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Scott Adams, famed cartoonist, Trump persuasion psychoanalyst, and quasi-PUA with tight Game…

alpha or beta?

According to sources, this is Scott with his legit HB8 girlfriend, who looks to be half, or maybe a third, his age. Well done, Slaybert!

So, if we can judge a man’s soul — or in Chateau parlance, his SMV — by a body language snapshot of the lovebirds lovebirding, then this is my analysis of Scott’s worth as a Darwinian vessel of generational continuance:

  1. She’s into him (genuine smile, tits pressed into his chest, and shoulders curled forward (a sign of happy submission))
  2. No hoverhand from either
  3. He’s grabbing at her purse (subtle reminder that the money is still his)
  4. His posture is straight and true, and he’s looking at the camera rather than cloyingly into her eyes while she looks at the camera
  5. His expression is self-satisfied (probably taken right after an outdoor bang)

Btw, if these two aren’t banging and are just friends, I’ll eat my Far Side collection. That’s not a hug that two platonic friends would share. Way too much lingering flesh-pressed contact.

Judgement: ALPHA

PS A few black pillers think Adams is leaning into his girl. I don’t see it. I think the angle of the shot creates an illusion of him leaning into her. If he is leaning in, it’s very slight. I wouldn’t dock him any alpha cred for that. His erection might also be pushing him away from her, and that’s not anything to blame him for.

Now, if Adams were all over his gf while she was staring distantly into space and leaning away from him like she was secretly communicating with the cameraman that her pussy was on the market, then he would have betrayed extreme betatude. But that’s not the case here. This is symbiotic love.

You know what other man’s much younger woman looks at him lovingly and devotedly? This ALPHA:

Melania has a great ass. No wonder Trump doesn’t age in the office. If you’re his age tapping something that fine, it’s like taking an exotic anti-aging cock-in-tail. After you’ve plowed through Melania, your ego is so swollen that Chuck Schumer and Fauxcahontas are like little bumps in the road.

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Smug soyprick Peter Strzok, enemy of the State.

The Congressional hearings with Strzok have turned into a neutered platform from which this loathsome swamp creature can lie through his teeth and grandstand to an audience of millions, knowing he’s not being cross-examined in a real courtroom.

Strzok, abbreviated: “As we sit here, Putin wins. This hearing is a victory for Putin. Our enemies (Russia? Trump? Trump’s voters?) are laughing at you. I don’t apologize for protecting our cherished institutions from Russia and Putin.”

This is pure bullshit, and Strzok knows it. (We have his texts in which he confessed he thought “there was no there there” regarding the Russian Collusion Hoax Rigged Witch Hunt.)

Keep in mind that what you’re seeing drip like fresh sperm off Strzok’s sneering face isn’t self-confidence. Strzok’s stupidly over-the-top smug mug isn’t a tell of confidence in his position, it’s a tell of anxiety and guilt. This soy-laced disgrace knows the walls are closing in on him and his coterie of Cunt-lickers, and all he can do is mouth prepared shitlib boilerplate talking points with the demeanor of a haughty death row inmate.

Well, here comes the judge, phaggot, Yer Honorable President Donald J Trump.

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From anonymous:

Beta males dry heave tearful apologies [to] their wives for going over their 30 min a week allotted vidja time . Meanwhile ya boi Big Dick Sergey brags about fucking dead thots he’s strangled in front of his wife.


PS Thanks, ladies, for helping to make this meme a reality.


Jay Fink passes along a relevant anecdote:

20 years ago a woman tried to set me up with her daughter….she wished her daughter would date nice boys like me instead of the criminals she always picked. I agreed to meet her and was invited to a small house party with the daughter and a few of her friends.

The phone would ring and I would hear the message on the speaker “This is a collect call from the state prison…do you accept these charges”. This (attractive) girl got all excited “be quiet….my man is calling for me”. I soon became aware that all the girls who were all) good looking) at this party had boyfriends in prison. The big excitement was one of their boyfriends was being released on parole and was set to arrive home that evening. Sure enough he arrived and his girlfriend immediately took him to the bedroom.

No LMR for parolees!

I told some of my single, beta male friends that story and they could hardly believe me. They actually thought few women are attracted to criminals and those that do have low self esteem. They were totally wrong…including the part about self esteem…these girls were filled with confidence.

After this experience I predicted our society would become soft on crime. Women dig felons and this would impact policy I figured. My top prediction was the decline of the death penalty. I nailed that one. What’s pathetic is I noticed weak males are in the group that consistently speaks out against the death penalty. These guys can’t imagine how much more attractive death row inmates are to women than they are.

My current prediction is that life in prison without parole will be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That might sound unbelievable now but watch it slowly happen. Women want these dangerous men in circulation not behind prison walls. I could even see prisons closed all together. The current hype about releasing drug offenders will lead to releasing all offenders. The coalition of women and soy boys will push for this and get it.

I, and others who have seen the light, will keep pushing these dark truths about women onto society until we execute a course correction away from glorifying women as women and return to some semblance of a benevolent patriarchy, as the Good Overlord intended.


Why do women tingle for badasses, including the worst of the worst, serial killers? JJ Aamer reminds us that, evolutionarily speaking, the badass is (or, arguably, was) a Darwinian genetic winner, and chicks dig winners.

Actually this man is “badass” from an evolutionary biology stand point

Not only is he reproductively successful by fathering a daughter. A daughter who will be the mother of his grandchildren. Also his “wife” wants to have 2 more children by this man. If he fathers a son that soon may well spread his genes even more widely.

Also, not only is this man fathering children but he is limiting the resource competition with his children by killing of other people’s children. Given the low birth rate in Ukraine it’s a near certainty that he killed the only child of a few parents.

So like the barbarians of old he has ended family trees with a finality normally reserved by extinction events.

There are very few men in history that have this kind of genetic impact in the modern era. Until very recently people had more kids. But now if a psychotic decides to be a reaper he can end several families futures.

Much like Attila this man is pretty much a badass… who is having children who will carry his genes into the next generation

Think carefully of the implications of a world where Osama Bin Laden has 50+ kids and our last 3 past presidents combined had 5 ALL OF THEM FEMALES!!! and think of the impact these men and their offspring may have.

To prevent an eventual civilizational implosion and regress to a Hobbesian dystopia, men must rein in their women, which in practice means limiting the influence women have over public policy.

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Did you buy your girl a big rock to ritualize your love for each other? Odds are, she’s daydreaming about fucking BIGDICKENERGYMAGACHAD down the office hall. From the world’s most authoritative journalism source, diamond rings as beta male screenings:

Women expect a pricey engagement ring if their partner is UGLY to compensate for their poor looks

Researchers showed 590 people a photo of an attractive or unattractive person

They were asked what it would take to get engaged to the person in the photo

Men said they would buy a more expensive ring if the ‘girlfriend’ was attractive

Women expected a pricier rock if the ‘boyfriend’ in the photo was unattractive

Ah, complementarity. Diamonds are a girl’s best recompense.

Alpha fux/beta bux field tested and found operative. da GBFM lollzzloled.

The good news for ugly men is that they can buy themselves a hotwife, which once again proves that men can compensate for their looks while women have no such option. An ugly chick can’t do anything to convince an hsmv man to commit to her.

The study also found that women who rated themselves as attractive were more likely to go for larger, more expensive rings, regardless of their partner’s looks.

‘The finding is consistent with the notion that desirable women expect greater resource investment from their mates,’ said study lead author Madalyn Taylor.

Game can save men a lot of money. What’s it worth to you to be able to seduce and sequester hot babes on the cheap?

But there’s a dark side to appeasing a woman’s self-entitled instinct to indulge herself of a man’s earned wealth:

A previous study by economists at Emory University in 2014 found that the more expensive the engagement ring, the more likely the couple would get divorced later.

Once you establish a dynamic of giving a woman everything she wants, she has no reason to work for your love and the challenge of pleasing you goes missing, leaving her adrift in anhedonic limbo, waiting for the first excuse to step out.

A reader writes,

Damn, I must be better looking than I thought.  My wife to be only wanted a simple quarter caret ring.  I offered more, but that’s what she wanted.

How do you know when you have your girl on lock? She agrees to stay on as your kept concubine for the low low price of your intoxicating cock.

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Male feminists are creeps. It would be laughingly hypocritical if it weren’t so predictable. Many of them are sexually confused. A disproportionate number are ((())). All are low T.

At least this particular specimen of male feminist found the balls to fire all the deranged bitter cunts asking for his resignation after they discovered a Faceborg post in which he admitted to being a pervy creep (according to the male feminist definition of pervy creep).

“We’ve all either faced this firsthand, seen it, heard a firsthand account of it, or are guilty of it ourselves,” Martofel wrote in the the post. “I’m someone who’s guilty of it. I’ve grinded up on women on buses and at concerts without their consent. I’ve made out with ‘the drunk chick’ at a party because it was easier. I’ve put a woman’s hand on my dick while she was sleeping.”

Why are creepy male feminists so often guilty of the very perverted sexual harassment that they posture against? There’s the “a good offense is the best defense” theory. It could be psychological projection (accuse others of the perversions you indulge). Or it’s a political calculation: socially approved opinions can shield a creep from the discovery process.

My take is more fundamental: Male feminists are lsmv. They look weird, have revolting personalities, or both. They have never gotten the cute girl-next-door, and they seethe with resentment. They can’t compete head-on with Gentile Chads, so they resort to male feminism as a sneaky fucker strategy in the hopes of ingratiating themselves with bluehaired freaks and tatted skanks who might one day make the mistake of throwing the male feminist a pity fuck. When the male feminist doesn’t even get that consolation prize, he’s one step from lifelong incel, and this fear and rage drives him to acts of perversion to claim some measure of sexual respite from and control over the very women he martyrs as victims of patriarchal oppression.

The Western sexual market has never been more broken than it is now.

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There’s no need for a contest in this edition of Beta of the Month; Joe Scarborough wins it running away.

You’ve seen this before, in previous Chateau Heartiste Beta of the Month posts. Uxorious Joe Scarborough is the beta, Bleeding NipAndTuckface Mika the repulsed woman spurning his ingratiating, conciliatory romantic gestures.

Painfully beta, but did you expect anything more from this anti-Trump nancyboy?

Watch the vid. None of this is staged. You can tell by their body language and vocal tone that real aggravation bubbled to the surface on live TV (that nobody watches).

0:16: NipAndTuck admits they’ve been fighting “over issues” (they’re an off-screen couple). One can only guess what those issues were, maybe “I got tired of being the man in the relationship” or “Honey, I secretly think Trump is getting unfair press coverage on this Beaner Baby story” or “Your prostate doesn’t need *that* much stimulation”.

0:20: Uxorious Joe cloyingly objects, “No we did not”. NipAndTuck immediately shoots him down, “Oh yeah we did.”

0:21: Uxorious: “We never fight”. Nip: *sarcastically* “Uh huh”.

0:22: Watch this sequence closely, it happens fast, but slow enough that you can see Nip’s pussy turtling on air. Uxorious gently reaches for her hand, and Nip’s whole body convulses backward to get away from his slimy touch. She promptly assumes the cadence of a careercunt shrike, scolding him, “No, no, don’t do that. Ok, not on the air, NOT ON THE AIR”.

0:26: Nip: “What are you doing?! It’s 6:03.” She’s publicly shaming him, rejecting his romantic ardor in front of an audience now cringing with vicarious embarrassment. Notice her body language: she’s sitting ramrod straight, turned toward him to face him down, jaw jutting. This is the aggressive posture of a woman expanding her personal space, building a defensive perimeter to warn the beta male to stay away or get the stinger again.

0:29: Uxorious is trapped. He tries to change course. “Willie, can I ask you a question.” It’s not a change of topic, though. It’s worse. He’s trying to enlist other men to persuade his ice queen to thaw out a little and spare his on-air dignity. It’s an example of “let’s you and her make my case for me”. Passive-aggressive betahurt to the max.

0:31: Uxorious: “We’re engaged. We’ve been engaged for like 13 years. Now you think I should be able to hold her hand at this point in the engagement with her consent?” Special (needs) pleading.

0:41: Nip then delivers the ballcutting slice. “If you’ll be quiet I’ll hold your hand.”


The JooTube comments are gold (and so very very woke):

these two clowns made fun of Trump countless times about Melania supposedly not wanting to hold Trump’s hand


she obviously finds the man repulsive. maybe hillary would let him hold her claw


Why doesn’t she ever ask Shmoe what really happened to his intern? Isn’t she worried???


Why talk about baseball when you can’t seem get to first base yourself?

Heh. Poor Joe. None of Trump’s lessons in life rubbed off on him, so he gets to suffer public humiliation as his heavily scaffolded girlfriend slaps his limp wrist away.

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“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

LMAO that Momoa scribbled his initials right over the volcuck’s face. LMAO^2 that Momoa’s left hand is practically cupping her tit. It’s all in good fun, you see, but good fun often reveals deeper truths.

The volcuck — voluntary cuckold — is the lowest social and sexual status a man can achieve. Even incels have more dignity. Regular cuckolds — men who aren’t aware their women have been unfaithful and gotten pregnant by another man’s seed — are less contemptible. The volcuck debases himself so completely he may as well lop it off and become a house eunuch to fat cat oligarchs.

The volcuck is a symptom of an acutely diseased sexual market. When you see his kind growing in number and cavalierly disgracing himself for social media yucks, you will know there is a great disturbance in the whores. The Snark Side is winning. The world has become farce. Women hold all the cards and fat pink-haired skanks can casually humiliate their neckbearded soyfriends and experience no consequences for it.

But there is salvation, and it can be found in the Good Book of Heartiste. Game will redeem Western Man.

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