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The beatings of cuckservatives shall continue until they self-deliver in a pyre of cleansing sacrifice.

Reader Jarl passes along a story from Norway that is truly vomitous in scope.

This guy may not be a cuckservative but he sure is an idiotic cuck. Just thinking of this Norwegian guy Jorgen Ouren today. Mohammed is now the most common name for men in Oslo. Jorgen Ouren of Statistics Norway said: “It is very exciting”. Perhaps lost in translation, most likely not.

One of the most stupid statement in the last few years.

I traveled across Norway a few years ago. One of those old wooden stave churches has a museum attached to it. The church was hundreds of years old. Within there were photos of congregations from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. Not Norwegian myself but looking at those faces staring into the camera I felt great affinity with them. Farming people, living hard lives in a harsh climate. Doppelgangers for my own ancestors. Anyways, pathetic how things have turned out for all of us.

“It is very exciting.”

If only that ur-cuck had added the necessary contextual clause.

“It is very exciting to watch Norway’s White population displaced by Middle Eastern lunatics and Norway’s white women raped by the tens of thousands by these vibrant newcomers.”

That’s the thing with race rucks. They ambulate through life sealed in a feels balloon that is easily punctured with a quick slash of the semantic shiv.

On a more (less?) somber note, what the hell is wrong with Scandinavians? Was the fight culled out of them so thoroughly by the loss of their sterner viking brothers to adventures afar that today they LITERALLY welcome their civilization’s cucking on a mass scale?

Darwin said survival was genetic directive #1. How would he explain this? I’m open to the possibility of covert biowarfare or an unknown natural parasite infecting and damaging the minds of northern european weak whytes.


Commenter Lars Viker (great name, btw) writes,

It’s a really complicated issue, but here goes:

– Only 11% of Norwegians identify as feminists. But the ones who do are very loud and visible. Same goes with political correctness. And it’s becoming less popular and voices are much more frequent than just a decade or two ago, but there has yet to be a real paradigm shift.

– There are plenty of hard guys and feminine women in Norway, they just don’t pose in the media. For example, Norway is the only country that consistently gets more than one olympic gold per million people. Norway, with 5 million people, leads the winter olympics by a mile historically, and usually wins it or ties for first place even today (sure, the whole world doesn’t compete, but Canada, Russia, the US etc. do). Norway’s elite forces are some of the world’s best, and they’re drowning in recruits. Norway’s strongmen and powerlifters are some of the world’s best per capita, although beaten by Iceland (who are almost exclusively emigrated Norwegians). During the nazi occupation, some joined the nazis, and were considered the most fanatical of all the nazi forces, much more than the SS. During the end days of the war, when all was lost, the Wiking brigde wanted to fight until death on the Eastern front. They only unwillingly retreated back to Norway when ordrered by the nazis under penalty of execution.

– Norway is really conform. It scored the highest of all countries in Milgram’s conformity studies. Basically, if leaders decide to say something stupid, there’s a lot less of a chance that someone will object, no matter what the stupidity.

– Outbreeding has affected people. After Norway was christened, marriages within the seventh link (first is your brothers and sisters, second is your cousins etc.) were forbidden. This was done to consolidate power in the hands of a king instead of many clans. Inbreeding creates in-group attitues and ethnocentricity, outbreeding the opposite, extreme altruism.

– Norway was always altruist, but now the altruism has been increased and perverted from the group (Norwegians/Europeans) to include leechers (non working immigrants).

– It’s always been welfare orientated (dwarves have been found to reach old age in the Viking era), but now the welfare state has exploded in size and power.

– Norway has always had a lot of rights for women (rights to inheritance for example), but with feminism that’s been perverted beyond reasonable size too.

– Norway is wealthy, everyone earns a decent wage (or gets money from the state), social security is good, education is free, and there are few problems for most people. It forges a non violent, complacive attitude. War, muscles and guns are expensive. It’s more efficient to produce high technology until shit really starts to get deep. Even if you put together all immigrant crimes, Norway is very peaceful. There are usually around 40 murders a year in the whole country, always less than 1 in 100.000 people. Except for that one year, of course.


More from CH’s Scandinavian contingent. Reader Wachtmeister adds,

This isn’t the first time CH ponders about the scandinavian, or Swedish, madness. I have also thought about why my nation behaves this way many a times, and I beleive I have narrowed it down to a few critical points. This post became very long, but I was gonna write it somewhere sometime anyhow.

Anyhow, the reason why we are like this requires historical background and modern analysis.

1. Peace.
War and hard times breeds harder people. This is known. Some here falsely argues that christianity is the reason of the meekness of the west, which is a dumb idea, probably stemming from that hitlequote that if germanics were islamic they would rule the world yada-yada. If anything, europe was never more aggressive than during the heigt of christianity. In the 1600’s alone, there were solely 2 years of absolute peace in Europe. Christianity didn’t end the vikings. Swedes kept crossing the sea to wage war for centuries. Swedish aggressiveness shaped the northern geography of Europe, the warrior-druids of the asatro simply switched to christianity and became warrior-priests (Yes, we had warrior priests). Sweden was ruled by Warrior-kings who unlike most western kings actually fought with their men on the battlefield, like Gustaf Adolf the second who waged the thirty year war (that reduced germanys population by ~30%). Or Karl the 12th, who in the Great northern war alone Sweden fought Denmark, Poland and Russia singlehandedly, and defeated the first two but ended up losing to the Russian winter, a prequel to Napoleon and Nazi germany. Christianity didn’t end the Vikings, Vikings just switched appearance.

However, since 1809 Sweden has been at peace. While, Denmark, Norway and Finland were invaded in the wars of the 20th century Sweden managed to stay neutral by skillfull diplomacy and a humble treaties. Sweden exported its iron ore resources to Nazi germany and let Germany transport troops on its railways. It must be asserted that before WW2 Sweden had closer cultural ties with germany than the anglosaxon west, it was more common to speak german as a second language than english.

This neutrality and cooperation with nazi germany would be used as a tool in the post-war era by the radical left to shame the right and move towards political correctness. In the 1960’s, Sweden was the fourth richest country in the world in total grodd domestic product, NOT COUNTING PER CAPITA, while being one of the smallest population wise. While the rest of Europe was ruined by the war Sweden had profited and was now enduring a golden age, we prevailed in sports (Sweden still has most gold medals per capita in the world), music (Abba, etc), and industry. We had all this money but we gained it trough supporting nazi germany.

The effect is clearly apparent, Out of all the scandinavian nations, Sweden is by far the most politically correct. Sweden takes far more immigration than the other countires per capita, if u think Norway is bad, Swedish journalists portray Norway as backwards racists who won’t embrace multiculture.

Sweden has been at peace of 200 years, and it has rendered us spoiled, ignorant and meek. While the other countries aren’t as bad, compared to a country like poland that lost 30% of its population in WW2 they were relatively untouched by the war. How large islamic immigration do you think Poland have?

2. Long, dark winters

Scandinavia has long harsh winters, a clear environmental difference compared to the rest of Europe. Harsh winters, in opposite to peace, creates hard people (and beautiful) people, though the effect is gone in modern times. Yet it also breeds a empathic, communal, cooperative culture. If the farmer next door has a bad season and is unprepared for the winter, what do you do? You give him some of your proviants, so that he can support you in the future if your harvest would fail, family or not. Harsh winters forced people to cooperate to endure. Take this is indifference to China, which lacks philantropy outside the family. There is always rice somewhere and there are so many people that helping someone and expecting return is asking for parasitism, families who fail to supply themselves cannot blame or expect support from anyone else. Sweden have a history of a very communal, cooperative history.

In fact, the same mechanism is why blonde hair stems from Scandinavia. If you have a harsh winter and food only enough for one of your women to make it trough, you save the one with the golden hair becuase her value is greater. If you have food only for one of your kids and you are blonde, you save the blonde kid becuase there is a greater chance it is your offspring (men can never be 100% sure).

This communal culture has created a strong bond among the Swedes. Gustaf Adolfphus could switch to protestantism relatively easily, as soon as it was established among the king and priests, people followed suit. It is the reason why Sweden was so succesfull at war, Swedish kings could drain more men and drain the economy of the nation more than other nations, creating armies that could count for 5-10% of the total population. When Sweden lost at Poltava, approximately 100,000 people were lost in a country that only included about 2 million people, including Finland.

The long dark winters has worked as a mechanism both for strong evolutionary development and altruistic, communal culture. Swedes follow suit. When political correctness and progressivness hijacked social democracy and became the established ideology, Swedes followed suit.

3. Social democracy and the political class

The two reasons described have another consequence that is worthy of its own point. The communal, altruistic culture combined with long periods of peace made scandinavia a fertile environment for social democracy. In its early days, Social democracy was merely class warfare of the workers done democratically, and they won. Before the war, social democratic politicians were mostly a mix of workers from all over the country, each representing the workers movements at their hometowns. Nation, patriotism, homogenity was praised among these men. As Tage Erlander stated in 1965 in response to the American race riots: “We Swedes live in such a eternally more lucky situation. Our countries people is homogeneus, not only in terms of race but also in many other aspects”

However, the post-WW2 birth of political correctness would create a new generation of politicians, the so called 68-generation. 68 was the peak of socialism, and those students inevitably replaced the old. They did not get their seats becuase they were the most competent, increasingly the power fell to the ones that were best at embracing the already dominant culture, in this case, progressiveness or political correctness. Women were brought in not becuase of their competence, but becuase they were women who claimed to represent other women. The introduction of the TV and mass media gave power to rhetorics and appearance rather than competence and results. Inevitably, the 68 generation would inevitable replace the old, and with it came the cancer.

Most tops in the party these days are there becuase they joined the youth organization at a very young age, started making connections at an early age, or had parents with the connections for them. All they had to do next was embrace the already dominant ideology and they were set. People who chose opposition on the wrong questions were doomed to not have a successfull political career. Me being a student at a world top 100 university, I have friends of friends who are now entering parliament becuase of their parents making them join politics at an early age combined with pure nepotism. These people live far from the ghettos in the most white neighbourhoods, yet embrace mass immigration more than anyone else. The argument is simple, there is war and horror in the world while we live in peace and prosperity, how can we deny refugees?

In the 80’s Sweden received about 30 war refugees from vietnam for integration, that was a big happening at the time. In the 90’s the balkan war started, and suddenly immigration were in the number of thousands. In 2014, we broke the record yet again with 116 00 immigrants, officially. Bear in mind, Sweden only has 10 million people, so a decade of this level of immigration is 10% of our population.

Just like in the US but more so, there is a political class in Scandinavia that has embraced political correctness and “progressiveness” strongly becuase of historical shame and cultural affinity for it. The right has never been as strong, since Scandinavia doesn’t have the same tradition of classical liberalism, and had were smaller countries with a more entrenched scene of democratic class warfare.


Id like to write this to give some hope. Last month, the Swedish democrats, which youth organization made a very un-apologizing video that CH actually linked last year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR-lAGj_dlQ), became the countries second biggest party in the polls. The current social democratic governments support is plummeting rapidly. 10 years ago they could claim 45% of the voter base, last month they scored 22%. In fact, the nationalist party is already the greatest party among members of the workers union, the LO. Even though every paper and media institutution, including the states insitutution, is unofficially or officially against the nationalist movement, it just keeps growing. Confidence for the journalist and politician proffession have never been lower in the polls.

The swedish people is waking up, and as some people said previously, we swedes are somewhat an all or nothing nation. We have a history and affinity for embracing the dominant ideology and stay togheter. We embraced political correctness more than anyone else.

We can do the opposite, too.

Wealth, peace, and extended outbreeding make a Viking man soft. Really, these environmental changes make any white westerner soft. Is the solution hardship, war, and arranged marriages?

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Dirty Randy wonders how to evade a typical substance-free leftoid attack.

You can see the Hivemind formulating their comeback: “They must be Stormfronters.” What’s the proper way to respond? Ignore and plow? Agree and amplify?

A number of game concepts could work here.


“You’re gonna love my jackboots kicking you in your nutless sack.”


“Answer the question. What do you think of the black on white rape stats? Do you deny them?”

Reframe the ad hominem

“Beats being a member of the gaypedoface club.”

Increase The Voltage

“You must be wearing a buttplug right now. Do you take it out for a breather once in a while?”

Patronize Your Enemy

“Why are you so afraid of honest discussion?”

Dismissive Mastery


I’m sure the more skilled game practitioners in the studio audience could come up with a few more effective counterattacks. It shouldn’t be hard. What the hell kind of semantic weaponry do shitlibs have besides squealing like stuck piglets and stamping their wee hooves with DEFCON 1 butthurt?


FYI, the Chateau Heartiste blog recently passed 70 million total views.

Too bad it’s not a dollar per view. :sad:

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I’ve moved the “Shit Cuckservatives Say” post to its own permanent page at the top of the Chateau Heartiste masthead. Please leave all further contributions to this ongoing reference list of shit that cuckservatives say in the comments section to that new dedicated page.


You might be a cuckservative if…


The flag of cuckservatism:


Matt Lewis, high fagstress of cuckservatism (he’s the tolerant sort who hates hate and wants all you Realtalkers opposed to abject prostration to be killed with fire):


Cuckservatism has been mentioned in a major Hivemind propaganda organ, (complete with a fedora-tip to The League of Rascally Whyte Sadists).

If you want to know just how far down the cuckhole most Hivemind drones have fallen, here’s a representative comment to the WashPost article from “comedownmachine”:

A few thoughts on this issue:
1. Is anyone else actually kind of surprised at how common this worldview appears to be? I always knew there were racist Stormfront loonies still hanging around, but I didn’t really think it was this bad.
2. Uh…What exactly is the proposed solution that these people have to the fact that minorities exist in America? Genocide? ??????????
3. Come on, it’s 2015. Let’s get our heads out of our a$$es and realize that levels of skin pigmentation literally have no bearing on anything and that “race” doesn’t even scientifically exist.


Or this comment from a concern trolling shitlib:

I really hate this practice of making up stupid words for insults. It is childish and demonstrates a limited vocabulary.


Or this comment from Fairlington(GAY)Blade, who replied to a laundry list of racial hatefacts with this plaintive squirt of estrogen:

I see the bigots are out. Perhaps you would care to explain those statistics to Bobby Jindal?


Refreshingly, there are some commenters with a bit of fight left in them:

Liberal cat lady politics: trying to save all the strays but destroying your own home and life in the process. Google: “pathological altruism”

Then, pay a visit to Chateau Heartiste. You’ll leave here better than you came.

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This is fun. Reader PA creates a useful reference list of shit that cuckservatives say.

“Sadly, most victims of black crime are other blacks.”
“Unions destroyed Detroit”
“I’m all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration”
“America is safe and free thanks to our troops.”
“Only terrorists would have a reason to oppose the Patriot Act.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“I don’t agree with everything [Buchanan/Coulter/CH/etc] says, but…”
“I’m not a racist but…”
“I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, or purple, but…”
“Edward Snowden is a traitor”
“I stand with Israel”
“Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”
“Putin is the new Hitler”
“There is no room for hate and bigotry in the Republican party”
“We must court the Latino vote to stay relevant”

A few more:

“the GOP needs a big tent philosophy”
“LIEBRULS are the real racists”
“we’ve forgotten the lessons taught to us by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr”


Courtesy of the Hatepoasters of Whyte Preenage:

Support tax cuts for corporations that adopted rainbow Twitter avatars after Obergefell
Support tax cuts for rich liberals like Warren Buffett and George Soros
Whine about how Edward Snowden is a traitor
Whine about how badly Hillary Clinton messed up with Benghazi
Ensure that whites become a minority in the U.S. through legal, not illegal, immigration
Ensure that defending Israel remains our #1 foreign-policy priority
Claim that although border fences work for Israel, they would never work for the U.S.
Claim it’s un-Christian to stop non-Christians from immigrating to the U.S.
Give Obama oversight-free power by approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Make insincere, ineffectual efforts to repeal Obamacare
Make insincere, ineffectual efforts to restrict abortion
Venerate Martin Luther King Jr. as a national saint and claim him as a conservative icon
Claim that “Democrats are the real racists!”
Get infinitely more offended by the far right than the far left
Think that vague abstract principles matter more than flesh and blood


“I’m a fiscal conservative and social liberal.”
“Some of my best friends are black.” Cuckservative circa Mad Men era.
“Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, and sexual orientation is abhorrent.”
“Our diversity is a strength, and as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a tragedy, I think thats worse”. -General Casey


National Review cucks earn a special place in the cuckservative canon:

NR’s Michael Potemra on election night 2008:

“I ask a rhetorical question: Can we McCain voters, without embarrassment, shed a tear of patriotic joy about the historic significance of what just happened? And I offer a short, rhetorical answer.

‘Yes, we can.’”


“I would be proud to have a (half) black grandkid”
“Nuclear talks with Iran is like marching Israel to the ovens.”
“I think it’s great the Arizona Cardinals hired the first female NFL coach”
“We all bleed red!”
“George Wallace was a Democrat!”
“My friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“They said the same thing about the Irish and Italians back in the day!”
“Abortion is racist because 50% of black babies are aborted.”
“Multiculturalism is awesome because I like mexican and chinese food.”
“Without immigrants, we couldn’t have housemaids, landscapers, or ethnic food!”


The Boy Scouts have gone the full cuck:

“For far too long, this issue (ed: faggots in the Boy Scouts) has divided and distracted us,” said the Boy Scouts’ president, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Now, it’s time to unite behind our shared belief in the extraordinary power of Scouting to be a force for good.”


“I’m sorry.”


“I believe in a colorblind society.”
“I don’t have ‘white interests.’ I have the Constitution.”
“What’s good for business is good for America”
“the liberal/Democrat plantation”


“I just called my opponent to concede…”


“America is a proposition nation.”
“[insert rebel rouser’s name] should apologize.”
“Not enough minorities own their own homes” -President George W Bush

Readers are encouraged to add to the “Shit Cuckservatives Say” list. CH will update the SCS list as contributions roll in, with the goal of making it a one stop reference shop — with a dedicated page at the masthead of Chateau Heartiste — for other blogs to link at their leisure.

The mockery of venal, pusillanimous cuckservatives will continue until testosterone levels improve.


You might be a cuckservative if…


The official flag of cuckservatism:


Matt Lewis, prolapsed bottom of cuckservatism:

h/t @ThornLockerson, the battle cry of cuckservatives:

My father’s grave
my daughter’s womb
Please take them both
and seal my tomb.

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Commenting on a Porter post about the recent town hall meeting where former Democrat Governor and Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley made an utterly benign observation — “all lives matter” — in response to a genteel gathering of tawny yeoman farmers politely discussing the proper police handling of criminal perpetrators, an observation for which O’Malley later profusely apologized for inflicting upon the crowd of well-wishers, Alex the Goon writes,

I’m trying to imagine what Trump would have done, and can only narrow it down to “Shut up”, or “You are rude and uncivilized; your life doesn’t matter to anyone”, or “[off-mike] Security, get this bitch outta here”. Either way, he would gain 24 points overnight, and cause Mrs. O’Malley to ovulate two weeks early.

I laughed. Because that shiv hit the bone.

We’ve reached the point of societal decline where the country would benefit from having more Donald Trumps rather than fewer.

Reminder: Chateau Heartiste endorsed Donald Trump for President before his recent popularity surge. A bloviating winner beats a sickening, mewling, supplicating manlet loser seven days a week and twice on Sunday.


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Twitter twats hired Randi Lee Harper as an “Online Abuse Prevention” schoolmarm, and continue to employ her, despite a mass (heh) of gathering evidence that she is fat, drug-addicted, mentally unhinged, and a disingenuous liar.

So why is she still working there? Does she have dirt on Twatter executives? Or is the entire Twatter HR department staffed wall to wall by crazy-eyed feminists and pantywaist sycophants allergic to facts and tasked with Narrative dissemination?

A reader muses,

feminist… fat… feminist… fat… feminist… fat… feminist… fat… feminist… fat… feminist… fat… feminist… ”

I see, someone REALLY doesn’t want to be allowed back on the twitter.

Does anyone seriously think a CH house lord would beg a porky misfit like Randi Lee Harper for re-entrance to the club she is inexplicably charged with monitoring? No, that is not how this will go. She will come to CH, on her ungulate knees, to offer an obsequious apology and reconciliation to her betters. As losers are meant to do.

Long-time guests of Le Chateau will recognize the deeper message of this post. They will know this post is not solely about Randi Lee Harper (or about using her SJW tools against her) — she is but a convenient emblem to showcase a much more pervasive societal sickness — but is about, instead, the tentacled mind and body rot oozing out over the commons from the sewage pipes emptying the uptalking id waste of the SJW corporation of bitter, spiteful, loser freak degenerates whose adult sentiments were prematurely calcified into a juvenile philosophy of solipsism as they peered at the world outside through the vents of their high school lockers.

PS Hi Randi! PETA wants to know how your blue-dyed dog is doing.

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High yella shit stirrer Courtland Milloy hates white culture (which means he hates white people, since a culture is a reflection of a people’s racial essence).

For years, the struggles of middle- and working-class black people animated life on 14th Street. Now all of that is gone. It’s been replaced by a stultifying air of aloofness. The millennial newcomers — most of them white — jog, bike and walk about the city as if in a trance, oblivious to the lives that helped form the place they now call home.

“in a trance” = “normal white people behaving like whites and not like ghetto blacks, which really irks and alienates me”.

Even leftoid Hivemind media organs can’t keep the commenter Realtalk™ storm at bay. From “econundertow”:

14th Street isn’t as much fun as was in the good ol’ days, that’s for sure.

I’m sad that the wall-to-wall junkies that used to pass out on top each other in front of my ‘house’ @ 14th and T sts. NW are gone … fine upstanding citizens, all of them.

I fondly recall the time when the carjacker pointed his .45 Colt at me out of his stolen car window @ 12th & N sts, There was an upstanding member of the 14th street community.

I recall the young man shot to death in front of the house I was renovating on Fairmont St a year later. I miss being shot at myself while operating a machine on the same street. What is 14th street without these folks?

There were the drug-dealing kids who tried to gun down a rival on R st @ 14th. They fled in a late-model Ford station wagon … poor aim, they missed their target despite 15 shots from a 9mm pistol. Nevertheless, fine upstanding members of the community.

I recall the shyster car dealers, the winos, pawn shops and liquor stores … the suburbanites looking to score PCP, crack, heroin and pot in any number of large, open air drug markets. The sound of children playing, “Hey, dude, you need anything?”

W st @ 14th was once one of the most dangerous areas in the city, like 144th @ Lenox Avenue in Harlem, even for cops. The the large, rotting apartment buildings lining W st were mazes, the druggies knew them inside and out. Ditto with the row of large apartment buildings on R st between 14th and 15th. All those living in those buildings and the other derelict apartment houses are certain to be missed.

Indeed, all those young black men were certainly on their way up, they just got shuffled aside by zombie millennials. Right…

Do the Courtland Milloys of the world deserve a measured response? Nah.

Fuck these fuckers in their phonyfuck faces.

PS Diversity + Proximity = Courtland Milloy’s butthurt id!

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