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Stormy Daniels will go down in history as a garbage human.

Trump will go down in history as a transformational president of the United States.

And that’s today’s lesson in “who bitch this is?“.


Stormy Daniels will go down.

That’s about the best you can say about her. While she’s down there, strap a feedbag on her and say “hi ho, Stormy!”.


Background: A judge ruled that Daniels-Avenatti’s defamation lawsuit against President Trump was frivolous, and ordered her to pay Trump’s legal fees. Trump got a refund from a whore. #winning

Then Trump twatted this,

“Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.” @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing about me, a total con!
8:04 am – 16 Oct 2018

She really is a Horseface. (Double plus goodness that Trump capitalized “Horseface”)

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Post title courtesy of Trevor Goodchild. (I laughed)

Fauxcahontas is back in the news. She secretly hired a university geneticist (aka a Democrat) to sample her DNA (which was done privately in case the result wasn’t what she wanted). She wished to confirm for the world and for Goad Emperor Trump that she was, indeed, American Indian and thus eligible for affirmative action bennies. Trump had successfully goaded Warren into desperately seeking external validation.

Aaaaaaaaand, the envelope please….

99.8% White European!

0.2% Wigwam (best estimation)

Except even that 0.2% is misleading, as it turns out the analysis didn’t test for Native American DNA (it used samples from Peru, Mexico, and Colombia, a very loose genetic proxy for, say, the Cherokee that Elizabeth Warren has claimed for herself).

(A wag over at Sailer’s teepee calls her “Picohontas”.)

Warren has been lying about her heritage since she could move her lips, and this “revelation” is no different. The very readable Sean Davis amply documents Warren’s lies, in a series of twats:

Every Time Elizabeth Warren Has Lied About Her Native American Heritage:


1. Elizabeth Warren self-identified as a “Native American” in the The Association of American Law Schools Directory of law professors in every edition printed between 1986 -1995.

2. After becoming a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Warren demanded the University change her faculty listed ethnicity from “white” to “Native American.”

3. Warren was identified by Harvard Law as a “woman of color.” Harvard promoted Warren’s hire as expanding their campus diversity by hiring a woman with “minority background” onto their faculty.

4. Here is video of Warren telling this story: “My mom and dad were very much in love and they wanted to get married. My father’s parents said ‘Absolutely not because she’s part Cherokee and Delaware.’ After fighting it they eloped.”

5. Warren submitted multiple recipes for the Indian cookbook “Pow Wow Chow” and signed her name, “Elizabeth Warren – Cherokee”

LMAO thank you Trump for pushing your enemies into making one own-goal after another!

6. Warren used offensive, racially charged language to defend her claims of Native American heritage, declaring that her family had “high cheekbones” like “all the Indians do.”

Here is video of that moment. [ed: missing numbers 7 and 8 in the series of tweets]

9. Warren’s DNA report did not measure actual Native American DNA. The report actually measured Colombian, Mexican and Peruvian DNA. Of which Warren *may* have a tiny, tiny fraction – possibly.

FYI the Cherokees don’t recognize Warren’s claims to American Indian heritage either.

Bonus lulz, Warren has less Indian DNA than the average White American. There’s a chance Trump has more Indian DNA than Warren!

Naturally, Trump is dog-piling on Picohontas in his Twatter feed (too funny that these Trump tweets will be archived for posterity).

Pocahontas (the bad version), sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren, is getting slammed. She took a bogus DNA test and it showed that she may be 1/1024, far less than the average American. Now Cherokee Nation denies her, “DNA test is useless.” Even they don’t want her. Phony!

Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!

She owes the country an apology. What is the percentage? 1/1000th?

TRUMP says he will only pay 1 million dollars to charity for Warren if he can test her personally: “I will only do it if I can test her personally. That will not be something that I enjoy doing”

Everyone’s getting in on the mockery! It’s a party! Or should I say, powwow.

Trump should drop a nuke on shitlib egos and tweet “All these libs defending Fauxcahontas, sudden believers in DNA evidence. But I thought they said race was a social construct? BWA HAHAHA.”

Reality: White shitlibs are the BIGGEST SECRET BELIEVERS in the relevance of race and racial identifiers like DNA and genealogy. This is why they push idiotic ideas like “race is a social contruct”; they’re trying to run away from their own illicit thoughts, and they want to confuse their mortal enemies, the RealtalkWhites.

Warren is a liar who used her false claim of Indian blood (greater than what the average White American possesses) to get into Ivy League schools and boost her career prospects as a “nonWhite minority”. She exploited a shitty system for her own shitty selfish reasons.

What I love most about this fauxcahontas real time satire is how it utterly undermines the whole corrupt affirmative action system and anti-racism agitprop in one fell swoop. “So, wait, race IS real and I can game the system by claiming 0.2% nonwhite blood?” This rotten house of cards is close to falling down. If Warren can claim oppressed minority status with 0.2% redman DNA, then everyone can leverage the background noise in DNA tests to angle for freebies from academia and the government. In fact, everyone should do this, because it will cause the scheme to collapse from too many claimants on limited reserves.

PS One more visual shiv:

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Why is Hollywood going berserk about Trump and his supporters? One theory I have: Trumpism and the culture of realtalk that have surrounded his rise to (even more) power have thrown into stark relief just how freaking emasculated so many Hollywood actors are, and how slutty the actresses are. This is “howls from the shivved id” stuff on display.

Heather points out that Hollywood is reacting to its loss of allure (i.e., loss of SMV):

Hollywood has gone insane because deep down they know, the mystery is gone. We’ve seen behind the curtain, and nothing is ever going to be the same. Americans can’t escape reality for the price of a ticket anymore, because they allowed real life come in & it killed the fantasy. They have no one to blame but themselves.

This is it, on a hindbrain level. The mystery, the glamour…it’s gone. These celebs will never awe anyone again. We see them for what they are — dumb, entitled, mentally weak leftist conformists who take Weinstein cum to the face and throw pedo pool parties. This kills them inside, and they blame Trump. MeToo revealed their degeneracy and depravity (from both sexes), and they lash out at the world, finding in Trump a locus for their impotent butthurt rage.

It doesn’t help that Trump is “one of them” who managed to earn the REAL power they so desperately envision belongs to them.

Couldn’t happen to a viler bunch of people.

Do you think there is a chance for the actors that didn’t get political & who stayed on that higher ethereal plane where the public can project their own dreams/desires on to them, can come out ahead if they adapt early to a new medium?

Closet cons can manage that old school fame allure because they have to hide their politics to work. Celebs have allowed their egos to get too big and now think the public wants to hear them yammering about politics. Actors who stay circumspect about their off-camera opinions will be positioned in this highly volatile and caustic pre-civil war 2 environment to recapture the public’s imagination.

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This was Clarence Thomas’ reaction to Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

That’s Ruth Bader Gefilte on his left, melting into the ground.

Thomas looks like a man ready to make his sunset years an homage to CLEANSING FIRE.

LOL this is Clarence Thomas after a fellow falsely accused man survives a high tech lynching.

Is it possible to trigger shitlibs so hard they self-shoah? I hope this post does it!

PS stray thought of the day: intra-ethnic White animus is paradoxically made worse by nonWhite presence, because the cratering trust engendered by racial diversity has the knock off effect of lowering trust between Whites.

PPS Our Chemical Romance:


Antidepressant and antianxiety medications are found everywhere, in sewage, drinking water, soil … Wildlife are bathed in drugs for their entire lifecycle.

Don’t forget the Pill. Thanks, Western sluts!

It’s a fine line between unintended consequence of decades of dismissive ignorance and deliberate poisoning. When will Western Man wake up to his ZOGification?

PPPS Guess who’s back, exposing her hatred on a platter for all to see:

Hillary Clinton: “Civility can start again once Dems are in power.”

Yes, that’s quite the revealing soundbite from thecunt. There will be no civility as long as Americans aren’t under the jackboot of the Anti-White Dem hate machine.

I guess it’ll be scorched earth war then. Remind me again, which side needs safe spaces?

Grandpa Lampshade elucidates,

This could be the mantra of the Marxist left period.

They are like the rapist who tells you that the reason you have a broken jaw is because you kept insisting on fighting back. “See? You’re the one who made me hurt you.”

Never forget, with the left civility and getting along always = you must submit.

No more submission. We stand now in defiance. #TheDefiance.

And the Leftoid Equalism Fuggernaut hates us for our insolence.

PPPPS As a Gabber mentioned, Ann Coulter is on the same page as VDare regarding the National Question, yet only the latter gets deplatformed and demonetized, even in red states. Why? My take: Ann is the pressure release that Globohomo allows in the public square to let off some steam from the dissident opposition. What Globohomo fears most is a gathering army of Anns (and similar-minded Maul-Righters) who would create the momentum for a revolution that ousts the depraved elites from their hold over society. Thus, the large scale bannings.

It’s riskier for Globohomo to take out a fortified target like Ann Coulter, so they go after the smaller fish, banking on the strategy that a figurehead is far less a danger to their rule without an army helping to deliver and solidify her message at thousands of cultural and local nodes.

PPPPPS More than 75% of Americans Think Women Are Making False PoundMeToo Claims.

Everyone eventually comes round to the Chateau and imbibes deeply of the wisdom herein.

PPPPPPS This is Why Amazon is Dominating Retail: At Mall in 93% Black Zip Code in Metro Atlanta, 100 Cars Broken Into in One Night.

Jeff Bezos profits from White racism! Spread the word! Heh.

PPPPPPPS Where does multiculturalism work?

Short answer: nowhere without separation or a strongman to keep a lid on the inevitable discord.

PMS God signals the Four Horsemen after reading this:

Unconstrained leftism is a whirlwind tour of the nine circles of Hell.

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There is a reinforcing FEEDback loop that connects fatness, ugliness, shitlib views, and premature impact with the Wall, and is especially pronounced in the female of the species.

For a real life example, look what’s happened to Taylor Swift, once a chan-repurposed Aryan icon now turned schoolmarmish shitlib pussyhatter:

These before and after shots are NOT ‘SHOPPED.

Tay Tay got tub tub.

That first set of pics is particularly tragic. She’s one tray tray of donuts and box wine away from looking like pre-gastric sleeve Mama June:

Doesn’t Weigh Weigh have an Instawhore account of her cat? UH OH

They say the bloom on the Southern Belle Rose doesn’t last long, but fer crikey’s sake, Swift is swiftly nearing Wall impact at the ripe age of 28!

It’s not a cohencidence that Taylor Swift publicly came out as a cat-carrying member of Pussyhat, Inc at the point in her life when she’s bloated up and the Wall has risen into view. The rose is wilted; the screechy shrew is germinated. It’s nothing but White man-hating spite from here on out. Taking bets on Swift’s first mudshark paparazzi shot.

She’ll need to be retired as a frogtwatter secret-soopremacist Nordi-Alpine icon.

The ugly truth is that she’s an express line rider of the cock carousel. There are no innocent virginal women left in America, but the extremely homely who had no choice. How many boys have graced her song lyrics? None of them were good enough for her, or she wasn’t good enough for them. Solution: Carbs, cats, and cuntery.

The lifestyle is finally taking its tribute in the form of her sanity, like it does for most famous women. She is “anti-Kavanaugh” now and hitting the campaign trail for the Dem in TN’s midterm race. Her assimilation into the celebutard borg is complete (as is her retirement from peak nubility). Another White woman lost to The Fuggernaut. Sad!

Lesson: White women get married off before 25, or they instantly become hags for hillary.

Same goes for the trough. White women push away from the table, or they become hogs for hillary.

What’s not sad: Trump’s nuclear neg!

Trump tells us upon arriving back at the White House he likes Taylor Swift’s music but maybe about “25 percent” less now that she has endorsed Bredesen

We are blessed to have this man as our President. Trump is a Master of Game. I like this response, it’s very clever. It operates like a neg: you don’t want to come right out and insult a (former) hottie, because she’ll know you’re bitter, butthurt and try-hard. But if you say you still like the hottie “but just 25% less”, that’s a dig that reflects on her rather than on you.

Trump is smart, especially street smart. Lefties know this, but won’t ever admit it, so they prefer to go crazy denying the obvious.

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Shitlibs should come with the automatic “disingenuous” qualifier, because they are phonies through and through. Case in point: I was amazed (but shouldn’t have been) that shitlibs thought Christine Ballcutter-Framejob was “credible”. To my eyes (and ears), she was nothing of the sort. Kavanaugh’s authentic unguarded emotion stood in stark contrast to Ford’s scripted artifice, and made him seem the much more credible of the two.

Are shitlibs lying to themselves and everyone else about their inability to read human emotions, or are they getting stupider and more psychotic from decades being insulated in their UMC shitbubbles?

I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one to notice that Bitch-Fishwife was an oddly emotionless drone. From emailer Brown Berry,

Like many, I’ve been following the confirmation hearing of BK (mostly on youtube). I was interested enough to even listen to the complete testimonies of BK and CBF while I worked last week. I also watched quite a lot of commentary including the body language examination you’ve sited.

From all this, I had some hunches about what might be true vs. what might be utter bullshit, but frankly I didn’t have enough data points to be at all certain about anything substantial.

So I decided to get some more…I re-watched (actually watched, carefully) their testimonies in full. I was interested especially in what would trigger emotional responses. To my delight, the video showed plenty more than what’s been reported on and more that what the audio I previously heard conveys. I wonder if you see the same as I…


She showed absolutely zero emotion, none, in her prepared statement and throughout a majority of the questioning. It’s very strange because many people I talk to say how emotional she was, how she was crying, etc. I saw no such emotion. Even quite the opposite – she was working very hard at something beyond her abilities. Excepting for a few moments of trying to “cute” herself to Senators and some moments where she felt relief or familiarity and cracked a smile, she was ice cold.

Even when the Senators acknowledged that she is doing her “civic duty” (her own words!) her body doesn’t agree/vibe with that at all. I don’t think she even nodded in the slightest at the saying of the words “civic duty,” ever. Only when they spoke about her being a “hero” did she, for the first time, show emotion, and it really poured out every time they praised her as a hero, watch for it. [ed: classic pathological narcissist tell.]

Does she see herself (have they convinced her) that she is an anti-trump messiah? Inside, she tells herself that she’s inferior to BK, that her husband is inferior to BK, that her kids are inferior to BK’s kids, and that her party is a loser party. What’s even worse is that martyring oneself for that loser party gets you nowhere. Watch KH and CB dismissively thank her for “telling the truth” as she leaves the room. She’s a nobody to them.

When they held her up as “heroic” all the dissonance, her desires, the pressure to please all her omega friends, her marital problems, makes her explode. She believes she’s a loser, but they tell her she’s a hero, but she’s still actually a loser, in life and in the party. That’s a shitty ride to be on.


BK shows emotion when people insinuate that he’s not a good man. He probably beats himself up inside over every sin he’s ever committed and tries in earnest to be a better man every day of his life. He probably wants his father to be proud of him. He cries when the Senators amplify his “inner critic” (conscience) and simultaneously devalue all the hard work he’s put into being a good, ever-better, man. This is a big simultaneous shit on his father and family name. Everyone has a button and BK’s is his family. If he had taken some darker paths in life (like maybe rape-fucked and roughed up a few girls, even consensual, or stole from the collection plate, etc.) then I reckon he wouldn’t be offended at all and would have sat there with perfect manners…

The whole “CBF was credible” talking point has been gaslighting by an enemy media. She wasn’t credible; she was robotic. Coldly sociopathic. Coached by her (((handlers))).

Most pleb-libs swallowed that line whole (it’s what natural conformist suckups do), but I suspect the shitlib power movers in the media and government felt the same cold sociopathy radiating from CBF that I and other sane people felt, but all must be sacrificed — including their integrity — to prop up a faltering Anti-White Man Blood Libel. Who knows, maybe the Dems identified with CBF’s sociopathy.

Does a nation becoming stupider also become less adept at reading faces, tones of voice, and other cues of genuine feeling? I think so. Which will mean these clown shows aren’t ending anytime soon. They’ll get worse, and the dwindling contingent of sane White men will think themselves crazy for being out of step with the growing number of easily gulled Narrative regurgitators.

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An emailer says the Scorched Earth Party underestimated Kavanaugh’s fightin’ Irish vigor.

The fucktards made a mistake with this guy.

They are too stupid to understand that not all white people are the same.

Kavanaugh is a Mick. We are three-four generations away from fighting on the street corner in slums. The Irish have succeeded in the USA, thanks to being smart and being under the whip hand of priests and nuns who made them work, and clawing their way into the middle class by taking over local government, taxing and intimidating their enemies to ruination, and giving themselves jobs. In the process of rising to the top of the heap, they have adopted a lot of WASPy demeanor, and sometimes out-WASP the WASPs in terms of traditional clothing or other surface features. But they are not North Sea Anglo-Teutons. They were not domesticated by manorialism and centuries of culling by hanging for any antisocial crime. The Irish are outer-Hajnal, like the Slavs on the other side of the Continent. They still have the genetic impetus to violent and antisocial behavior beyond what their palor might suggest to those unfamiliar with them. Fuck with them hard enough, and even the highly civilized ones will throw a punch and they will fight. At a high enough level of provocation, even a capital partner at a law firm, or a physician, or a banker, or even a Federal Judge, who has money and prestige and status and a lot to lose, if he’s Irish, may just come at you with his fists. Offend their pride and you will get to a point where they don’t give a shit anymore. The line is there. Then look out.

Kavanaugh is a fighter. They pushed him to the wall. They degraded him, his career, his achievements, his wife, his children.

They expected him to crumble.

They found his breaking point.

He came back swinging.

Good times.

The Prickly Mick is taking his place as a front line soldier in Trump’s MAGA army. Other White men from different White ethnic backgrounds will follow suit. This fight is only just begun. The Degenerate Freak Mafia ought to be very, very scared. They have grown soft from dealing with a cucked foe who rolled over and showed underbelly at the slightest threat. These leftoids have no idea what is about to righteously rain down on their Anti-White parade.

It won’t be White Nationalism. It will be White Man Nationalism.

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