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Courtesy of Twatter account @MPCtxt, a video of an alpha shitlord crashing a slutwalk protest and provoking gina tingles in a narcissistic, emotionally volatile, BPD feminist, while her white knight manlet looks on impotently and limp-wristedly, wondering if there’s anything at the scene he can put up his ass.

YOU *finger point* WHORE :lol: :lol:

One of the YouGroove commenters summed it up thusly and verily:

Observations from the first few minutes I’ve seen this video.

– Alpha Body Language.
– Doesn’t Care if he sounds offensive.
– Based Hat + Sunglasses.
– Nice name, also.
– Defender of truth.

Random White-Knight:
– Manlet
– Body Paint
– Girl doesn’t allow him to slur Dean

– Cries because she is having a psychological battle between her feminist ideology and her biological desire to fuck Dean, the alpha Christian.


“I was excited for today to be a growing experience for me (in my bra and sharpie skin) and you are making me hurt so bad (in my fetid whore hole).”

This mentally deranged skank must’ve majored in Poopytalk 101. There’s America’s future. Write her epitaph in Sharpie marker on the giant dildo that replaced the Washington Monument.


TheDissident comments,

Somewhere around 9 minutes she described the details of her “rape” and it becomes so utterly obvious that she wholly invented a sexual assault as a means of convincing herself and her omega that she didn’t actually cheat on him.

That oft-repeated “1 in 5 college women are raped” lie should be rephrased as “1 in 5 college women whore it up and don’t want their beta boyfriends to find out so they concoct false sexual assault stories for sympathy from gullible white knights, feminists, and university administrators.”

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An 18-year-old girl got fed up with her beta boyfriend’s self-pitying mewling and figuratively threw the razor blade at him and told him to finish the job.

According to prosecutors, Carter pressured her boyfriend to go through with suicide for almost a week before he carried out the act. She counseled him to overcome his fears; researched methods of committing suicide painlessly; and lied to police, his family and her friends about his whereabouts during the act itself and after, prosecutors said. […]

For more than a week in July 2014, Carter and Roy exchanged hundreds of messages in which Carter insisted that Roy would be better off dead.

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain,” she told him in one message. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.”

Damn, who bitch this is? Lucifer’s?

According to prosecutors, the two had struck up a romantic relationship — mostly online — in 2012. Her lawyer says they had only met a few times in person over the course of two years prior to Roy’s death.

“mostly online”. Translation: Dude was a beta orbiter driven to self-deliverance by the whiff of fine pussy so close yet so far away.

Text messages recovered by police, however, suggest that by 2014, Carter had gotten tired of Roy’s idle talk of suicide and she wanted him to go through with it  — now.

“You always say you’re gonna do it, but you never do,” Carter complained. “I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.”

Another time, she texted: “You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.”

Chicks HATE HATE HATE indecisive men. If you’re gonna promise an HB8 a suicide, you had better deliver.

Carter was insistent, even when Roy steered the topic to other things:

ROY: How was your day?

CARTER: When are you doing it?

Girl has tight Plow Game.

But Carter didn’t love that idea, either, because she feared that Roy would make up an “excuse” to explain why it didn’t work.

“I bet you’re gonna be like ‘oh, it didn’t work because I didn’t tape the tube right or something like that,’” she texted him “You always seem to have an excuse.”

Beta males have excuses. Alpha males bust a move.

They texted throughout the day about the plans, about Roy’s doubts, and about Carter’s insistence that “the time is right” and that he was ready.

Girl is leading the conversation, setting the frame, creating compliance tests, and disqualifying. She’s a PUA in drag.

After his death, Carter became a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.

She organized a fundraising tournament in Roy’s memory and posted on Facebook and Twitter about her attempts to save her boyfriend’s life.

“Even though I could not save my boyfriend’s life, I want to put myself out here to try to save as many other lives as possible,” she wrote on Facebook.

:lol: The best defense is a good offense. She’s a reframe master.

A photo of the lovely (for real, WB):

Sociopathic girls are interesting to observe in the field. They are sort of like regular women, but with all the intrinsic female attributes pumped up to orbital escape velocity. Regular women despise indecisive beta males, but usually express their feelings by withholding sex or romantic reciprocation. Sociopathic women take their revulsion up a notch and steer the indecisive beta to valhalla.

Question for our skilled CH Game practitioners: How would you game this girl into doting submission?


Here’s a photo of Just Do It Girl after she dropped the human being mask and put her sadist’s face back on.

I dunno, I’m getting a semi thinking about escorting this demon spawn to the exquisite purgatory between pain and pleasure. Maybe in another time — say, five years into the future — when the Diversity™ threatens White existence, women like Carter will come in handy as psy ops against the enemy hordes.

PS Is everyone seeing the poll included in this post?

PPS The perfect game response to this girl would be an insouciant non sequitur, like Birthday Cat or Lena Dunham in her gay boyfriend’s skivvies.

SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.


SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: Are you saying I look like that bitch?


SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: *broken like a wild hellmare* I’m coming… over.

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Reader Mel Gibson watched a few minutes of last night’s Democrat debate, and came away with an astute observation regarding this photo of the candidates standing together on stage.

All with passive and weak body posture – cover genitals, smile like a submissive chimp. Who’s that guy on the left? He’s the only one who looks like he isn’t a pansy.

That’s Jim Webb on the far left (heh). And yes, he’s the only one who has a non-shitlib face and non-shitlib body language. And not coincidentally he’s probably the least insane of the Dem leftoids running for president.

Reminder: Clasping your hands in front of your crotch to hide your impudent manhood from the world (and this includes Hillary) is a tell of submission and weak betatude. I don’t remember Donald Fucking Trumpening ever standing in this manner at a major public speaking event, and I doubt he ever will. (But I bet ¡Jabe! was born with his hands cradling his frank and refried beans.)

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I had the misfortune to overhear a La Raza ingrate whine in a loud, grating voice about “having no voice” in America, the country she hates so much that millions of her peasant kin invaded and squatted on its soil.

Add another term to the dissident COPROP lexicon: The Whinority. Definition: A favored non-White minority, currently dispossessing White Americans from their homeland and institutions, whose members constantly whine about being dispossessed.

If only these invading vibrants had no voice, America would be a much more pleasant place to live.

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The behavior of a woman in love bears striking similarities to the behavior of a beta male in lust. CH previously explored this theme in lurid detail, and recently reader bw7and invigorated the theme with his personal experiences dealing with girls desperately crushing on him.

Heartiste, There have been a few girls I am fucking right now….all of them are around 2 points below my SMV. But I am getting regular action so I ain’t complaining.

One thing I noticed is that these girls will act the same way beta males act with hot girls. They try to entertain me when I am not in the mood. Like literally trying to make me laugh, entertain, put in effort which you just don’t see the hot girls doing for you or these same girls doing for other guys.

I play the aloof alpha card. suits my personality as well and I am able to pull it off pretty well.

Like this one chick, I never even showed interest in her whenever we met (thru social circle). I knew she was wildly attracted to me…she qualified…some comfort and she escalated physically all the time whenever we met. She actually made things happen like got drunk and got to my place unannounced to fuck me.

This is typically how 99.9% of false campus rape allegations go down: a mediocre girl with a major case of the tingles for a man strongly comes on to him, deliberately puts herself in a situation where sex is very likely to happen, and lubes the whole thing with alcohol because she wants the dick so bad she doesn’t want to risk her sober inhibitions making a “surprise, I might be a slut!” appearance at the moment of consummation.

The man, of course, is completely innocent, but the next day when the bitch realizes she will never be his Number One and has plugged into the feminist industrial waste complex the end of his life as he knows it will have begun.

I never made a physical move first….was just leading until the bedroom…..some kino escalation….kissing then F-close. Didn’t have to work for anything. Felt like a hot chick having to do no work to get laid. Played the aloof alpha card all the time and it worked like a charm. (never fell for her shit-test, total indifference at times even during LMR….no neediness)

I’d appreciate a more in-depth post on how women act with alpha males the same way beta guys act around hot girls.

Well, I say you’ve pretty much given all the depth the CH readership needs. A woman in the company of an irresistible, aloof, dominant, self-possessed alpha male will act not unlike a beta male in the company of a pretty girl.

The primary difference between the two is that the alpha male will bang the needy, try-hard woman as long as she’s decent-looking, while the needy, try-hard beta male is banging nothing but his head against a wall.

PS The implication of this post is that women are able to quickly and deeply fall in love with alpha males, despite their claims and romcom platitudes to the contrary asserting that love needs time to bloom. Corollary: Any beta male who tells his girlfriend that he loves her and receives from her a “it’s too soon for that, we need more time to see where this goes” response should accept it as fact that it will always be too soon and his girlfriend will never go with him where he wants her to go.

PPS Here are a few more examples of beta male-ish behavior that a woman swooning over an alpha male will display:

  • ask a lot of questions about him
  • laugh too hard at his lame jokes
  • get too butthurt by his teasing
  • agree with everything he says
  • eagerly accept all of his venue bouncing suggestions
  • pay for his drinks
  • make no effort to qualify him
  • excuse every lame, stupid, or shitty thing he says or does
  • take it up the pooper at his request
  • clumsily make all the first moves (with women, this means “incidental” contact with his erogenous zones)
  • try too hard to fill momentary breaks in conversation with fluff
  • misconstrue every minor indicator of interest as evidence of a blossoming love affair
  • apologize too much

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Hockey player Jaromir Jagr was photographed in bed with a cock-hopping 18-year-old Czechpot model. The girl took the post-coital ego-stroking selfie, which eventually wound up in the hands of aspiring extortionists who threatened Jagr with public exposure of the photo if he didn’t cough up $2,000.

Jagr’s response?

“I don’t care.”

Now that’s aloof alpha.

CH Maxim #32: Never apologize to bitter, envious losers for your natural, healthy, libidinous male sexuality.

Are you reading this, Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens? When you grovel before the feminist cunt culture, you only encourage the degenerate freaks to take a piss on your bowed heads.

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A hopelessly lovelorn beta male high school junior hired a pilot to fly a black helicopter over his school’s football field to drop a stuffed animal via parachute with a message attached for the girl he loves. The message asked her to a school dance.

(More precisely, his father, (who should have known better), a senior official with US Customs and Border Protection, hired the pilot. He can’t close our nation’s borders but at least he can close the vaginal borders of the girl his son loves.)

The girl, a kicker for the high school football team

and future lesbian, responded to her suitor’s romantical betatude with the sort of shiv twist that only young women still familiarizing themselves with the extent of their power over horny teen boys are capable of delivering.

“He knew it was my senior year, and I’ve been asked some pretty creative ways before this,” said Victoria Burress, 17, a soccer player and kicker for the football team. “Everyone thinks that we like each other, but it’s not like that at all. It’s just unusual to be that close with a guy and to have him still do something nice for you.”

I bet you felt the sting of that through your screen.

This is the kind of female id napalm that burns so cruelly, that is so publicly humiliating, and is consequently so very illuminating as a lesson for other young men, that the Washington Post, man-hating feminist shitlib bastion, couldn’t bring itself to publish the boy’s name (the paper claims they couldn’t verify the boy’s involvement. yeah right).

High school is a time to make these sorts of mistakes, so it’s easy to forgive this fledgling beta his ignorance of women’s sexual natures and his self-defeating gamelessness. But if a strong alpha male authority figure doesn’t lead him to the light, he risks falling into soulkilling and incel-ifying beta male patterns that will make his dating journey over the years that much more perilous. The time for high school boys to BUSTAMOVE in the ways of women is sooner rather than later.

To the younger men reading CH and still finding their way through the thickets of the sexual market: you don’t want to be that try-hard, overeager, starry-eyed beta male, struck with a severe case of oneitis, who hears that scrotally deflating “but it’s not like that at all” from any girl you like. You want to avoid that at all costs. You want to be the man who hears instead from girls, “I hope he likes me back”.

You can be that man by welcoming the Rude Word of CH into your life.


Commenter eyes open notices something funny in the girl’s quote:

It’s just unusual to be that close with a guy and to have him still do something nice for you.


Eh, too. My guess is the girl was misquoted or….

she unintentionally revealed a deep truth about the modern American dating market: girls don’t judge close friendships with boys based on how nice the boys are to them. Niceness isn’t a characteristic that girls value very highly as a measure of the closeness of their relationships.

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