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dblr619 passed this along in quotes, so I assume the source is from somewhere else, therefore the COTW will be held in absentia by governing authorities until the source is located and can be awarded.

“Men are becoming the women they want and women are becoming the men they need.”

Nothing good will come from this. Fertility drops like a stone when the mating market has inverted. The good news is that it’s self-correcting in the long run. And the correction will be, in a word, magnificent.


There are two COTW runners-up. First, this instant evisceration of femcunt talking points, from orange appled,

Girls in Romania grow up in orphanages under horrific conditions and endure abuse. They come to America and become doctors. An American woman gets groped at a party and it becomes the defining moment of her life.

American women are world class liars. That’s the difference.

Second, this comment from Screwtape, with a stirring reminder that sides in the war are forming now, and you’d best choose wisely,

Yes. There are sides.

This fact is becoming increasingly clear to even the sportsball and cubefarm drafthorse men.

The left’s treatment of the kkkav affair and its disgusting, irrational, and openly hostile antics are curdling the milk.

Even the passive, apolitical goodwhite man is now having trouble taking pulls from the jug.

Meanwhile, the leftists have turned it up to 11. The silver lining is that at that volume even some osterich men are going to hear the message: you are the enemy; we want you enslaved or dead and we don’t really care which.

The average man can tolerate a lot of shit sammies. But when he follows the rules (for white men) 99% of the time and yet can be convicted in the kangaroo court of media and cultmarx overlords for an unfounded accusation, the 1% sword of democales in perpetuity is a non-starter. His life can go to zero at any point. F that.

The thing is: There have always been sides. We will return to the truth of the battle between good and evil: the cult of death vs civilization. Men will be forced to choose.

Indicting all white men is liberating them to take thier stand. Why bother playing nice, cucking along in relative peace (enslavement) when you are the enemy, fodder for thier cause?

We have reached the open hypergamy of politics.

Speaking of which, on a recent biz trip, a newly awakened buddy returns to tell me “Im really starting to love Trump”. Then goes on about how two of his uber drivers were Rational Male readers and the normally passive goodwhite guys in Chicago were all spitting fire over the K trials.

The alpha fux beta bux of sociopolitics is running aground. God willing, this maddness will spawn men with full chests.

We’re no longer slow-boiling the frog. We’re smashing it against the wall. And Pepe has had enough.

2018, and beyond, won’t be the Year of the Woman as the media desperately wishes into existence. It will be the Year of the White Man. And he is ready for the fight.

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Congrats to Angry Gamer and his COTW win, for this thoughtful take on what’s causing the Breaching of the Sexes:

The simple reason why people are having less sex is because people are ALONE less.

Today it’s really rare for high school kids and even college kids to date. They go in a group and “hang out” or some other group activity. And Young men passively accept this situation.

I can’t tell you the number of 20 something men that when I ask “did you take the girl you were chatting up at the party home or somewhere?” They look at me like I’m an alien talking about cow mutilation.

In Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) it’s very rare for women to go out with a man. If these women do “hook up” or even marry it’s like after 2 years of being friends and doing things together.

Developed world men are so passive toward women. These Men expect the women to just provide a green light icon at every interaction to proceed. Women are not wired like that. Women don’t want the responsibility of leading the relationship. They want a man to take the lead and move the relationship forward. If a man wishes to be alone and put moves on a woman he has to assert that intention and do it.

Somehow in our equalist society we have lost this very primal fact of human behavior.

Together, but alone, our phones acting as isolation chambers.

Many older post-Wall or Wall-approaching women have the same desires as younger women — to be led by a charming man to romantic abandon — but they don’t have the sexual allure anymore to coax that from men, so they lash out at male figures who flitted in and out of their lives when they were younger, hotter, tighter (and looser), so in their aggrieved spite at the God of Biomechanics they retcon their past sexual experiences that didn’t lead to love and marriage as male predation rather than the sexy male assertiveness it really was and which had stolen their nubile hearts.

PS Related, in the Nature vs Nurture debate, the victor is clear: It’s Nature.

PPS Go long on sexbot futures. Regrettably, sexbots will be doing the job that American women are no longer qualified to do.

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SamizRedDot violates the NDA on his (her? probably his) COTW win.

The Chad Trump pays playmate of the year $150k so his supermodel wife doesn’t find out. The Virgin Bourdain pays a 16 year old boy $380,000 so the world doesn’t find out his aging ugly feminazi life partner cucked him.

That wasn’t a shiv, it was a chainsaw, hacking away parts unknown, with no reservations.

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A two-fer from deadlifting economist and international man of pithiness N.N. Taleb (The Bed of Procrustes),

When she shouts that what you did was unforgivable, she has already started to forgive you.

True. This is a variation on the CH maxim that the opposite of a woman’s love isn’t her hate, it’s her indifference. A woman truly in an unforgiving mood will check out of the relationship and not care whether you express remorse. If she’s shouting at you through tears and indignation, she’s still very much in love.

Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness the reverse.

It’s the Neg versus the Tedium.

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A worthy COTW winning entry from Jax,

When someone states that “America has no identity” you have to accept you are talking to an ignorant know nothing or conniving jackal. When they say “America is not a nation it’s an idea” you have to accept they are also an idiot and treat them accordingly. Just look at how exporting that “idea” has worked out abroad.

America had an identity. The world knew what an American looked like, sounded like, and even acted like. We had our own culture and lifestyle that was unique to us and both the envy and contempt of our cousins in Europe. Americans were loud, brash, adventurous, and bold. We as a society were conquerors and builders; as a people fearless and courageous. We were given nicknames like “Yankee” and “Gringo,” testaments to that identity Ted and his ilk says doesn’t exist.

Yes, Americans were also defined by their race because the country was in fact mostly white. Do you think over the course of history any foreign people would disagree with that Mr. Lieu?

This Ted Lieu creature knows he spews venomous anti-American poison. He spews it because in his heart he knows he isn’t American and will never be American because he doesn’t meet the definition as defined by precedence. This is why he attacks Laura Ingraham, because he knows she IS an American and in order to redefine “American” so he can be included (and his third world followers) he must conquer and subjugate Laura and her American brethren. Laura’s only crime is that she would dare to stop it.

America, was a collection of all of Europa. The culmination of the adventurous and ambitious diaspora in Europe manifested across the sea as a new distinct people that was forged from the identities of all of Europe. Everyone knew when they had encountered an American, we left a distinct impression wherever we went. That impression was a testament to our identity. And yes, it was real.

America *had* an identity. What is her identity now? A world market bazaar for the barter of goods, services, and virtue signaling. That’s not an identity anyone would cherish, let alone fight to protect.

Make America Great Again implicitly means giving back an identity to America, one that was stolen from her by rapacious Globohomoists. And identity is inextricable from race; recovering American identity necessarily means recovering America’s predominant Whiteness.

An excellent follow-up comment from Moses,

Long time Asia expat here. Asians are unable to separate race from nationality. “Chinese” are, well, Chinese. Japanese, Japanese. Etc.

To Asians, “American” means “White.” Really.

Asian Americans come over here and try to get jobs at English schools, only to be told that Asian parents prefer White faces (even non-native English speakers) teaching English to their children. Then Asian Americans seethe in anger. Their heads explode, and they find a way to blame and hate Whites even more.

Another funny bit.

Remember when Obama appointed former WA governor Gary Locke, Chinese American, as US Ambassador to China? I guess the geniuses in the Obummer administration thought that would help smooth relations with the Chinese, appointing an ethnic Chinese to the post.

Huge mistake. The Chinese hated Locke.

They could never understand how “one of their own” could represent American interests over Chinese. They hated him. To them, he was the worst kind of race traitor.

Are you getting it yet?

Deep down, Ted Lieu is Chinese. And he KNOWS IT.

This whole “America is only an idea, not a people” thing was thought up and pushed by Fellow Whites. Non-Whites have picked it up like a cudgel against Heritage America.

“Idea America” as a cudgel wielded in eliminationist rage against Identity America is a powerful visual.

As vfm#7634 writes,

That’s funny. The East Asians see Asian U.S. citizens as Fake Americans.

Because they are.

Fake News, Fake Americans. The Left is in revolt against Trump because he exposes their fakery, and strikes at the deepest need of Leftists: their unfulfilled quest for authenticity. It’s why the Left has to so heavily lean on equalist boilerplate…they have nothing organic with which to identify.

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From Garth Volbeck,

Folks are keen to decry “Nazi-style” censorship but have little to say about “Jewish-style” censorship, like throwing elderly women in prison for disputing historical narratives, or threatening neutral venues over conferences with speakers they want to silence, or pressuring bosses to fire employees for political opinions, or colluding to deny banking and money transfer services—

A good rule of thumb is to remember that everything (((shitlibs))) accuse others of doing they themselves are guilty of doing. Psychological projection is the blast radius of the shitlib id.

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From RooshV,

Have you heard that Tinder is now offering you a ’24 hour’ boost for $70? Many countries have prostitutes that are cheaper than that!

And the prostitutes won’t renege on their end of the deal.

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