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October 10, 2008, Chateau Heartiste:

VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell her you “feel bad” about what you did. You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.

September 11, 2015, Donald Trump:

“I think apologizing’s a great thing,” [Trump] said. “But you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I’m ever wrong.”


Chateau Heartiste, as usual, is way ahead of the curve. Donald Trump may or may not be a CH reader, but he’s putting CH principles into action, and it’s paying huge dividends.

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The latest liberal screech-out is high dudgeon over some prankster teenage muslim mud in Texas who brought a “””clock””” to school as a science project that looked suspiciously like a suitcase bomb, and his teacher justifiably freaked out and called the cops.

Status whoring badwhite-hating disingenuous shitsack liberals, of course, are springboarding off the incident to claim, for the umpteenth time, that racist White America keeps the mudman down, neglecting to mention while in thrall to their righteous indignation that White kids have been tossed out of school and hauled before court for, to wit, bringing in a pop tart bitten into the shape of a handgun.

America, fuck yeah!

Anyhow, as details have leaked past the Hivemind information bottleneck, it’s become apparent to anyone who isn’t a robotic, race creationsist leftoid that the kid was doing the bidding of his white-hating black muslim family. The “clock” was deliberately mocked-up to resemble a suitcase bomb and frighten White authorities, who would react in the appropriate way (and according to Texas law which explicitly forbids bringing objects to school that look like jihadi weapons of area-wide destruction).

The oh-so-innocent Ahmed’s darling parents are lined up behind him in faux outrage, delivering speeches to the media that sound like they were scripted by a team of Alinskyte shock-troop Eskimos.

An emailer adds to the evidence that this bomb/clock story is a giant middle mudfinger in the face of White America,

RE: Ahmed’s completely innocent homemade clock.

When I first heard about Ahmed, the kid who made the news for his “bomb” clock project, I took his side. I played with discrete electronics as a kid. I built breadboards, I soldered, and I experimented with early robotics… In this STEM obsessed educational system, why couldn’t the school officials quickly dismiss this scare as a science project? Why did this make the news? I just didn’t get it… and then I saw a picture of the clock.

From CNN: “A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the digital clock he’d made from a pencil case.”

Anyone with an understanding of electronics will immediately see this “homemade clock” is not the tinkering of a child or teen. It was never Ahmed’s idea to begin with. This isn’t some innocent science project. The picture of the clock exposes the lie. Ahmed did not lovingly patch together IC chips and resistors, as the media would like you to believe. What you see is the guts from a manufactured digital clock, right down to the 9 volt memory backup, and the prefab button board. Absolutely nothing was made. It’s the equivalent of taking the plastic surround off of your TV and claiming you “made” a TV.

Look at the case itself. CNN calls it a “pencil case.” Please. The whole package is vaguely sinister, and it’s intentional. Notice the nondescript packet of unidentified white powder. See that nice dent in the side? I wonder if you could stash plastic explosives behind that huge LED. Why is the lining so bumpy? Look at the shoddy taping and the twisted wire used to close the case. It’s almost as if someone designed this clock to look like a questionable object.

Again, from CNN: “”I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her,” Ahmed told reporters Wednesday.” It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it.””

Ahmed, you didn’t build a clock. You’re a pawn to your Dad’s political and social agenda. This is all a creation of your father. I’m sure he involved you in the process, and made you feel as though you were truly making something, but you didn’t. It’s a clock without its case. Everything in the “pencil case” was made in a factory. See, a legitimate electronics project full of diodes and resistors looks innocent. It usually runs off of a battery, not an exposed AC to DC transformer… speaking of science projects, Ahmed, why again did you bring this to class? Was it part of an assignment? Oh, you just wanted to impress your teacher with a clock you rearranged inside a small briefcase? Hmm…

From dallasnews.com: ““He fixed my phone, my car, my computer,” Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said. “He is a very smart, brilliant kid.”

If he were so smart, he’d know the difference between creating a circuit and stripping the guts from a manufactured clock. His dad helped him “make” this, and dad helped to make this “project” look as questionable as possible, within the realm of plausible deniability.

The dad is a politician.  He made this happen. Whatever agenda he’s advancing, it just further demonizes western society, and reminds us all to be guilty for how racist we all are. Maybe that’s the agenda.

It’s propaganda.

Yes, and these anti-White ingrates wouldn’t get nearly so much mileage out of their schtick if they weren’t enabled by a ready and willing army of millions of fanatical white leftoids (and their eskimo paymasters) to see how much they can freely shit in the faces of normal White Americans.

Perchance to say, wake up white man. It’s getting ugly out there.

Yet more proof of the CH ur-maxim:


Strip away the particulars of these increasingly unhinged and ludicrous attacks against BadWhite America, and we are left with two insistent questions:

Why are all these ingrate nonWhites even in America in the first place?


Why do White Leftoids have so much power?

Someone’s gotta ask the first principle questions; it may as well be CH.

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Do you want a stone cold alpha male or a buttered scone beta male as your next president (small p to indicate diminution of the office)? If ¡Jabe! Bush is your man, you should know he’s a buttered scone beta to the bone. The evidence for Jabe’s beta maleness, a fate which he so desperately is just now trying to escape under the withering fusillade of a one Mr Donald “I’ll have you peeking through locker vents” Trump, keeps piling up. The Audacious E finds another instance of Jabe laying his beta soul at the feet of pack leader Trump.


Trump sticking his hand out for a high five and Jeb eagerly complying with intensity all over his face probably qualifies as a shit test that Jeb failed. Then, feeling that he had momentarily gained Trump’s approval, Jeb goofily says “that was a good one”. He instinctively submitted because he just couldn’t help himself.

This exchange, standing on the tippie toes, “apologize to my wife”–Jeb was really trying to lord it over Trump but he came off looking like an inept try-hard every time.

Any man with a T level over 3 is sickened by these displays of supplication in the men presuming to be his leader. Humans have a strong instinctual revulsion to being ruled over by sniveling curs.

No CH reader should be surprised about Jabe’s choice of wife. The reason for that mismatch is clear, and it has nothing to do with Jabe’s looks, money, or status. Jabe didn’t choose Columba.

He settled for her.

Because he had to.

Because any babe who turns heads would feel Jabe’s betatude instantly. And it would repel her.

No-game-having Jabe Bush. There’s your 100 million dollar betaboy wundergaloot.

PS John Kasich’s answer to what he would preferred to be called by the secret service — “Unit 2” — is almost as sickeningly beta as Jabe’s sucking up to cool kid Trump. Beta male schlubs LOVE saying stuff like this: “I’m Unit 2 because as my wife constantly tells me, she’s Unit 1 in our marriage. haha aren’t I a funny charmer?” No you are not Kasich. You are a shell entity. And that’s why Trump has ten times the support from women that you do.

PPS This election cycle is turning into a clinic on the efficacy and truth of Game. It’s so very clarifying. I hope everyone is taking notes.

PPPS Before anyone asks, this is the sooper secret highly classified CH “alpha up” advice I would have given to Jabe if he ever finds himself in these situations that trigger his microbetaness.

“Jabe, you awkwardly towering lump of wet dough, if Trump sticks his hand out for a low high five, don’t promptly accept his invitation. Look at his hand for a beat, then make a fist and “fist bump” his palm while saying “rock”. Smirk like your life depended on it. And for fuck’s sake, don’t validate Trump by saying ‘that was a good one!’ You sound like such a toolbag when you say stuff like that.”

Thank you, that’ll be $100 million, payable in unmarked bills.

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This latest confirmation of ¡Jabe! Bush’s innate beta maleness is so funny that for a moment you will forget about weeping for the decline of your nation.

¡Jabe!, already 6’3″ tall, felt it was necessary to stand on his tiptoes while positioned next to Donald “My Three Wives Are Hotter Than Your Aztec Oneitis” Trump.

What a maroon! Think about how fucking insecure and mentally lazy a man must be to pull this stunt in full view of cameras, essentially telling the world that he isn’t confident in his 6’3″ height to project an aura of dominance over his hated rival Trump, who bullycides Jeb so completely that Jeb lurches into desperate countermeasures, like a spastic nerd wearing underwear with detachable waistband so he can smugly retort “fooled you!” when he receives another atomic wedgie.

When people see this, do you know what they’ll think about you, Jeb? That Trump has your number. He’s under your skin. He’s winning. And you’re losing, because you’re a loser at heart. The stink of loser eeps from your fatfuck chipmunk cheeked plushboy facehole, and it’s become clearer to everyone why your fragile ego demanded you squat up with a third world midget and let her embarrass you for years, the wife of a major public figure, by never learning to speak English.

Goddamn these cuckservatives are useless. They need to be tossed out like last week’s garbage. Their rot infects everything and strangles any hope of a real revolution coming to wash away the grime.


Reader Otsuka adds,

Think about a man who has been a governor of a large state; a man who has both brother and father former Presidents; standing on his tiptoes because he feels his 6’3″ stature is inadequate to impress the girls. The mind reels, the revulsion for this betaboy is reflected in his poll numbers. Imagine what must be going on in the minds of the PAC dropping a 100 million dollars on this pathetic creature.

What is Jeb’s PAC thinking? *flush*

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This is too funny, and made funnier by the fact that it was totally preventable. A do-gooder, bleeding heart, pathologically altruistic, status whoring German SWPL liberal came to help Syrian migrants and for his generosity was rewarded by a pawing, grasping mob of thieves robbing him of his bag of treats.

Looks like Germany is about to get more of that enriching, strengthening Diversity™, good and hard!

PS The German responds with the international sign of shitlib prostration to his token vibrants refusing to follow the script: Hands up in exasperated surrender.

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Western Europe is fast on its way to cucking itself to hordes of Muslim “””refugees”””. The median age of the populations of the top four countries sending invading saracens across Europe’s borders is 18-23. The median age of the populations of the top four receiving European countries is 40-46.

Older, White Europeans are literally importing the rebellious, antagonistic, dumb children and young, spiteful, hotheaded men of backward shit countries to fill in for the White European children they aren’t having and for the native manlets who are unwilling to defend their homelands.

On a national scale,  it doesn’t get much cuckier than that. European Equalists have decided that their weak native sons and fickle daughters should accommodate millions of AMOGs (Alpha Muslim Other Guys) streaming into their cities and towns, and they should do so with a welcoming smile as their wise leaders morally preen and posture about “European generosity” and “humanistic values”.

If you have any remaining doubt that this is in part a reverse colonization by Islamic fiefdoms taking advantage of a peculiarly evolved NW European disposition for pathological altruism on a global stage to foment a caliphate in the heartland of White Europe, note that Saudi Arabia has generously offered to build 200 mosques in Germany to welcome muhammed’s pilgrims the refugees.

The Arab sheiks must be laughing their fat, oil-fed asses off at what saps Europeans have become.

Bottom line: The refugees are not Europe’s moral crisis. They are the responsibility of those countries from which the migrants hail. The blame for every drowned Syrian child rests with their families who pushed them onto colonizing dinghies and with the abattoirs that multiply in the Muslim lands. It is Europe’s job to protect her own people against preventable miseries, such as, oh, the invasion of millions of home wreckers whose genetic and cultural heritage will always be at odds with the traditions and customs of native Europeans… until that time when the invaders have achieved numerical superiority and the natives have descended to complete dissolute abjection.

In related news, more evidence that the cuckservatives at National Review are just equalist leftoids who want lower taxes on billionaire oligarchs. Fuck them and their race creationism.

PS A good post about the central character trait of liberals: their (targeted) nonjudgmentalism. Liberalism is semantic Armageddon, inevitably driving discourse over a cliff into absurdism and justifications for self-annihilation.

A man of not far past vintage could reasonably have wanted blacks treated with dignity while simultaneously wishing for America to retain its European culture and demographics. He would have certainly considered himself open-minded and liberal for his altruism. Today he would be considered a neo-nazi. That is because liberalism denudes the mind of its necessary capacity for making judgements along a gradient. If we say 1, we are not required to say 100. If we swim a pool, there is no compulsion to swim the ocean. If we shake hands, we are not obliged to anal sex. Adults understand this implicitly. Liberals and children do not.

I like what Porter calls the reigning leftoid orthodoxy: Rainman world.

Do European Whites, and their diaspora, believe in themselves, or not? Do they believe they have as much right to homelands as any other people? Do they have the WILL TO SURVIVE, or don’t they? Because if the answer to those questions is negative, then it’s just a matter of time until their suicidal ideation is stone cold reality.


Via reader Simon Corso. The people are getting mad. There is hope yet for White Europeans. (And the cucked ruling elite ought to start thinking about escape routes).


A Polish MEP tells it like it is. For superbly entertaining lulz, don’t miss the shitlib woman’s O face starting at 0:58.

This video is also a needed reminder of a universal law of the sexes:



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Reader PA says Whites in their homelands are fighting WWIII, even if they don’t know it (yet). The evidence that there is an open borders war by the ruling class aggressors to demographically and culturally swamp Whites with non-Whites and essentially render them powerless in their homelands can no longer be contained or massaged by the Leftoid Equalist Hivemind.

But, we need a name for  this war. Branding matters. People are gripped by slogans with emotional resonance much more than they’re moved by arid data. Everyone needs to know that we are at war, and this isn’t the griping of some doomsday cult.

The “Cold War” maintained a hold on the American consciousness for decades, because it was starkly descriptive of the (mostly) bloodless nature of the ideological conflict between the world’s only two superpowers. (In hindsight, it seems so quaint now. Official American ideology has become something worse than mid-century Soviet ideology.)

So, I asked readers to come up with a name for WWIII: The War to Displace Whites from their Homelands by encouraging the invasion, legal and illegal, of tens of millions of non-White foreigners. The Forces of Light need their COPROP if they want to win the semantic battle for hearts and minds.

I came up with a few ideas:

The Thousand Cuts War
The Tikkun Olam War
The American War
The Racial Cleansing War
The War of White Dispossession
Civil War II
The Fratricidal War
Albion’s War
The War of White Replacement

I’m not particularly enamored of any of these. Readers came up with more:

World War White
War of Ethnic Displacement
The Cuck War
White Genocide
The Anti-Euro War
The Global Blockbusting War

All right, warriors, put your heads together and come up with something riveting. Your nation depends on you.

The winner will be rewarded with the pride of knowing he contributed to the rebellion’s morale to retake America from alien invaders and overthrow the traitors who perpetrated this great crime against the nation.

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