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In an Animal Farm set in the President Trump timeline,

the media would be… (Squealer the pig/the sheep)

the alt-right would be….(Benjamin the donkey)

the GOP cucks would be….(Boxer the horse)

antifa would be…(the dogs)

the globalist elite would be….(mr jones)

Heritage America would be…(the hens)

YKW would be….(too easy)

And Trump would be…?

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During moments of pop media regurgitation, I have had White girlfriends say to me, a White man they were happily fucking and to whom they professed their love, that, in so many words, “White men are the problem with society”.

Try to wrap your head around that lawgic trap.


Atavator comments,

Heartiste, remember Larry Auster’s “3 person morality play” in liberalism? Good White, Bad White, Other. Just about every movie people watch follows this script. Shitlibs say this kind of crap so easily because they simply assume that YOU assume they’re putting you in the “good white/redeemer” category. And when they say “white men” are the problem, they mean someone… out there.

It’s a disgusting filthy lie of a worldview, but few women have the ability to think their way out of that programming, and would probably express surprise that you would even take offense.

A big part of what we all need to be doing is making people PAY in some way (even if it begins with disgust and anger) for parroting this loathsome garbage.

Perceptive. (RIP Auster) This is the mentality at work here. When women find out I’m very much the badwhite of their nightmares (defying their expectation of the form and style a badwhite should take)….well, they get a little hotter in the panty blotter!…even if long-term they must know it’s not gonna happen between us.

It’s evidence of a profound sickness in our culture when you really digest what’s happening here:

SWPL White girls are trying to connect with White men by slandering White men. In the twisted landscape of their damebrain, these chicks think that bashing BadWhites to a White man is romantic, an example of “shared values” that White girls need to feel with a man before they’re ready to receive his swarth-free seed.

That White chicks don’t even contemplate the possibility a White man will ever object is an extremely damning indictment of the SWPL White men who share their social strata: the girls are probably right; vanishingly few craven soyboys will ever call them out for their insipid anti-White posturing.

Until they meet a stone cold shivver like yours truly. A subversive who swims among them. A rebel right under their noses.

Batrachian writes,

Women relate to things on an inchoate, emotional basis. They don’t understand themselves, or what the fundamental drivers of their behaviours often are.

The same women that feel deeply offended by the very proposition of societal eugenics and hierarchy are also the first to be socially-Darwinian in their attitudes toward men.

CH Maxim #77: The fealty to equalism women signal is belied by the ferocity with which they sift and sort men in the sexual market.

Evolution likely saw to it that women would not be aware of their subconscious motivations, lest the fair sex lose the ability to dupe beta males (self-duping authenticates other-duping).

Complementarily, evolution saw to it that men would appease the Sexual Darwinism of women by avoiding any show of weakness or expression of emotional vulnerability…or die incel. Over the eons, men have been selected to indeed be less emotionally vulnerable because instinct usually trumps affectation.

Autarky writes,

[Women’s] biological programming is to avoid social exclusion. Only when white men are seen to be more powerful than the media will ‘their opinion’ change.

My quick rebukes may not have changed their opinions but it did shut their pieholes. For a spell. (My reply to anti-White virtue sniveling women is along the lines of “you have me confused with someone who will listen to your crap”. Or mouthlove.)

Batrachian again,

I’ve often wondered about the lack of self-awareness involved in this [White women signaling anti-White bona fides].

It’s understandable that they’re primarily acting out of fear (the west has become utterly isolating and tyrannical in a way that few are able to articulate) but I doubt anyone openly acknowledges this.

Is fear driving the epidemic of White women to posture against White men? Yes, if you believe that White women believe social ostracism is guaranteed if they don’t parrot the Anti-White Party Line. Something else is driving it, too.


SWPL, overeducated, over-employed, under-childed White women, for reasons I’ve explained at length in the pages of this blog, have become disgusted with their White men, the soyboys and bugmen and effete toadies and “Concorde-nosed moguls” who are their sexual market confederates. No man is standing up to them; worse, these low T lackeys are cheering on their race-traitor White women to ever greater depths of Hajnalian subversion of their shared homeland and culture. On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.

And why these same chicks flee to tumblrrhea to tell of how they relievedly surrendered to a proudly White MAGAman and were beginning to question everything they thought they knew about themselves.

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An astute comment from Wrecked ‘Em about how Twatter can maintain plausible deniability while aggressively silencing right-wing dissident voices on its monopolistic platform:

I would bet both of my gloriously large balls that Twitter is leveraging a basic psychometric difference between liberals and conservatives to achieve widespread shadowbanning of conservatives while maintaining plausible deniability. Brilliant, yet pure evil. Here’s how it works: It’s long been known that liberals are far, far more likely to block and unfriend people (even close family) over politics than are conservatives.  What does Twitter do?  Writes an algorithm that squelches people who are blocked by lots of other people.  Twitter: “It’s not us, it’s the al-go-rithm.”  Also Twitter: “Shitlibs, do yo thing!”

One way to fight back would be to block the snot out of prominent liberals, especially ones without a blue check.  This would force Twitter to manually un-ban them and it’s the manual intervention that’s going to get them in trouble eventually since any record of it will clearly show favoritism towards the left.  One suspects that this is why Twitter hands out blue checks to Leftists like candy while being notoriously stingy to conservatives – a blue check is just supposed to mean that you’re “verified”, that you are who you say you are – but it probably also means that the shadowban algorithm (((passes over you))).

Basically, Big Twatter diversity teams have written algorithms which exploit the intolerance of thin-skinned shitlibs, to effectively mass ban and silence anyone on its platform who expresses opinions that are at odds with the Leftoid Equalism Globohomo orthodoxy. Twatter and other tech giants with monopolies on the means of communication rely on the compulsion of shitlibs to swarm complaint boxes and tattle to the high priests about the heretics in their midst, fouling the mood of their safe spaces. (The Butthurt Brigade is really not taking well to the avalanche of realtalk.)

Clever, but we’re onto them. And I believe this infantile compulsion of shitlibs can be used against them, by turning them on each other until their precious anti-White signaling playgrounds like Twatter become unusable from all the screeching, tattling, banning, and doxing.

broke: the internet will mean the free flow of ideas!
woke: the internet has unleashed hate, it must be censored
bespoke: the internet will mean the free flow of pre-approved ideas!

The end game is nationalization of Big Tech and anti-trust breakups of Big Media. (Typical libertardian reply: “build your own media conglomerate”.)

Meanwhile, there are already rumblings of resistance to Big Tech’s stranglehold on the information gateways (a reader calls this reality “Corporate Stalinism”). Blueprints exist for how to destroy Twatter, Faceborg, Apple, Goolag, and Spotify (low T-FAGS). A CA judge has ruled that Twatter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech.

This is only going to get a lot worse for Soylicon Valley before it gets better, if ever. And no amount of disingenuous appeals to “stopping hate speech” will push the Trump-sized genie back in the bottle. The real resistance is begun.

PS Even payment processors are getting in the censorship act and banning political dissidents from use of their services. How much more of this Left-Wing Orwellian Corporatocracy bullshit will we tolerate? The “free market” is failing half of America. Bezos et al are banking on cheaply made chinese manufactured gadgets you can order from the comfort of your fapatorium to help you forget about the jackdorseyboot on your neck.

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It’s been a bad year for libertarian purists. (Via)

From a reader, “the Jack Dorsey Boot!”


George Cobb, with a bit of brilliant pith:

The @jackboot.

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From a 1963 porno mag:

The cock carousel has a rich Crimson Pill history.

The seeds of America’s decline were already evident in the sexual abandon of women unleashed by mid-20th Century. What we’re dealing with now is a post-patriarchal culture set in motion many decades ago.

As with all post-patriarchal cultures, demise is guaranteed because abandoning benevolent patriarchy violates fundamental sexual polarity rules which govern relational dynamics between the sexes.

As a reader put it, “Men adapt to nature. Women adapt to man.”

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Niceness pays in nice societies.

Nice societies are an effect of the nice people in them.

Fewer nice people, less nice society, less niceness pays.

As America becomes more Diverse™, expect to see an avalanche of articles explaining that niceness doesn’t pay. Because it won’t. Not any longer. America is filling up with not-nice immigrants who will feast on the shrinking pool of nice Americans like vultures picking at a carcass.

A reader adds,

“nice” just means that you behave in such a way that no one fears the consequences of mistreating you

it is dysfunctional in a world full of sociopaths and people who hate you

Welcome to Post-Niceness, an America that has become like the rabble that used to look longingly toward her from the bleakness of their shithole homelands.

Now they’re here, and they’ve brought the Bleakness with them.

Exhibit A:

Black Refuses To Pay Asians For Pedicure, Asians Call Cops, Race War Ensues

Diversity is our pay-per-view entertainment.

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A pear-shaped, bland-looking mid-30s White woman with splotchy skin, seated across a small table from a slightly younger black man (presentable, pureblood). It was obviously a first or second date. Her chicken wings and arm flab undulated in the air as she gesticulated during an impassioned speech about how much White people suck, “White privilege”, racist cops, etc etc. She caviled about her race for a few minutes, while blacky muttered “yeah” and grunted every few seconds. Under the table, I noticed he had slipped his paw up her thigh and was making a move toward her mons. She never stopped kvetching.

Blacks don’t give a shit about Whites hating on their own race. White virtue signaling is for the benefit of other Whites, not blacks, but some mudsharks are so oblivious, or so deluded to think otherwise, that they can barely contain themselves when a black is their captured audience. I swear these pre-Wall White frumps gets a bigger tingle from disavowing their own race in front of a black than they do later despoiling their own race in the black’s bed.

These women may as well be an alien species to me. Whatever connection we have through the mists of history is frayed beyond rescue.

I pity mudsharks. And pity is a form of contempt. She’s cursed herself to a lifetime of social ostracism, lineage destruction, and regret that crushes her soul with each year it becomes obvious to her what a big fucking mistake she made.

She is walking metadeath.

A reader asks, “what about white women who adopt black kids?”. In one important way, these White women are even worse. They pollute their families with the full knowledge that their actions will make the lives of their White biological children (if they have them) more miserable. It’s a staggeringly selfish act.

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