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The InfoWars saga (and Daily Stormer before it) are meant to be object lessons to discourage the others. The swarm-like nature of the operation by leftoids, against a readily identifiable and personalized crimethinker, betrays its real purpose: to silence an entire segment of the population.

Active censorship is just the tip of the speech-chilling iceberg. Like I wrote, leftoids are playing with a super-weapon which in their hubris think they can control without blowback. They will overreach, as they’re doing now, and the weapon will turn on its wielder.

There is only one way this super-weapon remains in the control of one faction for a sufficient length of time to generationally entrench its power: by ratcheting up the lethality and area of effect of its payload. Mass censorship requires increasingly totalitarian suppressions to prevent its use from provoking an even more righteous counter-attack.

Mass murderers like Stalin knew this. And here we go again.

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Clown World keeps delivering.

American Couple Believing ‘Evil Is A Make-Believe Concept’ Bike Through Territory Near Afghan Border. ISIS Stabs Them To Death.

A young American couple who took a year-long bike trip around the world, believing that evil was a make-believe concept, took a fatal route in Tajikistan near the Afghan border, where alleged ISIS terrorists stabbed them to death.

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, 29, quit their jobs last year in order to make their trip. Austin was a vegan who worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Geoghegan, a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions office.

Can shitlib self-parody implode into an astronomical singularity?

While in Morocco, Austin wrote:

You watch the news and you read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. People are axe murderers and monsters and worse.

I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own—it’s easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent than strive to understand it. Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare. By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this.

Inner Hajnal shitlib Whites have a problem reconciling the existence of evil in the world because the fact is that, at least by Western White society standards, evil disproportionately exists in nonWhite and nonWestern societies. So instead of accepting the premise of banal, routine nonWhite evil, shitlibs prefer to deny the existence of evil altogether. Or play games of sophistry and redefine evil as “badness” (as if differences of degree and kind don’t matter).

White shitlibs also have a problem with the logical concept of mutual inclusion. Goodness, kindness, and generosity of spirit can exist alongside evil. The existence of the former does not refute the existence of the latter.

And reader PA had a thing or two to say about how nonWhite hosts can be quite gracious to guests they know will be leaving their land soon, and that this graciousness misleads gullibly naive shitlib Whites to believe the rest of the world is as nice as they are (except to BadWhites).

It’s all so grating, the mix of condescension, sanctimony, paternalism, and callowness of the typical modren shitlib. “People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted” What narrative? The one your people control? And, sorry to tell ya (which you know now in your travels through the illimitable void), some groups of people really are less trustworthy than other groups of people. “we’ve invented” Who’s “we”, kemosoyboy? “to deal with the complexities of fellow humans” Describe those complexities. You mean like, stabbing foreign travelers to death at the side of the road? “it’s easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent” Yes, everyone the shitlib disagrees with is an ignoramus. “than strive to understand it.” The shitlib is so understanding, you should listen to him.

Austin also had some contemptuous words for President Trump:

Apparently Jay Austin thought there was evil in the world, in the form of President Trump.

Then, on July 29, 2018, as they were riding their bikes with two other cyclists in Tajikistan, five men exited their car and stabbed all the bicyclists to death.

grainy cellphone clip recorded by a driver shows what happened next: The men’s Daewoo sedan passes the cyclists and then makes a sharp U-turn. It doubles back, and aims directly for the bikers, ramming into them and lurching over their fallen forms. In all, four people were killed: Mr. Austin, Ms. Geoghegan and cyclists from Switzerland and the Netherlands. Two days later, the Islamic State released a video showing five men it identified as the attackers, sitting before the ISIS flag. They face the camera and make a vow: to kill “disbelievers.”

I don’t believe these two cotton-headed dopey universalists deserved it…but they didn’t not deserve it. I hate their killers — evil personified — but I also hate the ideology of powerlessness and wishful thinking that enabled their victimization and the victimization of anyone who may be beguiled by their, yes, evil race-blind kumbaya beliefs.

The story screams out for a physiognomy reveal:

Crikey, the manjaw on that bish. If you shaved his beard and covered the top half of their faces, would you be able to tell who was the man and who was the woman? Who knew vegetarianism could grow such a mandible?

PS This timeline is unbeatable.

Mayor to female commissioner: You make a living off anal bleaching. It’s a PoundMeToo moment, she says

A Gabber quips, “I’ve noticed there is no denial of butthole bleaching.”

PPS More timelineliness:

SHOCK: The Catholic Church has a Big Homo Problem Again

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An astute comment from Wrecked ‘Em about how Twatter can maintain plausible deniability while aggressively silencing right-wing dissident voices on its monopolistic platform:

I would bet both of my gloriously large balls that Twitter is leveraging a basic psychometric difference between liberals and conservatives to achieve widespread shadowbanning of conservatives while maintaining plausible deniability. Brilliant, yet pure evil. Here’s how it works: It’s long been known that liberals are far, far more likely to block and unfriend people (even close family) over politics than are conservatives.  What does Twitter do?  Writes an algorithm that squelches people who are blocked by lots of other people.  Twitter: “It’s not us, it’s the al-go-rithm.”  Also Twitter: “Shitlibs, do yo thing!”

One way to fight back would be to block the snot out of prominent liberals, especially ones without a blue check.  This would force Twitter to manually un-ban them and it’s the manual intervention that’s going to get them in trouble eventually since any record of it will clearly show favoritism towards the left.  One suspects that this is why Twitter hands out blue checks to Leftists like candy while being notoriously stingy to conservatives – a blue check is just supposed to mean that you’re “verified”, that you are who you say you are – but it probably also means that the shadowban algorithm (((passes over you))).

Basically, Big Twatter diversity teams have written algorithms which exploit the intolerance of thin-skinned shitlibs, to effectively mass ban and silence anyone on its platform who expresses opinions that are at odds with the Leftoid Equalism Globohomo orthodoxy. Twatter and other tech giants with monopolies on the means of communication rely on the compulsion of shitlibs to swarm complaint boxes and tattle to the high priests about the heretics in their midst, fouling the mood of their safe spaces. (The Butthurt Brigade is really not taking well to the avalanche of realtalk.)

Clever, but we’re onto them. And I believe this infantile compulsion of shitlibs can be used against them, by turning them on each other until their precious anti-White signaling playgrounds like Twatter become unusable from all the screeching, tattling, banning, and doxing.

broke: the internet will mean the free flow of ideas!
woke: the internet has unleashed hate, it must be censored
bespoke: the internet will mean the free flow of pre-approved ideas!

The end game is nationalization of Big Tech and anti-trust breakups of Big Media. (Typical libertardian reply: “build your own media conglomerate”.)

Meanwhile, there are already rumblings of resistance to Big Tech’s stranglehold on the information gateways (a reader calls this reality “Corporate Stalinism”). Blueprints exist for how to destroy Twatter, Faceborg, Apple, Goolag, and Spotify (low T-FAGS). A CA judge has ruled that Twatter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech.

This is only going to get a lot worse for Soylicon Valley before it gets better, if ever. And no amount of disingenuous appeals to “stopping hate speech” will push the Trump-sized genie back in the bottle. The real resistance is begun.

PS Even payment processors are getting in the censorship act and banning political dissidents from use of their services. How much more of this Left-Wing Orwellian Corporatocracy bullshit will we tolerate? The “free market” is failing half of America. Bezos et al are banking on cheaply made chinese manufactured gadgets you can order from the comfort of your fapatorium to help you forget about the jackdorseyboot on your neck.

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Continuation of a series.

Prosperous White shitlibs will never be comfortable with a high trust, fully functioning, pleasant Whiteopia. They’re too spastically moralizing and need tumult and discord to give their lives meaning, to have some problem into which they can pour their virtue signaling. This is why they will never stop advocating for the free flow of chaos across open borders.

The above truth is why liberalism is essentially female. Drama queens who stir shit to test the mettle of their men is a female stereotype for a reason.

Corporate-government collusion to subjugate a population used to be a dystopian Leftist fear, but it’s turned out to be a Leftist wet dream as the combined power of industry monopolies and the State silence an ever-expanding blacklist of dissident American voices.

Ass-chafed tattle-tale leftoids now run to their corporate overlords to report on uppity commoners who have strayed from the allowed Globohomo script. Power is the betrayal of self-described principles without suffering consequences.

Imagine if the RNC and hundreds of Republican celebs and wealthy elitist insiders were caught up in a web of sexual abuse and pedophilia glorification. Now imagine media reaction. It’d be 180 degrees from what it is now. There would be wall to wall coverage and bloodthirsty calls for vengeance. NPR would be so indignant their voices would never stop squeaking.

“British national” = foreign invader.

Like it or not, video gaming culture is extensive and rooted deeply enough to be a harbinger of social change. On a positive note, a major vidja game developer, Bethesda, has snuck in some potent anti-SJW realtalk in their new release Doom: Eternal. (Basic premise is that Global Corp opened portals to Hell to capture Hell’s energy source, and have employed holographic PC apparatchiks to allay Earthling fears of the inevitable demon invasion. Very topical!) Choice quotes:

“My brothers and sisters, let’s help to make our friends [ed: demons] transition into our world a comfortable one.

“[…] Remember: ‘Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged’.

“[…] Earth is the melting pot of the universe.”

Shitlibs, naturally, are incensed that their sacred cow — open borders equalism — was shivved by UGH BETA MALE GAMERS. When normally PC-compliant video game companies openly mock shitlib pretensions and virtue signaling, you know change is in the air. (There’s a small chance Bethesda game producers didn’t intentionally make the all-too-glaring comparison between real world open borders and game world demon invasion, assuming that the shitlib religion is so paramount to their self-identity that they have become incapable of noticing blatant racial metaphors in their own artistic creations. We’ll see if this is the case in Bethesda’s reaction, or non-reaction, to the SJW shriek fleet. Meanwhile, gamers (mostly White and male) are jubilant that Bethesda has taken the piss so roundly with the braying anti-White mobs.)

Some women are bitching that Trump shouldn’t use “sexist” language like calling omarosaparks a “dog”. Ladies, a lesson in tacit intersexual agreements: If you don’t want your looks to be a debate point, don’t be disloyal to your men. HTH.

There are disingenuous shitlibs who are now attempting a gotcha argument that Satan’s Sidecuck Strzok got fired for anti-Trump texts, a violation of his right to free speech, and claiming that demonstrates “right wing hypocrisy”. Last I checked, none of the right wingers deplatformed by Big Tech were in charge of two major investigations (one legit, one treasonous) into candidates for the Presidency.

The Catholic Church child abuse problem is a homosexual problem (most of the victims are young boys). The Catholic Church needs to drop the clerisy celibacy requirement. It’s been corrupted and used as a cover by hordes of homosexuals to infiltrate the institution and turn it into their gaypedo playground. All it would take to clean out the sphincter splitting sewage are a few happily sexed Chads of the Cloth giving no quarter to the degenerates.

The pro-clergy celibacy argument goes that celibate men don’t share their loyalties between God and Woman/Family. (Cynically, the church instituted the celibacy requirement to prevent inheritances from leaving Church coffers). The celibacy rule wasn’t instituted until 1,000 years after the Catholic Church was established. It can and should be reconsidered in light of modern realities.

A primer on how to subvert the subverters.

How many Americans will need to be silenced before the country hits a revolutionary pitch? The Left is playing with a super-weapon it currently possesses that it has no idea how to control.

Outgroup clans without power: deferential, contributory
Outgroup clans gaining power: subversive
Outgroup clans with too much power: tyrannical
Pattern recognition is your friend!

Once the data is gathered and analyzed, I bet it will show that the Democortez Party is becoming more enthusiastically socialist because
1. there is more wealth/income inequality in America
2. there are more nonWhites in the Dem coalition
3. the remaining Dem Whites are more leftist than past Dem Whites
4. the Dem Party is becoming predominately female in demographics and sensibility

There is a direct line running from increased Diversity to the creation of an Orwellian domestic surveillance state.

My opinion on the Holocaust: it happened, but jews took advantage of Gentile good will and began to hyperbolically inflate the death toll and manner of deaths. Really should be called the Hyperbolicaust.

Relentless, merciless, joyous mockery will kill the Left.

Leftoids are throwing money at Creep State operative Strzok who was heading up the soft coup of a duly elected President, and who now has the chutzpah to beg for money from dupes and Trump-deranged lunatics. Corruption in government? Scandal of the Century? No biggie, if the traitors and scoundrels were serving leftoid interests.

You can take it to the bank that a person who has never uttered an ethnic slur out loud has endlessly uttered them inside her head.

“Your speech is violence. Our violence is speech.”

When the buttplug hits pay dirt:

We all knew it was leading to this. “Hate speech” can be used to justify a censorship crackdown on just about anything that personally offends the sensibilities and earning power of the elites.

Some of Trump’s staffing decisions in the early months of his Administration seem like they weren’t deliberated so much as accumulated.

Leftoids wither under a regime of Truth & Beauty so they spend all their time trying to undermine that regime and replace it with trash. Part of this compulsion is “blackening” White heroes and icons.

“The fascinating result of this, argue the authors, is that females are literally evolutionarily selected to accept patriarchy.” Or, don’t listen to what women say, watch what they do.

Immigration restriction — aka the National Question — is the line in the sand for our Globohomo overlords. You can say a lot, but dare to oppose the anti-White open borders agenda and deplatforming from every medium which is controlled by leftists is all but guaranteed if you aren’t protected by anonymity.

Imagine an alternate universe in which hillary clinton was the MAGA real estate mogul running against the establishment. The media would have sung her hosannas so deafeningly, praising everything from her tone to her campaign’s awesome hats to the huge crowds carrying her revolutionary spirit. Lesson: The Left is so consumed by envy of the Trump Revolution, that they will destroy it to deny its rebuke of their egos.

When the information gatekeepers are forced to accept inborn sex differences in ability, temperament, behavior, and preference, it won’t be long until inborn genetic race differences are within the sphere of acceptable discourse.

And now you know why the Diversitroids have amassed all their firepower on fledgling intrusions of realtalk: if one ugly truth slips through their Fortress Fantabulation, there’s nothing stopping all the ugly truths from overrunning the place.

Deny the biological reality of sex differences and of sex itself, and it’s easier to deny race. The Guardians of the Great Lies know that Vagina is the portal to MUH DIK.

“Bootstrap” cuckservative normies need to be mocked as vigilantly as “White male privilege” shitlibs are mocked, if not more so because the former enables the lies of the latter by ceding the rhetorical ground to the leftist template of human nature.

Redistributionism is inevitable in a multiracial society in which all groups but one vote as a bloc.

The curse of the high social status wealthy woman is that her status and money don’t by themselves attract men but they do restrict the range of men she will find attractive. She can’t buy love and she can’t feel love for any man she does buy.

The JQ life cycle:
1. enjoy their humorous chutzpah
2. notice preponderance in anti-white media
3. cut them slack because NAJALT and normie congeniality
4. learn that almost AJALT (and notable exceptions are notable for a reason)
5. quickly lose patience with their antagonistic chutzpah
6. fuck up their narrative whenever possible

The Chaimstream Media’s ethical code, such as it is, can be distilled to “Proof by assertion”.

One way the Equalist Left holds onto the reins of power in a technotopian society is by wielding the Power of Dox. Smart, talented opposition to Leftoidism will be keenly and wisely aware of the doxing threat to their livelihoods, and thus will avoid leading a credible rebellion against the media-DNC-State axis of weasel. (This is why many of the Founding Fathers initially wrote under pseudonyms.)

What happens then is that leadership posts in the alt-vacuum get filled by charlatans, attention whores, misfits, incompetents, and saboteurs who don’t fear, or astutely perceive, the threat from the Left’s Power of Dox. These sorts are better as shock troops than as leaders. The lack of qualified dissident leadership helps keep the Left Establishment unchallenged in their power.

The one upside to entrenched Leftoid Power is overreach. Count on it, and count on normies shaking off their slumber in reaction.

The “abide local norms” argument against protest in shitlib redoubts is baseless. Shitlib hotspots like college towns and giant blue megacities are filled with out-of-towners and transplants. DC is probably the most transient city in the country. These shitlibs have as little connection to the history of their adopted town or city as any outsider agitator for free speech and the American Way.

It used to be cool to be an atheist. You were a badass renegade from polite society. Not anymore. Now atheism is the smug posturing of shitlibs and their corporatocracy masters. Avowed atheists are fat neckbeards with fap chafing, regurgitating vapid sneers to an audience of fellow freaks.

The history of atheist physiognomy tells the tale.
Pre-poz atheist — brooding artist in black leather jacket.
Poz-saturated atheist — fatboy with bitch tits
Post-poz atheist — sack of amorphous lumpy flesh fed lab-grown soy pellets ordering the latest iteration of iPhag (now with pitmommy filter!)

I never thought I’d see the day when the idea of rebelling against the establishment meant holding forth giant multinational corporations, greedy fat cat oligarchs, urbanite snobs, and an all-intrusive surveillance state manned by CIA drones as paragons of moral virtue. Well done, shitlibs! You’ve betrayed every last principle you’ve claimed for yourselves, to enjoy the fleeting limbic orgasm of shitting on White people and posturing hypocritically as race-blind ignoranuses.

A White American, over his lifetime, will end up having $384K of his wealth and income transferred to a single black American. “The Cost of Black America

Moral panics usually precede major shifts in a society’s Weltanshauung and portend schisms within the reigning religion. Right now the moral panic is White supremacy, fascism, neonazism, and sexual predation by creepy anti-Chads, and the reason for the panic is that the priest class and the laity feel threatened by a coming powerful heresy. Lesson: avoid being an identifiable locus of hate and fear by heretic hunters in the grip of a moral panic.

Hypothesis: The Alt-Right and SJWism are both White Millennial movements reacting differently to the same root problem. (Personally, I think the intellectual core of the Maul-Right movement is a Gen X phenomenon, but I’m open to competing theories.)

If the Nov 2018 blue wave fails to materialize and trump republicans hold both chambers, we’ll return to the sarah jeong and Alex Jones stories as the inflection points at which the dems’ momentum stalled and reversed.

The shitlord who fired Satan’s Vessel Strzok:

Physiognomy is real.

Freedom of speech is freedom from consequences. Otherwise, speech would be made under duress, which chills the speaker and motivates him to avoid antagonizing those with the power to deliver consequences. Leftoids used to understand this, until they decided that the opposite of their former principles was beneficial to their continued rule.

A show of force and oppressive White supremacy is the only way to make the American “idea” work in shitholes.

Want a happy marriage? Have a big, cheap wedding. I kiss myself, before I preen.

There’s no such thing as old love. There is comfortable inertia.

Race mixing is the only way to equalize the races. The Left knows this, and when all their humanity-leveling plans fail, they will ramp up the race-mixing propaganda to an insufferable level. This was always going to be their end game.

Most jews, and nearly all secular mouthpiece jews, live in the modren equivalent of the shtetl — gentrified urban playgrounds filled with other jews, shitlib gentile lackeys, and token diversity — and never hear a word in anger from someone who may not toe the anti-White line. This is the condition that fuels their incredible lack of awareness.

A person would have to be borderline retarded to agree to cough up personal info to any social media company.

Privacy died a while ago, Americans are just now realizing it. There will be a backlash. Go short on the internet.

“If we import the Third World we get Third World problems.” Smart gal.

A thorough explainer about the differences between tech giants and Christian bakeries. (Shitlibs need these basic lessons hammered into their blocklike skulls.)

Nothing is not transactional. There is only crassly transparent transactionalism, and euphemistically pleasing denials of same.

Broadly, the Left is more verbal than the Right. (Rightists are more visual/spatial oriented, and less interested in abstractions than in practical concerns.) This partly explains why the Left controls message mediums. Thankfully, God gave His only begotten Shiv-son, to battle the Left and redeem the Right.

Headcase women try a lot harder in bed because they love that feeling that their man might leave them at any moment. This is why men persist in sticking it in crazy.

broke: the internet will mean the free flow of ideas!
woke: the internet has unleashed hate, it must be censored
bespoke: the internet will mean the free flow of pre-approved ideas!

A strong sense of loyalty can cut both ways: it can blind one to subversives, but once betrayed it fuels a righteous vengeance for the scalps of one’s betrayers.

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Laura Ingraham couldn’t stand the Lies anymore and let slip a heady dose of Truth:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave a monologue Wednesday night about “massive demographic changes” in the U.S. due to immigration–and the reaction was typical.

“In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham said in part.

“Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like. From Virginia to California, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country has changed,” she added.

This was too much realtalk for the Diversitroid Fuggernaut. They menstruated all over Twatter. One oriental ingrate in particular caught my attention:


I suppose I’ll be the first to tell anti-White bigot ted lieu that America is indeed a race and a demographic. Specifically, the historic America until the recent open borders unpleasantness was Anglo-Germanic. That is core America, which persists to this day. Heritage America. If it weren’t true, then we could import a billion chinese and according to this “America is an idea” logic, America would still be America. Of course, that’s a laughable assertion.

Which is the point. Laughable assertions, or Big Lies, are meant to confuse White Americans about the true and historic nature of their homeland. Sow enough confusion, and (so the anti-Whites hope) White Americans will bloodlessly surrender their land to the hordes.

I’m happy to say that their hopes are dashed. There won’t be surrender. And if it comes to that, history shows us it won’t be bloodless.

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One of my realest of realtalk posts — women are LESS cooperative than are men — contributed a new aphorism to the national discourse:

Men compete, then cooperate.
Women compete, then cast out.

The post inspired this perceptive comment from a Gabber,

Vertical male hierarchy ensures a place for everyone. Order is kept via rules-based discipline and the threat of demotion. Allows for graceful losing and peaceful surrender. Stable.

Horizontal female hierarchy causes massive churn, clique formation, uncertain and shifting status and frequent change of allegiance. Zero sum. Highly unstable.

There’s a good reason why ascending civilizations and female disempowerment are mutually inclusive and why declining civilizations are associated with female empowerment. The system becomes unstable under female deference and rule (hence the term I coined: gynarcho-tyranny).


In related news

A Swedish student activist stopped the deportation of an Afghan man this week by refusing to take her seat on a packed Turkish Airlines flight, and her dramatic video of the tense standoff has gone viral.

The student, Elin Ersson, initially bought a ticket because she believed that a 26-year-old man from Afghanistan was being deported to Kabul from Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg via Istanbul. When she got on the plane, the 26-year-old was not there, but an Afghan deportee in his 50s was with the Swedish authorities.

Ms. Ersson, 21, live-streamed the standoff on the flight late Monday on Facebook, and footage of the 14-minute video shows her in tears, at times being confronted by crew members and angry passengers. But she also garnered some support. […]

“I’m trying to change my country’s rules,” she tells a seated passenger. “He is going to die — because it’s Afghanistan.”

Globalizing the empathobesic White female nurturing instinct has been a disaster for the West. (And the invidious YKW with their lackey status anxious goyium have exploited this instinct masterfully.)

Let’s have a look at Mz Ersson’s phyzz:

Swedish problem glasses. You can practically smell the cat piss through the photo. How many White women are suffering from undiagnosed Williams Syndrome like this hysterical broad? Millions? (apparently)

White women really need to be brought under the White man’s whip hand again. It’s obvious they’re craving the whip hand, and they’ll take it from swarthy invaders if they can’t find it among their own men. It used to be the sensible cure for female hysteria was…


In slightly less related news, with a name like Rod Rosenstein he was born to subvert Heritage America:




Elin Errson, the proto-spinster in the news story above, “rescued” an Afghan man who turned out to be a wife beater and child abuser. LOL.


Refuse White women their desire and they will make you pay for it forever.

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A story that can only occur in this timeline, a female asian who has a Twatter trail of racist rants against Whites was recently hired (and defended) by the JewYorkTimes, and as it turns out, she also reached out to Supreme White Advocate Weev and had a cordial relationship with him.

The New York Times seems to be going through a redux with its latest hire of Sarah Jeong — who The Daily Caller News Foundation has just learned also had multiple correspondences with the white nationalist hacker Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, better known as “Weev.”

Tweets discovered by TheDCNF show a number of tweets tagging and conversing with Weev, previously known on Twitter as “rabite,” from September 2013 to September 2014. (RELATED: NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons Of Anti_White Rascist Tweets)

Jeong references Weev’s litigation with the federal government and says how “awesome” it was that he “got the Supreme Court to invalidate the [Computer Fraud and Abuse Act],” in a tweet on September 26, 2014.

Other tweets by Jeong show a friendly relationship between the two. Jeong asks Weev what his favorite Harry Potter book is and then later calls him “a Hufflepuff at heart,” referencing one of the various “houses” wizards and witches join in the children’s series, in a tweet on August 2, 2014.


None of Jeong’s tweets seem to suggest an endorsement of Weev’s white nationalist’s views, which didn’t become public until October 2014. Still, many close to the hacker or who were in-touch with the hacker community knew that he did not identify with the far-right overnight.

Here’s my theory: Weev banged this aggrieved bamboofu and dumped her. She hasn’t gotten over it, and turned into a psychostalker…of all White men. Now she lashes out at White people, seeing sexy, badboy, unattainable weevs everywhere.

Let’s have an alllooksame-see at Sarah Jeong’s physiognomy:

As a blue tick verified member of the Diversitroid Fuggernaut, Spinstru Sarah isn’t the grotesquerie common for her kind, but she ain’t no catch worth baiting, either. I figure a man with the charisma of Weev could land much hotter, so maybe he didn’t bang her. Instead, she wanted his Proud White Cock badly, was politely denied, and didn’t take it so well. Here, for instance, a sampling of her racist hate toward Whites:

I can’t believe she hasn’t deleted these twats yet, but in case her new employer (“hi, chosen!”) memory holes them, here’s a screen capture of one of her uninspired anti-White racist Twatter rants:

Yes, Sarah, we should address the data head-on:

Two can play this game, except I play it much better, Sarah. Chalk it up to a Whitely inherited cleverness inaccessible to conformist-borg asians.

As a comparison, recall that Roseanne Barr was publicly humiliated by the media and forced out of her job for tweeting that some Deep State scuzz resembled an ape. Meanwhile, Mz Sarah (her name is a cultural appropriation) Jeong revels in her anti-White racism, tweeting exuberantly racist rants against Whites, and…she keeps her job. Not only keeps it, but is DEFENDED by the once-esteemed NewYidTimes.

What we are dealing with (besides Weev’s preternatural ability to get White-hating nonWhites to expose their ids) is an agenda that transcends politics, policy, or class. It is an ideology of anti-White hatred.

Take any one of Sarah Jeong’s tweets & replace the word ‘white’ with any other race- any other & you would lose your job at the very least.

It is ok to be openly racist towards whites.  It is acceptable to treat the white race like trash & not only do you keep your job- your employer defends it.

Folks, I’ve been saying it before anyone else: The Chaimstream Media and their Democreep political arm have a guiding philosophy which can be described very simply as “anti-White”. Glad to see people coming around to shit I noticed years ago.

I can’t wait for the day when Whites stop apologizing and start fighting. I got the ball rolling, let’s see if Whiteynormieville picks it up.

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