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A M2F trannyfreak entered a women’s world championship cycling race and — surprise! — he won.

Canadian Rachel McKinnon

That’ll be all, Canada. That’ll be all.

finished ahead of the field at the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the world cycling championship on Sunday. Many have praised her achievement, but some say it was cheating, since she was born male. […]

Before the final race, McKinnon set a world record in the quarterfinals – which only stood for 10 minutes.

You broke nothing but your dignity, freak. You are a man who entered a female sports competition posing as a woman and predictably “broke” the female cycling times because you exploited the greater muscle mass and oxygen capacity that men enjoy over women.

FINALLY, even some Gaynadians on Twatter are waking up to the Clown World that “trannyfreak acceptance” heralds for the West:

Unfair advantage and not to be celebrated. Look at the difference in size and muscle mass. Of course you were going to win.


Amazing! I was so enthused at reading this, I went out and challenged two 8 year olds to a 100m race. Guess what, I ONLY WENT AND FUCKING WON. First time running in a 8 year old’s race too!

That’s two shitlords, which in Canada is a veritable Woken Horde.

For his part, “Rachel” McKinnon argues that it’s unfair cycling rules require him to keep a lid on his natural testosterone level.

I’m still forced to have an unhealthily low endogenous testosterone value…it’s virtually undetectable it’s so low…way below the average for women.

Ignorance of biological sex differences is not the West’s moral crisis, though the shitlib extended universe is trying hard to make it that.

Soooooo…..I’m a WORLD CHAMPION.

The neotenous “soooo”. It’s a tell that the speaker is an arrested development shitlib who wants the listener to believe the whopper he’s passing off as truth. More precisely, the “soooo” speaker is trying to convince himself that his lie is truth.

More personal details about Mr. McKinnon,

Apart from being a professional athlete, McKinnon is a PhD in philosophy and focuses on gender studies.

“gender studies” Worse than useless credentialism; actively malicious credentialism. Our universities have become inculcation chambers for the transmission of virulent lies and destructive ignorance.

She argues that transgender women should be allowed to compete at the Olympics without being required to maintain their testosterone at a certain level.

Because, you know, the intrinsically unfair advantage men enjoy over women in physical competitions wasn’t wide enough, we now have to allow trannies to dispense with the veneer of aping female characteristics and compete as fully charged-up men in eyeliner and training bras.

This is bigger than sports and it’s about human rights,” McKinnon told US Today in January, arguing that there is no way to measure the advantage testosterone gives transgender athletes.

Of course there is a way to measure the advantage testosterone gives to athletes, which is why T doping is banned in every Olympic sport.

She went further, comparing discrimination against transgender athletes to racism in sports.


CH commenters Tam the Bam and Trav7777 get it,

That, sir, is a thing of much [insert big german word].
Apart from being a professional athlete, McKinnon is a PhD in philosophy and focuses on gender studies.

She argues that transgender women should be allowed to compete at the Olympics without being required to maintain their testosterone at a certain level.
So, not a real doctor then? Not even a DPhil. A PhD in Philosophy. Hardly something to ponce around proclaiming xetself a Doctor to the civilsed world about. All a bit Frau Doktor Cuntstain Blasé Fraud innit.

And is whining that xir baseline maleytude keeps reasserting itself enough to disqualify her and has to be artificially suppressed, even though that was precisely what allowed xit to thrash all the womynz out of sight.
But it was never high enough to make xone into an actual Man in the first place.

Xey should get back to the (dead white man) philosophy books about that one.


this is motherfucking theater of the absurd.

look at that thing, it isn’t a woman. All you have to do now is say you’re a woman…you can juice like a motherfucker like all the UFC guys do and everyone else who beats WADA. Show up with really low T and a proper T/E ratio and you’re good! Who cares if you have a penis and the significantly higher biological muscle/fat ratios of a man? You’re a LADY

Do any of the single White ladies or the fathers pushing their daughters into LARPing as sons understand the Pandora’s Box they’re opening by supporting and encouraging trannyfreak acceptance? These invasive males-pretending-to-be-female will enter female sports and dominate natural-born women, breaking every record and destroying the ecology of female athlete programs, making a mockery of Title IX (which was already a sham), leading to an inability to assess authentically comparative intrasexual female athletic accomplishments and reward high achievers accordingly.

Trannies will be the death of female sports. So I wonder just how far trannyfreak advocacy will go before feminists, tomboys, and disappointed dads realize it is incompatible with their worldview of an equal playing field between men and women? One or the other will give — M2F trannies will crush the idea of female sports, or trannies will be barred from female sports which will belie the shitlib stated belief in tranny equality — and when the day of reckoning arrives, that will usher the rapid internal discrediting of Gender Bender Leftoid Equalism, as the gossamer threads and duct tape holding the abomination together as an expedient disunited front against White heterosexual men falls apart in real time, and the TRUE HEALING PROCESS can begin.

Until then, understand that the subconscious motivation of The Fuggernaut, nonWhites, and leftoids in general is desecration of White glories, White values, and White civilization. As with any destructive force, it won’t stop either until there’s nothing left to destroy, or the carriers of destruction are destroyed.

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Recall the classic CH post “Hotter Women, Better Sex“. It set off a firestorm of wow just wows from feminists and betaboys who wandered into the free fire zone. That post put forth a self-evident proposition that would seem profound and dangerous in our age of willful ignorance:

The hotter the woman, the better the sex will be for the man banging her.

I suspect the people who think that men chase hot girls the most feverishly so as to lord it over other men have an agenda.  They want to believe that human nature is not immutable; that with the right amount of peer pressure and fist-shaking at the media juggernaut men’s desires can be altered — tamed — to accommodate their conceit.  And pride is malleable where thermonuclear blasts of lust are not.

If, on the other hand, men pursue the best-looking women at the behest of hidden compulsions buried deep in the reptilian cores of their brains, then there is nothing can be done to change this fact of manhood and what it means for less attractive girls.

How your body responds to a woman during sex tells the tale.  The hotter I find the girl, the better the sex is, all else being equal.  Since men remember sex acts with crystal clear clarity, it’s easy for me to recall the exact specifications of my sexual encounters with each woman in my life.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but my jizzbombs were heavier and the distance ejected farther with the prettier girls.  Since this is something I cannot consciously control, it is proof of the innate characteristics of the male sex drive.

A dandy and indeed handy chart was included:

In the interest of science, I’ve put my beauty-to-cumload comparison in a handy chart:

hotness of woman               size of load               squirt distance
0                                            *                                *
1                                            *                                *
2                                            *                                *
3                                            pre-cum only           had to be squeezed out
4                                            droplet                      dribble
5                                            <5 grams                  2 cm
6                                            fills bellybutton        3 inches
7                                            1 tbsp                         8 inches
8                                            2 tbsps                       1.5 feet
9                                            1/4 cup                       3 feet
10                                          gallon**                      5 yards**

*insufficient data

Years later, SCIENCE would tardily catch up to Chateau wisdom and vindicate that handy dandy chart presenting the direct connection between female hotness and male lust:

Slimmer Women’s Waist is Associated with Better Erectile Function in Men Independent of Age.


I think the abstract speaks for itself. However, for the benefit of the short bussers: The men in the study got harder, stronger, bigger boners with the physically better-looking women. The men also had more frequent sex when they were having it with younger, hotter, tighter women. And finally, the men reported more sexual satisfaction when their sexual partners were hotter, thinner women with sexy hourglass shapes.

Young, slender, hot babes are nature’s Viagra, capable of inflating even an old man’s wrinkled wurst to heights of former glory.

But wait, there’s more! The “hotter women = better sex” CH aphorjism has, once again, been indirectly confirmed by scientific vigor (this time in a manner taken from the woman’s point-of-view, “bigger jizzbombs = happier women”). Courtesy of Rolf Degen, one of the few remaining bright spots on Twatter, a study shows

About half of all women reported getting off on men’s ejaculation.


The Importance of Male Ejaculation for Female Sexual Satisfaction and Function

That face you make when you came but ¡SCIENCE! still sucking.

I’ll unpack the goodness stuffed into that study.

  1. half of women have stronger orgasms when their men ejaculate first
  2. half of women have stronger orgasms when their men’s jizzbombs are fuller, thicker, farther
  3. women who considered their partner’s ejaculation an important part of their sex lives had better lifelong sexual functioning
  4. a significant minority of women considered jizzbomb volume, distance, and accompanying theatrics a reflection of their own attractiveness
  5. the size of a man’s load was especially important to a woman’s self-perceived SMV (“the perception of a large ejaculation volume can make the woman feel sexy and wanted”)

Talk about a BOMBSHELL of a study. The CH formulation — hotter women means better sex for men — is confirmed accurate by its inverse: more intense blasts of ropey jizz mean women with higher self-esteems because their desirability as sexual objects is expulsively validated.

Or: the reinforcing feedback loop runs both ways: men are more aroused by hotter women, and women feel hotter when men are more aroused, (especially if the male arousal takes the form of something that is outside a man’s conscious control, such as the size, strength, texture and distance of his ejaculate).

From this, we can safely conclude jizz volume and distance are predictive of relationship strength, because a woman who feels sexier and hotter with her man is a woman who won’t be eager to blow up the relationship. And a man who cums harder with a woman similarly won’t be cavalier about losing access to a rare pleasure-maximizing input.

The cosmic order is a harmonious thing of timeless beauty.

PS Short and tall women are sluttier and crazier than medium-height women. So if you want to make a lady your main, find a miss whose height isn’t a strain. (my guess is that short and tall women have to compete more for hsmv male attention, thus the sluttiness and craziness)

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There is a reinforcing FEEDback loop that connects fatness, ugliness, shitlib views, and premature impact with the Wall, and is especially pronounced in the female of the species.

For a real life example, look what’s happened to Taylor Swift, once a chan-repurposed Aryan icon now turned schoolmarmish shitlib pussyhatter:

These before and after shots are NOT ‘SHOPPED.

Tay Tay got tub tub.

That first set of pics is particularly tragic. She’s one tray tray of donuts and box wine away from looking like pre-gastric sleeve Mama June:

Doesn’t Weigh Weigh have an Instawhore account of her cat? UH OH

They say the bloom on the Southern Belle Rose doesn’t last long, but fer crikey’s sake, Swift is swiftly nearing Wall impact at the ripe age of 28!

It’s not a cohencidence that Taylor Swift publicly came out as a cat-carrying member of Pussyhat, Inc at the point in her life when she’s bloated up and the Wall has risen into view. The rose is wilted; the screechy shrew is germinated. It’s nothing but White man-hating spite from here on out. Taking bets on Swift’s first mudshark paparazzi shot.

She’ll need to be retired as a frogtwatter secret-soopremacist Nordi-Alpine icon.

The ugly truth is that she’s an express line rider of the cock carousel. There are no innocent virginal women left in America, but the extremely homely who had no choice. How many boys have graced her song lyrics? None of them were good enough for her, or she wasn’t good enough for them. Solution: Carbs, cats, and cuntery.

The lifestyle is finally taking its tribute in the form of her sanity, like it does for most famous women. She is “anti-Kavanaugh” now and hitting the campaign trail for the Dem in TN’s midterm race. Her assimilation into the celebutard borg is complete (as is her retirement from peak nubility). Another White woman lost to The Fuggernaut. Sad!

Lesson: White women get married off before 25, or they instantly become hags for hillary.

Same goes for the trough. White women push away from the table, or they become hogs for hillary.

What’s not sad: Trump’s nuclear neg!

Trump tells us upon arriving back at the White House he likes Taylor Swift’s music but maybe about “25 percent” less now that she has endorsed Bredesen

We are blessed to have this man as our President. Trump is a Master of Game. I like this response, it’s very clever. It operates like a neg: you don’t want to come right out and insult a (former) hottie, because she’ll know you’re bitter, butthurt and try-hard. But if you say you still like the hottie “but just 25% less”, that’s a dig that reflects on her rather than on you.

Trump is smart, especially street smart. Lefties know this, but won’t ever admit it, so they prefer to go crazy denying the obvious.

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More people like Major1 are noticing that leftoid males and females have speaking voices that belie their sexuality. Or more precisely, defy their sexuality.

Off topic.
Pertaining to the recurrent “physiognomy is real” topic.
Just got back from antelope hunting so spent many hours in the truck driving across the state and back. Got rid of satellite radio a few months back so I just had regular radio to listen to. Weirdly, even in those forlorn places where I couldn’t pick up any other stations, I could frequently pick up public radio.
Just as physiognomy is real, so are voices. There is without question a liberal voice. At least a liberal radio voice (LRV).
The male LRV is high, thin and reedy. It originates in the throat, and is inflected with bursts of vocal fry and uptalk. It soothes. It’s the way one talks to a troubled child or menacing pit bull.
The female LRV is low and sonorous. All traces of humor and independent thought sandblasted away by SSRI’s and hours of diversity training and womyn’s studies.
There’s a quite subtle patronizing undertone to the female LRV, as if she is patiently explaining something to a person of limited intelligence. The listener can vividly see her straight medium brown hair, no makeup, problem glasses, frumpy tan blouse and faded jeans that are too tight in the ass and too loose in the thighs.
Now go over to you tube and find clips of Lee Marvin or Gregory Peck. Why don’t men sound like that anymore?

The male LRV may soothe fellow soyboys and shrews, but it grates on my ears no end. I think that’s true for any man who isn’t an effeminate milksop, and likely true as well for feminine women who don’t hate their own sex. Masculine men and feminine women are repulsed by uptalking phaggy males of the NPR (Neutered Pantywaist Radio) variety.

Likewise for the female LRV, which is equally creepy as the male LRV, but in the other direction: it’s a de-feminized voice that attempts (badly) to mimic a paternalistic male voice, by scrapping any vocal peculiarities that could identify the speaker as a biological woman (except for the higher natural pitch of women, which is hard to lower without hormone therapy and surgery).

All the shitlib males on public radio — the reporters, the anchors, the guests, and the callers — have LRV. The story is more complicated on the female side, where the reporterettes and anchorettes have adopted that androgynous voice of discomfort with their female-ness, while the female guests and callers maintain the vocal fry and uptalking that likely influences the shitlib male orbiters to acquire by osmosis.

The LRV is the uncanny valley of vocal robotics: vaguely human, but just inhuman enough that the listener’s hair stands on the back of his neck. My teeth clench when I hear it, especially from males, and it’s so ubiquitous now that those rare occasions when I hear a throwback masculine male voice anywhere — low, gravelly, self-controlled, rich, active voice — my mind is eased and all seems right with the world.


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Some commenters said the photo I had linked here wasn’t of CBF, so I deleted it. The points made in this post remain in tact, though, because they are universal and separate from any specific case. I changed the post title to reflect this change as well, that this is a post about sex, lies, and Congressional testimony.

The funniest aspect of this charade is that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t even a Chad. He barely brushes up against Chad-dom. But Ballsy-Fraud was such a forgettable dogface back in her wilted salad years, that a sackless wonder like John Scalzi would have seemed like a catch to her.

I’m not being glib. Sexual assault (and rape) are about sex. Not power. As with everything feminists claim, take the complete opposite as closer to the truth. There is real SCIENCE to back this up, too.

Physical power is only the means lsmv male rapists leverage to achieve their ends: sexual relief. This is relevant to Ballsy-Fraud’s looks; a young man who hung out with the cool dudes in high school wouldn’t look at, let alone date, a homely chick like teenage CBF. Nor would he be the rapist type; those cool dude Chads that rile up feminists are already enjoying enough consensual female company that they don’t need to violently wrest it from women.

This is especially true during the high school and college years when young men cling to the highest standards in women.

In real life, actual sex assaulters and rapists are soy-laced weirdos and losers and creeps and scary-looking uruk-hai who target good-looking young women (especially if, like Weinstein, the assaulter has status and power which is attractive to pretty young women and pulls them into his orbit for more convenient assaulting) or at least target women who would normally be way out of their league in a legitimate courtship scenario. That astronomically disproportionate black-on-White FBI rape statistic? Most of those perps wouldn’t get a first glance from their White woman victims in a non-rapey context.

Sex assaulters (less so, rapists) also will target slutty women — ie women who look easy and would put out quickly. Sometimes, this means the assaulter “slums it” with a less attractive but good-to-go girl. Darwinian trade-offs. Sperm is cheap, and can be spread more widely, with less attention to quality control.

These slutgirls signal, often consciously, their sluttiness through skimpy dress or erotic mannerisms. That doesn’t mean the girls are “asking for it”, but they are certainly asking for lots of aggressive male sexual interest. Sluts often invite the sexual “trauma” they insist they try to avoid, and they know it deep down. It’s how they compete against better-looking girls who can get men without acting slutty.

The slut-assaulter dynamic is different in one crucial aspect from sex assaults involving non-slutty women: usually, the interaction starts consensual, but ends nonconsensual, when either the slut has mid-grope second thoughts or the assaulter gets too ornery because his horny level hit the red zone and he becomes careless about how he progresses toward his coital goal.

Most gropers will pull back when the slut puts out a strong, unmistakable signal to stop. That’s why sexual assault in this scenario rarely escalates to real rape (as opposed to regret rape). But if a few minutes of unwelcome groping happens between hookup and second thought, then the slut will feel “used” when she’s had time afterward to stew in her resentment.

This is what I suspect happened to CBF in high school, who was by contemporaneous accounts quite the cock hunter. She had some distasteful slutgirl experiences back then that she slotted Brett Kavanaugh into when operatives in the Deep State needed her to deep-six a Trump nominee.

None of this is to say her current accusation against Kav isn’t a total fabrication. She made it all up, but the creaky foundation supporting her lies may have been remembrances of awkward hookups with random boys, as a braces-wearing high school teen very insecure about her desirability but saddled with the libido of a masculinized woman. Or, recollections of family abuse. And all of the memories muddied by her heavy drinking (which was apparently rampant at these ’80s era prep schools).


A Gabber [name redacted in the interest of post-America survival] has this to say about what was likely Ballsy-Fraud’s underlying motivation to publicly thrash an innocent man with a false grope accusation.

here’s the truth: most women who go around talking about being a “survivor” of rape are lying

and pretty much every college chick who says she was raped but her rapist is still allowed on campus is a liar

she was never raped
she’s just mentally ill

and she’s blaming her mental illness (which often strikes in college) on some imaginary trauma from a boy she fucked

40% of rape accusations made to the police are fake

and the % of fake accusations is even higher for “rapes” that were never reported

some chick who just abstractly claims she was raped at some vague time in high school or college is most likely lying

she’s either mentally ill or just wants the Victim Points she can get by claiming to be a “survivor”

half these chicks are claiming to be “survivors” of awkward one night stands

it’s really not that big of a deal
you really weren’t that traumatized

you sucked a dick and let some guy you barely know fuck you

and now you feel used and gross
because you were used and you are gross

but it’s really not that big of a deal

just stop being a whore
and you’ll feel a lot better

a big part of this is Mental Illness

severe mental illness often strikes in late teens, early 20s — ie, during College

a lot of these chicks are just, sadly, experiencing the start of what will be a  lifelong crippling mental health problem

it’s very sad, but we can’t let them destroy all of society just cause they got a head full of bad wiring

a big part of the insanity of the Left is the de-stigmatization of Mental Illness

also the Internet just allows a lot more ppl to participate in Society

in the past if you were a nutter, pretty much only your family would have to deal with you

but now the Internet lets you infect the rest of the planet

a normal woman will feel bad about her one night stand but not be emotionally crippled by it for the rest of her life

the Walk of Shame is something a lot of chicks do in college

Feminism says we have to totally re-order Society so no one ever feels that Shame

but most women at some point realize, hey, maybe if i stop acting like a Whore, i’ll feel less Ashamed of myself

modern Rape Hysteria has a lot do with Mental Illness

ppl with serious Mental Illness rarely accept that, hey, they just got some bad luck and some loose wires in their head – they want an explanation, they want to be able to say, aha!, that’s why i’m crazy

so they go looking for Trauma

and Feminism says, ah, it was that awkward one night stand you had freshmen year

so these girls who are starting to lose control of their minds now have a handy excuse – some guy felt up my boob once at a party

the reality is they were probably always gonna go crazy

if anything, what might have set them off was moving away from home and living around a bunch of strangers in a high stress environment

but it probably woulda happened regardless

Bolded parts are the money shots. Miswired slores go looking for trauma to explain their behavior, never able to admit to themselves that they are the cause — that is, that “society” isn’t to blame — of the psychological problems following them through their lives.

Here’s another slut cold ugly truth — women who got their tits drunkenly groped in high school aren’t traumatized by it. Women have an inbred capacity to absorb some clumsily aggressive male gropings without losing their minds. It’s a resilience evolved from wanting to be near assertive alpha males.

So let’s stop infantilizing women and stripping them of any agency or accountability.

Another reader,

Much more likely daddy molested her as a child, her mind suppressed it to keep her sane, some point, she was in a session with a shrink, or while being trained to be one, and false memories of being groped in high school replaced the real memories of daddy, as excuse why she slept with 64+ guys.

That’s a real possibility, and it could explain why Ford’s immediate family has been notably absent and unwilling to corroborate or defend her. (Today, one family member told reporters that Ballsy-Fraud “threw her best friend [Leyland Keyser] under the bus” when she said Keyser had health issues as the reason Keyser wouldn’t vouch for CBF’s lie. So I wasn’t the only person to notice that psychocunt maneuver in CBF’s testimony.

PS If you want to know why CBF thought she could get away with lying under oath in the course of destroying a good man’s reputation on a national stage, this is your answer:

CBF knew she’d be protected from exposure by the Creep State, Chaimstream Media, and Democortez apparatus. And she is still being protected by them, when she should be tried for perjury and sued for slander.

PPS After “Succubus” Feinstein read the latest FBI report essentially exonerating Kavanaugh, she left the room looking like she had seen a ghost (or Jesus). That’s not depression or resignation; that’s fear. I wonder what was in that report?

PPPS A pithy comment from Aaron that provides historical context:

Read Freud’s seduction theory. Every woman brought up memories of sexual abuse during therapy, and Freud had to abandon his theory because it was improbable that all fathers molest their daughters. We’ve known about this type of neurosis for over 100 years, but feminism has taken over psychology so it is politically incorrect to study the dark side of female sexuality (e.g. sexual masochism makes women wet).

This blog is unafraid to discuss the dark side of female sexuality, which may be why feminists and their soy lackeys rarely muster the will to come here and take on my arguments with anything more than vapid ad hominem.

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Women use emotional manipulation to compensate for their physical weakness.

But only physical strength — the power source of men — is regulated and punished by society. Women are left free to exercise their sex-based power. Worse, women are celebrated for being manipulative.

This is a structural flaw in all post-modren societies.

There is overlap of course (some women resort to physical violence and some men are silver-tongued subversives), but on the whole women are more disposed to emotional manipulation as a tactic to get what they want, and they are better at it than are men. (The men who are equally manipulative tend to make excellent cads…every woman is a varying degree of solipsist who falls for a man who mirrors her.)

Hell Is Like Newark appeals to ancient authority,

Such has been the case detailed in Western literature for the 1000+ years. i.e. The Romans would talk about how the women were “the real power behind Rome” via the manipulation of the men (husbands, sons, etc.) in their lives.

Yes. Stereotypes about the sexes (and races) don’t materialize out of thin air. They become shared prejudices based on shared observations over many generations (in the case of the nature of woman, over millennia).

A more precise term for what women excel at and exploit in the quest for power is “manufactured drama”. Men don’t manufacture drama (life is hard enough for men without the added unnecessary strife) and are generally more stoic than women. Fake Drama is woman’s access to power; it’s how she keeps men off-kilter and useful as cat’s-paws against her perceived enemies, and how she dissuades her own man from abandoning her for a trade-up.

Wise societies on the upswing of their civilizational arc understand that both men’s and women’s natural power-grabbing proclivities must be regulated, checked, and sometimes punished if taken to pathological extremes (see: Ballsy-Fraud, Ramirez, Swetnick). A man who resorts too often to violence or physical intimidation is an unstable influence; likewise, a woman who resorts too often to innuendo and fabrication is also an unstable influence on an orderly society.

What has happened in the West, particularly in America — and what happens to most civilizations after they have peaked in patriarchal creativity and moral confidence — is that we have discarded constraints on female will to power while continuing (and arguably strengthening) constraints on male will to power.

PoundMeToo is the pinnacle of this twisted achievement. All women are to be believed, whatever their credibility, psychology, or history, in any allegation, however dubious, they may decide to level against a man. And no man is to be believed, whatever his reputation, sincerity, or accomplishments, in his defense against such wild slander.

Which is why I say go long on sexbots, because American men will soon want nothing to do with American women. (Feminists subconsciously grasp the existential threat of sexbots, hence their urgency to ban sexbot brothels wherever they crop up.)

Men are shamed, women are exalted. (America)

Where women are shamed and men are exalted, you find the arab moslem countries.

What we Westerners need is a return to the wisdom of our ancestors; we need to bring balance back to our nations, and recognize before it’s too late that unrestrained women are as dire a threat to the nation as are unrestrained men. We bring balance back to the sexual force by shaming conniving women and allowing aggressive men some room to steer society.

Fewer false rape accusations, more Beach Week parties with Biff Kavanaughs.

We have the worst possible system in place now: women given free rein to indulge their cruel psychotic whims with the power of the State to shield them from punishment, and (White) men mightily oppressed by every lever of establishment power from baring even an iota of masculine verve.

It’s why I coined this system a “gynarcho-tyranny”.

Only Trump and a few pseudonymous dissidents have broken out of this matronix to deliver the Dude Word to the masses.

With any checks on female depravity removed, we are left at the mercy of, and victim to the spectacle of, crazy catladies, conformist soccermoms, and hysterical slores inviting in enemy hordes and crushing dissent from their own men, destroying their livelihoods and driving an intensifying trend toward social disharmony. This is why we have descended from a Battle Of The Sexes to a Breach Of The Sexes. The rancor is a product of straitjacketed White men losing control of their riotous White women.

We need to rethink our unthinking devotion to the Fundamental Premise. A renewed appreciation of benevolent sexism is part of the solution.

A big obstacle to relocating our lost power-differentiated sexual market balance is the nature of how sex-based power is manifest. Physical violence is palpable, readily perceived. Emotional violence is subtle, amorphous, and plausibly deniable. This distinction is crucial for understanding why modren societies, with their imprinted sensitivity to instant harm (the evil twin of instant gratification), find it difficult to recognize female power when it is being abused. This failure of recognition is ultimately exculpatory of the worst sorts of psychocunts.

It is also indicative of a dumber society (which, naturally, benefits women — for now), because dumber citizens acclimated to clickbait news in which the senses are assaulted by visual stimuli are less able to discern the inconspicuous abuses of soft power that women prefer.

Another reader supplies a coda to this tragic tale of female empowerment coupled with male disempowerment,

Democracy protects the weak by damaging the strong.

And when the weak become the strong?

It gets ugly.

The world knows no cruelty like the cruelty of the snarky, weak and degenerate with the power of retribution.

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h/t BigGayKoranBurning Steve for this triggering research paper.

Race Bias Tracks Conception Risk Across the Menstrual Cycle

Although a considerable body of research explores alterations in women’s mating-relevant preferences across the menstrual cycle, investigators have yet to examine the potential for the menstrual cycle to influence intergroup attitudes. We examined the effects of changes in conception risk across the menstrual cycle on intergroup bias and found that increased conception risk was positively associated with several measures of race bias. This association was particularly strong when perceived vulnerability to sexual coercion was high. Our findings highlight the potential for hypotheses informed by an evolutionary perspective to generate new knowledge about current social problems—an avenue that may lead to new predictions in the study of intergroup relations.

When women are most fertile, they are the most “racist.”  Women are least racist when pregnant or on the Pill.

In other words, women are biologically programmed to want kids who look like them (are of the same race).

This study focused on White women. When push comes to ovum, White women don’t want mystery meatballs nipping at their ankles. They want babbies who resemble them, in size, shape, color, and texture. (That is, not like the African megafauna. More like Alpine forest nymphs.)

The birth control Pill very well may be the foul source of the pathological universalism that is rotting European Christendom from the inside out.

Lesson: Get White women off birth control pills and they’ll be less xenophilic and more realistic about race differences.

Also, try to synchronize elections with ovulation.

PS the number of black women test subjects was too small so they were excluded from the study. Of course. Acquiring a decent sample size of black women would muddy the Anti-White Narrative that only Whites can be healthfully racist and preservation-minded.

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