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It’s funny cuz it’s tragically, morbidly, catastrophically true.

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Why is Hollywood going berserk about Trump and his supporters? One theory I have: Trumpism and the culture of realtalk that have surrounded his rise to (even more) power have thrown into stark relief just how freaking emasculated so many Hollywood actors are, and how slutty the actresses are. This is “howls from the shivved id” stuff on display.

Heather points out that Hollywood is reacting to its loss of allure (i.e., loss of SMV):

Hollywood has gone insane because deep down they know, the mystery is gone. We’ve seen behind the curtain, and nothing is ever going to be the same. Americans can’t escape reality for the price of a ticket anymore, because they allowed real life come in & it killed the fantasy. They have no one to blame but themselves.

This is it, on a hindbrain level. The mystery, the glamour…it’s gone. These celebs will never awe anyone again. We see them for what they are — dumb, entitled, mentally weak leftist conformists who take Weinstein cum to the face and throw pedo pool parties. This kills them inside, and they blame Trump. MeToo revealed their degeneracy and depravity (from both sexes), and they lash out at the world, finding in Trump a locus for their impotent butthurt rage.

It doesn’t help that Trump is “one of them” who managed to earn the REAL power they so desperately envision belongs to them.

Couldn’t happen to a viler bunch of people.

Do you think there is a chance for the actors that didn’t get political & who stayed on that higher ethereal plane where the public can project their own dreams/desires on to them, can come out ahead if they adapt early to a new medium?

Closet cons can manage that old school fame allure because they have to hide their politics to work. Celebs have allowed their egos to get too big and now think the public wants to hear them yammering about politics. Actors who stay circumspect about their off-camera opinions will be positioned in this highly volatile and caustic pre-civil war 2 environment to recapture the public’s imagination.

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Springboarding off this post by AE, I remembered a funny little thing I saw recently at a traffic light. Two pickups were idling in adjacent lanes. The drivers were White men. The driver on the right had his arm dangling out of the window, lightly slapping against the door. He looked over at the other driver and made a very unmistakeable OK sign and smiled. The other guy laughed and nodded, which I was able to see through the windshield glare.

It may have been nothing. Just two dudes who may or may not know each other passing an innocent greeting between them.



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Mama ain’t happy.

The quimdoctrination has rapidly intensified of late. What’s next? Freak trannies reading pozzed children’s books to toddlers?

It looks like shitlibs need a lesson in basic human biology:

There are two sexes, male and female.

There is no such thing as “gender”, except as a grammatical term.

There is a male and female brain structure that affects our outlooks and preferences, and is responsible for our sex stereotyped behaviors. Our brains are biological and, along with our bodies, form our self-conception as man or woman. Our heart supplies blood to our brains and bodies; it isn’t the seat of “orientation”.

Trannies are mentally ill lsmv rejects.

A small minority of men are homosexual. A smaller minority of women are obligate lesbians. Likely the source of their miswired direction of desire is biological in nature.

Homosexuality is not the biological, social, nor Darwinian equal of heterosexuality. A simple “equivalency swap” thought experiment shows this: if we were all homosexuals, the human species would go extinct.

There is no such thing as social construction of sex. “Social construction” means we humans assign words to describe aspects of observable reality, so that we can effectively communicate with each other instead of speaking a language of one that no one else understands.

On average, men are masculine and women are feminine. Some men are less masculine; some women are less feminine, but the average sex-based differential remains.

Poopytalk won’t assuage the primal pain of raising a butch daughter or an effete son.

Bestiality is “natural”. So is the rare case of hermaphroditism. That doesn’t mean either should be taught to children as a social norm of equal validity to normal heterosexual mating and biology.

On that note, there really is a valid distinction between normal and abnormal.

Hope This Hurts.


I dunno, readers, how does a parent of sane mind get confronted with this vile freak agitprop and not head down to their kids’ school’s administrative offices and turn the inhabitants into thunderdome chattel?

PS Shekels to bagels, Soros agents have their crabbed fingerprints all over whatever front group is pushing this Satanic trash on American children.

PPS Your daily Hate News meme:

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Women use emotional manipulation to compensate for their physical weakness.

But only physical strength — the power source of men — is regulated and punished by society. Women are left free to exercise their sex-based power. Worse, women are celebrated for being manipulative.

This is a structural flaw in all post-modren societies.

There is overlap of course (some women resort to physical violence and some men are silver-tongued subversives), but on the whole women are more disposed to emotional manipulation as a tactic to get what they want, and they are better at it than are men. (The men who are equally manipulative tend to make excellent cads…every woman is a varying degree of solipsist who falls for a man who mirrors her.)

Hell Is Like Newark appeals to ancient authority,

Such has been the case detailed in Western literature for the 1000+ years. i.e. The Romans would talk about how the women were “the real power behind Rome” via the manipulation of the men (husbands, sons, etc.) in their lives.

Yes. Stereotypes about the sexes (and races) don’t materialize out of thin air. They become shared prejudices based on shared observations over many generations (in the case of the nature of woman, over millennia).

A more precise term for what women excel at and exploit in the quest for power is “manufactured drama”. Men don’t manufacture drama (life is hard enough for men without the added unnecessary strife) and are generally more stoic than women. Fake Drama is woman’s access to power; it’s how she keeps men off-kilter and useful as cat’s-paws against her perceived enemies, and how she dissuades her own man from abandoning her for a trade-up.

Wise societies on the upswing of their civilizational arc understand that both men’s and women’s natural power-grabbing proclivities must be regulated, checked, and sometimes punished if taken to pathological extremes (see: Ballsy-Fraud, Ramirez, Swetnick). A man who resorts too often to violence or physical intimidation is an unstable influence; likewise, a woman who resorts too often to innuendo and fabrication is also an unstable influence on an orderly society.

What has happened in the West, particularly in America — and what happens to most civilizations after they have peaked in patriarchal creativity and moral confidence — is that we have discarded constraints on female will to power while continuing (and arguably strengthening) constraints on male will to power.

PoundMeToo is the pinnacle of this twisted achievement. All women are to be believed, whatever their credibility, psychology, or history, in any allegation, however dubious, they may decide to level against a man. And no man is to be believed, whatever his reputation, sincerity, or accomplishments, in his defense against such wild slander.

Which is why I say go long on sexbots, because American men will soon want nothing to do with American women. (Feminists subconsciously grasp the existential threat of sexbots, hence their urgency to ban sexbot brothels wherever they crop up.)

Men are shamed, women are exalted. (America)

Where women are shamed and men are exalted, you find the arab moslem countries.

What we Westerners need is a return to the wisdom of our ancestors; we need to bring balance back to our nations, and recognize before it’s too late that unrestrained women are as dire a threat to the nation as are unrestrained men. We bring balance back to the sexual force by shaming conniving women and allowing aggressive men some room to steer society.

Fewer false rape accusations, more Beach Week parties with Biff Kavanaughs.

We have the worst possible system in place now: women given free rein to indulge their cruel psychotic whims with the power of the State to shield them from punishment, and (White) men mightily oppressed by every lever of establishment power from baring even an iota of masculine verve.

It’s why I coined this system a “gynarcho-tyranny”.

Only Trump and a few pseudonymous dissidents have broken out of this matronix to deliver the Dude Word to the masses.

With any checks on female depravity removed, we are left at the mercy of, and victim to the spectacle of, crazy catladies, conformist soccermoms, and hysterical slores inviting in enemy hordes and crushing dissent from their own men, destroying their livelihoods and driving an intensifying trend toward social disharmony. This is why we have descended from a Battle Of The Sexes to a Breach Of The Sexes. The rancor is a product of straitjacketed White men losing control of their riotous White women.

We need to rethink our unthinking devotion to the Fundamental Premise. A renewed appreciation of benevolent sexism is part of the solution.

A big obstacle to relocating our lost power-differentiated sexual market balance is the nature of how sex-based power is manifest. Physical violence is palpable, readily perceived. Emotional violence is subtle, amorphous, and plausibly deniable. This distinction is crucial for understanding why modren societies, with their imprinted sensitivity to instant harm (the evil twin of instant gratification), find it difficult to recognize female power when it is being abused. This failure of recognition is ultimately exculpatory of the worst sorts of psychocunts.

It is also indicative of a dumber society (which, naturally, benefits women — for now), because dumber citizens acclimated to clickbait news in which the senses are assaulted by visual stimuli are less able to discern the inconspicuous abuses of soft power that women prefer.

Another reader supplies a coda to this tragic tale of female empowerment coupled with male disempowerment,

Democracy protects the weak by damaging the strong.

And when the weak become the strong?

It gets ugly.

The world knows no cruelty like the cruelty of the snarky, weak and degenerate with the power of retribution.

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A Georgetown University professor (first red flag), (((Christine Fair))) (second red flag — you could set your watch to this), who is as far as a quick duckduckgo search could reveal both unmarried and childless (third and fourth red flags — but thank Yahweh for small favors) has stated she wants to see White Republican men castrated and their corpses fed to swine.

A professor at Georgetown University known for making incendiary comments against supporters of President Donald Trump said white men deserve “miserable deaths” for supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown in the School of Foreign Service, tweeted Saturday, saying white Republican men should die and an added bonus would be if women “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

Georgetown University, naturally, is standing by their Death Wish Dame, because Georgetown, like almost every American institution of higher un-learning, is filled floor to rafters with despicable anti-White, anti-male, and anti-Christian bolsheviks running the place into the ground.

Fair (what a Waugh-ian name) believes “entitled White men…deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.” And — this should surprise no one — she’s a pitmommy who runs a blog called “Shit Men Say”.

Fair’s Twitter page has a banner that reads, “DON’T GRAB MY PUSSY.” She bills herself in her Twitter bio as a “Scholar of South Asian pol-mil affairs, inter-sectional feminist, pitbull apostle, scotch devotee, nontheist, resister.”

She also runs a blog called ShitMenSay where she doxxes people. It’s about ‘accountability’, she claims. It is a hateful blog.

On that blog, she basically used the space to dox anyone who disagreed with her online.

C. Christine Fair, a Provost’s Distinguished associate professor of security studies at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, started the blog “Shit Men Say” in January 2017. According to the description of the blog, Fair shares “snarcastic missives based upon the shit men (and sometimes  women ) say to me via email, voicemail and comments ‘deposited’ on my various social media” on her page.

In Fair’s posts, she reveals messages she received online along with the personal information pertaining to the people who sent her the messages. She posts her victims’ social media URLs, photos (including family photos), full names, locations, addresses, work information, phone numbers, and email addresses. […]

MRCTV counted approximately 80 posts on Fair’s blog in which she disclosed the personal information of people who sent her messages.

In addition to simply posting personal information, Fair repeatedly shares her victims’ personal information by reblogging the posts so they will result in higher Google search results.

Fair’s Tumblr blog is connected to her Twitter account, which means when she posts someone’s personal information on Tumblr, it is also shared on Twitter.

I bet you’re wondering if her phyzz matches the picture of her you have in your mind:

P R I O R S    V A L I D A T E D

Physiognomy is rael.

Look upon her crazy catlady face, and chortle. Miss Briss is hopped up on a cocktail of SSRIs, toxoplasma gondii, and box wine.

And a (formerly) prestigious university hired her and keeps her on.

There are two big stories here: the catlady apocalypse, and the total convergence of academia to the anti-White male orthodoxy. Both are smoldering ruins who have hit the Wailing Wall.

Christine Fair is Schrödinger’s Catlady, an indefinite paradox of quimtum mechanics that, once she interacts with, or is observed by, the outside world, collapses into a definable state of screeching lunacy. Schrödinger’s Catlady, like the cat, is both dead inside and alive until she is observed, at which point she becomes a cartoonish abstraction to ridicule.

This is the price society pays when pussy goes dry and un-rogered for decades on end, ignored by the Sexy White Boyium the arid pussy’s carrying vessel wishes were dead and fed to swine.

PS Yeaster Egg: this is the same heebsterical broad who confronted Richard Spencer while he was working out and got him kicked out of the gym.

PPS Related: How to spot the various flavors of sociopath.

PMS Also related: “Modify the standards of the in-group“. A reader summarizes:

Superb, detailed article proves role of [the special people] in molding / manipulating public opinion to favor [the special people]. Method: actively reshape in-group standards & reform peer group pressures to become antagonistic to in-group ethnocentrism. Goal: PC white culture that *policed itself* to be more user-friendly to [the special people].

Thanks to the tireless efforts of [the special people], America has become an open air, mass scale psy ops. Orwell would weep if he wasn’t flabbergasted into stunned silence.

A Gabber who will go unnamed (but who is quasi-famous in old time Maul-Right blogger circles), had this to say about the corruption of academia:

Well-meaning sheeple have no idea how loony and hostile the people at our colleges, govt, foundations and media outlets now are. They were always arrogant, of course, but current feminism and SJWism have kicked the insanity level up a *lot* of notches.

We’re at the “tearing the legs off the frogs” stage.

Extricating ourselves from this massive psy ops won’t be easy, but it can be done. Rage won’t work against [the special people]. They feast on our rage knowing, at least for now, it’s largely impotent, and all our rage accomplishes is justifying their increasingly barbed taunts.

But mockery has worked, and does work. Mockery has a salutary effect on the interfaith dialogue, provoking [the special people] to implode and sputter with the same incoherent rage they inspire in the targets of their venom.

For this reason, i’m a big advocate of mockery, which has the power to settle our ancient score in a bloodless manner.

I’m a mocker not a fighter. This is my preferred outcome.

[The special people] can’t handle being mocked by anyone but their own. It’s like telling a nerd he’s not that smart. It hits the ego and the id square on, for if the nerd isn’t smart, what does he have going for himself? Likewise, if [the special person] isn’t fearsome, he becomes that dweeby outsider getting stuffed in lockers by Bretts and laughed at by Ashleys.

A reader astutely notes they can’t handle being mocked…or named.

One of the most effective immunotherapy programs Heritage Americans can undertake to save their nation at this late hour is to highlight, in every medium which is still open to free speech, the stark cultural, biological, psychological, economic, and ideological differences between [the special people] and [the targets of their hate]. Clarity brings the battlefield to view.

And is there a more bittersweet joy in this world than that of the blind man who can suddenly see?

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The Demostasi’s goal was to tar Kavanaugh with the “woman problem” brush like they did with Clarence Thomas, at best nuking his nom but realistically intimidating him to vote like a cuck on Poz Wing issues that would come before the Court.

The Satanic Party has likely miscalculated. Judging by Kav’s performance — his righteous anger and the steely shitlord face that seemed to materialize before our eyes and subsume his niceguy cuckface — I believe he would adjudicate like a Chadlord. He didn’t have cuckface when younger, so maybe a vestigial shitlord phyzz still guides his actions, and after that show trial yesterday I bet the shitlord phyzz assumes durable prominence.

If he’s confirmed, he’ll move the Court to the Far Genghis. Sweet sweet vengeance justice is coming. Like Clarence Thomas, no man can go through that hellfire of demonic slander and not come out unchanged. Kavanaugh may have been a niceguy his whole life, but today he wakes up a warrior.

PS As of this posting, Jeff Flake (R-Coward) is calling for an “FBI investigation”, which is the same thing as voting “no” but with plausible deniability, because he is a sackless cuck.

Flake is trash. He hates Trump, who is the alpha chad he could never be, and this is his petty vindictive payback. Kavanaugh is just collateral damage.

Flake shames his sons. Worse, he betrays them.

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