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But does he have tight game? The evidence gathered to date says… the tightest! For instance, examine closely how well Trump handled his own Realtalk™ charge that could’ve blown up in his face given leftoid Hivemind and GOP (one and the same) hatred of him.

Trump said Juan McCain is no war hero, because, paraphrasing, there’s nothing heroic about getting captured.

I happen to agree, in part, with Trump here. A sure sign of national decline is bastardization of the native language (to suit the needs of ruling class propagandists and, less ominously, to strengthen group identification among the lower classes). As Greg Cochran has noted, we live in a culture where the hero has MOVED ON to the right side of history, becoming a “hero through suffering” rather than a “hero through deed”. This is supposed to be an improvement. It’s not. It’s a dumbing-down of heroism, so the mass of mediocrities can feel like they have a spiritual connection to the hallowed Hero’s Hall every time they fall into a depressed resignation about their miserable lives.

I specify that I agreed with Trump “in part”, because the Merriam-Webster definition of “hero” does include, under line item #2, the description of the hero as someone with “noble qualities”. You can argue that, once captured, possessing the grit and fortitude to stick it out for years until release is a type of heroism.

So there was wiggle room there for Trump to take a legit hit from his enemies to the…. “””right”””. (hahaha i keel myself!)

But did Trump back down when the Hivemind assembled its buzzing battalions to perforate him on a, ahem, trumped-up charge of insufficient patriotism and groveling toward a veteran with a stellar record of lapping up the precum off Vicente Fox’s Spanish-European glans? (A charge, it should be mentioned, not a single member of the Hivemind conglomerate takes seriously in his own life.)

No. Not only did Trump refuse the offer he couldn’t refuse, he struck back with guns twice as big, twice as fast, and ten times as lethal.

This fuckin guy. ❤️❤️

As wags have dubbed him, Trump is a kind of morph of Realtalking internet commenters and Duke Nukem. Here he is on peabrained cuckservative Rick Perry, after Perry swallowed a load of Hivemind jizz and tried, feebly, to oust Trump from respectable GOP circlejerks:

And look what Trump did to that most effete of GOP supracucks, Lindsey “gaypedoface” Graham, (who called Trump a “jackass”). Skip to minute 26:00 to see Trump brandish Graham’s real cell number, asking the studio audience to call Graham for clarification on his past request for Trump’s campaign assistance. It is quite the slashing shiv.

Trump has tight game.

– He reframes his opponents’ attacks.
– He goes on the offense, never allowing himself the womanly comfort of the defensive crouch.
– He never apologizes. Especially not when his accusers are such gratuitous phonyfucks.
– He is socially savvy, and knows how to speak to the common man.
– His upgraded third wife is a hottie. And not just “for her age”.

If Trump is President, no one will have to humiliate himself pretending that a First Gorilla is a highly fuckable beauty.

Trump is such a BAD BAD RACIST EGOTISTIC MAN that he currently sits atop the Republican polls. Game can get you laid, and it can help you become leader of the free world.

President Donald Trump.

Isn’t it about time the Presidency was occupied by an alpha male worthy of the office? You know, alpha males like we used to have with the Founders?

If nothing else, Trump makes what would have been a tedious, insipid non-race with no import besides greasing the skids to national dissolution into something interesting to watch. Trump has pushed the Overton Window so wide, its gaping hole resembles Andrew “RawMuscleGlutes” Sullivan’s prolapsing rectum.

Trump fucks with the status quo, and the fucking is good.


PS This guy

…wins a distant runner-up AOTM for boffing a decent-looking chick in an alley and submitting a shit-eating mugshot in defiance of good taste, but Trump is a force of nature who won’t settle for less than absolute AOTM glory.

PPS Just as indicative of the droogie’s alphatude in the mugshot is his fucktoy’s expression. Is she ashamed? No. A happy smile pushes hard to come out of hiding, ready to betray a deeply satisfied post-coital contentment.

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Women serve as an exceptionally accurate barometer for the measure of a man’s attractiveness and social standing. The hotter, sweeter, and more feminine a man’s girlfriend or wife, the likelier it is that man is charismatic, beloved, high status, and possessing those traits and achievements which other men admire and set women on fire.

Reader james1 draws a parallel between this truism and current events, in a comment reprinted from a Steve Sailer thread.

From steve sailor comment #27:

I know love can be a fickle thing, but I am sorry, I just can’t have much respect for Jeb over his choice of a wife. The guy was a wealthy man from a prominent family, not some nouveau riche slob. He went to the finest prep school in the nation. Yet according to his mom, Columba was the first gal he dated. From her bio it appears she might even have been an illegal. Yet Jeb fell hook, line and sinker for her. I wonder if it was the extreme differences in their social positions which allowed him the confidence to think him worthy of her? If so he probably couldn’t deal with any woman in his same social level or even a few levels beneath. No, it took an illegal woman for Jeb to feel comfortable.

I’d like to see Heartiste delve into this one.

Columba is powerful evidence of ¡Yeb! Bush’s intrinsic beta maleness. She is homely and culturally antagonistic to the once-majority anglo-germanic country Jeb presumes to lead. Yes, it’s true, given Jeb’s social status and great wealth he could have done a lot better. A LOT. But he settled for a squat inca who can’t even speak English and looks like a rock troll from the movie Frozen. And she was illegal. I absolutely believe Jeb feels like a worthless beta male in his soul and has horrible inner game, and this is why he only felt comfortable dating an illegal alien housemaid who made him seem like a DOMINANT JERKBOY GOD in comparison.

Do you trust a man who has horrible taste in women, and a lack of confidence in his ability to get and keep better women he truly desires? Do you trust a man who, in his choice of woman, lies to himself every second of every day he must gaze upon her apparition?

Do you want a low self-esteem, dumpster diving beta male with zero confidence in his appeal to English-speaking white American women leading your nation back to greatness?

Or an alpha male who, for all his flaws, has proven he knows how to get the job done when it matters?

No further shivving, yerhonner.

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Reader chemtrails gets us up to speed on the latest Twitter silencing of crimethinkers.

Randi Lee Harper reported Heartiste:

“Cernovich & heartiste were both reported for a single tweet. Not spam/mass reported. Tweet had a pic of a boy child being raped.

Boy child? Um, no. The “youths” all looked to be well into their late teens and early 20s.

Along with a comment like “boys will be boys”. Graphic parts were hidden, but it was enough for me to step in. ”

Lemme guess… Randi Lee Harper, fat ugly bitter feminist hog with multi-colored hair and emotionally stunted hobbies? Am I close?

I can’t speak for Cernovich or whatever he wrote. As for the offending tweet that I’m sure Twatter lardos were breathlessly waiting for to rationalize their silencing of a long-hated foe, it was a retweet of a photo first tweeted by a black girl who was crowing about one of her boyz in da hood forcing another black guy to suck his dick at gunpoint in a narrow alley, to which was added the Heartistian comment “#NogJob If only this was a Death Star trash compactor *sigh*”.

The pic itself was pulled from the gatewaypundit blog (which was forwarded to CH by a reader). It was beyond obvious from the context of the @heartiste retweet that disapproval was being expressed for the depraved nature of the act being valorized in the original tweet by the black woman. It hardly matters if the photo was staged for laughs or evidence of a crime in action… the depravity can’t be missed either way.

Of course, the mentally prolapsed sjw leftoids at Twatter don’t take too kindly to the sort of Realtalk™ nuance that shits on their worldview, so they resorted to their only effective counter-attack: admin silencing.

They win… for now.

Update: Here’s Harper’s Twitter profile. Emotionally stunted hobby? Check.


Randi Lee Harper is a pig-nosed headcase. And a hypocrite. And did I mention a zero-integrity, psychologically imbalanced loon? So in other words, your typical SJW loser with a circle of friends who masturbate into furry costumes.

Why do these defectives and cranks keep getting hired as gatekeepers for social media behemoths? How hard is it for normal people working at these places to say, “No, we won’t be hiring this whackjob with the meth face and permanent chip on her shoulder. But thanks for asking.”?


Responding to a commenter who suggested appealing to Twitter support to get the account reinstated, Kate wrote,

Machete don’t make appeals.

Precisely. It’s the loser freaks like Randi Harper who will bend the knee to their betters.


Reader Johannes writes about his past experience dealing with the bitter loser lying freak pig-faced fatty Randi Harper. (Is that enough abuse&harassment for you, purple-haired formulaic fagstress? Remember, it only stings if it’s true. Heh.)

It’s Johannes here — formerly xmj@FreeBSD.org — the ports committer Randi targeted in late June.

I am not sure if you’re aware of what happened there, so, below to this post, are the tweets of our encounter. Today, I’ve sent a mail that I am, as a result of her actions, prepared to *shrug* and stop contributing to the community she is member of, and whose rules she kicks with both feeds (that’s the nicest way of saying it).

You, and the whole community you’re in, have helped me become the Man I am now; which is almost the Man I am going to be (Rome wasn’t built in a day).

And I’d like to express my gratitude for what you’ve done, in writing and in-field ;), as, Game works.


On anyone.

It’s overlapping with classical sales, with classical business theory, … once you’re Game-aware you’ll find its practitioners everywhere, especially among the higher ups.

So, keep up the good work. You’ve got many many friends in Estonia. [ed: estonia! the women! tres hott.] I can’t even count them on my hands anymore.

Best regards from Tallinn, that today is full of sunshine and 8-and-ups,



Johannes: .@lattera genius phrasing. @freebsdgirl have your followers stopped harrassing
the other side yet? :)
Randi: Given that you’re representing FreeBSD in your bio, you might want to rethink
how you talk about safe spaces & harassment. @xmjEE @lattera

Johannes: @freebsdgirl Given what you’ve said to me in private, you may want to
reconsider calling yourself Online Abuse Prevention expert.



Found the GamerGater in FreeBSD. Only a ports committer. Reported him to the
foundation. This is going to get ugly.

Time to see if FreeBSD puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to
those defending harassment. First incident I’ve seen.

But given that his timeline is him RTing Milo & actually being stupid enough to
believe the bullshit, we really don’t need him.


Randi: Now is probably the perfect time to remind you all of the missing stair.

Randi: Ignoring problem people in your community because they’ve been there a while
doesn’t help anyone. It discourages new blood from joining.
And if someone is representing your project while actively supporting rape
apologists, doxxers, and harassers, they have to go.
2:31 PM – 22 Jun 2015 · Details

Randi: It’s not every day that you find out a committer is a rape apologist, harasser,
and supporter of people stalking a woman in your project.
2:58 PM – 22 Jun 2015

Randi: @LilyLemmer heads up though – the guy that you RTed, xmjEE, is the one i was
posting about originally. rape apologist, creepy abuser.
2:57 AM – 23 Jun 2015

FreeBSD does not currently have a Code of Conduct. We haven’t needed it. This
was a mistake. All we have is this:

So, let’s use this as a learning experience. Institute a Code of Conduct for
your community *before* you need it.

Because, I’m going to be honest and criticize my own project here: that ruleset
is not suitable for community problems.

It’s pretty easy to plan for arguing-about-code problems. It’s more difficult
to plan for people that defend rapists & assist stalkers.

If someone in your community is against something as simple as a Code of
Conduct, then they shouldn’t be part of your community.


3:35 PM – 22 Jun 2015

Randi: @jeslach @gamoid I WILL FUCK BOTH OF YOU UP SO BADLY

9:50 AM – 23 Jun 2015

Now, I gave this to my lawyer, and he charges $200 per hour. Of course, he thinks I have a case against Randi Harper, concerning libel, fraud, misrepresentation and a few other Big Names that will make her a very “financially deprived” person were I to win.

But then, as I am starting my third business – the second in Estonia, in fact — I have better things to do with my money than chase small, overweight, unattractive women with a twisted mind.

Too bad. Here’s to hoping someone eventually sues feminist fabulist Randi Harper into cat lady destitution. These cunts get away with this because no one will call them out. Everyone cowers when a bitter spiteful SJW shits out another runny stream of psychological projection. The cultural climate has to change, the losers have to be shunned back to the icy wastelands where they belong, before their disease rots the entire social fabric from the inside. Will one halfway alpha man with serum T levels above death at one of these social media companies finally say “no” to this degenerate freak mafia, and deny them the platforms to vomit their obese demons all over normal people?

PS #LoveWins!

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A California assisted-suicide bill was shelved because of opposition from heavily mestizo districts.

Now personally, I’m in favor of assisted suicide at any age for leftoids in whatever physical condition. But one has to laugh at the irony of Diversity Park™ undocumented citizens bitch-slapping their effete white liberal patrons. You asked for it, now you’ll get it, good and hard.

I’m sure SCROTUS will find a Constitutional right to assisted-suicide in the near future, which is spelled out in the Constitution as clearly as the right to gay marriage, but in the meantime enjoy the cognitive dissonance.

Score: Invading aztecs: 1, white California liberals: 0. Shiv of the Week award goes to La Raza, for giving us all a glimpse of the unified, glorious future of America made stronger and happier by all her Diversity.

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Tucked deeply into an effluvium of UGH WHITE SUPREMACY HATE HATE INTERNET HATE in the Washington Host, we observe the classic evasive behavior of the Slithery Reptile™ (subspecies, Marc Fisher).

Although the reptile’s conflation of the idea of “supremacy” with “realtalk” is typical for its swamp-dwelling genus, where we observe its natural behavior most clearly is the refusal to confront straightforwardly the details of the claims to truth made by the hated hateful hater “supremacist” groups.

“Frankly, this movement is in such disarray,” said Johnson, the 61-year-old American Freedom Party chairman, who traces his involvement to his support of George Wallace’s 1972 presidential bid. “You cannot expect there to be no retaliation by certain disaffected portions of white society when you have crime after crime by blacks against whites. People are going to rebel, and that’s what this young man did.”

Violent crime across the country has dropped to near-record lows over the past two decades; the national crime rate is about half of what it was at its peak in 1991, according to the government’s Bureau of Justice Statistics. Despite that, polls repeatedly indicate that Americans perceive crime to be on the increase.

Did you catch The Slithery Reptile’s™ flick of the forked tongue? He allows a brief airing of the hated hateful hater enemy’s legitimate grievance, only to answer it with a slithery evasion that does not address the core of the complaint. The Slithery Reptile™ knows that absolute crime numbers and disproportionate black crime are two separate and distinct phenomena, but he’s hoping you won’t notice his color change as he camouflages himself in the pattern of a faggy talk show snarkmeister and redirects your attention to a fat red herring flopping near at hand.

But we’re on to you, Slithery Reptile™! You may feel free to classify this as hate. I prefer to call it… The Shiv.

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U.S. agencies still collect crime data by race. That will end soon, because the data is unfriendly to the Equalist Narrative and is falling into the hands of the Rebel Alliance. For now, a rich trove of anti-antiracism Realtalk is yours for the hatebrowsing at various government websites.

From the 2013 FBI Crime Report:

Although blacks only constitute 12% of the total US population, they murder nearly as many whites as the number of whites murdered by other whites, who are 64% of the total US population.

This website is running a tally of black-on-white and white-on-black murders in the year 2014. The numbers currently stand at 348 BoW murders to 4 WoB murders.

What about all categories of violent interracial crime?

But in fact, white-on-black crime is a statistical rarity. According to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 320,082 whites were victims of black violence in 2010, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence. That same year, according to the Census Bureau, the white and black populations in the U.S. were 196,817,552 and 37,685,848, respectively. Whites therefore committed acts of interracial violence at a rate of 32 per 100,000, while the black rate was 849 per 100,000. In other words, the “average” black was statistically 26.5 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white, than vice versa. Moreover, blacks who committed violent crimes chose white victims 47.7% of the time, whereas whites who committed violent crimes targeted black victims only 3.9% of the time.

FBI stats show that blacks are 50 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than vice versa.

John Derbyshire combs National Crime Victimization Survey data and does the math, finding that any given black was almost fifteen times more likely to have killed a white in 2013 than any given white was to have killed a black.

Derbyshire also responds to slithery reptilian leftoid critics who claim that the disproportionate black-on-white crime rates are simply a consequence of population ratios and nothing else.

The argument here is that blacks move among whites much more than whites move among blacks. We encounter blacks much less frequently than they encounter us, so of course we commit fewer crimes against them! If we moved among blacks more, we’d commit more crimes against them!

Er, possibly: but wouldn’t they also commit more crimes against us? And are we sure that the whites who avoid moving among blacks (why?) are just as criminally inclined as those who mingle?

Derb goes on to explain the math underlying the disparate black-on-white crime stats. Short story: Tim Wise can’t do math. But he sure can do sophistry, that rascally bloodsucker!

The arid “population ratio” argument against the idea of blacks deliberately targeting whites in racial antagonism crimes strikes me as specious for another reason. How often do upstanding members of the criminal class of blacks encounter whites in real life? Blacks are fairly concentrated in their rural and urban enclaves. (Even middle class suburban blacks tend to live in majority black neighborhoods.) For a benign “population ratio” argument to have any merit, you’d need to have conditions on the ground that greatly increased the actual encounter rate between blacks and whites. The crude population ratio number doesn’t accurately reflect the real world daily encounter rate between the races.

This is damning, because if the black-white encounter rate based on nothing but raw population ratio is much lower in actuality, it means the higher rate of black-on-white violence is even more shockingly disproportionate. It means black criminals are sometimes going out of their way to hunt for white prey, away from their monoracial districts.

Pussy cuckservatives often crouch into the defensive posture when the topic is black crime, reflexively bleating about “blacks killing other blacks, that’s the real problem”, preferring to ignore the low level race war of black-on-white violence. Yes, blacks kill other blacks far more prodigiously than they kill whites, but that skew is mostly a function of target availability and racial disposition toward impulsiveness; the great majority of liberal SWPL whites are smart enough to avoid living in the thick of the urban (and rural) ghettos, and to limit their exposure to black criminal predation. Even within city boundaries that have dense black populations, whites (and hispanics) sequester themselves into city sectors that are psychologically and economically, if not geographically, distant from the core black urban crimeclass.

Tim Wise lives in an almost racially pure neighborhood.

It’s no secret that criminals prefer soft targets. If you walk a certain way, (i.e., like an alpha male), you can reduce the chance that you’ll be the target of street crime. It is likely the case that black criminals perceive the supple SWPL whites who live within prowling distance of them as soft, juicy targets of opportunity, made more inviting as hated prey objects by the whiteness of their appearance. Once a doughy white is in the black’s crosshairs, the racial hate instinct percolates from the subconscious into consciousness, often driving the attacker to a frenzy of depraved, intertribe violence. This is why it’s wrong to assume only premeditated interracial violence is classifiable as racially motivated hate crime; race hate does not abide exquisitely legalistic timelines. Hatred for racial outsiders can simmer for years or it can explode on sight in the heat of the moment.

Smartly, most whites have the good sense to segregate themselves from blacks, establishing themselves in “dindu buffer zones” that are geographic, technological, or economic in nature. It is what whites do, and especially what GoodWhite liberals do, (whether or not they admit to it), to provide themselves a measure of protection from the wildly disproportionate chaos and feral race hatred of black criminality.

So, yes, there’s a guerrilla race war happening in this country. It just isn’t the one you’ll hear about ad nauseam by our media, corporate, government, and academia Hivemind gatekeepers of information. They prefer you stay ignorant, self-flagellating, powerless, and victimized for the Great Globo-Equalist Cause.

A part of me hates writing posts like this one, as it really kills my chill vibe, but some lies are so dangerous and, worse, so humiliating to good people that I’m roused to action from my poolside lounge. And that is the worst crime of all.

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Dylann Storm Roof (dat fuckin wigger name), the Charleston church shooter, looks like the even more soulless twin of Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook school shooter. Same misshapen omega male face, minus a score of IQ points.

CH predictions:

– Roof will have been on some sort of feminism-approved psychotropic drug, like Adderall, since boyhood.
– Roof will have been at some point diagnosed with mental difficulties, and spent time in remedial classes. He looks like he’s got a touch of the Downs.
– Roof will have never had a real girlfriend, or will have suffered a recent “break-up” by a girl he thought was his girlfriend but who herself thought he was just a friend to her.
– Roof is a virgin.
– Roof has a manifesto hiding somewhere.
– Roof will have been raised in a broken family, by a single mom.
– Roof was a high school outcast.
– Roof had a gay episode in his past, possibly sexually abused by a gay (black?) authority figure.
– Roof is an avowed atheist.
– Roof has logged years worth of World of Warcraft play.

Reminder: White mass shooters are often afflicted with clinical mental illness, falling well outside the norm for their race. Black killers often fall well within the norm for their race. Crime stats don’t lie. I suppose to get around this uncomfortable reality one could always argue that a higher proportion of blacks than whites suffer from mental disorders and psychopathy. Heh.


So far, one CH prediction appears to be true. Roof was on a pharmaco-therapeutic agent called suboxone, to treat addiction. The drug is known to be associated with violent outbursts.


Was Dylann Storm Roof a sexually aggrieved White Knight? If this holds up as factual, he supposedly said to one survivor “…you rape our women…this is why you have to go”. This goes to an observation I have about especially earnest white knights: The in-your-face, quick-tempered white knight who looks for any opportunity to rush to a m’lady’s defense is usually a dude who can’t get laid. He sublimates his sexual failure into a quixotic quest to defend all maidens’ honor, imagining the righteous pose somehow imbues him with the sexual allure he so desperately wants.

Was Roof a failure with the white women he desired but couldn’t get, and did this rejection drive him to the extremes of white knightery, culminating in murdering the symbol of his torment, the fantasy mandingo AMOG? Or, alternately, was he cucked by a black guy, and instead of blame the white girl, he exonerated her from responsiblity and focused all his incel rage on the interloper?


Ramzpaul puts his brass ones on the table and won’t let you look away.


A second CH prediction about Roof has come true. Roof did indeed pine for a white girl who chose to mudshark rather than be with him.

Scott Roof, who identified himself as the suspect’s cousin, toldThe Intercept that “Dylann was normal until he started listening to that white power music stuff.” He claims that “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.” He added, “Dylann liked her … The black guy got her. He changed. I don’t know if we would be here if not …” then hung up the phone.

“Over the edge” is something you frequently hear about people who are later revealed to be schizophrenic. Roof’s cucking at the hands of a black guy was the likely trigger for a psychotic break. Also, it sounds like this girl “he liked” either wasn’t aware of Roof’s ardor or was and had him firmly wedged in the friendzone.

From the same article, a third and a fourth CH prediction are validated. Roof was from a broken family, (unclear who raised him, but probably his single mom), and “[r]ecords show he attended ninth grade twice, and it appears he dropped out after that.” Roof was, literally, a high school outcast.

Chateau Heartiste, your first stop for personality profiling.

FYI, expect to see more of this white omega male cuck-rage if the fad of prole white chicks fucking blacks and friendzoning whites picks up any perceptible steam. Not condoning, only describing human nature and how it’s best not to fuck with ancient genetic algorithms.

Which is all to say….

Game can save lives!

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