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Reader quixotic unleashes an epic call-to-memes (soon to be a call-to-arms if the Confederacy of Degenerates doesn’t relent) and earns the COTW trophy.

It’s amazing to see the switch. I remember when liberals were calling conservatives chicken little because they made it seem like the possible election of Obama would be the end of the world. I am seeing polls now that libs think Trump is gonna launch nukes/jail or kill the vibrant Googles/piss in the punch bowl. The level of pearl clutching is beyond anything I have ever seen.

Here’s what I don’t get: In my opinion, every sane adult sub-consciously knows that moderation is the key to nature and life. Balance. It has many names, Buddha called it the middle path and Emerson called it the law of compensation. There cannot be good without evil and vice versa. Nature is a pendulum that swings back and forth between the poles. If you eat too much you get fat, if you don’t eat enough you starve. The left needs the right and the right needs the left. Therefore Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump makes sense. That is the contrapuntal balance of nature in action. During this election, we are seeing people on the left fight nature like never before to deny nature. Men chop of their dicks and call themselves women. Fat people call themselves strong and attractive. (Some) White people trip over themselves to signal their goodwyte credentials by pissing on their own and giving a helping hand to ingrates who will never appreciate it.

This election represents a secret war. The Red pilled versus the blue pilled.
I feel bad for them sometimes. The same guy patting himself on the back for “respecting other cultures” and being inclusive will be crying himself to sleep in 5 years when his wife is out late again getting turnt up and posting pics of her dancing with someone vibrant. This is not fear-mongering. This is reality. Why people shoot their own self-interests in the foot to appear virtuous is beyond me. I understand that humility and giving are noble virtues. But blue pilled people don’t have any virtues, they just want to *signal* virtues. They want someone on facebook to like their post…and that’s about it.

But redpilled thinking cannot be broken. If the fucking internet went out tonight and never returned, I know the men on this site would continue on living by the same principles. They would recognize each other on the street without a word ever spoken. They would be the guy across the bar who sees what you see and knows what will happen next before a fight breaks out. And that TERRIFIES the left. Because in the end, these are just words. But they represent something greater than words. That something is in our genes, our very existence. We are programmed by nature/God to seek truth and beauty and abhor ugliness. You cannot TRICK me into agreeing that something ugly is beautiful. That something corrupt is innocent. Because that feeling in my gut will always be there to guide me.

This is the reason meme magic is real; because it cannot be faked. This is why shillary has an army of paid Correct the Record shills and she still is worried enough to post that rant about “why aren’t I winning by 50 points?!” This is why we willingly spend time for free to try and help Trump. Because Trump is just a symbol; he represents hope to us. The hope that we can imagine and create a world of beauty and truth in our minds and make it real in meat world. Trump doesn’t need shills because he has fans who believe in HOPE. Hillary has fans who hate trump. Hillary has fans who know she is corrupt, crooked, rigged the primaries, did all kind of shady shit with classified emails, has a secret illness and they STILL will vote for her out of spite for trump…not out of love for her.

We at the Chateau can see America in poolside time; most Americans are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

Blue pill = huddled in the corner crying like a banshee
Red pill = laughing about it, having a last drink/screw, playing on with the band, trying to keep the ship from sinking.

Expanding that Heartistian poolside spirit to fighting the existential war to make America great again is just the sort of co-opted psy ops that befuddles the sophistic, degenerate, schoolmarmish Left.

We ride to glory, with a smirk and a manspread.

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stevetirone takes the COTW trophy (a ball gag for your woman) with this astute comparison between the declining US auto industry of the 1970s and the declining US woman industry of the 2010s:

This is advanced fundamental market theory. The concept of the market itself is not devaluated simply because participants in the market fail to maximize their worth within it. Look at the American auto industry of the Seventies: the American Big Three auto manufacturers kept cranking out bloated, gimmick-laden, low-quality rolling monoliths because of the dynamics of industry politics and an effectively captive American auto-buying market. The Japanese came in with high-quality svelte gas-sippers, and were in place when an exogenous shock–the oil embargoes–overturned the market. Americans got yellow fever quick, because they couldn’t afford the costs of supporting road behemoths. American manufacturers were either forced out of business or forced to change their business models to survive.

Note the parallel behaviors of auto industry and modern women: being unable to compete with the Yellow Peril, they both attempted consumer shaming and governmental protection.

You don’t even have to summon a waifu to make this similarity between the old auto market and the new woman market work. Any thin White chick who doesn’t apologize for her “thin privilege” is practically demonized by today’s bloated, rolling American woman market. Consumer shaming has turned into man shaming (ugly feminists loathe male desire for a reason), and governmental protection of the old auto industry has become governmental set-asides and largesse for the new Unlovable Feminist Prerogative Industry.


COTW runner-up winner is Space Viking, making the important point that some odd sexual market behaviors can be explained by the Freudian concept of psychological projection.

the tattoos on women thing can actually be explained simply. women, like most men, are absolutely clueless about what the other sex finds attractive. just like the beta thinking that women only like pretty boys, because beauty is what he finds attractive, the woman thinks a tattoo will make her more desirable to men because shitty prison tats make her wet.

We all know that they are both wrong.

More evidence projection is at work in the sexual market:

Women thinking men value them for their smarts, humor, degrees, witty banter or, worst of all, sexual experience.

Men thinking women value them primarily for their muscular development, faithfulness, chastity, niceness or, worst of all, sensitivity.

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Via a Steve post that bitingly mocks David Brooks’ platitude slinging with an impressive economy of words, commenter guest adds,

Brooks: Those who try to reduce politics to these identities do real violence to national life.

For anyone wondering what an empty platitude looks like.

I don’t think it is empty. It’s very revealing. Not just for the psychology behind it, but for what it actually says. It empties out the term “nation,” admittedly, but that is what they, the Brooks types, think a nation is. A big nothing, full of interchangeable people. Or consumption units, if you will. You do damage to the Big, Empty, Interchangeable Nation when you take the consumption units and “reduce” them to their particular attributes.

Then you make all these smaller units, which might not get along. That’s what Brooksites think, anyway. In reality, the identities are real. It’s the Big Empty image that’s an illusion. And the identities will fight; there will be blood. You can’t avoid it by redefining “nation” to preclude their existence.

Shorter version: Diversity + Proximity = War. Anyhow, this talk of “interchangeable consumption units” sounds awfully familiar. Another Sailer commenter, Njguy73, excerpts the relevant connection,

“You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples…There is only one holistic system of systems, one…dominion of dollars…There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today….We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime…” –

Arthur Jensen (Ned Beatty) to Howard Beale (Peter Finch), Network, 1976 film

The consumerization of nation requires the eradication of racial identity, because only race and nation affiliation obstructs the uninterrupted wealth aggrandizement of the symbol manipulators. Globalist ruling elite have taken the message of Network to heart. guest qualifies,

Network, like all things liberal, is pointed the wrong way. We had a country with business in charge, once, and it didn’t look like this. Ideas and idea-men have the power. It’s universities, NGOs, and permanent governments, the managerial elite, who are in charge. They run the corporations, too. Business is along for the ride and allowed to benefit.

Lag time is a factor in these monstrous social upheavals. 1950s American business class didn’t look like they do today, but they agitated for the global order that has erupted in the past fifteen years, and planted the seed that would grow into the multikult kudzu draining the nation’s soil of her life-giving blood.

The 2016 American election pits two ideas of such majestic consequence that it really can be considered a life or death choice: will we be a dominion of dollars (or renminbi), or a nation of people?

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PA briefly and with much-needed clarity explains the force of evil presently descending on the West.

Neoliberalism has turned people into fungible economic units. It’s a vampiric system that sucks the humanity out of men and women for the enrichment of the mobile capital class. They call it liberal democracy.

Perfect. Globalism is another shorthand for this system of fat cat and rootless cosmopolitanism enrichment in return for the sacrifice of the nation-states that provide the necessary conditions for our current crop of traitors to thrive, which conditions they are now working tirelessly to subvert and ultimately destroy. May the globalists burn in hell.

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Tucked in a great thread discussing the banality of White SWPL virtue signaling is this comment from Ricin Beans,

I said in the shoutbox earlier that contemporary society encourages snark about things that should be considered sacred, and sentimentality about things that call for hard headed realism.

It’s all part of the leftoid SWPL’s escape from any reality that would challenge their concocted religion: Equalism, and its core tenets Race and Sex Creationism. In practice, it means a complete turning of their backs on their ancestors and their heritage, and a betrayal of their descendants (what few they leave).

The good news, if there is to be any, is that the SWPL Equalism religion, founded on a falsifiable view of their relationship with the material world rather than on a transcendent view of one’s relationship with the supernatural world, won’t last very long. Factual counter-evidence too conspicuous to ignore or sarcastically dismiss will inevitably, after an initial frenetic burst of indignant piety upon confrontation, hollow out the emotional bond liberals have to their equalism religion and many will drift from the flock, harmlessly neutering themselves and the social damage they’re capable of inflicting.

For the others, those too committed to their virtue signaling and delusions about humanity to ever lapse from their pattern repudiation faith, the stone cold material world they uphold as their malleable Heaven will crush their hopes, over and over, until the will to life abandons them. Something we see already happening in the cratering birth rates of the most zealous Equalism followers.

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Commenting on a despicable article of jet-fueled anti-Gentilic chutzpah, BenKenobi writes,

They wanted evil White men. They shall have them.

Do not lament that we have come.

We are the culmination of the entire progressive philosophy.

We are the synthesis.

“You don’t have to believe in backlash, Clarice. It’s self-evident.”

Diversity Heretic adds,

Well and succinctly said, sir! That article absolutely drips with contempt for the white lumpen proletariat. I think the Bourbons had more respect for the peasants in 1789 and the Czar had more genuine concern for Russians in 1917 than our present elite have for us.

It’s a truism that a people who are always having to ask “why do they hate us?” are carried to this contemplation on a windstorm of their own hatred.

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From LegendoftheGalacticHeroes, a reminder that the Goodness of White civilization is multifaceted, and its bounty not always captured with arid econometrics.

eventually one realizes that everything good and beautiful in this world is a product of white cooperation and love, and that anything other than that is savagery and corruption, and non-whites can never understand why they fail, because they don’t have the je ne sais quois, or white man’s magic that it takes for simple s**t like a public park or a good book or helping a stranger find their way or not raping a 9yr old to cure your hiv

It’s funny because it shivs. What’s not funny: president Gay Mulatto having Omar Mateen’s father at the White House, or importing one million Muslims in his last year in office. Open borders to the third world = say goodbye to that fragile, tenuous magic that makes White homelands so livable.

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