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A worthy COTW winning entry from Jax,

When someone states that “America has no identity” you have to accept you are talking to an ignorant know nothing or conniving jackal. When they say “America is not a nation it’s an idea” you have to accept they are also an idiot and treat them accordingly. Just look at how exporting that “idea” has worked out abroad.

America had an identity. The world knew what an American looked like, sounded like, and even acted like. We had our own culture and lifestyle that was unique to us and both the envy and contempt of our cousins in Europe. Americans were loud, brash, adventurous, and bold. We as a society were conquerors and builders; as a people fearless and courageous. We were given nicknames like “Yankee” and “Gringo,” testaments to that identity Ted and his ilk says doesn’t exist.

Yes, Americans were also defined by their race because the country was in fact mostly white. Do you think over the course of history any foreign people would disagree with that Mr. Lieu?

This Ted Lieu creature knows he spews venomous anti-American poison. He spews it because in his heart he knows he isn’t American and will never be American because he doesn’t meet the definition as defined by precedence. This is why he attacks Laura Ingraham, because he knows she IS an American and in order to redefine “American” so he can be included (and his third world followers) he must conquer and subjugate Laura and her American brethren. Laura’s only crime is that she would dare to stop it.

America, was a collection of all of Europa. The culmination of the adventurous and ambitious diaspora in Europe manifested across the sea as a new distinct people that was forged from the identities of all of Europe. Everyone knew when they had encountered an American, we left a distinct impression wherever we went. That impression was a testament to our identity. And yes, it was real.

America *had* an identity. What is her identity now? A world market bazaar for the barter of goods, services, and virtue signaling. That’s not an identity anyone would cherish, let alone fight to protect.

Make America Great Again implicitly means giving back an identity to America, one that was stolen from her by rapacious Globohomoists. And identity is inextricable from race; recovering American identity necessarily means recovering America’s predominant Whiteness.

An excellent follow-up comment from Moses,

Long time Asia expat here. Asians are unable to separate race from nationality. “Chinese” are, well, Chinese. Japanese, Japanese. Etc.

To Asians, “American” means “White.” Really.

Asian Americans come over here and try to get jobs at English schools, only to be told that Asian parents prefer White faces (even non-native English speakers) teaching English to their children. Then Asian Americans seethe in anger. Their heads explode, and they find a way to blame and hate Whites even more.

Another funny bit.

Remember when Obama appointed former WA governor Gary Locke, Chinese American, as US Ambassador to China? I guess the geniuses in the Obummer administration thought that would help smooth relations with the Chinese, appointing an ethnic Chinese to the post.

Huge mistake. The Chinese hated Locke.

They could never understand how “one of their own” could represent American interests over Chinese. They hated him. To them, he was the worst kind of race traitor.

Are you getting it yet?

Deep down, Ted Lieu is Chinese. And he KNOWS IT.

This whole “America is only an idea, not a people” thing was thought up and pushed by Fellow Whites. Non-Whites have picked it up like a cudgel against Heritage America.

“Idea America” as a cudgel wielded in eliminationist rage against Identity America is a powerful visual.

As vfm#7634 writes,

That’s funny. The East Asians see Asian U.S. citizens as Fake Americans.

Because they are.

Fake News, Fake Americans. The Left is in revolt against Trump because he exposes their fakery, and strikes at the deepest need of Leftists: their unfulfilled quest for authenticity. It’s why the Left has to so heavily lean on equalist boilerplate…they have nothing organic with which to identify.

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From Garth Volbeck,

Folks are keen to decry “Nazi-style” censorship but have little to say about “Jewish-style” censorship, like throwing elderly women in prison for disputing historical narratives, or threatening neutral venues over conferences with speakers they want to silence, or pressuring bosses to fire employees for political opinions, or colluding to deny banking and money transfer services—

A good rule of thumb is to remember that everything (((shitlibs))) accuse others of doing they themselves are guilty of doing. Psychological projection is the blast radius of the shitlib id.

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From RooshV,

Have you heard that Tinder is now offering you a ’24 hour’ boost for $70? Many countries have prostitutes that are cheaper than that!

And the prostitutes won’t renege on their end of the deal.

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An astute comment from Ironsides earns him the coveted COTW,

“The odd part about the Trump Derangement Syndrome phenom is that so many jews revile the guy, but he is so in the pocket of Isra-hell at the same time.”

This was a puzzler to me as well, What I eventually decided might be the case — no idea if this is true — is that they’re not infuriated at HIM. They’re infuriated at US.

The entire media and government complex essentially ORDERED White Americans not to vote for Trump. White America disobeyed them and elected him anyway, with wildly enthusiastic crowds obliquely expressing a desire for racial/ethnic survival with chants of “build the Wall,” etc.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Trump does from the viewpoint of the (((tribe))). He could give every jew in the US $1 billion and they’d still hate him, because they don’t really care about him. He is the symbol of our defiance to them, however rudimentary and quasi-subconscious it is in many cases. It’s that defiance which infuriates them — and terrifies them, which infuriates them even more.

Hence why International Shtetl organs like the NYBetaTimes are beginning to slip up and allow their unchecked fury at Trump (read: at White Christian America) to betray them, recently evident in their mishandling of the Sarah Jeong debacle. It’s harder to properly strategize and subvert a nation when you’re driven by fear and loathing to a pitched hysteria. Their desperation to maintain control of the horizontal and the vertical is making them sloppy. Anti-White Noise is leaking through the screen.

Ironsides is right. Anti-White hatred is channeled through Trump, which explains why the rage against Trump is so unhinged; (((they))) and their shitlib Gentile useful idiots who never met a phony virtue they didn’t want to signal correctly perceive in the phenomenon of Trump a resurrecting White consciousness and awareness of the malice that is directed against them.

Lashing out at Trump is a classic case of negative transference, in which Trump serves as the personalized stand-in for the hated White Heritage Americans who have shown a disturbing temerity to rise up and resist Globohomo propaganda demanding Whites accept their dispossession with good cheer.

As #TheDefiance movement grows among White Christians, the enemies of Heritage America become angrier and more terrified. Their hubris will mingle with their fear in a toxic emotional stew, and blinded by tribal rage they will be less willing to compromise, to cede rhetorical ground, or to step back from the cliff’s edge. Expect to see more heavy-handed censorship, more silencing and doxing of Defiers, more blindness to the growing threat of blowback, more unprincipled sophistry to scaffold a dying anti-White Narrative they are rapidly losing control over, and a quickening pace and saturation of increasingly brazen indoctrination in a frantic last-ditch effort to avert a loss in this existential war.

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plumpjack rightfully earns this week’s COTW with the following gem,

women fainting. you may have seen it in old movies. plumpjack is here to tell you that it’s real, friends.

last Friday I was with a girl I’ve been seeing for about a month. she’s a good girl, very cute, scots-irish brunette, early thirties, sporty gogrrl (mild version – my type), stage 3 poz, but pimp hand-treatable. definitely buns => oven material, which is what I’m on the hunt for.

as we’ve gotten closer to getting “serious” she started ratcheting up the casual references to past flings. on Friday when she hit the fourth time that day and it was time for some patriarchy/pimp hand application.

we were standing in my kitchen and my vibe went from fun and friendly to deadly serious. I said, “what do you think happens to my attraction to you every time you bring up a guy you fucked?”

she meekly replied, “it goes down”.

I continued, looking severely into her eyes, “that’s right. it goes WAY down. you’d think that if you were lucky enough to have a serious guy interested in you, a guy who has his shit together and can basically have any woman he wants, that you would want to show him that you’re worth investing in. but that’s not what you’re doing. you’re sending me messages that I can’t take you seriously, that you’re a joke. that you’re body is a joke. your life is a big joke. that you’ll give yourself away cheaply, to any guy who wants you. why would I invest in a woman like that? now, I’d like to think you’re a better woman than that, and that I CAN take you seriously, but this shit of you bringing up guys you’ve dated as if it’s something to brag about needs to stop.”

as I’m saying this she starts leaning on the kitchen counters. she’s struggling to hold herself up. I’m noticing this but I plow onward. it was a “shape up or GTFO moment”. so she struggles to stand up for a few more seconds and then she just collapses. out. fucking. cold. I caught her before she hit the floor and dragged her over to the couch. not kidding. (now I know what “dead weight” ACTUALLY means).

so I lay her down on the couch and I’m, like, wtf happened?!? I’ve never seen anyone faint before. I was trying to shake her out of it and was literally ten seconds away from calling 911 when slowly she started to come back. totally fine. wildest shit I’ve ever seen.

she got the message.

funniest thing about this is that this sporty lil girl (who I actually really like) is a rock climber, boot camp instructor, yoga instructor, artist, blah blah blah…. all the “I’m a cool/tough chick!” credentials, and she f’ing fainted the first time a guy ever went full patriarchy on her. blew my mind. how many more are out there begging to be overpowered in this way?

I talked to an older friend about this and he said it was quite common knowledge in the old days that women fainting was a thing and you would still see it in the movies even into the 70s. well, it’s real. and it’s powerful. seriously it’s like some kind of magic spell. you won’t believe it until you see it.

You know what chicks secretly dig? THE FULL PATRIARCHY. No apologies.

(i’ve driven women to tear-streaked hysterics with intimations of abandonment, but the only quasi-fainting thot I’ve had the pleasure to watch crumble in a heap on the floor was the one who came so hard under my meaty duress that her knees buckled and she slid down into the fetal position, which makes a certain amount of conceptional sense as a concentric fetus meme.)


COTW runner-up winner is Anonymous (capitalized for distinctiveness),

Great story plumpjack. I’ve encountered similar situations in which women deny how they are valued. I was walking home with my ex once and she was talking about the harpies that she works at the office with. Something about how they went to a wedding and none of them went to grab the bride’s flower toss. My ears perked up. I asked her to clarify. “Oh, they don’t want to settle down or get married yet at all.” I replied “They know how old they are, right?” “Yeah, but they still want to get out in the world” “And you listen to them? You’re like that?” “Well…..I mean I’d like to get married but I still want to see the world and… (all I heard was TV static at this point)” I planted my eyes forward on our walk, tilted my head back and increased my pace and swagger *just* a little. “Yeah, I don’t think I could settle down with you yet either. There’s so many different women to try. I want a couple more redheads.” She gave me a look of total shock before matching my pace and trying to grab my hand back (and my attention). I should have detoured into the nearest bar.

Why would The Manipulated Woman exist when we already have The Self-Deluded Woman?

FYI playing into this predilection of women for self-delusion by Agreeing & Amplifying & Co-opting their un-moored nonsense is a fantastically effective Game tactic.

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From COTW winner jax, a glimpse into the dystopia coming soon to an American town near you.

The SF Bay Area, which is where this freak is from based on the pictures, is a look into the future for America.

Feminists roaming the streets looking for beautiful women to shame or corrupt, and men to harass and humiliate. Weak, frail half-men towing the freak mob’s agenda in the hopes they will taste feminist pussy someday at the expense of the world their ancestors built. Third world pests living in third world shanty towns driving wages down for the declining heritage Americans, flooding their schools and hospitals and laughing at the Gringos who pay for it. Skyscrapers housing techies and worker drones, who on average, are living check to check on out of control housing costs and expensive gadgets and “experiences” which do nothing but further drain their soul. A middle class more zombie than human clicking away their lives while the world around them crumbles and becomes unrecognizable; finding purpose in cheering for their successful sportsball teams who are owned by the elites that hate them and played by the people who despise them. Elites, in their still pristine neighborhoods counting their shekels from their portfolios; attending community town halls to ensure that their neighborhoods and schools stay pristine at the expense of everyone else. No go districts where “diversity” thrives and law and order are non existent. That thriving “diversity” wanders out of its box every so often to terrorize, rape, and rob the already terrorized heritage Americans. Hordes of far eastern people who saturate the market with their dirty money and corrupt dealings inhibiting young and middle class Americans from moving up. And suburbanites who gleefully ignore the impending collapse and flee when it gets close preferring to run and be blissfully ignorant than face the reality of the world they live.

That is the simple outline of the bay area for anyone who lives in reality. My apologies for the rambling lack of cohesiveness. Unfortunately, the Bay Area lives in a virtual reality, as designed by the technocratic elite who are invested in the current system. The people will only see diverse food options, plenty of weed to smoke, and nice weather until they can’t anymore and they are too powerless to fight. A catastrophic earthquake would be the kindest thing mother nature could do.

My God that was a chalice of purified truth. Quaff it down, before it curdles and you can no longer extract the girding nutrients and energy from it to fight the war against Globohomo.

The tiny sliver of a silver lining worth pondering is that Darwin can’t be denied. We may go through hellfire, but in the end, when the bodies are strewn and the land smolders, those who buy into globalist shitlib poz will see their genetic contribution to a far-future America reduced to nothing, while those who reject the lure of cunt-bug-soy IVFocracy will fruitfully seed a reborn America with their super-based children’s children.

Or, our Freak Future will yield with a vengeance to our Right Wing Trad Squad Future.

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COTW winner is Libertardian, with this pithy gem:

June 27, 2018: BUT MUH ABORTIONS

Shitliberalism is sophistry in service to power. The routine contradictions of their ideology are a feature, not a bug.

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