Submit in the comments below conversations in the form of texts/phone calls/voicemails/face to face interactions that you have had, or plan to have, with women you are attempting to bed. Alternately, you may send me an email instead of leaving a comment.

The readers and your humble blog host will then analyze your submission for its alpha content, with the goal of guiding. Only those strong in ego should participate in this project.

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  1. Background – at the time of this interaction we’d been dating for 2 weeks. She’d slept in my bed a couple of times but wouldn’t escalate past 2nd base, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I felt a Norplant-like device under her upper arm. If this is indeed what it was, I think it would be very hard to underestimate her sluttiness (for actual alphas, of course). She’s 23 and divorced (i.e. dumped) her husband a year ago.

    Three days after this exchange, she started distancing herself and her texts became more pro forma before disappearing altogether by the end of the 3rd week.

    Via text:
    Her: Hey some buddies of mine saw me with you last night and they asked if you were my bf haha…people are gossiping now…but I cleared up the confusion.

    Me: I’m too badass to be a mere bf.

    Her: Hahaha geez…well I didn’t tell them anything [note: contradicting what her 1st text said]. Hmm, do you mean like a super buddy or what?

    Me: That’s a label, and I don’t think we’re the type of people who are given to labeling ourselves.

    Her: Hmm, I’m not sure I understand, but if what you’re trying to say is that you don’t want to be tied down, that’s ok because you can do what you want and so can I. =)

    Me (6 hours later): Hey, guess what I overheard the hairdresser telling her girlfriend about me?

    Her (immediately): What? (etc. etc.)

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    • all you need to know about being alpha, by rampage jackson

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      • lmfao….guy falls into his frame, tries to complete his sentence ‘…beta.’

        ‘…whatever, they ain’t alpha.’

        So fucking cool.

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      • Hey, mangina–think for yourself. Sucking Rampage’s cock in admiration isn’t alpha behaviour. Assessing his framework critically, and then living it if it’s sound, or trashing it if it’s BS–that is “Alpha”. Being dominant and having authority lie chiefly within your behaviour and character; not your muscle mass. Intelligence that is guided to a functional and orderly end enhances your ‘alpha’ content. Intelligence that hides insecurity–that’s not. Now read this a million times so I don’t ever have to spend time educating your mangina ass again.

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      • whoa brah. relax


      • They’re extremely stupid and too eager to prove themselves? Good to know.


      • Jackson’s definition of alpha sounds more like a lack of impulse control combined with admittedly low IQ,


    • Ok this isn’t really a single conversation so forgive me if this to extensive, but fuck it.

      November 2009.

      I’m 24 years old, just got out of a long term relationship with a girl who I planned on marrying. Long story short I became beta and her vag went away from me. Anyway, after she dumped me, one suicide attempt, tons and tons of drugs and booze later, I decide to stop the self pity and jump back in the game.

      I’m in class and a solid 9 star is dominating the room. Every man flirts with her and tells her how beautiful she is, I don’t even look in her direction or acknowledge her. I see the other men hitting on her ruthlessly and her controlling every man and telling him what to do and I just get sick to my stomach. I grow to detest the 9, to the point where I don’t even consider fucking her even though I hadn’t had a bang in 3 months.

      Finally one day the cunt is asking a friend in the corner about “bi-polar” disorder, and how she thinks she may have it. She said her therapist diagnosed her with it and wants her to take meds. I seize on the moment. “Ah so yer fucked in the head, huh?” She turns to look at me shocked at the brazen display. Her mind recollects. She cocks her head like a black girl. “Uh, I didn’t say I HAD it I said that my therepist did and she may be WRONG, OK? I’m just trying to find out some more info!” I laugh. “Look darlin, ain’t no harm in it. I got it to. Just teasin’ you a little bit, don’t have to fly off the handle there.” If you really want more information on it, I can tell you anything you need to know. She looked at me, kind of questionably I ask for her number, and then said after a moment, she says “Ok.” I nod,and put it in my phone, and text her with “this is jim”. She took a breathe and I smiled, winked, and walked away. For the rest of the class she periodically looked in my direction but i never looked back.

      I don’t bother to call her, and next class she comes up to me. “HEY!” she says, perky looking. I look at her. “Hey.” I say, practically sighing. “Guess what?” she said. “What?” I say, almost as if annoyed. “I found out about bi-polar disorder. I mean, what it is and everything.” I take out two pill bottles, containing my medication at the time, and shake them. “It’s legalized drug addiction?” I say. Her face kind of falls flat a bit, so I smile. “Just kidding” I say. We talk for a little bit but i am genuinely bored and cut it short so i can go back to work. The next night I call her and ask her what she’s up to. She says “Oh, just hanging out with my boyfriend.” and I laugh, and say “Cool”. She asks me why I called and I say “nothin’. seeya in class.”

      That weekend my brother and I throw a party and locals show up. The 9 shows up, her boyfriend with her. I didn’t invite her, so when I saw her, I just nodded. Her bf was noticeably intimidated by me because I was far bigger muscle wise, and she kept leaving him to go talk to me, and I would keep walking away from her because I wasn’t going to fuck her that night and knew it.

      I see the 9 in class on Tuesday, completely ignore her again, she doesn’t talk to me. Later that week she called me up on the phone and asked what I was up to the following weekend. I said nothing, and so we agreed to go have a drink. She had just dumped her BF, and on our first date she told me that he was so intimidated by me that he kept saying “DAMN he so big…” his betatued prompted her to dump him in a nanosecond.

      I dated her for 3 months until I got sick of her. She was a born again christian who got jealous when I would give her orgasms so she would dump me, feeling guilty, then come crawling back utterly desperate to be with me. I had to get into a relationship with an uglier girl just to keep her from driving to my house randomly because i stopped taking her calls. A year later she called me up and practically begged me to get back together. I had to block her to get her to get the point. Throughout our relationship I would retreat from her and yell at her, take off, whatever the case when she pulled her passive aggressive shit with me, and since she was so stupid and naive it was easy for me to dislike her, leading to it being easy for me to neglect her, leading to it being easy to have her whenever i wanted.

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  2. This happened about 10 years ago; I was 29, had no knowledge of there being such thing as Game, though I had a track-record strong natural alphahood for pickup, provided that a) I didn’t pedestal a girl as “special” due to her high quality in terms of being pretty and higher class, and b) generally felt confident.

    I’m curious how the seduction will be critiqued, in retrospect of course.

    She was a cute 25-year-old new girl at my work. Very attractive, a solid 8. I asked her out, as indications of interest on her part were strong and we flirted easily.

    The date is to be in a city 2 hours away by car, so we’re driving there on a Saturday afternoon. The conversation is going nicely, mainly “getting to know you” kind of talk, as we barely know each other.

    At one point, she just starts talking too comfortably about family drama super-trivia stuff — and my “she’s trying to friend you” alarm bells go off. So I abruptly change the subject.

    We arrive at the club I wanted to take her to: a sitdown eat dinner kind of place, with a dance floor, and a good vibe. I danced a slow song with her, nothing too overtly sexual in our dance, though her body language was soft and welcoming and I was feeling myself getting very aroused.

    After we danced we’re sitting, and — again, this is all ad-lib on my part at the time, as I had no idea there was such thing as Game out there — I told her, very confidently, with a very bright, steady, strong eye contact and relaxed body language, that she would make an awesome girlfriend and I’d like to date her.

    Well, at least I sure wasn’t gonna get friended after that.

    Looking back now, it’s clear — I unnecessarily rushed a nice slow-unfolding thing. She came across as flattered but somewhat caught off guard, but the vibe remained nice. On the drive back, the conversation went well, but nothing overtly seductive or sexual. Except when we were nearing an exit for my neighborhood, I asked he if she’d like to come over and stay at my place. She demurred, sorta-coyly, sorta with regret (“I’d love to, but…”)

    I gave her a hug when I dropped her off at her place. The hug felt nice, as in she wasn’t stiff, or appearing to fear a kiss attempt. I did not try to kiss her.

    At work on Monday, she gave me a very bright-eyes welcome, and found reasons to come up and talk to me.

    The next weekend we went out, this time bar-hopping in the large city we lived/worked in (it was Boston.) This was a fun, drunken, summer night in the city. Good music in student-filled hole-in-wall bars, lotsa young cool people on the streets being loud & drunk like us. At one point, she and I are facing each other on a street, and she attacks me with a passionate kiss. We make out for a long time.

    Back at my car, I ask her if she wants to come to my place, She says YES immediately. A few miles from my house, she unzips my jeans and starts blowing me. We fuck all night. Nice breakfast the next morning.

    (She did break up with me a few weeks later as my LTR-beta kicked in. As I wrote here in the past, my LTR betatude, which consisted of suppressing my horny asshole side, was learned behavior, something I thought you were supposed to do with quality girls.)

    Comments on the seduction?

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  3. A girl’s opinion.

    Her: Hey some buddies of mine saw me with you last night and they asked if you were my bf haha…people are gossiping now…but I cleared up the confusion.

    Pure shit test. She wanted to know how you viewed her. She didn’t want to say she was your girlfriend until you said you were because then she’d look silly. I think your next response disappointed her.

    Me: I’m too badass to be a mere bf.

    She wanted you to say something that confirmed you are her boyfriend. Not having sex with you means she values sex AND relationship.

    Her: Hahaha geez…well I didn’t tell them anything [note: contradicting what her 1st text said]. Hmm, do you mean like a super buddy or what?

    Now her feelings are hurt and she wants to know if you view her as a fb.

    Me: That’s a label, and I don’t think we’re the type of people who are given to labeling ourselves.

    She’s like WHAAAT? This sounds like pure player talk to a woman.

    Her: Hmm, I’m not sure I understand, but if what you’re trying to say is that you don’t want to be tied down, that’s ok because you can do what you want and so can I. =)

    She was attempting to find out if you viewed her as a girlfriend or as a fb. You seemed to identify to her it was the latter. So she played it cool and said no prob, but it was a problem to her.

    A girl’s opinion.

    Her: Hey some buddies of mine saw me with you last night and they asked if you were my bf haha…people are gossiping now…but I cleared up the confusion.

    Pure shit test. She wanted to know how you viewed her. She didn’t want to say she was your girlfriend until you said you were because then she’d look silly. I think your next response disappointed her.

    Me: I’m too badass to be a mere bf.

    She wanted you to say something that confirmed you are her boyfriend. Not having sex with you means she values sex AND relationship.

    Her: Hahaha geez…well I didn’t tell them anything [note: contradicting what her 1st text said]. Hmm, do you mean like a super buddy or what?

    Now her feelings are hurt and she wants to know if you view her as a fb.

    Me: That’s a label, and I don’t think we’re the type of people who are given to labeling ourselves.

    She’s like WHAAAT? This sounds like pure player talk to a woman.

    Her: Hmm, I’m not sure I understand, but if what you’re trying to say is that you don’t want to be tied down, that’s ok because you can do what you want and so can I. =)

    She was attempting to find out if you viewed her as a girlfriend or as a fb. You seemed to identify to her it was the latter. So she played it cool and said no prob, but it was a problem to her.

    What ended up happening is you lowered her value too much. You became the player type.

    Better text options:
    Her: Hey some buddies of mine saw me with you last night and they asked if you were my bf haha…people are gossiping now…but I cleared up the confusion.

    Me: Confusion? [You’re not saying you’re her bf or her fb]


    Me: Oh? How did you clear it up? [you force her to chose the relationship direction she thinks it is]

    Ball is in your court in either text reply – you’re forcing her to state her real thoughts.

    Woman want to think you’re in demand but don’t want to think they’re just a notch on your bed post – they want to think they’re special snow flakes to you and the rest of the women are not.

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    • Ya, good job. Game isn’t just pissing the girl off or making her feel uncomfortable. When a girl is asking for comfort, you give her comfort. You give her about 20 to 30% as much comfort as she is asking for.

      Over time you can increase the comfort level, as she becomes more affectionate and doting.


    • Girl: I understand if you don’t want to be tied down, blah blah blah.

      You: If either of us is going to be tied down, it’s you.


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  4. I’m sorry for making the comment above terribly long as my very first attempt to format with italics ended up with me double posting in one darn post. Makes all my wisdom (oh and I am wise my friends) lost in the mire of repetitiveness. Crap.


  5. Roissy: while reading PA’s post I was constantly waiting to read “and then she made a lame excuse, got out of there, and I never heard from her again” but instead I read about a passionate kiss and blowjob. How can one explain that an extremely beta move like “I’d love to have you as a girlfriend” could get by her?

    I know you talk about once establishing alpha cred, that one can do things like a beta and it will be ignored (forgiven). However, in this case (and many other cases I’ve observed, I’ll give an example below) it seems that these behaviors would be a clear cut sign by the male that he is beta.

    An example is the other day I was on the bus and I saw a guy following his girlfriend around like he had a leash on his neck. She didn’t seem to like it and looked annoyed. He received a phone call and then started crying afterwards (literally burst into tears). He put his head in his girl’s lap and she started stroking his hair. Cooing and telling him “shh its alright” After getting over my initial disgust I wondered how this chick (not GREAT looking but certainly a solid 6.5) ended up with a beta whom she despised?

    There has to be an overall answer besides “oh well maybe the woman is desperate” or “she’s probably in a bad place” blah blah. What’s the GAME explanation?


  6. @ Brad

    I imagine that for any grown person, especially a man, to “literally burst into tears” following a phone call, someone had to have died.


  7. I submit a recent(ish) proud Alpha moment – analyze and assess, ie tear apart, there’s always room for improvement.

    Couple years back, in a foreign country (famous for sexy and forward women), on a Wednesday eve I effortlessly picked up a gal at a work-related event. Low 30s, solid 6.5 verging on 7 in good lighting, nothing special but I was far from home, horny, and you know the rest. Very nice body, perfect C cups, fine ass too. She actually approached me (not uncommon in this country), we had a couple rounds of drinks (she bought, then I bought), after some appetizers to fuel the action we were back at my hotel. Never actually invited her, it was assumed, she was happy to fuck for hours.

    Thursday I left that city for another (same country), gave her my mobile number, said ‘be in touch’. No muss, no fuss, just jizz-splattered hotel bedsheets and smiles all around.

    Friday AM, at new destination, she calls me to thank me for a lovely time and, very politely, says that, if I had no plans that weekend, she’d be happy to come down and party it away with me. She was lacking in American pushiness about it, so I said: Sho-nuff, as I actually had no firm plans. She would fly into town (about an hour, quick hop), then come to my hotel about 9.30am, we’d then head for the vineyards, blah blah blah.

    Friday night I was out on the town with a friend, an occasional swordsman, he scored a very hot Russian chick and proceeded to ditch me about 10.30pm. I was left holding my dick at the bar but, this being that kind of country, a group of 3 hot 20somethings saw me get ditched (bros before hoes, except at close, we all know the deal) and invited me over to have a drink with them. Before long, one of them – the 8+ 23 year old blondie – made it clear she was looking to party and, within the hour she said to me, literally: “Your place or mine?” Hello, 70s!

    Many hours of hard pounding ensued, leading to bliss for us both. Predictably, she was a nasty little slut. Not much sleep, so I felt half-dead when I arose the next, that is Saturday, morning about 8.50 … and realized OH FUCK! I have 40 minutes, and counting, to get this bimbo out of here or we’re gonna have a COPS incident in my room!

    Now this was a dilemma. She was passed out with a hangover and covered in dried sperm, an ugly scene, but I kinda liked her (well, I liked the sex) and wanted to see her again. I knew Girl 1 would be here very shortly, but was leaving again early Monday morning. Any guy can throw a gal out of a hotel room, no problem, being a dick is not a challenge for me – but, I ask you, dear readers, can you do it so artfully that she will come back Monday for more cock?

    Yes, you can. Employing all my alpha charms, I woke her up, got her cleaned up, and evicted her from my room, giving her some ridiculous story about how I had to get out of town NOW for urgent work reasons … action completed with less than 5 minutes to spare … she only left on the condition that I would see her again Monday after work.

    This was a high-stakes game. I suspect Girl 1 and Girl 2 passed each other in the hotel lobby but, nevertheless, Girl 1 arrived at my room on schedule, and wasted no time fucking me exceptionally well on the still-wet and still-warm sheets. How she didn’t see long blonde hairs everywhere I don’t know, she probably didn’t give a shit. We spent the weekend doing what comes naturally, and when she left on Monday AM, as planned, it was with a smile.

    Monday after work, Girl 2 arrived at my hotel lobby at 5.30pm, as planned, and we spent the next three nights together, until I left the country.

    It was a highly successful op. Both gals wanted more of me but, due to the distance involved, knew any LTR was pretty much pointless. Service with a smile, see ya later!

    Postscript: Girl 1 was actual possible LTR material, while Girl 2 had stalker potential. Stayed in touch with both of them, slightly, and a few months later, when I was sort-of close to her homeland (about a 2.5 hr flight), Girl 1 flew to spend another weekend-in-bed with me, on her own dime and time, with 24 hours warning. She’s a cool chick.


  8. How can one explain that an extremely beta move like “I’d love to have you as a girlfriend” could get by her

    Looking back, I think I went into the date with a huge alpha capital, consisting of her physical attraction to me, my playing the exotic angle just right, and the chemistry we had early on.

    Also, my blurting out this statement was very congruent with my body langage. Was what I did a version of “direct game”? At the time, I was very proud of myself for not letting her friend me, and for cutting to the chase.


  9. Wow, Roissy’s readers aren’t much on walking the talk, are they? Four days on and I’m the only one who’s come up with a semi-relevant, recent example.

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  10. @esquire – dude, this is not the place for Cosmo “worst shit I ever did” posts.
    it’s a thread where you are supposed to post openers/convo’s to be judged.


  11. Here are exerpts from my interactions with women, for the judging. As a married man – and don’t start busting my balls, as I live in a foreign country with very egalitarian divorce laws, plus I picked my bride wisely – anyway, as a married man I have to adjust my game accordingly.

    I only go after women when my wife is away, or when I am out of town. I don’t give out my number, and I don’t call girls I’ve picked up, because I wouldn’t like them returning my call some night when I’m at the family dinner table.

    So for me, there is no number close, no kiss close, no other kind of close other than the real one. Which is hard, it only happens one out of twenty times or so. I could have a better close ratio if I focused on milfs/cougars, but as my wife is 24 and hot, I don’t want anything I get on the side to be too much of a compromise – otherwise I might as well stick with her. So anyway, after all this background, here are a few lines that I have adapted to fit my situation, and found they work fairly well:

    Her: But you’re married!
    Me: Of course I am, I’d have to be gay otherwise.
    Her: ?
    Me: Well, women always say “all the good ones are either gay or taken” – I’d be gay if I wasn’t taken, ’cause I’m good!

    Her: But how could you cheat to your wife?
    Me: Oh, so you’ve never cheated to your boyfriend?
    Her: But that’s different, since I’m not married.
    Me: I don’t see the difference. You break a promise and yeah, that’s bad, so you gotta make sure what you break it for is worth it.

    Her: So what does you wife think about you being out to the club tonight, perhaps talking to other women?
    Me: Oh, that’s fine, I can talk to other women. Actually, I can do anything to other women, as long as I don’t sleep with them. But, everything else is fine. Like, I could kiss you.
    Her: I ain’t kissing you.
    Me: I din’t say you could. I just said I could if I wanted to.

    And so on. Of course, not being able and willing to collect a number and follow thru with a couple of days hurts your success rate a lot, but I still do fairly well – actually, better than most of my single friends.


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  13. Text exchange last week (friday). Background info – Chica is an Asian cutie, 5’6″ and about 112 (She also had boob job giving her a nice b cup). She confessed during date last week (wine only) that her fantasy was having sex while cooking, or in her case, baking apple pie, which we agreed to do on Sunday. She also confessed to loving a good spanking and hair pulling after I gave her a friendly swat on the keester.

    vino: lookin fwd to pie

    Chica: Mmmm apple pie and an apron 🙂

    vino: (spank)

    Chica: Pull

    vino: someone’s wet

    Chica: Kissing me gently on my neck and ear …. aaaahhh 🙂

    There was no additional contact that evening. There’s no need to add further to a chick thinking about banging you. Just let her travel that fantasy herself.

    Fast forward to Sunday. I show up. She answers door in little baby t shirt & panties. After the prerequsite making out, etc, we begin to make the pie. I do the crust while she cuts the apples. About 1/2 way through the apples (I’m done with the crust), I decide to see how wet she really is. Eager compliance. Lickety-split, the panties are in a corner, dripping wet, the high pitched sound only a good crack on the ass makes fill the air, mixing with the scent of apples and hot wet vag. As she begins to come, she almost cuts herself with the knife she still held…

    As for the rest of the day & evening, Round 2 was while the pie cooked. And round 3 (for me, about #5 through 10) for her after the tasty pie was had…

    Chica: “That was amazing”

    vino: Ya, that was nice.


  14. on September 14, 2009 at 6:21 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous

    This one happened over the weekend and it was a first for me. This wasn’t just a shit test — it was flat out fucking disrespect. Admittedly, I’m just now breaking into lesser alpha territory. I’m curious to know how everyone rates my response!


    One of my best friends got engaged Friday (sucker!) and an engagement party ensued that evening. One of the best friends of the bride-to-be was there as well, “Ashley.” Ashley and I had met only about a month ago. We had several mutual friends and only had light conversation with a little teasing tied in the first time we met (I didn’t want to come across as weird so I kept it lite and I knew I would run into her again on several occasions). One of the few things I remember about that conversation was that she had just finished law school at UT Austin and just got a job working for a big firm in Dallas. Yep, file this one under “obvious forshadowing!” I was waiting to hear some cunty-speak from her when she told me that but she never quite hinted at it. It was mostly normal convo. “Weird” I thought to myself, “a lawyer chick who is sweet?” A fool; I was not!

    Fast forward to Friday. We’re all out at the bar celebrating. Ashely and I are having side conversations and the teasing and touching pick up. So far, so good. I’m thinking to myself if a hookup happens, then fine. Otherwise, it’s no big deal to rush because I’ll have plenty of other opportunities down the road.

    It’s late, we get back to my friends house because it’s walking distance and we’re all too fucked up to drive. Friend and fiancée go to bed. Ashley and I are the only one’s left. Not a minute after they go to bed are we play-fighting over the remote to the tv. We’re both very close now as she pushes her arms with the remote in the air and I’m reaching for it. We lock eyes and our lips are too close not to kiss. I pin her arms against the couch and grab her hair to expose her neck as I kiss her up and down. We’ve gotten VERY close but still have not touched lips. I spin her around where she can straddle me on the couch and now she can’t fucking stand it anymore — she is shoving her tongue down my throat as I’m spanking her.

    In no time, we’re completely naked and I’m running my finger around her wet little labia. She’s breathing heavily into my ear, holding me close, and tells me she wants me inside of her bad now. I stick my finger inside and stroke her g-spot for a minute, careful not to make her cum. I want to hold out a little longer. She slides her hand down my shaft and grips it lightly…rubbing her thumb on the head of my cock in circles spreading around the precum that has started to come out. I get caught up in the moment and start hitting her gspot hard. She’s loving it so much that she’s moaning. I decide that she’s earned it enough and it’s time to give her what she wants…


    I reach down in to my jeans pocket to get out my durex (extra sensitive! my pleasure not hers!) and it’s at this point that I get a bomb dropped on me…

    Ash: (in a ‘sincere’ tone) “I don’t want to have your kids.”

    Me: (*drunk, stunned, confused, scared, angry, pissed*) “do-waht?”

    Her: “I’ve been going out in Dallas and all of these oil execs and rich men have been giving me attention. Why should I fuck you?” (sits up on the couch and raises her voice) “WHY SHOULD I LET YOU HAVE MY KIDS?” (I swear on my mother she said all of this)

    At this point, I look up at the ceiling. Even in my drunken confused state I know two things for certain:

    1) this bitch is 10 kinds of crazy

    2) i’m not letting this slide

    Five seconds pass and then I stare at her in her right eye for another three…

    Me: (stern manner) “Who the fuck do you think you are pulling that bullshit on somebody like me?!” (begin to put on my clothes and in a slightly put-out tone) “What a waste of my fucking time…”

    From here I get fully clothed, take the only pillow from either couch in the living room, and go lay down on the other couch.

    She is still sitting there, naked, with her back to me, and begins to pout. After sobbing (definitely contrived) for about 30 seconds she says:

    “Are…are you mad..*sob*..mad at me?”

    Me: “Enough. I’m trying to sleep.”

    Not five seconds later she stops the sobbing bullshit and I don’t hear from her anymore the rest of the night.

    8:00 AM

    My friend wakes up to take me to my car. Ashley says in a snotty lawyer cunt tone “Well hellllllo, hiphop” from the couch but I ignore her. I just eye code my friend and slightly grin. Friend and I walk out the door.

    He wants the play-by-play from the night before as he thought that we probably hooked up. I KNEW that if I didn’t get my story out first and set the tone then she would fabricate some shit and try to make me look bad. I had to win the crowd on this one!

    I describe the night to my friend, telling him that she “weirded me the fuck out last night…like CREEPILY weirded me out.” I give him the exact dialogue that I wrote above and we are laughing and cringing at the same time. He also agreed with me about her being weird and tells me that she has done similar shit in the past.

    Possibly the best part of the story? Friend tells me that ashley is the maid of honor and he wants me to be the best man! heh!


    I’m curious to know a grade of how I handled that situation. I know at the very least that I have come a long way and I would have tried to have been “the nice guy” in that situation only a few years ago. Wow, what a little bitch I must have been!


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    • on March 29, 2013 at 9:29 pm | Reply manjackdavey

      My experience has mostly been that psychos are absolute demons in the sack. “Put your dick in crazy” is some of the best advice that was ever given to me. That said, if there was no way to score without revoking your alpha status in that situation, you definitely did the right thing.


    • Sounds to me she might have wanted you to push her down and dominate her. Could have tried that first. Not moving fast, just moving firmly, without saying anything.


    • I say you give her a shit test. Since she apologized, you should have responded something like this while still rolled toward the couch.
      “If you want to apologize, talking aint the way to do it.”


    • on May 9, 2014 at 4:36 pm | Reply BlueEyedDevil

      You should have said, “Don’t worry, I’ll cum in your ass.”

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      • my thoughts exacltyblueeyeddevil. what you should have said was “you’re not having my kids, your coming all over my dick. now stfu.”


  15. HipHop,
    I’d say that you handled the situation rather well. Most guys are so eager to get the lay that they often lose all perspective. I’ve done what you’ve done, many times, ie turn down pussy right before the deed is done, sometimes in mid stroke, because girlfriend said something that was outta pocket. High quality guys don’t have to put up with that. Good for you.

    The Obsidian

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  16. Second Obsidian. One of the most powerful things a guy can do is turn down pussy staring him in the face, particularly when the pussy’s attached to a nutjob (ie – cost in time, emotions, hassle & $ waaaay too much). It’s the best thing you can do for your sanity. It also has the added benefit of making the nutjob nuttier.

    I’d also suggest staying the hell away from lawyers as a matter of course. Been there, done that. Not going there again. I’d rather a psychologist. They’re less crazy.

    I don’t believe I just typed that.

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  17. Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this. It took a lot of vodka to work up the courage to tell my story, but here it is: I am Wendy Schwartz’s ex-boyfriend. Not her baby’s daddy, her other ex. And I’d like to set the record straight about that: it is NOT true that I used to work for her while expecting nothing in return. I expected to GET LAID, that’s what! Unfortunately, I never did.

    You see, Wendy Schwartz told me I could bang her whenever I wanted as long as I did some chores first, a deal I eagerly accepted. (I realize that real men cannot comprehend why anyone would want to bang Wendy Schwartz, but when you’re the ultimate omega like me, you take what you can get.)

    The problem is that I could never um, well, uh, you know, quite get it up enough to actually follow thru, if you know what I mean.

    But I kept trying. I went over to her place every week, always hoping that this time would be different. But it never was. And the one time I almost succeeded, it went like this:

    Her: When are you gonna put it in?
    Me: It IS in!
    Her: Are you sure? I can’t feel a thing.
    Me: Thanks a lot. Now I’m getting soft.
    Her: GETTING soft? I couldn’t tell you were hard.


    The problem goes back to the first time I tried to bang her. She kept giggling at my tiny wee-wee and saying how “cute” it was, and how it was “like a little baby”, and then she started making baby-talk at it. I was so humiliated I couldn’t even get hard. Unfortunately, that first time set the pattern, and from then on I could never get hard with her, no matter how much she spanked me.

    And this was after I had cleaned her house, done her laundry, washed her car, mowed the lawn, bought groceries, cooked dinner, washed the dishes, gave her a massage and a pedicure, and wiped her butt.
    And after all that, she had the NERVE to disrespect me! I mean, how COULD she? I was so mad I could spit.

    But no more! I’m never going to work for her again! NEVER!!

    [stamps foot]

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  18. Note to editor: the 2nd version of my submission is a little more edited. The first was a premature click.


  19. @Herbie – “the 2nd version of my submission is a little more edited. The first was a premature click”

    Chicks really struggle with premature clicks. Just sayin…

    P.S. – Thanks for bringing LR back (in some form or other).


  20. alright, so I have an example from this weekend:

    saturday, late. My friend did all the work, he and I just went along for flow.

    him: handsome, no clear indication of personality or brains, though we bonded over the rash of fire trucking on my block from his station. I have his # not from him giving it, or asking for mine, but from my friend demanding his.

    Text him when I got home (5 minutes later) over the fire truck arriving on street and his immediate response:

    “[name], I’m in the fire-house and I heard them announce the address and so I knew this text would be from you. I hope I see you soon.”

    I know how I feel about this, but I’m somewhat curious whether y’all agree, being such experts on woman tingle.


  21. hiphop:
    I’d have told my buddies that she said the opposite of what she actually said – tell them she was saying things like “No condom, no condom! Help me out, I want to have a baby! No one wants to have a baby with me because they think I’m crazy! I’m not crazy, am I? If you don’t do it I’ll just get some married guy in Dallas to do it!”

    It is literally true that she wouldn’t let you put the condom on.

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  22. Hiphop, you should have said “you don’t wanna have my kids? FINE” Then rammed it up her ass instead.

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  23. On the benefits of direct game and not giving a shit:

    I was at a bar last night with some friends. At some point “Crazy Sarah” came up in conversation. Crazy Sarah is a girl who used to hook up with my friend James.

    11:10: I send her a text about some math class she’s taking as a random “what’s up” message.

    She responds with bullshit about the class.

    I give James my phone when he asks what she said and he texts, “Nice work. Want to hook up sometime?”

    She responds with “And do math?”

    Me: Exactly.

    Her: What kinda math? Subtracting then dividing and hopefully not multiplying?

    Me (30 minute delay, as I was drinking and not thinking about this conversation [all of her replies were immediate]): As long as there’s no remainder I think we’re good.

    Her: Lol if we’re talking about the same thing you would have to be comfy with 2 men. Im kinda engaged.

    Me: That won’t work. How about two girls and no other guy?

    Her: Haha. David wouldnt like that. but who is the other girl? if shes pretty ill think about it.

    Me: Maria, youve met her.

    Her: Oh shes pretty. I can probably do it next time he’s on leave [editor’s note: really nice extra touch to her sluttiness].

    Me: I’ll be in touch.

    Not sure if this works for the “alpha assessment” as my friend sent the text that kicked it off. I still think it’s an instructive example. James completely ignoring what she babbled on about it and straight up asking if she wants to hook up. Note that I’m not physically attractive and have never gamed this girl in any sense during the times I’ve hung out with her (when she was banging James). Drinking, having a laugh with my friends about this crazy girl they work with and blatantly not giving a shit about her led to the possibility of a threesome. Is she serious? Who knows. But it’s still good for the extreme betas to note there’s no fear of “offending” girls by acting like a man. What are the possible negative repercussions of propositioning her? Some girl I don’t care about tells me to fuck off via text?

    And yeah, it may be “beta” that James sent the text and not me, but I wasn’t texting with any intention to game her. My friends were joking around and that’s the direction it went. So I ran that frame.

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  24. I’m younger then most of the guys here, but I figure its best to get this shit straight early.

    This is just the back story to my relationship with the first girl.

    I met this girl (shes about a 7.5, 8 on a good day) when I was a Junior in High school ( I graduated last year) but back then I was pretty shy and didn’t really know how to approach girls.

    I was introduced to her at a party and didn’t talk to her for another year I’d see her around and we’d make eye contact, but i was too shy to make a move. Around my senior year I see her outside of class and I was pretty stoned and decided to talk to her. She was straight up eye fucking me and normally I would have avoided eye contact or somthing and made small talk, but this time I just looked her straight in the eye and started talking to her. I don’t remember exactly what I said because I wasn’t exactly sober, but it ended up with my getting my dick sucked in the car.

    The problem started when I met this other girl. I would have tried to juggle both but all three of us going to the same school ,it just wouldn’t have worked so I told girl number 1 that I didn’t want to see her any more. What happened with girl number 2 is a different story, but lets just say I was Waaay too fucking nice.

    Now that nice block of text brings me to the current situation. I’m back home and I haven’t seen the First girl in a year or so. She sees my status on Myspace and asks me how I been and what not. I didn’t know what 2 say because After I told her that i didn’t want to be close to any women at the time when we were in school together, She saw me making out with girl number 2 the next day.

    So i just decided to hit her back and see how she was, It started with simple convo, like catching up or what ever VIA myspace ( I hate the shit) but eventually she asks for my number again. So we’re texting and shit and she’s like ” I miss you and the way you made me feel”. After she sends me that, I almost replied right away with ” I missed you too” but i decided to kill some time and wait a couple of hours.

    I replied with ” Well what do you miss about the way I make you feel” And she makes me wait like 3 fucking hours and replies with some bullshit ” good” answer at 4am. So I’m like Fuck it, I’m not going to reply, and shes going to have to Call or text me again if she wants to talk to me. Lo and behold, later the next day she texts me asking wassup. I don’t know if I made a mistake here because I was still pissed from last night and was giving her clipped, one worded responses. Then shes like she wants to see me so I tell her I’m only going to be free this Sat. She tells me the following tuesday and I just told her I have a date on tuesday. She didn’t reply, or text me for like two days after that and then today shes like, Do you still want to see me on Saturday?. I told her I’ll see if I can make the time but don’t hold your breath.

    I’m probably going to go and see her, but I’m not sure yet. Today is that saturday so I’ll probably have to make a decision soon, and when I do I’ll post up what happens.

    Sorry about the block of text lol but i felt the need to be as thourough as possible to get the best feedback. What do you guys/gals think?


  25. Well, decided to go and get her and kick it at my place. Wish me luck. Details will follow.


  26. @hiphopanonamous — nicely handled, very important to walk away from pussy when attached to a psycho, 100% of the time. Just as important to NEVER fuck a fem-lawyer.

    Turning away from the wet-and-open vag is enormously empowering and builds your alpha personality.

    That will be quite the wedding … be sure to seduce one of the other bridesmaids at the reception quite publicly.

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  27. Assessments [here] have grand potential

    Unless it turns into free-for-all variant 2.0 of

    “I’m a SuperMegaAlpha and you’re a pussy”

    In today’s America,
    the hardest thing is to accept criticism

    the next hardest
    is how to
    give it

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  28. So a girl texted me with a question, which I answered with one word, then gave her the following:

    Me: I had Chinese for lunch today. My fortune cookie read: “You have inexhaustible wisdom and power.” The Chinese are very wise people, indeed.

    Her: So, I presume you turned the fortune over, and it also read “but your humility is exhausted”?

    Me: The flip side read, “Consequently, you have no need for humility.” As I said, a wise people.

    Her: ha. nice.

    Pass or no pass?

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  29. Usually I find texting time-consuming and annoying. I made two exceptions this morning, but got lazy and only typed up one. Only mine are word-for-word accurate; I immediately delete texts unless they’re truly stellar.

    Me: My liver hurts. I think i need a new one. Are you using yours?

    Her #1: I think you only need half of one to live. We could split a liver.

    Me: I would make the average doctor shit his pants right now, but we can go to a shady clinic in Guatemala anyway. I have a tiny bikini I’ve been meaning to talk you into.

    Her #1: lol what?

    Me: You know, guatemala? Where all the housekeepers come from? They have great beaches.

    Her #1: No, I got the guatemala part, I was reacting to what you said about the bikini. My housekeeper is Polish.

    Me: You haven’t even seen it yet. You’re so judgmental. I hope having half of your liver doesn’t make me into half of a party pooper. And poland? Is your housekeeper anne frank?

    Her #1: I didn’t reject the idea, i merely gasped. Anne frank is dead.

    Me: Hahaha. Then that makes me feel a little better about our highly illegal roadtrip. Anne frank’s death, I mean. What are you doing today?

    Her: [some bullshit]

    Me: When you come back you should buy me a steak. Er, I mean, we should hang out.

    Her: Maybe on the steak, definitely on the hanging out.

    Me: I can earn one, I’m sure. Let me know when you’re free. Otherwise I’ll just hit you up for body parts later.


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  30. Mac

    Saying that you should earn anything from a women, including stake is not alpha.

    You are not in control if she is telling you “maybe…….”

    Furthermore you are trying to hard to be funny.


  31. Isn’t there anyone looking for stable, long-term relationships or do you all get your lifestyle choices from tv and maxim?

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  32. Or women’s mags (for women, of course)?


  33. Lol. Here’s this. So there was this chick at work, kinda cute, she’d dress sorta suggestively, has a tongue ring (not that I promote girls putting holes in themselves, I actually prefer them wholesome). She showed me her couple of tats (another thing I’m profoundly against on a woman). So I’ve been flirting with her for a while, got her #, then she suddenly starts calling me about a stalker following her.

    So apparently she’s still “friends” with someone, invites me over, we have fondue, we get pissed, I start feeding her fondue with my fingers, she giggles excitedly and, well, likes it, alot. My fingers tingle. Suddenly, in our drunken stupor, the “friend” pops in massively pissed, was thinking of “patching things up with her”. Ahem. he storms off, she needs a friend, ends up getting down to her panties, I grab her ass, kiss a bit, I’m drunk and tired and want to go skiing the next morning at 8:30 am, it’s 2 or 3 am already, so she decides to try to give me a blowjob. Even instructs me to grab her hair (oh yeah, she showed me some pretty sick porn). Sorry. Too drunk too tired.

    Moral is:

    Um, 3 is a crowd.Better timing required, esp. if you need to hit the slopes. Alcohol makes you flaccid and tired. But at least I got to be the finger-food and get some groping done.



  34. Isn’t there anyone looking for stable, long-term relationships

    If you look in other commet threads you will see that many discussions here center on long-term relationship skils.

    Also, many Beta of the Month submissions involve men who haven’t been able to keep their wives faithful, serving as case-studies in what NOT to do in stable, long term relationships.

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  35. Long term relationship skills what ya do is ya set up a arm workout system by your computer and get some hand grips like stallone had in over the top in his truck to keep the pimp hand strong.


  36. Long-terms. Will require tons of love AND tons of sex! And understanding, and possibly fucking her friends. (~_o)


  37. Isn’t there anyone looking for stable, long-term relationships or do you all get your lifestyle choices from tv and maxim?

    Many of the people here are more interested in long-term relationships than casual sex.

    More importantly, the difference between casual and long-term relationships is like the difference between college football and pro football, not between baseball and football.

    It’s the same basic rules. Some play styles won’t work between one and the other (Tim Tebow is not going to be a good NFL QB), and there’s no question it requires different skill sets, but you’re playing the same game.

    And to take the analogy one step further, just like you can’t go pro in the NFL without playing college ball, you can’t have a long-term relationship until you pick the girl up first.

    You can restrict your long-term relationships to only girls you’re already friends with, but why would you limit yourself like that?


  38. How’s this. Skip the “pick-up”, just grab the chick, throw her over your shoulder and if she threatens to sue, threaten to kill her lawyer! Cops might be a challenge though.


  39. Text chain from a 23 year old I blow off, hear from every few weeks, fuck, then blow off:

    convo started w/ her saying she has a new phone, is this me. after confirm …

    Her: Would u like to go out on a date soon?

    Me: If you don’t use that word I can hang out tomorrow

    Her: Oh shut the fuck up …

    (I stoneface, wait for it …)

    Her: When I wear sexy underwear i call it more than hanging out

    Me: Those are the rules

    Her: So u make the choice. Sweatpants n chastity belt or something u actually want to see me in

    Me: I dress myself

    Her: Ur male why would u understand



  40. I’m at a friend’s wedding two weekends ago and I see a friend of the bride, who used to be fat, but has since lost a good amount of weight (and now looks decent, I’d say a 7).

    I flirt with her a little early on, but ignore her until the end of the night. I’m dancing with some friends and catch her eye across the room. She waves at me to come where she is, but I shake my head and give her the “no, YOU come HERE” curled finger. She complies and we dance for a bit.

    After about 10 minutes, I head to the bar for another drink. On the way back to my table to grab my smokes I pass her, hand her my phone and say “put your number in here.” On my way back I grab the phone without saying anything else.

    I wait until Wednesday to call her – conversation lasts a solid half-hour. We make plans to meet up Saturday for dinner. I meet her at the restaurant, food is good, conversation is good. She’s still in grad school and pays for her own apartment, so she doesn’t have a ton of cash. So I pick up dinner but tell her she owes me desert. So she takes me to a Japanese place where we get some crazy thing that they light on fire. I ask her to come with me to another wedding in a couple weeks, which she agrees to. End of the night – no kiss close, but solid IOIs during the night.

    Tuesday I send her a txt:
    “You’re coming with me to a concert Friday.”

    She instantly calls me and we talk for a few minutes and she agrees to go.

    Yesterday, she calls me around 5pm, and I don’t answer. She leaves a voicemail saying that she can’t go out Friday night because she gets up at 4am on Friday and 6am on Saturday and that she’ll be too tired.

    I wait until 1030pm to text her:
    “That’s fine about Friday, but if you flake on me for the wedding you’re done.”

    No response yet. I think I did well up until maybe the last text which perhaps was too asshole-ish. Thoughts?


  41. Mac

    Her #1: I didn’t reject the idea, i merely gasped. Anne frank is dead.

    Any female gentile
    under 50
    who knows who Anne Frank was
    is a genius; she’s a keeper.

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  42. Update:

    Her text the next day:
    “Nope we are on 4 the wedding since it starts @ 5 I will have energy.”

    Me, 2 hours later:
    “I plan on being the center of attention so make sure you’re prepared.”

    Her, the next day:
    ” 🙂 you are too much!”

    Me, an hour later:
    ” Did your phone break for a day?”


  43. I’m currently married but looking to split and land on my feet. I’ve already had fun with some chicks who are not LTR material and got that mostly out of my “system. It’s time for me to move toward a more permanent change where I can have more kids with another chick. I know this is had odds with most here because most here are only into the bedroom part but game is mostly about getting what you want not changing what you wan (hopeless oneitis excepted).

    So I “reunited” with a long-ago-co-worker-chick that I’ve always liked and we eye fucked eachother during a 3 hour lunch date. I genuinely like her and she has all the attributes I want (IQ>135, good values). She’s only a 7.5 in looks but will be durable for 20 years – I can, and have almost always had better looking chicks but I’m thinking ahead to LTR. She knows I’m married and looking to split and I think she has mixed feeling about poaching because she’s not 100% whore like most women but still has gina tingle for me. We started doing a few more things together but the eye fucking persists so I’m not LJBF material right now (it helps that she’s only 7.5 – she’s motivated).

    She invited me to try doing one of her hobbies with her and her friends (I don’t want to discuss the hobby for anonymity). I always wanted to learn this hobby but I suck at it since I’m just starting. I went to meet her at a place where this is done and the problem is that she’s teaching me – this is not alpha. So now I feel like a beta in front of this chick because she’s better at this than me and it makes me feel like a pussy. I could sense her gina tingle drain – and she even shit tested me in front of her friends.

    Q1: How to learn something in front of a chick when she’s better at it than you and not seem like a beta pussy?

    So I switched my strategy. She (target1) has a very cute close friend (target2) who is also starting this hobby and was at the place. I started to hang out with target2 and ditched target1 while at the place where we do the hobby. I can tell target2 has the hots for me too but there’s less eye fucking – perhaps cultural since she’s only FoB+4yrs. Target2 is solidly fuckable 8.5. So prettier than target1 but less likely to be what I want in LTR although not too bad. Target2 and me were exchanging contact info when target1 walked up. The look on target1’s face was shock and I could see a dirty look at target2. Target2 instantly came up with a plausible side story of why she needed my contact info (all chicks, even FoBers need this with me anyway because I’m married and they don’t want to seem like poaching whores so they come up with innocent excuses to see more of me). Target1 seemed to accept this but abruptly left 5 minutes later. I left soon after.

    Now clearly target1 and target2 view eachother as rivals for a me taken man. They both have subsequently contacted me, clearly wanting more time doing stuff alone with me.

    Q2: Did I overdo it playing the jealous angle? Now there will be a rift between them. Since I’m married I don’t want jealousy to cause the jilted rival to resort to scorched earth and tell my wife, who only knows about one mistress but is somewhat ok with it since she thinks it’s just for “sex”. Clearly these 2 chicks are for “replacement” – not sex and she might throw a shitfit.


    • Wow buddy — WOW.

      You’re one screwed up puppy.

      You’re an empty self-centered jerk who will learn the hard way you will most definitely reap what you sow.

      Good luck mate — you’re gonna need it.

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      • Chicks do this ALL THE TIME and somehow that’s OK, and two-timing the guy is the always the guy’s fault, HE is lacking (that is, NOT alpha). Insatiable hussies- this only plays into the Alpha’s hands. Ho’s cover-up their whorishness by blaming the man- he’s a goner if he ever gave a shit- poor miserable beta-man. THAT’S why GAME works. If he doesn’t care, the ho’s recognize their hoe-ness and think there is something wrong with THEM- which is the truth. If the guy shows any hint of caring he is toast, the ho will turn it on him. This guy is in the danger zone because he isn’t playing alpha and actually cares a little and is ultimately looking for LTR. That won’t happen. He is playing with fire. But the women ARE whores for BOTH of them doing a married man AND competing for him. They have NO standing for self-righteousness, and no shame, and no justification for revenge- just look how eagerly they are signing up for this S****. And notice how Nicolette blames Ontheprowl for all of it- the ho’s behavior is not even in question. Not that it matters: a woman scorned is a horrible force of nature- Hobgoblins don’t care how pretty their meat is, so long as it screams when they bite it. I pity the fool.

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      • How is it OK when a girl does it? I absolutely don’t believe it’s right. screw her.

        As far as this post, here’s some insight that really highlights the difference between ‘trying’ to be alpha, and ‘being’ alpha. I have no problem learning from a date, that’s just who I am, and I know that I’m likely going to teach her something else later. Again, because that’s just who I am.

        As for the shit test in front of the friends: I’d need to know more, but I think a good 80% of the ‘shit tests’ people talk about here are not actually shit tests, and most of the time when you ‘give her back the hoop’ you come off as a dick.
        “Can you hand me that waters right next to you?” “It’s like a foot away, you can’t walk to get it?” That’s just inconsiderate and rude.

        Protip: Girls don’t like assholes, girls like certain qualities that many assholes exhibit. They’d rather have someone who is confident, assertive, and can convey their value but is not a prick. Nice guys vs Assholes? How is she to know how great you are if you refuse to show her?

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  44. I was at my bf’s friend for dinner last week, and heard a interesting one,
    this guy, told, that when he is going home with a girl he just met, and the girl say, i will just sleep at yours, nothing will happen, im not that kind of girl, then he knows for sure the girl will go to bed with him.
    I will agree that this statement is 100% true.


  45. Esquire… where is this country? Israel? Before I die I want to spend some time living in a place where men and women act normally.


  46. Roissy
    I am in the military and just moved to a new base. Suffice to say there are no women in this area. As an officer I am not allowed to date enlisted women and try to find women away from the local area. Anyways I was messing around online and came across speeddatingraleigh.com. Here is a transcript of our conversations.

    Email 1 : Me to Them

    At your dating events I assume the men are seated and the women rotate? Or how is this setup? I am thinking of coming to one of your events and want to get a feel for the setup.

    Email 2 : Them to Me


    Thank you for your interest in Speed Dating Raleigh. We will be holding our next event Thursday, October 22nd at Noir in downtown Raleigh. The women will be stationary, and the men will move around the room. Clink on the link, Noir for a photo gallery of their website

    Email 3 : Me to Them

    For your next event can the met sit and the women rotate. In my studies/experiences people sitting give themselves undeserved and an increase of perceived value because they are stationary and others move about to and from their table. If this was the case I will be at your event.


    Email 4 : Them to me


    We are trying to keep certain polite edict in place. It may be an old fashioned idea, but women appreciate the courtesy. There will be periods of mingling before and after the session with some breaks in between.



    What does the men moving around have to do with being polite. Just thought it was funny how even when asked they totally ignore my question or ideas….


    • Just thought it was funny how even when asked they totally ignore my question or ideas….

      Yeah, they should change their business model to accommodate a guy who sends them an email, because you’re an officer. Right?


  47. girl met about a week ago. dinner with common friends. very friendly talk and stuff. i do not game (just starting to know the Game) but i am usually pleasant and funny. we are both grad students.

    anyhow, sent message today about going to get a beer. this is exchange:
    Me: Hi S.,

    I am meeting a few friends tonight for a beer. I’d like if you could come.

    It is going to be at 10pm at XX.

    See you
    Hi F!

    I’d have liked to meet up tonight, but I just got back from watching a friend in the Marathon and have been in X Park all weekend, so I’ve got about seven hours of work in front of me.

    Let me know if you all go out again any time soon though; would love to join.

    Hope all is well!

    Me: call you next time then!


    any grave mistakes? suggestion for next steps?


  48. “I wait until 1030pm to text her:
    “That’s fine about Friday, but if you flake on me for the wedding you’re done.”

    that’s a bitter response as if you had your hopes very high for the concert (btw what’s with all the fancy dates? just take her for a drink in town)…it sounded like she had a genuine excuse as concerts can be tiring and she has to wake up early. the best response would have been “NO RESPONSE” in my opinion…why are you inviting her to another wedding where you can find more tail there?



  49. My fuckbuddy trying to open a window in my room, to smoke:

    “A, this is an IQ test, and you’re failing.”

    Then her Asian friend tries the other window: “Jew vs. Asian, who will win?” Don’t know about DC chicks, but racial humor is like asshole game, but funnier. Especially when you talk about other minorities, ie the ones she isn’t a part of. Girls might test you initially, “That’s terrible!” Say another insensitive joke, and she’ll crack up, and quit judging.

    Girl I met at a party:

    “I’m going to become a doctor.”
    “I’m not sure women can be doctors”
    little more back and forth
    *Slaps me across the face, I grab her arms and squeeze her wrists. Talk more, eventually make out with her, then she runs off, and later tells people “some asshole made out with me.” Obvious nut, too bad, woulda been a great fuck.

    Girl leaving my room because she doesn’t *know who I am* and is a little scared, and kinda nutty. I lie in repose on my bed as she stands in the doorway, I tell her, if she’s really concerned, she can get on top.

    Also, she has a proclivity for biting down on people’s lips hard, as revealed by a friend. When she did it to me, I put one hand on her face, looked her sternly in the eye, and said “Don’t FUCKING do that again.” Might have nudged her towards leaving. My friend told me he was scared to say anything about it when he hooked up with her two years before.

    talking to a girl i kissed the week before, she’s going to gay homecoming. tells me how gay men give her so many compliments, i replied, “you’ve got a big problem, if the only compliments you’re getting are from gay guys.” Plus casual use of the word fag.


  50. Recent text conversation with an ex-girlfriend who is moving down to my neck of the woods soon, this is a great example of how to keep attraction and AMPLIFY it based on things she’s saying/things going on in our lives:

    Her: You’re the worst person to take a road trip with ever

    Me: Ohh your a fiesty one… like a powerpuff girl, I think I’ll call you Bubbles.

    Me: So bubbles, what makes you wanna take a road trip with me so badly?

    Her: R u not driving down with me to Florida?

    Me: I am babe I just can’t take a week to do it

    Her: 😦

    Her: okk ok reasonable enough.. when can u do it? End of oct. mid nov., etc.?

    Me: Nov 6-9

    Her: K perfect.

    Me: And don’t make that face at me, brat.

    Her: 🙂

    Her: Did you know I’m hot and awesome and everybody wants to be my friend? (shit test I’ve never seen before)

    Me: You forgot to mention modest and humble.

    Her: No.. I’m so Hot and SO awesome that everybody wants to be my friend

    Me: bubbles your sooo awesome and hot, ill DIE if your not my friend, r u my friend bubbles?

    Her: I suppose

    Me: ciuz if your not, ill TOTALLY die… I just dont think I could bear it!

    Her: Yeah I know, you can have the honor

    Me: You love me.

    Her: r u in class?

    Me: always wanting to know where i am.. you stalker

    Her: No, I’m the hot awesome one, remember that

    Her: Will you fly up here in dec. when ur final are down and then we can take the trip down?

    Me: I don’t have to worry about you showing up at my bedroom window, do I?

    Her: but anyway hot awesome people don’t stalk. I have a tendecy to climb through windows tho… hahaha funniest thing happened last week actually

    Her: (3 more txts explai move ning dumbass story)

    Me: OMG thats SO funny, did that really happen to you bubbes? Thats like the funniest thing ever!!

    Her: ahaha it was hilarious, and dont use sarcasm on me… neway can i visit b4 jan but mite not move til Jan soooo im gonna fly down for a few days -canu pik me up from airp

    Her: Hahahaha

    Me: Maybe.

    Her: May you pick me up from the airport please

    Her: ahddjenfjnjfnrjnfr can your keyboard do that?


    • Clearly these other gents that commented are all theory and no practice. I personally was cracking up the whole time. At the least, you end up with a friend you can laugh with. I liked the way you responded to the shit test: it wasn’t douchie, was funny, and you didn’t accept what she was saying. Then when she pressed you mocked her. Also entertaining and didn’t jump through the hoop, still without being an asshole. **There is no reason to be an asshole to women. As soon as the guys on this site realize this they’ll be getting into a whole new class of dating**

      Continuing on with ‘bubbles’ was not terrible, but she may have thought it a bit strange. Protip: After you designate her bubbles and refer to it once or twice then stop. Wait 15-20 minutes before using it again. It goes from killing the joke to what’s called call-back humor which is pretty damn funny. And Yes, I know exactly where you got ‘bubbles’ and he’s… well, at least he’s not a complete misogynist.
      She sounds like a lot of fun, and realizing this post is 3 years old I’m sure it’s too late, but hopefully someone else will read this and not follow the advice below that could come strait from ‘how to lose friends and alienate people’.

      Also, wanting to fly down to visit is a pretty good ioi. These guys don’t realize that different types of girls have different ways of doing things; this one is a goofball. I bet she is the type that doesn’t frequent bars too often, and when she does it’s actual bars not clubs, because her conversation is more important than the ‘dancing’.

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  51. Brad. I cant be bothered to disect it. But.



  52. I’ll give it my 2c

    Me: Ohh your a fiesty one… like a powerpuff girl, I think I’ll call you Bubbles.

    [fiesty is a beta term, Bubbles is too cutesy]

    Me: So bubbles, what makes you wanna take a road trip with me so badly?

    [re-initiating is beta, and you are bothering to ask her opinion on something, as if it matters]

    Me: I am babe I just can’t take a week to do it

    [agreeing to help her out like that is orbiting. As an ex she doesn’t deserve being called babe. The “can’t take a week” boundary isn’t a very tight one]

    Me: bubbles your sooo awesome and hot, ill DIE if your not my friend, r u my friend bubbles?

    [Awkward sarcasm. I’d have either ignored her or texted “You must’ve changed”]

    Me: You love me.

    [seeking validation]

    Me: always wanting to know where i am.. you stalker

    [seeking validation. This whole time she’s completely controlled the frame and you’re reacting]

    Me: OMG thats SO funny, did that really happen to you bubbes? Thats like the funniest thing ever!!

    [is that really sarcasm? hard to tell. I’d have texted “blah blah”]

    I don’t see any amplification or attraction in this exchange.


  53. Get away from Bubbles. What’s wrong with you?

    She was a complete jerk from the beginning of the conversation.

    She can shove her ‘don’t be sarcastic with me!!!’ up her Completely Unattracted To You Butt.

    You know what you should’ve said when she said ‘everybody wants to be my friend!!’?
    ‘I don’t believe you. Are any of them women? That’s how you know you’re not a bitch.’
    ‘So you’re saying you’re an awesome whore when not doing the dayjob, then?’

    Well, the above ain’t game.


  54. on October 27, 2009 at 2:22 pm | Reply gunslingergregi

    Dam bhetti let the claws out on that bitch dam.


  55. ^^ Hahaha yeah she did.


  56. I am HypnoLord. I hire models to come to my house and pretend they are hypnotized. Is this good game?


  57. I forgot which one was the girl in Krausers.

    My favorite recent exchange, excising the irrelevant parts, this had late night on a weekend, already out, pre-bang:

    Whore: Ur lucky i hang out with you

    Me: really

    Whore: I’m better looking than you

    Me: On what planet

    Whore: On a planet of normal good looking people

    (Note: I’d be the first to tell you when I’m batting over my average, but it wasn’t the case here)

    Me: When are you coming over

    Whore: fuck that i”m not going all the way up there

    Me: (street corners)

    Whore: Nope..



    She calls

    I just tell her where, get off the phone, she comes over like 45 minutes later – bang bang bang, dump because of a piss poor attitude.

    I can’t help but think these assessment posts are mainly for chest-thumping, but whatever.


  58. Is this too bitter sounding to be an alpha treatment of Ms. Cox?


  59. Tommy: I forgot which one was the girl in Krausers.



  60. Good job Brad! The rest of you should stop hating, because I think he handled the whole exchange well. Maybe not how you would do it, but well nonetheless. Some of you have the tone of a bunch of bitter little hater trolls. I personally give credit where credit is due. His ex is pretty funny. She might be just a little self absorbed, but that could have just been her being facetious in the text exchange. Impossible to tell without knowing her.

    Brad: Your ex is still into you. She wouldn’t be calling and asking you to go on a road trip if she wasn’t. I don’t know who broke up with who, but she definitely wants your attention focused on her. To what end, I can’t say.


  61. my bad, I meant Brad – I just read your breakdown of his not that critically.


  62. OK, here’s my Facebook submission for comment. I met the girl in the queue at Starbucks a week ago. HB8 Indian, 18yrs old (I’m 30+). Went direct, FB close at the till. Add as FB friend the next day. My close routine was “Listen, you seem like fun. Next time I’m doing something exciting I’ll invite you out”.

    So the next FB exchange goes as follows. Comments inside [these] is to protect anonymity:

    ME 02 November at 12:39
    HB8, It’s fashion party night at [club] on Thursday! We kick off at 9:30pm for a few drinks and introductions, then as the party hots up we’ll be owning the dance floor. DJ [dude] and guests providing the music.

    It would be great if you’d come along. If you play nice you might even get a cheeky dance with me. Bring a friend. I’ll introduce you to everyone.

    Send me the full names so I can add you to the guest list. Free entry of course. For dress code and so on, check out the site: http://www.%5Bclub website].com/

    The club is for over-21s, but they relax that when I bring a crowd. Krauser

    HB8 02 November at 12:42
    haha sounds awesome. And its just before my birthday as well! Thanks for the invite, its nice to hear from you. Ill ring my friend, ask her, then let you know x ps. Who else is coming?

    ME 02 November at 12:54
    At the moment it looks like a particularly monstrous entourage is forming. We’ll probably have to meet at the pub across the road ten minutes earlier to make sure everyone knows everyone and no-one gets lost.

    HB8 02 November at 12:55
    Lol ur one popular fella!

    Krauser 03 November at 09:22
    We’ll have a table and drinks provided. The fashion show starts about 9pm. I think it’s a Brazilian theme. Probably 20 of us to start with.

    HB8 03 November at 10:40
    Its my friends birthday the same day! But if she’s not doing anything major ill defo come. Is it alright if I bring 2 ppl with me?

    Krauser 03 November at 10:47
    That depends. Are they fun?

    HB8 03 November at 11:11
    Hah course they are. Plus itd be nice to have ppl I know around.

    Krauser 03 November at 11:17
    Sure. Bring two friends. I’ll make sure you all have a place at our table and introduce you to everyone before we go in. Just don’t bring 2 guys, because we have a reputation to uphold there 😉

    HB8 03 November at 11:20
    lol what reputation? And yes, they are both girls, names are [Girl 1] and [Girl 2].

    Krauser 03 November at 11:28
    Just checked your friends list – Catwoman and Smiley Woman [HB8 and HB7 18 yr olds]? OK, you’re all in. I’ll ping the promoter and get you added. If you can’t make it, let me know ASAP so I can give the places to someone else.

    It’ll be awesome!

    HB8 03 November at 11:31
    Looking foward to it.

    HB8 03 November at 11:41
    I just looked it up – Is it a lingerie party?

    Krauser 03 November at 11:47
    Where did you get that idea? No, it’s a normal club having a normal fashion night.

    HB8 03 November at 11:50
    A google lookup, probs not the best way to find something out lol. Have to admit, it defo wouldve made the night an interesting one!

    Krauser 03 November at 11:52
    Well, try to keep your clothes on. Remember, I have a reputation to maintain. 😉

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    • Cringe. You need to change your game completely. There was so many wuss moves in this I lost count.
      -Don’t add ANY woman on FB. Why? They get too much info on you too soon. You need to intrigue her by giving her snippets of info. She will want to know more about you ie meet up for a date etc.
      -Always CALL a woman 5 days after you first get her number(it shows confidence that you’re not afraid to be rejected or turned down and she will wonder why you waited so long to call).
      -Arrange a date and get off the phone.
      -Go on a quick, cheap date and charm the knickers off her(Why a cheap date? Ya don’t wanna put too much value on her too soon and if it doesn’t work out or she’s a nut job, ya haven’t spent a weeks wages on her).
      -Make her laugh and its a positive if she’s talking 75% of the time. I’ve never failed to get a second date. Escalate from there. Good luck!


  63. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time. I’m a bit drunk so I’ll probably have some grammatical errors but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

    I’m a bit perplexed by what happeend tonight. For starters, I was at a local sports bar with a couple of my friends. There was a decent ratio of guys to girls there, but not many were what I consider atractive (blonde, white: thats pretty much it) I was with two of my friends, both of whom dont think I can pick up girls ( fuck em but this might be an important detail).

    I managed to spot a girl who fit my style and saw that she made a little brief eye contact with me. She was with another girl and a guy who were both kissing each other on the cheek and basically being lovey dovey while my target was talking to them and a random old dude wearing a multi colored fedora.

    I got bored with my friend who decided to bury his tounge with a girl who is a notorious slut (in a city as big as Houston, that pretty notorious) and went to my target and asked her feelings on PDA. Even before I asked the question, I noticed she perked up and turned towards me as I was walking over.

    She responded exactly as I had antiipateced (negatively) as well as her friend who asked why I was asking these questions. I was prepared to answer the friend with an appropriately snide but disarming answer when her obvious boyfriend stepped in and made it know that I was hitting on his “grilfriend” and I need to walk away.

    Did I meet another guy who saw through my game and wanted to white knight, or did I just fuck up. Perhaps I should have done what my gut told me and called him out on his obvious lie, and maybe tried to fight him in some comical way.


  64. This chick is my next door neighbor – I met her and got her number, but she will not text me back, no matter what I do (I hate talking on the phone so I never call). I am thinking she is hesitant because she is my neighbor, even though we never see each other at the complex and I haven’t had any in-person contact with her except for the one time we met and exchanged numbers.

    Me: Call it a hunch but I’m feeling lucky today – I feel like you are going to respond to this text.

    Her: I gotta hand it to you – you don’t give up.

    Me: (obvious sarcasm) yeah well there are so few attractive girls in atlanta i didnt think i could afford to let you get away, which has been surprisingly difficult considering you live next door. lets grab coffee tonight.

    Her: do you still want to grab coffee if i have a boyfriend?

    (above really smells like a shit test to me since she didn’t say anything about it when I got her number or as a reply to any of my texts)

    Me: do you still want to grab coffee if I have a girlfriend?

    Her: is she also one of the few attractive girls in atlanta?

    Me: I had to look far and wide but I was able to find a few. Anyway, since you are so generally difficult I am taking that as a yes to coffee. I have plans at 8, I’ll knock on your door at 6.

    Her: I won’t be home from work by then…guess you will have to get lucky some other day.

    Me: Working past 6 on a friday? that is rough. You should get a better job. I am a pretty lucky guy so I think there will be another day soon.


  65. bills217

    “I’m feeling lucky today”.
    You’re the prize, not her.

    “I feel like you are going to respond to this text.”
    Only girls and homos “feel”. Setting a pretty low bar for yourself if her answering a text is gonna validate you. So you’ve gotten this off to a beta frame

    “i didnt think i could afford to let you get away”
    Why not. If she gets away, you find the next ho

    “lets grab coffee tonight”
    At night? Decaf, then. Way to early to suggest it. And if she’s next door, why didn’y tou just knock?

    “do you still want to grab coffee if I have a girlfriend?”
    By answering the question, you failed.

    “Anyway, since you are so generally difficult I am taking that as a yes to coffee.”

    “I have plans at 8”
    Obviously fronting.

    “Working past 6 on a friday? that is rough”
    Letting her control the frame.

    “I am a pretty lucky guy so I think there will be another day soon.”
    You just co-opted into being slapped down and LJBF’d. Give it a week and you’ll be her chauffer and emotional tampon.


  66. I wonder if bills217 is a troll because that exchange with your neighbour is hilarious.

    I don’t think she is interested in you at all.

    Time to move on.


  67. Here’s a lil’ background. I’m 18 and grad. last year,she’s 17 and is still in school.Light flirting during class led to her sending naked pics and playing hard to get over the summer.Haven’t seen her in several months and haven’t talked to her in a few months…This is what we texted to each other today

    After a few mins of catching up….
    Me : I gotta question for you
    Her : what’s that?
    Me : When you gon let me tap that?
    Her: ahaha yuh so funny
    Me : dead ass
    Her : why yuh wanna sex meh?
    Me : cuz we both know we want it
    Her : who said we wanted it
    Me : ur body language
    Her : ahaha
    Me : See? the signs are all there!
    Her : Chile Boo!
    Me : it’s cool,i know what your going thru right now
    Her : Whats that?
    Me : U feel honored,shy and horny
    Her : not really
    Me : ur right,your not shy. But 2 outta 3 is good enuff for me!
    Her : ahahah
    Me : ur too old to be playing hard to get sweetie
    Her : yuh right & and who said I was playing hard to get
    Me : Me. your beatin around the bush,and it needs to be the other way around if you know what I mean
    Her : is that right?
    Me : Realest shit I ever said
    Her : sooo whats up then?
    Me : ima come pick you up tonight at 9

    There’s a few more texts of her saying how she’s going outta town tonight and Im basically getting a rain check…

    So what do yall think?


  68. Easy there, Krauser… no need to tear the poor bastard (bills217) apart. He’s here to improve his moves just like the rest of us. There are some baaaad stories on this page but reading your previous submission man i seriously cringed… “they relax when i bring the crowd”; fashion party; facebook close; a cheeky dance??? you cant be serious, you’re beta too!

    Yeah look he probably could’ve played it a bit cooler but it wouldn’t have made any difference in this instance. as a man (alpha, beta or other) you need to decide if a girls playing hard to get or if she genuinely doesnt want you. and in this case, he probably knew the answer already when she didnt text back in the 1st place. but he thought “fuck it, i’m going for it anyway.” least he wont die wondering huh.

    but back to Krauser’s comments… in this case our boy bills217 wasnt the prize – cos she didnt give a shit. so no need to be delusional, just move on, you’ll live. ask yourself, what would a normal person do?? be the cool guy, end it on your own terms, not reading from a script cos you’ll fuck it up.

    only way you’ll change the outcome here is if a) you save her life; or b) she sees you with a girl thats better looking than her.


  69. tosh.

    Agreed, it’s harsh but that’s the point. Same reason I put my submission up to be shredded – it’s a learning experience. BTW, the girl did come out (with the two friends) and I k-closed. But yeah, a few beta things creeped into my exchange.


  70. Nice work Krauser!

    Ok then, your honesty has inspired me to share a story of my own as I’m keen to learn something from this recent experience… happy for you to tear this to shreds! should mention I’m a newbie to the site…

    I dated a great girl since beginning of the year – she was incredibly sexy, smart, and funny – and everything was rocking along nicely. Without boring you with the mechanics of the relationship I broke up with her about 2 months ago after failing a major shit test (jealousy & insecurity related) & she’d started to become emotionally distant. Should repeat “I” broke up with her.

    After that I cut off contact, until she chased & chased then we eventually hooked up again about 4 weeks ago. After 2 weeks of solid pounding not dissimilar to that when our relationship was at its best, out of no where she suddenly flaked on me over the weekend.

    Again, not wanting to put myself in the place of beta chasing… when she called next time to say she wanted to see me, I was aloof but agreed to catch up, then cancelled on her a few hrs before I was spose to see her. When she called & texted again wanting to see me, I didn’t respond until after the proposed date with a simple text “hey def wanted to see you but something came up & didn’t have phone on me. Talk soon.”

    A weeks now past… no contact either way. I’m thinking about her a lot & I’d definitely like to get back together with her but not sure how to go forward. Any thoughts?


  71. Hi Roissy,

    Short recap and then I’ll paste the e-mail conversation I had with this girl for your ruling.

    I went salsa dancing one night and out of roughly 8-10 different girls, ended up dancing with a cute, young brunette (we’ll call her “Jane.”) I list the number of girls not to brag, but because it becomes relevant later on.

    After an hour a female friend of mine comes up to me, grabs me by my arm and says, “Hey, that brunette you were dancing with a couple songs ago?”

    I said, “Yeah?”

    “She just got done interrogating me about you in the bathroom. Who you are, where you live, what you do, etc. She SOOO wants you!”

    Later on that evening the cute brunette then asks me to dance, is a little inebriated, but is nice and fun and kind. She asks if I teach (which I do) and whether she could take classes or go dancing sometime.

    I said, “sure” and gave her my card, shortly thereafter leaving the club (I know you recommend closing the deal that night, but I just wanted to go home and sleep).

    I didn’t think much about it until about three days later, when I noticed she hadn’t called. I was kind of surprised because she seemed quite interested, but it’s such a common event for girls to flake out I wasn’t “shocked.” I dismissed it as another typical girl and forgot about it.

    A full month later she e-mailed me which begat the following conversation;

    ” Date: Thursday, November 12, 2009, 7:52 PM

    Name: Jane
    Subject: Salsa lessons
    Comments: Hi John-
    I don’t know if you recall, but I danced with you a couple times at “Salsa Inc” in Smithville for their first salsa night. Anyway, you really got me thinking that it would be fun to take some classes. I love to dance and I think I kind of know what I’m doing but I’d like to be more confident. Are you still teaching classes? If so, how do I go about signing up? I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 20:27:48 -0800

    Hi Jane,

    Yeah I think I remember you. You were the blond girl with the kind of shorter brunette friend? I thought you were already pretty much quite the accomplished dancer, at least at the merengue.

    In any case, the best way to sign up for classes is to find out which classes are closest to you. Smallville already started two weeks ago, so it’s a little late for that. I do have classes in Ogdenville starting up and also in Springfield, which might be convenient (I’m assuming you’re in the Northern metro).

    In any case shoot me back an e-mail and I’ll see what I can find.


    — On Fri, 11/13/09,

    Hi John-
    Well, I’m actually medium height and brown haired. That’s ok that you don’t remember me exactly. There were lots of girls there that you were dancing with so no worries. I’m really not that accomplished of a dancer, but when I danced with you I sure felt like I knew what I was doing.

    Smallville would be the best location for me. That’s a bummers that it already started. Will there be another class at any time? I actually live in Ogdenville so Springfield and Smithtown are kind of out of the way. Do you know of any other classes around my area?

    I appreciate your help!

    I look forward to hearing back from you!


    Hi Jane,

    Wow, yeah, not really. Ogdenville started and we’re already pretty much already into the second lesson. Springfield and Smithtown are out of the way for you. I don’t much have anything else on the north side. If you were interested I could use an “assistant” for my Ogdenville salsa class. I could certainly teach you the basics and then the two moves we have thus far, and then you could rotate into the Ogdenville class. I have 3 couples so if there was another girl I could demonstrate with that would improve the class. I apologize, but I can’t remember you, but I don’t recall dancing with any “bad” dancers, so you must have been at MINIMUM pretty darn good.

    In any case, let me know if you’d be interested. I could meet you early at the studio where class is held and I could show you what you’ve missed so far and give you an informal private lesson. YOu’d be doing me a favor more than anything else, so there’s aboslutely no way I could charge you. Let me know if that would work.



    In any case, I got out of the game a while ago, but wondering if I still have it or not.



  72. ^^^that commerical will never see the light of day in this country.

    and for good reason too.


  73. is that guy an alpha?

    he is married to three 3 women and has 30 kids and they all live on welfare in belgium !



  74. @chic noir:
    maybe its because its for a newspaper for another country.


  75. Expired Alpha

    Started well but your responses are far too long. Should’ve just gone right to the day 2. Something like “I’ll be in Bar XYZ on Whateversday. Come along and let me get a better look at your moves”

    If she’s into you she’ll come, and be well dressed up too.


  76. on November 22, 2009 at 6:50 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous

    @Expired Alpha

    Hate to be a dick, but you’re clearly missing a few things here.

    When you first met her, why didn’t you get her number and take a little initiative? It sounded like the game was already over and you didn’t take advantage. You gave her your card? Dude, come on, you can’t expect a girl to give too much of her power away and EXPECT her to call you. Sounds like she was blatantly hitting on you and you weren’t reciprocating. There’s nothing wrong with making her work for it a little, but don’t expect her to do all of the work.

    Then she sends you an email a month later (obviously trying to reengage) and you still don’t help her move the process along. I see where you sort of negged her by calling her blonde instead of brunette, but it really wasn’t necessary as it’s clear she’s already attracted.

    Then your last paragraph:

    “In any case, let me know if you’d be interested. I could meet you early at the studio where class is held and I could show you what you’ve missed so far and give you an informal private lesson. YOu’d be doing me a favor more than anything else, so there’s aboslutely no way I could charge you. Let me know if that would work.”

    This really isn’t how I would word it, but you should have probably kept your email to this instead of going on about the reasons the classes have filled up. Although you have the girl attracted I bet she’s going to be tired soon if you can’t take the hint. You kind of cheesed it up with “You’d be doing me a favor more than anything else..”

    As far as your Game is concerned, none of your actions really struck me as “alpha.” It seems to me like you might be the type that has no problem getting girls attracted but don’t close nearly as much as you should. It’s alright, I was once that way too.

    Game Grade: C-


  77. there was even a show of this guy and the host was critiqued for admiring him lol !



  78. Does impregnating fat underclass monsters and having the feral thugspawn raised on welfare count as alpha?

    I thought alphas impregnated HOT women. Any fool can run impregnation game on the omega dregs. It just dilutes your seed, dragging down the genetic line.

    I mean, if this was the standard of alphaness then the Alpha Assessment will be won by whoever donates to the sperm bank most regularly.


  79. @brad- would the NYTImes or the washington post run a commerical like that???? heck no.


  80. Are these alpha thugs who get the women, or omega dregs who can only impregnate crack whores? Quite a rogues gallery. P.T. Barnum could’ve built an attraction from these freaks.



  81. Just stumbled on this blog and have always been interested in how some people are alpha and others omega. Have questioned what I am many times and have to say look like an alpha but talk like a beta. I am consciously doing it too, even if I don’t want to, I guess I need more practice, but to late for me, am married with kids now.



  82. Business trip a few years ago with a hot colleague. We were staying 2 nights in the same hotel, so the logistics were perfect. Complication was she was recently married. We arrived late the first night, checked in the hotel and met for a late dinner at an expensive restaurant on the company dime. So it had all the look of a date without the substance. To clarify any ambiguity, she wouldn’t stop talking about her husband and their new dog. It were as if her husband, and sometimes the dog, were seated at the other chairs at the table. She was hot, I was loaded with desire, but had that sinking feeling. Then inspiration struck. It was about 10 pm. We were finishing the wine.

    Me: Oh, I’m running late. I have to go.
    Her: Where?
    Me: I have a date.
    Her: You have a date? How do you have a date?
    (We have a presentation to give early the next morning.)
    Me: I have a date with the flight attendant. The pretty blond.
    Her: You are joking, right?
    Me: No, we are meeting for drinks at a bar. So don’t wait up for me, dear.

    The next morning I am as late as possible when I meet her in the lobby, tie loose around my neck. On the drive to client’s office, I play up being tired, as if I hadn’t slept much.

    At the end of the business day, she asks about dinner plans.

    Me: I can’t do dinner tonight. I have a date.
    Her: Oh, the flight attendant?
    Me: No, Taylor had to fly back today.
    Her: So you have a date with a different girl?
    Me: Yes.
    Her. Are you bullshitting me? How do you come to a strange city and suddenly have a date?
    Me: I don’t think this city is so strange. Hey, if my date doesn’t work out, we can go out for drinks later.
    Her: No, I want to get to bed early.
    Later, about 9 pm, I call her.
    Me: Do you still want to go our for drinks?
    Her: I guess your date didn’t work out?
    Me: No, it worked out great. But I told her I had to get to bed early tonight and couldn’t stay. But I feel like going out for a drink if you want to.
    Her: Ok. Why not?

    At the bar:
    Her: So do you often go out on dates when you are on the road?
    Me: I guess businessmen on the road make for easy marks. I feel like such a whore. In fact, I feel like I need to take another shower now.
    Her: Ew.
    Me: Listen, can I ask your opinion on something? Do you think it is unmanly for a guy to go down on a woman before sex?
    Her: Absolutely not!
    Me: Oh, sorry. I guess since you are married I shouldn’t be talking about the single life.
    Her: No problem. (She gets a weird, introverted look on her face.)
    Me: Which do you like better, giving head or getting it?
    Her: Getting it.
    Me: Well, there’s the problem. Me too.
    Her: Don’t you think you’ve had enough for the night?
    Me: Yes, I have.

    She orders another drink and grabs my arm. I let her have me.

    I don’t know anything about Game, but I think I got the idea for this strategy after watching the Tao of Steve.


  83. @Lazarus. I commend you, sir


  84. Tao of Steve is a good alpha movie. The main message:

    Be Excellent in Her Presence

    Remove Your Desire

    Be Gone


  85. carnival was getting close, and all the guys were teasing the one among all who had a girlfriend. whenever the subjects of girls/booze appeared, guys would remark ” don’t talk about that near XXX, he has girlfriend”

    then on the week before carnival, one of the guys said he couldn’t go, family matters. so our firend XXX had the perfect opportunity, there was a place in the car, in the hotel and even the parties’ tickets. the only problem was his girlfriend

    so he sends her a bouquet of flowers, anonimously. coincidentally, he arrives at her home soon after she received the flowers. facing such a filthy whore, who receives flowers from unknown people, he finished the relationship

    then he decided to get back from carnival early, arriving back home on tuesday night. then he calls his devastated ex-girlfriend on ashes’ wednesday night, around 2 or 3 AM, and tells her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her, that he spent the whole carnival thinking about both of them together, and she comes to his home.

    they are still together. it happened last february


  86. On the subject of Taoism, I wonder if Roissy will ever reach the Bruce Lee revelation that “the best technique is no technique”. Note that this isn’t the same thing as saying “just be yourself” — if “yourself” is someone lacking in ability. Practicing techniques may be good training, but it is only training. If you memorize a bunch of tactics, it likely will work often against you in the field, because every situation is unique and requires improvisation. Inner muscle memory and strength, flexibility, and quick actions/reactions are what matter. If you are too aware of what you are doing in the moment, you are going to be self-conscious and use the perfect technique at the perfectly wrong moment.

    I don’t buy the “women dig assholes” theory. It only appears that way from the outside. Women think guys who dump them are assholes. If a guy kicks your ass in a fair fight, you are going to think he is an asshole, because he kicked your ass. I agree women are more attracted to assholes than pussies, but they are even more attracted to men who have nothing to prove. All others things equal, an asshole will lose out to a guy with who has nothing to prove. (However, the asshole will think the other guy was an even bigger asshole, redouble his own assholeness, and head directly down the wrong path.) The more inner strength you have, the less of an asshole you should be. Winning a battle has nothing to do with assholeness. The assholes just refuse to believe this.


  87. on December 1, 2009 at 7:05 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous


    Excellent work.


  88. on December 2, 2009 at 5:07 pm | Reply 40 acers and a mule

    i always get excited when new submissions come up, its my favorite read. likewise, im always disappointed there aren’t more of these posts, especially since the average roissy post gets like 300 comments in a matter of hours. i dont understand this discrepancy. surely there are more than 93 people out there in the field of battle who need the help of anonymous internet lurkers. maybe this section needs more publicity?
    im also impressed by the honesty of the posts that are on here. there not all “… and then i banged the shit out of her” which is what i would expect from this site. although maybe the lack of success in these posts is indicative of an overall lack of success among the readership, which would in turn explain the lack of stories that demand posting.

    lastly, the guy with the “carl sagan” handle always cracks me up. nothing gets girls hot like talking about the cosmos. was the name stephen hawking taken? and i mean no disrespect to you good sir.


  89. lastly, the guy with the “carl sagan” handle always cracks me up. nothing gets girls hot like talking about the cosmos. was the name stephen hawking taken? and i mean no disrespect to you good sir.

    Carl Sagan was the uber-alpha male.

    and Cosmos was the shit!


  90. Met this chick at a wedding. She said she was 46. I am 26.

    First saw her in the buffet line.

    ME: Whats your name?
    HER: Laurie. Yours?
    ME: Laurie…. I once dated a stripper by that name.
    HER: Thats not a very nice thing to say to a girl.
    ME: She was a cute stipper.
    HER: Well, I guess thats okay then. haha
    ME: I’m Clint, but the ladies call me Dr. Feelgood. *Shakes hand
    HER: Well nice to meet you.
    ME: Who are you here with?
    HER: A friend. You?
    ME: I never bring a date to functions like this. Listen, I will come by later to dance with you. *Turns around and leaves flat

    We danced a bit and ended up making out for most of the evening. I even got a call from the bride the next morning asking WTF was going on at her ceremony. At the end of the night, I was bombed and my ride was leaving so I took her phone number and bailed. (I know… Alpha would have went home with her but her ‘friend’ was a guy and I was bombed so I split)

    2 days later, I called her with no answer then this text convo took place:

    Me: I am taking bids for my available nights this week. checking to see your offer… 5:08 PM

    Laurie: I bid 3 peanuts for the pleasure of ur company :-p Just kidding I’m too old for u honey… 5:12 PM

    Me: My only other bid for tomorrow night is 2 pickles so what time do you get off work? 5:15 PM

    Laurie: Seriously it doesn’t seem right. Let me think on it. I’ll call ya tomorro. Thnx for all the dancing! Good night & sweet dreams 0:-) 5:18 PM

    Me: You’re not old enough to have lost your sense of adventure so I will hold you to it. I will be free around 6. Be sure they are salted peanuts… 5:22 PM

    The next morning I received this text:

    Laurie: Hi there. Sorry I can’t go out but thank u. Have fun!. Nice meeting u. 9:54 AM

    Me: Why? 11:19 AM

    My thoughts on that particular reply was to see if she would admit the age being the problem and I could game around it for the close but I didn’t get a response.

    That was Tuesday. Today is Friday. What is the best way to handle it from this point? Attraction is obvious. She is very tight and attractive for her age. No further communication has taken place.


  91. @ AlphaLife

    You should tell her you subscribe to a dating website & in the online community you’re known as “AlphaLife”. Nothing says alpha like that… except maybe when you texted “Why?” after 4th blowoff.

    Tell her you followed the cocky-funny routine as instructed by the seduction gurus & according to the alpha script she should be attracted to you by now irrespective of age barriers because you’re the prize, not her (not sure how you do this but I’m sure the regular alphas on this site will have some input – Firepower, Carl Sagan, etc). Maybe let her know you’re usually much more alpha than this – that when you suck face with a woman all night you generally close, rather than going home with your friend.

    If that doesn’t work I say go all out and not contact her, she’ll come around… “What happened to Dr Feelgood?” she’ll wonder “Is he charming the pants off someone new?”

    Don’t beat yourself up, Laurie’s a man’s name.


  92. By text.
    She knows i have a girlfriend, im aware she has a boyfriend. we’re both in grade 12, and it’s after 11 pm.

    Me: uhh, wtf?

    her: may i help you?

    me: you may

    her: whats up?

    me: the show at sucked, i just got home.

    her: aww, i was at my boyfriends family dinner thing.

    me: awshum. and now?

    her: nope! just got home.

    me: woot. im not the only loser.

    her: aha, shut up!

    me: it’s okay, im probably moreso. im watching star trek with my dad.

    her: im watching cribs with both my parents ahahaha 🙂

    me: oh my. you win.

    her: ahaha ! thanks 🙂

    me: My god im bored. Come over, drink eggnog and kaluha, eat chips and pirate music with me.

    her: what kinda chips?

    me: i have a variety.

    her: regular?

    me: kettle cooked. im actually eating some right now.

    her: mmm yes. 😀

    me: sick. do it. =P

    her: you live so faaaar

    me: excuses. at least make some interesting conversation.

    her: you can come here =P hmmmm whats interesting to you?

    me: if it was cool if i stayed over i actually would. hm. explosions. jamaica. adventurous individuals.

    her: You could sleep on my floor.. =P i like explosions hahaha

    me: Carpet, pillow and blanket and ill do it. i still wanna do something fun tonight.

    her: hm, well i would love to have you, itd be way fun, however my parents may shit a brick.

    me: i knew you werent legit.

    her: aw. im not even allowed gay guys overnight!

    me: what if i told him i was SUPER gay? i could grope you and tell them it was disgusting.

    her: haha, maybe if you wore fishnets and eye glitter.

    me: mm, thats a little too far.

    —sometime later—

    her: mmm i love drunk people! i wish i was drunk.

    me: gah. i cant for another two months.

    her: aww why not?

    me: mah liver will die =(

    her: oh yes. good reason not to drink.

    me: yeahh, i guess.

    her: mhm 🙂 cuz you kinda need that.

    me: If my liver wasnt so vital i’d be so crunk right now.

    her: Your already crazy(in a good way) you dont needa get drunk.

    me: yeah, but that way i dont have to take as much responsibility for my actions.

    her: lol i guess so 🙂

    me: =D

    her: i go nuts when i drink lol i get super energetic and want to dance

    me: i want to see you drunk.

    her: you’d love it. i just get rele loose and have no filter

    me: oh, you think im into loose girls?

    her: oh , loose verbally.

    her: and yes youd love it. 🙂

    me: sassy.

    her: :O

    me: 😉

    her: we do need to get drunk together when youre better tho! anywho i have to get up kinda early so im off to bed. thanks for the entertainment. 🙂 goodnight

    me: im up for that. g’night. =)


  93. Hay Jag is taking you on with her new blog “The Players Strike Back” but your Picture is cool http://jagcarrao.wordpress.com/


  94. on December 7, 2009 at 11:53 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    any NYC heads up for running game with me at the feministing happy hour december 16? here are the details



  95. Aussie

    (You need to learn the game young padawon. I hope this makes sense.)

    The main problem with this entire string is that she fluffed you over and over and you went along with it. Fluffing is when she ignores certain suggestions or even takes what you say and makes it funny to avoid giving you a definite answer. She was basically manipulating the entire conversation and you kept expressing interest with every turn.

    This says to her:

    1. You are not a sexual threat. (She disarmed you and led you on multiple times. Therefore – No threat to her vagina.)

    2. You are not getting any pussy and need it from her. Girls always think three steps ahead – I guarantee that she automatically figured that if ur gf wasn’t giving it up, why the hell would she? She knows that your girl controls you too.

    3. And ultimately that you are a nice guy that she can be friends with… Once you are here my friend there is no leaving… Always say to yourself ‘NEXT!’ and get ur nut somewhere else.

    P.S. Guys that end up getting a girl like this by doing what you’re doing are the ones (40 years later) buying her whatever she wants, wearing the cardigan sweater that she bought you for your birthday with your money, and getting boned every couple months at best.

    Just move on from this one bro. I’d dump your gf too if you’re not gettin any. Get you’re inner game figured out and go from there. Here are some good articles for you to start with:





  96. Mickey Rourke engaged to Russian model

    She’s 24 and he’s 57.

    Of course that’s 57 in Mickey Rourke years which puts him in his mid 70s for a normal man.


  97. on December 9, 2009 at 3:40 pm | Reply dirtyharrycallahan

    Tiger Woods:


    Some of his text game:

    Tiger: Hey Sexy I can’t come out this week. Something came up family wise (July 20, 3:04 p.m.)
    Jaimee: That’s okay I hope everything is fine … would have liked to see you
    Tiger: We will make it happen
    Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday (July 26, 11: 22 p.m.)
    Tiger: what kind of present your naked body
    Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone
    Tiger: alone with him that is
    Jaimee: haha I wish
    Jaimee: miss u (Sept. 27, 6:38 p.m.)
    Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy
    Jaimee: no new boy toy … still running dry… been on 2 real dates in the pat 2 months 😦


  98. on December 9, 2009 at 3:42 pm | Reply dirtyharrycallahan

    he hits several beta pitfalls throughout.. I’m sure some of the alphas here can take solace in that, you know rather than take solace in their billions & Swedish Model wifes.


  99. on December 9, 2009 at 4:34 pm | Reply dirtyharrycallahan

    Clinically Insane Homeless Game:


  100. dirtyharrycallahan

    Tiger Woods:


    Some of his text game:

    Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday (July 26, 11: 22 p.m.)
    Tiger: what kind of present your naked body
    Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone
    Tiger: alone with him that is
    Jaimee: haha I wish
    Jaimee: miss u (Sept. 27, 6:38 p.m.)
    Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy

    I haven’t been following this closely but Tiger Woods sounds like a total wussbag talking to this woman about her new “boy toy” and who she’s sleeping with.

    Sounds like David Alexander territory to me.


  101. Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM

    Nailed it on the head… and then you missed and bent the nail. Most of us who have penises don’t feel the need to subjugate or demoralize our women. In fact equality is something we look for within a relationship. However, most of this site is simply to empower insecure men who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise… That is why men with experience post here. Some readers think that it’s all about being the “alpha male” and some of us just have good insights about the hearts and minds of women. I think it’s about being the strong confident understanding man that most of us are at heart, but some too insecure to let it show. As a good friend of mine put it – “Don’t try to catch running water.” Let the water run. It doesn’t matter if the girls a spitfire of a blond or an eclectic artist. Don’t deprive her of her essence. Man’s essence is that of the protector, the emotional rock, and the leader. True leaders put those they lead ahead of themselves. All of this is assuming that we are talking about what you were talking about – relationships.

    HOWEVER – This site and your audience are mostly concerned with picking up HB’s at the bars. Next time you post you would be better off just writing to COSMO!



  102. Posted this on another thread, but I figured this deserved a repost. Whatevcer you say about Tiger, the man has textbook text game.

    Oct. 1, 6:06 p.m.
    Jaimee: is it orange county time yet?
    Tiger: oh stop 🙂
    Jaimee: hahaha I know … but you canceled on me last time so the anticipation is killing me … im finding myself watching sports center … haha j/k it isn’t that bad
    Tiger: its never been that bad
    Jaimee: very true … I only watch football
    Tiger: Figured you would say that. Big black guys.
    Jaimee: u are my first, last and only black guy! U should feel special
    Tiger: why do I not believe that?
    Tiger: [later, in response to Jaimee’s mention of a date who was “full of himself”] you kinda like that for some reason which is weird why you decided on me.
    Tiger: having an asian mother and a military father you cannot and will not ever be full of yourself
    Jaimee: I have fun with u, you always make me smile and I am not afraid to be myself or say anything to u … the day I met u I thought u were going to kick me out a few times but for someone reason you didn’t and u have told me numerous times I talk to much but slowly as I get to know u iI think your absolutely amazing
    Tiger: you are wrong I’m bone thugs in harmon

    Oct. 15, 6:40 p.m.
    Jaimee: Something wrong babe?I was excited to sepnd time with u this week
    Tiger: I will you Sunda night. Its the only night in which I am totally free but I have to leave at 530 Monday morning to drive up to the valley for an outing for one of my sponsors. See you at 8 pm on Sunday in newport
    Tiger: don’t text me back till tomorrow morning. I have to many people around me right now

    Oct. 18, 3:40 p.m
    Tiger: send me something very naughty
    Jaimee: some things are worth waiting for lol … besides im at work
    Tiger: go to the bathroom and take it
    Jaimee: haha ur too much


  103. Roissy,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while incorporating a lot of your wisdom, Im a FOB South asian guy and no I don’t fit the profile of the typical computer nerd with a thick accent 🙂 I dont seem to have problems with white women, they are less judgmental than hot women of my own race. Americanized south asian women would rather hook up with a white guy or an americanized south asian dude than FOBs. So when I’m gaming these women I rarely bring up the fact that I have been in the US for less than 10 years. So I met this Indian girl online (born and raised in the US, elementary school teacher in NJ) & we tried to meet up once in NYC and that didn’t work out, she was with her friends in a loud club, I didn’t see the cards in my favor, I hate dance game, loud environments, so I bailed..since then its been text game..Here’s my entry for Alpha Assessment Monday.

    Me: I’m a fan of law and order Gotto love court room drama! What have you been up to? (I try to put some content..rather than the standard ‘How are you?’ opener)

    Her : U say the randomest shit haha..notin watchin the office u?

    Me: Haha well I got you to respond, can’t stand square girls or boring guys If you lived closer I would have ordered takeout and invited u to watch TV with me

    Her: Yeaa..when r we hangin?

    Me :Pick the date I’ll pick the place and try to leave ur posse behind… I’m mildly intrsted in u not them:) but I’m down to meeting ur friends too

    Her: Lol..so i’d hafta make a day for u specifically..we can arrange tat

    Me: Yes I am that special Please make arrangements! Btw do you have any tattoos?

    Her:Cool..yea i have one…u?

    Me: Me too ..might get another one this month..just got done playing soccer Heading to a bar..later!
    (I cut the conversation. i wanted to end it first)

    Her: Bye bye

    (A couple of days later around 12 at night on a weekday…)
    Her: Vodka redbulls are good

    (I dont respond till 10 hours later)
    Me: Hello Queen of randomness:).. I’m giving you brownie points for drinking on a weekday

    Her: Lol…thats funny i forgot i texted u

    Me: Lush (One word response..thanks Roissy)

    Her: Maybe yesterday..not the usual..going away drinks for my good friend whose movin to israel

    Me: So do you want me to help you pick a date ?

    (No response that day..A week passes and I follow up )

    Me: Hi! What’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while

    Her: I know busy busy with work…how r u

    Me: You should skip school and hang out with me..Education is over rated and kids are such brats!

    Her: I love my kids

    Me: Aww..if ur funny& cute we should make some….

    Her: Haha well u gotta make that decision on ur own

    Me: Allright lemme be the judge of that when we meet up

    Again, no response…Here’s my question..When do you pursue like a mofo..I see black guys being aggressive all the time when it comes to dating, but the community gives counter intuitive advice- lay back, chill let her pursue you..etc etc..Let me know your thoughts on this are
    Also, theres a good chance that she might be less interested in me when she learns I’m a FOB, but I’m going to pretend its a non issue and game on


  104. This talk of Tiger as a “former beta” is ridiculous. Tiger is not someone who simply won the state lottery. Sure, golf doesn’t sound alpha. But look at it up close. It is aristocratic. Every moment of Tiger’s life in which his brain was engaged on golf, his brain was really engaged on scoring hot pussy. This is true for every other golfer, and Tiger repeatedly out competed all of them. And he scored lots of uber-hot pussy. Where is the beta part? (some stupid txt messages? )


  105. O-Face

    How come you didn’t try to set up a date with the broad (i.e. naming a day, time, and location)?

    Once you throw a specific date out there either she accepts and you move forward, or she flakes and thinks of an excuse. If she has a legitimate excuse then she will probably try to reschedule. If not, time to move on.


  106. You should tell her you subscribe to a dating website & in the online community you’re known as “AlphaLife”. Nothing says alpha like that… except maybe when you texted “Why?” after 4th blowoff.

    Tell her you followed the cocky-funny routine as instructed by the seduction gurus & according to the alpha script she should be attracted to you by now irrespective of age barriers because you’re the prize, not her (not sure how you do this but I’m sure the regular alphas on this site will have some input – Firepower, Carl Sagan, etc). Maybe let her know you’re usually much more alpha than this – that when you suck face with a woman all night you generally close, rather than going home with your friend.

    If that doesn’t work I say go all out and not contact her, she’ll come around… “What happened to Dr Feelgood?” she’ll wonder “Is he charming the pants off someone new?”

    Don’t beat yourself up, Laurie’s a man’s name.


    Ya, not sure why Alpha Life thinks he still has a shot.

    The “why” was the worst. I’m almost thinking he’s just trolling.


  107. I submit the writing of the Hero of male-cad writing: Tom Robbins.

    “Listen, Larry,” you say, doing your best to coat
    your singsong with a with a husky phlegm, “it just isn’t going to work out
    with you and me.”

    “Work out?” He seems genuinely puzzled.

    “Yes, you know, isn’t going to lead anywhere.”

    “Oh, you’d be surprised where it might lead.”

    “I bet I would. But it isn’t I mean, as a relationship, it
    has zero future.”

    “Future? Oh, I get it. You mean you don’t foresee a pot of
    gold at the end of our juicy rainbow. You mean that our intimacy isn’t likely to
    yield a dividend You disappoint me, Gwendolyn. I hoped you might have a watt or
    two more light in your bulb than those poor toads who look on romance as an
    investment, like waterfront property or municipal bonds Would you complain
    because a beautiful sunset doesn’t have a future or a shooting star a payoff?
    And why should romance ‘lead anywhere? Passion isn’t a path through the woods.
    Passion is the woods. It’s the deepest wildest part of the forest; the grove
    where the fairies still dance and obscene old vipers snooze in the boughs.
    Everybody but the most dried up and dysfunctional is drawn to the grove and
    enchanted by its mysteries, but then they just can’t wait to call in the chain
    saws and bulldozers and replace it with a family-style restaurant or a new S and
    L. That’s the payoff, I guess. Safety. Security. Certainty. Yes, indeed. Well,
    remember this, pussy latte: we’re not involved in a ‘relationship’, you and I,
    we’re involved in a collision. Collisions don’t much lend themselves to secure
    futures, but the act of colliding is hard to beat for interest. Correct me if
    I’m wrong.”

    My life’s hectic enough right now. I’m not sure I could even
    handle a normal relationship, but certainly the last thing in the world I need
    is some kind of ‘collision.

    “Au contraire. A collision is exactly what you do need, because
    collisions are transformative. A relationship can occasionally fulfill a person,
    but only a collision can transform them. It’s the same for cultures as it is for
    individuals. Shall I cite historical examples?”

    “What makes you think, Mr. Arrogant, that I need to be

    “Because that’s what we’re here for. It’s obvious. Or do
    you think we’re here to service our debt?”

    “I’m a growing person. I’ve grown a lot. How would you
    know whether I’ve grown or not?”

    “I’m not talking about growth. Little tadpoles don’t just
    grow into big tadpoles and call themselves frogs, the way little children grow
    into big children and call themselves adults. Tadpoles are transformed into
    something entirely other.”


  108. Carl,

    we did try to set up a date before, it seemed like she had a legitimate excuse..chaperoning the kids on a school trip..so it does seem like she was genuine..I just dont want to be super aggressive and try to set up something every week.


  109. another friend’s tale

    he went to nightclub an started kissing a girl. His girlfriend, informed by a friend , came in and saw him kissing the other girl

    GF turns around and leaves the club, crying, with her (girl) friend by her side. Someone tells my friend about what happened and he goes after her. they meet in some hamburger restaurant, around 3 or 4 AM

    GF starts that hysteric female behaviour. so the guy turns to her, and without any hint of a smile or laugh, asks her upfront: “whom would you believe in, your eyes or our love?”. and he won her back, and they still dated for two more years


  110. on December 13, 2009 at 1:20 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous


    The age difference is unlikely to be the issue.

    “We danced a bit and ended up making out for most of the evening. I even got a call from the bride the next morning asking WTF was going on at her ceremony. ”

    Put yourself in her shoes. Everybody at the wedding saw that. From what you wrote it sounds like you did everything right until this point. She was probably having fun with a cute younger guy and probably would be willing to fuck had you led the interaction correctly. She probably spoke to her friend and got bigtime buyer’s remorse when she realized what happened.

    You’ve got to be more discreet, man. This is VERY important in social situations.


  111. we did try to set up a date before, it seemed like she had a legitimate excuse..chaperoning the kids on a school trip..so it does seem like she was genuine..I just dont want to be super aggressive and try to set up something every week.

    And she didn’t offer up a different day?

    If a girl is interested in you she is will make it a point to see you.

    I think it’s time to move on. The fact that she didn’t reschedule the first time plus the fact that you have insinuated that you would like to see her and she hasn’t reciprocated means that you are dead in the water.


  112. All the comments here are pathetic.

    In some random club bathroom. I smile at this pretty Asian 8. She smiles back. I walk up.

    Me: Hello
    Her: Hi

    I go in and we start making out. Leave 5 min later. The club was crowded with Don Hardy wearing faggots.

    Go to her place 15 min away. Of course I drive my car. After fucking, no cuddling or kissing just cleaned up and bounced so I can watch top 100 fights on spike tv. I have her number, she is one of my steady fbs now.


  113. http://theobsidianfiles.wordpress.com/

    And there are postings on almost every blog in the PUA realm.

    Dude. I cannot believe the ripple of this whole lr bullshit. Any man that can have a following of this magnitude and cause this much craziness without even admitting who he is, is on an Alpha level far beyond that of some of the great Alphas of history.

    Personally, I see this as an opportunity for Roissy to turn this blog into a profitable and REALLY popular endevour far exceeding the exploits of TuckerMax.com. If anything, I think the exposure would create more interest in the women towards him, opportunities for book sales, and a lot of room for advertising profits and sponsors. Being the man people love to hate is an extremely cash friendly occupation.

    I have been a quiet follower of this blog for 2 years and with much respect and admiration, I felt obliged to humbly post Roissy himself here in the Alpha submissions area. Good luck.


  114. What the King is trying to convey in a round about way is that he goes to Asian massage parlors


  115. This new chick I work with, We’ve only talked maybe 4 times and each time we were flirting and talking as if we known each other for a long while.

    Now my 1st thing is….I’m not gonna,and haven’t, asked for her number yet because I remember reading somewhere on this blog about women liking mysterious men, keep her guessing, and acting like I don’t care.
    My 2nd thing is…the age difference. She’s at least a year or two older than me, me 18 her 19-2??, but I perfer older women so w/e. So with me building this rapport with her, when she finds out my age she can’t really say too much because she see’s how fucking awesome I am regardless the age difference.

    Also…the last time we talked she was asking me shit like when was my last relationship and how many women I’ve slept with, keep in mind I don’t even have her #, facebook, myspace,nothing! And she was bragging about how’s she’s a virgin,so that Virgin blog entry is just in time.
    But I figure once I put her on the team I’ll keep her for entertaining purposes because our last convo was huge turn off.


  116. Follow-up from the Alpha Assessment Submission’s first contestant – me.

    Roissy said of me: “AAS on a scale from 1 – 10: 3 (Your instincts are poor…”

    Guess why my instincts are poor?

    I got my testosterone checked and it was closer to the typical levels for women than for men. So my game is only lubed with about half a nut’s worth of T. Doctor’s care will ensue.

    Guys, if you’re otherwise healthy but have that “AMOG me/I’m easily intimidated” aura about you, get yourself checked.

    A lot of you are looking to blogs like this to help you remake yourself. And game training will spur you to outperform your natural endowments. But there could be a medical component to your lesser betatude.

    Sure wish Roissy would follow up his 6/1/08 post entitled “Steroid Questions.”


  117. on December 24, 2009 at 3:34 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    I had a dream that I was in a ski lodge with a bunch of hipster douches. The female lead in my dream was a petite little brunette lawyer whose career aspirations focused around “practical idealism” and other catchphrases for wealth redistribution. I’d been out a few times with her in real life but finally pulled a “nuke the pussy from orbit” routine by laughing at feminism and tossing the “end women’s suffrage” grenade into a group conversation. This, months ago, was the last time I’d spoken to her.

    So in my dream, we have paired off amidst the hippie losers, and she begins a striptease for me. Blouse off, boots off, panties off, with a skirt still concealing her prized possession. She casually adds that their will be one more thing before she lets me ravage her: the small matter of payment. She moves away from the couch I am sitting on and glides over toward her handbag. “I’m going to need $118.50,” she explains, batting her eyelashes.

    I hold firm and ask her if she’s serious. Oh yes, she assures me. I chuckle at her and make overtures toward going to bed by myself. She is shaken, and lowers her price to fifty dollars. I exclaim, “I will not pay any money to have sex with you!” Several of her beta orbiters with snug plaid flannels and Marty Stouffer stubble pop up like gophers to cheer me on, gleaning my pomp. She is crestfallen; I stumble off to crash by myself on some futon in another room, and wake up.


  118. backstory: I was friends with this girl when I was a kid and in the summer I hung out with her once and we smoked weed went well number close. I then left for school.

    Currently returned for winter break.
    Girl left run-on paragraph sized facebook wall post late at night wanting to hangout and get a drink, couldnt get ahold of me, showing some obvious signs of interest…intriguing.

    texts however are diff.

    ME: Hey XX
    HER: Hey Whatup
    ME: You wanna chill on Wednesday?
    ————-no response———-
    ME: Lemme know whatup soon im making the rest of my plans tmrw
    HER: K well where do ya wanna meet lol and what do you want to do?
    ME: Im feelin gettin a drink at XXXX

    then nothing.
    is this one a dead horse?
    She has a sister I can hit on so maybe I should do that


  119. My basic rule (possibly stolen from someone online i can’t remember) for texting girls is always give less than them.

    If she sends me a paragraph, she’s getting a sentence. A sentence, a word. A word, nothing.

    Long drawn-out convos are pointless. If she wants to talk that bad, I’ll just arrange a date.


  120. And if she doesn’t respond go about your day. Even if you’re waiting by the phone, don’t let her think you are. Give her as much time as she’s giving you (i.e. don’t start responding instantly until you’re both chatting)


  121. Regarding the guy refusing the lawyer chick at the last second because of the “I’m not having your baby” remark:

    I have to give it a failing grade because the objective of an alpha is to score if the woman is healthy and you weren’t going to get warts from the episode or whatever. She was just giving you a major test.

    Her words were comforting to me. I am an older man, more than twice her age, and she would possibly prefer me to have kids with than a guy her own age who hasn’t proven himself yet.

    Your answer needed to be “that is what condoms are for” and make a joke about dancing babies etc yourself.

    Yes, she hurt you with that remark, but it only told you that she was waiting for me. You had the opportunity to nail her anyway and you didn’t. Which is good for the older man who gets her. He doesn’t need for his women to have slept with too many men her own age. She could have gotten warts from a guy her own age.


  122. I’m 20.. She is Early 30’s.

    ME: *Picture message* I Told you what would happen if you gave me that handle.

    her: You’re out again?, Thought u were all sore from new years 😉

    Me: I’m never to sore to party.

    her: Just don’t tell anyone where you got the bottle.

    Me: I won’t, What are you up to?

    her: Taking clothes off, getting ready for bed.

    Me: I’m all For no clothes, Not so much for bed though haha.

    her: Arousing…Aroused.

    me: All this talk of Arousal Is going to tempt me to pay you a late nate visit.

    her: Seriously?

    me: Send me your address and find out.

    her: *Address*

    me: I’ll be there in Half an hour.
    — Some stuff came up so I was about.. 3 hours late.–

    Me: I’m here, Figured you needed the extra rest So i came a little late.

    her: Already at the front door.


  123. on January 5, 2010 at 6:09 am | Reply This is a new

    Background: Lady works at bar I hang out at. She’s into me calling me darling, etc. Solid 7. So at New Year’s Eve party the DJ plays a song I know is her favorite. I open my arms and she rushes to dance with me. Close body contact and she feels like she’s on fire. Then she starts crying uncontrollably. I ask her, “Did I make you mad?”. She says no, just happy memories. That’s all she’d say.

    Then she goes back to work and takes call from someone.

    At midnight she looks like she wants to be kissed but when I move in she stiffens up. I wrap it up and leave early telling her I’d see her next week.

    Question: What does her reaction mean? What should I have done? What’s my next move?


  124. on January 5, 2010 at 5:01 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    somebody had hit me the other day for a rendezvous

    was it the bitch that fucked the goodie and the dungeon crew?


  125. This was a short conversation on AIM between myself when I was a junior in high school and this chick when she was a sophomore at a local University. We’d talked for a minute at a bonfire, but one of her male friends literally threw a bitch fit of jealousy and she left. Mind you, this was earlier this year, and I’d just been introduced to the world of game.

    Her: hey loser

    Me: I’m afraid you have me mistaken.

    Me: I’m a winner.

    Me: Trophies and medals and the like.

    Her: i’ll be the judge of that one

    Me: You must be a Russian judge to score me low.

    Me: It’s ALWAYS the Russians.

    Her: yep, i’m Russian. I forgot to tell you

    Me: You seemed hairy enough to be Russian.

    Me: I’d hate to see how you rate me on the pommel horse.

    Her: ew. i’m not hairy.

    Her: yeah, i bet you’re terrible at it.

    Me: I’m halfway decent on the parallel bars.

    Me: Haha, why all the doubt?

    Her: idk. just a hunch i have

    Me: You should get some surgery for that hunch.

    Me: As luck would have it, I’m a demi-god.

    Her: hah wow that was a good line

    Me: I’m full of ’em.

    Me: I keep my really good lines for big game hunting.

    Her: oh i see

    Her: so do i ever get to hear any more of these lines

    Me: Do you think you qualify as big game?

    Her: idk

    Her: that’s why i’m asking yu

    Her: you*

    Me: I might have to let one fly on you one of these days.

    Me: Just to assure the kill.

    Her: lol

    Her: so how are we supposed to meet up on tuesday if i don’t have your number?

    I just asked if hers was on facebook, we had some short conversation about nothing, and I signed off. I’ll be 18 on January 17th, so what better welcome to manhood than taking my shot on the jumbotron?


  126. Real alphahood. I saw a woman that had all the personality traits you would see in a good old fashioned wife and mother. Soon as I saw those personality traits, I told her “We’re going out”. No drama, just a bit of insecurity but therapy’s taken care of that.

    We’ve been going out ever since and it’s been a year and a half. And I’ve been only the second guy she’s ever been with and her first long term sex partner so there’s still a lot of tread on those tires.

    Enjoy your bar sluts and STDs, guys. I’ll enjoy a damn good pot of chili and a tight pussy from that same woman after she’s done cooking.


  127. on January 14, 2010 at 4:08 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous

    Beta backslide moment: please critique!

    Backstory: girl that I have not seen in 3 years that I used to date. I went out with the upper hand. We’re in a crowd of about before christmas, I’m teasing her and being a bit of a dick, she is getting noticably turned on that I’m not buying into her frame.

    So, it’s been about a month. I text her:

    Me: So we gonna play nice next time we see each other?

    Her: I always try to be nice…

    Me: Me too. you’re just an easy target

    Her: Why is that?

    Me: You’re bratty

    Me: but still adorable

    I could punch myself in the gut for that last line. Not my finest moment and I knew seconds after sending it that I fucked up. She’s definitely the type that is turned on when she’s chasing…show the least bit of interest and the game’s over. I dont’ want to get into a relationship…i just wanted to fuck her. Booty call text would have been more appropriate in hindsight.

    Any suggestions?


  128. on January 14, 2010 at 5:38 pm | Reply big playah k vizzle

    i agree. punch yourself in the guts & move on… you should’ve put her away on the night if she was ready to go. lesson for next time…

    i know this type of girl you speak of, they want to wanted but they’re not turned on by “adorable” or “bratty”… they want a bit of uncertainty. personally i dont think you should’ve waited a month either… if she’s half decent she’d get hit on all the time, so within that month she’s probably got a dozen or so other offers/options (just a thought).

    your text would’ve had to be perfect game to get desired result in this case. too much pressure on yourself i say… next time you go to hit send, hold off for half hr or so. you’d be amazed how many potential lays/dates/relationships have been quashed by beta text messages. they just hang there in limbo for both parties to cringe over.

    lastly… dont underestimate the reason you stopped seeing each other in the first place. by giving her time to think i reckon you’ve wound back the clock 3 years in her mind. she mightnt wanna go back there. if she desexualized you back then, she’s desexualized you now.

    just my opinion, hope it helps! dont be too hard on yourself.


  129. on January 14, 2010 at 10:58 pm | Reply hiphopanonamous

    @big play

    Great points. All of em. Thanks man.


  130. Roissy,

    I want to see a post about Great senes of game in the movies ‘Legends of the Fall’. If you haven’t seen it already im sure it will become a favorite. Not to spoil it for you or any of your minions but it presents a crystal clear picture that women would rather be loved by an Alpha even if only for a short while than be provided for by a white knighting beta for the rest of her life.

    Submission of Brad Pitts character Tristian Ludlow as ultimate Alpha and role model for all and Aidan Quinn’s character Alfred Ludlow as the quintessential beata boy.

    This movie contains every aspect of what you teach and would sereve as even more proof (not as if any more was actually needed) that game is real and does matter.

    Enjoy first and thank me later


  131. There is nothing Alpha about impregnating a fat under age substance abuser who has a struggle spelling her own name and comes from a family where no male has worked for 3 generations at least. Also there is nothing Alpha about catching any drug resistant venereal disease.


  132. on January 27, 2010 at 8:54 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    paul shirley is a fucking gangster!!!


  133. on January 31, 2010 at 6:19 am | Reply Cannon's Canon

    this gentleman lives just a few miles away from me


  134. Went to a party friday,and got this girl’s number.
    Texted her the next day later that night.
    Said she was at her sorority’s retreat all weekend,and hasn’t hit me back since.

    Should I jst forget it and charge her to the game, or try another “hey,what’s up?” text sometime this week?


  135. GrapeDrink

    Young man I would say forget her. If she would rather spend the weekend doing her finger nails and toe nails with her bitches and not with you then I suggest that she is not worth cleaning your teeth for.


  136. on February 1, 2010 at 6:05 pm | Reply big playah k vizzle

    @ GrapeDrink

    this is just my opinion (i’m sure others will disagree) but lately i’ve started thinking there’s something massively beta about texting a girl as your first contact… unless you’ve got text game like David a few posts above – that guy was fuckin’ brilliant, loved it!

    its beta because it shows fear… the “safe” option. you end up overcompensating for this fear by trying too hard to be cocky/funny via text (or even being too bland to show you dont give a shit) & it ends up either getting lost in translation and/or falling flat. personally i’ve never closed quality ass with texts. again, i’m not shitcanning you cos we all do/have done this.

    i think texting should be limited to people you either cant be fucked talking to on the phone, and girls where the outcome/response doesn’t faze you. or confirming plans. anything else, i say phone & be your best grapedrink self.

    also, unless you’re certain you’ve found your soulmate dont ever call the next day… and even if you have, still wait 2 days. it screams “you’re all i’m thinking about”.

    as for your future course of action, it doesnt sound promising but have you thought about sending her a photo of your cock next to a coke can (for size referencing)…?


  137. David. Young man!

    Dont keep us all in suspense, did you bag your trophy or did she declare hunting season over?


  138. I think I should add a few more details to my question.
    We met at a college party and she said she’s a freshmen. I know that can be any age, but Im assuming we’re around the same age and Im 18.
    The only reason I texted her the next night was because me and my boys were looking for a party, I just never got that far to ask her what she was doing later that night.

    Also, I have no problem with talking/having convo’s on the phone. It’s just nowadays I don’t feel like giving that much emotion,time and effort to any women besides wifey.


  139. GrapeDrink,

    It is a fact that women think men who try to get a first date via text are either weak or married or have a steady gf and don’t care so much about the answer. If you are married at 18 you have more problems than just getting a date with this woman.

    Men: Do NOT text a woman to get a date. Confirming time and place after agreement for a date might be OK. I choose to only use text to say I will be 10 minutes late (not late on purpose).

    That said, from what you wrote GrapeDrink, there is no problem and you can still call this woman at any time this week and try to get a date. Almost all women will be busy the the first few days after giving out a number. They play games like that. You mostly have to roll with the flow and be confident. if you got a number just on Friday and still haven’t gotten a date, that is NORMAL for women who don’t have STDs.

    Ian was joking when he said send a photo of the Coke can, unless we are talking about being in a completely different social class than most web readers.


  140. I think i’ll just text her one more time while Im bored at work tomorrow for the hell of it.
    If she doesn’t text back, oh well. I only texted twice in a 5 day span so I know I don’t look thirsty.


  141. GrapeDrink

    Text her again – you must be joking. She is probably getting hundreds of texts from other guys and your just another in the que. Forget it.

    I once took a high maintenance chick to a rather expensive restuarant and she proceeded to play with her mobile all through the first course. Naturally I asked the waiter for the bill, paid it and left her sitting there. In otherwords dont waste your time.


  142. GrapeDrink,

    Call her if you care about closing a date at a specific time and place. Use text only for saying you will be late and, after the date, maintaining her interest while you date other women – or actually spend time with your wife.


  143. Whoa, I didn’t wanna date the broad just wanted to get info on parties, build some rapport and then maybe fuck.
    Texted her earlier tonight and she didn’t respond, pfft oh well.

    Thanks for the advice though.


  144. So… the woman was planning on coming up to hang out with me (she lives an hour away). She had work stuff going on that day and probably wasn’t going to get to my place until 11PM. However… it was another shit test day which occurs just about once a month. Yay!

    Her: I don’t think I want to come to your place anymore.
    Me: Why’s that? Getting tired?
    Her: I just don’t feel like you want me around

    Me: ???????? I don’t understand how you even think that.
    Her: You’ve just been acting different this week.
    Me: How so? Example please.

    (fairly reasonable question since we had barely even seen each other this week due to her work schedule)

    Her: I don’t want to give you one.
    Me: Ok… so it’s monthly shit test day again?
    Her: Don’t be so dramatic.
    Me: Heh… Pot… Kettle.

    Her: Ok… I definitely laughed at that.

    She came.


  145. Fireballs!

    Monthly shit day? Dont you mean monthly shit week?


  146. on February 7, 2010 at 2:08 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon



    i emailed roissy with some of the worst confessionals about a year and a half ago. now i’m all better. i had a functional christmas morning with my family, so i’m not missing that link to fulfillment; that should prove it.

    give that girl up! “go fuck ten other girls”… nah nah go drink 10,000 more drinks! that’s the ticket… btw my girl just messaged me, the one i was unsettled over… i didn’t respond!


    i’ll hit her back on monday… da fuck outta here, asking me how i’m doing on a friday morning, stank ass hooooo. i’m basil ransom up in this bitch!


  147. fireballs ?????

    You what!!!!!!!!!!

    Alphas dont propose – that is an instant disaster – you want her running to her greedy feminist lawyer 5 years down the road, oh never ever propose to a women, she will take you for all your worth!!!!


  148. About a week after I started dating this girl, the following text conversation took place:

    Me: {nothing}
    Her: So a thought just occurred to me. You can have any girl you want and you picked me. Thank you.
    Me: You’re welcome.


  149. @IainM

    That wasn’t me proposing. I just thought it was pretty funny. Roissy had a post a while back about how to propose Alpha style … that is… if one is so inclined and dumb enough to do it.


  150. fireballs

    I know just thought I would add the warning. All of my male friends and acquaintances who proposed to girls have since been taken to the cleaners by the girls feminist lawyers. In contrast those of my male freinds and acquaintances who were proposed to by the girl are still married. Still have thier favoured toys and still have thier health and sanity!
    Figure that one for it has me scratching my head!


  151. @ Ian

    Well, a good guy friend of hers knocked on the door as we were starting to get physical and he just kind of walked in to her dorm. He looked at me, I lifted my hand in a lazy ‘hullo,’ and he freaked out. Ruined the mood and all that shit.

    She wasn’t a beauty, so I didn’t waste any more time trying to hit it. Knowing I could have was enough.


  152. on February 17, 2010 at 2:56 pm | Reply A Capitalist Pig

    Background: My roommate (RM)’s FB and her roommate wanted us to come out with them last night to this shitty super loud bar that half the time plays chopped and screwed and the other half country. And its analogous to the clientelle, a weird fucking dynamic. However it was minor night so all the fucking skallywags were out in force. First time I’ve hung out with the girl and she’s sexy as hell.

    In the car there: We don’t really talk much, mostly me to my roommate and the girls talking about dumb shit. We get there and she walks across the street with me cuz my roommates FB takes forever with everything so she’s with me the whole time and we just fluff talk while I buy some shots and RM+FB finally get there. We go play pool and the girl is actually decent and tries. And does squats. And takes protein supplements. And calls people on shit and has manners. We go outside, take more shots, more fluff and kino gets going. Then RM+FB go somewhere so we go dance.

    I can’t really dance, but I’m literally standing there with my feet planted and her with her hand on my hip pushing me with the beat while grinding my half hard dick me biting her neck and shit. (I’m not actually that bad). Then she turns around so I start grabbing her ass and pushing her around, but she finally dances over to RM+FB leaving me standing there so I chug my beer and go outside to smoke a cigarette. Then I can’t find them again so I go get a drink and scout the pool and it’s full of horny, drunk 18-25 to hit on. Did that for about 30 minutes and then went back outside to smoke. She comes and finds me and sits down and starts telling me her BF problems (they’re off and on or some stupid shit) but I didn’t really want to bash the guy cause he gives her shit and I’m sure as shit not going to, so I just barely acknowledge it so she shifts topics to fantasy land about me hitting on the other girls outside and telling me stuff I should go tell them. So I’m like cool, I can do that, so I start hitting on girls and staring at tits and she laughs.

    Then we go back to their place. Fluff and BF/GF talk on the way home. (Is this a good frame for me?) When we get back, again FB+RM take forever to come so its just me and her and she heads straight to her room, but I stop in the living room, but she starts yelling random shit to me so I’m in. Walk in and she starts touching me and shit so I shut the door while she giggles and says “no, I have a BF” so I pick her up and throw her on the bed and start going for the jeans and she’s all “No, I have BF” so I hold her down and go for a kiss (I still hadn’t even kissed her yet) and she’s still “no, BF blah blah” so I say “look I’ll stop if you want me to” and she blurts out “No I don’t want you to stop” so I go back to the jeans and its stil “BF blah” so I just get up and go have a cig. I’m pretty drunk so I wanna clear my head so I can get over this LMR and coordinate a condom from my roommate (the fucking gas station we went to didn’t sell them, or at least I couldn’t find them so I was planning to get one from my RM, but got drunk and forgot).

    So I call him and ask and he asks why, to which I reply “to fuck the shit outta x” and he’s says, “dude she was just in here telling us she felt bad b/c she might have lead you on (no fucking shit, huh) and that she loves her BF still, blah.” So at this point I’m like “fuck it, if she went into their room and said that shit, I’m too drunk to handle this,” so I just bail.

    Obviously I think I shoulda pulled the “I don’t give a fuck about your boyfriend, I want your pussy,” but completely blanked when I was trying to fuck her. Literally the only thing I said was “If you want me to stop I will.”


  153. on February 17, 2010 at 3:13 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    fine line there, capitalist pig. the condom search was your logistical slip in conquering LMR. you could have fucked her, but personally i wouldn’t have either. at that point, i’d be shook about the R word getting called out the next day.

    the important thing to ask is if she does her squats to a 90 degree angle, or if she goes ass to the floor. then you could sing “ass to the ground! ass to the ground! you don’t look like a FOOL with the ass to the ground with the plates on the bar, chin pointed upwards! plates on the bar, chest puffed outwards!”


  154. on February 17, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Reply Capitalist Pig

    You think it was qualifying issue? I don’t usually give compliments easily but make sure they get it if I do. Thing is, I have no desire to be her source of confidence so I don’t want to go over what I’d normally do just to fuck. Though the point could be made fucking her would change everything anyways.


  155. on February 17, 2010 at 3:35 pm | Reply Capitalist Pig

    Not worried about the R card at all. She told RM+FB that I picked her up and through her on the bed during their little chat, so she knows whats gonna happen if she wants to.


  156. The ultimate Alpha story in my book: a story in 3 parts

    Date 1: I meet J. at a swanky bar in midtown Manhattan for a first “date”. He is very tall, has a full head of dark hair and strong chiseled jaw and a dimple in his chin. Impeccably dressed in a suit. He’s drinking a fine blended scotch straight up. He regales me with stories of wartime exploits as an Army officer, and his tales of making tons of $ in the world of high finance. I melt. He flirts.

    1 Year passes…. occasional flirtatious emails mentioning his travels via private jet

    Date 2: J finally asks me out again. Says he waited until I moved into the city because he finds it too inconvenient to date women in the suburbs. Cancels date once, then reschedules for 5pm in the dark subterranean bar of a swanky hotel. Scotch for both of us. He compliments my Manolos, then looks away for a moment. I ask him what he’s thinking. “Oh, I was just picturing what you’d look like screaming into a pillow as you cum.” He regales me with stories of his exploits in Afghanistan. I melt. He walks me home, always standing on the outside of sidewalk, because he’s a southern gentleman he says. He mentions he just wants to be a gentleman and walk me back to my apartment, but we get stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes. Passionate kissing quickly turns to deep, intense f-cking in the elevator. (He is 9”!) We finally make it into my apartment and continue on the couch for 20-30 minutes. I have never cum so hard in my life.

    Date 3: we try several times to get together again, but plans always change at the last minute due to his work travel to Europe and the Far East. Finally plan a lunch time rendezvous 2 months after Date 2. I am so melting for him at this point that he suggests what I should wear (lingerie, thigh high stockings, little black dress) and where and when we should meet, I immediately acquiesce to his every demand. He’s very dominant in bed and I cum about 5 times.

    I would like to suggest some tips to the wanna-be Alpha guys out there based on this experience:
    1) Have a 9” cock. I can’t stress this enough. Women will let you get away with a lot of shit if you are this well endowed and know how to use it.
    2) Tell war stories to highlight your bravery and fortitude.
    3) Wait a long time before asking her out again.
    4) Dress well.
    5) Cancel and reschedule a date multiple times.
    6) But act like a gentleman with good manners when you’re finally with her.
    7) Drink single scotch straight up. Very manly.
    8) Drop references to flying in private jets, your yacht club, and successful investments you’ve made. All of this indicates you are cashed up, which women dig.
    9) Be dominant in bed.
    10) Have a 9” cock.


  157. While I cannot vouch for the 9 inch effect, I have found that having been in the military is worth maybe a half million dollars the way Roissy says PUA skills are worth $2 million. I can’t stress enough how it has helped me with both women and CEOs doing the hiring.

    Just last night a 19 year old Russian female friend (legs are a 10) were discussing the effect of a man’s military service on women and she suddenly gushed forth in Russian with “I admit that your having been a US soldier put you on the top of my list of real men (nastayashi muzhik)”.

    What was most interesting was that she hadn’t admitted that before. I had assumed that she had forgotten if I had ever told her. But I guess I had told her and she had remembered it as a major factor in her estimation of me.


  158. @ MRA (Jack)
    I think many women, myself included, would give higher $ value to a guy being/having been a military officer: better uniforms and more power/rank. Additionally, the $ value for a Tom Cruise type top gun flyer would be huge.


  159. on February 17, 2010 at 5:22 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    NYC girl forgot tip #11) chase her out of bed with a chainsaw and then drop it on her as she flees down the stairwell. then you can show her that “war face” you’ve been alluding to in your stories.


  160. @ Fireballs –
    Looks like you were on one knee during that proposal?? I think you can be propose/be married and be alpha at the same time but I think you slipped up going to a knee…

    I think roissy had a post on alpha ways to propose…

    additionally, her reaction towards other single girls (at the end) is a really bad, bad sign…

    just my thoughts – from my pov I hope you two are still married and happy – props on the green goo…


  161. Alpha moment…making a girl blow you in front of her full-body mirror…


  162. Today I had a chick I use to talk to hit me up on myspace. I haven’t seen or talked to this chick in a couple months and I cut her off a little while before that because she’s kinda annoying and has hairy arms/lower back.

    her : Where you’ve been at big head
    me : in the gym, wbu?
    her : Oh I thought you left for the military or something like that lol…
    me : Nah, not yet
    her: well in that case you need to hit me up!
    me : I do?!
    her : Yes you do
    me : and why is that
    her : because I said so
    Me : …eh….xxx-xxxx

    I erased her # a while ago. I didn’t want to tell her that, and plus she’s the one hitting me up she can have my #.


  163. Hey have any of you guys ever hit a real chick on the net? 99% of them are scammers! Well I found that nearly everyone hitting me up were scammers! Well I thought I would give it a go as I thought it might save me some time to have something lined up! Boy was I wrong!

    Her! Hey Mister you coming to Va next week you say!

    Me! Yeah I have a week in VA on business and a load of free time to go, you want to hook up for some fun!

    Her! You bet but there is just one thing, I need some cash blah blah! and few other excuses to go!

    Me! Bye!

    If that happenned once then it happenned quite a few times. I just thought to hell with it, go and take my chances. For me trying to pick up a chick on the net just plain sucks!


  164. Update and advice needed.

    So I went out with a big group of friends to a little hole in the wall bar to chill. The girl from earlier shows up so the game begins.

    Then it takes a twist when her boyfriend comes in with his buddies. But she was with me pretty much the whole time. All of the people in my group were bashing the dude pretty hardcore while he was playing pool with his friends and me and his girl were in the corner of the booth with are legs all tangled up. It was weird as fuck. Then her BF comes over and starts trying to get her to leave with him and I go smoke a cig. Strike up a conversation with some guy who has the potential to be a huge asset in my business, so I was building rapport and learning shit from him for about 20 minutes. While we’re talking she and her BF walk out to leave but then she walks back in for about 5-10 minutes. I think she mighta wanted me to go after her, but I was busy with this dude. Then when she walked out she made a point to between me and the guy and tell me bye as she walks to get into the other guys care. Skallywag behavior to say the least.

    So I go back in and our group leaves. My roommates FB brought this short, cute girl with her so I started hitting on her as we go back to their place. we talk and I start to dig her. I’m not done partying and neither is she, so we go to an after party at another friends house where I get kino and sex talk going. Then she announces she’s leaving so I follow her out. She keeps asking me where I think I’m going and I just say with you. When we get in the car I tell her to take me home with her and she starts some shit about how her roommates will be pissed or something like that so I tell her to go to my place, which she ignores and asks me if I want to get out of the car, so I ask her if she wants me to and she’s just like “do whatever you want” so I stay in the car. 2-3 more minutes of the same kinda talk, so I eject.

    What the fuck is going on. Am I completely miscalibrating or what? I think it may have something to do with them being drunk and thinking I’m trying to use them or something.


  165. @ Fuck Kant

    Don’t rip apart her boyfriend, you’re only insulting her taste – look up “straw man technique” … memorize & modify it and use it whenever you encounter a girl with a BF.

    She may have spent her time with you but she went home with her BF, you invested time and it yeilded zero results(lesson learned). As soon as I find out there is a BF or husband in the mix I usually use them as social proof…

    Use your social proof with your friends and other girls at the bar. Show your friends and HBtaken that you have a pair, go open up a random girl.

    HBcute/short…you venue changed with her and I would have made a move on the way to the second party(depending on the dynamic)…you have nothing to lose. If she’s leaving and her hand isnt down your pants, following her will make you look needy…next time pull your move between venues and go from there…

    keep going out, no one is perfect and learn something every time you are out…

    my 2 cents…

    3point5vq.wordpress.com if you want further opinions…


  166. I didn’t rip her boyfriend, though I’m sure that woulda actually worked as her game isn’t THAT tight.

    If you mean straw-man technique as in making up falsehoods or drawing baseless conclusions on which to bash the BF, I’m sure that is an effective technique, but not really one I prefer to engage in.

    Good point on the other girl. Thing was I didn’t have any real care about her til after the car ride over. There were plenty of hotter girls at the bar if I just wanted to go slumming.

    Good point on looking needy following her out. Maybe cut her off when she wants to leave and then reframe to me suggesting we get outta there so I can make her cum.


  167. LOL

    “Bring da ambulambs.”


  168. A friend of mine – an “alpha” type himself – was hooking up with a very attractive girl on my couch after a party at my house. She had been flirting with me and trying to hook up with me for most of the evening but as I’m seeing someone I nicely brushed her off. And yet, she was very sexy and really turned me on.

    It was very late and I was horny and felt like touching her. I walked into my living room, interrupted him with an “excuse me”, kissed the girl nice and slow and then walked back out. She left him right after and tried to sleep with me. I didn’t feel like it.

    I’m a straight girl and am a true alpha. Most women see through the shit you guys throw, and the kind of men I enjoy fucking are out living their lives successfully. Only alpha men can handle alpha women and it seems few of you, or the women you nail, fit that description.


  169. Hahahahaha and the pages and pages of discussion about “scary” gay sex and how to know if someone’s a “tranny”! Oh maaaan, hahaha. I think I just found the entire “extenze” market on one site!!!


  170. I am a beta male. This is a tale of an alternative mating strategy that has worked for me.

    About me: Gap-toothed, thin-shouldered, tall, shy and serious. When all this started I had good hair, little income, was reasonably fit by not buff and had average-good facial features. Now I make more money but have less hair and more poundage. I hate drama, games and idle chatter, so I’ve never been any good at picking up women in bars and I don’t do “house parties.”

    I have been happily married for 30 years.

    I have had one mistress for 24 years.

    I have had another mistress for 13 years.

    Mistress A was more or less happily married to a much older man when we met. He was gone for long stretches of time on work projects. She and I became friends and then lovers. We’d meet for picnics in the woods, at her house or do it in the car. Later her husband died of cancer. Now, once a week I go to her house and find her freshly showered and fixing a nice meal, after which she fucks me like a porn star. Now and then we find a way to go on a little trip together or go out to dinner. She likes the freedom of being single, she can focus on her work, and I satisfy her animal instincts. Maybe it’s the squirting orgasms.

    Mistress B was a lover with whom the sex was hot and heavy in college. She came looking for me after many years apart. She had married a cold fish and wanted some passion in her life. She lives a little distance away, so our trysts are less frequent but fairly regular and amazingly passionate.

    Both of these women are attractive and fit and seem happy to share this beta’s very average cock. Neither has ever made any hint of wanting to see my marriage break up, and I wouldn’t want that, either. I have wonderful sex with my wife, and love traveling and spending time with her.

    So I guess my point is, you don’t have to be an alpha male pick-up artist to have good pussy. You just need to be likeable, calm and passionate and to like emotionally stable women who are looking for that discreet “something extra” in their lives.


  171. Found this site less than a week ago, it’s my first real exposure to “game.” Been reading through the archives and Want to put something up here.

    I’m a 7(looks) beta with some alpha tendencies (working on improving them) and I’ve been dating a 9 from Africa since Halloween, banging her two nights a week. She just hit me with a huge shit test. I knew what it was the moment I saw it, but didn’t know what to do. She texted me this:

    [editor: i put the better answers next to your answers.]

    Her: Wan to tell you I miss you.

    Me: Awww [right back atcha babe]

    Her: What?

    Me: Miss you too [what color panties you wearing right now?]

    Her: I also wan to tell you something else

    Me: ? [i won’t marry you.]

    Her: Going away for the weekend if you approve of it maybe.

    I don’t reply

    Her: No answer means yes.

    Me: Fine then [bring me back a souvenir.]

    Her: So I can go?

    Her: Are you mad? I was just playing with you.

    Me: Haha [you’re weird]

    Her: Why you did that?

    Her: I don’t play with you again

    We’re both students and have spring break this week, she has to work part of it but we have/had plans to spend the weekend in bed fucking. Before I found this site I would have asked her for where she was going and who with, believed her when she said her SWPL newly dumped girl friend, and let her go. She has guys hitting on her all the time, one who gives her lots of gifts, including silver earings that I ended up giving to a hot chick I know.

    Basically how could I have handled this better?


  172. I’ll keep this quick: Greater Beta, but as an 18 year old who has trouble hiding his IQ/nerdiness in conversation I think I’m doing pretty well thus far. Aspiring to Lesser Alpha at the moment. Have a nice friend-girl I used to bang in high school who’s been dating my best friend for a year. I’ve been playing things beta with her since then, because she’s my friend and because she’d never cheat on my best friend, especially with me. Friends are friends, anyway. However, I do care about her a lot, and the way I talk to her lately has been pretty damn beta. I’ve moved away and she lives in another state now, so this is just me regularly keeping in touch with a person who interests me. Is there any harm done by being beta with one chick who you’re not trying to bang? Does the betaness of that friendship subconsciously poison my chances with other chicks? What are you guys’ experiences?


  173. Night of the meeting, running game Riossy likely would approve of (though there’s always room for improvement), I hand her my phone and she puts her number in. I end with a kiss close.

    Me: test.

    Her: Hey bahbay!

    Her: Yesy 1 2 3 [jesus, how drunk was she?]

    Me: Got it. Let’s make plans soon.

    The next day, i already had plans to go out with friends. I thought I’d try to stack the deck in my favor and texted her.

    Me: going out tonight?

    Her: I’m spending the night hanging out with my boyfriend.

    Me: lol

    Her: Yea sorry if I led you on, I am in a relationship and very happy so I don’t think we can be friends.

    I didn’t respond after that – should I have negged harder after the last statement? I think the “lol” was sufficient – her behavior confirmed everything written on this blog – and anything beyond that seemed forced and petty. She was just a six, too, and not worth additional effort imo.


  174. @Will

    Being beta to anyone who you are not trying to get knowledge makes no sense. If you are trying to learn something from her, sure. If not, then there’s no point in being a her bitch.

    And if she’s your best friends girl, stop trying to fuck her.


  175. Night of the meeting, running game Roissy likely would approve of (though there’s always room for improvement), I hand her my phone and she puts her number in. I end with a kiss close.

    Probably shouldn’t end with a kiss close.

    Me: test.

    Her: Hey bahbay!

    Her: Yesy 1 2 3 [jesus, how drunk was she?]

    She’s too drunk to talk with.

    Me: Got it. Let’s make plans soon.

    The next day, i already had plans to go out with friends. I thought I’d try to stack the deck in my favor and texted her.

    If you had plans, why are you thinking about texting her? Let her ask you.

    Me: going out tonight?

    Translation: You are more important than me.

    Her: I’m spending the night hanging out with my boyfriend.

    Translation: I’m more important than you.

    Me: lol

    Translation: You bitch.

    Her: Yea sorry if I led you on, I am in a relationship and very happy so I don’t think we can be friends.

    Translation: Ya, I’m being a bitch, sorry. I don’t want to, but you’re the bitch, not me.

    Next text: K, when you want something better, call me.

    I didn’t respond after that – should I have negged harder after the last statement? I think the “lol” was sufficient –

    Na, it was bitchy and needy.

    her behavior confirmed everything written on this blog – and anything beyond that seemed forced and petty. She was just a six, too, and not worth additional effort imo.

    LOL, you say that and you want to fuck her. LOLOL.


  176. 1975, 2am closing time. I was set up for my first threesome with “Sunshine” & “Summer” a couple of very cute beach blondes. We were all set to walk out the door of Pete’s Bar in Neptune Beach, Florida when in walks the actor George Hamilton. Game, set, and match. I went home alone and he had the threesome. Fame trumps all.


  177. I was just wondering on the Alphaness of this move, in a standing situation.

    You’ve been chatting with this girl. Mystery Style, you put out your hand. When she takes hold you lead her in closer. Put the opposite around her once she close enough and draw her in even closer so that your bodies are touching and release her hand while doing this. Use the hand she was holding to brush aside her hair bangs moving it behind her ear then following the jaw to lead her into the kiss. (assuming she has long, not tied up hair) End the kiss first, no leaning in, feet stayed planted during the whole thing. Take a small step away.


  178. A very important question. I do online dating as a side dish with good results… however, I m often asked on dates

    “what are you looking for?”

    There was a girl who told me that she was tired of guys who promised her “the moon” and then did not commit to her. I told her that at the present moment I m not looking to get into something serious. I felt that her energy changed however we later made out and I walked her to the metro station. after a couple of days she sends me an email that “she appreciates my honesty but that we do not have the same expectations.”

    I mean, she said that she did not want a guy who pretended to want something serious, however let’s be frank, should a guy tell a women on the first or second date that he is looking for something serious too (presuming he does)?

    so again, how should a guy respond to questions such as “what are you looking for?” when they come up early in the dating phase?


  179. re Valmont

    Never tell a babe that you are looking for something serious! Thats like launching a torpedo at yourself! Remember she has probably already sized you up for your fathering potential if she is looking for making a nest!

    Never underestimate that the cash register has already gone caching behind her ears if she is looking for a man that can look after her! Unless she is a totally independent female financially and emotionally who can look out for herself!


  180. “Never tell a babe that you are looking for something serious!Thats like launching a torpedo at yourself!”

    But I told her the opposite, that I’m not looking for something serious at the moment.

    “Unless she is a totally independent female financially”

    she is , she works at a financial firm.


  181. I guess you’ve already covered Tiger Woods, but I wondered if you’ve analyzed his recent sexting messages that were uncovered:



  182. Could the following be considered an alpha move?

    “Man jumps from moving car to avoid his ex”



  183. I could say a lot about the character showed here, but most of the problems seem to boil down to insecurities and a poser / follower mentality.

    Such a tasty little secret, Love is a game! Oh, and the game insiders have a vernacular! Yay! The cast is simple: there are alphas and there are betas, and then the dominated women…

    It’s not a matter of making yourself or knowing what kind of a woman you want or even casting a discerning eye, rather it’s all in the creation of the persona of uber-male and playing the best piece of tail you can manage against it.


    Where’s the self-possession? Where’s the alpha amidst this beta soup? It’s a facade without underlying substance.


  184. on March 25, 2010 at 3:11 am | Reply Jerry Ertans

    [It’s not a matter of making yourself or knowing what kind of a woman you want or even casting a discerning eye]

    Yes it is. A major sub-theme of this blog is that ~90% of men end up marrying someone they are not the most attracted to, but one should be alpha and go after whom you really want.

    I would agree with you that the men who “practice” on 6s and 7s are defeating their own purpose, especially if this results in their getting caught up in LTRs with them and beta-married as a result. But don’t knock that, because every woman becomes a 6 at some point in the future.

    [rather it’s all in the creation of the persona of uber-male and playing the best piece of tail you can manage against it.]

    This is in total contradiction to what you said above.


  185. Maybe you guy can tell me how I did. Had been gaming young Asian girl in Asian country, professional. Good kino from her, compliance, IOI’s, passing shit tests. We meet a few times a week at a club, hang out, dance, drink etc. Good rapport. Lots of c/f teasing on my part. She’s getting good a giving back. Suddenly, major shit test on IM:
    Her: my feet are sore from all that dancing
    Me: Yah, must be those other guys cuz I lead well.
    Her: OMG, has nothing to do with leading.
    Me: Alice in Wonderland, fun, drinks
    Her: Forget it
    Me: Forget it
    Her: You should respect
    Me: You should save your energy for me, I’m more fun.
    Me: take me for a foot massage, I need it.

    That was last week. This week, she suddenly isn’t so forthcoming, seems to be aloof. I sms a “Trial text” something fun, she responds in 5 minutes, but something’s odd, no familiarity.

    Then, weirdest thing, I note that on FB she’s de-tagged a photo of us, her back to me, me in the shot.

    I’m puzzled, ask if there was a mistake with the tag. Makes some lame excuse.

    That night….I use Roissy’s line: “Please no gameplaying”

    She: what? OMG I never played games. I think u misunderstand sth..

    Alpha exchange overall? What’s next move?


  186. on March 26, 2010 at 11:37 am | Reply Betaizedbastard

    Same shit, different toilet.

    Dated hot babe (like 8 on 1-10 scale, but considers herself a 6/7), got into relationship (exactly what I wanted) – my insecurities manifested themselves, but I did enough things right so her “love” grew. Meanwhile, I keylogged her pw and gained access to all her email correspondence + phone records (outgoing). This my friends, is why I’m a dumbass.

    Always in the cards she was gonna go traveling to Central America for six months, I was too ignorant to know this was the ultimate shit-test, and she kept pushing me for commitment and I kept avoiding the issue until I finally caved in. Doh!

    2 months in, we broke up (I pulled the trigger, but it was obvious she’s met a guy she likes out there) – the following week included two convos where I basically cemented myself as a whiny, annoying, insecure, unhappy, impulsive betaboy. So now I’ve cut contact, ie. I haven’t contacted her at all the past week, although I see no point in deleting her from my friends list because I can log into her profile anyways, so it wouldn’t do any good.

    Having seen the error of my ways, I am now open to suggestions as to what to do after she tries to contact me again.

    In the interest of securing extra sex when she returns, what do I do?

    1. Ignore her completely

    2. Reply to mails only, acting aloof and indifferent

    3. Reply to mails only, being friendly but distant.

    4. Reply to mails, being smug, but friendly.

    5. Reply to mails only (insert your own suggestion here)

    6. Anyone of the above + phone convo to keep connection?

    Personally, I’m between 1. and 4. But it’s just not that believable when I’ve behaved like a beta wimp the past week.

    Also: should the conversation turn to “us”, my intuition is to ignore what she says, or make fun of it:

    Her: I just don’t have feelings for you anymore.

    Me: [insert reply or subject change here]

    Looking forward to feedback.


  187. on March 26, 2010 at 11:38 am | Reply Betaizedbastard

    Needless to say, I banged to chicks last weekend and I am working hard on getting a harem in place.


  188. re walawala

    What nationality is she?


  189. @IainM She’s Taiwanese


  190. Background:
    -I am 24yr old undergrad. 8.5-looking 30yr old postdocc asks me for a ciggarette at live music event.

    -We smoke with some back and forth banter about me smoking and chewing gum at the same time.

    -Conversation dulls and she turns to go back to her freinds, so I tease her about liking the band playing.

    -She turns back and asks my name. I ask her to tell me hers first. She asks me how old I am which initiates a guessing game that goes on for a while. I keep things going for a good 20 minutes. Then my buddy wanted to take off to another venue so I tell her we should talk again and get her number.

    I’m at a disadvantage being an undergrad with her a postdocc, but she was definitely eager to give me her number. Not sure how to go with this one, should I play the “mature for my age”, go with “intelligent and respectful”, or the “don’t give a fuck that you’re a postdocc you’re still getting bedded” vibe.

    I’m thinking about texting instead of calling, something like:
    “the music sucked but good times the other night. I know of a bar with a better band and good cuba libres. tonight. you down?”

    You think I should go with the text, or call and build some comfort? The potential is there I just don’t know how to build on it. I’m used to undergrad girls, give me some ideas guys.


  191. “How do I know that you will call me again if we have sex right now?”

    “How do you know that I will call you again if we don’t have sex right now?”


  192. I scrapped the text, went for the call. We’re heading out for drinks later in the week.


  193. it seems that texting has taken over talking



  194. Oh yea..I ended up screwing that chick on the grass last week. I’m pretty sure it all came through because of the people I was with when I first met her..because I’m pretty beta still.


  195. Alpha or not?

    I hook up with a girl semi regularly. We basically have no contact other than fucking, or to arrange fucking. Sometimes she masturbates on webcam for me to watch. She usually (almost always) initiates, texting me to come fuck. I told her from now on just to send a naked picture and a time. She does this now.

    So, receive dirty pic and time/date. If I am available, I go. If not, I don’t. Depending on if I feel horny at the moment I might tell her I am free the next night instead.

    Curious how this is viewed.


  196. dc–

    It’s better when she’s at your beck and call, rather than you being at hers. You’re more her fuck buddy than she is yours.

    Also, how hot is she on the 10 scale?


  197. dc,

    If she is 8 or higher I don’t believe you, unless you are a god in bed, in which case you wouldn’t need to be asking us.
    If she is a 7 this is very alpha.
    If she is a 6, borderline alpha.
    5, beta, you ought to be able to do better.
    4, nothing to boast about, but you get some humanitarian credit for making a homely girl happy.
    3 or less, this reflects badly on you, omega.


  198. @ dc

    Nice set up. Depends on the hotness of the girl. 7-10 alpha. 6 neutral/beta. 5 and below you are either a complete beta or a sick in the head overly horny alpha with too much time on his hands.


  199. DC, if you’ve got other prospects that take up the majority of your energy and attention, than you are an alpha if this girl is a 5.5 or up. If this is really all you have going on, then I would agree with polymath and the realist. If she’s a 7 or up, alpha. 6, beta. 5, lesser beta. 4 or below, omega.


  200. on April 29, 2010 at 12:45 pm | Reply The Dealiest Snatch


    How much do you pay her? Buahahahaha!!!


  201. Doug1,

    Interesting question, which way is more alpha. I think that, as long as you sometimes say no, it’s better that she calls you rather than you call her. You show no neediness that way, and risk no rejection. The only way calling her is more alpha is if she understands that she has to always say yes.


  202. I say she is 6.5, 7 on her best day, others might view her better or worse of course. Of course I have other prospects going on. Another regular + normal going out trying to score. What the fuck blog do you think we are on right now?

    I was thinking like Doug said it might be better if she was coming at my request instead of the other way around. But really she is a gigantic pain in the ass unless she is naked so I never call her. I’d rather fuck my other regular because I like her more but I don’t want to be hitting her up all the time and looking needy. Man with options is a man who gets anal on demand said Roissy, or something like that.

    I do say no (more accurately, i just ignore her). I’m confident that IF I were to call her, yes, she knows she has to say yes, unless she literally cannot.


  203. All of my life I’v been too damn shy to approach and talk to women that I find atteactive. I want that to change. I am 52 years old and alone. I had some relationships with women, but they all began because they showed interest in me first, and they proved to be too damn aggressive/ controlling. I also want that to change.

    My latest scenarios:

    Scenario 1:
    In a restaurant, three women are sitting at a table two tables down from where I am sitting. I notice that the youngest of the women looks alot like Julia Roberts, it’s amazaing her looks, hairstyle, mannerisms as she talks like Julia Roberts. I observe her for a while as I eat my food.

    I take several glances her way. She does not seem to notice me. I get up out of my seat, and go to her table, and standing in front of her, I say ‘excuse me, but has anyone told you that you look amazingly like Julia Roberts.’

    She stops for a second (from engaging in conversation with the other women) and says ‘…In all of my thirty years, one other person told me I look like Julia Robert just a month ago…’ As she speaks, she looks directly at me smiling a most beautiful smile. I say that ‘Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses’. (One of the other women begins to have a conversation with me about the type of restaurant we are at, and the type of restaurants she goes. I mentionn that I also like to go to Greek Restaurants. )
    She (the woman of my focus) continues speaking and says ‘ hope you enjoy your meal’. I say, ‘thank you. I hop you enjoy yours too’ and then I leqaver her table and sit back down at my table.

    As I eat, I glance several times to her table. She again is having a conversation with the other two women. She is not looking in my direction.

    After I finish eating, I go back standing at her table and say ‘Ms. Roberts, I hope that you have a good day.’ She looks at me and in a flat voice with no emotions in voice or face, she says ‘excuse me’. I say again with a smile on my face, ‘ I hope you have a good day, Ms. Roberts.’ She responds with another wonderful smile, and looking directly at me, she says, ‘I hope you enjoy this nice warm day, if it does’n begin to rain’. I reply, ‘thank you, enjoy your day’ and I begin to leave the restaurant. At the door of the restaurant I look in her direction about two times. She is once again engaging in conversatin with the other women. i look her way again, and smiling, wave in her direction, but I don’t think she sees me.


  204. ^ very creepy my friend.


  205. @friendly

    You came to the right place and it is clear you want to change your life, so welcome.

    Disregard the unhelpful comment you just got, which if coming from a male (creepy is a feminist word), might also be coming from the type of male who himself wouldn’t have the guts to approach a woman like that in a restaurant. Even most Alphas are too lazy and scared to try to do Restaurant Game much, but in most of the world, successful Restaurant Game can get you invited to eat with the women at their table.

    In your case…the woman herself probably did think you were “creepy” but only because of the way you failed after the initial line drive hit of an opener.

    You *did* do well in approaching the woman (assuming you have kept yourself in excellent shape and dress well).

    What you did wrong was when you did not follow your Julia Roberts opener with humor or at the very least a relevant anecdote of the latest news or trivia on Julia Roberts that would somehow relate to the woman you approached.

    To say “She is my favorite actress” was lame because it failed to say anything about you, failed to say anything about the woman you were approaching and, worse of all, gave the woman nothing to respond with.

    What you should have said was something like:

    “I certainly did not mean to imply you looked like the woman in the first part of Pretty Woman” (when Julia Roberts played a street hooker). That would have gotten a laugh and getting women to honestly laugh is the best game enhancer. An alternative or addition might have been to point at your surroundings and say “But we certainly live a more glamorous life than she does”.

    Studying humor is so important that it might even be better than studying game itself. You want to say something unexpected that juxtaposes incongruous concepts to create a bizarre concept that has an element of exaggerated truth in it or that could be true in an extreme circumstance. Women love this.

    So if you just took a pot-holed road to a rim of the Grand Canyon, you can stand next to a woman and remark ‘Wow, this looks smoother than the road we had to take to get here”.

    Until you learn to use real spur of the moment home-grown humor, you can “cheat” by reading about all the latest jokes on current events and the place you intend to be visiting today.

    Your “Ms. Roberts, have a nice day” was an attempt at humor but, however, was extremely lame humor as well as a day late and a dollar short.

    Promise me this: Do not EVER say “Enjoy Your Meal” or “Have a Nice Day” to a woman you want to game.

    When she said “Enjoy your meal” she had clearly made the decision NOT to invite you to eat with her and her friends…which, as I said above, is quite common in foreign countries.

    But where you really failed was in rejecting yourself by approaching the table the second time and not even trying to get a new conversation going (not even trying to game her further). You didn’t even leave her a business card.

    Again, saying “Have a Nice Day” is the opposite of gaming someone. You may as well have handed her a white flag of surrender.


  206. The trick in Restaurant Game is to keep the conversation going on long enough for them to just agree that you sit with them. You ask if you can sit down at any moment after 60 seconds have gone by when they ask you a question that might have a long answer.


  207. You’re right, my comment was completely non-constructive and I apologize to you friendly. We’re all here to learn.


  208. Having said that, I could smell the desperation in your approach from here. And women are finely tuned machines for sniffing out desperation and social awkwardness, so she may or may not have been repulsed.

    Next time you may want to try not glancing so much. And once you decide you will talk to a woman, commit to the approach and don’t turn back if you get blown out (unless you have good rebound game).

    Jerry is right, restaurant game is tough. You have to deal with spectators and logistics issues after the meal. My advice to you is keep doing approaches like that and keep learning from the reactions you receive and you’ll have several women on you in no time.


  209. I would like you to put a stake in my last morsel of niceness that still lingers in my heart. I had this one hot girl that hooked up with me and the next day saw her getting finger banged on the dance floor by a random ugly dude. That almost unleashed the demon, but it wasn’t enough. Can you please tell me how beta my actions are based on these txt from this girl I thought was really cool.

    TXT1: Why are you texting me?

    TXT2: Wow I’m wasting your time? That’s a little rude. Please elaborate because I just don’t see it.

    TXT3: I barely know you, and you don’t understand what’s going on right now. It’s so hard because I’m so close with everyone (my fraternity bros). And no one supports what happened so I’m in a rut.

    TXT4: I cannot talk on the phone right now. Sorry.

    TXT5: Because I’m still in the middle of calming Bob (Fraternity bro who really likes her) down… I’m sure your gunna hear about this tomorrow but him & another brother got into a physical fight. You can see how this is really not a good time.

    TXT6: Stop it, don’t be like that. It’s so much worse than just jealousy. Two of your brothers are fighting right now. The night of your initiation. Please just stay out of it, and don’t make it worse.

    TXT7: Honestly, I don’t want to come off as bitchy, but idk about you but I legit hooked up with one guy here before you. My closest friends are actually disappointed in me for what happened, do you understand how terrible that makes me feel?

    TXT8: What the hell, I’m not choosing anyone. I don’t want to do that. I have no interest! I know your trying to help, and I appreciate that, but it’s not a situation I feel like more people are going to fix.

    TXT9: Please don’t be rude to me, it really hurts me.

    TXT10: I didn’t give you any drama so I don’t know what you’re talking about. You were never brought up in any of this. If you’re drunk fine, but I’m not so I’m taking all this to heart.

    After 2 days…

    I send a txt saying maybe we should just be friends.

    TXT1: Hello. hmm well that’s a little unexpected and I’m a little unsure of what to day. lol

    After 10 min TXT2: I’m sorry if I did anything to lead you on like that. And as far as being friends, I would love that so much!

    TXT3: Aw thank you! I really appreciate that 🙂 and why are you not great? Listen all your friends love and respect you so much, I’m sorry for all the times they acted otherwise.. u don’t deserve what happened. (They walked in on us.)

    Asked her if she was going out next day.

    TXT4: I need to start studying.. I’m so nerdy. I knoww ugh, but I do live on the same campus, so I’ll always be around, let me know if you need anything.

    Wow rereading all that makes me sh*t beta. I am usually never like this, I just got thrown off game cuz she’s a solid 9 with solid personality.

    Now tell me how much of a beta pussy I am and that my shot with this chick is permanently fucked. So that I can purge the last hope of beta and be the alpha I was born to be.


  210. @The_King

    I don’t understand, are all these her responses to your texts?

    It’s hard to say without knowing what you said.

    Instead of saying “Let’s be friends”…I would have probably either said nothing in response to all this, or simply said:

    “I thought you were cool, I thought you were different but…. Hey, good luck.”

    There’s some great stuff in Roissy’s blog that I’ve tried out with overall general success.

    This is simple, it taps into her desire to be different a “cool”. The “but….” leaves it in her court to figure out the rest and the “Hey, good luck” is from another great Roissy post here and is generic enough to say “fuck off” without being mean.

    That would have been more “alpha” in my opinion. It’s how I recently handled a similar blow off that demanded some type of acknowledgement without being cloying, needy or looking bitter.


  211. @walawala

    Funny I actually said that too. Which is right before the “aww thank you” txt. It’s just confusing since I know she wants me, but her friends are against it and I acted so beta already due to her looks 9/10 and personality 11/10. Never met an Americanized chick this “perfect.”


  212. @The_King….a few things to bear in mind from your exchange. I had this same experience years before and acted totally beta.

    Never give a girl a “free pass” by suggesting “let’s be friends”. Why would you want to be friends with someone who was slutting out with some random dude in front of you.

    She may like you, but she’s acting out in a weird way. Don’t give her the time of day. Note her reaction was one of relief after your text?

    You should have let her stew in her juices and left it alone. NO CONTACT.

    Secondly, don’t be so hard on yourself…she’s a chick, not a major infrastructure contact that you’ve lost. There’s others.

    Thirdly, and this is what I’m learning…the reason she was acting out with the other dude is her own reasons, you need to keep your shit together. Seems her presence is not doing you any good…so disappear from her for a while, let her come to you….LET HER COME TO YOU….

    This is a lesson I’m learning and it works.

    Finally, another personal learning is that chicks don’t think logically, they think emotionally and from her varied responses she runs the bi-polar gamit: angry, resentful, sorry, boastful, funny…

    You need to be the strong one.

    You over-texted (read the blogs here on texting…short, mysterious)

    Note my “but…..” in that instance let her do thinking, don’t do the thinking for her.

    The first part of my suggested text…again borrowed from these pages, gives your interpretation, it’s more alpha…it’s disapproving without being overt, it’s vague enough, but clear enough…if she showed that to someone else…you wouldn’t be embarrassed by it. In short, it’s cool, smart, and aloof.

    In the past I would have over-explained or acted bitter. Now, you don’t need to reply, but if you feel you must, if you are being clearly disrespected then make your point and walk away.

    In this instance….I think you should have just walked away. It sounds like it was like watching a snake eat a frog…disgusting but you can’t stop watching. Next time walk away, find a chick and snog her.

    Hope this helps. I’m still learning too.


  213. @The_king

    Here’s my exchange using that same structure:

    The initial message was in response to her deleting me from a FB contact after I left a comment to some post, thought it was innocent enough. Seemed to be some tension between us up to that point. Last Friday she was all over me. Saturday acting distant.

    Normally I’d advise not to say anything, but the deletion was something that was done without telling me and I discovered it.

    I figured that not acknowledging it would be beta. But directly acknowledging it would also be beta. So I surface the wider tension without assuming the act that precipitated this conflict.

    Me: I thought you were cool, I thought you were different but…Hey, good luck.

    Her Reply: I tried to be nice to you and tried to keep our friendship, but dont think you appreciate it! Good luck too! [THIS IS NOT TRUE, SUPER KEEN AT FIRST, SHE WAS BLOWING HOT AND COLD, FLAKING, COMING ON STRONG, THEN BAILING, APPOACHING ME. I RESPONDED BY PULLING BACK, IGNORING HER—MUST BE WHAT SHE’S REFERRING TO]

    Me: You’re like most every girl in this city. Zero effort. You lost me. [TEARING DOWN FROM PEDESTAL, I’M THE PRIZE]

    Her: Really silly guy, don’t message me anymore… [DEFENSIVE POSTURING, TYPICAL YOUNGER GIRL RESPONSE]


    My approach is more probing, tapping into her insecurities and emotions. She immediately lashes out. I don’t lose my cool. My replies are short, more aloof and culled from these pages.

    Any thoughts?


  214. We should be calling this Text Doghouse Game, defined as when a woman refuses to answer her telephone. What is interesting is that such women will often go weeks not answering anyone’s phone call when she does this. Because she is allowing herself to screw up her own life doing this, I often lose too much respect for them for the relationship to ever fully recover.

    That said, losing respect for a woman is not remotely correlated with wanting to have sex with her, so read on:

    In the old days (more than 4 years ago overseas and more than 1 year ago in the USA) men who were unable to reach a woman by phone were basically banished to email where he had to conduct Email Doghouse Game (more than 10 years ago there was Paper Letter Doghouse Game).

    The problem with these old forms of alternate communication was that men tended to write too much in order to win a woman back. Often enough it worked to explain one’s position and a woman responded favorably and a relationship saved…but the negs required in many such game attempts would often be too harsh and detailed. I’ve written some major missives the continuing existence of which would disqualify me to ever become US President (that, btw, is an idea for a Roissy post right there: good negs in electronic form can be used against a man when he runs for public office later, meaning that most alphas will not be qualified to run for public office in the future).

    So being in the doghouse most often meant a man and woman never saw each other again if their relationship had not been close enough earlier to warrant flowers and showing up where they are to talk.

    The text (SMS) has given men a new chance to get their point across when they are in the doghouse. The great thing about texting (as a forced alternative to talking on the phone) is that it must be 160 characters or less.

    So you are less likely to say something that cuts too deep and overtexting is harder to do because all the texts in an exchange might have less material than an email would have.

    My personal experience in Text Doghouse Game is that the woman *wants* the man to engage if she is just mad at him or there was a misunderstanding. Well-written long texts don’t necessarily hurt as long as he assumes she knows he has alpha cred.

    But the man needs to neg if he feels she is willing to abandon the relationship altogether.

    My favorite neg text to a college student will go something like this: “You realize that some people age like wine after college but most graduates age like milk? It is best not to be flippant about friends you make in the current 3 year period of your life”. There isn’t enough detail in this text to make a woman hate a man permanently. I’ve found this works.

    I just got out of a huge round of Text Doghouse Game where the woman called after 2 days of it to say she was through with texting and never wanted to hear from me again, so “Good luck with other woman and Good-Bye”. I managed to yell into the phone “Why would I want someone with a low IQ like you anyway”? This may sound juvenile for a middle aged man to say to a college student but it broke a logjam that was going on in her mind…

    You see she had been hiding the main reason for me being in the doghouse in the first place. At this point she unleashed a furious description about how I had told another man exactly how I was going to game her when we met, to include a lie or two. The other man, whom I had assumed was a new friend, had stabbed me big-time in the back when I left to go home with her phone number. He repeated to her everything I had said to him, making sure to take me out of context as well.

    She was swinging furious with her “Goodbye and good-luck” statements as I repeatedly yelled “He was lying to you to get you into bed himself”. She would say several times that she had still believed him and I would say “A good liar like that will be believed”….all the time only split seconds away from her hanging up the phone.

    Finally, after about a dozen of “What I told you was true and he was stabbing me in the back for his own reasons” she agreed to talk later briefly to hear my side of the story.

    She called later while I was in bed with my girlfriend. I took the call in the other room and used a language that my girlfriend doesn’t speak (in Europe, the choice of using various language combos can really come in handy).

    I honed in on the traitor’s behavior making her fully agree in her own words that, whether what he had told her was true or not, it was HE who was the worm; it was he who had the worst character trait.

    And she did agree on this, forming a sentence in her own words that he had betrayed me regardless of whether what he said about me was true or not. She agreed that she would rather know people that did not do such things to their friends, than reject people for simply having lied about a minor thing.

    And that is when I proved to her that I hadn’t lied about something important to her (that I would help her find a job) and that I had not lied to her at all actually.

    Moral to the story: Women will often not tell you what the problem is and you have to really dig it out of them. In Text Doghouse game, the digging implements mostly need to be sharp, which is where negging is vital. But one must keep in mind not to hit emotional vital organs while digging. Texting is not as deep as email so there is less likelihood of hitting a vital organ.

    Once you’ve found the real reason why the woman has a problem with you, you may be given a very limited phone call to quickly secure a renewed beachhead or the relationship dies.

    Another moral to that story: be very careful with befriending another male in a bar because there is a good chance he will use whatever you say against you with a woman. In this case the man had no game and had been sitting lonely in the bar after I left, the young woman remembered that I had said he was my friend and decided to approach him to make him feel less lonely and learn more about me. It was then that he stabbed me in the back.


  215. Reframing is vital as well in Text Doghouse Game.

    You have to act like “You think I’m too smart for you?” or otherwise make assumptions that compels her to say “No, that is not it” while simultaneously negging her into the knowledge that you don’t think she’s all that smart (which means she will have to text back to prove that she is).

    The worst women of all are just so dense that they won’t stick up for themselves.


  216. @Walawala

    Your disaster that at least temporarily ended in “really silly guy. don’t message me again” showed more or less that your tweets were too short and too cool. You didn’t present any jagged material that would catch her emotional baggage on her way off the cliff. You want a woman to open up and give you a long explanation of what her issues are. Short cryptic texts beget short cryptic answers.

    The best way to do that is to present long-enough tweets that re-frame and/or cause her to want to defend herself or try to re-frame things back.

    Like barbed wire, you need lots of hooks to keep her on the line.

    It is even OK to deliberately misunderstand with a reframe as in “I know you probably have a problem with me being from a higher socio-economic class but I thought you were cool with that like most women who get financial assistance are” because, as all neggers know, when women reject men, they want the man’s feelings to be hurt, not for him to bask in the glory of some lower class woman having not been able to handle his high status.

    Promise that you will never write again “I thought you were cool but you are just like the rest” or “I thought you were different” because such rhetoric does not count as a neg. That kind of statement negs yourself because you are saying you are not pre-selected by others.

    The worst thing you can say is “You’re just like every other girl in this city” as if that, in itself, is a neg instead of an open admission that you are not pre-selected by other women.

    You want your rhetoric to isolate her from other women and the rest of humankind, not lump her in with them.

    It would be better to write “Why can’t you be like every other girl in this city who is nice to me”.


  217. Hi Jerry

    Not sure I agree with your last post here.

    I think short, aloof, pointed messages cut to the core of a woman. In my case, she responded viscerally, without thinking, blasting back defensive replies…lots of “exclamation points”…

    This indicates to me that despite the “don’t message me again”…I got in her head. The “dont message me again” was an impulsive reply that in chick language doesn’t really have much credence.

    They always come back if they respect you or feel a sense of loss.

    I think that exchange will cut deep.

    Also, the “you’re like most other girls in this city” is short and harst. It cuts into a woman’s sense of uniqueness and entitlement. She’s not on the pedestal.

    Note how her reply to my “I thought you were cool,…” was to claim she was so thoughtful and wonderful….something not consistent with the facts. It also sets up for me the “beta bait” to apologize.

    I reframed with the ‘You’re just like most other girls in this city…”

    Do readers think my handling was alpha?


  218. Gents, credentials please (roissy scale would be nice)! Us newbies need to seperate the men from the boys.


  219. NewAlpha, pick and choose the advice you want from here. There’s a lot of experience, see what most fits your situation or ask and people with a view will comment. This is not a law firm, you’re not going to get a senior partner to handle your case. It’s a kind of guys sharing stuff about chicks site. Many of the techniques proposed need refining and field testing. Read my post above. It’s a composite of various bits of Roissy’s advice. Whether it has any impact remains to be seen with time. The reactions to it seem quite revealing. Draw your own conclusions and share what works or doesn’t. Hope that helps.


  220. walawala,

    Your message conduct didn’t hurt you a lot, but really flaky girls need stronger medicine. When they are trying to mess with you, texting allows them to continue. You need enough of a confrontation to really make her uncomfortable, which you can’t do by texting.

    When you are talking to her in person or on the phone, you can put her on the defensive because in person she can’t get away, and on the phone she still can’t justify hanging up if you don’t actually yell or curse at her.

    I’m not saying you should phone her specifically to bawl her out. What you do is continue as before except make sure all your interactions are in person or over the phone, and respond in a pointed way to bad behavior.

    For example, on a date after she flaked on a previous date, you can either say, at the beginning of the date, “I’m looking forward to twice as much of you tonight, to make up for last time”, or, at the end of that date say “That was fun, I guess I forgive you.” When she says “Forgive me for what?” say “When you flaked on me last time I was going to write you off, but I decided to give you one more chance because you probably didn’t really mean to be so rude. I made the right decision.” This is a neg combined with a compliment and statement of satisfaction, so she won’t be in a position to start an argument about it and she will get the message that you won’t put up with any more flaking.


  221. Thanks Polymath….when girls get upset over negs or teasing and pull away or get angry, in my experience it’s rarely permanent. Now I better understand handling flakes…..Before I got more angry. Now I can see where I could have improved on that front.

    In my text game, I’m learning to keep them short and pointed. But the temptation when they react strongly is to apologize. I’ve stopped doing that recently,

    A recent learning from the pua material and this blog is that in response to that “don’t message me anymore…” part, previously I would have 1) apologized or 2) over-explained or counter-punched. Instead, I just left it at that. Progress I hope. I reckon the silence just leaves them stewing and thinking more.


  222. Wait…are you guys serious?


  223. dc–

    do say no (more accurately, i just ignore her). I’m confident that IF I were to call her, yes, she knows she has to say yes, unless she literally cannot.

    You’re good then.


  224. So I posted some lyrics to a song on facebook. Some of you might remember. Santana:

    “Give me your heart, make it real
    Or else forget about it”

    Anyway, a gal I’ve been talking to for a while (reminiscent of a DC lawyer chick) immediately texts me. I write the occasional song on the guitar, and she’d joked about wanting me to write a song about her before. Naturally, she assumes they’re about her. We talk for a while, and I tell her that some of the lyrics apply to her. This is CONTRAST to my alpha frame, and she tries to pounce on it.

    Me: You enjoy my rare sweetnesses, eh?

    Her: I’m not the kinda girl to turn down sincere sweetness.

    Me: I’m not the kind of guy to pass it out very easily

    Her: Careful kiddo, your feelings are showing. lol

    At this point, I recognize that the vulnerability game has her sufficiently attentive, so I decide to rip it out from under her.

    Me: Who says I have feelings?

    Her: I know you’re a big softy underneath your shell.

    Since she’s so hardcore in her endeavor to gain hand, my natural reaction was to stop taking her seriously. Hence, agree and amplify.

    Me: Pretty much. I volunteer at an orphanage for disabled kittens.

    A self-assessment says that I was just vague enough in my vulnerability-to-masculinity play that she’ll read into the conversation exactly as she wants to believe. Given what I know about her, she’s probably climaxing over her desire to know more about me. A while back, I went stone-faced and dropped in countenance for a moment when she inquired about a scar, and then told her that it’s something I don’t prefer to remember. I’ve been playing the dark and mysterious card flawlessly, so far as I can tell.


  225. @David….

    Ok, I’ll give some feedback on this with comments.

    Me: You enjoy my rare sweetnesses, eh?
    [YOU ASKED A QUESTION, SOUNDS NEEDY, A BETTER OPENER WOULD HAVE BEEN, “I’m having a rare moment of sweetness…..”]

    Her: I’m not the kinda girl to turn down sincere sweetness.

    Me: I’m not the kind of guy to pass it out very easily

    Her: Careful kiddo, your feelings are showing. lol
    At this point, I recognize that the vulnerability game has her sufficiently attentive, so I decide to rip it out from under her.

    Me: Who says I have feelings?

    Her: I know you’re a big softy underneath your shell.
    [ANOTHER SHIT TEST…PROPER RESPONSE: “Nah….I’m actually quite hard…. SMILE”]

    Since she’s so hardcore in her endeavor to gain hand, my natural reaction was to stop taking her seriously. Hence, agree and amplify.

    Me: Pretty much. I volunteer at an orphanage for disabled kittens.

    She’s pretty much controlling this frame. I’d say brush up on the cocky funny…..If she’s into you, she’ll immediately get the jokes and play along….

    Without seeing the body language the exchange is a bit borderline.


  226. I’ve gone online, and am now trying to score over the internet – I’ve tried it before with minor successes, but do the same rules apply online as well as off?

    Got in touch with a 25 yo (i’m 23, in college, no money – and I haven’t had regular sex for 4 months – FML), high 7s with well-above average IQ – she responded and I can now tell she’s getting VERY curious.

    She asked me:

    so what do you do?

    My response:
    I do an incredible amount. If you asked my buddies they’d probably say they have no idea what I’m up to at the moment. But basically I’m just doing anything that feels right – I had to laugh at your comment: “I try to fill my life with moments”. La vida es para disfrutar.

    I then proceeded to ask her what she did. I told her, I hoped since I had now run the risk of writing to such an old lady that she had a massive fortune (and heart problems) – cause then i could sit inside, watch TV, and drink beer all day.

    Her response was bla bla bla and the she repeated her question (score!) – with the comment: besides probably getting drunk and macking babes.

    I’m doing something right (for the first time in a long time).

    But feedback on how to proceed would be awesome. I definitely give this one potential.

    On a side note:

    Why is it that when a man is more intelligent than a woman, it so often backfires, in long-term relationships as well??

    I’m far more intelligent than most of my exes, but then it goes down the drain, the magic disappears – and it seems what gave me a headstart at the beginning just kicked me in the ass? Does my intelligence betray nerdiness? Do I need to keep it private, render my room bare of intellectual entertainment – do I need to grunt and go caveman?


  227. on May 26, 2010 at 5:46 am | Reply Original JB

    Intelligence isn’t the problem, it’s the beta behavior.


  228. So I’m on a plane with this chick (about an 8) my brother introduced me to at a party a few months back (fucked her all night that night at bro’s place), en route to visit said brother. Chick A is window, I’m in the middle, and this hot blonde (a solid 9.5) sits down in the aisle seat. I make small talk while Chick A dozes during the flight. Once we arrive Chick A and I go to brother’s house to party and fuck all weekend.

    On the flight home I get up to piss and find out that Blondie is on our return flight as well, so I stop and say hello.

    “Is that your girlfriend?”

    “No, just a chick my brother introduced me to. I’m in the Army and live in Germany.”

    She gives me her number, so I call her and we go to dinner at this trendy place in DC she had to go to. We meet a bunch of her pals there, and party for a while, then she takes me to her place where we fuck all night.

    The next week I go back to Germany, and before too long she calls and says she’s coming over for a week–some work assignment for Marriott. I say great and arrange for some time off so I can party with her.

    By about Thursday I’m starting to get bored with her, and though she was hot the sex wasn’t that great, we had no connection and she was a bit of a psycho. Besides that, she didn’t seem to be any more into me than I was into her. Sill, I figure I’ll nail her a few more times and send her on her way.

    That day we’re driving to my office so I can do some nit noid shit for my boss when she starts going off on me for interrupting my vacation to do my boss a favor. I listen to her rant for a while, all the while saying shit like “Look, just relax, I have an important job to do.” She just won’t shut up.

    Finally I turn the car around and she asks what the fuck I’m doing.

    “I’m taking you back to my place, where you are going to pack your shit, and then I’m taking you to the airport.”

    “But my flight isn’t until Saturday.”

    “That’s not my problem. Once you get there you can get a room or a different flight, whatever you want. I don’t want to know, and don’t give a fuck. What I do know is that I’m not taking shit like this from you.”

    She gets this whiny look on her face as if she has never been challenged and starts to beg me to forgive her.

    Took her to the airport like I said. When she got home, she started calling and emailing constantly, saying she loved me and wanted my babies. I never saw her again.

    Game or no game?


  229. DA,

    You pass, magna cum laude. Now you may have got yourself a 9.5 FB. Roissy was right, the hottest chix need nuclear asshole game. (Actually you weren’t an asshole, but you absolutely put her in her place hard, same effect.)


  230. This post from Gorbachev is a good field report.


  231. Nassim Taleb understand the sexual market

    “Most of the unhappiness in the modern world is the injustice
    that, in the past, only some of the males, but all the females, were
    able to procreate. Equality was made for females, not males.” NNT

    Alpha or not?



  232. Anyone who’s read the swan and has any idea about women knows NNT is beta. Plain and simple.


  233. Anyone who knows NNT knows that you are full of crap. Plain and simple.


  234. Probably. Do you know him personally?


  235. I worked on Wall Street in the 90’s and our paths crossed a few times — what is super alpha about the dude is that he has the balls to tell the guys at the very top of the industry that they’re idiots, to their faces, while taking his critics apart in the most efficient way possible. He learns from experience and follows where the evidence takes him while being completely indifferent to the most vicious unjustified criticism — at the same time he much prefers socializing and partying, or reading philosophy, to finance (he does finance very successfully on a very part-time basis, probably spends no more than a few hours a week on it).

    I worked on Value at Risk models for several years, just when they were becoming big, and developed a state-of-the-art system which was did not make the really stupid assumptions NNT criticized in everyone else’s models — but there were still more subtle things wrong with it, and NNT wrote all about them long before the crash. His criticisms were so logical and mathematically sound, reinforcing my own doubts, that when I saw how completely he was ignored I knew the system was rotten and left the industry.


  236. Clarifying an ambiguity I just noticed in my previous reply — when I said “the system was rotten” I was referring to the whole structure of risk and incentives on Wall Street, not the “system” I had spoken of earlier, which was risk management software I developed.


  237. 11PM:

    Im in Toronto airport, pretty drunk just chugged 2 pints with my buddies before we parted ways. I stumble back to my gate, and notice that the plane is delayed for 3 more hours. Fuck. At least I had vouchers. So I keep on moving like I have a purpose, and covertly scope out all the people waiting at the gate….Ugly as a I expected them to be.

    But wait, all as not lost. I saw a hot chick by the gate! Shit…she was sitting on the carpeted floor against the wall and a little side- partition, headphones on her head, watching a movie on her laptop.

    I move in and throw down my bags beside her and get her attention and tell her to watch my stuff, and then point at my bags. I take a leak and think my gameplan over.

    I go back and get her attention again…I say “Hey…Im going to tim hortons right now to get some coffee, but Im paying with a meal voucher. The catch is that I can’t get change so I have to spent the whole $10. Whadd’ya want?”

    She seemed hesitant but I returned with coffee, donuts, etc…and then I just started talking to her fluffing etc…
    Ended up getting her #.

    game rating?


  238. now that’s an alpha “Paul Feyerabend
    was permanently impotent from a war injury, yet he married four times,
    and was a womanizer to the point of leaving a trail of devastated
    boyfriends and husbands whose partners he snatched, and an equally long
    one of broken hearts, including those of many of his students (in his day,
    certain privileges were allowed to professors, particularly flamboyant professors
    of philosophy). This was a particular achievement given his impotence.
    So there were other parts of the body that came to satisfy whatever
    it was that made women attached to him.”

    from NNT


  239. citizen renegade readers collective (alphas, betas, females), i want to hear your swap stories… i was casually seeing a chick since feb, nothing serious & over last month i’ve been cooling it down… but over the w/e met her friend (not a best friend), she’s unbelievably hot, we clicked & now i want her. i want to do a swap.

    is this possible given the short turnaround? whats the best way to get around the “mates before dates” mindset? whats the best way forward???


  240. chuck,

    Break up with girl 1, see girl 2 secretly for 1 month, then you can see girl 2 openly without girl 1 scratching her eyes out. Way to do to this: first, tell girl 2 “I’d like to get together with you but it’s not fair to girl 1. I’m going to break up with her, but I don’t want her to hate you. What do you think we should do?”

    Normally you would take the lead in getting a relationship off the ground, but here you want to engage girl 2’s scheming instincts. If she thinks it’s her idea to see you secretly for a while, she gets more thrills, not to mention the logistical advantages because your initial dates will be private rather than public.

    Best part is by breaking up first you’re not actually cheating on girl 1 and look good for not wanting to hurt her feelings — girl 2 is the one who is hiding something, which will not make her feel guilty enough to not see you and so will set the rationalization hamster wheel in motion, resulting in her feeling more connected to you than she otherwise would have.


  241. So Friday night I met this girl who just moved back to my country and when we let we both laughed because we had heard about each other (I don’t know what she has heard about me).
    We hung out for the rest of the night. She and I would flirt a bit and I would neg her and she would punch me on the arm or give me little IoI’s.
    Then at the most random time during us talking she just says

    Her: Oh by the way I’m not going to fuck you.
    Me: (confused look) Well you’re not really my time anyway.

    And the conversation continues but she said it like three times that night.
    She also gave me her business card.
    I ended up sleeping over at her house with everyone from our group. But not with her.

    The next day my Wing tells me every guy pretty much loves her. Great i’m just another AFC.

    Today I see her in the park and chat with her for a few minutes nothing special really.

    I’ve added her on facebook and now I’m wondering how do I get together with her if I can only message or email her? (Her phone number on her card isn’t from my country)
    Do I even still have a chance with her?


  242. @Matt….

    This scenario…so familiar. I’ve had variations of it and have blown it until I discovered this blog.

    Here’s what’s happening:

    1) she’s an attention whore–that is verified by your friends
    2) she feels a sense of entitlement—assuming you want to fuck her
    3) you bareley passed the shit test.

    What happened:

    “”Her: Oh by the way I’m not going to fuck you.
    Me: (confused look) Well you’re not really my time anyway.””

    What you should have said and why:

    Me: (big smile) Fuck you? I don’t want to kiss you. Big leap there. You have to earn your way into my pants. (laugh and walk away)

    That’s what you need to be aiming for.

    As for the Facebook and email. I’ve failed in this before.

    It’s a quagmire. Use it to 1) make other chicks jealous by posting photos of you with other girls 2) use it to set up dates quickly with girls who have shown some type of interest. 3) use it to stay in touch and joke around with friends.

    To game this girl….

    Walk away.

    If you see her out and about, take the temperature. If she approaches you…start gaming her.

    If she makes eye contact with you…approach her confidently, game…walk away.

    Walk away from this girl when the attraction is high.

    Otherwise, find other girls.

    You’ll be sucked into the trap of one-itis always trying to unravel a puzzle that frankly isn’t worth solving.

    The fact she assumes you want to fuck her puts her in the alpha category.

    That’s basically what we as guys should be assuming.

    When you go in with that attitude, you’ll always emerge better off.

    Don’t go into game with a pre-determined outcome. Do that…and you’re sunk.

    Go in with the attitude of gaming a variety of girls, practicing on the 6’s/7’s and working your way up.

    This one…will only drag you down. You’ll invest way too much time and be on here constantly seeking ways to out-game her and waste precious time you could be investing in someone who genuinely wants to be gamed.

    Read and re-read the 16 Commandments of Poon. Don’t make the woman your goal.

    Hope that helps. It’s taken some time for me to understand this. Now I get it.


  243. @ Krauser


    You wrote:

    “Me: You love me.

    [seeking validation]”

    Why is this bad? What’s a better way to respond? I have used this in varying ways. It provokes a reaction.

    Is it the context? When I say it in response to someone saying “You’re so much trouble….” my response: “But you love me….”

    Is that different from this?

    Your response was enlightening.


  244. [And the conversation continues but she said it like three times that night]

    Wow…this is why older men do so well with female college students…the male college students often back off to such bold invitations to direct game, which is what happened here. Just don’t let it happen again and you will be the guy on campus who cleans up.

    She obviously wanted the conversation to revolve around:

    1) Whether or not you would have some kind of sexual activity with her that night

    2) The use of bad words = sexy language + she was saying that the graphic description of all sorts of sexual activities was on the table

    You should have called me at that point – in fact, introduce me to her please….

    3) and while she clearly wanted the conversation to be about the concept of sex with her, if she was really not sexuallly interested in you, she was playing you like a mouse and there was the strong need to seriously put in her place, not with a lame lie like “I wasn’t interested anyway” but with a believable nuclear neg like “You have about 3 years tops of being a 10 while I’m only going to get better looking until I peak in looks at age 50. The line of power will cross at around age 25”. Hell, I would honestly say that 10s can move to 9s in a few short months of not dieting and exercising properly. Women in the 18-21 age range can be very insecure about their bodies.

    Her bold and modern attitude in “By the way, I am not going to fuck you” is unprecedented in the history of the Christian world until the current generation. Not even the 68 generation hippie women were that bold. It would come from the past 10 years of culture, namely things like “Sex and the City”.

    The best response to it would have been a serious “Right, I was only planning on [lesser sexual activity] . Where can we do that? Let’s go to my place. I’ll cook you a snack there as well. What do you like, salmon or pork chops?”.

    You would do this while taking her hand in yours and/or placing your other hand on her thigh…where it would slowly move to the crotch at a snail’s pace.

    Another wide open response to her brazen comment would be “Not even for $500?” I would follow that up with actually pulling $500 out of my pocket. It would be the perfect neg if she’s not open to selling herself, and it can be done humorously so, if she would never consider selling herself, she can rationalize that you were just making a good joke – but younger PUAs would be shocked to learn just how easily $500 to $1000 will buy many of their fellow college students, especially the 9s and 10s, into some sort of sexual activity with an older businessman.

    Believe me, if a woman is OK with talking about whether she will aggressively fuck a man or not…she is probably OK with taking money for a strip tease, unless she is a rabid feminist who hates “exploitation of women”. You already know she is not a religious prude.

    Take away $200 and say “OK, $300 for a strip tease, no touching”. At this point she will let you know if she is a rabid feminist bitch who hates “exploitation of women”. She would have to consider you to have a fantastic sense of humor or she will see a chance to make some serious money for doing something she might want to do anyway. If she took you up on that, believe me, the $300 will be well worth it as an ice breaker because her relations with you from that point on will be sexually oriented and the money saves you from pointless game-playing such as walking away and ignoring her around campus for weeks (after college, a man does not really have the option of ignoring a woman around campus).

    The bottom line is that her brazen willingness to directly talk about your wanting sex with her would mean that this can legitimately be the fallback topic of conversation with her from now on. Don’t let her hear the end of her brazen remark.

    Meanwhile, the advice about avoiding “One-Itis” is extremely sound…but you have to match a 10 by simultaneously dating other 10s regardless of whether the first 10 is flaking on, a 9 with other 9s. If you ignore a 10 to “practice with 6s and 7s”, you could get depressed because the difference between a 10 and a 7 is that the former has one in 10,000 great looks while the latter has 1 in 10 so so looks. A 10 certainly won’t be impressed if she sees that you retreated to a lesser looking woman.

    I wouldn’t date a dog so I can feel like I don’t have one-itis for the one I really want. It has to really be all the same to you whether you are with one woman or the other. Once you reach that point, you start to clean up.

    In conclusion: Don’t ever say “I wasn’t interested anyway”. At the very least, reframe it to “I was interested mainly in seeing you do a strip tease at my place tonight but I’m not sure if you have a disease or something so don’t flatter yourself to think I’d want to go all the way so soon.”

    Then say “So do you have a disease or not”? Make her work hard to sell herself as a clean, safe fuck. That is Reframing 101.

    and remember: She set the tone of conversation. Continue on that subject because that is what she wants the topic of conversation to be.


  245. A recent study shows that men who are emotionally neutral are seen as more dominant than men who are sad, shameful or happy.
    this did not apply to women



  246. @Jerry, that’s a load of bad advice, coupled with bad reasoning.

    @Matt, walk away. You blew it. Anything you do now will make you look more pathetic.


  247. Much of my advice to Matt is corroborated by others in the comment section of the recent post “What did I do wrong”.

    There, “F” complained about an email exchange with a female lawyer 8.5 – in which he never thought of getting her mobile number – and in which she aggressively tried to get to know him but had to postpone on a 7PM meeting for drinks after work because she had to work late that night.

    He responded with bitter insecurity, saying “I don’t care”.

    He then invited her at the last second to jump on a boat with him and other male strangers. She had other plans – nor was about to get on a boat with male strangers – but quickly said “I’ll bake you cupcakes”.

    He responded with bitter insecurity by not writing back for 3 weeks and then writing “I don’t like cupcakes. Too bad.”

    No, he did not succeed in any way by ignoring her for 3 weeks and then repeating something bitter.

    Now, most people would not see that the woman was flaking but, rather, that the guy was flaking. A woman named “J” in the comments said it best (I paraphrase):

    “The first thing women look for when they have to temporarily disappoint a man is bitterness and insecurity”.

    Bitter = Beta where all a man needs is to get some self confidence and not take a temporary disappointment personally.

    A good question that Roissy might want to write a chapter on in his upcoming book would be:

    What is the difference between not being bitter and saving your dignity?

    The answer is found in reframing the question. Your “dignity” only matters in a small town, a room with more than one gorgeous woman in it or in terms of what a woman might post about you on the Internet. If you are going to date 9s and 10s, you will have to brave looking stupid. 9s and 10s will look right through you and act like they don’t know what you want from them.

    Now you might say “But Roissy posted in “Don’t Hover” that a man has to retain dignity.

    Yes, but the “Don’t Hover” post was about the rare and ugly phenomenon of a woman in a bar turning her back to you while she is talking with her friends, basically telling you to get lost – at least for the time being.

    Roissy did not mean a man should retreat – walk away – when a woman is facing him and/or engaging him in communication while giving him some serious shit tests.

    I see only a few reasons to walk away from a woman:

    1) A better looking woman is in my field of vision
    2) The woman identifies with feminism/leftism and indicates that her mind is closed
    3) Non-willingness to number close after 30 minutes of conversation despite the woman being seemingly fascinated – paranoid feminists will do this to men they like but men need to “just say no” to such flakes.

    If a woman said “I’m not going to fuck you tonight,” however, that would be the last thing I’d walk away from.

    Once a woman uses bad language first in a conversation, she has “lowered” herself out of consideration as marriage material and either knowingly or unknowingly qualified herself as a Direct Game target. Start using direct game immediately at that point, especially if she used the F word in regard to someone doing that to her.

    Here is what Matt could have said (and I have successfully talked like this in similar situations with 9s and 10s so there is no need for a novice who dates 7s to say “that’s bad advice”):

    Her: “I’m not going to F you tonight”
    Matt: “That’s OK. I really wanted to get to know you better tonight. Its tomorrow night that I expect to F you at my place while your best friend watches”.


    “That’s OK. I was thinking of getting to know you first and then I’d take you on a camping trip on the July 4th weekend where we could do it under the stars”.

    A man would have the right to say the above because she was the one who “upped the ante” by bringing the topic of sex with her into the foreground.

    In any case, she was basically telling Matt to change his game, because she either wasn’t attracted to the game he was playing up to that point or she was telling him to slow down.

    In that way, Matt could show confidence instead of bitterness and determine if the woman was saying “I am not attracted to you at all, let’s just be friends.”

    A man definitely wants to change his game from what he was doing before the dreaded LJBF words come out.

    His callousness in saying “That’s OK but I expect you and your friend tomorrow night” would be a lot better than the bitterness and game-ending mistake of saying “I wasn’t interested anyway”.

    Of course, he could have also dropped a humorous neg in saying “That’s OK but we better hurry up and have sex while your eggs are still fertile – maybe 2 or 3 more years.”

    My favorite is still “Not even for $500?” accompanied by a smirk with which to deny seriousness if taken wrong (more below). This last is not “bad advice” to a man who is otherwise going to lose the girl entirely or to a man who has “already blown it so walk away dude”.

    A much more serious thing Matt mentioned was that he did not mobile number close with the woman. But that may have been because of the bitter “I’m not interested anyway”.

    He can still recover from this with a re-frame, but she better be worth it (she needs to be a 10) and Matt really needs to be simultaneously working a woman of equal attractiveness to get his inner game up (no need to practice on 7s because 10s are an entirely different animal).

    Since nobody here bullshits about their sex life and men are brutally honest about when they do or do not get sex and where most men admit to banging only 7s, an experienced guy who honestly says he regularly gets 9s and 10s is probably somebody to listen to more than a young “learner” who admits to only getting 7s but then tries to pawn off advice on this blog.

    Three weeks ago I brazenly walked up to a set of 10s with a 7 in a disco filled with female university students. For ten minutes they gave me a hard time, saying more than once “What do you want from us sir”. It may have looked “bad” to all the other women in that disco that a middle aged man hovered over their table so long, but the 10s were not turning their backs on me – and I didn’t care what the 9s and 8s in the room thought about me – so I wasn’t really “hovering” in the sense Roissy advises against where one must walk away at least temporarily. Finally, two of the girls got up to dance and I got to slide into a seat next to one of the 10s and hold her hand while we talked into each others ears for the next hour and kiss closed.

    This 10 proceeded to stand me up for 4 dates in a row (I didn’t bother to go myself to the 4th date).

    A bitter man would have “walked away” and said something bitter.

    But I knew she just wanted me to drop the Nice Guy Game that had worked up until then. She wanted me to Go Direct.

    She showed up for the 5th date with her best friend because I had said that she and her friend would be spending the night at my place.

    A lot of young women aren’t confident enough in their ability to converse, so they will reject the idea of normal dating. For them, the only way to date them is in bed.

    And another thing: Some of the young British males on this blog are clearly back in the Victorian Era when it comes to a certain pedestalization of women that US men don’t have west and south of DC:

    Most Gen Y women will take money for some sort of sexual activity even if they stay dressed doing it the first time. It is not seen as Beta if you are brazen enough to consider doing this with an upper-class “good girl”.

    Alphas know how perverted and amoral so many Gen Y women are – and they are ready to take advantage when they realize the woman they are with are not marriage material but still 9s or 10s.

    So, if all else seems to be failing and the number isn’t closing, use humor to open this last resort issue. You will be surprised how this Re-frame opens doors you may have thought were shut tight.

    The best way to open the issue is to ask if any other man has ever asked to pay. Many women will say “Yes, it happens all the time” and indicate it doesn’t offend them.

    To think women who use words like Fuck are “too good” for this kind of game, is to falsely pedestalize them.


  248. A young woman struggling with her career or living with her parents will warm up to a guy who describes (truthfully) a great pad with a large bed and great kitchen for her to cook in. He needs to provide the visuals – the imagery of her cooking there, his cooking for her there, her living there or spending a lot of time there. It gives her something besides his body to salivate over, it gives her the impression the man does not just want to pump and dump and her reaction gives him confidence she wants to see him again.

    Needless to say, a man is going to want to have adequate cooking skills, a well stocked fridge and excellent cooking equipment.

    I’ve successfully used “Let’s process the veggies in the juicer while they’re still fresh. I just bought them today”. If she’s a vegetarian, you can have her at “hello” with kitchen game.

    Matt might have gotten the “No sex for you tonight” girl to relax and come home with him to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

    You also want to get the imagery out there of she and you on a camping trip or at a resort she loves or dreams about.

    Women who might be marriage material often have to be gamed this way to get them to your place – or get them on a spontaneous trip to a nearby resort – while a woman who has used foul language can be gamed much more directly.


  249. how women would rather share 1/1000 of an alpha than settle for a full beta.


    they even used the word “carousel”!


  250. israeli study show that when women travel abroad they are looking for casual sex!



  251. I was having some problems in my LTR and needed an ego boost. Here’s how I went about it.

    hey hey

    hey you!

    what are you up to?

    nothing much…

    just chilling


    Just got home, very long day…looking to get out tonight

    yea i had a long day today too…i was at the shop gteting my car fixed for like 6 hrs….where u goign tonight

    no idea, suggestions?

    well what kind of atmosphere u looking for

    I don’t really care honestly, just something fun….I got that feeling tonight

    you getting out?

    i dunno yet…thought abt it, just don’t know for sure


    oh booooooo….

    i dont know where to go


    see u dont know either

    you want to get out right?

    but just dont’ know where to go?

    perhaps,..but i have to figure in my budget now, since i dropped $500 at the car place




    def shat in my oatmeal

    that’s pretty ugly and I was planning on having you buy all my drinks

    there goes my plan

    lol…maybe next time


    maybe next time? limited time offer


    I’m glad you are so easily amused by yourself

    its not hard

    I’m going to find a place and we’re going out

    oh really


    sounds fun



    go ahead and get ready and I’m going to find a place quick, I’ll give you a call shortly


    * We ended up splitting on drinks for the night and she turned out to be a pretty cool girl.


  252. @ Supaman

    My personal opinion?

    It doesn’t feel right – you two (ie. you) sound like a timid teenager who only recently learnt to masturbate and is still light-years away from your first lay of passion.

    This girl didn’t look she was going to suck your dick, did she?

    My experience is that girls appreciate mystery & surprises and adventure as far as dates go. Once you’ve determined she’s down for meeting up – according to Roissy your basic operating assumption – you own the show, and you add the magic ingredients listed above + your great wit, charm and nice attitude, and she’s going to bang you. Not because of your “great wit, charm and nice attitude” but because you’ve managed to go through at least one date without acting like a total loser. That is all that most women require as an excuse to bang you. Simply DON’T be a loser.

    Tell her what she has to do. Don’t ask.


  253. This is hardly an Alpha Admission as it is an analysis request:

    This is an ex-girlfriend who I am trying to categorize so I can figure out how the hell I’m supposed to calibrate my style:

    She’s an eternal ingenue in that she loves attention, and respects you more if she’s feeling the threat of competition imminently. She kept in touch with ex boyfriend for over a year despite him living 1000 miles away, and continued to see him occassionally, while playing the field for other beaus. She has a fling she’s been involved with on summer breaks since she was 15 (she’s 24 now) and it’s still hot.

    She´s an amazonian alpha in her sometimes cold and harsh writing style – which sometimes also can get touchy feely. She’s fiercely independent – she left to travel the world for six months inspite of her declared feelings (and tears) of love for me.

    She’s a waif in that she is silent and shy – but she had a very happy childhood and is always the one to dump. She has a big and very happy family – politically they are quite liberal.

    She has a casual attitude to sex – easy to get her into bed if she’s single, for sure – she never divulges she has a boyfriend (she certainly kept me a secret from her ex).

    In the beginning I made her quite nervous with my happy-go-lucky behavior, contacting her very occassionally – she would ask me questions if I said I was headed for a weekend with friends or if I was going on a short-trip somewhere. She was obviously worried.

    What type was I dealing with?


  254. Oh, and a solid 8. Very sporty. Not intellectual. Natural blonde. Defintely acts on feelings – loyalty is a vague concept that is trumped by loyalty to gina tingles inspite of “best efforts” to the contrary. She was more attracted to me when I was probably cheating.


  255. Erik von markovik aka Mystery to be interviewed on July 15 by Alan roger currie of Modeone fame



  256. Me: What’s your name?
    Her: XYZ
    Me: You like having fun? Going out?
    Her: No.
    Me: You like fucking?
    Her: No
    Me: I’d fuck you anyway.
    Her: What if I didn’t let you.
    Me: I’d fuck you anyway.
    Her: That’s rape you sick bastard.
    Me: No it’s just fucking.
    Her: What if I stabbed you with a knife?
    Me: I won’t let you cuz I’m stronger.
    Her: You could go to jail.
    Me: Atleast I’d fuck you before going to jail.
    Her: You’re the weirdest asshole I’ve ever met.
    Me: But I’m cute too.
    Her: Smiles.
    Me: So the bathroom then?


  257. So on my way to achieving my maximum alpha-dom, I’ve discovered more and more that Roissy is 110% right on everything. I’m sorta-kinda involved with a really nice 7/10 girl, but she has an 8 friend. So I start this conversation with her friend and she says:

    “she likes you. shes my bestfriend. she has never & wouldnt ever do it to me. i can’t do it to her.”

    I respond

    “1 – we aint a thing
    2 – what happens in vegas…”

    After going through a pretty repetitive circle (I was slightly buzzed when I typed this and still am), she agreed to come over before work tomorrow and ‘test my seduction skills against her resistance skills,’ which is whore for ‘you fuck me senseless and I’ll pretend like it wasn’t supposed to go down like that.’ Point is, I got this after the rapport circle:

    “None of this gets back to [name of 7].”

    Sure thing? I think so.


  258. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/nyc_man_returns_from_day_sea_voyage_1iSvumKhV2Gc2fx8kQ8I4J

    alpha of the year got a wife whose young enough to be his daughter on his ship for 1000 days and he knocked her up along the way.

    She waited for him to come back .


  259. david, remember that you shouldn’t put any more stock into “None of this gets back to [name of 7]” than into “i can’t do it to her”.

    you should consider the effects that will redound to you, if and when this DOES get back to [name of 7]. these effects may not even necessarily be negative, if you play your cards right and/or if the girls and their circle are slutty enough.

    not too long ago i mistakenly dialed the number of a girl i used to fuck, who is now married to a much nicer guy. it really was a wrong number, so i decided to play chicken.
    within about three minutes she had gone from “i’m married now, i really love him, i’m in a better place” to “he might know, though, you’re a lot darker complected than he is”.
    purely an experiment.
    the real question is how so many guys take so long to realize what women are all about.


  260. on June 22, 2010 at 10:10 am | Reply master swordsman

    go jerry..! you had me up until the word “disco”.


  261. @Little Swordsman

    Much of the English I use happens here, especially if it is not business related. Otherwise I speak other languages all day and in the evening.

    In Eastern Europe, discos are discos no matter what language you are using. If you try to call them a club or a bar or a dance hall, nobody will understand what you are talking about.

    Now if you know what they are now called in the USA, you can enlighten me. I haven’t been there in a decade.

    I’m not sure if you were trying to be a condescending prick because you don’t believe how well men do in Eastern Europe. Just ask Roissy what it is like here. If a decent PUA cannot regularly date 9s and 10s here, he would have to be dead.

    10s become 9s overnight and, if they eat too much, they can become 8s or even 7s in a matter of months.

    If you have a problem with the idea of any man going for the best looking women (defined as 10s), it is definitely because you are not scoring well yourself.

    Meanwhile, the point I made to Matt was critical if he ever wants to get laid:

    You don’t walk away from a 9 or a 10 simply because of something they said that seemed flaky or “not what you wanted to hear”.

    Doing so ain’t “hovering”.

    If a woman says “I am not fucking you tonight” it means the topic of conversation can turn to that topic. I offered a strategy in which to deal with that.

    You definitely don’t need to run anything but direct game with a woman who uses the word “fuck”.

    A defeatist had said “No Matt, give up. You blew it”.

    But I insisted that he had been the green light to talk about her favorite topic: men fucking her.

    You only give up if a woman turns her back on you and actively tries to stop communication.

    That said…seriously unmistakable flaky behavior from a woman should warn you to keep the relationship really short.

    I am still trying to get rid of the flake who stood me up for 4 dates and then succumbed.

    One might want to walk away from women with abnormal behavior patterns.

    But young PUAs will walk away from someone with a normal behavior pattern, rationalizing that keeping a non-existent “dignity” is a good excuse for chickening out of a situation that really just requires more advanced game and more nerve.


  262. The initial response to any direct game will be “not tonight”. Giving up at that point is like giving up because the umpire simply called the first inning over.


  263. on June 24, 2010 at 1:08 am | Reply master swordsman

    @ disco jerry

    i’m glad you realised i was being a “condescending prick” as you say… after reading your posts (directed at others) i thought maybe the concept was lost on you…


  264. @swordsman

    I condescendingly responded to a “that was very bad advice” comment referring to my statement that Matt could have actually ramped up his game with a woman who would say “I’m not fucking you tonight” as opposed to “let’s just be friends”.

    And it is true that really young guys pass themselves as experts here while claiming they hit on 7s.

    One pretty lie is that males aged 17-22 tend to know what they are doing with women. But that doesn’t mean one can’t learn from their experiences.

    I just wish guys asked tougher questions about women who were *really* flaking and not just putting out shit tests like “I am not fucking you tonight”.

    An example of a real flake is a woman giving a phone number and then saying “what do you want from me” when the man calls.

    The answer to that would actually entail more advanced game concepts…and I’d like to hear comments about what to do when something like that happens.

    I’ve seen unserious guys here make out-of-the-blue ad hominem attacks on others who may have simply used the brand Mercedes as an example of a luxury car.

    Meanwhile, try flying to Warsaw and asking the blondes to go with you to a “night club”. That translates to “bordello”.
    Good luck with that.

    Otherwise, you might want to stick with the word disco which is what they’re called, whether you think 100 million people in this region are cool or not.

    Needless to say, you will need to learn the rest of the local language fluently because 95% of the best looking women don’t speak English and you are going to have to game them entirely in their own language.

    I am sure there are other “uncool words” still being used in other languages, but you will have to learn them and use them.


  265. And another thing about the pathos behind nit-picking about words:

    The original use of the still regionally popular word “disco” was in reference to the concept that a man should enter an establishment filled with beautiful women aged 18-21, survey the room, and boldly walk up to the table with the absolute best looking women.

    Most guys would have a problem with doing this because it is their equivalent of walking straight into machine gun fire.

    On this blog, some of these nervous guys will want to say “you didn’t really do that” or make an ad hominem attack because they simply don’t want to admit that they, themselves, simply will not EVER APPROACH 10s.

    Now I won’t use the word “cowardice” to describe those who simply have no field reports of any attempt to approach and game a 10. On the east coast of the USA, 10s are few and far between, steeped in victim feminism and everyone knows that most 10s are unstable elements that quickly become 9s, such as when a woman ages from 18 to 19.

    Women’s studies courses in the USA make a point of using up the life cycle of unstable 10s – 18 year old women who will be confused and entitled until they become 9s a year or two later.

    Men may also be too nervous about approaching tens because of some physical defect. They may only approach 7s and 8s because they, themselves are 5’9″. It is a problem on this blog if these short men resent and needlessly insult taller men who don’t limit themselves to 7s and 8s.

    But its mostly about staying within a comfort zone and fake PUAs will slam others for operating OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE.


  266. Here is something important I’d like Roissy to post on:

    PUAs can get something called Vicious Flaking into the public debate. This is a phenomenon rampant in misandrist cultures – and those who learn English culture too well – and something can be done about it (of course it would help if spellcheckers at least started recognizing misandrist as a word).

    Vicious Flaking is when a woman carries out a friendly conversation with a man and then gives him most of her contact information to include cell phone number, email address and first and last name…and she does this with every intention of being rude to him if he contacts her and with the intention of not ever seeing him again.

    It takes a mentally disturbed woman to do this, but I think what motivates such a bitch is her supreme confidence that the state now protects women so well that they can go ahead and fully identify themselves – for instance expose their cell phone to possible 4AM calls – then behave outrageously rude to the man when he calls, knowing the man will not ever be able to take revenge for or complain much about the asocial treatment he gets because there would be too much punishment to *him* for doing so.

    1) For example, she can get a restraining order on the guy for trying more than a few times to call the number she had freely given him two days before…and/or for trying to talk sense to her for having turned nasty for no reason, and certainly for calling in the middle of the night as petty revenge (although someone can start a free service that waits 60 days before waking someone up at 4AM so there is no connection made – it can mess up a person’s entire day to be awoken at that hour).

    2) A man can never post on the Internet that so-and-so viciously flakes on men, because she can respond in kind and, if he has a career or would ever date women who uses Google, it will *always* hurt a man more to have bad stuff written about him on the Internet.

    So what happens is that, not wanting an in-person confrontation with a confident guy, a woman might just go ahead and give her real contact information to him – including agreement for contact to take place – and hope he just gets the message in her subsequent flaky behavior that she doesn’t like him…not worrying at all that there would be any repercussions for this underhanded and time-wasting scheme.

    Over the past year, the PUA scene has at least started to debate the critical notion that Misandry hurts the lives of Alphas more than it does Betas, Gammas and Omegas. No matter what the legal climate, a Beta can live *happily* ever after with a 5 who gets fat with him while Gammas and Omegas seem to have their right to view porn permanently secured (but their right to solicit sex for $ is dwindling), but an Alpha is going to face possible or probable misandry every time he makes a move on a new woman.

    An Alpha’s interests are never secured, by definition. At age 60, if he wants to seduce your 21 year old daughter, you might “fight his interests” yourself. Misandry can blast an Alpha 5x per day on the streets via negative attitudes in a population toward men who try to meet women; whereas it might only blast a Beta during his divorces and in the flirting that never happened (and that he didn’t notice had not happened)..

    Vicious Flaking isn’t a normal or logical process of women rejecting men. It should be punished in a pro-male society at least by having cultural and collegiate leaders recognize that it happens and calling it bullshit.

    Feminists would agree that vicious flaking could be dangerous to women – right now women in the most paranoid areas are very careful not to give out their phone numbers to men they know they are not interested in.

    In a logical culture, women can refuse to give out their phone number to men they secretly don’t like.

    In the absence of societal ridicule of women who do this, the best way to avoid vicious flaking is to have changed venues with the woman at the approximate time of number close. But even that isn’t enough if you’re smooth and she’s 18.

    A more important piece of advice that can save you a lot of time and stress is this: if she gives you her email address so you can exchange web-links you’ve discussed and then you add on “I’ll need your phone number as well”…if she asks “What for” you may be in trouble. She may still provide the number but the agenda you set with her was only exchanging links about some subject.

    If you are a married man who just wanted to help a young woman get a job or get introduced to certain contacts, you can find her reacting viciously to you if, in all innocence, you call to let her know that someone wants to interview her for a job. She might say “what do you want from me” after giving him the runaround.

    If you would like to bed a woman (whether you are married or not), don’t just agree to exchange a few links or help her get a job as a way of easing into a relationship.

    Women may not respect a man procuring their contact information on pretexts other than that of wanting to get to know them better socially. This is bad news for married men and men in MLTRs who might prefer to just be friends first with a new young lady, such as in helping her.

    Make sure, when number closing, that she verbally agrees that you are going to call her and meet her again for purely social reasons.


  267. a new maxim in the making!

    “Women would rather stay single than settle for less than what they feel they deserve… but they would rather share someone out of their league than have a peer all for themselves.”


  268. Here’s my exchange with HB8 I met at our Latin dance night 2 weeks ago. We hit it off, lots of kino, IOI’s rapport, she qualified herself.

    We met up a few days later on consecutive days spent the entire class hanging out, dancing. I purposely never number closed that time to see whether there was interest. I didn’t see her for two weeks so sent her an email on Facebook:

    ME: NICKNAME I CREATED. Caiprinhas, we’re on…you’re buying the first round. LEAVE PHONE NUMBER.

    Day and a half later, I get this response:

    HER: NICKNAME SHE CREATED! hahaha how did you find me? i know i have been absent from the dance scene these couple of weeks. i just started a summer internship plus the world cup has been keeping my nights occupied 😛 how are things with you?

    ME: NICKNAME…life is good, …World Cup, yah…except when North Korea plays Ivory Coast…nail-biter. Slovenia, is that really a country? Isn’t it just Croatia Junior?

    Well NICKNAME one more chance to redeem yourself: Next Monday let’s meet up for class, followed of course by drinks, you can help me celebrate Fourth of July.

    Haven’t received a response, but her friendly but figured her rather lukewarm reply to my initial outreach was worth one more shot. She never did leave her contact number. I haven’t yet received a reply but….Alpha enough and on the right track with this approach to asking out?


  269. on June 26, 2010 at 11:21 pm | Reply Cannon's Canon

    right attitude but still trying too hard… one word texts plus dick pics are the ticket to unrequited loooooove


  270. @Cannon’s Canon

    Thanks. Before this blog and discovering game I would have “asked” “Are you free Wednesday, there’s a thing on…would you like to meet up?”

    Now, I’m trying this. It’s more cocky, ironic and fun.

    Is it really “try hard”? How would you set it up given the scenario?

    The internship is legit, the world cup suggests there’s a group of friends of a bloke.

    Though the out of the blue email appears intriguing to her.

    Any suggestions for reviving a cold lead like this—minus the dick pix?


  271. on June 27, 2010 at 12:12 am | Reply Cannon's Canon

    honestly i don’t know player. some other smart guy here once said that game is not a destination but rather a journey. if a lead is dead, what are you really gonna do?

    i could tell you that you’re asking too many questions with your follow-up, showcasing neediness and putting the onus on her to respond sincerely, which would technically be true. but what i really want to do is erase your message and replace it with “yoooo when we going dancing again so you can grind back up on my monster, the purple people eater baby!?!?!”

    specifically in this case i would let things sit for a while then hit her with an obnoxious message like such to see if your beta scent has worn off yet. you obviously did not fulfill her rom-com dream fantasy of a spilled pile of books in the library destiny, so who gives a fuck?


  272. @Cannon’s Cannon

    The genius who said: “Game is a journey not a destination” needs to make sure his Game Positioning System remains calibrated.

    Even after chasing me at first, girls flake.

    I’ve picked up a lot of great stuff from here.

    Field testing it and localizing it it a challenge.

    It’s all a worth a shot as long as I’m not needy mcnumbnuts. Always a tough call on trying re-connect.

    “”specifically in this case i would let things sit for a while then hit her with an obnoxious message””



  273. on June 27, 2010 at 4:54 am | Reply Cannon's Canon

    make sure his Game Positioning System remains calibrated

    absolutely not, no dude! be outlandish. as greenspan would say, be “irrationally exuberant”. fuck calibration, and fuck these bitches if they not fucking! thass wassup

    dalrymple is critical of tattoos, but he has never met me


  274. @Cannon’s Canon

    Yah! Fuck these bitches.

    Anyone think my response was “try hard”? I followed the basic premise in Roissy’s “Trial texting” and “Reviving a cold lead” posts.

    There’s nothing in there about asking her anything.

    I don’t see anything in my post about seeming needy in any way. It required a perceptual shift in attitude to position it this way.

    Alpha: Cocky observation, neg…”let’s meet/do” whatever….time/place”….qualification line.

    Vs: Beta:
    Lower value greeting…nice to have met you pedestralization/supplication line….ask for date “would you like to”…ask when free…

    If there’s a more effective way than what I wrote … please let me know.


  275. @Walawala

    I saw that dance class field report submission by mobile from the beach and wanted to make a remark for 3 days but couldn’t (WordPress still requires a web browser to comment from). Here is my take:

    The phrase “one last chance” is best used for someone who has already flaked by going against a promise. Obviously, it must never be used for someone who hasn’t even agreed to meet you or get to know you better yet. In the above scenario, you might have gone with “You can redeem yourself…” for having missed a dance class. That would be funny instead of scary. 😉

    Of course, men don’t want to ever be getting into a real flake situation where we have to say “one last chance to redeem yourself”. You should only have to say that once per year and only if you are a really active PUA.

    To that end, we can qualify more upfront and your dance class scenario seems like a poster case for the need to qualify:

    After she practically told you that she was the World Cup Wench of a sports-oriented guy, the dance class 8 seriously needed to have to qualify herself to you by denying his existence or saying “he and I are just friends”. You didn’t qualify her but went straight into asking her out.

    Your World Cup remarks showed your sense of humor and intelligence but you chose to ignore the big red flag she’d made about preferring soccer to dance class.

    I would have made a qualifying question like “Sounds like you’ve seen more games than I have. What sports-crazed alpha male convinced you to not only watch with him but love the sport as well? ;)”

    By saying something like that, you’d not be sticking your neck out asking her out until *after* she begged you to understand that she is available or at least failed to say “my boyfriend and I were watching the games. His dad has box seats to all Manchester United home matches”.

    “Always be Qualifying” is a good phrase that salespeople will put on their screen-savers and walls. I would rephrase this as such:

    “Always be Making Others Qualify Themselves”.

    You want women to be telling you they are available without your having to stick your neck out.

    I know there is a school of thought that says a man should never force a woman to explain any relationships she might be having with other men. They often say this is irrelevant knowledge because “all women will cheat on their man if the right alpha seduces them”. But those who subscribe to this are, IMHO, delusional because:

    1) Not asking denies you the power of forcing women to qualify themselves as “available” (if a woman likes you, she will lie about her man or say “but he is on a business trip”) and

    2) It feeds on the fallacy that women who are dating or married to alphas are still easily seducable by other alphas (according to evolutionary biologists, they’ve invested in his seed and are not available until he dumps them 3 years from now) and

    3) Because so many women tend to stupidly give out their phone numbers to all askers and then flake when they get called by those askers, it will save a man from getting flaked on himself if he qualifies a woman on her relationship status before and during the number close.

    And even the woman of a beta provider may only be available for that famous “5 minutes with an alpha” everyone talks about here.

    It is best to say to a woman that you don’t want her number if “some jealous caveman is going to tell you not to answer it”. Make her work to give it to you.

    Last week this lesson was drilled home to me (reading this blog has finally helped me organize my reasoning after 25+ years of dating):

    About 2 months ago I met a young woman in a supermarket and took her to a cafe to chat. After about 30 minutes, I suggested that I help her find a job using social media and she seemed to agree and – with reluctance – give me her coordinates, including last name, email and number. I mistakenly did not make it clear that I wanted to be friends for the sake of being friends or date her. I was just going to help her succeed in life (a minor and meaningless gesture as far as young women are concerned – they don’t respect this anywhere near as they will respect a man trying to get in their pants).

    An email and a phone call later, it was clear she wasn’t really interested in finding a job and her tone of voice was monotonic so I just forgot about her in favor of other women I’ve been dating.

    Then I saw her on the street last week and didn’t recognize her because she looked so much better in a summer dress. She was extremely rude to me as I walked beside her across a park asking how I even knew her. She wasn’t rude because I forgot who she was. She made it clear that she had never liked me at all. She slowed down to ask me “What do you want from me?” before speeding up again and finally saying “I have a boyfriend. There. Is that good enough to explain myself to you”.

    I have to say this was the most outrageous rejection I’ve seen in 10 years from a woman as I’d been a perfect gentleman and had never even asked her out (I will never offer to just help a woman get a job again).

    Obviously I hadn’t really qualified her at all.

    Now whether I believe the late boyfriend remark or not is immaterial to the fact that I obviously shouldn’t have offered to help a woman find a job without first having her qualify to me that she also wanted to be at least friends including what her relationship status actually was. I didn’t need to wait 2 months to realize that I was dealing with someone who didn’t appreciate me at all and didn’t give a damn about any career help.

    Luckily I had the chance to immediately put the new lesson about qualifying to use:

    2 minutes later, badly shaken from the above experience, I was walking back across the park alone and spotted a 30 year old 9 walking home from work. I asked her directions to a restaurant that I knew was in the direction she was going. We walked and talked and then I said “I would ask for your number but you probably have a jealous husband at home waiting for you right now”. She made it very clear that she was unattached as she gave me her mobile number. I was assured of a non-flake experience when I called and that is what I got.

    I honestly believe women like you better when you force them to qualify themselves (and re-qualify themselves when necessary).


  276. @Jerry,

    On the number close…with my World Cup hottie, I never did number close her. I thought it had gone so well, I’d see her again.

    When she didn’t come out, I gave her a bit of a nudge.

    I suspect the World Cup enthusiasm is fueled by some bloke, either that or her summer internship is as a bookie.

    I don’t think I lost anything. I wasn’t beta. That’s progress.


  277. @WalaWala

    Definitely, you didn’t lose anything because it wasn’t classy of her not to explain why she couldn’t meet you. We can just assume she’s tied to someone and odds are, within 10 years, she will be single again (probably 2 years if she is an 8 fading fast from the 9 her boyfriend met last year).

    If she puts all her friendship eggs in one basket and ignores guys like you who want to get to know her while she is young, she will be burning her own alternative bridges to the future should her current relationship not work out.

    Rude women create their own karma. It would be interesting if this one comes back to the Latin dance class and becomes your friend.


  278. I also learned something from you Roissy, and that is, to be patient and not be overanxious to jump her bones…when I’m in public with a girl and her friends (even if I’ve banged her before) I downplay the PDA…I try to engage all her friends while being while less deferential to her. (i.e. I’m super nice with her friends, but a tiny bit aloof to her).

    Limiting PDA in public increases the sexual tension when you F the shit out of her later in your private den.

    Btw I have a very interesting question, when looking for an LTR. what “looks” should a man aim for in a women?in other words, should a man aim to snag the hottest women he can get?

    I’m quite tall , fit and good looking (to a certain degree) and I noticed that with women who are average looking, it is so easy to get them in bed, by the 2nd date max they are on their knees. Not so with the highly attractive women.

    However, several studies have shown that women who are quite attractive are more likely to trade up or cheat because of the options they have…if that is true, then why average looking women are so much easier to get in the sack? I think it is foolish to think that average looking women are more “safe” than attractive women. an average women can “break” more easily if a more attractive/alpha suitor proposed casual sex to her.

    I’ve met many guys who say that when they want a GF they want her to be attractive but not too attractive as to turn heads because they dont want to constantly have to compete with all the other males for her attention.

    However, like it or not, other women judge a man based on the quality of his women. an average chap with an attractive women seems more of a catch than an attractive guy with no game who settles for an average chick.

    so what is the optimal “look” that a man should aim for in a women when wanting an LTR? should he focus on getting the hottest women he is able to get?



  279. quetal,

    Optimal is “the best you can get”. If you can get her, you can keep her, unless you got her by an amazingly lucky circumstance (and even then, you might raise your game to live up to it). If a woman is already in love with you, there’s lots of LTR game that’s very effective, which you can’t even attempt in the pickup stages. But its best if you start the training right away while she is still in the initial “smitten” stage.

    For LTRs, it’s almost all Inner Game in the end. The fact that this woman is hot for you should, logically, be enough information for you to reevaluate yourself and know that you are indeed worthy and it’s the natural order of things that a woman that hot wants to belong to you.


  280. quetal,

    addendum: the sluttier she was before you met her, the more difficult this is — if she was really slutty, you have to have a J5/xsplat level of dominance to pull this off, but for most women it shouldn’t be that hard.


  281. I think a lot of you are completely missing the point of what an alpha is. That jobless loser who picks up and impregnates, I’m gonna guess, ugly insecure women who have the lowest of standards, is no way in hell an alpha. Those criminals on that one link, also no alpha, because an alpha is a leader, not some loser who needs to resort to being a prick because “life hasn’t been fair”.

    The key thing about alphas is that they get women cos they also get life, and don’t make excuses for anything, they just go out and do what they gotta do. Example of an alpha is Tom Brady. He’s gets the job done well and he gets the hot girl as well(Gisele) or girls(Bridget Monaghan).

    Being some douche that can pull insecure chicks doesn’t make you an alpha. Quality over quantity no matter what.

    I nominate Charlie Sheen as a true alpha

    Reason: that guy is always involved in some crazy shit but his network react by giving him by giving a pay raise for being on that show.


  282. on July 1, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Reply master swordsman

    @ jerry

    apologies for being condescending on earlier post… you seem like a good bloke just trying to separate the gold from the dirt like the rest of us.

    as for the “What do you want from me?” story – brutal. what a c*nt? there’s no explanation for that, nice work on the return tho.

    in regards to your use of word “disco”… i think you’re right. here in australia its a term used by the “out-of-touch” & generally laughed at by generation y-ers. however, over past few weeks i’ve been seeing a FOB italian girl (who wont fuck me but thats another story) who uses the word “disco” – and its definately a lot cooler in euro accent i think…


  283. Okay, here’s the problem:

    About twenty years ago I fell madly, deeply, beta-ly in love. Understand, I was a solid 8 at the time and the girl was no more than a 6, but she more than made up for her lack of physical beauty with wit and intelligence.

    I was totally smittened, and yeah, I did all those romantic, cutesy beta/omega things that my mother told me would endear a boy to the object of his love, and of course she ended up ripping out my heart and whipping her ass with it.

    As I learned from a trusted, mutual friend, the main reason she broke it off with me, besides of course the stupid beta stuff, was that while I was the “nicest, smartest guy she ever met,” she didn’t think I was going to amount to much financially. Ouch!

    Understand, while I never did fuck her (I didn’t want to spoil things by pressuring her for sex – blush!), we had gotten to the point where we were thinking up names for our children.

    Shortly after being shitcanned by her, circumstances made me move away to another state and I haven’t seen or heard from the girl since.

    Fast forward to now. I have become spectacularly successful and have kept myself in shape, still looking pretty good. Thank God that men mature while women age!

    I am now returning to the scene of the “crime” to live, and it is extemely likely that I will run into this gold-digging gash at some point in the near future.

    It should be noted that the “girl” who barely rated a 6 is now a 40ish chubby, frumply-looking 3 at best (I know, I saw a recent picture).

    My problem and question for you all is, how do I handle the inevitable “chance encounter”? I mean, the bitch really hurt me, and I’ll be honest enough to say I have Walter Mitty daydreams of smacking her back hard. Metaphorically, of course.

    So, do I aggressively scorn and insult her, rubbing my wealth and high social status in her face so she knows what a huge mistake she made in rejecting me? “Eat your heart out, you fat cunt!”

    Or do I play it cool, treat her like just another old friend who didn’t mean much to me, and if she brings up our brief relationship act as if her dumping me was no big deal, perhaps even laughingly saying “Well, I think things all work out for the best,” while driving away in my new Porsche 911?

    Or something else?

    What do you guys suggest?

    Thanks for your advice!


  284. If she married someone and had kids, don’t be mean to her, play it cool and say “it worked out for the best”, she will have regrets but will console herself that she wouldn’t have had little Dick and Jane if she had married you instead.

    If she never had kids and is not married, be mean to her, play it cool and say “it worked out for the best”, she will be much more devastated by that than by anything indicating you are still angry at her for dumping you.

    Same action, opposite effects.


  285. the beast is out, new evo psychology book that will shock the world



  286. the barefoot robber?

    was he alpha or beta?

    he flew a plan having never been taught how to.

    Oh, he’s 6’5 and only 18.


  287. have you seen this? I think she is talking about roissy


  288. So I met this foreign girl while we were both living in a third country as students. We clicked together well and started to like each other, though the fact that she spoke almost no English made my gaming quite hard (we’re both Slavic people so we communicated so-so in our languages).

    Regardless, game I did, with abundant use of push/pull, palm reading, distractors and slowly escalating kino, and we did something fun together each day. There were tons of moments, but I would like to share this particular gem I invented on the spot, in hopes that it can be useful to someone:

    Me: What will be for that dinner you want to cook tonight?
    Girl: Sorry, I feel sick and without much appetite. Maybe another night?
    Me: Sure – but hey, you could always cook just for me.
    Girl: No way! I’m not your wife!
    Me: Of course you’re not. You couldn’t be my wife anyway because you’re not rich I need to marry into a rich family so I can travel around.
    Girl: *grin* *gina tingle*

    While we hadn’t started a relationship at that time, by the time she went home for holidays, she liked me enough to invite me to come with her after a few days. When I arrived, she hit me with a fact that she had not gone directly home, but rather stayed a few days at her boyfriend’s place in another city.
    Boyfriend? Oooooh-kay. I judged the fact that she had told me about the boyfriend so late and the fact that she added that she went to study to another country to run away from bad relationship to be no problem. In her words, he’s twenty years older than her and has cheated on her six months into their relationship; it has been dead for three years and until now, more like brother-sister.

    A few days into the holidays in her country, we click together, kiss and I bang her three days later. She has an attack of guilt over “cheating on her boyfriend”, despite revealing to me that their relationship has been very cold for years, and can be described more or less as “emotional abuse”. I decide to continue, sure that she’ll see that we’re happy together and eventually dump him. Right?

    I run tons of boyfriend destroyers over time, and all of them help. (those from here work well: http://www.bristollair.com/outer-game/techniques/tactics/boyfriend-destroyers.html ; also check Roissy’s post http://roissy.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/boyfriend-destroyer/ )

    Well, we are happy together, but as I get to know her more, I find out that, despite all the misery she has experienced in that relationship, she still hopes something could be restored and can’t abandon her initial happiness (from before he cheated on her), because to her it is “like a baby”. (To be clear: it’s imaginary, just symbolism). Also, that guy has no one except for her and she can’t leave him, and he’s a “good man” despite cheating on her, and … well, you get the point. Each time, I listen patiently, let her rant everything that’s not good about him and use a boyfriend destroyer or too, or anchor the good feelings for myself, or subvert it. For example, when she tells me that she would like to have kids in the future, maybe with that guy:

    Girl: I would like to have kids with him but am not sure now…
    Me: Well, then you have to have a lot of faith in people.
    Girl: Why?
    Me: If my girlfriend cheated on me, I’d never want to be with her again, let alone have kids with her. I’d always worry that she’d cheat again and leave us.
    Girl: Yeah. I’m worried about that too.

    Eventually, our studies in that third country end, and we have to separate. I expect that it will be the end like she intended because she has to “wait for her happiness”, but she breaks down, cries and tells me that she can’t imagine being without me. She declares her love for me many times over the next few days and we’re closer than ever before as we continue long distance (about 1000 km).

    Long-distance things are idyllic for a week, and then she slowly grows colder, starts talking about how she hopes for something with her “boyfriend” again and all that old familiar shit. She also adds that it’s important that they stay together, even if he cheats on her again, because he’s a good man and will at least care for the kids. (lo, how low you have sunk, my dear…)

    Eventually she goes on vacation to some other country (alone) and plans to come to my country afterwards, but changes her mind because her “boyfriend” will come with his car to drive her back home and thus she can’t stop at my home. She starts talking a lot less to me during the vacation, from once a day to once a week. True, she’s busy, but can’t be that busy.

    I don’t know what is going to happen and if she still wants to see me in person, but I know that if things remain cold and distant like this (her fault, but still), our relationship is doomed. Right now, it’s the last week of her vacation and then that guy will be driving her home and hopefully we’ll talk.

    I’m totally confused and not sure what to do and how much is worth it and how I can run any boyfriend destroyers after she has told me that she can be unhappy with him and it will be ok. We’re due to talk in several days.

    To be clear, other than that shit we’re really a great match, lots of chemistry, interests, etc. And it’s not the classic situation where she loves one guy but goes to her boyfriend for a fuck – which I wouldn’t tolerate – but she gets everything from me. We’re a couple in every way except for her strange attachment to that guy, whom she sees a once per month in a platonic way.

    He displays no initiative whatsoever, but I know that if he said something nice to her accidentally, she’d probably get stuck to him again. I’m probably supposed to search for something extra on the side where I live, just to be hurt less in case it ends badly.

    Fight or flight? 😐


  289. Bro – as amazing as it sounds, this relationship and this “girl” are not special. Nor are you, from the sounds of it.

    Everyone’s been in your situation, and it’s the same answer. We’re not in a Hollywood movie, you are not a beta-chump who is going to win love by making an ass of yourself in front of an audience.

    This is what you have to, and better yet, this is how you have to think:

    Fuck that bitch, anyways.

    Then go get laid with a fat slut, because you don’t care where you put your dick, you’re just a college kid who’s not going to waste the craziest and funniest years of his life mewling over a slut who feeds like a leech on the attentions of mutual suitors. She is not special. She’s a dumb bitch. You are a disgusting rape-stain of a loser, so shape up. Stop being a girl. Start being a man.

    Be proactive. Do the things that generate RESULTS that make you happy – don’t waste time on doing things that generate no results or just depress you. Don’t be reactive. Don’t let other people’s decisions, behavior, good or bad, affect how you live your life. You have your own reality to guard, develop and enjoy. Don’t spend your life worrying about other people’s reality.

    This is the essence of how Alpha’s get what they want, while Betas bitch and moan out of a sense of entitlement. Take command of your life.

    Now go forth and enjoy life.


  290. @Paladin

    “”He displays no initiative whatsoever, but I know that if he said something nice to her accidentally, she’d probably get stuck to him again. I’m probably supposed to search for something extra on the side where I live, just to be hurt less in case it ends badly.

    Fight or flight? :-|””

    I’ve been in this situation and learned from it.

    She’s using you and putting you into a beta-box.

    Read the paragraph you just wrote.

    Her “bf” sounds pretty Alpha.

    He does nothing and she wants to have his baby?

    You believe the “brother/sister” story?

    She’s shit testing you on these things and because you’ve fallen for her, you’re lapping it all up.

    I thought I was gaming the girl as well. But because I made a key beta-error of not walking away after she flaked on me…after that she lost all respect for me.

    I had demonstrated low value.

    I think that’s what it sounds like you’re doing by giving her all the attention bf isn’t but she still wants to go back to him.

    Re-read your story. You’ve provided an excellent analysis, but you’re not paying attention.

    Walk away. She’ll come running.


  291. Thanks for the ideas, both of you. I’m still confused, though less so (all that you’re saying rings painfully true and makes me see clearer). However, would you say that this thing from Roissy is correct?

    “If it’s reason #2, … the worst thing you could do is try to push a conclusion; that will send her flying back into the boyfriend’s arms. Play it cool. If she likes you more than him, she’ll eventually dump him and find her way to you.”

    It’s more or less what I was following until now, and it seemed to work and has began failing only recently.

    “Walk away. She’ll come running.”
    – from another country? Yes, it’s sound advice, but the distance makes it unlikely.

    Would you say that I have nothing to lose by letting this remain open until whatever conclusion it might reach, and at the same time behaving at home like I’m completely single? If I find someone else here, too bad for her; if she stops acting crazy and decisively dumps him for me, even better?


  292. [Self Description – 18 yrs, 5′ 6″ tall, probably 5/6/7 attractiveness face-wise, and pretty jacked relative to height.]

    How’s this sound:

    Parents left to go to house of family friend for dinner. Family friend has daughter (Helen) with boyfriend, both about my age. I followed on my moped (i live on an island) an hour later and arrived about half an hour before food was served.

    Looks like Helen has a friend staying at her house, visiting from Canada. Friend is about a 7/8.

    After eating, during which I was pretty indifferent and unsure whether or not I’d bang Helen’s friend. Plans made to go to town/ bars. I suggested we predrink, so I had some Green Label Whiskey and a Heineken and made them Cranberry/ Vodkas (Helen asked for drink, so I made two.) Obviously making drinks is somewhat beta so I placed them on a windowsill instead of handing drinks to girls.

    Driven to bar by designated driver friend, who had to row at 7 in the morning. After entering bar I bailed to hang out with my own friends that were there.

    Standing near dancefloor, (back with friend who was semi-target) tell target, “i need alchol” (referring to dancing people), and she asked for drink. I said, ‘how about you buy me one?’, and she said maybe later. So I bought us drinks on the condition that she would buy me one later.

    Wandered around more, probably half an hour later return to see her hooking up with other guy who had been macking it on her. So i bailed without being seen and returned later once they were just talking. Told her I was ‘thirsty’. She wanted me to dance so I said I’d dance only if she bought me a beer (now she’s paying to dance with me) and we stood at bar for awhile. While at bar she’s not very good at getting bartenders attention (fridays are mad crowded and she wasn’t standing at front). She asked me for help but I said she needed practice. When she stood up from chair I stole seat and posted the fuck up like a boss, leaning back and gazing over my domain.

    Some wierd ass guy to our left who was macking in on some other chick and took his shirt off (he had been doing this earlier). Target asked me to tell him to put his shirt on so I told him that she wanted him to buy her a drink.

    … game game game, grinding, etc.

    back at house, i could sleep in one of two rooms. when she asked i said i’d probably going to the one further away from helen’s parents room in case of ‘loud noises’.

    stuff, etc.

    no means yes…

    ended up fucking her…

    First time submitting anything, i realize the details are vague but i was drunk so cant remember all. i left in the main one-on-one alpha parts, although i did usual game of being with other attractive girls etc.

    oh – after banging her, she asked me to hang out with them the next day. i said i might go spearfishing, and it’s all weather dependent. left at 7 in the morning (although i will admit we spooned a bit, it was fucking cold in the room).


  293. This guy knows his assets, he capitalizes on them…apparently he gets thousands of dollars in tips and gets laid like crazy


  294. on July 24, 2010 at 9:51 am | Reply OnlineSeducer

    Hi there, great blog, I check it daily!

    Btw I dont know if you are doing online dating, but if you aren’t I urge you to do it..NOW!

    Online dating has been widely accepted and it has now divided into several niche markets which each follow different interests and slight variations in their modus operandi.

    My question is, I have good success with meeting women online and sleeping with them. let’s say around 5 new broads a year, some broads are one night stands, others I see them for a couple of months.

    with time I have developed a good method to switch from exchanging messages, to talking on facebook or msn (I find that facebook allows you to see her pictures, and gives her the illusion of comfort and rapport) and then to switch to meeting them in person, ….usually at their place as I tell them I’ll bring a bottle of wine for a quick pre-drink at their place before going out in their neighberhood….once I’m inside their houses, game over!

    my question is, there are a lot of attention whores online, I mean LOTS and I can’t seem to get them to meet me although from their profile they appear very slutty as I am able to get their interest and transition them to Facebook,

    they usually have above 500 photos, of them partying in compromising poses, slutty behavior, and traveling to all inclusive places(…and sleeping with strangers) and they have above 700 friends, with their wall is constantly by their narcissistic status update.

    I have found that women who can be easily identified as sluts online, are actually harder to get because every tom dick and jones wants to F them.

    have you guys tried online dating and how do you deal with slutty attention whores?

    I know that you can’t sweat and overpersue a women online and as simone de beauvoir said “there is no great distance between absence and infidelity”…so I know I have to play it cool, but these women’s profile scream SLUT!

    What is a good way to be not perceived as needy then with online dating while maintaining the spark alive?

    thanks for reading me!


  295. Just got dumped by my 3rd favorite w/ this email : (

    “Duh! Especially not when you already have another girlfriend or two. How far beyond repair is your moral compass? Give me a call when you fix it, if we’re both still alive when that finally happens.”


  296. on July 25, 2010 at 5:06 am | Reply Fortitudine Vincimus

    Roissy has written on this subject. A few people I’ve read who’ve been successful with women say be honest no matter what, and you obviously haven’t.

    Roissy recommends you not bother, because most hot women will not tolerate competition that way.


    How hot is this chick? How hot was it between you?

    If you want her back, give it 3 weeks, then give her a call and make up, and be straight with her.


  297. She is the gorgeous, this tall, super skinny Mexican scene chick. She’s been with more girls than guys, and most of the guys she was with were a couple years ago, high school stuff for her.

    It was pretty good between us- we hooked up and I stayed over at her dorm the night we met, then dated for a while, I moved and she flew out a LONG way to see me a few times, I didn’t reciprocate.

    She’s PISSED. I think three weeks is too soon, maybe two months.


  298. Kind of late to this square dance, but here goes.

    One of my exes drives me from Vegas to Hollywood to see a concert. By the time we arrive I’m thoroughly lubricated on brandy.

    While waiting to go in, my ex meets up with two of her ‘concert girlfriends’ I’d never met before, Judy and Helen. We’re all about the same age. They’re both blonde. Helen’s a “strapping” lass, shall we say, but I notice Judy has a rocking bod.

    I say hello, look at Judy and say “So, did you break up with your boyfriend yet?”

    She says “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

    I say “AllRIGHT!” and immediately plant a lip-lock on her. They’re all pretty shocked–myself included–but not only does she kiss back enthusiastically but we spend the rest of the concert making out like animals, and going back to her hotel afterward. We even get it on while Helen is sleeping in the twin bed a few feet away from us. We end up going out for the rest of the year–and Ka-CHING, she’s LOADED, she even pays my way to the Laughlin River Run!!! Hell to the YEAH!!!


  299. on July 30, 2010 at 5:56 pm | Reply OnlineSeducer

    A question, what do you answer when you are with a women and then she asks you a variation of “have you ever had your heart broken before?”
    similarly ” have you ever been in love before”?
    Im in my mid 20s.


  300. Online Seducer, there could be some variations, but I think “It’s complicated” is sufficient. Or just vaguely mentioning a person and adding the same.
    It’s also a solid opportunity to toss in a qualifier “all the girls whose name started with X / born in Y had a bad influence on me – you won’t do that, will you?” or something like that.

    Update on my situation from this post ( http://roissy.wordpress.com/alpha-assessment-submissions/#comment-187673 ): when she returned home and I heard from her, I warned her that this was totally unacceptable from her and has to get better immediately. Things improved for one day, and then she started all the shit about “not being able to leave him” again before going to visit her family for a week (that part is ok, the shit definitely isn’t).

    When she comes back, the only possible thing I can say is: “You’re not being serious, you’re playing with me, and I am ending this. If you ever decide what you want in life, you know where to find me. Bye.” If we don’t talk again and I don’t get to say it, all the same. I’m beyond caring.

    Strangely, it will be a relief to be finally free of that shit, one way or the other. Beware of women like this, and learn from her obsession with the guy abusing her that the uncaring asshole game really works. Amen, Roissy.


  301. Went on a date with a 22 year old 8.5.

    She was dumb and aloof as shit (she literally has ADD, and it shows), but hot as shit. Immediate shit test: she comes in talking on the phone and doesn’t hang up when we sit down. I go to the bathroom and come back and she’s off the phone. Exceedingly difficult to talk to, it’s like she’s 15. after 1.75 hours and 2 beers, we bounced. Enough IOIs that I kissed her and we continued to make out on the street. Brought her back to my place to party with roommates, despite the fact that she said she had to get up early for a family gathering. She got shy and reserved and sucked. She was ruining my night, so I drove her home. Kissed more in the car, but she seemed more reserved on the way home.

    Texted her 48 hours later: was the family gathering as fun as you envisioned?
    her: it was ok. i only watched on race though. [gathering was at a race track]
    me: haha. wtf did you do the whole time then?
    her: i chased around a 5 year old and drank
    me: lol. what’s your week looking like, we need to have our second date.
    her: it’s shark week this week.
    me: i live every week like it’s shark week.

    no response.

    No response. Her texts were always dry and short, before and after we had the date. She will not text again, it’s not her style. What should I do AND What should I have done? I still want to pierce her labia.


  302. on August 3, 2010 at 9:32 am | Reply Fortitudine Vincimus

    When caught up in th heat of the situation, it’s hard to make the right move and say the right things.

    But I can tell you where you probably fucked up.

    Date length: the times I fully closed the deal I in fact did over at least two dates, and probably not more than that either. Your first date was too long. You shouldn’t have taken her to your party, or anywhere – it’s hard to resist the temptation to show off your new date that early, but seriously – you haven’t fucked her yet. Don’t give a girl ANYTHING until she’s let you fuck her – and preferably not until you’ve done mean things to her butt. I used to make this mistake often.

    even drinking on the first date is risky.

    And 75 minutes is waaaaaay too long.

    First date should be 30 min max, maybe just 20 if convo is tough. This removes pressure and gives her the best impression of you as well as the subtle jibe to her fat ego – that will compell her to more willingly remove clothing items in front of you when you command her to, so she’ll start to feel like she’s worth something to you.

    At this point, you have NO chance, although you planted a decent seed if you ever meet up by chance again.

    Finally, asking questions in texts is generally not OK – especialy if you haven’t tainted her womb with your man chowder. we’ve all done and gotten in laid inspite of that, but then other aspects of the game were more tight. Don’t do it, and the way you do it reeks of loaded questions – and women tget this better than men. Loaded questions suck.

    If you run into her again, that’s your chance to give her the tingle she missed and then she MIGHT get back to you then – but you are not to contact her at all until then. She is not going to put out, and you chasing her will not help. Lost cause.


  303. @Ulysses

    I wouldn’t text to establish a date although I know some young guys swear by it (in the history of the world, this has only been an option for a split second). For most of us over 30, texting is just something you do to say you’re running late. Calling is definitely not beta and the woman’s tone of voice etc can help you fully nail down the situation. For instance, I had text trouble getting the 4th date with an 18 year old who’d been making out with me on the beach this past month. Via several calls I realized that she had some serious self-esteem problems (she actually cried when she explained that she didn’t think a guy like me wouldn’t just use her). I also started to suspect on the phone that she had lied that she was 18.

    It is much better for the man’s ego to know more for sure what any problem is…something that is hard to get from the fact that a woman isn’t texting back.

    On the phone, a woman has to answer or rudely hang up, in which case a man can phone back on the pretext that he thought the line got cut off. Like I said, texting has only been around for 3 of the past 6000 years. The rest of us got along just fine getting dates with 22 year old hotties for the previous 5997 years.


  304. It wasn’t long ago when calling a college student meant calling the land-line of the sorority house or dorm and asking whomever answered to fetch the required recipient. The lack of privacy in doing that was intense (no email nor cell phones existed) and men were subject to having an entire dorm floor of women conspiring to tell him a specific woman was not there when she was, etc. Somehow we got along that way. God didn’t invent SMS because women needed men to suddenly get cool and send three word teasers like “drinks at 7” 😉

    I remember showing up at sorority houses and female dorms (very few mixed dorms back in the 80s) and waiting in the foyer…which either got me a date or a definite answer on where I stood.


  305. on August 3, 2010 at 12:27 pm | Reply gunslingergregi

    Kind of late to this square dance, but here goes.

    One of my exes drives me from Vegas to Hollywood to see a concert. By the time we arrive I’m thoroughly lubricated on brandy.

    While waiting to go in, my ex meets up with two of her ‘concert girlfriends’ I’d never met before, Judy and Helen. We’re all about the same age. They’re both blonde. Helen’s a “strapping” lass, shall we say, but I notice Judy has a rocking bod.

    I say hello, look at Judy and say “So, did you break up with your boyfriend yet?”

    She says “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

    I say “AllRIGHT!” and immediately plant a lip-lock on her. They’re all pretty shocked–myself included–but not only does she kiss back enthusiastically but we spend the rest of the concert making out like animals, and going back to her hotel afterward. We even get it on while Helen is sleeping in the twin bed a few feet away from us. We end up going out for the rest of the year–and Ka-CHING, she’s LOADED, she even pays my way to the Laughlin River Run!!! Hell to the YEAH!!!


    Oh shit lol cool.

    When she comes back, the only possible thing I can say is: “You’re not being serious, you’re playing with me, and I am ending this. If you ever decide what you want in life, you know where to find me. Bye.” If we don’t talk again and I don’t get to say it, all the same. I’m beyond caring.

    Strangely, it will be a relief to be finally free of that shit, one way or the other. Beware of women like this, and learn from her obsession with the guy abusing her that the uncaring asshole game really works. Amen, Roissy.


    Yes the woman gets to decide but if she doesn’t choose you then you just move on. Close the gate on those emotions and blow the joint. Woman should have free will and when they use it to go against you that is there right. Then you use your free will to move the fuck on. She didn’t choose you. It is not gonna work out. You can probably find a woman who does choose you. It might require effort. There is no coming back for the chick unless you choose to let her back. Don’t be forest gump. Fucker only got the bitch when she was dieing of aids or some shit lol.

    Listen to Rumguzzler he was trying to help you.

    Bro – as amazing as it sounds, this relationship and this “girl” are not special. Nor are you, from the sounds of it.

    Everyone’s been in your situation, and it’s the same answer. We’re not in a Hollywood movie, you are not a beta-chump who is going to win love by making an ass of yourself in front of an audience.

    This is what you have to, and better yet, this is how you have to think:

    Fuck that bitch, anyways.

    Then go get laid with a fat slut, because you don’t care where you put your dick, you’re just a college kid who’s not going to waste the craziest and funniest years of his life mewling over a slut who feeds like a leech on the attentions of mutual suitors. She is not special. She’s a dumb bitch. You are a disgusting rape-stain of a loser, so shape up. Stop being a girl. Start being a man.

    Be proactive. Do the things that generate RESULTS that make you happy – don’t waste time on doing things that generate no results or just depress you. Don’t be reactive. Don’t let other people’s decisions, behavior, good or bad, affect how you live your life. You have your own reality to guard, develop and enjoy. Don’t spend your life worrying about other people’s reality.

    This is the essence of how Alpha’s get what they want, while Betas bitch and moan out of a sense of entitlement. Take command of your life.

    Now go forth and enjoy life.


  306. @ Jerry and Fortitudine Vincimus

    Thanks for the excellent advice. I definitely need to cut out the questions over text, and perhaps actually pick up the phone.

    If she doesn’t answer, though, which is guaranteed, the question is whether to leave a message…?

    I like te 30 minute date idea in theory, but I don’t think I could have established enough rapport to get the make out with this one at least had I kept the date to only 30 mins.

    I posted the situation, with an update on Rooshv’s forum. A lot of bad advice, but some good.



  307. on August 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm | Reply OnlineSeducer

    This women understands it !

    Dr. victoria Zdrok, a bombshell from Eastern europe who speak many languages and has a law degree and a phd in clinical psychology.

    in the following interview she lays it all

    women who are hot are very insecure because they know ppl put a lot of value on their looks and looks dont last, they like men who are aloof, aren’t impressed with their looks, busy, distant, not clingy, men who FRUSTRATE women, she says “frustrating ” by not giving her what she wants or not behaving in a way she expects (i.e. not beign a nice guy who flatters her all the time)is good and increases the sexual tension.


  308. Very important question:

    How do you know if a women is really in love with you?

    how can a man trust a women (to a degree) that she truly cares about him?


  309. TRD, when she still worships you even though you’re broke.

    When she still worships you even when your dick doesn’t work anymore.

    When she does whatever she has to do to acquire a fatal dose of opiates for both of you when you’re terminally ill and suffering.

    When she goes out to make that money, and brings every cent home to you.

    When she loses her mojo and helps you find other women to get certain needs met.

    When your mistress hands you a baby, and she raises the child as if they were her own.

    When she does this twice.

    When your mom who gave her hell for not being good enough for you gets sick and she takes care of her anyway.

    There are lots of ways.


  310. even my mom doesnt love me like that lol!
    will you marry me nicole?


  311. Haha. Assess this for Alpha content, at 1:30.


  312. on August 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Reply gunslingergregi

    Sometimes it is just destiny he he he

    carpe diem!!!!


  313. @ulysses

    “”Texted her 48 hours later: was the family gathering as fun as you envisioned?
    her: it was ok. i only watched on race though. [gathering was at a race track]
    me: haha. wtf did you do the whole time then?
    her: i chased around a 5 year old and drank
    me: lol. what’s your week looking like, we need to have our second date.
    her: it’s shark week this week.
    me: i live every week like it’s shark week.””

    Since I’ve begun learning game and fucked up a few times with texts and missed opportunities, I’m sharpening my skillls and not repeating past mistakes.

    I now practice and initiate one-word text.

    There’s a 25-ish cute girl in my social dance circle who I’ve been gaming. When I want to meet up with her or suggest she come out to a party, I simply just write one word. “Tomorrow” “friday, drinx”

    I also gauge interest by the amount of time she takes to reply (See “trial texting”) and what she says.

    I would have tried this:

    You: weekend
    her: i only watched on race though.

    me: win?
    her: i chased around a 5 year old and drank
    me: next week…
    her: it’s shark week this week.
    me: no response

    Wait…see how it goes from there.

    This helps do a few things as I’ve since learned:
    1) hot 20 something girl wants cool, aloof guy, not cloying try-hard guy. I just found a text to a girl I was gaming and who for a while gave me major IOI’s until I crashed it burned. My text was wayyy too long and wayy too try hard. Now….I keep this to max 3 words

    2) Don’t ask for anything unless you know the girl well or have something pre-arranged.

    3) next time, with a cute/hot 20 ish girl, play it much cooler. Also, don’t “over-game”. This would be a better time to demonstrate some “value”. With the 20-ish girl I’m gaming, we went to a photo exhibition, had a casual dinner, and split the check. I amped up the kino but wasn’t pawing her. She gets what’s going on and knows she’s being gamed.

    She’s already accepted an invite to my place to look at my photos….just need to build a bit more comfort.

    She’s been keen ever since but since she’s only moving incrementally, I’ve taken a few steps back, keep it casual, when we meet amp up the kino and get her talking about things that interest her.

    Finally don’t be so outcome dependent. Open different girls, make the experience of being around you memorable, lots of kino and leave when the attraction is still high—30 minute dates etc.

    Hope this helps.


  314. So apparently just going radio silent on the hot Mexican scene chick was the way to play it. She came over on her own accord yesterday, and left with a womb heavy with my seed. Great success!


  315. Update from my post ( http://roissy.wordpress.com/alpha-assessment-submissions/#comment-192803 ): I just broke up with her. She didn’t act like she was very hurt, though afraid of what was coming. She repeated all the shit about how she loves me and feels great with me and doesn’t want to hurt me but has to go be unhappy with that guy.

    All in all, I’m much better off now. The only hole I feel in my life now is that from not having an adequate woman within reach, and I will change that soon with some game 😀

    p.s. “left with a womb heavy with my seed” – pure genius description!!!


  316. on August 10, 2010 at 10:58 am | Reply Fortitudine Vincimus

    Good job Paladin.

    I don’t know how well you kept your cool under those circumstances, but you’ve made your choice, and it was right.

    You’ve nothing to worry abot.


  317. A post about status Lower or raising behavior for comedians and actors. another example to why mimicking alpha behavior until it is internalized works. If comedians can do it, so can we!



  318. these websites have a wealth of information on line dating




  319. Another idea in the line of getting away from shit-tests like:

    “It’s complicated” and “why is that important for you to know?”

    an acquaintance of mine who is tall but average looking, mid 30s, totally broke, no college degree, pothead, no career whatsoever, is bi-polar, moved back to his mom’s place. has a 23 year old gf who is a 6 but still bangable and loves him to pieces.

    He definitely has no game however I guess she is attracted to his “self-abuse and self-distruction”!

    one thing however he spews out to her whenever they are having a heated argument or discussion or when she is challenging him, he just tells her (when he is fed up)

    “You just don’t understand” while nodding his head in disaproval and then completly changes the topic or diverts his attention away from her into something else.

    she gets a bit frustrated however it seems to work as she almost always appears at a loss of words and then complies to his frame.

    being told “you just don’t understand” makes people question themselves, is it a neg?


  320. Hi Roissy, I know that you preach it is better to break-up with a GF when you sens that she wants to break up with you e.g.:

    her: “we need to talk”
    you:” I was thinking of the same thing, we need to talk too”

    and it’s been my experience with women I’ve broken up with and women I’ve dated, they seem to never forget the men who broke up with them. I’m even willing to bet that some of them want to get back with their ex-bfs who dumped them just so they can dump them afterwards…women are so used to be the one doing the dumping that it F’s up their system when a guy dumps her first.

    However, would you advocate this in the early dating process as well?

    Ex: you go out on a date and you sense that the women is not into you at all or she continues to play hot-cold games even after sex, it is better to reject her first before she rejects you?

    i.e. remove her from first facebook before she removes you, or send her a message “something developed with someone I met before, wish you the best” or to simply just not call her and forget her?


  321. @therealdeal

    A line I found works with girls who start asking questions about “What do you want/looking for?”

    It’s clearly a shit test which they wouldn’t be asking if they weren’t interested.

    “With the right person, anything can happen.”

    This immediately gets her qualifying herself.


  322. @Valmont

    “”Ex: you go out on a date and you sense that the women is not into you at all or she continues to play hot-cold games even after sex, it is better to reject her first before she rejects you?

    i.e. remove her from first facebook before she removes you, or send her a message “something developed with someone I met before, wish you the best” or to simply just not call her and forget her?””

    Read the post here called “Getting hand”. It deals with your question in greater detail.

    Girls play hot/cold games. If you allow her to “continue” playing these games, she’s in control.

    You need to flip the dynamic.

    The only way to do this is to be aloof.

    Clearly she’s playing hot/cold games because you’re giving off a needy/clingy vibe. This is her defense mechanism where the attraction is waning.


    As for removing her from your Facebook, that’s just stupid.

    When you defriend someone it’s the nuclear option. It sends such a strong message and is so obvious you look like a petty loser.

    A girl did this to me in some strange fit of anger because I’d been ignoring her. My response was not to acknowledge being deleted but to simply write:

    “I thought you were cool, I thought you were different but….”

    Her response was some weird angry response about me not appreciating her attempts at “friendship”.

    So my aloofness touched a nerve.

    Just disappear, let the girls do the drama.

    If you’re going to say something, keep it short and make it stick.

    I’ve tried different ways. The best way is just to ignore and disappear. You’ll be conspicuous by your absence.

    If she doesn’t make a real effort to get your attention, forget her.

    In my case, the girl I did this too was too waffly and had an inflated sense of entitlement. No one had ever ignored her. But she made no effort to get together. Saying “hi” is not enough.

    Read the posts here about being alpha. Writing notes like the one you suggest is acknowledging she’s gotten to you. On a subconscious level she’ll sense you’re weak.


  323. on August 27, 2010 at 11:25 pm | Reply master swordsman


    having been in this situation myself about a year ago, i wouldn’t recommend being so “dramatic” with your push-pull strategy.

    from my experience women in this mindset respond best to jealousy or the idea they could lose you, more so when its done subtlely.

    best advice i’d give is go out & meet other women. lots of them. you’ve only got as much hand in this relationship as your other options allow. if you were (say) f**king 10 other women, would you remove her from fb or tell her you met someone else? no! you probably wouldnt give a shit because you dont need her validation and your words/actions would show her that better than you over-playing it…

    i reckon thats the best way to flip the value system. all women can be hot-cold if you let them, so your game needs to remain tight. strong.


  324. “With the right person, anything can happen.”

    I like it!


  325. Gents,

    Managing post break-up situations – below an excerpt from intercepted email:

    “I have so many things to tell you, but now that I’m writing I have forgotten everything. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment – haven’t met the right one yet, hehe. I haven’t even seen Fabio [that’d be me] since I came home…dunno if I told you but I wrote him a looooong mail while I was in Peru, telling him about my travels and what I had experienced….Furthermore, I asked him about his summerplans, and that I was looking forward to seeing him again. He responded like 3 days later – it was a short and cold answer, so I havent really contacted him since then. Sarah met him a few weeks ago (he was really drunk) and every time she mentioned my name, he changed the subject as if I never existed in his world. SO wierd. So now I just want to forget about him and move on. He’s not worth sepending anymore time on!!”

    Did I do right?

    Or did I fuck up. I was prodigiously tanked during that encounter, and so my modus operandi was to change the subject.


  326. Yet another update on the sticky situation from http://roissy.wordpress.com/alpha-assessment-submissions/#comment-192803

    After three weeks of me not contacting her, she sends me a postcard to say “I love you”, and a few other less significant messages. I contact her with a short, friendly FB message saying I’m fine. She tells me that she really wants to see me and would like to come to my city to do so.
    I am intrigued but careful, and first ask if her “situation” (read: obsession with ex) has changed. No, she says, she says she has to be always like that.

    I cut her off, saying that she has discovered that life without me isn’t that nice and she wants to be back with me, but without any changes, and that it will never work like that.
    She gets all emotional and claims that she only wanted to see me as a friend (yeah, RIGHT, girls fly to another country just to see a guy) and that she doesn’t want to hurt me, yadda yadda yadda.

    Life is good and it feels great to be in control. I have some dates coming up so I’m not worrying about her 🙂


  327. @Sultan


  328. You should have to be 21+ to post here

    18 year old girls are retards and if you can’t fuck them you have no hope

    it’s just a waste of time and space


  329. Alpha or not?

    60 years old investment principal weds a 40 year old…he claims that putting on subtle male cosmetics (concealer) helps a man’s game.



  330. Alpha isn’t about what you wear or how well you hide your age, it’s about what you say and do.

    That said, if the girl was MILF material, he probably is an alpha.


  331. I saw her picture in another article, good looks for a 40 y old women, definitely milf material.


  332. Not sure how to categorize this one: alpha, upper beta, or maybe just disrespectful?

    A few years ago a group of us went out to dinner, a small mix of couples and singles (me included in that category). My friend’s new girl who I’d never met before was pretty good – with a particularly great set of tits. About a 7 maybe even a 7.5. I was checking her out as much as I could since she was directly across the table from me, and I did find her very attractive.

    At the end of the night we all left to go our separate ways but my friend’s car wouldn’t start. It was raining and he seemed a little panicked about getting stranded or leaving the car overnight. I told him to relax, and I’d give him a jump. When I drove my car over I popped the hood and hooked up some leads to my battery, but he didn’t know what to do with the leads once I handed them to him (he had them arcing at one point). I basically pushed him out of the way when he started with the sparks, and told him to get back in the car while I hooked up his battery. His girl stayed at the open hood of his car to watch. I thought she was standing a bit too close to the engine that was about to kick and gently pulled her over to where I was standing. She came in a little closer than I was expecting so I figured ‘what the hell’ and I put my hand on her ass while I shouted instructions to my friend.

    She didn’t react badly at all to this. Then I ran my hand up her ass and grabbed her belt and gently sort of pushed and pulled her around a little bit while I kept yelling at my friend. When the car was started, I pushed my finger into her chest in a ‘bossy’ sort of way and said to her “Get in the car and tell — not to stop this until he’s home”. She just nodded, didn’t even speak, but her eyes said it all. I thought I’d done some good work even if it was a bit cheeky.

    Next day, Saturday morning, she calls me… she must have got my number from my friend’s phone. I wasn’t expecting this but I had already been reflecting on the night before, so I was surprisingly ready to react. She said she needed someone to check out some noise her car was making and could she bring it around to me to look at? (all I’d done was a jump-start, I don’t know anything about cars nor would I create any impression that I do) I said she could come by and gave her the address, but I said I couldn’t guarantee I’d look at the car. She asked me why, and I told her I’d prefer to just have my way with her instead and forget the car. She laughed it off but by about 60 minutes later, she was at my place and we were f*cking each other hard. All it took then was for me to open the door, say “Hello —-“, then take hold of her hand and just lead her inside to a couch. Neither of us even said another word before we starting making out, which only lasted a few minutes before we really got started though. We went at it for most of that day and she was pretty good, we just absolutely f*cked each other senseless. She ended up leaving at around 8pm though since she had plans with my friend that evening. Although she pressed all the right buttons, and I think I did alright to her considering how loud she got at certain times, I thought it would be a one-off.

    She was just too good in the sack for that though, so it ended up being about a 3 month thing. just once or twice a week but great sessions each time – hours and hours.

    That was about 2 years ago. I felt a little bad for my pal, who never did find out. The whole thing was only possible I think due to that initial dominance – which was only triggered by my annoyance at getting rained on while my friend was useless at starting his own car. Normally, this wouldn’t happen since I don’t like to cut another man’s lunch, and I’m normally less full-on even when on a dedicated search for action.

    Anyway, the question: alpha or asshole?


  333. CR, check out this 12 year old mack. Whats your assessment of him. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhk3RISW38BuzC1UI9


  334. @Fundie

    As was recently discussed on another thread where a White Nationalist tried to say that Alphas were defined by the way they honored “Bros Before Hos” – there is no connection between being an Alpha and being honorable to a friend. He thought being Alpha meant being a “man’s man” – that there was macho power in having a code of honor that women would somehow see and admire. Sure, one benefits in the long run from keeping friends. But you just proved that getting laid well and being a man’s man can be two entirely different things.


    Regarding the 60 year old and the 40 year old: When I’m 60 in another dozen years, you all have my advance permission to kill me if I’m settling for 40 year olds by then.

    Remember, nobody has to know a 60 year old’s real age. He can say he’s 44 if he looks young and he will score according to that moved goalpost.

    Seriously, all men prefer women 18-24 sexually so it isn’t Alpha to start settling when you can cheat instead. While a young looking guy who’s never smoked can pull off a 30 year age difference using natural, politically correct game (fibbing about his age of course), there is plenty of evidence that men using Money Game can do better than that with regular women, not prostitutes. For guys approaching 60 who want women 18-24, Money Game can start with getting a group of drunk college girls to strip for $200 and then one of them will keep calling once per week or so to say “hi Sir, how about I strip for you again.” It then moves to massages, etc. A man can keep that sort of thing going until he’s so old he can’t get it up anymore.

    Since we’re all agreed that marriage is a bad deal and we can have our female best friends to grow old with without being committed to them sexually, let’s not pretend that a 70 year old man who’s only having sex with 50+ year old women is some kind of Alpha.

    My uncle died at age 75 in bed with a 20 year old college student. It doesn’t matter if money changed hands or not (the legend says he didn’t pay). He was getting fertile pussy and it took balls for him to arrange to do that in a college dorm, no matter what the deal was.


  335. jerry,

    Money Game can start with getting a group of drunk college girls to strip for $200 and then one of them will keep calling once per week or so to say “hi Sir, how about I strip for you again.”

    so in other words, prostitution.


  336. But not with a professional. I know this deeply offends feminists but its the truth (guys should always think the opposite of when feminists try to shame). Most female college students will strip for very little cash and they especially get a kick out of doing it with a group of friends. With this hard truth, there’s no reason for a 60 year old man to marry a 40 year old, presumably because he was supposed to “grow up” and “settle” for someone non-fertile.

    I just read that crappy New York Times article.

    This 63 year old says, incorrectly, that hair dye is noticeable and goes for face makeup instead. He looks 60. What he’s doing doesn’t help him much. He could get women in his 20s if he listened to me. And what the fuck…he’s supposed to be an investment banker. He’s got money and he’s settling for someone menopausal?

    What he needs to do is get a buzzcut with a light natural color that could make him look 45.

    No man over 35 should have hair longer than a half inch. In the film “Autumn in New York” and “Runaway Bride”, Richard Gere looked like he was 70 with his bullshit long grey locks. Stephen Segall and Bruce Willis know the score.

    Bill Clinton and Michael Douglas are also blowing it with their long grey hair. Douglas has Catherine and he’s got throat cancer to be concerned about know.


  337. I agree for men over 35+ shaving all their hair will give them a younger look…btw is it possible to change your birth year on your passport?

    anyways I’ve got an interesting question for CR here.
    How should a man behaves when a women tries to make her man jealous on purpose? usually by flirting with other men in an indirect/subtle way when out in public ex: at a bar, she exchanges eye contact with a man and he comes and chats with her, or she starts flirting with a friend of a friend of a friend? CR what do you think of women who have a lot of male friends? “we’re just friends” yeh right…

    I know that showing jealousy is insecure and it is a test however, some women will bail out if a man never shows a hint of jealousy cuz she’ll start thinking that

    a) he just doesnt care about losing her
    b) he’s just too naive and a sucker to trust her so much.



  338. Mother stabbed twice then choked to death by her lover after she shouted another man’s name during sex

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1309752/Joanne-Kitchen-killed-lover-Gary-Higgs-shouting-mans-sex.html#ixzz0ywvXmnBC


  339. Tragic case, but I wondered why he would be with someone as awful-looking as her until I saw his picture too. Damn that’s ugly…


  340. I couldn’t even get it up for the 40 year old in that article. And to think the boyfriend of the daughter might be the one she dreamed about…shudder…

    It was good to see a men’s rights advocate or two in the comments, noting that women do violence on men more often.


  341. Roissy what do you think of this social experiment?

    Dating in the Dark


    there is a US version, a UK Version, and a couple of north european version of this show.


  342. I didn’t mean to show disrespect for the dead woman in the post I made yesterday. I had nightmares about what he did to her and how she said “You killed me”. It was largely not her fault but genetics that put her in a situation where only an Omega man like her eventual killer would hang with her.

    It should be a lesson to all women that they need to diet and exercise enough so they can at least retain a Beta at age 40.


  343. Here is another reason to quit AOL – A politically correct article about a “make-over” that is as absurd as the fairy tale about the emperor’s new clothes:



  344. Here’s an interesting legal case: Britney’s ex-bodyguard is suing her for “sexual harassment” because she exposed herself to him all the time in her own home:


    Obviously, men need to retain the right to walk around in any form of undress they wish in front of their maids and babysitters (they can quit if they are not cool with this), so its important that Britney is found to have done nothing wrong.

    I’m being serious here.

    Most sexual harassment laws have been very bad for men. We’re going to want the courts to not only tell this former bodyguard to go shove it, but we may want this to go to the conservative justices in the US Supreme Court for their verdict that employees can just quit if they don’t agree with the conditions (exceptions would be exposure to things harmful to one’s health).


  345. So – in the never-ending quest to raise own status in the sexual market, I wonder as to this renaissance man concept.

    Foreign languages – if you speak foreign languages, in particular the Romance languages, that must be a major DHV, right? Alongside dancing, etc. Is it worth the effort?

    Of course, it is no subsititute for looking like an absolute hunk to the females – and if you’re not 6’2” or over, it’s going to be an uphill battle.


  346. I’ve got the height + a handful of languages. Its critical for getting the best women in foreign countries (the ones who learn English have often been poisoned by feminism and are, by definition, not the best). If you learn the right language for your target audience, you will get a chance with millions, if not tens of millions of hot single women that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Obviously, Swedish or Danish is a waste of time compared with Russian or Polish because almost 100% of young Swedish and Danish women speak great English while 95% of Russian and Polish women do not speak English. Knowing French, German, Italian and Spanish are huge DHVs because women in those countries really want to speak their own language (as opposed to Scandinavian women who really don’t care either way).


  347. DVH,

    Romance languages? Not really. Unless you are after romance girls. 😉

    I have a friend that can convincingly fake an upper class British accent and pretends to be a tourist. Now that is a high DVH. On my own eyes! Unbelievable. Yea he is a local bloke, just with a good schtick.

    As for looking like a hunk, works, but again, knew a few shortys and it did not seem really matter, a couple of them (one 5’4″) did even better than a solid alpha 6’2″er. The 5’4″ one was kicked out from the faculty (they gave him a university hospital to manage–a fox guarding a hen house!) because no skirt was safe and it sort of became a public embarrassment — him walking through faculty hallways followed by a constant entourage of swooning besotted groupies.


  348. Slavic languages are definitely handy, though hard to learn for an English speaker. Russian, Polish, Czech (very close to Slovak, so two flies in one swoosh) or Baltic languages. Maybe Hungarian, but Hungary seems to be a bit infected by feminism. I have an advantage of speaking Czech (mother tongue), and learned Russian as a schooler (it was mandatory and we hated it–but you never know when what you learn may come handy), and picked up some Polish too. Czech (or Slovak) and Polish are somewhat mutually intelligible, so it is not that difficult to get a conversation going if you know one. You can learn while fucking, which is far better than any language courses! 😉


  349. We’ve lost Budapest to the feminists? I thought only Prague was (largely) gone and mainly due to the huge community of left wing American males who camped out there with no money in the 90s (plus prosperity from German companies locating there).

    Here’s a mistake every man should avoid but we keep making this mistake now and then in life: Do not deal with the older sister/friend/colleague/cousin of a young woman when you are older than this older woman or the same age. She’ll be a guaranteed blocker.

    I sat down last week on a chair in the backroom of a flower shop and chatted with a 19 year old and her 29 year old overweight cousin. The cousin got all excited about the idea of the two becoming my maids at a rate better than they were getting at the shop. I foolishly exchanged numbers only with her, thinking they were roommates and would come as a team.

    She called the next day. She wanted to come clean at my place at the high rate I’d mentioned. But she had a bad cold and acted like the accompaniment of the younger woman to my place was a non sequitur. She said “She’s quit the shop and is going to university now” (a lot of news for just one day). I told her to get better and we’d talk next week about both of them working for me.

    I called again last night (a week later). She was still sick. She told me that the younger woman had moved to her parent’s place in the suburbs and she made it even more clear that, to her, the younger woman was of no consequence in talking with me about anything. I said “how about giving me her phone number”. She said she would do that later. I understood that there was nothing in it for the older woman to help me.

    Sure enough, she told me today that she wasn’t going to help me get in contact “with someone so young and going to university”. The older woman had badly needed work but not if she had to share the income with the younger woman. There was no way she was going to help someone pass her up, financially and socially, for a much better looking cousin. There was simply nothing in it for her but humiliation.

    This is why feminists “protect” women 16-23.


  350. Joe Rogan is alpha. Watch him tear down this retarded feminist:


  351. Jerry, Budapest is not lost, just not as good as a decade and half ago. This will give you a sanpshot: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/feminism/hun.html


  352. Any thoughts/advice on dealing with the chick’s “I was so drunk last night, hope you don’t think bad of me….” rationalization?

    Also, how does a pua use jealousy to gain hand?

    I had a situation where girl I was gaming was kind of drifting off.

    I brought out hot new girl to party. That sparked a host of questions: “you didn’t say good by when you left..” and lost forlorn looks.

    My reaction was to act as if there was nothing the matter and no problem.

    In the case of the ASD going up, I changed the subject, or agreed and amplified.

    Any good lines or stories?


  353. Every girl I hook up with doesn’t want to get eaten out… ever…

    is this alpha or not?

    Are they so horny and ready that they want to skip it to go straight for the goods?

    That leads to is eating a girl out beta?


  354. @Walawala

    Drunk chicks use alcohol as an excuse to hook up. Don’t ever be judgmental. Go for same night lay, don’t date them usually they are ONS material.

    PUA has multiple women and options… supply of law and demand. Your time and cock is in demand and precious. Make the girls compete and let them know other hot chicks dig you.

    WTF the hot chick say that? Who did?

    Say you were busy or had to return some DVDs. Best answer is to say you went to another party… DHV.


  355. @The King

    another chick texted me after being at a party:

    ” you left so early”

    Me: “Like Jack Baeur, duty calls. Friday. Bring drinks”


  356. Field Report highlighting the beta to alpha switch and the merits of Mystery Method.

    Target: girl who lives in another country, have known for 8 years, always kept in touch with, never banged. She was always talking about getting together but since she lived so far away, we’d only see each other as “Friends” when I went there for business. She’s 34, slim, dresses hot, short skirt, heels, looks good for her age, in the US might be an 8.

    She says she’s coming to Hong Kong to visit from China with her hot friend who she seems to want to set me up with. We mostly communicate by Chat/MSN.

    We agree to meet for dinner and then go to a dance party-the three of us. But the super hot friend is divorcing her husband who stuck her with her 3 year old daughter for the weekend, so it’s me, my HB7 friend and her HB8 younger single mom with precocious 3 year old in tow.

    After studying and practicing game, I decide to see how far this will go. Single mom is clearly out, the kid is a major cock block. But my “friend” looks hot.

    From the minute they sat down, I initiate light kino with my friend. Then start escalating it, first a tap on the forearm to make a point, then keeping it there longer.

    We go to buy a bottle of wine before the party and before dropping single mom off at hotel with 3 year old rug rat. I carry the rug rat to the wine shop. (Protector of women and children).

    At the dance party, I largely ignore my friend instead dancing with other girls. (Pre-selection)

    I come back, dance with her, kino, negs, push-pull teasing, back to dancing with other girls. She is giving me major IOI’s. Suddenly she wants to leave. I can stay she says I pause. She looks and smiles—IOI, she wants to come over, so I suggest we come over and have tea.

    As we’re walking outside, I remember this blog’s advice to a prior email of mine about waiting is for beta’s and poets. So I lean in and plant a hot wet kiss on her.

    She responds like she couldn’t wait. Biting my lip, deep tongue. She’s game.

    Back to my place. Banged her twice. She was so into it. She leaves to go back to her hotel room that she’s sharing with her hot friend and friend’s daughter.

    Next day she sends text: “forgive me if I was out of control”. Then after we chat, she says it was a “shock” and that she thought we were just “friends” but never thought it would happen “like in a movie”.

    Wants me to come travel with her, visit her etc.

    This 5 hours of alpha beats 5 years of beta is so true.

    Elsewhere here, someone wrote that the essence of game was to look like you don’t care while consciously trying to move it forward. That was how it was that night for me.


  357. This is me about a year ago when I was still in college. I’m interested in what other readers think of my natural body language and posture. Do the girls in this photo view me as a tree to hang on, or a childish jungle gym?


  358. The_King,

    An alpha makes a woman cum in everyway imaginable, so going down a girl doesn’t make you beta. However if she isn’t returning the favor or your doing it when she isn’t clean and trimmed you are in beta territory.


  359. New studies demonstrates that men who wear red are seen as higher in status and are more desired by women


    however, if that is true then why women usually dislike redheads and favour a man with black hair ?


  360. @Zoo:

    Since I terribly fail at cunnilingus, I adamantly refuse to perform on the female unless we’re in a committed relationship.

    And even then I despise it.


  361. Quotes from a date at a night club with a girl I’d been seeing for a couple weeks. (She arrived late.)

    Her: Should I buy my own drinks?
    Me: Sure, why not?

    [a little later, she buys me a shot]

    Me: Hey, you bought me a drink.
    Her: Yeah, I’m the man in this relationship.
    Me: I’m fine with that.

    Her: Do you like me?
    Me: [kissing her] you know what the fuck I think of you.
    Her: I know you like fucking me, but do you like me?
    Me: I like what we’re doing right now, and that movie you introduced me to was cool.

    Her: Are you interested in any of the girls here?
    Me: Depends on what you mean by “interested.” There are some cute girls here, but you have my attention now.
    Her: Are you tempted to give your number to any of them?
    Me: I might have, if you had taken longer to get here.
    Her: Fuck you!


  362. The relationship trap is strong, Hesp. We’ve read many submissions on how to respond to girl’s desire to get a guy to commit versus the guy’s desire to act alpha and not get nailed down. I think CR needs to address this because there’s been bad acts out there.
    I think, H, your better response would’ve been…”awww, you like me and want to marry me.”
    Of course, what’s your goal? You want a wing-girl with benefits? A rotation? nothing? Also, what’s her value relative to yours?
    Thinking to Neill Strauss, it seems that every PUA wants MLTR’s or FWB’s. This is accomplished through framing, so you can’t cute your way out of it (which your replies seem to be). (And this might be where the PUA-haters are right. Maybe some girls will not be framed into being put into a rotation. Maybe you do need some bar skanks.) Tell her something along the lines of, “yeah, you’re cool but I don’t want to be boy friend girlfriend, I can understand if you’re not cool with that, not a lot of girls are that open minded.” When I’ve had these situations, I’ve basically said no, I don’t want to date you, I don’t think we have a romantic future. If your mojo is strong, she may become a reliable booty call…although she’ll never be cool with being a wing with benefits. For me, with girls like this, when she’s with you, you’ve got to commit for the evening. You are in the right time period, some banging, but no commit. So, cut her loose and she if she’s willing to hook up at 2am.


  363. I should clarify: she’s indicated at other times that she’s okay with keeping it casual/doesn’t expect it to last. She once asked me if I’d ever had “something like this” before, with “this” being a euphemism for “fuck buddy.” I told her I didn’t want anything too serious at this point in my life, she agreed. And after we left the club that night, she said she hoped we’d always be friends.

    As for what I want, mainly, I want to keep having fun with her for now without her getting too attached. Wouldn’t mind having a second FB.

    I’ve never heard the phrase “wing with benefits” before. My impression is that lots of girls who are okay with FB relationships wouldn’t be happy doing that, but maybe it’s something I should feel her out on.

    I wasn’t trying to be cute when she asked me if I was interested in any other girls, just honest. But may I should have taken the opportunity to ask her how she would have felt about me getting a number in front of her. I did ask her how she felt about threesomes, and she said, “It would have to be with the most beautiful woman in the world.”

    I don’t know what our relative value is, just that she’s cute and energetic in bed, and likes me enough to be OK keeping it casual for now.


  364. It was over 10 years ago, and i was nothing but a 22 year old kid, but was hands down the most confusing experience I had and was wondering if I could get an extra set or two of eyes for observations, insights and whether my then-novice reaction was at least acceptable.

    I land a date with this girl I had been eyeballing for about 6 months. Hadn’t asked her out because I was dating another girl (yes, duly noted, beta), but had built up a rapport in that time.

    It was a school night and she said she had to work early, so I wasn’t planning anything aside from dinner.

    We hit a sushi joint, conversation was comfortable, but I couldn’t remember any details due to it being so long ago. But I do remember her then volunteering the idea we go and get ice cream. Pleasantly surprise to the extension of this date we go and get ice cream.

    Thinking it’s getting past her bed time, I start to drive her home and she says, “You’re not taking me home yet are you?” I said, “Well, I thought you had to work early tomorrow? We can certainly do something else.” Boom, off to a bar for a drink.

    Now it’s 1AM and certainly time to bring her home (because no bars are open). Thinking it’s the first date, I’m fully planning on driving up to the door and dropping her off. Before we even make the turn to her street she says, “Do you want to come up to my apartment?”

    Having no clue what I had done that was so suave I said, “yeah, sure!”

    We get up there. I sit down on the couch (the only available furniture in the studio apartment), she’s in the kitchen area making a drink and she plops right next to me, fully leaning into me as she turns on the TV.

    She then proceeds to rotate her head and rub her shoulder saying, “Ow. My back and shoulders are just killing me” prompting me to ask if she’d like a backrub.

    She agrees and then proceeds to take off her shirt.

    Understand this girl had the most amazing breats and the bra is fighting not to break given the heavenly heavy cans she had.

    The backrub lasted about 2 minutes before I decided to turn her, kiss her and start what I was confidently sure would be the best night of titty sex ever.

    But before i could even plant my lips on hers, she jumps back and says, “What are you doing!?”

    Now TODAY I understand this was a shit test. But good Christ, it was the thermonuclear bomb of all shit tests of all times. It almost went BEYOND a shit test and into pure insanity.

    I was speechless and simply got up and left. Never called her again because I couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

    So out of curiosity, what did happen? Was she aiming for a rape fantasy? Just getting SEVERELY psychotic kicks out it? I’d like to think my response, age-adjusted, was reasonably alpha, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was more due to shell shock than anything else.


  365. I’m a singer and in my old stomping grounds in Arkansas(now live in Minneapolis a.k.a. Hell) when I wasn’t jamming away growling violent lyrics about existentialism & Saturday morning yard sales with a talented death metal band(another journey full of sex, drugs. conflicts and glory), I would sing radio friendly songs at karaoke nite at the local bars! Apparently I must be a good enough singer because I used women to give me rides to the bar so i could get thoroughly sloshed and be DWI free, on their expense, which would lead to another woman from the bar giving me a ride home but on the way home these women would try to rape me…they all failed(too many stretch marks), but almost succeeded..

    One time I did some karaoke singing at some joint on the Missouri-Ark border(I drove)… I got introduced to this blonde 7 who was hanging out with 2 couples(the women in these relationships tried to fuck me in the past, but I just wasnt attracted or their vaginas stunk). I was just getting drunk & singing and going autopilot on my gaming with this Blonde 7! She claimed to be waiting for some boyfriend who NEVER showed up, so I was just teasing this girl all night!

    The night at the bar ends, the other people at our table left…..so I suggested we go to the local grocery store(Wal Mart) down the road for a sandwich and sober up a little..a.k.a my horniness was starting to kick in! Right outside the bar I noticed some dingy Motel room so I TOLD this girl to call and book a room for the night and I’ll buy the sandwich! She complied.. We went to the store and had the deli folks prepare us a sandwich.. lo and behold the deli worker spat out some words so disturbing “Aww you two are a cute couple!” Girl got cheerful… Like Robert Fripp says “you don’t have to be cheerful… just look cheerful”..and as such I did!

    This deli girl made us a HUMONGOUS sandwich at least 3ft long! Almost as long as my dick!

    -We head back to the hotel room, and start going at it! Clothes off, foreplay is happenin’ which I decided to take into an extended version(4hrs worth of foreplay).. As the night wore on, i noticed that this girl was just laying there and letting me turn her on whilst not really pulling her weight in the matter!…and so I realized, I forgot to buy condoms! Thank god for wal-mart! I walk into this holy place at around 6:30am with half my clothes on, my fingers smelling like coochie and making a beeline for the contraceptives! 7 bucks for a 12 pack of Magnums!! Holy fuck what a deal!……the girl who checked me out at the register was not too thrilled by my prescence or choice of items.

    I return to the hotel room where girl is naked and ready still! I get to pounding…knowing who I am. I am the kind of guy who gets off by knob jobs more than intercourse… I tell this girl to give me some head! – record scratches -..

    ”No, I won’t suck your dick!” “You’re a man, find your own way to get off!”

    Long story short, we started arguing and I realized the absurdity of this argument so without even a thought… I put my clothes on promptly… grabbed the rest of the condoms.. & the most important thing.. THE SANDWICH!

    And down the highway I drove back to my place of residence some 45 minutes away!


  366. on October 2, 2010 at 9:42 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi


    Samitches are important and can be the diference between joy and sadness. he he he


  367. on October 3, 2010 at 9:45 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    That was so inspiring I am going to drive 3 hours to get an awesome samitch.


  368. would an alpha add a women he is dating on facebook or will he ignore her until she adds him? be it a women he is sleeping with or someone he just met, or someone he met online.

    perhaps you can discuss some “facebook” game as most women seem to use it these days (on top of txt msgs)



  369. Depends man! Lately, I have not added any women I’m interested in sexually to my FB!

    Facebook over time has actually squashed a couple of fuck closes, etc…. with various women for me..

    Depending on how many friends you have and the ratio between male and female – your girl or girls- could snoop on you, your friends list, photos…and come up with stupid ass conclusions about whether you’re a player or not.

    If she adds you…go ahead and add her though.. why not?
    I’d wait a few days though – she’ll probably ask why you havent accepted her friends request(South Park?) and you can respond with the fact that you’re not a beta who spends half his day on FB but actually has a life and shit to do(or other women).

    On using FB for game – IMO – Don’t . Keep it face to face/phone calls/’texts


  370. Please give me some advice:

    A few years ago, when I was terrible with women(couldn’t buy a date), I got into the PUA stuff to get advice. After learning this stuff I became good at it.

    And by a couple of years ago I was confident and was doing well with women. I had internalized a lot of pua stuff, worked on my confidence, could talk to random women with no fear of getting rejected. Life was good.

    But then maybe I took it for granted, and started to pay less attention to being alpha and slipped back into my old habits because I fell for one girl, got into a long term relationship. And when you get into a long term relationship its like fucking amnesia in terms of picking up. All the stuff that got you the girl in the first place gets forgotten, especially if all is great in the relationship. So, slowly I became a chump. But the girl was still with me so I hadn’t realised I was sliding down that slippery slope.

    But then some events, nothing to do with girls or relationships or pua stuff, happened, completely outta the blue, one after the other. These were deeply personal things that destroyed my confidence. I became depressed. I started breaking down. Lost all confidence. Started getting crazy paranoid and being whipped like butter. Why did I become whipped? Cos at that point the relationship was the only stable thing in my life so I clung to it, not realising at the time that this “clinging” was destroying it. On top of that I become more and more depressed and less and less social(I’m sure at one point I coulda been classified agoraphobic lol)

    Anyways, for anyone who is still reading, to cut a long winding story short, my life is heading the wrong way fast. Please tell me how to make a start to get back upto the right place? Has anyone ever reverted to their beta self like I have and gotten back to being alpha?


  371. on October 11, 2010 at 8:29 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Get a 100k a year job and have a good time.

    Start fucking sheep it builds confidense.

    I never thought it would but you would be surprized.


  372. on October 11, 2010 at 8:32 am | Reply Gunslingergregi


    The samitch owned.

    The getting my dick sucked was ok.


  373. on October 11, 2010 at 9:26 am | Reply BetaizedBastard

    There are to possible endings to your story.

    1. My father went down the path you went, and he is now an alcoholic. He smokes a great deal, and never ventures outside, but stays cooped up in his appartment with his grotesquely fat and ugly second wife. He lives in a fantasy world, is bankrupt, and totally financially dependent on the walrus. He hides in his books and makes believe the problem will go away if he ignores it long enough. I follwed this path for a while a year or two ago. And I thank GOD I grabbed my ball-sack and stood my ground.

    2. There are thousands of success stories more inspiring than mine, but this is as real as it gets for me, so I hope it helps. I was going down the same path as my Dad. Granted, I am in college, and supposed to have fun, but I spent more money than I had, got drunk every weekend, got fired from several consecutive jobs with AMAZING career opportunities I only now have begun to appreciate. I destroyed several relationships and have spent months of my life feeling paralyzed because I defined my existence using the women I dated as centers of reality.

    In lay-man speak, I ripped my brain out through my eye sockets, and anally fisted myself with it, but not before I begged the said females to stomp on my dignity and destroy my self-esteem.

    Today things are very different.

    I am still poor. I still miss the last woman I lost.

    But I have a plan.

    This winter, when things were at their dreariest, I sat down and had a long hard-think about what I wanted. The first was to pay off what was becoming a crushing consumer and student debt (for a college student). I understood to regain financial independence a lot of habits would have to change, but I went through and changed many of them. I am now almost debt free.

    I had no real job, but I put in a lot of effort and preserverance, and I now have a promising job to complement my studies.

    I got shit grades. I am now doing rather well by most standards, and I am have more time now than ever to do well at school.

    I have no pick-up skills, but I understand getting laid is not my main priority now, so I am not letting myself be bothered by things I want to do, but can’t do now. I will
    get to those soon enough.

    Other dreams I have had I am now going after. I am learning a new foreign language (my third), and I have a two-month trip planned to take me to a warm sunny place when it gets darkest and dreariest back here at home.

    If you really want to save yourself, you can do it.

    Find out what you want out of life. Define based ONLY on what you want, and do not include the wishes of your girl.

    Figure out what it will take, and break that done into steps 1, 2, 3 etc.

    Do it.

    That you can control. You cannot control your girlfriend. Or your feelings, really, for that matter – what you can control, is what you do, and how you spend your time. And how you spend your time will ultimately determine how you feel, and you understand yourself as a person.


  374. After a long period of inactivity (I way too beta in my last relationship, it ended badly and I was extremely bitter), I have just started approaching women again.

    I work in a pizza place, and I’m regularly sent to the grocery store across the street for random things. There’s a cute cashier who works there, and I’ve talked to her twice, the first time was just random words, but the second time I came up with 5 different 12-packs of beer.

    Her: What’s with all the beer?

    Me: I’m an alcoholic.

    I eventually told her that I worked at the pizza place.

    The reason I hadn’t made a move before was because I only saw her on weekends, and she looks pretty young (has braces) so I assumed she was still in high school, which is a no-go for me. I’m only 23, and look young… but I hate HS bullshit. I went in there this past monday morning and she was there. Here’s how the conversation went.

    Her: Where do you work that keeps sending you in here all the time?

    Me: I work at that pizza place 50 feet away, I told you that last time I was here. You aren’t a very good listener.

    Her: Yeah.. I’m sorry..

    Me: Its cool, I guess if I had to talk to 500 people every shift I’d stop listening too.

    Her: I know! You should be honored I even remember you.

    Me: I guess…. Shouldn’t you be in school or something?

    Her: No! I’m almost 19! I go to (random community college)!

    Me: Oh, I guess the braces make you look younger, they’ll be worth it when you get them off, though.

    Her: Yeah I’ve had them for 2 years and I’m about to get them off.

    At this point I’m done paying and stuff, my groceries are bagged but the person who usually puts them into the cart had left, so I said

    “I have to put the groceries into the cart by myself? What kind of service is this?”

    She laughed and offered to do it but I declined, said bye and left. I decided I was going to go back for her # later that day, and sure enough, 10 minutes later we ran out of croutons so I got sent back.

    Her: Back already?

    Me: Yeah, actually I kind of volunteered to come back here because I wanted to get your number.

    Her (lit up): No way!? Really?!

    Me: Kinda.

    She couldn’t tell if I was serious or fucking with her until I handed her my phone and she put her # in. About an hour later I texted her “Its nick, now you have my # too” to which she responded “Sweet.” So the # close went fine, my intentions seemed pretty obvious and I thought I’d done good until this point.. but then…

    I waited 3 days then tried calling her to invite her to a movie, but she didn’t answer. An hour later I texted her:

    Me: Want to go see (random movie) on sunday?

    Her: Who is this?

    Me: Nick from the pizza place.

    Her: Ohh. I’m sorry. I work every weekend.

    Me: Oh, well I wanted to see a movie and maybe get dinner too. We could do it during the week. Maybe monday or wednesday.

    Her: Sorry, I work friday saturday sundays and mondays. Then I have class tuesday wednesday and thursday.

    Me (knowing that I’m probably failing all kinds of shit tests but wondering why she even gave me her # at this point): Sounds like you have no free time, I’d like to hang out though. If you want to hang out sometime let me know when you’re free and we will make it happen.

    Her: I should’ve told you the other day, and I’m sorry for making you think different, but I actually have a boyfriend.

    Me: You don’t have to be sorry. Its okay, I’ll live.

    Her: 🙂 good. I just didn’t have the heart to tell you to your face. And it was flattering you asked.

    Me: You should be flattered, I don’t do that often.

    Her: Aw, I’m so sorry.

    For the record, I wasn’t upset at all although my texting probably doesn’t reflect that. I know I fucked up at the end, but I don’t know what I should have done in that situation. We have not seen each other or talked since then. Thoughts? Advice?


  375. @Nick

    The question of dealing with 19 year olds is the reason I come to this blog…but there’s precious little advice to be found here on dealing with women that age.

    Frankly, I don’t need game advice for women over 21, but dealing with “children” in the 18-19 age range can be very rough.

    They often don’t think rationally at that age even when that is the age women are most beautiful. One needs asshole game.

    Now since nobody on this blog, including myself, is an expert on getting 19 year olds, I will conjecture on what you could have done and still can do:

    First of all, you did nothing wrong before she delivered the nonsense about the boyfriend. Girls that age or notorious for trying to build their egos by pretending they’re all grown up and socially able to date men when they’re not socially able. Your mistake after she revealed her inferior ability to socialize was in verifying the ego fix she had wanted from you instead of taking it away from her (“You should be flattered, I don’t do that often” should have been a friendly “Don’t flatter yourself, I meet someone who looks like you once per week ;-)”).

    There was no need for you to accept the boyfriend line. I would have gone for a voice convo at that point and said (more amused than bitter) “This other guy won’t remember your name in 10 years and will be dating a new 19 year old”. The bottom line is that you need to establish that you have no respect for that other “relationship” and that you are disappointed in the maturity level such talk reveals. You can get all this across without appearing bitter.

    Women that age are often too socially inept to date “properly” which means they don’t understand how to do things “indirectly”.

    They often want a more direct approach that dispenses with dinner and a movie.

    You have the advantage of her talking to you on that quiet checkout in the future. Be a jerk with her by asking her if she’s got friends who can come over and strip for you. Tell her you get girls her age over to strip all the time. Yes, this will make you come across as a jerk and yes, this works often enough to get a woman to reconsider her idea of LJBF (and forget the “boyfriend”).


  376. Dunno Nick, I think you did ok. While there is also some truth in Jerry’s advice, the fact is that some girls will just have a boyfriend and be content with him. You will find others who are available and your non-bitter responses were good.

    Since from the convo I got the impression that it was a genuine boyfriend thing and not some false excuse to blow -you off, I don’t think there’s anything to be fixed. True, you could do something to get her despite the boyfriend thing, but it’s not worth it unless you’re really on top of your game and not recovering from a bad relationship.


  377. check out this mtv show based on chicks with douchbags


  378. Big question for roissy, I read the book PIMP by iceberg slim and I had a question : “how important is sex in keeping a women attached to you vis-à-vis game?”

    in his book Iceberg claims that a strong pimp is one with skull game who controls his libido and makes a women “earn” and beg for it.

    in other words, can a man make a women emotionally attached to him him without having sex with her until she starts begging him for it ? should he take his time before sleeping with her or should he go for it agressively asap ? I feel that there are two schools of thoughts on that…what is your take?



  379. I know it was mentionned on the site that leaving a women’s house after having sex (vs. sleeping over) is better at showing her that you are not too attached and have other options (given that she aint your gf). how about ramping it up a notch and NOT orgasming (I know it’s hard to do) i.e. making her cum (give or take) but then try to not ejaculate and then leave.

    will that be a stronger “mind-fuck” ?


  380. Been a typical nerdy beta up until I got my first gf at lost my v card at 17-18. Still have serious beta traits even though im decent in the looks dept. I think that’s heavily tied down to the fact I have been dealing with social anxiety disorder and depression and being introverted and low in self esteem alot of the time in my life.

    Still hasn’t stopped me from sleeping with over 75 women but for some reason I think I’m a mad failure because I choose not to “game” or hookup at bars and stuff I usually do it during sober moments and places during the day, I don’t drink so the whole bar thing just doesn’t cut it and I feel like a date rapist when taking home tipsy and fairly drunk horny bitches.

    Pretty much a case of small talk, flirting, getting a number then meeting up and being a motherfucken tease and escalating. If the bitch isn’t worth it or flakes out then she’s gone. Bad I know and my mother would be livid and ashamed of me (she’s a very decent innocent muslim type from that old school cultural upbringing).

    So anyway I was in Dubai on a vacation and wasn’t up for clubbing alone so I just went to a bar at the hotel. Was way too insecure to be pretend confident and approach a couple of sets of bitches who were dancing to the live music and shit.

    There were a few hookers at the bar trying to pick up some dude on business and shit.

    This little african hottie was talking to a group of 6 indian dudes and I was sitting on my table near theirs and called her over. Bit of small chit chat and shit and she said “how much”. I said “what do you mean”. She said 1000 (yeah right bitch I aint gonna part with almost 350USD on a hooker I don’t give a flying fuck who u are or how hot u are).

    I told her I don’t pay for sex. She was curious and asked why. I straight up told her, why should I pay when I can just go to a random bar or club and get it for free?

    I then changed the subject totally and asked her what she does. Feinging some interest in who she actually is in real life. Said she was a hairdresser, proceeded to tease her on why her hair wasn’t done to the same standard that is expected of a hair dresser, she was on the back foot saying she’s had a long day and shit and it’s been messed up. Discussed her fashion sense and her earrings and how her top should’ve been a different colour as it would match better with her complexion.

    Blah blah blah after a bit of flirting and suggestive touching and getting a drink from her she said the bar was closing up (as it was). I said it’s only 3am what the fuck is that shit. Are there any other clubs and shit around here you can show me. Said they were all closed.

    She then invited me back to her place. I asked her how far, she said 5 mins by taxi. Considering I was alone and learning not to trust anyone (let alone a bloody 7-8/10 hooker) I suggested her to come back to my hotel instead (I was there in Dubai with my dad as we had family in the emirates so he came along with me on the trip). Knowing that it was a very awkward and uncomfortable feeling to be fucking a bitch in the presence of my dad, it was an executive suite but still the only options I had was the lounge, kitchen cabinet or the balcony.

    I was still a bit sus and really didn’t wanna end up being robbed at gunpoint or some shit like that. I took a gamble and before we left the bitch said that she’s gotta call her friends, turns out the 3 of them were all escorts who had day jobs and were all from the same african heritage.

    They were all down to fuck and I ended up smashing all 3 (with rubber of course, including during head). I know that picking up random bitches at a bar to fuck is probably more riskier then banging a porn star or upmarket call girl so I can’t for the life of me fathom why guys don’t strap up when they are fucking these bitches, even if they’re copping head.

    They were keen to take the nut and do all that nasty porno shit of licking and playing with it and I did the main one alone a few hrs later before getting a cab home at bout 8am.

    I haven’t really gone into much detail of the event but I want to know if there’s any other approach I could’ve taken because something in me was really sus when she had invited me over to her place after I had chatted her up for a bit.

    I mean in a nutshell: she knew I wasn’t parting with a single dirham, i wasn’t talking too much and being very indifferent and maintaining status ( i actually wasn’t in the mood for anything that night and like I said I have social anxiety so feel very self conscious in bar settings especially fucking alone), I got a drink out of her and I managed to take her and her 2 girlfriends.

    I dunno, I just feel like I should be sleeping with 500+ women and I definately don’t think I am alpha, I just have alright looks and look after myself and flirt/tease here n there. It kinda works but I just don’t feel right afterwards. Maybe this is my mum’s curse that I haven’t settled down and married a nice decent girl from back home (Pakistan/India) so end up feeling down after these encounters.

    Excuse the random typing hope it’s somewhat coherent and readable.

    Fuck I am over bitches, I wonder if it’s plausible to stay single and have a baby mama instead coz even the women in my homeland are shifty. The really decent decent ones will be total prawns in bed and if I bring out hte proverbial slut in them in the bedroom coupled with the way of life in the UK I’ll be doomed. Hopefully I marry a good decent girl!!



  381. UPDATE: First – thanks for the advice Jerry/Paladin. Both of you had good advice, but I decided to just let things go as Paladin suggested, because I haven’t really been on top of my game since the end of my last relationship.

    I hadn’t talked to the cashier girl in a couple of weeks, since she informed me that she had a boyfriend. I went into the store twice today, and saw that she was there, but I went into a different line both times because she had a bunch of people and I didn’t really have anything to say to her. I know she noticed me, but I didn’t acknowledge her.

    When I got home today, she had friend requested me on facebook, which is kind of weird because all she knows is my first name. Shortly after accepting said request, she started chatting with me.

    Her> Why are you avoiding me now?
    Me> I’m not avoiding you, I didn’t go to your line because it was longer than the other ones.
    Her> Suuure.. You used to come to my line ALL the time and now you don’t.. its sad 😦

    Its hard to keep the conversation in order, but this sort of banter went on for a while, apparently it bugged her so much that I “avoided” her today, that she came home and had to find me on facebook to ask why. She also said that she had been considering going over to the pizza place to ask me personally. After making a joke about her stalking me, I told her that I was trying to make things easier on her since she has a boyfriend and I’m irresistible. Since she was so put off though, I said I would come to her line the next time. Then she asked me what kind of car I drove and when I told her, she said she was next to me at a stoplight today, to which i responded “I KNEW YOU WERE STALKING ME”

    She mentioned that even though I got her #, she didn’t expect me to ask her to hang out, but she would have “totally jumped on it” if she didn’t have a boyfriend. I told her that I wouldn’t have asked for her # if I wasn’t going to use it… and that I’d take a raincheck until she broke up with her boyfriend. She asked why I thought they were going to break up and I just said I had a feeling.

    I don’t remember the whole conversation, but that’s the jist of it. Judging by how upset she was about me “avoiding” her (when the thought had hardly crossed my mind), it would seem my presence in her mind is very strong. Don’t know what I’m going to do next… I’ll gladly take any advice.


  382. The Happy Kitty by viralata

    I’m sitting at this bar in Southerm Thailand on the beach…I’m surrounded by three girls; a couple 7’s and a 6. One from the states(6), one from britain, one a half norwegian/half philippina.

    In my lap is a small black kitten. We’ve been bantering around the bar for an hour or so, all the while I’m stroking the pussycat in my lap who’s dozing in and out of sleep. I’m pretty sure it’s a go with the norwegian/philippina and I’m just waiting for things to wind down so I can swoop.

    The british bird, a baby spice look-alike, and I spent part of the day climbing together, but I think I said all of three words to her as I was tired from the previous days climbing with a buddy…when I left to return to my bungalow in the afternoon she yelled out to meet up with her at the bar later that night…

    Anyway, here we all are at the bar, norway, baby spice and also-ran… after an hour of endless shit talking these three chicks are seemingly waiting for my decision. At some point lil’ puss rouses and begins to put on a tussle for no other reason than its name is PUSSY cat. A few strategic strokes and its back to sleep on my lap, but now it’s turned over on its back spread-eagled and completely submitted. OUT. The only other time i’ve seen a cat like that was when it was just hit by a car.

    At this point all the girls have stopped talking and just watch as my little drama with the kitty unfolds….

    Finally, after I return to their world the norwegian/philippina raises her hands and exclaims “I believe!. Haha…we all had a good chuckle. You win the stuffed pony norway, all things being equal, style always trumps. (as an aside… this girl’s father murdered her mother and got away with it)

    So the signal comes from norway that she’s off to bed and I’m quick to echo….so everyone pays up their tabs and I head down to the beach alone and look out over the star-lit water oh so pretty.

    I feel a little tap on my shoulder….its baby spice, apparently ninja spice…I smile, say hey….she says “Its my last night here and I was just wondering if you’d go to bed with me?”….I look around for my friends and the hidden camera….nothing. Why yes, yes I will. Style wins again.

    Norway can wait another day.

    Unrelated Refrain:

    I once was sitting around a group of friends and everyone was relating their morning after stories; you know…I woke up and there’s so-and-so in my bed….how uncomfortable. After a while of this I am getting annoyed and I say: “If I wake up and there is a naked girl in my bed….she’s getting fucked”. Haha…we all had a good chuckle.

    An observation:

    If you’ve never put yourself into a situation where you’ve had to risk everything, as in, if I fail at this… I will die, then you are beta to your own clinging death-fear. Sorry, but your cock can not save you.


  383. the answer is:

    a true alpha would have taken home all three and the cat


  384. Julian Assange vs. the World…

    what’s your take on it?


  385. I’m not sure how all you guys feel about this subject, but I’m a heavy smoker so if anyone has anything to say about this it would be great:

    1. What’s the etiquette for being an alpha when you’re smoking with women or smoking women up?

    2. Is smoking bad for your Alpha-ness?

    Smoking weed that is.


  386. Also, is there any way to get someone’s IM to maybe help coach me through trying to be Alpha?


  387. on December 11, 2010 at 12:33 am | Reply AnaerobicApocalypse

    Gaming girls you’ve sexually rejected in the recent past.. I’m not talking say past flings or girlfriends, but passing acquaintances that have offered themselves to you and in the heat of the moment you’ve passed for whatever reason (too much on your plate, distracted, focussing on another girl, etc).
    Usually, I try to do this so it’s subtle enough (interpreting her overtures as something else, pretending not to even notice, etc)
    On next encounter, I usually either get the female deathstare that could melt an iron wall, or a tepid hello and the kind of glazed out look that says ‘don’t even dare talk to me’.
    Intuition says, hey, big guy should be easy enough to turn around, hell she’s attracted on some level.. surely I’m just fucking up because it would be sweet to be more in command of this dynamic.


  388. But a more interesting article from the same newspaper would be this one:


    Big New York City television host (weather forecaster) will be sentenced for falsely claiming she was sexually attacked (probably won’t be on TV anymore).

    She did it because she’s 37 and wanted her boyfriend to feel sorry for her (and think that other men still found her attractive).

    Men are finally getting the laws passed making it a huge crime to falsely report rape.


  389. So hey, how about an Alpha assessment of Assange’s emails to a 19 year old?



  390. It’s the kind of writing guaranteed to get a man rejected in all cases. But consider the other news from today that Assange took a woman away from a famous NY Beta Times reporter while he was having dinner with that reporter and the woman in Stockholm.

    After the reporter said “I can give you a copy of my bestselling book if you like,” Assange told him “Don’t bother. I would only throw it away” before boldly starting to flirt with the reporter’s girlfriend who spent the night with Assange while the reporter wondered why she hadn’t come home to their hotel room.

    That would mean Assange qualified for Beta of the Year when he was 33 but, with the help of his fame, he’s improved enough since then (remember that honor doesn’t fit into the equation of what an alpha is); or there is the possibility that the Chateau will have to admit that fame blasts away game as a tingle producer.

    Still note the NY Daily News trying to use “teen” to shame all men who would partake of adult women at their prime fertility. That kind of smear campaign is only done by Gammas or fembots.

    At least Assange was targeting a difficult young prospect in those pathetic emails which is more than one can say for a lot of less courageous guys who try to game older women who are closer to hitting the wall.


  391. Anaerobic

    Intuition says, hey, big guy should be easy enough to turn around, hell she’s attracted on some level.. surely I’m just fucking up because it would be sweet to be more in command of this dynamic.

    Can’t say as that’s ever happened to me, but my first intuition would be to beta it up. Show underbelly, be slightly romantic. Suck her in with your vulnerability. Then ease into playful flirting. Of course eventually you’ll have to come back around to dominant alpha. But I wouldn’t approach with it.


  392. The other night I went to a show to see some good bands play. This chick showed up that I recently tried to have a long distance rel. with. Although we connected very well, we decided not to date, but still keep in touch. We have had sex once and she stopped it cuz I was “moving too fast.” I know I am good in bed so it didn’t really bother me much. Let me tell you that this chick is an artsy type, and very flighty. She can disappear at any given time.
    She invited a guy friend of hers to the show (she knew I was there) and he showed up about 20 minutes after she did. Total Beta, followed her around, quiet, timid. She introduced us, I was friendly. I avoided PDA and didn’t follow her around. She kept walking off with that guy.
    She comes back and my friends and I are sitting around a table. She asks,
    “Are you gonna be here for a sec?”
    I say,
    “I’ll be here for a minute.”
    She asked me to watch her jacket. I took it from her and placed it on the ground under the table, then placed mine on top of it.
    The band that was playing sucked.
    She walked off.
    5 minutes later I was ready to step outside and stop listening to the shitty band.
    I motion for my friend to come with and grab my jacket.
    “What about her jacket, dude?”
    I decided this was an opportunity, I had to see what would happen.
    “I’m not a walking coat hanger, dude”
    So we go to the balcony and we’re chillin.
    Girl walks up 10 minutes later shivering and “brr”ing. Holds her hands out as if ready to receive a warm garment.
    I motioned with my thumb that it was inside.

    She stopped, looked at me, threw up her middle finger, said “fuck you dude.” and walked inside.

    I shrugged my shoulders and continued the conversation with my friend.
    5 minutes later she came back outside to apologize to me, give me a hug, and tell me bye because her ride was leaving.
    Since then she has been contacting me more than usual and looking to meet up before she goes back to her college.

    I think it worked. What do you think?


  393. proof that women are male poachers even if they have harvard degrees, are serious actresses etc…they just can’t compose themselves around an alpha male.



  394. “what am I really good at”
    a gentleman never tells…

    Juslian assanges old ok cupid profile


    dunno if it’s legit.


  395. This is the same David from the last assessment post.

    Spent this past Saturday fucking an 8, then a 9, and finished it all up with a steamy skypechat.

    I turn 19 on MLK day, and am solidifying a FFFM encounter–likely with lots of kink.

    Coulda done it without ya, but you damn sure sped he process up.


  396. I met this chick at a bar. She acted a fool, then facebooked me an apology the next day. I responded with some game that was decent, and she ended up giving me a phone call. I didn’t answer.

    Next day:

    Me: Hey, you called?

    Her: Yeah, yesterday… Just trying to figure out what blonde mosquito joke you are talking about.

    (note: She had told me a joke the night before and I was trying to remember it.)

    Me: It was def funny. Hey, I have an extra hockey ticket Friday. Wanna come?

    Her: I would but I am working down in the city til 8

    5 days later:

    Me: I just made the world’s smallest snowman

    Her (replying almost as soon as I hit send): Lol! Haha! How did you do that?!

    Me: Sweetheart, I don’t just give away blueprints for something like that. You have to wine me and dine me first.

    Her: What in teh world are you talking about?!

    Me: Do you know how many people this weekend have asked me ‘why does it say ‘I love boobs’ on your windshield?’ Way to leave your mark. (She drew ‘I love boobs’ on my windshield when we met last week).

    Her: Haha!! You’re joking right?! I would never do something like that! :/

    Me: Yes, you’re an innocent flower. In fact you’re prob too much of a good girl for me. Stop talking to me before I corrupt you.

    Her: Pssshh!! Whatever!

    Me: What, you think you can hang?

    Her: I’m just saying I’m already corrupted.. just a little though.

    Me: Lol maybe maybe not. What are you up to tonight anyway?

    Her: Heading home. Worked all day and am exhausted. Will probably go to bed fairly early.

    Me: Well I’m having a chill at home night you might be able to get invited to. Don’t get any ideas though since you’re just a good girl.

    Her: That is true, I am a good girl!

    Me: K, I suppose you’re prob safe enough… Bring cheap champagne and we can make champagneritas.

    Her: I would but tonight just won’t work, I have my son at home (she’s 22 w/ a 4 year old) and am already in my jammies ready to lounce, watch a little tv then hit the hay… will you be out [at the usual bar] tomorrow?

    Me: Maybe 😉

    Her: So I take that as a yes… I will see you tomorrow then!!!


  397. To start, let me state until a week ago, I was a huge beta male that didn’t realize it. After reading a lot of this site, and some others, I’m trying to shape up my game, so here’s my first try:

    It started with her rescheduling a date we had.

    Her: Hey sorry, the expedition with my roommates took longer than I expected, can we do another night this week?

    (right before we were supposed to meet)
    Me: Sure. I’m free Wednesday at 7.

    Her: Sounds Good 🙂

    (20 minutes later)
    Me: I’ll pick you up at your house.

    Her: My roommate isn’t the biggest fan of mysterious guys coming over, so I can meet you there.

    (an hour later)
    Me: Fine, but you’re buying the first round of drinks. Meet me at X at 7.

    (almost immediately)
    Her: Alright, I’ll be there. 😉

    I know this isn’t anything special, but I’m fairly proud of myself for my first taste of alpha-dom.


  398. Before someone pounces on Alex for not fucking 5 other chicks while dumping this one for flaking and approaching 10 others, remember that the game really is a large learning curve. It would be hard to say what you could have done better, but consider how the exchange might have went if you were still a beta:
    Her: Hey sorry, the expedition with my roommates took longer than I expected, can we do another night this week?

    (right before we were supposed to meet)
    Me: Oh, it’s no problem really. If you’re free from Wednesday to Friday I’d love to meet one evening.

    Her: Friday around 7 sounds good 🙂

    (1 minute later)
    Me: Would you like me to pick you up at your house? I can come wherever it’s convenient for you. Unless it would be a problem for you, we can meet somewhere.

    Her: My roommate isn’t the biggest fan of mysterious guys coming over, so I can meet you somewhere.

    (2 minutes later)
    Me: Oh ok, sorry didn’t know your roommate would mind. I’ll see you there. I hope we’ll have fun.


    Food for thought. Let us know how it went, Alex!
    p.s. don’t have illusions that you can go from beta to alpha in a week, but aspirations are good 🙂


  399. Important edit to my above alpha assessment:

    I then proceeded to show up to the bar, but had another hotter girl meet me there and barely talked to the girl I was texting w/ the hotter girl hanging all over me.


  400. Update:

    So she met me at 7, I made her buy all the drinks, and got in her pants. Win-win. Alpha > all.


  401. The clip:

    Eric Williams, some basketball player no one’s ever heard of, showing supreme hand with his goldigger wife. The way this guy dominates the entire interaction is unreal. He deflects all shit tests effortlessly, then talks about cheating on her numerous times, and blows her off to go party with his boys while she eats it all up. Segment starts at 7:45.



  402. @Specimen

    Eric Williams is a bad liar. He’s not going out to party with his boys. The mumble and when he brought his hand up to his mouth when he said “i got some (something) in town and I got to show them around” is a really obvious lie. That sort of shit can fly if you have extreme wealth and fame, but for most men, no matter how alpha you are, you have to be a little more discreet when dealing with your LTR.
    Granted, she should know you have the ability to get other girls, and have that uncertainty of “maybe you are, maybe you aren’t” fucking around… but if you are that patently obvious about a specific night you’re going out with your extra, most high end girls aren’t going to be down with it.


  403. Update #2: After applying countless principles/maxims from this site, this girl can’t get enough of me. I’m not even that well hung, but she eats my cock up like it’s breakfast, and enjoys every bit. Best site ever, I want to become a preacher of the religion that is roissy.


  404. how do i say hi to a girl?


  405. so i took a tip from assnova tonight and decided not to negotiate with a girl i’m dating. the superbowl was over and she wanted to go home and i said “but you didn’t give me a BJ yet”. she said.. blah blah blah.. and i said.. that’s ok.. i don’t want to force you to do anything.. but i want anyone in my life to want to do it for me. she played around trying to see if i was serious.. ie.. give me a hug and kees.. i said no.. you don’t want to take care of me.. there’s the door. bye. when she saw that i was serious.. i got a bj.

    also.. i was rubbing her vag through her leggings. she said “stop don’t touch me there”. i said.. hey baby.. that’s my pussy and i’ll touch it when i want to.. and this is your dick and you can touch it when you want. we share these things if we date and there will be no bargaining for access. the end. yes.. she got wet and we had sex.

    i primarily date latinas.. i love their passion but you have to let them know every early who is the boss. all of them. try and be a beta and they may settle for you but they will walk all over you and more than likely cheat on you. they need alpha or they won’t be faithful. i learned that the hard way.. no nice guy stuff with them. tell them early that they can be replaced and that they don’t have the only pussy in the world and they will eat you alive it makes them so hot. it’s awesome.


  406. I’m new with this stuff but after a week of reading this, I acquired a lot more confidence.

    Today, a popular black girl in my school tried to tool me. She called me ugly, Asian (which I am), short, etc. I’m a bit of an outcast so she thought I was an easy target.

    People were watching so I couldn’t look like a tool. I just looked at her as if she was some crazy lady and said “Soo… you won’t give me a blowjob?”

    She asked if I was serious. To which I replied “Ha you wish!”

    Everyone just started laughing and she quickly left the scene.

    Then a couple of guys who were watching gave me high fives.

    P.S. I lied. I actually provoked her. She asked “Wow it’s not fair. This gym has mirrors! How come we don’t have em?”.

    And I said “Kuz You suck.”

    Then she gave me an attitude.


  407. I present to you Mumar al-Gaddfi’s amazon guard, a contingent of 30 virgins sworn to kill any threat to the dictator of Libya. Now here’s a man who knows who to live the right way.



  408. He keeps the youngest women near to his bedroom with the older members of the family sleeping further away

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1358654/The-worlds-biggest-family-Ziona-Chan-39-wives-94-children-33-grandchildren.html#ixzz1EXS9uNHX


  409. i saw this on TV today

    So much ownage done by the dude, i wanna meet him, he deserves alpha male of the year,.nomination


  410. im so alpha im not gonna write a blog post get out of here


  411. I just thought of a neg. How is this? I tried it on some female friends of mine and they laughed.

    “You’re so cute, you should be a burqa model!”


  412. But the problem with that is that they either laughed or asked “what’s a burqa?”. Facepalm*


  413. Hi All….Am seeking advice here.

    Have learned game and have come a long way. I gamed a 7- 7.5, late 30’s but looks younger cute girl and have started seeing her.

    We have mind-blowing sex, and she appears very devoted.

    She finds me “complicated” and “unpredicatable”….

    Here’s the problem…

    I gamed her out of my social circle. In that same social circle is another aging cougar who for reasons beyond game, more personal, hates my guts and vice versa.

    I find her inherently distasteful and dishonest.

    But somehow the aging cougar has independently and without any relation to me befriended my new girl.

    This has resulted in considerable tension between me and new girl as girl straddles the line between alpha me and cougar BFF.

    Girl asks questions like “Aging cougar wants to go away for the the week, and asked me to go to Italy, is that ok?”

    I say “no, it’s not ok”….

    Well, Saturday night, we were out at a party. I was tired and girl and I are sitting having drinks. BFF pulls girl over and girl hangs and sits there with cougar.

    After a period of time, I game other girls. Then get tired and decide it’s time to leave. Also, I’m pissed.

    As I’m getting ready to leave, girl comes over and says “Are you leaving, are you upset?”

    I say “No, I’m tired I’m leaving, you stay or go…”

    Girl comes with me and I ream her out saying “It’s time we had this conversation, but you decide, it’s her or me…you know how I feel about that aging cougar”.

    Last thing I want is aging cougar introducing girl to new guys.

    I moved into the beta side in that but figured a more direct and vulnerable approach was warranted since up to that time I’d been quite a hard ass and aloof.

    Girl is surprised at my vulnerability and bangs me, comes several times and thanks me.

    But…the next day we run into aging cougar and my girl is clearly trying to ensure she doesn’t piss me off and is on her best behaviour. She even remarks that she’s trying not to piss me off.

    I know that I may have been beta in explaining why being BFF with aging cougar is not cool.

    To me, it’s the same as hanging out with some ex, or a guy.

    So, now that I’ve laid down the law, how do I handle this in future? I’m back to being alpha, bang her good but feel I let down my guard and revealed too much of my vulnerability by showing my dissastisfaction with being friends with aging cougar who would not have my interests at heart.

    How could I have handled this better and what should I do in future?

    I just figured that if I continue being alpha and doing what I always did, girl will forget the blow up and remember the “dread”.



  414. walawala,

    I am fairly new at this but it seems that the problem lies in that you gamed outside your circle, and bitch-cougar was in that circle first…

    From your story it seems however that bitch-cougar only moved in recently. It follows that how your bitch will react depends on what you do. From what I have read on this blog, known all along, but never done: is that women will do whatever the fuck they want unless something inhibits them. I have also learned that their kryptonite is convincing them to fear losing you…

    They can’t stay in Italia forever, not even if they meet King Alpha, Silvio MotherFUCKING Berlusconi, they’re LATE 30’S 7’S! The King cultivates pussy… Anyways, they’ll be back… I am sorry you are paying the price of game- female equality in courtship- but it’s a bitch… I sincerely wish you the best, and the best you can do is wait and be a dick when she gets back, she needs you, remember?


    Now, I want to introduce myself to all the others… I am a recent convert. But damn does it feel good to be here. I appreciate the community and all the support here, esp. the Messiah Roissy.

    I was caught in a four year hell of betadome… I can not speak the horrors. I also somewhat mourn the death of inequality in courtship.

    I find all of what is on the Chateau to be true. I may characterize or think through some things differently but I know its true when I say bitches are … unappreciative dicks that must be reminded every moment why they cannot live without us. The sad thing is: they made it un-enjoyable to court them… However they sure made it fun to fuck ’em!!!

    Viva el Chateau!


  415. New to the site. Love it. Would like some honest feedback how this text session went. Girl and I have a history. Slept together, but it seems that she saw me more as a beta. Didn’t hear from her for 8 months until yesterday. Out of the Blue text:

    Her: How are you? (11pm Wed)
    Me : I’m great. Thanks. And you? (7pm Thursday)
    Her: I am ok. (literally two minutes after my text)
    Me: Good to hear. Then you can take me to dinner. (10 am Fri)
    Her: Haha not quite i am unemployed at the moment (two minutes later)
    Me: Then you can cook me dinner. No negotiations. (5 minutes later)
    Her: ouch (2 minutes later)



    • on July 21, 2013 at 10:26 am | Reply Pretending_bartender

      @Kingbeef, the fact that she texted you first is a good thing. Don’t worry about whether she saw you in the past as a beta. We live in now and she texted you now. So, you must have done something good obviously. However, I feel it’s too aggressive to ask her to cook you dinner. It makes you want her more than her you. or atleast that’s what it appears. With women, no matter how much they enjoy you and give you IOI’s, you can’t be giving back the same. You have to be less generous with the IOI’s. Enjoy your time with her and make her want to cook for you. It shouldn’t be hard cos she texted you first.

      More than fucking her, understand her frame of mind. The bitch is unemployed. How do we feel when we are unemployed – like shit. A true boss understands her mental state and acts accordingly. The bitch is already broke and you are asking her to pay or cook food for her. I know you are setting a strong frame, and I commend you on that, but that’s for most other cases, not in this situation. but what are you chances that she will cough up cash? Try something like, I’ll bring the food and you do the cooking because I’m clueless with cooking. Make her feel invested in you (and special that she can actually help somebody by teaching you to cook), without making her spend money (at this point, she can spend on you later). Also, when she agrees to the cooking date, cancel with her once. Let her stew in the excitement of possibly having met you. Let her wonder why you cancelled and wonder if there’s a new girl or something in your life.

      Then when you actually set up the date, she will act hesitant like she’s a good girl and say something like “We’re just cooking ok, so don’t get any ideas” and then you say “Ya, right” or “Please” or “I only want to learn to cook one dish well”. Btw, don’t do all this on text, (text very lttile or you will fumble 🙂

      When you are cooking with her, don’t drool too much with touching and shit, just in moderation to make her feel comfortable touching you. Then during the cooking, ask a few female friends to call you and interrupt you about 5 or 6 times. That’s value without the sily cocky funny shit like “You want me” or “you’re not a stalker, right”..lol.

      And if you have become more powerful that the last time she met you, she will definitely put you to the test to see if you are just faking it. And for that you need a strong frame and only when you are a real boss will you actually pass that. Good luck


  416. (above link)
    A source told MailOnline: ‘Jessica was overcome with emotion when she stood up to toast her boyfriend on reaching the milestone.
    ‘She quickly welled-up as she reminisced about the first time she met Justin and joked about how she virtually stalked him into going on a date with her.’
    The pair had exchanged numbers on a night out in 2007, but when Justin failed to call Jessica a few days later, she took matters into her own hands and began driving towards his house.

    She said that before she knew it, she was outside his house and he still hadn’t called her. She joked about how she felt like a stalker, but that thankfully he did eventually call and the rest was history.
    During the birthday speech, the actress gushed about how utterly head over heels in love she was with the singer-turned-actor and went on at length about how much he meant to her.
    But after Jessica had finished her speech, Justin appeared dismiss her emotional speech by standing up and yelling: ‘Yeah b*tches!’
    ‘It was really awkward,’ the source told MailOnline. ‘Justin’s reaction was almost disrespectful. He just laughed it off.’

    The pair had temporarily split up a few months earlier in November of last year following rumours that Justin had allegedly cheated on Jessica.
    Today’s news is said to be Justin’s decision and sources say the actress is simply ‘devastated’.
    But MSNBC are reporting that a reliable source has told them Jessica is far from devastated.
    Backing Jessica up, the source has revealed: ‘Jessica is not devastated, that’s just c**p.’
    They added: ‘She’s a very independent, proud woman with her own career, she’s fine.’


  417. Alright, to start off I’ve ran into this girl since high school, and always seem to get the girls I targeted to lay down in my bed once I set my sights on them, but this one was particularly difficult. She’s got what every guy might want looks, humor, money, and a phenomenal ass that probably deserves its own booth at the car show. I hooked up with her once after some beers and a movie (she paid) and then we went back to my house where she wrestled with my appendage for about an hour, claiming she couldn’t have sex because she thought of her ex too much. Didn’t talk to her much because she’s slightly dumb but very booksmart.

    Fast forward about 2 years later, I feel a little inclined to see if my avenue is completely cut off, or if I should give it a go another time… Anyway the txts end up going like this…:

    Me: You should come out with me on a weeknight.


    Her: Where

    (2 minutes later)

    Me: Wrong the answer is “Sure”


    Her: K

    (3 minutes later)

    Me: Your apartment with wine, cheese, and a B rated movie.

    (2 minutes later)

    Her: Thats not going out, whats a b rated?

    (2 minutes later)

    Me: Gremlins

    (1 minute later)

    Her: GiZmo?

    (2 minutes later)

    Me: Gizuntite. Do you do anal?

    I’m still waiting for her response, but Im going to call this one a done deal. You think she was offended, intrigued, or just flat out dumbfounded?

    -She bangs


  418. It seems as though the only Alpha male to exist in the Western world is the Government.
    The gynaeceum has its origins in antiquity. It is a house, or section of a house, reserved for women. In their aristocratic form, gynaecea were created by the male elite and were similar to Muslim harems.
    In the modern world there is a collective gynaeceum where women are wards of the State, under its care and protection.
    Any beau wanting sexual intercourse with a female must understand that he is dealing with a protected class, the “property” of the State.
    If the relationship turns acrimonious, the consequences for the male can be severe. Relationships have become like the mating ritual of the black widow spider, in which the male risks his life engaging a larger and much more powerful female.
    A male risks his wealth and freedom if he chooses the wrong mate, or if the wrong female chooses him and he is undiscerning.
    An alpha may be successful at bedding his conquest, but all she has to do is get herself pregnant and then he will metamorphose into a beta, the wily iron hand of the Government extorting his money for the next 18 years for a kid he never wanted.
    If he falls behind in federal extortion payments, he’ll be thrown in jail. If he owes over $3000 dollars, he will be denied a passport and CANNOT LEGALLY TRAVEL ABROAD.
    The predicament of the modern Western male is quite dire indeed and will take much more sinister methods and measures to right, rather than just simply having Game.


  419. New to game. Here’s an exchange I had with my gf after she had denied me the night before:

    gf 7:20 PM: Wanna come over and fool around? [roommate] is out for a while.

    me 7:24 PM: I’ll get there and your tummy will hurt

    gf 7:25 PM: Stop. That was just last night. I haven’t eaten since breakfast so nothing will upset my stomach.

    me 7:26 PM: I don’t want to feel like a booty call.

    gf 7:27 PM: Quit mocking me. We can cuddle after and it won’t feel like a booty call.

    gf 7:35 PM: What do you think? I’m going to get dinner should I be getting you something?

    me 7:37 PM: No.

    gf 7:37 PM: Ugh. Lame.

    gf 7:39 PM: There’s 2 boys I don’t know staying here tonight with my roommate. Don’t you want to come over and make sure I’m safe?

    me 7:39 PM: Sounds like a tag team.

    gf 7:43 PM; Sounds like my safety isn’t a priority to you.

    gf 7:43 PM: My safety or sexual satisfaction.

    gf 7:47 PM: You can leave now and get a spot for your car

    me 7:51 PM: 8===>

    gf 7:52 PM: Cruel. Just cruel. Such a tease

    me 7:55 PM: bring [ice cream] her and you might get some.

    gf 7:56 PM: No, you come here.

    gf 8:10 PM; what flavor do you want?

    Ended with her bringing me the ice cream and a bang. Question is, how do you feel about throwing her shit responses back in her face?


    • on July 21, 2013 at 10:41 am | Reply Pretending_bartender

      Hey man, you did well. No doubt. The part “I dont want to be a booty call” is very powerful, with other women too, but this girl already liked you when she used the word ‘fool around’. It’s sort of like “Do you want to play with my fun bags”.. It’s over from there..lol.


  420. It sounds great, though I think it depends on why she had denied you the night before. If she did it deliberately as a shit test, then I say you did a fine job here. If it was merely an accident, then this seems a bit over the top.


  421. on April 11, 2011 at 12:43 am | Reply TylerDurden(nope different one)

    This isn’t so much an assessment submission, but more looking for advice from experienced practitioners. If there’s a more appropriate spot to post, I missed it.

    Here’s the scenario.
    I need a Gameplan for my ex.
    Before you get into the, banging endless hotties is better default stance… I’ve had my run at that, did better than most. Tried it again and though 35 and unemployed, was banging a 8+ 19yo fairly easily. The experience was tiresome, boring and I booted her after using her to the fullest.

    My ex, 9 face 7+ body 28yo, looks like Eva Mendes with a little wear and tear on the body from having our two kids. Aside from the obvious benefit to making things work as a family for the betterment of the kids, she just has that something about her that makes sex incredible. The only woman I’ve ever been satisfied enough to not fuck around on.

    The downside, she’s a ball buster (of course). While initially submissive, she has a pattern of beta-tizing her mates. I don’t know if you guys have a term for it, I’d imagine so, but she’s the type that wants the alfa and then breaks him down into a beta like a river over stone. Then, unsatisfied with her beta-bitch, she cheats on him and moves onto the next alpha. If this were in a D/s context, I’d say she’s a switch that likes to top from the bottom. This is her current situation with her half-fag cop husband of 1 year that she’s already trying to leave because of said castration pattern.

    Obviously, I know the answers are going to trend towards, this is not a bitch you can put in line/you’re a beta for wanting to get mired back in it/ move on, etc. And that is my thinking as well, but if anyone has a creative strategy that could rectify the situation so as to maximize my own fulfillment with the possible bonus of getting to be full time father to my kids, I’d welcome the suggestions.
    If the gameplan just puts her back in FB status, I’d be highly pleased with that as well.

    Again, one factor that I see as a huge obstacle is that I’m unemployed. (Get a job is not helpful and I’ve been working diligently at it… the job market here is dead) Nothing dries up the pussy quicker than lack of success/financial stability (especially as the father to her kids) unless you’re in the artist/hippy/18-22yo crowds. She’s past that now, so I’m handicapped out of the gate. When we met I was at the height of my game, 27, great job, cool car, steady flow of young hotness, etc. Now I’m 35, but in better shape and better looking. Also in my favor, I’m aging better than she is and she’s hamstrung by having two kids for baggage. ( I hate referring to my girls that way, but in real world dating, it’s the brutal truth)

    I mention all that to give a clear picture of the situation and wondering if there’s any workaround for the short-run while I’m still strapped for cash.
    Again, not looking for an assessment or reaffirmation of Alpha status. My desire to hit this particular pussy is going to render me beta’d in most eyes here, but I don’t give a shit. The pussy is awesome and these other bitches bore me. 🙂 So how do I reestablish dominance over a bitter, ballbreaking ex short of a financial windfall… or is it even possible?


  422. on April 11, 2011 at 11:40 am | Reply BetaizedBastard

    Notice how there are so many “how do I get my ex back” mails.

    It never works.

    Also re-read the Roissy post on that. Once she’s gotten new dick, she’s long over the moon…

    unless you meet randomly, and you’ve both changed enough that it’s like meeting each other for the first time again. You still got this girl in your head like a poltergeist.

    Keep dating younger, fresher, better girls who’d be amazing step-moms for you daughters. Use that as your criteria. Your ex had her chance.


  423. on April 11, 2011 at 2:39 pm | Reply TylerDurden(nope different one)

    Notice how there are so many “how do I get my ex back” mails.
    It never works.

    Well, not entirely true. In my own experience, I’ve never had much difficulty in getting an ex back or putting them into FB status if I chose to. This one is somewhat the exception to the rule, though I have gotten her into FB status before. I think the challenge is part of what makes it fun and enticing. I view it more as a challenge with high reward potential than what I’m sure comes across as pathetic I-want-my-ex-back-ness. From a purely game perspective, it would be an accomplishment surpassing bagging an armload of 10’s for me. Field disadvantage, prey that knows all your moves, etc.

    Also re-read the Roissy post on that. Once she’s gotten new dick, she’s long over the moon…

    Also, not much of a problem. Like us, they all get the urge to explore the strange. In the past this has only served to my advantage in that they inevitably find their way to an inferior choice. Not bragging, just the evidence of actions and their own words. Nothing sends them running back for more fun like a premature ejaculator with a small cock. That’s just one worst case scenario and focusing on the physical but you know what I mean. I’d even argue that you’re likely not a true alpha unless this has been your experience. They should naturally fall back into your orbit like gravity. Keeping an alpha is a challenge that will wear down most of them, thus the cuckolded beta husbands that they opt for as a reliable fallback (as this one has). But you’re fighting the nature in an attractive girl that they don’t have to or want to work at, well anything. I think it’s much more that than the appeal of new dick that poses the problem.

    unless you meet randomly, and you’ve both changed enough that it’s like meeting each other for the first time again. You still got this girl in your head like a poltergeist.

    Those two things I can’t argue with. But, the meeting down the road scenario can’t really happen as constant contact is maintained due to the kids. And that being the context of the meetings inherently deflates any potential adult fun.
    Ghost in my head, absolutely. Once you’ve had a long term situation with a family and endlessly entertaining sex life (though I know this seems antithetical to the PUA consensus) it’s not something easily shaken, or that you really have any urge to. It’s like wanting to shake off the curse of too much happiness. Not logical.

    Keep dating younger, fresher, better girls who’d be amazing step-moms for you daughters. Use that as your criteria.

    At one time, I’d have been wholeheartedly in agreement. Like many here, real world experience has lead me to an increasingly entrenched misogyny. That’s just a natural part of losing the romanticized ideal and gaining insight into the psychology of the creature.
    Boethius-“Woman is a temple built upon a sewer.” 🙂 Younger, fresher, better, it’s all relative and for the most part iterations of the same personae over and over. Some of the appeal in this situation is that it’s the devil I know. They are what they are, and this one is both endlessly appealing (moreso than the younger fresher alternatives) and I know all her angles and effortlessly see through any bullshit. Perpetually repeating that process is not the fun game that it is in your 20’s.

    Your ex had her chance.

    Absolutely true. But who doesn’t love a challenge and this is a hardened target. You did hit on one thing that has bunker busting potential. Enjoying myself with the “younger, fresher, alternatives” drives her crazy and forces me into a different light. I get to have fun as well as employ an unwitting wing-girl for my longer term plans. I’ve used this with some success in the past, but we live in a rural area with limited options. And with her being very much the pretty pretty princess, for the wing-girl to play on her insecurities she has to be both young and hotter than average. I could field that in the city, but out here those are few and far between.

    I’m well aware this is most likely a futile pursuit and how most will interpret it, but again, don’t care. The juice is worth the squeeze in this instance. 😉 And so, why I’ve come to consult the learned elders. What tactics would you employ?

    Unrelated but I loved this one so thought I’d share-
    St. John Chrysostom – “It does not profit a man to marry. For what is a woman but an enemy of friendship, an inescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a domestic danger, delectable mischief, a fault in nature, painted with beautiful colors?…The whole of her body is nothing less than phlegm, blood, bile, rheum and the fluid of digested food … If you consider what is stored up behind those lovely eyes, the angle of the nose, the mouth and the cheeks you will agree that the well-proportioned body is only a whitened sepulchre.”


  424. on April 11, 2011 at 2:51 pm | Reply TylerDurden(nope different one)

    hmmm, tried to reply but when I attempt to post it doesn’t show. When I try again, it throws up the duplicate comment message as if it was there. Time delay on posts showing up or just a problem at my end?


  425. TylerDurden(nope different one)

    Time delay on posts showing up or just a problem at my end?

    It’s working fine, bro: The System just resets whenever it detects a no0b with a cliched name.


  426. on April 11, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Reply TylerDurden(nope different one)

    Gotcha. I thought maybe it was due to the length of the post. Tried editing it but it still doesn’t show. Remedy?
    (Purposefully generic screenname to prevent my every thought from being searchable online)
    Last time I posted on a forum with what I usually use, I ended up getting endless shit from family because I was commenting on my brother getting killed in Iraq. Lesson learned.


  427. on April 14, 2011 at 5:05 am | Reply leeva ripley

    this guys is definitely


    What are your thoughts on what makes a natural? Because the guy in the above article definitely seems to be a natural. And by natural I mean those guys who barely have to say anything to get a girl e.g. in the article above it says the secretary started kissing him within minutes of meeting him etc


  428. http://bit.ly/fzBxTH

    5 minutes of alpha versus a marriage to a beta.


  429. A couple weeks ago I finally sat next to a hot chick on the plane. I just nodded at her, sat down, and opened a book. Occasionally, chuckling under my breath. After I closed my book for a moment she struck up the conversation “what’s that you’re reading”? She is a little older but still a solid 8. Plus she was flying to LA for some kind of fashion thing and she had all these fabrics. This kind of upped my desire to bang her.

    I’d exchanged a few txts with her after getting her number when the flight was over. She was flying back that same night and I was getting picked up by another chick anyway.

    Here’s the text exchange when I asked her to get together.

    Me: I’m back in town mon lets catch up for a drink

    Her: Are you asking me on a date or for a buddies drink? Lol

    Me: I’ve got too many buddies as is, so the former

    Her: Nice. I would love to grab dinner. I save just drinks for buddies 😉

    Me: Well before you have dinner w me ur invited to have a drink

    Her: Sounds Great!

    Then we made plans to meet at this lounge and I eventually got the bang later that night (last night). Anyway, I followed advice from this blog on reframing and avoiding being suckered in to buying dinner only to get a lousy kiss. Just wanted to say thanks.


  430. This is the same Dave from your earlier assessment post–Roissy, my game is spiraling out of control.

    I started out taking virginity and amassing a small harem of kinky sub-sluts. Then I began to get a reputation about town as a player. This would sometimes block my cock, but mostly bolstered it. Things cooled down for me when I started my freshman year of college.

    Then shit got real.

    The genes responsible for my natural game reacted to a critical mass of studied game, causing a mutation of sorts. I began pulling in gals from multimillion dollar families, hot nerds, and everything in-between–which brings me to the present. The crown jewel of tang on campus just so happened to be in one of my spring classes.

    Friends who knew her told me that it was a fruitless effort. To their knowledge, she had only ever shown interest in one guy before. She was well known around the frats as the most sought after and untouchable piece of ass. A freshman to her junior, I recognized where a lesser man might shy away from the challenge.

    However, I swooped her almost lazily; a half hour of conversation and a few calculated texts were all it took to get concrete IOI’s. Not so long after, the deed was done. Don’t get me wrong, there WERE hardcore shit-tests–it’s just that they bounced off of me like nerf darts.

    I’ve become a bit of a legend around campus for this, and fear what this mutation might cause if it is allowed to continue at this rate.


  431. on June 17, 2011 at 10:46 am | Reply Christian Salvo

    My text convo with random gc chick:

    Her: Hey Marc, hope you’ve had a good day. Was just wondering if you were free tonight,
    would you like to catch up tonight instead? No stress, just throwing it out there 🙂

    Me: Wrong number

    Her: Oh sorry, have a good weekend.

    (2 hours later)
    Me: All good, if u still wanna catch up it’s cool.

    Her: Hey I thought I had your number wrong. Maybe I should have signed off with ‘Tamara’
    So are you saying you are free tonight?

    Me: Well actually, I am free tonight. But my name is Christian

    Her: Hmmm, so Christian. I’m not sure how to respond. I thought I was texting someone else. Where do you live?

    Me: I’m in the city right now. But i’m not sure you will meet my standars. Do i take a gamble?

    Her: The question should be if ‘I’ should take the gamble, as my standards are probably higher than yours 🙂
    Howeever, it needs to be ascertained as to what city you are currently in being this is a random text. It would be fair
    to say you could be in Perth or Melbourne and I am not….are you a risk taker?

    Me: I seize every opportunity with both hands. Yes, I am in Melbourne. You are smarter than I thought. Maybe you have
    got a shot after all, but u’d have to fly to melbourne to find out.

    Her: Hmmm, with both hands? A man after my own heart. I am definitely smarter than you thought and I’m good catch to boot. I would assume you are single….

    Me: Never make assumptions, but you are right in this case. You may be good, but are you fantastic. I don’t settle for second best.

    Her:You are correct, assuming is very dangerous..’fantastic’ happens to be my middle name!!! Much like yourself I do not settle for second best, althought If I am honest, I would say that i have settled in the past with very disappointing results. Life is now about opportunity..and that things happen for a reason…things don’t happen by chance 🙂

    Me: I don’t subscribe to fate. I make my own destiny. I never disappoint. Now, you’d have to be from Sydney, because you know guys like me don’t exist in Sydney.

    (double text)
    Her: Well I would have to correct you. I am from NZ, living on the Gold Coast
    Never make assumptions….

    Me: Immitation is the greatest form of flattery. Gold coast huh..you’ll fit right in with your fake tan.

    Her: Yes it is….what makes you think I have a tan, let alone a fake one? For one who makes comment of ‘never making assumptions’ you are full of them…maybe I am too good for you…

    Me: I thought you said you were ‘good boot to catch?’ Pasty white NZ’s aren’t really my thing

    Her: lol – fair call, but not all NZ’s are pasty white. Some of us are half casts which gives us a little colour – I am a fantastic catch regardless of my colour, creed or race.

    (2 hours later)
    Me: I would like to believe that, evidence is required tho.

    End of dialogue for now.


  432. Ive been cheating on my wife. The girl is 17years old, 18 in september. I am 25. My wife is pregnant with our third baby. I dont feel guilty. Or bad. Matter of fact, I even had sex with another woman today.
    My wife wanted me to pick up her Mexican Takeout. While I was leaving, I noticed two MILFs stumbling to their car. I asked “Excuse me, should you be driving?” They laughed and said something I didnt understand. Appearantly Margaritas were on sale, and they had too many. I chose the hottest one, and said “Listen, I dont want anyone to get in trouble, I’ll take you home (as I grabbed the hot one) and you wait here for me to come back.” She told me where she lived. I said “I smell alchohol on your breath, will your husband be mad?” She said “Oh yes yes yes he cant know I was drinking”. Of course on the car ride was some minor flirting. Anyway, I tell her I’ll help her inside. I tell her she needs to shower to wash the alchohol off. He husband will be home in an hour and a half she said. I said “thats plenty of time” i start undressing her. She doesnt resist, just kinda plays shy. “Oh you dont need to do that” I replied “oh I do.” and I kinda nudged her and she fell into the bed. I fucked her. For an hour straight, she swallowed one load and I came inside her for another, she told me not to. She’s drunk. Fuck it. Anyway, I came on her face for the third time, and she layed back down. Tired. She fell asleep as I put my pants back on. When her husband gets home… wow.
    Oh, and that lady I left back at her car? No idea what happened. Never returned. My wife was mad when her food was returned to her, cold.


    • Don’t do that again, please. You can get STDs trough oral sex as well. Don’t have sex with women you don’t know, it really is irresponsible and dangerous. You don’t want to infect your pregnant wife with what you got from the woman you had sex with. Think about your child, please.


  433. on July 6, 2011 at 4:24 am | Reply green gangrene

    Well Jack, you suck, to be honest. Even if you are a super alpha, cheating is not the way to go – and you even have an unborn baby on the way.

    Well anyway, to Roissy: I’ve been using methods learned from this site to my girlfriend with great success. Our relationship has never been better. She basically can’t get enough of me. I wish I had found this blog years ago. I’m 25 now and I think my “best years” have gone by already… Not sure though. But anyway, I thank you for all the tips! Sincerely!

    One thing still questions me. You always seem to point out that whatever a woman says that a guy or a BF needs to do, you should always do the opposite, or at least not exactly what the woman/GF said. (This has definitely worked in my case)
    BUT, my question is: Is there _anything_, that comes out of the mouth of a woman (or GF) that a guy (or BF) SHOULD listen to and do exactly like? Anything at all?