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Cuckservatives, leftoid equalists, and feminists all share a mental disorder in common: the habitual denial of human nature. The ways in which these groups deny human nature are far too numerous to list in one blog post, but commenter Tempus Fuckit (heh) tangentially reminds us of one way that often escapes the notice of even steely-eyed realists.

This. Hit. Hard.

My oneitis is currently on a career tankgrrl rampage (she’s 22)..

“My mom told me not to rely on a man for money.”

..to the grave.

The cultural embrace of the iconic gogrrl careerist femborg isn’t just a feminist and equalist rallying cry; one will often hear cuckservatives mouth the very same “encourage our young women to succeed in the workforce” platitudes that animate their supposed ideological opposites.

And now mothers. If the denial of human nature is a barometer of societal illness, then the wholesale acceptance and advocacy of the careegrrl lifestyle by mothers forecasts the arrival of some seriously inclement weather.

Platitudes like “don’t rely on a man for money” have a way of gripping less agile minds and taking hold for life. Superficially, it sounds sensible; one may convince oneself, “if men won’t commit and ‘man up’ for women, then women should take the necessary precautions against indigence and establish self-sustainable careers for themselves.”

The problem with this simplistic formulation originates in the faulty premise that men and women are alike in all ways but the genitalia. This flawed premise allows for the psychological projection of the female-specific predilection for receiving material support onto men; it tacitly assumes, in other words, that women are as comfortable providing for themselves (and for others) as men are, and that men will promptly abandon their intrinsic role as resource providers as soon as women agree in principle or practice to be dependent upon men.

The core plank of modern feminism — careergrrl empowerment — rests on a horrible misunderstanding of human, and especially male, nature. It’s a misunderstanding, deliberate or deluded, that follows from an arid, de-sexualized, transactional view of relations between men and women.

“If/Then” algorithms are shaky substitutes for human sexual market feedback loops. While transactional analysis of human behavior has some usefulness as a predictive model, it quickly reveals its limitations when we draw comparisons between the decision-making processes of the sexes. An error in thinking of this magnitude will result in wrong conclusions like the one above: That men are as fickle and uncertain about providing for women as women are about providing for men, and therefore women ought to ensure their own economic self-sufficiency.

The reality is much different once we account for continuously operating SMP feedback loops. The vulnerable unemployed or underemployed young woman arouses the natural instinct in men to provide for her and protect her against hardship. As long as she has the requisite physical attributes to catch men’s eyes, there will be more than enough (white or asian) men happy to share their hard-earned material abundance with her in implied exchange for her sex and love and fidelity.

This is what feminists, cuckservatives, and Narrative-soaked social scientists don’t get about the sexes: What one sex may do in response to a given stimulus is not necessarily what the other sex would do. Men possess a moral sense, (or a character trait, if you prefer less loaded language), that compels them to provide generously for pretty young women who prove their sexual loyalty and low partner count. Women don’t have this moral sense, not in the way it is used here. Women are eager to provide many things to the men they love — most of all their bodies — but they aren’t psychologically driven to transfer their own material resources to indigent men the way men are driven to lavish largesse on indigent, comely women. Women may do this when circumstances align just right, but it won’t come from a place of deep personal fulfillment from the act of doing so. It will come from a place, instead, brewing with resentment and confusion.

So, the career tankgrrl’s mom is wrong. Tankgrrl, assuming she has the goods to attract a sufficient number of decent resource-ready men, should rely on men for money, because men are happy, indeed driven as if by some otherworldly force, to give to women for whom they feel intense physical desire and love.

Once Tankgrrl has stopped relying on men for money… once she has traveled far down the road of invulnerable feminist empowerment, leaning in the whole way… she should not be surprised to find that fewer and fewer men along each mile marker are waiting and willing to give to her what she has already given to herself.

Feminism, in this way, becomes a self-fulfilling whine. The more feminist a woman gets, the more men will retreat from her, and the more her feminist man-hating will seem like the appropriate response to her romantic failures.

There will be exceptions, of course. There always are when human nature is the topic. Ugly or old women may really have no choice but to become financially viable on their own, and for them a healthy society recognizes their need of taking the “feminist” path. But a healthy society would never elevate those exceptions to a 24/7 propaganda blitz, insisting that every woman follow the same life script as those poor unfortunate souls who have no choice in the matter.

As always, it comes down to exalting beauty, rejecting ugliness, and living not by lies.

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From a United Nations report, a chart of the prices that ISIS charges for concubines.

*Children between ages 1 and 9 includes boys.

Even if this is exaggerated neocon propaganda, the trend illuminated by the chart is likely authentic, because an ur-feminist organization like the UN would not be given to propagandizing the low sex slave worth of 40+ year old women.

There are some universal truths about the nature of the sexes exposed through revealed preferences (and pricing) that even primitive barbarians can find common ground with effete Westerners.

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Mitch Cumstein has a story about a careergrrl nursing pained regret that, while entertaining on its own, contains within it an eternal truth that CH house lords thought proper to feature and expand upon.

Off-topic…a career woman ghost story I thought CH and the readership would enjoy.

I ran into my ex at a party a few days ago. I haven’t seen her in a couple years, but she moved back into town. We used to date and she was into me, but she had to pursue her dreamz out of state. Career woman heh. We did the long distance thing for a couple months before it fizzled out. I wasn’t happy, but I found this site and used it to shed my beta ways over time. I learned to become detached and implemented tips and suggestions here to hook up with other girls. I even used them successfully on the ex a few times to hook up when she was in town, but only until it got boring for me.

So at the party, I was civil and brief. When I got home, I got a text from her, saying how great it was to see me. I texted back, “I did look good, didn’t I?” She ate it right up. Kept texting me for the next day or so, until I dropped the hint that I’m seeing someone and it’s serious. She went silent for about an hour. And then, a string of text bombs.

“I’m afraid that no one will ever love me like you did. When I was younger, I thought career was the most important thing (she was 23), but now, I know better (now she’s 29).” “I fucked up my life by choosing my career and now I only do it in hopes that it pays off somehow.” I poured myself a drink and just watched the confessions pile in. The last one was, “If you wanted to elope this weekend, I would do it.”

Years ago, I was devastated that I lost this snowflake. Fast forward to today, I sit amused as the clock is running out and she’s throwing hail Mary passes. I’m going to take the screen grabs, print them out, and show them to my future kids. To my sons: a lesson about oneitis. Life goes on. Half the people on the planet are women. Find a better one. To my daughters: a lesson about The Wall. It’s real and hits like a motherfucker. Play the game wisely and don’t be left without a chair when the music stops.

Don’t let any mincing manlet tell you otherwise; it feels good to have hand. Power always beats powerlessness.

Now, to the real gem in this post: Oneitis and The Wall. There are many lessons to teach your son or daughter, but these two are the most important for their future happiness. These are lessons that only a father can teach, because, quite frankly, mothers are constitutionally incapable of dispensing useful dating advice to their children, particularly to their sons. Restating Mitch:

Fathers, teach your sons about Oneitis. If there’s one lesson in love that will do them immeasurable good, it’s the belief that girls are interchangeable, at least during the time when a courtship is fresh and finding its footing. Later, when your son graduates to more serious relationships, he can learn to be more selective about the character, personality, and maternal instinct of the women he games into bed woos.

Oneitis is truly the mind killer of men. Besides all the time wasted on THAT ONE GIRL who knows she’s THAT ONE GIRL and parcels her weakly reciprocated interest accordingly, there is the psychological damage Oneitis perpetrates against a young man’s self-conception. Oneitis is the opposite of that crucial alpha male attitude to cultivate: The abundance mentality. Your son will never have that “TAKE HER OR LEAVE HER” attitude that is so intoxicating to women if he pops a years-long hard-on for the red-haired girl with the jerk boyfriend.

Fathers, tell your sons, “Don’t get hung up on this one girl. I know what you’re feeling… I’ve been there. And I’m telling you from experience that you’ll be far better off, and feel so much happier, if you allow more women into your life, and don’t put so much of your faith and hopes in any one of them.”

After teaching your son about Oneitis, teach him about Game.

Fathers, teach your daughters about The Wall. So much regret, spinsterhood, low fertility, and smelly cats can be avoided if young women are sternly and firmly warned against the danger of waiting too long for the right man. Use stark, unsparing language, if necessary. You’d be surprised how much of what you say sinks into their minds, even if in the moment they appear to not be hearing you at all.

Daughters must be cautioned to USE IT OR LOSE IT. Tell her with uncompromising bluntness that she is pretty now, and all the boys notice her, but her prettiness will disappear faster than she knows (or can possibly know at her tender age), and there will come a time, always much sooner than she had hoped, when none of the boys will notice her. And when that time comes, if she doesn’t have a loving husband by then, the rest of her life will be a horrifying trial of inescapable sorrow.

After teaching your daughter about The Wall, teach her about jerkboys and niceguys, and how you know she’ll fall hard for the former, but she must seriously consider giving the less exciting boys a shot, and to be patient with them as their self-confidence grows into adulthood. Tell her, if she does fall deeply in love with a jerkboy, to be certain he is the kind of jerkboy willing to commit to her, and to be aware of the other kind of jerkboy who will most certainly break her heart, if not her body, and leave her less attractive to better men after he is gone.

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Chateau Heartiste was the first warning about consequences from the coming sexbot revolution, and how it will radically distort the sexual market and push the West into chaos.

Today, a chorus of voices from various scientific fields are echoing what CH wrote long ago. “Sex with robots will be the norm in 50 years”, expert claims. 3D printed models can make a sexbot face that looks exactly like your favorite hottie.

(The reader who supplied the links comments: “This will blow up the world.  It will make crack cocaine look like decaffeinated coffee.”)

Soon, sexbots will be animated and be able to talk (programmable with your preferred phrases of sexy come-ons).

Once the uncanny valley is ascended, all bets are off. As men are, above all else, visually stimulated to reproductive ardor, sexbots present a real challenge to flesh and blood women and, ultimately, to the sustaining of civilization.


I foresee a massive groundswell of support for polygamy & polyamory coinciding with the widespread introduction of affordable sexbots to the consumer (male) market. It’s hard to predict if this outcome — that is, the complete removal from the dating market of omega and lesser beta males — will be dysgenic or eugenic, because women could just as plausibly want to share callous, undependable jerkboys as to share morally sterling, credentialed alpha male captains of industry. Then, in a sexbot saturated world, the pressure on women to look their very best for the few men left in the dating market who are still suitable mates will be immense.


MT avers,

Loyal companionship, his cheerleader, heart of the home, a submissive nature to compliment his naturally dominate one, soft heartedness and in the words of the comedian Sinbad, his nurse when he is elderly. Attributes a fembot cannot give.

True (well, mostly true, but things change). However, female beauty is necessary if not sufficient to men’s romantic happiness, especially to men with sexual market options (and sexbots would add a lot more options). Female beauty is not just necessary to men’s happiness, it is dominating, over every other consideration a man would make when evaluating women for both short- and long-term mate worth. Stone cold truth: A typical American fatty with attitude to spare has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face, a slender BMI, and a perfect hourglass shape.


latchkey kid asks,

what if women also take to acquiring male bots to satisfy their womanly wants? After all, it’s not uncommon for them to say that all the good men have gone, they might as well start having a bit of artificial action like men do with them bots.

Male sexbots for women will never happen, at least not to the degree that female sexbots for men fly out of the factories. For a simple reason: Women’s sexual and romantic desire is not nearly as visually-oriented as it is for men. Just one of those uncomfortable truths about immutable differences between the sexes that market disruptors like sexbots help clarify for the masses.


Prediction: The vast majority of sexbots produced for worldwide male consumption will be White women with a diverse palette of hair colors. Asian women sexbots will compete with Latin women sexbots for second place. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader which race of women will be least represented among the ranks of assembly-line sexbots. Hint: Black male sexbots will probably outsell this last category.

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Vapid shell entity Caitlin Dewey is at it again, snarkily uptalking in her late Millennial patois and squirting out mental masturbation material for bitter feminists left behind by a merciless sexual market. She links to a study which found that male Halo players who were losing the video game badly were aggressively hostile to female players and aggressively submissive to better male players.

Dewey uses the “””findings””” that are a little too conveniently friendly to feminist shibboleths to grind her cunty battle axe. Unfortunately for her religious tenets, the study is so flawed as to make it nearly self-debunking.

Nowhere in the linked source for the study did I see a reference to ages or races of the study participants. Were these all white kids trash talking what they thought were female teammates who were letting the team down? Or was there an unfortunate racial skew the study researchers felt disinclined to note?

And what about the ages of the male players? 12 years old, or 25 years old? This makes a huge difference. No one should be surprised when a 12-year-old boy lashes out at UGH GIRLS. But these natural and normal development behaviors of boys tend to dissipate by adulthood.

Here’s an ugly scientific and common-sensible truth with which the Caitlin Deweyettes of the SJW world should acquaint themselves: Sexist men are more attractive to women. Or, in urban SWPL ditz parlance, sexist men are QUITE LITERALLY winners.

Here’s a quote that will simultaneously trigger Caitlin’s man-hating ego and jerkboy-loving vagina.

And, in what is sure to be a shot straight to the flabby feminist gut, women are more sexually receptive to assertively sexist men.

Sexist men are socioeconomic winners and sociosexual winners. Women LOVE LOVE LOVE men who scoff at feminist poopytalk.

Now, this is not an endorsement of the 12-year-old boy variety of hostility to women. The sexist adult men who win women’s hearts are best classified as “benevolent sexists”; that is, they aren’t hostile to women; they are patronizing to women. Chicks dig a man with amused mastery. You know what chicks don’t dig, in the digging way that truly matters? Avowed male feminists sucking up to them at every turn.

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Remember the CH post about walking like an alpha male? For shits and remotely activated tingles, I decided to try out the MAXIMUM ALPHA MALE MODE walking style in a beautiful baby zoo near you.

I walked about town like a guy who absorbed a piece of gorilla DNA in a telepod, similar to Jeff Goldblum’s unfortunate mix-n-match in The Fly. I strutted and swaggered. Not quite as comically as this buffoon:

…but getting close.

Result: After an hour or so performing the “here are my steely balls, ladies, feast your eyes” gait, I can conclusively say that a lot… no, a WHOLE LOT… of women tossed me lascivious stares. Not “what is this weird guy doing?” looks; real hardcore “i want… i need… to get to know this man” stares.

Ok, there were a couple of “who’s the weirdo?” looks, but most were definitely in the “checking him out” camp.

I want… I need… to report that I felt foolish walking like I had an anvil in my crotch that I had to swing my legs around, but sadly, with heavy heart, I felt no such discomfort. What I did feel instead was confidence boosted major.

To this day, and after so many years of confirmatory experience, it still astounds me how autonomically women are magnetized by a man exhibiting alpha male characteristics. It’s almost… robotic.

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No one knows for certain how the Neanderthals went extinct. There are many theories propounded — climate change, resource competition with newly arriving anatomically modern humans, megafauna population declines, etc — all of which are plausible, and some of which are supported circumstantially by recent genetic evidence.

I’ll suggest another, uncomfortably familiar, extinction mechanism for the Neanderthals: Diversity™ killed off the loveable brutes.

I don’t mean, exclusively, Diversity™ in the usual senses — warfare, rape&pillage, territorial disputes, food shortages. I mean it in the Calhoun rat “behavioral sink” sense. That is, the flood of Vibrant AMH Diversity™ arriving from points south, who may or may not have mingled peaceably with Neanderthals in the latter’s homeland, (and occasionally shared beds), by their mere proximate presence and cultural dissimilarity induced immense psychic pressures on the locals until their native fertility rate plummeted to levels…

…not unlike what we are seeing today among white Westerners living in homelands rapidly populating with millions of alien world migrants.

Diversity™, itself, is what killed the Neanderthals.

Arguing against my speculation: Contraceptives, the Japs.

Neanderthals didn’t have the hedonism aids of condoms and Pills. If they were “secularizing”, relative to their race’s historical norm, and choosing to forfeit childbearing in favor of extracting the last bit of fun from a shrinking playground, they’d have a challenge trying to do all this to the beat of the rhythm method. Not that it couldn’t be done; Neanderthalettes might have stiff-armed a lot of horny men if they felt that conditions weren’t optimal for raising a family.

The Japanese. They have a very low TFR at the moment, and last I checked there wasn’t a ton of Diversity™ in Japan. But, it is an island nation, and there are a lot of Japanese living on it, living a neon-colored and optically-wired version of the Western lifestyle. Here, the mechanism is entirely raw numbers, rather than raw numbers + clash of cultures.

The Neanderthals, it now appears from genetic analysis, have gifted White Europeans with just enough of their DNA to make something of a difference to the trajectory of white history. Did Neanderthals also gift us with a warning for our own race’s future, or lack thereof?

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