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Pantifa Violence

Here’s a video clip of a pantifa loser assaulting an elderly, wheelchair-bound veteran.

A disabled old man is about the level of opposition that pantif@gs can handle without wetting their panties.

The Gaystream Media, as usual, is uninterested in reporting the facts of leftoid pantifa violence. Their preferred narrative today is menstruating over Melania Trump’s shoe choice.

Has CuckRyan disavowed pantifa yet? Or is he still busy bending over for his Globohomo paymasters?

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In Sane World, this photo would elicit gushing admiration. In our current Clown World, it’s eliciting howls of outrage and fissures of butthurt from the degenerate freak mafia.

An attractive, slender mother cradles her infant to her bosom, while a muscular White man — an anonymous hero with his cap brim pulled over his eyes — cradles them both and carries them to safety. Is there a better symbol of the natural hierarchy between man, woman, and child? It’s Beauty in its simplicity of Truth, and that’s why it’s a Weapon of Mass Triggering. The Bitter Ugly Mole People screech in pain when they are forced to stare at the sun.

Person of Color™ rescues his Nike Air Zooms as White supremacist asserts his White privilege upon his wife and child.
(h/t Mr. Frexit)

Allegedly, the White man is not the woman’s husband. Her husband is the man escorting his Nikes to dry land.


Disaster response, by race.
Chads: cooperate and coordinate rescue missions and charitable assistance
Looter-Americans: take advantage of chaos for personal enrichment, bitch about delay in charity
The Mohel Minority: find way to use disaster as pretext to politically weaken gentile enemy
Mexifornians: siesta

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Goolag shuts down free speech. So what does 4Chan /pol/, the Army of the People, do in righteous retaliation? They disrupt Goolag’s advertising with bots, and it’s working.

EVERYBODY GET AdNauseam to fuck up google! Also use TrackMeNot so (((they))) getting fucked up profiles from u.



https://ageofshitlords.com/4chan-launched-war-Yes, it’s fucking working /g/ents! Google is issuing refunds to advertisers because of fake traffic and fake clicks.

>Google Issuing Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic, Plans New Safeguard
>Some advertisers question level of refunds, want more details about fraudulent traffic

>In the past few weeks, Google has informed hundreds of marketers and ad agency partners about the issue with invalid traffic, known in the industry as “ad fraud.” The ads were bought using the company’s DoubleClick Bid Manager over the course of a few months this year, primarily in the second quarter.

If you haven’t already, install AdNauseam. It’s a fork of uBlock Origin and it does everything that uBO does PLUS it sends fake clicks to advertisers and trackers and it confuses them and it fucks the people who pay for ads. The net effect is that advertising is becoming less and less profitable and people who pay for this shit are losing fate in the system.


This is the only way to kill Evil Google.


Beautiful. This is how you defeat a bigger enemy who has more resources and fewer moral scruples: Clever subversion. Remember that we have one thing our enemy does not: Truth. And with that Truth as our weapon, no Lord of Lies is too big to fall.

Defeating the anti-White Globohomo technoborg won’t be easy or painless. We’ll have to amass our forces for targeted strikes at the enemy’s weak spots.

Take a page from Hillary Clinton’s hero, Alinsky: Make shitlib companies who penalize Trump supporters suffer by isolating, freezing, and polarizing one shitlib company, as a lesson for the others. Trump has already done that to CNN. Now we return the favor. 4Chan is doing it to Goolag. If Goolag pays a price for their tyrannical suppression of dissident voices, then it’s likely other tech companies that control the carrier transoms will back off from their anti-White agenda to avoid a similar hit to the bottom line.

Attacking the anti-White fat cat oligarchs from all angles will get us to victory. #AltTech + anti-trust + class action lawsuits + counter-propaganda + government oversight + whatever else diminishes the power of the digital y1d. Pax Dickinson (Gab -> @pax), for instance, is interested in creating an AltTech communications platform immune to corporatocracy censorship campaigns and purges:

Here’s my #AltTech deck/manifesto which calls for the launch of an alternative tech industry re-dedicated to free speech and innovation. Ambitious and probably unrealistic but goddamn it would be so beautiful. https://www.slideshare.net/paxdickinson/alttech

The powers that be really fear an awakening White identity. You can tell because of how recklessly and desperately they’re trying to stop its rise and silence its best and brightest heralds. Naturally, their overreach will blow up in their faces. This is what happens when an elite becomes historically illiterate.

“Don’t be evil”

PS I’ve been alerted that Goolag recently dropped its “don’t be evil” motto. I guess Goolag decided evil is more in line with their mission statement. Or they couldn’t keep up the ruse any more with a straight face.

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The Stalinist anti-White Soros-funded group Pantyf@g is worse, far worse, than whomever the Gaystream Media is deeming a “neonazi” today (it could be you!). This 100% TRUEFACT of Pantyf@g street violence is beginning to trickle into normie consciousness through the gaslighting of the anti-White gatekeepers of information, and it’s forcing a number of otherwise cucked GOPers and even a few sane Democreeps to move their rhetoric from BAD BAD ALT-RIGHT to PANTYF@G = ALT-RIGHT, ALT-RIGHT = PANTYF@G.

Don’t be dispirited. False equivalencies are the rearguard action of a side that is losing control of their narrative. That we even see these false equivalencies being made is a sign that the forces of Truth and Beauty are pushing forward into territory held by the Lords of Lies. Every incursion by the Maul-Right wipes just a little more of the smug smirk off the faces of the Leftoid Equalists.

However, there remain ultracucks like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Mangina, who didn’t get the message about wisely shifting to a false equivalency rhetoric, and are determined to stick to their NeverTrump NeverWhitey supplication script. CuckRyan has been particularly egregious in his sucking up to the anti-White Left recently, that one wonders if deep in his Crossfitter’s heart he really does want America to jettison its White majority to make way for the Somalization of heartland redoubts. After all, a fractional increase in the GDP is everything, my lolbertardian friends! (Left unstated: “fractional increase in GDP” = “dirt poor immigrants make more money than they would in the shitholes they left, and the 1%ers capture the rest of the GDP increase”.)

So it is with great pleasure and a dollop of relish that I urge the Chateau readership to abide this suggestion by MicroMeatSnacks to contact Squeaker CuckRyan and ask him to publicly denounce #Antifa.

(Odd. Twatter and/or WordPress won’t let me link the tweet here. I’ll post a screenie.)

“To: Squeaker CuckRyan,

Will you stand with the Truth and regular Americans, or will you stand with the violent commie hordes?


A concerned citizen.”


PS Paul Nehlen, once and present shitlord challenger to CuckRyan’s degenerate lackey reign, has coined a new term for him: Pablo Ryan. Now that’s what I call a linguistic kill shot!

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Get this meme-wielding shitlord a Chateau VIP pass!

I laughed. More of this, please, and fewer of the self-serious nutzi arm band FBOy plants.

Given the massively coordinated gaystream media anti-White narrative boosterism following the police-antifa pincer movement in Charlottesville to disrupt an alt-right rally, it makes sense (for now) to abide some ancient warrior wisdom when confronting a much larger and stronger enemy: don’t present an easy target, move like water through the channels of power, subvert the power structure from within.

“Goy, Bye!” <== YOU ARE HERE does this effectively. Mockery, mockery, mockery. This is how the anti-White Left will be mortally wounded, if not outright defeated. So put down your spaztikas and start using your head before storming into battle with your flanks exposed. The enemy is clever; you must be cleverer.

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109 Buh Byes

Tribe Supremacism is such an ugly thing. No noblesse oblige, only noblesse malice.

Chutzpah cometh before the fall. Hatred doesn’t percolate up from a vacuum, and blowback is a bitch.

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The purge-friendly argument that “private corporations can ban or restrict access to whomever they like” loses its moral leverage when every multinational corporation bans the same dissident voices. In effect, what this situation resembles is a giant world government actively censoring speech.

My belief now, as we watch a massive totalitarian purge of crimethinkers roll out with curious efficiency and coordination between the State and its Corporate hitmen, is that Trump has two urgent tasks that supersede all other considerations:

1. Trust-bust Silicon Valley tech oligarchs and the huge media conglomerates
2. Build the Wall

Everything else on the Trump agenda needs to take a back seat to these two items. The first will prevent the subjugation and silencing of a large swath of the American citizenry, and the second will provide the symbolism of inevitable victory that will chasten the inhuman Left and prevent a Civil War II.

The events of the past week reveal the depth of fear gripping the Globohomoists. They could feel the heat coming on from the maul-right and assorted realtalkers. They knew their house of cards was about to fall down, that their decades-old manicured lies that propped up their power were set to be exposed and torched. So they played their last hand: the Great Purge. Will it work out for them like it did for the Soviets back in 1938?

Will it buy the Globohomoists another fifty years of plutocratic rule? Or will Truth and Beauty triumph over the Lords of Lies?

The Chateau, as usual, remains open…for now, its warm window-framed light beckoning wayward travelers navigating a very dark and foreboding wood.

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