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Trump seems to be prescient. His Twatter timeline going back years is filled with quasi-predictions that have come true. Twatline 2013: Trump tweets that thecunt’s lesbian lover Huma Abedin (IT’S HABEDIN!) is a national security risk because her husband is the notorious “pervert” Anthony Weiner who would have access to State Department emails through Huma.

Fast forward 2016: FBI reopens a nation-wde, multiple-office investigation of thecunt’s emails and the Clinton Foundation, based on a treasure trove of auto-synced emails that were stored on Huma’s husband’s HAZMAT classified faptop. All information gathered so far points to a Clinton crime syndicate so vast and brazen it may go down history as the greatest political scandal in American history.

Is Trump a prophet? Maybe. More likely, Trump knew all this shit would hit the fan because he was an insider who remembered the garbage hour secrets that party guests would spill to him. A charming, New York real estate magnate and international playboy who golfed with Bill Clinton and attended (and hosted) soirees with various high level political functionaries would have the scoop on a lot of dirt. I’ve no doubt Bill himself leaked a few juicy tidbits about the corruption going on at the Clinton Foundation to Trump. They were buddies, then.

PUAs have a term for the world of women that most men (read: beta males) never see: the Secret Society. In this world, a few crimson pilled alpha men with social connections and a raging sense of ballsy self-entitlement have no-strings-attached sexual access to the hottest and tightest pussy. Trump is, or rather was until he decided to cash it all in and take on the entire rotten system as one man on a mission from Kek, a member of the elite secret society, an eyes wide shut club of billionaires, movers and shakers, and powerful politicians.

In this Bilderburgian, Bezosian secret society that Trump inhabited, a trusted, happy-go-lucky, superficially buffoonish insider like Trump would be privy to the whispered intimations of fraud, venality, and graft by tipsy (and flirty) scions of the ruling class.

I guess what I’m saying is it could only have been Trump, or a Trump-like figure, for this moment. A reckless, zero fucks given, brash, BALLS TO THE MEXICAN WALL secret society billionaire with a true heartfelt affinity for salt of the earth Americans, and a lifetime’s cache of perfidious dealings drunkenly confessed by self-satisfied elites that, if revealed to the public, could take down the most corrupt political dynasty in history. God protect him, because he has pierced the heart of hell….and hell never gives up quietly.


whorefinder writes that The Trump is The Batman.

It just hit me: Trump is fucking Batman.

Why? Simple: the common portrayal of Batman he is in his Bruce Wayne persona is that of a stupid, impulsive, thoughtless, carefree playboy. In all incarnations (except the fabulous 1990s Animated Series version, which gets a ghetto pass because fucking awesome), Batman deliberately cultivates the air-headed drunk frat boy persona to throw suspicion off himself and to get his party mates to spill the beans to him without thinking he’d remember or understand.

It’s only as Batman does he use this information to plot cold, calculated, very intricate and long-term plans to take down the evil. Because Batman’s real superpower is always planning more and harder than the other guy.

Trump’s buffoonish TV persona is Batman’s Bruce Wayne persona. And as Batman is the savior of Gotham, Trumpenking is the savior of America.

All hail the Dark Knight of America rape!

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There have been many golden stumpings over this past year, and now you can add George Shitlibopoulos to the long list of Trump’s victims.

Trump has earned a Shiv of the Week, bringing his total haul to something like…oh…1,488 shiv trophies.

Pay close attention to Staphinfection’s physical reaction to Trump’s shiv. His arm crosses his lap and he visibly winces and swallows hard, almost as if he had taken a real shiv to the gut. This is CLASSIC beta male defensive posturing when under attack by a superior male (or a sassy girl).


On the subject of Trump, it’s important to know that his shivs are just one facet of his character; the man also has a heart, as evidenced in this video outtake from The Apprentice, where he chastises a White man for calling himself “white trash”. Although these reality shows are largely scripted, Trump’s disgust with the man’s self-abasement sounds sincere to my ears. I think it is a glimpse of Trump’s implicit love for his race, and his contempt for those who would denigrate his racial heritage.


FYI take this for what it is, but a reader who claims to be an insider with the RNC emailed CH to say that the “monster vote” is real and it’s coming, it’s mostly composed of registered Independents and first-time voters, and that “the media will be shell-shocked by Trump’s vote surge on Nov 8”. The email was sent before today’s FBI news broke.

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At his Twatter account, Ricky Vaughn is retweeting 2013 tweets from Trump directed at Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. I’m having a blast reading them, it’s comedy gold, Jerry, gold!

Danger-Weiner is a free man at 12:01AM. He will be back sexting with a vengeance. All women remain on alert.


I fought hard against Spitzer and Weiner, and both lost. For a while, when Spitzer was way up, it seemed that I was a lone voice! Good power


With the whacko pervert Weiner about to be embarrassed, all women need to be on the lookout. Sexting begins 9.11 @ 12:01 AM


Scary thought–what is the pervert Anthony Weiner doing with all the free time he has. Does he collect unemployment?


Pervert Anthony Wiener will never be able to get away from his perversion-the cure rate is ZERO.


It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world.

That last tweet was sent August 3, 2015. Nostratrumpus!

Not only does Trump have a great sense of humor, he was right about Weiner, and he’s a goddamned prophet after today’s news dropped that the FBI reopened its investigation of thecunt after it got hold of leaked emails through Weiner’s sexting phone.

WORD OF THE YEAR: LEAK (in all its connotations)

I’m not a religious man, but it seems to me the Hand of God is guiding this election, and that He has notarized The Trumpening. The tragedy that accompanies this view is that even with God handing them every reason to vote Trump, a large group of Americans sees fit to defy His magnanimity. Well, the unwoke are about to be smote.



Watch George Shitlibopoulos’ body language when Trump shivs him right in the gut.


Does Trump ever get tired of being right? Does a starstruck pussy ever get tired of being grabbed?


Reader tteclod has a theory for how the FBI got hold of new damaging information from Carlos Danger’s sexting phone.

I think the Clintons attempted to jettison A. Weiner. Big mistake.

He, like any good (((white man))), decided that if he was going down for sexting & otherwise transmitting purportedly prurient photos to a 15 y/o female, he would take down the evil Arab bitch Huma and her crone lover Hillary along with him..

If I’m right about this, I hope A. Weiner gets a really good plea deal, up to and including full immunity for everything short of rape and murder, and sole custody of his son. Hell, I’d license him to flash teenage girls in Central Park for as long as he lives.

The fact that thecunt may be taken down by her arrogant lesbian skittle lover and her ass-saving pervy skype husband is fucking poetic. The bards will sing of this for ages.

Which makes me wonder…the FBI would not reopen this investigation if the recent email discoveries didn’t contain a bombshell….so what’s in them? Proof that thecunt ordered hits on Seth Rich and Scalia? Massive money transfers between ISIS and State or the Saudis and State? All evils are in the realm of possibility.

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Your Daily Putin


When Trump is elected Galactic Overlord, there will be three ruling Shitlord Supremos in the world: Duterte, Putin, and the Golden Don. A TriREKTa that will send shitlibs scurrying to their soyfat burrows and self-medicating autogynephilia dens.


More Clinton Corruption Eruption News: New emails show Hillary “thecunt” Clinton personally corresponded with the tech staff who administered her private server.

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My sides! Trump’s hair reaching skyward had me laughing at the screen.

Remember when Don Draper executed a Pussygrab Finishing Move on Mad Men and all the shitlib White women who loved that show swooned on cue?

Women! (should not vote)


FYI I’m sure that Trump had some raunchy fun back in his day (and maybe still does). Did he grab pussies unsolicited? Doubtful. Did giggly, eager, sexually aroused hypergamous women place their pussies conspicuously within grabbing range of Trump’s hand and splooge with ecstasy when he took advantage? YUP. Forgotten in all THEE CURRENT YEAR shitlib feminist hypocrisy about Trump’s “misogynaaaaaah” is the common sense acceptance that rich, handsome, charming men are very attractive to women, and women will throw themselves at such men when they have the chance. Men of Trump’s SMV know this, and respond accordingly in the company of women: with impudent and justified entitlement.

And then 35 years later when these former Trump playthings are bitter crones who still aren’t over their magical Trump romance (five minutes in a plane bathroom), a ClintonCunt operative will bribe them with Clinton Foundation jobs to claim one month before the election how much they SUFFERED from the billionaire cad’s flirtations. And they will expect the general public to swallow this horseshit whole, and never ask “gee, how come these women never complained in the previous 35 years when Trump wasn’t running for President?”.

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At the Al Smith charity dinner, Trump laid a trap for the elites and unleashed his vengeance on a gathering of effete plutocrats, smug globalist whores, lapdog media hacks, intellectually inbred urbanites, and the Wicked Bitch herself. You have to see this video to believe it, and if you ever doubted Trump’s sincerity or his commitment to destroy the old order and throw the corrupt money-changers out of the American temple, doubt no more.

Trump channeled the spirits of Skittles Man, Bring Da Movies kid, and Birthday Cat combined and went the Full ZFG Shitlord on a congregation of aristocratic shitlib scum. He nuked the ruling class and the Clinton Machine from orbit and took a piss on their smoldering ashes.

If you were disappointed that Twatter Trump didn’t make a grand entrance at the debates, well this is the UNCUT RAW TRUMPOCALYPSE you were waiting for:

THE ABSOLUTE SAVAGE (for telling the truth).

Trump got his revenge. For this:


For the dying and discredited legacy media’s Hillary-shilling, suckered into covering the killshots he couldn’t make at the debates.

For the insulated and decadent elites and their phony back-scratching rituals and mean-spirited sneering at non-elite White Americans:

Hopefully after Trump’s bravura impressionistic performance as Kull the Conqueror at this disgusting elite trough dinner he will end that and other phoney baloney traditions in favor of much more based gatherings and events.

I am 2000% sure he can function at all levels of culture from highest to lowest, but this sort of pseudo aristocratic gathering, especially when full like a blocked toilet of skypes, journalists and political parasites, is unAmerican. It’s un-Anglosphere. Anglosphere equivalents would never be catholic for starters or honor any other collectivist internationalist cabal. And there’d be senior front line soldiers and naval men front and center, as well as real cultural leaders.

Instead Trump got to carve his way through the soft underbelly of the synagogue of satan, which is cool, but hopefully to be consigned to the trash heap of history.

But they should screen his speech in full every Christmas.

And of course he got his revenge on the infirm Queen of Cunts, Hillary Rotten Clinton, for her lies and backroom dealings and self-enrichment scheming and last-minute malicious slandering of Trump’s character through bribed proxies.

The Queen and her courtiers didn’t see the blade swinging. They thought Trump was an entertainer, at the end of the day just another narcissist elitist like themselves, in on the joke and happy to yuk it up congenially with fellow plutocrats as middle America suffered under miseries visited upon them by the rulers in whom they put their faith.

But Trump is not like them. He’s a wealthy businessman with a commoner’s touch, and a honed sense for traitorous nümale-ocracy bullshit earned from decades immersed in New York real estate and politics. He knows where to find the underbelly of the lickspittle media and their scumbag Bezosian paymasters, and he studied them, watched as they betrayed him….and waited…

then plunged the knife in to the hilt.

Savor this moment when the elites realized they were more than the butt of Trump’s jokes; they were the target of his contempt:

And thecunt’s reaction?


Under the robot shell, the misshapen reptile inside screams with fear.

Trump didn’t wield a shiv at this dinner. He hoisted a war scythe and started lopping off heads. He was Hop-Frog to the terror-stricken Establishment.

This time, the time for yukking it up with the Establishment is over. Watch as Trump the court jester begins with his routine of juggling several glistening knives in the air, for the amusement of the white-tie audience, then calmly collects them one by one into his hands, and throws them straight into the chests of the plutocrats and the media.

The courtiers mocked him as a reality TV clown, and struck cruel blows against his little-people supporters whenever they felt like a little entertainment. So the jester decides to put on a show for the court where “Trump acts like Trump” and they’re all laughing along with the act. He convinces them it would be a riot for them to put on wax masks showing elitist caricatures, then begins a fire-breathing routine — only to spit the fire right onto their masks. As the courtiers scramble around the ballroom with their faces ablaze, the jester and his little-people companions storm out and burn down the rest of the palace.


Whatever happens November 8, know this….everything’s changed.

Related: Pat Buchanan on the panicked establishment.

PS: Cucks are delusional if they think Guacbowl or Foamboi would have been more viable candidates to beat thecunt. Could you imagine the ball-less beta wonder Jeb at this dinner? He would have spent the whole speech mocking his own low energy and then honored thecunt for her service at State. Afterwards, he would have congratulated Hillary for her upcoming win and reminded her to pass amnesty as part of her first 100 days in office.

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The GloboHomoBezos Hivemind is pulling out all the stops to prevent a populist uprising. The latest is a mic’ed recording of Trump engaging in some fratty sex talk in 2005 while on the set of a soap opera in which he had a cameo. The bawdy line that has thecunt in a schoolmarmish tizzy is when Trump says, “when you’re a star… they [women] let you do anything”.

Trump is right. Fame Game is the most powerful aphrodisiac a man can unleash in the world of women. I’ve no doubt actresses on that soap opera eagerly welcomed Trump’s inquisitive probings.

I for one welcome a realtalking, truth-telling, ZFG juggernaut steamrolling our vile ruling class. I also welcome Trump reminding thecunt at their next debate of her husband’s rapes and abuse of power to curry sexual favors from female underlings while she protected him and slandered his conquests.

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