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Courtesy of Hugh Jennik, this COTW honor may be hasty but i doubt there will be a better one this week.

The Obama years was like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in reverse.

lol now all that’s left to wonder is if we’re heading backward to the primordial sludge.

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An anon at Sailer’s site passive-aggressively snarked about Steve neglecting to mention the Menopause March because it wasn’t just filled with “angry black women”. The Anti-Gnostic used the opportunity provided by the anon John Leibowitz acolyte to expose the reality of that cunt festival.

It turned out to be a bunch of well-fed white women wearing $150 running shoes and holding $500 cell phones, with more life options than they know what to do with.

Practically speaking, there are no more rights left to give women. So when they find out that all jobs frankly kind of suck, everybody forms hierarchies, everybody has to compete, and successful men don’t enjoy their company, what then? Answer: find a lightning rod for all your inchoate rage about your sucky life and go on a stupid, pointless march.

Judging by photos, there were a lot of menopausal fatties and hippie boomers at the Menopause March, which convinced me to change my preferred name for it from the Menstruation March. Even the pre-Wall chicks looked old for their age. Shrieking Leftism notably accelerates aging in its adherents. All that stupid rage based on lies and vapid solipsism must keep cortisol and inflammation levels perpetually high when their precious snowflake egos aren’t sufficiently fluffed.

Case in point: Ashley Judd


This woman used to be a hard 9 not long ago. The Wall decided to target her for early expiration once she gave herself over to the Cat Lady Cult and starting speaking bitterbitch poopytalk. Here’s video of her at the Fatties Finally Get Off The Couch March reciting a poem titled “Nasty Woman”. It’s so insipid in its White man-hating evil that one could easily picture this screechy, crazy-eyed, rancid psychocunt at the side of Pol Pot cheering on his liquidation initiatives.

“Ashley! Ashley Judd is here!” Fucking sicko Michael Moore looks and sounds like a giddy old lesbian. If these are our enemies, the war is already won.

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Sentient slips a saucy shiv through the bunched bustle of the departing administration.

This is probably the first night in forever that the First Lady is getting banged out by The Prez tonight…

Melania is going to get sore from all the WINNING. But it’s a good sore, something that America’s shitlibs will begin feeling during the next eight years as their delicate snowflake psyches take a long-overdue pounding back to reality.

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A pithy insight into the nature of Game and women, from commenter “We are losing 1 IQ point a decade. Oh well, that rocks baby.”

For you to succeed at [picking up women/Game] you have to either understand nothing of it and be thoughtless or to understand it in full.

Half-assing an understanding of women’s romantic natures is what creates the sort of lost, bitter souls who populate forums like PUAhate. You can know just enough about women to fill you with dread and cynicism and spite, or you can know it all and achieve an inner peace about your part in the machinery of the mate market.

Pre-rational men have this inner peace unknowingly, by virtue of their blissfully primal approach to life. Rational men learn too much, about women and about themselves, and waste time and opportunities second-guessing their value to women.

But the man who uses his reason to integrate the emotional filter of the pre-rational man into his mindset is a force of pussy-parting power without equal.

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Over at Goodbye, America (in a photo), commenter Buh wins a freelance COTW for this insight to the nature of White women and how that knowledge can help White men keep their women within the beautifully unswarthed White fold.

Cut the welfare and you’ll stop subsidizing the outgroup indulgences of errant white women by cutting the ability of blacks to pay for them. This is similar disincentive for women to firing/divorce-nuking older men who have affairs with tasty 18 year old interns. When society punishes both with financial ruin sit back and watch the recessive white gene pool preserve itself in traditional marriages. No 1488 necessary. Of course that won’t alter the fornication market, but isn’t it about time young white men emulated the traits of their dusky competitors? Irrational self confidence, muscle mass, gang membership and assertiveness would serve them well compared to safe spaces and consent forms. Make white women barefoot and pregnant with white babies again.

I’m afraid Buh is right; this is where we are today, and if White men don’t rediscover their long-lost balls their women will continue leaving the reservation to get jacked up by googles. Everyone is drawn to the strong horse, but White women love the coolasfuck ZFG jerkhorse the most. It’s time to remind White women that the Age of Scalzis is over, and the new dawn has arrived: the Rule of Renegade White Men.

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Twatterer whalefish had some great commentary on the nature of media-manufactured consent, and how it has had to change into something much more nefarious to adapt to the emergence of the internet and the alt-right.

substantial wealth and effort went into constructing the prog monopoly over narrative.

not just the billions poured into the hungry maw of the leprous media, but university and foundation endowments, ngos, para-state.

up to now this was achieved in a largely indirect, decentralized, and deniable manner. what narrative? that’s just free market!

“fake news” is the evolution from prog’s realization that its method of monopoly is broken.

consent can no longer be manufactured; it must now be actively enforced. moving from mixed to command economy of thought.

The leftoid equalist megaphone monopoly power needed a gestation period — say, most of the 20th Century — to consolidate its reach and influence over public opinion and government policy. The Equalist anti-White Narrative (self-contradicting, but that’s the point) couldn’t achieve its breadth of propaganda control if it had assaulted the public mind from the get-go. It needed, as whalefish notes, the cover of “free market” thought-stoppage to lull skeptics into gradually yielding to the Narrative megalith.

But now that the Equalist anti-White Narrative monopoly over information and opinion is breaking apart (and much faster than even I — the Wielder of the Shimmering Shiv of Shibboleth Smashing — had anticipated), the leftoid media monopoly has caught a whiff of, for the first time in ages, its demise. Desperation and panic rush through the legacy media ranks, discipline is lost, and their Narrative shatters into a jumble of confused, chaotic, slapdash counter-maneuvers against a resourceful, cunning enemy far more dangerous than any the hivemind has faced since their coming out party in the late 1960s.

“Fake news” is the latest, and most transparently desperate, Narrative-shoring ploy by the media to beat back the rebel alliance high T-fighters about to drop a broton bomb down their shemale exhaust shaft. The barbarians are at the information gates, and all the besieged occupants can muster is the equivalent of the Chewbacca defense (“ladies and gentlemen of the jury….Chewbacca!”).

Like whalefish ominously observes, what this last hail mary strategy by the media monopoly intent on keeping its power amounts to is enforced consent — we have moved from the “planned economy” stage of media manipulation of public opinion to the “kulak extermination stage”, and dissidents from the leftoid equalist orthodoxy will be literally shamed from the marketplace of ideas by a concerted and coordinated attack of weaponized vilification rhetoric.

The dissident realtalkers won’t be defeated by this, because they gained their power by refusing to bend the knee to the leftoid hatemachine, unlike their cuck forebears who never saw a cowardly posture of impotence they didn’t happily assume.

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plumpjack makes the case that a common thread of existence binds humans with creatures as lowly as the parasite worm.

the message that people need to get is to ignore all the party lines and focus instead on the biology.

you have hosts at one extreme and parasites on the other. parasites have no morality. once you start seeing parasitism as a “legitimate” survival strategy you cease to be shocked by it. it just IS, and you deal with it appropriately, which, BTW, ISN’T teaching it to be something it is not. you deal with absolute parasites in absolute terms.

parasites need hosts for survival. hosts, oth, NEED parasites because they keep them strong. think about the alt-right movement. why does it exist now, and not 20 years ago? it is the host’s reaction to feeling threatened at a fundamental level. if there were no threats, the host would get soft, which is exactly what happened, and it’s why the strong (shitlords) are now being compelled to act decisively.

hosts vs. parasites. very simple.

And fat hosts = fat parasites.

The obesity epidemic is a physical manifestation of the blubbery softness of the American soul. It’s why the soul is being eaten from the inside out. Let’s hope the immune system reaction is still strong enough to repel the parasitic infestation, and that our next generation of men will be the ZFG Thors our current generation of weepy androgynes cannot even fathom for themselves.

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