The Psychosis Of The Effeminate Male

Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old mixed race Millennial “here’s why that’s a problem” son of a Chinese woman and a father with a psychopath’s thousand yard stare who was an assistant director for the Hunger Game movie, went on a shooting spree that left four men and two women dead, after which he self-delivered behind the wheel of his BMW.

The rampage is newsworthy in and of itself, but what’s really catapulted it in the public imagination is the killer’s “manifesto“, and the discovery that he was a member of an internet forum called “PUAHate”, which is a homoerotic playground for shut-ins with zero experience saying “hi” to girls, who post epic rants disparaging pickup artists and game and spend inordinate mental energy analyzing the facial measurements of various men in the apparent belief that no man who doesn’t look like George Clooney could ever get laid and should therefore not bother trying to meet women.

After reading excerpts of Rodger’s manifesto, I wondered if my evil twin was taking the piss and fooling everyone with a parody of an incel omega male so over-the-top and cartoonish that only the most gullible would believe it. Examples:

I eventually grew to hate him after I heard him having sex with my sister. I arrived at the house one day, my mother being at work, and heard the sounds of Samuel plunging his penis into my sister’s vagina through her closed room door, along with my sister’s moans. I stood there and listened to it all. … The slob [porking my sister] doesn’t even have a car, and he is able to get girlfriends, while I drive a BMW and get no attention from any girls whatsoever. […]

I made no progress in school either. My geography class had no pretty girls in it, so I had no hope there. I spent a lot of time sitting in the cafeteria area, but all of the beautiful girls I saw intimidated me too much. One time, as I was walking across the huge bridge that connected the two campuses, I passed by a girl I thought was pretty and said “Hi” as we neared each other. She kept on walking and didn’t even have the grace to respond to me. How dare she! That foul bitch. I felt so humiliated that I went to one of the school bathrooms, locked myself in a toilet stall, and cried for an hour. […]

Before I knew it, it was July 12th and the countdown on my internet homepage was up. The new Song of Ice and Fire book, A Dance with Dragons, was released. I emailed my mother to order me the book from Amazon. The countdown was ultimately over, and I had nothing to show for it. I was still a virgin, even after a month of living in a town full of college kids who had sex all the time. I realized that I had only twelve more days as a teenager! I was going to turn twenty very soon. One of my hopes was to at least lose my virginity before my time as a teenager was over. Being a virgin at the age of twenty would make me feel very defeated. I made a bid to do everything I could to lose my virginity in those few remaining days I had. With a tremendous amount of panic, I wondered what I could possible do. The only thing I could think of was to go out to the common areas of Isla Vista as much as possible. I had to put myself out there, even if it only increased my chances of having sex by one percent. One percent was still better than zero. For those crucial twelve days I had left as a teenager, I walked over to the center of Isla Vista every day and sat at one of the tables outside Domino’s Pizza, hoping against hope that a girl would come up and talk to me.
Why wouldn’t they? I looked good enough, didn’t I? Or did I not look good enough? […]

As my frustration grew, so did my anger. I came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I’m attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl. My drunken state got the better of me, and I almost fell over to the floor after a few minutes of this. They said something along the lines that I was very drunk and that I needed to get some water, so I angrily left them and went out to the front yard, where the main partying happened. Rage fumed inside me as I realized that I just walked away from that confrontation, so I rushed back into the house and spitefully insulted the Asian before walking outside again. […]

Seriously, today at my college I saw this short, ugly Indian guy driving a Honda civic, and he had a hot blonde girl in his passenger seat. What on earth is up with that?!?!? I would climb mount Everest 10 times just to have a girl like that with me. I drive a BMW coupe and I’ve struggled all my life to get a girlfriend. What’s wrong with this world? […]

Unfortunately, all indications are that this guy is was the real deal and the bodies have hit the floor. A few thoughts:

Rodger pings some operational gaydars. There’s his plush gay face. There’s the “try-hard” nature of his manifesto, which reads less like a compendium of genuine pain than a B-movie script of what he’d think a guy with girl troubles would write. It’s so histrionic and maudlin that it could be as easily confused for the hallucinations of a psychopathic degenerate as the plaintive wail of a ronery NOWAG.

It’s telling, too, that his first three victims were all male and he killed them by stabbing, which is a particularly personal method of dispatch, suggesting a level of emotional investment that wasn’t there for the faceless women who bore the brunt of his manifesto ranting. And his narcissism; if you haven’t seen by now, Rodger had a stream of attention whoring pouty-lipped Facebook selfies that would make a dancing bar slut blush. Homosexual men are known to experience greater levels of pathological narcissism.

A repressed young gay man at war with his identity would be the sort to exaggerate his desire for (and troubles with) women. His manifesto references women in the abstract and the rejections he suffered at “their” hands, but few if any specific women who rejected him are named or contextualized. It’s mostly, “Why won’t these girls look at me?” Also, the preoccupation with his looks and other men’s looks and how the world was upside down because ugly men were with cute girlfriends again suggests some latent homosexual feeling.

But these are just suspicions (worth following up on imo, but which the MSM naturally won’t touch). As far as we know, there’s no hard evidence of Rodger’s homosexuality. So, that speculative notion aside, we’ll proceed under the assumption that Elliot Rodger was an incel heterosexual male whose off-key word is true and who really did have trouble getting out of the dugout with girls.

From what I can glean, Elliot Rodger failed with women because he was a social retard. That’s pretty much all there is to it. News stories say he was on meds for asperger’s, and was in therapy. Social retardation diseases like any of the autism spectrum disorders are kryptonite to girls; no behavioral or physical defect is as debilitating to a man’s chances in the sexual market. Proof of his social awkwardness and total lack of anything remotely resembling game is right there in his long-form diary: He thought that “putting himself out there” with girls was sitting on a park bench like Aqualung. That making a serious move on a girl was quickly muttering “hi” as he stumbled past her, later delirious with rage that she didn’t reciprocate with an equally prompt blowjob. That bumping into an Asian dude talking to a cute chick, and glaring at them with his twisted angry face, was acting “cocky and arrogant”. That his effeminate passivity and lack of proactive engagement with women was evidence that they were “ignoring” him.

No, Elliot Rodger was not a failed pickup artist; he was failed human being. A sexless beta male who, stirred and shaken by a lethal cocktail of life circumstances, racial grievance, mental illness, and morbid narcissism that stunted his development into adulthood and compelled him to prefer morose martyrdom to active efforts at self-improvement, found it easier to blame the degree of his brow ridge tilt for his failure with women.

He was the opposite of a failed pickup artist, because at least you know the failed pickup artist tried with women. Rodger apparently never even bothered to try. He just whined that women weren’t sticking to the hood of his Beemer.

All this is to say that, yes, there is a chance that, given an early enough intervention, game could have gotten him laid and quieted his inner rage. Feminists and their manlet enablers will scoff on cue, but giving a young man the tools to help him win the love of a woman (or just a warm smile) will tend to put a damper on his revolutionary kill-em-all spirit.

Which brings us to PUAHate, the forum of which Rodger was a member. It’s not a forum for failed pickup artists as some male feminists licking the taint of their femcunt overwhores will want you to believe. It’s a hangout for socially awkward losers who desperately want to blame their failings with women on their sub-Pitt looks instead of on their awful social calibration and their inability to say two words to a girl without filling their Pokemon underoos. The news that Rodger was a member at that omega male brothel doesn’t demonstrate the failing of game to help him (as a certain lamb of the blogosphere implies) but rather demonstrates that the opposite of game — the cultivated hopelessness that one can’t do anything to improve his relations with women — is what drove Rodger to his extreme misanthropy. If you’re wondering how a 22-year-old can feel so hopeless about his love life, you’re probably an older person who stopped recalling what it was like at that age. The passions run hot and the perspective runs cold.

Elliot Rodger had a girl problem, and that girl problem wasn’t his supposed shortness, or his half-asian ancestry, or his richie rich expectations of immediate rewards and deference from lessers, or his utter blindness to what women really desire in men (hint, it isn’t BMWs). His girl problem was charmlessness. Artlessness. Social retardation. The very tingle-killing flaws that game will remedy.(More indirectly, his girl problem was also the result of the relative paucity of slender attractive girls in the US now. Rodger never wanted to date fat chicks, and no man with a functioning penis can blame him for that.)More thoughts, etc.:

No sense ignoring the race angle. Mixed race people are more likely to have psychological disorders. And Asian men are especially susceptible to dating market lockouts. Throw in the cauldron a stew of vibrant proximate diversity and it’s a surprise suppressed racial/sexual rage doesn’t boil over moreoften.

Rodger was not a bad-looking guy. But he was so ignorant of female sexual nature that he projected onto women what he himself found desirable and obsessed over his looks as his awful personality escaped his attention.

The title of this post is a broad indictment of this infantile Millennial generation, which daily provides evidence that their ranks are filled with effeminate males who, like women, expect the world to cater their needs, no questions asked, no demands made. Elliot Rodger couldn’t stand how unfaaaair girls were to date uglier men than himself, how unfair life was that his car and clothes weren’t a magnet for hot white sorority chicks, how unfair the cosmic laws were to require of him a little bit of effort if he wanted to put an end to his virginity.

Egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved, and unwilling to change when posing as a martyr feels so damn good… there’s your new American manlet, same as your new American woman.

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  1. Astute and insightful.


    • And not surprising at all that he was a poster at PUAHate. Those guys wallow in disturbed behavior. Nothing is too over the top there. And seriously. Who spends time on a forum dedicated to hating a relatively small group of forums and blogs? If people don’t believe in what the manosphere is saying, then why not simply go and do something else, instead of spending time obsessing about the manosphere? They also try their hardest “exposing” admins in manosphere forums, and in the few instances they have succeeded they dig up emails to the target’s friends, family, co-workers, and send them parts of his postings in an attempt to shame him. This is exactly how left-wing extremists operate, and those are seriously screwed up in the head. PUAHate members should stop being such a bunch of Rodgers. (New word for bitter omegas hating the normals.)


      • All of you guys hating on PUAhate probably haven’t spent much time on there. It’s really not that bad of a site and I’m not a game hater. A lot of the posters at PUAhate aren’t like Elliot Rodgers, they actually had success with women and they don’t completely reject game either. They just don’t believe that Game can turn any beta wimp into a slayer. They believe that looks, masculinity, social status, and money matter and they’re right about all of them.

        Of course they take it to extreme levels but so do the people over RSD who think looks don’t matter one bit. You could be 5’5 and bald but as long as your vibe is right and you act cool you can easily take home that stunning 5’9 blonde. And that’s obviously wrong. Looks are a ceiling. Yeah you might occasionally see the average looking slob with a 10/10 but he’s probably really funny, popular, and charismatic and those are all innate traits.

        And I don’t think anyone here denies the importance of social status when it comes to attracting women. In fact I first learned about the importance of status when I started reading about PUA. At PUAhate they preach about how important social status is all the time

        What they basically believe is that Game is something that can just give you a boost, not something to radically change you and transform you from a 2/10 to a 9/10


      • @Anan1
        Puahate may have had a solid message about attraction but it was underneath nine layers of shit: trolls, genetic-determinists, gays jerking male models, ironic sodoni/lanza worshipers, more trolls, etcetera. There’s no way most people could ever get what was going on there. No surprise that it was labeled as an “MRA” site, so now those dudes have to deal with it.


      • what was their message about attraction? that only chisel-jawed male models can bang cute girls? the falseness of this belief is self-evident. just look around you.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 9:22 pm gunslingergregi

        sounds about right anon1 like here ya see people talk like money don’t matter at all sometimes and of course it does


      • @CH – When I look around, most couples are roughly the same attractiveness level. In one of your older posts I believe you said that good game might buy you a point or two in SMV.


    • agree. and the race stuff is important, the news is making him out to be pure aryan white-supremacist or something, but he was a mixed-(asian)-race guy living in amazement that he was doing worse than even full asian or other races.

      he’s gay enough looking he could have used that to approach without much resistance. better than his solitary-wait-and-see-and-rage game.


      • There’s a lot of groups looking to spin this in their favour.

        You have the anti-gun twats, the anti-men feminists/manginas , the anti-white libtards etc but really, what it all comes down to is that young men are being to that they must treat women in one way, when the reality is you must do the opposite.

        Unfortunately, Elliot Rodger was one of the many young males broken down and hypnotised into behaving in a way that runs contrary to how males are supposed to, and he and others suffered for it.


      • “….what it all comes down to is that young men are being taught that they must treat women in one way….”

        typo fixed


      • on May 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm Libertardian

        @Hatestorm: Yep. In short, our options are:

        1. Move society back to favoring betas (i.e. semi-arranged marriages, slut shaming, etc). Probability: 0.

        2. Quit raising boys to be betas and/or girls. Probability: 0.

        3. Keep indoctrinating betas with manginism and let the cognitive dissonance drive them insane. Expect more of these tragedies and blame whoever/whatever suits the Lords of Lies, safe in their gated compounds. Probability: 1.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 6:38 pm Zombie Shane

        > “Unfortunately, Elliot Rodger was one of the many young males broken down and hypnotised into behaving in a way that runs contrary to how males are supposed to, and he and others suffered for it.”

        Don’t try to read too much into this one particular case.

        Rodgers had been in and out of psychiatric care since he was a child.

        He was looney tunes.



    • on May 26, 2014 at 1:09 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      “That making a serious move on a girl was quickly muttering “hi” as he stumbled past her, later delirious with rage that she didn’t reciprocate with an equally prompt blowjob.”

      lzooozoozoz yah!!! one must leanrz 2 put some effortsz into onez game!!!

      one must mutter “hii” with two i’s for a bj, and mutter “hiyah” 4 a threesome with her hot rooomeatez! “hello therez” will generally get her to partictpate in a japanenen bukkakke video, shoud you be filming onez, but da GBFM don’t do dat crapz.

      anwywho thoughts and prayerz go out to da victimz and familiesz in dis tragedy, and 2 all da victimz of senseless violence every dayz all over da worldz on dis memmorial dayz.

      god bless and respect truth and beuaty always every day and never take a moment for grantedz and tankz 2 da heartistztez for his daily poemz

      best 2 all da GBFM zlzol


      • on May 27, 2014 at 3:28 pm Jack-o-Lantern

        ““hello therez” will generally get her to partictpate in a japanenen bukkakke video, shoud you be filming onez”

        Ha, ha, ha! Nothing like da GBFMz to brighten my day! lzozlzozlozolzozozlzozozolzolzozl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • on May 26, 2014 at 2:16 pm Zombie Shane

      I don’t disagree with anything that Heartiste said.

      But I’ve got another angle which might be even more horrifying than that.

      If my hunch on Biological Calvinism is correct, then a very large portion of this kid’s evil was burned into his DNA at birth.

      And setting aside the fact that his Dad was a monster – a known pornographer who abandoned his mother when the boy was still very young – I don’t know how much good a better home life could have done for the boy.

      But this afternoon, as I was watching a monstrous little chinese boy at play [really he was busy work, wrecking what should have been all the other kids’ fun on Memorial Day], I had an even more horrifying thought.

      We know that the Pacific Rim Asians are largely without any visceral sense of morality – that they are like women in that they do not seem to have any innate ability to differentiate between good and evil – and we know from recent voting trends that they are like silly putty in the hands of The Frankfurt School.

      When The Frankfurt School says, “Jump!”, the Asians all scream in unison, “How high, Master?”

      And so here’s the truly horrifying thought: What if the phenomenon of the Tiger Mother and the endless years of suicidally boring rote memorization of answers to standardized exam test questions is actually NECESSARY in order to TEACH the [otherwise] completely amoral Asian mind how to MIMIC the behavior of civilized people?

      And what if the Asian mind is so innately amoral that it quickly falls apart and becomes homicidally insane in the absence of that discipline?


      • Good points. Scary.


      • “If my hunch on Biological Calvinism is correct, then a very large portion of this kid’s evil was burned into his DNA at birth.

        And setting aside the fact that his Dad was a monster – a known pornographer who abandoned his mother when the boy was still very young – I don’t know how much good a better home life could have done for the boy.”

        Yeah but at least he put a bun in the oven.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:48 am Zombie Shane

        > “Yeah but at least he put a bun in the oven.”

        Yeah, but then he didn’t hang around to teach the boy the difference between right and wrong.

        Or to give the boy any guidance in how to behave with masculinity around the female sex.

        Instead, to the extent that the boy ever tried to visit his father, Dear Old Dad left the boy all alone with the evil [Muslim? Algerian?] French stepmother.

        While Dear Old Dad went off to take photographs of the naked backsides of scrawny white women.


      • …but…I thought blacks were to blame for America’s problems? Or at least Hispanics?

        Now you’re telling me those amoral Asians are the real culprits?


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:53 pm gunslingergregi

        yea zombie got to be a plant

        ”””””””’We know that the Pacific Rim Asians are largely without any visceral sense of morality – ””””””””””

        what the fuck dude ain’t ya bee listening the bitches in us have no morals the Asian chicks have morals


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:56 pm gunslingergregi

        white bitches – no morals


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:58 pm gunslingergregi

        will watch an old man dide slowly without calling anyone type shit


      • on May 28, 2014 at 1:32 am max from australia

        “the [otherwise] completely amoral Asian mind how to MIMIC the behavior of civilized people?”

        Well they do sell their children into sex slavery. and for India Google “india hell on earth”


    • Game can’t help Autistic people why do you guys keep saying that it does ?


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:30 pm Zombie Shane

        Obviously there is a huge difference between mildly autistic [i.e. your typical STEM major] and bang-your-head-against-the-wall-til-it-bleeds autistic.

        From what we know of his extensive psychiatric history, there may not have been much hope for Elliot Rodgers – he may have been too far gone.


    • y dont u just admit it. when he was fukin your sis. U were jerkin off fantasizing it was you fukin her.


    • I’m only here to get new posts ’cause theres no newsletter option. Love this site.


  2. Yes, you pretty much nailed it. This guy was a fucking nutcase, one who, it must be said, symbolizes so many Millennials.

    I drive a BMW coupe and I’ve struggled all my life to get a girlfriend. What’s wrong with this world?

    You should have had a Mercedes, son.


    • I had pretty good luck driving a 15-year-old wrecked up Cadillac clunker when I was in college. It did double duty as a bus.


  3. i’m glad I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s! Ecstasy becoming widespread actual music with lads like the Gallaghers or Ian Brown having a good laff. Even Jarvis Cocker held his own. Clubbing with Underworld or Fat Boy Slim.

    What do these boys have? Aye thrones were the days.


    • yeah and it doesn’t get much worse than that!


    • I grew up in 80’s too. The best time ever. It seemed people were happier and nicer back then. Now everyone is angry.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:51 am The Burninator

        Well that was before Progressivism was accepted and embraced. Now that we live in the Progressive nightmare, expect more and more of this insanity.


    • I’m half Asian, struggled a lot as a teenager and was quite like this Rodgers guy. Lucky I didn’t turn out like him because my teachers suspected I would. Listening to Oasis though and all those other bands you listed…I really do think they saved my life. Or they kept me hanging on long enough not to commit suicide and eventually I learned game, etc.


  4. he wasn’t merely rough around the edges socially, he was on a whole different planet.


  5. The last word in this article is wrong.

    “The American Brwoman.”

    The W is silent.


  6. I don’t think Rodger was a homosexual. That’s not the impression I got from reading the entire manifesto. He stabbed his male roommates for tactical reasons, not because stabbing is a more personal method of dispatch. If he had started shooting at his apartment, somebody would have called the cops and he would have never made it to the sorority house and town. Then the rampage would have been over before it began. He wanted to do as much damage as possible to both sexes, and his roommates were merely easy targets who could be stabbed in their sleep. He intended to kill many more, but got stopped pretty quickly.


    • Scarey thing was he actually DID go to a sorority house and they didn’t let him in when he knocked. THANK GOD. He would have massacred a ton of young women had someone opened that door. So he ended up just shooting the two young girls who were standing outside the sorority house.

      But i do think he was gay, and couldn’t come to terms with it.


      • My first thought was what a loser, that after planning this thing for a long time, he was stymied by a simple locked door. What a drugged up loser.


      • “Scarey thing was he actually DID go to a sorority house and they didn’t let him in when he knocked. THANK GOD. He would have massacred a ton of young women had someone opened that door. ”

        Does it mean I’m a psychopath when I don’t consider that a huge plus?

        I mean, I bear those chicks no ill will, but I wouldn’t be too sad if he actually went kill bill on these bitches. Mostly indifferent.


      • “I mean, I bear those chicks no ill will, but I wouldn’t be too sad if he actually went kill bill on these bitches. Mostly indifferent.”

        Actually, it sounds like you do bear them ill will… I guess because they’re in a sorority, they’re automatically expendable bitches?


      • “Actually, it sounds like you do bear them ill will… I guess because they’re in a sorority, they’re automatically expendable bitches?”

        Would it hurt you/shock you if I believed that? 😀

        Actually, no. I don’t believe they’re expendable because they’re in a sorority. Is that considered to be a bad thing?


    • He killed his roomies.

      Even these mega nerds and Big Bang Characters seem to have missed his strangeness.

      Or maybe they did, who knows!


    • I actually read the entire manifesto as well. Fascinating stuff that, at times, seemed, like CH suggested, to be fake and exaggerated.

      However, I’m strongly of the opinion that Rodger was homosexual. His description of girls was actually very blasé and uninspired. In short, he mostly just describes them as being ideally blonde and holding his hand while they walk down the beach. No real description or apparent interest in ACTUALLY having sex with a woman. The most graphic description of sex occurs when he stands outside his sister’s door while she is getting railed by her bf.

      When it comes to men, however, there are no shortage of details and superlatives (look up how many times the word “hunk” is used to describe men). He also has a very strong (albeit not explicitly sexual) attraction to a male friend named Addison. Finally, I’ll note that his final solution involved removing sex from the world by putting all women in concentration camps and starving all but a few to death. He then proposes that the survivors be bred in sexless laboratories. Only then, he believes, will men be able to reach their true potential.

      If that’s not gay, I don’t know what is.


      • He was a closet case.


      • His victims were apparently three Chinese men, a Hispanic man, and two white girls. Seems a bit strange that he’d be taking out Chinese dudes more than anything else.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 11:00 am The Dissident

        “Seems a bit strange that he’d be taking out Chinese dudes more than anything else”

        Not entirely. He appeared to have some contempt for asianness including his own, perhaps rooted in his Norman Bates-like relationship to his mother. His manifesto did show traces of white supremacy. And I think he liked to use his mother’s asianness as a sort of limiting belief in his own sexual market value determination. If his Asian roommates had so much as ever had the chance to sniff the flatulence of a drunken beached land-whale escaping her wretched panties on an Isla Vista friday night, the ensuing cognitive dissonance would’ve ruined his entire scapegoat for his failures.


      • It’s ‘gay’ to want a doting mother of a wife, but that is the image of ‘true love’ we are taught to believe. Homo or not, I see the neurosis of growing up without earning his own ‘mother’, without proving his manhood with doting womanhood. Women put on the front of moral purity to hide character deficiencies that are unimaginable until you experience their cuntery from behind the curtain. It would appear mommy was buying him shit so she could chase her own tingles or something. This case has basic Freud all over it. It would appear his vocabulary of his identity came from his mommy.

        Connection to Hunger Games and Hollywood: priceless. What’s good for the plebs,… What I at least admire about this man kid is that he believed in his potential, that he deserved to be compensated. Cf. Poon Commandment XI. It was the miscalibration of his potential that did him in. Perhaps I project, or perhaps I can relate. Did not read his manifesto. Civilization, being civilized in fact, requires caring without caring, being in the zone of some sort. It’s a mind fuck out there even without the propaganda oozing out of almost every social pore of the West. Those with the highest IQs and social standards are those who can internalize that propaganda best, make it plausible the best in theory. Add the equality of compulsive female liars and that’s exactly what children should believe. That is how mammals reproduce ideas in the generational direction for evolutionary success. Yet, the pliers of sincere theory are the ones who can tear it all down.

        It is the reproductive selection for docility that scares me an order of magnitude or two more than the psycho shooting sprees, when I am a third-party observer with a long term perspective that is. Sexually conquer and release the pussy today, for the morrow we must die. John Maynard Keynes was right that one time, fucking bastard.


      • smart money is on the closet case theory

        also, tired of media calling this kid “not ugly” w/ 10/10 asiatic negroid nose and manlet incel genetics

        nature tried really hard to breed that one out and succeeded


      • @yeahokcool
        “In short, he mostly just describes them as being ideally blonde and holding his hand while they walk down the beach. No real description or apparent interest in ACTUALLY having sex with a woman”

        Just want to point out that this is actually how a lot of guys who haven’t had sex view relationships. Once you start getting laid, and especially do it thru game where you really see behind the curtain on what sexual relationships are, you can tend to forget that the generic Nice Guy AFC beta chode doesn’t view women in terms of “I want to blow my load across her face and call her my dirty little whore” lol He may watch porn but those aren’t “real” women to him, it’s a separate world. “Real” women to him are like he sees in the Disney culture MSM, where you have intimate love-making after you fall for eachother and hold hands on park benches and shit.

        That’s why he didn’t just hit up a whore-house, he was looking for an actual intimate connection, not just a hole to blow his spunk in. A big part of why anti-gamer white knight types reject game so vehemently is that it challenges their Disney view of women and relationships.

        How do I know all this? ’cause I was a virgin longer than this kid and I viewed it the same way. I wasn’t thinking “I wish Suzy at school would bend over and take my cock up her ass”, I was thinking “I wish Suzy at school would look at me and smile in class one day and maybe we’d get assigned a project together and have to work together and I could confess to her that I’m in love with her and ask her if she’d maybe like to go out on a date sometime and she’d say yes and on that date we’d hold hands! wow, that would be amazing! We’d live happily ever after, cuddled up on the couch together snuggling and kissing and watching movies…that would be amazing.” And I was watching all sorts of porn thru this lol

        So I wouldn’t read homosexuality into this guy’s issues. His case is pretty cut and dry…he’s simply an example of someone who FULLY bought in to our Blue Pill society’s brainwashing that “once you get the car and the money and a nice suit you get the girls. It just HAPPENS! …oh it didn’t happen for you? Well that’s your fault, you entitled misogynist, women don’t owe you sex! Now go away so we don’t have to think about you, while we shame and berate every resource that could possibly help you out and give you some hope. We expect you to just vanish and live out the next 60 years of your life accepting that you are nothing and will never have anything and should never try to climb out of that box we’ve put you in.”

        Like I say, the scary part to me is that I don’t see any reason why this won’t happen more. Until you encourage men to access resources that teach them what to do with the tools they have to get things that THEY want (as opposed to being used as tools to satisfy everyone ELSE’S needs while telling them their needs are unimportant as they suffer silently), they’ll be frustrated and lost…and if society continues to shit upon those men for not instinctively understanding what to do with those tools, well, you’ve got a whole lot of angry frustrated directionless young men out there who are very VERY unhappy with life and society.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 3:41 pm Zombie Shane

        > “His victims were apparently three Chinese men, a Hispanic man, and two white girls.”

        One of the girls, “Veronika Weiss”, had a very jewish looking name.

        And another girl, “Sierra Swartz” [or Schwartz?], who has been all over the news, claiming to have been shot at, also had a very jewish looking name.


      • He clearly was not gay. Anyone saying otherwise really doesnt understand the mind of an omega.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 5:02 am Zombie Shane

        > “It was the miscalibration of his potential that did him in.”

        Setting aside the obvious fact that this boy was completely insane [and known to have been insane since he was a little child].

        And pretending for a moment that he was just a normal average garden-variety loser.

        Personally, I think he had MASSIVE potential.

        Great looks, wealth, a Euro sports car to drive around town, and access to the best Hollywood and Malibu celebrity parties?

        That’s “potential” which most of us can’t even allow ourselves to dream about.

        What he lacked, though, was honesty.

        Brutal honesty.


        Stoicism, even.

        He filled his head with all sorts of “pretty little lies”, instead of looking in the mirror, and saying to himself, “Dude, your personality sucks. It’s beyond horrifying. Deal with it. Don’t run from it. Own it. Take control. Give yourself a complete personality makeover. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Carpe the Diem. Go for the gusto. Now get out there and become a better man.”


      • YaReally is right. He was an extremely frustrated omega, not a repressed homosexual.

        I remember when I was 17 or 18 I cried in my room because I saw a girl that I had a crush on talk to a guy and she was smiling. They weren’t even holding hands they were just talking and she was smiling I thought this was all over, she’s taken, I have no chance, etc. etc. I had never even talked to her and I was even afraid of her because she was too beautiful.

        I was ‘in love’ with a girl I had never talked to. I imagined she and I having a talk in a park and me making her smile or something. That’s what I wanted: I wanted her to appreciate my presence. I wasn’t even thinking about sex.

        That’s the mindset of an omega: when they see a beautiful girl they see a treasure chest filled with thousands of sparkling gold coins.

        a quote from his autobiography:

        “’The sociology class flew by like a breeze, and my next class was math. In this class, I saw one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen in my life. She was the only pretty girl in the class, and she was absolutely stunning. Of course, she didn’t even notice me as I walked in. Her beauty was so intimidating that I couldn’t bring myself to sit near her, out of fear of her judgment.

        “’As the lecture proceeded, I couldn’t help myself from constantly glancing at her, admiring every inch of her enticing body, from her silky blonde hair to her smooth, skinny, lightly tanned legs. The most beautiful thing about her was her face. It was a face that broke my heart the second I laid eyes on it. I wanted her with so much intensity, and I constantly fantasized about her during my masturbation sessions.

        “’This was the kind of girl who was always meant to be my girlfriend. This was the girl that I was meant to go through college in Santa Barbara with. My life would only have meaning if I could go through college with a girlfriend like her.’


      • on May 27, 2014 at 12:01 pm Hook or Crook

        YaReally Said:

        I wasn’t thinking “I wish Suzy at school would bend over and take my cock up her ass”, I was thinking “I wish Suzy at school would look at me and smile in class one day and maybe we’d get assigned a project together and have to work together and I could confess to her that I’m in love with her and ask her if she’d maybe like to go out on a date sometime and she’d say yes and on that date we’d hold hands! wow, that would be amazing! We’d live happily ever after, cuddled up on the couch together snuggling and kissing and watching movies…that would be amazing.” And I was watching all sorts of porn thru this lol

        BOOM. Headshot. After falling into several relationships in my late teens and early twenties i found myself in a ten year dry spell (yes: I didn’t even touch a woman for ten years) that I had no idea how to remedy. Since my prior relationships had all just sort of “happened” I was left with a strong desire for companionship and no discernible tool set to work with in which to obtain it. ‘How did I get those other four girls?’ I would always wonder. I had no fucking clue. I seriously thought that the universe would just reward me if I was patient and ‘good’ enough. This is how betas and gammas really think. But during all of that self-inflicted stasis and martyrdom I was watching the raunchiest porn you could think of and blowing my load nightly while by day I was fantasizing about taking a girl to the museum and serenading her with my piano. I didn’t even look at real girls in a sexual way. Girls in ‘real life’ were for holding and protecting and taking to Disneyland; girls in porn were for pleasure.

        While this kid’s ‘manifesto’ sets off my bullshit detector, Ya is dead on here. The very reason why sexless men are sexless is because their internal drives are completely at odds with one another. They want a hot girl for play dates and side-hugs. Its like putting a rottweiler in a stroller.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:02 pm OralCummings

        Gays are some fucked up people. They used to call it a mental illness you will recall;now we gotta pretend theyre normal!


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:21 pm gunslingergregi

        well he was kind of right nothing like a hit blond chick smiling at you and kissing your ass


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:40 pm a guy named addison

        “How do I know all this? ’cause I was a virgin longer than this kid and I viewed it the same way. I wasn’t thinking “I wish Suzy at school would bend over and take my cock up her ass”

        From the age of 13 on I only thought about how to get it into suzy’s holes and more importantly how little time/energy/money I would have to invest in her to do it.

        One time in high school two friends of mine were looking at a swimsuit magazine. They showed me the cover with a few babes on it. Chicks were hot for sure. I commented that I’d rather have a dinner plate of cocaine. They could not believe what I had said. They asked why I would take coke over three hot models. I told them hot women are everywhere and they’re free. Quality coke is rare, illegal and expensive.

        I later discovered that these two guys were total beta/omega (really nice guys/good friends though) and struggled for a long time to get laid while I was blowing loads in suzy’s holes and getting handjobs in the hallway between classes before I could drive.

        Not sure abundance mentality can be taught.

        Not sure it’s disney/msm’s fault either. I watched the same shit every other guy did and I only ever thought of suzy as a fuck toy and source of drug money.

        Maybe guys that dream of holding hands with suzy on dates are simply low T. Unfortunately for these guys suzy doesn’t really want to hold hands. She wants her brains fucked out by a guy that will drop her two seconds after it’s over.

        “That’s why he didn’t just hit up a whore-house, he was looking for an actual intimate connection, not just a hole to blow his spunk in.”

        The intimate connection is what SHE’s looking for. These low T omega guys are more like women than men. No wonder they’re a turn off. I’m interested in just about everything in this world more than an intimate connection with women. My interest in them disappears totally for 3-12 hours after the load is gone during which time I focus on important things. I think for the blue pill brainwashing to take hold a guy has to be low T/beta/omega in the first place.

        “oh it didn’t happen for you? Well that’s your fault, you entitled misogynist, women don’t owe you sex!”

        Women don’t owe us anything. And we don’t owe them anything. We take what we want from them and that’s exactly how they like it. Relationships shouldn’t be 50/50. If it’s going to work it needs to be more like 90/10 in the guy’s favor.

        This guy was never going to internalize 90/10. It doesn’t matter what resources he had access to. His genes were bad news and no amount of game advice was going to help him. Women can smell omega and I’m glad they can.

        “We expect you to just vanish and live out the next 60 years of your life accepting that you are nothing and will never have anything and should never try to climb out of that box we’ve put you in.”

        Welcome to the real world. Survival of the fittest and he was in no way fit for this chaotic sinister ironic beautiful place.

        “nature tried really hard to breed that one out and succeeded”

        But it took way too long. Without the feminized rules of society to protect him someone would have beaten him to death long before this incident.


      • “Welcome to the real world. Survival of the fittest and he was in no way fit for this chaotic sinister ironic beautiful place.”

        But he still exists, and he’s out there driving the same roads you and your future children are for the next 60 years, able to purchase the same guns you are, able to build the same homebrew explosives you are, and you’re too wrapped up in yourself to help guys like him recover from the unfortunate luck of the draw they had in the genetic lottery.

        These guys exist, they don’t just vanish when you say “tough shit, welcome to the real world”. They have 60+ years of frustration ahead of them and people like you telling them they aren’t fit to survive and that they were either born with it or they aren’t and if they’re inferior they’re just out of luck.

        Next thing you know we have more of these guys exploding in killing sprees and more innocent dead bodies piling up.

        But it’s awesome that you got a handjob in the hallway at school thanks for sharing what a badass you are, I’m sure it’s going to help guys like this out. lol


      • on May 29, 2014 at 12:11 am Johnny Deigh

        I read the whole thing too and I agree with you… he was probably a closet queer in denial. From feigning interest in the women models in that magazine his classmates fawned over to his overseeing a guy watching a porn video in the cyber café and finding it repulsive and so disturbing that he cried over it. The boy sure cried like a girl always, and what’s with all his play dates and sleepovers with his male friends?

        Moreover he seemed to want sex in a generical sense more than a girlfriend. Logically he should wish for the girlfriend first and then the sex, but he seemed to have it the other way around.

        The theoretical “hot blonde” girlfriend he desired was like you said, a trophy to have on his arm to show the popular kids that he was just as good as them. He was always trying to be like the popular kids like when he dyed his hair blonde, and when he found out that the popular kids were getting girls and having sex with them, he wanted that too, so he thought.

        But seriously the plan he had if he had ruled the world where he would herd all the women in the world into concentration camps to be starved to death, leaving only a few women to be spared and kept in labs where they would be artificially inseminated, leaving a world only of men.

        Is that how a heterosexual man who wants sex would think? Wouldn’t he rather have a harem of women with whom he could do whatever he wanted? He definitely sounds gay to me.


      • on May 30, 2014 at 7:27 pm haunted trilobite

        fantastic prose, reality doug. top notch


    • on May 26, 2014 at 10:30 am The Dissident

      ” He stabbed his male roommates for tactical reasons, not because stabbing is a more personal method of dispatch.”

      While it may be true that he chose stabbing to dispatch them for tactical purposes, the fact that he chose to off them at all rather than simply begin his massacre at a sorority house demonstrates that his rage wasn’t simple misogyny as being portrayed in the media, but rather a wider misanthropy.

      While his stated grievance appears to be his lack of success with women even while he regarded himself as attractive (the narcissism of all those selfies) and rich (he thought daddy’s money entitled him to a stream of auto-pussy), he held any man that has ever so much as touched the linings of a panty with his dainty millennial fingers as culpable in his sexual market failures as the blondes he so lusted after. That his final death toll was a 2:1 male to female ratio shows this perfectly.


    • I read the first half of his manifesto (which is actually more of a biography) maybe once I read the second half I will change my mind, but so far nothing indicates he was a homosexual.


      • I read the whole thing. Took me a couple of days. And I came to the same conclusion. Despite one or two colorful words for the ‘attractive’ men, there was zero indication of latent homosexuality. He WAS of the opinion he deserved a 10-scale hottie. He expected a Mercedes girlfriend on a Chrysler salary. All the dumb luck in the world wadn’t gonna make that happen.

        I actually felt a kind of pity for the depraved young man in the first half. Bear in mind I hadn’t read anything else nor seen his videos. However, the last 30 or so pages changed my mind.

        He had a high opinion of his own intelligence. He could have benefited from a thesaurus and spelling/grammar pointers. I saw nothing that indicated his IQ was anything above normal.

        I keep thinking if his father wasn’t such a beta-male and actually took raising a son seriously, it wouldn’t have come to this.

        The poor, stupid fucker now has 10 times the karma to re-pay in his next life. Which probably won’t be for some time.


      • I finished reading the hole thing last evening and I am even more convinced there was no latent homosexuality in him.

        People seem to confuse low virility with homosexuality.

        His DNA made him skinny and not muscular, the way he was raised – mostly by his mother – made him less masculine, and his social anxiety/shyness/lack of assertiveness is also one thing we associate with feminity but none of that automatically make a man attracted to men or to put it in more crude terms; him wanting to have a penis up his butt.

        And as I said yesterday those who disagree should do a google search about the Folsom Street Fair

        you will see that at about half of gay men are not effeminate at all, they look like Hell’s angels or Vikings, have big wide squared jaw faces, and have arms bigger than your thigh.


      • on May 30, 2014 at 7:54 pm haunted trilobite

        Good point about the erroneous perception that anyone less than a raging horn-dog who hunts crocodiles has to viewed as ‘ghey’. Michael Jackson was very effeminate and sensitive, but he wasn’t gay, and essentially speaking was an ‘alpha’ in that he had a musical gift that propelled him to higher echelons than any meathead could ever aspire to. The ‘low T’ argument is a very simplistic reduction of the human organism’s hormonal profile and how it affects our behaviour. If you put this skinny kid in the ghetto and had him fighting for his life everyday, instead of having his head filled with one Pokemon card desire after the next, he’d be as wily as a shit-house rat in a few years, and wouldn’t have gone postal. I would say it’s almost certainly nurture over nature.


    • “He stabbed his male roommates for tactical reasons…”

      No, he stabbed his male roommates for racial reasons.

      The three guys he stabbed were chinese, and kind of ugly too according to the pictures I’ve seen on the Daily Mail website. He wished his father hadn’t married a chinese girl and he hated his chinese half because had he been fully white he might have been blonde like the guys he hated in high school.

      He didn’t have to kill them, those chinks weren’t getting the girls he wanted, they weren’t his ‘enemies’, but they reminded him of the reason he wasn’t fully white.

      quotes from his autobiography:

      “On top of this was the feeling that I was different because I am of mixed race. I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with.

      “’I envied the cool kids, and I wanted to be one of them. I had to make every effort to rectify this. I had to adapt. My first act was to ask my parents to allow me to bleach my hair blonde. I always envied and admired blonde-haired people, they always seemed so much more beautiful.””

      “’I was eager to re-bleach my hair to a fully blonde color, after the disastrous failure of my previous attempt. This time, Soumaya took me to the right salon, and they gave me a short haircut and bleached all of my hair blonde. When I looked at myself in the mirrior[sic], I felt an intense level of satisfaction.””


    • on May 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm haunted trilobite

      It’s a pretty harrowing read as you realise that this likeable young boy is way out of his depth in a cut-throat high end social circle. Absolutely submerged in popular culture of pokemon, video games, how to be ‘cool’ in the millenial sense. And that likeability gives way to anger and ultimately murder. Not gay, IMO, but real psychoanalysts are our go-to experts here. Everyone important in history seems to have actually been gay, according to our esteemed academic know-alls, so let’s see how the coin flip goes for Rodgers the Dodgers.


  7. “plunging his penis into my sister’s vagina through her closed room door”

    Though a door?! That is one SHARP penis!!


  8. He should have fucked a hooker and saved everyone a lot of trouble.

    But that would require him growing some balls.


    • The writing strikes me as the scribblings of a repressed homo.

      We’ll see what sort of porn he consumed soon enough I’d hazard a guess.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 10:26 am Cad and Bounder

      Once a behaviour is socially acceptable, then its incidence is likely to increase. Western society is fixated with brewing trouble for itself by encouraging single motherhood, tattoos, homosexual relations, body piercing, fatness, women taking no responsibility for themselves etc etc. And the incidence of these behaviours thus, inevitably, increases.

      Therefore, consider Elliot Rodger and his ‘getting laid’ fixation. If prostitution was legal and socially acceptable, then he surely would have followed this route. He didn’t pursue this route, because it wasn’t what he figured society wanted the “supreme gentleman” to be.

      He was obviously a person strongly influenced by his peers, hence the hatred and the rejection of a society (which is actually a form of love and wish to be part of it) that didn’t want him. If society then told him “hey it’s okay buddy, just go bang an 8 for a few hundred bucks, everyone does it, and get over it pal”, he would have done it.

      And, then maybe he wouldn’t have had this rage, and maybe he wouldn’t have wasted his life concocting elaborate fantasies about it all, and maybe he wouldn’t have gone around killing people because of it,


    • Seriously. Even if he wanted to do it the legal way, the drive from Santa Barbara to Nevada isn’t that long. Surely this had to have occurred to him in a momentary thought. “Hmm, I could hop in my Beamer, drive 12 hours, go to a brothel, and blow a load in a bonafide female. Nah.”

      It kind of makes you think sex wasn’t the point. It was rejection. Hookers and prostitutes don’t validate you on the basis of discrimination by success or desirability (although they have been known to shoot down offers). Their validation is solely based on cash. It seems like he viewed the entire affair more as a competition for image (“she chose me instead of them, therefore I’m better”) rather than chasing tail. Such obsession with social standing and image is way effeminate.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 11:07 am gunslingergregi

        when ya start getting em free and then they pay you the validation is pretty fucking high really


      • on May 26, 2014 at 12:10 pm Cad and Bounder

        The point is that the sex/affection became the validation issue, thanks to the influence of his peers.. A rite-of-passage challenge, that he, for whatever reason, could not achieve.

        Yes, Nevada is legal, but it’s not a socially acceptable validation achievement amongst his ‘group’. And, the issue was burning the guy up, and is tormenting other incels right now.

        Some will retort, that men don’t get or feel affection from hookers. Well, a quick look through history, start with Procopius’s “Secret History”, and you will be quickly disavowed of this notion.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 8:50 pm gunslingergregi

        When he heard this, Belisarius ordered one of his guards to put Theodosius away; but the latter learned of this in time to flee to Ephesus. For most of the servants, inspired by the weakness of the husband’s character, were more anxious to please his wife than to show loyalty to him, and so betrayed the order he had given. But Constantine, when he saw Belisarius’s grief at what had befallen him, sympathized entirely except to comment, “I would have tried to kill the woman rather than the young man.” Antonina heard of this, and hated him in secret. How malicious was her spite against him shall be shown; for she was a scorpion who could hide her sting. ”””””””””””

        interesting book so far


      • on May 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm gunslingergregi

        Therefore he went back to Ephesus, and having his head shaved after the religious custom, became a monk. Whereupon Antonina, insane over her loss, exhibited her grief by donning mourning; and went around the house shrieking and wailing, lamenting even in the presence of her husband what a good friend she had lost, how faithful, how tender, how loving, how energetic! In the end, even her spouse was won over to join in her sorrow. And so the poor wretch wept too, calling for his beloved Theodosius. Later he even went to the Emperor and implored both him and the Empress, till they consented to summon Theodosius to return, as one who was and would always be a necessity in the house of Belisarius. ””””””

        jesus christ


      • on May 26, 2014 at 9:05 pm gunslingergregi

        Then the Empress learned he had acquired great wealth in the East, and sent one of the eunuchs of the palace to confiscate it. Antonina, as I have told, was now quite out of temper with her husband, but on the most friendly and intimate terms with the Queen, since she had got rid of John of Cappadocia. So, to please Antonina, Theodora arranged everything so that the wife would appear to have asked mercy for her husband, and from such peril to have saved his life; and the poor wretch not only became quite reconciled to her, but let her make him her humblest slave for having saved him from the Queen. And this is how that happened. ”””””””

        ahh yes this is the intrigues of oman


      • on May 26, 2014 at 9:13 pm gunslingergregi

        She made the boy and girl live together without any ceremony. And they say she forced the girl against her will to submit to his clandestine embrace, so that, being thus deflowered, the girl would agree to the marriage, and the Emperor could not forbid the event. However, after the first ravishing, Anastasius and the girl fell warmly in love with each other, and for not less than eight months continued their unmarital relations.

        But when, after Theodora’s death, Antonina came to Constantinople, she was unwilling to forget the outrage the Queen had committed against her. Not bothering about the fact that if she united her daughter to any other man, she would be making an ex-prostitute out of her, she refused to accept Theodora’s nephew as a son-in-law, and by force tore the girl, ignoring her fondest pleadings, from the man she loved.

        reasons to get a virgin I suppose


      • on May 26, 2014 at 9:24 pm gunslingergregi

        so it does appear to me the lesson is that a ho is quite good at intrigue from the beginning and also achieving power
        so if you are able to channel this power they have to achieve your ends and be in love with you and only faithfull to you then you might be in good stead for the passion is strong and the will strong as well to get what they want


      • on May 26, 2014 at 9:27 pm gunslingergregi

        so virgins for love and creating family
        ho’s to keep the virgins in line and punish
        ho’s to take out your enemies


      • on May 26, 2014 at 10:32 pm gunslingergregi

        Next they decided to wear the purple stripe on their togas, and swaggered about in a dress indicating a rank above their station: for it was only by ill-gotten money they were able to buy this finery. And the sleeves of their tunics were cut tight about the wrists, while from there to the shoulders they were of an ineffable fullness; thus, whenever they moved their hands, as when applauding at the theater or encouraging a driver in the hippodrome, these immense sleeves fluttered conspicuously, displaying to the simple public what beautiful and well-developed physiques were these that required such large garments to cover them.”””’



      • on May 26, 2014 at 10:34 pm gunslingergregi

        Almost all of them carried steel openly from the first, while by day they concealed their two-edged daggers along the thigh under their cloaks. Collecting in gangs as soon as dusk fell, they robbed their betters in the open Forum and in the narrow alleys, snatching from passersby their mantles, belts, gold brooches, and whatever they had in their hands. Some they killed after robbing them, so they could not inform anyone of the assault.

        These outrages brought the enmity of everybody on them, especially that of the Blue partisans who had not taken active part in the discord. When even the latter were molested, they began to wear brass belts and brooches and cheaper cloaks than most of them were privileged to display, lest their elegance should lead to their deaths; and even before the sun went down they went home to hide. But the evil progressed; and as no punishment came to the criminals from those in charge of the public peace, their boldness increased more and more. For when crime finds itself licensed, there are no limits to its abuses; since even when it is punished, it is never quite suppressed, most men being by nature easily turned to error. Such, then, was the conduct of the Blues.

        wow it Is almost word to word whats happening now
        I guess history does repeat


      • on May 26, 2014 at 10:36 pm gunslingergregi

        Now at first they killed only their opponents. But as matters progressed, they also murdered men who had done nothing against them. And there were many who bribed them with money, pointing out personal enemies, whom the Blues straightway dispatched, declaring these victims were Greens, when as a matter of fact they were utter strangers. And all this went on not any longer at dark and by stealth, but in every hour of the day, everywhere in the city: before the eyes of the most notable men of the government, if they happened to be bystanders. For they did not need to conceal their crimes, having no fear of punishment, but considered it rather to the advantage of their reputation, as proving their strength and manhood, to kill with one stroke of the dagger any unarmed man who happened to be passing by. ”””””””””’

        my mind is blown


      • on May 26, 2014 at 10:56 pm gunslingergregi

        Thus it was that Theodora, though born and brought up as I have related, rose to royal dignity over all obstacles. For no thought of shame came to Justinian in marrying her, though he might have taken his pick of the noblest born, most highly educated, most modest, carefully nurtured, virtuous and beautiful virgins of all the ladies in the whole Roman Empire: a maiden, as they say, with upstanding breasts. Instead, he preferred to make his own :what, had been common to all men, alike, careless of all her revealed history, took in wedlock a woman who was not only guilty of every other contamination but boasted of her many abortions.

        I need hardly mention any other proof of the character of this man: for all the perversity of his soul was completely displayed in this union; which alone was ample interpreter, witness, and historian of his shamelessness. For when a man once disregards the disgrace of his actions and is willing to brave the contempt of society, no path of lawlessness is thereafter taboo to him; but with unflinching countenance he advances, easily and without a scruple, to acts of the deepest infamy.

        maybe makes sense


      • on May 26, 2014 at 11:01 pm gunslingergregi

        What she and her husband did together must now be briefly described: for neither did anything without the consent of the other. For some time it was generally supposed they were totally different in mind and action; but later it was revealed that their apparent disagreement had been arranged so that their subjects might not unanimously revolt against them, but instead be divided in opinion.

        Thus they split the Christians into two parties, each pretending to take the part of one side, thus confusing both, as I shall soon show; and then they ruined both political factions. Theodora feigned to support the Blues with all her power, encouraging them to take the offensive against the opposing party and perform the most outrageous deeds of violence; while Justinian, affecting to be vexed and secretly jealous of her, also pretended he could not openly oppose her orders. And thus they gave the impression often that they were acting in opposition. Then he would rule that the Blues must be punished for their crimes, and she would angrily complain that against her will she was defeated by her husband. However, the Blue partisans, as I have said, seemed cautious, for they did not violate their neighbors as much as they might have done.

        And in legal disputes each of the two would pretend to favor one of the litigants, and compel the man with the worse case to win: and so they robbed both disputants of most of the property at issue.


        pretending to be at variance with each other, were able to establish a firm and mutual tyranny.

        yea if you can get to that level with a chick can do some wild shit


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:17 am gunslingergregi

        In the same way, the Emperor, taking many persons into his intimacy, gave them offices by power of which they could defraud the State to the limits of their ambition. And as soon as they had collected enough plunder, they would fall out of favor with Theodora, and straightway be ruined. At first he would affect great sympathy in their behalf, but soon he would somehow lose his confidence in them, and an air of doubt would darken his zeal in their behalf. Then Theodora would use them shamefully, while he, unconscious as it were of what was being done to them, confiscated their properties and boldly enjoyed their wealth. By such well-planned hypocrisies they confused the public and, pretending to be at variance with each other, were able to establish a firm and mutual tyranny.

        allowing dru dealers to amassthere monythen taking itwhen they arrest them lol


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:56 am gunslingergregi

        Moreover, while he was encouraging civil strife and frontier warfare to confound the Romans, with only one thought in his mind, that the earth should run red with human blood and he might acquire more and more booty, he invented a new means of murdering his subjects. Now among the Christians in the entire Roman Empire, there are many with dissenting doctrines, which are called heresies by the established church: such as those of the Montanists and Sabbatians, and whatever others cause the minds of men to wander from the true path. All of these beliefs he ordered to be abolished, and their place taken by the orthodox dogma: threatening, among the punishments for disobedience, loss of the heretic’s right to will property to his children or other relatives”””””””””””

        so the motivation is always ways yo get more money not the crime its quite hilarious how see through everything really is and yet the learned populous acts like they don’t know or cannot do shit
        funny that men were never really men I guess just the leadership that makes or breaks it\

        ”””””””After this he passed a law prohibiting pederasty: a law pointed not at offenses committed after this decree, but at those who could be convicted of having practised the vice in the past. The conduct of the prosecution was utterly illegal. Sentence was passed when there was no accuser: the word of one man or boy, and that perhaps a slave, compelled against his will to bear witness against his owner, was defined as sufficient evidence. Those who were convicted were castrated and then exhibited in a public parade. At the start, this persecution was directed only at those who were of the Green party, were reputed to be especially wealthy, or had otherwise aroused jealousy. ”””””””””

        oh shit wow


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:57 am gunslingergregi

        Consequently there was a constant stream of emigration not only to the land of the barbarians but to places farthest remote from the Romans; and in every country and city one could see crowds of foreigners. For in order to escape persecution, each would lightly exchange his native land for another, as if his own country had been taken by an enemy.”””””””’

        well I guess pretty easy to make predictions when it seems as though you just found the playbook


      • gunslingergregi, if I haven’t taken the time to say so before, you may be the Robert Schumann to GBFM(TM)’s Beethoven in the pantheon of sly crypto-absurdist profundity.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 3:28 am gunslingergregi

        well credit goes to cad and bounder for telling me to read it
        I think this book may just be the best most profound book I have ever read
        feel like I actually learned something cause of the detail and the way it was written
        weirdest part of all is it’s my life

        I guess you could reverse that since I came before gbfm he he he
        its not bout rally finding the meaning in life so mauch as a playbook fr the future descisions


      • on May 27, 2014 at 3:34 am gunslingergregi

        but it also gives more meaning than the bible its so off the chain its crazy how close to current policies


      • on May 27, 2014 at 3:37 am gunslingergregi

        this needs to be on gbfm list though cause the odyssey for suckers this book for players


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:08 am St Augustine

        @gunslingergregi, thanks for the summary – those late Romans really correlate to modern America.. There’s another pair of books to put on your quick-read list: Mises’s ‘Bureacracy’ and ‘The Peter Principle’ by Raymond Hull. Saved me much dissonance in realizing why company organization or any/all organization is so mind-bogglingly incompetent, in that like feminine nature, it is due to the inescapability of human nature and the necessity of bureaucratic organization.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:08 am gunslingergregi

        on May 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm gunslingergregi
        Therefore he went back to Ephesus, and having his head shaved after the religious custom, became a monk. Whereupon Antonina, insane over her loss, exhibited her grief by donning mourning; and went around the house shrieking and wailing, lamenting even in the presence of her husband what a good friend she had lost, how faithful, how tender, how loving, how energetic! In the end, even her spouse was won over to join in her sorrow. And so the poor wretch wept too, calling for his beloved Theodosius. Later he even went to the Emperor and implored both him and the Empress, till they consented to summon Theodosius to return, as one who was and would always be a necessity in the house of Belisarius. ””””””

        jesus Christ
        my chick did this to her husband to the point he saying he wishes he could be me
        and in the end he was won over to acceptance
        and there was shrieking and violence and hate
        and probably insanity
        but I don’t accept anyone else nor do I hear wailing and gnashing of teeth


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:18 am gunslingergregi

        the dude allowed his wife to be on the street though
        so he had lots of confidence and figured he was in shape tall and had a big dick and ate that pussy so he would always get her coming back
        his name getting voided though
        and when he brought someone to void mine my bitch didn’t let it happen in the past
        think i’m gonna let her tat her whole body and be a living tribute to my game


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:34 am gunslingergregi

        kind of funny too that she had to game me for a long time to have me allow her to put my name on her face
        he he he


      • on May 27, 2014 at 4:12 pm gunslingergregi

        St Augustine
        @gunslingergregi, thanks for the summary – those late Romans really correlate to modern America.. There’s another pair of books to put on your quick-read list: Mises’s ‘Bureacracy’ and ‘The Peter Principle’ by Raymond Hull. Saved me much dissonance in realizing why company organization or any/all organization is so mind-bogglingly incompetent, in that like feminine nature, it is due to the inescapability of human nature and the necessity of bureaucratic organization.

        yea I have heardthat stated but not seen it in such clarity with the written words of the time
        maybe will try reading that my forte is coing up with billion dollar savings plans and I can watch like hows it made and come up with ways to save loot
        maybe be interesting to read the books to put my ideas in a better light and more digestable to people.


    • He actually tried to get laid. He just sucked at it.


  9. Damn dude, i feel bad for incel males. But I wish I had a time machine, I would go knock elliot the Fuck out.


  10. Rodgers shares one common trait with many gay men – a horrible relationship with his mother – which may have been what drove his psychosis.

    Full breakdown here:


    • I have only read the first half of his manifesto but from what I have read he had a great relationship with his biological mother ( an Asian) , he only says good things about her

      it was his father’s girlfriend who had a very bad temper and punished him harshly. She even embarrassed him in front of his friends

      His own father who was always away ( that in itself is not a good thing) left the bitchy girlfriend in charge, she was a bad influence on a kid who already had psychological problems. She poured oil on fire by being emasculating to a boy with a fragile self image.


      • There’s clearly something wrong with his father. It’s not simply his physical absence it’s more than that. Those who say the father is the opposite of the son, that he looks like a confident alpha man, etc. think about that for a minute: when Elliot was 18 his father’s 2nd wife Soumaya pulled out her banhammer and tells him he’s no longer welcome in the house …and he went along with it.

        What kind of weak man would do that? To forbid his biological son from a previous marriage from entering his house because that’s what her 2nd wife wants? Even if he thought Elliot was a mistake I think there’s a line that no healthy self-respecting man would cross. And Soumaya openly denigrated Elliot a couple of times. Doesn’t that tell us something about how she really feels about Elliot’s father?

        from his autobiography:

        “I had an argument with Soumaya while I was visiting father’s house. It started when she began to boast that my brother Jazz was recently signed by an agent to act in T.V. commercials. She said that by the time he is my age, he will be a successful actor. I talked about how Jazz was already so socially savvy for his age, and how I’ve always envied him for it. She told me he will never have any problems with girls, and will lose his virginity while he’s young. I had to sit there and listen to the bitch tell me that my little brother will grow up enjoying the life I’ve always craved for, but missed out on.”


  11. It is depressing indeed to see the media predictably place the blame on the manosphere for what this hopeless piece of garbage did.

    The manosphere would have helped him. Reading a few tales from a guy like Roosh might have gotten him out of status-obsessed Southern California and over to somewhere where his Malay-British ancestry would have been exotic and different, and where he could have picked up enough charm to finally find love — maybe even one of his precious blondes. He went to France for a few weeks and seemed to like it; why didn’t he try going back? Why not go to his mother’s native Malaysia, where his Euro-Asian features probably would have ben a hit?

    The manosphere would have advised him to make some friends of both sexes so that he’d be ready when he finally did meet a woman who had some interest in him. And at 22 it was nowhere near too late for him. Instead, he goes to PUAHate and wallows in his own self-created failure.


  12. I have Asperger’s and I have to say this kid was a complete loser, and our society is turning more young boys into people like him.

    I used to have those idealistic romantic notions of what a woman wanted, and I was slowly putting 2 and 2 together about how women acted versus what they said or what the MSM said about them. Of course stumbling onto the red pill accelerated the process, and looking back at my life, a lot of things were there for me to see if I had the proper set of shades to see them.

    For the most part, yes, being on the autism spectrum is a ball-and-chain that nature threw my way. There is one possible upside that comes from it IMO: some parts of the Dark Triad traits are built into me. For a large part of my life I struggled against my selfish side in order to be extra nice to other people, because it’s what I thought society would want out of a person. I programmed myself to be nice and kind (and beta) after being force fed the blue bill. Now I’m currently de-programming myself and trying to embrace whatever benefit the God of Biomechanics saw fit to give me.


    • Note, of course, that CH isn’t saying everyone with Aspergers is screwed up like this guy, but it is one of the factors that cause trouble in the dating life.


      • Definitely; I do think this guy is the picturesque result of a young man growing up with modern society’s boot forever grinding in his face.


      • Don’t bite the hand that feeds.


      • A good friend of mine has a son with Asperger’s. He slays the pussy… Currently dating a stunning Latina. If I had to guess it’s because his lack of social grace… He says what’s on his mind, literally does.not.care if his conquests lay, stay, stray or pray, and generally kicks them to the curb as soon as he busts his nut. He told me that he gets very physically uncomfortable “snuggling”. He just can’t stand it… From what I’ve witnessed, the women lap it up.


      • Schmizzle:

        Your anecdote about an alpha with Asperger’s is interesting, and IMO helps puts the lie to the tendency to equate lesser beta/omega social awkwardness with bona fide Asperger’s.


      • @Cornivus. I have no idea if he’s typical Asperger’s or not, but I have gotten to know him pretty well. He’s really enjoyable to talk with because his perceptions on things are completely untainted with trying to conform to social expectations. If you didn’t know the dude, he’d come off as ice cold, uncaring, unfeeling and maybe a bit socially awkward. Until recently he worked in a retail industry dominated by females and the war stories he told me of getting constantly hit on by MILF’s convinced me that the kid is a true natural.


    • The difference between you and Elliot is you recognize your challenge but you are willing to TRY to do something about helping yourself. He didn’t even try to improve himself. he was aware of PUA sites obviously but instead to go to the ones where men complained about not getting laid by women simply because they felt entitled to women without trying to change themselves.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 2:50 pm Zombie Shane

      Dude, don’t go completely Dark.

      Force yourself to retain just a little of your humanity.

      Elliot Rodgers and Adam Lanza and Batman in Colorado and Cho at VaTech and all the rest of them are PRECISELY what happens to spergs when they go completely Dark.

      Be human instead.


      • Haha don’t worry I don’t mean going completely dark in that sense. I mean in the sense of not always supplicating to what women want. I was one of those “if I do everything she says she will love me!!!!” types.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 6:08 pm Modern Primitive

        Have you pumped a baby into anyone yet>


      • on May 26, 2014 at 6:45 pm Zombie Shane

        > “Haha don’t worry I don’t mean going completely dark in that sense.”

        Oh, thank God.


        Definitely man up with the bitches and throw down their shit tests just like you’d throw down a solid “A” on a math exam.

        And have fun doing it.

        But just remember that some day you are going to want one of them to be the mother of your children.


  13. Good summary by the Heartiste. I would also add that, according to his “manifesto”, he lost all social life once he started playing World of Warcraft and HALO in his early teens. He wrote that he was too stupid at that age to know the damage it did. “It was a very lonely time”. There is a lesson there.

    Add to that authism, Xanax and Vicodin and multiple therapists, a dad who first marries a Chinese and then an Arab showing where he’s leaning which is screwed up in itself, and growing up in the leftist gimme-gimme Hollywood atmosphere (The Hunger Games for example is crawling with racial and “anti-capitalist” propaganda), and you have the recipe for a mind steeped in surrealism. Oh, and daddy is rich. If only the family had been poor or at least middle class. Would have taught him a few lessons he badly needed.

    The manifesto is indeed over the top. If you’d make a movie about an incel going on a rampage, you couldn’t include a manifesto like that one – it sounds too cartoonish for fiction. It’s like he is trying his hardest to hit all buttons of Pathetic.

    Judging from his manifesto thoughts and the way he lived his life, Rodgers was the archetypal Omega.

    And what a poster child for PUAHate. That site is full of weirdos. Not surprising that one of them went off like this. At least they had the decency to take down the site after the murders, so that their twisted members couldn’t dig themselves deeper by commenting on what happened in their usual style. (Probably with added meme graphics.) I suggest that from now on we call the members of that forum Rodgers. Don’t be such a Rodger, guys.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 2:19 pm gunslingergregi

      not surprising that one of them went off like this?
      but yet only one went off like this isen’t that the epitome of sadness on the state of the human condition that they can be hurting that much and yet will just all take it. Shows the malleability of people and that yea really everyone can be saved there is that good at the bottom of most.


  14. The rampage is newsworthy in and of itself, but what’s really catapulted it in the public imagination is the killer’s “manifesto“, and the discovery that he was a member of an internet forum called “PUAHate”
    Epic lulz.


  15. This was actually a pretty good read Heartsiste. You’ve redeemed yourself from the last post. Ahh I got this love / hate with you.


    Its funny you mentioned the homosexual angle because my first thoughts upon viewing his video was that he seemed gay to me and unable to come to terms with that. Definitley has that “gay face” and most straight hetero men do not take close up selfies and focus on material things in their photos. I think this is the basis of his true anger. Women (White blondes) where just an obvious no brainer target to hide that he was probably homosexual. If you get what I am saying?

    I do not think him being mixed has anything to do with his issues. There are plenty of mixed people in this society who actually fare quite well socially. The difference between a tragic mixed kid and one who isn;t are the parents.

    Next. He was truly a narcissist who as many are pointing out felt ENTITLED.

    The difference between PUA sites like these and the sites he went to was those guys didn’t want to try.

    As you pointed out, he felt he didn’t need to try at ALL. And that makes all the difference between the omegas and betas who come to game sites to LEARN how to change and tweak their social issues to become better at attracting women.

    I will always commend a person who is willing to see they need to improve something and take the measures to do just that other than sitting around doing nothing but complaining about how unfair life is for them because they feel entitled to have everything handed to them.

    So for all the guys on here who have realized you need to improve to get better with women and have DONE JUST THAT by taking steps and measures to become more socially adept, my hats off to you!!

    If Elliot had visited this site instead of the lazy one where men didn’t want to even try to improve, there would probably be some happy girl (or guy) riding in his BMW and 8 people alive.


  16. That’s interesting about the use of a knife vs. gun. I think you’re on to something. I was surprised by the female victims, too… they were average looking, and I figured if this was really about sexual rejection, he would have targeted the really hot sorority girls who were probably the harshest toward him.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 5:21 am Zombie Shane

      Maybe the blond HB sorority girls so badly intimated him that he couldn’t even get up the courage to murder them?

      So instead of murdering HB7s/HB8s/HB9s, he settled for murdering HB4s and HB5s?

      That was originally intended as something of a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there might be some truth to it.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 5:28 am Zombie Shane

        There’s a blond chick out there, named “Sierra Swartz” [or “Schwartz”?] who claims that he shot at her a number of times, but somehow managed to miss.

        [SPOILER ALERT – like the scene in Pulp Fiction which convinced Samuel Jackson’s character to give up a life of crime?]

        Anyway, she’s a solid HB7 [with some heavy makeup and good lighting, maybe an HB8], and I wonder whether he was an awful shot, or if just he couldn’t bring himself to murder an actual hawt babe?

        Or maybe she’s lying about it so that she can get her face on national television?


      • In reference to your “he shot at her a number of times, but somehow managed to miss,” a handgun is actually quite inaccurate unless you are pretty close to the target, even with training. Getting an intended headshot on a guy standing on a nearby roof while firing with one hand is pure fantasy. It is entirely possible that she was mingling around the vicinity when he was shooting and wasn’t hit. Best thing to do if someone pulls a pistol on you from 50 feet or more, run.

        First time here, followed from a link. This is one of the most insightful and respectful boards I have ever seen in my 20 years on the web. Will be back.


      • Edit: Best thing to do if someone pulls a pistol on you from 50 feet or more, ***and you know they intend to use it***, run.


      • on May 29, 2014 at 1:00 am Johnny Deigh

        Sienna was a hot blonde and lucky as hell to be alive. She said Rodger pointed a gun at her which she thought was an airsoft gun. She nervously said, “Hey, what’s up?” which I think may have saved her life, and then turned around and started walking the other way. That’s when she felt a bullet whiz right past her face.

        I think by saying hello to Rodger, he might have had second thoughts about killing her when he had a better shot at her. When she changed direction and started walking away, he fired at her.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 1:14 pm OralCummings

      But..we’ve talked about how really hiot chicks are often sweet and kind to people cuz theyre staus is so high,no bitch shield is necessary.


      • i agree with this. he probably didn’t have experiences with hot chicks being nasty to him so he didn’t have an automatic feeling of disgust or rage towards the pretty ones like he did towards the average girls who reminded him of all those women who had rejected him.

        that theory about hot girls not needing bitch shields is true. some of the nicest girls i’ve ever met were also some of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen.


      • They’re sweet and kind to people who deserve it. I have a feeling this guy was annoying and obnoxious in addition to being creepy and weird.


      • Have you not been paying attention?

        Apart from the occasional creep that may bug them, women tend to be mean and cruel to men who are too nice to them.

        Dozens of posts by CH explain this clearly. Even science and evo-psychology come to the same conclusion.


      • Yea, I do pay attention. I pay attention to the posts that say good looking women tend to be more agreeable, and… well, I agree. Agreeable chicks tend to be nice, not mean and cruel.

        And no one is sweetness and light all the time.


    • Actually, 8s 9s and 10s reject me “better” than 6s 5s and 7s.

      The rejections I get from some 6s and 5s in particular, enrage me.

      Okay, it’s not only that they don’t want to fuck me, it is that they feel outraged that I don’t care if I fuck them or not.

      Who the fuck do they think they are?

      Last week I was talking to a 9, I invited her to a coffee and she politely justified why she couldn’t go and why she did not want to go in the near future (she lives too far away). But she was always polite and nice.

      In the same week I invited a 6 to a cofee and she replyed: “Why do you think I would like to have coffee with you? Do you think I don’t have anything to do?”

      Mediocre girls *are* really worse than hot girls.


      • and the ridiculous part is, if these mediocre girls were even slightly more agreeable and pleasant, they might actually have a chance at getting some guys interested in them. their self-protective bitch shields are really just nails in their coffins.


  17. on May 26, 2014 at 10:11 am Sparkling Wiggle

    From skimming the manifesto, it’s pretty clear that the guy was a flaming homo. His descriptions of his alleged attraction to women read like an upside-down version of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

    “Why of course I am a red-blooded heterosexual male. I just love all those hot…pudenda and stuff.”


    • Exactly.

      The flowery language is really fucking strange.

      He appears to have been a cock blocker too. Fixating on other couples is a real malfunction that is typically queer.


      • I’m not shocked about the language. His love of Game of Thrones in literary form backs this. GRRM is a writer of appalling standards with excessive flowery pointless descriptions about everything. The extremely awkward sex scenes in the books make anybody with a triple digit IQ and any social skills cringe.


    • It’s like reading a script, isn’t it? I read it too. I have read some other of these manifestos by mass murderers, and this one is the craziest of them all. Who writes such a text, where he goes to extreme lengths to make himself sound pathetic? For example, how he wants to kill every happy couple he can find, to punish them for being happy. And how he wants to kill his little brother so he “won’t have the chance to surpass me”.

      Other mass murderers write manifestos meant to make them sound good, but this guy digs his hole deeper with every sentence. I just kept waiting for a My Little Pony reference. (It’s just a matter of time before some “brony” goes on a rampage to punish the world for not being as wonderful as Equestria.)


    • To be fair, now that I think of it, he DID talk very…cleanly about women. He said things like “sensual” or “sexy” but never talk like most guys his age would talk.


      • Check out the tits on that
        Squeeze those melons
        Bend her over and give her a good seeing to…stick a finger in shove my dick in her…

        Nothing at all that is even remotely carnal.

        None of it. Entirely abstract notions about women.


      • Well, maybe it’s the autism. I knew a guy who was a hardcore autist and he spoke/wrote about sex like a chemist writes a protocol, even though he was straight.

        But considering the gayface…..


      • Because he put women on a pedestal. He couldn’t mentally think anything dirty about those clean, wholesome women!


      • on May 27, 2014 at 5:30 am Zombie Shane

        > “Because he put women on a pedestal.”

        Don’t put too much faith in over-analysis here.

        This kid was insane, and had been in psychiatric care since childhood.


  18. “Egotistic, attention starved, solipsistic, passive aggressive, perpetually aggrieved, and unwilling to change when posing as a martyr feels so damn good”

    Your describing the garden variety white man to me……


    • Describing the garden variety Black man.

      Wow, that was easy. Making sweeping statements without proof always is. Except, the vast majority of murders in the U.S. are committed by Black men. Why, 75 percent of murders are Blacks killing other Blacks, and that says nothing about how many of the other 25 percent they stand for.

      Okay, your turn. Say something about “racism”.


      • Not only that, this shooter/stabber is a Eurasian.

        A separate boutique ethnic group borne from Yellow Fever and Tigerlady lust.


      • You make a valid general point. However, I think ‘al’ made a clear cut reference to leftoids of the SWPL cult. The traits of other demographic groups do not change the absolute nature of SWPL traits measured against reality rather than collectivist morality relativism.


      • @Director,
        his “eur” part, Rodger, was keikelish. His dad wouldn’t have made career in Hollywood if it wasn’t that way.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 3:45 pm Zombie Shane

        Yeah, the father has some very curly hair and some strange shapes to his nose and eyes.

        I’m guessing the father is 1/4 to 1/2 kike.


      • According to The Innocence Project: “Eyewitness Misidentification Testimony was a factor in 73 percent percent of post-conviction DNA exoneration cases in the U.S., making it the leading cause of these wrongful convictions. At least 40 percent of these eyewitness identifications involved a cross racial identification (race data is currently only available on the victim, not for non-victim eyewitnesses). Studies have shown that people are less able to recognize faces of a different race than their own.”

        Races of the 316 exonerees:
        198 African Americans
        94 Caucasians
        22 Latinos
        2 Asian American

        How do you know “the vast majority of murders in the U.S. are committed by Black men”?


    • Bwahahaha.

      That’s every nigger I’ve run into.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 12:34 am evilwhitemalempire

      Sounds more like a feminist female.


    • “Your describing the garden variety white man to me”

      Said with a gay voice and a thumb snap


  19. CH, you should be the one discussing this on television instead of the bloviating idiots who “analyze” this guy’s murder spree.


  20. “There is one possible upside that comes from it IMO: some parts of the Dark Triad traits are built into me. For a large part of my life I struggled against my selfish side in order to be extra nice to other people, because it’s what I thought society would want out of a person. ”

    You must be “white”. the Dark Triad traits you describe are simply your barbarian inheritance. I have long theorized that the rampant sociopathy exhibited by the “white” – is a genetic expression….

    In times past, you would have had plenty of opportunity to express your sociopathy openly – even been praised for it and received wealth, honors and titles for it…….

    But nowadays, you must feel like a caged animal – in many ways your are – kinda like Wolverine – no wonder so many “white” men indentify with him.

    The tragedy if the modern white male then is that there appears to be less and less opportunity to vent sociapathy……

    Michael Moore is probably right about you people – after all he should know – he is one of you.


    • Ridiculous little Black spewing his crap. Completely void of murder and rape statistics, showing Blacks to be the worst criminals by far.

      Lucky for you Whites invented electricity and computers, and the language you are using, and pretty much everything else around you. Otherwise you would be digging up grubs under a rock for dinner, instead of blabbering nonsense online.


    • The most dangerous people to be around are blacks and Asians appear to be disproportionately violent as far as the FBI stats go.


    • The most dangerous environment for a white man is a family with a dad who swallowed the Koolaid that it’s okay to have litter of half breeds with multiple exotic women. The dad hates the NRA. That was a liberal household and it produced a very fucked up son.

      You have all been warned! They won’t all end up President.


    • al, you’re white. I know it, you know it, everyone who has read your posts knows it….stop making a fool of yourself.


    • MM is a ling sack of excrement. He regularly fabricates things for his “documentaries” or fails to place them in their context truthfully (health care in Cuba is great!…. if your rich. The local’s “free” health care sucks). So basically assume the opposite of anything he says is the truth.

      You also forgot to mention those other “white” traits such as:
      1) building large sustainable societies
      2) trying to end slavery (where are most slaves held today? hint – not in “white” countries. Not to mention it would be difficult to list any non-white societies that have even tried on their own because it is such an odd concept to most)
      3) creating the internet your so blindly tripping through (though not Al Gore. He probably thought it was another tobacco subsidy he could sign on for – back when he didn’t think it was evil).


    • As a white man, I have to agree with you, Al. Sociopaths are generally ‘whitey’. For instance, Bill Clinton is a narcissist and a sociopath whereas obama is simply a narcissist.

      Why are whites sociopaths? One explanation I would be loathe to invalidate in light of my observations of human nature is that blacks are generally incapable of acting outside a group whereas whites more often than not are ‘lone wolves’, as it were.

      For instance, they greater the numbers, the more violent and unfettered the black man feels while the white crazy person feels no compunction to join a group. Quite the opposite, actually.

      Witness the LA riots and the white truck driver pulled from the vehicle and being set upon.

      What is superior, the pack animal or the lone wolf? Good question and a good topic for study.


      • The white sociopath usually has carefully analyzed everything and carefully planned his “crime” ( be it seduce the intern or murder innocent people ) . There is something cerebral, intellectual and even sophisticated about it ( the crime itself may be awfully ugly but there is a certain elegance to how it was planned and executed ) as most sociopaths have high IQs.

        while the violence of the typical young black man ( such as those who murder each other in a typical weekend in Chicago or those who pulled that white man out of a truck and hit him in the head with a brick) usually comes from something more primal, more primitive, it is like an instinct, it is like a primitive reflex, there was absolutely no planning, it just happens suddenly, it is as if if you kick a sleeping Grizzly bear, he does not kill you because he has spent months carefully planning how and when he would kill you.


      • I like the cut of your jib, Canadian Friend. But I was taking Al’s racism, and yes, this is an instance where the word applies, and throwing it right back in his face.

        Racism is the inherent belief of the genetic superiority of one race over another. When liberals bandy the word about, they really mean bigoted or prejudiced.

        Racism is not only possible for the white man. Blacks are quite capable of racism too. Witness Witless Al.


      • “For instance, Bill Clinton is a narcissist and a sociopath whereas obama is simply a narcissist.”

        Really? I’ll save the long list of laws broken and lies told by Obama, but I will say that if I were to line them up next to Clinton’s you’d see that you have it backwards.


      • Joe, Bill Clinton was a con-man par excellance. He did not need a slavish media to ‘sell’ him to a gullible public. His sociopathic Ted Bundy-like personality did that for him.

        Obama could NOT have gotten elected without a massive concerted effort of media, Hollywood, pop-culture, white guilt and black worship.

        I fail to see how the current tally of lies disproves anything I have said.


  21. Again proven why Heartiste and Return of Kings / Roosh are the Manosphere heavyweights. As soon as Rationalmale chips in the picture is complete.


  22. on May 26, 2014 at 10:23 am Gurney Halleck

    The accusations of homosexuality are frivolous and ridiculous. He might have had a certain effeminate weakling look but that alone does make one a homosexual. Perhaps these accusations of homosexuality stem from the fact that he had a pretty boy look to him and wasn’t getting laid, something that’s baffling keyboard jockeys who post here that think if they had better looks they’d be swimming in pussy.


    • Dude was almost certainly hankering for it. He just didn’t know how to be straightforward about it.


    • We have evidence of a very femme fey looking Manlet.

      This you dismiss and then follow up with a completely baseless assertion that people on here are obese? Balding? Spotty?

      This mutant wasn’t good looking! He was a Eurasian twink.


    • No he wasn’t a fag but he surely had some kind of testosterone deficiency


    • Whether he was an operant fag is open to speculation until more about him comes out from his social circles. What is certain to lots of ppl who seen his vid is that he had the looks of a flaming fag, and those who have read his manifesto cannot deny a certain effeminacy and a view of the world which strikes me as very feminine, all awash with the bright technicolor brush of a filter of strong emotions and sensations. Even the Chatelain writes about pings on the gaydar. At the very least he would have been a very r-selected specimen with some deformity of the amygdala – wondering what the autopsy would reveal.

      Whether he was aware of his (latent, strong) homosexual inclinations is also open to debate.


      • “Here’s how the study went down…

        -First, a saliva sample was taken from each subject and their testosterone and cortisol levels were measured.

        -Second, the subject was asked to sit in either a high power pose or a low power pose for two minutes.

        -Third, a second sample of saliva was taken from each subject and their testosterone and cortisol levels were measured again.

        When the researchers looked at the results, they were stunned by the impact that body language had on the hormones within the body. High power poses increased testosterone by 20 percent and decreased cortisol levels by 25 percent.”

        ^ ^ ^ this is from a summary of a study on body language and testosterone & cortisol you can find it online. And this is after * two minutes * only. So you can imagine the impact that years of bullying at school and low power poses/words/feelings/thoughts had on his testosterone and cortisol levels. He probably had barely enough testosterone to have an erection and masturbate to pornography.

        He wasn’t gay stop clinging to that theory he was effeminate because he had a testosterone deficiency, very likely because he grew up in a very stressful environment during and after puberty. Being half asian didn’t do him any favor when it comes to testosterone but even though he was born with a lesser testosterone potential to begin with all that cortisol his body secreted when he was under stress at school lead him to have a stunted masculinity below his natural potential.

        He had a soul consuming neurotic obsession with blond girls because it was the type of girls who laughed at him when he was growing up. Had he been gay the rejection by these women wouldn’t have hurt him as much and he would have looked elsewhere and tried something.


      • and high cortisol is a turnoff for women:


        maybe it got to the point that his pheromones were repelling women


      • Another thing people seem to miss is aura. Women can sense aura. Men can as well, but our needs/wants tend to block it out, at least concerning women.

        Case-in-point, I am a 6’6″ and 230lb blue–eyed baby-faced man. My entire life hasn’t been a bed of roses regarding women, contrary what young Rodger believed.

        A large plurality of women have an innate fear of me, and as I got older I began to understand why.

        Other men my size and larger don’t seem to have this problem and I finally figured it out by observation. Those men are perceived as, not more or less manly than I, but safer in a subliminal sense.

        Looking at myself in a mirror and I’d wonder what they saw in me as compared to say, Steve. Steve is a teddy-bear. I appear, on a subliminal level, a sexual threat. And they are naturally wary or even fearful of men like that. Who can blame them? A former girlfriend who was 6’3″ and 250lbs was wary of me in the beginning. She would not even appear to notice me. But I HAD to have that so I stepped out of my comfort zone to get it. 6’+ girls with G-cup tits don’t grow on trees. Not to mention 20 years my junior.

        Call it being born under a bad sign. But I’ve learned to live with it. And I’m better for it. I can walk into a room and instinctively know, just from the looks I get, what women I have a chance with.

        It actually makes women more honest with me as I’ve never been cock-teased. When they walk over to me and initiate conversation, they instinctively know full-well what they may be getting into and they do it of their own free will.

        In fact, I will play the shy guy when it comes to touching at first. They become even more aggressive, taking my hands and placing them on their body parts.

        Can I have any girl I want? Hell no! But I can have ones that I am attracted to and it’s not a skinny, assless blonde like young Rodger. Society doesn’t dictate to me what kind of girl I am attracted to like so many men.

        However, keep in mind that I am almost 50 and I did not learn this at 22. I was into my 30s before it dawned on me.


  23. The three men he stabbed were all Asians. Coincidence?


    • It’s a Chinese thing to stab innit? Their mass killings are all stabby.


      • You never see it in the US news, but when I was living in Tokyo, seemed like every couple of months, some crazed person would go stab a bunch of people at a train station. Sometimes, there’d be dozens of victims.

        I always assumed that they use knives because they can’t get guns. But maybe it is some kind of cultural thing.


      • Stereotypically Asians are stabby little slant eyed motherfuckers.

        There was a case up in canada I think. When I was a student at UCLA a Chinese engineering student brought home two hookers into the family housing complex off campus, before his wife arrived, and proceeded to stab the two.

        They are knife wielding psycho.


      • Obvious phallic surrogate.


  24. When I look at him, he is very feminine and has the facial features of a homosexual. To me, he has the same look as the Canadian gay cannibal – Luka Magnotta. Elliot had a lifelong friend named James that he seems to have homosexual feelings for and when he rejected him, that looks like that was the tipping point for him from lonely guy to homicidal maniac

    In his various posts on PUAHate (see below), he mentioned numerous times he was an incel and how when he saw Asian guys with White girls, he would fly in to a ‘rage’


  25. My first comment about the George Sodini episode, after I read his various manifestos and screeds, was that if there were not bodies on the floor I would doubt his sincerity altogether. Because it all sounded so lame and so 2nd hand. So, the lame-ness of this guys explanation/manifesto is not so hard to believe.
    I think it would be wise to see this not as a species of “crime”, but more as the enactment of a fantasy. I mean, the guy more or less said that he was out to become a “God” for 10 minutes who decided who lived and who died in exchange for the rest of his possible existence.
    The system in California more or less writes most of this fantasy for him.
    1. Create zones of officiallly, labeled defenselessness.
    2. Pack them with the objects of obession -Children, Chicks, etc.
    3. Demonize guns thus magnify-ing their symbolic potency
    4. Make it obvious that a guy intruding into this officially designated zone of defenseless with a gun will become as-if a god.
    Now, all a guy like Rodgers needs to do is act out the prepared script.

    A wise society would un-do this narrative. It would let it be known that there might be people anywhere who could fight back. In reality, that might be mostly a fantasy. But often the best weapon against a fantasy is a counter-fantasy.


  26. 18-22 is a particularly hard age for a lot of dudes to get laid or a decent date too. This is because at that age you’re competing with not only your own age group, but guys who are older than you (heck, at 25 I was getting more 18-21 year old girls than I did when I was that age), and society has made any girl under 18 essentially “off limits.”

    This is the second Asian kid who committed mass murder because he couldn’t get his boner taken care of. Recall the Virginia Tech shooting, and how the little Korean guy complained that no women liked him and how he was a virgin as well. I think this throws a wrench into the whole “Asians are good for European society because high IQ” thing. Asian men can’t integrate into white society very well, much of the time. Look at all the little Indian/Pakistani chodes in the PUA universe. They try so hard to get a white girl in a world of white rules and usually fail hard no matter what. In their culture, all they would have to do is tell mom and dad that it is time for a ho and their parents would find a few chicks and he’d pick from among them. Asian men should go back to Asia where society is rigged in their favor, not try to compete with white men who will win the romance game with women of any race. White men dominate the romance game, it’s a forte of ours. While I believe we need to return to more conservative times as far as finding a wife goes, most Asian men have little chance of succeeding on our turf, and since semen on the brain from never getting laid drives men insane, Asian men can be a danger to our society. I say this as a man with a ton of Asian friends, from being stationed in Korea. I’ll tell you what, the Korean men in Korea are generally way happier than Korean men in the US, and I’ve known a few ex-Korean Soldiers who have immigrated to the US only to return to their motherland shortly thereafter. On guard duty once a Korean Soldier told me how he loves white women and wants to go to America to find one, and another Korean Soldier who studied abroad at a school not far from where I grew up chimed in and told him that white girls are nearly impossible for most Asian men to get. Factor in the fact that Koreans have the world’s smallest dicks and it’s a shut out. My advice to all Asians – Indian, Korean, Chinese or whatever – go to greener pastures, which means go someplace you have a good chance, rather than trying hard to out game white guys. You also might want to keep Asian women from coming to the US for study abroad’s, because it’s seriously true that once you go white you don’t go back. A lot of the Korean girls I dated in Korea had spent time in the US and came back with unrequited white fever.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 10:53 am The Dissident

      “Asian men should go back to Asia where society is rigged in their favor, not try to compete with white men who will win the romance game with women of any race.”

      China may not be as rigged in their favor as you suggest. Courtesy of the one-child policy, there is a severe shortage of women relative to men in the current generation of sexual activity. They’ve been importing a flood of Russian women into brothels in order to meet the sexual needs of existing men.

      Having said that, I don’t think the insinuation that legal prostitution would’ve saved this kid is right. His screed screams a desperate need for validation that the mere sexual release from a hooker whose cavernous vagina would barely register on his omega micropeen could never provide.

      There are some suggesting that his lack of any explicitly sexual language in describing the objects of his affection is an indicator of a latent or repressed homosexuality. While he certainly displays some of the affectations that typify the homosexual crowd, I’m doubtful of any genuine homosexual inclinations. He’s merely, as the title of this post suggests, ridiculously effeminate to the level of caricature.

      For all his preening about unfulfilled lust, his words strike me as far more motivated by approval seeking and a validation-needy personality. His female concentration camp seems to be compelling evidence that he was if anything completely asexual, but specifically hated the sexual marketplace because his failure there didn’t match with his narcissism and that damaged his fragile bitchy ego more than a thousand insults could.


      • Good point on China, although as an American I certainly don’t want Chinese men coming here in vain attempts to satisfy the problems their supposedly intelligent fathers created. Red China and the one child policy are all evidence that even though Asians have higher IQ, their lack of independence handicaps them among whites. They don’t have the network here that provides for them in their own nations, unless perhaps they congregate in one of the many China towns. (Speaking of China towns, why don’t call places like Compton or Harlem “African towns?”)


      • The one child policy coupled with infanticide is Chinese Eugenics.

        We will have a very hard time fighting all those surly yellow bastards in the near future. They will be gunning for white women like you’ve never seen.


      • They’ve been importing a flood of Russian women into brothels in order to meet the sexual needs of existing men.

        That was more like ten years ago. Nowadays it seems to be North Korean, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Filipina women.

        Good point on China, although as an American I certainly don’t want Chinese men coming here in vain attempts to satisfy the problems their supposedly intelligent fathers created.

        Yeah, I’m not worried so much about their attempts (what’ll they do, hang out in the library?) as the potential to cause mass shootings like Korean omegas Cho Seung-hui and One Goh.


    • More Asian men and Black women need to get together. LOL

      Seriously there are a lot of Black women who loooove Asian men. Many Black women who are open to dating interracially always list Asian men. And no these are not fat ghetto unattractive Black women. if you go on You Tube you will see tons of vids by young attractive BW who see the beauty in Asian men.

      So its crazy how people don’t want those who want them. i guess its just human nature.

      I believe people should adapt to those who want them instead of chasing pavements. Too much energy spent on trying to go after those who do not want you does not lead to happiness ever. Even when you get them, there is constant fear they will leave to greener pastures. is it really worth it?

      A lot of people get stuck on “perceptions” and get brainwashed.

      Asian men and Black women getting together is great for both groups – at least in America. Here’s hoping more Asian men will wake up to the beauty of AA women who actually like them vs. chasing women who do not see the beauty in them.

      I tend to avoid Asian men because i refuse to deal with the family drama. It seems their families are ok with Asian women dating out, but give Asian men a hard time for doing the same (even if the woman is White). Same thing applies in AA culture where Black Men are given free reign to date whomever they wish while Black Women are given a hard time if they date out the race.


      • I’m a white and find most black women to be repulsively un-feminine, so how a Chinese man is expected to go for one is beyond me. You’re dealing with huge, stocky, aggressive, high-T-low-IQ, rhino-skinned half-a-gadges with gargantuan fissured badonkadonk arses. About as far from the traditional Chinese idea of beauty as it is possible for a humanoid to get.

        It’s happening to some extent in East Africa simply because Chinese men outnumber Chinese women there by a hopeless margin – the local women home in on the Chinese because they’ve got the money. But I know many a Chinaman who works out there and not a single one of them would ever touch a local. And that’s East Africa, mind you, where the women are at least somewhat gracile… the West African gorilla gals would be even further beyond the pale.


      • First off. Are you Asian? NO?

        I don’t believe I asked your opinion nor do I care what you think about Black women since the discussion was about Black women and ASIAN MEN HOOKING UP.

        Since you wanted to slither in here with your HATE, I just love making haters look like the fools they are:

        I have two very long posts in moderation with TONS of links of young attractive Black women and Asian men who are together.

        That ought to make you go back and crawl into the dungeon you slithered out from.


      • Black women + Asian male couples are extremely rare, regardless of how many photos of such a thing you can provide. Photos aren’t statistics. Not hatin’ on ya, just pointing that out. The IQ disparity between blacks and Asians makes it hard for them to relate, generally speaking. It’s also hard to find black women that aren’t single moms or haven’t been with many partners, while Asian women are often virgin for awhile or have very low partner counts compared to black women. There are some black women out there I like though (as a white guy), like Ida Ljungqvist. Moses married a black woman, and God afflicted Mariam for judging him for doing that, so I don’t personally judge anyone who marries outside their race, but Asian men and black women will never be a common thing.


      • @Aquila

        Most interracial relationships are rare amongst Black women because many refuse to date Interracially and prefer Black males.

        However, there are a GROWING number of YOUNG attractive Black women who do not fit into your and everyone else stereotypes of “most ” Black women who are entering into interracial dating world. The pics I posted are just that – pics of young attractive THIN no baby momma not ghetto Black women who are sharing their pics with their Asian b/f’s and husbands, which also encourages other young Black women to do the same.

        Tons of blogs, you tubes and sites are popping up more and more each year of young Black women who are finally feeling safe to say they like Asian men and dating Asian males should be on many Black women’s radars. And many of these Black girls are finding love with Asian males.

        In terms of the “IQ” issue. Please. Asian men and Black women have a lot more in common than most. There are plenty of intelligent and attractive young Black girls walking irregardless of what you and the rest of the media and society try to make us believe.

        The pictures posted are just the BEGINNING of a bigger phenomenon to come.

        No race is going to have humongous numbers of interracial dating since most races prefer their own for obvious reasons.

        Most Black women who date interracially are not your single moms, blah blah blah etc. Those types of Black women typically stay with dating Black men only.

        In the next ten years you will see more Asian male / Black female pairings as more young Black women grow to feel more comfortable dating out.


      • You do realize that in Asian societies, blacks are considered to be monkeys, right?


      • @ Cynthia,

        Who said anything about Asian societies??? I don’t care about Asian “societies”. My point IS individuals of any race regardless of the bullshit others spew about particular races, will AND ARE finding love with whomever they wish.

        Black women are not dating Asian societies. They are dating individual Asian males who see them as individuals FIRST and foremost.


        Heartiste please unlock my posts with the links.

        Thx a bunch!! 😘😘😘


      • Usually Black women aren’t very fond of Asian men, probably because they lack masculinity (most of the time). I’ve seen one or two couples that are Asian and Black but usually they don’t seem to exist.

        The honeybee combo doesn’t seem to be that popular it seems!


      • If you wanna bag Kim Jong Un for lifelong matrimony I wish you luck, but it’s no phenomenon and I really don’t see Asians going black en masse any time soon. Most black chicks don’t like Asian dudes either. Asian + black will always be quite rare. I do have advice for black women who want to date Europeans or even Asians.

        #1 – Kill the ghetto lingo entirely.
        #2 – Don’t be progressive/liberal, and denounce Obama, unless you want a borderline gay guy.
        #3 – Straighten your hair and grow it long.
        #4 – Play to black women’s strengths. A lot of black women are socially conservative, and white guys generally like that in a woman. Play that up.
        #5 – Never dress in any way to be construed as hoodrat.
        #6 – Black women are naturally curvier than white women in general, and definitely moreso than Asian women, which isn’t bad at all, but if black women reign their weight in as much as nature naturally allows them to they’ll be more slender and shapely than most American women already and actually put themselves ahead of a lot of white and Asian chicks for consideration by any man.
        #7 – Don’t be so aggressive. I dated a black girl once and she used to pull my arm rather strongly to get my attention and would get literally violent with other women who flirted with me. Black women are naturally more aggressive than most, but white guys and Asians don’t record cat fights for Youtube, we want our women not to embarrass us as we want to preserve our honor.
        #8 – Don’t go on any “I don’t no man” rants, but be submissive and channel your energy into being a good housewife and mother.
        #9 – Understand that race is part of a persons soul – you can’t be white and an Asian or white man can’t be black, so there will always be some kind of difference there, and since the man is the head of the household expect your kids to be raised 100% in the man’s culture and be considered more a part of his race than your own. That’s not bad, if you aren’t marrying a black guy you probably would prefer things this way anyway.
        #10 – Think country club, not dance club


      • Neecy, you’re the one dealing with people whose manners are about on the level of chimps here. Even if you look down on AA people, what would be the point except a revolting insecure sadism to rudely shove it in their faces, when their feelings will obviously be hurt?

        “Where pretty lies perish” should be “Where any trace of civility is viewed as weakness.”


      • civility can be revoked in accord with bad faith of commenter.


    • Even Asian women think Asian men are effeminate. I’ve been told that to my face. And many Asian women have a blond fetish. Of all things, many of them are obsessed with having a bridge in their kid’s noses instead of a push-button.


      • That’s all true, Asian men are very effeminate. In Korea, boyfriends routinely wear matching outfits with their girlfriends and regularly carry their purses for them. Not just hold the purse for a moment, mind you, but carry it for them during a date. I think many Asians, men and women alike are fascinated with blonde hair. The murderer in question in this article was only half Asian, but he admits he had a fetish for blondes. I am blonde and Korean girls loved it, and they also are very interested in tattoos, something very taboo in Korea and much of Asia. A lot of Asian dudes are afraid to get them, and their women see them as signs of toughness. Asian chicks are also obsessed with not tanning and staying as white as possible, especially Korean women who still have a god complex for white men because white American men were essentially South Korea’s saviors only a half century back. Korean men also try to make themselves as white as possible, and seek white friends so they can imitate them, which is probably a good thing because it means they may wind up a little manlier.


      • I’ve always assumed it has something to do with the amount of soy in the average Asian man’s diet. But whatever it is, yeah, Asian guys (in Asian countries) come across as very gay.


    • You exaggerate, at first sight I though he looked White and maybe a little Hispanic, but to call him an Asian? hahah, I didn’t know he was half Asian!


      • He looked Persian at first glance. Which is Asia.


      • Persians are White in American census, haha. But yeah, now that I look closely ,he had some exotic features, I already said he looked a little Hispanic, but the Castizo ones that are mostly White. Some Whites like Rafael Nadal don’t have super Caucasianized features and still count as White, so I though this was the case, that being said, do all Whites with exotic features have some non White ancestry?


      • Persians listing themselves as white on the US census won’t go on for much longer. Arabs are lobbying for their status to be changed.

        Good riddance I’d say.

        This twerp roomed with Asians. I never would. No white supremacist ever would .


      • “Persians listing themselves as white on the US census won’t go on for much longer. Arabs are lobbying for their status to be changed.”

        Persians and Arabs are different bud.


    • lol maybe FOBs are starting from a rough spot. But the current gen asian dudes growing up in Western culture are fully capable of competing in the SMV, even for hot blonde white chicks in the bar scene. One of my major social circles a while back was a bunch of cool asian/indian dudes.

      And even then the FOBy dudes can put in the hours and learn to do good. The Engrish accent is usually the only real hitch ’cause that seems to be a bitch to get rid of and smooth out. Everything else tho is fine as long as they learn to develop confidence and charisma and present that in girls’ faces like a boss.

      It just comes down to how much exposure they’ve had to game and how much unwiring they have to do from their super repressed home-life upbringings (compared to white dudes). But it’s entirely do-able. Seen it first-hand many times.


      • Thank you! All this talk about Asian men being effeminate and unwanted reeks of narcissist men who actually think they’re the only hot men on earth.

        It amazes me at how some people /groups believe they are gods gift to mankind and sit around talking about how much better than others they are and how “others” don’t measure up. LOL talk about over inflated egos. Ugh

        I’ve never been to Asia, but here in America there are plenty of attractive well adjusted Asian males.

        Just because Asian women have issues with their Asianess and will date ANYTHING WHITE (they don’t gave to even be remotely attractive) and come up with all kinds if reasons why they don’t date Asian men (their own self hatred) doesn’t mean there is truly anything wrong with Asian males.

        And the Vietnamese & Japanese men are hot as hell!


      • talk about over inflated egos

        Clearly, yes, you have never met any man from outside America. You think white guys here are bad? They’re considerably more humble and self-effacing than just about any other group on the planet. Including, yes, Asian men.


      • Not ragging on all White guys because YES I will say of all men White males tend to be the less woman hating and treat the women in their race/culture a lot better than any other group of men on earth treat their women.

        Not that they are seeing any benefits of such since White women still take White men for granted. But you are right, White males aren’t so bad when looking at other races/culture of men and how they treat women.


  27. You analysis is spot on as always. You won’t find this conversation anywhere else on the internet. Unfortunately it is misunderstood memes that arise from this sort of thing which effect us all ie it is the pick-up artists and mens movement websites that caused it. The 0.01% misunderstood statistical outliers making the rules for the rest of us so that we are all so nice and safe. So safe and happy….crap.


  28. Here is a photo of the mother and the sister (the one getting boinked and moaning through the door):


  29. on May 26, 2014 at 11:01 am gunslingergregi

    and right after I talk about getting my beamer wtf that’s bullshit
    although I want it to be comfortable for me I already got mad bitches and don’t even drive anymore


  30. If ever there was the perfect pug face of a psychopath, the father has it. And that wild curly hair. He looks like one of those nomadic bandits in Waterworld.

    I get the feeling that his permanent idea of this kid was solidified as “an accident i have to pay for”. Sure sign is apathetic discipline (aka ‘do what your mother says’) because apathetic discipline is only part of a larger apathy.


    • He looks like a Nomadic Bandit in Hollywood world.

      Btw if any of you cunts watched Hunger Games you subsidized this kid indirectly.

      Thank fuck I never bothered with it.


      • > Btw if any of you cunts watched Hunger Games you subsidized this kid indirectly.

        Does torrenting it also count? Bwahaha …


      • on May 26, 2014 at 4:04 pm Zombie Shane

        Basically if you watch ANYTHING from Hollyweird, then you are subsidizing The Frankfurt School’s drive to destroy, annihilate and eradicate Western Civilization.

        “We will sell you the rope with which we will convince you to hang yourself.”


  31. Not convinced he was homosexual, though he did have a most striking case of gayface. I’m going to confide in Occam’s Razor on this one. Frustrated beta male surrounded by beautiful women and constantly reminded of his ineptitude, until finally…snap.


    • Agreed. I have to admit, some of the rage, frustration and contempt he was spewing reminded me of a couple of folks here. (remember the phrase ‘no woman is a person’, etc…)


    • Agreed. Why look for an alternative explanation when his given reasons were entirely believable? He was going through the same thing millions of men in the West are going through now: not getting laid when everyone else seems to be, and worse still, not understanding why.


  32. What’s interesting about this guy is how he exhibited a fairly large number of alpha traits as described by this blog and still came out an incel:

    – Narcissism (dark triad)
    – Proud posture
    – Smug facial expression (zero goofy beta smiles)
    – Slow, measured speech with dramatic pauses
    – Facial attractiveness
    – Healthy BMI
    – Fashionable
    – Wealthy

    He would have fared well at the “spot the alpha” contests here. By comparison, the last big school shooters we had (Cho, Lanza) were much more visibly unattractive.


    • Attractive to who?

      When I saw his picture I first thought he was a Persian Mafia type from Westwood.

      He’s only attractive if you are fetishist for post racial mutants. Obama, Keanu Reeves, Tiger Woods et al.

      No wonder he was a narcissist everyone telling him he’s some sort of exotic gem instead of a one night stand gone wrong is buying into the bullshit of the post racial Übermensch.

      He was all the colors of the rainbow. BLAM!


    • It all comes down to how well you can interact with others and how willing others are to accept you.

      Being incel is a vicious downward spiral. You can have all the requisite “Alpha” traits, but if you’re not getting any, it shows. Man can tell, women can certainly tell. Preselection is almost required for any attractive woman to show you the time of day. And it is exactly that lack of preselection that fates the incel to stay incel.


    • He had potential. But he was completely lacking the two necessary and sufficient alpha traits: confidence (around women in particular) and social savvy.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 5:21 pm cynical beta

      Was he like that around girls in real time, though, or just that way in his staged-fantasy youtube videos? That said, Cho tried to act out a different persona in his staged fantasy and couldn’t pull it off. If Rodger wasn’t crazy, my guess is he would have been satisfactory with girls, say, average beta, after some normal trial and error. There are even indicators in his manifesto that he did make a decent first impression with girls but turned them off after that.


    • “Slow, measured speech with dramatic pauses”

      I know right. His voice and tonality was good too as was his eloquence.


    • I’m same way and I was incel for a long time and now I don’t do much to get a girlfriend.

      He would have had all he wanted as he got older and learned how to use it.


  33. > Look at all the little Indian/Pakistani chodes in the PUA universe. They try so hard to > get a white girl in a world of white rules and usually fail hard no matter what.
    > [..]
    > My advice to all Asians – Indian, Korean, Chinese or whatever

    Aryans are not “Asians”. You would do well to read, Savitri Devi to start with. May want to look at some National Alliance archives.

    > A lot of the Korean girls I dated in Korea had spent time in the US and came back with > unrequited white fever.

    Oh right, you are a mongoloid troll or a yellow fever gamma.


    • South Asians are just like East Asians in that they have too many men and not enough women. They do have an advantage in that the Westernized ones aren’t handicapped nearly as much as East Asians, and traditional South Asian girls will not date out, but Westernized South Asian girls do still tend to end up with white guys somewhat more often than the reverse.


    • I’m tempted to think that this is where a lot of the sick shit came from. Hunger Games from what I can tell is story where white date genocided.
      This is pure Talmudic


      • on May 26, 2014 at 1:52 pm The Spirit Within

        You are out of your goddamned mind


      • That’s right spirit.

        The kid comes from a background that fantasizes about genocidal armageddons. All completely above board and rubber stamped for mass consumption. The kid is a product of the completely insane idea that we are all equal and that blondes in particular ought to bang him because, he’s the exotica.

        Check out the stats for black men murdring white wives and girlfriends or chucking vitriol in the face of blonde who dumps the surly Gollywog.
        this was an interloper in a place that didn’t need him.


    • Has anyone noticed that you have three generations if hatred for and fantasy about genociding whites in this family?

      The grandfather photographs piles of corpses in Bergen Belsen for the allied war effort, the dad directs a film or two about white genocide in Panem, also some other films about bashing Christianity, he reproduces with a Chinese and marries an African to create an exterminating angel.


  34. Oh, for fuck’s sake, he wasn’t a fag. That’s just confirmation bias…when you go witch-hunting, you’re going to find witches. If he was a fag then sex would be easy-peasy. That’s how AIDS got started, fags will have sex with each other at the drop of a hat.

    And fuck all of you who say “DURR DURR he should have just gotten a whore.” That’s not the goddamn point. It’s not about getting your dick wet. It’s about getting validation from a woman that you are a desirable man, in the only way that matters. If I had a penny for every time a woman said, “Oh, you’re such a nice man, you’re going to make some girl very happy some day,” I’d have a couple dollars saved up by now.

    Once upon a time, I was much like him. I was the same age, 22. Only, I was too much of a chickenshit to murder my way through a sorority house like I wanted to. I should have killed myself to stop the pain of involuntary celibacy, but I was too much of a chickenshit to do that, either. So what did I do? I suffered. I suffered through seven more years of virginity, all the while watching everyone else around me get laid. Even my nerd friends eventually got girls. But me? No. Not for me. I played Magic: the Gathering, Talisman, and Nethack just like them, and yet no girl wanted anything to do with me. At length, one dark night, I discovered alt.seduction.fast and learned what girls really want, and why they lie about it. I used this new science (if it produces reproducible results, then it’s science) to poke my first girl when I was twenty-nine years old.

    Let’s assume he’s me for a moment. Tell him, just persevere, don’t worry, you’ll get laid seven years from now. Would you even agree to that? Making a decision and sticking with it was the most manly act he ever performed. Sure, his decision was mass murder, but hey.

    And for all you haters who want to tell me that I was a loser, unmasculine, I deserved it…well I suppose you’re right. All of those were accurate accusations. I was in a box with no way out. I have noticed an ugly streak in some of these men’s websites where the contributors seem to enjoy hurling abuse and hatred towards fellow men and have zero interest in helping them. Even the ones who don’t want to be helped…who are precisely the ones who need it the most. It’s really sad, it’s worse than what feminists do.


    • You are a fag.


      • Defector /'”Director” wins the keyboard jockey charm school award of the day, with a vivacious racism that has been absent from Ch for a while. Here’s your pic of Mustache Boy and a canister of wet-wipes.

        You must be so strong, to insult everyone. Wow, I’m impressed.

        I think you mainly direct your spume to Mustache Boy.


    • Good post, much truth.


    • Yeah good stuff man. To answer your question about the hypothetical 7 year wait – yes, i think that would have been enough hope to sustain him.

      CH – Thanks for addressing this with your usual brutal honesty and cavalier brisk truths. Authoritative and unapologetic, just as it has to be. Hope a lot of traffic to this post ensues.


    • Chill out mate. Its the internet – it’s not the same as someone having a go at you in real life ie face to face. Don’t take it so bloody seriously and get over yourself. Haven’t you learnt that by now? Sure there are the nutjobs out there (hence the post) but they are few and far between.

      Keep this level of rage up and next thing you too will be posting on youtube and warming up the beemer or is it a hyundai?


    • on May 26, 2014 at 12:24 pm GetAWhoreNerd

      Whores aren’t for validation, they’re for practice. Ever heard of a pro golfer who just started winning tournaments without ever hitting a ball because he read about how to do it online? If you’ve never fucked a girl at age 22, you’re going to be awkward, and the only way they won’t give a shit is if you’re paying. You’re in a Catch-22, you can’t get laid because you’ve never gotten laid.

      And seriously, this guy couldn’t even say “hi” to a woman without freaking out. He was rich and lived in LA. Hire a few porn stars to fuck you senseless, and the 7 you’re talking to is a lot less intimidating.


      • Practice at the physical act of sex is NOT what nerds need. It’s like chewing gum when you’re hungry. You want to have confirmation that women desire you, that you have worth as a man. You want her bent over in front of you getting railed, and beating your chest and bellowing like Tarzan. THAT’S what men want. At least, that’s what I wanted.

        And due to seduction science, that’s what I got. It was exactly as good as I had imagined it being for all those years.

        Twenty-nine years old, my friend. And in high school I got to sit through all the films that said, “you don’t need to have sex, it’s OK to say no to sex” and those really tore at my mind. Nerd, intelligent kid, remember. If sex is so common and natural that kids have to be warned against it, then why aren’t I having any? I must be a worthless, expendable sack of shit. Which is exactly what I was. Try going through 29 years of life knowing…KNOWING FOR A FACT that you have zero value and the world would be better off without you in it.


    • Not being able to get the “hottest girls” on campus is not “involuntary celibacy.” Basically, this entire things boils down to a narcissist saying “How dare these blonde objects not throw themselves at me? I have money! And a BMW!” It sounds like a lot of the comments on this site, really. Rule #1 of life: No one owes you anything.


      • Trolling.

        The main point of the commentary on here is that you don’t get women if you don’t show up. If you show up be charming and dangerous enough to excite her darker passions.


      • Well-said. I know several narcissists and a few sociopaths, but the bombastic sense of entitlement in the shooter’s writing puts him in a league with maybe only Caracalla, Caligula, or Nero.


      • LP
        Indeed, no one is owed anything. Including, of course, the right to live.


      • Exactly. He was incel because he only considered 8s, 9s, and 10s. He should have gone for any girl who was a 6 or below, and he would have gotten laid.


    • Real talk right here. Props on taking action and digging yourself out of a hole. Tyler from RSD often mentions how his first big mind-fuck was that “talking to girls” was a SKILL that you could actually IMPROVE at if you did it a lot. The whole “you either have it or you don’t” mindset that society teaches people is really damaging and contributes to the feeling of helplessness when you’re one of these guys.

      I was a virgin till 23-24 (can’t quite remember honestly) till I found the community. I wasn’t as angry as this kid or you because I had kind of just accepted that I was one of those guys who just didn’t deserve girls and I was hoping that someday maybe when I had a career etc. there’d be some cute girl in my office that would like me and we’d date and live happily ever after etc. (didn’t even think about fucking her in my imagination, so I agree on the “it was about more than sex” thing), but while I was fairly content with my boring life I definitely felt the same frustrations of not having the universe deliver me girls like I was conditioned by society to believe would happen if I was just a Nice Guy and supplicate to everyone all the time and I always felt a little bit “out of the loop” from the rest of the world.

      Agree 100% with everything you wrote here.

      “I was in a box with no way out.”

      This is really the main thing…these guys are trapped in a box that they actually constructed themselves by following society’s guidelines (“surprise, you got the exact opposite of what we promised you by doing what we say! Psyche lololz”) and no one is giving them any kind of way out of it. Game is the way out of it, but now that game is on the MSM radar a lot of these guys are conditioned to not even look into game because Jezebel told them it was hateful manipulative misogyny to even look at a list of steps like “go out and smile at 10 girls. next week try saying hi to them!”

      I’m hoping this whole situ doesn’t trigger clones, but no one except PUAs and the Manosphere really seem to want to discuss what made this kid tick. All the MSM and Feminist sites are just shitting on him and anyone in his boat and wondering when they’ll just go away so they can go back to bitching about how some creepy loser practically raped them by daring to make eye-contact with her as she walked past him.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 1:50 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Don’t you regret not having as much fun before 24 as you could have had? I feel like this despite that time being ok, but I feel like it’s never going to be as good as it could have been. I suppose you make it better by having sex with girls of that age as you get older.


      • @PWN
        “Don’t you regret not having as much fun before 24 as you could have had?”

        Ya, of course. I basically wasted what could’ve been an amazing teenage to early-adulthood because I didn’t know I could get better at this stuff, or how to get better at it, and was conditioned to follow the Nice Guy mold. And at the time I was cool with it, I just thought that’s how life works.

        It’s sad, but regretting it doesn’t really do anything. Hell I think I appreciate the life I live now and all the opportunities I’ve created for myself BECAUSE I wasted all those years. I have a very “enjoy the moment” mindset because I don’t plan to waste anymore years of my life.

        I can’t get that time back, but I can make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes.

        “I feel like this despite that time being ok, but I feel like it’s never going to be as good as it could have been. I suppose you make it better by having sex with girls of that age as you get older.”

        lol, I did tap a 20yo recently, but I don’t really relate the two things. There’s no sense dwelling on the past, what’s done is done, focus on right now and the future.


      • @Yareally hey brother got a little update (part 1) and a surprise from the past. My 33YOprude just pinged me this morning, on text sent me a “hey darling” I did not respond. My analysis is that she knows I cannot see her on the weekends and is trying to angle for me to offer to see her this upcoming week. What do you think? Should I respond? Or should I just stay silent? Or should I send the text that says “I will wait until you get everything sorted out you seem like you have a lot of stuff going on right now”? Also no word on the 40YONurse. I did not expect anything but I am figuring contact her later in the week . Think that is about right?


      • (update part 2) Now for my surprise. I meet this 40YOlatina (she is from Chile) about 4 months ago. And I was deep into my blue pill ways and tried dating her like a normal dating situation. You know picking her up for dates, expensive dinners, being a nice guy, etc. She knew all about my situation and was fine with it. She had been through two divorces and was very prudish at first also. I fell for it. She bragged about other men and how much she made them wait and I was getting in so quickly. As we got to know one another there was lot of sexy texting and she was extremely complementary to me and how great she thought I looked and how horny she was for me. Lots of So we went on three normal type dates and got very hot and heavy a few times. Sound like a familiar pattern? Lol this chick is hot though and so I persevered. We actually talked about how she wanted to fuck me and how much we were into each other. Then when the time came fourth date to meet up at the hotel. She flaked. I let her off the hook said nothing and tried once again. Looked like she was going to flake again so I cancelled. She has a kid. Then things kind of fizzled. She has reached out to me twice since then. Talking very suggestive about how much she wants to be with me. Etc. I have not responded much. Kind of let it die thinking she is just a fucking flake.


      • (update part3) Now with my new knowledge I am rethinking this. So today she sent me a happy memorial day text. Her third attempt to reach me. And I have not responded. So my prediction is that she is still into me and wants me to chase. But I am not going to chase. I am thinking about sending her a playful and sexy text. And see if she wants to meet up with me. But I need to go about it in the right way. All she knows is my beta blue pill past. So I am going to have to train her. So my plan would be to send the flirty text after about a day. Then get a little fun text conversation going and then invite her out to meet for drinks. Then bounce her to the hotel. But I am expecting ASD from her. What do you think? Plates are a spinning. lol


      • @YaReally — Please stop it with the stereotypical “All he needed was game lolzzzz..” stuff.

        Rodgers was far more fucked in the head than the “beta nerd nice guy” stereotype. He couldn’t even socially function on a basic level without throwing drinks at people or attacking them randomly at parties. This guy was well-aware of pua and NEVER approached anyone because he was so socially malfunctional. He simply could not do it.

        Plus, to me the whole rich kid narcissistic “alpha male” act he put on was the exact opposite of the “guy in the box” you describe. He had every social advantage and couldn’t stumble into a fuck.


      • The media reaction is a testament to the hostility of the political media class.

        This thing about this kid is that he is the perfect deracinated exotic posterchild for a post racial future. Except he stabbed and shot his roomies and gunned 3 people down in the street.

        This isn’t even a school rampage if we are being literal about definitions. It’s not even mysogyny (that kind of woman loathing requires a divorce and a cheating wife) it’s not even that he couldn’t get laid: he had money to buy hookers. He wasn’t even white. He lived with a couple of Chinese (oh yeah that’s going to get you laid son). You can’t really blame the NRA for the stabbings.

        Just note who said what and catalog the media atrocities. Smell the hostility of the scribbling classes.


      • Good post. I was married at 20. Faithful for a while as we multiplied. I was done with it all by the time I was 26.

        Don’t envy the guy getting the girl. They eat men! All joking aside you are in a generation now that seems to have no future. But you do. As you mature as a man you will find women coming out the woodwork.


      • @Slothrop
        “Rodgers was far more fucked in the head than the “beta nerd nice guy” stereotype.”

        Agreed. That’s why I keep mentioning that he was clearly fucked in the head in my posts.

        But all the kid needed was to act normal enough to land a few hand-holding dates. He was clearly intelligent and spergy or not, he could’ve learned to mimic enough attractive behaviors that he could land a bit of female attention. Would it have prevented this whole thing from going down? Who knows, maybe it would just delay it. But it would have been better than society’s option of “wait for him to off himself and hope he doesn’t take anyone out with him”.

        “He couldn’t even socially function on a basic level without throwing drinks at people or attacking them randomly at parties.”

        Lots of guys have anger issues that get worked out when they get help with them. This kid of thing is frustration lashing out. It’s like saying a kid who vandalizes his school is impossible to help because he can’t even function at a basic level without causing damages to shit.

        Again, the kid was fucked and he’s not going to turn into some super PUA wizard pulling down blonde 10s left and right but he might have been able to get enough female attention to take the edge off the hate building up. Instead he found the PUA-Hate site which is basically a bunch of guys like him who help feed eachother’s victim mentalities and amplify his negative mindsets instead of helping.

        “This guy was well-aware of pua and NEVER approached anyone because he was so socially malfunctional. He simply could not do it.”

        He had legs and a mouth. He was physically capable of doing it. But nobody took the time to show him how or to help him understand why he SHOULD approach. Is it something a weekend long bootcamp or some free YouTube videos would fix? Fuck no lol A person would even have to get this kid’s respect in the FIRST place for him to even begin to listen to them, and then unwire a ton of fucked up wiring before they could even start fixing shit with him.

        But if getting that kind of help wasn’t so shunned by the MSM, maybe he could have found a mentor who would take the time to help him work through that shit for a few years and at least diffuse a bit of the hatred.

        “Plus, to me the whole rich kid narcissistic “alpha male” act he put on was the exact opposite of the “guy in the box” you describe. He had every social advantage and couldn’t stumble into a fuck.”

        This is just jealousy/bitterness because you probably don’t have those things and think “if I had them I’d get laid like crazy, stupid kid didn’t know what REAL problems are”. You also probably don’t hang around rich good-looking guys with all these advantages who can’t stumble into a fuck because if you did then you would know that this is a lot more common than people believe. Hollywood tells us that these guys have no problems and we buy into it, but when you actually hang out with these guys you realize that you could throw a chick spread-legged at them and the majority of them won’t have a clue how to get their dick in her from there.

        That attitude, again, helps re-enforce their frustrations because you’re basically saying “you should be getting laid, anyone could if they had what you have, you’re a fucking loser” and no one has any sympathy for them because they put them in the box of “you can’t have any problems” just like Feminists put men in the same “check your privilege, shitlord” box when they try to express that they have actual problems and frustrations in life.

        So no, I won’t stop it. Because there might be some other Rodger out there reading this going “wait, so there might actually be help out there?” and start looking into finding a mentor.


      • @YaReally —

        This kid needed real professional help to get his brain in a somewhat working order before he started interacting with women. By the time he was in college he was too far gone and his attitudes were completely toxic. When he couldn’t even go to a party without being beat-up and ejected, he’s a long way from “cocky/funny” or even “acting normal”.

        I really think the last thing he needed is some flimflammer telling him to go approach one thousand women. (And he subbed RSD on Youtube for all the good it did him.) Yes, a lot of men need an attitude-adjustment about women, and a kick in the butt, and the game approach can help them. But that’s not the prescription when you’re talking about with guys with severe social disorders. Puahate is a horrible den of trolls, but for at least some of those guys who are really fucked-up, the game approach took them from bad to worse.

        Also, my comment had nothing to with jealousy or bitterness. (I’d probably be considered “natural” by puas or “privileged” by feminists or whatever.)

        Point being, he was not a quivering “nice guy” stereotype at all, per Harland’s post. He was an arrogant ass who had all the external shit taken care of. He was well-spoken. He was confrontational. He seemed to have all the tools to play alpha/dark-triad game, but he couldn’t even t-t-t-talk to a girl.

        (And actually it somewhat scares me to think what would happen if Rodgers did have game. Maybe it could have helped him, but I’ll draw a line between being a “jerk” to get girls and being an actual sociopath.)


      • @yareally, on the 40yo Latina that sent me the happy Memorial Day text today. I am thinking I should send her a “who’s this?” Text tonight. What do you think man?


      • @reco
        “My analysis is that she knows I cannot see her on the weekends and is trying to angle for me to offer to see her this upcoming week. What do you think? Should I respond? Or should I just stay silent?”

        Silence. She doesn’t deserve your attention because she misbehaved. You’re teaching her “if you misbehave, then I will take my attention away. You won’t get it back just by calling me darling or because you waaaaaaant it. You did something I don’t approve of, so I’m not interested in communicating with you right now.” If you cave too soon, she doesn’t learn a lesson, she just learns “okay I just have to let him cool off a few days and then re-initiate”.

        One key thing to keep in mind is when you DO contact her again, in a week or so, initiate it YOUR way. ie – don’t wait for her to send “hey darling! are you okay?? I miss you….” and then respond with like a “hey, I was busy with work. Let’s hang out Friday” or whatever, where you’re responding to her action. Instead you would ignore her attempts to get back in touch with you and instead send out of the blue on a day you haven’t heard from her, something like “hey, are you free Friday?” with no discussion of where you’ve been or anything. She can ask you questions about it in person on the date (and you just say you were busy with work or personal stuff and change the subject).

        So the idea is kind of that she learns that HER actions don’t get your attention. ie – her rolodex of methods to try to get you to respond don’t work, she has no way to influence you to contact her if she fucks up, which makes her less inclined to take your time/energy for granted and fuck up again, because she doesn’t have a way to get your attention back. If, say, she sent “why are you so mad at me?? 😦 😦 I miss you darling…”, and you responded to that txt, that would teach her “okay, if I fuck up again, it’s okay because I just have to guilt trip him and then he’ll give me his attention again, so it’s okay to fuck up because I have a method to get his attention back.”

        Make sense? Understand that she’s not doing this consciously or maliciously, she’s simply running on emotional instinct to shit-test you and see where your boundaries are, and she’s doing this because instinctively she’s wanting to make sure you’re a “man”. Deep down she’s reading into all of this like “how would he handle real life problems, does he cave on his boundaries and values? how would he be as a father figure? can he be someone I respect and who helps bring order to my life when I need that? or can I make him budge by batting my eyelashes and what does that say about his values and strength as a man?”

        In a way, she actually WANTS you to not contact her because she WANTS you to be the guy that she can’t control because that means no one can control you which means you’re a badass in life, and you choose to allow her to be a part of that life and that holds a lot more value to her than some lame guy begging her to be a part of his life.

        If you want to read more on the idea of punishment/reward and bringing order VS allowing chaos to flourish, I’m a big fan of some chapters of this free eBook:


        Specifically the “Order VS Disorder” chapter and the chapters under “Authority – The Proper Male Form”, “Function”, and everything under “Part III: Applying The Solution”.

        This is my personal favorite in-depth breakdown/explanation/guideline for this topic and it’s helped a lot of my internal frame in dealing not just with women but with men too. I think it’s an excellent guide to how to properly enforce your boundaries and understand that you’re not a bad person for it, other people need you to do it and to do it competently instead of haphazardly.

        I really recommend it to anyone who finds they have trouble with respect. It’s espeically effective when you deal with highly feminine women who tend to be a lot more up and down in terms of emotional rollercoasters and constantly testing you or bringing you drama. I generally don’t have the same problems with these women that other guys do, but it’s because these sections of this book helped me understand the underlying shit that’s going on and how to properly help bring order to their chaotic behavior.

        I also think this is a great read for older men because a lot of it will go over the heads of younger men who are still figuring their own shit out and first experiencing tests and such. For older men with some life experience, there’s a lot of “hey, that clicks to me, I remember dealing with someone who was like that”.

        “Or should I send the text that says “I will wait until you get everything sorted out you seem like you have a lot of stuff going on right now”?”

        Oop, I didn’t realize you haven’t sent that one yet. Send this one as a response to her first txt that asks if something’s wrong or if you’re mad at her or if you’re ignoring her. Don’t make it butthurt sounding, just a purely logical “We’re fine. It just sounds like you have a lot going on right now, we can try again when you get things sorted out and have time to come see me.”

        The reason this one is okay to send, after my big rant above about initiating on your own terms, is because she doesn’t know what she did wrong or how to fix it without that text.

        This is covered in that eBook, but the idea is that when you discipline someone you need them to understand WHY they’re being disciplined and how they can fix it or avoid it in the future, otherwise they don’t learn anything and they interpret it as just you being chaotic and cruel because they don’t understand where it’s coming from or how to avoid it…it may still help make them “feel bad” which could make them easier to deal with, but that’s not a productive relationship in the long-run, that’s simply an abusive relationship. A productive one is where they’re given the opportunity to correct and change their chaotic behavior patterns and grow into orderly behavior that allows you two to be together which you both would like and benefit from.

        So right NOW, if you haven’t sent that text, she’s not sure why she’s being punished exactly. She might be able to guess, but even then she isn’t quite sure how to avoid it…and again she might be able to guess THAT too, but that’s rolling the dice and could take a while for her to recognize and understand the patterns of what’s going on…so I prefer to send a text like your one up above that let’s her know basically “look, I’m not going to chase a flakey girl around, if you want to meet up then make some effort or I will walk. Now I’m going to go radio silent for a couple weeks so you can feel what life is like without me in it, and then I’m going to give you another opportunity to try again, now that you understand the consequences and how to avoid them, and YOU are free to decide whether you’d prefer life with me or without me.” This is NOT being controlling, you’re not a bad guy for this as Feminists would probably tell you you are, she is still completely free to do as she pleases…you’re simply saying “I expect a certain type of behavior from the girls I spend my time with. I would prefer if you chose to follow that behavior so we could be together, but if you choose not to follow that behavior, that’s alright, I wish you the best of luck out there.” It’s just having self-respect and boundaries.

        “Also no word on the 40YONurse. I did not expect anything but I am figuring contact her later in the week . Think that is about right?”

        Ya that should be fine. That one legit likes you and wants to hook up again, she just has life shit getting in the way. I wouldn’t worry about that one at all, but I would expect to only see her once or twice a month ultimately so you might want to simply send a fluff text where you fully expect the conversation to just be a quick little 2 or 3 txt back and forth with an abrupt ending while she goes off to handle her shit…like don’t expect a big long in-depth conversation. Just shoot a fun little thing like your “I think this person’s a spy” thing so she knows your guys’ line of communications is still open. But you would be fine not sending anything, this one should be on the hook solid and will let you know when she’s free to hook up again.

        Alright now this next girl, the 40YO Chile chick. I’m going to write HOW you would handle this, so you understand the dynamics for future similar situations, but I’m going to HIGHLY recommend that you let this one go and just stop communicating with her if she knows ANYTHING about your life (your last name, where you work, your wife/kids’ names, where you normally live, your phone number if it’s somehow linked to your name (type it into Google and see if your name comes up), ANYTHING that she could do some detective work on you and find a way to communicate with your wife/kids/work/social circle/etc.).

        If you are 100% anonymous to her beyond your first name basically, THEN go ahead and give this a try. But since you were a beta to her way back and spilled the beans on your situ, you may have given her some kind of information that she can use to find a way to contact people in your life and if that’s the case ***DO NOT EXECUTE THIS PLAN.*** Just walk away.

        You saw what happened with the 26YO when you pissed her off. It’s not worth risking fucking your marriage/life up for this girl, because unfortunately the only way you’re going to get out of the beta box that you put yourself in when you first dated her, is to piss her off lol Because you have to show her that you’re not that guy anymore, and that’s going to require doing stuff that frustrates her and at points makes her angry because you’re not getting with the plan like she expects.

        So that’s my disclaimer. If she can fuck up your life, just bail on the whole situation because you’re not likely to get in her pants by being nice and chasing her around just like you didn’t before, so that’s a waste of your time, and getting in her pants will require pissing her off so it’s all around just better to walk away if she can fuck your life up and somehow contact your wife/kids/work/friends/etc. Even if you’ve just told her what line of work you’re in, can she Google the top companies in that line and look for a pic of you on their site or your first name and where they’re located and deduce who you are and Google the rest of your info from there?

        Okay, so that all said, here’s how you would turn this one around:

        “She had been through two divorces and was very prudish at first also. I fell for it. She bragged about other men and how much she made them wait and I was getting in so quickly.”

        lol this is all just her inflating her own value, and she only does it when she thinks you’ll fall for it. I had a girl the other weekend who kept trying to put me in the “you have to wait 3 dates and impress me on them” frame but I just lol’ed and ignored it all. Put out on the first date. But guaranteed that stuff normally works on guys and she just throws it out there to see if they’ll bite.

        “Talking very suggestive about how much she wants to be with me. Etc. I have not responded much. Kind of let it die thinking she is just a fucking flake.”

        If you were a normal dude I would say ya don’t waste your time on this shit. It’s similar to the 26YO (and now the 33YO princess) where she already has a vision of you as the guy who will chase her around for her validation (the sexting is just to keep you interested, but she won’t quite put out…she’s basically doing what strippres do to get guys to run to the ATM to pay for “one more dance” lol).

        But I think you could handle turning this around if you wanted to try because your recent experiences are all kind of related to this situation. I think you would be able to figure out how to make progress with this on your own at this point because it’s basically applying a lot of the things you’ve been learning the past month or so with these other girls so you are theoretically pretty well equipped to come up with at least a solid outline of a plan. 🙂

        “Her third attempt to reach me. And I have not responded.”

        Good. Remember, you have to undo a lot of her beta vision of you now. You have to break your old patterns in her mind or she’ll simply put you back into that box you were in and treat you the same (dangle the attention/sexuality carrot in front of you till you try to reach for it and then tug it away).

        “So my prediction is that she is still into me and wants me to chase.”

        Yup. 100%.

        “But I am not going to chase.”

        Good. You chased before, so she’s expecting you to chase again. She will attempt to go through her personal rolodex of behaviors to try to get you back into that frame because you’ve already shown her in the past that that’s a frame you belong in. So you will have some hardcore work to do in terms of breaking out of expected behaviors in her mind. It could take a bit of time, but a lot of that time will be just ignoring her txts and not chasing her, so it’s not a huge time investment in the long-run…it’s more developing self-control to avoid responding to all her txts and chasing all her dangling carrots, and flipping the script to keep yourself just out of arms reach of her until she chases hard.

        “I am thinking about sending her a playful and sexy text.”

        Totally fine. Go for it. But keep reading ’cause I’m about to throw a pattern-breaking twist in there lol:

        “And see if she wants to meet up with me.”

        DON’T do this. There’s the twist. Remember that post I made about how with certain girls you may have to play a bit more hardcore by giving them attention but NOT trying to meet up with them?

        That’s the move to use here. ie – put yourself in the mindset that you won’t meet up with this girl for at LEAST 2 months. Maybe even 3 months. I’m not even exaggerating. You put yourself into a huge beta frame in her mind, so the second you start chasing her, especially the week that she gets back in touch with you, she’s just going to go “yep, just like I thought, he’s still that guy” and she’s going to flake on you or go out with you and put up too much resistance to have sex because that’s the old pattern she’s used to.

        So what you want to do is dangle the carrot…give her ONLY sexual attention (don’t respond to txts about work or her kids or her drama or anything, every conversation you have is sexual from now on), and do NOT push for any kind of meet-up. At all. End conversations abruptly (just quit txting mid-convo) and do NOT suggest meeting up in any way.

        What SHOULD happen is that she’ll be confused for the first couple weeks and try a few more rolodex things, specifically escalating her sexting, trying to get you to ask her out. She’ll probably start with stuff like “I miss you…” and “it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever babe…” etc. which is the first carrot. You just brush it off by not responding at all or being aloof like “lol don’t get all clingy on me now” etc. Not responding is best because it’s harder to fuck that up and it lets her fill in a lot of stuff in her head and gives her hamster a workout.

        Then she’ll probably send you some sexy pics because the sexy txts alone aren’t working. But you’re going to act like a stripper…teasing without letting her have the carrot. So you could say stuff like “mmm I miss that body…” or “mmm I forgot how sexy you are in person.” But you DON’T suggest a meet-up. If she hints at one, you just walk away from the conversation again.

        When that isn’t working (depending on how many options she has, this could all be be about 2-3 weeks in or it could take a month and a half…I’m guessing because she’s 40 it’ll be more like 2-3 weeks because she doesn’t have a ton of options and you’ll be a curious new puzzle for her but if you were SUPER beta to her and if she’s not a frequent txter etc. it could go into months). Anyway, when that isn’t working, she’ll escalate more and SHOULD start pitching the meet-up herself.

        So she should start txting stuff like “babe I miss you…when am I going to see you again?” and stuff, where she won’t try to set up the actual date, but she’ll be letting you know in no uncertain terms “I want you to ask me out again”.

        But AGAIN you’re going to be the stripper who runs her thumbs under the line of her panties but won’t QUITE take them off until your customer runs to the ATM to pay for another song lol

        The reason for this is that you have to undo all that beta shit you did before. If you pitch the meet-up before she’s basically chasing you incredibly hardcore, she’ll flake on you or not put out. So you have to step this up way harder than you would with a girl who didn’t already have you in a beta box in her mind.

        So what you’re going to do here is you’re going to start to let her think she’s winning you over slightly, but not really. You’re going to do what a hot 10 would do to her orbiter chode 6: “I miss you too babe…I want to see you again, I just have a lot going on with work right now so I don’t know if I have the time this week.” Or like “mmmm I do miss seeing that sexy body in person. I’ll let you know if I’m free next week.” (and then you never mention it again lol Like you’re not actually seeing if you’re free and getting back to her, you’re just saying “I’ll let you know” and then acting like that conversation never happened).

        Then she should be at the point where she’s going “so?? are you free this week?? xoxo” type shit when you don’t bring it up. And at this point you’re going to set up a flake and flake on her lol

        This sounds like passive-aggressive punishment bla bla bla but it’s just to create some emotional investment on her end and to help get you out of the beta box that you put yourself in prior. Like what says “I’m not the orbiter chode who’s going to chase you around for sex” more than flaking on a date after she’s basically throwing herself at you with her sexuality?

        So, and this’ll probably be like a month or two in (again depending on how fast she’s escalating things), you’re going to do something like, when she’s pitching for you two to meet up, “ok I have some free time Friday night. Meet me at blah at 8pm.” Then on that day just go radio silent on her. Ideally she gets done up and ready to go and txts you to confirm and then gets no response and is like “wtf??” after having invested some effort on her end.

        She’s gonna’ be PISSED lol. Expect your phone to blow up with txts and probably an angry voicemail and shit. This is the part where, if she can fuck with your life, and she’s at all unstable, she’ll fuck with it, so this is the stage that makes me give that disclaimer up above of not trying this.

        The next day you txt her “sorry babe work stuff came up” or “sorry babe fell asleep lol” the same way a hot chick would. Like it’s no big deal and you didn’t even realize you committed some kind of faux pas. She will be pissed and may even go radio silent on you for a week and pretend to delete your number etc. With all this you treat her like the 26YO where you just don’t explain yourself, don’t get sucked into qualifying yourself or your reasons or answering her drama, just chill and ignore most of her angry txts. She’ll be all “you could have at least txted me you jerk I got all done up for you” scolding you and you just be like “lol sorry I fell asleep. I’ll make it up to you next time” (note: even if she intended to flake, she’ll pretend she was all excited and maybe even went to the venue etc., just on principle lol)

        When she’s over being mad at you (could take a week or two), she’ll give you another chance to “make it up to her”. She’ll be trotting out the big “you owe me an expensive dinner and champaign and and–” princess attitude. What you do here is go back to what you did before where you flirt with her but then don’t pitch an actual meet-up. Dangle the carrot for another week or so. Eventually she’ll get to the point (this’ll probably be a solid month and a half to 2 months in) where she’s demanding you take her out. She’ll probably start sounding a little princess entitled attitudey at this point because she’s frustrated.

        Now here’s where you pull the carrot away AGAIN. “I don’t know, I was looking forward to seeing you again babe but I don’t think I like your attitude lately. You used to just be happy to come see me, but now it sounds like you’re more interested in the dinners and presents than me.” and make her qualify hard that she likes you. This’ll help diffuse her expectations of dinner/flowers/presents/apologies/etc.

        You SHOULD be able to get to a point where you can finally suggest a date and she doesn’t flake but also doesn’t expect a bunch of free shit from you. Like everything balances out and evens out to where you’re back to meeting up just to flirt and try to hook up, except now she’s super invested in you and you’re a lot more likely to actually have sex together.

        So there you go. Pretty fucking elaborate and long, hey? Buuut, it should work out pretty close to how I’m describing and turn things around.

        It’s important to understand that the only reason you have to run all this ridiculous shit is that you actively helped her put you in a beta box in your first Blue Pill dating sessions. If you had been all badass Red Pill from the start, you would probably have fucked her on the 1st or 2nd date with minimal investment. She sent out her frame, you fell into it repeatedly, and now you have to break out of it to fix this.

        You COULD try just saying “hey meet me at blah”, and she MIGHT show up, like you may just have luckily hit some window of opportunity where she needs validation right now (maybe she just broke up etc.) or is super horny and you MIGHT get the lay…but I’d put the odds way down at like 10% chance of it. This big plan is long and elaborate, but I’d put it’s odds around 80-90% chance of getting the lay.

        Even if you don’t try this out, the important thing to take away from all this is that that first impression is VERY important. A big part of why I don’t get a lot of LMR or have to take girls on more than one (two absolute MAX) dates (and my dates are just grabbing a couple beers at the bar down the street and then back to my place) to get the lay is that from the moment they meet me I’m outside of the beta Provider frame. They’ll still test me and try to get me to fall into it, but I recognize the tests and blast through them and keep myself out of that frame, so I don’t end up having to climb out of the box most normal non-game guys have to climb out of or work from inside. I’m literally on a different path/course in the girl’s mind than other guys, which is part of what we call being Secret Society (aka Tyler’s big article on that from way back in the old PUA days), so different rules apply for me.

        Hope this helps. Give that Manhood 101 stuff a read when you have some downtime, it’s good shit. Good luck!


      • @reco
        Got an epic huge reply in moderation so check for it. I saved it incase the hamsters eat it lol

        “@yareally, on the 40yo Latina that sent me the happy Memorial Day text today. I am thinking I should send her a “who’s this?” Text tonight. What do you think man?”

        Ya, do that. But do NOT pitch a meet-up. Do NOT. My post will explain in depth why. With this one you’re going to dangle a carrot and flirt but not actually try to meet up with her. You have to break out of the beta frame you put yourself in with her before and that’s going to require you to actively not chase her. Try to keep the txting her to a minimum till you read my post so you understand what’s going on exactly, but a “who’s this?” tonight is alright. Just do NOT pitch a meet up, and do NOT agree to one if she pitches one or you’ll end up with her flaking or not putting out, because you taught her that that’s what your relationship is lol


      • @Slothrop
        “This kid needed real professional help to get his brain in a somewhat working order before he started interacting with women.”

        And what professional help would he get? Psychologists trained to try to force more Blue Pill nonsense on him that doesn’t jive with the world he sees around him? Throw him on some more drugs and numb him so we don’t have to deal with him? Advice from some psyche chick who has no idea what it’s like to be a man or some old psyche dude who married his high-school girlfriend and got divorced recently? Are those people going to help a kid who’s biggest frustration that he’s advertising to the entire world in his YouTube videos is “I don’t know how to attract girls”?

        “By the time he was in college he was too far gone and his attitudes were completely toxic.”

        Agreed, it would have been better to get to him sooner. Which is why the MSM berating game/red pill teaching is doing damage, because it’s preventing a kid like this from getting help earlier when someone could make a difference.

        But he still could have been given enough tools to maybe take the edge off his killing spree notions if someone had gotten to him in his late teens. Even a guy who’s faking it can pull off getting a few dates if he knows exactly WHAT to fake.

        “But that’s not the prescription when you’re talking about with guys with severe social disorders.”

        Okay, so what’s your solution? You don’t have one, and that’s kind of my point.

        Everyone will point at kids like this and go “wow that guy is fucked” and then move on and just kind of hope he “goes away”. Except he doesn’t go away, he’s a human being who has 60+ years ahead of him in the society he doesn’t understand how to fit into and no one will help him try to because they just go “that kid is fucked up, he needs professional help” without really thinking about what that means and what that help would BE and how it would even begin to solve the things that are frustrating him and building up the ticking time bomb inside his head.

        PUA/Game/Red Pill/Manosphere/hell even MGTOW, are all at least TRYING to give answers to these guys that will actually help them deal with the shit that’s frustrating them. Because you don’t have a solution for them, you just write them off as “beyond help”, Feminists don’t have a solution they call him creepy and hope he just goes away and doesn’t exist anymore, his dad wasn’t around to give him any solutions, he can’t have any male mentors in his life to give him solutions because we live in pedophile-paranoia and keep adult males away from kids in their developing years, the psyche industry can’t relate to his issues because they learned from the Blue Pill book and that kid will take one look at them and go “have you ever dated a hot tall blonde? no? then wtf am I doing listening to your shit”, and everybody just writes him off.

        Except that there are thousands of these guys, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, stewing away lost and frustrated.

        Ignoring this shit and writing them off as “too fucked to help” without offering any kind of useful solution isn’t exactly working, is it?

        “but for at least some of those guys who are really fucked-up, the game approach took them from bad to worse.”

        Ya this kid would need a long-term mentor who had game, like someone who could have hung with him when he was in his teens and helped teach him how social interactions work and help him learn to approach girls etc. Some weekend bootcamp wasn’t going to fix him, I’ve expressly said that already.

        “Point being, he was not a quivering “nice guy” stereotype at all”

        He was a kid with a mental disorder who was given no guidance on how to achieve the things he wanted in life. I never said he was a quivering Nice Guy. He was a kid who didn’t understand how the world around him worked and why it didn’t align with the promises society made him.


      • @yareally thanks my brother. Awesome content. So much to know and so much value. I read your stuff like I am taking a test and will study it again. I sent the who’s this text and no reply so far. We will see what happens. She does not know any of my contact info and she has some stuff to lose also so I should be pretty safe. She does not even know my real first name. Lol

        On my 33yo prude. I never responded to her hey darling text. And will stay silent on it until she contacts me again. Then I will send the text about waiting to let things settle down.

        Gonna try to see the 24yo redhead tomorrow and see if she wants to hang out. Wish me luck. Want to get her on the alpha track from the start. Lol

        And I will definitely read that book. Many more plates and hopefully get a few spinning here soon. Lol


      • I could imagine some girl, seeing him hanging out by himself and thinking, “He looks interesting and I’d like to go up and talk to him, if only he wasn’t scowling and talking to himself”.


      • Director

        Good post. I was married at 20. Faithful for a while as we multiplied. I was done with it all by the time I was 26

        And now you are retired and spend all day on the internet just like Greg Eliot USED to do.

        Funny how that works.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 9:42 am having a bad day

        @YaReally @reco

        HOLY MONSTER GAME PLAN, BATMAN!…lol…nice analysis/breakdown…

        on the 40yolatina…i’ll double cosign on the cost/benefit analysis wrt risk on the home front…lol…

        you said she had stuff to lose, too…what is that? it might change the game plan/analysis…

        the only thing i’d add is that at this point…

        “Now here’s where you pull the carrot away AGAIN. “I don’t know, I was looking forward to seeing you again babe but I don’t think I like your attitude lately. You used to just be happy to come see me, but now it sounds like you’re more interested in the dinners and presents than me.” and make her qualify hard that she likes you. This’ll help diffuse her expectations of dinner/flowers/presents/apologies/etc.”

        you could make HER buy dinner ‘to make it up to you for being such a gold digger’…lol…

        good luck!


      • @YaReally —

        Can’t disagree with your central point. Rodgers badly needed positive male influence in his life. Starting from a young age, before he went off the rails and his behavior turned self-destructive. I just wish men like him had other options than turning to guys named “Player Supreme” or falling in with the troll elements in the manosphere.

        And as always, props for being one of the most legit guys in this community.


      • on May 28, 2014 at 4:23 pm cynical beta

        YaReally, Slothrop: good discussion.


    • +1 Telling a guy to just go buy a hooker is just a small step above telling him to just go jerk off to porn.


      • What’s your point?


      • The point is, that buying a hooker is not enough to satisfy a guy’s sexual urges, which includes not just the sex itself, but the thrill of the chase and the pride of successfully getting a woman to submit to him.

        To tell a guy to just buy a hooker is the equivalent of telling someone who wants to succeed at sports to just go buy a trophy.


    • I am not suggesting that not getting laid or being a virgin through your 20s means you are homosexual. I am not suggesting you, or other such commenters, who got laid later than most are homosexual. I AM suggesting that THIS virgin may have remained so because he was struggling with same sex attraction based on my reading his manifesto. This is not about you. Talk about the irony of your using the word “projection”


      • @yeahokcool
        Not sure if this is a reply to me or not. I didn’t use the word projection anywhere lol

        My point and I think Harland’s point is simply that having a stunted view of sexuality and sexual relationships isn’t something you can draw conclusions of homosexual struggles from because it’s a very common thing for guys who are fully bought into the Disney mindset and Madonna/whore complexes (ie – “Suzy from school isn’t like those dirty whores in porn, she’s a perfect angel and I’m not one of those jerks who would just view her as a sexual object, I just want to hold hands on the beach with her and be together because that’s REAL love”).

        It’s kind of a stunted growth thing. Like being a big man-child or still believing in santa clause as an adult when everyone else around you has figured everything out and you didn’t get the memo (or refused that memo because you were too bought-in to your world view). I couldn’t even refer to real life girls as “sexy” when I was like 22, because I was so bought into conditioning to not view them that way and only call them “pretty” or “beautiful” and even THAT made me uncomfortable to do around other people or even inside my own head.

        Like, there might be other shit in his manifesto that implies he’s struggling with homosexuality (though I’ve read a lot of it and I don’t really see it that way at all, I know a lot of straight dudes who are just super effeminate because they got a bad luck of the draw in the gene pool), but all Harland and I are pointing out is that this specific thing isn’t an accurate indicator of that and is actually a very common behavior amongst long-term virgins who are bought into Disney conditioning.

        (it also took me a loooong time to get over that conditioning lol I had to actively work on being comfortable using words like “sexy”, even inside my own head let alone in out loud in front of other people)


      • Side note: for anyone curious about the guy’s manifesto but who doesn’t want to sit down and read the thing, here’s Stefan Molyneux reading it out and breaking a lot of it down:


      • No. Was directed at Harland. I actually agree with your point entirely. I was merely explaining my assessment (which could be totally wrong) applied only to this situation.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 5:30 pm cynical beta

      “I have noticed an ugly streak in some of these men’s websites where the contributors seem to enjoy hurling abuse and hatred towards fellow men and have zero interest in helping them. Even the ones who don’t want to be helped…who are precisely the ones who need it the most.”

      The help is there, but you do have to filter out the haters. Archives help. The foundational stuff for beginners is out there if they can find it. There ought to be more ‘best of’ compilations like Rollo’s Year 1 and Year 2 pages.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 2:22 am evilwhitemalempire

      “If he was a fag then sex would be easy-peasy.”
      I’ve always tried to tell conservatives (to no avail) that if gay was a choice there would be NO straight men.

      Yes, if he was gay we wouldn’t even be talking about him now.

      Well done.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 6:52 pm cynical beta

      I agree with Harland.


  35. “Social retardation diseases like any of the autism spectrum disorders are kryptonite to girls…”

    That’s true, as an Aspie, it’s hard to really make things happen but not impossible. I’ve been able to attract women simply through sheer over-the-top behavior that only the bravest dark triads would attempt. Autistics also usually have an obsession and that can lead to serious talent if utilized correctly. As someone that can learn a new musical instrument within a few days; it helps. Plus through social conditioning, one can learn to put up a realistic facade to imitate alpha body language.

    I personally have two interpretations of this guy:

    -He’s a closeted homosexual or possibly a beta male that had his priorities (not to mention hormones) mixed up, otherwise he could have easily been an alpha male with whatever he wanted. If this is true, he was most likely a calamitous megalomaniac that invented this ‘manifesto’ just to find a half-assed excuse to his laziness in getting women and his truly vile personality.

    -He’s an incel omega male that really just wanted attention. I know that many narcissists really have an inferiority complex under all those layers of fake ego boosting to mask the pain. In other words, a child that received everything except his parent’s attention, and only a ‘yes’ to his demands, and he simply couldn’t comprehend/withstand it when someone said ‘no’.


    • Actually, I don’t think he was gay. I actually think that most gay guys are lesser betas and omegas who get hooked on faggotry to ease their loneliness, sort of like a drug.


      • He wasn’t exactly straight, reports being shocked like an old lady by porn, which he never seems to find as interesting as his fantasies. Maybe he was a submissive, but good luck finding a stunning blonde to be the man


  36. A stable society and structural gender inequality reinforced by a firm dictatorship would go a long way towards mitigating all such problems. Let it sink in guys, and keep on thinking free (order).


  37. Very excellent points aside from the generation-bashing. Kids These Days talk has been going on since the beginning of civilization. I suspect it’s usually a thinly-disguised rationalization people use to convince themselves they don’t want to be young again.

    Half-Asian males do get the short end of the stick. While half-Asian females are often gorgeous, the males lose out in terms of height/build/confidence to White guys when dealing with White and non-traditional Asian girls while an Asian guy has a better chance with traditional Asian girls.

    Elliot’s fixation with pretty girls was unfortunate. A blonde 9-10 daddy’s little princess type used to being showered with male attention 24/7 would have eaten him alive if he’d managed to land one. He should have found an average-looking girl with a good heart(an ideal partner for a beta) at the school’s animu club while developing a personality and learning game, at which point he could lock her down or upgrade to an above-average or cute girl.

    As long as I’m waxing about the college experience, though, I have noticed that most betamaxes and losers with decent girlfriends/wives landed them in college. Maybe it’s the ideal gender ratio or there’s some special pair-bonding magic that happens at that age? I was pretty beta in college and still got my needs met. Anyways, the result is married bluepillers giving ridiculous advice like “have you tried talking to her about your feeeelings?” or “make an OKCupid profile” to their single beta friends working in IT or other mostly-male environments.


    • Nah, if you look at the times of those complaints about kids, they always come from societies in decline. It can’t be handwaved away, it’s really happening.


  38. Elliot Rodger was an extreme textbook example of a gamma male:

    Gamma: The introspective, the unusual, the unattractive, and all too often the bitter. Gammas are often intelligent, usually unsuccessful with women, and not uncommonly all but invisible to them, the gamma alternates between placing women on pedestals and hating the entire sex. This mostly depends upon whether an attractive woman happened to notice his existence or not that day. Too introspective for their own good, gammas are the men who obsess over individual women for extended periods of time and supply the ranks of stalkers, psycho-jealous ex-boyfriends, and the authors of excruciatingly romantic rhyming doggerel. In the unlikely event they are at the party, they are probably in the corner muttering darkly about the behavior of everyone else there… sometimes to themselves. Gammas tend to have have a worship/hate relationship with women, the current direction of which is directly tied to their present situation. However, they are sexual rejects, not social rejects.


  39. […] just read a great analysis on Elliot Rodgers’ possible motives from CH. Also note the excellent analysis with video from […]


  40. on May 26, 2014 at 12:17 pm Whatsthepoint

    The bottom line is this: evolution, the ruthless process we are all slaves to, produces these types of people. Just as there are cows that have calves and kick and stomp their offspring to death, so too are humans produced who do not fit in with the rest. Some are so defective that they do what this kid did. The scary part is that anyone of us here on this board could have turned out to be Rodger. As is typical, most in this comment section are blindly and arrogantly denying determinism’s wrath that we are all reactionary machines governed by our DNA and life experiences (there is no magical free will potion floating about) in order to preserve their own egos (the name-calling and self-glorifying is quite obnoxious), but the bottom line is you or I could have been evolution’s victim named Elliott Rodger. Feel fee to disagree, as always, but you need to bring a better argument to the table then something to the tune of “this guy is a pussy – he has a gay looking face.”


    • Let’s look at the genetics.

      A white Y chromasome. A Chinese X.

      That’s not a good mix from what I’ve seen in the real world. If genes determine faggotry then he had them in spades.

      Toxic brew.


    • 2,500 years ago in Sparta, a defective like Rodger would have been abandoned outside the city walls at birth for wild animals to eat.


  41. on May 26, 2014 at 12:30 pm Mission Man

    The guy was a wack job. Plain and simple. There are plenty of people out there that get pussy that go on shooting rampages.


  42. one i heard an asian pua was stabbing blonde bitches i thought immoralgables finally snapped


  43. proof every man can be alpha to the bone

    a sleeping sheepish white beta goes chris brown on his ho whilst asleep


    • The relevant portions of the video, with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, are at 4m30s, 25m25s, and 38m00s.


  44. on May 26, 2014 at 12:55 pm Reservoir Tip

    Game saves lives.


  45. CH, you’re an artist!


  46. on May 26, 2014 at 1:16 pm Ed the Department Head

    I suspect that a great deal of these spree, office, and school shootings are the result of men going berserk out of lack of sexual access. The male need for sexual release from a woman he is at least somewhat attracted to is so critical to male well being. A sexually fed male is much less likely, I think, to turn into Elliot Rodger, George Sodini, Cho Seung-Hui, or James Holmes. (Though there are the almost sexless acting Michael Myers imitating psychotics, such as Jared Loughner and Adam Lanza, who appeared to lash out simply because they are insane. Such people will probably always be around and need to be locked up for public protection!)

    As CH pointed out in an article from 2009, game could help some of these people. If game were widely taught, I think some of them could actually have the sex they want. As for the one’s who game couldn’t help because (A) they lack the personality prerequisites to master game or (B) they are Lesser Betas or Omegas which game can’t bring women they’re attracted to them, the solution should be to decriminalize prostitution. Cho Seung-Hui was angry that a woman claiming to be an illegal sex worker stole his money and ran off and all of these guys (including a good deal of abused and overworked office and school shooters) appear to have no woman to make their lives bearable. I don’t know for sure of course, but maybe those people killed by Sodini and Rodger would be alive today if they had had the legal option of seeing a sex worker. (I doubt a lot of these guys could figure out where to find a legitimate prostitute in the current black market we have in paid sex in this country.)


    • When I lived in UCLA family housing (had family young) a Chinese engineering student moved in ahead of his family to prep the way. He decided to live large and he hired two hookers. They robbed him and he stabbed them. Same fucking building complex. The two girls ran down a balcony/hallway screaming he was chasing them with a hatchet.

      These interloping scum want your women. Eventhough they have plenty of their own.


    • You yourself acknowledge that these types of cases will always be around, and then you try to use intelligence to come in and save the day. What’s the point? This crap will always happen, so why not use your intelligence to convince the human race to quit breeding and die out instead of putting band aids on situations?


  47. The thing that made me think “effeminate” about the guy was his focus on “blondes.” Hounds do tend to have favored types—dark hair/light eyes, redheads, ink-dipped & blue-dyed, specific nationalities—but among all the guys I’ve ever known who sought and got pussy, it’s never been “blondes” they were after.

    “Blondes” is, as far as I know, an obsession only among people who talk about TV too much, who listen to too much talk *about* TV. TV shows us sexy girls of every kind, but people who bitch about TV always bitch about all the “blondes” there, like that’s all they can see, the only image that sticks, the one that hurts because it’s not them.

    “Blondes” is a complaint.

    What kind of person’s mind is shaped by bitching about TV?

    Who wants and pursues embodiments of their complaints?


    • on May 26, 2014 at 1:55 pm The Spirit Within

      Dude, half the guys in the world are obsessed with American blonde women…


      • Stopped clock.


      • God almighty you are pathetic fuck.

        This just ain’t so. However, enough of them are to be a serious fucking annoyance. The murder of Megan Boken recently in St Louis had the hallmarks of an attempted jacking and rape by the Gollywog who shot her.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 11:37 pm The Spirit Within

        Director hasn’t either 1) lived enough or 2) travelled enough to understand the constant attention/danger that hangs over a blonde woman in a non-Western environment.


      • I forbid my Blonde (Strawberry) to go to Rwanda.

        I am also well aware of the general hostility toward whites in the non white world.

        Did you miss my posts you stupid liberal piece of shit?


  48. I’m not sure much can be drawn from a single incident. For example, Black guys are over-represented from their share in the population in mass shootings: Colin Ferguson (Long Island Railway), Omar Thornton (the MA Beer Distributor mass shooting), Chris Dorner, the Beltway Snipers, Brian Nichols (the Atlanta Courthouse shootings), the one in the Colorado Courthouse, the SCE shooter Andre Turner. The Washington DC Navy Yard shooter. I’m probably missing some.

    Point being, the MSM LOVES White or Asian (this loon is a two-fer) guys going nuts and killing people. Ironically girls are now swooning over this dead loon, the same as they did for James Holmes, and that Arizona shooter. Heck, the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez is MARRIED to a MENSA smoking hot babe.

    We need more statistical analysis of shootings of this type, not anecdotes as ugly as they might be. [Yes the guy seems gay; a guy wanting sex/affection would do anything particularly pump up and roid up to get women, the son of the AD for Hunger Games can’t get laid? That’s chick crack. A serious repressed homo.] My guess is that we will see more Black guys on a rage killing various White guys and/or Asians and not covered in the media. Because the White female audience doesn’t find it fascinating, the way they do sudden killer White/Asian guys. Compare-contrast the coverage of the Navy Yard shooter with … the VT shooter Seung-Hui Cho. Aaron Alexis simply dropped off the face of the media coverage. Once it was known it was a Black male who did all the shootings, interest just was turned off like a switch.


  49. on May 26, 2014 at 1:31 pm Jordan Belfort

    I’m not much older than this guy but had I taught him a thing or two, he would have been an absolute killer (heh) with girls. He clearly had the whole dark triad thing going on and he wasn’t bad looking.I looked at his youtube account and he was subscribed to 4 dating channels. I only remember two and that was Tyler’s RSD and PlayerSupreme’s channel. I never was a fan of Tyler because the guy reeks of con-man. He’s one of those happy-clappy seminar guys who passes good feels in a room to build up his own hype and alleged wisdom. I’ve known guys like him and I would never trust them with anything. PlayerSupreme is some old guy who reminds me of Tariq Rasheed or whatever his name is.

    With that being said, in his age bracket, a guy like him would do better if he had an edge to him. Girls his age are very much into looks but more-so with guys that have an edge to them. Had he gained some muscle and got a tattoo or two, this kid would have been all set physically. All that would be left is him putting in the work and approaching bitches with some added guidance by a mentor.

    But… people have to understand that because of the way our society has upheld the female imperative, some men will be left out completely. I can see more mass murderers happening in the near future, as a sort of outlet for men who can’t find any form of “meaningful” release with women. I’ll just have to make sure to carry my .45 when this shit happens.

    As far as mixed race is concerned, it’s been noted that mixed races are seen as more attractive:

    The attractiveness of the mixture does seem to depend on the offspring’s gender, though.


  50. on May 26, 2014 at 1:37 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    Why piss away the most fun part of your life which are your 18 to 24 years of life by being a materialistic loser? If instead of getting a BMW, he would have did something fun with the money, he probably would have gotten laid eventually. I’m partially sad I haven’t been more proactive in having girls and haven’t had the most fun I could have had assuming that kind of life will last forever. The access to a place where young women congregate was neat and I’ll remember it fondly.


    • He was the scion of a family that lived in a fantasy land. Grandad propagandized for the allies in ww2.almost every image you see of the holocaust was probably his handiwork. Then you get the dad directing scripts where teens are massacring each other in white genocide. This Halfcaste then devolves into a gendercide aimed at Blonde Women.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 5:47 pm Afterthought

      Because he wasn’t in his right mind? He was sick and needed help? The kind of help liberal society is incapable of providing?


  51. on May 26, 2014 at 1:42 pm tarzanwannabe

    I’ve been waiting for this assessment. And it’s been well worth the wait! I thank you.


  52. Heartiste:
    “It’s telling, too, that his first three victims were all male and he killed them by stabbing, which is a particularly personal method of dispatch, suggesting a level of emotional investment that wasn’t there for the faceless women who bore the brunt of his manifesto ranting.”

    He probably wouldn’t have been able to kill a woman once he had his hands on her. The only women he ever touched were his mother and sister. That’s why he had to try to kill them from a distance with a gun. The guy wasn’t gay get over it.

    “…but few if any specific women who rejected him are named or contextualized.”

    Did you read it for real or do you pretend to have read it because you thought your readers wouldn’t bother to read 140 pages of narcissistic ramblings? I didn’t read the 140 pages but I read that:



    “I was completely and utterly alone. No one knew me or extended a hand to help me. I was an innocent, scared little boy trapped in a jungle full of malicious predators, and I was shown no mercy. Some boys randomly pushed me against the lockers as they walked past me in the hall. One boy who was tall and had blonde hair called me a “loser”, right in front of his girlfriends. Yes, he had girls with him. Pretty girls. And they didn’t seem to mind that he was such an evil bastard. In fact, I bet they liked him for it. This is how girls are, and I was starting to realize it. This was what truly opened my eyes to how brutal the world is. The most meanest and depraved of men come out on top, and women flock to these men. Their evil acts are rewarded by women; while the good, decent men are laughed at. It is sick, twisted, and wrong in every way. I hated the girls even more than the bullies because of this. The sheer cruelty of the world around me was so intense that I will never recover from the mental scars. Any experience I ever had before never traumatized me as much as this.”

    He was traumatized by the cruelty of beautiful teenage girls in high school.

    There’s even an article in the Daily Mail about one of the girls mentioned in his ‘autobiography’. The beta father of the girl defends her:

    EXCLUSIVE – Father of ‘devastated’ model singled out by virgin killer as the reason why he hates all women insists she ‘isn’t a bully and barely remembers him’

    Speaking from his home in West Hills, California, he told MailOnline: ‘She was ten years old for God’s sake – she can barely remember the guy. He’s a sociopath. She hasn’t seen him since school.’

    ‘She’s devastated over the whole thing,’ he went on. ‘It’s like she’s being implicated in this terrible tragedy for something she hasn’t done and can’t remember.’

    He added that Rodger’s claims that Monette had ‘teased’ him were impossible.

    It’s impossible I tell ya! LOL


    • I have now read 113 page of the 141 page manifesto and there is nothing about Rodger that makes me believe he was a homosexual.

      I am surprised so many people are obsessing about his alleged homosexuality.

      I have not seen his youtube videos but so far there is nothing gay about him.


  53. In the red pill/blue pill paradigm, it is a given that all “we” have been told is a lie…

    Except for the homosexual “nature” and “feminism” (dyke “nature”)…

    Elliot was textbook homo-sexual/self-annihilator.

    He was neither a true virgin nor involuntarily celibate…

    He most likely spent the last decade self-sexualizing and grew sick and disgusted with himself. He never had to work for his fix for it was always “at hand” and entirely free of actual monetary cost.

    Homo = same = exact same = self…

    Homo-sexual IS a sexual attraction for one’s self.

    Elliot was not only in “love” with himself (“I’m beautiful”), but he had a burgeoning aversion for the female sex.

    As he asserted in the manifesto, he desired a sex-less world with a few females as breeders and the remaining males thus able to find peace.

    He was the equivalent of a secular jihadist.


  54. on May 26, 2014 at 2:07 pm Angry Gamer

    CH, Thanks for having the balls to take this on… I am stunned by the media trying to get a handle on this…

    I mean really the guys dad was an “Assistant” Director on Hunger Games and the media dub this turd the “Hunger Games Assassin?” WTF?

    He goes on a rampage using a Knife, 2 Pistols, and his BMW but all the talk is about “Gun Control”… How about some “Preppy Turds in Black BMWs Control?”

    Oh and the turd posts on some stupid loosely PUA related forum so
    PUA Misogyny is BACK on the Feminazi Vgina agenda.

    I like CH’s comment about Gaydar too… The murderer’s angst with women was all too abstract. I would think that at least he would personally identify but alas no only crazy abstract woman hate talk there.

    Could he have been a self hating closet Gay focusing his hate on the women who can’t lead him from the dark side of being too attractive to Gay Males???

    Also the cry in a bathroom stall for 1 hour due to a girl NOT saying hi back is just “need to be institutionalized crazy talk”. Normal well adjusted people DO NOT react this way.

    And I agree with a previous poster… not having sexual release does crazy things.. But this poor turd was crazy to begin with.

    Again thanks CH for having the Coconuts to post an entry about this tragedy.


    • The Hunger Games thing is legit. The grandfather took nearly every famous image we have of the holocaust. And then some. The dude was congenitally mad but the fantasy gene in the lineage is notable.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 11:41 pm The Spirit Within

        Assistant unit directors on Hollywood film sets have ZERO script approval. You can’t extrapolate anything from his father from that. Furthermore, the story had been written as a trilogy of novels first, and many of the competitors were non-white — have you even SEEN the movies?



      • No I don’t watch films if I can avoid it.

        The assistant director in this case is heavily involved in the camera operation and look of things.


    • “Also the cry in a bathroom stall for 1 hour due to a girl NOT saying hi back is just…”

      …is just a sign that he wasn’t homo. you can’t be THAT obsessed with women and be gay at the same time


      • Do you take anything that he says at face value?

        Even a virgin at 22 has probably snogged a few women.

        Dude was gay.


      • He wasn’t gay, he was an omega with an intense neurotic fear of beautiful girls. He put blonde girls on the highest pedestal he could find and he was obsessed by them. You can’t be that and be gay at the same time. Yeah he’s effeminate but that’s more a sign of a testosterone deficiency + extreme lack of confidence than it is a sign of repressed homosexuality.

        here’s a quote from his autobiography:

        “’The sociology class flew by like a breeze, and my next class was math. In this class, I saw one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen in my life. She was the only pretty girl in the class, and she was absolutely stunning. Of course, she didn’t even notice me as I walked in. Her beauty was so intimidating that I couldn’t bring myself to sit near her, out of fear of her judgment.

        “’As the lecture proceeded, I couldn’t help myself from constantly glancing at her, admiring every inch of her enticing body, from her silky blonde hair to her smooth, skinny, lightly tanned legs. The most beautiful thing about her was her face. It was a face that broke my heart the second I laid eyes on it. I wanted her with so much intensity, and I constantly fantasized about her during my masturbation sessions.

        “’This was the kind of girl who was always meant to be my girlfriend. This was the girl that I was meant to go through college in Santa Barbara with. My life would only have meaning if I could go through college with a girlfriend like her.’


      • Precisely. He was not gay, but he had a fear of intimacy, and when his hormones kicked in at puberty, he could not handle the conflict. Most people manage to learn from conflicts and disappointments, and eventually overcome them or learn to live with them. Too bad that this guy was one of the very few (somewhere between one in ten million and one in a hundred million) who think the answer is a killing spree. Because this response is so extreme and so rare, we can’t hope to understand it by thinking about our own disappointments and anger, and trying to extrapolate. The guy had professional therapists, and they couldn’t fix him. We armchair commentators have no chance of understanding what made him a killer.


      • About professional therapists not being able to help him.

        Look at it this way; are all professional hockey players equally as good or as good as the best of them? no

        Are all mechanics or plumbers equally as good? no

        Are all professional chefs equally as good and the food they serve at their restaurant equally as good as the best there are ? no

        In all fields , in all domains, only a tiny percentage of people are very good at what they do, the fact they have formal training or University degrees or the fact they are paid insane amounts of money does not mean much, it is kind of like the distribution on the IQ Bell curve; most are ok, a few are very bad and a tiny number are exceptionally good at what they do.

        People are under the illusion that all psychologists and all psychiatrists are good, and that they can accomplish miracles and save anyone from any problems they are not, only a tiny portion of them are very good.

        Most are very ordinary and if they have very challenging cases like Elliot Rodger was, then they have no idea how to deal with them or how to fix them which is why they give them a lot of medication ( Rodger was prescribed Risperidone, Xanax and Vicodin and that is the part we know, there might have been more )

        You can try 20 different psychologists/psychiatrists before you find one that is actually good and who can actually understand and help you.


  55. “Spend time with corrupt, homicidal, Third World political figures, and you’ll hear a lot of self-pity. What kind of man throws his political enemies in prison and then tortures them to death? Usually it’s a guy who feels so sorry for himself, he feels justified doing anything. Killers, by and large, are whining losers. But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.”

    -Michael Westen, “Burn Notice”


  56. I dont think he was gay.

    Instead, he may have had the mental identity more in line with a woman than a man. He wanted love, not sex, like all women do (except the ones with high testosterone).

    Outside of that, I think a part of the reason he did this is that young men (in particular) either put, or want to put, women on pedestals. They really want to believe that these beautiful creatures are less superficial than they (men) are.

    Then you learn that women in general are as superficial with the opposite sex as men.

    Some men adapt and embrace this reality by becoming PUA (Pick Up Artists) and play women’s emotions and use women for sexual pleasure.

    Other men withdrawal in some fashion.

    Some men get very bitter.

    A few may go homicidal


  57. Enter your comment here…The homosexual idea is sound, or he might have been organically impotent for some unknown reason, like Hamlet; occurring at the end of puberty, this accounts for the desperation to get laid as his sexuality fades or had already collapsed.


    • Close. He wasn’t gay (cuz pretty much no one really is), but I suspect he knew he that if he ever wanted sexual intimacy with someone packing less blubber than a Wal-Mart whale, it was going to have to be with a dude. That realization was what pushed him to the boiling point.


  58. Very well written,heartiste.This should be published in a mainstream media.


  59. Elliot Rodgers = straight Andrew Cunanan: status obsessed, self-hating half-Asian, social misfit killer with romantic dysfunctions, low self esteem, and daddy issues. He killed the guy who rejected him and the guy’s boyfriend, and he killed Gianni Versace, a high-status, rich and famous gay—something Cunanan wanted to be but wasn’t. His family was middle class but he went to a prestigious private school with a lot of wealthy, mostly white students he felt inferior to. (My impression is that Rodgers’ family isn’t as wealthy as the media is saying—his dad is an assistant direct, hardly a Hollywood mover and shaker.) Cunanan tried to pretend to be rich, but didn’t fool anyone. A guy I worked with around that time knew him, and he said Cunanan was an obvious phony who creeped a lot people out. Because of that, most people didn’t want to fuck or date him—especially the people he wanted to fuck and date. The difference between the two, besides the obvious, was that Andrew Cunanan was a better actor and he took his time.


  60. on May 26, 2014 at 2:40 pm Mitch Cumstein

    I felt the same way about Rodger being too “try hard”.

    I went to UCSB and can say it’s impossible not to have an abundance mentality there. Beautiful girls everywhere. I bedded a lot when I was there, but a tear comes to my eye knowing, “I could have gotten more…”

    I knew people like Rodgers there. The ones who stayed cooped up in their rooms, played WoW all day, and then complained they couldn’t get girls. You know why? They didn’t try! Which is a tragedy, because it doesn’t take much there.

    You know the best way to get laid in UCSB? Show up. The line “Hi” would actually work there.


    • This guy was profoundly lazy. He quit everything he started (school, work, self-improvement, etc.). His idea of hard work was to ask mom and dad for more money and they almost always indulged his every whim. His one idea for how to become rich is to win the lottery. He drives to Arizona a few times to buy tickets. A lot of blame rests on his absent father and over-indulgent mother because they never taught him to work.

      Actually, building on this, I think this kid learned how to be a world-class liar and manipulator to get what he wanted with minimal effort. Why would this lying he did to his parents, cops, and friends be any different in the context of his manifesto? I think we should be very hesitant to take him on face value of his own words.


      • on May 29, 2014 at 10:25 pm Johnny Deigh

        @yeahokcool – great observation. The guy was a facade, a phony.

        If we read between the lines of his manifesto, his diary writing, latté drinking, whiny little crybaby ass screams out closet queer.


  61. There used to be a “surgery” for mad people called the prefrontal lobotomy where the front part of the brain was destroyed with an icepick-like device. The procedure resulted in turning an insane, dangerous person into a flippant, passive idiot.

    One of the murder victim’s parents was blabbering on the news about how the NRA is responsible for the recent tragedy, but I disagree. If mental health professionals noted Elliot Rodger’s extreme mental pathology and promptly had him lobotomized, his intense emotions would have been blunted to prevent him from exploding into a killing spree. As an added bonus, his social anxiety and shyness would have been blunted too, so of course he could have approached women much easier.

    Let’s bring back lobotomies.


  62. on May 26, 2014 at 2:48 pm cynical beta

    I don’t think he was gay. I take him at his word. All the caveats you point out – gayface, the “histrionic and maudlin” manifesto, greater emotional investment in men, abstraction of women, etc – can be explained by this: “Elliot Rodger failed with women because he was a social retard.” Imagine the outlook of a socially alienated, misguided, try-hard 15 yo virgin in HS, stewed at 22 yo with Rodger’s strain of crazy. He wasn’t gay. He was just, as you said, retarded.

    Of course women would be an abstraction for Rodger. He was a virgin who never had a girlfriend and hardly even socialized with girls. All he had to go on in writing his manifesto was what he could see from a remove and his desire. That he didn’t try to embellish by importing something he read on-line makes me believe his sincerity. He was crazy, but sincere in his suicide note.


    • Dude,

      Lots of men are social retards. They do not shoot up the street and stab room mates.
      Repressed Fags or bearded Fags have a long history of this…see Ernst Rohm and the SA.


      • on May 26, 2014 at 4:41 pm cynical beta

        Most social retards aren’t crazy. Rodger was both. His veer into killing is most easily explained by his angry crazy (aspie + schizo stew?), not closeted homosexuality. Of course, if it comes out he had a stash of gay porn hidden under his mattress or a mislabeled folder on his computer, that would change my mind. Otherwise, CH’s speculative indicators are more easily explained by his social retardation.


      • Cynthia,

        They ain’t gonna tell you if he did. The press are already saying he’s white, they are avoiding his hatred of “blondes” (whites in General), no word about his roomies bodies… The dad is already blaming the NRA. It’s a whitewash.


    • If you are attracted to a girl you talk to her. Attraction is a natural act. Is is almost tangible.


      • Yeah, well… when I was a teenager I actually didn’t know how to talk to girls, so I can at least see that aspect of where he stood.


      • I don’t think he tried. He may have also ignored plenty of people who did approach him.

        He can’t have been that lonely. Rooming with two other Chinese was stupidity squared.


      • Even a virgin at 22 should have snogged a few girls if he’s straight.


    • ” … Of course women would be an abstraction for Rodger. He was a virgin who never had a girlfriend and hardly even socialized with girls…. ”

      I agree completely.

      And the argument that men with “softer” faces are automatically homosexuals is weak.

      Anyone who disagrees should google Folsom street fair

      do it and you will see that about half of homosexuals are big brawny men with huge arms bigger than your thigh, tick chests and big wide squared jaw faces, some of them are scarier than Vikings, many of them look like the scariest Hell’s Angels bikers, they are not effeminate and if you did not know they were fags you would say they look quite manly.


  63. No guy who is incel at 22 rages by killing people.
    There’s tons of them in China.

    Whatever the real reason was, it has been spun out of proportion to demonize the manosphere and men.


  64. If they gave him shrooms instead of xanax this could have been prevented.


  65. Even though this fucking degenerate was ostensibly out to kill women, he actually killed 2x as many men. Despite this fact, the hags at Jez still make this 1000% about them. To wit: http://jezebel.com/stockton-man-reportedly-opens-fire-on-women-after-they-1581764253.

    Choice quote: “Women facing gunfire, let alone any repercussion, for not wanting to have sex is scary enough, but the fact that these are not entirely isolated incidents is even scarier. This is a culture of violence, it’s very very real, and we need to dismantle it.”

    Please note that Little D and Little Eggy are likely white men just like Rodgers and Zimmerman. We need to be exterminated before we… Uh… We need to be exterminated.

    – Lil yeahokcool


    • The more these nitwits dismantle “the culture” the more these immature men seem to fly off the handle.

      What they want is Mogadishu. It’s what they will get.


      • Everybody’s a psychiatrist, and director’s/defecto is a virtual genius with his cultural suggestions. We should place him high at the State dept to run everything.

        Are there any actual mental health professionals here? If they are the don’t seem to run their mouths about a tragic and extreme outlier case.


    • What they call a culture of violence is actually about a thousand times less violent than a typical weekend in Chicago.

      More people are murdered by blacks in a typical weekend in Chicago than were killed by Rodger.

      How can so many people be ignorant of the fact mass shootings account for much less than 1% of all murders and that the vast majority of murders are committed by blacks ???

      The culture of violence is wherever there is a large number of blacks ( and Hispanics)


      • You just don’t get it, do you? It’s not about facts or the truth; it’s about your side vs the bad guys.


    • I’ve often wondered if it would be a good ruse to create a fake black female handle on these feminist sites and make post after post of local stories about black on black crime.
      Eventually one of the white girls on there will wake up to reality, right?


    • REALTALK(tm)— This kid was actually on the right page. He was an entitled half-breed faggot that hadn’t made peace with his latent homoeroticism. I don’t fault him for that. We ALL, -all- of us, have to make our way.

      Don’t equate this ethnic half-breed with the superior, but 21st century pussies that are “white” (WTF does that encompass?) males.

      This nigga was half JEW, and half ASIAN. PERIOD. And rich beyond anything we can dream of. Did this produce GAME for him? NO! Did his wealth guarantee PUSSY, NO! This is why CH is still a prophet. A rich ass half breed jew/chink in a 2013 BMW has nothing in spite of daddy having millions of dollars. A -sad- state of affairs for a man (read; boy) with no game.

      A broke ass nigga in DC living paycheck to paycheck whilst scamming moderately overweight, massilvely overeducated white bitches with dreams of making policy on Capitol Hill? A lost art…. only a few of us left that know how to do this…


    • “Even though this fucking degenerate was ostensibly out to kill women”

      No, this is a media distortion. He mentions repeatedly how he wants to murder both men and women. He wants to murder men who are successful with women. And he wants to murder happy couples. He gives descriptions of how he wants to do this several times. The media “forget” all that, as part of their propaganda.


      • In his killing spree he treated women and men as equal.

        If feminists and various liberals that write 95% of what is in the main stream media had an iota of honesty in them they would mention this fact.

        They are always complaining about inequality, well this mass murderer treated men and women as equal.

        harsh but true.


  66. Anyone remember Charlie X from the original Star Trek? I think we’re going to be overrun with guys like this in the coming years.


    • +1

      Nice call on that analogy.

      Charlie was a total omega. Good thing Kirk was such a bad-ass and he prevented Charlie from destroying the ship. Charlie wouldn’t have gotten into Yeoman Rand’s shuttle bay because Kirk was already putting his photon torpedo in there.


    • I just saw that recently, and I’m blown away that somebody could have written that episode in the 60’s. People watching it when it fist aired must have just brushed that character aside as just part of another crazy sci-fi story, and now 20% of the male population has become Charlie.


  67. The initial theory – that the killer was a repressed and denied faggot – rings true. Men in denial of their sexuality are dangerous beasts.

    The prissiness of his writing combined with what we, in gayland, refer to as “gayface” do strongly suggest this as well. Even a cursory analysis of the writing shows that the author’s primary focus is on the male sexuality rather than that of the woman.

    The Chateau writes that:- “homosexual men are known to experience greater levels of pathological narcissism.”
    Regrettably this is also true – what is the primary factor of this narcissism? Is it inherent or caused by rejection and humiliation in early years?
    Nearly all fags encounter rejection and humiliation in their childhood and teenage years, and this does damage a person.
    However, not every humiliated gay man becomes a pathological killer.

    Don’t forget that Rodger was also on the autistic scale.


    • I have been reading more and more about this spoiled rich kid, and since you are a true, 100% authentic cocksmoker, your gaydar is peak. A dyed in the wool faggot you can find amongst any peoples. I detected some faggotry from this young jew / chink mix. He probably didn’t realize that any good hollyweird jew / chink combo should at least try to suck a cock-off before going on a hetero shooting spree…


  68. I always wonder about these guys who decide to buy a gun and an hero themselves due to girl problems instead of buying a gun a raping a girl. But then it almost answers itself: the reason that they have girl problems is the same reason why they kill themselves. They’re too spineless to deal with the circumstances of taking what you want with zero fucks given.

    There really needs to be a concerted effort to turn boys into men. Men take what they want and are man enough to live with what they’ve wrought.


  69. I think he was gay – all the drama queenery point in that direction.
    “Homosexual men are known to experience greater levels of pathological narcissism” – sad but true.
    Cause? Possibly a childhood and teenage of being bullied, rejected, jeered and so on. Mind you, most gay men don’t resort to homicide


  70. I don’t think he was gay, I think he was just a total social retard. I used to be so like that guy it’s scary. It’s a shame he turned against the one thing that could have helped him through his troubles.

    When I read my first book about this stuff, it was like the clouds parted, and enlightenment rained down from heaven above. Ah HAH! That’s what I always used to fuck up!

    What I still fuck up regularly, because change is ridiculously hard, but at least now I can say “I didn’t fuck that chick because I pussed out and didn’t have the balls to keep going” instead of “Why aren’t girls sticking to the hood of my Bimmer like cockle burrs on a flannel shirt?”


  71. Okay obligatory gratuitous comment…
    Check out the babes marching w/ the candles.
    If only this shooting fool could’ve gotten their attention before this tragedy.

    and another gratuitous comment.
    This guy was the son of the director who made the “Hunger Games” movie huh? You mean that futuristic film about a Caucasian based society that has turned tyrannical w/ food shortages, starvation and a lack of hope? Where untrained, feral children are tossed in the wild to fight to the death? (Are you joking?)

    In today’s society where boys are not allowed to be masculine, no fist fights in school allowed, no bullying of the obvious different looking students, where girls are allowed to twerk in school and celebrate their “womanhood” w/out fear of males “eye-raping” them, yet the “Hunger Games” is paraded as a hit movie.
    Yet this boy is living proof that the average male can’t get a date because he played by the rules and expected his allotment of at least one hot girl.

    His father should look in the mirror and realize he contributed to this upside down society where his son, the product of multi-culturalism could not fit in. (And shame on the father for not providing guidance.
    And by the way…… If this fool’s blog is true his half breed sister apparently didn’t have such social problems; witness her moans through the bedroom door. My point is once again it is the males losing and the females just innocent “stop looking at my legs and objectifying me you pig” bystanders.

    and that father of the victim who is getting famous for blaming the NRA for preventing gun control? Tell him those 3 (also Asian) guys who were killed w/ the knife wished to God they had a handgun….. don’t bother him w/ facts.


  72. on May 26, 2014 at 5:11 pm Gilbert Ratchet

    I just want to say that I really like this line:

    He thought that “putting himself out there” with girls was sitting on a park bench like Aqualung.

    This is a good one too:

    It’s a hangout for socially awkward losers who desperately want to blame their failings with women on their sub-Pitt looks instead of on their awful social calibration and their inability to say two words to a girl without filling their Pokemon underoos.


  73. on May 26, 2014 at 5:21 pm Hairy Troll

    Dude sounds creepy schizoid Asian on so many levels: the blond killing is anti-Western genocidal, femmy, value of status crap (like his POS 2009 328i), cheesy sunglasses, artless, no depth, personality or humor. Mom explains this.

    The difference is that while nearly all Asians can contain their secret anti-Western psychotic feelings, this boy didn’t have the prefrontal grey stuff that Asians use to feign submission to their (temporarily) dominant Western overlords. Dad explains this.


    • This 1000000000000 times.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 8:36 am Zombie Shane

      I’m saying something similar upthread.

      Shit like this and Cho at VaTech makes you feel like the Asians are harboring a horrifying Darkness and Rage and Bloodlust in themselves which we are still largely clueless about.

      I mean, hell, they voted something like 75% for Obama.

      Just like the Frankfurt School ordered them to.

      It starts to make you wonder whether every Asian dude you know secretly wants to slit your throat.

      Or at least the 75% of them who aren’t evangelical Christians.


  74. I’m a UCSB alum and former IV resident, who went there in the midst of the AIDS scare. I can honestly say that if this guy really was an incel — and not just some loser who felt entitled to screw the hottest women without bringing any value to the table — then he really was a closet case or a complete zero.

    Getting laid there was truly shooting fish in a barrel. Good God, you didn’t have to know shit about “game” or “being alpha”” or any other bullshit, just show up and make a decent effort at a kegger every now and again. A Beemer? Really? Most of us didn’t even have cars and were happy if we had any money in our checking accounts that week.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 8:33 am Zombie Shane


      YaReally and I were disagreeing about it on a previous thread.

      If the kid had had even a NORMAL personality [without the help of “Game”, to make him even better than average], then he should have had more pussy swarming him than you could shake a stick it.

      Shoulda been inundated in pussy.


  75. on May 26, 2014 at 5:58 pm gunslingergregi

    to put everything in prspective too this is one incident out of 290 million people or so
    ya would think all the edumucated people would be able to understand something like that
    but I guess the peeps should be demanding money back if can’t comprehend outliers
    or extremely rare things


    • on May 26, 2014 at 6:01 pm gunslingergregi

      ecept that the elites do understand the human condition and realize ya can almost do anything to people and there will still only be a few rare people who fight back


    • More posts like this please.

      Cut out the babble.


  76. on May 26, 2014 at 6:49 pm Nico Toscani

    Unfortunately, the dad of one of the victims is blaming the gun rights crowd for this tragedy. While I sympathize with his loss, our guns won’t be going anywhere.


  77. the kid was a reflection of modern American society – confused lost lazy superficial and sad..


  78. on May 26, 2014 at 6:55 pm The H8 poaster

    Fuck yeah buddy.


  79. on May 26, 2014 at 6:57 pm Survivorman

    Raised by a single mom.

    I don’t think so either..


  80. In Mala Fide’s Ferdinand Bardamu (who now goes by the name of Matt Forney) is back, over at Taki’s Mag.



  81. 26 May 2014

    Hey guys – first post/comment/FR here for YaReally in particular and anyone else to offer any thoughts you might have (NOTE: This intro has now got so long that I’ll post my actual FR as a separate post).

    I’ve been reading through a lot of CH in the last few months (and then systematically made my way through a lot of YaReally’s posts) and have completely had my mind blown with the new ways of thinking, even though I don’t agree with everything CH or the manosphere says.


    Mid-30s, Indian, 5’11”, slim build, slightly above average looks but nothing amazing. Prestigious professional job and elite education (the kind of thing that is likely to automatically drop me into “Provider” category). Incidentally – I’m an FOB and have never found that my accent holds me back (but I’ve been here a long time and I don’t sound like the waiter in your local Indian restaurant, and I speak perfect English and think in English – as in, I had a perfect 800 SAT verbal score even as a teenager, and all of that helps).

    Typical background to a lot of guys here – geeky/no social skills/total beta till early 20s (I did have friends though – was never a hermit). Lost a lot of opportunities, blah blah. First kiss at 23, first sex at 24. Read The Game at 24, took a Mystery Method bootcamp at 26 (when it was still called that) and improved rapidly for a few months (had my first SNL etc although that was basically a fools mate). Then got into a relationship for 5-6 years and only came out about 2 years ago and have been working on myself since then.

    My skills are okay – I’d say I’m a lower/intermediate PUA. Approaching is not a big deal (some AA always remains) and I’m reasonably comfortable with going out and getting into conversations with girls and hooking them. Escalating and closing remain weaknesses – particularly doing it consistently (and I’m not talking superhotties here). I tend to get into conversations and hook and chat but then it sort of fades away without any sexual tension or good moment for a close. I’m generally a pretty sociable guy (and I need to be for work too) and I’m pretty good at being a strong social presence and telling stories and the like. Issues more around being alpha and sexual and escalating, esp in initial stages (I’m better at doing it on dates but need to improve that too). I also need to learn to build a connection and comfort/vibe with the girls.

    Total notch count – around 10-12.


    For complicated work reasons, I spend 8-9 months of the year in a small town where there’s basically no social life or girls and I pretty much have to work all the time (except for practicing online dating). The remaining 3-4 months of the year I’m in a big city with loads of girls and a flexible work schedule and I go out all the time (in practice it’s like 7-8 weeks in Small Town and then 2-4 weeks in Big City depending on my schedule). This won’t change for the next couple of years – I know it’s far from ideal but I have to work within it for now even if it means my skills atrophy when not being used..there’s an element of 2 steps forward/1 step back.

    I’ve been doing a lot of online dating because of my work logistics (I set up dates for when I come to the big city) and once I get them on the date, I’d say more than 2/3s end in makeouts (and the majority of the makeout dates I could bang eventually, and I do bang the odd one, but sometimes they are so boring or I can sense that it will take a while and I can’t be bothered to put in the work, especially with my limited time in the big city).

    Have had a couple of reality blasting experiences through the online dating though in the last couple of years (not enough to completely shatter old mindsets but enough to shake them up).

    I should add incidentally that I long ago got over any “race” BS and how being Indian would mess up my game. It was an issue in my head in my 20s but I have literally never found it to be an issue in practice (well – it’s an issue with online dating where it’s a bit of a problem because they only see their stereotype of you, but not in person where they get to see the whole package). Also note that ALL of the women I’ve slept with have been white/black/East Asian – never slept with an Indian.


    First was a date with a genuinely stunning model level 24 year old blonde HB9 (she did actually use to be a model in Eastern Europe). The kind of woman who normally doesn’t Internet date. I basically messaged every girl online on the site and it was a cold Wednesday night and I think she was bored and looking to go out that night so she literally wrote back “how about tonight?” and I got a real shock when I turned up and she looked even better than the pictures. For those of you guys who have not experienced being with a truly beautiful woman – I cannot tell you the rush of just being in a bar with her and just holding hands and walking her back after the bar, and seeing all the guys check her out and thinking “every guy on the street would kill to be in my place right now”. Or when I was kissing her in the bar, I was literally thinking “I can’t believe *I’m* actually making out with this girl”.

    Anyway, that date ended in a makeout session (not a very heavy one) although I could tell she wasn’t totally into it – the whole date was like that – I know she had fun but I could also see I hadn’t really really hooked her properly (a couple of times during the date, I did properly spike her BT and that was amazing to see). I didn’t see her again but that experience I will never forget.


    Second was another first online date with a fun, wild blonde HB7 (cute but nothing amazing). Basically one of those times when your game just “clicks” and everything just works (it wasn’t a “fools mate” though – I did actually have to seduce her – she didn’t start out liking me). It was like every game principle in action and applied flawlessly (largely by fluke). Within 45 minutes of meeting her, we were making out. Within 1 hr 15 min, it was so fucking passionate that it was obvious she was really turned on – to the point she was pretty much climbing on top of me (we were in a quiet lounge bar- I was genuinely concerned we’d be kicked out).

    After 2 hours I genuinely needed to go meet other friends and we got up and out of some unknown but god-sent impulse I just told her “I’m going to take you downstairs [to the toilets]”. At this point even I didn’t really know why I’d said that – just that it felt like a good idea. I think I may also have said something like “I want to kiss you properly”. She looked really surprised but didn’t object and I (instinctively) just kept moving like it was a done deal and overpowered her frame. We walked down the stairs to the deserted corridor where the toilets were and she pretty much just *attacked* me the way she jumped me – I don’t think I have ever felt such raw unleashed passion from a woman. I opened the toilet door and got her into a toilet stall with absolutely zero resistance and she gave me a fantastic BJ (and swallowed).

    Then she wanted to come home and continue but I genuinely had to meet someone and had to ditch her – the thing that blew my mind the most in all this was that SHE thanked ME. Several times. For the privilege of giving me a blowjob with no reciprocation. It’s hard to describe – it’s like she was so incredibly pumped and had this amazing rush from the experience of what we’d done together unexpectedly – of giving ME a blowjob. Anyway we met up a few days later she became a fuckbuddy for a (very brief) period – until I had to go back to the small town. The sex was great – totally uninhibited in the sack (the kind of girl who would have been ideal to have had a threesome with). If anything I think I should have toned *down* my “datey” instincts and made her even more explicitly an FB.


    A third one – I met in a bar, not online. It was a fairly standard bar pickup -20 year old Swedish chick with me in my mid 30s (not superhot but HB7 and good attitude and fun to hang out with). Basically a textbook illustration on what women will do when they like you. I number-closed both her and her HB8 friend but the HB7 texted me the next day (presumably to make sure I didn’t hit on her friend first). She liked me and wanted to bang me so it was all EASY. She just made it so easy to meet up, to bang, everything. No hassle, no games, no BS. First date ended in a big makeout session and could easily have been a lay but this was quite a while ago and that hadn’t penetrated my reality yet so I didn’t even try.

    Second date I just told her to come to my place and put on a DVD and escalated and banged her with zero LMR (she was really shocked that I actually made her come and said most guys can’t do that). She told me she had been “so wet” during our first date and would have come home with me if I’d tried. Anyway, she was a fantastic FB for several months and we did some really cool sexual shit (despite me vanishing out of town on work for 2-3 months at a time) and it only faded away when she got a boyfriend. While she wasn’t as inherently “wild” as the toilet BJ girl, the sex was fantastic as long as I guided her – you know there are people with whom you just have fantastic sexual chemistry? She was one.

    It was a new experience for me – being the guy giving her amazing sexual experiences and being told how horny I made her and how she viewed me through such a (positive) sexual lens. It’s like – for once, *I* was the “bad boy guy” giving her amazing sex and amazing memories in a nonjudgmental way- not a “provider/relationship” guy I normally get pegged as.


    Anyway- the above are some of my greatest hits – plenty of other not-great experiences and fuckups though which I haven’t mentioned (but which I learnt a lot from). Most of the above actually happened in 2013. 2014 has been much less profitable in terms of actual closes and notches and results (in large part because I lost my best wingman and it’s insanely hard finding a good wingman you vibe with and even worse trying to do it alone) but I’ve made a lot of inner game progress and I’m understanding the matrix better (I learnt about hypergamy in 2014 for example, and a lot of AA conquering has been in 2014, as well as starting to learn about text game and being more alpha in my behaviour generally in life). When I hit the next purple patch I’m sure I’ll do even better.

    Not to sound all fanboyish about the PUA community- but it really is the most incredible journey of personal growth and I never thought I’d be doing this in my mid 30s. I always told myself as a geeky 19 year old that one day I’d be “good” with women and by the standards of that 19 year old, I can look myself in the mirror and honestly say I’ve far exceeded that goal – some of the experiences I described above would be unthinkable to 19 year old me who just wanted to date a few girls and have a nice girlfriend. I can now relatively easily get a decent girlfriend from my social circle and be pretty happy, and I no longer miss obvious opportunities and IOIs.

    But now that I’m here – I want to get better – I want to get *good* – higher quantity (to build reference experiences), then higher quality as well, and a much deeper and broader internal identity rewiring (even more than I’ve done so far). And then beyond – into social skills and social dynamics beyond pickup and women (although I’m already pretty good at that stuff by most people’s standards).


    • Sounds like you need to be more of an asshole, at least around hot chicks. Being a jerk will a) disavow women of the notion that you’re a nice provider and b) convince the hottest chicks that you’re stone cold alpha. The hotter the girl, the greater the alpha/beta ratio required to bang her.

      Also, you said you’re slim and average looking. I recommend lifting weights, if you can find the time. Really, 3 hours of training a week, combined with decent nutrition, is all that’s required to substantially improve your physique. Hell, I’d recommend it even if you were asexual, and it will be easier to escalate if women can’t keep their hands off you.

      When it comes to closing, be more of a rapist. Chicks dig rape. Technical rape, that is. I.E. they want a man to take charge and disregard their timid LMR. Read any romance novel ever if you doubt this point.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:12 am Zombie Shane

        > “When it comes to closing, be more of a rapist. Chicks dig rape. Technical rape, that is. I.E. they want a man to take charge and disregard their timid LMR. Read any romance novel ever if you doubt this point.”

        Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude.

        Slow down.

        Pulling off rough sex successfully could be YEARS down the road.

        Let’s work on maybe getting a little tongue action when you say goodnight, instead of just a peck on the cheek.

        Anal from behind while grabbing both pony tails and yanking her head back can wait just a little longer.

        Even Kobe Bryant couldn’t get away with that shit [until he paid the girl he raped to go away, and also paid his wife not to divorce him].

        If Kobe hadn’t had the spare change lying around under his couch cushions, then his ass would have spent five to ten in the slammer.


      • Thanks dude. Yes, weight training is on my list, esp when I’m stuck in the small town and not going out. More for the self-satisfaction and feeling good than anything else though.

        My looks aren’t movie star (to say the least) but I do well enough – I average 1-2 unforced IOIs/approach invitations from women every time I go out (eye contact etc) and about once a month (if I’m going out regularly) I get a woman approaching me. That’s good enough that looks are nowhere near my sticking point.

        Don’t (obviously!) want to go to the rapist level but I get your point about being more assholish – that’s the next step. I tick a lot of most women’s provider boxes, but I need more practice at giving them emotions and taking them on an emotional rollercoaster..


    • on May 27, 2014 at 8:25 am Zombie Shane

      > “Mid-30s, Indian, 5’11″, slim build, slightly above average looks but nothing amazing. Prestigious professional job and elite education (the kind of thing that is likely to automatically drop me into “Provider” category).”

      > “First was a… 24 year old blonde HB9…”

      > “Second was… wild blonde HB7…”

      > “A third one… 20 year old Swedish chick…”

      Just out of curiosity, would you like to explain to us why you are so obsessed with banging chicks from a different race than your own?

      Bonus Question: How will these women’s children be able to inherit their beautiful white skin and their flaming blond hair and their brilliant blue eyes if you are the father?


      • I’m not dude. That’s just your characterization. I like women of any race if they’re attractive and have also slept with (and dated) Orientals and black women.

        It’s just mathematics – before I left India, I was a total AFC beta and had zero skills with women – it’s not that I didn’t want to bang any Indian women. After I moved here, I just meet a lot more women of other races (since I don’t hang out in an Indian ghetto) so I date women of other races.

        And I really couldn’t give a shit if my kids don’t inherit “white” looks (if I have kids with a white woman) – it’s not my problem or responsibility to maintain the future of the white race.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 9:20 am Zombie Shane

        If whites are so horrible, then why don’t you go home to whichever Outer Shitistan you crawled out of in the first place?

        Or maybe Whites aren’t so horrible because your fondest memories are of scoring with White tail?

        Help me out here.

        I’m confused.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 9:27 am Zombie Shane

        And while you’re working on a coherent theory of White people, could you maybe help to give us some insight into why 75% of your cow-worshipping race voted in 2012 for the destruction, annihilation and eradication of Western Civilization?

        Which is to say, the destruction, annihilation and eradication of White people?


        Numbers don’t lie, bro.

        Numbers don’t lie.


      • Here’s what I’m going to help you out with..His thick brown cock is going to penetrate sweet white vaginas and give rise to children who are not going to have blue eyes or pale skin. AND there’s nothing you can do about it. There, I hope that ended your confusion


      • “Just out of curiosity, would you like to explain to us” Can you be more specific? Who is ‘us’? Would it be the KKK? If so, where is the nearest chapter in Chicago. I would love to sign up


      • on May 27, 2014 at 6:01 pm Zombie Shane

        I will ask the question again to give you little diarrhea-colored cow-worshipping faggots another chance to answer it:

        In the 2012 election, why did 75% of your brethren vote to destroy, annihilate, and eradicate Western Civilization?

        Seriously – why?


      • on May 27, 2014 at 10:57 pm The Spirit Within

        @ Zombie

        In 2014, why are nearly 100% of the readers of this website scrolling past your comments?



      • How do you know other people scroll past his comments?

        You work for an organization that monitors our every move and that records every key we press?

        Should we call you the traitor within?


      • White pale freckle infested skin irritates our eyes. So it is our diabolical plan to mate with as many white pale women as possible so we can eliminate this problem and through mass immigration from south the border and south asia

        On a serious note, the food at McDs stinks, we want to see a Curry House at every corner…by 2040. You are welcome.


      • @ Zombie Shane,

        You sound just like this Rodger guy, who was pissed off that Indian dudes were talking to white chicks and that he could do nothing about it.


      • who cares your white women are hot…unless they smoke drink sleep around alot party and have lousy diet then they age poorly.
        He never said he hated whites, but even then, you got some fine girls to procreate with. Dont worry blonde hair is recessive it shows up in the next generation if their partner carries the gene. though it is a 25% chance then.

        Whole point of game is pumpin n dumpin bad girls which is western women, then marry good girls like sterotypical foreign women….unless you deflowered a good white girl the may as well keep her

        if you dont like it ..sack up and tell your virginal white girls to not be sluts like their friends.


      • “White pale freckle infested skin irritates our eyes.”

        I love a pretty white girl as much as the next guy but he might be on to something with the freckles. I’m not attracted to freckles or redheads at all either. Even with all I’ve heard about them being great in the sack, they just look dingy and dirty to me.

        I think some men just know on an instinctual level that women with freckled skin and the reddish hair that usually come with it are risks genetically.

        They all have tons of allergy and respiratory issues. Always sick. They have more issues with burning skin, skin cancer and faster aging. And according to this article, it looks like they have extremely high rates of parkinson’s and endometriosis. The article says they absorb a lot of Vitamin D so they’ve got nice big bones though. Yippee.



      • and seven times higher rate of Tourette’s. That sounds fun.


      • on May 31, 2014 at 12:54 am foreskin pulled back with lube so fresh

        so many trolls here..if you guys are not white and are still attracted to white girls, be honest about it. There is no reason to single white girls out as the trash of society. Girls in india and arabia are no less sluts. But societies there just kill any girl who is found to be a slut so those girls have to be much more secretive about it. Women everywhere respond to the same basic forces of nature. White girls do it more openly because we have more individual freedom here. Brown girls do it behind your back.


      • @nomad

        Most of the redheads I’ve known have worn glasses or contacts so they would most likely be passing bad vision on to your offspring too.

        Bad prospects for motherhood all around I guess. But they sure are great in bed. Slutty and wild as all get out.


      • i wonder if redheads know on some level that they tend to produce weaker offspring and are less attractive to men who want healthy strong children.

        that would explain why there are so many wild slutty redhead stories. we’ve all heard them. maybe being sluttier is an evolved trait. a way of compensating for their genetic deficits and ensuring that they find willing mates when they probably wouldn’t otherwise.


  82. on May 26, 2014 at 8:17 pm gunslingergregi

    What Cosmo would look like if the genders were reversed. imgur.com/gallery/ODgLwVs 23 minutes ago
    men need that magazine to be made
    ok so yea need a volunteer to make i’ll pay for printing advertising


  83. on May 26, 2014 at 8:19 pm gunslingergregi

    on the article about mens magazine like cosmo yea that owns
    that magazine needs to be on newsstands
    ill pay for printing and advertising just need someone to volunteer to make lol


  84. on May 26, 2014 at 8:24 pm chainsmoker

    Maybe I can offer a bit of perspective since I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Several of Elliot Rodger’s patterns of thinking are very similar to mine. I dont think he was gay. I do, however, think that his psychosis completely overwhelmed his sexual urges to the point that his ‘effeminate’ seeming obsessions made him appear gay. idk i just think its possible to have an effeminate mind without latent homosexual proclivities


  85. Elliot Rodgers was really Matt King.


  86. on May 26, 2014 at 8:49 pm cynical beta

    I’m about halfway through his manifesto now (age 18, Soumaya just kicked him out of his dad’s home). My question is, where the heck was his father throughout Elliot’s life as far as raising his eldest son to be a man? They weren’t estranged, yet there seems to have been no teaching from Peter, not even a birds and the bees talk. Elliot makes the criticism that his father didn’t teach him about girls nor, it seems, anything useful. It may not have made a difference, but the lack of paternal heritage is still striking.


    • on May 26, 2014 at 10:21 pm Libertardian

      As liberals will tell you, parents are presumptuous to think they have the right to raise their kids as they see fit – that’s the State’s duty and prerogative.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 12:16 am Listen You Expletiving Expletives

      This is important. Pay attention.

      Parents of divorced kids at best neglect their kids, this is not news. They are relics from a time from which they want to move on.

      Here’s the insight though:

      When the kids are fuckups, it vaildates both parents’ choice to end the marraige / family. So parents who divorce actively sabotage their kids’ lives in order to justify their breaking up the marriage.

      Think about it: if Johnny goes on to become partner in a law firm despite his dad fucking off or mom kicking out dad (which almost never happens btw), it makes the parents look bad. “How could you leave such a talented child?” But if the kid is a fuckup, everyone says “Oh, I see why you put the kibbosh on this marriage, the kids were failures anyway, might as well move on”.

      I figured this out before it was too late. My advice to kids in this situation: at 18 tell your family to get bent and don’t look back.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 4:57 am Days of Broken Arrows

      His dad was taking marching orders from his angry, Prius-driving wife. (It’s a vintage Heartiste reference.)


    • i think you confused ‘heritage’ with ‘tutelage’, dummy


      • on May 27, 2014 at 8:02 am Zombie Shane

        What’s with the Grammar Naziism, dude?

        “I’m not a grammar nazi, I’m a vocabulary nazi, blah blah blah”


      • on May 27, 2014 at 9:25 am cynical beta

        The instruction process is assumed in that tutelage would be the way by which Peter gave Elliot his paternal heritage.


  87. So…

    This kid had looks & money, and was a miserable failure with women.

    Yet he was a poster on PUAHate, a site whose central thesis is that game doesn’t work because attracting women is all about looks and money?

    Had he just kept an open mind and not been so damn stubborn about game, he could have turned himself around. I was in a similar place (kissless virgin at age 21) minus the homicidal thoughts. Spent a couple years reading game materials and putting myself out there, and now I’m not a lady-killer by any means, but I’ve at least managed to get some kisses and a couple lays under my belt, and land a thin gf.

    The turnaround is not quick or easy, but it can be done.


  88. Bret Easton Ellis and Michel Houellebecq have a sinking feeling today, because a 22 year old lunatic wrote the finest, deadliest and most unaffectedly truthful account of male sexual hunger and rage that has ever been written; and it will be very instructive to read the harrowed responses from supposedly edgy and alienated “writers” as they see their merely imagined and tediously stylized texts instantly mooted by the power of Rodger’s writing.

    One does not need to be particularly sane to write something that *stains*.


  89. FR 26 May 2014

    Okay, after that mega-initial post, a shorter FR about my latest experiences.


    Particularly because I’m finding it so difficult with wings right now, I decided about 2-3 weeks ago to focus on strip club game for a while – largely because it is so much easier to go to strip clubs alone and the girls approach you (and approaching practice is not a priority for me right now so I don’t need to practice that).

    I read all the standard PUA advice for strip clubs (and YaReally and his posts on strippers among other things) and I implemented it (dress well, buy drinks, go on quiet nights, don’t perv at the women, don’t buy dances, don’t stay too long etc). I did get dances the first couple of times just to get a feel for how the place works, but not since then.

    Have been about 10-12 times in the last 2-3 weeks to about 4-5 strip clubs (one particular one about 4-5 times as I really like the chilled out vibe).

    I’m doing this more to help build my frame maintaining skills (and cos I can go alone) and to practice building a connection with women trying to get money out of me and less out of any *immediate* goal of SNLing a stripper or even a number close. Until my skills get a lot better, anything like that will be luck more than skill (but when it happens, I ain’t complaining).

    It’s a fascinating experience. It’s interesting how conducive the environment in those clubs is to just chill and hang out and spend cash.


    All the standard stuff you’d expect really – girls trying every trick in the book for a dance, using their sexuality, trying to guilt me (saying I was cheap for only coming and drinking but not giving the girls cash, etc). Lots of hustlers who ask for a dance at either the 30 sec mark or 2 min mark and going off if I say no.

    I’ve noticed my self-control is pretty good – no matter how hot they are (and how good it feels when they rub up against me), it’s pretty much impossible for them to convince me to have a dance. I’ve weakened (but not succumbed) a couple of times – both with girls I genuinely *liked* – as in they were hot, but they took the time to talk to me, and they were smart, and funny and made me laugh.

    Most (but not all) times I go to a strip club I can get atleast one girl to sit down and have a “real” conversation with me for 20-30 mins without hassling me for dances. I’ve managed to get their real names a couple of times too but no closes yet (it’s a simple trick – after 20 mins I pretend I’ve forgotten the (stripper) name they introduced themselves with and ask for their name again. I don’t ask for their “real” name – just say “What was your name?”. If they like me they usually tell me their real name then and it doesn’t put them on the spot by ASKING for the real name).

    I can tell these girls are genuinely enjoying the conversations and enjoying talking to me and listening to my stories(esp since they stay with me long after it is obvious I’m not having any dances) but they are still in professional mode. It’s much rarer and harder to “break through” beyond that to the girl inside. I’m getting better at spotting fake IOIs incidentally – it’s fascinating to notice the laugh that’s just a little too hard for the quality of the joke, or the kino from her that I didn’t earn..


    Having said that, a few times I’ve managed to “break through” into attraction:

    -On my first day, I had a long talk with a brunette girl who hasn’t been a stripper long. Cos it was my first day and I was getting used to the club, I did have a dance from her early on, but I got her real name and I trust my instincts enough to know I really broke through – I could see the real (earned) IOIs. I tried to number close her and she said no, but even there I got the sense that I could have pushed a bit harder and got it.

    -Another very hot brunette – I got through almost my accident (I started with the usual stories I tell etc and teased her) and something just “hit” – I asked some shit about supernatural stuff and ghosts and she was really into it and started to open up and tell me about her experience meeting a demon or something but I miscalibrated and teased her about it just as she was opening up and she got really offended and walked off – a real pity that one

    -Yet another hot brunette (can you tell I have a type? 🙂 – Again, hooked well to my stories, never asked about a dance, was engaged and invested in conversation – fucked up by her cockblocking friend (basically the two of them approached me together and the friend went on endlessly about a dance which I kept refusing and she kept returning to. Then the friend went to do her stage show and for ten minutes I did really well, and then she came back and stuck to us like a limpet and I couldn’t isolate – very frustrating)

    -Another hot brunette – Very articulate and sassy so we basically just poked fun at each other once she realized I wasn’t going to get dances – I barely did my usual stories (she even said she was “bored” with one of them). I just held my frame and it was actually a lot of fun. She kept going away and hunting customers (it was an unusually busy night) and then coming back to me – like 3 or 4 times. A couple of things she said really stuck in my head – one was something along the lines of how I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs before and know my way around (this was like visit No. 4 in my life to a strip club) which was basically confirmation that I was giving off exactly the vibe I wanted to give.

    Another (well into the conversation) was like a very timid un-committed approach by a guy to a hot girl- the similarities are striking actually and the result was the same. She was like “So, umm..if you don’t want a dance..you wouldn’t want to give me a tip would you..?” I looked at her like she was crazy and just said “No” very firmly and you could actually *see* her BT spike when I did that – she actually gave me a big smile and her body relaxed – it’s hard to describe – it’s almost as if she had her suspicions about me and my answer confirmed them. I lost her when a big spending customer came in and she went off for the cash – if I could have moved her into comfort mode I may have been able to close.

    Plus there have been a few girls (3 in particular) who I nearly had dances with just because they were fun, cool girls and I talked to them for ages (like nearly an hour) and we really clicked and it was obvious they enjoyed talking to me but I never broke through to attraction or got them out of stripper mode (it’s not the be all and end all, but for eg, they never gave me their real names, except for one who I tried to number close and who politely said no). I think the problem here was that the conversations here were so fun that I just let them go on naturally without guiding them in my direction or my usual stories or maintaining general alpha mannerisms..sort of getting too caught up in the conversation itself.


    What I find really interesting is spotting the differences between real attraction and just chatting. Spotting fake IOIs is actually pretty easy – the too loud laugh, the unearned kino etc. But the subtle difference between a girl who likes chatting to me and enjoys my company for real but is still in stripper mode looking around for her next customer, and one who is genuinely hooked and attracted is very interesting because a lot of it is very similar – no hassles about dances etc.

    It’s hard to articulate but it is almost as if the latter involves a mixture of the girl giving me the Eyes (what Mystery Method used to call the Doggy Dinner Bowl look) and looking at me with eyes that say “Who IS this guy? I’ve never met anyone like him before – he’s not like the usual guy we see around here”, but the girl who is just enjoying having a chat with a cool guy doesn’t do that.

    Oh and one time I got chatting to another solo guy at the strip club and it turns out he might actually become an important professional contact so that just goes to show – it’s not all about the women!

    Any tips and thoughts on my approach to strippers (esp how to break through and form a real connection) or anything else on my posts appreciated.

    I’ve just started reading Juggler Method to study how to build comfort/connection and that’s my next step – to apply it to both strippers and normal clubs as I think that’s my sticking point and closing will be much easier after that. I’m also learning a lot about text game but that’s just a question of practice (I’ve been reading a lot of YaReally and CH stuff on text game).


    • @Culum
      “What I find really interesting is spotting the differences between real attraction and just chatting. Spotting fake IOIs is actually pretty easy – the too loud laugh, the unearned kino etc. But the subtle difference between a girl who likes chatting to me and enjoys my company for real but is still in stripper mode looking around for her next customer, and one who is genuinely hooked and attracted is very interesting because a lot of it is very similar – no hassles about dances etc. ”

      There are a lot of lessons the learn from strip clubs lol:

      1) That feeling you get where she’s faking it is the same feeling girls get when you open them but aren’t REALLY engaged in making them feel special or wanted but you’re just opening them to use them for your own state boost while secretly half checked-out of the conversation thinking about the hotter girl across the room that you’d rather be talking to or keeping an eye out for better girls. It makes the person feel like shit.

      So when you’re running Juggler method etc, be full engaged and try to really take an interest in the person even if it’s just for a few minutes. People can FEEL that sincerity.

      2) Most guys can NOT spot the difference between real and fake interest, because they don’t spend much time flirting with women (aside from a girlfriend who is by default attracted to them or a few girls in their social circle that may or may not be interested in them and the occasional once every 3 months or so random girl they talk to who they run away from before they fuck the interaction up lol). This is why most of those strippers all have regular customers who all think she’s in love with them, that all those other guys are chumps etc. But when you can actually tell the difference between real/fake IOIs you can figure out which camp you’re in and whether their interest is legit or not.

      Also girls/feminists/etc. will tell you that you only THINK you can tell but really women are all A-list actresses who are impossible to predict or read when they don’t want you to be able to…that’s bullshit feminine propaganda, don’t buy into it. It’s very easy to spot fake iois when you know what’s up. Her sitting with you when she knows you aren’t going to be any money for her and NOT hitting you up for a dance is an ioi (she may not be in love with you or anything but there’s some attraction there). Her giving you a blatant ioi when you KNOW from exeperience that you really haven’t done anything to earn it, that’s a fake ioi. So your awareness is solid.

      3) Those girls are normal girls. They often have other jobs or school or whatever…they’re not in sexy princess on a pedestal stripper mode at home on Christmas morning opening presents with their big brother teasing them. They respond to game the same way normal girls do, but you have to escape the customer frame first is all. Once they know you’re not the usual beta AFC customer guy, you get a completely different interaction than those guys do and you can actually talk to the real girl.

      4) Funny thing to notice is that if a stripper approaches a group in front of you and gets shot down, she won’t then move onto you, she’ll go run away to the back or to the other side of the room or sit down somewhere and txt and THEN come back to you after a bit. Because they understand that you won’t feel special if you see them just going from table to table. This is what happens when girls see a high-energy PUA type at the bar who isn’t actually committing to any sets, he’s just buzzing from set to set trying to get some validation, because he doesn’t care which one he gets, they’re all interchangeable to him, so none of them are special. It’s off-putting. Try sticking some sets out for a while, even if you probably aren’t going to fuck them, and have quality interactions VS quantity, especially if you’re stuck in the same small bar for like 4 hours straight.

      5) Talk about sex with strippers lol They love the topic and it helps you get more comfortable with it. I’m extremely comfortable in a strip-club because sex is normalized for me but when I started going out and gaming I was super intimidated by sex and had an asexual friendly-but-not-fuckable vibe because sex was all taboo too me. Legitimately look the girls on the stage up and down and check out their bodies and enjoy the female form.

      6) I always clap. It helps put me in a good state, makes me stand out, and sometimes you can get other guys to clap too which is good for the stripper’s ego. She just got up there buck naked and put herself out there, nothing wrong with a little encouragement so she isn’t leaving the stage in dead silence. Sometimes I’m the only one clapping lol then I just make fun of the other guys to the stripper if she comes over and say “why don’t these guys clap, they must be shy lol”

      7) Focus on holding eye-contact with them. Search my archives for Liam McRea’s Rapid Escalation seminar where he explains eye-contact in depth. Even more specifically watch how the strippers use eye-contact on you. The good ones know to lock it on because it intimidates most guys and makes them pop wood and cave and get dances. Try locking eyes on them and staring right back with sexual intent and no flinching…you’ll notice the girls are a little puzzled at first and then they crank their eye-contact up even harder or cut the space and get closer in your face, but if you just calmly intently keep that eye-contact locked, you’ll start building crazy sexual chemistry between the two of you that blows their mind because they don’t run into many guys who can keep eye-contact. I actually primarily only go to strip clubs to practice my eye-contact and sexual flirting lol I don’t buy dances…I could spend that $20 at a normal bar and probably get laid lol


      • YaReally – thank you for taking the time to post this – it is gold.

        Couple of quick points:

        1. I was thinking of the girls who are willing to chat with me and not ask for dances (but not obviously attracted) as “not interested”, but if the sitting with me (as opposed to playing with their phone/gossiping with the other girls) is a milder IOI in itself, then it’s more like they are attracted, but just less so – as in, it’s more of a spectrum and less of a yes/no thing.

        2. Interesting that you say talk about sex with strippers. I’ve been avoiding this so far and sticking to more “mundane” conversation topics to avoid coming across like a customer guy who views them only as a sexual plaything etc. I often do talk about my visit to a gay club and how it felt to have guys hit on me and how it made me understand womens’ IOIs etc, and this usually gets a good response from the girls. Talking about sex is a natural jumping off point from there.

        3. Will focus more on EC – the importance of that hadn’t occurred to me at all. I’ve done it by accident a couple of times – esp with one of the strippers who sat with me for ages without a dance (but didn’t go to the doggy dinner bowl attraction stage). It was just electric, the sexual tension – we kept looking each other in the eyes and both of us were sort of half-smirking (not smiling to break the tension).


      • @Culum
        “I was thinking of the girls who are willing to chat with me and not ask for dances (but not obviously attracted) as “not interested””

        She could make $20 – $100 sitting with the guy beside you.

        “then it’s more like they are attracted, but just less so – as in, it’s more of a spectrum and less of a yes/no thing.”

        Basically if she’s chilling with you but you guys don’t have an actively flirty sexual vibe together, that means she views you as “cool”. She doesn’t view you as one of the creepers there, she views you as the guy that’s safe that she can take a break from being a stripper and just chill and be a normal girl for a few minutes and often just be herself.

        That doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you, but it’s a good sign that the vibe you’re giving off is “I’m a cool chill guy who isn’t a creeper”. It’s GOOD to be this guy in a stripclub VS being a customer they ask for dances.

        If she’s not that into you but chilling at your table and not asking for dances, I like to practice laser eye-contact and basic rapport-building (Juggler stuff) and see if I can spark something. If not that’s cool, we just chill till she has to get up and do her rounds and I wish her luck and tell her to make some $ or point out some guy who looks like he’d get dances from her if I notice one of them.

        If she’s sitting with you and actively flirting with you, AND not asking you for dances, she’s into you but I don’t know what to really do from there lol Logically some kind of subtle contact-close but there’s so much ASD around her giving her number out (a lot of them have 2nd phones for their job) etc. that there are probably other guys with more experience at it out there who’ve written more useful stuff for that stage of things.

        Also keep in mind that the hottest girls aren’t going to shit a brick over you. Best analogy is if you found a $10,000 bill on the ground you and I would jump for joy and run around cheering and singing about our good fortune. If Bill Gates found a $10,000 bill on the ground, that would be cool, and he’d be like “hey, that’s great!” but he’s already got $10,000 bills so he’s not going to be as expressive that he’s excited…so a lot of times a really high-value chick will simply “be around you” to show she’s interested, VS a 6 who will paw at your shirt and tell you “omg I love your hair” and shit because it’s amazing to her that you’re flirting with her.

        “Interesting that you say talk about sex with strippers. I’ve been avoiding this so far and sticking to more “mundane” conversation topics to avoid coming across like a customer guy who views them only as a sexual plaything etc.”

        The key is to just be non-judgemental about sex. I like to tell funny/embarrassing sexual stories so it’s not just some creepy perv going “so what kind of panties do you like to wear hurr hurr durr” which is what they get a lot of lol But instead it’s some lol-worthy story about casual sex that gets her laughing and opens her up to share her own similar stories etc. and then she sees that I’m just a cool guy with no sexual hang-ups, there to enjoy the beautiful women.

        A lot of the guys in a stripclub are very awkward about sex, despite being there. They have weird creepy views or view the women as pieces of shit or are there to mentally get off on having a pretty girl talking about sexual things or they’re so repressed and ashamed to be in there that they stay on gentlemanly topics which half the time is just their attempt to try to separate themselves from the “other guys” there who are all pervy losers but he’s the true gentleman who would respect her and bla bla bla but usually they know what’s up.

        Being in a stripclub and pretending to not be a sexual guy is like being in a buffet line with food on your plate and pretending not to be hungry lol I say just embrace that you like sex and that you’re a sexual guy, and do it in a fun flirty non-judgemental way.

        For a stripper to bang/date a guy, she has to know that he’s not going to be some judgemental dude that’s going to make her quit work or come in every shift and jealously glare at the guys who talk to her or give her drama about her job or clients and all that shit. So when you’re giving off the vibe that you’re cool with sex and not jealous and non-judgemental and stuff it’s like “ahh finally a cool guy who, if I fucked him, would probably not bring negative shit into my life!”

        I haven’t banged a stripper (close a few times and starting to mess around with it a bit more lately just ’cause I have some buddies who like to go) but I figure this is the route I would try.

        “Will focus more on EC – the importance of that hadn’t occurred to me at all. I’ve done it by accident a couple of times – esp with one of the strippers who sat with me for ages without a dance (but didn’t go to the doggy dinner bowl attraction stage). It was just electric, the sexual tension – we kept looking each other in the eyes and both of us were sort of half-smirking (not smiling to break the tension).”

        Yep. Explore this further. Do it on purpose, and then carry it out into your normal bar sets and online dates. I’ve had a number of dates where the girl wasn’t that into me at the start and the vibe wasn’t really there but sexual eye-contact while we had a drink and talked about sexual topics turned things around and got me the lay that night.

        Strippers are great to practice on because they’re pro at it (the ones who make good money anyway) and they’re mind-blown when you can do it back to them (sparks attraction in them that they’re usually surprised by because no guy in months has held eye-contact with them for more than a few seconds) which is super funny/cute to see the microexpressions of confusion/attraction on their face lol


      • Thanks YaReally – notes taken (seriously – I’m saving these comments and reviewing before I head to the club).

        Very interesting visit last night to a strip club. Basically was approached by two girls – one smoking hot (top 3 of 30-40 women in the club) and the other less so (by stripper standards). Talked for an hour, no dances. Less hot one was into me and was starting to get properly attracted (won’t waste time on the details but I’m sure of the IOIs) while the hotter one stayed in stripper mode throughout and kept trying for a dance or tip till the very end (barring one brief moment where a random cold read of mine hit home, but I couldn’t keep that door open). Annoying THIRD time now I’m getting cockblocked by the double-stripper dynamic.

        Anyway, the point I wanted to mention is that the hotter one was actually gaming me – as in, SHE actually negged ME. I didn’t even realize that’s what she’d done until after I left the club. It’s almost as if she saw I wasn’t responding to her as expected and wanted to shake me up a bit to see if she could get a reaction to pull me into her frame or where I’d qualify myself to her. I genuinely felt a bit mentally tired when I left – it was a bruising frame battle, but I’d call it a draw – I didn’t break through to her, but I didn’t fall into her frame either.

        Stuff like telling me with a slightly superior smile:

        1. “You look young..like 24/25” (I am mid 30s and often pass for late 20s, but no way look 24) – at the same time the stripper who *liked* me was saying “You look younger but I think early 30s because of the way you talk and carry yourself and judge people”

        2. “I think you are nervous about being with a naked girl and that’s why you don’t want a dance” (also at this point – put her hand on my chest and told her friend “His heart is beating so fast..like a rabbit” (it wasn’t))

        Me (smirking): “And here I thought you were a good judge of character” followed by a shrug when she held her frame

        3. Climbed right on top of me and put her face an inch from me and said something about “What do you want to do” (more in a slightly mocking tone than a seductive one)

        Me (neutral tone): “Err..why are you chewing gum? It’s really distracting”

        Second stripper (to the side): “Don’t tell anyone she’s doing it – it’s against the rules”

        4. Several sexual stuff trying to shock me etc

        (All the while the other stripper went to go on stage and came running back to us, and saying (sincerely) stuff like “You know I really like talking to you..you’re very interesting..”)

        I still can’t get over it – *she* negged *me* – what did she think I’d do? Start proclaiming my lack of nervousness or justifying my age?


  90. Social retardation diseases like any of the autism spectrum disorders are kryptonite to girls; no behavioral or physical defect is as debilitating to a man’s chances in the sexual market.

    Lol, tell that to all the women who dropped their panties for me when I was between 15-19. I’m autistic, CH. Autism isn’t necessarily debilitating. Consider that genes for autism are successful in the population; autists are about ten percent of the population.

    Just tonight a woman offered to give me her phone no. All I did was dance with her in a class. I didn’t chat her up or anything. Pretty much just ignored her except for leading her while dancing.

    Autists tend to break rapport, which is catnip to women. Yeah, stimming by talking about your obsession and thereby boring women isn’t endearing, but at least it’s not beta. It’s not anti-game, it just makes you invisible for a bit. They walk away, lol. You can probably open them again with some engaging humor and their hamsters will be churning wondering about you and trying to figure you out.

    Where autists usually have the most trouble is in relationships, not in attracting women.


    • “Autists tend to break rapport”

      What do you mean here by “break rapport.” Do you mean to write establish rapport? Or destroy rapport after establishing it? Never establish it?


  91. on May 26, 2014 at 10:15 pm Third Beta from the Sun

    Did anyone else catch CH’s Jetrho Tull reference? +1


    • Yes, at least one person commented on it already.

      That’s one of the joys of reading CH – looking for those subtle references.

      Sitting on the park bench —
      eyeing little girls with bad intent.
      Snot is running down his nose —
      greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
      Drying in the cold sun —
      Watching as the frilly panties run.
      Feeling like a dead duck —
      spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
      Whoa, aqualung


  92. Brah…. B R A H !!! Thank you, thank you…. I was wondering if you had lost the “Eye of the Tiger” (circa 1980s) but you still have it.

    I’m too fucking hammered to care about this spoiled little cunt. As I read on another message board that posts real ass fucking talk… if you live in Hollywood, are moderately attractive, have rich parents, are over 16, and drive a 2012+ black BMW anything (3 series +) and can’t get rare and dying blonde pussy. YOU ARE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG!!!

    Fuck this little kid. Thank you for this article, I do not have the time or inclination to read anything above my post, and I’m certain others have said the same thing. But I realized that I can still choke willing women on a Monday, as I normally do on a Sunday. (on a holiday weekend). There are SO, like SO many high earning single women from about 30—>45 in DC. Six figures, no family, no life outside of work / earning, bought the feminist lie. They “have it all”, right? Their greatest desire? Something like 50 shades… IF you aren’t wearing at least a tie and dress pants, don’t show up. Drop some shit about your peers who are “On The Hill”, drop some shit about your PAC startup. You want to bridge the gap between the two houses in congress that cannot seem to get anything done today. She will already be stinking up and in need of a wet panty change.

    Got off on a DC tangent, back on topic… I am glad this little incel fag is dead and gone, sorry he took a few with him. A dude like M3 had NONE of his benefits in life, and came through.


    • CH—> release the KRAKEN, i.e. me in the above post….


      • on May 27, 2014 at 7:43 am Zombie Shane

        Dude, where have you been?

        Did you knock up the nordic goddess lifeguard chick with the electric blue eyes?


      • on May 27, 2014 at 7:49 am Zombie Shane

        Below – where have you been?


      • Project Hell. Q1 fucking kills me, it levels out towards summer. Nah, she was eight ways to crazy. Pass. Speaking though of electric blue eyed blondes, you notice this insane young man was utterly obsessed with the blue eyed blonde as the pinnacle of human female perfection.

        He was at least honest, if nothing else…


      • on May 27, 2014 at 5:54 pm Zombie Shane

        Well hang in there, man.

        Don’t let The Man get you down.


  93. Nice. Very nice. Much better than Roosh’s, although his was good.

    All I can say is people had better start reevaluating conflict between the sexes. It’s always there. That will never go away and that’s how it should be. But how is it channeled properly, effectively, with good outcomes? Those are the questions.


  94. […] for details and information about how this kid evolved into what he was I’ll refer you to Heartiste’s, RoK’s and JustFourGuys breakdown of it. That said I’m going to tap out a few of my own […]


  95. on May 26, 2014 at 11:22 pm Georgie Porgie

    From the manifesto:

    “My mother and father had been married for a couple of years before my mother became pregnant with me. In fact, her pregnancy was an accident. She had been taking pills to prevent pregnancy, but when she visited my father on one of his film sets, she fell ill and the medication she took for that illness thwarted the effect of the anti-pregnancy pills, and so their lovemaking during this period resulted in my life.”

    I wonder how long before his mother realized she was pregnant? Who knows how long he was marinating in all that excess estrogen. Could perhaps explain the feminine appearance and affectations (or latent homosexuality).


    • on May 27, 2014 at 6:41 pm cynical beta

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pill and the flu med combo is what fucked him up from go.


  96. What’s hypocritical about all these bulldykes trying to implicate the manosphere in this is that when a muslim decapitates someone or blows up a group of people running a marathon they tell us it was simply a bad apple, the likes of which are found in all movements.

    What the bulldyke hate-a-man movement wants to keep hushed up in all of this is how horrible Elliot’s step-mother was to him. Unlike these post-prime haggards, I’ve read the majority of Elliot’s “manifesto”. His step-mother turned his father against him and made him an outsider in his own home. He was eventually forced out of his own home. The step-mother also tried to create friction between him and his brother by stating this his brother would have none of the troubles he was having and would lose his virginity by his age. The step-mother created a gulf between him and his father, and maintained it as he went through the biggest crisis of his life. For all intents and purposes, she had one hand on the trigger.

    Not having sex with women couldn’t have been the cause of this because he could easily have hired a whore. I imagine there are thousands of crack addicts in California that are willing to suck cocks for their next fix. He could have got his rocks off with one of them. It couldn’t have been a matter of rejection either, since millions of men are rejected by beautiful women. The problem was much closer to home. Fortunately, most people in his situation having loving family willing to help them through this. Half of Elliot’s support group was snatched away by an unscrupulous mother-in-law.

    P.S. I noticed the money-hungry SPLC is trying to use this for fundraising purposes. That these racketeers are still being endorsed by mainstream papers on the left shows the complete lack of decency on the left.


    • if you look at the word cloud of the manifesto, “sex” is barely there.
      It’s all about his mother / father / getting kicked out of the house.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 7:58 am Zombie Shane

      > “What the bulldyke hate-a-man movement wants to keep hushed up in all of this is how horrible Elliot’s step-mother was to him.”


      His father was worthless [obviously].

      But everyone needs to start shining the light of Truth on that witch of a stepmother.

      In all of your conversations at cocktail parties and business functions and at the gym, work it into the conversation.

      “Yeah that kid was nuts, but did you read what that frigging evil witch of a stepmother was doing to him? Her ass oughtta go to jail for that shit…”

      Keep driving home the stepmother angle.


    • Well, the stepmother was the one who tried to limit his time on WoW. So there’s that.


  97. I’ll mention it since I don’t see it here.

    One of his comments on bodybuilder.com strongly suggests
    he had an Asian-sized penis. Also, his one mention of
    masturbation is to NON-porno pictures of women.

    I seriously wonder if he watched much porno.

    He struck me as being effeminate.

    But he’s also at the age where schizophrenia manifests itself,
    and I wonder if he was misdiagnosed.


    • Schizophrenia? Not impossible, but not that likely. Early signs of schizophrenia are a) a taste for weird plays on words; b) seeing cosmic significance in ordinary coincidences; c) rambling irrelevant writings (not single-focus obsessive ones) about religion and philosophy. Also, most schizophrenics only kill in trying to ‘defend’ themselves or other people: i.e. they’ll kill you if they think you’re an alien trying to plant an electrode in their heads, or if they think that the President of the United States has failed in his duty to protect 12-year-old prostitutes (i.e. John Hinckley). But planned, aggressive kills? Not usual for them.Of course, these things vary from one person to another.


      • seeing cosmic significance in ordinary coincidences

        Most women I know see cosmic significance in ordinary coincidence, you know silly stuff like the fact my phone number is similar to their father’s birthday means we are meant for each other

        but then again most women are bat shit crazy.


  98. The dude definitely did have Gay Face. And he apparently posted selfies of himself at freaking Katy Perry concerts. Both of which can be counted as pings on the old gaydar.

    From what little I have skimmed in his manifesto, it seems like the guy needed friends — specifically male friends — first. Before he even started trying to make moves on women.

    I’m new to the Red Pill & the manosphere, and the best way that I have been able to understand & explain it to myself and others is that “Women instinctively want to fuck the chief of the tribe”. Faking it is one way, but it helps to actually have a tribe.

    The closest I have ever come to living like an alpha male was back in college, when I was a part of the rugby team. That provided me with a shit-ton of social proof, rough-and-tumble masculine physical display & lively fun events to meet/invite girls to.

    Rugby, MMA, CrossFit, being in a fucking band… ANYTHING to teach that kid how to act like a goddamned man would have made him more attractive to women. Not to mention, improved his life to where it wasn’t life-or-death whether or not they fucked him.


  99. Finally an apt and pointed answer to this tragedy besides “MISOGYNY KILLS DERP!!!!” Rodger did strike me as effeminate, a gamma male in a pit of omegas I mean look at the selfless on his Facebook! He literally was the only one that liked his own pictures. His retribution video sounded like it was a really bad film noir. Game couldn’t have saved him, but it could save countless men in his situation, that and legalized prostitution.


  100. The gay argument is a strong one. Way too much histrionics. Its kind of weird reading this shit because I lived in (H)IV and went to both city college and UCSB. It is unique in how both hot and bitchy the girls are. Isla Vista is another world, a square mile of 20,000 students..the only people over 30 are the shop keepers.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 7:52 am Zombie Shane

      > “It is unique in how both hot and bitchy the girls are.”

      That’s a real shame, because traditionally [like 50 or 60 years ago], Cali chicks were real sweethearts.

      Fuck the modern world.


  101. feminine mind, looking through a feminine lens, with a male body.

    probably single mother raised right? in hollywood too, no doubt, where the narcissism and bullshit is infectious.


  102. on May 27, 2014 at 1:56 am Apu of Kwikee-Mart

    “And even then the FOBy dudes can put in the hours and learn to do good. The Engrish accent is usually the only real hitch ’cause that seems to be a bitch to get rid of and smooth out.”

    This party is not so swinging as I had anticipated.


  103. It’s hilarious how many commenters here are so sure the guy must be gay — for not sharing their own Turkish-prison-with-a-woman-airbrushed-in fantasies.


    • It’s funny you would say Turkish prison. Since Turks, as one writer put it, “invented homosexuality”. The prison guards abuse the male prisoners. Watched that movie based on the story about the American in a Turkish prison? He was almost raped by a guard.

      But more interesting, the Papillon novel, about a French safe cracker sent to the French prison in Guyane, where many of the guards were Turks. The Turks had affairs with prisoners, bought sex from them. It was clear that this was something common in Turkish society.

      Also, the story about Lawrence of Arabia. He was captured by the Turks, who thought he belonged to a blue-eyed Arab tribe. The movie, based on real events, shows him to be raped by the Turkish commander.

      So writing “Turkish prison” as an example of something far away from the suspected homosexual is funny in its ignorance. Though I suppose you just grabbed something that sounded as lowly as possible.


      • Miss the point much? As I said, airbrushing a woman into a Turkish prison degradation fantasy doesn’t make it less gay.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 11:41 am cynical beta

      No, Rodger does present indicators that set off gaydar.

      However, I think the indicators are more readily explained by his youthful appearance, and lack of experiential knowledge and schematic mindset of a 15 yo virgin try-hard (except a normal 15 yo virgin try-hard wouldn’t be too scared to talk to girls), mixed together with his psychosis.


  104. “All this is to say that, yes, there is a chance that, given an early enough intervention, game could have gotten him laid and quieted his inner rage.”

    Shouldn’t the earliest intervention have been made by… his own… father?!

    A Croatian once told me that when the parents noticed teen boys starting to act like they needed something, something different, the father said Come with me, drove (or rode, in the olden days) across town, and presented them to… a prostitute. Virginity problem solved. (When learning the kid was a virgin, sometimes the gal did it for free, but always, she made an effort to “give” a bit more than usual.)

    With the money he had, ER could have gone not just to a cheap whore but to a high-class (yes, blonde) call girl. Several girls. (Yes, all blonde.) Several times a week.

    OK, not the ideal solution, perhaps (although…), but, yes, it would have “quieted his inner rage”, making him more attractive in the process to the “normal” girls ER craved…


    • on May 27, 2014 at 6:48 pm cynical beta

      He does criticize his father for not teaching him anything about girls. I would have advised him to pay for a hooker just to train on. But, with his obsessive craziness, he seemed to have very rigid notions about what was acceptabld and what was beneath him. He wanted a total fantasy package blonde, beautiful girlfriend, and may have needed some hard pushing to consent to a prostitute. I bet his dad could have talked him into it, if no one else could.


  105. on May 27, 2014 at 5:12 am Hairy Troll

    Nearly all the mass murderers killers: Osama, Tsarnev’s, Sandy Hook, etc… list goes on, were raised by single mothers.


  106. CH: Great analysis of Rodgers, maybe missing one thing though. The difference between alpha and beta males, can often be that hobbies and physical activities a young man loves , can give some purpose and create a connection to others enjoying those activities. For example, running can create new friends who enjoy it of both sexes, or tennis, golf, etc. Getting good at activities helps avoid depression, which this lunatic Rodgers had in excess. And yes, the millenials are too often obsessed with non-activities like computer games and technology in general


  107. A young guy with an expensive car and a job in the movie industry shouldn’t have THAT much trouble with women, even if he is (half) Asian (= very unpopular) and short ( = extremely mega-duper-hyper unpopular). Something about him must have set off the girls’ creepdar in a massive way. The excerpt from his ‘manifesto’ doesn’t sound gay to me, more like your typical ultra-repressed ‘good boy’, thanks to Chinese mom and Omega dad.


    • He didn’t have a job in the movie industry, his father did. But yes. His “manifesto” shows him to be whiny and entitled to the extreme.

      He also believed it was his destiny to win the lottery. He wrote that he thought it was his right. He imagined how women would throw themselves at him once he was a lottery millionaire. So he spent 700 dollars on lottery tickets, and didn’t win. This made him angry, as if he had been cheated of his true destiny, and then he decided to kill “his enemies”, happy couples. THAT is severe narcissism – acting as if the world revolves around him. As if winning the lottery was his by rights. Also, to talk about people who don’t even know him as his “enemies”, as if they only exist in relation to him.

      His “enemies” included men who were successful with women. He hated them. So he was anti-PUA.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 7:48 am Zombie Shane


        Beyond his underlying insanity, you have got to hit the Narcissistic Personality Disorder angle.

        He was NOT a psychopath.

        If he had been a psychopath, then he would have been able to read [and manipulate] chicks’ emotions like reading a damned comic book.

        Psychopaths are supreme empaths.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 7:44 am Zombie Shane

      He was a pretty handsome guy himself.

      If he weren’t fucking insane.

      And completely evil.


      • No homo, right?




      • on May 27, 2014 at 5:51 pm Zombie Shane

        WF, Rodgers was definitely a “pretty boy”.

        Justin Bieber [who only just turned 20] has upwards of a BILLION girls worldwide who would claw one another to death in an epic cage match catfight from hell in order to have the opportunity to spend one single night with his pretty boy countenance.


    • When you look at the depths of his insanity and hatred toward his own mum dad and sister etc you do begin to detest the feminists who made this all about mysogynyyyy. The stepmother looms large. The dad appears to have been a turd. The mother sorta disengaged but pushy.

      White men do not marry outside your culture. The sons you produce will be monsters one way or another.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 11:46 am cynical beta

      Lil sis’s twitter: https://twitter.com/georgiarodgerr

      I’m surprised he didn’t express more animosity towards his little sister in his manifesto given that, based on her twitter, she, her life, and her friends represented everything he said he hated and envied.


    • smokin’ appears to be quite subjective. She is an exceedingly average looking half breed.


      • on May 27, 2014 at 1:18 pm cynical beta

        Georgia’s face varies from okay to pretty from pic to pic, but she’s young, fit, and healthy looking, with long lustrous hair and no visible tats, and feminine enough. That goes a long way.


      • Try hard ass hat detected.


      • If that’s what the “average” half-breed looks like then no one should be allowed to reproduce with a member of his/her own race. Holy hell that second photo of her is slammin’.

        I haven’t read the manifesto but I suspect his sister’s hotness could have contributed to Elliot’s unraveling. It was like a glimpse of what life would have been like had he been born a girl, causing him to perceive girls’ love lives as easier (of course missing the other side of the coin that girls can’t make up for ugliness like men can).


      • ho— I banged out a pretty long reply based on an extraordinary command of the English language, IQ, age, and experience. The shit got erased with a single mouse click. And I realized, in a moment of clarity, this was meant to be, it was fate really….

        I read “ho” your moniker as the most expendable human being that ever lived. 18 hour a day factory workers in china generally are named “ho” did you know that? You slant eyed fucking gook? Did you know why every Asian women from about say Thailand past Vietnam, past China, to say JAPAN loves European dick?

        Many many times bigger and thicker than Asian dick. BUT! Nigga dick rules all but if you take that dick your kids will be low IQ half simians.

        Asian women understand that white men provide 2 things of value. Big thick cocks that no Asian male can produce for her personal, rude, hypergamy, and pleasure. I empathize with Asian men actually for breeding a race of women that despise them. This is not much different than US and EU white chicks who have been brainedwashed into loving nigga dick in spite of the stats that prove their children will be MUCH worse off.

        They don’t care…


  108. He wasn’t homosexual, he was impotent. Which looks to heterosexual males like homosexuality on first glance.

    In an energetic understanding of potence/power dynamics the male is potent, proactive, able to get hard, penetrate and overcome. The female is impotent, reactive and not able to overcome, but instead to surrender. It’s not a bad thing, but just yin and yang as nature intended. Like magnetism. Rodger seemed to be fully on the female extreme of that energetic spectrum from very early on.

    So in my eyes, impotence was at the root of his issues likely to be found in traumatic experiences with a very potent father not allowing a younger male to tap into his own emerging power. The baby lion that starves, because he can’t learn to hunt in the presence of a subconsciously dominant-aggressive alpha lion demanding all bait for himself.

    Trying to find rescue in his looks to get some is the only option he had as an impotent boy. Thereby his clothes and car weren’t status objects from a blue pill conditioning, but extensions of this feminine world view he was pushed into.

    There are usually two options those kinds of people have: dissolving in suicide as a way of accepting one’s impotent fate and agreeing with the world or attempting once to make it into the other extreme of potence and cheating destiny. The third, healthy, option would be to grow out of it and leave such bullshit behind, but at that point it’s usually too late and the person is too damaged to even consider that alternative.
    There are way more people taking the suicide route and one possible explanation is that their mental/developmental castration wasn’t traumatizing enough to direct their anger outwards. Being the father of a gunman maniac and dealing with societal ostracization as a result of that is to a natural alpha more damaging than the emotional pain of dealing with the left overs of a kid that committed suicide.
    His killing spree was the attempt to once feel the potence his father denied him. That’s why he killed the males in a more aggressive, intimate and penetrative way. Killing competitors makes you feel more powerful than fucking girls. You’re so powerful that you not only spread your genes, but prevent others from spreading their genes. That’s why his puahate posts were all fantasies of becoming/being omnipotent/divine. That’s why he wanted to take revenge on all of humantiy, because he was so castrated and impotent that EVERYONE appeared to have more power.

    A civilized expression of potence is obviously responsibility and self-reliance, taking charge for internal and external events. His childhood was a happy one to him, because back then noone demanded from him to take responsibility and when his mother/stepmother did at times he got angry and furious, because he was already psychologically castrated and there was nothing left to tap into and get power from to take charge, be proactive and penetrate the world. Anger is deeply connected with fear.
    In this line of thought his high school years and early adulthood had to become more painful, because they go hand in hand with a natural increase of responsibility for oneself and one’s circumstances.

    There is no way game could have saved him. He wanted and needed to kill to cope with his own (misinterpreted) story. Because killing is power. He was too lost and game would have been too much of a step. That’s why eventually he started to hate game and turned to puahate, because everything that pointed at his impotence and suggested his own responsibility in life scared him and he got furious at that source of fear.

    Team sports with positively empowering coaches and perhaps an uncle that would have taken him fishing or camping would have helped. Some positive male-influence role model to allow him to safely experience and express his penetrative energies in the world.

    A huge telltale sign is the fact that he delayed his shooting once, because his father was around. No way he could have risen to omnipotence, when the real omnipotent reason for his impotence was around.

    Ironically enough, his own diagnosis was wrong as well. Girls and sex were a mere side-effect of his condition and not the reason. But he was too impotent, weak and scared to even look at the real cause, his father. Look at how he expresses himself in his youtube videos. There aren’t any emotions being expressed. He’s like a shell. He isn’t angry once, let alone furious. It’s like a bad actor faking the villain. That’s how mentally crippled he was that not even the weeks before his so called revenge he could authentically express himself. There’s a tremendous ambivalence between content and delivery, that I don#t associate with Asperger’s in his case.

    Bottom line, he was mentally ill and many, many circumstances came into play like absence of help, role models, bad genes, unqualified therapists and police, loose gun laws, millennial pop-culture, sensation seeking media and blue pill conditioning. But if you want to understand that guy, understand the relationship between him and his father.

    And that’s why it’s not a mistake to perceive him as gay, because homosexuality in males is another form of expressing and identifying with impotence and satisfying the desire to feel potent by sucking/feeling something that can be potent/hard. Look at the fathers of homosexuals and you have the root cause for why they’re gay, at least from a behavioral perspective. It’s pretty black and white, I know, but the tendency is usually correct.

    And I don’t mean to blame the father for what happened. The shooter was his own being. And there are thousands and thousands of fathers like his out there raising kids, that don’t go on shooting sprees. The father is among the many, many reasons just likely the most influential one in this case.


    • wow. interesting read. i particularly like this bit as i hadn’t fully considered it previous to reading your comment:

      “A huge telltale sign is the fact that he delayed his shooting once, because his father was around. No way he could have risen to omnipotence, when the real omnipotent reason for his impotence was around.”

      his father loomed large.


    • on May 28, 2014 at 1:43 pm cynical beta

      Intriguing. It occurred to me, too, though not as well articulated as you, that maybe Rodger was actually an impotent heterosexual, rather than a closeted homosexual, or with the frustrated high sex drive he described himself.

      My thinking: Rodger’s frustration, talk of an unattainable girlfriend, marked non-approaches despite that approaching is the chief theme of any type of Game advice and his making other changes consistent with Game advice, and not seeking sexual relief with prostitutes can all be neatly explained by a self-awareness of impotence.

      Not incel while potent, not closeted homosexual, but impotent.

      If you’re incel but potent at 22, you’re not happy but you have hope for a better future, like his friend James. If you’re a closeted homosexual, you can learn to accept it; heck, in Rodger’s social setting, he would have been feted for coming out of the closet. But incel, heterosexual, and impotent? That’s a dead end that could fuck big time with a guy’s head, and maybe tip him over the edge if he was mentally ill to begin with. This is just as speculative as the closeted homosexual theory, but impotent is a definite contender if we don’t take Rodger at his (crazy) word.


  109. on May 27, 2014 at 6:54 am SomeoneSomewhereTrolled

    Good analysis, but seriously, no amount of manning up, better upbringing or a saner society would have fixed that, but just made him even more dangerous than he already was, just in different ways, with different symptoms. Maybe he would have just hated car drivers, or pet owners instead, with the same tragic results. Let’s be grateful it was only 6 victims, had he been competent, it would have been way more.

    Regards fat chicks, they often look nicer than skinny hungerhooks and are also less psychotic. Lots of men actually like meaty ladies, but males appear to have some group pressure thing about it that attempts to shame men for their choice.

    [CH: the “good analysis” trojan horse to breach the perimeter defense was a nice touch, trollgirl.]


  110. on May 27, 2014 at 7:53 am Just Saying

    This guy was a loon… And looking at his video(s), he sounded like a typical Liberal blaming his failures on everyone but himself. Of course, the Liberals (Feminists) cannot say this is the logical conclusion of what they teach – they have to look for a scape goat – and that is the MRM because he was a member of a group that HATES MEN (PUAHate). That is typical Liberal logic – so because he hated women AND men, he was a member of the MRM because he went to a site directed at hating men… Hmmm….

    I could point out that if any one of those people had been able to carry their own gun, this guy would have been offed quickly. Showing clearly what “gun-control” gets you – a lot of sitting ducks – who are not rotting…. I was at a Mall shooting once, and you will never hear about it – the reason is it was in a conceal-carry state, so when he pulled a gun yelling how everyone would die after squeezing off a round, he was shot twice from two different directions. Of course, you will NEVER see anything about those events on the liberal news… Instead, you see nutcases like this – and an unarmed populace, is one that can only run or die – that is it’s choice. Just like the government wants…. Most people don’t know that Hitler pushed through gun-control only a couple of years before he started eradicating people… So whenever someone lobby’s for gun-control, they are in such illustrious groups as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and all of the other tyants/dictators that killed millions in the 20th century…


    • on May 28, 2014 at 1:54 pm cynical beta

      Activists of any stripe understand that how you define the problem points to the solution. If the problem is the cultural and sexual alienation of men as defined by the red pill Manosphere, that points to solutions that are unacceptable to leftists, particularly feminists. So, the leftists, particularly feminists, are doing what they do best as activists: reframing the problem to point to solutions that further their agenda.


  111. […] so damn good… there’s your new American manlet, same as your new American woman…. The Psychosis Of The Effeminate Male | Chateau Heartiste __________________ "Nothing is more curious than the almost savage hostility that Humour […]


  112. A bit harsh- if you can be harsh to a mass murderer.

    One thing that fails me is that this moron was all over the internet- but I haven’t read anything about him internet dating. A bit weird. A guy with OK looks and money with any social skills at all should be able to pull a bit on a dating site. If he never even tried- that might tell you something.

    Of course the MSM is ignoring the Asian angle. Too unPC The Virginia Tech shooter was an incompetent with women who might have been on the autistic scale. There was a mass shooting in Canada of a half Asian guy who hated women.

    These guys just can’t date- its been documented. Their size and features hurt them with our current standards of beauty. I even dated an Asian woman who told me that she wasn’t attracted to Asian guys at all- she almost thought something was wrong with her- but then she dated Western guys. Is it the movies? Who knows?

    I remember talking to my sister about it- she said- yeah- she’d only been attracted to one Asian guy and he was big and muscular- at least compared to the average Asian.

    Believe me- this is a big deal in the Asian community- they just don’t like to discuss it among the general populace- but its rather like how black women get pissed off that black men with jobs find blonde wives.

    As for homosexuality- that will NEVER get covered in the press. A movie about John Dupont is out with Steve Carrol as the nutty chemical heir who supported male wrestling and eventually shot an Olympian. There was an obvious homosexual angle- the press never touched it- unlike Dupont who was grabbing the wrestlers left and right- one of my friends was a victim (he’s OK- he doesn’t need those feminist trigger warnings)


  113. I find your suspicion that he is homosexual to be legitimate. However, when I expressed my thoughts about Elliot, I mentioned that he showed elements of dark triad personality traits, and yet was still unsuccessful with women, and was curious as to your thoughts on this.
    My comments in full can be found here http://www.thirdeyeenlightenment.com/my-twisted-world-comments-on-elliot-rodgers/


    • If only it was just about Gay…

      Narcissists tend to be perverse. Sometimes this perversion expresses through homosexual behavior or tendencies, but that is a matter of preferred target, not mere attraction to the same sex. They just often can’t find a woman willing to indulge their perversions or put up with the associated, often literal, crap.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 1:02 pm The Burninator

      I can see where you’re going there, but I think there’s a difference. A dark, brooding guy is not the same as a guy who is pouty and butthurt and who reeks of neediness. No amount of nice voice matters if all he’s saying is a breathless and very frightened “hi” as he passes some girl with her head in an iPhone as he rushes to sit down far away from her. Bluntly put, he was a pussy and reeked of weakness.


  114. Reblogged this on Justice For All and commented:
    Interesting and very insightful take. I would add that Elliot was someone who believed what has become the newest mantra of “white privilege”. As such everything should have been handed to him, with minimum or no effort at all. Maybe he should have ‘checked his privilege’.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 12:03 pm cynical beta

      Actually, his thesis was the opposite. In his mind, Rodger worked extremely hard to earn worthiness in girls’ estimation with no reward. Rodger makes a big deal about how the world was fair and merit was earned in his happy childhood. His mission was based on the idea of making the world egalitarian and meritocratic, and to eliminate privilege. Rodger was offended that with the advent of puberty, the “popular” and “cool” kids – most but not all of whom were white – were gifted with some mysterious advantage (or, I guess, ‘privilege’) in the ultimate yardstick of sexual attraction. Despite noting that he was too scared to approach girls and acted standoffish, he was furious that those kids seemingly didn’t have to go out of their way to attract girls. In his mind, he was the victim of a cosmic injustice that other boys were simply worthy while he was unworthy of sex and love. He makes a deal of a 12 yo neighbor he watched making out with a girl of Rodger’s age, 15-16 yo at the time, which reinforced that other boys had some natural advantage of which he was cheated.


  115. TEST


  116. Look I’m no politically correct cultural marxist who is afraid of speaking the truth because it might upset someone…but I think everyone on here is making way to much of the racial angle. The real issue here isn’t race, it isn’t guns, it isn’t homosexuality – it is high functioning autism. This kid was formally diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and having watched his videos I have no reason to doubt that diagnosis. The Asian/half-Asian issue is almost irrelevant…despite his effeminate features and slight build there was nothing in this kid’s physical appearance that would have prevented him from dating attractive women. I understand that this website has taken a turn for the white nationalist and that race is a constant theme here – but in this case it is barely relevant. I have seen no shortage of full asian men do extremely well with attractive women (granted most of them are classically masculine, which Elliot Rodger was not).

    The real issue is that women are repulsed by socially awkward behavior and they have an almost supernatural barometer for detecting social awkwardness in potential suitors. Asperger’s syndrome is pretty much a guarantee of extreme social awkwardness. Aspies have an almost impossible time reading social/facial/emotional cues – which makes mating with normal women almost an impossibility. The male role in the human mating dance is almost entirely predicated on being able to read non-verbal and often subtle emotional cues – which leaves Aspies at a complete loss.

    The reality that no one wants to face is that there are some men who by virtue of their genetic makeup are biologically destined not to reproduce. No return to 1950s Americana (which btw would be bad for any man that regularly gets laid), no amount of white nationalist public policy (which would be even more disastrous), and no amount of cultural conditioning will make women willingly breed with autistic men.


    • Crazy doesn’t blossom inside of some sort of vacuum. There are usually multiple factors. The vast majority of high functioning autistic people go their whole lives without murdering anyone, or committing any crimes, for that matter.

      What went wrong here is that his dysfunctions were ignored because nobody wanted to address the multiple elephants in the rooms. Nobody (but us) wants to talk about how interethnic relationships and adoptions are different, and how parents really need to cope with this. Nobody (but us) wants to talk about teaching young men personal responsibility in a context that is not shaming them for the supposed wrongs of the “patriarchy” in the past. Nobody (but us) even wants to take on the real issues. So what if CH and some others tend to do it badly. At least they’re paying attention. If you have another take on it, do what I did, and make your own blog…but take on the issues. Tell your truth, but at least tell some truth.


      • shut up, kneegress.

        Callback rape!


      • on May 27, 2014 at 12:12 pm cynical beta

        It stands out in Rodger’s manifesto that his father, Peter, who was not estranged from Elliot’s life, apparently taught his eldest son jack-shit about how to be a man.


      • CB, it is usually a broken father and vengeful mother who make such tools. Unless a father rejects feminism enough to resist any and all temptation to check out, a vengeful woman will sink her talons into the psyche of the male child, and turn him into a mangina.

        …but that might be the central issue if they were both European.

        This murdering scum’s mom is Chinese, and I suspect, raised him the same way most moneyed boys of Chinese heritage are raised: with a strange combination of what any African would call neglect, and any European worth their snow would call spoilage. Outside of China or a predominantly Chinese environment, this attitude does not fly because women who aren’t Chinese and stuck with no other option but Chinese men, will not put up with that crap.

        (For new readers, yes, this is a generalization. I am aware that China is a big place, and that people of other nations do sometimes make similar mistakes.)

        Being born with a penis assures that as much as their family’s income will allow, that child’s feet will barely touch the ground. On the other hand, that child will be locked into a struggle to appear to be ideal, as that family defines it, from day one.

        …you can see why this, by itself, would be crazy making. Add to that the shock of learning in puberty that nobody is going to put up with his shit. That one has to earn things and adapt to their environment would be a shock to someone at puberty, only because until puberty, they had been insulated from that reality. As I understand this from what I am told by Asian women, wealthy Chinese men are particularly insulated. Wealthy or not, they expect a woman to be desperate to be with them and please them, and sponsor them while they sit on their butt.

        There is a possibility though, that like many men of this generation, the sickness penetrated from outside the home. His parents could have been very pro manhood, floppy butt-kicking female assassin movie aside, but if he absorbed the over-entitlement from his peers, and for some reason, I won’t say why, conforming felt too good, there was nothing they could do short of cutting off his funds at 18, and forcing him to fend for himself.


    • “The reality that no one wants to face is that there are some men who by virtue of their genetic makeup are biologically destined not to reproduce. No return to 1950s Americana (which btw would be bad for any man that regularly gets laid), no amount of white nationalist public policy (which would be even more disastrous), and no amount of cultural conditioning will make women willingly breed with autistic men.”

      That is wrong. Modern society is the reason why women don’t breed with Autistic men. Going back to pre 1960s America would easily allow Autistic men like Elliott, Adam Lanza, and James Holmes to marry a woman and get laid regularly as soon as they were able to financially support a family. Back then women had no choice in men the way they do now because they had no economic options for themselves. There are still many parts of the world today that resemble pre 1960s America from that stand point.


  117. That epilogue is ridiculous…like cartoony, hollywood, over the top, damn near scripted for a higher purpose. Doesn’t read so much like the ramblings of a loser 22 year old as much as a “look how dumb MRAs and manosphere types are everybody!..see how they’re crazy!”

    Makes you think again about the whole illuminati and handlers/trainers/programming theories…

    For those not in the know, some suggest certain individuals are “trained” from a very young age to carry out the heinous things we see as the “fall guy” to influence certain things….ie Sandy hook and gun control, etc.

    It’s kooky but man I gotta say…It’s really hard to swallow that such a loser, WEAK to the max, pathetic soul like this could wake up one day with the BALLS to get into a car chase, shootout with the cops, dual firing pistols, get shot in the hip and go down in an inferno…till the final bullet to the head climax. 99.99999% of guys with this mentality would burst into tears…like he did many times just hearing someone having more fun than he.

    It could be enough to smear the manosphere for a long time, one of the last real threats to the cathedral. Feminized population is easier to control, better discredit any masculine assembly…


    • literally after saying this….
      Not the only one who thinks it’s strange…


      “3. The shooter’s “details” emerge, with a cartoonish, voluminous “Manifesto” that appears out of nowhere “online.” Laughably, the mainstream propaganda machine parrots endlessly how the innernetz is untrustworthy and cannot be used for gathering alternative news analysis, but when it comes to shooter/terrorist “Manifestos” shady internet sources are never wrong! They just appear – poof! Right after the event, prepackaged and politicized to demonize the target group the psy op was intended to attack. In this case, it was gun owners and masculinity. In all the previous cases, even though it was not true, the media immediately accused “gun owners,” “video games,” “men/masculinity” (identified and caricatured as misogyny), “conservatives,” “veterans,” “racism,” etc. Essentially, anyone who is not a gay Marxist or feminist is pure evil.”


  118. When I was young, I was Roger but I was also poor in a university surrounded by pretty women with money. I too had serious personality issues and woulda been diagnosed as Aspergers if they had that then. Girls avoided me like a 6 day old road kill possum. Of course, I was angry and hated people (but not girls in particular) and wanted to get even. Rodger at least had the courage to say “Hi” to them and I didn’t. I’d also hang out where they passed by hoping some lass would take pity on me.
    One night, lying in bed (in my parents house ), I had a sudden revelation, sorta like being struck by lightning outta the blue when I realized the problem was myself and not them. It was very strange as if mental molasses suddenly flowed away and such a powerful sensation that I could almost see it flowing out the door leaving me clear thinking.
    Within two weeks, I was dating girls I liked and doing cool stuff with em. I have no idea what happened but soon had a steady GF who I married out of school. Now, many years later, I have no idea what happened that night but it did change my life.
    I will never be successful with women and that is OK (as I’m still married) and although I know they have come on to me I never seem to understand at the time and have been told by several people that I am clueless toward women. Seriously, my first thought on meeting a good looking woman is to wonder if she is interested in astrophysics or might want to go with me to explore some gawdawful muddy cave.
    So, while knowing that my dating desireability level is below Omega and probably written in some unknown alien script, I have no bad feelings toward the alpha types. We seem to exist in parallel universes and will never connect.
    They drive nice cars while I drive an ancient truck whose every rusted scratch records another adventure. They wear Armani (I am not sure what armani is) while I might wear my dress flip flops if it is a fancy occassion.
    Yes, I’m still married to the same thin girl with smaller breasts who looked so good braless in a Danskin 36 years ago and amazingly, she is still thin and looks better than most young women.
    Time and perspective smooths out a lot of things.


  119. Subscribed


  120. […] Some have hypothesized Elliot was “a repressed young gay man at war with his identity.” This is half-true. […]


  121. Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow go after Ann Hornaday and her column on the tragedy. And notice how Apatow has a somewhat CH-like mindset:



    • her stupid column aside, apatow’s films ARE part of the problem, they portray beta qualities and tactics winning girl’s hearts.

      men who aren’t taught things by their fathers often look to hollywood for advice on how to get girls. If apatow’s films were more red pill, he’d probably help a lot of teen guys.


      • on May 28, 2014 at 2:29 pm cynical beta

        Reminds me of when Katherine Heigl publicly disagreed that someone like Rogen’s character would win over someone like her character in Knocked Up, and she was ostracized by Apatow and team. IIRC, Heigl said the story of a schlubby guy getting a hot girl was misogynistic, which reinforces that for entitled women, eg, feminists, counter-hypergamy = misogyny.

        Now, Apatow did get Leslie Mann in real life, but there is a hypergamous explanation for why Apatow got Mann.


      • plenty of schlubby men get cute girlfriends, but usually those men have compensating male attractiveness traits, like humor, charm, popularity, money, fame, etc. why anyone is surprised by this i don’t understand. do people on the internet spend any time outside of their homes? or has the online world supplanted everything in life?


  122. However not surprising, and truthfully more sickening than the EuroGaysian-Asperger-3 Series Elliot guys’ emotional problems is this #YesAllWomen horse sh*t that has spun up so quickly.

    This one sided and explicitly extracted and glamourized meme tangent of how much supposed sexism women endure only underscores the disgusting decay of what a pathetic circus of lies the MSM has become; while barely leaving any trace of honest journalism.

    TRUTH? Nah.

    Ladies How do you feel?

    Oh you poor thing, this little disturbed ill-parented chode was confused and angry and took out SOME of his aggressions in the form of anger towards women. So now its all about how women feel.

    Never mind:
    Pre-disposed hardship due to DNA of multicultural parents: yes
    Ill parenting throughout most of life: yes
    Absent father during adolescense: yes
    Homosexual tendencies: Yes; Gay: maybe
    Mentally/emotionally unstable: almost all of life
    Mentally/emotional abusive step mom: yes
    Hated men also: yes
    Killed more men than women: 2x
    Memeber of an ANTI-PUA / “men’s rights” forum: yes (won’t stop MSM from an easy lie. Why bother explain the TRUTH of what PUAhate.com is. Nah. Easier to push the men’s rights angle)

    …now ladies tell us how you felt that one time a man was sexist to you? Please tweet it. Because after all, how women feel should supercede the truth…

    …and so we watch the feminist doctrine further gain traction by lying to itself and leveraging an unfortunate event- which happens to be a product of its own elements.

    Let the bullshit estrogen stew brew on high while the women stroke themselves in a sea of mental masturbatory orchestra. And beta chode liars underwrite the message.

    Now I’m gonna try and fuck this guys sister and have a snack.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 1:32 pm The Burninator

      Now I’m gonna try and fuck this guys sister and have a snack.

      Heh, great money shot line, right there.


  123. But what is the psychosis of a Squealer?

    PA can tell us all!

    Anal rape!


  124. […] killer. And there is the inconvenient truth that not only was this guy a looney-tune loser who channeled his sexual frustration into violence, but that he used whatever tools were at hand at the moment to attack his victims. Before he shot […]


  125. on May 27, 2014 at 1:19 pm Robert What?

    On a separate note, the MSM are flailing about trying to figure out the best way to spin this to advance their agenda. If he was a Tea Party or NRA member they would have been squealing with joy. Or even if he had killed only women. But it is tough for them because basically he was one of their own: entitled, narcissistic, and from a family with impeccable Hollywood liberal bonafides.


    • indicator of cultural decline: instead of reporting the news straight, the media scramble to report the news with their spin of choice.


    • they’ll probably settle on “the young white men shooting everyone” narrative. Oh, he’s a product of miscegnation? Mere details. They told us George Zimmerman was white, too?


    • Aren’t they already spinning it as some kind of NRA problem? Despite the fact he, like, stabbed and ran over more people than he shot?


  126. Gay or not, this guy lacked social skills and therefore never had anyone male or female bust a nut for him.

    The dude was nowhere near “getting it”. He was brainwashed in the wrong direction.

    If you actually understand how the sexual market works it’s not so much a disappointment you don’t get to experience girls. It’s more you start noticing and realizing how the market works and you start understanding it more.

    The guy most likely had OCD as well. And if you don’t know how to work with the OCD for a better outlet such as finding solutions (aka understanding the market and putting it to you advantage) then it will fester. And you combine this festering with brainwashing and itll be a ticking time bomb.

    In all honesty it sounds like he got oneitis for every pretty girl.


  127. I would say the guy shared a lot of with PUA community though. 1. sex for him is not so much about pleasure as about status. He wants the hottest chicks even if he doesn’t have any attraction or feelings 2. He thinks that sex could be bought or earn. Here is a minor difference. He still is in the old world where sex allegedly could be bought by a nice car or designer cloths. PUA progressed a little here to the point where they earn the sex by correct psychological play. Actually it is more modern view point common to the younger generation. Elliot’s view point belongs to USA in 50s. 3. He doesn’t see a woman as a human that has her own desires and he doesn’t care if she is happy or not. The goal is to conquer, because it improves his status in terms of the Greek alphabet (alpha-betta-…-omega males). This is exactly the PUA’s mindset.

    What actually the new generation offers? First of all we need to accept that anyone can be rejected. Bred Pitt can be rejected. Even the prettiest hot blonde female could be rejected. Sexual attraction is all about matching some arbitrary emitted pheromones. A girl can smell those pheromones and she doesn’t care about car or cloth or even if he speaks the same language. That is why it is ridiculous to derive one’s social status from a number of one night stands. Although sex is a magical thing and one of the best pleasure when a guy and a girl have mutual attraction.
    Second, treat the opposite sex as human being. Be friends. If a girl (or a guy, everything here is the same for girls) is not interested in sex with you stay friends and treat her or him as a friend and be happy if she of he fell in love with someone else. Don’t be jealous, you will find your great sexual adventure eventually.
    Third, here we are probably on the same page with PUA. Don’t be shy, approach people. And here again if you treat opposite sex as friends you don’t have that pressure “What should I say so this alien… I mean this girl… does she understand the human language?” Tell anything that you are interested in. If it is physics doesn’t matter. She could be physicist herself, if not, she could say something funny in return. Believe me (I am a girl) if she is interested (likes your smell, look, taste LOL) she will try her best to continue the conversation. If the pheromones didn’t match she will drop the conversation and will left you in confusion about what did you say wrong. That is why actually sometimes I read the most ridiculous advice from PUA and everyone wonders “Does it really work?” No, most of the time, not, but if pheromones matched everything works. The best thing, approaching a girl, don’t think at all, just say something.
    And the last one. If your are still have a bad experience, like few girls in a row rejected you, or you really have feelings for the one that prefers another guy, remember that sexual life is not the whole world. There are many other important aspects – sport, hobby, carrier, education. Successful science research could bring you a pleasure of the same intensity as sex, could be even better.


    • your comment is a sorry amalgam of false premises and poopytalk. if you intend to dance in the heartiste thunderdome of love, you had better come with higher grade armor and weaponry than what you’re wielding here.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 2:41 pm Robert What?

      So he was a PUA who never actually tried to PU? The PU community is all about self I betterment and using persuasion and charm. He would have none of that: he just wanted girls to swoon over his wonderfulness without having to do or accomplish anything. So associating him with PUAs does not compute.


      • The cackling feminists will start coming here en masse. expect a torrent of stupidity and ignorance. CH can do only so much ridiculing and reeducating, so it will be up to you commenters to take up the slack.


      • Hey pardon my interruption, but uh

        CH can you release my posts with the links from earlier.

        Preciate it!!! 😚


      • too many links. it’s been auto-deleted by spam catchers.

        neecy we get that there are black women with asian men. but those anecdotes don’t say much about large-scale observable trends. and what anyone with two eyes can see is that black women paired off with asian men is a very rare thing indeed.


      • I get that. But My main point for the links was in response to throbbing gristle who claimed Asiam men wouldn’t date Black women. So my point was to show he was obviously clueless.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 4:52 pm a guy named addison

      “Believe me (I am a girl)”

      No kidding. You spew shit like a pimpled ass geyser.

      “treat the opposite sex as human being. Be friends.”

      Shut the fuck up and don’t ever come here again.

      “remember that sexual life is not the whole world.”

      Wrong. It is the whole world, until I’m done with you. Then it’s less than nothing.


    • “Second, treat the opposite sex as human being.”

      What the fuck does that even mean? What do you think these losers are doing you clueless cunt?

      “Be friends.”

      Yeah that is so useful to try.

      It’s called the friendzone, baby.


    • “I would say the guy shared a lot of with PUA community though.”

      Actually, you wrote it.

      And to clarify, he only had 1 verified account with an ANTI-PUA site. Any thoughts on his heritage, angry mom upbringing, overwhelmingly documented psych history or other facts?

      I’m sure you ‘feel’ like you are smart.

      You should know that you outlined a series of statements that comprise the lies that most men believe will get them laid. In which by the veracity of evidence just in the archives of this blog has been proven a lie ad nauseum.

      I ‘feel’ like you are overweight, not attractive and mistake your foul body odor as pheromones. Believe me, I’m a man.


  128. I doubt he was gay and I think I speak from experience as I was almost him. I had serious personality problems that I later learned were the result of severe depression but depression could not be diagnosed in the early 70s. I was unable to speak to any girls and could barely talk to men in a coherent way. Getting “help” was impossible as my parents had little money and the answer to any mental health problem at that time was “hard work” which I did. There was no doubt I would today also be labelled as Apergers. I hated society and thought they were to blame for my inability to fit in. Being unable to even make eye contact with a girl made my life truly miserable.
    So, I planned to kill them, or at least to kill the popular guys in my High School. My plan was to use a certain cleaning material mixed with another to produce volumes of chlorine gas. I would go to the bathroom in which they gathered to smoke and dump these chemicals together in a toilet stall, walk out and jam the door shut.
    I experimented to find out how much of the two ingredients I would need to do the job and I even knew a partial antidote is ammonia. In one of my experiments, I got a large whiff of chlorine and it was agony with my lungs burning until I grabbed the bottle of ammonia and sniffed. Even afterwards, I knew I had damaged my lungs but the experience caused me to have some empathy for my anticipated victims so I decided not to do it.
    A year later, I wanted to build pipe bombs and gathered materials. This was at the university and I wasn’t sure who I would attack but it would be multiple bombs and I had the materials. Of course, i didn’t want to get caught because I figured I was smarter than them so I looked into bomb forensics. In the course of doing so, I found a book with photos of bomb victims and realized what my actions would do and threw my materials away.
    Then I self medicated with marijuana for a year in which I stayed so lethargic I could barely function except to do manual labor and failed many classes. It was at the end of this year that my madness suddenly went away as if a miracle had happened. Suddenly, I had a social life and dated.
    The craziness never came back for many years but when it did it did with a vengeance. At this point, I knew medical science might be able to do something and I knew I was going whacko. It was a combination of several “disorders” like “anhedonia” combined with Aspergers and anti-depressants were a miracle for me.
    When I hear about kids like this, I know what they are going thru and I know how screwed up they are in the head and I think I can offer some perspective on preventing it. Not only was I like them but I was even smarter with the technical abilities to do even more spectacular damage. Consequently, how does one go about offering such perspective without being considered to be a current danger when I am not. I am much older and if people ask me about whether people get happier with age I tell them that if I get any happier that by the time I retire they’ll think I’m insane. Being very different from most people no longer bothers me and my few friends think my eccentricities to be funny and I revel in it. Yet, I hate to hear about kids doing stuff like this when I know how they are feeling so how should one help in such a situation?


    • thank you for this insight. i enjoyed reading it very much. i’m glad you were able to overcome those early difficulties and ultimately find pleasure in life.


    • Thank you for sharing.

      You had empathy for your potential victims, even though you hated them, and this stopped you from following through with your plans. I suspect that Elliott Rodger did not feel empathy. This may be one of the factors that makes spree killers so rare: they must not only feel murderous rage, which is hardly uncommon, they must lack the internal restraints of empathy and conscience that prevent most people from going postal.


  129. It wasn’t about sex, or even rejection or lack of intimacy…. it was about relative status. It is not just that he is not having sex, it is that other guys are.

    A traditional monogamous society where sex is held off until early 20s marriage would see many times more men going unsexed, with far less the risk of killing sprees.

    Instead of all the hot Monettes fucking the same 12 guys, they pair up with the highest status guys, the slightly less hot girls must forego their alpha semen payday and pair up with the slightly lower status guys, etc.

    If a Roger’s psycho fails in that society, he probably at least has an intact household, and at least sex = status isn’t shoved in his face 24/7.

    but the four sirens of the sexual apocolypse are in full swing, so I grant you that such a society is an exercise in mental masturbation


  130. You do realize people like you helped Rodgers become what he became and go on a killing spree fueled by delusional, narcissistic male-entitlement, don’t you? Nice try attempting to justify your vile attitude towards women and distinguish yourself from him though. If you have a fraction of a soul, I’m sure deep down inside you feel maybe the slightest twinge of guilt for contributing to the pathetic online community of woman-hating that this sicko found a degree of refuge in and which strengthened his psychosis.


    • there’s a little rule of thumb you should consider: don’t open your mouth unless you can call the shot. and your shot has missed by a country mile.


    • “You do realize people like you helped Rodgers become what he became and go on a killing spree fueled by delusional, narcissistic male-entitlement, don’t you?”

      What a load of crap. If he did come here, he would have gotten some advice on how to successfully interact with women. Although that probably wouldn’t have helped, because he was CRAZY. You must have missed the part where he killed two men.


    • If you have a fraction of a soul

      you’re a girl, what do you know about fractions?


    • Do you swallow?


    • you got a pic…otherwise opinion is not valid..


    • 🙄 Why don’t you try to learn the facts before commenting? Can you do that or is it too complicated for you? I’ll help you because you seem really clueless: Elliot Rodger was an active member of the PUAHate forum. It is an ANTI-Game forum. They think no man can learn to become more attractive to women and that if you don’t have the money or the looks you’re just doomed to be alone. That’s what Elliot Rodger thought.

      Now, this website and Roosh and the others believe in the exact OPPOSITE. Do I need to repeat that? So how can you blame them for what Elliot Rodger did? He REJECTED the ideas that these websites try to spread. Hello??

      You realize that your little rant was based on a fictional idea that someone else put in your little mind, do you? You need to watch more TV and spend less time on the internet. The internet is clearly not the appropriate environement for your pretty mind.


    • Kay,

      While some of the topics and comments on pua sites are a bit sexist and borderline mysogonist, if you read between the lines of many posters and the premise, it’s really to help those men who have trouble connecting with women do better at becoming attractive.

      How can you blame anyone for trying to improve themselves to become more attractive to the opposite sex?

      The reality is, women have lied to men for centuries saying how we want nice, good men who treat us like royalty, and what men are seeing is, when they do this they are being ignored and/or mistreated by many women.

      They see women running off with bad boys and pining for the guys who mistreat them and then when women get old and used up they want to snag all the nice guys they ignored in their younger years. Why should a nice stable guy have to end up marrying some skank who ignored him when she was young and watch her sleep with all kinds of jerks and losers and bad boys, then expect the nice financially stable sexless guys to marry her when she is older and used up?

      So PUA sites have every right to try and teach men how to circumvent women and not allow themselves to get walked on on mistreated or ignored, just as women have a right to have sites telling each other how to interact with men and how men think and act so that we can protect ourselves and have better more fulfilling relationships.

      If Elliot Rigers wasn’t so lazy and entitled, he would have come to PUA site to PRACTICE and learn from others how they improved their sexual lives by making some changes. He chose instead to visit a site where lazy men go and complain about how it’s women’s faults why they cannot get laid and not their own personalities (or lack thereof) that’s hindering them. Not saying so e of those men aren’t on her, but there are quite a bit of me on PUA sites who have tried doing the right thing only to be walked by and past by many women who are trying to get to guys who are less nice.

      There are things about women that men need to know and vice versa. Of course it’s not always pretty, but it is what it is. Men have just as much right as women to try to protect and get the most out of dating the opposite sex as do women.

      What a lot of young men are seeing including Elliot Rogers is that it takes more than being just a “nice guy” to be attractive to women.


      • Damn you Neecy, everytime I get over my jungle fever you post some more shit that gets me twisted. You are already half-white as you damn well know. You have Caucasian facial features but the big ass tits of an African breeder. When you gonna let me fuck a white baby into you and free your children from bondage? 3/4 white Is a ticket to SUCCESS for anyone.


    • Poor little feminist can’t think. CH posts scientific facts, but leftist feminists like you hate that, so you call it “hate”. Eliot, from a leftist Hollywood home and environment, learned to disregard scientific facts and just build whatever worldview fitted his narcissistic leftist personality – which is exactly what he did.

      Socialists like you hate self-restraint and preach a “gimme gimme” attitude, which is what made Eliot Rodgers start killing people when he didn’t get what he wanted. Maybe you should go kill yourself for contributing to that sick, poisoned leftist atmosphere that, as we have seen, leads to innocent people being murdered. Hey, hey, filthy Kay, how many kids did you kill today?


      • Yup.

        He was the deracinated product of a therapeutic holly weird socialist society. A ball less Eurasian twink virgin.

        You can’t pin this spree killing on rednecks.


      • He had the balls to kill though. There’s no indication that you do. There’s every indication that you’ll whine online forever about darkies taking your women without having the balls to do anything about it.


    • Bahaha @kay I guarantee you are currently reading some of CH’s posts right night and starting to have some realizations.

      This is called analyzing how a market works. The ideas are supported with real life occurrences and some data that has been found on the subjects.

      It’s revealing “pretty lies”.

      This blog is so far from where that guy was mentally and physically that it doesn’t even apply.

      His problem was his development in his teens. I’m assuming he didn’t have any sort of sociable passions (such as playing sports). That’s a problem.

      This blog helps people like him realize new things about the market.

      Wow I feel like an idiot writing this much b/c you just sound like the typical girl who is turned off by these ideas b/c they are true….and could hurt you emotionally


    • Kay, we just steeped into Dahmer’s freezer. There’s nothing to say, just back out and pray you have all your limbs intact.


      • you wish…


      • and yet here you are for round two. well you know what they say about girls and serial killers… can’t keep em apart!


      • Paula’s comments are plain as vanilla

        devoid of logic and facts like most of her sista’

        they are mostly hysteria

        but I have a little poem for ya’

        you hate my white brotha’

        and you are cruel to Beta’

        you treat men like bacteria

        brainwashed by the MSM and academia

        you admire Obama

        you love arugula

        and you hate the USA

        you think like Fidel in Cuba

        you little totalitarian feminist sista’

        you contessa of menstrua

        you dream of crushing our balls don’t ya?

        you have a very angry vagina

        and probably anorexia or bulimia

        that is until you meet your fifty shades of grey ALPHA

        the one with the big anaconda

        the one who wets your labia

        with his Harlequin romance charisma

        who unleashes your nymphomania

        like Monica to Bubba

        the one with the untamed cobra

        to whom you will say ” take moi! ”

        and then forget all about feminist dogma

        and all related mental diarrhea

        then you will be happy for ever afta’



  131. http://fredrikdeboer.com/2014/05/24/destroy-traditional-masculinity/

    “The association of female value with manipulation, duplicity, and resource extraction is one of the most destructive forces in the world and so it has to be destroyed. Traditional misandry has to die in just the same way that feminism and racism and homophobia have to die. It can’t be reformed, it can’t be rescued. It has to be replaced. It’s utterly infected, with the celebration of manipulation, emotional entitlement, throbbing misandry, and a fake self-confidence that is almost always hiding total self-loathing. If the kind of sick feminism that leads to these crimes were a religion, people would call it incompatible with modernity. If it were a race, Fox News would talk about that race’s culture of manipulation. If it were a political ideology, it would be classified alongside white supremacy or anti-semitism. How could it not be, given the spasms of horrific manipulation that we now expect to happen over and over again? I don’t excuse Jezebel/Slate/(insert MSM source here) or anyone else for the terrible unforgivable choices they make. The sickness within out culture is not an excuse. But it is part of the explanation and it needs to be cut out like a cancer.”

    heh heh.
    I don’t know why anyone would react to feminism with anger anymore when it’s just so gosh darn fun to laugh at.


    • I would have left a comment at the linked site but comments are closed

      So the alpha male wolf theory has been discredited?

      Ok fine,

      but there is still the alpha male lion, the alpha male gorilla, the alpha male sea-lion, the alpha wild horse…

      need I go on?

      there are many species where an alpha males has access to almost all the females, a sort of harem that he defends tooth and nail, while other males – beta males – have no access to any females and never get to mate not once in their life unless they eventually manage to either steal a female or beat the alpha in a fight.

      obviously that alpha male is also the leader of the pack

      these things are well documented, and to anyone who knows anything about nature and animals, it is common knowledge

      Having said that I have my doubts that the alpha wolf is a myth but that is for another time.


  132. on May 27, 2014 at 2:42 pm Georgie Porgie

    I also found it odd that as of last night, no one had turned up an online dating profile for this kid. In trying to find it myself, I came across this guy’s OKC profile: http://www.okcupid.com/profile/unicorn_enabler

    First of all, #nohomo. Second of all, that guy appears to be Eurasian, under 6’0″, and boasts the rare but coveted among men “replies selectively” red light status. Meaning women do approach this guy, at least online, in relatively high number. It all comes down to confidence and frame. Would game have been enough to save Elliot Rodger and the six innocent people he slaughtered? It’s hard to say. His pathologies ran deep.

    I have an acquaintance who is a textbook Asperger’s case, basically a real-life Sheldon Cooper. He is the most awkward human being I’ve met in my life and has some pretty extreme sexual fetishes and perversions. He had also, by 25, somehow managed to sleep with nine different women. He is tall and fairly good-looking, and arrogant to the point of delusion, but otherwise entirely devoid of charm and an unemployed meganerd. I have no reason to suspect him of lying or to believe he is even capable of it, frankly. Aspies can and do get laid.


    • Yes, there are Aspies who can get laid. No, having Aspergers is not irrelevant in the dating scene. Let’s leave nonsensical anecdotal evidence out of this. You know why statistics class won’t allow a student to use anecdotal evidence in order to disregard actual statistical evidence? Does it need to be said or can you figure it out on your own?


  133. Looks got nothing to do with it. I realized that the first time I watched my cousin pick up a bombshell Russian chick. My cousin is probably the ugliest motherfucker I know. He also gets the second most pussy from anybody I know. Case in point.


  134. on May 27, 2014 at 3:44 pm The Burninator

    Now don’t lump us man-lets in with the femnist ilk. Not all of us; in fact, most shorties have to be at least a little alpha if we ever hope to pass down our disgustingly inferior genes.


  135. ..he was a failed human being in a failed part of America…his rage was in the right place at least..they created the monster..you can’t cut off a man’s balls and expect him to act like a man or in this case a sane human…


  136. This shooting brings an interesting battle to the forefront. The PUA world even though this kid rejected it is being vilified for its hatred of women. Leading the charge are the fembots of the world. I am an avid reader of feminsting, xojane, and jezebel. I am big believer of knowing my enemy. All the articles on their side of the pond gloss over the fact that he killed 3 men with a knife. Read it to believe it.


    I have watched enough episodes of the “First 48” to know that stabbing someone is normally a crime of passion. Stabbing is up close and personal. You have to touch your victim. CH is spot on, this kid was just a repressed homosexual gone bad. The media seems to gloss over this fact as well and instantly mention 3 legally purchased pistols, 41 magazines, and 3 dead women. The big brother agenda is resonating loud and clear. They clamor that ALL men (especially those members of the PUA world) are violent and committing daily atrocities against women kind. Their words not mine. Read the article above and the comments. They can not be reasoned with and their views are absolute. On the small stage you have fembots vs. PUA world. On the bigger stage you have control groups jumping on the bandwagon of this tragedy that want to disarm and feminize men.



  137. on May 27, 2014 at 4:43 pm Experienced Father

    It takes a village of really shitty people to make the monster Elliot Rodger’s became.

    What comes across for me with Elliot Rodger’s wasn’t repressed gay tendencies, it is that well medicated anger management/hate issues of a male sexual abuse survivor.

    The self-hate, parent-hate, female-hate and twisted/repressed sexuality are all things that such survivors exhibit.

    Given where Elliot Rodger’s lived — Hollywood — and the circles of powerful, and boy-loving men his father ran in. I would not be surprised if we hear about that sort of childhood abuse in Elliot Rodger’s personal history in a few months.

    This does not excuse Rodger’s evil, many survivors of such abuse live normal lives afterward, but it is — IMO — far more likely than “repressed homosexuality.”


  138. You finally made prime time homey! The Washington Post… congrats. 🙂


    They call out CH -by name-, that is a first.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 5:31 pm Zombie Shane

      That means that the Mossad will be gathering a list of our IP addresses.

      And going to their bitchez at the NSA and Comcast and ATT and whatnot, and demanding to know our true names.


      • A few of us have been saying for a couple years now that we are being watched very closely.

        And obviously we are.

        I have also been saying for a few years that soon ( 5, 10 years? ) certain things will be impossible to say in blogs, certain words will be blocked as they do in China

        Anti-liberal, anti-gay and anti feminist words and “racist” facts will be blocked, believe me this is coming, liberals are the establishment now and they are very totalitarian

        Liberals right now are working on that,

        and correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Obama working on surrendering the control of the internet to some “international ” organization ( right now the USA is still in control if I am not mistaken )

        The internet is the last “résistance” against the insanity of liberalism, and liberals will eventually do something – anything – to change that.

        They destroyed the carreer of the CEO of Firefox for his very mild anti-gay opinions, they are trying to destroy Sterling for “racist” comments said in private

        Anyone who believes liberals will stop there is extremely naive.

        Liberals are more and more totalitarian everyday.


      • Brah… you see my name? Jay in DEE CEE, that isn’t made up. And I have been leaving digital breadcrumbs all across the interwebz for a few years. I’m pretty easy to find. I am surprised to be honest w/ you I haven’t been dox’d before now. I didn’t exactly try to remain stealthy. And I’m 20 min away from FBI HQ.

        If it isn’t Q1 of any year and you don’t see me post in about 3 months you know that “the sweep” of the manosphere has begun. Laguna Beach Fogey and myself I can only speak about though we are on opposite coasts, but our names are in a few databases. Of that, I’m 100% certain.

        Like Canadian Friend said, they monitor all this shit. The fact that we don’t chant the party line is reason enough for NSA listeners. Add to that the radical ideas that there are racial, gender, IQ, and other differences in human beings. HERESY! We will just have to see when, not if, but when, the purge begins. I’ll be near the front of the line due to proximity. What can I do? NADA.


    • From the propaganda piece: “that corner of the Internet where boys will be boys, girls will be objects, and critics will be “feminists,” “misandrists” or “enemies.”” — Ridiculous. The lying feminist Caitlin Dewey can’t show a single manosphere piece where critics or women are referred to as “enemies”. She can’t show a single manosphere piece where women are referred to as “objects”. The manosphere talks about men’s and women’s psychology and social interactions all the time, so definitely doesn’t see women as “objects”.

      “the pick-up site PUAhate.com” — Caitlin Dewey lies again. It is NOT a “pick-up site”. It is a forum that ATTACKS sites that advice men on how to pick up women. PUAhate is on Caitlin Dewey’s side. Amazing that the liar will make it sound like PUAhate would be on the side of those it attacks.

      “and deploying techniques like “negging” to get a girl to notice you. (“Negging” = insulting a woman to throw off her confidence. For instance: “Your hair is hideous. Is that a wig?”)” — More tripe. First of all, that would be a lousy “neg”, since it isn’t funny or smart in any way, it is just an insult. Second, whenever these feminists are going to attack the manosphere they bring up “negs”, which you almost never actually hear about in the manosphere. Yes, it is one piece of advice that people sometimes give, but it hardly takes center stage the way feminists pretend it does.

      “retro gender roles” — Funny. I’ll remember that next time my friend the natural pickup artist mentions bringing home a girl from a night club. “It’s a retro gender role!” It’s following simple basic truths, proven by scientific research that feminists hate and therefore ignore, hoping their readers won’t hear about them.

      The leftist Caitlin Dewey even refers to the filthy left-wing extremist outfit “the Southern Poverty Law Center” which makes its money by attacking people by branding them as “extremists” and potential mass murderers. That’s how they get donations from paranoid leftists. For Caitlin Dewey, whatever the SPLC claims is enough as proof, so she goes on and on quoting them. If a left-wing extremist claims something, then clearly it must be true – that’s how research works, right?

      “I’ve spent more than a year observing several large sites within this community” — I call bullshit. Does anyone seriously believe Caitlin Dewey would spend a year doing so, instead of just a few glances so she can gather site names to use in her diatribe? If she had actually followed manosphere blogs, she wouldn’t make negs one of the very few things she mentions about the ‘sphere, as if that was one of the most prominent teachings. And she wouldn’t call PUAhate “a pickup site”, when it ATTACKS sites that give pickup advice.

      Notice how Caitlin Dewey conveniently ignores the REAL-LIFE world Eliot Rodgers grew up in: a leftist home, and the leftist Hollywood atmosphere.

      Oops. Why do you “forget” about that, Cait?


  139. I’ve seen Rodgers videos and read his manifesto. He did *exactly* what most feminists do: bitch and moan about what the opposite sex finds attractive and declare that they should find HIM attractive instead, instead of trying to change himself to *become* what they find attractive.

    And then there’s another problem: men who try to learn how to talk to girls and have fulfilling sexual relationships with them are *also* deemed misogynists. Pick up artists and “game” enthusiasts are shamed for using their keen social skills to pick up women. Socially awkward men are shamed for being socially awkward and bad with women, but then when they try to remedy that and learn social skills and get women, they’re shamed *again* for seeing women as “sex objects” and shamed for having the unmitigated gall to want to have sex.

    Feminists demonize Rodger not just for murder (and rightly so, of course)…but *simply for wanting to have sex*…for wanting to feel the warm embrace of a woman, for wanting to fulfill his fucking *biological prime directive* as a human being.

    Feminists, cite the fact that women *chose* not to date or have sex with Rodger and that this choice is their right, which it is. However, feminists *THEN* turn right around and call men shallow and try to shame us when we exercise *our* choice as men to reject *them* for not fitting *our* ideals of what an attractive woman is.

    There’s just no winning.


    • “Feminists demonize Rodger not just for murder (and rightly so, of course)”

      Feminists don’t care one bit about murder. They care nothing about the fact that Blacks commit almost all crimes involving guns and commit the majority of murders despite being only twelve percent of the pop. Or that 90 percent of interracial rape is Blacks raping White women, and that gang rapes practically always have non-White perpetrators. If they really cared about the victims they would mention that. They would argue for an end to mass immigration in order to protect women, but instead they do the opposite, thereby making sure more women and men will become victims.

      Feminists only care about attacking White men, because that is what feminism was invented for: to make White women not marry and have children with White men. All the feminist founders were Marxists.


  140. The kid was mentally wayward from an early age. Have a peep at his eyes/look in this photo:

    Anyway you turn, he’s primarily a colossal failure of his own dad. Fathers have primary responsibility to ensure that their children (particularly sons) end up in the right path in the adulthood.

    Instead, his father was busy shooting pictures of women’s naked asses (for which he no doubt had to beta bux):


    Also, note that the shitty father took down his own website earlier today, lest we think he was an absentee shithead who bears the first and biggest blame in all this.


  141. Gotta agree with this post.

    Men have just as much right as women to try to improve themselves to attract the opposite sex WHILE protecting their own best interests.

    The pendulum swings both ways.


  142. Elliot Rodger sounds like he could have been a regular here. I think the media is downplaying it, but here is his real problem: and I quote:

    “how could an inferior ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me ? I am beautiful and I am half white myself”

    “this ugly black filth was able to have sex with white blond girls at the age of 13, while I’ve had to suffer virginity all my life”

    “I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more”

    Another albinism inflicted recessive upset about large phallused true homo sapiens dicking down blondes who would not look his way ever……

    many a lynching was caused by exactly the same sentiments…….


    • Lol.

      He stabbed three chinks to death then greased a couple of kike girls. He’s a sad sad example of race mixing himself.


      • Right, that’s part of the point. He sounded just like you and the other regulars here, but he had the balls to act. Do you have the balls to act? Or are you just going to whine online forever?


      • Posting facts about race is doing something.

        We are doing the job the Main Stream Media will not do; we are informing people using facts.

        The more people learn about those facts, the better our chances that things will change for the better.

        The more white girls are made aware that their chances of being raped and murdered by a non white are about ten times as high as by a white man, the more we stand a chance of bringing a positive change ( check the FBI numbers)

        The more we inform people of such facts the MSM is hidding from them such as the fact about half of all illegals go directly on welfare, the better we stand a chance of bringing a positive change

        The more we inform people that over 80% of HIV/AIDS cases are Homosexual males, the more people will stay away from gays and the more they will understand why it is normal to be uncomfortable around people who carry and spread deadly diseases or why gay marriage is not all unicorns and rainbows.

        Posting facts people badly need to be made aware of is doing something.


    • on May 27, 2014 at 6:45 pm gunslingergregi

      yea got to be whats his name for sure trying to get the white boys to kill blacks
      what would you do if someone came into your museum and ruined the beautiful paintings


      • on May 27, 2014 at 6:46 pm gunslingergregi

        and I got the power now to have blonde bitches take out blacks see white boys too smart too freaking do it the stupid way


      • on May 27, 2014 at 7:10 pm gunslingergregi

        but then ya realize someone got to get the drugs for these white bitches and I ain’t gonna do it
        so we all have our part to play


    • “Elliot Rodger sounds like he could have been a regular here.”

      Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. He was an active member of “PUAhate”, which attacks CH and other sites that teach game. His “manifesto” contains zero references to learning game. Page after page it talks about how he thinks women should throw themselves at him without any effort on his part, which is completely against what CH says.

      Page after page he also talks about how he hates those men who are successful with women and wants to kill them. Those who employ the truths CH talks about are the ones he hated and wanted to kill.

      His hatred of men who are successful with women goes on until the very end of his self-biographic manifesto. This is so completely against what CH teaches that it’s ridiculous for you to try to connect him to CH. It’s like blaming Adam Smith for capitalist-hating communists.


    • @Al

      Even mongrels with non White ancestry know they’re better than Negroes. “White supremacy” is never going away, because White ancestry is universally worshiped consciously or subconsciously throughout the world. So Negroes can quit whining about it.


  143. “he was a failed human being in a failed part of America…his rage was in the right place at least..they created the monster..you can’t cut off a man’s balls and expect him to act like a man or in this case a sane human…”

    Sounds like you are describing the plight of the average so-called Negro or true homo sapiens in America………….


    • Look, another houseservant.

      Ya’ll negroes have nothing better to do?

      Somewhere a bucket of fried chikn is going stale … see to it!


  144. so when did 19 become too old to be a virgin? This is the problem with society
    Hollywood makes you think if you are not having sex you are worthless. Girls and guys included
    the guy is obviously crazy but society is contributing to this.

    oh and he complained about having a bmw coupe and no girl…
    BMW coupes are chick cars 😉


  145. ( until a few centuries ago the Catholic church used to say women had no soul…)

    What a brazen lie! What an insult to intelligence! Nevertheless, par for course for neo-heathen yuro-peens.

    But, if worshipping Jesus is beneath the yuro-peens, 5 times a day towards Mecca will it be. For the few that’ll survive.


    • I’m not a religious man but I am not anti-religion either

      I have heard this many many years ago in a documentary – that women were said to have no souls.

      I never verified, I thought it was true.

      I just did a Google search and apparently it is a myth that Catholics ever believed women did not have a soul

      I guess I was wrong, I have no problem admitting I can be wrong

      Anyway I prefer Led Zeppelin’s opinion on the matter

      ” Lots of people talk, but few of them know…Soul of a woman was created below

      from the song Dazed&confused


    • You do realize that you’re worshiping a magical Jew, right?


      • How cute, a house-servant negressa aping her masters’ heathen pronouncements.


      • That doesn’t make any sense…unless you mean the house negroes who worshiped Damballah and slaughtered their masters.

        Yeah, back then there were at least White people worth sacrificing. I can’t think of an Orisha who would accept your crybaby heart.


  146. “Homosexual men are known to experience greater levels of pathological narcissism.”

    Sounds like Obama’s profile.


  147. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Lépine

    Lepine ain’t his real name and he is of course a goddamn Arab with an Algerian dad.

    Totally whitewashed by the media.


    • Yes that happened way before we had the internet so back then we had no way to verify anything. We had to rely on what the MSM was telling us, and boy did they lie big time on that one!

      This thing happened in my corner of the world, I live minutes from there, I remember feminists and liberal journalists used this event as some sort of proof that ALL men are violent towards women.

      The media bent over backward to avoid telling us the guy was a MUSLIM, raised by an angry radical MUSLIM father, and raised by an angry RADICAL FEMINIST mother who emasculated him.

      His mother had divorced his father, he was angry at his mother for that.

      His anger towards women was in part because his mother was such a b*tch who crushed him every chance she got and who hated men.

      Of course having been raised by a radical muslim father, his respect for women was quite low; in most muslim nations it is ok to hit women, and in a few of them they kill women for the tiniest “infraction”

      The real causes of this boy anger and why he was such a mess ( radical muslim father and radical feminist mother) have been hidden from us by the main steam media for decades.
      It took right wing bloggers to finally find out the truth.

      Almost everything that was said of this event by the MSM were lies, but of course those lies have now become the official story that 99% of the population repeat as if they were truths.


      • “in most muslim nations it is ok to hit women,”

        No it isn’t you dumbfuck.


      • It says so in the Koran.

        and everybody knows they treat women like cattle in most Muslim nations.

        calling me names will not change reality.


      • Not “women”. One’s wife or daughter (before she marries). It’s a tool. Of course it’s OK.

        But few are the men of such moral standing that they are fit to punish their wives or daughters this way..


  148. One thing I’ve noticed about allegations that Elliot Rodger was a misogynist and attempts to attach this incident to the manosphere.

    Was he misogynist?

    He killed more men than women.

    He expressed a hatred of romantically and sexually successful, popular and happy women AND men, not solely women.

    The only hatred he expressed was to a system that he perceived shut him out of the mating market.

    That’s not a hatred of women, that’s a hatred of the system.

    So how can it be misogynist?

    The only way hatred of a system can be misogynist if that system in some way serves women.

    But not all women, as feminists always claim misogyny against women themselves who advocate policies and systems that are non-feminist.

    Ergo, the only way a hatred of a system can be misogynist is if that system in some way serves feminists.

    So when feminists say Elliot Rodger was a misogynist, they are implicitly admitting that this system serves them. Or in other words that this is their system. That they run the show. That they’re in power and that the sexual market-place before us has been constructed by feminism to be the way it is to serve feminists.

    Their allegations of misogyny against Elliot are basically admissions that they are the establishment.


  149. Anyone else notice that this privileged Hollywood cunt subscribed to the Young Turks channel on Youtube? For those unfamiliar with it, the Young Turks spew a particularly noxious brand of hateful leftist vitriol and do so with extreme self-satisfaction. Gee, how surprising that this loser was a subscriber.


  150. on May 28, 2014 at 12:28 am j3morecharacters

    His problem was lack of social experience. Alienation, loneliness. An older friend or gang-brother could have mentored him. In my times, a friend of the father used to take the adolescent to his first visit to the brothel and later celebrate his becoming a man. It appears that in America, all vital social frameworks have broken down.


  151. […] Heartiste –The Psychosis of the Effeminate Male submitted by The […]


  152. Stolen: “He thought that “putting himself out there” with girls was sitting on a park bench like Aqualung.”


  153. […] The Psychosis Of The Effeminate Male […]


  154. when he heard his sister gettin nailed;he wasnt mad cuz someone was plowing her but jealous that her bf got lucky but he cant…how mentally fucked is he.
    a normal man would be pissed as fuck if anyone touched their sister even if it was brad pitt himself.


  155. Ohhhh ….. it’s all those pesky “PUA’s” to blame.

    I LOL’d



    • They don’t seem to have a comment section at the age so here is something for them as we know they do come here to observe us “in our element”

      We believe the pay inequality is a myth because it is a myth; it has been debunked by many people many times in the last few years. Those people have used facts and logic to demonstrate it is a myth.

      We believe Presidents can not get elected unless they do everything to please feminists because it is a fact , how else do you explain that one of the most damaging thing to the Romney campaign was when the MSM lying trough their teeth made a up a story about him being an anti-feminist mysigonist who refused to give jobs to women ???

      We say women are irrational…well…anyone who constantly lies – such as feminists do – about proven and verifiable facts and is offended – as feminists are – by people who rely on such proven verifiable facts to explain their position is exactly that; irrational…I would even say highly irrational.

      I could go on but explaining such things to irrational feminists and the no-balls no-spine men who defend them and repeat their irrational lies is a waste of time.


  156. […] Heartiste –The Psychosis of the Effeminate Male submitted by The […]


  157. So reading the manifesto, i don’t think he ever really even approached. Can a guy who never approaches really be called an Incel? I guess he can be called an Incel for wanting it so bad but being so clueless and mentally unstable. But it doesn’t seem he ever really got rejected. Maybe he considered that not receiving many initial IOIs was rejection or something.


    • on May 28, 2014 at 2:14 pm cynical beta

      Upthread, Ben Gunn and progetarian separately suggested that Rodger might have been impotent. Speculative, but that would explain the non-approaches and much else.


      • if Rodger was a clinical asexual then the degenerate “i define my sexuality” freak mafia is gonna have a lot to answer for.


      • on May 28, 2014 at 3:07 pm cynical beta

        CH, a few years back on the now-cancelled Intervention, there was an episode with a gay guy who badly wanted to be a traditional heterosexual husband and father. Attractive by conventional measures (lower alpha, greater beta), got girls. But he was gay, full stop. Apparently, his father was an excellent role model and he wanted nothing more than to grow up to be a traditional family patriarch, just like dad. IIRC, the father loved his son and accepted he was gay, but the son couldn’t accept it. The contradiction broke his life. That guy was at least sexual. What it’s like if you psychologically desire nothing more than to be sexually normal, but you don’t even have a default physical homosexuality to fall back on? The gay guy despised being gay, but at least had the sexual outlet of a gay lover (who he resented and DV’ed because he despised being gay).

        There’s hope for a 22 yo rich, good-looking, stylish kid who’s incel due to mental blocks. There’s no hope for incel by impotence. (Maybe there is a treatment for that, but maybe Rodger was too ashamed to admit the problem, even in his manifesto.) Again, speculative like the closeted homosexual theory, but a deep secret shame of impotence would answer some of Rodger’s odd choices that right now we’re chalking up to mental illness.


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  162. How about all those half-caste Asian women who are in porn? They definately have the Amanda Knox mental issues which are expressing themselves in porn.


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  165. <