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A reader describes the societal stage at which empathobesity becomes life-threatening.

The commenter knows his history:

“To illustrate using the example of England, starting with the Magna Carta in 1215, we have the English civil war in 1642, the glorious revolution in 1688, Habeas Corpus, the reform acts of the 19th century, the representation of the people acts of the early 20th, feminism, Welfare, the sexual revolution, mass migration, gay rights, animal rights, transgender rights and so on.”

I’ve studied the fall of empires dating back to the Babylonians, and boiled the causes down to three (not mutually exclusive):

1. Deficit spending
2. Imperialism
3. Social factors such as mass immigration, debauchery, and dependence on welfare or other subsidies.

Basically, with #3, we are looking at the tipping point from where the people feel they have to collectively participate for the good of the nation to the point at which they start approaching it with their hands out.

As someone who seems familiar with complex systems theory, you’ll understand that a symbiotic relationship can become parasitic, given some sort of divergence or disparity. Empathy is no exception.

Human ecosystems rife with Debt, Deception, and Diversity™ exist in very unstable equilibria for only short periods, usually while sustained by a reserve of dwindling prosperity. Once any residual faith in the system is lost, it’s lost for good, and the mad rush to the cash out of the country begins in earnest. Those with universalist impulses are sucked dry in a parasite swarm, their gullibility and empty moral posturing feeding the bloodsuckers until citizen duty gives way to culture cannibalism.

I’d call this advanced disease state Morbid Empathobesity, suggesting the suicidal altruism status signaling that is symptomatic of empathobesity has metastasized and threatens the survival of the nation.

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Piggybacking on the previous post (and perhaps modifying it), here is a research paper (h/t Irving) authored by Chateau VIP guest Satoshi Kanazawa which uncovered some ugly truths about sex differences in xenophilia (pathological love of foreigner).

For foreign conquest and alien rule, the evolutionary psychological perspective suggests that women should fear alien rule much less than men, but only so long as they are reproductive, because they then have a good chance of being spared by the conquerors and have the option of marrying into them. Accordingly, the analyses of the Eurobarometer data show that young women are much less xenophobic than young men, but the sex differences disappear around age 50. […]

Interestingly, a separate analysis (not shown) demonstrates that the interaction term between sex and age in a combined sample of all ages is not statistically significant, except for religion. It means that, at least for nationality and race, women do not gradually and linearly become more xenophobic over the life course. They suddenly become qualitatively more xenophobic sometime between the ages of 40 and 50.

The entire paper is a great read, beyond the salient finding quoted above. Kanazawa is a skilled messenger of evolutionary psychology, even when putting forth theories that are more speculative in nature than established fact. Kanazawa’s basic contention – that wars are fought ultimately for access to, or protection of, pussy – dovetails with the CH premise that the sexual market is the one market to rule them all.

Anecdotally, I have heard far more support for rapefugees, and more generally for open borders, from young White women than I have from any other group of people. (The men I know don’t bring it up, but a few of them, when forced into a conversation about it, hemmed and hawed or meekly cosigned their girlfriends’ opinions. Even the alphas are susceptible to this inglorious path of least resistance.)

The women might not truly believe what they claim to think about letting in Muslim refugees — CH Maxim [X] explicitly advises watching what women do instead of listening to what they say, for the two are quite often at odds, especially in a mate market context — or they might believe it only insofar as they are signaling their conformity to GoodWhitethink, and otherwise don’t feel very strongly about helping rapefugees and throwing open the borders to the third world.

Whichever it is, there is no doubt young, single women (and yes, this includes single White women) vote IN DROVES for the antiWhite leftoid candidate on the presidential ticket. Kanazawa would appear to be onto something regarding the evolutionary psychology underpinning the easy acquiescence of young fertile women to invasion by foreign conquerors. And, as is becoming dishearteningly more obvious, when invasion isn’t looming on women’s horizons, invitation extended to the foreigner to traipse into their White homelands will substitute nicely.

To swipe a page from the Alinsky playbook and pin a suitably baneful term on the phenomenon: women suffer from ignorant xenophilia, and the cure is (*smarmy liberal voice*) education.

I hope that I’m getting a skewed impression of women’s true feelings regarding border control and White demographic displacement, because if I’m not then the fate of our White nations is sealed, barring repeal of the 19th Amendment.

Alternately, a YUGE increase in the population of marrieds and decrease in the age of first marrieds would also improve the electoral prospects of proto-nationalists, because married women tend to vote like their shitlord husbands. Care of children and preservation of family has a way of focusing female minds.

On a hopeful coda, data analysis of profiles on the OKCupid online dating website tangentially contradict Kanazawa’s finding that maximally fertile White women fetishize foreigners more than do men. If dating preferences can be extrapolated to immigration preferences, then White women want to import swarths as much as they want to date swarths… which is to say, not much.

Related, Kanazawa has a shitlord face, for an Asian.


Woops, that’s not Kanazawa. Here he is:

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This video appears damning of Merkel’s emotional loyalty to Germany.

Would any German readers translate and explain the context in this video?

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The antiWhites are boasting of their battle victories.

The United States is going through a great power shift. Working-class whites don’t think of themselves as an elite group. But, in a sense, they have been, certainly compared with blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and most immigrants. They were central to America’s economy, its society, indeed its very identity. They are not anymore. Donald Trump has promised that he will change this and make them win again. But he can’t. No one can. And deep down, they know it.

A reader replies,

— Spot the stupid — “They are not anymore.”  White middle class males are not “central to America’s economy”?  If they all blew their brains out tomorrow the entire place would grind to a halt in a week.  The White male Beta, despised and discarded, he is the engine of all progress and civilization.

And deep down, the antiWhite bigots know it.

Here’s a friendly reminder for the Zakarias and Chaits busily sabotaging America:

Chutzpah cometh before the fall.

PS It would be funny if it weren’t tragic how quickly the Left abandoned their role as champions of the American working class. But race trumps all in Post America (Diversity + Proximity = Tribal Identity Amplification) and there were just too many White men in the working class, so they had to go and their problems belittled for the greater multikult cause.

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Americans are more ideologically and culturally polarized now than at any time except perhaps the decade before and after the Civil War. A shared vision for the future seems impossible, but there are issues, if you search hard enough, that can bring together the Left and the Sane, allies for at least one important cause.

That common cause is the malignancy known as the Surveillance State. The Chateau has been against the emerging Surveillance State for a long time. Post-Snowden, it’s no exaggeration to say that Orwell’s vision of a Big Brother watching your every move has become a reality in America. It would not have been too long ago when most Americans would’ve been creeped out and enraged by giant corporations collecting personal information to deliver tailored advertisements through home entertainment devices, and by government snoops recording everyone’s phone conversations. But here we are, that dystopian scenario come true.

The Surveillance State is a direct consequence of the additive powers of Diversity™ and SCALE. The more competing, often antagonistic, ethnies and races within the borders of a nation, the lower the inter- and intragroup levels of trust, and the greater the need, real or perceived, for monitoring potential flash points of violence/corruption/terrorism/rebellion/crimethink. SCALE is simply a nation and its attendant governing bureaucracies that have gotten too large to benignly manage. An overly large and contentious Diversitopia like the US, where everyone feels like a stranger in their own land, will slowly succumb to various illiberal intrusions into personal freedoms. (This trend accelerated with the Civil Rights Act which supplanted the right of free association with a right to equal opportunity and then to equal outcomes).

As CH wrote about the SS as one plank of a four-plank Dissident Party political movement,

We’re living in Big Brother’s world, just as Orwell described. I continue to be amazed that the average American isn’t more incensed than he appears to be by the constant surveillance. Bottom line: It needs to end. No more marketing firms collecting reams of personal data. No more Facebook shenanigans. No government snoops reading your late night pervy sexts to plate number three. Triple layered encryption should be the default condition for all consumer electronics, built right into the firmware. Eyes in the sky should be ripped from their street corner perches. I don’t want to live in a surveillance state; I want to live in a cohesive society with high trust levels that obviates the need for mass surveillance.

There are stirrings that the Left is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the Surveillance State. (Maybe they got the hives when their online shaming and doxing SJW campaigns were turned against them.) For instance, here is a story in the Washington Post-Op about “techno-skeptics” on the Left fearing the omnipresence of Big Data and invasion of privacy.

They are right to worry. The British government is using internet surveillance powers to “unmask online bullies”. It’s easy to foresee a small hop from that superficially noble goal to the government using those same powers to silence its critics under threat of public exposure, job loss, or even imprisonment.

This is what happens when you give globohomocorps and governments wide-ranging powers to surveil private communications under the auspice of thwarting Muslim terror attacks: eventually those powers are turned against everyday citizens. (Hint: the answer isn’t surveillance, it’s closing the borders to Muslim immigration.)

The Dissident Right (including yours truly) has been sounding the alarm about the Surveillance State for years. The Left is just now hearing that alarm. Better late than never. And better united than apart when confronting a beast as tentacled and ominous as the one Edward Snowden heroically revealed when he became a necessary traitor to a country that long before him became a traitor to its own people.

Almost forgot……


Trump, are you reading? You should be. CH is here to help get you to the White House.

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From the same article featured in this post.

German couple Sarah, Stevi and their children Fjodor Isai, 3, and Pekka-Lu, 6, welcomed a family of Afghan asylum-seekers into their village of Röhrsdorf near Dresden. Mecid, 37, and his wife Rehime, 34, have six daughters, Nazle, 12, Zahra, 11, Sahra, 9, Perisa, 10, Mubina, 5, Behare, 4, and a son, Mensur, 2. Their eighth child is on the way.

German couple Sarah, Stevi and their children Fjodor Isai, 3, and Pekka-Lu, 6, welcomed a family of Afghan asylum-seekers into their village of Röhrsdorf near Dresden. Mecid, 37, and his wife Rehime, 34, have six daughters, Nazle, 12, Zahra, 11, Sahra, 9, Perisa, 10, Mubina, 5, Behare, 4, and a son, Mensur, 2. Their eighth child is on the way.

The antiWhite race cuck child sacrifice is that little blond German boy front row second from left, looking like he just spent a tour in Fallujah. Dad (far right) looks pretty damned pleased with himself for inflicting this mud world misery on his son just so he could status whore for antiracism points.

Really, this photo says it all about the spiritual dissolution of the West. German parents: 2, Syrian parents: 8 (pending arrival). Guess who will have to bust his balls footing the bills for these YUGE migrant families? The German beta. He pays to prop up the reproductive vitality of invading foreigners, he pays to deal with the psychological problems his multikulted son will start to exhibit in a few years, and he pays for the bullet he’ll put through his brain after he spends a month hearing the sex sounds of his live-in girlfriend fucking their hairy Syrian house guest.

The entire West has become a roaring parody of itself, with no apparent bottom to the depths of the absurdity.

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Background. The story is nominally about Germans “adopting” Syrian refugees into their homes, but in reality it’s about German women with the thousand cock stare welcoming Syrian schlong into their godless holes and effeminate German betas sitting legs-crossed in the corner pretending to be oblivious to their literal cuckolding. I mean, look at the mischievous smile and crazy eyes on this woman. She’s got that lit-up face that says this might be the first time in her life she’s felt excited thinking about getting fucked through the floor boards.

As for the kraut cuck, he’s looking into the middle distance trying to beat back the bad thoughts creeping up on him with happy thoughts of all the unctuous flattery he anticipates from his pozzed social circle.

Germany: seventy years to go from sheisselord fearsome to scrotally fallow. What a ride.


For a migrant from a war-torn hellscape, that Syrian looks surprisingly well-fed and robust. Not at all like the half-starved and frightened widows and orphans president Butt Naked claimed filled the ranks of these refugees.

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