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You are about to enter another delusion, a delusion not only of religion and guilt but of race. A journey into a wacky cult of deracination. Next stop, the Christcuck Zone!

Please take a seat, you’ll find a vomit bag in the pocket in front of you. Trust us, you’ll need it. You won’t be able to un-see the contents of this video. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, like an evil clown nightmare. But your participation is necessary, to BEAR WITNESS to the abject degeneration of White Christianity.

Notice something besides the overarching virtue whoring evident in this Semen on the Mount? Our tawdry televangelist never asked for the black guy’s name. Not once, in the whole time our divine dindu was up there on stage being used as a prop to fluff Preacher Pussyhat’s sanctimonious ego. He said, “I need a young black man”. Not, “What’s your name?” Not even, “How are you today?” Just, “I need a young black man.”

Really, that says it all about Christcuckery. These fawning phaggots don’t actually give a shit about blacks. They merely want to use them as quickly discarded tokens to morally preen before their audience of equally empty-headed sanctimony signalers who for some godforsaken reason nurse a weird shame about living a decent life in their 98% White earthly utopias.

“I need a young black man”

….to make me feel good about myself
….to manufacture a glowing self-perception of my GoodWhiteness
….to guilt-trip other Whites into coughing up bennies for the MegaChurch coffers
….to masturbate furiously while watching my wife and her buck fucker
….to alleviate the searing humiliation of raising my wife’s son
….to pick my cult followers clean
….to sit still on stage for ten minutes to prove all those Very Bad, No Good, Awful BadThinking BadWhites wrong about race differences

The charade gets even more ridiculous. Pastor PutItInMyAss tells Saint Souvenir that he is valuable and “society hasn’t told you that”. Color me shocked that a self-abasing White cuck uses the same vapid platitudes as dumbfuck feminists.

8:53 — “We bros!”

Hilariously nauseating. If “I NEED A YOUNG BLACK MAN” is the Christcuck petition, “WE BROS!” is the Christcuck atonement. Redemption is achieved by adopting a few Africans until your biological kids need twenty years of therapy.

If this is the future of White America, they deserve their overrun by barbarian hordes. Nothing worth saving here, move along.

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At least she didn’t get fat. The truth is that if this single White woman quit booze-hounding, abandoned her manipulative and caustic martyrdom act, and realized that her obsessive refusal to settle for a boring but reliable beta male will become a necessity thrust upon her once the Wall hits her (sooner than she thinks), she could actually stop being alone and lonely, literally wallowing in mud for cheap pity attention at Christmastime.

May the Lord Below guide her to the Chateau, where her best hope for a happy future awaits her.

PS Single White women wondering where all the good men went need only look at the above snarkcards. Chugging wine, mocking love, breaking her parents’ hearts….yeah, that’s not what most men with options would consider relationship material, let alone marriage material.

Negative sexual market feedback loops are accelerating and intensifying. Prepare for Stage One Sexbot (SOS) rollout.

PPS Commenter Augustus Tilton adds,

It’s weird when women brag about drunkenness and gluttony

It’s weird because it seemingly defies the God of Biomechanics and His Laws. But when a sexual market is under tremendous stress and cracking from the pressure, sex-based behavior anomalies are part of the biomechanical playbook.

The kind of piglike behavior from women exemplified in this post and in the previous post about the single mom mudshark is only possible when women don’t feel a need to impress their own men; societies that have become quasi-matriarchal and feminist, and consequently overrun with suckup beta males dying of thirst, produce pigwomen in abundance.

I am fond of saying Game can save lives, and it can, but Game has a larger purpose than even the salvation of individual men trapped in the maze of a strange new mating matrix; Game can save whole nations and races from the brink of annihilation. Not kidding, if by Game we mean “men assuming control of their women and their culture”. White men who have rediscovered their balls and ZFG potential are the only force in the known universe that can pull wayward White women back to sanity and femininity. But if the nation continues churning out twisted psychologically and scrotally disfigured manginas like Scalzi, our fate is the abyss.

Single White women want the attention of White men, despite their protestations to the contrary. That will never change. White men therefore have leverage over the political views of single White women. Men can shun libshit women. The shunning will have a chilling effect on other libshit open-borders-and-rapefugee-loving single White women, who fear nothing so much as social exile to the icy wastelands. But it will take courage and ZFG, something in short supply among White men. Game is best viewed, in the bigger picture, as a project to restore that incomparably persuasive alpha attitude which went missing from White men sometime between Iwo Jima and Yo MTV Raps.

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We at yo Momma House OMS GANG SLAYIN SH*T 😂😂💀 (Via @vonmar) @worldstar #WSHH

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Single mommery is cancer. Let’s hope her boy grows up to hate his mudskank mother with the heat of a thousand white hot suns and be so racially based he makes Pepe look like a cuckphibian.

On a related note:

White men….control your women. Or your women will control the fate of your nation.

Degeneracy only needs to acutely infect the margins to poison the entire body politic. A few skanky single mom mudsharks at the point of infection will have trickle-up effects on the whole culture, enervating and dispiriting the nation. This is why it’s critical to suck out the venom from the bite before it reaches the nervous system.

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Betrayal is everywhere during the time of decline. This won’t come as news to some of you, it will certainly shock many others, and it will incense those who shirk from ugly truths about sex differences:

Single White women are the undertow dragging Heritage White America into the murky depths. Audacious Epigone teased out the 2016 election numbers and found that single White women OF ANY AGE were the outlier of all White voter demographics, significantly preferring thecunt to theTrump.

Single White men, married White men, married White women, any age: TRUMP COUNTRY

Single White women, any age: THECUNTRY

As the Bigly Epigone commented,

The Narrative was that white women betrayed “the sisterhood” by (modestly) preferring Trump.

The real story is that single white women betrayed white America and almost got away with it.

Thank you, single White ladies, sluts and spinsters alike, for showing your true colors this past election in your indomitable quest to drive America right over the cliff into Diversigeddon, because Trump’s tough talk hurt your feelings. Please feel free to menstruate your Fake Morality in some more airports with crayola signs welcoming rapefugees into your neighbor’s neighborhood. It’s clarifying.

Everything that’s happening is proving the wisdom of the CH maxims. Single White women unable or unwilling to marry and mother before the Wall makes the choice for them will vote gibs in the form of Daddy Government as substitute beta bux husband. The modern sexual market, deliberately stripped of the quasi-patriarchal organic rules that used to restrain it in White homelands, incentivizes a prolonged sexual precociousness among economically self-sufficient single White women, and embitters the older single White women who bought one too many tickets for the cock carousel and forgot to redeem them for a beta desperado willing to overlook the goods that are damaged.

All other Whites — INCLUDING single White men — voted for the preservation of their nation as a recognizable territory which honors them and their ancestors and promises their posterity the privileges of ownership.

This betrayal will only get worse, too, if the marriage rate among Whites continues to fall and the age of first marriage continues to rise, effectively increasing the relative total US population of single White women PRECISELY AT A TIME when the nonWhite US population is also increasing, amplifying and weaponizing the single White women political preference for psychocunts and mulatto misfits who brazenly advocate for the overrun of America by the nonmagical Dirt World.

Ok, Heritage America has identified the betrayers and subverters: Jews, gays, single White women, and nonWhites. The question that begs itself is this: how does Heritage America reclaim its inheritance from these usurpers within?

Runaway Jewish power can be slowed down by simply calling out their bad behavior and tribal antagonism in no uncertain terms. This won’t change their attitudes, but it will put a damper on their chutzpah if they know that they’ve lost control of the Narrative Megaphone to cow and silence their critics under fusillades of slickly sophistic legerdemain. Fortunately, there seems to me a small but growing chorus of sensible diaspora Jews who, however tentatively, have begun holding their co-ethnics to account for their rabid anti-Gentilism.

Homo power is also reliant on the Megaphone, but insinuates itself more thoroughly via cultural channels like the arts and social media. They, too, will never change their stripes but their electoral impact can be mitigated by culturally isolating them, which is accomplished whenever and wherever their diseased influence is spotlit and ridiculed with extreme rhetorical prejudice.

The above two groups have in cultural power what they lack in numerical power. Thankfully, there are limits to the effectiveness of anti-White propaganda; like hypnotists, you have to push your COGDIS agitprop to a partly receptive audience for it to take a strong hold on the nation’s psyche. Which brings us to….

NonWhites. They have numerical power and a gluttony for anti-White hatred. Globohomo White-hating propaganda finds a cozy home in the nonWhite id. They won’t change, and they can’t be persuaded by the usual means of power politics. The best you can do is stop their invading forces at the border and reduce their numbers already here by keeping their families together and deporting mothers with their anchor babies. The goal is to reduce the nonWhite population in America to a manageable number, ideally less than 30% of the total, and sequestered on Democreep gerrymandered farms that have no chance of overriding the national will.

Finally, we arrive at the one anti-White group that is, theoretically, amenable to a change of heart, if for no other reason than that they, like their married sisters, brothers, fathers, and sons, must sail subconscious eddies that continually and insistently push them toward a blood and soil genetic reconciliation with who they are as a people. Are single White women capable of going the Full Betrayal and turning the homeland of their own people into a decrepit technosmut street bazaar? Or will they, at the last second, feel the pulse of ancient rhythms and stand with their tribe when extinction — the Final Wall — threatens to end their sex and the diversity funtime?

Single White women are the lovers of White men and the wombs of White nations. No matter how badly lunacy grips them in the voting booth, they can’t be stopped at the border, nor can they be sidelined to political irrelevancy. Their numbers are huge and growing, and their necessary intimacy with White men and shared formative years with married White women means that those of us with clear-eyed future-vision of idiocratic America understand there is no other option but to try and find a way to coax single White women back onto the preservation.

Repealing the 19th is unrealistic at this time. Long-term, only radical changes to the structure of mass society will thwart the compulsion of single White women to betray what is in essence their extended family. I’m talking a whiplash of decentralization, possibly triggered by another Constitutional crisis, that limits geographic and economic mobility and restores local community watchdog influence over the choices of unmarried women.

Short term, the solution is mockery. Single White women, more than any other White demographic, fear social ostracism. Identifying a few of their worst offenders and holding them up to public ridicule will serve as a lesson for the others; lemmings can have their suicidal neurosis rerouted to stampede in a more advantageous direction. Sexually dimorphic Trump Girls and the Trump men who playfully tease them are the wedge that can be driven into the single White women herd to separate the loser antifemmes from the White shivladies.

It is beyond arguing that suffrage pushed the country to the Left. Maybe this was a good thing in the distant past, but it’s stupid to believe that White women voting would push the country just a little Left, and then stop. What has occurred is that White women pushed it Left, and kept pushing. Unchecked, single White women seem destined to push Leftward until an unapologetic Rightward pimp hand applies a stinging rebuke. The ultimate female shit test — autogenocide — answered by the ultimate shit test neutralizer: alphatude.

It is by now an academic argument whether married White women vote like their White men because marriage selects for emotionally stable White women with a common-sensical approach to the future, or if marriage (and presumably childbirth) itself calms the emotional roller coaster of a woman’s mind and allows her a better comprehension of what is at stake. Whether cause or symptom, the solution to the betrayal of our single White women is to whisk them out of the anonymous, contraceptively padded, libarts degree-greased, urban foreplayground and into marriage and children sooner rather than later in life. The cock carousel spins in only one direction: centrifugal molecularization, until the center axle cracks and the ride is closed for repairs. Women dispirited by the ride are nevertheless chained to it by Darwinian compulsions beyond their ken. It’s up to men and wiser women to pull the brake and escort the single ladies off the pump-and-go-round before it becomes a hyperloop to self-destruction.

A reader passes along an old yet apropos Cheyenne saying:

“The Cheyenne people have a saying: A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

The women want to give their bodies to the conquerors.

If the men around them are feminized, they will seek out conquerors to give their bodies to.

Feminized men get masculinized women, and a weakening nation teetering on implosion.

Masculine men get feminine women, and a confident nation full of robust health.

Sexual polarity will make America great again.

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I like to take lunch at an outdoor patio. Nearly every time I go there, two old, brown men are playing chess. They seem to be friends (in the loosest interpretation of the word), sharing a comfortable familiarity. One brown man is straight from Aztec America casting, looking like he just strolled off the palm oil plantation. The other brown man is deeply Middle Eastern, similarly representative of his kind.

Both look in their 50s or 60s, but they could be 25. You know how people from the Dirt World age badly. Anyhow, these two are a riot to watch together. Both adhere to their race’s stereotypical behavior with lavish enthusiasm. The Merchant from MENA constantly cheats, and when Apocalypto notices his cheating, he explodes in a fury, slapping the table with his open palm and accusing his friend of the vilest breaches of chess etiquette. The accusations fly even when the Merchant hasn’t cheated; Apocalypto has come to expect bad behavior from his dear friend.

Sometimes the fights escalate into shouting matches that can drag on for ten or more minutes; hands gesticulating wildly, faces contorted with rage and indignation, usually ending when the Merchant realizes he can’t soft-pedal his way out of getting caught for cheating (and his cheats are sometimes ridiculously blatant, like the time he tried a two-for-one swipe of Apocalypto’s chess pieces while pointing with his other hand at an imaginary woman he insisted was the most beautiful he had seen).

Despite the endless anger, these two always greet and leave each other with warm hugs. There’s an understanding between them that they don’t even recognize; it goes race-deep, to the bone. Plush SWPL shitlib Whites can’t imagine being close friends with an obnoxious bastard who cheats all the time or who sputters with juvenile rage at the slightest provocation, but amongst brownfolk the rules of friendship are different. They don’t have the same moral standards for friendships. Brownfolk have a tolerance for irritating shenanigans that would drive the typical White man to seek shelter in a gated galaxy far far away. This brownfolk tolerance for ethical lapses and emotional incontinence in friends is likely an inherited accommodation to growing up in a shitty environment where much worse things happen all the time.

It’s just another real world exhibition in the ways in which Equalism is a false religion for outbred, empathobesic Whites who can’t bear to accept the fact that the races of the world are fundamentally different and impervious to intervention.


Augustus Tilton wryly notes,

It’s like nordics are the only ones ever to beat the prisoner’s dilemma. If everyone refrains from cheating even when no one’s looking, you get a harmonious white society. It takes surprisingly few grits of sand in the gears to gum up the fine tuned machine. Not only do brown people bring corruption and discord, they actually prefer things that way.

Very true, and as another commenter added, the White man *has* to sink to the third worlder’s level or he is doomed to victimization. Assuming the fair play of corrupt peoples is a quick lesson in how to make an ASS out of U and ME.

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The Drudge Report is the number two news source online, after MSN. That’s a lot of eyeballs. As an aggregator of right-of-center news stories, Drudge is an indispensable alternative to the leftoid legacy media (LLM), but he’s just a ripple in their ocean of Narrative dominance. We need twenty more Drudges on various platforms to come close to evening the playing field.

That full spectrum LLM dominance isn’t stopping shitlib media from acts of sabotage to reduce Drudge’s influence. I’ve noticed lately when I click on a Right-leaning headline at Drudge, it leads to a story that, just under the header, is full of liberal boilerplate news reporting. What libs are doing is enticing Drudge to link to their articles with Right-sounding headlines, then tricking ensnared Drudge readers to read their libshit effluvium.

Drudge is responsible for protecting his brand. He probably has a skeleton staff that rapidly scans headlines of news stories and links to the ones that appeal most to his readership, without bothering to read further and vet the stories for Realtalk as opposed to Shitlibsnark. Maybe Drudge could institute a flagging system that allows his readers to warn others if any of his site’s links lead to articles with misleading headlines that are nothing more than leftoid narrative enforcement.

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Feminism is a disease that afflicts everyone, including women, but the twisted ideology’s truly innocent victims are boys. Reader Passer By links to a Carlos Slim Personal Blog article on the “decline of men”. He comments,

Btw, just learned about some interesting studies, posted at the (((NYT)))

Basically they argue that single motherhood weakened mostly the male children, because the sisters in such one parent families perform better in life than the brothers. In normal families, there is no difference or brothers perform better.

In other words, the lack of father harms more the male child than the female child. Therefore if you want to weaken men, push for single motherhood. No wonder jews try to destroy the family in the West, while simultaneously strengthening the family in Israel. There is deliberate push to decrease male influence in western society because jews feel threatened by white males, and by their innate nationalism.

So the next time a woman tells you that there aren’t enough good men, you can answer her: there aren’t enough good men because they were raised by women.

That’s a great truth Passer By wrote. There aren’t enough good men because they were raised by women. Trigger the shit out of any feminist or mangina lackey you come across on twatmedia with that stone cold shiv, and link to the relevant study.

From the CSPB article,

In a 2016 paper, David Autor, an economist at M.I.T., and four co-authors, measured academic and economic outcomes of brothers and sisters in Florida born in the decade between 1992 and 2002.

For boys and girls raised in two-parent households, there were only modest differences between the sexes in terms of success at school, and boys tended to earn more than their sisters in early adulthood.

Among children raised in single-parent households, however, boys performed significantly less well than their sisters in school, and their employment rate as young adults was lower. “Relative to their sisters,” Autor and his collaborators wrote, “boys born to disadvantaged families” — with disadvantage measured here by mother’s marital status and education — “have higher rates of disciplinary problems, lower achievement scores, and fewer high-school completions.”

When the children in the study reached early adulthood, the same pattern emerged in employment:

Employment rates of young women are nearly invariant to family marital status, while the employment rates of young adult men from non-married families are eight to ten percentage points below those from married families at all income levels.

Autor and his co-authors conclude that family structure “is more consequential for the skills development and labor market outcomes of boys than girls.”

This study is more interesting than the run-of-the-mill research recapitulating the detrimental effects of single mommery (a major cause celebre of mainstream feminism), because its structure seems to obviate any potential genetic influence into sex-differentiated life outcomes. That is, if genetics were the cause, then the sisters of brothers in single mom broken families would have similarly poor outcomes and behavioral problems. But instead what the researchers found was that single mommery disproportionately affected the life outcomes of boys, leaving their sisters largely untouched (at least as measured by SES outcome and delinquency rate) by the single mommery postindustrial complex.

This isn’t to say genetics aren’t a factor in the shitshow that is single mommery, but it does suggest environmental pressures inherent to single mommery are at least partly to blame for making life harder on boys.

It’s just more evidence that feminism has been, and continues to be, a Hate Machine dedicated to churning out Big Lies about the sexes and about their roles in society, with the express purpose of handicapping boys and men and lavishing extreme favoritism and government largesse on girls and women.

It’s silly to argue feminism is a symptom, rather than a cause, of a broken society when its agenda has directly contributed to so much social disruption, antagonism, distrust, resentment, and national decline. This is like arguing Marxism, Freudianism, Communism, SCALE, and GloboHomoism are symptoms of some deeper, underlying, corrupting force that bedevils the West. Large, society-spanning movements are as much cause as symptom of social degeneration. We’re splitting vellus hairs here.

If one wants to argue for a First Cause of the West’s decline, the most promising culprit would be Hajnalianism, but for some reason those who find SCALE objectionable rarely tackle the subject of inherited empathobesity.

Feminism as a distinctive movement really got started as a vanity project of masculinized or otherwise oddball women who were for various reasons uncomfortable in the world of women. Its leaders — and one shouldn’t neglect to mention the preponderance of feminist leaders were and are Jewish women and their co-tribal male suckups — were able to leverage their gripes to a wider audience of women who had become frustrated and flustered and, in plenty of cases, enthused, by the postindustrial revolution shocks to the social system that, critically, severed fecundity from sex and community from individual.

There was never a feminist movement that had its origins in widespread complaints about male discrimination against working women. That is a myth. Pre-20th Century Western women worked plenty, either on the home or off it. Wives working as apprentices to their husbands’ businesses was fairly common in Medieval Europe.

What feminism has been, and what it remains today, is a propaganda howitzer to mow down the natural order and replace it with an inverted dystopia in which the defining feature is the removal of all constraints on female sexuality and the maximization of restrictions on male sexuality. As in any social movement, the breath of its life emerges first from the sticky goo of the sexual market.

Lies have consequences, and the Big Lies of Feminism and Antiracism have destroyer-of-worlds consequences. They must be fought with a vengeance.

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