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A stocky young White man, pale, short-limbed, barrel-chested, and ruddy-bearded who looked to have a significant amount of Scottish ancestry was ordering food when I noticed the Chinese chicken scratch that passes for some ancient Confucian wisdom tattooed on his calf.

A Vietnamese couple were sitting behind him and across from me when I watched the ladygirl snicker to her rice burner boyfriend and point at the White dude’s cucktat. Clearly they were amused that this fatted Pink Pig would have Oriental script inked on his ham hock.

I laugh with them. What kind of man dishonors his ancestors, his family, and his people with the cucktat of a foreign race? A poseur, that’s what kind of man. Our Scot-ish piglander should have had a halberd tattooed on his Proud White Calf.

Death to fake leapfrogging loyalty, long live authentic concentric loyalty!


Moses writes,

Tats in a foreign language fetish-ize outgroups. It’s a symptom of low self-worth.

Just part of a larger disease afflicting Whites. Whites are fetish-izing outgroups and preferring them over their own in-group at rates that are unsustainable. It will not end well.

Chinese would never dream of adopting a non-Chinese baby. Ever. Same for pretty much every racial group except Whites.

Pathological altruism indeed.

It’s no coincidence that as White women’s self-esteems are artificially pumped to eleven by the Globohomo Ministry of Propaganda, the White race’s collective self-esteem is hitting rock bottom. Time to bring  back those halberds.

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Ironsides triggered this post with reflections on ultra-posturing fathers of hotter younger tighter daughters,

Translation of all this huffing and puffing:

“I spoiled my daughter absolutely rotten, giving her an ego-swollen princess syndrome which is almost certain to launch her onto the Carousel with Saturn rocket boosters because she thinks that she’s so Precious and Special that no solid regular guy is worthy of her …

… and realizing my mistake at some level, now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her, which has the effect of driving off the decent, hard-working betas who would actually care for her and make her happy with a family, while the alpha cads see right through my posturing and pump-and-dump her over and over again, laughing at me as they swagger out the door at 3 AM in search of greener puss-tures.”

Matt King strikes out a lot but when he connects he goes yard. His reply to Ironsides,

… now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her …

The cuckservatives have queered this meme beyond all usefulness. It’s now nothing more than how to dramatize oneself as the Ultimate White Knight Orbiter to one’s own flesh and blood.

Fatherhood is a kind of game, and just as in game, a little mystery and a lot of ambiguity goes a long long way to getting her to behave the way you want. Putting up a Top Ten list of your intentions, along with the least subtle photo of a threat imaginable, creates the opposite effect. These are unreconstructed dorks who grew older but never left their beta insecurities behind.

To see schlubs fawn over the only alpha female (i.e., their young and attractive daughters) ever obliged to give them attention is one of the most putrid side-effects of the veteran-carouseler-incel-betamale alliance for the creation of one designer baby in wifey’s late thirties. I know how I’ll make pretty girls pay attention to me! I’ll make one!

“Omigod ur so hawt” in college transforms 20 years later into “My daughter is an angel.” Learning curve flat.

Fucking hardcore.

It shouldn’t go beyond most woke men’s notice that beta daddy soyboys, when they manage to convince a veteran cock carouseler to take them under her marital wing at the ripe age of 38 to pop out that one designer baby three years later (and not a baby more!), curiously produce some of the hottest prime nubility daughters this side of Kiev. The Helical Holy Spirit has a sense of humor about these recombinant mysteries, and with a little thought it’s easy to figure that feminine low T daddies shoulder more than their share of the burden of gracing the world with HBdaughters, should they have daughters who inherit daddy’s supple skin and manteats and mommy’s defined triceps and cock hunger.

(The sons of such unions tend to fair poorly in the physiognomy department.)

Thank the Cosmic Overlord that He has seen fit to ensure the sexual appetites are properly redirected to outside the immediate family circle, else these beta daddy orbiters of HBdaughters might wind up nursing a hellacious case of incestual blue balls. As it stands to everyone’s relief, their blue balls are strictly of the emotional, psychological variety. The captured company of hot daughters is likely the best chance daddy orbiters have had to monopolize the attention of the kinds of women who ignored them most of their lives or, worse, toyed with them by dangling effervescent promises of a future hookup in exchange for months and years of sounding board provisioning. It’s no wonder daddy orbiters are gung-ho to shove gun barrels in the faces of any suitor of his daughter-cum-sublimated girlfriend.

Apropos King’s comment and the Roy Moore moral panic of the past week, it’s a good time for this song:

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A quavering quartet of Feedbuzz fruitcups had their testosterone levels measured, and the results will SHOCK you….with their utter predictability.

When the Asian dude in the group looks like the highest T, you know you’ve got a soyboi problem. When the Asian dude’s T level is a full 100 ticks higher than the nearest white guy’s T, the problem requires immediate attention.

Soy has isoflavones which are associated with increasing estrogen levels. Multiple studies confirm soy’s de-masculinizing effects. You can read about many of those studies here. Soy protein depletes testosterone in men. And this study is interesting because it rebuts a sloppy 2009 meta-analysis claiming no soy-low T connection.

Soyboy Nation is here, and it’s trilly pathetic. As a CH commenter once quipped,

fill boys with ritalin, soy & porn

fill girls with birth control

….and watch your native stock implode into an androgynous slop of self-negation. If you want to know why urban White women are so aggressively antagonistic to their own men, look no further than the effeminate specimens above working for Feedbuzz. If you were a White woman surrounded daily by uptalking, vocal frying, male feminists who gesticulate with swishier body language than the gayest of gays, you’d come to resent your men, too.

Soyboys have lost the masculine esprit to defend their borders and their honor. They lay supine with power bottom butts in the air to receive the invading third worlders, and then they limply low five each other for their exquisite taste in purity signaling as jihadi jizz dribbles off their ass cracks.

Physiognomy is real. Soyboys are real. The current social system is unreal. A T reckoning is coming.

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2016, the Gay Mulatto’s Columbus Day message:

Obama’s proclamation acknowledged Columbus’ spirit of exploration. But he said the nation should “also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers.”

2017, President Trump’s Columbus Day message:

The president’s proclamation Friday directs the U.S. to celebrate his discovery of the Americas, noting “the permanent arrival of Europeans … was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation.”

Trump’s proclamation only praises Columbus, Spain and the explorer’s native Italy.

The difference between Trump and Gay Mulatto is like the difference between white and black, testicles and ovaries, a 300 pound bench press and pendulous man titties. You may think this is small potatoes, but symbolism in act and speech matter. Leaders set the tone and can demoralize enemies and uplift supporters. Gay Mulatto’s instinct was to demoralize Whites and uplift anti-Whites. Trump’s instinct is the opposite, and America is better, and more closely aligned with Truth&Beauty, for his sensibility.

Before Primo Paisan Columbus:

After Primo Paisan Columbus:

PS From #MPCStatusUpdates:

“They tear down Confederate monuments and tell me losers don’t deserve trophies, then they want to call it Indigenous People’s Day”

PPS Not that this matters in any assessment of Columbus’s contribution to the glorious explorers’ canon of White Western Civilization, but if you’re in the mood to troll shiltibs tell them the 100% TRUEFACT that 95% of the New World Indian deaths were the result of European Hispanics — an “invasive species” for the greenies — unintentionally infecting the natives with diseases for which they had no immunity. In other words, there was no deliberate genocide, but there was open borders and a giant “sanctuary land” for pathogens. Heh.

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I’m gonna stop critiquing leftoid media drivel and just post pics of the authors, activists, and reporters. It’s a more efficient and powerful rebuttal.

PS I think we should start calling the anti-White Left genocidal maniacs. The funny thing about fightin’ words is that it forces the recipient to answer the charge. And that’s half the battle won.

PPS When the Realtalk flood came, I figured the Leftoid Equalism establishment responses would be:
1. shame
2. defame
3. inflame
and if those responses failed to produce the expected result, they would trigger the nuclear options:
censorship, suppression, and extortion.
The ICBMs have been launched.

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Pantifa Violence

Here’s a video clip of a pantifa loser assaulting an elderly, wheelchair-bound veteran.

A disabled old man is about the level of opposition that pantif@gs can handle without wetting their panties.

The Gaystream Media, as usual, is uninterested in reporting the facts of leftoid pantifa violence. Their preferred narrative today is menstruating over Melania Trump’s shoe choice.

Has CuckRyan disavowed pantifa yet? Or is he still busy bending over for his Globohomo paymasters?

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I really thought we had reached Peak Estrogen during the Cuck Menstruation of 2015/16 when Trump ran for President, but these past few days of cucks tearing up the 1st Amendment in their race to condemn self-aware White people for speaking unauthorized opinions on matters already settled by the Ministry of Untruth has been like free-basing soy and birth control pills. Pure estrus.

Rushing headlong to condemn violators of sclerotic social norms is such a womanly thing to do, but nobody ever confused GOP cucks for real men. McAmnesty, Magic Underwear, Fruitio…these hysterical, treasonous, and authoritarian queens have to be jettisoned from power.

Take a breather, post C’ville. The truth is just starting to dribble out past the Gaystream Media information curators (as usual it looks bad for leftists). When you feel dazed & confused by the swirl of events, ground yourself with the following truths:

1. The Prime Enemy is the media
2. A White majority is self-evidently good
3. Economic nationalism and de-urbanization are necessary correctives
4. Trust Trump. He’s the best friend you’ve got.

PS Trump’s “alt-left” is a linguistic kill shot.

1. isolates, freezes, and polarizes the left
2. easy to remember
3. sidesteps hoary old terms like marxist that normies tune out
4. opaque enough to smear entire left
5. forces Fake News to cover it
6. most crucially, PUTS THE LEFT ON DEFENSE

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