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An anon at Sailer’s site passive-aggressively snarked about Steve neglecting to mention the Menopause March because it wasn’t just filled with “angry black women”. The Anti-Gnostic used the opportunity provided by the anon John Leibowitz acolyte to expose the reality of that cunt festival.

It turned out to be a bunch of well-fed white women wearing $150 running shoes and holding $500 cell phones, with more life options than they know what to do with.

Practically speaking, there are no more rights left to give women. So when they find out that all jobs frankly kind of suck, everybody forms hierarchies, everybody has to compete, and successful men don’t enjoy their company, what then? Answer: find a lightning rod for all your inchoate rage about your sucky life and go on a stupid, pointless march.

Judging by photos, there were a lot of menopausal fatties and hippie boomers at the Menopause March, which convinced me to change my preferred name for it from the Menstruation March. Even the pre-Wall chicks looked old for their age. Shrieking Leftism notably accelerates aging in its adherents. All that stupid rage based on lies and vapid solipsism must keep cortisol and inflammation levels perpetually high when their precious snowflake egos aren’t sufficiently fluffed.

Case in point: Ashley Judd


This woman used to be a hard 9 not long ago. The Wall decided to target her for early expiration once she gave herself over to the Cat Lady Cult and starting speaking bitterbitch poopytalk. Here’s video of her at the Fatties Finally Get Off The Couch March reciting a poem titled “Nasty Woman”. It’s so insipid in its White man-hating evil that one could easily picture this screechy, crazy-eyed, rancid psychocunt at the side of Pol Pot cheering on his liquidation initiatives.

“Ashley! Ashley Judd is here!” Fucking sicko Michael Moore looks and sounds like a giddy old lesbian. If these are our enemies, the war is already won.

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The Left’s fault lines will soon rupture, bigly. Diversity + Proximity = Centrifugal Tribalism.

The only thing keeping the modren Left “””unified””” is White Submissiveness. The day that Whites stop bending over in abject obeisance is the day the Left falls victim to its internal contradictions.


A great comment from safespaceplaypen:

The left’s intellectual basis has past its prime long ago. The philosophers and leaders that gave it its teeth have all died away. All that’s left is the remnants of its most dedicated ideological followers – those who believe in the principles but don’t know why; they just like it because it appeals to their biological dispositions. This is what happens when you have no intelligent or philosophical foundation to your movement and when your opposition has grown clever to your arguments/tactics and has adapted – you get incredible, eye-opening inconsistencies and contradictions, where the only thing sustaining you is teenage angst, a degenerate culture and billionaire financiers.

The reality about any movement run on pure feelz is that it will burn itself out spectacularly and in short order. As sspp writes, incoherent rage without intellectual grounding will fly off into the ether, untethered and fizzling out on the panting, red-faced, empty diatribes of bitter cat ladies and misshapen grotesqueries. The alt-right, whatever one may say about its tactics, has at its many nodes a real intellectual heft girding its memes and trolling. That is why it wins, and will continue to win, besting both the Left and the Cucked Right. Rhetoric is unstoppable when it’s wedded to Realtalk.

Rhetoric + Realtalk = Victory in War.

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A brief CBS News radio report covering the Chicago Four black-on-White hate crime was falsely contextualized to leave the misleading impression that the kidnapping and torture victim was black and his attackers were White Trump supporters (literally the exact opposite of the truth).

The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally-challenged teenager.

In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack. [Emphasis added]

The full report does finally get around to revealing the relevant details of the crime, but short attention span and low information listeners (most of CBS News’ demo) will tune in to hear the encapsulation and buy into CBS’s blatant anti-White agitprop.

Hopefully, soon, enough )))normies((( will wake up to the bone-deep hatred the media has for them and theirs, and when (not if) the insurrection arrives these media propaganda mills will be first on the target list.

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This week in Chicagoland, four Feral-Americans — two males and two females — kidnapped and tortured, live on film uploaded to Facebook, a mentally disabled White 18 year old man, cackling gleefully as they had him drink toilet water, nearly scalped him, and made him recite “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people”. The kidnapping and torture dragged on for nearly two days. One of the HBzeroes, Brittany Herring, narrated the torture-fest. It’s as chimptastic as you’d surmise.

The “mainstream” (not for long) media reacted with their predictably unbiased and swift coverage that they bring to any violent crime in which the perps are black and the victim White: they reported nothing when they weren’t actively censoring news about the incident at their social media monopolies.

That is, they stuffed the story until their crabbed hands were forced to report on it from the pressure applied by a small army of alt-right shitlords mass spamming and shivving the freethought channels with the unvarnished truth.

What can be said about the leftoid media’s reaction to this depraved anti-White hate crime that hasn’t been said the million other times the media blackwashed and memory-holed similar crimes because those stories violated the Stop Noticing Narrative? So far, the media and government reaction has been:

YouTube scrubbed the video.
NPR refused to identify the races involved.
CNN ignored it (until late today), and finally confronted the story with a bunch of shitlib talking heads fretting over ten heavily-edited seconds of a thirty minute video.
The Chicago police chief jupmed ahead of the message machine and said it wasn’t a hate crime, and “kids do bad stuff sometimes”. (Would he say the same thing about Dylann Roof?.)

Although President-elect Donald Trump was mentioned, Chicago Police do not believe the crime was politically motivated.

“I think some of it is just stupidity, people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. I don’t think that at this point we have anything concrete to really point us in that direction, but we’ll keep investigating and we’ll let the facts guide us on how this concludes,” Supt. Johnson said.

The Gay Mulatto, NATURALLY, has said nothing. (Trump hasn’t either, afaik, but in his position, that’s a wise move. Let your enemies hang themselves with their own rope.)

Miraculously (possibly because they are sensing a shift in the winds that could mean their DOTR is closer than they think), the NewYorkBetaTimes actually used the words “anti-white” in their coverage of the kidnapping.

Porter had the best take on the craven and by now banal media handling of the story:

If the Chicago kidnapping races were reversed, about seven Hollywood films would currently be in pre-production.

Here’s the video, if you can stand watching it. (Check here if YouTube censored this copy (they’ve been busy)).

The reason white shitlibs excuse or sugarcoat the depraved violence of blacks is because they don’t really believe blacks have moral agency. And frankly, they’re right. The races don’t share equal reserves of empathy, and blacks by their astounding level of dysfunction prove over and over that their moral compass doesn’t quite point as true north as that of Whites’. The issue with shitlibs is their rank hypocrisy and bad faith; instead of facing the reality of race differences, they choose instead to heap lies, libel, and calumny on other Whites for, apparently, the sin of insufficiently ignoring stunted black morality and for pilfering blacks of their moral agency through the alchemical magic of White privilege and racism.

Lawrence Auster (RIP) once astutely noted that blacks are a sacred object to white shitlibs, whose religion is anti-White Equalism (don’t bother squaring that circle). And the one thing you don’t do to a true believer is desecrate their sacred objects, or even just reveal them to be mere vessels of fallen man. White shitlibs are undergoing a heretical threat to their religion like none they’ve experienced before; and you know from history that when a zealot is cornered and disillusioned, and his icons thrown to the ground, he will lash out in rage and demand the heads of the infidels.

But soon, the infidels will outnumber the Equalist zealots, and their grand vision will be crushed and blown away, in the end disappearing without a trace, as gossamer and insubstantial as the ideas and beliefs which founded their crooked worldview.

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Faceborg’s Mark Cuckersperg, smarting like a bruised betabuttboy from leftoid legacy media criticism that his platform aids in the dissemination of “fake news” (i.e., real news that doesn’t recapitulate the anti-White narrative), announced that the Winklevoss’s company would team up with a selection of “fact-checking” outfits to curate news feeds on Facedork and identify those deemed “fake” for immediate relocation to the gulag of criminal thoughts.

The reaction from the reactoshitsphere was pointed: but who will check the fact-checkers?

It’s a valid question. A working familiarity with fact-check websites reveals a decided leftoid slant. The owners of those sites will never admit to this bias, of course, but the facts (heh) bear it out. Media-darling “fact-checkers” are almost all leftoids.

Soccermombook listed Snopes as one of the four or five “fact-checkers” with whom they would collaborate to censor alt-right speech. Snopes is a popular “debunking” website favored by shitlibs, but there’s something everyone should know about the Snopes proprietors.

First, a wholesome photo of Snopes co-founders, David and Barbara Mikkelson (with obligatory libcat child substitute).


This smug libfag would give Pajamaboy a run for Most Punchable Shitlib Face.

Our Snopes story took a darkly humorous turn, when news from America’s foremost paper of record recently surfaced that David Mikkelson divorced his first wife and is accused of embezzling $100K from his company to spend on prostitutes and on his second wife, a chubby ho who is (still!) an escort and a former porn star, (“star” being used loosely here… literally loosely).

The second wife, Elyssa Young:


Now a DailyMail.com investigation reveals that Snopes.com’s founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, are embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce.

He has since remarried, to a former escort and porn actress who is one of the site’s staff members.

They are accusing each other of financial impropriety, with Barbara claiming her ex-husband is guilty of ’embezzlement’ and suggesting he is attempting a ‘boondoggle’ to change tax arrangements, while David claims she took millions from their joint accounts and bought property in Las Vegas.


David Mikkelson told the Dailymail.com that Snopes does not have a ‘standardized procedure’ for fact-checking ‘since the nature of this material can vary widely.’ He said the process ‘involves multiple stages of editorial oversight, so no output is the result of a single person’s discretion.’

He also said the company has no set requirements for fact-checkers because the variety of the work ‘would be difficult to encompass in any single blanket set of standards.’

You’ve been FACT CHECKED, bitches!

It’ll be fun reading Snopebook try to “fact-check” and censor inconvenient FBI crime stats by race and well-tested group IQ differences. Assuming, that is, Snopes isn’t quietly jettisoned as a potential Facesperg client, losing out on millions of middle-aged fatty escort-purchasing dollars.

Just when I think 2016 can’t deliver any more Trump-branded goodness, the next day brings a fresh batch of WINNING.

PS The Mikkelsons (second iteration) have a wedding website, where you can fact check the size of Elyssa’s upper arms.

PPS There are 147 reviews on Elyssa’s heavily-airbrushed escort service website, all of them positive. (Imagine that!) You have to wonder at the level of emasculation needed to happily wife up an actual whore (and single mom) who continues flaunting the carousel of cock she rode, and still rides, on her escort blog.

PPPS The Mikkelson-Young wedding party is a glimpse into the lives of socially atomized prototypical shitlibs:


Bridesmen and groomswomen. The gay is strong in this wedding. The best man was the bride’s stepfather. Sad and solitary David Mikkelson needs a friend-check. And a family check. The only people he knows willing to be his “groomswomen” are his employees. He has to pay for witnesses to his wedding.

PPPPS MPC has an entertaining thread on this story.

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Amazingly, and doubtless owing to the self-abnegating Whitegeist that encourages this sort of blatantly anti-White crowing, lame duck White House squatter Gay Mulatto admitted to committing treason against the United States of America.

Regardless of what President-elect Donald Trump’s plans are for immigration, President Barack Obama says there will be “inevitable” changes to the demographics of the United States.

“If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country,” Obama told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in an interview that aired Monday.

A browner country is exactly what Gay Mulatto wanted. It’s why he refuses to close the border, why he won’t enforce immigration laws, why he wanted to fast-track unconditional amnesty and give illegals the vote, and why he has spent years and political capital bum rushing Somalis into heartland America.

Make no mistake, this was Gay Mulatto’s treasonous plan all along: the dispossession and demographic displacement of White heritage America. Open borders to the brown world was his biggest middle finger yet to the White lineage that he so despises in his own family tree.

HE IS OPENLY BRAGGING ABOUT THE INEVITABILITY OF IT NOW, because he thinks, not unjustifiably based on past experience, that White America won’t hold him accountable. That instead Whites will line up behind Gay Mulatto and cheer their till now bloodless annihilation from the nation their ancestors built and their White posterity will inherit.

In clown world, he gets away with it. Luckily for him, he’s leaving right at the moment clown world is about to cede to a resurgent sane world, in which the gallows for traitors to the nation are returned to service. We have these treasonous vermin on record and every legal justification at hand. All we need now is the will to make our enemies pay for their crimes against the People of the United States.

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It seems by casual examination of the 2016 election results that the city-countryside political divide in America is hitting a zenith (or nadir).

whorefinder writes what this could mean for the future of America as a single political entity.

When empires are on the verge of collapse, it occurs when the political divide in the country is between city and country—or, more definitely, when the city folks don’t care about the country folks and vice versa. Happened in the Roman Empire, happened in the Ottomon Empire, happened in Persian Empire.

I don’t know the cause of such divides, but it becomes strikingly obvious when you read history: when city and country are the dominant political divides, the country is doomed.

City mouse and country mouse rape!

The geographic divide in 2016 has shifted from where it had been for decades — North vs South — to East vs West. That is significant. (Agnostic has lots of posts explaining why this shift was predictable.)

But as significant as that geographic shift is, it pales in comparison with the stunning bifurcation in voting behavior we now have between America’s dense urban Diversitopias and her rural and suburban provinces that blithely cling to a slim White majority population profile. I’ve seen analysis that showed this election had the largest divide between city and countryside of any election in US history.

whorefinder is right; the city-countryside divide — or SCALE-COMMUNITY divide — is an ominous portent of American collapse.

Scanman reminds us that our current city-countryside divide is not unique in American history. (But perhaps its Trump-era intensity is unique.)

The divide has been there since before Jefferson and Hamilton but I don’t know if it has ever been so stark and raw. Rural nationalists vs (diverse) urban globalists.

My money will always be on the guys who can change their own oil and know how to hang a door.

whorefinder replies,

The divide was there at that time–it was why the union was so tenuous during and after the Revolution. Southern agrarians and citified Northerners were at odds, and the South was very hard to convince to rebel against Britain compared with commercial centers in the North. But during later periods the divide waned—midwestern farmers became allied with eastern banking interests, etc. In the 20th century the divide all but disappeared after FDR’s realignment. But it has reemerged in the last few decades with a vengeance.

The Trump phenomenon has been compared favorably to the rises of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan, but I’ve been telling friends that Trump is most like FDR; a re-aligner who will, if he’s true to his word and character, usher forth the next era of classical egalitarianism of the kind the US had mid-20th Century during the “great compression”.

If Trump doesn’t succeed, and his successor is a Diversity Is Our Strength anti-White retread, then the urban-province divide will find a resolution in a second civil war; though this time the sanctimonious side won’t win. The military bleeds red state values, and the cities by themselves are easy to blockade and starve out.

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