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COTW winner is “anonymous”, revealing why it’s important that an alt-right leader of men also be a leader of ladies. (Trump being the most obvious exemplar.)

as a mid twentys young man who could be considered a lower alpha sigma-ish type, iv had great success converting many friends to Alt right thinking just by being that sorta cool guy who goes against the grain of the mainstream thinking whilst being a known ‘player’

men are always looking to emulate other men who get lots of girls. if you are one of these men, they will listen to what you have to say and will emulate your edginess. one thing that all of us at CH are doing is learning to become this pussy magnet unpolitically correct shitlord that will natural attract men (and womens of course) interest.

Bolded for impact. This is a powerful observation that often eludes the more naive pundits of the tradcon- and alt-right. So much anger on the Right is wasted attacking “manosphere misogynists” when they could redirect that rage to deserving targets if they only understood this basic biomechanical truth about the sexes:

Men respect a man whom women desire.

A loser with women will not attract much of a following – not for long, anyhow – because he fails at the most fundamental indicator of male success. And what self-respecting man would follow an existential failure into battle?

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The Freelance COTW winner is “Anon” (of course) from S. Sailer, ridiculing the “nation of immigrants” platitude and describing the emerging entity I like to call the “Globo-Homo Elite”:

The problem.

If the premise is ‘America is a nation of immigrants’, then America is no longer America unless it keeps taking in more immigrants. And it means immigrants are ‘more American’ than those with deep roots here. So, native-born Americans must reverse-assimilate to the world filled with potential immigrants.

It’s like if man is defined as a consumer, he must keep buying (even stuff he doesn’t need or can’t afford) to be a man. US, as currently defined, must keep consuming immigrants.

The elites prefer immigrants cuz the immigrants have no roots, claim, and memory in America that boost goy nationalism. Instead, the immigrants are merely grateful to the sector of America
(the globo-elites) that facilitated their easy entry.

Also, the immigrants’ children, being raised on PC, are useful as agents who spread America-style ‘culture and values’ back to their home countries. A kind of neo-imperialism.

Look at Mexico. Its ‘values’ are becoming more globo-Americanized with stuff like ‘gay marriage’ in urban areas.

In a way, the ‘anti-American’ and pro-minority aspects of PC fool the children of immigrants into believing that the New American culture and ‘values’ are on their side and empowers them against ‘racist’ whites. After all, ‘leftist’ Obama is president, a development that suddenly made so many nations pro-American even though Obama is merely a servant of Jewish-homo oligarchs who seek to weaken the national sovereignty of every nation but Israel.

In truth, PC is really designed to aid globo-minoritarian-elitism in every nation but Israel.
What does American-style PC do in Russia, Iran, Mexico, Vietnam, etc?

It promotes homos allied with the globo-US empire.

America is a nation of colonists, to which immigrants were later added, often at great social and fiscal costs. And never more costly than now, when the bulk of the immigrants are as far from the White European gene/culture norms as is possible.


There were more freelance comments around the alt-web worth showcasing. This one by Curle (at LOTB’s) is pretty funny. He recaps president Butt Naked’s recent State of the Banana Republic address.

Here’s a recap: blah, blah, blah

Diversity is our strength . . . blah, blah, blah

Did I mention that diversity is our strength? . . . blah, blah, blah

You know, few people remember that diversity got us to the moon . . . blah, blah, blah

We could go to the moon again if we were only more diverse . . . blah, blah, blah

If we become really, really, really diverse we might even make it to Mars . . . blah, blah, blah

Some people [dog whistle Donald Trump] don’t value diversity enough which you know, is our strength . . .

blah, blah, blah

INNER VOICE: Boy, the lighting in this place makes Michelle look pretty weird, especially when she’s clapping overly hard and has that frantic look on her face . . . blah, blah, blah

Some day I won’t be President . . . [INNER VOICE: Nooooooooo!!!!!]

“Diversity is our strength” is the Prime Lie of our age. Which should make it ripe for incessant, unrelenting, merciless mockery, if our comedians had any balls and weren’t just shills for the shitlib Narrative.


The Anti-Gnostic makes an astute observation about the ruling class putsch to overthrow America’s native White stock and turn the country into a soulless market bazaar.

In the space for “about me,” she wrote, “I [live] in the usa,

USA as flophouse/shopping mall. Ask a native white or black American in my home state where they live and they tell you, “Atlanta,” or “Dahlonega” or “Brunswick.” Americans are apt to express regional pride: the South, the Appalachians, out West.

But to immigrants it’s all one undifferentiated, AMERICA!, and they gravitate to wherever their patronage networks are or the green card-spouse, etc. and drift around from there. Never really settling in, adopting a consumerist, shallow, secular lifestyle. The perfect citizens for an all-grasping federal government and its mega-corp sponsors.

The math is quite simple. The more Diversity in America, the less America in the Diversity. But math class is hard, for Dems and GOPe alike.


Finally, a Very Special FCOTW goes to SOBL1 (you can follow his Twatter feed @SOBL1) for one of the pithiest and truest descriptions of the current US political parties.

The Blank Slate Left = The Boot Straps Right

The ignorance on the cucked Right about race and genes nearly equals that found on the Left. Race Creationism schmaltz top to bottom.

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I like this comment from Ponce du Lion. It has a poetic cadence.

The hajnal line has fallen. Our civilization is end.
In the future when all the envy against us will be forgotten maybe some whites, if our kin last, will start to tell their sons the history just like our fathers used to do with Romans and Greeks.
The history of how Hernan Cortes took an empire of millions with 500 men and 16 canons (less than the crew of any XVII warship).
The history of how Newton looked at the Kepler’s Laws and saw the physical truth.
The history of how Englishmen shipped themselves through the world and created the wider empire of all time.
The history of men who ruled the power of the nature to create the hellfire what is a nuke, and to reach the stars.
And the history of how some of these men betrayed their blood… and how they sold their nations and children to satisfy all sorts of feminine desires of kin cuck and gender equality.
I’m really sad about what we have lost.

We haven’t lost it all… yet. We will have, soon, if we don’t act now.

Ponce deserves a special mid-week COTW. He is awarded.

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COTW winner (repeat winner?) shartiste succinctly illuminates the battle tactics of the female id versus the male id.

Hillary vs. Trump is gonna be a great source for CH. Its unrestrained man vs unrestrained woman.

The unrestrained man builds monuments to himself, fucks hot chicks, and speaks his mind.
The unrestrained woman manipulates, lies, and social climbs her way to as much privilege as possible.

Give or take a little overlap (as with all things in the panoply of sex-based psychological traits), this is basically spot on. This election is shaping up to be a Battle Royale along a number of fronts: High/Low vs Middle, Elite vs Prole, Insane vs Sane, r-selected vs K-selected, Third World Swarms vs White Native Stock, and the “unrestrained man” vs the “unrestrained woman”. A confluence of so many societal and political fault lines like what is Happening now comes rarely; 2016 could be the Year of the Ids.


COTW runner-up is The Question, offering a psychological diagnosis of the Left,

Theory of mine: The Left’s relationship with white men is akin to a borderline personality disorder girlfriend and her boyfriend, properly summarized in the “I hate you!/Don’t leave me!” slogan. They hate us, but they don’t want us to go anywhere. They want us to stay and do what we’re told because they need us or think they need us but they also hate us for that very reason.

On one hand, the Left insists we “need to be stopped!” We’re racists, we’re oppressive, we’re bigoted. We’re full of prejudice. We’re dangerous with all our guns.

i.e. I hate you!

On the other hand, they decry “white flight” when we move away from the city and into suburbia or out of leftist states. So they implement affordable housing requirements for residential buildings and Section 8 housing in apartment complexes or zoning and growth management policies to ensure people can’t choose who to associate with. Or they just scream racism and try to shame people into wanting to move away.

Also, anything that is predominantly white male, whatever it is, has to be “diversified.”

i.e. Don’t leave me!

You realize how ridiculous this sounds when you compare it to nativists or anti-illegal immigration types. Whatever one might think about them, they actually believe what they say when they complain about illegal immigration being a problem, so if illegal immigrants left their communities they wouldn’t scream about “(fill in the blank color) flight” or accuse them of racism for trying to leave.

Again, it has to be some form of BSD inherent in the political ideology. That’s the best explanation I’ve been able to come up with for their contradictory attitudes.

The Left is filled to brimming with effeminate men and masculine women. The Degenerate Freak Party caters to the needs of these Darwinian lab mistakes. That so many leftoids possess characteristics similar to skankpot drama whores with daddy issues is not a surprise; give them an inch (act beta) and they take a mile, but refuse to get caught up in the whirlwind of their childish emoting (act alpha) and they back the fuck down and assume their welcome submission to their betters.

In other words, America is crying out as loudly as she can for the irresistible ministration of a charismatic jerkboy.


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The Other Anonymous is our beeg COTW wiener with a thought experiment that illuminates the purpose of female shit tests, and how men should resp0nd to them.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation but your eyes are drawn to her barely contained cleavage.
She catches you checking out the goods – Then:
a) She smiles knowingly – and doesn’t shy away
b) She says “Take a picture – it’ll last longer!”
c) She quickly throws on a full length burka

Shit tests are not bitchiness. They are a female prerogative to affirm your replication value. She’s kicking your tires – probing you – squeezing your melons. Checking out your tits.

Nicely put. Shit tests are the female version of male ogling.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation and she starts shit testing you. But, you know what’s what – She’s checking out the goods – So you:
a) Smile knowingly – and don’t shy away
b) Say “How rude! I like sweet girls who don’t shit test”
c) Quickly raise the topic of improving the climate for men by discouraging bitchiness.

The correct answer is always the one that increases sexual tension.

Always. Be. Escalating. (This is probably a good time to remind the more sperg-ish readers that powerpointing crimson pill knowledge and manosphere themes for a girl isn’t the quickest route to the bedroom.)


Otsaku Duojinshi takes the COTW runner-up prize (a set of steak knives).

One advantage of the burqa is that you don’t have to update your girlfriend’s photo at the office when you break up.

Burqas are the butterface’s best friend. But fatties will find no comfort under the burqa. You can hide a dog face, but not a hog waist. Men may as well have x-ray vision, as we can easily see through the heavy cotton of a burqa to the jabba jihadette underneath.

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COTW winner is Elmer Jack, with a trilogy of comments that earned a place logged into the CH guest book.

Feminism is about women who are low on the mating desirability scale ruining the chances for attractive young women to have fulfillment, which they say is to be found in the sterile carpeting, crappy chairs, exhausting commutes, and pre-landfill cubicle partitions that define the totalitarian architecture of Encorpera. Of course feminists don’t know what they are talking about since few actually slog through a career outside of academia. For no feminist offers young women the sensible advice to get an education they can use later in life, find a husband early, bear children, and enter the workforce after their children have grown. Now more than ever with the advent of the internet and online education do people have the opportunities to acquire marketable skills and seek work. You can always get a job and you can start a business or career after the age of 40.


Peter Drucker, in his famous essay Managing Oneself, advised strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses, only by improving your strengths. In broader socio-economic terms, feminism has pressured women to build on their weaknesses (ability to compete against men) and discouraged them from capitalizing on their strengths (youth and fertility). Young women have taken up this mantra to the extreme as their innate herd behavior has driven millions of them dominate universities and commit to a life of cubicle drudgery over hearth and home. They would rather have a crappy job with vicious co-workers that provides them money to spend on frivolities than a humble home domain where they rule and experience the joy of children. It is unfortunate that so many of our most intelligent and well-bred women are buying into this lie only to discover just 10 years after starting that they have missed the boat on marriage and childbearing opportunities. Adding to this cruel feminist hoax inflicted on impressionable women, some companies make a spectacle of offering to freeze their female worker’s eggs so they can devote their youth to the corporation and attempt childbirth long after the ideal window for this has passed. This is not to imply that women should not be educated; a woman should have an education as a financial backup and to use after child-rearing.


So we have weakened society as a whole by building on women’s weaknesses in attempts to make them the equal of men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths. And while this charade is going on, men are encouraged to adopt feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy. The impact on our society appears in plummeting marriage rates, childless women, fatherless children, inflated home prices, and exploding credit card debt. To cope with the pressures of competing against men as well as their own female competitors, an astonishing 25% of working women are on anti-depressants. While companies make a big deal out of their zero-tolerance drug policies, their female workforce is higher than a kite on prescription medications.

For whatever impact feminization is having on women themselves, it means something else : you have a huge demographic of talented competitors who control the hiring process, are being given advantages over you for job assignments, against whom you cannot fight as you would any other man, and who ultimately promote our downward economic spiral by occupying non-productive tasks while avoiding the risk-taking that is required to stimulate job creation.

And if that’s not bad enough, many male hiring managers and CEOs are eager to place women simply because the women are attractive or they themselves have daughters. These men, usually married, seek to increase their odds for workplace romances either real or imagined as an escape hatch to their marital drudgery and suffocating corporate confines.

So much goodness packed into Elmer’s Jacked COTW. Recall the two demonic motivations of feminists:

  • To teach women to be second-rate men rather than first-rate women.
  • To remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

These two motivations are driven by ugliness, of both the outer and inner kinds.


Reader Chad earns a COTW second place showing.

Feminism like most leftist schemes does not aim at a goal; they are far too short-sighted to contemplate the consequences of their policies.

Feminism is analogous to any other leftist political scheme; they want to reap what they do not sow. Feminism attempts to allow a woman to enjoy all the trappings of being a woman while forcing the burdens associated with being a woman onto the general population. Essentially, feminists want absolute freedom of action while simultaneously being protected from any negative consequences of those actions.

It’s not hard to contemplate that any population that can fully insulate itself from reality will engage in activities that are naïve if not outright destructive. The resulting mentality of which is solipsism. A feminist woman could only assess a man as a means of fulfilling the female imperative.

Of course the left can only be a decent ally to this up to a point. Since leftism has devolved to the point where sex and gender are now subjective, the gains of feminism stand to be forfeited along with any notion of sexual identity.

It’s funny to think that in our bright new Fluidly Freaky Tranny Androgynous Slop culture the aspirations of feminism could be undermined by the very fruits of their gender-bending achievements. But it probably won’t go that way. If equalist leftoids have proven one thing about their ilk, it’s that they’re very good at changing the terms of debate when a logic trap looms.

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COTW winner is tsparks156, cutting to the quick with his trenchant observation about one of the primary characteristics that distinguishes assholes from niceguys.

In my time I have seen many unfortunate nice guys that are lonely. I’m trying to remember if I have ever met a lonely asshole.

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful country music tune.


COTW runner-up is shartiste, springboarding off the Ahmud hoax bomb story that has so animated shitlibs and President Butt Naked, to outline a general theory of cultural decline resulting from the equalist project of raising the Defective/Normal Ratio of society:

The scope and brazenness of this hoax speaks to how out of touch elites are with the common man. Yet it also gives hope. All the conspiracy theories about how these smart rich people masterfully control everything fail on one point: elites don’t truly understand what makes people tick, so they can never fully win hearts and minds of the masses. They will always have their defective cheerleaders: the fat and slutty, the eunuchs and gammas. But normal, typical people will see through these gambits. That is why the keystone strategy of liberals is to raise the defective/normal ratio in a society and win with the one-two defectives/democracy combo punch.

They do this most obviously by simply importing defectives and more gradually with conversion, by turning otherwise normal people into defectives by making women slutty workaholics, men weak cucks. Media has been doing this but its been a slow grind since the 60s and many are resistant because their biomechanics are averse to it.

This is why we have hope, albeit temporary. When normals have an option, they will always be won over by leaders that intuitively understand them. These leaders will have an advantage because they work with people’s sensibilities and people need far less Machiavellian persuasion this way. Messages become simple: Build Wall. No Rapists. Better Deals. Let’s Win. Obvious truths negate decades of carefully insidious progressive demoralization of the masses. Those in control take great care to make sure these leaders never break in to the arena, because once they do they are not the heel, they are the hero. The barriers to entry are high.

Trump is the first to make it. He may not be the last. But he may also be the last chance. When the defective/normal ratio tips too high, coupled with universal suffrage, the state is doomed. If Trump gets cockblocked it will be an interesting century for America or whatever is left of it.

May we live in Trumpening times.


A two-fer for shartiste.

A nascent HBDer that thinks he’s clever might suggest that the univeralist blank-slatism of white liberals is a culture that mirrors their genes. I’d argue that it is not, but rather a tendency toward status-whoring. Those who can’t achieve status through more traditional means lean on liberal politics to signal intelligence and status, buttressed by media and Hollywood liberal signalling. This blank-slate diversitard stuff isn’t in anyone’s genes, if it was then rich liberals wouldn’t live in 95% white enclaves.

HBDers would argue that the genes are the causal agent that germinates the expression of status whoring and whatever is the contemporary outlet for socially signaling one’s moral superiority. So one could say both the HBDer and shartiste’s views are simultaneously operative. I do think shartiste’s point about the numerical growth of shitlib defectives meaning that there will be more empty status signaling by SJWs who couldn’t accrue real status is spot on.


Let’s make it a three-fer for shartiste!

lots of times when a guy “suddenly lost interest” its because he got the notch. women often omit this detail from their “I got ghosted” stories, they don’t want to believe putting out can vacuum the attraction out of a guy that quickly, especially when it had the opposite effect on them, but the novel new nookie brings a clarity that had been clouded to the man in pursuit.

Men fall asleep after sex. Women want to talk, cuddle, and get reassurances that their love is reciprocated after sex. That right there should be enough to clue even the stupidest gender bender feminist that men and women are fundamentally different in their psychologies.

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