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God Emperor-Elect Trump has reportedly been considering Mittens Romney for Secretary of State. Trump supporters are livid that a traitor like Romney would be handed such a plum post. Trump’s confidant and campaign consultant Kellyanne Conway, tweeted her dissatisfaction with the rumors of Romney’s front-runner status for SoS. Trump’s loyal supporters question his judgment when they aren’t concocting a Byzantine 50D-chess move.

First, this is the legacy media reporting the news about Trump’s transition team. They lie like rugs. I would take anything they say as fake news until an alt-righter with inside info corrects the record.

Second, everyone needs to remember the force of nature that is Trump. He is a good-hearted, magnanimous alpha male (with a horny level for the ages) who never forgets a backstabber. I believe he enjoys planning his revenge on his enemies as much as executing it.

Given these premises, think about what you would do in Trump’s position to maximally and publicly humiliate someone who had betrayed you at your weakest moment? You’d invite Romney to your gilded hotel headquarters, promise him SoS, release him on a fume of hope and greed, and the next day have Conway issue a few tweets revealing how many Trump supporters loathe the idea of Romney receiving a position in Trump’s Cabinet.

Romney now thinks Trump really wanted him, against the wishes of his base and the advice of his campaign team. Suddenly, without warning, on a day of his choosing, Trump announces Dana Rohrabacher for SoS. Romney suffers a public humiliation so profound his power to influence anyone in Trumpworld is reduced to zero.

I could be off-base. Maybe Conway really did go rogue, and is in her special way trying to get Trump to rethink the wisdom of selecting Romney, while Trump for his part perhaps views Romney as cuck-approved insurance against a GOPe insurrection during his reign.

We’ll find out when Trump makes his SoS choice and announces it on Twitter and YouTube, bypassing the legacy media and adding insult to the parade of humiliations that the media have rightfully endured this past year.


PS Photo caption time. Enjoy these two post-meeting paparazzi shots of Trump beaming victoriously and Romney wincing like a boy just spanked by his mommy.


Up yours, magic underwear!


Hey Mitt, I got the multiple wives without signing up for your stupid religion! Win-win!



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Audacious E has an illuminating post about just how far Left the residents of America’s Capital City, Washington, DC voted.

How acidified by leftoid equalism are the brains of DC’s voting population? This: DC apparatchiks voted in greater number for thecunt than did blacks, liberals, and Democreeps nationally. wew lad.

Part of the reason for the discrepancy is the uh… exceptional nature of DC’s demographics. Self-identified Jews are 5% of DC’s population (and you can safely bet that percentage is higher once you include atheists, agnostics, nontheists, and (harhar libsnark incoming) “flying spaghetti monster” believers, among whom Jews are disproportionately represented). So Jews in DC are more than double their national representation. And as I’ve shown, Jews vote extremely Left even after controlling for mean IQ.

Gays are likewise more disproportionate in DC, at 10% of residents. That’s over four times their number nationally.

So right off the bat you’ve got 15-25% of DC’s residents about as deep in the pantsuit pocket of thecunt as one can go (before hitting dusty old vagina smelling vaguely of kebab). Gays, Jews, and gay Jews swarm DC’s halls of power. That’s a lethal Lefty combination. You’d have more luck hitting the lottery than finding a Trump supporter among that bunch.

Now add to that twee-brew a concentrated mix of extremely liberal White Gentiles with advanced manifestations of cuckface, gayface, pedoface, and gaypedocuckface, and you’ve set up a jurisdiction that, incredibly, votes more Left than even the shitlibbiest liberals outside of DC.

Trump had better hire his staff from outside DC, because the number of people he’ll be able to trust within DC is smaller than Jeb’s political stature.

There’s a larger point here that needs reiterating. Evoking Rome’s decline (because how can I not?), it’s a bad, very bad, omen when an empire’s Capital City is as ideologically removed and emotionally and financially detached from its territories as Washington, DC currently is from the rest of America. Trump honestly could not have arrived on the scene a moment later than he did. America is at the precipice.

A cabal of rootless globohomoists, puffed up to arrogant self-regard, breezily spending mounds of discretionary cash on tiny apartments and boutique furniture, eating at buzzy restaurants that will be gone in six months, and sneering contemptuously at those bigots in the heartland who have to work with their hands to make ends meet, is reminiscent of past empires’ capital residents, prettified and dandified as the revolution swept them away to their bitter, bloody ends.

All that’s left to wonder is if our insular, intellectually gated and egotistically myopic elites will acquire the good habit of self-reflection and humility and change course before their inevitably dreary fate is sealed.

I doubt they will.

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A few quick thoughts on the recent media frenzy that erupted after the nominal leader of the alt-right allowed himself to be photographed at a bar in DC dramatically thrusting up a seig heil with a Jewish friend and a female compatriot, Tila Tequila, an Asian reality TV star.

(I won’t link the photo. You can do a Startpage search and find it easily.)

First, remind yourselves that if no edgelord alt-rightist was available to mischaracterize in service to the anti-White Narrative, the leftoid media would invent one out of a moderate alt-rightist, (or even a gullible dope like Jeb). So whatever you think about Richard Spencer’s cheeky antics, know that a less trollish Spencer would not mean the sudden efflorescence of a fairer leftoid media hatemachine.

Second, the media assault was pre-planned with the sole purpose of cornering Trump into, once again, “disavowing” an alt-righter. Trump disavowed, but as usual did so in that way which makes it hard to miss he was subtly mocking the character assassination rituals of shitlib media. The end game is the same for the dying legacy media:

Alt-Right: *assaults public square with realtalk*
Trump: *disavows*
Media: *preens*
Alt-Right: *continues realtalk assault*
Media: BTFO

The American public is inured to the media anti-White shell game by now. A couple of grinning doofuses Roman saluting with an Asian girl? It won’t ping any normal American as a threat…or even a story worth reporting on. Meanwhile, the fashy photo op opens the Overton Window so wide the media is left blind-sided to the erosion of their narrative.

Although given to immature public attention whoring, Spencer isn’t a schmo. He’s a bright guy and his website, Radix Journal, has better writing and better ideas than anything that National Cuckview has put out in the last ten years. Spencer can intro the American public to ideas that legacy media conceals. So this pile-on by the media just might backfire in the long run.

Spencer is not the enemy. The media is the enemy. As hbr nrx twatted, “Reminder: Tim Wise is far more extreme than Richard Spencer, but Tim Wise gets paid large sums of money to give speeches at universities.”

Having softened Spencer’s public persona and decriminalized his nazi-larper signaling with just as much flattery as I can muster before feeling a bit nauseous, I hasten to add that the stunt he pulled did no favors to the Realtalk Revolution he wishes to lead into the limelight.

Semi-ironic meme war is most effective online, and when the media is complacent to the memetic threat. The Meme Wars are not as effective in real life when the media converges for a kill. Multiple tributaries of memetic warfare knock media libs off their game. Focusing the slippery White Nationalist memes onto one live person — in this case, Spencer — plays to the media’s strength.

The best response to the media’s smear and caricature tactic is to diffuse alt-right power to many sources and have self-disciplined leaders. By self-disciplined, I mean controlling the urge to upload dank visual memes into real life actualization. Prankster hijinks hitched to a leader occlude seriousness. One silly photo can cause a movement to be stillborn when the media maintains ironclad control over perception, which they still do when single photos capturing a moment in time are the standard by which the media sustains its White dispossession narrative.

The uniting theme of the alt-right is rejection of race & sex equalism. I like to think Chateau Heartiste was among the first online repositories of dissident speech to smash the Equalist Megalith. However, CH is in the shadows, so media management is not as much a concern for our ‘umble retreat in the dank wood as it should be for public figures like Spencer. As long as the guiding principles of the alt-right rebellion stay true to the fundamental premise of intrinsic race and sex differences, it can withstand the bad optics of a few drunk-happy thought leaders mischievously mugging for the camera.

That said, bad optics aren’t always blessings in disguise. There is a risk that poor message discipline and sloppy public relations will discredit the alt-right before it has a chance to get out of the Twatter ghetto.

A free piece of advice for the burgeoning alt-right revolutionaries who are now grappling with standards of entry:

Publicly defend, privately cull.

No enemies to the Right is excellent public policy, but a bad way to manage private affairs. The Left is currently destroying itself by forgetting the second half of my advice and allowing the degenerates and misfits to run the ship aground. It’s time to discourage the alt-right from doing the same.


Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this post should not be read as a call for Spencer to apologize or backpedal. Good lord n butter, that would energize his media tormentors a thousand times more than they are already. If we’ve learned anything at this blog and from the past year’s events, it’s that one should NEVER apologize to the rabid Left, even if what one has done is bad form. (Spencer did nothing wrong except violate style rules.)

A way for Spencer to turn this bad press around and come out looking better is suggested by commenter Lovekraft:

The next time Spencer speaks in public, he should be wearing a Malcolm X t-shirt with his hand raised high giving the Black Power salute.

When media ask him why he’s wearing it, he looks them in the eye and asks them if they’re now ready for a real discussion.

(which won’t happen because the narrative is still locked, but the ‘get down to business’ approach with the media could shift them into Trump territory).

While the Nazi-Black Panher comparison isn’t perfect, it will “reset” the optics and put the leftoid hivemind media on the defensive. It’s a finger in the eye of the media, pointing up their hypocrisy in how they cover White vs black tribal salutes.

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The dawn of Trumperica and the collateral empowerment of Shitlord, Inc. has supercharged three stereotypical neuroses of the Left, pushing them to the brink of mass psychosis and mental breaks with reality. These neuroses are cognitive dissonance, narcissistic rage, and psychological projection.

Bixxy Noodles explores the topic here, and it’s well worth reading in full (including the follow-on comments).

Cognitive dissonance is a major problem in our over-SCALEd society. The information control systems (education-media complex) used by our governing order to manage the people and keep them in line lead directly to the people adopting a lot of conflicting and wrong beliefs in order to adapt to the system and get by. The indoctrination of these conflicting beliefs happens mostly in education, while the purpose of the major media has been to reinforce them via “the narrative” and provide a vehicle for the management of any cognitive dissonance which does arise.

This election has been a case study in this dynamic. The regnant orthodoxy demands that its partisans believe all sort of incompatible and false things: everyone is equal except white males, faggotry is normal and healthy while traditional marriage is rape, debt is money, and way too many other examples to list. Because of the constant, competing cognition these nonsensical and contradictory beliefs generate, the people who hold them are in a nearly constant state of emotional disequilibrium. They are temperamentally brittle, and easily perturbed into emotional outbursts as their cognitive dissonance essentially causes their brains to lock up and blue screen.

The old media narrative control system evolved specifically to mitigate this problem. By dramatically narrowing the Overton Window and ruthlessly deprecating everything outside of it, the amount of contradictory stimulus and information generating dissonance was reduced. They also provided mantras as tools for people to use to insulate themselves from dissonance: extremist!, racist!, conspiracy theory!, dangerous!, insane!, etc.

The advent of the internet undermined and routed around this control and management system, to the point where, in The Current Year, the only people still using the old media are the ones who need it most to manage their dissonance problems.

When there is no direct threat or stimulus generating dissonance, their attitude is what I like to refer to as “aggressive complacency” or “belligerent apathy.” They are comfortable in their bubble and aggressively reject, ridicule, or ignore anything that might endanger it.

This was on display everywhere over the past 18 months, on both the establishment left and establishment right, as well as the major media gaslighting the whole nation right up to the end (and beyond at CNN).

This is a great point about “aggressive complacency”. It’s the same emotional phenomenon that explains the reaction of lifelong beta males upon exposure to realtalk about the true sexual nature of women. Betas love their loser comfort bubbles (after all, those bubbles serve to absolve them of personal responsibility for their romantic failures), and will lash out indignantly at the bearer of new information which challenges the primacy of their pussy pedestal ideology.

When aggressive complacency fails to insulate and cognitive dissonce occurs when conflicting and false beliefs run smack into cold, hard realities, you get strong emotional reactions.

Now, a psychologically-healthy person will generally respond to cognitive dissonance emotions by recognizing something is wrong and adjusting their beliefs and behavior to adapt.

What we’re seeing with these meltdowns is a long way from psychologically healthy. Light years away.

What it DOES resemble, quite closely, is Narcissistic Rage.

(Narcissistic rage) occurs when the narcissist perceives he is being personally “attacked” by someone else. Grandiose self-worth, vanity and entitlement are basic characteristics of this disorder; when these are challenged it often leads to narcissistic rage. Narcissistic rage is a reaction to” narcissistic injury”- a perceived threat to their self-worth or self-esteem. Their rages can be of two types: explosive or passive-aggressive. The explosive rages are just as they sound- explosive, volatile outbursts which may be verbal, physical, or both. The passive-aggressive rages are exhibited as withdrawal into a sulky, silent treatment as the means to punish the offender.


…they have strongly encouraged those partisans to closely associate the beliefs with their personal identity and self-worth. E.g. “I am a good person because I hate racism and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

This naturally leads to the narcissist’s flip-side of the equation: “Anybody who opposes these beliefs is an evil, bad person.”

The recent meltdowns we’re seeing are a perfect storm of these two dynamics. In the one hand, we have a belief system so contradictory and out of touch with reality, that a situation in which reality has contradicted it has generated mass cognitive dissonance. On the other hand, the people experiencing that dissonance emotion are treating it as an existential threat to their personal identity and self-worth, so they can’t respond in a healthy manner and are instead freaking the f**k out.

Reality — and the thrusting of reality into the faces of libtards by sadistic alt-righters — has forced the equalist leftoid bubblebitches to grapple with their amplified and aggravated cognitive dissonance. This unfamiliar threat to their cortical stability results in a narcissistic self-protection cascade; essentially, race and sex equalist shitlibs feel like they are under physical attack (even when the attacks are only verbal shivs) and that their worth as human beings — as reproductively judged human beings — is questioned and found wanting.

The political is personal for libs, and therefore the massive dissonant mental break between their signaled virtues and reality makes it feel to them as if their sexual attractiveness has cratered. They are in a state now that is not unlike how a fat chick or a loser man feel when her or his sexual worth is suddenly and unappreciatively thrown into stark relief by exposure to higher SMV women and men enjoying the romantic adventures that they futilely crave. This causes a bitter series of contradictory reactions to unkind reality that manifests as, for example, “fat acceptance” hitched to “thin privilege”, or to bring it closer to the origin source of this blog, as Game denialism contradictorily coupled to jerkboy shaming.

The one libshit neuroses I would add to Bixxy’s thesis is psychological projection, which is universally evident in liberal mental gymnastics, and never more so than now, when they are being undermined and subverted to a degree that they haven’t experienced in generations by an unleashed force of impertinent shiv-wielders. Psychological projection, like narcissistic rage, is the liberal’s emotional defense to cognitive dissonance. When the real world won’t align with one’s cultivated virtue-world, and one’s beliefs and actions are exposed as the menace to healthy society they are, then psychological projection becomes an ego emollient that spares the liberal any need for self-reflection, or even self-awareness. When one can readily project one’s personal malevolence (intended or coincidental) onto a perceived enemy, a release from guilt and shame is achieved.

Furthermore, psychological projection has the added benefit of opening a pathway for liberals to recommit to their virtue signaling and slandering of non-liberal realists. If you have tricked yourself into believing your foes are the shitbags that you really are, then you can return to the pleasure of feeling smugly moralistic.

So what does all this mean for the nascent White Awareness rebellion? When equalist leftoids are experiencing acute cognitive dissonance and narcissistic rage, the correct response is….


Cucks had it all wrong from the get-go. You never give emotionally breaking shitlibs an inch. Feed a rabbit a blade of grass, and he’ll pop out ten more rabbits to devour your lawn. When the rabbit warren is on the edge of annihilation, you put foxes in holes and wipe out every last one of them. Metaphorically, of course, by completely frying their ability to bunker their egos behind a gaywall of narcissism and projection.

Metaphorically…….until only the alternative option remains.

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Portland police released the fug shots of some of the anti-something or other shitlib protestors flinging poo at the dawn of Trumperica.


Now that’s a lineup of LSMV losers.

Top left: acid tripping Happy Gilmore
Top center: homeless wigger neanderthal
Top right: Edwina Scissorhands
Middle left: assembly line bluehair fatty
Middle center: Ricky Gervais pooping
Middle right: It’s Pat!
Bottom left: Thomas Middleditch
Bottom center: problem glasses gaywad
Bottom right: Alex DeLarge, post-aversion therapy

When high disgust threshold meets genetic mutational overload, you get these freaks filling their diapers in Portland. Inchoate shitlib rioters, particularly the white variety, are usually sexual market rejects acting out their failures with the opposite sex.

If you know what to look for, you’ll see the influence of the sexual market on just about every human activity.

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From the “Shitlib Tears Porn” file (link):


What happens when  you cross a beta orbiter with a NOWAG?

You get this guy who can’t score a cheap feel on a night when shitlib girls suffering the humiliating defeat of thecunt are begging for the solace of a group hug.

The stream of shitlib tear porn that’s been pouring out over the last two days has been, in a word, delicious.

I don’t think lefties have felt this kind of defeat before. Not of this caliber, anyhow. They are all cracking up. Xannies are popped like NOWAG chubs in a roomful of White women. On an instinctual level, these libs know that The Trumpening heralds something much different and much more threatening to their false song of race equalism and anti-White posturing.

On a related topic, these photos are really highlighting the types of freaks that were #WithHer. All sorts of degenerates and losers and misfits and headcases. Color me shocked that NOWAGs are on the same team.

Another shitlib tear porn photo:


This was taken at a student protest of Trump’s victory. (Whatever happened to accepting the result of the election, libs?)

Look closely. It’s a sea of browns and women and brownwomen. And obesities. Can’t forget the obesities. This is the America that open borders Hillary wanted to impose on us all, and that The Trumpening will, Kek willing, put the brakes on.

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As I predicted, the Amish may have won the Presidency for Trump by voting in large enough number to be the decisive factor in swinging PA for him and thus securing his electoral victory. The Amazin’ Amish! Give them love, along with the Cubanos (aka White Euro-hispanics) who voted in droves for Trump to help him lock up FL.

Anyhow, I picked this photo because the backstory is so emblematic of what a revitalized America will look like: religious, tribal, back to nature Whites who get along with the majority White population (no vest bombs on Amish kids!) which reciprocates by volunteering to drive their Amish racial brethren (closer kin than Somalis, for sure) to the polls to do their part ushering in the Era Of Trumperica.

Hello again, America. It’s good to see you still have some life left in you.


PS There’s a great shiv buried in the Amish stumping for Trump. Once shitlibs become aware of how important the Amish vote turned out to be for Trump’s electoral win, they’ll be put in the unenvious position of having to redirect their sneering, snarky hatred towards one of the most congenial, good-natured groups in America. Can the shitlibs stomach that? Will they risk the social ostracism that comes with mocking a cherished and likable and completely inoffensive group like the Amish, all to assuage their vapid libfag egos?

I bet they will. And it will cost them.

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