    Sure, many of us are likely familiar with situations similar to the ones you’ve mentioned. But these examples aren’t the result of that most cringe-worthy and fatiguing of modern doctrines, ‘gender identity’.


  149. Admittedly I haven’t read all these comments, mostly because I skimmed them and had to resist the urge to vomit, but I am going to have to make a comment of my own.
    1. Love and sex are not the same thing. I understand that some people require sex in a relationship just as some people require that there is none. But to generalize it to the point where A MAN NEEDS SEX is a) heterosexist, b) sexist, c) completely false, and d) incredibly backwards.
    2. Men can be asexual too. Case in point, me.
    3. All this shit about Biological Imperatives can suck a fuck, quite frankly. While I suppose I can’t technically prove it because our ancient ancestors didn’t do exhaustive scientific studies on the subject, people have most likely always been asexual, just as there have always been gay people, trans* people, and people with mental illnesses that went without names for ages. Not to mention that even if you could classify asexuality as a “mutation” or some similar term with equally awkward connotations, mutations come about all the time. Things like red hair and blue eyes are technically “mutations”, but they certainly aren’t bad things.
    4. The last point I want to make here is that your shit about “modern equalist society” can join “biological imperatives” in the fuck-sucking pile. Nothing is wrong with Jenni, just as nothing is wrong with me or any other asexual. Just like how our biology evolves over time, so does our society. We’re finally starting to shed some of our former beliefs and realizing that not everyone is the same. While this is threatening to heterosexual, cisgender white men and their almost-monopoly over power, it’s a good thing. An environment where you are considered “broken” or “deviant” for who you are is not one anyone deserves to live in.


    • TL;DR: Dun make fun a me ;(. Booooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo. (Progressive emoting follows.)

      You are a deviant, fool. You deviate from the norm, the sane, the enjoyable and the human race continuing.


  150. The only thing missing from this is Great Books 4 Men. Where are you? LOLOLOZZZOLZOLZOLZ


  151. How do you even function in life when hearing about the workings of a consensual relationship between two people with no adverse effect on you or society inspires you to pound out a couple of pages of vitriol? Is your condition painful? Can you open your shutters without bursting into flames? I hope a physical manifestation of your rage springs out of your penis and punches you in it, except, you know, I’ll probably never hear about your existence again. Have a happy life – I know I will!


  152. on February 3, 2012 at 8:36 pm I don't get the problem

    Why the hate? What have these people done to personally offend you? Heard of live and let live, at all? They’re perfectly happy, so leave them alone.


  153. hahaha… pure betatude


  154. on February 3, 2012 at 8:47 pm An asexual, thank you very much.

    …you must have some shitty relationships if you think sex is that big of a deal.


    • You will never understand. I don’t blame you – you’re asexual and don’t have insight into sexual people’s emotions.


  155. You people honestly make me want to vomit.


  156. (1) These people are, according to your own taxomony, omegas. Not betas.

    (2) That settled, why do you care about omegas? How to they impact you? Why be so nasty, unless it’s the being nasty you enjoy?


    • I’ll go with (2). As someone said upthread, if you don’t wanna be judged, don’t spew your pathetic story for the Beeb.


  157. what a sad and unfullfilling life this person must lead. No Im not talking about the subject of the article on asexuality, Im talking about the writer of this commentary on it. To think that sex is so all emcompassing and essential, that it is the endgame of all interactions and relationships, how sad.

    Sex is great and widely appreciated and without it the species could not go on. BUT ITS NOT THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

    Commentors, get your collective heads out of your ass. No one is trying to take sex from you, the whole world is not going to turn asexual, the human race is not going to die out because 1% of the population does not expirience attraction. (and thats what asexual means by the way, lack of sexual attraction. It does not neceserally mean being celibate, never getting pregnant, never thinking about sex, or never falling in love.)

    When are people going to figure out that what goes on (or doesnt go on) in other peoples pants is NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUISNESS! No one is under any obligation to share their sexual history with you, justify their actions and feelings, or hold your hand while you figure out this whole scary asexual thing that is clearly freaking you out so very much.

    Basically, some people arent exactly like you, get over it.

    Also you might want to work on that “being a giant asshole” thing.


  158. What do “asexual” people get out of repressing their desires and pretending that they don’t exist? Do they think they’re more respectable? More evolved? I have more respect for pepole that are at least honest and say “yeah I’m ugly as fuck/beta as fuck/whatever and I’ve given up on trying to get laid/find a partner.” At least they’re taking some responsibility and being honest about their failures rather than holding these delusions of grandeur.


  159. This article is disgusting. You’re a disgrace of a writer and horrid bigot.


    • I love it how its only the most emotional sex coming on and trolling (the emotional sex and its beta faggots of course.)


  160. So, where are all these sandy vaginas coming from anyway? Jizzabel? Did Insty send you an Instalanche or something?


  161. You stupid fucks. Really? /Really?/ Are you stupid enough to think that sex is everything? Who the fuck /cares/ whether you have sex or not. Whether you /want/ sex or not. In this, you basically said ‘the whole point to dating is sex and that’s it’. No. That’s not it. Not everyone has sexual desires. I don’t. And I warn people that I don’t. If people want sex, I tell them to fuck off because I don’t want it. There’s other people to fuck, so go fuck them, I rather not be used as an outlet for 4 minutes and feel horrible about myself. You say we’re selfish? Just because we don’t want to have his penis inside us? Just because I don’t want to engage in an act that will give me no satisfaction at all? Just because we don’t want to mindlessly fuck everyone around us? You say we’re attention whores? The last thing I /want/ is sexual attention. I don’t want people trying to touch me, or handle me. Why the fuck is that so hard to understand? Why do people make such a big goddamn deal about what you do or don’t do in the bedroom? It’s none of anyone’s fucking business, It’s personal, and you shouldn’t give a fuck. If you don’t know them personally, why the fuck do you care whether or not they have sex or not? If he was so ‘sexually frustrated’, he would have left her by now. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend, but maybe he’s /not fucking dating her for her vagina./ There’s more to people than their fucking genitals. It’s as much as a disorder as you liking ketchup instead of mustard on your hamburger. You either like something, or you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with us. I don’t want kids, no. But I also know straight, sexually active people that hate kids and never want to have them either. Are you saying there’s something wrong with them as well? Because we don’t want to have our vagina’s ripped open by a fucking parasite that lives off us for 9 months? You want something, /or you don’t/. Vegetarian? Ohhh something’s wrong with you because we’re supposed to eat meat. Hate vegetables? Ohhhh something’s wrong with you because we need those to be healthly. No. It’s called personal preference, and you people need to get that through your thick as fucking steel skulls.


    • “It’s none of anyone’s fucking business, It’s personal…”

      Then why are you telling everybody that you’re asexual?

      “You say we’re attention whores?”

      You sure sound like one.

      “Are you stupid enough to think that sex is everything?”

      If men didn’t go around banging hot young chicks, then the human race wouldn’t exist…dumbass. Can you guess why much of the greatest artwork ever produced over thousands of years of human civilization involves sex and young women? Because sex with young babes is fucking awesome!!!

      “But I also know straight, sexually active people…”

      Bullshit. You’re a bitter, angry loner. You’re pissed because most people would rather be around other normal people who do normal things, instead of listening to your puerile nihilistic rage.

      Angry that most people dislike perverted lifestyles? Mad because people make judgements about what other people do, and you’re judged an idiot? Guess what…welcome to real fucking life!!!!! Get over it and move on with your life.


    • @ Michiii:

      “But I also know straight, sexually active people that hate kids and never want to have them either. Are you saying there’s something wrong with them as well?”

      Yes, I’m saying there’s something is wrong with them– they HATE KIDS! (your words, not mine). Say, isn’t your type supposed to be all about NOT hating and all that other gay stuff?


  162. Good lord. Why do you idiots have such problems with people who don’t like the same things you do? Some people have a high sex drive and some don’t have any at all. Seriously, why does it piss you people off so much?????



  163. Towards the end of these comments people started to actually have ‘reasonable’ conversations regarding the subject of this article.
    However I’m replying to all those commenters who said that all an asexual girl needs is a good fucking to cure her, if that’s the case maybe next time your unhappy or acting a bit odd one of your friends can stick a cock up you arse to make you feel better.
    That’s the attitude you have, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fix your ‘illness’.

    [heartiste: your analogy is off. straight men do not want a good fucking from a gay man. a correct analogy would be: all an asexual guy needs is a good fucking by a girl.]


    • I dunno if it would help, Heartiste – I read some stories on asexual forums, and some asexual guys dating sexual girls actually become resentful and feel like their body is being used, so if you wanna “fix” it, something else might have to do it. I’m in favor of leaving them alone and letting them call themselves asexual until they either change or die of natural causes. Even if it’s a sickness, it’s a rather harmless one, and there is no reason to take it seriously. Most people have one thing or another wrong with them, we don’t have to fix it all.


      • If he can get a boner for her he’s not as asexual as he thinks he is unless she’s feeding him Viagra or something


  164. The girl believes she’s a special magical pixie and the guy is weak enough (low T?) to believe her shit. I’m sure she enjoys the control she has over him. Or maybe she really is asexual and something is wrong with her. What’s the dude’s excuse?

    This is topical, if we’re talking about low T people.



  165. Speaking of asexuality…. House just had a pretty funny run at this “condition”


  166. Ironically, as this “Alpha” blogger makes hate speeches on the internet because there are people who, God FORBID, aren’t heterosexual, the ones he is bashing are in a happy relationship and don’t have time to make hate speeches on the internet or even care to because they’re too busy enjoying their lives with their partner, something that the author lacks. The loser who wrote this is just jealous because he can’t get any yet there are asexuals who are in a loving relationship (something which he will never experience), and also have the opportunity to get some but choose not to,

    [heartiste: asexuals — the battlefront of the sour grapes brigade.]

    a thought which the sexually frustrated author cannot comprehend. Also, the amount of sexism in both the comments and the article is incredible. I wouldn’t want to date a sexist, acephobic, and homophobic piece of shit like this guy, either. Maybe if he learned to accept others rather than hate every little difference he wouldn’t be writing hate speeches on the internet right now as he might actually get a girlfriend. Hope the author is looking forward to a life of sexual frustration. Meanwhile, us asexuals, who are clearly the scum of the Earth and should rot in Hell, will continue on with our lives and being happy whether we are in a relationship or not.

    [funny, you don’t sound happy.]


    • Why women should not be allowed to vote: not one thing critical in this whole, long winded, gas baging, text wall.

      PMS somewhere else toots.

      TL;DR: You’re mean! ;( Don’t be so mean! Oh and I hope you fuck off and die a slow, torturous, death.


  167. Some people are just “born that way.” Some people have ovaries and testies. Some people are gay. Some people don’t ever feel horny. ever.

    But getting upset about it is waste of energy. Trying to change them, if it’s biological/inborn and not just stress or temporary reaction (childbirth) is dumb.

    “Hey you, stop being horny!” “stop looking!” ok- did you stop? No? Waste of time, right? move on already.

    It is what it is. Simply do not date somebody who is a-sexual unless you never want to get laid.

    And stop getting upset about biological oddities. Not everybody is born with the right number of chromosomes.


  168. “Seriously, here’s why this is bullshit – lets presume for a moment our little pixie is asexual and has no desire to engage in sexual behavior – what’s stopping her from sexually satisfying her Beta BF?”

    Because she’s repulsed.


  169. on February 4, 2012 at 1:41 am Felix Buckman

    Asexuality is a form of “nerd terrorism”. Nerds seem to have this desire to inflict their weirdness onto to society. They do this by forming political & identity groups that they force normal people to cater to. They do this by annoying & shaming normal people into tolerating them. Basically “terrorizing” society into accepting their demands. It is a way for nerds to dominate society without having to do anything meaningful to gain that dominance.


    • Never give into the terrorists. Breath freely and mock an “asexual” deviant today.


    • You have absolutely no idea how right you are. This is pretty much the origin of Marxism. Marx was not 100% wrong about everything, but he was essentially a miserable shut-in who knew fuck-all about the nature of the proles but in his low self-esteem loved victimological narratives.

      It used to be that nerds acknowledged they were at the bottom of a certain pecking order and focused on their strengths, and if they were lucky they may have got hotter partners than they otherwise would because they focused on being alphas in their field (e.g. musicianship etc). Nowadays, the nerd wants to deconstruct the pecking order and in its place construct a flimsy fantasy that frames his or herself in a better light, rather than sucking it up and learning to improve himself.


  170. I had a female best friend in high school.
    She claimed that she was asexual.
    For years and years she claimed this.

    Then I discovered game and started learning it.
    As I was changing, she started revealing more and more.
    It turned out she was a major slut and just not owning up to it.
    We’re talking hamster on warp drive.

    I became friends with a number of the big name PUA gurus.
    One of them told me my game would be stuck until I dropped her as a friend.
    I listened to him and wouldn’t you know it, once I dropped her,
    My game took off to the stratosphere.

    Not having her around as an anchor to the false and negative believes I learned from her was the catalyst.

    So when I read this thread, I have to laugh,
    That rainbow haired girl is fucking everything in sight and just not talking about it.


    • Lesson here for other men: You know some asexual deviant? Drop them as a friend and watch your game skyrocket.


  171. If a woman says she’s asexual, she should have no say or concern if the man finds a woman on the side to get what he needs. Of course, she has no one to blame but herself if he finds he can get everything she has to offer, and more elsewhere.


  172. You all are pretty despicable in your behavior (Why. Seriously, WHYYYY??? Come on.There’s no point to this assholery. It doesn’t do anything for anybody.). I could’ve respected your ideas if you actually put more thought into them and considered different points of view in a respectful unbiased manner, but the things you’re saying are just cruel. THEY’RE HUMAN BEINGS AND DESERVE RESPECT AS SUCH (How hard is that to understand?!??) That, and they weren’t thought out very well…
    Seriously, just because something is different from you and you can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The way YOU live life isn’t the only way to live it. It’s not the only reality, the only possibility. There’s a hell of a lot more to life than what you or anyone else as an individual knows. And if you can’t realize that, then you must have serious issues with logic/reality and a selfish heart. >:/
    So next time you see something as wrong with the world, word of advice: Life is like a mirror. When you point at an imperfection or something you don’t like, just think… Where does it point back?
    And with that, I bid you farewell because I sure as Hell won’t be coming back here of my own free will. Somehow I doubt I will get any responses different from the immature stuff I’ve already seen. e_____e


    • Heartiste, can you start adding their email username at the end of each post. It will be interesting to see what these femcunts look like. It adds necessary context (like with that iMyMy bint).


  173. Over 300 comments just for trashing a totally trashable beta? Has there ever been such a massive response before after a post in the Chateau? Let me see if I fully get this, we are criticising the behaviour of one of our own male group… why on earth are there comments about rape and misogyny then? People (trolls I might add) know nothing about our the sexual reality we’re living in, even the guys on the BBC -supposed to be a seriously prestigious broadcaster- come up with a BS story of a young definitively confused couple. Sex and BS are the strongest forces in this human reality.


  174. on February 4, 2012 at 3:01 am Felix Buckman

    O’yeah, Janeane Garofalo is an asexual. HAHAHAHA



  175. alpha? beta? omega? sure. but…how are dogs using the internet in the first place? except the alpha/beta ‘dominance’ theory has been debunked even in wolves. so i guess y’all are just unmitigated losers, and i apologise to the canine population for my heinous assumption.

    [heartiste: stop being obtuse. alpha/beta are useful borrowed terms that describe a very real human hierarchical power dynamic. plz take your nerdboy semantics ejaculations to the mensa club where they will give you the intellectual poseur handjob you so desire.]


  176. Okay, but here’s the thing: why does it matter to you? You are never going to end up in a relationship with an asexual person. Why does Tim and Jenni’s relationship bother you so much? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. Why are you so concerned about this?

    Your obsession with the sex lives of two people who are complete strangers to you is downright creepy. Their relationship has no affect on you. They are happy so let them be. The end.


  177. “It’s probably fused shut at this point, kind of how the skin of morbidly obese corpses will fuse with the couches they died on.”

    She healed up and haired over.


  178. Holy shit. This blog hasn’t inspired such epic levels of butthurt in a very long time.

    Suck it down, TVTropes readers.


  179. Go die in a fire


  180. I am in a platonic marriage. My legal husband and I however, began with a sexual relationship. He got old and his needs changed, and I was not up to the challenge. We stuck it out and “strengthened the things that remained”.

    However, this was after some years of bonding through very intense sexuality.

    Sex may not be the be-all and end-all of a loving relationship, but without it, you are just friends. You may have a very strong interest in their wellbeing, but it remains solely emotional, and not both emotional and physical. You haven’t shared each other’s body fluids on a consistent basis, and you haven’t truly surrendered to one another the way that lovers do.

    This is not to say that a start to finish platonic relationship can’t be very good for someone. It’s just not doing the same thing that a sexual relationship does.

    Think of it like breast feeding. A man’s need for sex is kind of like a baby’s need to suckle. Sure, they can survive without it, and a bottle will do the job of delivering milk, but the baby is not getting the same things.

    One of the important things a baby gets from breastfeeding and that a man gets from sex with a woman he loves is confirmation that the woman truly loves him as a doing and not just a feeling or a saying, and enjoys fulfilling his physical needs.

    If an asexual (or age adjusted sexual) person wishes to have a healthy partnership with a sexual person, they either need to open the relationship to additional partners or compensate for their lack of genital enthusiasm. A relationship may not be all about the sex, but sexuality isn’t all about the genitals either.

    It is cruel and selfish to monopolize someone sexual’s time and attention without assisting with their getting their needs met. There is a whole lot the non genital partner can do to help out. If they don’t, then it’s not that they’re asexual, but that they have an aversion to sex, which is as dysfunctional as having an aversion to something like chewing food.

    The asexual playing house with sexual people is like a person who wishes all food was in pill form so they wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of masticating in order to receive nourishment.


    • “However, this was after some years of bonding through very intense sexuality.

      Sex may not be the be-all and end-all of a loving relationship, but without it, you are just friends.”

      This is true. Oxytocin is the bonding hormone. Without it, we cannot “bond” with people (trust, love, etc.). The two events in a person’s life which release the most oxytocin are sex and orgasm; women have the largest outpouring of oxytocin at childbirth. If you’ve ever met any woman who has given birth she’ll probably tell you that giving birth makes her automatically love her child. That’s oxytocin.

      Asexuals will never have that explosion of bonding and trust: biomechanics is god. Sure, we can get little sips of oxytocin by hugging or cuddling, but it’s nowhere near the intensity of orgasm. Which is one of the reasons why if you get a girl to orgasm repeatedly she will be in love with you (or very close to it).


  181. This is what happens when you allow homosexuals and the pill to separate sex and love from procreation and raising a family in a male/female union.

    True love is when you combine with another person sexually to create ‘little clones’ of your partner and also combine with them mentally to raise said children as a newly formed family unit.


  182. Off topic/

    If you’re a tatooed biker and you want your kids to be raised by a multimillionaire ex-moviestar, this sucker’s girlfriend is right for you:



  183. In a healthy relationship, both people choose to be a part of it. His choice to be in a relationship with her is his choice. A relationship is based on significantly more than just sex and for some that is enough. You don’t need to be cruel and insensitive because you would not make this choice. I find it very disheartening that you put so much time and effort into belittling people you don’t even know (not that knowing them would make it acceptable, it just makes me wonder at the fact you actively had to go looking for this.) Just as one doesn’t choose to be sexual, or homosexual (which is also not something that would make sense in regards to evolution), asexuality isn’t something you would choose to be.


    • on February 5, 2012 at 2:44 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

      “Choices” born of desperation are not a true choice. The guy didn’t “choose” a sexless relationship – he’s just too beta to realize he’s got other options, and this chick is never going to have a change of heart and suddenly decide she wants him for sex instead of as a neutered lap poodle.


  184. Heartiste, I have been curiously following your blog for a while and I am left to logically conclude that you must hate yourself.
    Here’s why: You deplore the awful hook-up culture and the feminism that you believe has led to it. Then, you teach other men game to succeed in the hook-up culture. However, if every man runs game–then the hottest & kindest women–the ones less likely to be “sluts” will be pumped,dumped and never married. These women will then become bitter men-haters.
    Society becomes worse.

    Say men take your advice and marry women younger than them. Those younger women will be twice as likely to cheat. So these men will be committing resources to women that will be more likely to cheat and divorce men.

    The women who are not attractive, you encourage to lose weight. However, if the woman is unattractive even after the weight loss then she must be relegated to spinisterhood/being treated badly.

    If the collapse of marriage occurs, which game will hasten–then more women will have children out of wedlock. Men running game don’t care so much about kids. More single women raising boys means that more boys will be criminals.Society collapses.

    You acknowledge that game only makes a woman’s life worse. However,it also makes a man’s life worse. He will never get married and only have long partnerships with women. He will never have kids. the whole purpose of sex is to bring your genes into the next generation. You won’t have kids heartiste, which means you are a biological failure.

    The only way to prevent this crumble will be for society to return to the 50’s. It won’t happen. When women see men are reluctant to provide them security, they will be even more likely to go to school and get jobs and so on and so forth.
    Your use of game is unlikely to make anyone wake up. I would like to see whether you have a plan that would make society better
    but I think that you just wish to see society collapse, free-ride/have sex with many women and mock the men who wish to take care of women.

    Also, your mocking of betas.


  185. I’m just going to calmly swallow my rage and try to answer this with a little more decency than this article’s author.
    First of all in the article the guy, or as you like to so kindly dub him “the beta”, is dating a girl who is asexual.
    When you date someone, it is CONSENSUAL. She isn’t making him date her, she was being completely honest and telling him she had no desire for sex. That fact that he continued to date her shows he accepts her this way and he won’t leave her just because she doesn’t want to have sex. He can stop dating her, she can stop dating him, and the fact that they have this option and stay together anyway is, in my opinion, very touching and sweet.
    Being asexual isn’t “wrong”. Sure, you can say its “different”, but that doesn’t mean an asexual person is a cock-tease or a feminist who hates male genitalia. It means that he or she is asexual. That is all there is to say on the matter.


  186. Heartiste, I honestly have trouble understanding how you handle all these trolls. Keep up the good work and don’t let their indignant, hate-filled ramblings affect you!


  187. Why don’t you just take her?
    When you want cattle,
    you take the cattle.
    When you want food,
    you take the food.
    When you want a woman…
    you just take the woman.
    Why don’t you just take her?

    – Jefe speaking to El Guapo on women.. (From the movie Three Amigos)

    This is probably the best alpha advice I can find for this moron. Seriously.. I had a chick just like this that I knew and had a beta bf.

    I never knew her last name nor took her on a date… but I took de woman after getting to know her for three hours in a group setting and speaking to her for about two minutes.

    And yes.. she was an asexual (which is BS), had the same hair and had the sailor moon meets punky brewster meets s8terboi appearance.

    They are some of the best lays you can find if you can get them out of their shell, small frames, excellent bodies and years of Yoga and flex classes turn them into sex toys for my own personal amusement.

    Her last words to me were (I shit you not).. ” I would’ve swallowed” after blasting her face.


  188. I heard this story on NPR this morning:


    Awesome example of a supplicating beta and a woman determined to have whatever she wants. How romantic!


  189. @ King: That wasn’t meant to be sarcastic. Dan made an excellent observation: sexual attraction won’t exist if there is nothing to cause it. I was agreeing with him that if a woman is raised around betas she would not develop strong sexual urges and would become attracted to feminine men because the impetus for desire would not be there (much like the lack of people in the forest.) Hope that clarifies, but you’re under obligation to give a damn 🙂

    @Ben: To be dominated, one must trust their partner or themselves, wouldn’t you agree? It seems quite clear to me some people are sexually stunted, stagnant, or accelerated at various times in their life and not everyone is at the same level. Red light was being used as a symbol of sex (red light district) not stop light red. If your cock is raw you might want to try some ointment. And please refrain from referring to me as a slut. It simply isn’t accurate.


  190. Gahaha! When will I learn to proofread. *you’re under NO obligation to give a damn.* sigh


  191. I don’t get why this post is attracting so much hatred. It’s fairly mild by Heartiste standards.


  192. Posts like this make me glad to be part of the Manosphere and give the righteous smackdown to the asexual evolutionary losers.

    Yo Sarah, ya ain’t normal. You’re an outlier but as is obvious by your rage, you’d prefer not to be such.

    Or, you’re just fat and undesirable.

    If you’re fat, you can lose weight and the bell curve won’t be so unyielding.

    If you’re an outlier, shut the fuck up… Heartiste has some Charisma posts to work on so please stop distracting him.


  193. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are insecure idiots like you who feel the need to assert their masculinity by claiming anyone who isn’t an overly-promiscuous heterosexual has something wrong with them. But really, you’re such an asshole that even the jaded can say “Wow, I didn’t know they made losers in that shade of pathetic.”

    That there are actually comments supporting you makes me sick.


  194. Hi Tumblr…

    If you are truly asexual, more power to you. Be asexual like the grass is green. Live in peace and harmony with the world. You need not justify your state of being to anyone.

    If you are a garden variety beta male, and actually happy with your life, then power to you as well.

    The thing is if you were actually happy with your life, then article wouldn’t hurt you, any more than calling me a ‘retard’ would hurt me.

    Consider that your psychological response to the article is akin to religious fanatic’s response to defilement of a precious holy book. Maybe we are just wanton assholes here. But consider the possibility that your beliefs are false.

    Read some of the archives of this blog. I promise it will hurt. The truth often does.


  195. Wow. Just wow.
    My first thought was: are you real?
    Because, you know, sometimes people just for troll-y fun write stupid stuff in all seriousness. And when one is aware of such things, when one is met with such level of stupidity online, one wishes it was still just a troll.

    I honestly doubt you’re just a troll having fun with subjects you don’t really undertand. And I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that you actually write such nonsense that you could even be mitaken with a troll or the fact that if you were an annoying, offensive troll it would still be an improvement on a closedminded idiot, you actually seem to be.


  196. Save us, GBFM! I’m sorry I ever complained about your spelling and general incoherence! This tidal wave of angry earnest self-righteous dweebiness makes me long for just one llzloozlzollozolzl!


  197. Let’s just go through this entry point by point, and prove how wrong you are in each and every one of them.

    First of all, you state: “I’m trying to picture how musty and cobwebbed her vagina must be. It’s probably fused shut at this point, kind of how the skin of morbidly obese corpses will fuse with the couches they died on.”

    Now, this is essentially the one strategy you use as the basis of your entire argument: an ad hominem attack. The thing is, though, this just doesn’t work as a strategy of argumentation because you’re not attacking asexuality as a whole, you’re attacking one girl and using her to be essentially what the entire asexual community acts like — which, for the record, it isn’t. Indeed, the ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy, taking attention away from the actual arguments and just making you appear more of a bigot than you actually (probably) are. Moreover, you fail to attack anything else about this community – I doubt you even looked it up or did any research into it – and so you seem to believe that attacking this one girl *will* hurt all of us.

    Newsflash: it doesn’t. It just makes us angry. So now that I’ve attacked your main argumentation strategy, I will ignore it in all future instances and simply focus on your other arguments.

    Moving on, you contend: “I wonder if she’s ever shoved anything up her puss to get off? If so, that would put the lie to her assertion that she has no desire for sex.”

    This is simply untrue. Asexuals do not feel sexual attraction towards others, which means that they simply have no need for a partner with which to pleasure themselves. They are not attracted to themselves, either. Some, indeed, choose to be sexually active, some have libidos, and some choose not to be. That is where the choice aspect of asexuality comes in. For example, I am an asexual who is repulsed – I refuse to have sex, and I feel no sexual attraction – and I choose not to masturbate. My sister, however, is indifferent (and asexual), which means that she would be willing to compromise on whether she would have sex or not. The point is, though, neither of us get anything out of it, or of other people. So yes, asexuals can masturbate, and no, that doesn’t invalidate our orientation.

    Your next point: “More likely, she just fears and loathes male sexuality. I bet her nightmares consists of 3D penises raining down on her like ICBMs scarring the sky with cum contrails.”

    You provide no logic for this, and your point comes completely out of nowhere. In addition, once again, this is simply untrue. First of all, you assume all asexuals are “straight” or heteroromantic; what happens in your scenario when an ace is homoromantic? Are her nightmares some kind of vagina-projectile? Secondly, this doesn’t make sense. If she fears and loathes male sexuality, how could she handle being in a relationship with a sexual male, even if he is a so-called “beta?” Your logic – well, your lack of logic – is more entertaining than anything. I must say that the image of flying dicks amused me quite a lot.

    You then go on to state: “Just when you thought the world couldn’t possibly have enough self-hating beta males willing to sacrifice a basic human need for the company of weirdo übercockteases.”

    Which is ad hominem again, so I’ll just attack three words in the middle of that: “basic human need.”

    Where it is true that reproduction is what makes the human race grow larger, what you are essentially contending is that sex should be all-important to everyone ever and that those who don’t have it – for any amount of time – are worthless human beings. Not only this, but that sex is needed for all people to survive – this, I would assume, would include not only asexuals (which, again, is simply incorrect) but people who have had past sexual trauma, lesbians, gays, and everyone else who is marginalized not only by people like you but by popular media.

    If you can’t see the problem with this, let me explain: it’s just not true. I’ve been celibate for 22 years, and I’m getting along fine. I don’t plan to change that any time soon. If you start trying to picture my vagina, that makes you more a misogynist and a part of the rape culture than anything, which is not worth my time to argue about. Moving on.

    “Tim, when a girl you met has told you that she doesn’t like sex and will never have sex, your first thought should’ve been “I just wasted thirty dates with this insufferable cocktease. How do I get away from her before my emasculation is total?” At the very least, return the favor by using her as a pawn to meet other girls.”

    So now all asexuals are manipulative bastards? Because clearly love can’t exist without sex, just like sex can’t exist without love.

    Oh wait, that’s not actually true.

    Next: “Congratulations, Timmy, you sicken the world of normal men and inspire the pity of normal women. When you masturbate away all that pent-up energy, lay down a tarp with a ten yard clearance.”

    Ad hominem.

    Also, unless you’re using the word “normal” in the statistical sense, which I doubt because you never cite any statistics, that phrase becomes doubly offensive, especially as you stated just a few sentences ago that so-called “beta males” are becoming more and more common. You refute your own points in your arguments.

    “Maybe Jenni really is clinically asexual. Maybe her brain is missing a few synapses. I can abide that possibility. Or maybe, she feels no sexual attraction because all she dates are betas. In which case, one date with an insensitive jerk who isn’t an uuuuunderstanding wet noodle should clear her condition right up.”

    Again, ad hominem.

    And now we’re advocating that rape would “cure” asexuals? Maybe having sex with another man would “cure” your straightness. Or maybe a chicken, and that could “cure” your non-beastiality urges. This is essentially what you’re advocating. Remember what I said about rape culture? This is where it comes to a head.

    “This is the problem with the modern, equalist society: nothing is wrong with anything.”

    When did equality become a bad thing and why was I not notified? Also, that’s not true. Something is wrong with you if you have cancer. Something is wrong with you if you’re a bigot. Something is wrong with you if you have an STD. Something is wrong with you if you’re a serial killer. The list goes on.

    Asexuality isn’t on that list, just like homosexuality isn’t, just like heterosexuality isn’t. They’re all viable sexual orientations.

    “Instead of demanding people pretend you’re normal, embrace your wrongness. Wear it proudly, you princess of deviancy, you queen of crazy.”

    Is she pretending she’s normal? No. We don’t pretend we’re “normal,” whatever that really means; again, I’m going to assume you mean statistical normalcy, despite the lack of any hard evidence to back up anything you say.

    I’m weird – I’m weirder than Jenni, in your world – not only because I’m a panromantic asexual, but because I’m a nerd. Because I enjoy looking for homoerotic subtext in stories. Because I write. Because I’ve been suicidal. I *do* wear my weirdness as a crown. Telling us to do something we’re already doing doesn’t insult us or invalidate us, it just makes us more proud. I have never been ashamed to be ace, and I never will be, no matter how much people like you shame me.

    “But she never will, because, ultimately, chicks like her are selfish cunts. And when a selfish cunt meets a selfless dweeb, the penis loses.”

    Clearly the penis is the king and ruler of everything in my life. BOW TO THE PENIS. RESPECT THE PENIS. OBEY THE PENIS. THE PENIS MUST RULE YOU.

    … in case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.

    Also, ad hominem. Again.

    If I’ve been unnecessarily bitchy at any point during this, I apologize sincerely and completely. But understand that I am not broken just because I do not want a penis inside of me at all times.

    [heartiste: TLDR.
    executive summary: RESPECT THE COCK.
    that’s the most sense you’ve made.]


    • If you didn’t read it, dear Heartiste, then you have no right to criticize me.

      Also, in case you didn’t read that one tiny line, THAT. WAS. SARCASM.

      PS: my sister pointed this out when I sent it to her [and she, unlike you, read it]: I quote: I think that although you argue very well, you clearly devoted more time of your life to this than this asshole is worth.

      And that is very true. I will waste no more time being invalidated by you.


      • More like:


        Seriously, you didn’t have to waste all that time writing. You could have just emailed Heartiste your mobile number.


    • [quote]BOW TO THE PENIS.[/quote]

      I wish more girls were as switched on and as enlightened as you are.


  198. on February 4, 2012 at 8:03 pm John Norman Howard

    What is this “relationship” of which the lefty libtards here keep bloviating?

    The only relationship clown wig girl seems capable of is with a rainbow-coloured unicorn that shits skittles.


  199. I’ve never met an asexual, but a female cousin of mine roomed with one during college. Said asexual, one or two years later, became a slut with a penchant for heavy drinking, marijuana and casual sex, pretty much every night. I imagine it was just a rationalization on the soi-disant asexual girl’s part because she was dating boring betas.

    Also, with her hair dyed multiple unnatural colors, one can’t help but think that she’s a slutty rocker grrl just dying for the right man to set her off. She probably thinks it’s abnormal to have no sexual desire for her boring boyfriend, so she thinks there’s some crossed wires in her libido. I can’t imagine a genuine asexual doing something as attention whorey as rainbow hair.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up cheating on him if an alpha crosses her path. The BBC, being an appendage of the liberal cancer, will of course not report on this as it would hurt the feelings of one of the aberrant “lifestyle choices” enshrined in the liberal pantheon.


  200. lol this started out as the dumbest comments thread ever.

    But i couldnt look away from the trainwreck and now it’s my favorite. I heart runbyateapot lol keep doin your thang man


  201. What if asexual girls are just women who have been fucked so hard and so well in the past, that they don’t want to fuck anyone else for fear that it will never measure up and overwrite their memory of the grand fucking?

    In all likelihood asexuals are just people with really shitty genes, and their asexuality is just nature’s way of keeping the gene pool safe.


    Awww, u mad?


  202. Most of the guys posting here are either young or in the lucky 30% so I’ll throw my 2 cents in.

    I am 41 years old, and my legal husband is 57. About 7 years ago, our relationship turned platonic because he got older and his needs changed, and we were no longer able to meet each others’ sexual needs.

    So, in order to stay together, we opened the relationship. However, when we did we noticed something very interesting. Though we aren’t able to meet each other’s physical needs, we are still very concerned about one another’s sexual needs being met. If one of his partners were to harm him, I would take that very personally, and he takes it very personally if one of my partners harms me. We still take care of each other sexually/romantically, just not with our genitals.

    Every marriage eventually turns platonic unless they both die before aging or other of life’s tragedies happen. Thing is, up until that point, the sex facilitates bonding much the same way breast feeding facilitates bonding between a mother and child. Sure, a baby can survive without it, but things are just not going to be the same. All sorts of measures have to be taken to compensate when a mother cannot breastfeed.

    If a person is asexual and chooses to enter an intimate partnership with a sexual person and does not assist in getting their sexual needs met, they are not really that person’s spouse or mate. They can play house as much as they like, but they are not getting the level of bonding sexual people can achieve in love.

    Also, inability to mate is a disability the same as any other kind of touch aversion. It is symptomatic of some sort of physical or mental illness.

    So where as humans, in a civil society, you may demand what is generally believed to be human dignity, you are not, in Nature, entitled to any consideration whatsoever. Fortunately, humans tend to be compassionate when they can afford to be, but make no mistake, it is compassion and mercy that you are asking for.

    Rather than get all pissy because someone points that out, you may want to think long and hard about how you would compensate a partner for an inability to have sex. If it is simple asexuality as in you are not a sexual person at all, then you should not falsely advertise yourself as a sexual person. Don’t get involved in pair bonding type relationships with sexual people who don’t already have a partner. You would only be feeding each others’ dysfunction. They would be with you not because they love you, but because they hate themselves.

    If it is just an aversion to intercourse, then you need to learn to be creative and joyfully so, to compensate for the lack of genital involvement/reciprocation in sexual encounters with sexual people. You could even get a sexual friend and be a package deal. Help with the touching.

    There are many things you can do to make things work. The precedent is already there for you in millions of old and disabled people. If you need ideas, ask someone. Just don’t try to label sex aversion or touch aversion as “asexuality” and make other people feel bad for wanting sex.

    That has to be the worst think about *you people*. You use old puritanical arguments like “sex isn’t everything in a relationship”, and expect people not to notice. Sex isn’t everything, but it is a very important thing. Without the sex, you’re friends or maybe adopted siblings. Take some responsibility for the kinds of relationships you want to have, and if you’re going to have them, understand that there are duties. If you can’t get it done with your own parts, you need to find a way to compensate. If you don’t then you’re just overly entitled and selfish.


    • TL;DR: I’m a cougar has been. I’m with some smart dude that has convinced me to clean his house while he bangs young sluts. Because of this I believe I have a unique and beautiful perspective on this issue. Watch how enlightened I am as I take the time to emotionally ejaculate this pseudo critical, woman, textwall.


      • Ben, though I’m not at all what you assume that I am, I do understand why you would make that assumption.

        However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman continuing to take care of her man when he is old. My husband means more to me than a penis. Sure, the dick was good…phenomenal. Men get old though, and I don’t think they should be punished for this.

        A real marriage is for life, so it requires people to be able to handle life. Stuff happens, and if you don’t think you can handle that, don’t get into long term relationships.

        I’m female. It is not beneath me to clean toilets, wash dishes, and cook meals. It is an expression of my love as much as having sex with him was. I am happy to serve him. He is worth serving…and I am not the only one who thinks so.

        All women become “has beens” eventually. So to call me this is not an insult. It’s just a fact. I’m over 40 and do not have the sexual mass appeal that I did when I was 16. However, I have contributed more to humanity than the hole between my legs, and still have many years to offer even more. I’ve done things with my time on this Earth that most women wouldn’t even dream of doing. Partly because of these things, I’ve won the love of men to whom most women are just holes and no more.

        So I’ve had a good run. If you’re gunning for regrets, I have very few. One of them is not telling enough people who do think it’s beneath a woman, no matter how educated and talented, to make a damned sammich, to go fuck themselves.


  203. God, this article is almost laughable, there I was thinking that this was all a joke, but apparently it isn’t, such a pity.
    You’d be excellent at sarcasm, you know that?
    I suppose you also hate black people, for being black and not white? Or better yet, I bet you discriminate disabilities, you worthless bastard.
    Why does it bother you whether or not she partakes in sexual activities? She’ll never affect your life, nor will he. If they say they’re both happy, why do you give a single shit about them? Could your life be that inadequate and pathetically worthless? Life isn’t about sex. And do not try to disagree with that comment. At the beginning of our evolution is was necessary for as many people as possible to mate and reproduce, now? It is not.
    Our population is already far too overpopulated to the point it was never supposed to reach, we’re sustained for now, not every little precious 16 year old needs to get pregnant too keep a steady flow of babies popping out of her vagina so the world doesn’t collapse.
    We’ve adopted new ways, we’re new people now then we were thousands of years ago. Mankind isn’t in caves anymore dear one, we’ve “grown up” essentially. Man can fuck man, woman can fuck woman, I don’t give a shit. If they’re happy, I don’t care. Their lives don’t affect mine, I have my own aims. If he’s with her, he’s obviously happy. Sex is just an action, the intimacy behind it can be shown in other ways. if you seriously believe all men are sex-driven wild animals you’re looking in the wrong place hun.
    And that brings me too my final point. That man there, Tim. Is obviously more of a man then you, or any of your sad and pathetic little commenters could ever DREAM too be. Your so called “real-man” where you relish the idea that a real man is the sort of man who takes a woman when he sees her, takes control, and even “rapes” her is so terribly wrong you seem uneducated. This “real man” fantasy of yours is NOT a real man, but a pathetic, stupid, and worthless dick with narcissistic tendencies and violent outbreaks. He’s the sort of man we MOCK in our culture. Sad, pathetic little man who can’t control his feelings, with the brain a size of a pea. A REAL man is almost the polar opposite, he isn’t controlled by woman, nor does he control woman. He respects them as human beings, and his life isn’t dominated by sex. A respectful “gentlemen” is a man who falls in love with not only body, but most importantly her, or his mind. A “gentlemen” is also heavily lusted after by woman, so these men that you ostracized are most likely getting more woman then your “real man” anyway.

    The comments too this did indeed make me laugh though, those which agree with the i’d-sort-her-out-she-should-be-raped-MAN-POWER truly are the lowest of our society. Are you all still butthurt that woman are now seen as equals? Do you feel sad because your little brain and puny dick wont get you anywhere in life so you demean woman to try get a sense of power? You’re the sort of men that woman wouldn’t touch with a stick, you’re the sort of men that men laugh at. You’re lowlife, uneducated, slimy men who’ve I’ve deduced will most likely spend their remainder of their lives alone, depressed, unsatisfied, unappreciated, frustrated, and *shrugs* the cherry on top? Most likely going to be stuck in the same dead end routines they are now.

    Have a good day you apes! Well, the trip to this forum was enjoyable, like going to the zoo! You under evolved species will surely evolve sometimes wont you? for now we’ll just leave you in your dirty cages and laugh at you from afar.


    • You’re wrapped too tight. You and the other whiners in this thread need to get laid more.

      Notice that the critics of this asexual couple spice their comments with humor, while the advocates of asexuality are angsty and full of vitriol, as well as utterly humorless.

      Orgasms are like breakfast to the mentally balanced, as important as sleep or nutrition to our well-being.


  204. At first I thought this was just going to be toss-away post, something that was mentioned in passing and would be lost soon to the next topic.

    And then hater’s heads started exploding everywhere and hamster heart attacks galore and I realized that this is one of the greatest Lie Perishing Posts ev-ah! Bravo!

    ( and I, too, sense the need for GBFM to add his two lzol-lzollz to it )


  205. The most omega of men always seem to be British.


  206. @ Anon (February 4, 2012 at 11:11 pm):

    I, a man, find myself intimdated by your strength and independence.


  207. It’s sad how society has beaten down male sexuality to the point where wanting sex is seen in the same light as being obsessed with sex.

    [heartiste: true. never forget what feminism is at its core: a loathing of male desire.]


    • A loathing of male desire for women younger than the ringleaders of the movement.


      • I think this is more to the point. There is the minority of Lesbians and sexually broken, but for the most part it is an ugly (mostly on the inside) women with a grudge being funded by corporations for whom it is better that humans be more drone like.

        It is better for both, so they think, that men be more docile and satisfied with less.


  208. I picked this thread up at comment 525. 525! This must have hit the target!

    Anyway, look at the look on her face: it says “I have been running this guy around in circles and he is dumb enough to play along — and I will be bending over and making available all my orifices to the first BadBuy(tm) who treats me like a doormat. Giggle.”

    Timmy, if you are reading this: take that Red Pill before it is too late!


  209. I meant “BadBoy,” not “BadBuy” in my prior post, though come to think of it, “BadBuy is probably just as accurate!

    Why the hate? What have these people done to personally offend you?

    I suppose it is because it is a cultural thing in which females pretend to not want sex as a means to gain power over men. This allows them to select out any guy who is dumb enough to fall for their “let’s be just cuddle buddies” routine; then once a BadBoy(tm) shambles along, she will bend over for him. Of course, when BadBoy(tm) gets a little too abusive, she will go running in tears back to the Tims of the world.

    Now what if Timmy were to say, “Scr*w you, girl, if you do not want to have sex, then get out of my life!” I’ll tell you what would happen: her power over men would evaporate in a flash. And that’s good for men (and for women who want to be honest). Next time around, she would know she can not play her little games.

    Aside from that, I’ve seen too many people go through life with this self-deceit, pretending that they do not want to have sex when they really do. And let us not forget, for a female such as Jenni (who is not bad looking) to have sex, all she would have to do is put on a short skirt, go to any singles club, bar, dance hall or church meeting, bend over, and then wait for the guys to stop lining up for her vagina. But for Timmy? His options as a decent young man are very limited, and more so limited by his decision to fall into the world of asexuality.

    So call this a demand for the truth to out.


  210. on February 5, 2012 at 6:38 am The Man of Mystery

    You’re kidding me right? Asexuality is COMPLETELY unfair to the “sexual” person in the relationship. If you want to be asexual fine, but you’re asking an enormous sacrifice from the sexual person if you want to have a relationship. Just date other asexuals. Problem solved. But you don’t want that, do you. No, you don’t want to be “limited.” Sexual people should just castrate themselves psychologically because you bring so much else to the table?

    Wonder exactly what that is? I’m accepting of asexuals, but i think asexuals that choose to be in a relationship with sexuals are denying them a basic need and pleasure and are evil.


    • Now you’re just being ridiculous – it’s not up to you to decide for the people in the relationship, it’s up to them.

      Not everyone equates love with sex. Some people legitimately prefer the romantic side of relationships to the physical side; it is up the sexual half of a couple to decide if they care about sex enough to give up a potential deep emotional connection. If they don’t care about sex, then it’s a non-issue.

      You act like Asexuals force their partners to stay in a relationship; has it never occurred to you that, if they wanted sex, or otherwise out of the relationship, that they can break up with their Asexual partner?

      Just because you can’t get around seeing other people simply as things to fuck doesn’t mean other people can’t.

      Seriously – who the fuck are you to tell people who they can and can’t love?


      • Nobody is complaining about the love. We’re just saying that unless it’s a polyamory or non genital sex situation, the asexual person is unfairly monopolizing the sexuality of the sexual person.


    • They’re only evil if they, indeed, deny the other an outlet in their presence.

      Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with this sect.


  211. Warms my heart that this article stuck a sharp thorn in the side of the tolerance brigade. Many of these people are the biggest hypocrite phonies on Earth. Guaranteed many of them are “progressive” and hate white men, and support every bigoted ideology such as feminism as well.


    • “White people are the greatest murderers of any race!”

      “Thought you don’t see race”

      “Yeah, but it’s true!”

      “Mao, Gengis Kahn, blah blah”

      “SEXIST PIG!!!!”


  212. I’m sick of this “why do you care” meme above. We care because we’re supposed to care; why the fuck else is it in a major newspaper. If it was just something weird that people do sexually like having extremely bad luck, being shy, being into swinging, etc. we’d not care. But notice this story gets on the front page and the story about the woman who gets off on rape fantasies, or being chocked, or going down on you until she pukes on your cock, or all the rest is not on the front page. It’s a deliberate editorial decision, and the goal is to a) weaken men b) make them ashamed of their sexuality c) make women ashamed for responding to that sexuality d) make procreation just another random lifestyle choice and e) generally advance the anti-man Marxist cause known as feminism.

    So we’re being asked to judge this by everyone; the publisher simply wants us to judge this positively, and so do all you freaks who are attacking the website here. It’s why the papers don’t put stories on those other subjects, because they don’t fit the script and don’t advance the feminist cause. It’s the same reason we see stories about how great black people are, and they get to portray God in the movies, and are so brilliant and overcome the odds, but we never see a simple statistical analysis of why black men are 9X more likely to rape than white men and 3X more likely to kill their partners in domestic violence incidents in mixed race relationships. You won’t see that “value neutral data” out there in the mainstream press, nor would you be saying “why are you threatened by these facts” in those cases. Instead, you dishonest feminist interlopers would be calling for censorship, because you don’t give two fucking shits about truth or anything else other than advancing your own, mostly neurotic/ugly/annoying/harpyish/mentally ill lifestyle to the detriment of normal men and prettier, more feminine women who have been happier than you ever since they started getting asked out in junior high.


  213. The most glaring hypocrisy from the asexual movement represented here is their claim that they should not be negatively judged for their their choices, but by god, they will be the first to judge and shame others who disagree with their philosophy. The rabid, foaming at the mouth feminist led anger displayed here is classic and it is they who are the most judgemental of all Their hypocrisy is simply galling…they fancy themselves enlightened, but they are nothing of the sort, and this movement, if one can call it that, is simply yet another form of the anti male misandry so common in our modern society.


  214. God Hates Asexuals


  215. Greyjoy here! Greetings internets! I am fucking hardcore. I’m pretty asexual too, and let me tell you. Feminists piss me off! You know what I heard the other day? A popular Christmas song, with lyrics along the lines of, “But baby it’s cold outside” is a song about date rape, and I stared at the stupid motherfucker saying this to me, and in his eyes? He believed it.

    That person was my little brother. Utterly pussy whipped. But not all asexual people are like this, no sirs and madams! No. Some of us just want to burn everything, and who doesn’t want that, y’know?



  216. Louis Corsican: The Evil Fuckaire – he’s trisexual!

    Lucian Corsican:: Trisexual?

    Louis Corsican: Yeah, he’ll try anything: men, women, goats, chickens, dogs, mud… anything!


  217. Anyone else notice how often the feminazis/libs say they’re ‘amused’ right before they have the online equivalent of their heads exploding?

    I now know that whenever I come across a commentator who reports how ‘amused’ he or she is, it’s safest to just go limp because I realize that I’m about to experience an epic spazz-out in which amusement plays no role whatsoever.


  218. I’m not sure asexuality exists for sure, but being English I definitely know the sort here. Her mousey looks and multicoloured hair scream pseudo-wacky ‘alternative rocker’ and left-leaner for sure.

    She mentions how it’s not appropriate to be asked about whether she was abused when little. Whilst it’s not something one should share to the wider public, it’s a classic leftist tactic to not want to be judged by one’s base-level motivations.

    I tell you the best thing about this comment trail is all the whiners coming up with insults that are basically little more scathing than “you big meanie!”


  219. 650 comments with moderation and without a race war!

    should stop working, move to a place without hate laws, and live from blogging and selling publicity on this blog.


  220. Now what if Timmy were to say, “Scr*w you, girl, if you do not want to have sex, then get out of my life!”

    This is exactly what I told my previously asexual freak.

    At times I even screamed it.

    I found her attitude extremely frustrating, and it caused much anger. I told her to stop visiting me.

    At first this got me promises for sex. Then when I’d try to fuck her she’d shut her legs. I literally had to rape her the first few times.

    I can’t imagine any other man being forceful enough to get her virginity. The right combination of forceful and romantic.

    But forceful.


  221. Pick-up Artistry, where STDs are like Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

    Honestly, if the girl doesn’t want sex, what’s the big deal? Especially for male asexuals, all we’re (yes, we, I’m a male asexual. come at me, bro) doing is lowering the amount of competition with our lack of sex. What’s the problem?

    Oh. I know the problem.

    When these girls you pick up get hurt by the fact that you don’t even care about them, where do they turn? Us “betas.” That’s right. How often do you see players and alphas getting married? Rarely? Oh yeah, that’s right. That’s because they took their hand out of their pants, used it to pull out their wallet, and bought a wedding ring. Because they wanted something lasting. Sex isn’t the only thing that makes a relationship work. If that were true, then New York would be the state with the highest marriage levels.

    No, when a girl gets hurt by some guy who used her up and left her on the curb, she comes crawling over to us. The guys who care about her. The ones who will lift her up in her darkest hours, and help her to get on her feet again. The fact that this results in being “friend zoned” doesn’t matter, since one of them is bound to see that nice guys do, in fact, finish first. Call me a beta all you want. I honestly don’t care about names anymore.

    I’m asexual, and I’m in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman, because she knows that I’ll treat her with dignity instead of just itching to get into her pants.


    • So if you’re the one who is asexual, then this beautiful non-asexual woman of yours is going to want to masturbate now and then correct?

      Would you help her? Does she ask? Do you see her going at it in the morning under the sheets?

      Or does she go out and get sex with other males before coming back to cuddle with you?


    • Fool

      She is using you, its in their nature, read the archives if you dare, you have been worse than friend zoned. She cares enough about you as the appearance of the next alpha make in her life to make her wet and squirm will prove.

      Your misty eyed, media enforced, romanticized notions will leave you uncontrollably weeping (just like women should when their alphas leave them) when she leaves you for her alpha.

      You are tuly an emasculated male which should be the textbook definition for any male claiming asexualness and loving it


  222. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites that seriously all they want to do is talk about sex. This blog is about sex for sexual people for guys who want sex and for women that deserve a good sexing up and for guys who need help getting sex and sex sex sex. Not you.

    These fucking hamsters are like godzillas trampling around. At least these internet junkies cant be found in real life.


  223. Wow I didn’t realize there really were people this stupid out there. I’m not even trolling, I really thought no one could possibly think this kind shit seriously. Huh. Interesting.


  224. The apologists for asexualism here don’t understand that the main subject of the post’s criticism was the heterosexual male who was apparently not even allowed by the asexual female to masturbate in front of her or otherwise use her presence to get off, without her necessarily having to move.

    The criticism wasn’t really about asexualism so much as the foolishness and weakness of the sexual male who lets his partner’s supposed “sexuality” be the false excuse for why he apparently can’t even undress in her presence.

    An asexual female would let a man she loved do that in front of her (she shouldn’t even have to close her eyes), so the post implied that there was more to her, and apparently a lot of alleged asexual females, than a simple sexual preference (non-preference in this case). The post and the comments suggest that there is actual hatred of hetero male desire going on here with a concomitant desire to make sure a man never gets off on account of a member of this special sect.

    Timmy needs to fess up about exactly what this girl won’t let him do in her presence. Then we can better understand what so-called “asexuals” are all about.


  225. What are the odds good old Timmy comes home one day to find his gf getting pounded?


  226. If one is asexual, one has no desire for sex. If an asexual is with a sexual person, that asexual person presumably understands and appreciates their desire for sex just as the “beta” above understands and appreciates the other’s absence of desire for sex.

    It’s a bit bewildering that, religious objections aside, the asexual would still deny the sexual partner any relief whatsoever. If it is a simple lack of interest in sex (rather than a traumatic fear of sex – something asexuals seem to be accused of and strongly deny) then giving the sexual partner the stimulation they desire would be as straightforward as doing the washing up/sweeping the stairs/clearing the gutters when you rather wouldn’t.

    The denial of sex in the scenario above therefore seems odd even when one doesn’t subscrib