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A study of political bias in academia (accidentally) found that the more women there are in a college discipline, the more politically correct that discipline becomes.

Then Simmons analyzes disciplines, and finds sharp differences — largely consistent with previous studies about disciplines and political leanings. Humanities and social science fields tend to have higher politically correct rankings, while professional and science disciplines do not. The table that follows is in order of political correctness. Psychology is the only field where a majority of professors are politically correct. Four fields — finance, management information, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering — had no one who was politically correct.

Sociology and English were the other two disciplines in which the faculty were predominantly politically correct.

It’s not just the sex composition of the faculty that drives an academic discipline into the arms of Clown World. Psychology, Sociology, and English also have more female than male students. A female-skewed faculty plus a female-skewed student body is essentially a recipe-swapping club; where dykey cat ladies and their callow charges mutually reinforce their vapid religious beliefs and turn the university into a safe space where all emotions are validated and all uncomfortable facts are suppressed.

The menopausal cat ladies running the show in the soft disciplines are the ultimate conformist suck-ups and feelz addicts. Their First Amendment would read: “Does the speech make me feel good? It’s free. Does the speech rattle my cat carrier? It’s illegal.”

It’s an undeniable truth that women as a sex value emotions over facts, and men the opposite. It’s why male dominated disciplines like engineering and finance eschew political correctness in favor of telling it like it is. This problem of female skew exacerbating political correctness will only get worse because nationally colleges are now 60-40 women to men. Fewer male faculty and male students means the brake lines on poopytalk have been cut and the majority female campuses are careening over a cliffside of unscientific nonsense and overheated platitudes. When the rot reaches the engineering departments, it’ll be time to avoid driving over bridges.

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The vulnerable underbelly of the Leftoid Fuggernaut is the First Amendment. This is why leftoids have recently taken to dismissively snarking about “freeze peach” and claiming that hate speech isn’t covered by the First Amendment…they know that this is their biggest weakness if the Right decides to focus its firepower there instead of turning its guns against allies or retreating to the coward’s haven of fealty to high minded principles that conveniently excuse them from the battlefield fight.

I overhead a conversation at a table of Uptalking Vegetable Lasagnas…three un-hued males, two mystery meat women…talking politics. One of the soyboys croaked, “…it’s really problematic…”


I pause here for station identification and a programming note that this upstart male actually used the word “problematic”. For a time, I thought “problematic” was a funny meme cooked up in the 4chan labs to skewer how shitlibs talk. I didn’t think it was documentation of shitlib speech habits in the wild.


“…that the alt-right is trying to co-opt the First Amendment….”

I tuned out after that, but not before jotting a mental reminder to post about that particular snippet of lib-id. The Left is afraid, really afraid, that they are losing, or have lost, the moral high ground on the subject of free speech and free assembly. And they would be right to fear it, because they have done nothing but sneer at free speech contemptuously for the past few years, pass hate speech codes on campuses nationwide, violently protest alt-right rallies, dox and destroy the livelihoods of anyone caught saying a bad word somewhere on social media, kick crimethinkers off the internet, and glibly call for physical violence against anyone who speaks unauthorized opinions on subjects that shitlibs deem closed to further review.

It’s perfectly reasonable to accuse the shitliberal establishment of anti-Americanism and label them heirs to the Orwellian Big Brother nightmare, because their actions prove they don’t believe a word of the First Amendment. Deep in their BPA-saturated hearts, the saner shitlibs feel a twinge of discomfort about the anti-free speech direction their rule has taken of late. This is the fissure into which smart maul-righters can drive a sharp wedge fracturing the Anti-White Leftoid Alliance, peeling off some of the red-blue mixed Purple Pilled White libs from the nonwhites and (((whites))) who don’t give a flying fuck about the principles of Anglo governance and the racial temperament from which those principles derive. The White libs who still harbor a quaint respect for the First Amendment won’t convert, but they’ll “retire” from politics and take their competence with them.

Alt-Righters should be hitting this free speech angle HARD. Every rally should feature the defense of free speech and assembly as its unifying theme, because free speech permits the expression and exposure of every other theme that energizes the pro-White counterculture. Freedom to express ideas without getting fired or purged or blacklisted means that there’s a chance those ideas percolate into mass consciousness and the needle moves away from the Lies and Ugliness of Equalism and toward Truth and Beauty.

Free speech is the first right enunciated in the Bill of Rights for a reason. Without it, all other rights are effectively voided. Given its importance to a republic, the default defense of free speech should always err on the side of absolutism.

Codified free speech is uniquely American. It’s what sets us apart from the rest of the benighted world, and from our ancestral homelands in Europe. It’s why when we’re kids learning about the Bill of Rights, we feel pride in our 1A heritage. It’s as American as apple pie and imported chinese junk. The Wild-Right needs to own free speech and assembly, and hang the smelly albatross of speech criminalization on the Leftoid Fuggernaut. Champion 1A, and the rest of your revolutionary pro-White agenda starts to look more A-1 to normies.

PS In case I haven’t already linked to this, here’s Pleasurecel on the importance of fighting tooth and nail for the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.

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Physicists are always searching for that unifying Theory of Everything that ties all the loose ends together and accounts for all phenomena. In the sociopolitical realm, that Theory of Everything is already discovered: Anti-White Animus. Once you see all the actions of our present-day ruling classes and their morbidly obedient anti-First Amendment lackeys through the clarifying lens of Anti-White Animus, everything happening in the West makes sense.

From Gab, @Atavator writes,

Why the animus rules: white delusion. The biggest error of whites: the assumption that nature defaults to a condition where justice is distinguished from vengeance. WhItes rarely see the hatred for what it is.

It’s a truism that we are often blind to our own existential flaws, given that humans have evolved an ego-fortifying habit of mind to overconfidence in our rightness and other’s wrongness. Whites of NW European extraction may be afflicted the worst with this condition, which is ironic considering that recognizing their flaw in thinking will be what saves them from their own evolutionarily refined and exquisite taste in navel-gazing introspection and empathic identification.

@MadScienceType adds,

Biggest problem is decades of globohomo agitprop has convinced whites that non-whites are Just Like Us. Whites naturally project their non-sociopath gestalt onto sociopathic groups of parasites. Globohomo propaganda reinforces this with dopamine hits (“virtue signaling”) to insane degree.

Totally agree. My opinion on Globohomo anti-White agitprop is that it requires a genetically susceptible audience to gain a toehold, but that given enough time and propagandistic energy, the agitprop can successfully amplify the existing moral degeneracy of the host audience and even flip those on the margin between wokeness and anti-Whiteness into the false consciousness of race equalism.

Universalist Whites of the West will need to destroy the Globohomo propaganda hate machine, AND they will need the help, in interbred blood or electoral power, of their clannish White brethren to prevent the West from driving off the cliff. Trump has channeled both forces, but he can’t do it alone. He needs his people to keep him honest.

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Uh oh.

“People are treating those phones like they are gods,” she said. “They’re bowing down to it at the table, bowing down to it when they’re walking. Here we say we don’t bow down to idols, and that’s getting dangerously close, I think.”

Story. Greg Cochran once wrote that the Amish exemplify the natural selection process he calls “boiling off”, meaning that every generation there’s a time in an Amish person’s life when he or she can choose to join “the English” (i.e., the outside world….haha if only the naive Amish knew how little of the “English” remain in America) or stay within the Amish fold. What happens is that a certain percentage of Amish leave (boil off) and what’s left behind is a community with distilled “Amishness”, more Amish than the previous generation with all the behavioral characteristics and beliefs that entails.

But it often happens that technology outpaces natural selection. What happens when the iBorg infects the Amish community with its iDivide algorithms faster than the Amish can boil off their least committed community members? You get what you see in the photo above: a portent of a fully assimilated and converged Amish holdout.

The good news: the Amish population has increased 150% in the last 25 years, thanks to their women marrying young and birthing a-plenty. I’d much rather the Amish inherit the future of America than the urban yenta shitlib cuntsortium and swarth swarms.

The bad news: iBorg will rapidly decrease Amish female fertility. And America will have lost something truly precious: a living memory of what this nation was like before it succumbed to the Globohomo contagion.

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A big pet peeve of mine is the smugness of our current elites. They’re all hubris, no perspective. Giant walking talking egos which must constantly feed or deflate instantly with the tiniest puncture to the moral, lifestyle and credentialati bubbles they live in.

They haven’t just abandoned noblesse oblige, they’ve trashed it and replaced it with its evil twin noblesse malice. Whatever tenuous organic and emotional connection the American ruling class had to the nation which they deign to lead is now totally severed. They act more like usurpers than as sons and daughters of the land.

And our elite buttress their entitlement and vanity with the requisite empty rhetoric deployed with no other purpose than to shut down criticism of their rule. Take Paul Ryantifa. FOR ONCE, I’d like to hear a reporter ask CuckRyan what he means by “that’s not who we are”? Who are we, specifically, Mz. Ryan? Explain in clear English and with no recourse to tautologies that invoke killwords like racist and white supremacy. Push these fuckers against the wall with their own vapid rhetoric.

As a reader wrote, “you don’t get to tell us who we are…we tell you who we are.”

Our Globohomo rulers seem to think they are gods, dispensing wisdom and truths which are only accessible to them through divine sanction. “WE will tell you who you are, pleb!” It’s like thecunt hillary saying she wouldn’t give “absolution” to those voters who didn’t bother to vote for her, as if she is some earthbound deity before whom the rabble must bow, and from whom mercy, or divine judgment, flow unchallenged.

Gabber @AlCynic calls this mental invanity “autodeification”, and pins the causative factor in its infectious spread on postmodernism, or what I have termed Equalism.

Postmodernism has resulted in autodeification.
They think they are divine by their own hand.
It’s not an illusion, it’s not rhetoric.
It’s insanity, but true.

Pride cometh before the fall, and there’s no greater pride than thinking oneself arbiter of all that is holy and right and those who would oppose you as unholy and immoral deplorables. What happened, Hillary? What happened is you thought yourself a god among mere mortals, when you are nothing but a rancid psychopathic narcissistic cunt of the most foul self-entitlement pedigree. And now you have jumped the precipice, and to shield you from the abject humiliation you so karmally deserve and which you have spent a lifetime imposing on your enemies through cackles of sadistic glee, your morbidly obedient Bezosian lackeys assiduously scrub one star reviews from your book’s Amazon page.

But the tenor of the times have changed, thanks in part to outposts of TruthLove and HateUgly like this ‘umble web abode. See through you and your ilk, we do. The GodCunt has no pantsuit. We point and mock and soon, the people will see you and your priestess aristocrats for what you all are: nakedly self-serving spoiled rich brats hawking a Fake Morality for a Fake Religion called Globalism, aka the vanity project of greedy rootless deracinated wealth capturers.

Another reader writes, “Equalism should be attacked like the start-up religion that it is. All value is derived from inequality. If we are all totally equal we are all totally unnecessary.”

It really is a start-up religion. Equalism is the perfect un-truth for the globohomoists to proselytize, because it presupposes equal outcomes and that any difference in outcomes is the result of discrimination (by BadWhites). The GoodWhites who sit at the top of the human hierarchy cashing in on their inherited suite of cognitive traits that allows them to maximally exploit the currently operative environment governing human status wars bear the duty to enlighten the Noticers and, failing that, to ostracize and silence them. An amorphous and ill-defined enemy is identified (“fellow White people”), and the elite are inoculated from the threat of precision-targeted rage of the masses. Equalism allows the elite to have their cake and eat it.

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If the West does well and truly disappear from the face of the earth, my celestial form will lay the blame squarely ‘twixt the open thighs of the West’s White women. Skank you very much, ladies!

Funniest Twatter comments to that photo:

She may be a Guardian reporter interviewing him about institutional oppression of minorities while respecting his cultural requirements.


Maybe the migrant just cashed his welfare check. Money talks.




Migrants aren’t subject to Feminism’s laws, so they can be “real men”, and that turns them on.

If only western men would overthrow Feminism


Well, they have successfully neutered white men. Hardly surprising they are looking to other groups to dominate them.

Those last two commenters get very close to the truth of the  matter. The West’s White men have been castrated by chemfare, feminism, and titanic globohomo social forces that have masculinized our women and feminized our men. Seeking the strong embrace of unrestricted masculinity (or an ebony street shitting facsimile thereof), Western White women spread their legs — rhetorically, politically, and all too often literally — for dirt world dick. If White men don’t reclaim the mantle of alpha male dominance, they will lose their women for good. Women have evolved to survive, which for them means bending over lubriciously and accepting the spear tips of the successfully invading tribes.

It doesn’t matter much this specific Italian white woman’s status. Whether prostitute, unpaid whore, drug addict, feminist soldierette, low self-esteem basket-case with daddy issues, or high self-esteem narcissistic slut, she is emblematic of a deadly corruption snaking its way through the limbic system of Western White women. For every White ho getting pumped in an actual dump by a Bringer of Darkness advance colonizer, there are ten White hos hooking up with migrants in more discreet locations, and one thousand White hos shrieking like crazed banshees for the West’s borders to be opened wide to third world filth and impregnated with decay, destruction, and destitution.

Anyhow, judging by the details available in the photo, she doesn’t look like a common street whore to me. Her legs are too long and smooth, and her thigh-high boots are in pristine condition. If her face matches what we can see of her body, she is probably attractive. She may be an escort, but then how could this gutter cretin afford her? Others have suggested she’s being raped. It doesn’t look that way to me either, based on her languid body language and relaxed arms, but I’m open to the possibility the photo caught a rape in progress right at the moment it appeared as if she was enjoying herself.

Finally, there is the dismissive argument that she’s low self-esteem, with the implication that we can’t deduce anything about the general psychic trajectory of Western White women from her particular degradation. My answer to that is: how many low self esteem white women can the West accommodate before the rot reaches the beating heart? Seems like the numbers of them increase year over year.

Trash Pile Game (h/t @jackmckrack) will be noticed by White men as an effective seduction technique to win the lip-split loins of sexy White women. This is the dystopia Western White women are ushering with their decision for the Night Christ: normally conscientious and considerate White men opting out of Ye Olde Dating Market that sustained civilization and instead culturally appropriating the pickup techniques of the world’s swarthswarm. Can you blame them? Why slave away in a cube farm and take women out for nice dinners when you can just rustle up with your trash pile bed and fuck thots in broad daylight?

We’re gonna need a bigger pimp hand to save Western White women from themselves. The femcunt complaint about “toxic masculinity” is pure skankological projection to assuage their guilt over feeling less than enthused about the effeminate thirsty males who gravitate into their orbits. The women of the West are begging for the masculinity that has gone missing in the men of the West. What Western White women need now more than ever is a Masculinity Detox. Masculine White men will release the latent femininity of their White women, and prevent more women from infection by the Androgyny Strain.

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Lichtof, on attending a mimosa brunch in a major shitlibopolis:

One of my many red pill moments was living in a DC suburb and having to go to a mimosa brunch thing that bitches love.
My girl wanted to show me off.
6 other couples at the table all engaged or married and every one of the ‘men’ could have passed as gay. They even dressed gay..pink clothing…shorts..and all with high voices.
Me being hungover I thought I’d stumbled on a joke or something.
I acted a jerk and had two of the bitches eating out of my hand and none of the other ‘men’ knew what was going on.

Aside…I turned down a fuck from a white Colombian last year. A farmer’s daughter ..attractive, fit and I’d say loved a good fuck but she had big shoulders and just a little too much ‘t’.

Ladies, we men of impeccable taste and evolved slaydar can spot the slightest deviation from normal T levels in women…the shoulders that are a 1/4 inch too wide in relation to hip width, the gorilla feet, the man hands, the dusky tufts of lip hair, the pubic thatch that migrates across the pelvis-thigh crease (the nappy valley), the narrow hips, the wider waist (even if toned and taut), the flattened swayback, and of course the mark of the Lawyercunt Beast, the manjaw.

To the larger point, cities and in particular shitlibopolis strongholds that have a new pet grooming store open every week, become beacons for effete males where they resettle in large numbers and their scent of overactive aromatase suffuses the air. This scent is a turn-off to women, including the effete male’s polar opposite the high T careerist shrike. But libchicks love these harmless puffboys as asexual company whose only purpose appears to be inflating the egos of crass unfeminine bitterbitch pussyhatters.

Oh sure, occasionally a puffboy will pair off with a pussyhatter (usually after the pussyhatter has run a marathon through MAGA cad cock and needs the shitlib social acceptability imprimatur of a compliant beta borefriend), but you can tell neither of their hearts are into it; they’re hooking up for appearances rather than passion.

Worse, the coastal cities produce endemic toxins via food and culture channels that saps its male inhabitants of their T. So a double T whammy sets up….nancyboys gravitate to the cities, and their nancy-ness is amplified to an acute degree by the urban lifestyle. Only the strongest and most willful of MAGAmen can resist urban gayification. You have to be extremely confident in your masculinity to spend a lot of time in the cities plundering the sexually unfulfilled shitlib chicks downing mimosas by the vat to help them forget they’re on the slow track to a loveless marriage with uptalking vegetable lasagnas without worrying that you’ll become one of them.

The good news for men who don’t measure up to a Paul Bunyon standard is that it doesn’t take much inborn masculinity to shine like a diamond dick in a shitlibopolis. A recognizable bicep, a neck thicker than a pencil, a voice that doesn’t mimic little girls at play, and a cheeky ZFG attitude that isn’t concerned with constantly assuaging girls’ egos and reaffirming their insipid politics is enough to storm a pink-hued brunch like a Viking Berserker and insinuate yourself into the sexual fantasies of an entire HR department’s worth of alpha-starved feminist Trump haters.

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