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From Popcorn Out, a quip which has earned him the coveted COTW.

A good canned line to use when pointing out the ridiculousness of feminism to the girls in your life:

‘Feminism is the idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.’

It’s not if, but to whom, women will devote their hearts. And it’s better if they devote it to the presumptive father of their children instead of the Corporatocracy, an anti-human entity which is a father to no one but itself and a lover of nothing but untethered power.

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Comment of the Week winner Days of Broken Arrows, writing from the perspective of a former insider to the print magazine world, has an excellent summary of what drives a lot of the magazine and newspaper poz that is nearly reaching saturation point in America.

I used to write for magazines and newspapers and, in fact, wrote for a former Teen Vogue editor at one of the newspapers. And I can tell you this: In the mags, close to 100 percent of what’s written is advertiser-driven.

Those “outrageous” articles on anal sex and subjects like that aren’t so outrageous when you learn that the makers of K-Y Jelly (or some other such company) has bought full-page ads and that’s why the articles are being written. And all those other oh-so-wild “boundary-breaking” teen sex articles? Check the ads for contraceptives. There’s big money there. Mags don’t get that kind of advertising revenue writing about nice flowers or coffee tables.

Advertising didn’t always drive content. Once upon a time there was “a wall” that separated the ad division and the editorial division. The reason for this was so that the editorial side could operate independent of influences and be objective. But by the mid-1990s, fewer people were buying newspapers and magazines, so out of desperation, editors started to “tear down the wall” and grudgingly accepted some influence from advertisers.

But then came the massive influence of the Internet, which no newspapers could foresee (because editors lived in a bubble and didn’t heed warning of writers like myself). The Internet decimated newspaper and magazine circulation. Craigslist alone destroyed classified sections, which kept many a newspaper’s cash flowing.

The Web’s popularity caused advertisers to run from print and ran to the Web. So, to keep the revenue coming in, editors willingly tore down that advertising/content wall. They then let the ad execs march into the newsroom to give marching orders (metaphorically speaking).

And this brings me to my main point. Liberals/Democrats are now gloating about how it’s so wonderful that “the revolution is being led by Teen Vogue and Cosmo.” It isn’t. It’s being led by the big corporations that buy the ads that keep those mags in business.

So, once again, we see that the so-called “independent thinkers” are pawns of the corporate state. What they think is liberating is basically Big Pharma forcing the hand of editors to assign articles that will help them sell The Pill, the Morning After Pill, and whatever else women are taking these days.

I hope it’s not too bad a surprise for shitlibs when the curtain is pulled back and they’re forced to realize that the “leaders” they’re following aren’t Ivy League writers but Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

Gullible shitlibs suck the cock of corporate fat cats and praise poz-pushing greedy CEOs as “the moral conscience of America”, not realizing that they are utter dupes of “the Man” and the machine that they used to rage against but now enrich with their virtue sniveling support.

Interestingly, the wall between advertising and editorializing that is now crumbled to the ground corrupts not just editorial content, but the hiring process at these pozpaganda factories. If Merck or Amazon are running the editorial boards and deciding the content of our esteemed newspapers and glam mags of record, then those essentially corporate PR organs will gradually attract into their hiring pools the kinds of typists and pundits who sincerely believe in the degenerate, lying, fake crap that corporate America wants them to write to better push their products.

So I think gaystream media shitlib writers are more than just useful idiots scammed by the capitalist pigs they once hated; they are true believers. And the corporatocracy loves nothing more than a phalanx of faithful poz-dealers who don’t have to be bribed for their services. They’ll just show up with a smile and a thesaurus of snarky lib phrases, ready and eager to do the fat cats’ bidding.

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The title of this post is lifted from a comment by mendo, who wins COTW for it.

Regression towards the latrine (a pun on the genetic hatefact “regression towards the mean”) is a succinct, clarifying statement on the reigning ethos of our time, which is the Harrison Bergeronian ideology that demands the destruction and deconstruction of all hierarchies, aesthetic and transcendent, so that the degenerate freak mafia may feel the equal of their betters.

Oliver Elkington writes,

Everything is beautiful according to these freaks, cancer, facial disfigurements, vomit, camel droppings. To be honest it is virtually impossible to reason with them, the best one can do is try to stop them having unlimited airtime.

mendo adds,

The idea behind that is that once everything is “beautiful” then nothing will be.

The Antiwhite and Antibeauty Left, if given unchecked power, inevitably ends in one place: the latrine. For it’s only in the cesspit of the latrine that the Left can finally claim victory and realization of their vision for humanity: Nothing to admire nor aspire to, all envies pacified, all ambitions mollified, all behaviors sanctified, all filth normalized.

The Equalist Ideology is, in sum, the doctrine of the garbage dump.

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COTW winner Jack Ragnar does a 180 on cuckventional wisdom and as a result grazes a deep and abiding truth about the sexes.

I had a conversation about flirting with my sister. This came up. Women at their core want to find out who the better man is. They would by default go with the winner of “you and him fight”. However men are not all on board with this idea. Such games are anti-civilization, and the costs are high. If men refuse, and choose to work out their differences in a more civilized and subtle way, women have to gain the information about men in a more covert fashion. So we get shit-tests, status seeking, etc.

Women are literally anti-civilizational. Their instincts if left unchecked (ala modern women), will bring out the most violent aspects of men. Men despite their capability for violence and destruction are not on average destructive. Women, if left to their devices would have us living in grass huts.

The white kight/cuck aphorism they love to cling to is that women are the civilizers of men, by dint of being the gatekeepers to sex and therefore having the leverage to demand men behave themselves.

But what if the civilizing force runs the other way? Any man who has experience with women has seen that the fair sex can entertain malice and destructiveness the equal of any man, but without the sensationalist physical violence that grabs headlines and puts the spotlight on male wickedness. There’s a better case to make that men are the sex with the drive to civilize, and that women, constrained as their sex is by the hypergamous need to identify the strongest man in the tribe, exert de-civilizing forces on the sexual market that if left unregulated can and do lead to cultural collapse.

Jack is onto something yuge, and we here at CH have toyed with the same idea of unrestricted female sexuality as a herald of national decline. The entire story may be more nuanced than this, but it’s a necessary and useful widening of the discourse to at least begin to cast suspicion on the shibboleth that women civilize men and not the other way around. When all is said and done, CH will have pushed open the Ovaton Window so wide the sunlight will scorch dying feminist wombs from Berkeley to Bonn.

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COTW is awarded to chris, one of my favorite commenters.

why reason, words and facts does not work on the left.

if a hookworm could talk, do you think you could ever reason it out of infesting your intestinal track and feeding off your body? or would the hookworm always somehow find a way to argue that it’s actions are virtuous or righteous and that it is a victim and not you?

a parasite will never agree to not being a parasite because that is how it lives. not being a parasite will end it. thus you can never reason one into not being a parasite.

this is the left. they are the hookworm of society. burying itself further and further in, all the while exclaiming it is the victim as it feeds on its host.

The parasites of the Leftoid Equalist petri dish will only be defeated by weaponized emotions. That means, in practice, relentless mockery of their hypocrisy and delusions, and personal attacks on their grotesque phsyiognomies. The bullies who dished out pain to lefty freaks were right. They were always right. If the weak and degenerate aren’t occasionally reminded of their weakness and degeneracy with public shamings, they get uppity. And uppity neomaxizimdweebies with too much power are a bloodsucking blight on civilized society.

In the war to subvert and discredit a decaying culture overrun by leftoids, your realtalk logic and reason should serve to support your psy ops shivs, not the other way around.

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From Mohel’s Midnight Snack,

I’m not proud of it but I admit that seeing the [London Bridge terrorist attack] victims included continental ‘bankers’ rather than English pipefitters was a slight relief… if anything represents the depravity of our era, it’s the parasitic globalist canape-and-anal class that shuffle between the inner hive cities, the kind of people who openly offer that the problem with London is that it’s still 0.01% English, usually found sneering in front of overpriced tapas and fantasizing about nagger dicks.

Across the internet right now working-class British poasters who’ve never left Cuck Island are being told by bisexual mulatto French investment bankers that their reactions “aren’t British” or “aren’t London”.

Globohomoists preach a big gayme about diversity, but they agitate for nothing less than the destruction of real diversity — the diversity of White European nations and their glory envied by the whole world. That these same globohomoists should fall at the blade of their imported third world pets is truly cosmic justice. Oh well, it’s just a new reality they’ll have to get used to, and a small price to pay for cheap sneering.

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from da inimitable gbfm:

the new virtue of the west
run by single white women
consist of
zero husbands
zero childrenz
zero sandwhiches made
zero mentions of the GRETA BOOKS FOR MENZ
zero mention of jesus moses plato galileo
zero diapers changed
zero dollars of patreon donations given to men
zero mentions of reforming the family courts
zero mentions of outlawing no-fault divorce
zero mentions of ending abortion
tons of mascara and lipstick and rougez


this is why they empowered womnez
for womenz
even when claiming the virtue of the west
are destorying it
all for $123 patreon dollarz
created via debt based butthetx

Read this a few times, and you’ll realize as I have that this serrated sonnet is perhaps the distilled essence of the entirety of gbfm’s output; an economy of words, at once twisted and clear as day, aimed at the black heart of the dying West. A thousand years hence, archaeologists will dig up gbfm’s pecuneiform scribblings from among the West’s ruins and they will have their answers.

We have indeed fallen as a civilization, drawing our wisdom now from the Greta Books instead of the Great Books.

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