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Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Trump, with his fiancée Elisa Isoardi,

Salvini is no Brad Pitt, which goes to show how far a little ZFG attitude and shitlord street cred can take a man.

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Why is this post titled “Spot the Chad” instead of “Spot the Alpha”? You’ll understand why after seeing the photo I’ve attached:

This is REO Speedwagon, pre-snowflake era rockers. Despite the classification I’m about to reveal, all these guys got mad pussy. Comes with the job.

They were (are) all alpha males according to the CH and Darwin definition of alpha male:

The alpha male attracts hot women, attracts women strongly, and attracts a lot of women.

Quantity and quality of female interest defines the alpha male.

By that metric, all the members of REO Speedwagon were alphas, hauling groupie pussy in its prime like a shrimping net.

But within the subset ‘rocker’, we find subtle and not-so-subtle physiognomic differences of male value. In the photo above, there is a clear Chad and a clear Cuck.

CHAD: far right (ofc)
INTENSE ALPHA: 2nd from left
NICEGUY: middle
CUCK: 2nd from right

FYI, “intense alpha” is the brooding artist type who may or may not leave a lover before morning light. “Goofball alpha” is the class clown if the class clown wasn’t a secretly low self-esteem basketcase.

The Cuck with the homo pose is the lead singer, Kevin. The Surfer Chad is the bass player, Bruce. So did their real lives match their physiognomies? reactionary writes,

Mostly. Kevin was their lead singer and had a very effeminate/annoying voice. Bruce was there bass player and would occasionally do vocals. “Back on the Road Again” is sort of an alpha song.

So what distinguishes the Chad from the generic alpha male? Politics, for one. No Chad is With Her. In point of fact, very few alpha males are With Her, so that’s not telling us much. The Chad phenotype tends to more often align with conventional views of what characterizes an alpha male (heavy jawline, Eastwoodian squint, overhanging brow ridge, mesomorphic frame, perpetual smirk). This serves as a reminder that more often than not, real life alpha males don’t look like central casting alpha males. They don’t look like soyboy cucks either, but the physical properties of the alpha male span a wide spectrum.

Crucially, I think the biggest delineator of the Chad is his aversion to emoting. He keeps it “close to the vest”, except when he’s giving atomic wedgies to nerds. There’s an IDGAF vibe about him that says “when the time comes, I’ll gladly take up sword and rid our land of these locusts”. Balancing this is a hint of playfulness in the eyes, honed from years in middle and high school teasing girls to heights of tingle eruptions.

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More precisely, this is what half of a realignment looks like. Stay tuned for the Democreep version coming soon to a district near you.

PS A daily (hourly? minutely?) reminder of the manipulative, reality distorting propaganda pushed out by the Fake News Chaimstream Media:

A clarifying analysis of Fake News Media starts and ends with “these scumbags want to make Whites a minority in their own nation and to elect anti-White Democrats.”

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Preselection by women, jealousy plot lines, ZFG aloofness and indifference, a discriminating racial wokeness….the Child Heartiste, breaking hearts before I was old enough to know better!

PS Stills from this video would virally rival the “roving eye boyfriend” meme.

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The Fake News Media menstruates over Trump’s “lies” but what they don’t see is that their agenda is driven by psychological projection of their own Big Lies onto Trump, who has committed the sin of telling Big Truths, which is a crucifix and garlic to the vampires of the media who traffic in pushing a decades-old Narrative that defies reality and sucks the lifeblood of healthy, humanized nationhood.

Trump’s very existence — and by extension the existence of an Army of Shitlords who voted for him — is a corporeal rebuke to the Lords of Lies. As I’ve written, Trump’s hyperbole is on the level of little fibs meant to drive his foes over the edge of sanity, exposing their inherent extremism, a provocation to which they dutifully comply. But in the world of Real News, Trump tells Big Truths, which daily reminds media whores that they sacrificed their integrity to tell Big Lies to push an agenda driven by self-fluffing fealty to their elitism.

The media are adept in telling Little Truths — adherence to semantics and trivial “fact checks” that hide more than they illuminate — to cloak themselves in the garb of trustworthiness and to conceal their real purpose as manipulators of consensus, but Big Truths like the kind Trump tells every day expose Big Lies to bleaching sunlight, which explains the incoherent rage of the media, deep state, and uniparty.

They can’t stand that Trump effortlessly and routinely belies their pretensions and exposes their malevolence simply by “telling it like it is”.

Trump tells more stone cold truth in a few days than the Globohomo Establishment — media, deep state, bureaucracy, academia, entertainment — tell in their miserable lives.

And that is why they hate him.

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Scott Adams, famed cartoonist, Trump persuasion psychoanalyst, and quasi-PUA with tight Game…

alpha or beta?

According to sources, this is Scott with his legit HB8 girlfriend, who looks to be half, or maybe a third, his age. Well done, Slaybert!

So, if we can judge a man’s soul — or in Chateau parlance, his SMV — by a body language snapshot of the lovebirds lovebirding, then this is my analysis of Scott’s worth as a Darwinian vessel of generational continuance:

  1. She’s into him (genuine smile, tits pressed into his chest, and shoulders curled forward (a sign of happy submission))
  2. No hoverhand from either
  3. He’s grabbing at her purse (subtle reminder that the money is still his)
  4. His posture is straight and true, and he’s looking at the camera rather than cloyingly into her eyes while she looks at the camera
  5. His expression is self-satisfied (probably taken right after an outdoor bang)

Btw, if these two aren’t banging and are just friends, I’ll eat my Far Side collection. That’s not a hug that two platonic friends would share. Way too much lingering flesh-pressed contact.

Judgement: ALPHA

PS A few black pillers think Adams is leaning into his girl. I don’t see it. I think the angle of the shot creates an illusion of him leaning into her. If he is leaning in, it’s very slight. I wouldn’t dock him any alpha cred for that. His erection might also be pushing him away from her, and that’s not anything to blame him for.

Now, if Adams were all over his gf while she was staring distantly into space and leaning away from him like she was secretly communicating with the cameraman that her pussy was on the market, then he would have betrayed extreme betatude. But that’s not the case here. This is symbiotic love.

You know what other man’s much younger woman looks at him lovingly and devotedly? This ALPHA:

Melania has a great ass. No wonder Trump doesn’t age in the office. If you’re his age tapping something that fine, it’s like taking an exotic anti-aging cock-in-tail. After you’ve plowed through Melania, your ego is so swollen that Chuck Schumer and Fauxcahontas are like little bumps in the road.

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From anonymous:

Beta males dry heave tearful apologies [to] their wives for going over their 30 min a week allotted vidja time . Meanwhile ya boi Big Dick Sergey brags about fucking dead thots he’s strangled in front of his wife.


PS Thanks, ladies, for helping to make this meme a reality.


Jay Fink passes along a relevant anecdote:

20 years ago a woman tried to set me up with her daughter….she wished her daughter would date nice boys like me instead of the criminals she always picked. I agreed to meet her and was invited to a small house party with the daughter and a few of her friends.

The phone would ring and I would hear the message on the speaker “This is a collect call from the state prison…do you accept these charges”. This (attractive) girl got all excited “be quiet….my man is calling for me”. I soon became aware that all the girls who were all) good looking) at this party had boyfriends in prison. The big excitement was one of their boyfriends was being released on parole and was set to arrive home that evening. Sure enough he arrived and his girlfriend immediately took him to the bedroom.

No LMR for parolees!

I told some of my single, beta male friends that story and they could hardly believe me. They actually thought few women are attracted to criminals and those that do have low self esteem. They were totally wrong…including the part about self esteem…these girls were filled with confidence.

After this experience I predicted our society would become soft on crime. Women dig felons and this would impact policy I figured. My top prediction was the decline of the death penalty. I nailed that one. What’s pathetic is I noticed weak males are in the group that consistently speaks out against the death penalty. These guys can’t imagine how much more attractive death row inmates are to women than they are.

My current prediction is that life in prison without parole will be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That might sound unbelievable now but watch it slowly happen. Women want these dangerous men in circulation not behind prison walls. I could even see prisons closed all together. The current hype about releasing drug offenders will lead to releasing all offenders. The coalition of women and soy boys will push for this and get it.

I, and others who have seen the light, will keep pushing these dark truths about women onto society until we execute a course correction away from glorifying women as women and return to some semblance of a benevolent patriarchy, as the Good Overlord intended.


Why do women tingle for badasses, including the worst of the worst, serial killers? JJ Aamer reminds us that, evolutionarily speaking, the badass is (or, arguably, was) a Darwinian genetic winner, and chicks dig winners.

Actually this man is “badass” from an evolutionary biology stand point

Not only is he reproductively successful by fathering a daughter. A daughter who will be the mother of his grandchildren. Also his “wife” wants to have 2 more children by this man. If he fathers a son that soon may well spread his genes even more widely.

Also, not only is this man fathering children but he is limiting the resource competition with his children by killing of other people’s children. Given the low birth rate in Ukraine it’s a near certainty that he killed the only child of a few parents.

So like the barbarians of old he has ended family trees with a finality normally reserved by extinction events.

There are very few men in history that have this kind of genetic impact in the modern era. Until very recently people had more kids. But now if a psychotic decides to be a reaper he can end several families futures.

Much like Attila this man is pretty much a badass… who is having children who will carry his genes into the next generation

Think carefully of the implications of a world where Osama Bin Laden has 50+ kids and our last 3 past presidents combined had 5 ALL OF THEM FEMALES!!! and think of the impact these men and their offspring may have.

To prevent an eventual civilizational implosion and regress to a Hobbesian dystopia, men must rein in their women, which in practice means limiting the influence women have over public policy.

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