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In cuckoldry news, the sales of personal, home-based paternity tests are rising in the UK.

Sales of ‘secret’ paternity tests are surging, according to suppliers of DIY home kits.

The DNA tests, which can be carried out with simple cheek swabs, are leading to growing numbers of men discovering they are not the biological father of children they had been led to believe were theirs.

AlphaBiolabs, the leading British home test supplier, says up to 30,000 paternity tests are being performed in this country every year – and that the figures are rising by ten per cent per year.

‘Of these, around 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing,’ says the company’s director, David Thomas. He added that in some regions the figure is higher, including the North East, where it is 30 per cent.

The explosion in demand for the tests has been fuelled by the ease with which definitive DNA paternity results can now be obtained. For about £99, testing kits which promise 100 per cent accurate next-day results can be bought online.

Primal human sexuality and the associated mate acquisition psychologies of the sexes are under novel, extreme pressures from modern technologies — cheap contraception, the Pill, abortion, online hardcore porn, mass produced pulp romance, sexbots, and cheap private paternity tests. These pressures will rock the sexual market like nothing before them in history, save genetic bottlenecks caused by genocides or mass die-offs. Few but bastions like this humble abode are talking about it, and that’s criminally negligent because the current social changes will have effects on human sexuality and the future of nations beyond what our meager powers of speculation can conjure. We are truly entering uncharted territory.

Most of these changes will benefit one or the other sex, with some of those benefits going to a few advantageously positioned members from the sex which bears the costs. Cheap at-home anonymous paternity testing will greatly hinder the ability of women to access their Darwinian prerogative for extra-pair conception (aka alpha fux, beta bux), and thus greatly benefit men. Women, naturally, will never admit they would cuckold a beta husband and fool him into raising the bastard spawn of an alpha lover, but they don’t have to admit it; their subconscious limbic compulsion does all the dirty work for them.

Not all women are cuckold risks, UNDER THE OPERATIVE SOCIAL CONSTRAINTS. There is a plausible theory that women of certain races co-evolved with their men toward a greater monogamous instinct and less cuckoldry. But evolution doesn’t stop. There is no “end of history”. If social pressures change, sexual selection will change as well, and behaviors will adapt to the new reality.

Gene-culture co-evolution. If social constraints, in whatever form (shared values, religious, communal shaming), weaken and fall apart, then even women who have evolved toward favoring monogamous mating will adapt, slowly at first but quickening as the marginal cases become the norm, to the new selection pressures, and cuckoldry could theoretically become more common in those societies.

At the same time social constraints on feral female sexuality are breaking down, cheap private paternity testing is pushing in the opposite direction on Darwinian evolutionary calculations, making it riskier for women to heed an unconscious urge to cuckold their drearily dependable betas. In the state of nature, cuckoldry as a reproduction strategy only pays off if the woman can successfully dupe her resource provider or if the resource provider can be convinced to stay and help raise the bastard “for the good of the child”.

The latter seems to be more common currently, but the former is a dying tactic. Soon, thanks to cheap paternity testing kits, very few men but the dumbest and poorest will be successfully duped into eighteen years of emotional rape and indentured servitude. A wife who cuckolds her husband now runs a real risk that he’ll find out quickly if he’s the biological father, and will know this without intensely manipulative blackmail from the mother to retreat from the discovery process. He could leave her alone with the bastard, and without any community or family support.

You could cut the tension between loosening social mores and tightening technological oversight with a knife. This goes to a dark place. Increasingly liberated and unhappy women lashing out at increasingly distrustful and indifferent men. A skankocracy of sexual predators chafing under the by-laws of a surveillance state technocracy (idealistic beta males hardest hit).

The cuckoldry data from the UK isn’t necessarily evidence of an overall rising cuckoldry rate. There’s a sample bias effect here….suspicious fathers who get paternity testing kits are more likely to have been cuckold victims. But still, that number is disturbingly high, and suggests that a de facto polygynous sex market is emerging in the UK, just as it is all over the West.

So while sales of personal paternity testing kits and a 20% positive hit rate on results aren’t proof of a general rise in the cuckoldry rate, they are leading indicators that something foul is upsetting the normal functioning of the sexual market.

As long as the State continues acting as a substitute husband and father for Western wahmen, lavishing largesse and incentives on women to behave in ways which increase the chance of single mommery, then reliable, cheap, and widely available paternity testing which decreases the number of beta male dupes and quislings will accelerate the trends away from marriage and toward African-style polygyny.

PS Reminder that a 1% cuckoldry rate is more than 30 TIMES the recorded rape rate in the US. A useful comparison the next time some femcunt launches into a diatribe about rape culture and the patriarchy.

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Possibly inspired by CH posts exploring the connection between jizz payloads and love, reader SRC introduces the concept of the Orgasm Ratio:

One of the most important things when having sects with a girl for the first time is to never be the first to cūm. If she gets off several times before you, especially after more than one encounter, it flips the sexual adequacy frame on its head. Control the orgasm ratio.

As a general principle, I agree with this, but there can be times when the rule doesn’t apply (see below).

The Orgasm Ratio is essentially a hard-to-spoof proxy for the SMV Ratio. If our premise is that men cum harder and quicker with hotter women (tumescently plausible), then a man who cums first is likely with a woman who is his sex-specific SMV equal or better. He can be said to have NO HAND, while she holds all the leverage over which direction the hookup will go.

If a woman senses this SMV disparity in her favor (she will), then over time she’ll resent her man who reminds her by his premature ejaculation that she can do better. This feeling in her — and his recognition of it — will erode the relationship, until rupture.

In love, the time from rapture to rupture can be surprisingly short, and usually catches the man off-guard.

Getting off first tells a girl two things, equally ominous to you as complimentary to her. One, she knows she arouses you. This flatters her. Two, it causes her to wonder if she’s aiming too low. She resents you for this.

The first night together is the most important time to establish an advantageous orgasm ratio. This is when the tone is set that will color the relationship should it develop. You cum first, and she knows she can use her sex to make you dance. Knowledge like this is corrosive to pussy tingles.

But if you can hold off until she cums first, second, and third, well now she’s primed to think of you as a god among betas, a man with whom she can hardly control herself. A properly calibrated orgasm ratio is a major DHV-to-SMV positively reinforcing feedback loop. With each night together that you heroically delay your release, she will cum harder, and faster, as your value explodes to fill every cranny in her brain.

Added to this primal limbic mix is a dread that slowly consumes her; she fears you may not be “all that into her”, otherwise why the seemingly preternatural ability to delay your payload? Now, as SRC wrote, the sexual adequacy script is flipped. All flings begin with the unconscious, biologically driven premise that the woman is “giving” her body to the man, who is “enjoying” it. She is always sexually adequate; he is always proving his sexual adequacy. But the man who communicates his SMV through a leisurely journey to completion, while allowing his woman to orgasm multiple times atop his tutelage, has essentially co-opted her sexual role. He is giving his boner; she is enjoying it.

The benefit of this is obvious. She now is the one trying to prove herself to him, that she can sexually please him, and the downstream effects of her sexual anxiety are innumerable and delightful….home-cooked meals, generosity of body, heart, and even purse, loyalty, faithfulness, unbreakable love, an eager to please disposition, a sudden awakening to the power of MAGA….

When does the orgasm ratio rule not apply? Every so often, as a gift to her, it helps lubricate the relationship and alleviate tension to “lose control” of yourself. A woman likes to know she arouses her man so much that he occasionally goes primal on her, tearing at clothes, ripping at panties, groping at flesh, slamming against walls and mirrors and headboards, and finishing in a violent crescendo of spent lust.

If you do cum first during the first time in bed — and you will if you’re hitting above your league — the momentum can be saved with a short refractory period and a workmanlike second effort.

And if you fail at this, you’ve still won.

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A 50-year-old French author named Yann Moix plainly and truthfully stated that most women are sexually and romantically worthless by age 50, and that he, like most men, prefers the “extraordinary bodies” of much younger women.

A 50-year-old French author has sparked outrage by claiming women over 50 are ‘invisible’ to him.

Yann Moix, a TV presenter and prize-winning writer, said it is ‘not possible’ to love a woman his own age and that he prefers ‘younger women’s bodies’.

‘Come on now, let’s not exaggerate. That’s [over 50] is not possible … too, too old,’ he said in an interview with the French edition of Marie Claire.

For a man to love, he first must lust. Old broads don’t inspire lust, so they don’t inspire love, unless they have been married to the same man for a long time and have built up a protective buffer of his affection.

‘The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary,’ he added. ‘The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.’

He added that he preferred to date Asian women, particularly ‘Koreans, Chinese and Japanese’.

Naturally, his tsar bomba of realtalk triggered a cacophony of cantankerous catlady caterwauling. Peak Shriek, I call it. This was the best part of the Moix Outrage; the impotent screeching and wailing provoked by what amounts to very banal observations of the human condition. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a wrinkled old pussyhatter blowing a forehead vein.

Get a load of these id droppings from the butt-chafed shrews:

The sexist comments have drawn widespread criticism on social media.

One posted: ‘Yann Moix is 50 and I bet he’s single and no one wants him. Women over any age are beautiful and age shaming is pathetic like he is.’

The Cryfecta:

  1. sour grapes
  2. self-deluding platitude
  3. hilarious same-sentence self-contradiction


By outing himself as a tacky old stereotype, Yann Moix has rendered his entire body of work invisible so I’m cool with his uninspired opinions 🙂

“old stereotype” I thought age was just a number? Like most chicks, she judges a man’s accomplishments by his devotion to sucking up to the whorethodoxy. She’s cool with that *ADDS OBVIOUSLY TRY-HARD SMILEY TO PROJECT INDIFFERENCE*.

Women over 50 don’t want to read or buy your books either.

I’m sure his heart will go on.

Phew! Women like me are breathing a sigh of relief that in another year and too we will be ‘too old’ for bad rubbish like Yann Moix. At last we can breathe in peace. Thank you universe — Deepali Nandwani

The lady doth breathe relievedly too much.

‘People in glass houses!…..have you looked in the mirror?….you don’t look a day over 65.’

Refuting ageism with…ageism.

Twitter users also shared photographs of women over 50, including Halle Berry, 52, Sandra Bullock, 54, and Cindy Crawford, 52.

HAHA oh my sides. How fuckin predictable. Deny biological reality by….posting pics of extreme exceptions to the rule. Exceptions who, btw, were still much hotter when younger than they are in their 50s.

Responding to the outrage, he told RTL radio, he was not ‘responsible’ for his taste in women.

This is the shiv that cuts deepest. Women want SO BADLY to believe that men can change the shape of their desire to find uglier, fatter, older women more attractive, but here comes a very bad man to remind them that men’s arousal is an unconscious, evolved compulsion resistant to social engineering, which just happens to point HARD in the same direction across all cultures and times: toward alluring young beauties.

The comments to this article in the World’s Foremost Newspaper of Record are full of spitting mad catladies who can barely contain their existential pain in between snarls of snark, but refreshingly the comments generally support Moix. For example, check out the ratio of likes and dislikes between the best-rated and worst-rated comments.

Best-rated (from a woman):

A lot if men think like that. He has just vocalised it. Speaking as a 53 year old woman, he is right in most cases. My body is not the same as it was in my twenties, it has more lumps and gravity takes it toil despite my healthy lifestyle, so of course a twenty something woman will seem more desirable. The same is true of men though. My OH goes to the gym and takes care of himself but his body is different to his 20 something self. However, we are not just our bodies. Attraction takes place due to a myriad of reasons, personality, wit, intelligence. I would not want to see this French guy’s naked body either, but might want to take a look at his son’s! There will be 20 something women reading this and distancing themselves from this, thinking that ageing will never happen to them, but it will. My advice to them, never find validation in another person’s gaze. You are more than your looks.

–2216 upvotes, 53 downvotes

Worst-rated (from a man):

He is absolutely right. There is nothing like the feel of young skin and flesh. Who wants an old broiler when there are so many young chicks out there. Well done for saying it, Sir.

–168 upvotes, 281 downvotes

The best-rated comment essentially recapitulated Moix’s point and earned a 42:1 like-to-dislike ratio, while the worst-rated comment did the same with fewer and funnier words and earned a 1.7:1 dislike-to-like ratio.

In short, the indignant deluded are greatly outnumbered by the cheerfully awakened.

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The Fundamental Premise (introduced to a curious world on this blog) states that the biological reality of women’s higher reproductive value relative to men’s results in an inborn psychological bias in both sexes that manifests in favoritism toward women and indifference toward the plight of men, at the individual and societal levels.

Institutions will, over time, take on the complexion of this innate bias favoring women, and the smallest inconveniences women suffer are blown up into national emergencies while grave insults that are suffered predominately by men are minimized in their significance, ignored, or cruelly inverted to lay blame for that suffering on men and to make restitution demands for women who are the “real victims”.

Now the World’s Foremost Newspaper of Record has broken ranks and defied the cuntventional wisdom to report on a global study showing that men are the real victims of sex-based discrimination.

Men are disadvantaged in 91 countries compared to 43 nations for women

The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more, a study claims

Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, researchers say

Scientists created the Basic Index of Gender Inequality to assess inequality

Closer the BIGI score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country


The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more whereas Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, according to the study.

Researchers say this is due to men receiving harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more occupational deaths than women.

Those are coarse metrics, but the Fundamental Premise acts on innumerable, less conspicuous social dynamics shaping the life outcomes and well-being of men and women.

The study was carried out by the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia and published in the journal Plos One.

Scientists created a database which deciphers a nation’s discrimination called the Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI).

The closer the BIGI score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country.

Zero is a perfect score, indicating absolute parity between the genders – and Italy came the closest with a score of 0.00021. Slightly favouring males.

The top ranked nation to favour women over men is claimed to be Saudi Arabia, with a score of -0.001554.

If it is a negative number it indicates females are better off and if the BIGI score is positive it shows males are less discriminated against.

I doubt any regular readers of the Chateau are surprised by this study’s findings that the Anglocuck nations (where post-sanity feminism and the divorce industrial complex were invented) are the most discriminatory against men and their interests.

Professor Stoet also believes the complexity of the Global Gender Gap Index makes  it difficult to distinguish whether gender differences are the result of social inequalities or personal preference.

The simpler BIGI method, he says, is a much sounder alternative.

He said: ‘No existing measure of gender inequality fully captures the hardships that are disproportionately experienced by men in many countries and so they do not fully capture the extent to which any specific country is promoting the wellbeing of all its citizens.

Hillary Clinton would call Professor Stoet a misogynist while cavalierly dismissing the premature deaths of millions of opioid-addicted deplorable men in the heartland.

PS The Sex Pay Gap is a lie. I’ll keep saying it until the media stops credulously reporting on it as if it hadn’t already been debunked a thousand times.

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A man who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters receives sexy pics and love notes in prison from adoring women.


From a reader,

Whatever that ding is in the brains of women…

They rock the cradle and dig the grave of civilization.

Great line. The essence of woman is to create and to destroy. To birth and to bury. To nurture and to neglect.

A smart society thwarts women’s destructive impulse while encouraging their natal instinct.

From another reader,

Was watching a clip from Goodfellas last night… where Ray Liotta beats the snot out of the guy across the street from his girlfriend, and she admits she was turned on by it. And then remembered that Ted Bundy got love letters in the pen.

Chicks dig dominant men.
The dominant man fulfills a woman’s urge to submit.
The sexual polarity is aligned.
The Fuggernaut wept.

One must give credit to the world’s newspaper of record — the Daily Mail — for printing in full so many of those love letters to a killer. They are dark portals into the soul of woman, a glimpse of her demonic id, and a front row seat to her rationalization hamster. You’ve never seen such spinning!

“their saying that your a monster and that your a POS and that your a physopath (lmao yes I know I spelled that wrong) but I’ve been telling them that their wrong and that I do not feel the way they do!!”

Verbatim. Who’s “they” telling her to stay away from a triple murderer? Her mom? Her male friends? Her female friends? Her court-ordered therapist? How many people has she told about her unrequited love affair with a killer of women and little girls?


“[I’m] someone who knows nothing about you therefore will not judge you based on your current situation.”

She’s writing a love letter to a man who’s in jail for murdering his entire family. And very misogynistically murdering them, I might add. She certainly knows that about him. Oh look, a hamster!

Let’s check out Tammy’s phyzz:

Not bad. She’s slender. Which means one bangable broad who isn’t a land whale is off the market for beta males, because her heart belongs to a man who slew an adult woman and two minor girls.

From T. Goodchild,

There are hundreds of thousands of dutiful betas who have never so much as raised their voices to a woman, all sure that if they just work a little harder, save a bit more, buy more expensive gifts . . . they’ll be able to score a girl like Bikini girl from that first photo.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

*surreptitiously kicks the poosy pedestal under the bed* “I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t polish a pussy pedestal.”

My point with these posts isn’t to sour men on women, or provoke so much cynicism that good men go their own way, or to suggest that men should never bond with women.

My point in exposing the dankest crannies of the female id is to remind men that the pussy pedestal is a lie, and an obstacle to true and real bonding with women. Face up to women for what they are, not the fantasy you wish them to be, and you won’t be so easily disillusioned when the fantasy inevitably breaks apart or fails to materialize. You will better appreciate women once you know what makes them tick, know their flaws and corrupt desires, and can enjoy them without anxiously dreading a moment they deviate the tiniest bit from a false narrative about their inherent goodness.

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A comment from Inlikeme that compares pulling out to pumping in:

…if you’re whipping it out you’re ready to go again in a few mins.
If you’re blasting inside it’s snuggle time for like half an hour or more.
I wonder if there’s a study on oxytocin levels (in chaps) on whipping it out v holding her down and blasting inside.

A cursory search of the CH archives reveals that there are no posts dealing with this topic. A regrettable oversight! One must hand it to Inlikeme for providing comment fodder not already covered in dusty tomes housed in this esteemed retreat. A rare accomplishment.

Time for a pro and con misticle.

Pulling Out


Nothing says “ownage” quite like your jizzbomb oozing down a woman’s face.

You can accurately gauge your intensity of desire by the size, shape, color, and don’t forget texture of your ropey release. (this is also how you determine if a woman is commitment worthy)

As Inlikeme noted, pulling out shortens the refractory period, for physiologic reasons which are not yet clear to the labcoats. You’re ready for round two before the speckle has spackled.

It’s fun to aim and drain.

Pulling out is actually a fairly effective form of contraception, assuming your girl isn’t crazy and liable to abscond with a thimbleful for a secretive bathroom fingertip insertion.

It’s easier for the girl to caress your scrotal depths at the moment of delivery, adding to the pleasure.

Surprise eye shot! (back, and to the left…so hot)


You’ll cuddle in your own mess.

A gnawing feeling of Darwinian futility.

A gnawing feeling you aren’t Spawndo material.

Crazy girl opportunism.

Effort spent trying to keep her from turning over and soiling your sheets with her cummy tummy.

You will hear Captain Obvious’ refrain “BUNZ => OVENS” ringing through your head. Buzzkill!

If she jumps out of bed to clean herself, rather than lay there admiring your property markers, it’s a major slut tell. She’s done this with other men, and has gotten inured to its BONDING potential. A keeper will never wash off your wayward seed without reverent ritualistic tribute.


Pumping In


Now THAT’S lovemaking.

Nothing says “genetic ownage” quite like holding her down and filling her with your champions.

No orgasm will match the intensity of the orgasm which tickles the cervical portal.

Congrats, you’ve done your part to save the White race. The screaming of the Captain Obvious is finally silenced.

Buried deep behind the borderline, your nut will feel like a hot river instead of a squirt gun.

If she takes you in, happily, eagerly, she may be a keeper.

A half hour later, she’s still giggling about you dripping out of her. Giggling. Not chortling like a high T careerist shrike.

It’s fun to lay there inside her for a while after, going slowly soft but never so soft that you slip out, and getting hard again while still inside, so you can fill her up like a swimming pool.


She *said* she was on the Pill. You can trust her, right?

If she’s a super slut, guess what? You just commingled sperms with her morning lover. You better hope the idea of “scooping” doesn’t put you out of the mood.

Interminable cuddling.

Viscous queefs.

She’s more likely to consider the act one of finality, to close out the evening. It starts with flaccid post-coital cuddling, and ends with nethers-grazing blue balls.

You might fall in love. Not so great if it’s the third date. You want to keep that love card in the deck, or she’ll have hand.

You might come too fast if you know you can have all of her.

You’ve always wanted to be the Jackson Pollock of body painting.

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From Sophia,

this study indicates male children of women who used extra progesterone are significantly higher to be homo or bi-sexual.

Uh oh. Chalk another one up in the “God of Biomechanics will not be denied” column.

Does progesterone influence baby’s later sexuality?

A new study addresses whether supplementing progesterone during pregnancy, a common practice to prevent miscarriage, could influence a baby’s sexual orientation in later life.

Dr. June Reinisch, director emerita of the Kinsey Institute in the U.S., led the study. She found that bisexuality is quite common among men and women whose mothers received additional doses of the sex hormone progesterone while pregnant.

As discussed in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers tracked the sexual development of 34 Danes whose mothers were treated with the hormone to prevent miscarriage.

According to the investigators, progesterone appears to be an underappreciated factor influencing the normal development of variations in human sexuality and psychosexuality.


The 34 participants in the study were drawn from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort, which comprises information collected from virtually all children born between 1959 and 1961 at the university hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 17 men and 17 women were selected because their mothers exclusively received the progesterone lutocyclin to prevent a miscarriage.

These men and women were compared with a carefully selected control group who were not exposed prenatally to lutocyclin or any other hormone medication, but who otherwise matched the study participants based on 14 relevant physical, medical, and socioeconomic factors.

The participants were all in their mid-20s when asked about their sexual orientation, self-identification, attraction to each sex, and sexual history using questionnaires and a structured interview with a psychologist.

It was found that men and women whose mothers were treated with progesterone were significantly less likely to describe themselves as heterosexual. One in every five (20.6 percent) of the progesterone- exposed participants labeled themselves as other than heterosexual.

Compared to the untreated group, the chances were greater that by their mid-20s they had already engaged in some form of same-sex sexual behavior (in up to 24.2 percent of cases), and that they were attracted to the same (29.4 percent) or to both sexes (17.6 percent). Both exposed males and females also had higher scores related to attraction to men.

Granted, this is a small sample size, but its findings are so scandalous as to demand further investigation, because what this portends for modren society is NOT OK. Problematic, even.

Miscarriages are more common as a woman ages, and the miscarriage rate rapidly increases after her mid-30s.

The study of more than 600,000 women in Denmark who had a pregnancy between 1978 and 1992 shows a steady age-related rise in rates of miscarriage — from 9% among women in their early to mid-20s to a whopping 75% among women age 45 and older.

Progesterone supplementation is given to older pregnant women to prevent miscarriage.

Progesterone supplementation is associated with an increase in the possibility of delivering a baby with a sexual identity crisis.

Modren society is oriented around female independence from the natural consequences of female reproduction. More precisely, it is oriented around avoiding early pregnancy, accumulating pointless credentials, riding the cock carousel, and settling down much later in life with a beta male to pop out 1.2 autistic homosexual babies.

American women (stay away from me) are marrying later and having children later in life. And there is no end in sight to this trend, barring an environmental cataclysm. A cleansing fire, if you will.

Our women are





and hormonally-invaded vessels giving birth to a generation of Darwinian dead ends.

We are becoming the race extinction we virtue signal.

We should have hewn to Truth & Beauty, and we could have avoided the unfolding catastrophe.

Truth: Younger women have healthier wombs.

Beauty: Younger women are hotter and birth sturdier babies.

Related: Progesterone treatment in mice affects the testosterone level and sexual behavior of male offspring.

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