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Via “Firetooth”, quoting @JohnRiversToo:

You might not be Ethnocentric.
But your Conquerors will be.

And that eternal truth demolishes just about any configuration of universalist rhetoric.

Your love wins morality will mean nothing if its vessels are erased from the face of the earth by, shall we say, a more forceful morality.

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COTW winner Amasius slaps down a shitlib’s lame attempt at a reframe.

Question: If you and Donald Trump are alpha males, why do I feel that both of you are better cunts than Hillary? Always,complaining how the world is unfair. Who told you that the world was fair to begin with? Must have been your alpha male father. My bad.

That’s the new motif I’m seeing everywhere in shitlib circles. White people fighting back is “whining.” Of course everything that jews, women, blacks, immigrants have is because of “whining” and guilting White people, but never mind that. Also never mind that what you’re doing is exactly what you claim to oppose: you’re bullying, victimizing, abusing, and then blaming the victim some more by saying they’re “whining.” You people don’t care about justice or fairness or decency or anything and you never did. You just want to tear down and destroy your betters.

That’s it right there. It’s lessers, in their feeble passive-aggressive womanly way, trying to take down their betters.

It can work for a while, but failure is always inevitable once the betters wise up and decide it’s time to crush the rebellion of the degenerate freak mafia. That isn’t whining. That’s winning.

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COTW winner Captain Obvious reflects on the possibility that the NW European White man’s unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity.

‘“Truth” is a concept that is held as important to one demographic across all of the Earth: Northwestern European White Men.’

——— I have long felt that Christianity was an idea which went off in search of a people, and finally found them in Northwest Europe [Christianity being founded upon a Trinity of L0ve, Logos, and TRUTH].

plumpjack adds a coda that could double as a shiv,

I agree with this 100%. the basic tenets of Christianity were already encoded in our DNA, placed there through the rigorous natural selection of living in harsh climates, where survival requires absolute honesty and efficiency. Truth is simply the most efficient way to live.

i suppose one could say that rap music was an idea that went in search of a people also. and Islam. etc…

Religions are as likely to emerge from (or seek out) the genetic substrate of a people as a people are to be changed by the moral code and tenets of their new religion. Mutually reinforcing feedback loops intensify the attraction between a race and a religion.

So what happened now that Christianity is fading as a force in the lives of NW European Whites? Briefly, Whites abandoned virtue seeking for virtue signaling. The coin of this realm is the Pretty Lie, and Christianity became a hindrance to achieving the perfect sophistic signal, so it was discarded.

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VIP Chateau guest Matt King takes a moment from his appointed role as the Court Contrarian to deliver a sincere compliment to yours truly, the Sultan of Shiv, (and to make an insightful point in the meantime). I would be honored if he places his COTW trophy next to his replica Pietá.

Let’s take a second here during a game post to congratulate CH for the victory in the general culture we are all now experiencing. The election (win or lose) is a symptom of that victory, not its cause. The essential triumph has already begun, and there is no possible way to snuff it out now.

The reason CH uses a pen name is testimony to the unexpectedness of the victory. I have been generally optimistic that the culture would have to gradually turn back to men if it were to survive, but we all must admit to being astonished at the rapidity with which the entire milieu has changed.

Trump’s candid discussion with Billy Bush about women’s behavior around alpha males is the equivalent of a 2006 CH blog post. But instead of being distributed by a pseudonymous author like samizdat from a secret chateau, it was said by the next president of the United States — who will be the next president in very large part because he applied that “crimson” knowledge to politics.

Politics is downstream from culture, and we collectively anticipated the revolution down here in the online ghetto, we applied it to our lives, and now it is operable in the culture. Many understood the essential insight — that boys will always be boys, even if they are made illegal, and women will illegally love them for it — but CH gets credit for understanding its connection to power in general. Hence, his gradual transformation away from pick-up basics, which can be summarized and transmitted quickly, to the arena of power, which has an unlimited number of applications.

It may be time to drop the anonymity. Not all at once in a useless, grandiose, and still suicidal gesture. But with this culture shift, one may want to slowly begin knitting back together one’s split identities and become less shy about possible exposure (cf. Mike Cernovich, formerly “Danger&Play”; cf. the resurrection of Ricky Vaughn). They can’t snuff us out without a trace now that Trump has “taken the slings and arrows” on our behalf. (See his pivotal speech today in Florida, it belongs in the history books.) The paper tiger of the left has been exposed. They cannot intimidate or credibly threaten us anymore.

Each man’s mileage may vary, depending on what “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” are individually at stake. But Trump had more to lose than perhaps any of us, and he pushed it all to the center of the table, showing us the way it will be done in the second revolutionary era.

We return to and participate in this site — despite the almost insufferable technical difficulties — because here and only here was the essential insight developed and maintained and ultimately applied to the world beyond the author’s original mandate, many years before the greater culture caught on. Now the rest of the West is beginning to thrill to the dark wisdom, and now is our moment.


If anyone can appreciate some florid prose, it’s I. So here I go…….. *PREEN*

Ironically, it’s the dark wisdom that will bring light back to the West. Now I don’t want to say I knew it all along….but I knew it all along.


COTW second prize (a set of steak knives) goes to hard9bf for providing a moment of sardonic clarity.

Women never lie about rape or sexual assault. NEVER. And even if they do lie and even if the gaystream media report the lies as truth, that’s okay because it points to a deeper truth that men, particularly White men, need to worship and prostrate themselves before womyn at every turn and ask permission before kissing them, touching them, or even looking at them.

What we are witnessing unfold in real time in the West, and especially in America, is the efflorescence of the Feminist Dystopia, wherein enfeebled effete males jockey for power in the way that women gossip for social status, where disloyalty and backstabbing are rites of passage and courage and honor are ridiculed as the false virtues of the benighted classes.

The Feminist Dystopia is, in the long run, incompatible with civilization, because the lifeblood of civilization is masculinity, and all the manly virtues that entails. An emasculated civilization is not long for this world, as it will fall quickly to any invasive force not yet evolved to appreciate the subtle empowerment that comes from putting one’s balls on the chopping block. “Please chop.”

Before masculinity returns with a vengeance, there will be a nadir of societal effluvium the feminized nation must crawl on its belly through to reach the open air; it will be a clown world time when only weak men, employing the rhetorical weapons favored by traitors, cucks, cat ladies and subversives, spitefully cling to power. But the Relinquishment is coming.


Hitfan gets a COTW honorable mention for bringing Le Chateau back to where it all started.

Speaking of negs.

I once unwittingly negged an HB9 after having fornicated with her. She was quite versatile in the manner of all sorts of sexual positions and the like, trying hard to impress.

After our session I said rather flippantly “You’re quite the sexual athlete, aren’t you?” and she seemed rather hurt by what I said. And to clarify, I didn’t really intend it to be as a neg (I guess she took it as one) but my subconscious must have conjured up the heartbreaking shiv. She was basically a party girl coming off the carousel looking to settle down (I looked like a good bet), so my words cut quite deeply.

She was quite cold though and you needed the heart of a true sociopath to get her to feign any long term interest in you. Was tired of playing the game, started acting my regular self and soft nexted her for a nicer girl.

You may tire of the Game, but the Game will never tire of you. Thecunt will soon learn that lesson because her foe understands it all too well.

PS That neg is pretty good. Slut insinuation is MASS WEIGHT GAINER rationalization hamster feed to women, (like loser insinuation is to men), so it’s only effective if the insinuation is as sly and plausibly unintentional as possible.

CH Maxim #48: The best negs are both plausibly deniable and strike at the chewy moist center of a woman’s self-conception.


Missed one superb comment by Truth-hammer, which I’ll grandfather in as a COTW future winner.

As a lowly no-wealth, no name nobody in fly-over country, but a nobody who took the red-pill and has become a keen observer, I would put forth that Donald Trump has become the Pale Rider. The skypes believed that they finally had a lock on history. They thought that they had achieved their goal. Like Simon Bar Sinister they would rule the world. They had control over the entire Narrative (Hollywood, television, radio, newsprint, publishing, advertising, pop culture) and all of the institutions (banking, finance, gov’t, politics etc…) They had a presidential candidate who would be their “drawer of water and hewer of wood” and who would cater to their every whim. But then along came a big, brash, arrogant goy. One who made his bones in skype central (Manhattan) but who did so in a big, loud, brash, unapologetic manner unlike the skypes’ shadowy and under-handed manner. He made it his way. The skypes never accepted Donald Trump and probably never thought that this buffoonish reality TV star would throw his hat into the ring and dash all of their dastardly plans. It is funny how he made the skypes hundreds of millions of dollars when he had his show and now they are trying to destroy him. We now have a presidential candidate who is unashamedly American. He has shown up our half-google President Obtusema as the epitome of Affirmative Action and our supposedly watch-dog media as dog food. There is one thing the skypes got right. Donald Trump’s presidential run has been the best reality show evah. All Hail the God Emperor Trumpus Maximus! Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

This was poetry. (i swear that’s not a tear, it’s a bead of eye sweat!) The Trumpening is summoning passion and art from his flock.

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Troll or not, grg just won the coveted COTW.

We’re gonna grab the world by the pussy! We’re gonna grab China’s pussy! We’re gonna grab Mexico’s pussy! We’re gonna grab Russia’s pussy! You’re going to be so tired of pussy, you’re going to beg me. You’re going to say, “please, Mr. Trump! we can’t handle it. we’re tired of winning”. But we’re gonna keep winning, and grabbing, and the world is gonna just let us grab her by the pussy, and we’re gonna GET AMERICA LAID AGAIN

GALA 2016!

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Reader quixotic unleashes an epic call-to-memes (soon to be a call-to-arms if the Confederacy of Degenerates doesn’t relent) and earns the COTW trophy.

It’s amazing to see the switch. I remember when liberals were calling conservatives chicken little because they made it seem like the possible election of Obama would be the end of the world. I am seeing polls now that libs think Trump is gonna launch nukes/jail or kill the vibrant Googles/piss in the punch bowl. The level of pearl clutching is beyond anything I have ever seen.

Here’s what I don’t get: In my opinion, every sane adult sub-consciously knows that moderation is the key to nature and life. Balance. It has many names, Buddha called it the middle path and Emerson called it the law of compensation. There cannot be good without evil and vice versa. Nature is a pendulum that swings back and forth between the poles. If you eat too much you get fat, if you don’t eat enough you starve. The left needs the right and the right needs the left. Therefore Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump makes sense. That is the contrapuntal balance of nature in action. During this election, we are seeing people on the left fight nature like never before to deny nature. Men chop of their dicks and call themselves women. Fat people call themselves strong and attractive. (Some) White people trip over themselves to signal their goodwyte credentials by pissing on their own and giving a helping hand to ingrates who will never appreciate it.

This election represents a secret war. The Red pilled versus the blue pilled.
I feel bad for them sometimes. The same guy patting himself on the back for “respecting other cultures” and being inclusive will be crying himself to sleep in 5 years when his wife is out late again getting turnt up and posting pics of her dancing with someone vibrant. This is not fear-mongering. This is reality. Why people shoot their own self-interests in the foot to appear virtuous is beyond me. I understand that humility and giving are noble virtues. But blue pilled people don’t have any virtues, they just want to *signal* virtues. They want someone on facebook to like their post…and that’s about it.

But redpilled thinking cannot be broken. If the fucking internet went out tonight and never returned, I know the men on this site would continue on living by the same principles. They would recognize each other on the street without a word ever spoken. They would be the guy across the bar who sees what you see and knows what will happen next before a fight breaks out. And that TERRIFIES the left. Because in the end, these are just words. But they represent something greater than words. That something is in our genes, our very existence. We are programmed by nature/God to seek truth and beauty and abhor ugliness. You cannot TRICK me into agreeing that something ugly is beautiful. That something corrupt is innocent. Because that feeling in my gut will always be there to guide me.

This is the reason meme magic is real; because it cannot be faked. This is why shillary has an army of paid Correct the Record shills and she still is worried enough to post that rant about “why aren’t I winning by 50 points?!” This is why we willingly spend time for free to try and help Trump. Because Trump is just a symbol; he represents hope to us. The hope that we can imagine and create a world of beauty and truth in our minds and make it real in meat world. Trump doesn’t need shills because he has fans who believe in HOPE. Hillary has fans who hate trump. Hillary has fans who know she is corrupt, crooked, rigged the primaries, did all kind of shady shit with classified emails, has a secret illness and they STILL will vote for her out of spite for trump…not out of love for her.

We at the Chateau can see America in poolside time; most Americans are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

Blue pill = huddled in the corner crying like a banshee
Red pill = laughing about it, having a last drink/screw, playing on with the band, trying to keep the ship from sinking.

Expanding that Heartistian poolside spirit to fighting the existential war to make America great again is just the sort of co-opted psy ops that befuddles the sophistic, degenerate, schoolmarmish Left.

We ride to glory, with a smirk and a manspread.

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stevetirone takes the COTW trophy (a ball gag for your woman) with this astute comparison between the declining US auto industry of the 1970s and the declining US woman industry of the 2010s:

This is advanced fundamental market theory. The concept of the market itself is not devaluated simply because participants in the market fail to maximize their worth within it. Look at the American auto industry of the Seventies: the American Big Three auto manufacturers kept cranking out bloated, gimmick-laden, low-quality rolling monoliths because of the dynamics of industry politics and an effectively captive American auto-buying market. The Japanese came in with high-quality svelte gas-sippers, and were in place when an exogenous shock–the oil embargoes–overturned the market. Americans got yellow fever quick, because they couldn’t afford the costs of supporting road behemoths. American manufacturers were either forced out of business or forced to change their business models to survive.

Note the parallel behaviors of auto industry and modern women: being unable to compete with the Yellow Peril, they both attempted consumer shaming and governmental protection.

You don’t even have to summon a waifu to make this similarity between the old auto market and the new woman market work. Any thin White chick who doesn’t apologize for her “thin privilege” is practically demonized by today’s bloated, rolling American woman market. Consumer shaming has turned into man shaming (ugly feminists loathe male desire for a reason), and governmental protection of the old auto industry has become governmental set-asides and largesse for the new Unlovable Feminist Prerogative Industry.


COTW runner-up winner is Space Viking, making the important point that some odd sexual market behaviors can be explained by the Freudian concept of psychological projection.

the tattoos on women thing can actually be explained simply. women, like most men, are absolutely clueless about what the other sex finds attractive. just like the beta thinking that women only like pretty boys, because beauty is what he finds attractive, the woman thinks a tattoo will make her more desirable to men because shitty prison tats make her wet.

We all know that they are both wrong.

More evidence projection is at work in the sexual market:

Women thinking men value them for their smarts, humor, degrees, witty banter or, worst of all, sexual experience.

Men thinking women value them primarily for their muscular development, faithfulness, chastity, niceness or, worst of all, sensitivity.

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