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One of my realest of realtalk posts — women are LESS cooperative than are men — contributed a new aphorism to the national discourse:

Men compete, then cooperate.
Women compete, then cast out.

The post inspired this perceptive comment from a Gabber,

Vertical male hierarchy ensures a place for everyone. Order is kept via rules-based discipline and the threat of demotion. Allows for graceful losing and peaceful surrender. Stable.

Horizontal female hierarchy causes massive churn, clique formation, uncertain and shifting status and frequent change of allegiance. Zero sum. Highly unstable.

There’s a good reason why ascending civilizations and female disempowerment are mutually inclusive and why declining civilizations are associated with female empowerment. The system becomes unstable under female deference and rule (hence the term I coined: gynarcho-tyranny).


In related news

A Swedish student activist stopped the deportation of an Afghan man this week by refusing to take her seat on a packed Turkish Airlines flight, and her dramatic video of the tense standoff has gone viral.

The student, Elin Ersson, initially bought a ticket because she believed that a 26-year-old man from Afghanistan was being deported to Kabul from Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg via Istanbul. When she got on the plane, the 26-year-old was not there, but an Afghan deportee in his 50s was with the Swedish authorities.

Ms. Ersson, 21, live-streamed the standoff on the flight late Monday on Facebook, and footage of the 14-minute video shows her in tears, at times being confronted by crew members and angry passengers. But she also garnered some support. […]

“I’m trying to change my country’s rules,” she tells a seated passenger. “He is going to die — because it’s Afghanistan.”

Globalizing the empathobesic White female nurturing instinct has been a disaster for the West. (And the invidious YKW with their lackey status anxious goyium have exploited this instinct masterfully.)

Let’s have a look at Mz Ersson’s phyzz:

Swedish problem glasses. You can practically smell the cat piss through the photo. How many White women are suffering from undiagnosed Williams Syndrome like this hysterical broad? Millions? (apparently)

White women really need to be brought under the White man’s whip hand again. It’s obvious they’re craving the whip hand, and they’ll take it from swarthy invaders if they can’t find it among their own men. It used to be the sensible cure for female hysteria was…


In slightly less related news, with a name like Rod Rosenstein he was born to subvert Heritage America:




Elin Errson, the proto-spinster in the news story above, “rescued” an Afghan man who turned out to be a wife beater and child abuser. LOL.


Refuse White women their desire and they will make you pay for it forever.

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An astute comment from Ironsides earns him the coveted COTW,

“The odd part about the Trump Derangement Syndrome phenom is that so many jews revile the guy, but he is so in the pocket of Isra-hell at the same time.”

This was a puzzler to me as well, What I eventually decided might be the case — no idea if this is true — is that they’re not infuriated at HIM. They’re infuriated at US.

The entire media and government complex essentially ORDERED White Americans not to vote for Trump. White America disobeyed them and elected him anyway, with wildly enthusiastic crowds obliquely expressing a desire for racial/ethnic survival with chants of “build the Wall,” etc.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Trump does from the viewpoint of the (((tribe))). He could give every jew in the US $1 billion and they’d still hate him, because they don’t really care about him. He is the symbol of our defiance to them, however rudimentary and quasi-subconscious it is in many cases. It’s that defiance which infuriates them — and terrifies them, which infuriates them even more.

Hence why International Shtetl organs like the NYBetaTimes are beginning to slip up and allow their unchecked fury at Trump (read: at White Christian America) to betray them, recently evident in their mishandling of the Sarah Jeong debacle. It’s harder to properly strategize and subvert a nation when you’re driven by fear and loathing to a pitched hysteria. Their desperation to maintain control of the horizontal and the vertical is making them sloppy. Anti-White Noise is leaking through the screen.

Ironsides is right. Anti-White hatred is channeled through Trump, which explains why the rage against Trump is so unhinged; (((they))) and their shitlib Gentile useful idiots who never met a phony virtue they didn’t want to signal correctly perceive in the phenomenon of Trump a resurrecting White consciousness and awareness of the malice that is directed against them.

Lashing out at Trump is a classic case of negative transference, in which Trump serves as the personalized stand-in for the hated White Heritage Americans who have shown a disturbing temerity to rise up and resist Globohomo propaganda demanding Whites accept their dispossession with good cheer.

As #TheDefiance movement grows among White Christians, the enemies of Heritage America become angrier and more terrified. Their hubris will mingle with their fear in a toxic emotional stew, and blinded by tribal rage they will be less willing to compromise, to cede rhetorical ground, or to step back from the cliff’s edge. Expect to see more heavy-handed censorship, more silencing and doxing of Defiers, more blindness to the growing threat of blowback, more unprincipled sophistry to scaffold a dying anti-White Narrative they are rapidly losing control over, and a quickening pace and saturation of increasingly brazen indoctrination in a frantic last-ditch effort to avert a loss in this existential war.

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Remember when I first wrote Diversity + Proximity = War, and noted that, among other consequences of increasing racial diversity within the American Intra-Empire, one battle line would be formed around the normalization of anti-White hatred?

Well, MPC just dedicated a whole thread to my astuteness.



From commenter Libertardian,

In effect, the NYT has taken out a full-page ad to say:

Dear Heritage America,

1. If you say, or have ever said, or might have said, anything that can be construed as racist, sexist, transist, or (x)-ist, or in any way contradicts the liberal orthodoxy, you can expect yourself and/or your family to be silenced, doxxed, threatened, rendered unemployable, injured, jailed, or killed.

2. Liberals also reserve the right to find you guilty of crimespeak post hoc, after unilaterally moving the goalposts of acceptable discourse.

3. Nonwhites, however, can do whatever they want, and we’ll always find excuses for them.

4. Noticing this double standard is an offense that falls under #1.

5. We want you dead, your civilization erased, and your posterity raped and brainwashed, and we think it’s hilarious.

6. Vote accordingly, while you can.

Keep an eye on the White vote in coming elections. We should see a continuation and hardening of the movement of Whites away from the Democreeps, as a nascent racial survivalism takes hold of Whites’ consciousness and becomes an important factor in their voting decisions. Whites are now, like they never have before in America, voting into the teeth of a rising bloc of nonWhite Diversity that hates them and wants them stripped of their national inheritance. When the stakes are this primal, issues like tax rates and maternity leave tend to take a backseat to the more pressing concern of holding onto territory and resources.

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A story that can only occur in this timeline, a female asian who has a Twatter trail of racist rants against Whites was recently hired (and defended) by the JewYorkTimes, and as it turns out, she also reached out to Supreme White Advocate Weev and had a cordial relationship with him.

The New York Times seems to be going through a redux with its latest hire of Sarah Jeong — who The Daily Caller News Foundation has just learned also had multiple correspondences with the white nationalist hacker Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, better known as “Weev.”

Tweets discovered by TheDCNF show a number of tweets tagging and conversing with Weev, previously known on Twitter as “rabite,” from September 2013 to September 2014. (RELATED: NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons Of Anti_White Rascist Tweets)

Jeong references Weev’s litigation with the federal government and says how “awesome” it was that he “got the Supreme Court to invalidate the [Computer Fraud and Abuse Act],” in a tweet on September 26, 2014.

Other tweets by Jeong show a friendly relationship between the two. Jeong asks Weev what his favorite Harry Potter book is and then later calls him “a Hufflepuff at heart,” referencing one of the various “houses” wizards and witches join in the children’s series, in a tweet on August 2, 2014.


None of Jeong’s tweets seem to suggest an endorsement of Weev’s white nationalist’s views, which didn’t become public until October 2014. Still, many close to the hacker or who were in-touch with the hacker community knew that he did not identify with the far-right overnight.

Here’s my theory: Weev banged this aggrieved bamboofu and dumped her. She hasn’t gotten over it, and turned into a psychostalker…of all White men. Now she lashes out at White people, seeing sexy, badboy, unattainable weevs everywhere.

Let’s have an alllooksame-see at Sarah Jeong’s physiognomy:

As a blue tick verified member of the Diversitroid Fuggernaut, Spinstru Sarah isn’t the grotesquerie common for her kind, but she ain’t no catch worth baiting, either. I figure a man with the charisma of Weev could land much hotter, so maybe he didn’t bang her. Instead, she wanted his Proud White Cock badly, was politely denied, and didn’t take it so well. Here, for instance, a sampling of her racist hate toward Whites:

I can’t believe she hasn’t deleted these twats yet, but in case her new employer (“hi, chosen!”) memory holes them, here’s a screen capture of one of her uninspired anti-White racist Twatter rants:

Yes, Sarah, we should address the data head-on:

Two can play this game, except I play it much better, Sarah. Chalk it up to a Whitely inherited cleverness inaccessible to conformist-borg asians.

As a comparison, recall that Roseanne Barr was publicly humiliated by the media and forced out of her job for tweeting that some Deep State scuzz resembled an ape. Meanwhile, Mz Sarah (her name is a cultural appropriation) Jeong revels in her anti-White racism, tweeting exuberantly racist rants against Whites, and…she keeps her job. Not only keeps it, but is DEFENDED by the once-esteemed NewYidTimes.

What we are dealing with (besides Weev’s preternatural ability to get White-hating nonWhites to expose their ids) is an agenda that transcends politics, policy, or class. It is an ideology of anti-White hatred.

Take any one of Sarah Jeong’s tweets & replace the word ‘white’ with any other race- any other & you would lose your job at the very least.

It is ok to be openly racist towards whites.  It is acceptable to treat the white race like trash & not only do you keep your job- your employer defends it.

Folks, I’ve been saying it before anyone else: The Chaimstream Media and their Democreep political arm have a guiding philosophy which can be described very simply as “anti-White”. Glad to see people coming around to shit I noticed years ago.

I can’t wait for the day when Whites stop apologizing and start fighting. I got the ball rolling, let’s see if Whiteynormieville picks it up.

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Effete elites:

Collaborator Women:

Semitic Subversives:


H/t cortesar, for the pics and theme. This concludes today’s lesson in History Repeating Itself.

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The Fuggernaut doesn’t have an “off” button. It was never gonna stop at [the Pill] [legal abortion] [free condoms] [buttplug usage seminars] [rapefugee welcoming], and go no further.

Turning back the clock by force is the inevitable conclusion to this tragic, predictable story.

ps if this is a troll, my hat is off to the person or group taking the fight to shitlibville, and opening normie eyes to the eventual dystopia shitlibs want for the rest of the country.

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From a commenter,

Amazon opens one of the warehouses, usually in a suburban area. Hire local folks, work them in slave labor conditions with quotas so tough that few can meet them. Once they cycle through a couple of turnovers, they claim they can’t get labor locally and then they can get Visa workers dirt cheap on government programs.

They’ve done this repeatedly.

Nailed it. Isn’t Amazonia currently scouting locations for its HQ2 Sperg Dome? Short-list precincts will doubtlessly throw tax incentives at Robber Baron Bezos and sell out their communities and their country for dat sweet, sweet slave labor camp tax base, adding to the local real estate churn as ever more shitlib White families flee for Whiter areas and pay three or four times the median home price for the privilege of allowing themselves to be priced out of their homeland.

It’s as if all of Late Stage America has taken on the high time preference of blacks.

PS President Trump, I know you’re reading, so pay close attention to the following:


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