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The American Library Association has been overrun by gloryholing nümales, rug munchers, and pussyhatters. (see slideshow)

ljl at that banal intersectionalist poopytalk at the bottom.

If Ben Franklin could have seen what would become of the American Library institution, he would have stayed in Paris, enjoying ze poolside.

The American Library Association is now staffed and overseen by submissive beta bitchboys, aggrocunt feminists, and ex-DMV employees, all of them intent on achieving final victory over the hated (and self-hated) White Man: corruption of his institutions, erasure of his history, and replacement by his lessers.

When weak men and abrasive women have captured the institutions, decay, desecration, and destruction of those institutions isn’t far behind.

Related: There is evidence (thank you, ¡SCIENCE!) that big goofy smiles — aka gloryhole faces — are associated with lower dominance and lower prestige.

Across four studies, the current paper demonstrates that smiles are associated with lower social status. Moreover, the association between smiles and lower status appears in the psychology of observers and generalizes across two forms of status: prestige and dominance. In the first study, faces of fashion models representing less prestigious apparel brands were found to be more similar to a canonical smile display than the faces of models representing more prestigious apparel brands. In a second study, after being experimentally primed with either high or low prestige fashion narratives, participants in the low prestige condition were more likely to perceive smiles in a series of photographs depicting smiling and non-smiling faces. A third study of football player photographs revealed that the faces of less dominant (smaller) football players were more similar to the canonical smile display than the faces of their physically larger counterparts. Using the same football player photographs, a fourth study found that smiling was a more reliable indicator of perceived status-relevant personality traits than perceptions of the football players’ physical sizes inferred from the photographs.

Another nugget of Chateau wisdom lovingly polished by the labcoats.

  • Betas smile too little and smile too much

Yeah, it seems contradictory, but betas never have a firm grasp on when and how often it’s personally advantageous to smile. They don’t smile when they walk into the bar or before they’ve started talking to a girl, and they smile too much once they are in a conversation with a girl. This behavior reveals their tormented beta soul: They are unhappy to be there until a girl’s presence makes them happy. Would an alpha relinquish his state of mind to another person? Especially a woman? No. His joy is self-generated.

When you go out to FMAC girls, try this face for best results:

In the big picture analysis, the efflorescence of gawping soyboys indicates a bifurcating sexual market featuring the cad haves and the incel have-nots. The open-mouthed betas are advertising their submission to the new paradigm whenever they get the chance, hoping an alpha will toss them one of his sloppy fifths and the manjawed shrikes who work with them won’t accuse them of a #MeToo infraction. This period of Western history, particularly in America, is notable for the appeasing prostration of its mass of beta males. The pendulum will eventually swing back to confident beta males in charge of the culture, and when it does it will swing with a vengeance, because we’ve gone much further down the road of anti-beta male degeneracy.

Also related: Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right website was de-registered by GoDaddy at the request of a butthurt black woman “civil rights” lolyer. Hey, how about that! Diversity isn’t so great for free speech! Corporations that cave like this to shrieking anti-White mobs ought to be de-registered from earth.

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Ellen Pao, a dog ugly thing who could be transitioning to either male or female (hard to tell), wants to rid the world of incels (involuntarily celibate men; the female analogue would be insol — involuntary solitude) and has put out a call to liquidate the unloveable. Omegacide.

It’s not a coincidence that the ugly women bitching about sexually aggressive or socially awkward men are also the least likely to get hit on by those men. The point of the fake victim signaling is to imply a sexual allure these women don’t have; they’re so irresistible that they can’t make it through the day without getting sexually harassed or run over on the sidewalk by….total losers. It’s calumnybragging.

Pao Creatures are susceptible to narratives that men are tripping over themselves to fuck them, and what better narrative to assuage their bitterbitch egos than that an army of incels is ready to burn the world because our unconventionally beautiful empowered women won’t promptly give their sexual favors to UGH SEXUALLY ENTITLED MALES.

The Incel Revolt narrative is the perfect pao creature cuntfectionary, at once sweetening their egos and their social standing among other women (their real competition).

A wag sensibly suggested:

All this time that femcunts in the mold of Pao reviled this ‘umble outpost of love they were really saying they wished men would come here to learn how to avoid becoming incel. We finally have a mutual understanding!

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Rod Dreher, a former CH Beta of the Month contestant (he almost won, but almost only counts in horseshoes and corner stools) interviewed Wrath of Gnon, a Maul-Right advocate for traditionalism. A reader informed Rod that Wrath of Gnon was an unperson, a thought criminal, and Rod promptly bent over to give penance to his true Lord and God: his anti-White shitlib paymasters.

Where in dreher’s benedictine christianity does it compel him to run from the Truth like a frightened little girl?

Congratulations, ROD, you’re the first BOTM runner-up to win an honorary BOTM trophy (buttplug shaped) for exemplary commitment to spinelessness in the line of duty. A dry insertion might be your calling.

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Some women, either through malice or naivete, have the worst timing and execution when dropping the LJBF bomb on their longtime beta male orbiters. Like this ballcutter:

An experienced man would never find himself in this situation, but most men aren’t experienced with women, so they are easily victimized by emotional and resource objectifying women who use them for attention and gibs without having to provide sexual release in return.

Some say the video is staged; I don’t think so.  Both of their reactions seem spontaneous and authentic to their sex (the female recklessly indulges cruelty and the male is surprised his ardor isn’t reciprocated). We’ll proceed as if the clip is the real deal.

Right after she cackles murderously and chirps “we’re friends!”, you can see the moment that her poison-tipped shiv strikes beta ventricle (around 0:07). It looks like this:

At 0:16 our soulkilled beta tries the “It’s complicated” line (maybe he read about its usefulness at a PUA blog?), but it falls flat because the context was all wrong (it can’t be used effectively after one is freshly castrated) and the girl nonetheless yammers incessantly over the top of his voice, “I’m single. I’m single guys. I’m single”.

She had to remind the pool of alpha males in the studio audience THREE TIMES that she’s single. This wrecked herbling went SIX MONTHS thinking he and her were an item. You see, it’s all fun and games for the beta orbiter-exploiting cutie until the day comes her obedient pet gets uppity and publicly airs his romantic assumptions. Whoa, big fella! she thinks, curb your enthusiasm! And that’s her cue to publicly shear the last wispy locks of his manhood.

Those eggs won’t tolerate the slightest incursions by beta orbiter seed. Impudence like that must be snuffed in the crib, before a REALLY awkward scene erupts and he cockblocks a jerkboy she wants to meet.

At 0:19, our defenestrated beta can’t sustain the grinning rictus concealing his shredded dignity any longer and the already transparent mask slips completely off. “What?!”, he yelps, anguished.

Maybe she finally notices the hurt on his face, because she jumps in to console him…by reminding everyone again “oh no no, we’re really good friends”, as if saying it the tenth time will somehow make the castrati oil go down easier. After all, what man wouldn’t love her for a friend? She’s teh awesome (vagina not included)! And then to punctuate her compassion, please note at 0:22 the little shove she gives to his shoulders, pushing his incompetent seed away from her golden eggs.

He looks back at her forlornly, and all she can do is break into tension-relieving laughter. What’s so funny? Well, his humiliation for one. The audience’s groan, for another. But mostly a girl will laugh like this, after neutering a man with a chainsaw, to sonically disrupt the rapidly emerging narrative of her cruelty in the hopes that observers will agree to her new implied narrative that the ordeal is all a light-hearted joke between friends. Girls have to walk a tightrope when disabling insolent beta orbiters in public; they have to simultaneously disabuse the orbiter of his presumption AND prevent her social ostracism by onlookers who will naturally feel sympathetic toward the orbiter.

I can’t blame the girl. This beta set the bitch up. She was cornered. She had to move against him. It’s so typical of mincing passive betaboys to wait for claustrophobic moments to make their move, like when the girl is trapped in an elevator or on a TV game show. If I were this cute girl, on reflection I’d be pissed.

But it takes two to tango. One exploitative minx, and one willing-to-be-exploited beta. He pounces when (he thinks) she’s most defenseless; she leads him on for months when he’s most defenseless. Nobody comes out a winner here. The sadist requires the masochist. The dom the sub.

Returning to the title of this post, the best way to recover from a brutally public friendzoning is a cheeky interpretation of the Game tactics ASSUME THE SALE and AGREE & AMPLIFY.

HER: shiv shiv shiv shiv shiva destroyer of socially retarded blue balled beta orbiters *tee hee*

YOU: I love a girl who plays hard to get.

To pull this off our insipid beta would need Supreme Gentleman levels of state control, and a practiced shit-eating grin. But let’s face it, there aren’t many ways to salvage an LJBF blowout this catastrophic. To get the right Inner Game for such a salvage operation, our beta male would have had to have multiple HB6s-and-above plates in rotation to prevent the ramifications we see here from his having oneitis for this Cruella de Filly.


A reader mentioned that Flip the Script Game would work here, too.

HER: We’re friends!

HIM: YESSSSSS! I’m single again! FREEDOM BABY!”

That would be pretty funny, and it would totally restore his dignity imo, and put a little egg on her face as a bonus.


Another good response, offered by multiple commenters,

“Yeah, we’re just friends…with benefits lzzlolzlol!”


Commenter Lash notices a dead giveaway about the girl’s motivations:

How has no one mentioned this? Emphasis mine.

About 0:07: [HER:] “We’re friends. Haha. We’re friends, but he wants to . . . . . “.

I can’t believe I missed that part. So she knows he wants to fuck her, but she’s so cruel and selfish she doesn’t give a shit about his unrequited lust and will continue using him for the asexual orbiter gibs.

Remember, folks, women can only use men who allow themselves to be used.


The Friendzone Text (h/t da GBFM):

It’s funny cuz it’s cold.

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Cause and Effect: Act like a cloying beta male borefriend, become an ex-cloying beta male borefriend. From everybodylovesscott,

I have a friend where every single picture with his gf hes praising her in the fb caption (I’ve since deleted fb so I don’t see them anymore) with a “My gf is so amazing” or “She’s out of my league” or leaning into her and grinning like an idiot. Recently he complained to me “women are stupid, she takes forever to reply to my messages now” and he told me “yeah, we stopped having sex so often because my penis is too big and she needs recovery time”

When the reframe is way too try-hard.

She’s post 30 so I’m not positive she’s going to rip his heart out before they get married or after she gets her 2 kids and decides she “loves him but isn’t in love with him” but I don’t see the situation ending well. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

Ironically, the Wall has saved many beta males from a much-deserved dumping. The anxious woman on Wall approach is the beta male’s best friend. Downside: you get one, maybe two, months, tops, of bangable pussy.

He’s also packed on 40lbs in the last year because “I’m getting laid so I don’t have the motivation to stay fit anymore”

That’s not it. He’s depressed because he senses his aging beauty is already, or is thinking about, cheating on him.

He’s a narcissistic know it all so showing him this website would do nothing except get me a “you don’t know anything” response

Narcissists would make great Game-savvy womanizers, but their very narcissism prevents them from learning a thing or two from their betters.


Another example of Cause and Effect which eludes White shitlib cognition: Bring more third world peasantry to America, make America more like the peasants’ third world homeland they left behind. From Johnny Redux,

So, 150 or so squatamalans arrived at some shithole on the Mexican border called the Hotel de Migrante. The place looks like America — IF we let them keep coming in. One big shithole.

Anyhow, just like the fake “migrant” crisis in Europe, these so-called asylum seekers are bringing their iPhones. Oh, how rough they have it. Seeking more free handouts, medical care, etc. up North. Clearly they have NO right to seek asylum, when they walked right through a safe nation, Mexico, which offered them sanctuary. Nope, not enough free shit in Meh-hee-ko. Need to go farther north, to the land of the liberal gringos!

I’m convinced a lot of the West’s problems, and interrelatedly a lot of the problems bedeviling beta males, could be solved with a proper and complete understanding of cause and effect.

But no one’s much interested in cause and effect anymore (to economists: externalities), because the logic of it is a huge buzzkill to our gadget-enslaved, lifestyle advertising, virtue sniveling ipod people.

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Henry Mueller concludes his special counsel investigation and astutely notes that the men who are hostile to women are often the ones claiming the mantle of gentleman supremacy.

A funny thing that confirms what we’ve been saying for years is that feminists like to strawman by saying men who run game are fundamentally hostile towards women. When in the actual [Seinfeld] episode, the point of “the Opposite” is that George becomes magnetic only when he totally gives up caring what women think of him.

It’s the Supreme Gentlemen who have the real seething hatred towards women, because they actually care what women think. It takes a new level of confidence to tell the beautiful blonde “this probably isn’t going to work” when she asks why you didn’t shave.

I always regretted that after such a spectacular transformation, the George character in Seinfeld returned to being a nebbish nerd. It always felt to me like that episode was the series peak, and after that it became a little looser at the seams.

This helps explain all those rape-y shitlib males in the news recently. They’re lsmv chinless dweebs who appease, supplicate, and dance like lackeys for the manjaws in their midst in the hopes that one of them will look kindly upon their obsequiousness and toss them a pity fuck. When the libwomen decline the anhedonic offers on display in their open office bughives, the shitlib males freak out and become angrier than Elliot Rodger after watching another yellow pearl fall into the hands of a White Chad. “Why doesn’t this blue hair feminist with the blowjob enhancing tongue stud appreciate my male feministery? THE BITCH”, wails the shitlib male, psyching himself up for an awkward tit grope at the HuffPo retreat.

If you, as a member in good standing of the male feminist Castrati, care a lot what women think of you, then when women inevitably let you down after all the effort you put into giving them what they claim to want from men, your reaction is likely to be seething resentment. It’s the Real Entitlement Mentality that femcunt women complain about, located most centrally in their own weaselly lib “niceguys”.

Of course, libchicks are practiced in the art of negative transference, saving themselves the discomfort of looking closely at exactly which types of men make them horny. In the leftoid universe (a smelly place rapidly contracting to a twinkularity), a misogynist is “a sexy White man I want but can’t have” if the accusation is hurled by a woman, and “a popular White chad who used to stuff me in lockers” if the accusation is hurled by a soyboy mangina.

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I like recalling 2015-2016, when Trump steamrolled 17 cuckservative GOPers to secure the nomination. There are enough highlights of Trump hilariously insulting his opponents to create a separate blog dedicated to cataloguing them.

Jim Christian writes,

[Trump] always told Rubio he gets better pussy than Rubio ever did, a sly insult to Rubio’s wall-impacted Jew wife.

Did Trump say that to Rubio? Maybe JC is confusing Rubio for Tucker Carlson, whom Trump *did* taunt about him getting hotter women than Tucker.

He was right. There’s a picture of Rubio’s slag. She was wearing this dress with the Jewey, really, really Jewey stars embroidered into her dress. Would love to see that one again. Bitch’s phone clutched tightly in one hand, pushing her husband away with the other. What a cunt, although Rubio is a cuck. Clearly a half-a-faig. The two of them deserve the miserable divorce rape they have coming.

Here ya go:


She’s “leaning out” farther than Sheryl Sandberg’s husband did on the treadmill that tragic day.

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