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This is one of the most succinct analyses of the Russia Hoax witch hunt-cum-soft coup I’ve read from a liberal Dem. The Deep State opened a Pandora’s box and the demons are loosed on America.

Bigger than Watergate.

Bigger than WMD.

Treason has been committed. We shouldn’t be demanding apologies.

We should be demanding the hangman’s noose.

It’s the only lesson these media and deep state creeps will understand.

PS Coming in hot: “Damning texts reveal DOJ was worried FISA was based on potential biased source but FBI wanted to press on”

The FBI reportedly did not disclose to the DOJ that British ex-spy Christopher Steele worked for a firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

And on and on the evidence of treason mounts…

Trump has political capital now. This is his moment to unleash hell and scorch the swamp.

PPS Aaaaaand….this day just got better!

Geragos is a CNN legal analyst and also represents Jussie Smollett. L O L

PPPS Sand Wolverine explains why shitlibs can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that there isn’t and never was any “Russia collusion”.

I think part of the reason the no collusion thing to the libs is beyond what they can fathom is simple: They have never achieved anything themselves without some form pay to play or calling in a favor.

For anything that requires any sort of qualification (college, job, friends etc…) they create a counter like Affirmative Action, Diversity on Demand, bribe schemes, sleeping with (((Harvey))) to get that movie part.

To them a ‘friend’ is someone you can use to get ahead. Nothing more. You must serve a purpose to their greater need. They either require dirt on people or complete submission to their greater ideology.

With the exoneration of Trump this weekend, it goes beyond him simply not being guilty but to the fact he actually did it all. Himself. Against all odds. Without any sort of pay to play.

Personally, I have found shitlibs in general to be less moral people than conservatives. I believe it’s related to their passive-aggressive, grasping womanliness, apparent in both shitlib sexes.

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From Joyce’s Wake Twatter account (now shoah’ed);

In most of the West, you can’t tell your sons they have a right to their land, or that they have many reasons to be proud of their race. But you can tell them it’s OK to cut their dicks off, pump themselves full of female hormones, and fight for access to the girl’s bathroom.


Every “Whiteness” seminar, every day of mass migration, every speech law, every allegation of racism, every Zionist cent that sways our politics, every claim our lands were always diverse, every neighborhood that becomes a “no-go” zone is an act of terrorism.

I don’t want apologies from the media for Trump.

I want hellfire rained down on the media.

A reader,

Exactly right. No apologies from them, no gloating by us. Now is the time for vengeance. Now is the time for the settling of scores. Time to drain the swamp while they are disoriented and demoralized.

From J.R.,

Mueller and the Media are saying the Russians repeatedly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

But this is a lie. The FBI repeatedly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign. The FBI paid informants to setup stings of the Trump campaign. And the Trump campaign rejected all their attempts.

There were no Russian Infiltration Attempts. It’s all a lie.

MPC rewards its paypigs with the usual trenchant analysis.

I honestly would not give a shit if every media whore vanished in a puff of Thanos purple.

Related: Today, Jimmy Kimmel and Steven Colbert pushed in their ribbed dildos another notch to help them forget the pain.

Finally, Lindsey “freed from McCain’s clutches” Graham, with the ominous tweet:

The spectacle of many Deep Staters and media whores marched to the gallows warms my heart, but none quite as much as the image of Comey wetting his betabitch britches during his treason trial.


One more win for the day:

LMAO, how many times did CNN invite Avenatti onto their shit tier cable station and credulously swallow what he was jizzing into their faces?


Are there any similarities between the years leading up to Civil War 1 and the present time? I’m sure there were Americans in 1850 who thought a civil war was unlikely, just as today few Americans can fathom the idea, but Senators were openly brawling in the Capitol leading up to Civil War 1. From Decimus,

You could see it coming.

In 1850 two senators draw pistols on each other on the floor of the Congress.

In 1856 Sen. Brooks of South Carolina nearly beats Sen Sumner of Massachusetts to death with a cane. While Sumner is beaten Sen. Keitt holds the rest of the Senate at bay with a pistol.

By 1858 there are is a huge 30 person brawl.

Today, we’re more civilized. Now we just have one party try to oust the other party’s sitting president by a soft coup involving FBI plants and fraudulent opposition party research.

I can see a CW2 unfolding fairly rapidly with a series of intra-state secession movements, as upstates and outer boroughs try to rid themselves of their shitlib megalopolis outposts.

The likelihood of CW2 is low but higher than most people think.


IMO the menstrual hatred of single White women for Trump goes back to the pussygrab tape. These broads haven’t gotten over that. They hate that an avowed “misogynist” rules over them.

More precisely, they hate that Trump revealed the hypergamous female id in all its squalor, because what’s absolutely true is that women WILL LET PLAYBOY BILLIONAIRES grab their pussies.

A reader,

Gold digging whores will shoves their pussies into the faces of rich and powerful men in the hopes that they will get their pussies grabbed.
And THAT is exactly what Pres Trump was talking about. He NEVER SAID that he walks around grabbing random women’s pussies.

Correct. That’s exactly what Trump said, but the media ripped it out of context and lied about it to help thecunt across the finish line.

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Democreeps have dug and continue digging themselves into a hole so deep they won’t get out of it unless they can get another 50 million aztecs into the country.

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Have you wondered why Americans know so little about the Weimar Republic, the period in Germany that led to the Nazis and WWII? This lack of information is the result of a deliberate suppression campaign by Globoschlomo.

To learn about the provocations and social realities which preceded a great war, one must thoroughly examine the time period to uncover the motivations, grievances, and attitudes of a people who would later turn to war for solutions. It is an absolute crime against history that Westerners in general are so ignorant of the Weimar Republic, given that it was the era which laid the groundwork for a world war that would dwarf all wars.

A powerful Twatter thread from U.S. Uprising explains it all.

First, a tweet on what Germany was pre-Weimar:

As the Holy Roman Empire ended, Germans united throughout the 18th & 19th centuries under strong leadership, loyal monarchs, and good governance.

Germany was a bustling European center of industry, military, culture & Christianity.


Then World War I happened.

Largely orchestrated by corrupt Global interests, it was a disaster for Germany.

Germany had a string of victories, and sought a peaceful truce.

But Global financiers behind the war would lose money & their agenda, so they brought in America in 1917.


How the war ended is crucial to setting the stage for Weimar.

The German war effort collapsed in 1918 when Communists led strikes in munitions factories and launched a vioIent Revolution in Germany.

The monarchy fell, the war ended with no truce, & Liberal Elites create Weimar.


Before I get into who comprised this new “Liberal Elite” in Germany, first, a look at who was behind the Revolution:

Rosa Luxemburg
Kurt Eisner
Paul Levi
Leo Jogiches
Ernst Toller
Erich Muhsam
Gustav Landauer
Eugen Levine
Karl Radek

Guess what they all have in common…


At the Treaty of Versailles, a crippled Germany was carved up by the Global Elite, with no opposition from the new Weimar leaders.

Who were the key representatives letting this happen?

Paul Hirsch (Prime Minister of Prussia)
Otto Landsberg (Versailles Delegate)

And they were?


The term “Weimar” comes from the city of Weimar where this new, liberal democratic government was first assembled.

In this unnatural, fragmented Germany, a new constitution was foisted on the people.

Who wrote it?

Hugo Preuss.

What was he?


For nearly a decade, this government was overwhelmingly run by Left, Liberal, non-German influences.

Walther Rathenau (Foreign Minister)
Rudolf Hilferding (Finance Minister)
Bernhard Isidor Weiss (Police Chief)
Eduard Bernstein (main member of Social Democrats)


For the 70-80 years leading up to Weimar, Left-Liberal socialists had been wreaking havoc across Germany, preventing the people from knowing real peace.

Who were the earliest leaders?

Ferdinand Lassalle and Leopold Sonnemann.

Guess what they were…


The early years of Weimar were filled with turmoil and suffering.

The people weren’t organized.
The extreme Left launched frequent rebellions.
There were food shortages & poverty.
France invaded Germany in 1923-1925 to collect WWI reparations.

It was an absolute mess.


The ineffectual government was often embroiled in scandal, with one group at the center.

Barmat Scandal
Sklarek Scandal
Kutisker Case
Katzenellenbogen Case

All involved [special people] crime rings scamming Germany with political corruption, bribery, fraud, war-profiteering, etc.


Accompanying Weimar’s broken political world was an equally sick and degenerate culture and society.

EVERYTHING was tolerated.

Berlin became the sin capital of the world.

Many poor, desperate Germans sold themselves like cheap goods.

No sexual perversion was off the table.


At the center of this sexual “revolution” was Magnus Hirschfeld.

He created the “Institute of Sexual Research,” located in Berlin, celebrating all kinds of sexual fetishes, conducting trans-surgery, research, etc.

Sound familiar?

It’s all happened before, in Weimar Germany.


The “German” Film Industry was also filled with degenerate themes.

Some of main producers, directors, & actors in Weimar:

Paul Davidson
Joseph “Joe May” Mandel
Jules Greenbaum
Max Reinhardt
Josef Von Sternberg
Fritz Kohn
Otto Wallburg
Peter “Lorre” Lowenstein

And many more…


The Pornography business also became extremely popular and lucrative during Weimar, often taking advantage of German women looking for work.

People like Kurt Tucholsky made sure everyone got their fix.


Art in Weimar experienced a similar descent into meaningless, perverse works that inspired nothing but sadness and discord.

“Dadaism” & “Cubism” were all the rage.

The Elites promoted this as “intellectual” and modern.

Sound familiar?

Painters like Hanns Ludwig Katz did well.


Even prominent photographers, like Erwin Blumenfeld, sought to inject subversive, anti-German themes into their work.

Here’s one of his photos.

Can you see what he was selling, even all the way back then?

Something similar to what they’re selling today.


The German Media, much like today, collaborated with the political & social Elite, ignoring the plights of everyday Germans and the complete degradation of German culture.

Who ran the major newspapers & publishers in Weimar?

No Germans.

Theodor Wolff
Georg Bernhard
Rudolf Mosse


Weimar hit rock bottom when the US stock market crashed & the global Great Depression followed.

The degenerate society was wholly unprepared.

Unemployment, starvation, disease, hyper-inflation.

Stacks of German currency were worthless.

The Weimar nightmare was complete.


Throughout Weimar, Europe learned of the horrors of Bolshevism to the East.

Yet, Communists paraded openly in Weimar, with official parties in the Govt (led by Werner Scholem).

The Weimar Elite seemed unable & uninterested in protecting Germans from their revolutionary cousins.


One could go on and on about Weimar.

Some day, I’ll do a thread on what the NationaIist Right was doing during this period.

But I mainly wanted to show what Weimar was, who ran it, and how it affected German society.

If you study the West today, you’ll notice the similarities.


Weimar was the first oppressive neo-liberal democracy.

You aren’t told about it because:

1. It ruins the WWII lies our Govts tell us.

2. You’re in Weimar 2.0. If you ever learn that, you may learn how to escape it. This scares the Elite.

Retweet, Stay Woke, & Much Love Fam!

This is why our Information Overlords suppress discussion about the Weimer Republic, and leave American students in the dark about that time period in Germany. They would discover that there’s an eerie parallel with modren America — a Weimerica — which we are living through and enduring against our natures.

And they might start to connect dots that a certain clan doesn’t want connected.


PS Mass immigration will kill the Republican Party for good.

PPS While the New Zealand Prime Catlady goes on a dictatorial jihad against thought crime, censoring the internet, banning books, banning guns, and throwing native Whites in jail for daring to oppose State orthodoxy, that little French ph@ggot Maricon is about to deploy the military, armed with real bullets, to squelch the anti-globalism Yellow Vest revolutionaries.

It’s amazing — NOT — how little attention the American media is giving this story.

Darkness is falling over the West, sooner than anyone thinks.

PPPS Over at Counter-Currents, a nod to yours truly.

PPPPS Kevin MacDonald on left-wing book burning, Trump, and the dissident right.

Twenty-one years after a respected academic publisher, Praeger, published Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents, they have been banned on Amazon. A People that Shall Dwell Alone is still available. This comes only around two weeks after they banned books by Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson. This is an extension of the de-platforming from financial sites and PayPal, Patreon, Coinbase, and credit card companies that has hit pretty much all sites on the dissident right, including TOO and TOQ. Clearly the establishment is terrified that these ideas are gaining traction, and it illustrates once again, that the culturally dominant left cares nothing for free speech as a pillar of American civilization. I am now deeply worried that if the left obtains power in the next election, what has happened thus far will pale in comparison to what lies ahead.


Like pretty much everyone associated with the dissident right, I celebrated the election of Donald Trump. However, it’s clear that the populist, anti-immigration themes of Trump’s rhetoric have energized the left to a fever pitch. Trump has been unsuccessful or unwilling to carry through his promises on immigration, and there has been a barrage of investigations and impeachment talk beginning as soon as he took office.


…in the not too distant future, the Republican viability in national elections would be destroyed by the new Democrat voters they collaborated in importing. But it would all be very gradual.

However, Trump won, and to make things worse, there were populist stirrings in Europe, with the success of Brexit and with several European governments openly defying their EU masters on immigration and the ideal of multiculturalism. The response of the left, which should have been completely predictable, has been to do everything they can to ramp up immigration and even lower the voting age so that they are assured of winning future elections. And they have targeted the ideas of the dissident/populist right for suppression. Again, we are just seeing the beginning of what promises to be a very ugly war.


Barring a USSR-type government, I’m not at all sure that our ideas can be prevented from triumphing. And that has our hostile elites very worried.

PPPPPS Spicy meme:

PPPPPPS The latest in must-wear peacocking gear this summer:

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Democortezes and Recucklicans who assert there is no national emergency at the border are lying through their teeth. They are lying to your faces.

The Uniparty is on tilt with utter lying, filthy, scumshits. The hate I have for these traitorous greedy bastards knows no bounds.

I’d say 30-50 million foreign invaders over two decades qualifies as a motherfucking national emergency! Oh no, wait, excuse me, a national emergency is a White man posting a hurtful meme somewhere on the internet, my bad.

President Trump,




are you doing? Sitting on your ass watching Foxman News all day?





Honestly, it’s the only way you’ll win reelection, so what are you waiting for? An invitation? You already got one in November, 2016. Tell your daughter and son-in-law to hit the bricks and prepare to unleash hell on the Deep State, the Corporatocracy, and the Treason Party.


A literal invasion by a foreign power and not only are we treating them with kid gloves, but half of our population is on their side.

What do you do when you’re living in a nation under siege and half of the citizenry is supporting the invaders? What do you do when your fellow citizens are opening the gates, protecting the enemy, and lobbying to make their invasion even easier?

How long can such a nation continue to exist without collapsing in on itself?

We’re at a crossroads. A pivotal point in American history- fuck, not just American history, but world history. As the world’s only superpower, the way we as a nation address this invasion will set the stage in how this madness is either dealt with or accepted across the globe for decades to come.

We need a peaceful separation before we get an un-peaceful separation. Either way, we’re getting a separation.

PS When is a right-wing conspiracy theory reality? When the chaimstream media won’t report on it.

PPS Look at all the money pouring out of America to enrich foreigners:

All that money could have been intercepted by USGOV and redistributed to help opioid addicts in rural White America.
But our overlords hate those declasse whites.
So we get this.
Treason in the morning, treason in the afternoon, treason in the evening. Treason all night long.

DEUSVULT, again,

Illegals in California are moved from Tijuana through the freight trucks across the border and put into storage facilities in a place called Otay Mesa where they are held hostage until someone comes to pay around 1K to get them out or they pay for it themselves. Those who cannot pay are sold to agriculture companies that will ship them out to Central Valley where they work with local gangs to get housing and work the fields until they can buy themselves out.

It’s systematic large scale organized human trafficking. I know over a dozen people that have gone through this personally and it’s 100% real.

Trump needs to hit this angle, hard. He leaves so many guns on the table. But we knew that about him already. We just hope he picks up one or two guns and blows a hole in Globohomo.

(Dear nerdboy FBI and NSA voyeurs: the preceding was a figure of speech. Oh, and fuck you.)

PPPS There is no clear upward trend in far right terrorism in the West in recent years.

A reader quips, “sadly”.

PPPPS #JudeoMoslemValues

PPPPPS Will Westcott on Lil’ Benny Shapiro:

Why do people with strong jewish identities like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager want to convince White peoples that Western civilization has nothing to do with White people and that it’s just a creed?

If White people with powerful Media influence were telling jewish people that their culture had nothing to do with jewish people and that Israel was open to everyone, Shapiro would be the first person to start shouting “anti-semitism”.

Where do these [special liars] think that creedal ethos came from? Somalis?

Listen to me, [special spazzes]…

RACE *smack* IS *smack* UPSTREAM *smack* FROM *smack* CREED

PPPPPPS Second City Bureaucrat takes the shiv to that cunty New Zealand Prime Catlady:

My god that might have been the sweetest shiv I’ve seen all year.

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The world’s fish-mouthed catladies are in a tizzy about “racial disharmony”. They just want everyone to get along, and if that means criminalizing White men, so be it.

Spot the missing White man.

The title of this post came via a news story from New Zealand, a country run by an angry shrew who is currently locking up White New Zealanders by the truckload for the crime of thinking bad thoughts. A reader summarizes:

In summary: A woman posted something about Muslims on Facebook, in reference to the Christchurch shooting. She deleted the post shortly afterwards, probably after calming down. State police screenshotted her post and have charged her with “inciting racial disharmony” and are refusing to reveal what the woman actually posted.

Bizarre. Police are literally trawling Facebook looking for white people to charge and prosecute for posting improper comments.

The NZ police sergeant is, naturally, a pursed-lipped woman.

Another reader adds,

The inquisition is under way. Government agents are breaking into people’s houses threatening and demanding that they conform to their views.

Welp, this is what happens when you leave women in charge of things. CONFORMISM ÜBER ALLES.

A third reader quips,

Multiculturalism is a such a runaway success that it requires a Big Brother police state to make it work.

From Ari Shekelstein,

in terms of musical harmony, i’d blame your jamming together of every note of every pitch until your society sounds like a sonic youth album, rather than the facebook post complaining about it.

Racial disharmony is the NORM when malicious elites force diversity on their White nations. But maybe that’s the point. Elites WANT the clash of civilizations. If they can’t have war abroad, they’ll have it at home. A reader,

sounds about right-
the leadership has the gambit of bringing in a sub-class to destroy the system-
leaders feed on war- and when they cannot have in international-
intra-national seems to fit them fine-

The best comment comes from Eis Augen,

Doesn’t incite racial disharmony:

1. Importing culturally unsuitable peoples

2. Murder

3. Rape

4. Assault

5. Ignoring crime waves stemming from 1-4

Incites racial disharmony:

1. Noticing

Perfect shiv.

Shitlibs like NZ’s Prime Catlady are world class liars and despots. Racial disharmony doesn’t need to be “incited”; it’s a naturally emergent property of being human. That’s why so much energy and Orwellian doublethink is deployed to tamp down that natural immune response of native Whites to their countries being overrun by foreigners. The Surveillance State wasn’t invented to track moslem radicals after 9/11; it was invented to track YOU, White people, in your own fucking countries!

The funny thing is, Whites as a race (in contrast to most other races) are generally good-natured toward foreigners and hold no hate for them. It’s when all this Forced Diversity is within spitting distance of Whites that it becomes easier to harbor ill will toward them as they set about destroying all that you hold dear, by wont of their natures. Familiarity breeds White identity politics. Our short-sighted and/or malevolent overlords are creating the very problem they claim to want to prevent.

Racial disharmony is the natural state of humans. Racial harmony is the odd, unstable exception. That’s why Whites are spending so much money and spiritual energy trying to tamp down racial disharmony and to force racial harmony into a state of artificial permanence. It is doomed to fail, spectacularly if all the pressure release valves are sealed tight.

Now of course, racial disharmony can be incited — or more precisely, amplified — by bone-headed policies like open borders to the third world. And racial harmony can be coaxed by smart policies that limit the influx of Diversity and allow the majority to nurture a congenial paternalism toward the small minority of aliens. But all we have now is the former, and none of the latter. This is evil, or profoundly stupid. Either way, locking up White thought criminals is certainly fated to make the problem worse.

PS “Christchurch Revisited“.

The replacement is real, but the culprits are not the immigrants. It’s people who organise the replacement, who bomb Muslim lands to create living hell, who bring the refugees to Europe (and its extension in Australia-NZ), who indoctrinate against ‘xenophobia’ instead of denouncing greed.

PPS I have seen the face of evil in this UN Population Division report.

United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.

Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

So transparently Globohomo. Our depraved elites want to supplement our aging Western White populations with nonWhite migrants. Check out the annex tables for the details of their plan.

PPPS Christians living in a moslem country are 143 times more likely to be killed by a moslem than moslems living in a Christian country are to be killed by a Christian. Sorry, not sorry, shitlibs, the numbers don’t lie!

PPPPS I support declaring all of the internet a public utility, free from the whims of big tech leftoids to censor whomever they don’t like.

PPPPPS Holy shit, is it happening?!

Mark Meadows: US ambassadors conspired with DOJ to take down Trump
Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., hinted Monday the coming release of documents that will “show” U.S. ambassadors conspired with the FBI and the Justice Department to harm President Trump.

“It’s additional information that is coming out that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down,” Meadows told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “We talk about the ‘Deep State.’ There are players now, even ambassadors, that are sitting ambassadors that were involved in part of this with the FBI-DOJ.”

I pray every day for this happening. I pray for the Trump Rampage.

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