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I love this man. He has shown Heritage America how to fight, and more importantly how to welcome the fight. Unlike tomato can GOPe cucks who pretended to fight and then fell to the mat after getting a chin hair grazed by a weak jab, Trump fights for real. For keeps. And he keeps coming back to dish out more punishment to shitlibs. Result: shitlibs have lost their collective minds.

I still marvel that for this irreligious agnostic Trump more than anyone has me questioning my faith in the impossibility of divine intervention.

PS Trump has done the unimaginable. He dethroned Skittles Man. Say hello to President Starburst!

President Donald Trump reportedly threw Starburst candies onto a table at the G7 summit for German chancellor Angela Merkel, saying “Here, Angela. Don’t say I never give you anything.”

Who but Trump could be more alpha than Skittles Man? I would fight for this man to the ends of the earth.

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I’d add a fourth type:

The Dreg. This is the guy who can’t even get love from a fatty and who has no male friends.

PS The 3 Male Archetypes meme above is also a useful shorthand for civilizational cycles:

Relationship Beta -> Peak civilization
Polygynous Jerkboy Alpha -> Rising replacement civilization from the smoking ruins of a destroyed civilization
Incel Niceguy -> Declining civilization
David Fatrelle -> Gynarcho-tyranny

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The King is the man sitting on the throne, as his subjects gather in a crowd about him to petition his grace. Those butthurt subjects would be Murderin’ Merkel and Mammy-Banging Maricon. Often, the King has a right hand man equally condescending of the proceedings. That would be Abe Shinzo in this photo. And a courtier expressing the King’s contempt with agape mouth. That would be John Bolton.

Trump is the center of attention, drawing the camera to himself even when he’s in the corner of the frame, while globalist cup rattlers like Merkel pout and whine impotently in his orbit.

Normally, crossed arms are a closed-off, defensive posture, but there are contexts in which the crossed arm coupled with the haughty smirk and WIDE STANCE manspreading underscore a supreme self-confidence and contempt for one’s interlocutors. That is the case in this instantly iconic photo.

(The iconic nature of the photo is less to do with snapshot body language analysis of Trump meeting with World Cucks than it does with it being symbolic of the geopolitical realignment away from Globohomoism and towards a reinvigorated nationalism that is more comfortable embracing the truths of race and sex and the need to curb elite avarice. Keep an eye out for the coming Nippon-American alliance.)

Shitlibs claiming this pic shows Trump in a diminutive light, withering under the schoolmarmish glare of a scolding Merkel, have no ability to read social situations or facial expressions. This is the shitlib version of autism. Two movies, one screen. And the movie shitlibs are watching is a figment of their Harry Potterized imagination.

Don Trump Jr’s social media feed is entertaining for its area effect triggering of shitlibs:

Did Trump rip a fat joke at the expense of Supercuts Kim? Survey SAYS:

Comments are gold:

why does this look like a scene from The Office?


i’m really starting to like Trump with his subtle criticisms of fellow world leaders


kim getting hit with the translation right as his blood pressure spikes


What’s the right word to use when someone is making sly, offensive insults about someone else that’s in the room but without it looking like a direct insult at them? Seriously, I’ve often wondered what word you would use to describe that.

The word is “neg”.

Isn’t it great how much more entertaining the Trump Presidency is compared to the stilted wooden sequel we would have had to endure with a Cunt Presidency?

Loved this:

“brought as many documents as he gives fucks: 0”


lol there’s manspreading, and then there’s the Trumpchasm:

Heavy brass ones require tremendous lebensraum.


Is Trump a Master Persuader? Does the Russian bear live rent free in shitlibs’ minds? This is a slickly produced action movie-style trailer which Trump played for Supercuts Kim (stay tuned for the best part of the video…when the lights come on in NK):

Trump appeals to Kim Jong-un’s ego. Trump knows the psychological vulnerability of dictators as well as he knows the soft underbelly of media leftoids, for the two groups are not that far apart, and Trump plays both like a fiddle. It can’t be said enough how blessed Heritage America is to have this man as our President, and that indeed it often seems as if divine providence guided Trump to us when he was most needed.

PS Obama whoo?

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obama bending far enough to bite the pillow.

The Gay Mulatto is the invisible mongrel. He was a cipher during his rule, a vessel into which millions of virtue sniveling shitlib Whites and gibs-envisioning frenzied blacks poured their narcissistic ardor to have it reflected back at them through the rictus of a high yella’s phony fey poise. He will leave no legacy that Trump hasn’t already demolished, he won’t be remembered for anything, he was never cool, and his cultist followers will have only the halo from his onyx numinosity to accompany them to their childfree old age.

Trump makes more history in a day than the Gay Mulatto made in eight years. For that matter, so does Dennis Rodman.

The Groid Void fades from memory already, as a Golden Don splashes the world with high T color again.

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Audacious E passed along a field report from a buddy commenting on what he noticed among the Generation Zyklon crowd while in Panem’s Capitol.

Wearing MAGA hats in the most hostile place in the country to do so isn’t for the faint of heart. These young shitlords are made of stern stuff. They’re exactly what we need.

My gut feeling is that the schism between Mewllennials and Generation Zyklon will be ahistorically large. I expect an intergenerational break so profound it buries the Neoliberal Equalism status quo for good.

On a side note, for nonWhites, Filipinos are particularly assimilable to American culture. Our long-term military presence there obviously has had a beneficial influence on Flip assimilability, but I think it goes deeper than that. Filipinos share a sense of humor with Americans, at least from what I’ve noticed with the few Americanized Flips I’ve known. Humor is incredibly resistant to cross-cultural transmission; who here “gets” French humor, for example? But for reasons beyond my ken, Flips and Amerifats have a shared idea of what’s funny, and that likely helps grease the inter-racial skids.

AE also provided some confirmatory evidence supporting CH’s Fundamental Premise:

– Doing a little back-of-the-envelope calculating, at present around 127 million men in the US are fertile. That compares to about 47 million women in the US who are currently fertile. Women aren’t the natural gatekeepers of sex only because it’s a potential investment of nine months (or eighteen years!) of their lives compared to 15 minutes of a man. They’re also gatekeepers because there are in the general population a lot more fertile men than there are fertile women at any given time.

Women’s precious eggs are only matched in value by men’s passionate energy.

The (no)wag sneers, “If White women’s eggs are so precious, why do so many of them pollute their eggs with swarthseed?”

First, not as many White women treat their eggs with as much disrespect as the GloboHomoBezos Ministry of Propaganda would have you believe. Second, the White women who do chuck their ova to the orcs aren’t typically best of breed, so relative to the White woman SMV norm these coal burners are, arguably, banging up, given that the White men they could get would be the absolute dregs, if they could get a White man at all. Thirdforth, female hypergamy doesn’t obey Queefsbury Rules of Mate Selection; what might seem incomprehensible to the reliable beta White male provider — a hot un-hued White babe gravitating into a pitchy pimp’s orbit — could feel refracted through the hindbrain of the mudshark like a big step up in her dating life if her ZFG boonfriend hits all her hamster-shaped buttons. The guardians of Civilization may think she’s trashing her eggs, but Civilization was only ever a fortuitous tributary of the many winding forms taken by the God of Biomechanics.

Still, there are exceptions, and they do present a challenge to the Fundamental Premise, which can be satisfactorily resolved by assuming those exceptions are mentally ill and/or emotionally unstable, covered in sickly tats, addicted to hard drugs, and grew up without a father.

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No fatties, no diversity, and most importantly….NO HOVERHANDING. Welcome back to 1950s America, soyim, enjoy your heart-rending nostalgia for an age when the sexual polarity was at its most magnetized and ZOG wasn’t yet fully awakened.

You know who else doesn’t hoverhand?

Trump is an ambassador from Olde America. He is not of this Current Year, and yet the weltanshauung and attitude he brings from Trolle America is the perfect weapon to aim at Nü-America, which has no defenses against the tonic masculinity of Bolde America.

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The Recovery

On the fly reframing, that’s how it’s done. If you can see the flame-out coming, may as well go out with your dignity intact, the flamethrower scorching everything within the perimeter of engagement.

And who knows? This deport-a-slore might’ve been intrigued by his assholery, enough to take up his offer. Girls are known to succumb to the jerk’s charms.


FastEddie flashes his MAGA Game.

Can confirm. I have -Trump supporter. Gun and business owner. If you have “swipe left if you voted for Trump” on your profile, swipe left- all on my profile.

Had one recently message me saying she’s not sure we’d click because I’m obviously an ardent Trump supporter. I said- no problem. Appreciate the honesty. I just feel bad relegating you to all those male feminists and soy boys.

GREAT reframe. Shit test passed with pyrotechnic flair.

She laughed and said I just described her friends. I told her of course they’re her friends.

I figured you’d say that.”

Deep down, beanie wearing soys make her sick.

Now we’re off to the races. She flat out says, “If you want to fuck me, buy me a drink.” I said, “I know the best place in town,” then gave her my address.

Banged out. She’s 26. I’m 38.

Would share screenshots, but she unmatched me afterward (not interested in a relationship with someone that brainwashed.)

She sent me a screed with verbosity to shame Balzac after a couple days screaming, “YOU know why I date soy boys?!!!(she used the actual term) Because THEY won’t pretend to be interested in me, fuck me and throw me away!!!”

This is when you know you’ve banged out not only the girl, but her hamster as well. A double banging.

The whole thing was several paragraphs long. I responded- lol.

lol. Also, this is how everyone from the “intellectual dark web” should respond to chaimstream media requests.

Then she unmatched me, right when I was trying to go back in and screenshot.

There’s always next time.
Glad you’re all my brothers.

There’s a lot of good Game advice in FE’s story, but that profile line — If you have “swipe left if you voted for Trump” on your profile, swipe left — is killer. The best thing about it is that it can be ported easily to almost any profile or pickup scenario because it’s basically a nuclear disqualification that immediately puts the girl in the chaser/appeaser/approval seeker role. For instance,

“If you ask me to buy you a drink, swipe left” (this is really funny if you do it IRL and make a theatrical swiping motion with your hand as you’re telling her)

“If you ask me to put on a condom, swipe left”

“If you have a pussy hat, swipe all the way left”

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