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Angry Gamer, on the Jeff Bozo cringe-fest,

Of course Jeff B is a Beta. Compare him to Trump or Ellison and you will get the full picture.

And of course the Dirty Sanchez opened Jeff up. I would not be a bit surprised if she wore him down in a concerted effort to get her puffy lips around his modestly sized personal Kindle.

Skittles Man is the perfect model of how men should treat women.

Casual gifts that mean nothing are fawned over. Multi thousand dollar rings are looked at contemptuously.

I really think that women have an out of range mental reset built in their hindbrains. You trip it by doing something at the extremes. Give her a Pony she will go gaga. Give her a 10 cent piece of candy “you personally picked out at the Mart” she goes gaga.

This kind of mechanism is the only way to explain Skittles man and Doubling Down. Women are idiot boxes to out of the norm behaviors.

A half-assed cheap gift wrenched from an emotionally distant heart: women swoon.

Thousands of dollars in expensive gift jewelry: women can barely conceal their contempt.

Women’s love doesn’t have to be expensive unless you insist on it.

Then it will get very expensive for you.

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She gets around‘: NFL star ex-fiance of Jeff Bezos’ new lover Lauren Sanchez claims she cheated on him, expected him to pay for everything and then kept their engagement ring when they split after four years together

ALPHA: giving a young hot chick a bag of Skittles for her birthday and she still loves you

BETA: falling deeply in love with a botoxed, road-worn slut and losing 70 billion in the divorce settlement after your wife finds out

Be Skittles Man, don’t be Jeff Bozo. The billions aren’t worth the effort to earn it if you’ll only blow it on a haggard slut with clown lips.


From P.K. Griswold,

I hereby amend my previous comment wherein I speculated that Bozos warm-opened this skank.

Nope. She opened him.

Sanchez’s hamster recognised Bozos for the pathetic little MARK that he is (probably at a dinner party he hosted) and she moved in for the hypergamous killshot.

Read the text messages; she had him eating out of her hand. Just a matter of time after that before she got her big payday. Good for her. She got what she deserved and so did Bozos.

You reading, Anglin? MONEY IS NOT ALPHA.

Sanchez is the classic femme fatale, minus the femme.

When you endured your formative years as an incel nerd and spent your twenties marinating in self-doubt about your ability to attract decent-looking women, a sudden influx of billions of dollars won’t fix your confidence problem. You’ll still see yourself as that lsmv loser, so when an aging beauty comes onto you, you fall in love.

This is Jeff Bezos.

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What’s the word I’m looking for when an oligarch at the helm of a company which invades the privacy of its customers and pushes for a dystopian regime of 24/7 surveillance of Americans gets his personal life exposed by the very privacy-killing society he eagerly advocates for the peons?

Oh yeah….TRUMPMA.

This is too funny. Text messages between Betazos and his Wall-imminent lover Dirty Slamchez were hacked and released to the public.

(fyi Betazos was sexting Sanchez months before he celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife. It doesn’t sound like they were separated during his affair, as his publicists claim!)

Some samples of Jeff Bezos’ tender texts:

I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon

“alive girl”

His non-alive women only felt that way in bed.

Does he show his love with his eyes independently, like a chameleon? One eye scans her tits while the other eye takes stealth screenshots of her email and location?

I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you

“I want to deliver myself to your doorstep”

You know what I want? I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Listen and laugh

The soy is strong in this one.

I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you.

ALL CAPS!!! Betazos is in luurrrv. Aw such a romantic. It’s like he just now discovered how to write 8th grade love notes. This guy should be sexting about jamming his drone into her inbox; instead he’s fantasizing about building a life of domestic tranquility with her. What a goober!

Leave it to a soul-born beta like Bezos to fall in love with a botoxed has-been. How many years and billions had to accumulate before women started reciprocating his ardor and making him feel like a human man?

I love everything about you. I love that your last pic takes me completely out of my head. I am crazy about you. All of you. I need to smell and touch you. I want to hold you. I know you’re right for me. I know we fit.

I like it when you’re strong, and I like it when you’re vulnerable. Everything. The only thing I don’t like is not being with you. All of this is just straight from my heart. I love everything about you.

Bezos is really in love with his wallstress. It’s not the illicit sex that breaks his wife’s heart, it’s his emotional betrayal. Women can handle a cheating husband if it’s purely physical, but they can’t handle the loss of a husband’s love.

Cooing sweet nothings are ok if the man says them, in bed, after he’s fucked the cunt out of his girl. But not in text messages. Bezos failed the Jumbotron Test:

Every text or email or recordable instance of conversation you have with a girl must follow this simple rule:

If it were given a public airing, let’s say on a blog or a sports stadium jumbotron, you should feel comfortable with what you have written for the world to see.  You should not feel an urge to wince, because it will be clear to everyone reading it how alpha you are.  If the thought of someone other than you and your girl reading your permanently archived romantic exchanges makes you cringe with embarrassment, then you are doing something wrong that will eventually lead to your girl dumping you.

Jumbotron FAIL.

After gaymullato’s kiss attempt is denied by the first stringer, check out his awkward finger tapping on her shoulder. I bet those two stopped having sex after the kids were born. The sexlessness causality runs both ways: he’s a closet case, and she’s repulsed by his unmanliness.

Now Betazos can join gaymullato in the Jumbotron FAIL Hall of Shame.

You LOSE, Jeff. No prime for you!

The racy messages — which reportedly included a snapshot of Bezos’ junk

Complete with user reviews.


Reader comments:


Perhaps the attraction came from the excitement of something forbidden, since she was the wife of a friend? Otherwise, I don’t get it.

I wonder how Sanchez’s husband feels about being cucked by the richest nerdlet in the world? Maybe not so bad, since Sanchez is well past the age of spawning any bastards.

Neither Bezos’ wife nor his mistress is worth a free drink, let alone 70 billion. That said, I’d give the nod to the mistress. She’s about a point higher on the 1-10 scale. That’s good enough for Betazos to fall head over heels!

From Paper Shuffler,

Imagine being the wealthiest man in the world and getting romantic feelings for some middle-aged goblina…
BAP was right… the elites really aren’t anything special are they…

Nope, and they HATE HATE HATE that we’re pulling the curtain back on their laughable pretensions.

Mob Barley,

The richest guy in the world
Went for a 49 year old chick

So little competition out there

It’s never been a better time to have freedom, testosterone, and Game.


his friend’s wife. pathetic weasel.

Yep, and P.K. Griswold explains why a weasel like Bezos did what he did:

This is exactly what I’m getting at, bros. Bezos reeks of OPTIONLESS BETA..

This guy’s got more money than god, but when he looks to cash in his newly acquired SMV chips, he buys the first thing that appears—his friend’s wall-impacted, mud blooded, tranny-ringer wife! (With whom they probably have dinner once a month.)

Why? Because she already knows him; he doesn’t have to cold open this brawd.

This is truly pathetic. Bezos may be a successful man, influential, wealthy beyond compare. But when it comes to front-holes, he’s a thoroughly blue pill, pedestal polishing, shaking-in-his-boots beta. Full stop.

Sometimes I wish I was a woman because it’s ten times easier to fleece a thirsty goon’s empire than it is to build your own.

All the money in the world can’t save a game-less, charmless, needy betaboy supplicant from dating “up” to a middle-aged trap show.

Smart women know this, and like PK wrote it’s ten, no ten million, times easier for a woman to fleece a beta billionaire than it is to build her own wealth. The ease of this is precisely why these women fuck and fall in love with much less wealthy but sexyasfuck challenging jerkboys on the side.

From PBR Streetgang,

Paid $69,999,999,980 more than the going rate.

He’ll probably wind up stalking her after she leaves him for a retired football player.

From California Caucasian,

I’ve managed to score more Grade A just owning a house. Filled the kitchen of said house with shiny pots and pans, can make a killer omelette… the ass flows. Being able to nominally cook anything = panty drop…

How can a rich rich oligarch do so poorly? I’m just a poor fuck who won’t buy drinks, but I’ll make you a cocktail at home…

guest replies,

Thank you my boomer.

Broke: Skittles man

Woke: Boomer omelette man

Bespoke: Sending most of the population of California to New Auschwitz

Corinth Arkadin,


I wrote poems to my women:

Roses are Red/Violets are Blue/I Wanna Eff You/Every Which Way/Including The Butt

newlyaloof close this post out,

Amazon meet MAGAzon.

One more shiv…


Thought: maybe Bezos is an open borders globohomo fanatic because he thinks the millions streaming in from south of the border are all Lauren Sanchezes like his loverlady?

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Hey, Jeff, you little pissant wall-eyed value-eating slave labor-loving wage-gutting nation-wrecking globohomo nerdo, was the tranny blowjob worth it? Asking for a friend named Donald Trump.



Some thoughts on the Bezos Bimbo.

News is out (thanks to Trump’s friends at the National Enquirer) that Bezos cheated on his wife of two decades and had an affair with a 49-year-old woman sporting staypuft lip injections. That’s her above, Lauren “dirty” Sanchez. She is the wife of a friend of the Bezos’. The timeline is murky, but the latest reporting suggests Bezos was slamming Slamchez while both were still married, but you know how these satanic cult elite marriages are arranged to allow for “managed indiscretions”.

There were questions if the Bezos marriage blew up because Jeffy or his wife stepped out, but now we know — the rich husband cashed in his inflating SMV. The cosmic order remains in balance, and we may enjoy the spectacle of TDS sufferer Bezos getting his name dragged through the mud.

Bezos has been looking jacked since Trump became President. It’s known that lifting will raise testosterone levels, and higher T will increase the risk of infidelity (jacked up muscles => jacked up libido). I wouldn’t be surprised if Bezos has more than one mistress in his closet that he acquired after he started throwing the iron.

The Trump Curse is real. Bezos is a notorious Trump-hater who bought the Washington Post-Op with the sole intention of turning it into an unreadable anti-Trump rag, which he did, quite successfully.

Maybe Jeff Bezos hates Trump because Trump’s wives were and still are much hotter than the plain jane Bezos managed to land with his money?

Could be!

That’s another aspect of Trump I respect. He had the power and he USED IT to grab only the sexiest pussy. While Bezos flirted with a middle aged desperate housewife, Trump was romping with porn whores, playboy models, fashion models, and who knows how many garden variety hotties off the streets of NY.

A billionaire would really have to be a pathetic beta boob to fail at attracting a hottie. And that was Betazos. A beta soul cannot be cured by 140 billion dollars. It’s not that unusual to see very rich men acting like total noobs with women. If you’ve spent all your time making money and none of it learning how to banter with women, and lean on your money to do all the courtship and seduction work, then women will fall for your money instead of you.

Sanchez might be a golddigger. Golddiggers target already rich men. Smart women target pre-rich men who seem like they have the potential to become rich. How do women become filthy rich? By divorcing a filthy rich man.

Normally, I feel some sympathy for men who get taken to the cleaners by rapacious whores leveraging a corrupt divorce-rape system that enables their thievery, but in this case I will enjoy every minute of this spectacle and every last dollar squeezed out of robber baron Bezos’ Amazog Prime wallet. It couldn’t happen to a nicer globalist.

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An emailer supplies this hideous emblem of Western estrogenesis,

I’ve never personally seen anything more beta and revolting than this, so I thought I will submit this to your blog.

This poster was for a party at a student dorm in Germany.

Is that Esssra Klein in the middle?

The right side reads, “party without the patriarchy! last party of the year!”

What we have here is a snarling battlecunt going to a party to get fall-down drunk, fuck the bouncer, and soak timid, demoralized betas for free booze while keeping a finger resting on her “MeToo hotline” number should one of the betas insolently open his mouth to say hi, in no particular order.

No doubt there are thirsty soyboys lining up for the privilege.

Funny thing is, these parties don’t have to be billed as such for this dynamic to happen naturally anywhere the gynarcho-tyranny is the de facto governing social system. Advertising and marketing are just now catching up to a reality that has been brewing for a long time: all female whims catered, all female vice excused, and the mediocre masses of vegetable lasagnas get blamed for the ruin left in the wake of our liberated wahmen.

Even funnier, the poster is an invitation to assholes, who are the closest approximation to oppressive patriarchs in the modern West, to raid the dorm party and easily slip into the role of the rebellious badboy to give these cunts the battlefield defeat they so desperately desire. It’s like shooting snapper in a barrel.

She’ll be at this party:

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The Shalom Jabbar

How long can you make it through this video before tapping out? I got to 32 seconds.

Just skip the vid and go straight to the comments. Wokeness is the rule rather than the exception.

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[T]he killing of the male lion by the mother of his cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo on Monday, Oct. 15, has him perplexed.

“The attack that occurred took everyone by surprise; it surprised me,” he said. “I’ve never heard of a female attacking a male.”

He said there have been observations of groups of females attacking strange males if they are seen as a threat, but the females generally just wound and chase away the males, not kill them.

“Extreme aggression of females to males is definitely unique,” he said.

The incident occurred before the zoo opened to the public, when zoo workers saw lioness Zuri acting aggressive to 10-year old Nyack. They attempted to separate the pair, but Zuri held Nyack down by the neck until he suffocated to death. […]

Packer said Indianapolis Zoo President Rob Shumaker called him to discuss the incident, and he was told that Zuri was almost the same size as Nyack. Packer thinks it might have happened because she was domineering over him, and called this an “odd combination” because lionesses are generally submissive to male lions.

“If it’s a question of who feeds from a carcass first, the female is annoyed with the male, but she has to defer,” Packer said.

The way that Zuri killed Nyack was also quite vicious, according to Packer.

“That’s the way they kill their prey,” he said. “The fact that it’s such a lethal thing, right at this throat, again that’s surprising. When (lions) usually go after each other, they are happy to just wound each other.”

“All of these animals are unpredictable moment to moment,” he said. “The main lesson here is…that it’s something that can happen. If you have that combination of an aggressive female and submissive male, it might not be the ideal configuration.”

Inverted sexual polarity for the loss.

From the commenter who passed along this story,

All females, at least all mammalian females, despise weak males and will even kill them.

There’s a lesson there as it regards our hysterical, nation-wrecking single White women.

Women despise the gimp hand.

Women crave the pimp hand.

If women have only gimp hands to caress them, they will revolt, either directly through confrontation and attack, or indirectly by welcoming pimp hands from afar to come invade their undefended homeland and cast the gimp hands to the icy wastelands.

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