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This shot was taken during a commercial break from last night’s Cuck Phalanx battle formation arrayed in unison against His Lordship, The Trumpening.


Megyn Kelly’s new pair of dry panties: $40
Pills to relieve Rubio’s meth sweats: $100
Donald Unstumped Trump’s water bottle deviously angled toward Rubio: Priceless.

The big alpha male body language tell is Trump facing forward while Rubio approaches his side, leaning in and making an entreaty (for leniency under Trump’s rule?). Although hidden in shadow, one can just discern a smirk etching itself on the Trumpenmug. I can’t tell if they’re shaking hands, or if Trump is brusquely stiff-arming Fruitio.

The Foamio Cubano was never anything more than a suicide bomber deployed by GOPe operatives to detonate Trump’s People Power. He failed. Who will step up next to ensure the Republican Party thoroughly self-destructs and salts the earth behind them? Let the GAYmes begin!

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Alpha males are DEMANDING of their women.

They bark orders, issue commands, set expectations, and aren’t afraid to show disappointment if their expectations aren’t met. They will correct their women’s mistakes and rebuke errors of judgment firmly, sometimes fiercely, and without hesitation.

I was reminded of this everlasting reality of sexual market male hierarchy while overhearing a shitlord-esque man instruct his pretty girlfriend in proper dog-training technique. The two of them were at a park, working with their rambunctious mutt. It was her turn to extract obedience from the dog, and it wasn’t going well. At every misstep, her boyfriend would quickly intervene to tell her what she was doing wrong, and how she should do it right.

He wasn’t shy about chastising and correcting her, either. He came off like a drill sergeant, and an impatient know-it-all. I would say his demeanor was borderline asshole. Which means that she adored him. When they left, she playfully slapped his backside and giggled, presumably in anticipation of a later retribution.

Women WANT to work for a man’s interest. A man’s respect. A man’s LOVE. A man who challenges women is a man who is rewarded with women’s zeal to please. This is the nature of women.

And it is the nature of beta males to misunderstand the nature of women. Or, when they do understand it, to fear it and therefore fail to tame it. You will never see a beta male confidently, even impudently, demand anything — a norm of behavior, preferred treatment, effort towards a task — from a woman he is dating. He will never LEAD a woman. He will typically appease, and only make passive-aggressive demands of a woman when his fuse is short and his (self-)anger bubbling over.

Beta males don’t like to demand anything of anyone, but especially not of women. Strangers, acquaintances, girlfriends, wives; none will ever experience the distinctly female pleasure of deferring and submitting to a man if that man is a fearful, non-confrontational beta male. And over time resentment and contempt will find a home in these women, and their sexual desire will find a home elsewhere.

I hope that a beta male reading these words is saved today.

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Spot The Alpha

This photo of the four remaining couples at a dance marathon was taken circa 1930, in Chicago. Can you spot the alpha?


Right off the bat, it’s not the two fine mate guarding gentlebetas hugging their dance partners from behind. Too protective, and they look like they’re delivering the Heimlich maneuver. If one of those guys instead had his hand cupped over a breast, kneading slowly and deliberately, he’d vault into alpha male consideration.

Number 7 is hovercrotching, a distant cousin to hoverhanding. I know you’re tired, man, but NEVER STOP GRINDING. Also, that pose is Lubio-level GAY.

But number 15 (or 51), he’s our leading alpha male contender. Passed out, from exhaustion or drink? Who cares! Normally it’s easy to be a ZFG alpha while asleep, but this dude is literally off his feet and his Children of the Corn woman is holding him up. That’s how you know a man is alpha; his girl enables his lack of commitment.

Truly, though, the real alpha male in this scene is the guy in the background refusing to participate in the spectacle.


Bonus Spot the Alpha, Ye Olde European Bounder Edition:


This one was primarily included for entertainment purposes, and to remind the sarcastic, Game-hater Poosy Pedestalizers pulling the “durr you’re teaching muh dik to White men” gambit that the fine art of wily seduction has been a storied part of White European history since at least Ovid.

The answer is obvious: The alpha is The Trumpening, front and center. That’s ¡Yeb! in the background, sulking and fiddling with his pocket turtles.

The woman, ofc, is Megyn Kelly, her billowy dress concealing the snail trail she’s leaving on the chair.

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The Trump Burrito

Everyone should Trumpify his life. Here’s a perfect example. I laughed at this comment by Greg:

Trump demographic update. I went through the local fast food drive my daughter works at and ordered a Trump burrito. Silence ensued for a moment and I then explained that I wanted a Yuge wall of cheese with the beans on the other side. When I came up to pay there must have been 4 other young gals beside my daughter laughing and liking what they heard. I heard later on from my daughter they all like Trump. 18 to early 20s in age.

There’s a new generation of Whites coming up, later Millennials and even younger, who will crave the bullshit-free stylings of shitlordery that for so long have been suppressed by our sick anti-White culture.

They beg for thought leaders to show them the way to self-pride and ZFG impudence. Will you step up for them?

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During the Victorian era, men would sometimes hand out spinster shaming cards like these to ugly and unfeminine women on Valentine’s Day (any feminists reading this ought to consult a head asplosion doctor before continuing further):



Women can be shamed into behaving and looking more feminine. Which is a good thing. Too bad we’ve lost that lesson and do the opposite now: shame women for being feminine and looking thin and pretty, and glorify women who act masculine and look like dump trucks.

“Lean in”, lose love. That’s all you need to know, ladies.

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Spot The Little Shitlord


If you figured that kid in the bumblebee shirt, far right background, as the little shitlord, you’d be right. That kid’s proto-McQueen body language portends a future overflowing with a deluge of pussy. (Yeah, she’s looking at the boy scouts and their fancy bikes, but her knee pointing towards Badboy Billy gives the game away.)

This kid should just get his “Time to Fuck” watch and extra-snug t-shirt now, he’s halfway to PUA stardom.

Poignantly, this is another one of those old-timey photos/ads filled with happy shiny White kids that reminds us all how much the country has lost. LE SIGH.

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Molon MAGA!

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