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Unsubtle message: the enemy is White men, and the future will be rid of them.

PS there are two trannies in this PuffedHo montage. Can you pick them out?

PPS If you’re a White man, would you fight overseas for this country anymore? I wouldn’t. It’s time to turn that White shitlord martial instinct inwards, and fight AGAINST the country for betraying its contract with you and yours.

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Christophobe shitlibs have latched like a hungry infant onto the snarkmeme that “thoughts and prayers” don’t solve gun violence. (Shitlibs have lost the part of their soul that understands people say these niceties not to solve social problems but to soothe the grief-stricken.)

What’s ironic about this recent malicious sneering by shitlibs against “thoughts and prayers” following the Sutherland Springs church massacre by an avowed atheist goon who escaped from a mental hospital, is that it mirrors the candlelight vigils shitlibs like to organize after a Muslim terror attack. If “thoughts and prayers” are political cowardice and an excuse for inaction, then so are candlelight vigils.

Of course, what shitlibs mean by political action is what they want put into action: banning guns and repealing the 2nd Amendment, with the ultimate goal of disarming White America so that they can start throwing dissident thinkers into prison without stirring up much fuss, like they do in Britain. What shitlibs DON’T mean by political action: banning the immigration of Muslims to prevent Muslim terror attacks.

The candlelight vigil is the shitlib call to inaction, because they fear what action means for their desired Diversitopia.

The similarity ends there, because “thoughts and prayers” are never meant to substitute for a long-term solution to chronic social problems, unlike “candlelight vigils” which are meant for exactly that reason.

A REAL solution to the Texas Atheist Massacre is demanding more competence from our government officials to enforce the laws already on the books, instead of what we get: a clerical error that enabled our atheist smasher of baby skulls to buy guns.

The shitlib will to power means consistency of thought and loyalty to principles is off the table; all that matters is winning the rhetorical battle, and the shitlib says whatever xir thinks gives xir the upper hand in the atomized debate zone. If the shitlib is self-contradicting, no problem! Just wriggle out of the lawgic trap by segueing to a freshly muddled thought. Accountability is for those who play by the rules.

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An atheist goon shot up a church in Texas, killing 26. (From photos of survivors and relatives, congregants appeared to be mostly White.)

This is yet another mass shooting perpetrated by a leftoid terrorist in the past year. Here’s Pax Dickinson (Gab: @pax) on the pattern:

June: Bernie Bro shoots Congressmen at baseball practice
Sept: Refugee shoots church attendees in Tennessee
Oct: Registered Dem kills 60 at country music concert
Nov: Atheist kills 27 attending Baptist Church

This country is already embroiled in a civil war, but only one side is participating yet.

I’d add that just yesterday a Democrat neighbor assaulted Rand Paul and broke five of his ribs.

Prediction: The major Gaystream Media networks will dutifully fail to report the San Antonio attacker’s antifa and atheism affiliations, just as they have assiduously failed to adequately cover the political affiliations of all those other shootings.

Thank your local dissident blog for reporting the news that our information gateway Kommissars won’t report.

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Rose McGowan made an impassioned speech at the Detroit Women’s Convention on Friday about taking down sexual abusers and rapists in what was her first public appearance since accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape on her Twitter account.

McGowan has been extremely vocal on social media about Weinstein and encouraging women to come forward with their stories — supporting the #MeToo campaign which has gained traction online in recent weeks. […]

“I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut shamed. I’ve been harassed. I’ve been maligned … we are one massive collective voice, that is what #RoseArmy is all about …no more will we be shunted to the side. No more will we be hurt. It’s time to rise. It’s time to be brave.”

“No more,” she said to a slew of cheers from the crowd. “Name it. Shame it. Call it out. It’s time to clean house!”


Very few aspiring actresses didn’t know that Harvey Swinestein’s potted plant audition room was an invitation to a starring role in his perversion. Most of them went in aware of the deal. Even a 17-year-old Kate Beckinsale knew what was up with the Swinestein creature.

No one but maybe a handful of truly innocent naive flyover girls has clean hands in the Swinestein affair. You’ve got the depraved shambling mound weinstein, the tribesmen who sat on the story, shabbos goy who took hush money and ran interference, and starfucking sluts willing to bend the knees for a role. How do we know this? Because only the women (and men) willing to suck snipdick are made into stars.

Now a tidal wave of these has-been whores are coming out claiming multitudinous rapes and endless sexual harassment at the crabbed hands of Challahwood gollums. Yep, you bet these guys are no-Game-having degenerates. And you can bet attention whores are gonna attention whore, especially regretful sluts who’ve hit their sexual expiration date and love the idea of playing the victim and absolving themselves of responsibility for their past decisions to whore their bodies for stardom. Moral agency? Hah, don’t mansplain morality to me, sexist!

A lox on all their houses.

PS If you want to know why it’s a problem that ~80% of executives at the six major media companies are jewish, look no further than the reality of the media burying the swinestein saga for years (and similar stories for decades).

What is the purpose of media? Inform the public? haha no. Its purpose is to mold public opinion into the opinions held by those who control the media, which are largely anti-White, anti-Gentile, and anti-Gods of the Copybook Headings.

Fake-n-Bake News achieves its fakeness and bakedness primarily through lies of omission, i.e. framing. A lie of commission is harder to hand-wave. If media says not-A and it was A it has to retract. But leaving out crucial details is how media frames their Narrative and evades complicity. If media says A but is silent on B, they’re in the clear. This is how the Kosher Wall of Silence is sustained. Decades of Challahwood harassment and whoring are hidden from the public by a media that shares the values of Challahwood. A culling of shitlibs from media is the only solution to this problem.

PPS The Harvey Swinestein-ization of America is accelerationism jet fuel. Only good things can come from discrediting the major anti-White institutions and destroying the public’s faith in them. When shitlibs can’t see a movie without thinking of Weinstein’s penis, the Happening is not far off. Challahwood never had moral authority, but they used to have pretensions to moral authority. Now they don’t even have that. Sad for them, great for Heritage America.

PPPS There isn’t a schadenfreude meme bold enough to capture Mel Gibson’s post-swinestein feelings.

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Add another vindicating fluff of yer ‘umble narrator’s e’er-so-‘umble ego. Via HBD Chick, a pointer to a 2017 research paper that lovingly (if jargonistically) validates my Diversity + Proximity = War equation and (re)discovers that ethnic diversity in close proximity raises the risk of civil war and other miserable outcomes.

From the paper’s abstract:

We investigate the empirical relationship between ethnicity and culture, defined as a vector of traits reflecting norms, values, and attitudes. Using survey data for 76 countries, we find that ethnic identity is a significant predictor of cultural values, yet that within-group variation in culture trumps between-group variation. Thus, in contrast to a commonly held view, ethnic and cultural diversity are unrelated. Although only a small portion of a country’s overall cultural heterogeneity occurs between groups, we find that various political economy outcomes (such as civil conflict and public goods provision) worsen when there is greater overlap between ethnicity and culture.

Lewontin’s Fallacy refers to Richard Lewontin’s (Jew) deliberate misinterpretation of genetic analysis to push a social constructivist theory of human races. Evolutionary biologist A.W.F. Edwards helpfully corrected the record, noting that, using cluster analysis, race can be accurately classified by comparing the frequency of alleles at multiple loci across populations. Or, as one person in that Twatter thread explained it: “Take eye color. Variable within race; largely same variants across different races.”

In other words, the observation that genetic variation is greater within groups than between groups is a banal talking point, because the variance that exists between races is phenotypically and behaviorally classifiable, and these racial differences are profound and impactful. Lewontin’s Fallacy leads to the illogical belief that mice and men are nearly the same because we share 97% of our DNA; that 3% may be small but it makes all the difference.

This digression is important, because it’ll thwart leftist ideologues from misreading the nature of this paper’s findings, which are bad news for the diversity-is-our-strength crowd.

From the conclusion:

If anything, higher cultural diversity reduces the probability of civil conflict and increases public goods. However, in countries where ethnicity is more strongly predictive of culture, as captured by a high χ2 , violent conflict is more likely, and public goods provision tends to be lower. Our interpretation of this empirical result is that in societies where individuals differ from each other in both ethnicity and culture, social antagonism is greater, and political economy outcomes are worse.

Diversity + Proximity = War (by any means).

The first part of that conclusion is interesting in itself, because what I think the authors have captured (but failed to reason through) is that within-group cultural diversity has lower probability of civil conflict because one, race and ethnicity act as a bonding agent that override cultural distinctions and two, a large and invasive welfare state is inevitably established to keep the peace in multicultural societies. AKA the Danegeld.

The effectiveness of the Danegeld in managing social tension is reduced with increasing racial and ethnic diversity, because the natural state of most people is generosity toward genetic kin (this is a subconscious motivation and most people will conform to social expectation bias and deny it if asked). Only NW Euro Whites have strong out-group altruism that becomes toxic and self-annihilating in a globalist context. The study has found exactly this: societies that are both multiethnic/multiracial and multicultural have more social stress, antagonism, corruption, and low trust.

Think of the social spider study linked here.

Summarizing, a lack of inter-group diversity…actually increases individual diversity, through the mechanism of amplifying preexisting personality differences among same-group members. In contrast, a lot of inter-group diversity (say, moving to a SWPL hipster enclave in a minority white city soaked in vibrancy that makes daily living an adventure in survival) produces a uniformity of thought and…of aesthetic within groups, which is why we see SWPL hoods in nearly every major American city converging on the same farm-to-table Obama-loving liberal hypocrite norm.

Paradoxically, group cohesiveness creates more individual diversity, while inter-group diversity creates more intra-group uniformity. Diversity + proximity = conformity.

In other words, the diversity that really matters — diversity of thought and personality — flourishes in less racially diverse environs.

In all-White societies, you have your geeks, jocks, goths, droogies, skaters, scenesters, preppies, nerds, etc. That’a a lot of intra-group diversity, but it’s the kind of diversity — of thought and personality — that doesn’t much interest the anti-White demon horde. They want the kind of Diversity™ that strikes fear and loathing into everyone’s hearts and forces Whites into a pan-White identity that jettisons quaint personality differences in favor of a racial bloc that can withstand the encroachment of competing ethnocentric races who don’t share the White predilection for kumbaya universalism.

Ethnic and racial diversity can have the opposite effect on cultural diversity, pushing a society to a uniformity of ideology and thought (think of how much people walk on eggshells in a multiracial milieu to avoid offending anyone) that will boil over into seething resentment and social conflict.

I’m one of those post-racial pathologically altruist Whites, so I know of what I speak. I can get along with people as long as they’re sympatico with my outlook, entertain me, and provide balance to my temperament, but I have the smarts and immunity to virtue signaling that gives me the perspective lacking in most hyper-outbred Whites. So I’m duty bound to overcome facets of my genetic inheritance and embrace the pattern-recognition wisdom that allows me to understand all-too-well the nature of the 99% of the world that doesn’t think like me and my kind.

I’ve added a link to this latest research to the Diversity + Proximity = War reference page at the top of this blog, now up to 42 peer-reviewed studies on the baleful interaction of racial diversity and social cohesion. Forward it to your shitlib friends for fun and triggering!

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Paul Manafort, Trump campaign chairman for a brief spell before Trump fired him (ostensibly because of revelations of his illicit foreign contacts), has been charged with tax evasion and money laundering committed during the period 2006-2015 (the Obama and Hillary years).

The Gaystream Media is in a tizzy thinking this will hurt Trump, but the media is enstupidated by its Trump Derangement Syndrome. As I explained, the Manafort indictment will likely boomerang on thecunt and her cabal of Creep State operatives, bigly, because Manafort was the intermediary between Russian contacts and the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm run by thecunt’s campaign chaircreep John Podesta. The Podesta Group helped funnel Russian bribe money into Hillary Clinton’s charitable (ha) foundation, to the tune of $145 million.

WELP, looks like I am right again. From Politico:

Happenings are coming, fellow MAGAMEN. Your patience putting up with thecunt’s general cuntery and the sacks of lying lickspittle shits in the media will be rewarded soon.

PS The media is unlistenable anymore. Their framing is so egregiously perfidious and mendacious that all it takes is a little reframe-tinkering at the margins to illustrate how deeply the journo-whores are in the tank for thecunt collective and how badly their industry needs a mass culling of shitlibs if they want their credibility back. From Bersicker:

Notice the Lügenpresse keeps including the phrase “Former Trump Campaign Chairman” whenever it mentions Manafort.

Here’s what their reporting should really look like, if they were honest:

Former Podesta Associate Indicted

Paul Manafort, who worked extensively with the Podesta Group as far back as 2011 on behalf of Russia, turned himself in Monday to federal authorities.

Special councel Robert Mueller has been investigating Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group, as part of a criminal inquiry into whether the firm violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, known as FARA.

Tony Podesta is the chairman of the Podesta Group and the brother of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman.

Manafort is being charged with 12 counts, including conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the United States, being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements and other charges.

Framing is king, in pickup and in politics.

PS This Trumpette is asking the right questions. Why didn’t the FBI warn Trump that he was bringing a suspected criminal into his campaign? Answer: Because the whole thing was a set-up. A sting operation run by the Comey-Clinton Axis of Collusion to draw attention away from their own malfeasance and to mortally wound the Trump campaign.

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If you’ve been keeping abreast of the news these past two weeks, you might have noticed the anti-Trump enemies have become discombobulated and put on the defensive by recent exposure of their criminal misdeeds. What was “a reckless and treasonous Trump Administration suffering daily leaks and subterfuge by establishment loyalists” narrative has turned into a “by Zeus’ beard, the Trump Train is rolling and the lamentations of the shitlibs and their Bitch Queen Clinton are heard over hill and dale!” battering ram of truth.

Too funny that the Podesta-cooked Russia-Trump collusion scandal has completely boomeranged and threatens to take down the Clintons and their scummy surrogates for good. You think I’m exaggerating out of a misplaced love for Herr Furor. Nope. Check the latest bombshells.

PAY FOR PLAY, INFLUENCE PEDDLING, STRAIGHT UP BRIBERY. Foreign investors shoveled $145 million into the Clinton Foundation while thecunt was heading the State Department, to ensure thecunt and Gay Mulatto would OK a deal that transferred 20% of America’s uranium stores to a Russian energy company. IOW, thecunt colluded with Russia. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, got a cool half mil for a canned speech he delivered in Moscow the same time the Russian energy company Rosatom inked its deal for a stake in Uranium One.

President Trump (may God guard his path) recently inquired about the Seth Rich murder mystery. (He knows, fam)

thecunt campaign and the DNC (and now it’s been revealed, the Bushes and McCain) paid hefty sums to Fusion GPS to research manufacture the hillary fanfiction known as the Piss Hooker Dossier, with the intent to undermine the incoming Trump Administration (this is called treason).

Quads over at MPC writes,

In short: Tucker was contacted by a lobbyist from the Podesta Group. Lobbyist claims that the Russians, using a Ukrainian shell company, funneled money to the Podesta Group for the explicit purpose of influencing the Clintons. Paul Manafort was the go-between. Tucker is satisfied that his Lobbyist isn’t lying and has been verifying the details, so far all successfully. I.e., Tucker is reporting that Hillary colluded with the Russians and Manafort was in on it. Tucker promises more to come.

Surely it’s no surprise to any here that Hillary was a corrupt hag selling State to the highest bidder. But this news, on the heels of the Uranium One and Dossier stories, has great implications. Hillary allowed Uranium to be sold to Russia after they donated to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary funded Kremlin-compiled pissgate allegations which were then investigated by Obama’s Justice Department. That same Justice Department was headed by Loretta Lynch, who colluded with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to squelch investigations into Clinton’s crimes. This is no longer 4chan anon LARP conspiracy theories but verified news in the public record. What do we make of this?

First this calls into question Manafort’s role in the Trump Campaign. Is it a coincidence that Trump hired Manafort when Manafort had funneled money from the Russians to the Clintons? It’s hard to believe that Trump would work with Manafort to defeat Hillary without hearing Manafort’s dirt on Hillary. Alternatively: if Manafort colluded with the Clintons, and Manafort was the FBI’s justification for tapping the Trump campaign, did the Clintons collude with the FBI to wiretap Trump?

Second, what to make of Mueller? It came out yesterday that Mueller was investigating Tony Podesta. Manafort is one of the only other people we all know Mueller was investigating. Without going full /pol/lack conspiritard, is it possible that Mueller really is investigating Democratic corruption? Remember, Mueller was interviewed by Trump the day before he took up the special council. At the very least: if Manafort was working with the Clintons, doesn’t this shed new light on Mueller’s investigation?

This is all starting to sound too opaque, like a police cork-and-pinhead bulletin board. I wouldn’t worry too much about the details which, if true, imply much more dramatic conspiracies to be. The takeaway is that this isn’t in the realm of internet myth and rumor. This is real, verifiable. Senate investigations are starting and more is on the way. Is it possible that Clinton will really see the inside of a jail?

Hillary Clinton is going to jail.


Basically the whole Russia-Trump Collusion Narrative is a massive case at its root of psychological projection and deliberate misdirection by the Clintons and their depraved surrogates in the Deep State and the Gaystream Media. They smeared an incoming President with the very same crimes and treasonous actions that they themselves had committed. The best defense is a slanderous offense to Cuntlib, Inc.

This isn’t a White Pill, kind readers. This is a bucket of White paint dropped on your head from a booby-trapped door in Trump Tower. You’re swimming in White.

Who needs Challahwood when you have this kind of quality entertainment beamed into your eyeballs and earhalls every day IN TRUMPERICA? We are blessed to be alive at a time when our mortal enemies are closer than they have ever been to the breaking wheel.

Update: CNN checks in with their CONSISTENTLY hot take!

Bonus Shiv (it’s all related once you identify the anti-White source malignancy): PA on why Whites shouldn’t race-mix. The cruelest and truest of shivs: the cold heart gazes upon one’s own children and remains unmoved when it sees nothing of oneself in them.

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