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Portland police released the fug shots of some of the anti-something or other shitlib protestors flinging poo at the dawn of Trumperica.


Now that’s a lineup of LSMV losers.

Top left: acid tripping Happy Gilmore
Top center: homeless wigger neanderthal
Top right: Edwina Scissorhands
Middle left: assembly line bluehair fatty
Middle center: Ricky Gervais pooping
Middle right: It’s Pat!
Bottom left: Thomas Middleditch
Bottom center: problem glasses gaywad
Bottom right: Alex DeLarge, post-aversion therapy

When high disgust threshold meets genetic mutational overload, you get these freaks filling their diapers in Portland. Inchoate shitlib rioters, particularly the white variety, are usually sexual market rejects acting out their failures with the opposite sex.

If you know what to look for, you’ll see the influence of the sexual market on just about every human activity.

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After getting trolled hard to his face by a couple of young huwhite shitlords and smarting from it so badly he took to Twatter to express his indifference to it all, Silicon Valley actor Thomas Middleditch attempted the Agree & Amplify game maneuver to save face. It didn’t work.

If you say so, Tommy.

Agree & Amplify is a powerful Game rhetorical tactic, but it has a limit on its usefulness as a verbal reframing tool. Two hard ceilings on the wide-ranging applicability of A&A are

  1. its inability to neuter thermonuclear insults
  2. sloppy execution

Tommy Boy ran into both of these limits. “CUCK” is an insult so powerful, aimed straight at a manlet’s sexual worth, that even advanced level evasive sophistry won’t redirect its devastating payload to the sender. It’s like calling a man a loser, or a woman a fatty….it’s next to impossible to formulate an effective (read: crowd-pleasing) comeback from those shivs if the insult is based on readily apparent characteristics of the person getting insulted.

Second, execution matters. If there is a way to A&A a charge of cuckery, Tommy didn’t do it here. Coming back from “cuck” requires a much nimbler tongue than the butthurt try-hard reply, “I’m totally cuck. Proud of it.” If someone called you a fag, would it help your cause to retort, “I’m totally faggy. Proud of it. Wouldn’t want it any other way”?

The tightest Game means being ready for any exigency of the field, and since I’m feeling magnanimous I’ll offer Tommy a better reply to someone calling him a cuck (which will happen again for him soon, I’m sure). “Your wife didn’t think so. Neither did your mom.”

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From the “Shitlib Tears Porn” file (link):


What happens when  you cross a beta orbiter with a NOWAG?

You get this guy who can’t score a cheap feel on a night when shitlib girls suffering the humiliating defeat of thecunt are begging for the solace of a group hug.

The stream of shitlib tear porn that’s been pouring out over the last two days has been, in a word, delicious.

I don’t think lefties have felt this kind of defeat before. Not of this caliber, anyhow. They are all cracking up. Xannies are popped like NOWAG chubs in a roomful of White women. On an instinctual level, these libs know that The Trumpening heralds something much different and much more threatening to their false song of race equalism and anti-White posturing.

On a related topic, these photos are really highlighting the types of freaks that were #WithHer. All sorts of degenerates and losers and misfits and headcases. Color me shocked that NOWAGs are on the same team.

Another shitlib tear porn photo:


This was taken at a student protest of Trump’s victory. (Whatever happened to accepting the result of the election, libs?)

Look closely. It’s a sea of browns and women and brownwomen. And obesities. Can’t forget the obesities. This is the America that open borders Hillary wanted to impose on us all, and that The Trumpening will, Kek willing, put the brakes on.

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There have been many golden stumpings over this past year, and now you can add George Shitlibopoulos to the long list of Trump’s victims.

Trump has earned a Shiv of the Week, bringing his total haul to something like…oh…1,488 shiv trophies.

Pay close attention to Staphinfection’s physical reaction to Trump’s shiv. His arm crosses his lap and he visibly winces and swallows hard, almost as if he had taken a real shiv to the gut. This is CLASSIC beta male defensive posturing when under attack by a superior male (or a sassy girl).


On the subject of Trump, it’s important to know that his shivs are just one facet of his character; the man also has a heart, as evidenced in this video outtake from The Apprentice, where he chastises a White man for calling himself “white trash”. Although these reality shows are largely scripted, Trump’s disgust with the man’s self-abasement sounds sincere to my ears. I think it is a glimpse of Trump’s implicit love for his race, and his contempt for those who would denigrate his racial heritage.


FYI take this for what it is, but a reader who claims to be an insider with the RNC emailed CH to say that the “monster vote” is real and it’s coming, it’s mostly composed of registered Independents and first-time voters, and that “the media will be shell-shocked by Trump’s vote surge on Nov 8”. The email was sent before today’s FBI news broke.

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Canadians are gay. And gullible, and naive, and sanctimonious, and gay, and stupid, and willfully ignorant, and gay, and sappy, and childishly sentimental, and dopey, and did I mention gay?


1. The Truvada government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth wants 100 million Canadians by the end of the 21st Century. They intend to do this by boosting annual immigration to 450,000. (Canada’s new slogan: “Pozzed and smug about it“.)

2. A cornhole of dumb, virtue signaling Canadians adopted a Syrian refugee couple, who refused to learn English and promptly agitated to have fifty more of their inbred extended family colonize Canada. The Anti-Gnostic’s comment hits the bulls-eye:

I didn’t wade thru that whole tongue bath of an article but it’s pretty obvious where this is headed: more, and more fecund, prole-class Arab Muslims for Canada. Most will be net tax consumers. Some will be Islamic militants. Most will be frustrated in a cold, white, high-trust country with lots of taxes and regulation (which they will ignore). They will recreate the social structures of the old country with the transfer payments from their new one. Canadians who ask, how much is this going to take will learn the answer: everything you offer, then they’ll ask for more, then they’ll vote it for themselves. It will all end in tears.

Dumbfuck Canadians have the same GAY disease that the other Anglo-Germanic countries have (except more acutely metastasized): Race creationism. Until and if Gaynadians stop believing in the shitlibboleth of race equalism, they will continue to import more of these mud world ingrates and they will screw their White posterity who will be forced to live in a land that is less Canada and more Trashcanistan, eternally and intractably hostile to their cuck Canadian values.

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Yesterday, someone took a pick-ax to Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and destroyed it. The perp was later identified as Jamie Otis, a (surprise!) white knight betaboy rich limousine libfag (a “hillbully” as Scott Adams coins it):


This sideways merlot-drinking goober looks like he was sexual assaulted by a buttplug.

The story has developed with a twist. Reader Corvo explains,

The star was repaired, and now a homeless American black woman is sitting there guarding it, holding up a sign asking why we are letting 20 million illegal immigrants stay here when Americans are sleeping in the streets.


GBFM — I know you’re working for the Trump campaign. Tell him to fly out there and give this woman a hug; give her a job; tell her he’s “With Her” and fighting for her, and that it’s time America take care of its own citizens first. This is an election-winning moment.

Corvo is right. This is a golden opportunity for the Golden Don to not only squeeze out some good press from fence-sitting virtue signaling Book of Cucking apostles, but to maximally depress black turnout for thecunt and improve his own black vote by a margin no GOP presidential candidate has won in generations.

Trump, are you listening? Fly out to Pedophileland…excuse me Hollywood…give this woman a hug and a free night at your new Washington DC hotel, say you’re with her (heh), and that you’re fighting for Americans and not for globalist whores who want to line their own pockets, and then put your chair into the reclining position as your poll numbers soar.


Trump: “A moment of reckoning”

In the last month, Trump has been landing hammer blows on the globohomobezos alliance against heritage America. Whatever happens Nov 8……everything’s changed.

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Hoverhand Of The Year

Captain Mentally Illster’s hoverhand is a good six inches above Chelsea Hubbell’s shoulder. SO BETA. But isn’t that thecunt’s constituency in a nutless-shell? Mutant betaboy toadies and man-hating aggrocunts. Superheroes to no one but themselves.

There are a lot of different people from all walks of life who support The Trumpening — gay fascist bodybuilders, hillbillies, PUAs, mischievous 4channers, international outlaws, tradwives, frat bros, genteel realtalkers, shiv artists. What do they have in common? I submit it’s this: a low tolerance for disgusting things and disgusting people.

Plus a bracing physiognomy that hews to the sexually dimorphic ideals.


Another Clinton Corruption Eruption Update: The Clinton Foundation fought to keep cheap AIDS meds out of US to help line the pockets of Big Pharma.

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