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PA (his blog here) delivers a swift uppercut to the triple chin of America’s gender blender equalists.

The difference between man and woman: the lion fights to the death for his cubs. The lioness goes into heat when an interloper kills her cubs.

The analogy that PA draws explains why women are more amenable than men to voting for politicians who will open the borders to mass quantities of alien races. It’s just a simple fact of sex differences that women come pre-installed with a submission algorithm that executes with a supine ferocity at the exact moment a stronger, more self-confident tribe of men overruns their own men wracked with doubt and enfeeblement.

Islam (president Gay Mulatto’s preferred religion of affinity) is the ultraviolent tribe currently laying waste to the West’s shibboleths, if not the West’s lands, but give it time…if enough shibboleths fall, the spiritually impoverished people of the West will cede their lands with barely a fight (and more likely than not with an excuse for why ceding territory is a moral imperative). And if the estrogenized transom is any indication, too many women are rushing to defend Muslim interlopers from whitemalepatriarchychristianbigotsgunlovingredneckbiblebeltthumpers. Western women are figuratively, and in some cases literally, going into heat for the marauding morlocks.

Does this mean women are innately treacherous? As a political question, maybe. But I would say as a judgment on their character, no, women are who they are: by nature maximizers of their reproductive fitness, and that means to save their valuable eggs they’ll submit to the men with the most passion for conquest. They know not what they do, iow, except how to survive in a world only superficially moved beyond its primal energies.

The answer to the Woman Question, as PA alludes, is for the men of the West to deny the interloper lions access to their lionesses. Accomplish that, and their women won’t feel compulsions to shift allegiance.

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Some Mexicanamerican judge is set to rule against Trump in a lawsuit concerning Trump U. Trump went to the samizdat airwaves to claim, rightly, that the judge’s Mexican heritage means there’s a really good chance the judge could not be impartial in his ruling.

Commenter Rum cogently explains the essential truth of Trump’s charge against the judge, and how that truth is becoming truer in our polyglot, Babelling post-nation. For this brilliant insight, Rum walks off with the coveted Chateau COTW.

DTs recent comment about the judge overseeing one of the lawsuits he is dealing with struck me at first as being off-key.
He repeatedly called the guy a “Mexican” although he was born in the US and is, of course, a citizen.
And there is the fact that challenging the fitness of a judge on the basis of heritage or personal politics has long been considered out of bounds.
Then it occurred to me. Yes, that would be out of bounds in a coherent nation state. But what if we now live in an emerging multi ethnic empire? That is a very different thing.
I think that DT is throwing down another gauntlet. He is saying, in effect, “Reverse the move toward being a multi-ethnic empire or we (his supporters) will start acting on the premise that the USA actually is one.” That is, “white” people will begin to manifest concern for their explicit self interest just like any other group.
In other words, the meaning of “we” changes when an historic nation state turns into something else.
He is calling their (the elites) bluff.


Trump is playing the long game, and the elite don’t know how to respond except with recourse to their tired, worn-out quiver of empty smears: racist, sexist, pro-white-ist. All it took was one man with brass balls to, as Rum wrote, throw down the gauntlet and shove the consequences of a multi-muddy third worldifying America into the faces of the effete white libfags who claim to admire their grotesque creation. Let them choke on it.

As for the details of the Trump U case, a judge having nonWhite genetic lineage isn’t necessarily disqualifying from ruling on cases in which the defendant has expressed tacit pro-White America feelings, but it is surely a leading indicator that the judge will rule in a biased manner, consistent with the natural, emotional tribalistic baggage he autonomically brings to the court.

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Take a bow, everybodyhatesscott, for your magnificent evisceration of our resident she-male, The Spirit Within. You have won our first combo COTW+SOTW.

TSW: Anybody notice that Drumpf’s anti-immigration platform conveniently overlooks the fact that his grandfather (Germany), mother (Scotland), first wife (Czechoslovakia), and third wife (Slovenia)–

–are all immigrants?


Melanie slipped into this country on an H1-B visa, which is intended for highly skilled workers. She’s a model.

What a fucking hypocrite.

Hey dumbass. You have a duty to your fellow countrymen and not more immigrants cause grandad was an immigrant. Jesus you’re a dumb fuck faggot. This is why Voxday doesn’t trust immigrants and he’s 100% right. “I was an immigrant so we should let in more immigrants” If you went to dinner that a friend invited you to and brought 8 other friends cause “I was invited it’s only right I invite everyone” You’d be ridiculed as the piece of shit that you are.

Let’s take a moment of silence here to marvel at The She-Male Within’s viscera glistening on the serrated edge of that mighty shiv.

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Steve Sailer wrote about pit bulls, (at 6.7% of the US dog population, the breed accounts for half of all dog-related human fatalities). Over there, commenter Oldeguy frest about “breedism” against pit bulls.

America will continue have this tragic carnage until:

1) it finally owns up to its centuries long oppression and degradation of pit bulls.

2) Abolishes every disgraceful form of institutional Breedism ( e. g. denial of or higher rates for Homeowners Insurance for Pit Bull households ) that blights this nation founded on equality for all.

3) Require that Labradors be required to attend Labrador Privilege Awareness training sessions.

4) Finally have sufficient decency to address the national disgrace of Pit Bull over-incarceration in the nation’s Dog pounds!

5) And have sufficient honesty and humility to admit that The War On Bites was Breedist motivated and has been a spectacular failure.

Pit bulls have long been vice signaling accessories for low class thugs and assorted worthless scum who use the dogs as projections of menace (guns on a leash). But lately, as I have noted here, pit bulls have been adopted by SWPLs in a lame attempt to virtue signal their disavowal of the idea of genetic dog breeds (races) having inherent personality profiles, and to brag about their ability to rescue a nasty dog breed from of a life of maulings by teaching it the values of middle class labradors.

I love talking about purebreed dogs with SWPLs, because it doesn’t take long into that kind of conversation for me to slip the realtalk shiv in their plump ids. Shitlibs are eternally fascinated and horrified by genes and inheritance of all sorts of physical and psychological traits, and dog breeds serve as a “safe” outlet for them to talk about heredity without constantly double- and triple-checking themselves for dangerous thoughtcrime. But I don’t let them enjoy that safe space for long before I pass an oh-so-innocent remark about “how interesting it is that personality types like aggression can be bred into subspecies.”

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Blazing into the COTW winner’s box is Corvo, explaining his “Full-Spectrum Pill” philosophy.

StAugustine said: “I hate to say it, but I lament somewhat how this blog has changed its focus from bringing game-awareness to the unenlightened to the bringing race-awareness to the unenlightened.”

That was a good example of the simple type of Game test I would have failed before I took the red pill. I have seen enough to know that my woman is a good one, but even a gentle shit test from a sweet girl needs to be properly handled. Well done.

I think, however, that CH is on the cutting edge in terms of making the connection between race-awareness and Game.

The culture has become increasingly negrofied, and, whether by nature, nurture, or CultMarx propaganda (seemingly a perfect storm of all three) so many young White men and boys are just unprepared for the reality of the mating game in the current year. Without race-awareness, far too many will either end up as wiggers–second-class, embarrassing, pale shadows aping the worst humans on the planet–or schlubby beta borderline incels. It’s not surprising, really, when you’re force fed a diet of CultMarx propaganda that tells White boys they have no culture or history to be proud of (in fact if anything they should feel guilty) and that they should just have some more potato chips and join in the magic negro worship.

Lifting, learning how to fight (or brushing up on what you used to know as a boy), using your brain to earn and be successful, learning how to shoot and generally take care of yourself and yours, and last but not least learning to reject the anti-White race-propaganda that’s flooding out society is, in my humble opinion, key to locking down a good White woman, having a successful and happy life, and ultimately setting yourself up, as CO would say, to put some of White buns in that oven and enjoy fatherhood and watching your little shitlords grow.

I was out in northeast Pennsylvania for a few days with the wife and kids at this big indoor water park / lodge place in the mountains. Demographically it wasn’t quite what I grew up with, but it was still 80% White. There were far too many soft White men lumbering around under too much fat; even worse was seeing young White boys already overweight at age 10. I’d estimate that a majority of the boys were fit and could grow into little shitlords given the right guidance. Most of the girls were fit, although most of the mothers were not (most outweighed my petite woman, who’s 7 months pregnant).

I’m no looker; 5’10” and about a buck-fifty; bald (been rocking the skinhead since college) and in my early 40s. I threw up a flag – put the TRUMP t-shirt on and walked around like I owned the fucking place. I over two days I had 4 cute girls, none older than 21, come up to tell me they liked my shirt (for the record, I got one positive comment from another father, and one smart-ass remark from a 65+ cat lady hag working at the on-site Starbucks – I told the cunt to make my coffee great).

😂 Nice one!

Yeah I gave the cute girls some friendly banter and invoked a little very mild dread game with my wife, but this is the point: there are still good (as good as they come anyway) White girls out there just waiting to be taken and lead. The quality ones are the ones with latent race-realism in their naughty little hearts. And any real man is going to want a brood of little shitlords one day.

I doubt any one of those girls would have approached me back in my go-along-and-get-along-beta-gentleman days.

Wherever they go, nogs and third-world ingrates showboat and walk around like they own the place. When the truth is they and their culture have built nothing, accomplished nothing, and know nothing; they are shallow, ignorant, and ultimately dependent on White men. I don’t walk around hating anything that doesn’t deserve hatred, but you need race-realism to put things into perspective so that you can go out there and pull the quality girls.

Sure, basic Game will get you plenty of warm holes to stick your dick in for a few minutes, and by all means use it to your advantage. But the cocktail of Game and race-realism mixed and served daily by the worthy men of Le Chateau are the prescription for true abundance in life.

This was some beautiful realtalk. Any mincing betaboy reading this is bound to sprout a few chest hairs.

Random hate is not the ends, nor even the means. It’s a confidence built on a serene understanding of one’s worth and the excellence of one’s lineage that speaks so potently to the female — and the male — hindbrain. Perspective is the right word. Red Pill, Dread Pill, Sex Pill, Race Pill… take them all and savor the nutritional supercharge to your self-conception, your social standing, and your attractiveness to women.

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Reader TM forwards a comment made by an anon defender of the KA fraternity “Trump bros” who piled sandbags around their frat house and wrote “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” on it. The context of the comment appears to be centered around some radfems snarking about the Trump bros’ insolence.

On the cbs article about “Trump bros”:

‘Note to college females who don’t want to marry “down.” You already outnumber males on campus 2 to 1. The ever fewer white males on campus are finally getting tired of the relentless and expanding PC environment that blames them from every ill from rape to black crime and at the same time expects them to pay more and more taxes to support the “47%.”

If you want to marry at your social, financial and intellectual level, you are going to have to out compete the other two girls who are trying to land the same lacrosse player/frat boy/computer geek. It may be fun to chant “Black Lives Matter” and “take back the night,” but your best chance for finding a well matched mate is while you are in college. The competition just gets tougher out in the real world (ask your older sister about how much fun the dating game is in your 30’s! ) Your future financial security, not to mention happiness, depends on beating the competition.

So if Trump rallies are increasingly “where the bros are,” you might want to take a shower, shave your legs, put on some nice clothes and head for the next Trump rally.’

Nice shiv twist at the end there. Like I’ve said, the “””rape culture””” myth is really an ego salve by low and middling SMV college girls struggling in a campus dating scene that is numerically skewed against their reproductive interests. As campuses demographically shifted more female over the past 30 yrs, the rape culture myth served as a nifty bogeyman to explain the increasingly shitty dating dynamics for women. “Shitty dating dynamics” = too few men (especially alpha men), who by dint of their scarcity can demand and get the milk without buying the cow.


This isn’t a freelance comment (it’s in-house), but The Tingler deserves a COTW mention here for asking a very straightforward question (that in a non-clown world would have a straightforward answer).

Was checking out Tim Wise today. Dude goes around teaching self-hate to whites at the nation’s colleges and lives in a $650,000 home in a 97% white community. Nothing new there.
Then I come across a quote from Malcolm X a few minutes later:

“Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

When did the enemy start teaching our children, and how did we never notice he’d taken over the education establishment?

“Letting your enemy teach your children” would be a conspicuous facet of the cuck mind. When would you esteemed readers peg the Cuck Inception Date? Recently, around the time of president Floppy Wrist’s first term? Or earlier, say, when the Anita Hill hearings or the OJ trial occupied the news cycle 24/7?

Anyway, Tim Wise is a malevolent shitty little hypocritical lying cunt who’d be first to the public square with a black bag over his head in a sane society, but today enjoys paid speaking gigs because America has reached DEFCUCK 1, and the type of pale manlet who’s surprised to discover he has genitalia every time he unzips willingly wants to be berated by Wise and his ilk.

I don’t have a solution to this crisis of cuck crassness, except to say that intensifying the shiv lessons will eventually WAKE UP more White cucks to the abject humiliations they are visiting upon themselves, and if even a small percentage of them recoils in horror and turns to the shitlord side, the chance of making America great again goes up considerably. It only takes 10% committed dissidents to sweep along the recalcitrant 90% status quo NiceWhites and enlist them in the glorious revolution.

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Responding to a post about religion serving the noble purpose of facilitating paternity certainty, plumpjack makes an interesting connection between the interests of the State (and its administrative elite) and the need for, in effect, regulating the expression of testosterone in 99%er men.

Is it safe to say that the West is becoming Africanized sexually too?

It’s a good question and one I’m trying to sort out myself. here’s my theory on the matter:

the formula for building advanced civilizations was, for thousands of years, organized testosterone: do more shit, get more/better pussy and respect from your bros.

but now it’s being turned on its head, largely due to the advancement of technology. progressives truly believe that there has been sufficient technological advancement such that they can now do away with organized testosterone altogether and just press buttons to get what they want.

the greatest perceived threat to the progressive mind is organized testosterone in the form of fascism. an organized, empowered group with a common identity (***cough***…crackers…***cough***…) that’s skilled and capable is likely to handily and gladly final-solution other groups which are not considered good neighbor material

the africanization of our culture and our women is the progressives’ goal because base, uncivilized humans can’t organize themselves into large, unfriendly (to THEM) groups and are therefore less of a threat. an “africanized” citizenry can be easily controlled and manipulated because their constant infighting keeps them atomized and stunted. (of course cubicle living/careerism also keeps people atomized, which is part of the effort)

From a number of perspectives, the Africanization of American culture appears to be proceeding apace. The question then becomes: is it a deliberate conspiracy by the elite, or an emergent phenomenon of the policies and practices that the elite pursue to ensure their economic monopoly and safeguard their sinecures and bubblecuck lifestyles?

That question is largely academic, the answer to which simply means the difference in how quickly and perfunctorily the gallows’ stools are kicked out. The theory that plumpjack lays out has been explored before, but never (as far as I know) from the angle that cultural Africanization in the West essentially amounts to testosterone regulation by an elite intent upon preventing high T (White) shitlords from organizing effective rebellions against the power structure.

Corn and Porn enervates men and robs them of their rebellious spirit (a disposition Jefferson thought invaluable to ensuring a healthy republic); Broken Families and Gay Normalization severs communities and thwarts alignments that used to coalesce around shared values. Open Borders and Diversity™ enfeebles fellow-feeling and weakens natural-forming ethnic/racial bonds that normally provide the high-trust foundation for political and social revolutions.

Do the elite and their cuck lackeys know they’re doing this, or did they stumble into their wickedly traitorous worldview accidentally? More importantly, will they succeed in turning America into an African shithole ruled over by a psychopathic autistocracy from behind ten layers of security detail and electric fence? Stay tuned!

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