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She gets around‘: NFL star ex-fiance of Jeff Bezos’ new lover Lauren Sanchez claims she cheated on him, expected him to pay for everything and then kept their engagement ring when they split after four years together

ALPHA: giving a young hot chick a bag of Skittles for her birthday and she still loves you

BETA: falling deeply in love with a botoxed, road-worn slut and losing 70 billion in the divorce settlement after your wife finds out

Be Skittles Man, don’t be Jeff Bozo. The billions aren’t worth the effort to earn it if you’ll only blow it on a haggard slut with clown lips.


From P.K. Griswold,

I hereby amend my previous comment wherein I speculated that Bozos warm-opened this skank.

Nope. She opened him.

Sanchez’s hamster recognised Bozos for the pathetic little MARK that he is (probably at a dinner party he hosted) and she moved in for the hypergamous killshot.

Read the text messages; she had him eating out of her hand. Just a matter of time after that before she got her big payday. Good for her. She got what she deserved and so did Bozos.

You reading, Anglin? MONEY IS NOT ALPHA.

Sanchez is the classic femme fatale, minus the femme.

When you endured your formative years as an incel nerd and spent your twenties marinating in self-doubt about your ability to attract decent-looking women, a sudden influx of billions of dollars won’t fix your confidence problem. You’ll still see yourself as that lsmv loser, so when an aging beauty comes onto you, you fall in love.

This is Jeff Bezos.

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The Alpha Kiss

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Matthew Whitaker:

I knew we couldn’t go wrong with a physiognomy like Whitaker’s.




PS Sessions has been early retired for ONE DAY and already the happenings are happening. Trump should’ve nominated Whitaker for AG on his inauguration day. Jeff Sessions…nice guy….did right by his momma….but he just didn’t have the rock-splitting phyzz we need in the MAGAmen era.


I’ve posted a few comments here to stir the debate about how Jeff Sessions should go down in history.

From Tipsy,

Before you bag too heavily on Sessions, remember that he has teed everything up for Whitaker. The brought in the big guy to hit the ball 300 yards. Good cop, bad cop.

From Sentient,

From the prior thread…

Time for a history lesson.

Listen up…

During the campaign Trump was being attacked by his own party even through the convention. Sessions was one of the very few sitting Senators who were willing to support Trump. That support was crucial to getting more of the GOP machine behind him and getting other big hitters as well. Recall Manafort was brought in for the precise reason of getting convention delegates on board with nominating Trump.

Shit is not like the movies…

Making Sessions AG was quid pro quo for his support. Sessions dream was to be AG. Trump thought Sessions was a believer and was shocked at his recusing himself on Day 10…

A Leopard won’t change it’s spots…

They call all this stuff “politics” btw…

see things how they are, not how you want them to be. else you end up with Q like ex post facto rationalizations.

From stg58animalmother,

Sessions did what he needed to do. How do you think he got the nickname “Silent Executioner” back in Alabama? We are operating off of a sliver of information on the whole picture. Sessions has been annihilating the child porn and pedophile rings across the country. And immigration too. He’s done his job, now it’s time for open warfare.

In defense of the pro-Sessions crowd, a telling window into Sessions’ loyalties was opened during his exit interview:

In an interview just after being forced to resign as attorney general on Wednesday, Jeff Sessions stood by his decision to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller probe, while acknowledging that the length of the investigation has proved “unhealthy.”

Sounds like a man with some regrets. This confirms my judgment of Sessions as a lieutenant of the MAGA revolution: overly principled in an age when principles are mocked and the principled are bulldozed. He probably thought Mueller was a man of integrity who would clear Trump in short order. I think he sees America for what it is now, and it has stolen his spirit. I bet he left his post relieved, knowing the time had come for men hungry for open warfare to replace principled genteel conservatives like himself.

Sessions did do a lot of “silent executing” behind the scenes to gut the open borders bureaucracy. But his recusal from the Russia Hoax was a blow to not only Trump, but to the MAGA agenda, and it was a costly mistake. I think this bothers him. And I think he was a Trump loyalist. He deserves an honorable goodbye, but it’s time to move on.

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From a commenter,

Good God, Trump has unleashed Bane.

Trump is like a sexual dimorphism tsunami. He passes through, and leaves a cleansed world of glowing, feminine women and testosterone-boosted men in his wake.

Pantifa maxipads have no chance against this rising army of phyzzlords.

PS It’s Bronze Age Pervert’s world, we’re just living in it.

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One of the many character traits I love about Trump is his preternatural ability to steal headlines from under his enemies’ concorde-tipped noses.

It could have been wall to wall BLUE RIPPLE gloating today from the media, but now instead they have to dilute their bullshit with news about Sessions resigning.

From Z-Man,

Given the timing, I would assume this has been the works for a while. Whether Sessions knew or not is hard to know, but Trump has certainly been plotting this for a while. Presumably, the move is to have the new AG take over the Mueller problem from Rosenstein. That solves one problem.

The larger problem is how to go about investigating the corruption in the FBI once the loons take over the House. That may be part of the plan here too. A new AG who does not have to recuse himself can also run a second special prosecutor charged with handling the sedition case.

It is a shame that it has come to this. Sessions is a patriot, but he allowed the perfidious Rosenstein to maneuver him into a corner, from which he could not escape. The next guy needs to fumigate the offices to rid the place of guys like Rosenstein.

I personally like Sessions — he has done a lot to loosen the grip of Globohomo on America’s immigration policies — but he made a critical error when he recused himself from the Russia Hoax rolling coup. Sessions forgot that America stopped rewarding principled patriots a while ago; it’s destroy or be destroyed now. When fighting for one’s life, principles are a handicap. But you can die knowing that a tiny coterie of historically erased allies-in-defeat remember your Inherent Goodness and celebrate it from their own forgotten resting places.

The important point mentioned by Z-Man is that a new AG in the thick of the fight can continue investigating and exposing the DOJ/FBI/DNC/OBAMACLINTON attempted coup against an opposition party candidate for president. That’s not nothing. In fact, next to building the Wall and kicking out the illegals, it’s everything. WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND PUT THESE DEEP STATE TRAITORS BEFORE TRIBUNALS.

This is what “principled conservatism” gets you in a roil of demographic violence and ruling class malice:

54% isn’t gonna cut it anymore. The Trump Party needs to get that White number up above 60% to have a chance at saving America from the darkness of Mordor.

Good men like Sessions don’t have the stones for the fight. The bloodletting arena has changed, leaving behind niceguys like him. The time of Hard Men has returned.

This is the fighter we need now:

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!

From J.R.,

it’s gonna be a super stressful two years
it’s gonna be Investigation after Investigation

Democrats will be looking for a knockout blow, Trump is gonna bait them into over-extending themselves like the GOP did to Clinton

Democrats aren’t gonna want to impeach Trump, but their base is gonna demand it

that will be a good wedge to play

as long as the House Dems don’t find a real smoking gun that is so obviously illegal that Trump is forced to step down, this will only benefit Trump

he now has an excuse for why there will be no wall in 2020 when he runs for re-election – and he will be able to accurately portray the Dems as simply a crazed mob trying to destroy him

As of now, this is looking like a replay of the second half of Bill Clinton’s second term. Clinton was impeached in ’98 by a Republican House and then went on to retire with the highest end-of-term approval ratings of any President since WW2. Good omen for Trump’s 2020 bid.

I consider the next two years to be a moment of clarification for Heritage America. They gave one last shot to the Dems, now they will see what a bunch of useless anti-White pricks they all are.

There are so many big issues confronting us, but two of the biggest are demographic displacement and deep state perfidy. I don’t see either problem getting sufficiently addressed now that the Lunatic Party owns the House, but with Sessions out there is at least the possibility of a stone cold killer as AG who won’t give up rooting out the rats in the FBI, DOJ, and elsewhere that gaymullato/clinton lackeys lurk.


From williamk,

You’re not a wartime consligiere, Jeff. Things may get rough with the move we’re trying.

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Italy has a catastrophically low fertility rate. Projections say Italy’s population will be halved in a few generations at current TFR. In an effort to encourage Italian women to push out more bambinos, the government introduced what can only be fairly described as an anti-mudsharking campaign to shame White Italian women to get serious about snagging and settling down with White Italian men, while the women still have relatively unrifled vaginas.

Italian health officials accused of racism over fertility campaign that urges women to ditch their black ‘bad companions’

An Italian public health campaign has been denounced as racist after it appeared to urge women to leave their black ‘bad companions’ if they wanted to fall pregnant.

I love how the Italian chick in the bottom pic looks like an extra from Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch.

Italy’s Ministry of Health launched its first ‘Fertility Day’ on Thursday in an attempt to prevent infertility and sterility through education and health programmes.

Some 700,000 Italians want to have children but can’t because of inferility problems. The country has one of Europe’s lowest birthrates.

The new campaign, backed by Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, focuses on tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse.

But one of the flyers was slammed as racist, forcing Ms Lorenzin to remove the advert on the eve of the event launch.

As a commenter mentioned, the ad may have been removed, BUT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT. Overton creaked and groaned.

The image shows four smiling, light-skinned adults at the beach illustrating ‘good habits’ for reproductive health.

The image was placed over a darker image of a group of young people, including a black man, smoking — an illustration of the ‘bad companions’ who should be ‘abandoned’.

The poster was widely criticised, even from within the governing Democratic Party.

But where is the lie?

Ms Lorenzin said Thursday she had approved a different ad and didn’t know how the mix-up occurred, and that she had fired the official responsible.

A Chateau infiltrator!

Earlier adverts in the ‘Fertility Day’ campaign were criticized as being sexist for featuring a woman holding her belly with one hand and an hourglass with the other with the tagline: ‘Beauty doesn’t have an age. Fertility does.’

LOL my sides! Ok, it’s time to reveal who we are. Chateau Heartiste……..IS ITALY.

Another read: ‘Hurry up! Don’t wait for the stork.’

Italy is basically a country-sized trigger of feminist bitterbitches. The anti-safe space.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the ‘Fertility Day’ launch, claiming the Health Ministry had ignored the real economic reasons behind Italy’s low birthrate.

I bet you’re wondering what an Italian feminist looks like.

Not much different than an American feminist!

They said a stagnant economy, low-paying, temporary work contracts for young people and insufficient public day care, were all contributing factors.

I don’t see “working women”, “mass immigration of cheap labor”, and “the Pill” in that list. Throw it away.

In 2015 Italy registered the lowest number of births in more than 150 years as the average childbearing age rose to 31.6.

That’s really bad. Think about it, Italian women are world leaders in riding the cock carousel. Say age 16-32 are the premarital casual sex years; that’s 16 years of cocka hopping! No doubt a few refugee cockas slipped into the woodpile. What beta Italian man would want to wife up such used, disgusting cheap tricks?

The top rated comment, from Joe in Ohio:

It’s the opposite of advertisements here where the white male is the one with negative traits and the cool, sexy, authority figures are black. When I began to notice I was offended and couldn’t imagine why television ads were cast that way until I realized it was intentional.

It’s called “waking up from Globohomo agitprop anesthesia”. The Chateau is here to help you clear out the sedative.

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All the proof anyone should need that the typical beta male can rise above his SMV station and snag a girl “out of his league” (as SMV leagues are conventionally defined (often superficially)) is seen in the ease with which the same beta who wilts under the effervescent glow of a beauty will effortlessly interact with an unattractive woman.

This contrast is so stark that one may wonder if he is observing the same man at play, or if a charming mofo doppelbänger took his place to smoothly banter with the plain jane.

The awkwardness of our intrepid beta, as he bumbles and bobbles his chance with a cutie, sweating and spazzing and spitting the lamest lines, is defied with equal verve by the smoothness in body and nimbleness of bantz he brings to casual conversations with lesser girls.

And the girls’ reactions are predictable. The cuties will shuffle their feet, look embarrassed for the man, and lean away to make an exit on the slimmest pretext. But the mediocre missus’s, they are bewitched by the Lord Byron before ’em. Such a charmer!, they cream.

This, to me, proves that the spirit of a skirt chaser lurks within every beta male. He just needs to access it, to summon the ZFG-man from the depths when he’s most needed, during those times when the HBBubbleRear nears the boundary of his phallic frontier.

williamk independently corroborates the theme of this post:

Its important to underscore the subconscious roots of this stuff. Most guys assess themselves and then behave accordingly to their (often self-imposed) pecking order. Most guys will naturally have alpha body language around a guy a 6 inches shorter than them, or a girl they don’t find attractive. It takes these exaggerated status disparities for the average man to accept he can act with self-possession. The key is squashing the insecurity that happens when the status gap is closer, or even reversed.

Self-possession. That is the core concept. Some call it outcome independence. Some call it ZFG. Others, the “aloof alpha attitude“. Or, charming jerkboyhood. Old timers call it, “devil-may-care”. Hardliners use the term “uncaring assholery“. PUAs prefer the term “amused mastery“. Over time and space, the idea is the same: the man who wants it least is the man who gets the most.

Beta males have it in them to be great womanizers. They are at ease talking with plain women or or feminists or catladies or black women. They only freeze up and suffer mental cramps when they talk with hotties.

Now, the trick is to be that self-possessed man when it matters (courting hot babes). The smoothness that the beta brings to his face time with dull-looking girls is the same smoothness that will delight hotter girls.

The good news is that, if you know and recognize within yourself a fledgling ZFG-lord who makes an appearance when it *doesn’t* matter, then you know that the possibility exists — as assuredly as your Inner Cadboy exists — that you can be *THAT GUY* when it suits you. You just have to know how to coax your Inner Cadboy from his slumber when the need arrives.

The trick, then, condenses to something I’ve written about before, and which is stated explicitly in one of the less-heralded Poon Commandments:

X. Ignore her beauty

The man who trains his mind to subdue the reward centers of his brain when reflecting upon a beautiful female face will magically transform his interactions with women. His apprehension and self-consciousness will melt away, paving the path for more honest and self-possessed interactions with the objects of his desire. This is one reason why the greatest lotharios drown in more love than they can handle — through positive experiences with so many beautiful women they lose their awe of beauty and, in turn, their powerlessness under its spell. It will help you acquire the right frame of mind to stop using the words hot, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe girls who turn you on. Instead, say to yourself “she’s interesting” or “she might be worth getting to know”. Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially not a girl you aren’t fucking. Turn off that part of your brain that wants to put them on pedestals. Further advanced training to reach this state of unawed Zen transcendence is to sleep with many MANY attractive women (try to avoid sleeping with a lot of ugly women if you don’t want to regress). Soon, a Jedi lover you will be.

Ignoring a woman’s beauty. Easier said than done? Eh, don’t be a pessimist. Sure, you’re trying to upturn millennia of evolutionarily-carved male limbic emanations, but vee haf vays to help you control your limbido.

  1. Bang hotties. The more hotties you bang, the less each new hottie you meet will leave you tongue-tied. Penetrating hotties in the only way that matters strips them (heh) of their mystery, their allure, and their power. Every successful affair with a hottie will make you more comfortable in their company. Of course, this is putting the tart before the whores. It’s tough to learn how to bang hotties by…banging hotties. (Unless you get lucky and can springboard off a fortuitous lay to more strategically planned lays.) Which brings us to…
  2. Don’t bang uglies. The more uglies you bang out of desperation, the more you psychologically groom yourself to believe you can only get, or deserve, uglies. It’s a bad habit that you shouldn’t indulge. Which brings us to…
  3. Change your mental state. No more flattery, no more thirst, no more hot babes’ dirty looks. It’s easier to ignore a woman’s beauty when you stop mentally rehearsing how beautiful she is, and focus instead on slotting her in the same place you put everyone, male or female: a random stranger who must earn your curiosity.
  4. Total recall. When you approach a hottie, allow your eyes to cloud over as your mind drifts to sharp memories of the times you held court at a social event, or flirted like a champ with a girl you weren’t interested in. You will be at once in and out of the moment, acutely aware of your environment, but also “someplace else”, enjoying the warm glow of a memory of yourself as a king among cads. This memory will leach out and express itself in your attitude and behavior.
  5. Be cool. This takes practice, but it boils down to “don’t try so hard”. If you tell yourself, “I’m not here to impress anyone” — and saying these little motivations out loud to yourself is more effective than repeating them in your head — then you really will stop trying to impress people, because each moment you slip up and appease your target of interest, you will immediately be whisked back to that promise you made to yourself, and the silent shame will provide a rapid course correction.
  6. Focus on her flaws. It’s cheesy, but it works. Zoom in on a facial flaw, such as a mole or a funny earlobe. Do the same for a weird behavioral tic she might display. Smile to yourself as you mull on those flaws of hers. Your smile will aggravate her, and dilate her pussy. With practice, you’ll announce those flaws of her in the form of a backhanded compliment (neg), and completely flip the script.
  7. Date around. The more girls you concurrently date, the less each new girl will wow you. Fallback options defintely take the edge off meeting and seducing hot chicks.

From MattyIce,

“Invariably, [the men] all say they remember being cool as … they just wanted to shoo it away, or tell it to go find the nearest bug zapper.”

I remember distinctly as a young lad, 6th grade, this concept hitting me like a ton of bricks… “Why do all the girls I think are ugly ‘like’ me and not the ones I think are hot? I need to start treating the hot ones like I treat the ugly ones.” And the rest is history, a fond one at that!

Rule #8: Treat the hot girls like the ugly girls.

Remember it, burn it indelibly in your hippocampus, and let it guide you through life. As dictums go, this one is biblical.

Finally, some wise words from an older CH post on the topic.

  • Get into a line of work where you are ordering beautiful women to do your bidding.

If you can’t get sex with hot babes, the next best thing is authority. Fashion photographers are not known as casanovas for nothing.

  • Hang out with hot girls when they’re wasted and pissing themselves and vomiting.

This is a pretty good cure for one-itis. Don’t worry about supply. America is churning them out like cheap factory products lately.

  • Never stop macking.

The life of the lady’s man is always in forward motion. The day you slow down is the day you start misremembering your ex as hotter than she really was. By keeping women forever in your orbit, by hitting on them day and night and year after year, with intention or without, you remind yourself of the corporeal, earthly nature of women’s greatest asset, of their insufferable and dispiriting interchangeability, and your heart is steeled for the endless battle.

Finally, the Rule to Rule all Rules:

Rule #9: Act like you’ve banged her.

If Rule #8 is biblical, Rule #9 is primordial.

Approach every cute girl as if you have already supped of her tuft. This is the most valuable mental trick I can give you. Visualize her naked body succumbing in writhing pleasure to your pherocious phang. Visualize her spent body unable to walk afterward. Visualize the cocksureness you possess from soiling the purity of this princess. Smirk knowingly that you have known her in fullness. Visualization of this nature will inevitably manifest in a change in your mannerism, and in thrall she will come to believe almost as strongly as you do that you have banged her, though this will strike her odd, but nevertheless arouse her to make reality of imagination.

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