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Ted Cruz grilled Mark “no spark of life in the eyes” Cuckersperg about his company’s censorship of conservative viewpoints.

Accusing Facebook of giving “conflicting answers” on whether they are a neutral public forum, Cruz went on to outline voters’ concerns about political censorship.

“There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship.”

Cruz went on to cite the trending news scandal of 2016, in which it was reported that Facebook “routinely suppressed” conservative stories from its Trending News feature.

“In addition to that, Facebook has initially shut down the ‘Chick-fil-A appreciation day page,’ has blocked the post of a Fox News reporter, has blocked over two dozen Catholic pages, and most recently has blocked the Trump supporters Diamond & Silk’s page – with 1.2 million Facebook followers – after determining that their content and brand were ‘unsafe for the community’.”

In response, Zuckerberg said concerns over political bias were “fair,” and conceded that Silicon Valley is an “extremely left-leaning place.”

You don’t say! I’d go so far as to call it an “extremely un-American place”.

Pressed by Cruz, Zuckerberg also conceded that he did not know the political orientation of the “15-20,000 people” who work on content review at Facebook.

He doesn’t have to know. He has set up an institutional framework which ensures the predominance of Facecock employees are anti-White leftoid freaks.

Cruz also raised the issue of the firing Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR which was later bought by Facebook. Luckey was fired following a media witch-hunt, after he was revealed to be one of Silicon Valley’s few Trump supporters in 2016. Zuckerberg told Cruz that his firing was “not because of a political view” and that the company does not make firing decisions based on what candidates employees supported.

Lyin’ Zuck. Does he really expect people to believe his BS?

What was interesting is that NO OTHER SENATOR followed up on Cruz’s justified and pointed criticism of Cuckersperg. Were they afraid to pursue the truth? Were they paid off to suppress the truth (that leftoid technopolies like Facecock routinely and as a matter of institutional policy censor and de-platform ideological opponents)? Inquiring minds already know!

In total, we found 45 [senior] employees who had previously worked or volunteered with the Hilary campaigns, the Obama campaigns, or the Obama White House and are now employed by Facebook, Facebook-owned companies, or the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

The government of our corrupt elites is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Shillicon Valley.

Facebook employees donated big bucks to Congress members.

A reader adds,

Most of [the Senators] like what he’s doing, using technology he, hpc, and cia worked together to create to track our every movement.

Orwell welp’ed.

Atavator gets to the diseased heart of the matter:

Fakebook is as fake as the losers who spend their lives telling us all about the Grande Lattes they guzzled after shopping for useless disposable consumer goods all day.  Take back your life and #DeleteFacebook

Lol. I live in a 96% white, very “well-adjusted” upper middle class white community. Normie central.

Just judging by other women my wife knows, nearly every facebook presentation of a female is at least 15-20 years off her present age, and who knows how many pounds fewer. Much space dedicated to very public and indecent exclamations of matrimonial love, humble brags about kids, and of course, virtue signaling about whatever news item NPR or CNN has mentioned that day.

In my view, facebook is one of THE contributors to the trashing and uglification of America by way of the female id. Any respectable kulturkampf will need a way to raze it.

Yup. Facecock is porn for women, with the same dopamine receptor frying effects on them that hardcore online porn has on men. And yet men are shamed for their fap habits while women are lauded for theirs. Wassupwitdat? (The Fundamental Premise, that’s what’s up.)

The Fuckerborg hearings are a joke, not only for what it reveals about Suckerdork (a lying psychopath) but what it says about our fully converged media and government (lying psychopaths in bed with a lying psychopath). All the psychos are stroking each other off to a psychotic jizz blast, and Heritage America is taking the diseased load to its bound and gagged face.

ZUCK: “If we have a fault, it’s that Facecock is too idealistic. We were naive, and for that I’m sorry.”

This LIE from the man whose company’s mission has been FROM DAY ONE to snoop on, gather, and sell user data to the highest bidder. WHO THE ZUCK DOES HE THINK HE’S FOOLING (besides NPR libs)?

A truly privacy-protecting Facecock would be a pay service, which means its account base of 2 billion would conceivably be whittled down to twenty million, depriving Zuck of his many billions and thwarting his plan to establish a real world IngSoc. And the poor people who had to sacrifice their privacy to use Facecock wouldn’t be advertiser targets anyway, so Zuck would be taking a huge cost-overhead bath by allowing a no-fee option.

Zuck wept. Or he would if he was a mammal.

Our Lilliputian Overlords:

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Top: Insol

Bottom two: Incel

All three: Narcisshits groomed on a steady diet of social media Likes.

Explains a lot.

Nasim Aghdam looks like the love child of David Hogg and Eliot Roger. Really wide face indicates psychopathic tendencies. And of course she’s a racial mutt from that part of the world that produces a disproportionate number of the world’s psychos.

Verdict: she, and her family, should never have been let into America. They aren’t like us.


I confess when I heard Oytube got shot up by this unibrow minx, I didn’t shed a tear. Globohomo Valley tech monopolies on the receiving end of their vibrant pets’ rage? Umm, sorry? I forgot to mourn.

If an emboldened horde of steppe-nomad mystery meat vegan psychocunts decides to visit hell on the centers of Leftoid Power, there isn’t a bucket of popcorn big enough to enjoy the fratricidal freakshow.


A reader writes,

The YT killer story has various levels/angles, but I think the most interesting one is the wish for revenge against a company that has taken on the task of arbitrarily censoring the content of videos posted on its system, often undermining people’s businesses in doing so. A proportion harmed by it will follow in this woman’s footsteps.

Reminder that this is the grotesquerie, deformed by inbreeding whose ancestors sacrificed a human visage and relatability for a few shekels of IQ, who controls what you see and hear on her worldwide communications medium:


It’s Revenge of the Nerds, times one million and more repulsive than any Lovecraftian horror. It’s Fuggernaut politics. The degenerate freak mafia only knows how to destroy the true and beautiful so that they no longer feel the sting of their lies and ugliness.

The Fuggernaut doesn’t want us gazing to the heavens; they want us staring at the muck.


My sides! From MPC status updates:

The internet really is an incredible mental illness incubator.

Petition to replace “marry, fuck, kill” with “italian, persian, or jew?”

Chad Bigly:

Me: The perfect Narrative Collapse doesn’t exist.

Nasim Aghdam: Hold my vegan kebab.

LOL. What’s wrong with our angry young women? Has feminist veganism gone too far?

One more flog of the Hogg:

It’s funny cause it’s cruel. (For those who don’t know, Hogg tweeted about his virginity and no-girlfriend lifestyle, confessing that his classmates think he’s weird. Who could’ve guessed that?)

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An army of child soldiers groomed by their media handlers and sent into battle under the Soros banner are descending on deep blue cities today to march for their limelight. The playbill says it’s about gun control, though, so a few words of wisdom for this callow mystery meat generation:

Guns are not the problem; people, culture, and policy are the problem.


Authorities missed the warning flags cropping up like kudzu about Nikolas Cruz multiple times. The FBI got 39 tips to investigate this guy, and they followed up on ZERO. The local police called to the scene hung around outside the school browsing porn on their phones, afraid to go inside to neutralize the shooter because that’s not their job or anything. And Ann Coulter stuck the biggest shiv in this steaming pile of leftoid anti-2A agitation when she rightly noted that Gay Mulatto’s “school-to-mass-murder pipeline” policy recommendations were directly responsible for mentally unhinged killers like Cruz slipping through the gutted school and law enforcement disciplinary nets, to do as he pleased. (Coulter advises Republicans to beg the Democreeps to bring up their “school to prison” initiatives; they will not take her advice because they love the smell of losing in the morning.)

Per 100,000 US residents, the rate of mass shootings was higher in the 1920s and 1930s than it is now; yet few back then were marching to repeal the 2nd Amendment or for draconian gun restrictions. Today, the Left mounts impressive shows of noodle-armed force against the First and Second Amendments, predominately because the internet has globalized local news and because anti-Gentilic jews didn’t yet control the information gateways in the 1920s-30s. Americans had freer minds ninety years ago, unpolluted by rank innumeracy or media sensationalism and propaganda.


As America becomes more brown and black and less White, she will become more violent. Blacks and browns have violent criminality rates that range from two to eight times higher than the White American rate. FBI stats don’t lie (though give it time, I’m sure the Derp State is working on a fix to that). This will spill over into mass shootings, where the hard and fast numbers already prove that nonWhites are disproportionately represented.

Then there is the problem of broken families (Nikolas deJesus Cruz was the product of a broken family) and fatherlessness. 26 of the 27 deadliest mass shooters came from fatherless homes.

Do you want to reduce mass shootings? Ban moslem immigration. moslems commit mass murder at a rate far exceeding their share of the total US population.


We live in a Gynarcho-Tyranny. Boys aren’t properly socialized into manhood; instead, they are forced into disavowing their toxic masculinity and embracing their feminine side. This thwarts the natural male development process, producing a breeding ground at the extreme margins for psychotic boys to lash out by taking up arms. If boys aren’t allowed to compete in the natural way for dominance, their suppressed urge can explode with deadly violence. Add Big Pharma to the mix — we drug our boys because their natural boyish rambunctiousness is ill-suited for the modren prison school system run by and for women and girls — and it’s no wonder most mass shooters are later discovered to have been taking a cocktail of SSRIs.

Further, cosmopolitan and geographic rootlessness pushes some boys at the margins over the edge. Transplants are unmoored from nourishing social, familial, geographic, and yes ethnic grounding. Open borders adds a constant source of transplant churn to society that doubtless contributes to mass shooting events. But the (((media))) doesn’t want to hear about this, because they prefer their host nations shaped in the image of their diasporic rootlessness.


So there ya go. Banning bump stocks isn’t gonna stop mass shootings. All that does is whet the Left’s appetite for more restrictive bans. You will never compromise with the Left; you can in the end, only lose, unless you fight back and “turn back the clock” on their inhuman agenda.

I am a big supporter of both 1A and 2A, because without 2A we don’t have 1A (cf: Britain). I’m not a gun nut (I hunt infrequently and enjoy target shooting), but I know when the civil war SHTF (and no one can honestly guarantee it won’t….did you predict President Trump ten years ago?) I want my kin and countrymen armed against a despotic, embrowned federal government. When you strip away the right of free citizens to own guns, you fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between government and the governed, and not in a good way.

Again, look to Britain for a vision of a disarmed citizenry future: a White British man was just thrown in jail for humorously teaching his pug to seig heil on yidtube, while pakistani moslem rape grooming gangs are permitted to operate unchecked for decades in bucolic towns throughout merry dead England.

Make no mistake, the March For Their Limelight is the first nationally organized feeler to accustom the populace to repealing the 2nd Amendment. Agitprop will be in high gear today; women will be pushed to tears with a cavalcade of sob stories. Challahwood fruitcakes are naturally attracted to a movement of narcissists, identifying strongly with stupid, pissy brats hogging the camera reciting shitlib boilerplate to a doting jewitan media, hoping to distract from their sexual perversions.

Only a nauseating little despot like David Hogg can deep six this whole operation by getting on camera and cursing and stamping his wee feet to the tune of “It’s a Soros World After All”.

What America needs isn’t guncontrol.exe, it’s Punk Control.


Speaking of twig-armed pillow biter scions of FBI hillary suckups, the real point of this post is to discuss the phenomenon of le crooked face. It’s everywhere you look.

What’s causing this efflorescence of crooked faces in Shrillennials? Theories abound. Fluoride. Soy. BPAs. Estrogens in our water supply from urinated birth control pills. Chemicals and preservatives in our packaged foods and goods.

I think it’s genetic mutational overload. Greg Cochran has talked about this, and I believe it’s related to the catastrophic drop in sperm levels and quality in men throughout the industrialized world. (I also think it’s related to the increase in manjaws and snarly attitude among Western women.) The natural culling mechanisms of unviable conceptions and infants have been thwarted by modern medicine, allowing degenerate freaks to live to reproductive age. Over generations, crooked genes proliferate, until phenotypes assume the crookedness of their underlying genetic enfeeblement.

Basically, we’re chinless-deep in the “Weak men create hard times” part of the civilizational cycle.

And David Hogg, you are one weak manlet.


As we all could have guessed, this anti-White man, anti-2nd Amendment march was funded by wealthy New York and Challahwood jews.

Follow the money.

It’s a strange political fact, but nearly every major anti-gun group has been a front group. The NRA is maligned 24/7 and yet it’s completely obvious whom it represents. Despite the efforts to tie it to everyone from firearms manufacturers to the Russians (if you can’t tie any random Republican thing to the Russians these days, you won’t be working at the Washington Post or CNN for very long), it represents its five million members. Anti-gun groups tend to represent shadowy networks. […]

The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation. This wasn’t just a little bit of professional activist assistance.

The application lists Katz as the “Person in Charge of Event”.

Katz is a former Dancing With the Stars and current Bill Maher producer. She’s also the former owner of Talent Central, a Los Angeles talent agency, The leaked application lists her as the president of the March for Our Lives Fund. […]

March for Our Lives is funded by Hollywood celebs, it’s led by a Hollywood producer and its finances are routed through an obscure tax firm in the Valley. Its treasurer and secretary are Washington D.C. pros. And a top funder of gun control agendas is also one of its directors.

None of this has much to do with Parkland. The mass shooting by a mentally ill man who should have been committed and arrested long before he carried out his massacre was a political opportunity.

Now that opportunity is being exploited to the hilt by a professional class of political activists.

I’ll be brief here. “Gun control activism” is spearheaded by jews who wish to disarm White Gentiles. Don’t believe me? Take it from the whoreson’s mouth:


I baited a shitlib I know who was going to one of these marches. “Pretty big national turnout and coordination. I wonder who paid for it? These things cost money”.

Shitlib: “The kids put this together.”

Me: “Nah, no way kids have this kind of organizational skill and money. Had to have been big players behind the scenes, no?”

Shitlib: *sound of silence*

There isn’t a child alive the Professional Left won’t promptly try to turn into a soldier for the cause. It’s in their DNA to corrupt the impressionable. So tell shitlibs they’re child exploiters, one step removed from child rapists. Tell shitlibs they dance to the tune of the rich. Tell them they’re useful idiots for international financiers.

If you really want to shiv a shitlib, tell xir “you’re a puppet for greedy fat cats”. Gets em every time. Added bonus: it’s true.

Forget about reasoning with a shitlib. It’s a losing proposition. Libs don’t operate logically, they’re emotional creatures first and last. The way to hurt them is to hit them in the feelz plexus by making them doubt their self-righteousness. A reader had a great comment about this:

This is why I don’t argue with them anymore. I just accuse them of being child rape deniers and blast them with righteous indignation and disgust. It’s the only thing they understand. The only thing that can reach them, if anything can, is moral condemnation, the recognition that they are not the ones who judge, but are the ones being judged.

REFRAME. Stop allowing yourself to be judged by leftoids, and START JUDGING THEM. If this reminds you of Game and the nature of women, you’re on the right track. Women can’t resist a man who swats away their womanly judgmentalism and replaces it with his own list of qualifications.


Shitlibs don’t really care about “saving lives”. Via MPC’s Regime Loyalist,

To put this crisis into perspective, the number of people killed in mass shootings by AR-15s over the past decade is practically equal to the number of people who die from drug overdoses every day. Thanks to the explosion in opioid abuse, fatal ODs are now up to 64,000 per year, or 175/day.

The dismembered bloody body parts of vacuumed third trimester fetuses don’t move the compassion needle on shitlibs at all. If anything, it incites them to more bloodthirst. Remember that libs have a much higher disgust threshold than cons, so libs can better tolerate disgusting things like gore, puke, shit, piss, and skull crushing forceps. A mass die-off of working class Whites from opioid overdoses usually wrests a gleeful cackle from your typical ultracompassionate shitlib.

Libs are using guns as a cop-out to avoid confronting the illimitable damage they’ve done to society through their lies, policies and poz. That’s the Right’s cue to hit the Left hard with both facts and emotional appeals that paint libs as subversives attacking basic American civil rights. From Shitlord Policy Analyst:

It’s not that they’re ever going to disarm us totally, it’s that they are going the tobacco route to try and make guns socially uncool while getting the government to do as much as possible to grind away at all things guns except actually banning them outright. That’s why internet media companies (Google, Youtube, Reddit) have started cracking down on guns. It’s why big merchants have voluntarily adopted new regulations about guns the left couldn’t get legally. That’s why we you see certain states starting to push very modified AR’s, mag limits and other laws instead of banning them outright. This would have been a good time for the alt right (or whatever you want to call the broad grassroots online movement that supported Trump 2016) to flex their muscles and help change the rhetoric, but I’m still seeing so many circa 1995 stale talk show radio host lines about “Go after Planned Parenthood!” or what have you. We should be able to hit the left with better emotional rhetoric (make the party of civil rights own fighting against a civil right) while also matching them on pure facts, such as who is actually doing the shootings and where. There’s also the greater internet censorship issue which should bring together a coalition greater than gun owners to fight back against.

The only positive I’m seeing from all this is that there are a lot of Trump supporters who have had a hatred of the left inculcated in them and are buying guns out of spite.

At the very least, if libs are gonna demand raising the gun purchase age to 21, we have to answer them by demanding the voting age be raised to 21 as well. This will eat into the Left’s electoral base.

Satire, but accurate:

Not satire, still very accurate:


Wew, that’s a lot of Democrat mass shooters!


Less than 10% of the crowd in the wholly political and staged anti-2A march in washington dc were under the age of 18.

Generation Zyklon is not yet converged.

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Drudge is taunting Trump with a “Fake Veto” headline. It’s a fair shiv. Trump teased a veto of the bloated globalist omnibus bill, then signed it anyway. What it doesn’t include is more important than what it does: no funding for The Wall. Thankfully, it’s only a six month spendgap, so we revisit this stinking trillion dollar pile of GayMulatto-era crap again in September.

Politically, though, this is a loss for Trump. Finger to Heritage America wind, my take on the 2018 midterms and beyond:

He just lost the House.

Possibly the Senate too.

And 2020 is looking real shaky.

But six months is a long time in politics. A lot can happen that vaults Trump back to the high ground, smiting cucks and Diversicrats.

The stakes cannot be higher. If Congress flips, impeachment and the destruction of Heritage America are all but assured. As Eleutheria puts it,

When one (both) chambers flip, they will stall him for 2 years. No more wall funding. No tightening of immigration.

Then whatever half-baked token candidate the Dems field will wipe the floor with him, and commission diversity themed art on his wall prototypes.

Imagine a nation of bald lesbian dykes stomping on a Chad’s face, forever. Oh and we’ll get this, too:

This is the not-so-far off future for everyone if Trump and Trumpism are defeated.

Jack McKrack writes,

the bill for his protection by the Military Deep State came due. and boy was it a doozy. let’s pray he gets something out of it.

look, Trump has limitations. i hate this bill. HATE it. there’s nothing good about it. but what’s the alternative? T has every Deep State scumbag breathing down his neck and the MSM pulling out all the stops 24/7. getting this shit bill out of the way buys him some time to deal with Mueller & Co and plan The Next Big Shakeup. he’s mortal. but he’s the best we got.

This might be the window Trump needs to fire Mueller and end the witch hunt which was always intended to hobble him for the full four or eight years. He’s given the DoD State what they want and now he has a brief moment to leverage his payment into real action by firing Mueller. We’ll see if the Drone State doesn’t turn on him as well.

The bill preserves untold numbers of GayMulatto diversity grant programs and includes Democreep-approved language that the 1.2 billion earmarked for border security applies only to fencing and not to any wall prototypes introduced after 2017. I’m sure after a close reading of this encyclopedic monstrosity we’ll find that the 2nd Amendment was repealed. As Ann Coulter twatted, “Congratulations, President Schumer”.

This is who won today:

There is no “minority”; there is only the Globohomo Uniparty (vs Trump and the People).

Cackling Merchant.


There’s no way Trump comes out looking good in the immediate aftermath of signing into law this giant middle finger to heartland america. But maybe there’s a midterm election strategy, outlined by J.H.,

Omnibus expires in 6 months.  He probably WANTS this fight, but wants to do it closer to the election.  Make the 2018 election a referendum on The Wall, immigration, etc.  6 more months of omnibus is no big deal if he has a plan.  He’s earned some trust and a right to be flexible.

Trump’s hands were tied. The GOPe pukes dumped this Globobus spending bill on him just before their two week recess. He knew a gov shutdown for that long would blow back hard on him, given the helping hand of the media to redirect blame away from congress and to Trump. Still doesn’t excuse it; Trump should’ve been involved in this bill sooner. I hate to say it but he may have been outplayed….just this once, ZOG unwilling.

AJP adds,

I don’t know if it’s possible at this point that Trump understands how and why he was elected.

In my black pill moments, I wonder the same. Bannon was right. “Let Trump be Trump”. If only Trump had taken his advice to heart.

So why didn’t Trump shutter the government and ride the hate, like he’s done so expertly since the day he announced? I think he realized he was stuck between a cuck and a hard place. Optimistically, he signed because:

1. Trump is flushing out the cucks to weaken their hold on the GOP

2. Trump had to pay the Drone State for having his back on the Russia Hoax witch hunt

3. A veto would have made an enemy of everyone on Capitol Hill, effectively ending Trump’s Presidency.

But still I think he would have been better off striking a blow against the swamp. Wounds to his base of support this deep — and don’t kid yourselves the Chaimstream Media will blare 24/7 how Trump “caved” on his demand for Wall funding — don’t easily heal.

Therajraj sneers,

How about a simpler explanation : Trump never believed anything he said and just wanted to put another notch on his bed post of achievements?

Wrong. Trump would not have risked sacrificing everything — including the financial viability of his brand name — on a lark. Go back to old interviews of Trump. He’s been pro NatPop for a long time.

Trump is not the enemy. He is our ally in a fight with incredible odds against him, and an implacable merciless conniving enemy intent on destroying his Presidency and the hopes of the Good Half of America who voted for him. He will backslide. He will make mistakes. He will occasionally tactically retreat in the face of a massive enemy offensive. And he will hate doing it, because he truly does care about the Forgotten Americans who made him their emissary.

So what do we MAGAmen do come Nov? Oy, there’s the rub. The GOPe is full of traitors. The Democreeps are full of anti-White tyrants. Trump was the answer.

I’m not counting him out yet, but we’re at a nadir. A MAGAbyss. All things considered, we’re still far better off than with president thecunt, but if Trump doesn’t want to go down a loser, he’s gonna need to fight harder, and smarter, because his enemies — and by the transitive property, AMERICA’S enemies — are legion and animated by demonic energies.

DEUSVULT sends us off with a positive suggestion that beats wasting time endlessly black pilling disingenuously about Trump,

If people want to be angry, turn that anger at your congressmen and senators that created and voted for this bill, this political trap to turn us against POTUS. Show that anger through local elections.

This WAS a realignment. It’s now a whirlwind. Chaos will save us.

More of this, please, and soon:

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The latest shitlib outrage du jour is about Cambridge Analytica and their work unwittingly helping LITERALLY HITLER DRUMPPHPHPH win in 2016 through totally legal purchased access to data-mined Faceborg info for user sentiment. Suddenly, shitlibs have noticed that monopolistic social media companies have too much privacy-violating control of our personal details now that those Big Brother-esque companies and their willingness to sell user data have been exploited by Trump campaign hires instead of the Gay Mulatto campaign.

TJP recaps a surprisingly good National Cuckview article about the Left’s strange new respect for the Social Media Menace,

The moral panic over social media and the ‘misuse’ of information is ONLY about suppressing right-wing speech and taking away the tools of mass communication from people on the right.

That’s all it’s about and that’s all it’s ever been about. The Obama campaign quite literally wrote the book on social media manipulation and massive data harvesting. Nobody in the press or Silicon Valley cared, because he won.

Now that Trump won based on (largely organic) social media success, our democracy has suddenly been ‘corrupted’ by a ‘war’ of ideas and information that manipulates people into voting the wrong way.

The left had a monopoly on broadcast media for decades. They got to decide who was legitimate and who wasn’t. Then the internet came along and gave THE PEOPLE a voice — and surprise, it’s not working out so well for the left.

All these current social media recriminations are about is reestablishing the old order. Instead of the big-three broadcast networks where liberals decide what voices are heard, we’re headed into the big-three social media networks where, again, liberals decide what voices are heard.

Simply breaking up the big tech monopoly isn’t going to fix this — we need legislation binding tech monopolies to the Constitution. It’s the ONLY way we’re going to escape censorship.

Shitlibs are getting worked up over what are essentially targeted political ads because their side didn’t get to benefit from it this time. It’s a grab at maintaining their total control of the informational vertical and horizontal.

Countenance Blog writes,

I’m so old that I remember when the Democrat-left-media just LOVED the political data game.

Like, five years ago.

Exactly. I can recall the fawning articles delving into Gay Mulatto’s “big data” gurus and super savvy datanauts. It’s like the history-washing shitlib Left thinks no one remembers anything more than five minutes ago. Trump came along and his team basically co-opted lib battlefield tactics, and OUTMANEUVERED libs on their own turf! That’s gotta burn, so libs are in full hysteria mode trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes long enough to build a Fake Impeachment case against Trump. Russiahoax isn’t working, so it’s back to the well with Cambridge Analytica, and maybe Stormy Daniels as a last ditch effort.

The Big Four Socials — Goolag, Faceborg, Fapple, Twatter — along with the Biggest Technopoly, Scamazon, have to be broken up under existing anti-trust laws, and/or regulated as common carrier utilities. The shitlibs who run these companies have way too much power to censor and demonetize political opponents, (not to mention get employees like James Damore fired for speaking uncomfortable truths about the Diversity Racket). Big Data and the selling of personal user information to the highest bidder is an affront to a humanistic interpretation of civilization, and there really is a dire need to curb the power of the Dopamine Drippers and protect users’ privacy.

If it takes Cambridge Analytica to focus shitlib minds on the Social Media Menace, then so be it; just make sure your local indignant lib is continually reminded that regulating the socials means his tribe won’t be able to exploit them for narrative control or electoral profit any longer like they’ve been doing.

Unrelated, but too funny to wait for an appropriate post:

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“George Washington slept here” is a pretty common plaque found at or near historical sites throughout colonial America. As his legend grew, American households which hosted the Great Man for the night were proud to publicly say so, even if his presence in their humble abodes was apocryphal.

Likewise, hot sluts who hosted today’s Great Man — President Donald Trump — in their vaginas are proud to publicly say so, and will go to any lengths to be allowed to preen that their vajeen was a canteen for Trump’s alpha cream.

How many hsmv women has Trump pumped? Trump apparently boffed the entire back catalog of Playboy centerfolds. GAME RECOGNIZED.

Porn whore Stormy Daniels is so desperate to prove that she caught the attention of the world’s most foremost alpha male who used her as a Godseed receptacle that she took a lie detector test, and gave us this timelessly iconic Clockwork Orange-esque pic instead:

Atavator writes,

Game measured! [ed: lol] And by the way, is this a polygraph, or a tit scale? I think this is excellent pictorial representation of just how desperate the establishment is to take Trump down.

Yes, you’ve gotta think that for a number of these women, “Trump slept with me” is their last hurrah. It’s a great study in female psychology. At the time they signed these agreements, they figured they’d have no trouble abiding by them. After all, having concluded their affairs with Trump, they were off to ride other Alpha men. They didn’t foresee… apparently couldn’t foresee… a time when that would be over.

That’s exactly it. This is all sexiness signaling by aging has-beens. The difference between sexiness and sexiness signaling is the same as the difference between virtue and virtue signaling: the former is the real deal while the latter is a claim to being the real deal (but is usually just hypocrisy or self-serving ego stroking). A sexiness signaling woman is admitting she USED to be sexy and tacitly suggesting she MAY still be sexy enough to catch the eye of high value men.

Carlos Danger wonders,

Who rivals Trump’s bedpost notches in terms of quality? DiCaprio? Maybe Brady pre-Gisele? And Trump gets there with 50 more pounds, 30 more years, and the pompadour. Impressive.

If the stories and rumors are true, I don’t think many men can rival both the quality and quantity of Trump’s notch count. The man is as close to a modren day Genghis Khan as a Westerner can be. Wilt Chamberlain? Nah, I read somewhere most of his lays were with ghetto groupie trash. Porfirio Rubirosa might top Trump’s meet-to-lay ratio.

I have to imagine Sinatra is up there.

Wasn’t Sean Connery legendary in his day? Going way back, you’d have to give the nod to Lord Byron, Voltaire, and similar Supreme Gentlemen of the West. Some (pre-indie hipster) stadium rockers could rival Trump’s womanizer score. John Bonham was known for his unreal hotel room orgies. He once said he couldn’t tell which vagina belonged with which face when he was in the middle of a romp.

anon writes,

from the the looks of it, Trump has never slept with an ugly girl in his life.

That’s the small detail that elevates Trump’s womanizing well above the human plane.

A word about Trump’s Women. We have the obvious angle — a cat herd of Wall impact whores looking to cash in on the bottomless appetite of Shitlib, America for salacious stories about Trump’s sexual stamina (Freud would have a field day) while the cashing in is good — and the angle obvious only to Chateau guests: none of these cum dumpsters cumming out of the woodwork now to relive their glory days getting Pump and Trumped, or accusing Trump of allegedly taking their flirtations at face value, were scandalized at the time of the alleged affairs and grandfathered PoundMeToo infractions.

I guarantee that every woman who is now crowing about getting fucked by Trump, or moaning about getting groped by Trump, absolutely, undeniably, LOVED HIS GOD ALPHA ATTENTIONS AT THE TIME THEY HAPPENED. This is because women are viscerally attracted to powerful men, much the same way men are viscerally attracted to beautiful, young women. Women can’t help themselves around powerful confident men; they lose all sense and judgment and notion of personal accountability.

Women go into every alpha male flirtation with the subconscious hope that he will make her his princess (or his movie star, in the case of weinstein). Even the sloppiest of slopworn sluts feels this way in the presence of a mortal GodKing. It’s not until years and hundreds of wrinkles later that some of these women, realizing they have been had by a cad and by the merciless approach of the Wall, give in to their bitterness and lash out at the man who would be theirs but chose differently. In a fury of spite against the God of Biomechanics, these cast-aside bitterbitches try to take down the powerful men who once loved them, believing in their tiny black hearts that this will redeem their poor life choices.

And this secret desire hits ostensible Trump-hater pussyhatters, too.

Trump (or Trump’s hog) is living rent-free in her vagina.

In related news, feminists are finally starting to catch on that sexbots will mean the end of their romantic possibilities. In France, femcunts are trying to change the law to include nonconsensual sex with sex dolls under the definition of rape. Please don’t bother trying to work out the logic of their stance, you’ll only be met with MUH FEELZ, MISOGYNIST!

If feminists are allowed to ban male sex substitutes, then patriarchs are allowed to ban dildos, vibrators, pulp romance novels, and pretty much everything broadcast or streamed on TV. Fair’s fair.


Jay in DC writes,

There has been a long list of vag slayers of Trump caliber. Sinatra, Warren Beatty, Redford, (Connery as mentioned), etc. Even Kennedy was neck deep in pussy far beyond Marilyn Monroe if the rumor mill is to be believed.

This was a non-event in times passed. Only in this faggoty and #metoo era are high status alpha males who are showered in trim some kind of neo-puritan scandal.

Fuck man, for anything you think about him even Slick Willy was a very smooth talker and got ALOT of pussy. Far more than Killary would like her cogdis to ever come to grips with.

Both Bill Clinton and Art of the Sealed Deal Trump are charming. but Bill is a classic case of the charming alpha hitched to a snarling ballcutter, so to him any juicy adoring prolehole seemed like a goddess. Trump has mingled and commingled with hotties his whole life. His wives were the opposite of thecunt hillary. Trump’s mistress standards were thus a lot higher than Bill’s. And tbh I think Bubba was a borderline sociopath and probably did rape that Paula broad in a fit of sexual energy after spending weeks on the couch escaping from dragonbreath hillary breathing fire on him.

Trump, otoh, is not a sociopath. He’s a confident jerkboy full of justified swagger who seems to genuinely love women, and loves making love with beautiful women. He hurts his wives satisfying his urges, but he has the good sense to keep it discrete, and I wouldn’t doubt if he’s had conversations with his wives that his appetite is yuge and they should accept that part of him, in exchange for assurances that they will always be his number ones and he will never fall in love with his mistresses.

If you want a leader with the HEAVY BALLS to take on the Deep State, then you’ll have to reconcile yourself to a leader with the HEAVY BALLS to have a romantic history filled to brimming with porn stars and centerfolds.

Manly vigor is a complete package. (heh)

williamk writes,

Trump gave this lifestyle up for us.

Other men (like Bill Clinton) attain power for the purpose of getting pussy. Trump gave up getting pussy in order to deserve power. Its pretty amazing.

His enemies know his weakness; he’s probably swatted away numerous honeypot attempts. My bet is Trump was smart enough to give up getting strange when he decided to run for president. And of course, chances he’s had any new pussy since getting inaugurated is just about 0%.

Trump’s sacrifices shame our craven self-serving establishment rulers. He deserves our loyalty. He deserves our fight.

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pewdiepie most based Swede.

This post sponsored by the PoundMeToo movement, dedicated to removing all accountability from starfuckers and blaming White men for the actions of (((white))) men.

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