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Tucked in a great thread discussing the banality of White SWPL virtue signaling is this comment from Ricin Beans,

I said in the shoutbox earlier that contemporary society encourages snark about things that should be considered sacred, and sentimentality about things that call for hard headed realism.

It’s all part of the leftoid SWPL’s escape from any reality that would challenge their concocted religion: Equalism, and its core tenets Race and Sex Creationism. In practice, it means a complete turning of their backs on their ancestors and their heritage, and a betrayal of their descendants (what few they leave).

The good news, if there is to be any, is that the SWPL Equalism religion, founded on a falsifiable view of their relationship with the material world rather than on a transcendent view of one’s relationship with the supernatural world, won’t last very long. Factual counter-evidence too conspicuous to ignore or sarcastically dismiss will inevitably, after an initial frenetic burst of indignant piety upon confrontation, hollow out the emotional bond liberals have to their equalism religion and many will drift from the flock, harmlessly neutering themselves and the social damage they’re capable of inflicting.

For the others, those too committed to their virtue signaling and delusions about humanity to ever lapse from their pattern repudiation faith, the stone cold material world they uphold as their malleable Heaven will crush their hopes, over and over, until the will to life abandons them. Something we see already happening in the cratering birth rates of the most zealous Equalism followers.

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Commenting on a despicable article of jet-fueled anti-Gentilic chutzpah, BenKenobi writes,

They wanted evil White men. They shall have them.

Do not lament that we have come.

We are the culmination of the entire progressive philosophy.

We are the synthesis.

“You don’t have to believe in backlash, Clarice. It’s self-evident.”

Diversity Heretic adds,

Well and succinctly said, sir! That article absolutely drips with contempt for the white lumpen proletariat. I think the Bourbons had more respect for the peasants in 1789 and the Czar had more genuine concern for Russians in 1917 than our present elite have for us.

It’s a truism that a people who are always having to ask “why do they hate us?” are carried to this contemplation on a windstorm of their own hatred.

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From LegendoftheGalacticHeroes, a reminder that the Goodness of White civilization is multifaceted, and its bounty not always captured with arid econometrics.

eventually one realizes that everything good and beautiful in this world is a product of white cooperation and love, and that anything other than that is savagery and corruption, and non-whites can never understand why they fail, because they don’t have the je ne sais quois, or white man’s magic that it takes for simple s**t like a public park or a good book or helping a stranger find their way or not raping a 9yr old to cure your hiv

It’s funny because it shivs. What’s not funny: president Gay Mulatto having Omar Mateen’s father at the White House, or importing one million Muslims in his last year in office. Open borders to the third world = say goodbye to that fragile, tenuous magic that makes White homelands so livable.

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PA (his blog here) delivers a swift uppercut to the triple chin of America’s gender blender equalists.

The difference between man and woman: the lion fights to the death for his cubs. The lioness goes into heat when an interloper kills her cubs.

The analogy that PA draws explains why women are more amenable than men to voting for politicians who will open the borders to mass quantities of alien races. It’s just a simple fact of sex differences that women come pre-installed with a submission algorithm that executes with a supine ferocity at the exact moment a stronger, more self-confident tribe of men overruns their own men wracked with doubt and enfeeblement.

Islam (president Gay Mulatto’s preferred religion of affinity) is the ultraviolent tribe currently laying waste to the West’s shibboleths, if not the West’s lands, but give it time…if enough shibboleths fall, the spiritually impoverished people of the West will cede their lands with barely a fight (and more likely than not with an excuse for why ceding territory is a moral imperative). And if the estrogenized transom is any indication, too many women are rushing to defend Muslim interlopers from whitemalepatriarchychristianbigotsgunlovingredneckbiblebeltthumpers. Western women are figuratively, and in some cases literally, going into heat for the marauding morlocks.

Does this mean women are innately treacherous? As a political question, maybe. But I would say as a judgment on their character, no, women are who they are: by nature maximizers of their reproductive fitness, and that means to save their valuable eggs they’ll submit to the men with the most passion for conquest. They know not what they do, iow, except how to survive in a world only superficially moved beyond its primal energies.

The answer to the Woman Question, as PA alludes, is for the men of the West to deny the interloper lions access to their lionesses. Accomplish that, and their women won’t feel compulsions to shift allegiance.

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Some Mexicanamerican judge is set to rule against Trump in a lawsuit concerning Trump U. Trump went to the samizdat airwaves to claim, rightly, that the judge’s Mexican heritage means there’s a really good chance the judge could not be impartial in his ruling.

Commenter Rum cogently explains the essential truth of Trump’s charge against the judge, and how that truth is becoming truer in our polyglot, Babelling post-nation. For this brilliant insight, Rum walks off with the coveted Chateau COTW.

DTs recent comment about the judge overseeing one of the lawsuits he is dealing with struck me at first as being off-key.
He repeatedly called the guy a “Mexican” although he was born in the US and is, of course, a citizen.
And there is the fact that challenging the fitness of a judge on the basis of heritage or personal politics has long been considered out of bounds.
Then it occurred to me. Yes, that would be out of bounds in a coherent nation state. But what if we now live in an emerging multi ethnic empire? That is a very different thing.
I think that DT is throwing down another gauntlet. He is saying, in effect, “Reverse the move toward being a multi-ethnic empire or we (his supporters) will start acting on the premise that the USA actually is one.” That is, “white” people will begin to manifest concern for their explicit self interest just like any other group.
In other words, the meaning of “we” changes when an historic nation state turns into something else.
He is calling their (the elites) bluff.


Trump is playing the long game, and the elite don’t know how to respond except with recourse to their tired, worn-out quiver of empty smears: racist, sexist, pro-white-ist. All it took was one man with brass balls to, as Rum wrote, throw down the gauntlet and shove the consequences of a multi-muddy third worldifying America into the faces of the effete white libfags who claim to admire their grotesque creation. Let them choke on it.

As for the details of the Trump U case, a judge having nonWhite genetic lineage isn’t necessarily disqualifying from ruling on cases in which the defendant has expressed tacit pro-White America feelings, but it is surely a leading indicator that the judge will rule in a biased manner, consistent with the natural, emotional tribalistic baggage he autonomically brings to the court.

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Take a bow, everybodyhatesscott, for your magnificent evisceration of our resident she-male, The Spirit Within. You have won our first combo COTW+SOTW.

TSW: Anybody notice that Drumpf’s anti-immigration platform conveniently overlooks the fact that his grandfather (Germany), mother (Scotland), first wife (Czechoslovakia), and third wife (Slovenia)–

–are all immigrants?


Melanie slipped into this country on an H1-B visa, which is intended for highly skilled workers. She’s a model.

What a fucking hypocrite.

Hey dumbass. You have a duty to your fellow countrymen and not more immigrants cause grandad was an immigrant. Jesus you’re a dumb fuck faggot. This is why Voxday doesn’t trust immigrants and he’s 100% right. “I was an immigrant so we should let in more immigrants” If you went to dinner that a friend invited you to and brought 8 other friends cause “I was invited it’s only right I invite everyone” You’d be ridiculed as the piece of shit that you are.

Let’s take a moment of silence here to marvel at The She-Male Within’s viscera glistening on the serrated edge of that mighty shiv.

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Steve Sailer wrote about pit bulls, (at 6.7% of the US dog population, the breed accounts for half of all dog-related human fatalities). Over there, commenter Oldeguy frest about “breedism” against pit bulls.

America will continue have this tragic carnage until:

1) it finally owns up to its centuries long oppression and degradation of pit bulls.

2) Abolishes every disgraceful form of institutional Breedism ( e. g. denial of or higher rates for Homeowners Insurance for Pit Bull households ) that blights this nation founded on equality for all.

3) Require that Labradors be required to attend Labrador Privilege Awareness training sessions.

4) Finally have sufficient decency to address the national disgrace of Pit Bull over-incarceration in the nation’s Dog pounds!

5) And have sufficient honesty and humility to admit that The War On Bites was Breedist motivated and has been a spectacular failure.

Pit bulls have long been vice signaling accessories for low class thugs and assorted worthless scum who use the dogs as projections of menace (guns on a leash). But lately, as I have noted here, pit bulls have been adopted by SWPLs in a lame attempt to virtue signal their disavowal of the idea of genetic dog breeds (races) having inherent personality profiles, and to brag about their ability to rescue a nasty dog breed from of a life of maulings by teaching it the values of middle class labradors.

I love talking about purebreed dogs with SWPLs, because it doesn’t take long into that kind of conversation for me to slip the realtalk shiv in their plump ids. Shitlibs are eternally fascinated and horrified by genes and inheritance of all sorts of physical and psychological traits, and dog breeds serve as a “safe” outlet for them to talk about heredity without constantly double- and triple-checking themselves for dangerous thoughtcrime. But I don’t let them enjoy that safe space for long before I pass an oh-so-innocent remark about “how interesting it is that personality types like aggression can be bred into subspecies.”

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