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Psychopaths like Yglesias can’t empathize with people. Worse, clannish psychopaths leverage their lack of empathy for outgroups to benefit their ingroup.

From a Twatter commenter,

I am in no way saying anyone should “protest” at Matty’s house by trying to break down his door but if it happened, maybe he would be able to empathize. It’s almost if he is asking it happen to him.

The problem is that Tucker Carlson lives in a Shitlib Zone (DC suburbs). He is a walking target, with few local allies who would rally to his side to take on the enemy. Fatty Matty is in his element. The Shitlib Zone protects him, nourishes him, coddles him, and excuses his psychopathy. MAGAlords would have to come from far away to demonstrate to Matty what it feels like to be on the business end of the lack of empathy he has for others. And they would be swarmed once inside the Shitlib Zone perimeter.

I’ll repeat myself: what you’re seeing are the first volleys of Civil War 2. I wish I was kidding.

Kelly adds,

But even for a public shitlord like Tucker Carlson, it may not be a good idea to live in a Shitlibopolus like DC., since he has kids. He is smack dab in middle of Enemy Territory. Shit lords need to be secret guerilla operators or group themselves outside of enemy lines and play their role from safer distances.

Good advice, but know what you are saying is akin to accommodationist precursors to civil war. When Americans on one side are forced to accommodate the terroristic intimidations of the other side, then the last societal threads that bind us are severed. Faith in law and order is lost. One side comes to see the other side as able to act with impunity by the imprimatur of a negligent or, worse, abetting ruling class which harbors their street terrorists. We are living under occupation, speaking freely only through underground channels and keeping our heads low in public to avoid a leftoid swarm.

From J.R.,

O’Reilly talked about this with Hannity recently, saying that one thing ppl don’t realize is how much everybody prominent on the Right has to spend on security now cause Antifa is constantly showing up at their houses and threatening them

this is clearly a strategy by the Left to intimidate their enemies

God willing this all changes fast now that Bane is our Acting Attorney General. Jim Accost-her is certainly not planning to report on pantifa threats! (And that’s because CNN’s Fake News problem starts at the top: JEFF ZUCKER.)

Anti-White [special sociopath] Yglesias thinks Tucker’s wife deserved to be terrorized in her home for the political opinions of her husband – he just thinks it’s tactically unsound because Tucker is famous enough that ppl will rally to his side

he feels no human emotion or sympathy for her

he’s a Bolshevik
he doesn’t think there’s anything morally wrong w/ political terrorism

“The death of one Gentile is a tragedy, the death of millions of Gentiles is a statistic.”

From The Zman,

This is why the Right always loses. The Left would respond to this with litigation. They would go into Federal court and demand Twitter dox the accounts promoting this. They would sue the protesters in order to get depositions, forcing them to name their backers. It would be an endless legal assault.

Tucker will go on his show and plead for civility.

Zman is right, and this is the perennial problem that dogs nascent nonviolent right-wing movements. THE RIGHT IS SIMPLY TOO NICE. The Left plays for keeps. The Right plays by rules that were devised to hobble them before the game even begins. The Left makes up the rules as they go along, to advance their immediate goals.

We have to find a way to cut through this Gordian knot, otherwise this will all end the way it has so many times in the past: hellfire. No one wants that when it’s actually happening. Before it happens? Eh, it’s like a video game, fun to imagine all the vengeance you’ll dole out while you enjoy limitless respawns. J.R.,

yglesias forever dreams of inspiring others to commit the political violence that he is too soft and weak-willed to commit himself

he wants a violent revolution that kills millions
he just doesn’t want to have to do it personally

he wants to be the intellectual writer guy who inspires others to do all the dirty work – and then later they can throw him a parade or something

The Gordian knot of a media-academia-bureacracy-entertainment axis of collusion against Heritage America can be cut, but it will require a paradigm shift in Rightist thinking. The Right can’t make the Left live up to its own book of rules, because the Left doesn’t have a rulebook (other than Alinsky’s book of rulebreaking). And the Right can’t bank on an accomplice media to cover for its excesses and make martyrs of them in defeat, as the Left enjoys. But what the Right can do is adopt the Left’s rule-breaking, assume the Left’s shape and form, and (sometimes literally) drive the Left insane with rhetorical limberness that can evade media sentinels and amplify the already-present emotional fragility of leftoids to system critical fluctuations in negative energy.

J.R. again,

that twitter account is still up, btw
they doxed Tucker’s brother

they committed violence against Tucker’s home, they terrorized his wife, and they clearly want Tucker’s family to pressure him to tone it down out of fear

this is political terrorism

and Twitter supports it

The Chaimstream Media’s silence on left-wing terrorism is deafening.

PS Scientific research has discovered that [the special people] as a group have inherited a disposition to neurotic psychopathy.

PPS Reminder that Fatty Matty advanced to the Chateau Heartiste 2015 Punchable Shitlib Face Tournament Semifinals, where he was beaten by his Voxlet colleague Dylan Matthews. (The Vox office must be the place where vagina tingles go to die.)

Yglesias is a gargoyle. A grotesquerie.

How a man looks is a leading indicator of how he thinks. Physiognomy Is Rael.

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The future is overfed.

This is a pic of fat gross boxwine catladies mourning Claire McCaskill’s (D-Pussyhat) loss. If you push the middle one over, she ain’t getting up.

Talk about a boner-killing, America-killing line-up of rough mugs in the Ballsy-Ford tradition. Is there a factory that assembles these haggard banshees by the millions? They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Big ol manjaws, leathery skin, ****


bzzzt ORANGE MAN BAD beep boop


**** blubbery fupas, yenta glasses, perpetual scowls, and of course the requisite femcunt slogans. “The future is female” “Woman 2018” “Believe Women” etc. Is this ritualistic vapid sloganeering supposed to help them forget about their desiccated wombs and romantic worthlessness to any man with half a choice?

(The male version of these broads is sitting behind them in the gray jacket, rocking a T level that is half theirs.)

From End Cultural Marxism,

Do a Twitter search for “white women” (in quote marks). All the dindus, mestizos and muzzies are hating on white women big time because of election.

I wonder what the thoughts are of normie white women reading this hatred…

Yes, White women did not sufficiently support the aspirational Dem cult leader candidates Gillum, Abrams, and Beta O’Rourke. 41% for Beta is well short of the 95% of black women who voted for him, and DAS RACISS. (“But wait, CH, by that logic isn’t it racist for blacks to give only single digit support to White Republican candidates?” Shhhh, go to sleep now.)

I’m a big fan of this recent coalition of the fringes crack-up. Maybe it’ll wonderfully focus White woman minds. It’s a two-pronged attack on virtue signaling White women. They get it from shitlords calling them catladies, and they get it from nonWhites calling them racists (and in a most revoltingly paternalistic manner).

I approve of this pincer move, because FULL SPECTRUM SHAMING is the only thing that will jolt White women out of their anti-White mass hysteria.

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Magid Magid, for those just arriving, is the newly elected lord mayor of Sheffield, England. He is idiocracy personified, and serves as a totem to self-abasing cucked Whites who stupidly cheer on the destruction of their homelands and, now, proudly wear Magid’s retailed raiments.

I don’t know which group I hate more. The ingrate invaders. The smug virtue signalers. The slavish cucks. The snarky soyboys. The seditious globalists. The perfidious special people. The screechy pussyhatters.

I’ll put the question to you readers. Which group do you hate most?

Introducing the Chateau’s inaugural Primary Hate Poll:


PS Happy Talloween!

PPS Parents’ fault.

To: Disingenuous Shitlibs

If you don’t want to fake cry over tired toddlers, blame the parents for taking Soros bucks and forcing their kids to go on a thousand mile trek across Central America.



PPPS One has to marvel that the great deliberative bodies of Western societies and the weighty matters of State have devolved into decisions based on maudlin photos of crying tots posted to social media. This is the logical conclusion of the 19th Amendment and Mass Moshe Migration.

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From CH commenter Bucky,

That can be said for almost every POF profile

FACT: most mudsharks look like this whale. Old, blubbery, and desperate.

FACT: despite the above fact, our 30 year old Nigerian can STILL DO BETTER (and he knows it)

“I’m happy. I’m overwhelmed.”

Can we make #DisappointedNigerian a meme?

From commenter clarence boddiker,

90 day fiance is the basic cable television warehouse of the most beta cringeworthy soys out there.

There’s a new trend now, highlighted on the show, dudes who are trying to get 3rd world 4’s to marry them even though neither one speaks the other’s language. So, this dude travels into South America to marry some 20 year old meh chick and their married days and engagement are spent speaking into an iphone’s translator feature.

So we’ve got obese catladies marrying disappointed dindus who will love them until they get the green card, and we’ve got soyboy betas traveling to jungly paradises to meet schwarzenegger’s maids and coo at each other through iphone translators.

A dystopian prophet like Houllebecq could not write stranger fiction if he tried.

The post-modren West is the story of deeply ugly people, inside and out, trying to escape the reality and demands of the sexual market. I have coined it….The Fuggernaut. And it will consume us if we don’t beat it back to the abyss from where it was belched.

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All the proof anyone should need that the typical beta male can rise above his SMV station and snag a girl “out of his league” (as SMV leagues are conventionally defined (often superficially)) is seen in the ease with which the same beta who wilts under the effervescent glow of a beauty will effortlessly interact with an unattractive woman.

This contrast is so stark that one may wonder if he is observing the same man at play, or if a charming mofo doppelbänger took his place to smoothly banter with the plain jane.

The awkwardness of our intrepid beta, as he bumbles and bobbles his chance with a cutie, sweating and spazzing and spitting the lamest lines, is defied with equal verve by the smoothness in body and nimbleness of bantz he brings to casual conversations with lesser girls.

And the girls’ reactions are predictable. The cuties will shuffle their feet, look embarrassed for the man, and lean away to make an exit on the slimmest pretext. But the mediocre missus’s, they are bewitched by the Lord Byron before ’em. Such a charmer!, they cream.

This, to me, proves that the spirit of a skirt chaser lurks within every beta male. He just needs to access it, to summon the ZFG-man from the depths when he’s most needed, during those times when the HBBubbleRear nears the boundary of his phallic frontier.

williamk independently corroborates the theme of this post:

Its important to underscore the subconscious roots of this stuff. Most guys assess themselves and then behave accordingly to their (often self-imposed) pecking order. Most guys will naturally have alpha body language around a guy a 6 inches shorter than them, or a girl they don’t find attractive. It takes these exaggerated status disparities for the average man to accept he can act with self-possession. The key is squashing the insecurity that happens when the status gap is closer, or even reversed.

Self-possession. That is the core concept. Some call it outcome independence. Some call it ZFG. Others, the “aloof alpha attitude“. Or, charming jerkboyhood. Old timers call it, “devil-may-care”. Hardliners use the term “uncaring assholery“. PUAs prefer the term “amused mastery“. Over time and space, the idea is the same: the man who wants it least is the man who gets the most.

Beta males have it in them to be great womanizers. They are at ease talking with plain women or or feminists or catladies or black women. They only freeze up and suffer mental cramps when they talk with hotties.

Now, the trick is to be that self-possessed man when it matters (courting hot babes). The smoothness that the beta brings to his face time with dull-looking girls is the same smoothness that will delight hotter girls.

The good news is that, if you know and recognize within yourself a fledgling ZFG-lord who makes an appearance when it *doesn’t* matter, then you know that the possibility exists — as assuredly as your Inner Cadboy exists — that you can be *THAT GUY* when it suits you. You just have to know how to coax your Inner Cadboy from his slumber when the need arrives.

The trick, then, condenses to something I’ve written about before, and which is stated explicitly in one of the less-heralded Poon Commandments:

X. Ignore her beauty

The man who trains his mind to subdue the reward centers of his brain when reflecting upon a beautiful female face will magically transform his interactions with women. His apprehension and self-consciousness will melt away, paving the path for more honest and self-possessed interactions with the objects of his desire. This is one reason why the greatest lotharios drown in more love than they can handle — through positive experiences with so many beautiful women they lose their awe of beauty and, in turn, their powerlessness under its spell. It will help you acquire the right frame of mind to stop using the words hot, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe girls who turn you on. Instead, say to yourself “she’s interesting” or “she might be worth getting to know”. Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially not a girl you aren’t fucking. Turn off that part of your brain that wants to put them on pedestals. Further advanced training to reach this state of unawed Zen transcendence is to sleep with many MANY attractive women (try to avoid sleeping with a lot of ugly women if you don’t want to regress). Soon, a Jedi lover you will be.

Ignoring a woman’s beauty. Easier said than done? Eh, don’t be a pessimist. Sure, you’re trying to upturn millennia of evolutionarily-carved male limbic emanations, but vee haf vays to help you control your limbido.

  1. Bang hotties. The more hotties you bang, the less each new hottie you meet will leave you tongue-tied. Penetrating hotties in the only way that matters strips them (heh) of their mystery, their allure, and their power. Every successful affair with a hottie will make you more comfortable in their company. Of course, this is putting the tart before the whores. It’s tough to learn how to bang hotties by…banging hotties. (Unless you get lucky and can springboard off a fortuitous lay to more strategically planned lays.) Which brings us to…
  2. Don’t bang uglies. The more uglies you bang out of desperation, the more you psychologically groom yourself to believe you can only get, or deserve, uglies. It’s a bad habit that you shouldn’t indulge. Which brings us to…
  3. Change your mental state. No more flattery, no more thirst, no more hot babes’ dirty looks. It’s easier to ignore a woman’s beauty when you stop mentally rehearsing how beautiful she is, and focus instead on slotting her in the same place you put everyone, male or female: a random stranger who must earn your curiosity.
  4. Total recall. When you approach a hottie, allow your eyes to cloud over as your mind drifts to sharp memories of the times you held court at a social event, or flirted like a champ with a girl you weren’t interested in. You will be at once in and out of the moment, acutely aware of your environment, but also “someplace else”, enjoying the warm glow of a memory of yourself as a king among cads. This memory will leach out and express itself in your attitude and behavior.
  5. Be cool. This takes practice, but it boils down to “don’t try so hard”. If you tell yourself, “I’m not here to impress anyone” — and saying these little motivations out loud to yourself is more effective than repeating them in your head — then you really will stop trying to impress people, because each moment you slip up and appease your target of interest, you will immediately be whisked back to that promise you made to yourself, and the silent shame will provide a rapid course correction.
  6. Focus on her flaws. It’s cheesy, but it works. Zoom in on a facial flaw, such as a mole or a funny earlobe. Do the same for a weird behavioral tic she might display. Smile to yourself as you mull on those flaws of hers. Your smile will aggravate her, and dilate her pussy. With practice, you’ll announce those flaws of her in the form of a backhanded compliment (neg), and completely flip the script.
  7. Date around. The more girls you concurrently date, the less each new girl will wow you. Fallback options defintely take the edge off meeting and seducing hot chicks.

From MattyIce,

“Invariably, [the men] all say they remember being cool as … they just wanted to shoo it away, or tell it to go find the nearest bug zapper.”

I remember distinctly as a young lad, 6th grade, this concept hitting me like a ton of bricks… “Why do all the girls I think are ugly ‘like’ me and not the ones I think are hot? I need to start treating the hot ones like I treat the ugly ones.” And the rest is history, a fond one at that!

Rule #8: Treat the hot girls like the ugly girls.

Remember it, burn it indelibly in your hippocampus, and let it guide you through life. As dictums go, this one is biblical.

Finally, some wise words from an older CH post on the topic.

  • Get into a line of work where you are ordering beautiful women to do your bidding.

If you can’t get sex with hot babes, the next best thing is authority. Fashion photographers are not known as casanovas for nothing.

  • Hang out with hot girls when they’re wasted and pissing themselves and vomiting.

This is a pretty good cure for one-itis. Don’t worry about supply. America is churning them out like cheap factory products lately.

  • Never stop macking.

The life of the lady’s man is always in forward motion. The day you slow down is the day you start misremembering your ex as hotter than she really was. By keeping women forever in your orbit, by hitting on them day and night and year after year, with intention or without, you remind yourself of the corporeal, earthly nature of women’s greatest asset, of their insufferable and dispiriting interchangeability, and your heart is steeled for the endless battle.

Finally, the Rule to Rule all Rules:

Rule #9: Act like you’ve banged her.

If Rule #8 is biblical, Rule #9 is primordial.

Approach every cute girl as if you have already supped of her tuft. This is the most valuable mental trick I can give you. Visualize her naked body succumbing in writhing pleasure to your pherocious phang. Visualize her spent body unable to walk afterward. Visualize the cocksureness you possess from soiling the purity of this princess. Smirk knowingly that you have known her in fullness. Visualization of this nature will inevitably manifest in a change in your mannerism, and in thrall she will come to believe almost as strongly as you do that you have banged her, though this will strike her odd, but nevertheless arouse her to make reality of imagination.

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I dare you to watch this Beta O’Rourke campaign ad without violently retching.

Jeeez, I wince with embarrassment for them.

The lack of shitlib self-awareness is astounding. Do they not recognize how cringingly puerile they come across?

It must be a Fuggernaut thing. When you’re amongst fellow fugs, swaddled in mutually supportive fugliness, you let it all hang out because no one will judge you. All it would take is one Chad to show up and point at them, laughing, for the fug facade to crumble and the catladies and soyboys and noseringers to scatter, red-faced, for their underground dwellings.

Anyhow, it appears Beta O’Rourke is the new cult leader to fit the bill for shitlibs’ need to be part of a cult. A know-nothing, zero-accomplishment, effete catboy who plucks the feels-strings of hippie retreads, bitter spinsters and snarling sluts. And he has a hit-and-run DUI on his record, which fulfills another shitlib need: to spend inordinate mental energy rationalizing away the flaws of their godheads.


From DavidTheGnome,

The left has entered 90’s, rapping preacher territory as far as “coolness” goes. I don’t see it turning around anytime soon. In fact I suspect the harder they try and reclaim it, the worse it will be. It makes me think of the chapo trap house guys and their reddit stream in particular, which has all the cultural energy of a super popular guys terminally dorky younger brother.

That’s really the heart of it: the Left has become uncool. Utterly, totally, uncool. They are now the alliance of very uncool people with massive chips on thier shoulders about the popular kid Trump’s inherent coolness and the Chads and Beckys he attracts to his social circle.

And of course, the Left is now trying way too hard to seem cool again, but as DTG notes, when you have to try to be cool, your failure is inevitable. The spiral downward into uncoolness intensifies, as the try-hardness strains to recapture a charisma that was lost long ago.

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You have to see this swedish TV ad to believe it, because the cuckery level is so off the charts it would violate Pornhub’s TOS.

I don’t even know wtf I saw here, but I know it was bad. It looked like an ad for interracial surrogacy. A White woman births a mystery meatball, then a sexually indeterminate black xir trots in for a group hug with a HuWhyte man holding the newborn “swede”. (Sneer quotes are the new triple parentheses.)

cortesar adds,

someone in the comment section says/asks
“I do not even know what is sold”
well my swedish friend I will tell what has been sold
Your history, your grand-grand-grandfather your father your children and their yet to be borne children,
that is what is sold

It’s a fire sale! Commenter Roy agrees,

Fritz. Get the flammenwerfer.

From TheGopnik,

Unholy shit !!! Did Barbara Lerner Spectre direct that one herself ?

It’s morbidly funny that the j__iest nation in the world is also one of the most Gentile nations in the world. J__iness through pozmosis?

The problem with sweden (undeserving of capitalization) is that they inherited the biggest load of cuck alleles, AND the government is run and staffed by catladies. This is a recipe for delirious jim jones cult-style mass suicide.


Daniel indignantly rebuts,

international marketing is true. This was very likely made by a marketing firm owned by a marketing firm located in New York. We’ve seen this on TV a hundred times. There is no evening without episodes of shows with gays and race mixing. It’s really disingenuous to use it against Sweden when it all comes from Hollywood. And I’m not responsible for Hollywood. Just like ordinary people in Sweden aren’t responsible for this commercial. No one chose this, it was foisted on us.

Have people forgotten who own the media? Does that need to be repeated because some people seem to forget it over and over?

Fair point. Isn’t there a governing body in sweden that can prohibit ads like this one from airing on swedeTV? Anyhow, I’m heartened that there are still some Swedes left with fight in them.

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