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A reader passes along an anecdote that tells of The Trumpening sweeping the nation. I reprint it in full here.



I just wanted to drop you a line about something that happened this morning at work, 6AM on a Saturday being the white man’s burden when you work in construction.

A T level most certainly is rising across the fruited plain.

I’m a construction superintendent, working currently on a project to build a Starbucks in an airport outside of the security area. I unlocked the job site for some of my subcontractors before they arrived, and went upstairs to pass through security with my airport credentials so that I could grab a tray of caffeinated nectars for my worker bees. The manager for the food service company comps me free coffees because we’re building their other location.

I noticed a new worker behind the register today. Young lad, probably 19 or 20, working his weekend gig as there’s a state college nearby. He’s as tall as I am at 5’11”, and has the lean runner’s build that I once had in my youth before I started to lift and weld for a living. His hair is blonde, a bit long but not unkempt but waving out a bit on the sides from beneath his company hat. I’m dressed casually. Button-down Carhartt plaid work shirt, well-fitting jeans, and Red Wing work boots. I have my Trumpening campaign donation hat on– it’s glorious simplicity broadcasting a bold MAGA on a crimson background.

The young fellow gets told by the manager that I’m all set– a woman in her mid to late forties, post wall, but with a prominently displayed rock and wedding band on her finger. She radiates a maternal glow despite her declined looks that reveal a stunner in previous years. The young blonde man can’t hold it back anymore, and he looks for the fifth time at my hat, locks eyes with me and his face starts beaming from ear to ear in that sort of genuine happiness that may make him look a bit buffoonish, but his youthful excitement won’t let him control his state. He slides my coffees over and gushes, “Man, I LOVE that hat!!!” I ask, “Do you have one?” He does not. I have four or five of them from my repeat donations and an order for two more. I took my hat off and handed it to him, and he’s beside himself with thanks.

He struck me as a young man who is a beta of circumstance of his environment, on the precipice of losing his last fuck to give about Leftoid sensibilities so pervasive in our culture. He innately knows, and maybe isn’t quite able to articulate it yet, that what is happening with Trump is a very wholesome and virtuous thing.

I walked away thinking, for the first time in a long time, that there really is hope for nation.

Keep up the tireless work. You have my faith and support.


It’s the little trumpenings like the one in this story that, added together, foretell a revolution so mighty and unstoppable it will smash the edifice of the One World/One Race Globalist Order and replace it with what has been lost and ignored for far too long: Truth and Beauty. Our fathers might have thought, “someday a real rain will come and wash away the filth”. The rains have come. The filth is scurrying for the sewers. Tomorrow brings a Golden Don.

PS Reader Corvo offers his own Trumpening anecdote.

I was campaigning for Trump knocking on doors in a run-down PA town this past weekend with a 20-something year-old young White man. This town used to be full of working-class Whites, now most of the houses are abandoned or inhabited by blacks or mestizos who don’t speak English.

Out of roughly 60 doors we knocked on in this neighborhood, there were only a handful of Whites; they seemed to me cut-off, desperately clinging to what little they had left and surrounded by a sea of decay as the third-world rose around them. They were pretty shocked to see two White men with MAGA hats knock on their door offering bumper stickers and campaign flyers.

One man was so happy to see us, he shook our hands and thanked us for coming out and said he couldn’t remember the last time a Republican presidential campaign came through his neighborhood. This young goy I was with had a TRUMP t-shirt (new from the campaign office) on top of his long-sleeved shirt, and he took the Trump t-shirt off and handed it to the guy and said “Here, take this one, I’ll get another one later.”

People are waking up, indeed.

That’s a great vignette of life in America’s Forgotten White communities. These are the left behind people disparaged as “deserving to die” by fatcuck NROnik Kevin Williamson and as “deplorable” by corruptcunt Hillary Clinton. Instead of helping these lost souls, our anti-White cucks and Clintonista globalist whores want to heap an endless procession of miseries upon them. There isn’t a lake of fire deep enough and hot enough to consume all the rottenness and malevolence that animates Hillary Clinton’s wicked corporeal form.

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As if we needed the verification of what is bleedingly obvious to anyone who’s listened to five seconds of Clinton News Network in the last year, a study done by the Center for Public Integrity (a righteous cause in an age of Zero Integrity) found that

…a review of campaign finance records showing that those listing their occupations as “journalist”, “reporter”, “news editor”, or “television news anchor”, have given over $380,000 to the Clinton campaign and less than $15,000 to the Trump campaign, a 96%-4% Clinton advantage over Trump among the line workers who create the Narrative’s news.

As Audacious E says, “Trump should continue to poison the well“. I agree. The ruling class loves it when the enemy plays by genteel rules of engagement that they themselves don’t abide. It makes picking clean the carcass of heritage America that much easier. But then the Trumpening happened — i.e., a heavy impudent scrote sack returned with a thudding vengeance to the American political scene — and our effete globohomobezos class felt a spike of fear they hadn’t felt in a long time.

If the elite double and triple down on their hatred of heritage America, it’ll just be a spike next time.


Zero Integrity Era update: A massive voter fraud investigation is underway in TX. And also in Indiana.

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Election fraud in the US is no longer a conspiracy. It’s happening, right now.

Between the laughably unbelievable polls showing Sick Hillary leading Trump, despite the fact that she can barely fill a high school gymnasium while he draws thousands to every rally, and the extreme hubris and arrogance of the cuckservative/shitlib globalist coalition, it’s safe to assume they have one last failsafe trick at the ready to prevent a Trump presidency

My best guess is election fraud

These people are not acting like hopeful candidates with something to lose–they’re acting like smug managerialists who know they already have it in the bag, whatever the American voter decides in November

We have dead people voting in Colorado, the NYC Democratic election commissioner admitting openly that he sees evidence of election fraud, and illegals registered and voting in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and those are just the cases we know about.

If the anti-White globohomo bezosian ruling class and their media shills are so stupid to heft clit lickin’ clinton first across the finish line by resorting to the dirtiest of tricks — outright election fraud — then there will be war.

Not the op-ed rhetorical war favored by pansy liberals.

Real war.



Dead bodies.


My advice to the leftoid equalism hate machine and the cowardly traitorous GOPe cucks: think twice about this road you’re going down. It doesn’t end well for you.

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I made a prediction about a year ago that if there was to be poll rigging by the media and polling outfits, this would be the year they’d try to get away with it. Why? Because Trump is THAT BIG A THREAT to the existing globalist order.

Mostly people scoffed and said “nah that’s just your confirmation bias” or somesuch shitlib fallacy du jour explanation. OH RILLY?

Here’s objective, hard proof that the polls are rigged, by way of examination of the most recent NBC/WSJ poll which claims to have found an 11-point lead for thecunt.

Besides the blatantly flawed methodology (oversampling Dems, undersampling Independents), the Hillary campaign’s super-PAC “Priorities USA” PAID OFF the NBC/WSJ pollsters to the tune of $220,500 in the month of September!

*drop the skype*

The leftoid media hivemind and their hired polling outfits are THROWING AWAY the last vestiges of their credibility in a final, desperate Pickett’s Charge to thwart Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. Their strategy is DEMORALIZE THE ENEMY 101. Push fake phony fraudulent polls that make Trump look set for a guaranteed loss, and his supporters will become disheartened and sit home on election day.

The media is lying through their teeth and rigging polls to change the outcome of a Presidential election.

This is new.

This is dangerous.

This is how civil wars start and countries tear apart.

The leftoid hate machine has been warned. I predict they will double down. And it won’t end well.

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Answer: Look at that masculine digit ratio.


Longer answer: The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for beta males of the West. T levels are plummeting, manboobs are expanding, and women are disgusted by the explosion of effeminate manlets who should’ve died in infancy sucking up to them by professing solidarity with dipshit feminism. What’s a horny girl with a clit itch for a dominant alpha male to do? Why, turn to the next best available substitute…. beta males other women!


Related: Speed dating with cats is trending. (h/t Truman)

O/T, this event in Amsterdam touches on a number of CH themes:

English translation:

Speed-Dating with Cats

In response to the growing number of stray cats, we’ve set up a charity event together with the DOA: speed-dating with stray cats!

Via a 5-10 minute speed-date, you and the cat will get to know each other, and who knows, maybe you’ll be leaving with a new four-legged flatmate.

Follow the DOA’s page for more information.

And keep an eye on this event, because we’ll be introducing a new cat every day!

So are you interested in coming along to Animal Shelter Amsterdam? Then just sign up at xxx@xxx.com!

The cats are looking forward to it, hopefully you are too.

Sexbots for men, cats for women. There’s your future of the West, folks.

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Sometime after last night’s debate, I was outside for a run and three well-built college-aged White men were walking toward me on the sidewalk. As they approached, I could hear the word “Trump” punctuating their animated conversation, (one of them referenced Trump’s jail comment). Nearer, I could see they had probably watched the debate at a bar and were returning home a little tipsy. As we approached, the closest man to me shouted “Trump! YEAAHHH!”, and I returned an affirming “MAGA”. He grinned.

It was a fleeting vignette of life in pre-Trumpening America that hinted at a new reality, much deeper and broader than the elite fear to know, beginning to impose its will on the gated mental communities of the liars and crooks and traitors and ingrates who have been running the show into the ground for so long.

What I heard unspoken but radiating outward like a supernova during that brief exchange was White men reclaiming their pride. Reclaiming their balls. Reclaiming their birthright. Reclaiming the nation their fathers and grandfathers built, from the diversity trash and trash-enablers who have spent the better part of the last sixty years conniving and scheming to take the White man’s homeland away from him and turn it into a formless soulless atomized market bazaar of corn and porn trading in the currency of anti-White propaganda and visiting endless lies and humiliations upon heritage America.

The Trumpening is the unstoppable riptide of proud, competent, clear-eyed and heart-swelled White men pulling diseased leprous America underwater and baptizing Her in the reinvigorated blood of White patriots. It is White America taking back what is rightfully theirs, from the grubby paws of the clockboys and the bomb brothers and the BLMers and the bluehairs and the parenthetically privileged and the slut walkers and the fat acceptors and the sneering academics and the vapid celebrities and the cheating chinese and the tim wises and the kardashians and the mudsharks and the cucks and the mexican drug lords and the gay mullatos and the oligarchs and the ethnic dining autist aficionados and the hypocritical virtue signalers most of all who imagine their wealthy retreats will forever shield them from the inevitable consequences of their self-abolishing moralism.

It is a sight to behold, and don’t doubt for a minute that the anti-White globalist whoremongers know the cleansing tidal wave is coming for them.

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There are a couple of must-reads that were published this week. The first, by Kurt Schlichter, warns leftoids that their eagerness to silence dissent will strike back at them with a fury. Schlichter feels the passion of the shiv. You can tell because his article is sharp, hungry for leftoid vitals, and remorselessly allergic to the supine “to be sure”-isms which typify cuckservative mewlings.

But then, those concerns apparently aren’t worthy of attention. The news covers, day in and day out, some overeating foreigner and drug lord baby mama who Donald Trump was mean to a couple decades ago, but no reporter ever asks our guy about his problems. And they don’t merely ignore him. They come after him, jamming things down his throat like gender neutral bathrooms and murderous Muslim refugees and Wall Street scams that mean he gets about .001% interest on that money he saved just like the experts told him to. And he’s expected to just take it.

This will not end well.

It will end either with leftoid retreat or leftoid heads on stakes. The choice of fate is theirs.


The second article comes from the now-famous Publius Decius Mus, who whacks another two-by-four against the fiveheads of plush cucks like James Pethokoukis.

Whenever you find an article that begins with the title, “The Conservative Case” for or against something, lock your door, check your wallet, and grab your gun. You know what’s coming is an unadulterated sell-out of everything “conservatism” purports to hold dear.


Pethokoukis, like a good AEI-nik, would presumably dismiss such concerns as “the politics of envy” or some-such. True Conservatives™ don’t care about income inequality! The aggregate is what matters!

Matters to what? “The Economy?” Oh. Gains accruing to techies and hedge fundies are more than enough to offset losses everywhere else and that’s apparently good enough for Pethokoukis, who—like nearly all economists—bases his case on a narrow economic analysis that ignores the broader political sphere. Here we find another typical misinterpretation of Reagan. The Gipper’s successful policies proved that it’s all about incentives. All hail Homo economicus!

True, incentives matter. What do open borders and trade-giveaways incentivize blue collar workers in the heartland to do? Give up and shoot heroin?


Pethokoukis makes the highly unoriginal point that “Google, Facebook and Uber” show the continued dynamism of the U.S. economy. This is like John Kerry praising Apollo 11 in his acceptance speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Can’t think of anything to say? Moon shot! Oh, you’re talking about the economy? Google! Is any cliché more tired at this point? Google—actually Alphabet—has made a few people rich but otherwise has depressed high tech wages in Silicon Valley by its relentless importation, and advocacy for same, of foreign programmers who will work for less and transform neighborhoods through over-occupancy. All this to make porn searches more efficient. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is even more aggressive about screwing American workers—fwd.usa, anyone?—and his company even more useless. Uber promises to turn unemployed American workers, and untold foreigners, into cab drivers. But you hail them through a smartphone, so it’s high tech! These, and dozens more that Pethokoukis could have mentioned but mercifully did not, are far cries from the robber barons of old, who electrified the nation, linked us by rail, road, sea, and air, and built our greatest monuments. In the process, they employed millions, created wealth for tens of millions more, and improved standards of living for people on every rung of the ladder.

But for Pethokoukis, the true measure of national success is “translat[ing] entrepreneurial daring into wealth.” […] And what about the people who aren’t entrepreneurs and can’t be? Are they just losers? Does the wealth ever get to trickle down to them? That is, in the form of something other than lower iPhone prices?


Like all conservative Hegelians, Pethokoukis is endorsing, if implicitly, rule by the administrative state. “Truth” derives from scientific principle, which is published in academic “studies.” For their own good, the voters should not be allowed to contravene said “truth.” If the people don’t like current, academically endorsed immigration and trade policies, then the people are wrong. Which is manageable, as long as the political class successfully conspires to thwart their will. But when a “demagogue” comes along who threatens to implement the people’s will, that must be stopped!


The actual, political truth is that men are free “of all but moral law.” And there is no moral imperative for or against immigration or trade. If the people want them, they may lawfully enact them. If they don’t, they may restrict either, to the extent that their preferences in the moment dictate. Even if a consequence is that their economy contracts.

An economist will gasp at this heresy against his faith. But politics is greater and higher than economics. A failing economy might be a merely economic problem but a failing society is fundamentally a political problem.


The left rules out-of-bounds any discussion of the cultural or political effects of immigration as “racist,” and the conservatives go along. Hence they can only talk about immigration in economic terms, as if human beings were widgets.

Beautiful. This was a shiv aimed straight at the heart of Cheap Chalupas. I wonder how our favorite econo-autist is doing? He’s been on a “DAS RACISS” rearguard action lately, content to polish the knobs of various open borders leftoid freaks like Esssra Klein and Noah Smith. The Trumpening making him butthurt?

The rest of the article is even better than the excerpts I’ve quoted above. The closing sentence is absolutely killer. Read it in full and feel the force of a righteous revolution bearing down on the complacent, arrogant, smug equalist leftoid Hivemind and their cuckservative suck-up lackeys.

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