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I wasn’t sure whether to put this human interest story (h/t reader A.P.) in a “Shitlord of the Week” or “Alpha of the Week” post, so I decided to skip either option and focus on the lightly embedded moral tale of this Texas man’s life:

The jerkboy may be hated, but he is never ignored nor unloved.

After Leslie Ray Charping died at age 75, his family decided to run a brutally honest obituary eulogizing the “evil” late relative.

The family wrote that Charping “leaves behind two relieved children,” in addition to “countless other victims including an ex wife, relatives, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses and random strangers.”

The jerkboy may come
the jerkboy may go
But the jerkboy is rarely
if ever alone.

His death came at an age that was “29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved,” according to the obituary on the Carnes Funeral Home site.

At least he was remembered. Many boring betas go to their graves leaving no trace of themselves in the collective consciousness.

“At a young age, Leslie quickly became a model example of bad parenting combined with mental illness and a complete commitment to drinking, drugs, womanizing and being generally offensive,” the obituary read.

I bet Leslie left behind a lot of broken hearts. Hearts which still secretly yearn for his love.

The obituary goes on to list his hobbies which included abusing his family and expediting trips to heaven for his pets. He was also interested in fishing, which “he was less skilled with than the previously mentioned.

Now that’s just bad form.

“Leslie’s life served no other obvious purpose, he did not contribute to society or serve his community and he possessed no redeeming qualities besides quick [witted] sarcasm, which was amusing during his sober days,” the obituary read.

Ah, there it is. Did you catch that? The sound of those hurt by Leslie who nevertheless, even in his “deserved” death, can’t help but fondly reminisce about his charming company. The jerkboy is like that; one moment stomping on your heart, the next lighting up your dull life. A force of personality. An anti-hero. A blast of heat in a cold world.

No services will be held for him.

He served himself in life.

“Leslie’s passing proves that evil does in fact die and hopefully marks a time of healing and safety for all,” the obituary concluded.

“Healing and safety”: the words of an alpha widow rationalizing the blessings of her post-Leslie bored, drama-free life.

To all the Leslie Ray Charpings of America: we lovers of women and grabbers of pussy celebrate your life and honor your passing in the hope that your kind will not disappear from weird, wild America at a time when we need you most.

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Well, you can tell by the way my celtic cross
Is a white beacon: makes shitlibs balk
White man proud and women crowd, I’ve been demonized
Since I was born
And now it’s all White, it’s okay
The browns may finally go away
We can try to understand
The New York Times’ effect on man

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Feel the nation breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Wow, just, wow, wow, stayin’ all White

Well now, I get woke and cucks will cry
And if libs are triggered, I really smile
Got the genes of Odin in my soul
I’m a Bronze Age man and my heart is swole
You know it’s all White, it’s okay
The White race will survive this day
We can try to interpret
The Bezos shills’ effect on kek

Whether you’re a nazi or whether you’re a pepe
You’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Feel the nation breakin’ and everybody quakin’
And we’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
El, oh, el, oh, stayin’ all White

Strife goin’ nowhere
Diversity bleeds
Diversity bleeds

Strife goin’ nowhere
Until we’re all White
Stayin’ all White

Well, you can tell by the way my max deadlift
Is a call to arms: weak manlets miffed
White and proud and girls aroused, my homelands are
a precious gift
And now it’s all White, it’s okay
(((Echoes))) kvetch the night and day
We can try to understand
The anti-Christ is Davos man

Whether you’re a SWPL or whether you’re a shitlord
You’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Feel the nation breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ all White, stayin’ all White
I, can’t, e-ven, stayin’ all White

Strife goin’ nowhere
Diversity bleeds
Diversity bleeds

Strife goin’ nowhere
Until we’re all White
Stayin’ all White

In times of great anti-White lies, it’s coolasfuck to be assertively, unapologetically White.


Women want you, men want to be you.

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Neil Gorsuch (an old Anglo-Saxon name) is Trump’s nominee for Scalia’s empty spot on the Supreme Court. By all accounts, Gorsuch is Best Pick. Super smart. Right philosophy. Right tribe. Right physiognomy. Attractive wife. And perhaps pre-channeling Richard Spencer’s Glib Heil, Gorsuch even mischievously started and ran a group at the prep school he attended in the 1980s, called “Fascism Forever Club“, to protest the leftist hegemony of the school’s faculty.

You can bet that will trigger the ANTIcipating FAglove (antifa) degenerate freak mafia.

Here’s Gorsuch with his tradwife. She’s holding up well.


WB. Do you see a hoverhand there? I don’t. I do see a man with an impeccable shitlord face claiming ownership of his slender prairie lass companion. One thing we will never see in a Trump White House: blue hair feminist fatty freaks, mewling manlets, or hoverhands. And why is that? Because the people who hold America First ideas tend to be sexually dimorphic — that is, the men are men and the women are women. Reinforcing that notable alpha infusion into the White House is Trump’s rumored predilection for choosing allies based on their shitlord physiognomy. The less like a nancycuck you look, the more likely Trump will warm to you.

In fact, I think Trump’s preference to surround himself with alpha males (and comparatively with beautiful women) is so strong that sometimes his apprentices out-alpha the master.

Watch this short vid of Gorsuch and Trump — two lions on the veldt — approaching for the handshake.

That handshake is saying, “Yes, Neil, you are an apex White male predator, just the kind I like to have on my side, but juuuuuust in case you need reminding who’s running the show…. *POWER SHAKE*.”

Or it could just mean that Trump’s a really personable guy when he likes you, and he shows his affinity through the man code of rough and gruff physicality.

Here’s more. In this photo still, Gorsuch actually has the more alpha body language. Chin higher, eyes locked on Trump, who does have a tendency to slouch at the neck (I chalk that up to his age and heavy frame).


After eight years of AW CUCKS George W Bush having his strings pulled by neocon traitors, and eight years of Gay Mulatto snarking and snarling his spite for heritage White America at every chance, I can’t tell you what a FUCKING RELIEF it is to have a real man storm the gates and make the White House Proudly White again.

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Here’s an Instagram photo of Jared Kushner with his wife Ivanka Trump. Keep in mind this photo was selected and posted by Ivanka herself.

A post shared by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

No doubt Ivanka felt her husband’s hand on her ass, and knew the world would see this photo. So she’s sending a message: “I love my ass-grabbing husband and his sexual objectification of me.”

VERDICT: Jared Kushner is alpha.

Trumperica is having that effect. You can see it at the White House, where lifelong mincing betas like Spicer and Priebus have magically located their balls this past week and are dishing the shit to the media and leftoids like they never have before. Even CuckRyan showed a glimmer of sacking up (still don’t trust him).

The only question remaining about Kushner is whether he knew the camera would capture his mirrored grabass. If he knew, then Chateau SMV judges will have to review his status for a possible upgrade to Super Alpha.

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Our SOTM is this soldier of subversion, crashing a Shia LePoofter outdoor shitlib art show to drive the congregants insane in the membrane.

Watch the video to the end for the climactic shiv twist!

Let’s zoom in on this mischievous shitlord’s face.


That’s how it’s done. That’s the look you want in this degenerate age. Take that look with you wherever you go, it’ll serve you well. Even in the bars, where the pussy will throw itself at you.

SOTM runner-up are these two pizanes who could take on twenty antifa shitlibs in a bare knuckle street brawl and relive it one hour later over pasta and meatballs at their moms’ place.

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Trump is a lion, and does the lion fear going into the lion’s den?

In what is one of the most extraordinary video clips of 2017 (and the year is still young), Trump appears to deliver a subtle “fifth column” warning to a rogue, ISIS-supporting CIA.

The CIA was likely the agency responsible for commissioning and then leaking the lurid, unsubstantiated and unverified “Russian dossier” on Trump. No doubt forces within the Deep State wanted to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency because they feared that he meant what he said about draining the Washington DC swamp.

And if you doubted Trump’s word was good, yesterday’s and today’s news should hearten you: Trump announced the construction of the border wall, immigration restrictions, an end to sanctuary cities, and a whole host of other desirable America-First policies that the alt-right and maul-right have been advocating for years.

Pepe wept tears of joy.

It’s been remarked that Trump has balls the size of Mac trucks, but that may be underselling the heft of his cojones. His brass ones could be planetary in scope and gravitational pull.

The most nourishing ingredient in Trump’s battle stew may be that by his actions — full-throated, high T, unapologetically masculine actions — Trump is throwing into stark relief the GOPe cucks’ utterly degrading futility over decades as the leftoid message machine’s stepinfetchit house eunuchs. Trump is showing how much can be done with seemingly INCREDIBLE EASE by just SACKING UP and grabbing the pussies of the world to let them know a new shitlord is in town, and he’s not gonna wait for the crybullies to get in his grill before his guns are out firing round after round.

That’s Trump’s true gift to America: He has exposed the cucks’ ineffectual and treasonous cowardice for everyone to see. There is no coming back from this.

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Commenter Lichthof sounds off on the America he admires coming back to life.

I’m buzzing today. Imigrating here from Western Europe…this is what I expected the US to be….Dow soaring…the country with a swagger, a confidence…the ‘America – Fuck Yeah’ feel. The brash.
Winning WW2, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne… Hanniball smoking a cigar in the A Team when a plan comes together…that’s the US I grew up with living in Western Europe which people admired/envied and wished they lived there.

I think that swagger was lost on 911…seems to be returning back. And those leaving this country ..Western Europe is old, moaney, with leaders who are weak and totally indecisive and uninspiring.  With a John Kerry monotone voice.

So enjoy the ride..it may come crashing down..but as Il Duce once said “better to live one day as a lion…”

Of course it’s all orgasmic…that’s Trumps ‘winning…again again…tired of winning’
He’s a legend, a rogue but a giant. For me only this country could produce a Donald Trump.

Gordon Gekko…Jack Donaghy…The Godfather all rolled into one.

By the way, Lichthof is exactly the sort of immigrant America wants — of West European heritage. I’m an advocate of a 60-year immigration moratorium to give the US some breathing room, but when the gates are reopened the welcome mat should be largely restricted to AngloGermanics, with token set asides for immigrants from outside that gene-culture zone.

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