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Time for a phyzz check:

Yup, as expected, 100% White shitlord. And he’s right about islam.

Now let’s have a look at the phyzz of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, a platitude spouting cat lady who had her first and only child at the ripe young age of 37, with her “domestic partner”.

The phyzz never lies.

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From dallasvegas, who walks off with the SOTW award,

The reason Beto is popular with middle aged women, is because he is a guy that looks like someone who will take care of another man’s children

It’s so true! Just look at the guy:

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Beta Billy

This was one of the funnier send-ups of soyboy culture I’ve seen. The goofy, lemur-like face of beta billy had me in stitches.

“Tell me what to find beautiful in women. I accept. I’ll take anything.”


Meanwhile, Beta Billy’s women are getting their tubes tied just to prevent thier wombs from being polluted with beta seed.

PS Wildly off-topic: It takes a special kind of stupid to think that just because you and your kind can create a nice neighborhood that means everyone can do the same.

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From JJG,

Just saw an average looking girl I know on Instagram. Not a celebrity or talented in any way, solid 7. Had well over 200 likes for a pic in a party dress showing some cleavage. The first step is banning all social media and regulating the internet. Facebook, cell phones, Instagram are the primary causes if the skewed sex market. Literally over 200 thirsty betas and vapid sluts giving their fawning approval for absolutely nothing.

200 likes for a plain jane showing some cleavage

This is actually the apocalypse of the average joe

There are three events in modren human history one may pinpoint as singularities of corruption of our women.

  1. the vote
  2. the Pill
  3. social media

The first Corruption Event severed woman from husband and supplanted him with the State.

The second Corruption Event severed woman from herself and supplanted her womb with careerism and cock hopping.

The third Corruption Event severed woman from reality and supplanted her humility with self-delusion and rage.

Reversing these corruption events, in full or in part, will be necessary to save America from her destiny with collapse.


PS As if Canada couldn’t get any gayer:


thordaddy comments,

No one and no collective is able to put “radical autonomy” back in the stable.

The nature of this escalating radicalism is the staunch belief in total annihilation at bodily/brain death.

If one is thinking in terms of resurrected eternal life, she can possibly get a leash on her “radical sexual autonomy.” Otherwise, perpetual self-annihilation.

Yes this gets at the core issue. Secularization is really the abandonment of belief in the afterlife, replaced with a belief in the illimitable void. This change of belief is the energy which fuels modren shitliberalism.

The ideology of the illimitable void is why, in my darker moments, I doubt America will get out of her predicament without first collapsing and allowing rebirth from the ashes.

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The Crisis Of Male Submission

walawala leaves a bad taste in my mouth with this anecdote,

Was at a party over the weekend which was a send off for a young couple: soyboy and chubby 6 who were leaving the city to get married elsewhere.
Someone asked whether they’d be back. “She’s the boss” soyboy declared proudly grinning like he won the Blue Ribbon for best of breed in some State Fair.
Everyone cheered. I looked away. I think I was of a “different generation” to this group. The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly. As a side note she had been banging a friend of mine who 1. was married 2. treated her like a sloot and 3. didn’t live in the city so would bang her when he blew threw town on business and couldn’t find a ho.

she’s the boss!

The sexual polarity is inverted. Men submit to women, and women are recruited into dominance against their instincts.

The soyboy kneels at the feet of his woman. He calls her his queen (he is never the king). He defers to her on all decisions. He prostrates himself before her demands. He values her opinions more than his own. He begs for her sexual table scraps and cheerleads her past and present sexual profligacy with better men. He wifes up sluts and single mommies, while lashing himself for the slightest infraction against his woman’s honor. He forgives cheaters, forgets past cock counts, and fellates himself for his enlightened attitude. He wears the pussyhat in the family.

“The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly.”

Most women DESPISE the beta males who through their weakness foist upon women the unwelcome mantle of dominant partner. Women WANT to submit to a stronger man; they don’t want a weaker man submitting to them. The repulsion women feel for the latter is equivalent to that felt by normal T men for domineering fat shrews.

This perverted sexual market will return to healthy functioning one day, but until then we’ll have to endure a grotesque spectacle of beta male supplication as their gimp memes and cucky genes are slowly, painfully, existentially washed out of the population.

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This is the future our new POC masters and their [special puppeteers] want for us.

A test of how well your instincts are calibrated.

Do you feel more rage toward

a. the groveling cuck or

b. Moloch’s regurgitation?

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You know what makes my day? When a globohomo capital-stripping small business-destroying scumbag cock-eyed oligarch monopolist open borders billionaire whines about his dick pic being released by America’s foremost legitimate newspaper run by friends of the billionaire’s Prime Enemy, Presidente Trump.

Hey Jeffie, dick pics die in darkness!

Here’s Bezos Boner’s blog poast wherein he publicly weeps about the National Enquirer blackmailing him with threats to publish his dik piks texted to his over-the-hill mudsharking spinstress.

Federal investigators and legitimate media have of course suspected and proved that Mr. Pecker has used the Enquirer and AMI for political reasons. And yet AMI keeps claiming otherwise:

“American Media emphatically rejects any assertion that its reporting was instigated, dictated or influenced in any manner by external forces, political or otherwise.”

Of course, legitimate media have been challenging that assertion for a long time…

“Legitimate media”. This bugman is really butthurt about Trump and half of America calling his bought-and-paid-for rag Fake News.

Here’s a piece of context: My ownership of the Washington Post is a complexifier for me.

“Complexifier” is not a word in English.

It’s unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will wrongly conclude I am their enemy.

LMAO at this lame CYA. “Experience Washington Post news” sounds like a marketing slogan for a themed sex toy retailer.

President Trump is one of those people, obvious by his many tweets.

Every one of those tweets has gotten under Bezos Boner’s skin.

Also, The Post’s essential and unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles.

Khashoggi was a Moslem Brotherhood mouthpiece and a PR tool for the Qatari government. He was not a “journalist” by any definition that doesn’t include the word “whore”.

CEO Dik Pic wants us all to think he doesn’t direct or influence the reporting at the Bezos Post-Op, which he owns by the short and curlies. This is a lie. Bezos could fire every shitlib reporter working at the Post and replace them all with right-wing nationalists tomorrow if he wanted, but he doesn’t because under his tutelage he has preferred to turn the Post into a Trump Deranged dishrag publishing nonstop yellow journalism that fluffs the globalist billionaire class while crapping on the middle and working class Americans who voted for Trump to do something about the real threat to democracy posed by deracinated, cheap labor loving oligarchs like Bezos and by a lying, malevolent, agenda-driven Fake News media propaganda juggernaut.

I’m still laughing!

A commenter at Sailer’s scoffs at the accusation made by the Bitch Bezos,

Bezos really needs to lay off the T injections. Not only is he sexting like a teenager when he is the leader of global mercantile empire, but he is completely mishandling this matter with National Enquirer. First of all, Bezos knows shipping books, but I doubt he can manipulate sleaze and backstabbing like National Enquirer and Trump.

Bezos has private investigators going after National Enquirer and he is threatening lawsuits and subpoenas. National Enquirer responds that they have more embarrassing materials that they could publish, but are refraining to do so. National Enquirer is engaging in a settlement negotiation where both parties release their respective claims and National Enquirer would agree to refrain from publishing the incriminating photos. This is hardly a blackmail attempt.

Bezos is embarrassing himself because no one is willing to tell him no and critically, in the age of Trump, Bezos knows that the media will have his back regardless of how foolish he is acting. Much like the Clinton presidential campaign, there is no negative media feedback loop to keep Bezos in check and thus he is getting out over his skis.

Bezos is the kind of guy who would destroy an industry — book store retailers — by exploiting a middleman online niche and exercising monopsonist power over suppliers, then buy back the vacant stores he destroyed and sell books out of them under the brand Amazon Books. Oh wait, he did that!

PS Kamala Harris, Stalinist:


yewotm8 comments,

All the [sex] photos are of him. She didn’t even send any nudes? That’s the most striking beta tell here.

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