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If you’ve ever lived in a diversitopia — I mean an area with real Diversity™ not just black and White but multiple races living under one neighborhood roof adding to the colorfully hazardous stew — you’ll notice a peculiarity that shitlib SWPLs would rather you never mention, which is that nonWhites — the subcontinental browns, the aztecs, the orientals, the MENAs and even the fuckin mystery meat race orphans, among others — treat blacks so much worse than Whites treat blacks. Blatantly, rudely worse.

You’ll often see a scene where some bindi is excoriating a black service worker for tardiness or general incompetence. As a White person, you might cringe a little at the scene, even though you know gandhi is right on the merits. A part of you wants to chastise him for not recognizing the informal rules of engagement in America when dealing with blacks: abide their shortcomings with a sumptuously magnanimous spirit.

It’s as if all the world’s empathy, big heartedness, and indulgence were concentrated in just one race — White Western Europeans — and the Lord of Lunacy decided no other race but Whites should possess such divine traits. Whites alone seem to have the ability to grasp the failings of another race and to obligingly adjust their behavior to draw the least amount of attention to the stark racial differences when in the company of members of that race, so that they don’t feel like lessers in the presence of superiors, or like oddballs in a world where White norms of social interaction are foreign to them.

NonWhites, however, whether they grasp the inherent and therefore unmitigable nature of black failings or not, care not a whit for blacks’ feelings and will gleefully, almost sadistically, make their displeasure with black incompetence known to participant and spectator alike.

All this is a roundabout way to reiterate the infamous CH maxim “Diversity + Proximity = A lot of hurt feelings and suppressed aggravation”. Diversity is not our strength or our moon landing; it is our miseries heaped atop miseries, only prevented from exploding in a cataclysm of spite by wealth transfers (aka paid ransom) from Whites to nonWhites.

PS I used to have to drive a short way through a shitty hood that was half-black and half-hispanic. Along this one residential street a hispanic gang (possibly MS-13) would gather across the road from a black gang (whose members were belched up from the deepest ghetto pits), and I’d drive between the two groups on occasion. They never mingled, and every time I drove by it looked like a shooting could go down in an instant. It was like West Side Story, except a lot more ominous. Ese Side Story meets The Wire. Anyhow, one day I was perusing the police blotter for entertainment value, and read that there was an incident on that street that included multiple stabbings and one victim that was seriously injured after “being thrown into a moving vehicle”.

NonWhites can be marshaled to gang up on Whites for a time, but their seething intertribal hatreds will always make it difficult for their handlers to keep their hatreds focused on the prime enemy.

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Lawrence Auster (RIP, a true shtetl of mettle mensch), discussed William Muir’s 1878 The Life of Mahomet and drew the apt comparison that Muhammed was essentially the opposite of Jesus, the anti-Jesus, and that this says everything you need to know about the type of people who are drawn to the message of Islam. (via)

I’ve just read the fascinating third chapter of William Muir’s 1878 The Life of Mahomet, “The Belief of Mahomet in His Own Inspiration.” In the great tradition of 19th century scholarship, Muir is an author who sees both the trees and the forest. He works closely from the original sources, presenting the facts about Mahomet (I’ll use Muir’s old-fashioned spelling here) as we have them from the Moslem tradition, while also offering his own critical assessment of those facts. He has a highly articulated point of view about Mahomet that seems to me exceptionally insightful.

Muir shows how Mahomet became convinced, or claimed, that his own thoughts were Allah speaking to him, so that every sentence in the Koran, every single word, is believed to come directly from Allah. While Muir doesn’t deny Mahomet’s spiritual experiences that led to the writing of the Koran, he calls Mahomet’s claim of divine authorship a forgery, since he was falsely claiming that Allah was the author of the Koran rather than himself. By placing this divine imprimatur on his own thoughts, he made them impervious to analysis. To this day, it is virtually impossible for Moslems to think critically about the contents of the Koran.

After pointing out that Mahomet himself occasionally worried that it was genii who were speaking to him rather than Allah, Muir does something rather brilliant. He demonstrates, step by step, that Jesus’ responses to the three temptations of Satan were the exact opposite of Mahomet’s behavior. Whereas Jesus refused to use his divine powers for his personal advantage or for power, Mahomet often used his (false) claim of direct divine authorship of the Koran for purely personal ends (such as his various murders and marriages), and, of course, to make his religious teaching into an earthly, conquering, political force. In other words, Mahomet yielded to the temptations that Jesus rejected. Therefore, Muir concludes (and he calls this a suggestion rather than a dogma), if Mahomet was indeed inspired by a supernatural being, it was not God but someone else.

In this connection, Andrew Bostom in his research for his book on Islam has discovered and shared with me a remarkable Persian illustration of Muhammad at the massacre of the Koreizites, a Jewish tribe of Medina. It’s a famous episode in Muslim history. Muhammad, whose face is veiled, is seen sitting with his lieutenants in a kind of plaza while the killings, which he has ordered, proceed in front of him. The illustration is highly significant because it shows Muhammad “at work,” as it were. This is what he did as Prophet and founder of a religion. Nothing could bring out more clearly the world of difference between Muhammad and Jesus. While Jesus, innocent of sin, allowed himself to be executed for the sins of mankind, Muhammad ordered the mass executions of innocent men.

Getting back to William Muir’s remarkable biography, he quotes and comments on many passages from the Koran, making that book somewhat accessible to me for the first time, since whenever I have tried to read it on my own, I’ve been quickly overcome by a combination of boredom and revulsion. It occurs to me that the primitiveness of the Koran, the endless reiteration of the theme, “Either you follow Allah, or you are a piece of garbage and you are going to burn in hell,” is like taking the judgmental aspect of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures at its most judgmental, reworking it into the crudest possible form, and making that into the basis of an entire religion. And perhaps that is the reason Islam, unlike Judaism and Christianity, was so successful in winning over the Arabs: it appealed to their simple, fierce, tribal mentality in a way that Judaism and Christianity could not.

Why are the world’s violent and primitive attracted to Islam? Executioner’s Summary: it’s Islam’s appeal to the base instincts. The sand people are on the whole a stupid, clannish, hot-headed, inbred lot who have populated the world in numbers well above their natural state of existence thanks to the oil money and exported Western technology, and so it is their religion appeases and amplifies their under-evolved natures and provides justification for their burgeoning populations to expand and conquer infidel lands. You’ll note, too, Islam’s appeal to prison blacks, for similar reason: dr. feelgood and Hulk SMASH for the brutishly dumb.

Christianity is the religion of the higher IQ, the more empathic, the bigger-souled, the guilt-based (inner morality); it’s a religion for a people whose impulse is to transcend their human failings and better themselves, rather than to embrace their will to filth and stamp a seal of approval on their avaricious barbarity. Now of course there are exceptions, but in the sweep of history the general observation holds up, and continues to hold up.

I’m of the opinion that a religion is less an influence on culture and society than it is a manifest revelation of the genetic foundation of the people who profess belief in it. Religion serves the God of Biomechanics, not the other way around, and over time a religion is amended and elaborated, or in the case of Islam distilled to its thuggish essence, to satisfy the soulful yearnings and emotional demands of its followers. Christianity, in other words, could never be felt the same way or interpreted with the same keenness outside of the social context of civilized White Europeans and their diaspora. The same is true for Islam, which must necessarily remain chained to the jungle hearts of its tropical and desert wasteland base of believers (who will never realize this until they force Armageddon upon the world).

Regrettably, Christianity, like its people, has “out-evolved” itself — it evolved to where it was always logically heading faster and more completely than it could counter-evolve defenses against exploitation of its core tenets — and now waits in a horribly weakened condition for enemies to burn its cathedrals and piss on the gravestones of its saints and heroes.

Those who think the White West can be unyoked from Christianity and not just survive but thrive are fools; Christianity can no more be excised from the West than charity, empathy, genius, poetry, and high trust can be cut out from Western societies without permanently altering the character of the people. Discarding Christianity is taking a hatchet to a part of the essence of European man and expecting him to walk off the operating table unchanged. Instead, what’s happened is de-Christianized European man lays naked and defenseless on his gurney, once lamenting and now begging the world’s demon spawn to put the final fading glimmers of his listless spirit to the breaking wheel.

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Why don’t White people form posses and administer vigilante justice on invader “communities” that have infiltrated and despoiled their White nations? The answer rests on two fundamental pillars of social organization in late stage White nations:

  1. Whites of NW European extraction have been over-bred by evolutionary forces into passive, placid house pets who wouldn’t survive a day without a paternalistic owner to provide their comforts, and for whom every stranger, no matter how threatening, is a friend deserving tail wags and hand licks.
  2. The Globohomo-captured leaders and representatives of White nations won’t defend Whites from rapacious foreign and domestic enemies, and worse actively punish organic, local defenses that nationalistic (aka self-preserving) Whites may coordinate in their defense.

Pillar #2 is overlooked by those disposed to biocultural explanations for civilizational decline. Corn and porn and Hajnalianism can account for a lot of White passivity in the face of existential demographic threat, but an equally pernicious factor is the collusion of the White ruling class with Globohomoists pushing a one world, race-slurry dystopia that benefits no one but oligarchs in their fortified bunkers deepening their ties with the Creep State. The White man’s worst enemy are his “democratically elected” leaders who sold their souls to the globalist agenda and now control the full might of the State to crush any local resistance to the forced construction of a mass market bazaar society greased by enormous waves of third world migration.

White men don’t form posses because they’re enervated AND because they know by now that those leaders in whom they have placed their trust and stewardship would crush absolutely any show of lethal defiance to their State-sanctioned dispossession.

I call it Posse Interruptus, and it isn’t so much evidence of the “impotence of masculinity” as our Girl World evajelists would have you believe as it is the growing reality dawning on so many White men that their nations have been occupied by enemies within whose first and last order of business is enforcing the “restraining order against White masculinity”.

You can tell a lot about which rebellious faction an entrenched, decadent enemy fears most by how it apportions its energies and considerable resources; the globalist elite shrug off routine Muslim terrorist attacks and nonWhite dysfunction while hammering into submission with every weapon they have on hand, short of hot lead (for now), any insurgency by White men against the Globohomo status quo that aims to turn White homelands into Blade Runner-esque nightmare visions.

Contra the agitprop of globalist emasculates, the most potent force in the world isn’t Diversity™; it’s White men evicted from their own homes, awakened to the traitorous boot on their necks and hungry for vengeance.

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The shitlib demand for Whites Doing Bad Things greatly exceeds the supply.

The shitlib demand for Vibrancy Doing Good Things greatly exceeds the supply.

At the intersection of these market realities, shitlib mendacity crashes into shitlib insanity.

I came to this formulation about how the Virtue Sniveling Market governs shitlib behavior after reading Moses’ comment on the “Shitlib Ego” post:

CH: “The lesson: never give the Left an inch. They’ll take a parsec. Confederate statues today, books authored by White men tomorrow, until it finally reaches end game: second class status for all Whites outside of a few Acela elites who sufficiently grovel at the altar of anti-Whitism.”

This can not be emphasized enough.

No matter what shitlibs do, it will NEVER be enough for them. Their whole belief system is built on lies. They MUST HAVE an oppressive enemy to keep their believe system from crashing down.

Today it’s confederate statues. Tomorrow it’s removal of any Great White Man from any place of honor in our society — Jefferson and Washington removed from currency (gasp, slave holders!), schools renamed, shaming of White children, it goes on and on.

Demand for “evil whitey” far outstrips supply. So they manufacture more. Like a fire, it simply will not stop and will grow until the fuel is exhausted.

I’m running out of hope.

They absolutely cannot be reasoned with. It leaves violence, and violence only, as the unavoidable end-game. It will be violence from based White Men or violence from Islamics, but violence all the same.

The major limitation of the Virtue Sniveling Market, at least from the perspective of shitlibs who love to never practice what they preach, is that the kind of virtue shitlibs want — Vibrant Virtue — is scarce, while the kind of vice that shitlibs want to snivel against — White Vice — is as scarce as virtue is among Vibrants.

So, as Moses correctly states, shitlibs will manufacture Evil Whitey lies from whole cloth, while simultaneously excusing the worst predations of nonWhites as the consequence of conveniently hidden Evil Whitey forces. Since lies are the coin of the shitlib realm, there is simply no internal brake on their agenda, no end to their game that doesn’t feature war by whatever means and either the eventual subjugation and destruction of White Civ or the total and complete ousting of shitlibs from positions of power and influence.

Unfortunately, since shitlibs have at the moment no real pushback from anyone in power, (the alt-right is effective but don’t mistake that for institutional power), the likelihood of war in the not-so-distant future, maybe even a real hot war, between rival White factions — between say localist Whites and globalist Whites — is greater than it otherwise would be.

It all comes back to Leftoid Equalist lies about race and sex, and the pacified cowards who abet their lies.

As long as cucks/the controlled opposition refuse to grapple with the reality of race and sex differences and everything downstream from those, the Globohomo Bathhouse Alliance will continue winning the rhetoric war, even if a million nail bombs go off in every city of the West and welfare-incentivized dysgenic breeding rots the edifice from within.

The Alt/Maul/Balls-Right, far from being the dire threat to civilized society the Mendacity Merchants would have you believe, are a last gasp salvation for the West and call to redemption for the cucks who have betrayed their claimed principles every step of the way. Appeasing milksops will never find their own way, but stronger harder men can inspire them to break out of their vaginal prisons.

As Trump might say, only losers snivel for virtue whoring status points.

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The White Shitlib Ego is ravenous. It’s why shitlibs would rather oversee the destruction of White Civilization than admit their Equalism religious beliefs are based on falsehoods.

The Confederate statues being torn down across the South are just the latest battle fronts opened up by shitlibs who obey the credo that a good offense is the best defense. As the shitlib religion sits on a very shaky foundation that the Maul-Right is currently rupturing with seismic waves of realtalk, it behooves shitlibs to press their hate machine forward, into enemy territory, for to give even one inch of ground to heretics would mean the eventual reversal and defeat of every belief that shitlibs hold dear and former social, philosophical, and political grounds they occupied. And shitlibs know this, because it is the art of rhetorical war that they have practiced and perfected for decades against cuckservatives, solidifying and entrenching the Left’s march through the institutions.

The lesson: never give the Left an inch. They’ll take a parsec. Confederate statues today, books authored by White men tomorrow, until it finally reaches end game: second class status for all Whites outside of a few Acela elites who sufficiently grovel at the altar of anti-Whitism.

The human shitlib ego is the most powerful force in the cosmos. And never have the fortifications guarding that ego been under relentless attack like it is now. Shitlibs can sense it. The deluge is coming for them. Equalism is dead. The race and sex gaps won’t disappear any time soon. This is why leftoids are flirting with insanity; their interventions to solve the Gaps have been one failure after another, so they’ll need to adopt increasingly extreme anti-White postures to explain the persistence of the Gaps.

Hence the humiliation porn fix driving shitlibs to tear down symbols of White Southern heritage. This isn’t about honoring heroes of the Confederacy or showing the Confederate flag (which in point of fact was never a social crisis in America until shitlibs made it one in the past few years); it’s about shitlibs needing to dig deeper into the fever swamps of anti-White hatred to explain away race and sex gaps that make mockery of shitlibs’ guiding principle: the equalist belief that all humans, under the hood, are the same in aptitude, behavior, and moral worth, and that only White racism prevents the flowering of their Equalist paradise.

Make no mistake, the Left’s Confederate statue cultural sanitization project is JUST THE BEGINNING. Soon, it’ll be “the mere presence of Whites is keeping the black man down” and shitlibs will have their hamster rationalized justification for, say enforcing anti-White employment quotas.

As a Gab follower wrote in response to the preventable Manchester terror attack,

shitlibs are so emotionally invested in their beliefs, they would rather be martyred by their invaders than admit they’re wrong, which would force them to change their sense of identity.

The shitlib ego is impenetrable, even by muslim nail bombs. Shitlibs will never give up on their Equalism religion; they’ll have to be forced out of power and shamed into hiding.

The follow-up question would be: why are shitlibs so invested in their obviously false belief in the equalism of humanity and protective of their egos? My answer gets to the reason I wrote this post: it could be genetic (shitlibs have inherited disfigured brain architecture) or it could be that social atomization, cultural balkanization, and mass society (SCALE) have reduced the scope of identity to ideology alone.

In sum, shitlibs cling to their outmoded and frankly dumb Equalism ideology because globohomoist forces of complexity and organic community destruction have created a social atmosphere where ideology is the only communal touchstone left for them to feel like they’re part of a group larger than themselves.

Related: The Chinese are even getting in on the act of mocking self-annihilating White shitlibs. They’ve come up with a word to describe them: baizuo, which means “white left”. Soon, the whole world will laugh at White shitlibs, and then and only then will their egos finally be defeated, and then there won’t be another White Left rule for a thousand years.

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Reader Gas Mask parodied (aka improved the veracity of) a dating app advertisement featured on the Goodbye, America blog. The original ad:

And Gas Mask’s pitch perfect parody:

The blue city dating scene is now filled with these over-credentialed yet airheaded yoga-pants’ed “spiritual but not religious” aging beauties regurgitating platitudes and catchwords so vapid they could only be cynically interpreted as misdirection from what these women really want: the destruction of everything their White men built for them.

The luxury of this vacuous virtue signaling that characterizes the societal output of our shared single White woman problem will be like muff dust in the wind once the money, and the White man self-effacing indulgence, runs out. That day is coming sooner than our entrenched globohomo elites know.

My favorite comments from that Goodbye, America post:

Finally, a dating site for women who want geldings or gays.
-Alex the Goon

It is no doubt a tired story. Attractive white woman in yoga pants making “friends” with the locals. Some of them are living that life, and it’s largely paid for by a cuck white man. If it isn’t, and she is still sexy enough, those trips to Dubai are for making friendly with the buttholes of royalty while he takes a dump on her head. But, hey, culture, right?
-James ashleh

Its all about the image and self absorption. Nothing else matters.

It would never even occur to them there that this might be what they’re all about. But they are.
-Cecil Henry

And just what, exactly, is “personal growth”? Growth can be measured. Can any of these self-absorbed broads give me a concise explanation as to how they measure personal growth? Please quantify it for me.

Quantification class is hard.

I can stroke the fragile egos of self-contextualizing globalist girls with the best of amoral womanizers, and if the poon is what you want I suggest you do the same. Needlessly antagonizing globowhores by calling them out on their vapidity isn’t good pickup policy. But if you intend to stay with one of these space cadettes, you’ll need to set ground rules early: No poopytalk, no “after hours” with their yogi/cocaine dealer, and no solo travel to chocolate paradises.

The Inspired Woman is the Self-Centered Woman. She’s inspired to tell the world (and jealous girlfriends) about all the globohomo consumerist bullshit and Pedowood-approved moral posturing that inspires her. If women wonder why men can’t be counted on to treat them like princesses anymore, well maybe it’s because these women already treat themselves like princesses and men have decided their pedestal services are no longer needed.

PS There’s one category of inspiration missing from the original meetmindful self-mindfuck: children. As GBFM would say, “lzzllol DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY UP WITH MY PATREONARCHY lzzllolzzzl”.

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A thought occurred to me while noticing a boy-hipped, broad-shouldered manjaw crank out a 10-rep set of man-pushups at the gym without breaking a sweat. She wasn’t half-bad in the facial area, and her body, despite its cylindricality, was thin and taut. Her lunge-carved ass broke the straight line of her figure, supplying just enough rolling landscape to keep her out of the “guess what, you’re an arab banging a prepubescent boy!” zone.

These masculinized tankgrrls are all over the big blue urban sexopolises. Their creation as a distinct subspecies of human female could have both endogenous and exogenous causes: endocrine disruption e.g. in our plastics and Pills, or sexual selection increasing their numbers in the genpop. (Sexual selection could happen genetically over a few generations by reproductive skew, or culturally by encouraging low E/high T women to go even lower E/higher T in the gym, at the office, and on the marathon circuit.)

My thought was this: now that America has had to wheeze under fifty years of obesity — and given that fatness is a bigger SMV hit for women than it is for men — maybe masculinized females are becoming sought after by men simply because masculinization protects against obesity. It’s fairly well-known by researchers that testosterone inhibits fat gain and accelerates fat loss. Female obesity is SO FUCKING REPULSIVE to the vast majority of (White & Asian) men that men may be making subconscious mate choice calculations favoring masculine women and their slender, if pre-teen tubular, bodies.

A woman with jacked T is less likely to be fat, and that could mean all the difference in our fulsome Fatopia. Masculine women are a social and male mate choice response to a food and globohomoist environment that punishes curvy feminine women. Our iPhags and iFoods have killed off our Marilyn Monroes (men hardest hit).

This is a sad state of affairs, but perfectly understandable that men would rather bang a curve-less fuck piston than suffocate in the fat folds of a flabberwocky. Given free choice, and a healthy female SMV sexual market, men would choose slender, hourglass-shaped, feminine women who could never be mistaken for men. But we don’t live in that healthy sexual market; we live in a technocarb horror spun by a girthful incubus. In this nightmare, the large swath of sub-alpha American men are increasingly offered only two choices of woman: a fatty, or a mandibular muscleslut barking into her phone at subordinates as her womb turns inhospitable to sperm and egg alike.

Bang a boyische twat or a fat blob? For many men, the shrill sergeant wins that contest.

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