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A former FBI agent exposes the machinery of the Deep State which helps explain how so many American institutions become left-wing over time. It’s insightful, inasmuch as it’s crucial to know HOW we got to where we are, so that we can figure out a remedy.

Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder by Ideology, Not Merit

“Go in and think like a liberal” was the advice two FBI agents gave Jonathan Gilliam prior to his taking an FBI entrance exam. […]

Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent, spoke of left-wing political corruption across the federal government, specifically identifying the CIA and FBI.

Gilliam recalled that two FBI agents advised him to “think like a liberal” during his FBI entrance exam. “I was told by two FBI agents that did not know each other –  I was told, ‘Do not go in and take that test as though you are thinking like a SEAL.’ In other words, ‘If this happened, this is the way it should be done because this is the way a team works, and this is the way an investigation should be carried out.’ They said, ‘Don’t do that, you’ll fail. Go in and think like a liberal.’ And that’s what I did, and I passed.”

Think like a liberal: “My grandson says he wishes he had brown eyes and brown skin! Please clap.”

The FBI’s entrance exam illustrated how leftists use ideological filtering tools preferencing ideological fellow travelers, said Gilliam.

“These tests are written to recruit a certain type of person,” said Gilliam. “So what you end up having when you do that is, you’re gonna have – the CIA has the same problem, where it’s not that they have individuals bringing a skill set to the table; it’s that they’re bringing an ideology to the table that those that wrote the test want them to have.”

“The people who are like-minded, the people that get along are going to be the ones that stay there,” added Gilliam. “They’re not going to recruit people who don’t do what they do, who don’t think like they do.”

This explains why the various bureaucracies are so top-heavy with leftoids while the rank and file are less ideological — the striver leftoids are the only ones getting promoted by the smug leftoids already in charge.

Right wingers imo are simply more principled — or maybe more likable — than are Leftoids. The distinction shows up most clearly in employment practices, where righties seem to be constitutionally averse to ideology litmus tests to boost their ranks with those who share their worldview. Leftists otoh not only have no problem screening people for ideological conformity, they revel in it. They make it company policy. They set out to destroy those who depart from their ideology, no matter how small the particular point of disagreement.

(Ironically, the smaller the point of disagreement, the more viciously the leftoid will lash out and accuse you of heresy. It’s really best to let it all hang out if you’re gonna disagree with a leftoid; you gain nothing by pussyfooting around the disagreement, and the leftoid will be driven to impotent catatonia and perhaps even submission if you disagree fundamentally and unapologetically.)

The “deep state” network of leftists, said Gilliam, extends across various federal bureaucracies. He advised President Donald Trump to cleanse federal bureaucracies of politically corrupt leftists.

The Chateau Word of the Year is….CULL. As in, #CullTheMedia, #CullTheFBI, #CulltheDeepState, #CullAcademia, #CullAdInfinitum. There’s a lot of institutional culling of leftoids to do, and so little time remaining to do it before it’s impossible. We aren’t gonna change hearts and minds, but we can change personnel.

Culling can be accomplished many ways. There’s physical culling. Mass firings and what-not. (I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader what “what-not” means, and when the time would be right for its use.) There’s preemptive culling. This would involve altering recruitment and promotion requirements and exams to rid them of ideological filtering. There’s legalistic culling. Expanding anti-discrimination civil rights laws to include political or ideological affiliation would be an example of that. Finally, there’s passive culling, which would be creating work environments hostile to liberals by, say, mandating a physical assessment day heavy on the tests of strength, or requiring attendance to a “Western Canon” seminar for every Diversity Seminar a company requires for its employees.

President Trump, I know you’re reading. CULL. Remember this word. Drop it in your next tweet. I’d appreciate the shout-out.

“If you want to see the deep state, this is what you’re looking at,” said Gilliam. “It’s not just the FBI. It’s not just the DOJ. It’s also the State Department. It’s the IRS. It’s the DOD. It’s the VA. You want to look across the board and look and all of these.”

Bataan death march through the institutions.

“I don’t think that what we’re seeing in the FBI is just about the FBI,” said Gilliam. “What we’re seeing … is that this is a slice of the bigger picture. Right now, the president has the greatest time that he’s probably going to have in his presidency to pull back and unleash either another special counsel or a team of investigators to go in and clean up these upper echelons [of federal bureaucracies].”

I’m not a prayerful man, but I’ll say a prayer for Trump. His enemy is numerous, entrenched, and determined.

“You can call them deep state. You can call them globalists. I often call them communists,” said Gilliam of left-wing federal bureaucrat careerists.

The commie slur never goes out of style.

Ideological alignment allows otherwise disconnected people across federal bureaucracies to cooperate absent conspiracy, said Gilliam, using terrorist networks as an illustration of this phenomenon.

It’s a literal leftoid hivemind. They all think alike, so they proceed to the same goal without explicit direction. Such radical and independent thinkers, they are!

“You know how terrorist cells work. They have a financial group that raises money, you have planners, you have people who build the bombs, and you have people that carry the operation out,” said Gilliam. “They may never meet those people, but they belong to the same ideology.”

Inadvertently (perhaps), Gilliam has also addressed the JQ.

The Globohomo Ministry of Propaganda, like its bureaucratic brethren in various state agencies, won’t change from within. Change has to be forced on it from without, and that necessarily means CLEANING SHOP of all the leftoid freaks that currently run the show.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can chin-rub for ages over the nature of our national dissolution but the crux of the issue is that there are too many leftoids in positions of power. Remove them, and many of our problems go away with them.

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This news report exposing the inhumane treatment of Whole Foods employees since Baron Bezos bought the SWPL chain is further evidence that we live in a new age of robber barons using their monopolistic bargaining power to basically run slave labor sweatshops here on American soil as well as abroad.

The popular Texas-based niche grocery chain was bought by Amazon last year for a hefty $13.7 billion price tag, but employees are ruing the day the online retailer made the purchase, according to Business Insider (BI).

Employees feel hard pressed by the new policies Bezos’s management team put in place at Whole Foods. The pressure put upon them by updated stocking procedures and “pop quizzes” is causing some to have “nightmares” about work.

“I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares,” a Whole Foods staffer told BI. “The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.”

One of the problems for employees is the new order to shelf (OTS) stocking system put in place by Amazon bosses. The system is apparently breaking down morale.

According to Amazon, OTS is geared to deliver smaller amounts of product to stores in order to keep it fresh and to help the company track inventory better. But OTS requires employees to stock shelves far more often and to keep a closer eye on stockroom supplies to prevent shortages.


Multiple employees said these tests had “crushed” morale in stores because workers are terrified of getting “walked” and missing some small detail.

“You are so concerned about passing this military-like test that you actually start to lose your department’s operational conditions,” an employee said.

Another worker explained: “We think of it as punishment. They think of it as a way to correct errors.”

Remember when the Left used to advocate for the working man and against Big Business? Yeah, I don’t either. It’s been so long all I know of the Left is that they’re globalist bug-shills for MegaTech, international finance, and race replacement. In the Left’s collective consciousness, allying with predatory billionaire monopolists is worth it to stick the knife deeper in Whitey’s back.

But given that leftoids LOVE LOVE LOVE our modren day capitalist oligarchs because the omnipotent fat cats can be counted on to stream anti-White poz 24/7 into the eyeballs of Heritage America and to fund open borders advocacy NGOs, it’s full speed ahead with the violations of workers’ rights and basic humanity. “WTF I love robber barons now!”

The Left isn’t unprincipled; its core principle is power, by any hypocritical contradiction necessary. We won’t crush the Left by reminding them that they once, a long time ago, championed the oppressed worker. They’ll just shrug that off with a snarky riposte fed to them by John Oliver and carry on virtue shrieking until their enemies are silenced and their livelihoods destroyed. The Left will only be crushed by crushing them….ousting them from power.

The Left hasn’t forgotten that open borders means in practice population churn, social disintegration, consumerist escape, rapacious multibillionaires importing scabs to displace American workers and gut their wages, and rapacious multimillionaire politicians importing ringers to displace American voters and gut their electoral power.

The Left hasn’t forgotten that open borders amounts to greedy fat cat CEOs running an arbitrage scheme on American native workers in which the former have all the leverage provided by millions of third world peasants willing to work for pennies in bezosian slave labor camps while the latter have to bend over and accept rock bottom wages, shitty workplace conditions, and low morale.

They haven’t forgotten any of it.

They have chosen to ignore it.

In service to their overarching desire to snuff out White Heritage America and morally preen on its smoldering ruin.

Still, BI also learned that with [Bezos’] OTS system, Whole Foods might be on track to saving $300 million in costs by 2020.

Cheer up, SWPL shitlibs, with those cost savings you can afford a Whole Foods artisanal cheese block as you scurry out the store trying not to look any of the employees in the eye.

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Memos exposing Deep State (FBI/DOJ/Obama/Clinton) treason are everywhere lately, and each with more redactions than the previous one. Obviously, there is a lot of ass-covering going on, and enough high ranking swamp creatures seemingly hold the belief that the government doesn’t really answer to the American people, so the people shouldn’t be privy to classified information about the Deep State’s corruption and subversion of democracy. “Bend over and take it, soyim”, is the prevailing attitude of the arrogant pricks running America into the ground.

America is in the Redacted Republic stage of decline, just before we become a Late Republic.

A Redacted Republic is marked by elites scurrying like rats to hide from the sunlight. When things get really bad it’ll be the gallows of the Late Republic they’ll try to avoid (usually by throwing other elites under the bus).

Jack Random asks,

Wait they are scurrying? Based on Comey’s response [ed: Comey feigned a cavalier “That’s it?” reply to the Memo] I thought it was “Yeah I broke the law, suck it we are invincible!” And this is a guy the deep state has already held out to be burned…not a lot of fear I see.

It’s common for prey animals to puff their chests and fluff their fur when cornered. It’s a last ditch desperation ploy to avoid the tooth and claw by mimicking the strength and confidence of a larger, more fearsome beast. But their predator is President Trump, so this move won’t work.

Via, a primer on just how deep the Deep Rot goes,

But the deeper insight to have here is that there is already no functional difference between a FBI Special Agent, a CNN commentator, or, for that matter, a New York Times op-ed author, a professor of political science, a public school district administrator and a SEIU organizer.

Cull The Globohomo Establishment. It’s the only way to be sure.


In completely related news, the central figure — Carter Page — that the FBI claims was the impetus for getting a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team was an FBI employee in 2016 before he was a Russian spy in 2017.

From a reader: “Worse, Page was employed by the FBI in March of ’16, and was used to obtain the FISA Warrant by the FBI in October of ’16.”


The Swamp is about to be drained bigly.

This is unbelievable banana republic corruption in the executive branch agencies. It almost looks as if the FBI used one of their agents (Page) to entrap Trump by assigning him to worm his way into his campaign.

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The good news is that Spookerbowl ratings were way down this year, so a growing number of Whites* are getting the message that their nation’s corporatized bonding rituals are corrupted by anti-White animus and not worth supporting any more.

*Hispanics don’t much like football, so the NFL will have a hard time capturing the drunk driver market, but the drop in ratings is most likely caused by Whites fleeing rather than by a sudden exodus of hispanics who were never big fans of concussionball.

PS By my count about half of the commercials had mixed race couples (mostly BM-WW). (((They’re))) not gonna let up on the gas unless forced to surrender the steering wheel, eh?

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I speculated on Twatter’s replacement that the infamous Deep-State-Exposed Memo would contain the following revelations:

1. mccabe sat on thecunt emails on huma laptop

2. secret society is real

3. lynch-comey-strzok collusion to exculpate thecunt in her email crime

4. FISA warrant issued from baseless evidence, sources and payment parties withheld by FBI from FISC judges

5. conclusion: fbi-doj-gaymulatto-thecunt conspiracy to influence election and subvert democracy

From what I’ve read of the publicly released memo, I was right on at least points 2, 4 and 5; thecunt loyalists in the FBI, DOJ, and gay mulatto admin spied on a political opponent using baseless “evidence” gathered by a firm hired by the DNC and by former British spy Steele who was being paid by the FBI for his services. The upcoming IG report should prove me right on points 1 and 3. (Rumor has it McCabe will be the one to sing for his freedom.)

That’s nothing less than the politicization of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies; a massive act of collusion between a presidential candidate and various unaccountable deep state actors in our three-letter agencies to spy on her opponent in the hopes of affecting an election outcome, or of undermining an incoming administration.

Bigger than Watergate would be an understatement. This is the Mother of All Political Scandals.

Others agree:

The entire “Russian collusion” hoax narrative is a political hit job by thecunt and her Stalinist lackeys in the Creep State. Is it time to officially declare the US a banana republic? Or are we Ingsoc now?

Via @Volbeck, “The FBI cries out in pain as it spies on you.”

Gummy Worm Comey is such an arrogant prick. Glad to see him get BTFO here, in the most shivvy manner possible (calling Phoney Comey what he is: a hillary hit man and treasonous eel).

The Hill reports the FISA memo is a “deep state bombshell”:

The Nunes memo is out, and it is a stunning rebuke of the prevailing Democrat narrative on Trump-Russia collusion. It shows, beyond reasonable doubt, that extreme abuses of authority and bad faith were instrumental in getting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to approve a counterintelligence warrant that circumvents normal 4th Amendment processes for an American citizen.


There can no longer be any doubt — oppo research was used to weaponize the intelligence collection process on behalf of one American political party against the other during a presidential election.


Their motivation for such an abuse appears to be that some or all of them shared the feelings of Steele, a British national, who according to the memo told the FBI he was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.” The preponderance of the evidence now shows us Steele was not the only one who felt this way.


But we now have clear evidence that yes, Trump associates were targets of intelligence surveillance, using a flimsy partisan pretext that only makes sense if those advancing it from the corridors of government power were filled with a judgment-clouding hatred for all things Trump.


This seems like an appropriate time to quote Scripture at Comey,

But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24

The Trump giveth, and the Trump taketh away.

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SOTU, Brute?

What I want to see tonight: SOTU, Brute?
What I will likely get: Unity pabulum
What reaction this will cause: Accelerated disunity
What this will mean for 2018: plausible cover for Trump to continue clotheslining cucks and Dems.


Ricky Vaughn names the cuck,

List of traitors:







I really hope Trump hits these fucking traitorous cucks right where it hurts in his SOTU tonight by mentioning how unrestricted immigration hurts blacks the most. Hang them by the penumbras of their own cuckery.


The best thing that could happen for Trump (and by extension for America) is if prominent Dems just come right out and start yakking about the benefit of making America less White. Stay tuned to those SOTU responses from the Treason Party!


I’m pre-jizzing at the happy thought that Trump stares down the CACA Caucus Dems and says, while pointing at the family members victimized by MS13 invaders, “their blood is on your hands.” (Won’t happen, but should.)


Trump getting co-opted in any way by the “polite” establishment has NO benefit for him whatsoever. He’ll lose his base and he’ll never get the support of the Left. He might be able to shave off a few nevertrump cucks, but that number is already low. He should stick to being Trump: a man called upon to wage war against a corrupt genocidal globohomo elite.


I really hope Trump doesn’t start blabbing about offering an amnesty as part of a “deal”. The word alone is kryptonite to his supporters. I’ll know this SOTU didn’t go over well if I see Lindsay Gayham clapping in the audience. I understand the need for CYA “unity calls” and vapid cucknoise of that nature; I just hope he doesn’t go overboard and get used to the applause from the enemies of Heritage America.


If time permits, I’ll be live-shivving cryin chuck schumer’s sweating merchant brow tonight.


Time did not permit. However, I read all about it. This is the best analysis of Trump’s SOTU:

It was a fantastic speech, though, and one that I’m making sure to spread to any independents I know that have negative or undecided opinions about Trump. My blue dog boomer parents are getting the transcript emailed to them this morning. (Actually, send this speech to every boomer you know, if only for the prescription drugs section.) This speech exists to drive a wedge between sensible moderates and democrats and their radical elements. This was pure divide and conquer. The more Trump doubters and haters you convince, the more effective the MAGA agenda becomes.

Look at the numbers for this speech that were posted online. Basically every republican, 1/2 of democrats, and 3/4 of indies liked this speech. That’s an election winner, every time. This is a winner’s speech. This has to be our tone, both in our lives and in our politics. This is the winning approach. As promised, Trump is teaching us how to win.

no_poz reminds me why sometimes the slow play — rather than the sick burn — is the better long-term strategy,

CH I get the desire to chew on the raw red meat of dems and cucks getting shiv’d by GEOTUS in front of millions. But I have noted you prodding readers to think outside the box and I’d encourage you to do it here. Surely you haven’t forgotten the three rules of Trump?

Give it time. He will not let us down. He is driving multiple wedges around the dems. They are being isolated and exposed as un-American, alien life forms. You are witness the complete decimation of a political party in slow motion. Schumer looked like fucking Golem and Pelosi is a Tales From The Crypt lich.

We’re just getting started here.

What I wanted to see for purely selfish reasons — shivs galore — was not necessarily best for Trump or Trumpism in this moment. He did the right thing by playing it down the middle. Now I hope that when the time comes to cash in the good will and leverage he’s built up for himself, he doesn’t go and ruin it with any permutation of a mass amnesty. In the end, it’s policy that matters. The road to get to the desired policy is great theater, but inconsequential when the costs and benefits are finally tallied and we are staring at either a rejuvenated America or a demographically doomed America.

Trust in Trump….but verify.

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More of this, please. Shitlibs on their turf should start feeling anxiety, dread, and fear. The public spaces they thought were theirs are no longer safe havens. The front lines are everywhere.


A thing is offended. Good.

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