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They haven’t seen the likes of Trump in their lifetimes. Johnny Redux explains,

Trump has so much game, and the general public (and especially libtards) have not seen great game in a White male public figure (especially a politician) in such a long time (maybe a generation), that they really have no clue on how to deal with him. CH, you could probably make a fortune as a hired contractor to advise Hillary, or Jeb!, on how to counter The Donald. If you do, of course, we will be obliged to hunt you down.

I *could* help Grandma Sociopath and Pop-a-Guac make headway against The Trumpening. (In fact, I have considered writing a post playing devil’s advocate and dispensing anti-AMOG advice to Trump’s Trumpenstruck victims.) However, it’s much more fun to watch Trump steamroll every goddamn cuck, cunt, and globalist turncoat in his signature jerkboy style. Best not take the chance that one of ¡Jeb!’s lackeys checks in on this site for tips and tricks that could stump the Trump.

There’s no way I’d help to slow down this shitlib destruction show. Here’s a taste of the fun (h/t Hackett to Bits):

I love it. From CNN:

“[Trump] added that Fox had been “extremely nice,” but it was too late. In an interview with CNN just before the rally, Trump said Fox News “apologized” to him for a mocking statement the television network issued…”

He has taken the most watched network in the country, pumped her and dumped her, and ‘she’ is begging him to take her back. Has any other candidate for any office at any time, anywhere in the world of electoral politics had this kind of power? Even Obama had to simper before he won in 2008.

Although in this day of and age of fractionated news sources no one medium captures attention so singularly as television used to, I also can’t wait for news that whatever tv coverage the Drake University event got beat the debate’s ratings. And for Trump for rub that in their faces too.

The annihilation of every pozzed-to-the-pubic-hilt American institution that Trump is spearheading is an absolute godsend for true patriots. Burn this mother to the ground and rebuild it in the image of the Divine Shitlord.

Getting back to the original point, I seriously can’t recall any White politician who has, or had, as much alpha male gravitas and tight Game as Trump has at this moment in time. The Rick Wilson clown car is at DEFCUCK 1 and the teeming masses of psychologically and physically disfigured leftoids are shitting their panties because none of them have been opposed by a man like Trump who so expertly wields the soulkilling Shiv, and who so masterfully understands and executes fundamental Game principles.

Besides presenting the best chance to make America great again, Trump is a frequently featured guest at the Chateau because he is the embodiment of a high level seducer, proving on a daily basis the effectiveness of the entire oeuvre of CH Game techniques. Shitlibs can’t stump the Trump because shitlibs have never seen this combination of




in one man. Zero Fucks Given means a million libcucks driven over the edge. Let’s hope it’s a long fall.

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CH hasn’t had a Trumpening Game post in a while. Check out this video of O’Cuckly interviewing Trump yesterday about Trump’s wise decision to forego the FoxNews GOP debate moderated by the extremely biased and unprofessional shit stirrer Megyn Kelly, (skip to 14:25).

TRUMP: Don’t ask me that question because it’s an embarrassing question…… for you.

That quip was deadly. It’s what I call a micro-reframe. In a pickup situation, one would use this on a girl who asked a personal question (say, about how many girls you’ve been with) that you didn’t want to answer. The pause before unloading the “for you” coda builds a smug anticipation in the girl that her qualification attempt will soon be validated. But, like what Trump did to O’Cuckly, you unleash this explosive little reframe and she will be left speechless, wondering where you’ve been all her life.

It takes balls to pull off stuff like what Trump does on a regular basis, but if you want to date young, cute, thin girls who have lots of options, you’ll need to find your balls.

Don’t be Fox News, the betabitch who begs for love.

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[Update below]

Megyn Kelly, a bimbo with a heart three times too masculine, has it in for The Trumpening. She’s too biased, and she can’t be trusted, so Trump was right to make her removal from the GOP debate moderator panel a condition of his attendance. (Trump has since called Roger Ailes’ bluff. It was beautiful. Trump is dismantling the legacy media right before our eyes.)

But did you know Megyno Kelly, the manjawed embodiment of gogrrl, riotgrrl, tankgrrl, de-feminized lawyercuntery, was rumored to have had an extramarital affair with a college student in 2008?

Megyn Kelly, fully-fledged narcissist and product of the post-America sexual market dystopia representing everything wrong with American women, looks awfully happy in that photo. I’d even say glowing. Did he slip her the D moments before that photo was taken?

I’m inclined to believe he did. Why? Because there’s a major alpha male tell in this snapshot. Can you see it? First commenter to get it right wins Bernie Sanders’ tree money.

PS I know some of you misanthropes are thinking “short manlet… there’s no way he was banging Megyn”. Have you learned nothing from your visits to the Chateau? Alpha maleness is more, much more, than physical stature. Short men may, on average, have it tougher than tall men, but if they have compensating personality attractiveness traits they can score a grimy giny giantess like Megynocracy.


Reader The Raven was the first to get it right. No hoverhand. This guy has got the Grip of Ownage on Megyn’s shoulder.

Other commenters pointed to additional evidence of alphatude. His forward-facing torso. The loose belt buckle which looks like he rushed to dress after their bathroom dalliance. And the impertinence with which he presses his body into hers (or hers into his). There is no daylight between them, thigh to shoulder.

Thumbs up, college bro! You may not always meet aggro Fox News “””reporters”””, but when you do you make it count.

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Recall the hoverhand. It’s a physical tell of beta male awkwardness and psychological discomfort around women. Chicks assuredly do not dig it, because chicks have a finely tuned receiver for body language cues that reveal a man’s mate value. The male hoverhand says to girls, “I do not get laid much, and I am really desperate and horny for female love. Will you choo choo choose me? Please excuse my flushed face, I just got finished fapping to 31 tabs of porn.”

Appositely, you will never see an alpha male hoverhand. The confident, experienced gentleman has no trouble resting his hands on women’s supple flesh, even women he just met. And women love him for this, because his poised palming bespeaks a winner who gets laid a lot, who is not desperate for female attention, and who doesn’t fear potential rejection from women who may initially flinch under his brash brace.

Guess who doesn’t hoverhand?

That’s right. Donald “My Hand Will Claim Your Body Like Columba’s Guac Claimed Jeb’s Heart” Trump.


Trump’s got his hands around the waists of two cuties, and there’s no air between his palms and their bodies. Not even his fingertips hover. The alpha male takes ownership of women, and Trump is doing that here. (FYI, women love to be owned by a powerful man.)

Also notice that Trump is employing the “flirting” hand position. Not too presumptuous (like the hineyhand), not too sheepish (like the friend hand). And certainly not the virgin hand. You can accuse Trump of many things, but you can’t say he’s an incel beta male. Trump’s flirt mode is always on, whether it’s directed at Hooters girls or at American voters.


Since we’re on the topic of Trump and his ability to put on a daily clinic in Game principles and tactics, reader Travis writes,

Hailey accuses Trump of being “angry” and tells the people to ignore him. Trump agrees and amplifies…


His response is basically, “You’re damn right I’m angry. I’m angry about how this country is being run. And so are the American people. Anger is good. Anger is what this country needs.”
I know it started out as a joke, but I’m really starting to believe that either Trump, or one of his aides is a Chateau lurker.

I was recently emailed by an anonymous admirer who said he/she has insider access to Trump’s campaign and that there were at least two Trumpites who read this YUGE, BEAUTIFUL blog. I can’t verify the truth of the assertion, so take it for what it is (100% TRUE).

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Four Alphas Enter A Bar…

Frosty passes along a wild scene starring four alpha males jockeying for Trumpian glory. [SEE UPDATE BELOW]

I read a story once in which Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, and Clint Eastwood were all at a party. The producer Robert Evans reported that ALL of the women there gravitated to just one of the four. I have quizzed women on which of the four they think it was, and most of them get the answer right: [REDACTED]

I know the answer. Maybe readers can guess which alpha commanded all the female attention.

Hint: Don’t think like a man. Think like a woman. What kind of man do women love more than men admire? The word starts with a J.


And the one man of the four alphas who got all the gina tingles is….


Jack the Jerkboy.

The readers guessed right. Their Chateau training is paying off.

Many commenters quote stories and do personality assessments that reveal why Jack was so alluring to women.

jack nicholson has a dynamic personality that along with ZFG includes a good sense of humor and some real acting ability. he seems like he would be a blast to hang out with and he also seems have some depth and wisdom.


I vote Jack– cinematically, he’s played the most psychos and truly dangerous men. Kubrick wanted him for Napoleon. Supposedly a huge jerk in real life too.


A sexy woman walked up to Nicholson at a party and asked him “Do you want to dance?” Jack looked her up and down and said “Wrong verb” [ed: try hearing this in your head with jack’s voice. pussy parting perfection.]


If thought like a man it would be Redford, the most pretty boy of all four. But the jerkiest is Nicholson, so I vote for him.


Eastwood’s strong, silent type would win in a stern age of purpose. The answer has to be Jack Nicholson, he’s the coolest.


So for me, it came down to Nicholson versus Eastwood. The other three are almost exactly the same age, but Eastwood is several years older, so I was going to give it to Clint based on that plus his simple physical masculinity – voice, height, attitude – when I read the clue and realized I was thinking like a man: Eastwood is more conventionally alpha than Nicholson, but women go for the jerk.


Beatty: try-hard alpha
Eastwood: leader of men
Redford: borderline beta
Nicholson: Joker smile.
The Joker it is.


Thinking like a man, I would have thought Eastwood. However both Jack and Warren were known as real lady’s men. As per the hint, I’ll say Jack. But his appeal eludes me. I guess it was his “bad boy” image.


A shitlib, a cuckservative, a shabbos goy and a crazy man walk into a bar . . .

. . . and the women choose wisely.


Faggy ‘looks are everything’ types would say Robert Redford. [ed: yup. they’ll never learn.]


Why would Jack Nicholson get all the actual action, but Redford would get the most verbal praise if women saw pictures of all four? [ed: to ask is to answer.]


One final point, as I stated in previous post, who gets raped in prison of the four? Redford is wearing lipstick and has his shirt tied off showing his tummy. Beatty is more reluctant but after being promised protection by who he thinks can protect him joins in to stay alive. Clint and Jack you have to kill to fuck, just that simple.


Redford is the guy that would get the most love based on looks alone. If women saw photos of these four guys, they’d pick Redford. Yet in a real-life situation they’d fuck Nicholson over Redford.

I’ve noticed this is in real life as well. There is a tremendous disparity between the men that women say they find attractive, and the ones they actually have a strong desire to fuck. Pretty-boy vs alpha. Comments / further explanation? [ed: check the CH archives. there are more than a few posts on this very topic.]

Good insight and powers of inference from the readers. Well done. Here is an article about Jack’s legendary ladykiller skills.

According to biographer Marc Eliot, the pair [nicholson and streep] weren’t discussing the script. He claims the trailer would rock around with such energy that it seemed to be balanced on thin springs — ‘four overworked Slinkys’, as one alleged witness put it […]

Even before he was famous, the parties that Jack Nicholson would throw — the sex, drinks and drugs — were well-known in Sixties Tinseltown. At what was dubbed the ‘wildest house in Hollywood’, Nicholson presided over ‘round-the-clock partying, drinks, drugs, sex . . . and beautiful, hot, willing girls who loved to get just as high as the boys and have a good time,’ […]

Having divested himself of his wife and daughter, after the former grew tired of his womanising and divorced him, the eternal bachelor moved into a mansion next door to Marlon Brando and down Mulholland Drive from Warren Beatty. (The road was dubbed Bad Boy Drive in their honour).

Though Beatty was a legendary skirt-chaser, Hollywood insiders say Nicholson left him standing when it came to success with women. Indeed, the pair would play childish tit-for-tat games in trying to steal girlfriends off each other. […]

Naturally, Nicholson exploited the sexual opportunities stardom gave him. Making his debut as a director in the 1971 film drama Drive, He Said, Nicholson decided that in-depth research was needed to find the perfect girl for the brief non-sexual nudity in the film.

Stoned on cannabis, he auditioned more than 100 attractive young actresses in his Hollywood office, making each disrobe in front of him and then subjecting them to a ‘near-medical examination’. […]

Nicholson reputedly slept with 2,000 women (he modestly insists he never counted), but the one that lasted the longest — 17 years amazingly — was Anjelica Huston.

She was 14 years his junior and admitted he fulfilled a paternal need in her. ‘Jack is very definitely a real man, one who gets your blood going,’ she told Eliot.

It was just as well he did, as she had to put up with a lot of cheating. […]

Age difference never bothered Nicholson. He was the other side of 50 when he began an affair with 19-year-old British actress Karen Mayo-Chandler. Stripping off for Playboy later, she told the magazine Nicholson was a ‘naughty little boy’ and ‘guaranteed non-stop sex machine into fun and games, like spankings, handcuffs, whips and Polaroid pictures’.

Jerkboy Jack is a patron saint of Le Chateau.

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Ever play “let’s you and him fight”? If you’re a woman, you probably have at least once in your life. Women love this manipulative gambit because it helps them scale the social ladder and enlist white knight goobers to their faire maiden aid, while allowing plausible deniability that they’re jostling for rank.

But as any upstanding womanizer knows, those same womanly manipulations when targeted against women produce an electric effect on our dear friend Bartholin.

In another fine example of flipping the courtship script, a sexual market shitlord has co-opted the “let’s you and him fight” female imperative and leveraged it to his everlovin’ advantage. Call it the “let’s her and her (and her) fight” strategy, which your gramps might know as the “watching a cat fight from the catbird seat” good time.

MERRY EX-MAS: Man infuriates ex-partners by putting them all into a group chat


That opening line is smooth, player. A wok of jerkboy whimsy seasoned with a dash of vulnerability game. Also, :lol: at that extra spicy ZFG “or a short time bella lol”.

Btw, as you’re reading along try to guess which of Tom’s exes is ready to swoon all over again for his magic man muff puffing. (Tom threw four girls together in this merry ex-mas chat room.)

It doesn’t take long for the cat claws to come out.

Chicks dig a lying, scheming, conniving, jerkboy chauvinist pig. Not exaggerating for effect.

The three remaining girls cat fight some more, and Tom, skillfully waiting for his moment as female tingles gather potential energy, unloads this corker of a neg/disqualification on bella:

Notice as well how perfectly Tom handles Steph’s schoolmarm upbraiding. “I’m fine just wanted to say merry ex-mas to yaz”. Dismissive, un-punctuated, cheeky, and delivered with the insouciance of an amused master of poon. Jumbotron test: PASSED.

Having read this far, any guesses which of the four girls – Lisa, Gemma, Bella, Steph – couldn’t resist Tom’s Harem Lord charms?

Take your time.












Tha finale, yass:

There is no number, only fuck close or do not fuck close. That “Xx” at the end is as good a guarantee from a girl that Tom’s got the F close wrapped up.

I submit that we enter Tom’s “just wanted to say merry ex-mas to yaz” to the pantheon of infamous alpha male sweet nothings, like “bring the movies”, “nah”, and “seriously tho ur pussy rocks!”

PS There’s a powerful subtext in this devious jerkboy ploy that acts like kryptonite on girls’ diffident coyness. The clue is in Tom’s self-amusing line “LISA DON’T GO LOL” as she’s walking out the virtual door. It’s obvious he doesn’t really give a shit if she goes, and more importantly it’s obvious to the OTHER GIRLS THERE not named Lisa. This is female preselection at its most intoxicating. Three hamsters spun their wheels at once, weaving golden fabric emblazoned with the invocation “Tom is a honey badger. Honey badger don’t give a shit if pussy stays or goes. Honey badger is a man with dating options. I must prove to honey badger I am worth giving a shit for.”

PPS What you’ve viewed is a window to what a post-West de facto alpha male harem looks like. Soft polygamy is not much more forgiving than hard polygamy in its systemic capacity to leave beta males in the incel cold.

PPPS Take the bad words out and change the context a bit and you may as well be reading a transcript of a GOP debate. Tom is Trump. Lisa is Ben Carson. Steph is Jeb. Bella is Megyn Kelly. And Gemma… she’s all of us. Xx

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Spot The Super Alpha

An interesting (because of its rarity) social hierarchy dynamic sets up when two or more established, socially proofed alpha males break bread. In this older photo, all three of the men engaged in conversation at the table are alphas. In fact, all three are super alphas when they are separated and holding court in their respective milieus.

But by the nature of male hierarchies (and the zero-sum sexual market in which such hierarchies operate), only one man in this photo can be the super alpha. The King of Kings.

Jack Nicholson. Warren Beatty. And of course The Trumpening. Two notorious womanizers, one serial monogamist with superb taste in wives. All three have been featured as topics at Le Chateau (as real life exemplars of alpha maleness, and as movie characters illustrating the behaviors of alpha males).

When one gains a view to the very highest reaches of the alpha male secret society, the distinctions that mark one alpha male as less or more alpha than another alpha male are subtle ones, indeed, but nonetheless most people will be able to perceive them, because displaying male status, and possessing the means to judge it, are universally hard-wired into humans, (the former obviously in men, the latter in both men and women).

To be sure, this photo is just a snapshot in time, but working with what we have one can make a preliminary assessment of the three men’s relative alphaness. Nicholson, cig insouciantly dangling, drink in hand, slightly disheveled, listening with a neutral expression. Beatty, speaking, pointing, head cocked jauntily, wearing sunglasses indoors, possibly looking in Jack’s direction or downwardly (hard to tell). Trump, the best-dressed of the three, turned towards Beatty and leaning into him a little, perhaps trying to hear him better, somewhat hunched posture, attentive expression, but not too emotionally invested (no smiling or raised eyebrows, etc).


Trump is not the super alpha. Not at this table, during this particular interaction. Now, today, if the three of them got back together, and given the change in their statuses from then to now, Trump would no doubt be the Kingliest of these three Kings. But not in this photo. Here he is try-hard in his efforts to not miss a word that falls from Beatty’s lips, and his body language betrays an eager earnestness to fully engage the two celebrities.

Nicholson is not the super alpha. Not during this precise moment captured in time. There’s really too little to go on to accurately assess Nicholson’s place at the table, given that he’s in a receptive pose (hearing Beatty speak) and has a mostly neutral body language and facial expression. He is leaning back in his chair, and that is usually an Indicator of Supreme Alphaness (ISA) when in the company of mere mortals, but this scenario is not a gathering of mere mortals.

Beatty, at this table at this moment, is the super alpha. Pointing while speaking is a classic alpha male tell, and doing it to two other alpha males makes it a super alpha tell. Beatty also appears not to look Nicholson or Trump in the eyes while he speaks, preferring the air in front of his face as an audience. But he points at Nicholson and sits straight in his chair, so his lack of eye contact is incongruous with his body language, which suggests an invulnerable lack of concern with either of his guests’ opinions of him.

I open the floor to competing interpretations. Spotting regular alpha males or beta males in the wild is easy; picking out the super alpha from among a crowd of alphas requires a better grasp of the contextual currents that envelop and carry along the scene.


Reader RIP Lemmy comments,

I’ll bet who was The Super Alpha went back and forth between the 3 of them.

He’s right. Check out this photo taken maybe 30 seconds before or after the photo posted above (and likely by the same photographer).

Here the reporter with the yellow legal pad is not part of the scene. None of the reporters are. The Three Alpha Men are talking among themselves. Now Trump is doing the finger pointing, while exhibiting a body language that is more self-possessed (facing forward rather than leaning in, open and dominant instead of closed and unsure). Beatty slouches a bit while watching Nicholson attentively. Jackflash flashes that panty-dropping grin he’s famous for while being obviously entertained by something Trump is saying to him.


Beatty is not the super alpha in this snapshot. Jack might be since both men are looking to him, but dat sweet sweet finger jab is the unmistakable air punctuation of the super alpha. WINNER: TRUMP.

Which is to say, when you have a Brass Supper of three apex alpha males, no one man will occupy the Lord’s lectern for long.

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