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SJW Game

SJW (Social Justice Warrior) Game is described by commenter “Matthew Yglesias is a sex god”:

Jerkboy game has nothing on SJW game

1. Read Huffinton Post, Slate, ThinkProgress, and Vox religiously. Check in with the NYT on occasion for a moderate opinion.
2. Regularly post on facebook articles about the benefits of eating local and organic, heartwarming tales of minority children, and uplifting quotes about how happiness is more than just material wealth (since you yourself have a shitty job).
3. Don’t lift weights
4. Boast of your support for women’s rights
5. Impress girls with your knowledge of craft beer and artisanal cheeses
6. Continue wearing an Obama t-shirt into 2015
7. Whenever the bro who’s banged several of your attractive female friends leaves and is safely out of earshot, loudly proclaim “wow, that guy’s such a douchebag.”
8. Marry a Lena Dunham look-a-like at the age of 33
9. Rejoice that your wife doesn’t want to have kids, giving you both more time to devote your lives to helping others
10. Drunkenly hit on your apolitical friend’s attractive wife at a cocktail party. Get rebuffed.
11. Go on game websites and ridicule them for being misogynist posers who don’t actually get laid

Numbers 7 and 11 are the sharpest shivs. So many shitlibs I’ve known who guffawed about some cool jerk’s “douchebaggery” once he was out of the room. “Douchebag” has morphed into a catch-all SWPL term for a white man with noticeable muscle development, fearless social command that attracts slender women, and insufficient fealty to leftoid groupthink. It’s the Wormtongue whine of the bitter androgyne.

MYIASG’s comment arrived too late to be included in this week’s Comment of the Week (COTW) sporting event, but it will be grandfathered in as a submission for Comment of the Year.

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Alex Jone’s SuperFan prefers balls to the wall game,

Alex Jones SuperFan’s guide to EDGY GAME:

1. FLAUNT your edginess. Make sure she sees you checking out EXTREMIST NAZI FRINGE REACTIONARY websites. If she displays any problem with it, MOCK her with a LIBTARD impression & fake whimper.
2. Unapologetically throw out the occasional “nigger”, “kike”, or “dumb broad.” If she gives you shit, snicker and say in your best bitch voice, “Whatta holocaust.”
3. When you’re in public, BOLDLY speak your mind. Who’s going to have the balls to get involved?
4. Secretly buy SEXY SS costumes, give her striped pajamas as a gift, and proceed to DOMINATE her like a bull.
5. Tell her she’s your Eva Braun and must WORSHIP your fascist phallus for all of eternity.

Soon, every time she sees some stupid politically correct point thrown out on television she’ll remember how completely and utterly BADASS and NO-FUCKS-GIVEN her FASCIST MASTER is and get WET.

Edgy Game sounds a lot better in concept than it works in practice. (And yes, I’m aware SuperFan might be sarcastic. Whatever his intent, there’s a good deal of real world evidence that rule breaking can help a man attract women.) Sure, chicks dig unapologetic jerkboys. But they also dig charming silver-tongued devils who can deftly read and navigate various social situations.

Smashing social etiquette like a bull in a gina shop is as liable to turn girls away from you as to bring them closer. This is particularly true if the taboos you smash are the most sanctified of your social set. There are certain realities that even the EDGY JERK must abide, and one of those is the high risk of ostracism that would be his punishment for betraying an ignorance of his culture’s norms.

Pushing boundaries is acceptable, though. The Zen of Edgy Game is the slow boil; you infiltrate by assuming a facsimile of polite discourse, build the minimal trust that allows you admittance to the group, then slowly chip away at your protagonists’ expectations. This strategy works only when you’ve first established that you aren’t a drone who religiously toes the line. This means that you have to convey to your audience from the start that the heart of a naughty jerkboy beats within you.

As with girls and their love of male dominance, a woman’s submission is won not with a club to the head but gradually intensifying demands and shows of defiance that weaken the female presumption of her romantic entitlement and undermine her reflex to pigeonhole you as one of the mediocre masses of beta males whom she can walk over. Social subversion is a skill that deserves greater attention at Le Chateau.


Quick update. Joe Sixpack deserves the COTW runner-up award for what is in essence EDGY COMMENT GAME.

If only white men could vote

the freeways wouldn’t be clogged with illegal aliens and their meal ticket children

…your disposable income would be double, yet the cost of living would be 25% cheaper

gas would be $1.50 per gallon

…businesses would be blowing up your email and phone trying to woo you away from your current employer…

…the 5% of the populace that commit 95% of all crimes would be securely locked up

…and April 15 would be just another warm Spring day.

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Days of Broken Arrows provides a short history of Charles Manson, convicted murderer, cult leader, psychopath, and alpha male with a knack for harem building and marrying much younger women while in prison for life.


Son of a prostitute.
No father.
Awful childhood.
Barely literate.
5’2″ tall.
Spent most of his youth in detention centers.
When he was finally released as an adult, he begged to stay inside, worrying he could not handle life on the outside.
With a few years he had harems of women.
Held orgies.
Orgies were so great that Beach Boy Dennis Wilson invited them to move in.
Dennis Wilson was a major Alpha Male rock star of the ’60s.
Manson then order his women to kill.
They were so devoted that they did.
His women were not ugly losers — some were former cheerleaders.

Say what you will about the guy, but he had an innate Alpha quality. Shame it was put to such bad use. Guys who whine they can’t get women should think about his life and how he managed to not only get women to sleep with him but basically make them servants to his will. He had some serious charisma.

I’m not surprised at the wife who is a fraction of his age. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have groupies.

He was even a talented songwriter. He placed a song on a Beach Boys album and penned this, which was later covered by Guns N’ Roses.

True love.

<dr seuss>

Yes, chicks dig jerks.
Some dig them a little
some dig them a lot.
Some chicks dig them
in the parking lot.
Some dig them white
some dig them black.
And some chicks even dig them
when they go on the attack.
Yes, chicks dig jerks
this much is true.
They dig jerks more
when they’re black and blue.
Chicks dig jerks
of all sizes and hues.
They dig charmers and badboys
and prisoners too!
Some chicks dig jerks
of the jerkiest sort.
They marry crazy killers
60 years older, and short.
Nice men and kind men
need not apply.
It’s dangerous folk
who catch a chick’s eye.
So when you see a puddle
and lay down your coat
just remember the chicks
backstage at death row.
Ol’ Charlie Manson
got himself married.
While you sit at home
and whack your tally.

</dr seuss>

On a related topic, F. Roger Devlin pondered the reason for the observable preference of women for jerks, in an article titled “The Question of Female Masochism“. A CH read of the week. The take-home punch:

I would suggest that female sadism might be expected to emerge in a society where men refuse to or are prevented from displaying dominance. A society-wide failure of men to take charge of women is likely to produce a great deal of conscious or unconscious sexual frustration in women which may express itself as sadism. […]

I do not know if frustrated masochistic instincts cause sadism in women—it is just my hunch. What I do feel confident in stating is that female masochism is a critically important subject which neither feminist denial nor the sanctimonious gallantry of Christian traditionalists should dissuade us from investigating.

You only had to listen… to yer loveable Heartiste.

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Commenter PA aptly compares the mind control psy ops of the American Hivemind to invidious methods employed by 20th century Communists.

The purpose of agitprop (agitation and propaganda) was to motivate the Bolsheviks and demoralize the rest. A constant stream of such images and headlines flashing before us is designed to do just that. And demoralize it does, those who are still ‘blue pill.’ Demoralization takes various forms, from despair, to confusion, to Stockholm syndrome, to a sense of unpersonhood.

The last one is what those under the effects of PCP describe as a sense of lacking a physical body — and what Lawrence Auster (the late, great analyst of the metaphysics of leftism) described as Whites being framed as bodiless beings who lack a concrete physical identity and culture, and are only capable of good or evil as measured by their attitude toward non-whites.

Naturally, comments under that [anti-white] article are turned off. The article can be picked apart in moments by anyone here, or just search the net for “black privilege”.

America is a communist country; does anyone here have any lingering doubts? Look at a defense industry web page. Conservative stuff, eh?

A hostile elite can’t demographically displace the majority until it has first displaced the majority’s sense of identity. Sixty years on, the latter goal has been realized in the USSA. Now achievement of the original mission — race replacement of whites by non-whites without violent backlash — is just a formality.

I believe this is PA’s second COTW award. I wonder who holds the record? GBFM?


Speaking of the devilzzllzol, GBFM takes home this edition of the COTW runner-up award:


the peer review system
put both
Socrates and Jesus
to death


Sometimes direct observation is better than waiting for peer review to guide your decisions.


COTW consolation prize goes to everybodyhatesscott, for his reminder that God Himself was not averse to knocking up teen girls.

The virgin Mary was mid to early teens. If it’s good enough for God.

God didn’t search out a women’s studies grad student for supreme alpha fertilization, either.

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Anton Chigurh (watch where you point that thing) colorfully, Bukowski-ly, paints a picture of the current state of Western White Man’s self-annihilating mind.

“[re: Ebola], there is always something new out of Africa, and it’s all bad.”

The elites in the West are so terrified of seeming racist that they’re apparently willing to kill us for it.

The West is like the stupid white girl at the bar who gets invited to go off on her own by a black guy. She is terrified of looking racist in front of her friends, one of whom is a black girl from the office who she likes to impress with her liberalism.

So she goes happily with the black fella, who turns out to be a savage niqger. Later, after the niqger brutally rapes her without a condom and leaves her in an alley for dead, she thinks, well, at least now everybody knows I’m not a racist.

A day later she sits in her hospital bed, recovering from her internal and external injuries and having contracted Ebola and AIDS. She will not survive this combination compounded by her weakened, broken body.

She hoarsely tells her friends visiting her, including the sassy black girl from the office who she wants so desperately to impress, “It’s not his fault. He had a hard life. He’s experienced racism his whole life. I know in my heart he just made a mistake. White people are so racist, and we made them slaves for like 800 years, sometimes they get angry. I don’t blame him.”

That’s the mass of Western whites right now.

White ethnomasochism evil is like Ebola: Super virulent, kills with impunity, spreads easily, but burns itself out before reaching truly pandemic proportions.

At least, that’s the hope. Anyone care to place bets?

Related, here’s one of the rotating header images I shamelessly pilfered from the Kakistocracy blog.

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Speculating about what George Washington, were he alive today, would think of what his nation had become, commenter Sgt. Joe Friday over at Ethnocentrist of the Blogosphere writes,

George Washington? Hell, imagine Dwight Eisenhower surveying the scene only 53 years after he left office:

Then: Operation Wetback.
Now: Repeated amnesties for illegal Mexican border-jumpers.

Then: The Gemini project, first manned spaceflight.
Now: Paying the Russians to put our stuff into orbit.

Then: Single motherhood strongly stigmatized, low rate of illegitimacy.
Now: Single mother a sort of secular saint, high rate of illegitimacy and climbing.

Then: Blue collar manufacturing jobs plentiful and well paid.
Now: Manufacturing jobs shrinking.

Then: Homosexuality considered abnormal.
Now: “You’re a homophobe.”

Then: Immigrants expected to make an effort to assimilate, learn English.
Now: “You’re a racist and a xenophobe.”

Then: Own a small business and you’re a respected member of the community.
Now: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that! Somebody else made that happen!”

Then: Traditional gender roles the norm, most believe men and women have different, biologically hard-wired natures.
Now: Women can do anything men can do, and do it more capably.

Then: High levels of trust between unrelated strangers, low rate of crime.
Now: Declining levels of trust more common, crime rate brought down through a combination of fudging the statistics, high rates of incarceration, and the rise of a “surveillance society.”

Then: Being in need of government assistance a source of embarrassment and shame.
Now: Gimmedat.

Then: Virginity or at least a minimal number of sex partners the ideal for women. Low threshold for being considered “damaged goods.”
Now: Promiscuity is praiseworthy; the idea of “damaged goods” is antiquated and misogynistic.

You get the idea.

We all get the idea, Sgt. Joe. The ugly decadence auguring the decline and eventual destruction of America could not be clearer to those with the eyes to see.

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Comment of the Week winner is “anon”, who supplies a very apt metaphor to describe how successful, happy relationships are ultimately a pairing off of a psychologically beta, highly empathic woman with a less empathic, pack (socially) dominant alpha man.

This is like how a pet dog will check his owner’s face and look the owner in the eye every 10 seconds to see whether the owner is happy with the dog because the dog is behaving correctly, or if the owner is going to punish the dog for doing something wrong. A dog that is owned and trained properly by a male owner knows the owner is the alpha; the dog is beta. Both are happy.

In a relationship, the woman should be the beta. When the man is the beta, the woman is repulsed and confused. With a dog-owner relationship, when the owner is beta–like a single woman owner–the dog is confused and unhappy. You will notice, if you are a dog owner who walks his dog every day, that the dogs owned by single women spinsters are the ones who are nasty to other dogs; they are confused because the female owner treats them like a living furry teddy bear and never disciplines the dog properly.

I have just summarized all of CH’s teachings for you. I’m not even kidding. Read carefully and think about it.

In a dog-owner and in a woman-man relationship, the beta (submissive) will look at the alpha’s (dominant’s) face every 10 seconds and is very good at detecting whether the alpha is pleased with the beta.

I actually read a book about dogs one time and then I started noticing this. My dog looks at me every 10 seconds, looks at me in the eyes, and determines if I’m happy or upset with it. My dog never tires of working to please me.

As colorful summaries of the CH worldview go, this is as close to striking distance of core teachings as any.


COTW close runner-up is Mike, who has some insight into low SES versus high SES moral senses and ethical codes.

I’ll give my experience. I’m low SES but went to a high SES private school. Low SES people are more empathetic, and thus their interactions are different. My high SES friends cannot keep up with even normal (non confrontational) low SES interaction. They also run into issues with me because, as a lower SES person, manners and social behavior means a lot to me. The reciprocation just isn’t there with them when it should be, and when they don’t recognize protocol it comes off as disordered from my perspective.

They can be assholes, but many aren’t – as most are constrained by their SWPL ethics rather than any innate empathy. However, in some cases, their lack of empathy leads to a specific type of anti-social behavior that is a definite precursor to dysfunctional social behavior if not criminality.

Absent sociopathy, which is what Heartiste conflated with ‘normal prole criminal behavior’, the typical normal IQ (100) prole personality is less criminal prone than higher SES personalities. This is due to empathy. What makes up for that, in the statistics, are higher levels of low IQ individuals (<100), abuse or attachment disorders that screws personalities, and more culturally accepted violence as a means of resolving disputes amongst males. In black communities, that violence is amplified to much higher levels because it’s instinctual rather than cultural (empathy is shockingly low amongst blacks in general); hence the disparity in violence between prole white and prole black neighborhoods.

In other words, proles are nicer and more reliable friends but more unpredictable for dysfunctional behavior in groups. Higher SES individuals are more uniform in behavior but also in their lack of reliability and trustworthiness as friends and in business.

Here’s something funny that I’ve noticed: when higher SES individuals begin to engage in business in competitive environments, they find that those environments simulate lower SES threatening environments and thus they all of a sudden put more emphasis on loyalty and other prole social norms that depend on empathy for execution. There’s nothing more valuable to a high SES executive than the loyalty of his few truly prole underlings.

That last paragraph is astute. It gibes with my experience as well; when the heat comes around the corner, successful alpha businessmen who normally luxuriate in their social rank will quickly assume the attitude and slogans of “lower” ranking prole men, and emphasize as mike said, loyalty and teamwork (aka ingroup cohesion). It’s a microcosm for what could soon be happening at the national level, once lifestyle indicators really start to go south.

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