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From anonymous, a worthy COTW winner,

The other day I was explaining to my son what Easter is actually about. How Jesus came to earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for all of us as before, the specials used to sacrifice an animal, or a person, to atone for their sins. However, some special people found that his teachings were hurting their business so they killed him. My son, who is 8, asked me a question, “Wouldn’t God be more mad at the specials for killing an innocent animal or a person instead of just asking to be forgiven?”


From the mouths of babes comes truth and this explains a lot about the curse that the specials live under, but I digress.

This got me thinking about how Jesus is a good example of how to disrupt an economically powerful majority.

We Heritage Americans are afraid. Afraid to speak up, afraid to stand up because if we do, there is a megaton of economic weaponry aimed at taking everything we have and putting us on the street.

We already see this in action with the mass demonetizations of Gaypal and Chosen bank customers who have been identified as thought criminals.

Here’s the thing. When Jesus found disciples there was one rule – they had to walk away from everything else. As a young man I always thought this was ridiculous – what sort of man would leave behind his family, friends and business? It is only now that I understand. When you walk away from all that, then there is nothing your enemies can take away from you except your life and that is the most defensible position.

Perhaps more Heritage Americans need to understand that all this shit we think is so important – a career, a shitty condo, a car you make payments on are not things we should worry about losing, they are the yokes that keep us afraid to speak and live the truth.

Acts, Chapter 2 vs 44-45 – “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.”

The specials know that the average man is a slave to his own image of himself which is a garish reflection of his debt bondage. All that we “have” is not ours anyway as it can be taken away at any time.

When you have nothing to lose, then you can truly walk in the light.

Peace be unto you.

It’ll come down to a choice:

Either Heritage Americans walk away from all that, or all that will be taken from them.

And by then, it will be too late.

My suggestion, to start feeling like your own man again: connect with the earth. Get in the dirt. Feel it run through your fingers. Gaze at the sky. Lose yourself in the forest. Admire the stars on a still night.

These are the things you’ll miss when your run has come to its end. Not the cars, condos, cubicles, or Clitflix vids.

To disrupt an entrenched, corrupt establishment, you must first disrupt yourself.

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A great comment from dolph9, earning him the coveted COTW.

There is no stopping the 4 way racial battle and 4 way class battle going on in America. It’s terminal guys and you know it.
Racial battle:
1) [special people]: want total financial and media control, permanently
2) native whites: still have numbers and power but feel themselves threatened and slowly slipping away
3) native blacks: continually promoted by the powers that be but never really stood a chance and they will get really, really pissed off
4) immigrants from all over, but particularly mexico, china, and india: zero awareness of american collapse, combined with striving, uppity attributes, will bulldoze everything in their way to achieve the american dream
Class battle:
1) working class: fucked without any hope for redemption, boozing and mid life suicide is the way out
2) middle class: surviving but only if they make all the right moves all the time, high stress and some are starting to question if it’s worth it
3) upper middle class: totally protected and clueless, servile to the rich and scared shitless of the poor, they become more irrelevant by the day
4) upper class: long ago stopped giving a shit, just printing money at this point so their dollar wealth keeps increasing to infinity.


Where is the lie?


Runner-up COTW is heartily awarded to Kelly, who warns that the worrier-warriors should fear the coming warrior-warriors.

Quote [CH]: “The purpose of the lib fear-mongering amongst themselves is 1. to juice their virtue signaling score (the more fearful, the more valuable one’s moral posturing against the thing causing the “fear”) and 2. to provide a phony justification to ram their shitlib agenda down America’s throat.”


You sure got that right. I seldom listen to NPR, but every time I do, I hear the word “worry” over and over again. Those chicken-shit reporters (almost always women, it seems) worry about everything! “He’s worried that…,” “She’s worried about…,” “They’re worried because…” Once you notice it, you realize that it’s the bedrock foundation of their existence.

They are AFRAID. They are all basically children, scared of everything in this big bad world. I think a lot of that is due to their massive incompetence. They really don’t know how to do anything but talk, push buttons, and be afraid.

Meanwhile, we Heritage American Men keep designing, building, and maintaining everything in the real world because WE are competent. We know how things work, and have actual talents and problem-solving skills, so we are NOT afraid.

What we are is ANGRY, and God help those worriers when enough of us decide that we have had enough of their bullshit.

Shitlibs who continually intone “I worry about…” are engaging in passive-aggressive defamation of their enemy (us). To constantly “worry” is to tacitly impugn the character of those who are causing the shitlib to worry. It’s childish, but it’s also effective rhetoric and deadly dangerous to societal health. Call it out whenever you hear it.

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From Loki:

All women are Feds (spiritually).

That cut right to the quim.


COTW runner-up. It’s PA again.

Boomers are holding this shitshow together with their sheer numbers and old school know-how. For better and worse.

They are the inertial filler in the machine.

Once they go, it’s nihilism all the way down. Perils and possibilities.

I spy with my oracle eye…..chaos total.

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PA has earned another COTW (he better build a new shelf to hold these).

Responding to this….

…PA adds,

Ideology is yesterday

Identity is tomorrow

Identity is coming, first culturally, then genetically.

Forced Diversity will push Whites away from universalism; a salient identity will slowly coalesce under pressure from encroaching diversity.

In time, fertility rate differentials between universalist Whites and Identity Whites will assure the dominance of the latter, but by then it’s likely America won’t exist any longer as it’s current incarnation.

May as well give PA the runner-up COTW as well. On the radical notion of making the economy work for the people instead of the other way around,

“The economy” in a neoliberal world order is, metaphorically, released-energy that’s harvested by billionaires. White nations are the fuel, and it’s running low.

This idolatry of “the economy” began during the 1992 presidential campaign with Carville’s quip.

Yang’s “The economy must serve the people.” — this is subversive of the ruling order. With the quibble being: Who is ‘the people?’ Is it about rejiggering the share of loot between the ruling class and nonwhites, or is it about unshackling Whites from their tax slavery.

PA on the YangGang?

The critical point isn’t whether or not a socialist backlash against runaway globalist capitalism is coming (it is), but what kind of socialist backlash we’re getting. Is it the healthy, self-sustaining socialism of Whites looking out for their kind and returning to a type of social organization that suits their temperament and needs? Or will it be Ocasio-Cortez Woke Socialism that takes from middle and working class Whites and gives to nonWhites?

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Robard drives in and drives out with the COTW in hand,

I used to fart a lot until I went paleo. My experience since has been that there is a direct correlation between carb intake and farting; when I consume only meat I don´t fart at all. If this is a general effect it means that reducing meat consumption in favor of a plant based diet may simply end up replacing cow farts with human farts.

We laugh, but maybe there’s something to this?

In the meantime, Beta O’Rourke is a mindless cipher who’s now parroting Alex Occasional-Cockas’s claim that we’re all gonna die in twelve years from global warming, unless we DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW.

That something is, of course, giving these clowns and their patrons more power. How convenient!

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Atavator wins this week’s COTW in high-falutin’ fashion, responding to a comment I made about the disheartening spectacle of Americans willingly surrendering their privacy to a ravenous, growing Surveillance State.

CH: Millennials are the kind of people who read “1984” and say “meh, if you have nothing to hide what’s the big deal about Big Brother?”

It’s all a part of their being overindulged and treated like hothouse flowers. When parents hover over your every microsecond, it becomes impossible to develop any sense of privacy, or interiority. The elements of a true conscience — the glory of Western man — are buried beneath a thick blanket of playdates, participation trophies, ritalin, and pointless effusive praise. What’s left are not full human beings, but automata whose moral essence is shrunken to “triggerings.” Self-command, stoic virtue, self-reliance: gone. It is not an accident that a whole generation of people have been formed this way.

We can only hope that the Gen-Z kids will represent a severe backlash against this. I’m certainly trying to raise mine that way.

The dominance of extraversion at the expense of introversion is one of the less appreciated social factors contributing to national decline, particularly decline in White nations, as Whites are, racially, primarily introverted (with a healthy minority of extraverts balancing out the race — in contrast to the almost exclusively introverted asians).

The combination of coddling and encouragement to extraversion — in short, feminization and judaicization — has been lethal to Americans’ “interiority”. We can see the consequences of this malign cultural change in the demand for “safe spaces”, the thin-skinned hysteria to disagreement, the intolerance of opposing world views, the attention whoring, the psychological projection, and the utter lack of self-awareness.

There’s one word that nicely describes all of the above: chutzpah.

If you’ve lost contact with your interior self, you won’t feel its loss when the Surveillance State steals it away from you.

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Dirtnapninja earned this week’s COTW award with a pithy take on the rift opening between White men and White women.

Of all the crimes the foe has inflicted on us, turning white females into our class enemies was the most unforgivable.

Unforgivable, because it was an engineered betrayal that struck at the strongest bond of a society: the bond between man, woman, and child. To corrupt everything else, the sexual market first had to be corrupted. And then the dominoes fell easily.

Theodora follows up with the COTW runner-up medal, likening the betrayal of our White women to an ancient tale,

They found the weakest link, like in the story of Adam and Eve. The serpent whispered: “Come with me and turn against your man, nation, tradition and ancestors, and you will have a seat at the table with our privileged minorities. Affirmative action, preferential hiring, gibsmedat as much as you want, the victimhood aura, the right to be irresponsible and to be believed no matter what you say, like them. Just betray everything you are supposed to stand for.” She listened and she obeyed.

She obeyed so well that she now serves as guardian and gatekeeper for Globohomo.

Finally, cynthia rounds out this week’s COTW with the consolation prize (a set of shivs):

Men do seem to have a better grasp of cause and effect, or at least, they are more willing to examine the causes of failure and readjust course when necessary. There are a lot of things that feed into this, but the biggest one I think is that female mistakes are usually irreversible. Men can (theoretically) recover if they spend their youth screwing around rather than starting a family. We can’t. We age out of our good looks and fertility and cannot go back.

I think we’ve evolved a sort of logic valve in the brain to deal with this. If you don’t see your mistakes, they won’t tear you apart. I don’t know if it’s a cultural adaptation or something that exists at the lizard hindbrain level, but it is definitely there. Most women can never truly confront the enormity of their bad decisions. There’s just no reward for it.

The term for this is “rationalization hamster”, and the little critter’s job is exactly as cynthia described: to conceal from women the “enormity of their bad decisions” and spare their egos a thrashing which will do them no good in the Darwinian sense of passing along her bloodline to future generations. Women don’t lose much by hiding from the ugly truths; men otoh stand to lose a lot from avoiding the truth because men are the sex which has to bust a move to make sure their genes carry forward, and they won’t be busting many moves (or nuts) if they live by lies and deny the nature of women.


Adding to that last thought about men getting rewarded for confronting hard truths while women gain nothing from doing the same, there is a moment in a woman’s life when she would be well-served with a hard truth: when she’s young and thinks she has all the time in the world to snag a quality man. That’s the time in her life when she will be rewarded for recognizing poor decisions and correcting her course before she’s on the wilting side of her peak nubility.

The general point remains, though. When a woman fucks up, as long as she’s still got youthnbeauty to barter she’ll recover. When a man fucks up, he has to know what he did wrong, or he’ll keep fucking up.

When older, a woman near Wall impact really doesn’t gain much from admitting to bad decisions. Sexual worthlessness is coming, whether or not she achieves a level of sentient self-awareness. All the knowing does is weigh her down with existential regret. Men, in contrast, can recover from bad decisions committed over a longer duration of their lives, and will gain from knowing when and how they screwed the pooch. The Wall for a man is not a death sentence; it’s a stumbling block.


I may as well give Theodora another also-ran COTW award for this gem about the Bezos Boner,

Bezos fell hard for that trannyface menopausal Sanchez because, probably for the first and last time in his life, the wimp felt sexually desirable. He felt exhilarated to finally see how it is to sext and send dick pics on demand like a Chad, somehow like that species of ugly cactus which can bloom only once. It’s the story of Charles and Camilla once again.

Bezos = Corpse flower.

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