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It’s no mystery who among Whites supports open borders and the consequent swamping of America with Swarth World spindrift: Single White Women.

As I teased in the previous post, here I’ll explain why Single White Women (SWWs) are in love with the idea of a borderless America that is overrun with Dirt World detritus. I call it the Shiny Object Theory of the SWW Open Borders Welcoming Committee.

My reasoning is simple: sexual selection electrifies all human interaction, and women have evolved to display themselves to catch the attention of high value men.

The fewer high value men there are, and/or the more attractive women there are, the more frequent and intense the sexual display of women. Supply and demand. So, for instance, when men are in short supply, as has been hypothesized was the situation for prehistorical European hunter-gatherers with high male attrition rates from hunting megafauna, the few surviving men are able to afford to be choosy, and they choose only the most beautiful of women from their tribes.

It’s speculated that this is how blonde and red hair, and blue and green eyes, evolved in European White women…a long time ago those choosy men had to be enticed with the biological equivalent of shiny baubles, so women evolved bright, eye-catching accoutrements like blonde hair, blue eyes, big titties, swayback, and exquisite White woman facial beauty.

White male choosiness gave the world White female beauty. God may have made man in His image, but White man made White woman in his vision.

Getting back to the subject of this post, if we start with the premise that the number of high value White Men has decreased relative to the number of Single White Women who want them — a premise which has sound footing, given the surge of economically self-sufficient White women and the retreat of White men from positions of power, influence, and cultural supremacy to languish in faptivity — then there would consequently develop an increase in sexual display by White women to more effectively bait HSMV White men into relationships (or at least into pump and dumps).

Subcultures would spring from this sexual market shift in female strategy, such as Slut Pride, Deep Thots, multicolored hair, skintight yoga pants showing camel toe, wine mommery, and the omnipresent social media attention whore.

One other negative externality would be apparent: SWWs agitating for more Twerk World trash, because nothing sparkles quite as brightly as a diamond in the dirt.

Sweden is overflowing with pretty blondes, so any one blonde doesn’t stand out much (which is probably why the brunette hair color was evolutionarily retained in European White women). Similarly, America was once 90% White (a mere fifty years ago), but its homogeneity and pride of heritage also meant there were a lot of relatively hsmv White men to go around. Back then, SWWs didn’t have to viciously compete for a shrinking pool of hsmv White men.

Today, they do, and these SWWs competing for fewer hsmv White men see open borders as a short cut to standing out in a rapidly muddying crowd. That mousy, stringy-haired sandy blonde plain jane with the muffin top might not be a catch in 90% White America, but she’s a fucking princess bathed in ethereal light in 40% Earth Tone America.

The contrast of hordes of (to White men not named ¡Jeb!) sexually invisible squatamalans relieves the pressure on Mediocre Mauves to signal their sexual readiness or to compete in a losing battle with naturally prettier girls. Thanks to the magic of polychromatic patriotism, the middle of the belle curve SWWs can reap the reward of more hsmv White man attention without incurring any of the responsibility to look and act more pleasingly feminine.

Of course, as I’ve argued, female beauty is objective, universally agreed upon, and biometrically standardized. A millimeter here, a millimeter there, according to God of Biomechanics spec, can mean the difference between involuntary solitude and catching the eye of President Trump. So White men aren’t going to start believing HB5s are HB9s. But that doesn’t matter; what matters is perception. And if even hsmv White men perceive their menu of minxes disappearing under a gloomy tide of boner-killing brown, they might start to consider the romantic appeal of the White HB5s.

These White men won’t be happy, but if the perceived alternative is a tubular desert trekker then they’ll settle for the White HB5 and make a go of it. And comparative beauty isn’t Fake News; we’ve all noticed that a blah girl will look more bangable when she’s standing next to a fug. It’s a trick of the male brain that ensures the human species doesn’t stop in its tracks when the supply of beauties dips below the threshold at which the majority of men feel they have a chance.

Paradoxically, the American obesity epidemic that has gone worldwide in the past two decades may be partly fueling SWW clit boners for rapefugees, by providing fat White women an even less desirable horde of females against which to compare favorably, because the Third World peasantry invading America is increasingly Girth World peasantry.

There really is no end to the ways in which closed border homogeneous White nations are more romantically appealing than open border diversitopias, so make it your life’s work to shame any SWW who shrieks with vitriolic virtue about the blessings of Diversity™. She is literally advocating for the death of your dating life.

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What happens when you separate prey animals from their native predators?

The prey animals lose their natural fear of the predators.

What happens when the predators return?


Via plumpjack,

food for thought: a group of animals separated from their predators lost their fear of the predators after 13 generations:

“Conservationists are stuck in a catch-22: In trying to save some species, the would-be protectors may be giving the animals an evolutionary disadvantage. A new study describes how efforts to protect the endangered northern quoll, a spotted, kitten-sized marsupial native to Australia, by placing a population on a threat-free island may have actually undermined a key survival ins-tinct.

After 13 generations — just 13 years — in isolation, the northern quolls (Dasyurus hallucatus) had lost their fear response to native predators, researchers report June 5 in Biology Letters.

“Evolution can happen very rapidly” for animals with fast breeding times, says evolutionary biologist Rick Shine of the University of Sydney, who was not involved in the study.

Separating endangered species from predators is a common conservation technique, sometimes taking place in captive-breeding programs in zoos or fenced enclosures or on isolated islands. The approach allows a species to build up its population before eventually being reintroduced to the wild.

Populations of northern quolls have been drastically reduced in recent decades by invasive poisonous cane toads (SN Online: 2/3/14). In 2003, the Australian Northern Territory Government tried to preserve the quolls in part by moving 45 of them to toad-free Astell Island, off mainland Australia’s northern coast.

INVADER Northern quolls were isolated to protect them from poisonous cane toads, an invasive species responsible for killing many native animals.

In 2016, biologist Christopher Jolly of the University of Melbourne and colleagues tried to reintroduce some quolls from Astell to the mainland. But the effort was quickly halted after dingoes and feral cats killed many of the new arrivals (SN Online: 2/11/15).

In trying to figure out what happened, the researchers tested the fear responses of four populations of quolls: wild mainland quolls, island-born quolls and offspring from both groups. Quolls from each group were given boxes of mealworms; some had no scent and some were tainted with the scent of either feral cats or dingoes. While the wild quolls shied away from the predator-scented worms, the island quolls slurped the worms down. The quoll babies in each group showed the same behavior as the adults, suggesting the lost fear response was not learned but had evolved over 13 generations.

perhaps this explains some of the divergence in views on things like borders and race between gated-community elites and their forced-diversity subjects: the first group has lost their fear of natural predators due to being separated from them, ingrained into their DNA over many generations.

Bingo. Substitute “gated community, open borders shilling shitlibs” for “prey animals” and “third world invaders” for “predators” to understand current events at a deeper level than any poli sci grad school automaton.

If optimistic, substitute “MAGA shitlords” for “predators”.

SWPL shitlibs better hope the predator reintroduction to bring balance back to the ecocultural force is comprised of their close genetic kin; there will be no mercy if the predators are the invading species of distant nonWhite tribes.

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Jordan Peterson had this to say about sex-differentiated status hierarchies:

Girls can win by winning in their own hierarchy—by being good at what girls value, as girls. They can add to this victory by winning in the boys’ hierarchy. Boys, however, can only win by winning in the male hierarchy. They will lose status, among girls and boys, by being good at what girls value. It costs them in reputation among the boys, and in attractiveness among the girls. Girls aren’t attracted to boys who are their friends, even though they might like them, whatever that means. They are attracted to boys who win status contests with other boys.

“whatever that means”. Heh. Shivvy way to say, “which means nothing”.

When JP discusses sex differences, he could be reading CH posts. Whatever one thinks of the criticisms leveled against him (some are valid), he does have a decent grasp of the sexual market and how men and women navigate divergent routes through an ocean of mate prospects to get what they want.

However, this is one of the rare instances when I disagree with his premise. He’s generally correct that, at least within the bounds of our current cultural arrangement, women have two status hierarchies available to them while men only have one. Our gynarcho-tyranny not only encourages but aggressively impresses upon women the urgency and even moral duty of succeeding in male domains (leaning in), while simultaneously encouraging men to sacrifice their status within their own male domains to make way for more women (and consequently rendering themselves less sexually attractive to women who are now their equal or higher in social status).

Women who do succeed in the man’s world can expect to ascend the intrafemale status ladder (more precisely, the intra-feminist status ladder), but where JP is wrong is assuming these women don’t also suffer an SMV status loss the near-equivalent of the SMV status loss suffered by men who succeed at girlie games of one-uppance.

Just as girls aren’t attracted to effeminate males, and other men are repulsed by nancyboys, the inverse is as true: men aren’t attracted to masculine, status-striving girls, and other women don’t subconsciously look up to mouthy careerist shrikes with the same mix of envy and admiration that they look up to physically beautiful women.

Ballcutters pay a romantic price for their aping of male characteristics and their chutzpah to take on the men in the male status domains. Yes, even the beautiful ballcutters pay the price, (there aren’t many, but stand by for the point of this hypothetical). Men will want to bang a hot babe whether she’s a coy waitress or a boardroom banshee, but men won’t be keen to emotionally betroth the latter. And in the landscape of a woman’s hindbrain, romantic success is measured by quality of vows, not number of plows. If a woman has a reserved seat on the cock carousel, she’s likely to have a tough time winning over the hearts of alpha men, which is a much more valuable prize to women than men’s dicks.

What always gets lost in these discussions of intersex status competitions is the relevant feedback loop and polarity amplifying magnetism that accompanies the dynamic when a demure, feminine women who #resists leaning in meets a dominant, masculine man who insists on leading quim. The protective instinct in men is strong, and only vulnerable women who haven’t achieved maximum economic self-sufficiency and aphoristic empowerment can trigger it. Thus, men appraise ladder-climbing manjaws with the same simmering disgust and antipathy that they feel towards effeminate soyboys.

A woman’s femininity and vulnerability arouses men and incites them to emotionally commit and fall in love (psychological states which can later be leveraged by women into stone cold legal binding). Girls who win in the men’s hierarchy will lose status — romantic and marriageable status — which they will #resist noticing because the here-and-now easy bangs with pump and dump looters (slooters?) cloud their judgment and long-term vision, hiding from girls the very real price they will pay down the road when those sexy alpha men are wifing up stay-at-home tradwives who have known no other Cock but his Cock.

I have to laugh at White Knights who think that women put themselves in a dangerous position by not pursuing a lucrative career and therefore making themselves dependent on a man with a plan. These numbnuts are oblivious, or act as if they are oblivious, to sexual energy and how it vibrates along different sex-based frequencies. Women who become like men in accomplishment, drive, temperament, and behavior become less like the women men truly desire. The paradox left unresolved in the minds of White Knight transactionalists is how the very act of embracing and cherishing her vulnerable femininity reduces a woman’s exposure to penury and abandonment. It’s no coincidence that the rise in the divorce rate, the decline in the rate of marriage, and the delay in age of first marriage all happened in lockstep with the increasing numbers of women marching into the domains of men.

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Why does sexual dichotomy appear to be decreasing or, worse, why are men and women taking on secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex? emmajoey leaves the following comment in reply,

People really need to go read Neoteny.org and take it in, it’s been sitting there for nearly a decade now with most of the answers.

Not primarily genetic, mostly epigenetic, the pill, delayed pregnancy, environmental factors, etc.
Bio/physiological swapping over of sexual/psychological traits, likely exacerbated by poor diets.

The later a woman gets pregnant the higher the T in uterus.
High T pregnant women produce high T girls and low T boys.
Feedback cycle increases effect in each generation.
Personalities are broadly built-in during development, not learned in later life.

I have my doubts about epigenetics as a science; (fatties like to cite it as settled science to explain their bulbosity and race deniers like to cite it to cling to hope that innate racial aptitudes and dispositions are malleable to later intervention). But I don’t doubt that historically novel environmental influences like the Pill and delayed pregnancy can fuck up the prenatal and early development ecologies, creating some equally novel freak shows like we have today shambling through the remnants of our civilization.

emmajoey’s synopsis is interesting to me because if, indeed, high T older mothers birth high T girls and low T boys, then this would establish a negatively reinforcing feedback loop with successive generations of high T manjaws and low T soyboys less and less attracted to each other and putting off for greater lengths of time marriage and children, in an infinite spiral of cat litter, infertility treatments, and gimp sperm.

I have more to say on this topic, but for now I toss out this tasty chum so readers can encircle it and tear off chunks of polemic. Bonus points to the readers who explore a consilience between bioteleology and self-domestication.

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This isn’t a new insight to regular guests of Le Chateau, but it bears repeating as we descend swiftly into the leftoid abattoir where the blood and bones of murdered civilizations are collected.

The photo and quote from Dr Unabomber above illustrate the insight nicely: leftoids have a strong submissiveness urge, which is why I liken the male leftoids to women. Part of the desire to submit is a desire to “feel alive” through masochistic suffering. Aggressive or active submission, you could call it, and it is an innate quality in women who evolved the urge so that they are maximally attracted to powerful dominant men. Aggressive submission is also an evolved strategy of the weak and puerile, who must resort to it in place of the direct confrontations which they can’t win.

In leftoids, this urge has turned pathological, and because of its inherent womanly nature the males of the Left are often feminized, emasculated passive-aggressive brats like David Hogg. In the females of the Left, the masochistic compulsion manifests as a spiteful hatred toward the weak males of the Left who are the primary opposite sex company of leftoid females. Unrequited submissiveness can make a woman very hateful against the males incapable of satisfying her primal sexual and romantic desires, (and very confused when the leftoid female is aroused to sudden surrender by the tonic masculinity of a Trumpian Chad).

Kaczynski called this self-hatred, but in fact it’s very much self-love; the twisted self-love of the weak who protect their egos by summoning power from the supine position.

The way to defeat the armies of aggressively submissive leftoids is to cut their rhetorical gordian knot and defang their street theater with unremitting, merciless mockery. Deflate their pretensions, and with their social status robbed from them the allure of strategic submission is dispelled.

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Is the sexual polarity reversing? And if so, what does it mean for society?

The science and social observation bear out a strange and creepy merging of the sexes in America toward an androgynous unisex of masculinized females and feminized males. I am on record as perhaps being the first among dissident thought kings to notice the emergence of a cultural hermaphroditism (a touch of the ‘ditism).

Every which way you measure the health of America, she is declining, except for the stock portfolios of the 1% ruling elite. One is tempted to draw a connection between the flowering androgyny of the Anglosphere people and the loss of confidence and faith in the historical Western project. The ubermensch is not a Nordic warrior; he is a doughy whiner and a shrieking termagant begging for annihilation at the hands of the uruk hai. […]

A world of ballbusting manjaws and pudding pop nancyboys is about as far from divinely inspired beauty as fallen man can sink.

Note that John Scalzi’s bra is unpadded.

While research is scant, I believe based on what I see happening around me that this cultural androgynization has a biological component as well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fund research exploring possible biological changes in the sexes without running afoul of the Phalanx of the Foul. Data on generational sperm count levels are relatively simple to collect, but what about the enlargement of women’s jaws or the narrowing of women’s hips? Just try and get a grant for that study.

I bring this subject up again because I’ve noticed the androgyne phenomenon is getting worse, and goes beyond desexualizing or uni-sexualizing fashion statements. Something profoundly disturbing is going on with the bodies of, in particular, American Millennials. Sexual dimorphism is flipping; the sexes aren’t just converging on an asexual norm…they’re swapping body types!

I see so many 20s and 30s women with the broad shoulders and narrow hips natural to men, and so many men with the narrow shoulders and broad hips natural to women. It’s as if the sexual market turned upside down and switched sexes. Manjaws lumber cityscapes on africanized pelvic fulcrums as their cantilevered shoulders cut swathes through cowed crowds. Their vaginas seem misplaced on them.

As unsettlingly, soyboys swish and swivel on bulbous pear-shaped haunches, supporting droopy unmuscled flesh that recedes upwardly to strangely child-like clavicles and diminutive shoulder spans, upon which soft rounded heads jerk fearfully out of the way of the manjaws with snapping vaginas.

Social conditioning can’t do this to bodies. Something evil lurks in our environment, in our ecology, that’s responsible for the sexual polarity reversal. I suspect that the same evil is responsible for the xenophilic anti-White virtue sniveling insanity currently gripping the White Left, and which left unanswered and unchecked will mean the end of America as a nation distinct from the vast dirt and dystopia fields of the Hued World.

If the March of the Manjaws and the Mewl of the Micemen proceeds apace, what consequences can we expect to see unfold in our society? Here I speculate, based on experiences dealing with both types in my day to day life.

Masculinized women are the worst of both men and women, stridently aggressive and competitive like men but lacking the instinct of loyalty, cooperativeness, and duty of men, and cruelly subversive and passive-aggressive like women but lacking the nurturing vulnerability and intoxicating femininity of women.

Somewhat the reverse applies to feminized men, who have the submissiveness and avoidance mentality of women hitched to the single-minded focus of men, and the indiscriminate nurturing of women weaponized by the tribal boundary patrolling of men.

Within a few generations of this grotesque circus side show we will likely see society eating the last of its seed corn as once-admired institutions succumb to abject corruption, in-fighting, vapid credentialism, even more vapid moral preening, and finally systemic breakdown of basic civilizational functions.

Executive summary: nothing good can come from entangling the masculine and the feminine in physical and psychological bonds each was never meant to accommodate.

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i loved that he was so powerful i was nothing.

From anonymous, who misses the mark by equating psychological submission with sex.

one of the pretty little lies of the pua “community”, perhaps the PRETTIEST little lie is that when a woman had sex with a man that she has “submitted”. or that when she falls in love with a man that she has “submitted”. the whole point of birth control, of the state-wielded women’s “rights” bludgeon, is so that women can enjoy sex and power without submitting. she can even birth children without “submitting” via an epidural and C-section.

in every way white women are collectively trying to avoid submitting, unless of course they are forced to. but what happens when society has pretty much banned/demonized all of those traditional ways where women were subjected to submission? game is supposed to be an antidote for ALL THAT. pfffft.

fasteddie said it well above. game is simply a temporary, stop-gap measure. an adaptation to slow, but not remotely stop, the hemorrhaging.

Women have an innate desire to submit…to a worthy man. AKA a dominant man. That’s the catch. Weak men, by constitution or State fiat, aren’t worthy men, and under their tutelage or even in the foulness of their impotent presence it’s of course expected and natural that women would defy submitting to those men. And in fact that women would begin to fight their own feminine instincts to avoid an accidental commingling with a weak man or a weak nation.

And by submission, I mean the hunger that comes from the deep-seated hindbrain place where women frolic in the summery haze of their primeval fantasies. Sex alone is not submission, though with the right man it can be for a woman. The submission I’m talking about is what Pauline Reage described had stricken her book’s heroine: a submission of the soul. It’s the submission of a love felt so profoundly for a powerful man that it never needs summoning, excuse, or rationalization; it is omnipresent and unassailable, proof not only of the man’s worth but of the woman’s worth to him as well.

Women won’t announce this desire, or even consciously recognize it, because evolution has seen fit to conceal women’s truest desires from men, and from women themselves!, to avoid the problem of spoofers and to better assess male mate worthiness (“does he understand intuitively what i really want? then he must be loved by many women and thus worthy of my love”).

If you give women the tools — for instance, via anti-discrimination State mandates to “resolve” discrepancies in outcome and preference between the sexes, or via cultural innovations like the Pill which sabotage the bonding mechanism — to avoid their natural inclination to submission, you get a lot more unhappy women. And that is precisely what the happiness data show since the inception of modren feminism.

When social degeneration forces weaken the native men, their women flee in protest and claim the false god of gogrrl empowerment as their new idol. In their agitated and spiteful escape from their submission-craving femininity, women become increasingly unhappy and unhinged and have no mental template left to help them understand why or to navigate the sexual market shoals. They make things worse for themselves by assuming more aggressive androgyny, man-hating, and anti-femininity are the answer, but the alternative — relaxing into their feminine submission with a strong man ensconced within a State apparatus that celebrates and encourages his strength — is unavailable. Therefore, the idea and the instinctual urge of submission repulses women, makes them ashamed, because they would have to submit to what they view as weak men left adrift by a post-op M2F State hostile to efforts to restrengthen men.

Women in this condition fight endlessly against their nature because on a primal level they’re fighting against pollution by anemic seed. The fight will eventually consume women, but unless strong men backed by a concordant State awaken that latent submissive energy in women these women will never stop availing themselves of products, ideologies, sophistries, technologies, and carousels that serve the purpose of building bigger walls between themselves and the mass of spineless beta males who have forgotten how to excite and inspire women.

Game is one open path to showing men the way to exciting and inspiring women once again.

In the meantime, the poz pendulum continues its arc into Unipolar Ugliness, guaranteeing its return descent will be wicked, swift, and lethal to those who defied the gravitational pull of the sexes into their biomechanically preordained roles.

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