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Peeple is a new app in a long line of privacy destroying, character assassinating, surveillance state facilitating, attention whore enabling apps that went live recently and promises to hasten the end of Western Civilization.

For those in the dark, Peeple is a human ranking app. Character is currency on Peeple.

When the app does launch, probably in late November, you will be able to assign reviews and one- to five-star ratings to everyone you know: your exes, your co-workers, the old guy who lives next door. You can’t opt out — once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it’s there unless you violate the site’s terms of service. And you can’t delete bad, inaccurate or biased reviews — that would defeat the whole purpose.

Imagine every interaction you’ve ever had suddenly open to the scrutiny of the Internet public.

Naturally, two nosy broads co-founded the company.

After public outcry, Peeple caved on their initial negative review guidelines and apparently users can now contest posted bad reviews. (Good luck with that.) Also, you have to have a registered Peeple account for negative reviews to show; otherwise only positive reviews are displayed.

Comment from James:

Assuming this app is successful, what new markets would it create or change?

1. phone numbers and email addresses become sacred. A cloaking device which hides numbers/addresses could be installed on each phone. if you’re in proximity to someone else, you could accept that person’s handle name, without ever know their contact details. You or this person could block each other if things turn sour.

2. The demand for multiple names would go up. People will develop separate names for family, friends, work, the State and relationships. This will become a headache for, not only the authorities, but also banks and courts. It will resemble something like the Native American naming system. Pick-up Artists have already figured this out.

3. The demand for social media declines. (I feel like we’ve already reached peak social media, but that’s just me.)

I’ve been saying that full suite anonymizing apps and network privacy solutions with shallow learning curves will be the next big thing, because the market for them is YUGE and untapped. TOR and TAILS and VPNs are great, but they are still only usable by a small minority of tech-savvy customers sufficiently motivated to search for and install these cloaking devices. The average American 1. doesn’t fully grasp the nature of the online threat to his privacy and identity and 2. doesn’t have the time or smarts to grapple with the privacy-enhancing tools currently available.

To any budding entrepreneurs with an interest in cyber anonymizing, this is your moment. A simple, one-click app that can effectively conceal online identity from corporations, government, and psychostalker exes will absolutely COMMAND customer response and loyalty. Why there’s nothing like it yet is a mystery to me.

Anyhow, as James hinted at, Peeple is an exciting new exploit for pickup artists. If Peeple gets a reputation for aliases, then any girl using it would not be able to discern a regular Peepler from a PUA Peepler. Sowing that much confusion allows the sneaky fucker with the 007 alias to operate with plausible deniability. Imagine a girlishly tentative post-coital inquiry: “Your name’s not John?” “Oh yeah, that’s not my real name. You know how it is on Peeple. No one uses their real names.”

Another advantage of Peeple to PUAs is, of course, the ability to manipulate its review system and thus girls’ perceptions. Fake female accounts to add positive rankings to one’s profile would trigger the “preselected by women” algorithm in curious viewers. Or, the aspiring modren womanizer could try the opposite tack and flood his profile with low rankings and conspicuously bitter butthurt reviews that read like the pained regrets of disgruntled ex-girlfriends and puzzled one night stands. This “jerkboy verification” via third party bitching has a powerful effect on spectating girls — especially the younger, hotter, tighter, asshole-adoring girls that every man really wants — who will be drawn, uncontrollably, to a bad man who has left such a lengthy trail of broken hearts.

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What is the ideal man? Twatter Agree&Amplify writes,

The ideal man combines the culture of the (sane) liberal, and the fight/masculinity of the conservative-type.

The liberal environment — or, rather, the environment created by conservative scientist and engineer Whites that attracts a lot of White liberals who then build upon the civilized foundation — has a lot of good things going for it. If only xenophilic, virtue signaling libfags would learn that fewer Whites = fewer good things. Guys with gun racks and ATVs may scoff at bike lanes, but biking around a gleaming city unspoiled by crime and grime is a pleasure in its own right, (although perhaps not on the level of watching a sunset dip below a m0untain ridge).

Twatter a.p.hill, channeling Anonymous Conservative and the r/K theory of human organization, adds,

Libs have smaller amygdalae. Learn too late enrichment is a poison pill. Warrior kept poet in line. Feminism killed warrior.

Conservatives need liberals for their creativity and (usually) aesthetic lifestyle sensibilities. Liberals need conservatives for their guardianship and wisdom. Too few liberals, and conservative society can become static and self-satisfied. Too few conservatives, and liberal society can become self-destructive.

In this view, conservatives are the more crucial linchpin to civilization. Without liberals, we might have worse movies and fewer charming coffee shops. But without conservatives, we might have no civilization at all, having handed over the keys to the White kingdom to babbling barbarians.

So there is something to this formulation that amygdalae-deficient shitlibs, poets till the consummating end, need (if not consciously want) the pimp hand of warriors with full hearts and clear eyes to stop shitlibs from blowing up the nation and taking everyone down with them.

In normal historical cycles, the warrior would ascend in times of decadence and social disconnection to bring balance to the force. But these are not normal times. Feminism, the ideological spawn of Satan and his thousand reptilian succubi, thwarts the natural ascendancy of the warrior class, allowing the shitlib devolution to continue unhindered and unchecked. Feminists must therefore be defeated in order to pave the way for the rising warrior class to defeat the platitude-drowning shitlibs. The Chateau has not been sadistically discrediting feminists for this long without good reason.

The ((( Rebbe ))) sums it up:

[White liberal utopias] cannot exist long term. Complacency > Degeneracy > Self-Destruction.

Americans may be fated to abide this dismal decivilizing loop., no matter how many Trumpenings crest the battlefield. If I’m right, then so is my prescription: Poolside, watching the conflagration complete its appointed mission. If I’m wrong, and I hope I am, then Trump is just the first trumpet blast of many more White heralds to come.

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Does anti-Gentilism or pro-Globalism primarily motivate diaspora Jewish Leftism? Submitted for your consideration, two insightful comments, the first arguing for the former explanation and the second for the latter explanation.

(This is a WHITE hot topic. Please keep your comments smart and funny, not boring and repetitive. Yeah, that’s right, I’m looking at you 👉.)

Arguing the anti-Gentilism case, reader Name Redacted writes from his personal experience,

Having been raised a Catholic who married into a Jewish family and lived among the Tribe for a decade or so, I think I am uniquely qualified to address this issue.

Jews in the U.S. support left-wing causes not for the causes themselves, but because they see those causes as a way to stick it to the Christian majority. I don’t think most of them do this consciously. But a lot of them equate “white America” with “oppression” and “conformity” and believe the patriarchal white majority is something that needs to be usurped.

This explains why Jews were the architects of feminism and the backers of the ’60s Civil Rights Movement. What better way to screw up Christian families and majority-Christian neighborhoods? This also explains a lot [about] 20th century art. Jews don’t create to entertain so much as “break boundaries” — boundaries which, of course, were put there by Christian morality.

This also explains why different rules apply when it comes to Jews and Israel vs. Jews and America. “Open borders for thee, but not for me!”

This way of thinking is so ingrained in Jewish families, I’m not sure they’re even conscious of it. But once you start realizing this is what they’re up to, a lot of things take on a more sinister tone, such as their obsession with calling out so-called Christian hypocrisy.

This includes everything from Paul Simon’s snide “Jesus loves you” lines in “Mrs. Robinson” to Billy Joel’s anti-Catholic “Only the Good Die Young” to the trashy “Two and a Half Men” airing in prime time to countless Hollywood films that trash Middle American values. I’d give examples of the last of these, but generally avoid mainstream movies. [ed: “American Beauty” is a subversively vile representative of the genre.]

Then there are the scads of Jewish “sexperts,” and the people of the porn industry, all of whom want to “liberate” your daughters from the “oppression” of the very Christian values that made this country work to begin with.

Put it all together, and basically it comes down to “how can we destroy the Christians of America?”. Christians — or people who just think Christianity is what helped make America — should think about this before consuming any Jewish art — from books to CDs to movies to porn. You’re essentially paying for the demise of society by buying it — or buying into it.

One thing I’ve seen a lot more of recently is open Jewish-American hostility to “nativists”. I can only guess that a lengthy time in power has fractured the filters that used to massage this kind of anti-White rhetoric into something more palatable to a wide audience.


Arguing for the more benign, less overtly antagonistic pro-Globalism (aka pro-Rootless Cosmopolitanism, pro-“one happy family”) explanation is a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

Really interesting posts re: Jews and Leftism. Lots to think about, and I think you’re on target or close in several areas. There are a couple more things worth thinking about, because they either pertain to the alt-Right or serve as food for thought.


I think The Man Who Was isn’t entirely wrong, but the answer to the “why” here goes into history and psych in other ways. It has a lot to do with a Jewish split in the modern era, where a significant chunk of Jews became very attracted to the 2 great poles of modernity: Britain/ the USA, and Marxism/Soviet Union. Both, in their own ways, promised them the same thing:

“You can be one of us/ ‘normal’ here.”

Obviously, the ironies abound in both cases. But that was the lure, and it was a doozy.

It’s a whole book to explain how that spun out, and I don’t think it has been done. But the route through The Cathedral becomes pretty obvious when those are your 2 magnetic poles. And in psych terms, if that promise meant a LOT to you, but you were always worried about it turning out to be a mirage… what might one predict as traits, allegiances, and then the follow-on effects of traits and allegiances compounding? [ed: a genetic, innate neuroticism would exacerbate any worries about “fitting in”, possibly driving those worries to a pathological (self-harming) degree of expression.]

In Israel, you will still hear an echoing longing to be a ‘normal’ country among the Left. You can likewise imagine where this leads in r/K terms.

The irony that the actions produced by one’s fears and perceived lacks will end up conjuring the very things one fears in the end (hellooo every beta!)… well, humans are smart but that rarely means rational.

I’ll finish with a triggering thought: the alt-Right’s relationship to The Cathedral has a ton of things in common with the Jewish situation during the Middle Ages.

Which means a dispassionate analysis of Jewish history, options, and decisions (good/ stupid/ otherwise) would actually be very productive for its thinkers. Yeah, I know, the Jamaican bobsled team is more likely to win Olympic Gold. Still…


The real answer to Ponce’s “who are the seculars” question is:

Maybe you know some Christians that only go to Church once a year, if that, and who would have 50/50 odds that they could correctly recite a prayer if their life depended on it? It’s a lot like that.

There are Consequences.

Unsurprisingly, Jewish intermarriage outside the religion within the American secular/”Reform” community approaches 70%. Yes, there’s much hand-wringing. But objectively, why not 70%? Jews who don’t really believe in Judaism marry Christians who don’t really believe in Christianity. The Cathedral is their real mutual religion, and religion it is. Few stay Jewish. If they do, they’re in the Cathedralized sectors of Judaism (esp. “Reform”).

Note that for Reform/secular Jews in America, I think fertility is about 1.8. That, plus intermarriage, is Chekov’s Gun.

Intermarriage is much lower among the Orthodox, and families north of 5 kids are common and expected. Indeed, there are special community institutions designed to make this affordable – which the alt-Right should research to copy. Low intermarriage. Early marriage (indeed, some are still arranged marriages), and the requirement of a religious divorce alongside the civil (you can’t remarry within the Orthodox without a “Get”), tends to lock both men and women down. Women marry early and have kid after kid during their fertile period. They exit the other end well past The Wall. Men are faced with 5+ kids at 40, imagine the child support costs.

It takes about 3 generations for a 90/10 population ratio with these kinds of contrasts to make the 10% a majority – and the leap to majority status isn’t linear. Within the American Jewish community, that 3rd generation is just being born.

Demography is destiny.


Israel may be different, but only because the Orthodox there are shifting the whole population to be more religious and have more kids of their own. Israel is moving in the opposite direction to most Western countries, and you’d expect that result when a culturally cohesive group with a program like that can be a much bigger slice of the national culture (still only 15-18% – THIS generation).

It’s fascinating to watch.

Liberal Jews are openly nervous, in an era when those Jews who have bowed down to Leftism must pledge hostility to Jewish expression as part of the bargain. Secular/Reform Jews would often rather dialogue with Muslim terrorists than the Orthodox. Which of course. Rabbits gonna rabbit.

You may start to notice unflattering portrayals of Jewish Orthodox, starting recently with kerfuffles about them not wanting to sit next to women on airlines. I expect that to ramp up. And guess who is super-visible and will be targeted first by the Mideast Die-versity mainstream Judaism has shepherded in?

I know you aren’t exactly friendly to Jews. [ed: this is not true in practice. only in the abstract, where ideas about the national question get tossed around] And I get why. Many have betrayed the only non-Jewish civilization that offered them any real hope. That they betrayed their G-d and religion first doesn’t soften the blow much.

All I’ll say is, imagine a group who takes religion seriously, has a tested program that controls hypergamy, has a raw grudge to nurse with Leftism, and believes in various shadings of separation in place. Imagine that such a group becomes the default concept of “Jew” within 20 years.

It’s easy if you try.

Now, the allegiances of that group – and their situation – those are big TBDs. I really wonder if Neoreaction’s Plan (per free Northerner) might work well with this set, when the time comes. And there might be some clever ways to plant that seed now, while strengthening the alt-Right’s program.

Well, let’s face it — a secular Jew will be a lot more fun at a party than an Orthodox Jew. But, to depart from my poolside location for a moment, a nation is more than the sum of its parties.

Here’s a question I have for any geneticists lurking: Are Orthodox and Secular/Reform Jews from different gene pools? That is, do the Orthodox in America (and Israel) hail from different regions than the regions secular Jews left behind for America (and Israel)? I suspect that the differences between the two groups go deeper than religious/cultural preferences.

This gets to my contention that more than cultural experience is at work in the Jewish predilection for open borders leftism and their knee-jerk hatred for even the most innocuous expressions of nationalist populism (e.g., keeping out rapefugees, building a wall). If, as I have theorized, secular American Jews have inherited and brought with them to their new lands a suite of personality traits — the Tikkun Olam Triad — that predisposes them to radical anti-Gentilism and/or pro-Globalism, then this would partly explain the noted observation that Israeli Orthodox Jews aren’t nearly as Left Wing as their secular Jewish-American cousins.

Because, in fact, they may be more like third cousins than brothers.

Anyhow, at the end of the day American Jews (and as the disproportionately influential gatekeepers of the media megaphone, it’s right to address them separately from the garden variety shitlib Gentile) are going to have to come to terms with the reality that opening America’s borders to the world’s wretched refuse (and vehemently chiding those who fight back against their demographic dispossession) will, inevitably, make America more wretched and full of refuse: a much less livable, lovable place that no one, not even rootless cosmopolitans, will want to call home.

You can read this post as a sincere appeal to common sense. To noblesse oblige instead of noblesse malice. Let’s hope there’s enough of that magnanimity left in those still nursing age-old resentments at having to work to fit in.

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White man-black woman couples are exceedingly rare. Not as rare as asian man-black woman couples, but close to that level of rarity. In the past year, I can recall seeing maybe five WM/BW couples.

Given the small sample size, it’s difficult to identify patterns and generalize about the traits of WM/BW pairings. But I will try. Here’s what I’ve noticed (take it with a grain of salt-n-pepa).

– The White men drilling for oil are usually big nerdy galoots. They are tall and burly, but walk with an ungainly lope. Nevertheless, they could probably win a few fights if their lives depended on it. (Being big, however nerdy, also helps stay the impulsive beatdown fists of any black men who see the Towering White Nerd with his black girlfriend.)

– If I had to guess based on appearance alone, I’d say the White men with the black gfs make a reasonable living and aren’t likely to stray.

– The black women in WM/BW couples aren’t particularly facially pretty, but they are all thin. And they don’t have steatopygous ghetto glutes. Their figures resemble the bodies of well-muscled, athletic White women.

– The black women dating White men are very dark. Almost purple. This might seem strange, but their dark skin contradicts their facial features, which tend toward less prognathism and more toward a Horn of Africa caucasian-ness. Don’t get me wrong; they will never be mistaken for dark-skinned White women, but their black features are more exotic than urban hood rat.

– I suspect the black women dating White men are African immigrants, or 2nd or 3rd generation removed from immigrant parents, going by their skin darkness, noticeable lack of permanent scowl, and fashion sense (which is understated and in line with the style norms for White women).

– I have never seen a WM/BW couple with a mystery meat kid in tow. The couples’ rarity of occurrence might explain this, or…… the White men jump ship before marriage and kids loom large in their black girlfriends’ minds.

My theory: White men who date outside the race do it for the exotic bedroom pleasure factor, not for the affordable family formation reason. A White male shitlib will never admit this, but when thrust comes to buns the arid subconscious calculation of the inherited traits, positive or negative, of any mixed race child will give him pause. And the typical White male shitlib, for all his virtue signaling, secretly knows the score on race and genetics.

So, one may ask, why don’t White women who burn the coal make the same subconscious calculations before shitting out a mocha chip? First, mudsharks are generally low sexual market value; fat, ugly, dumb, and low class. Without black men to service them, they might never get laid and conceive a child. Second, women can be their own worst enemies when a dominant or charming man raises their horny level. Women don’t get climbing-the-walls horny very often as a rule, which means that once aroused they are capable of making horrible mistakes of judgment.


PS It’s my impression that, despite the rarity, the numbers of WM/BW couples have increased in recent years, keeping in line with US Census Bureau data that mixed race couples have increased by a nontrivial number in the past two decades. The Council on Igloo Affairs cackled with glee.

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The Trump Burrito

Everyone should Trumpify his life. Here’s a perfect example. I laughed at this comment by Greg:

Trump demographic update. I went through the local fast food drive my daughter works at and ordered a Trump burrito. Silence ensued for a moment and I then explained that I wanted a Yuge wall of cheese with the beans on the other side. When I came up to pay there must have been 4 other young gals beside my daughter laughing and liking what they heard. I heard later on from my daughter they all like Trump. 18 to early 20s in age.

There’s a new generation of Whites coming up, later Millennials and even younger, who will crave the bullshit-free stylings of shitlordery that for so long have been suppressed by our sick anti-White culture.

They beg for thought leaders to show them the way to self-pride and ZFG impudence. Will you step up for them?

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Before I get to the grist of this post, a reminder about my feelings on the subject of coal burning:

On a case-by-case, practical basis, I don’t sweat it if the mudshark and her F YOU DAD boyfriend are only loosely affiliated to me. If the love is real and true (rare, but it happens), I’m not gonna rain on their charade. It’s the Equalist miscegenation propaganda, and the forced platitudes of shitlib miscegenators trying to justify their anti-Darwinian middle finger, that sticks in my craw. If the propaganda and the SJWistic glorification of dindu diving were to disappear tomorrow, I’d probably drop the subject because 1. there wouldn’t be a nonstop media assault of mixed race sproglet abominations to offend my aesthetic sensibility and 2. the risk of emotionally unstable White girls betraying their race’s heritage at the behest of subliminal media messages would be lower.

Now that that’s out of the way, PA provides an intro to the main subject:

Check out that Stephanie tweet. Dad threatens his mudshark daughter with disowning. She tweets the letter saying more or less that “racissss so sad it’s the current year.” Thank God I have sons, no daughters.

Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly, after the mudshark received the serrated side of the CH shiv), short-sighted Stephanie (not fat, looked pretty) deleted her Twatter account, so I can’t dig up the letter her despondent father wrote to his daughter and re-post it here.

But I can say this about that: Every father, every parent, has a perfectly justified and legitimate grievance when a daughter strays from the Good and White to slum it with vibrancy. In fact, I’d go so far to say that nonWhite parents are equally justified to fear their own daughters dating outside the race, and to try to thwart it.

The plain fact of it is that parents want children, and grandchildren, who resemble them and share their temperamental qualities; this is a deeply primal genetic imperative imprinted into the hindbrain. To deny this longing is to deny a piece of one’s divinely-inspired humanity. We can see how the denial looks on the faces of older patriarchs in family photos featuring a mudshark daughter and her dusky affront: blank, listless, sallow, hinting at a soul killed dead from suppressed grief. The eyes have a thousand-coal stare.

What miscegenation comes down to is defilement — of family, of thousands of years of irreplaceable genetic legacy, of Truth and Beauty. This is why, if people (including shitlibs) are honest, they will admit that the thought of their daughters getting fucked — yes, FUCKED… let’s not prettify the gutter rebellion with softened odes to intimacy — by a man of another race, especially of a genetically and phenotypically distant race, disgusts them to their very marrow.

(Oil drilling sons don’t elicit the same degree of disgust, but that’s because sons don’t carry the risk of burdening the family with a technicolor conception.)

mendo writes:

I checked that out and saw the all the people supporting her. There was even another girl that disowned her dad, for other reasons, and was glad she did.

Fucking parenting failure all the way.

Love how the dad had the suitcases on the ready and where she could find them.

greg adds:

Exactly… people forget that, back in the day, banning and shunning wasn’t just for outsiders.

Community integrity demanded that it be applied to one’s own family, if need be.

This is a good time to plug PA’s PSA on how to prevent mudsharking.

My sentiment is that White fathers have a MORAL DUTY to keep their daughters off the coal. To abandon this task, or worse to welcome the reproductive dispossession, is tantamount to betraying one’s own identity. It’s a scary prospect, but it needs consideration. If as a father you’ve given it all you’ve got, and you still lose your daughter to dinduville, then the option to disown is available. If you can’t save her, you can at least save yourself decades of humiliation concealing your torment for social approval.

I imagine the biggest concerns of new parents must be fear of a son growing up gay and a daughter landing in a relationship with a racial alien. This is about as harsh an ugly, un-PC truth as you’ll read anywhere, which is usually the case with truths that emanate from the id, where platitudes find no purchase. Whites currently constitute less than 10% of the total world population, and shrinking fast. Pretty White women are, by a global accounting, as rare as blue lobsters. Throwing that precious gift away and destroying thousands of years of evolved preternatural uniqueness to, in most scenarios, spite a parent or an ex-lover, is the height of folly and the banality of evil.

A Dark Future.



Here’s a web cache of the father’s desperate letter to his mudsharking daughter. And here’s a link to an incredibly faggy run-down of the story plus letter, written by Mustafa Gatollari (good lord). Representative quotes: “All right so it’s the year 2016. The civil rights movement happened.”…”Cops shoot suspects in the back just because of the color of their skin.”…”It’s the whole being super racist thing that’s the worst part. Best of luck to Stephanie and her man, and hopefully her dad will realize he’s totally on the wrong side of history,”…”What’s up with us as a country?”

What’s up Mustafa, is that Whites are WAKING UP to the occupation of their country by ingrate goat-humpers like yourself. If you think your feels are hurty now, just wait until the gloves are off. (Mustafa’s whine is so SJW-ish I wonder if it’s a parody.)

Getting back to the Stephanie business and her dad’s letter, one can’t help but think her dad’s words got under her skin, as she felt compelled to publicize his letter for wagon circling “atta girl”s from a small army of degenerate social media sluts.

A father can exert a lot of influence over his daughter by removing the credit card. Too bad Stephylococcus’s dad didn’t avail himself of that option. A woman will bend to a strong man’s will, and that includes daughters who have had their weekly allowance lifeline cut off. If that fails, the last thing left for a father is disowning. No money, no emotional support, no contact ever again. In most normal daughters, this will strike a deep fear and shame in them that may not become apparent to themselves until years later, which will be too late. Mudshark orphans are tragic lessons in preventable suffering that can serve as examples in what not to do for the others.

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Most of the Chateau readers are probably familiar with the latest Roosh controversy. If you don’t know about it, here’s a primer. Executive Summary: Roosh had to cancel a bunch of multi-city Return of Kings meet-ups with his readers because an assortment of life’s biggest losers and ghastly freaks — SJWs, feminists, neckbeards, fatties, uglies, cucks, and the governments of Britain, Canada and Australia — were offended by this exercise of free association and set about to rectify the situation with literal death threats and port of entry bans.

The degenerate freak mafia found an old, satirical (maybe we should call it satyrical) Roosh post about rape and the lost art of female personal responsibility, that they deliberately and disingenuously misinterpreted as a pro-rape statement of intent. The big lie then spread like wildfire through the leftoid Hivemind media, and the death threats flowed like John Boehner’s tears when he thinks about cradling his future mixed race grandchild. The fucking UK Parliament had a debate about the international threat known as Roosh. Clown world.

It’s clear what’s going on here. Antiracist shitlibs and feminists mentally frazzled from willfully ignoring and excusing actual rapefugees are using Roosh as an outlet to vent. It makes one recall that old axiom: Liberals love humanity (brown rapefugees) but hate humans (huwhyte Roosh). Conservatives love humans but hate humanity. Personally, I’m fond of the latter character trait. Humans are part of my daily life; humanity…. eh, not so much.

Which brings us to the title of this post. Roosh held a press conference to clear the air and his good name. Fat lot of good it did? Not so fast. Read the transcript. This was nothing less than a public raping of the corrupt shitlib media and everything they represent.

Reporter: Why do you think people think of you as a rapist?

Roosh: They need a target to get all the rage that the citizens have to put it on someone that doesn’t conflict with the agenda of your bosses and the ruling establishment. Roosh, go after him, it doesn’t matter if he gets hurt but we can’t go against our immigrant agenda. We can’t go against the feminist agenda. So we need to get the masses (the idiots who believe the stuff that you write) and put it on to something else. So you put it on me. I’m just a scapegoat. They are just using me. But, I’m going to harness this. I’m going to harness all this coverage that you guys are giving me and convert it to money and women. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s the job that I have to do. I’m getting emails from a lot of girls right now and I plan (once this drama dies down if I can survive it) I may have to get in touch with them. That’s what you given me. You have made me one of the most famous men in the world. Granted, it was a lie. It was a lie. But hey, this is where we are right now so I’m going to work with what you gave me.

Female Reporter: Do you acknowledge that any of your writing might be genuinely offensive or upsetting to some people?

Roosh: So what?

😆 Trump smirked approvingly.

I get that Roosh is first and foremost a self-promoter. No doubt he invites a fair share of his clickbait controversy. But on the basic facts of this travail, he’s right. The SJWs lied (as per usual). The media lied (as per usual). And shitlibs are raging hypocrites for looking away when Muslim migrant real rapes occur while frothing at the mouth over a blog post satirizing modren feminist hysteria about a nonexistent, totally imaginary White male “rape culture”.

It was a small press conference, only a few reporters there, but the message delivered will have an impact beyond the confines of that room. The media is slowly, inexorably, being put on notice that The People know they’re a den of zero integrity liars and hired propagandists for the open borders, pro-feminist crank, anti-White ruling class.

I know many on the alt-right aren’t fans of Roosh. This post isn’t a defense of everything Roosh has written, nor is it meant to change their minds about him. All I’d say to them is, know your true enemies. The alt-right has a lot of great writers and thinkers, but how many are standing up to leftoid reporters at conference rooms and smacking them down to their smug faces?

We in the West live under an occupation force. Alt-right allies willing to speak publicly against the Poz, to take the fight directly to them, are hard to find. When you find them, embrace their efforts on your cause’s behalf. Purity is the enemy of the good.

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