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The dysfunction of modern Greece and Italy (relative to the Northern European norm) leaves many to wonder how it was the distant ancestors of Greeks and Italians — presumably, the same lineage of people — accomplished so much and built empires when their present-day descendants are mired in corruption and crushing debt. What happened between then and now?

Here’s an answer to that riddle: Maybe the ancient Greeks and Romans weren’t anything like modern Greeks and (southern) Italians. It could be that the ancients were a different ethnicity/race — Northern European.

Nobody really talks about the race of ancients Greeks or Romans. It’s assumed they were swarthy Southern Europeans like the people who live there today. But if they weren’t, if they were instead races created from migrations of pale-skinned, blond-haired Northern Europeans, then that would upset a lot of blank slatists. It would affirm, once again, that genes matter. That the same genetic heritage which allowed the 19th and 20th century Germanics to invent practically the entire edifice of the modern technologically advanced civilized world is the heritage that propelled the world-beating achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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Dr. Giggles draws an astute analogy between the snarky “gotcha questions” that are the empty-headed, but rhetorically potent, semantic weapons of shitlib journalists advocates and the game concept of Beta Bait, which is a form of courtship test that women subconsciously use to smoke out supplicating, sexually thirsty beta males.

It’s amazing how Game is an integral part of a politician’s repertoire. The shitlib’s comments on David Duke wasn’t the only one Trump had to sidestep during the interview. They tried to get him on everything from his personal religious beliefs to his opinions on old controversial topics like Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. DT didn’t take the bait….Which made me realize these gotcha questions are the same thing as Beta Bait!

Precisely. This is why it’s fair to say male shitlibs are wonanly: they attack using the verbal tactics preferred by women. Low T does that to a man.

The shitlib reporter hit Trump with the dating trap equivalent of a girl asking a man if he’s dating anyone else. “Donald, are you seeing David Duke, or any other proudly White supporters? Because if you are we can’t keep dating.”

Trump handled the David Duke question with his usual ZFG alpha male aplomb. “If it makes you feel better, sure I’ll do that for you…” is a huge neg. He basically called the reporter a wussy who needed a better man to stroke his delicate schoolgirl ego.

Neutralzing shitlib journalist beta bait is the same as neutralizing beta bait from women: Ignore it and plow into your favored topic, or reframe it as evidence of a character deficiency of your interlocutor. Either way, remember rule #1: NEVER APOLOGIZE. This includes never acting defensively, or butthurt with the accusation, or offended that your honor has been besmirched. Own the room, own conversation, own your antagonist.

Shitlib: “Do you agree that this latest tragedy of two white reporters shot dead means that we need stricter gun control?”

A Soldier Of Trump: “That’s interesting. Do you think a gun wrote the killer’s anti-White racist manifesto?”

If you can game women, you can game the leftoid media. If you can game the leftoid media, you win.

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Reader PA recoils at some dissident elements who are taking the morbid opportunity of Vester Flanagan’s homosexual black-on-white racist murder spree to dump on the victims for their sin of liberal SWPLness.

She was a pretty girl doing human interest stories. She and her three future White children are gone. He was a technician. Let’s wait to do a vicarious touchdown dance when an American Brevik takes care of a senior editor with a track record.

Yeah dumping on Alison Parker (or Adam Ward) doesn’t make any sense at all. She was an attractive SLENDER white woman (a rare commodity nowadays) who, by all accounts, had a feminine personality (even rarer). Her face radiated sweetness.

However, I was listening to the news (big mistake) and I heard her father (confirmed), give a statement to the press that was straight outta the SWPL SJW leftoid equalist playbook — blame guns, don’t mention the 800 pound faggot chimp in the room — that left me feeling utterly despondent that a large fraction of Whites will ever see the light. They will have to be dragged kicking, screaming, and maybe dying, to the truth.

The human ego is that strong. So strong that it can cloud an ideological liberal father’s mind and make him say things which are the equivalent of pissing on his daughter’s fresh grave. I understand that in his inconceivable grief he may not be thinking straight and is giving in to his cultivated compulsion to blame a convenient liberal token of the anti-White hate machine… in this case, guns… for his daughter’s murder. But a healthy White society doesn’t fill the heads of its liberal contingent with abject lies and false narratives so thoroughly that even the murder of a daughter is incapable of shaking her father from his cherished shibboleths.

A healthy White society speaks power to truth. Clear eyes, full hearts, unpolluted minds. In this aspirational society, a liberal White father who feels antipathy to gun owners would not, as his first instinct, lurch to parrot a liberal political agenda to explain away the murder of his lovely daughter by an envious, resentful, white-hating, violent, homosexually imbalanced black male.

Alison Parker’s father is far from the first liberal father of a daughter murdered by a numinous negro to avoid staring into the abyss for the comfort of his ideological purity. He will not be the last.

Until he literally is the last.

With heavy heart, I concede that liberal Whites are simply irredeemable. If a daughter’s sadistically televised and annotated murder by a buttfucking dindu can’t rouse a father, in his crisis moment of uncontrollable rage and grief, to surrender his conspicuously disproven liberal beliefs in a soul-cleansing warrior’s wail of righteous vengeance that honors the memory of his slain child…

then nothing will.

The inevitable logic of rancid ethnomasochism is death. Of the body and of the ego.

There is no other way out, but betrayal of their equalist-drenched anti-principles.

And when has that ever happened?

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Agree with this guy. The above could be Trump’s 2016 campaign poster. He’d clean up the White vote. And still get more black votes than compassionate cuckservative Bush did. Heh.

The cold-blooded racist anti-White dindu murderer once sued for “racism in the workplace”. It is to laugh.

these are the stakes.
five decades, maybe six, of ruling class and hivemind attack drone anti-white antiracism propaganda
aimed at the soft heart of core america
a weaponized arsenal of semantics
arming and inspiring the fringe antagonists
demonizing and demoralizing
one generation of whites after another
while extolling the numinous barbarians
who multiply in number and in self-regard
a coordinated hate machine of self-denial
and self-dispossession
corrupting the minds of white children
and their parents
and poisoning even their will to survive
to see the world clearly
to grasp the rules of this deadly game
to understand their enemies and to deal with them effectively.
a vicious blackbody, (high yella), like so many of his ingrate kind
imbibes this forty of establishment glorification
of his purity and virtue
until the envy which is his inevitable fate
in a multiparous societal placenta of unequal ability and moral sense
collides with the government sanctioned message
of his angelic goodness
his virility
his smarts and bravado
and, contradictorily, his enervating martyrdom
as he suffers christ-like the burden
of evil, malevolent, invidious white racism
and he becomes convinced
his redemption
lies in the slaughter of his tormentors
after all
who would complain?
two dead happy whites, and one likely crippled white?
to whom would they complain?
those most like them
most expected to defend their place in the world
and a place for their children
long ago
deemed them expendable to the greater cause
Alison Parker’s and Adam Ward’s lifeblood




from the US government’s hands.
from academia’s hands.
from the mass media’s hands.
from every vile sjw’s hand.
from cuckservatives’ hands.

will these treacherous vipers
be held accountable
for creating and sustaining and breathing satanic life into this decades-long war against one people?
for stoking the rage of the enemies of this people?
the one people who, through their ingenuity and fortitude, built the very nest
that swaddles and nourishes
the vipers
who strike at them relentlessly, fangs bared.

we’ll see.

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It used to be that a father’s job was clear and understood by all: To guard his daughters’ chastity and to teach his sons to stand up for themselves. For all his kids, a father’s duty also encompassed control and guidance over their peer groups, assuring that his kids wouldn’t wind up with “the wrong crowd”.

But times have changed. We are in the Post-White America Era, and a father’s number one job now is to defend his children’s minds from infection by the poz (shorthand for degenerate leftoid culture) and anti-White indoctrination. Reader and father Corvo explains by way of example from his own life:

My 8 year-old son and I were at the library this morning. He picks out several books to borrow and shows them to me: 2 of them were some variant of “Shaneequa has to sit in the back of the bus” / “Darflavius wanted to vote” libtrash propaganda.

I told him to put those two back because they’re full of lies and half-truths all about making white people look bad; when he finds one that shows that without white people Darflavius would be living in a mud hut and shitting himself to death of cholera in Africa or living as a slave to some black slavemaster in the Congo, then he can read about how bad that seat in the back of the bus is by comparison.

Hard truths need to be introduced early if we’re going to inoculate our kids against the anti white hate out there.

The stream of anti-White filth has gushed into a torrent, washing away the edifice of America like limestone under assault from the ocean surf. I know it’s tempting for parents to pacify their kids by hooking them up to iPhones, iPads, and the TV, but this “plug and pray” method of lackadaisical parenting is a surefire way to fill their heads with lies and equalist antiracism garbage. Parents who want to instill self-pride in their charges, to cultivate in them a strong identity that, yes, includes pride in their racial pedigree, will have no choice but to take a more active role policing how their kids entertain themselves.

Parents may have to lead by example. Trash your TV and limit your cell use. Ban the tentacles of social media from your household. Tell the race cucks of the predominant culture to go fuck themselves, in other words. Hey, here’s a suggestion: substitute all that electronic memetic warfare with some blood and soil activities. Go outside and toss a ball around with your kids. You’ll shed a few flabbo pounds in the process.

Why not involve mothers in this? Well, practically, I don’t see mothers having it in them to do this job. This is one which fathers are temperamentally equipped to handle. How many mothers do you know who seem ready and willing to ditch their access to 24/7 gossip generators? Certainly, there are exceptions, and if you happen to know a mother who takes seriously the job of protecting her children from anti-White cultural messages, then by all means compliment her for her foresight, because in the social sphere women need and thrive on words of encouragement that enable them to defy the womanly herd.

PA adds,

Well done. If you had a country of your own, you could be hands-off and let society help you shape your children. That’s what countries and cultures are for. It does take a village.

But under an occupant, parents have to be proactive and vigilant. Every occupied nation in history had understood that, and “the hand that rocked the cradle” quietly told the child who he is. The tragedy of Murka is that many parents do not know that they are a conquered nation under an enemy occupant.

“A country of your own”. This is the tragedy of Post-America. There was a time you could hand your kids off — to other kids, to other parents, to schoolteachers, to the bosom of mother earth and her bounty of adventures — and rest easy knowing that they would receive a real life education that would meet your approval.

We no longer have a country of our own, haven’t had for a while, but many parents are still unaware of how entrenched the official anti-White narrative has become, and they allow, blindly, fruitlessly, another hand to rock their children’s cradles.

There is always when observing massive cultural shifts a peculiar lag time between the establishment of the new paradigm and the recognition of the existence of that paradigm by the masses, and during this period of ignorance malevolent forces run wild with the zeal of revolutionaries. But they always overreach, and the masses always wake up. When the awakening happens, the brutality of the vengeance meted upon the enemy will be commensurate with the length of delay between the onset of hostilities and the acceptance by the targets of those hostilities that they are indeed under attack.

Corvo continues,

I noticed that the anti-white indoctrination has started even in elementary school. We haven’t hit the haul-my-cost yet but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Last year, in second grade, my son was happy he could skip doing one of his assigned December homework worksheets when he learned that our family’s position is that “Kwanza is not a real holiday.”

Small, individual acts of defiance embolden the anti-White enemy to stamp out rebel agitators, which they do with glee and awful effectiveness. Small acts of defiance multiplied by a million.. and then a million more… now you’re cooking (the Hivemind) with gas.

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Does Roosh have any recourse to sue this feminist, Haley Yael, into submission?

Posting flyers with a man’s photo and an accompanying “sexual predator” libel seems to me to violate some basic international legal protections, not to mention common decency. Not that I would ever expect common decency from feminist cunts, but it’s always helpful to remind people how deranged the mouthpieces for the “social justice” movement have become.

Upside: This will immeasurably boost Roosh’s infamy, which will not coincidentally increase the pool of women, feminist or otherwise, who secretly and not so secretly want to experience his Bang philosophy firsthand.

PS Kudos for the trolling operation here.

Canada… where the men put things up their butts and the women fantasize about being attractive to rapists.

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Commenter Dr Giggles passes along a funny real-life confirmation of the CH observation that pit bulls have become a save-a-thug-dog accessory for SWPLs who just can’t stop status whoring by redirecting their overcharged altruistic impulse past fellow badwhites (and the dogs preferred by badwhites, such as labs) and onto blacks and the dogs most resembling blacks in scowl and tendency to spontaneous violence.

I’d like to point out that this isn’t the first time CH has called out Shitlib High Priest Ira Glass on his mewling, manlet mannerisms. Years ago CH wrote about a trend involving SWPLs (predecessors to SJWs and Shitlibs) adopting rescue pit bulls. CH thoroughly dismissed their selfish intentions as nothing more than a savior complex gone sideways.


Well, guess who owns one and then did a story about how disastrous it has been for him? Not only does Glass’ pit bull, Piney, ruin his social life by attacking visitors, but the damn thing attacks him and his wife regularly. On top of that he has to buy exotic food, like kangaroo meat because Piney gets allergies. The dog also gets prescribed Valium by the vet. Glass puts up with it on account of his wife, and with the help of some monster sized hamster pellets.


A part of me would love it if more SWPLs adopted rescue pit bulls and had their faces torn off in the middle of the night because their pit bulls inexplicably went on unprovoked chomp-outs. But then there are the SWPL kids, innocent bystanders to their parents’ warped delusions about the world and need to preen for other SWPLs by taking on dog cuck projects, with whom one must sympathize. Pit bulls are known to have a real taste for yummy infant meat.

Predictably, after the shitlib gets his face eaten off, he’ll blame dog discrimination and his knapsack of white dog owner privilege, and say that although he was disappointed in his pit bull, Flaytavious, more needs to be done to lift this misunderstood breed out of poverty and hopelessness.


hosswire adds a comment about dog breeds so full of shitlib pants-wetting implications for humanity that it’s a wonder the Ministry of Hateful Anti-Hate Censorship didn’t flag it for “disappearance”.

Before 1835, the most vicious dog breed around was probably the Bulldog. It was bred to fight, or bait, bulls for entertainment. With an aggressive temperament, underslung jaw and thick neck, it attacked bulls in a ring, latching its teeth onto the bull’s nose and hanging on until the bull collapsed.

Once bull-baiting was outlawed in the UK, some called for the eradication of the breed. Instead, breeders deliberately bred the aggressiveness out of the breed, selecting the most gentle and calm specimens and eliminating the rest. Today, the English Bulldog is a pretty safe choice for a family pet.

The same thing could happen with pit bulls, if breeders and owners chose to do it. But it’s unlikely, as long as people continue to deny that it is inherently aggressive to start with.

The first step in progress is to stop telling lies. The rest of the steps are a piece of cake after that first step.

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