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In cuckoldry news, the sales of personal, home-based paternity tests are rising in the UK.

Sales of ‘secret’ paternity tests are surging, according to suppliers of DIY home kits.

The DNA tests, which can be carried out with simple cheek swabs, are leading to growing numbers of men discovering they are not the biological father of children they had been led to believe were theirs.

AlphaBiolabs, the leading British home test supplier, says up to 30,000 paternity tests are being performed in this country every year – and that the figures are rising by ten per cent per year.

‘Of these, around 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing,’ says the company’s director, David Thomas. He added that in some regions the figure is higher, including the North East, where it is 30 per cent.

The explosion in demand for the tests has been fuelled by the ease with which definitive DNA paternity results can now be obtained. For about £99, testing kits which promise 100 per cent accurate next-day results can be bought online.

Primal human sexuality and the associated mate acquisition psychologies of the sexes are under novel, extreme pressures from modern technologies — cheap contraception, the Pill, abortion, online hardcore porn, mass produced pulp romance, sexbots, and cheap private paternity tests. These pressures will rock the sexual market like nothing before them in history, save genetic bottlenecks caused by genocides or mass die-offs. Few but bastions like this humble abode are talking about it, and that’s criminally negligent because the current social changes will have effects on human sexuality and the future of nations beyond what our meager powers of speculation can conjure. We are truly entering uncharted territory.

Most of these changes will benefit one or the other sex, with some of those benefits going to a few advantageously positioned members from the sex which bears the costs. Cheap at-home anonymous paternity testing will greatly hinder the ability of women to access their Darwinian prerogative for extra-pair conception (aka alpha fux, beta bux), and thus greatly benefit men. Women, naturally, will never admit they would cuckold a beta husband and fool him into raising the bastard spawn of an alpha lover, but they don’t have to admit it; their subconscious limbic compulsion does all the dirty work for them.

Not all women are cuckold risks, UNDER THE OPERATIVE SOCIAL CONSTRAINTS. There is a plausible theory that women of certain races co-evolved with their men toward a greater monogamous instinct and less cuckoldry. But evolution doesn’t stop. There is no “end of history”. If social pressures change, sexual selection will change as well, and behaviors will adapt to the new reality.

Gene-culture co-evolution. If social constraints, in whatever form (shared values, religious, communal shaming), weaken and fall apart, then even women who have evolved toward favoring monogamous mating will adapt, slowly at first but quickening as the marginal cases become the norm, to the new selection pressures, and cuckoldry could theoretically become more common in those societies.

At the same time social constraints on feral female sexuality are breaking down, cheap private paternity testing is pushing in the opposite direction on Darwinian evolutionary calculations, making it riskier for women to heed an unconscious urge to cuckold their drearily dependable betas. In the state of nature, cuckoldry as a reproduction strategy only pays off if the woman can successfully dupe her resource provider or if the resource provider can be convinced to stay and help raise the bastard “for the good of the child”.

The latter seems to be more common currently, but the former is a dying tactic. Soon, thanks to cheap paternity testing kits, very few men but the dumbest and poorest will be successfully duped into eighteen years of emotional rape and indentured servitude. A wife who cuckolds her husband now runs a real risk that he’ll find out quickly if he’s the biological father, and will know this without intensely manipulative blackmail from the mother to retreat from the discovery process. He could leave her alone with the bastard, and without any community or family support.

You could cut the tension between loosening social mores and tightening technological oversight with a knife. This goes to a dark place. Increasingly liberated and unhappy women lashing out at increasingly distrustful and indifferent men. A skankocracy of sexual predators chafing under the by-laws of a surveillance state technocracy (idealistic beta males hardest hit).

The cuckoldry data from the UK isn’t necessarily evidence of an overall rising cuckoldry rate. There’s a sample bias effect here….suspicious fathers who get paternity testing kits are more likely to have been cuckold victims. But still, that number is disturbingly high, and suggests that a de facto polygynous sex market is emerging in the UK, just as it is all over the West.

So while sales of personal paternity testing kits and a 20% positive hit rate on results aren’t proof of a general rise in the cuckoldry rate, they are leading indicators that something foul is upsetting the normal functioning of the sexual market.

As long as the State continues acting as a substitute husband and father for Western wahmen, lavishing largesse and incentives on women to behave in ways which increase the chance of single mommery, then reliable, cheap, and widely available paternity testing which decreases the number of beta male dupes and quislings will accelerate the trends away from marriage and toward African-style polygyny.

PS Reminder that a 1% cuckoldry rate is more than 30 TIMES the recorded rape rate in the US. A useful comparison the next time some femcunt launches into a diatribe about rape culture and the patriarchy.

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The Chateau predicted this.

Conclusion – [The advent of the sexbot revolution will mean] the entire market structure of dating will shift seismically in the direction of men becoming choosier and less willing to please and women becoming looser and more willing to please.

The basic premise I have outlined above rests on a simple observation — the more physically satisfying choices men have to sate their lust, the less needy they will be with women.  And non-neediness translates into a slight downgrade in the asking price of single women.  Because women are more loathe to settle than men, there will be a rush to the top as the dwindling number of acceptable male prospects commands the attentions of an ever-growing pool of women.  Polygamy will rush in to fill the need.

Sexbots present a clear and present danger to women’s sexual market value and their ability to leverage their fattening bodies to acquire a lifelong mate. Men are visually aroused, and on a subconscious level women understand this, which is why maximally visually stimulating sexbots strike fear into the hearts of middling and low smv women who are paying attention.

And right on cue…..it’s ¡SCIENCE! to cradle my balls and smile lovingly up at me from chafed knees.

Via Rolf Degen, again. (The man is a conduit to wrecking ball research that crushes the Equalism Narrative)

Jealousy 4.0? An empirical study on jealousy-related discomfort of women evoked by other women and gynoid robots

Best Of research paper title contender.

The present study investigated whether women react with the same level of jealousy towards the idea of their partner having sexual interactions with a (human-like or machine-like) gynoid robot as they would when imagining their partner having sexual interactions with another woman. We assumed that, due to the higher comparability and the greater likelihood of past experiences of other women as sexual competitors, women would feel more discomfort and jealousy in response to another woman. However, it seems not sufficient to state that women in general evoke stronger jealousy-related discomfort than robots. On the contrary, it depends on the subdimension of jealousy. The jealousy-related discomfort was higher for female competitors compared to the robotic ones, for instance regarding the discomfort caused by the idea of sexual intercourse, whereas in other dimensions the robots evoked the same or higher levels of jealousy-related discomfort, such as the discomfort caused by negative self-evaluations in comparison to the competitor or discomfort caused by shared emotional and time resources. Contrary to our expectation, the factors of similarity and comparability did not lead to differences between human-like and machinelike gynoid robots in terms of the different subdimensions of jealousy-related discomfort. It is possible that basic social cues are sufficient to trigger social scripts known from humans-human interactions, which, in turn, result in social comparison and jealousy-related discomfort. Greater knowledge about the underlying processes of machines could help women to better evaluate the abilities of robots. Moreover, an enhanced willingness to create and shape sexualized technologies of the near future could positively affect females’ self-confidence, as such inventions could more strongly respect and represent their needs in terms of both sexuality and societal standing. Most importantly, our findings should spark further discussion on ethical aspects of human-robot interaction and hopefully result in social and sexual norms to guide responsible robotics developments which will not negatively impact long-term relationships and women’s self-evaluation.

Human women are insanely jealous of robot women. Instinctively, women know that a height-weight proportionate, nubile, centerfold replicating gynoid who can be programmed to derisively mock pussyhatters is real competition, because women also know instinctively that men are primarily aroused by gazing at a woman’s beauty and bangable body. No amount of feminist wishful thinking to the cuntrary can erase this reality of women’s intuitive hindbrains. If the typical crass Amerifat woman sees a hot little minxbot, she won’t be able to #resist comparing herself to the hotbot. The sexual market dynamic would be the same as if the sexbot were a human hottie flouncing into the club to outshine the herd of cows.

Further, women can feel a threat to their interests from a man falling in love with a beautiful bangable sexbot, because men first lust before they love. This is why human female participants in this research expressed jealous discomfort at the thought that their men might get emotionally attached to their HB100 sexbots.

As I’ve been saying, once sexbots cross the uncanny valley and acquire fine motor skills (of the mouth and vagina), it’s game over for the known sexual market which has guided human evolution since the dawn of time. I have predicted a likely outcome of the reoriented sexual market in the wake of the sexbot revolution — rampant polygamy followed by rapid social collapse — that can be avoided if human women make themselves as appealing as the coming sexbots. Which means,

push away from the table
stop voting for degenerate nation wrecking freaks
don’t ride the cock carousel
learn to cook
learn to give good head
adore your man

Is that too much to ask?

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From CH commenter Bucky,

That can be said for almost every POF profile

FACT: most mudsharks look like this whale. Old, blubbery, and desperate.

FACT: despite the above fact, our 30 year old Nigerian can STILL DO BETTER (and he knows it)

“I’m happy. I’m overwhelmed.”

Can we make #DisappointedNigerian a meme?

From commenter clarence boddiker,

90 day fiance is the basic cable television warehouse of the most beta cringeworthy soys out there.

There’s a new trend now, highlighted on the show, dudes who are trying to get 3rd world 4’s to marry them even though neither one speaks the other’s language. So, this dude travels into South America to marry some 20 year old meh chick and their married days and engagement are spent speaking into an iphone’s translator feature.

So we’ve got obese catladies marrying disappointed dindus who will love them until they get the green card, and we’ve got soyboy betas traveling to jungly paradises to meet schwarzenegger’s maids and coo at each other through iphone translators.

A dystopian prophet like Houllebecq could not write stranger fiction if he tried.

The post-modren West is the story of deeply ugly people, inside and out, trying to escape the reality and demands of the sexual market. I have coined it….The Fuggernaut. And it will consume us if we don’t beat it back to the abyss from where it was belched.

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Thousand cock stare. She went cross-eyed from all the shofars pushing her face in.

Let’s hope her threat is a promise. Dodged a shameful garbage hour hookup there. This is what winning feels like.

PS You don’t even have to ask.

PPS a comment by greinaurora that puts the kippah on a pike:

When the [special people] accept that the almighty gave them their chance at redemption and they went with “kill dat sucka”, felt no remorse about it, and rewrote their ancient religion to revolve around hating christians…

… when they really come to terms with the fact that they’re NOT the chosen people…

…they go atheist.

Because narcissists would rather God not exist than stop being the literal center of the universe.

Israeli Jews love President Trump, and I’ve read that they aren’t too keen on the idea of mass migration of American Jews into their homeland. Makes you think.

PPPS A poem, by Hugh Jenniks,

There once was a yenta named Vershbow,
Who hated Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She said “I won’t fuck”
& She said “I won’t suck”

And everyone just laughed at the stank ho.

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All across the developed world, people are having less sex.

Calhoun’s mouse experiment is everywhere if you have the eyes to see.

I can supply some reasons explaining the decline in sex frequency among modrens:

1. diversity (it causes cocooning)
2. obesity (it causes loss of desire)
3. population density (it causes mental health problems)
4. soyboys (self-explanatory)
5. video games
6. porn
7. female porn (teevee)
8. pathological narcissism metastasized by social media use

That last one is crucial to understanding the problem behind the Breaching of the Sexes: the study notes that men and women are spending more time on “looking good” and less time putting those good looks to use in the bedroom. A pathological narcissist wouldn’t want to risk his or her image by actually sleeping with someone who would find out what they look like the morning after, or discover how skilled they are as lovers. The Social Media Narcissist recoils from intimacy because it demands a pence of vulnerability to be true, real, and valuable. It’s safer for the maintenance of her image if she struts and poses on her world stage, full of snark and gogrrlies, signifying nothing, than to risk it all by stepping out from behind the ‘shopped selfie to place her painstakingly animated Marvel Comics heart at the mercy of another.

As someone noted on that Twatter thread, sexual frequency isn’t the same as sexual distribution.

Why can’t you address the elephant in the room. 20% of the men are sleeping with 80 % of the women. Most men 18-34 get infrequent or no sex at all. The dating market is cruel as any free market.

Sex frequency may be down, but female hypergamy is up up up, and more intense than ever.

The Breaching of the Sexes will soon give way to the Bifurcation of the Sexed And Sexless, and finally to the Bounty of the Sexbots.

Unless Generation Zyklon re-embraces a benevolent patriarchy, this story has only one ending: Hard Times Ahead.

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“Hate speech” is not a thing, Constitutionally speaking.

There is no First Amendment exception for “hate speech,” and the government can’t specially target racist or religiously bigoted speech — but some Connecticut prosecutors seem not to know that.

Eugene Volokh, Reason.com,  August 6, 2018

Spot on. And relatedly, neither is “hate crime” a real thing. If you murder someone with malice aforethought, that’s the hate crime. It doesn’t matter what was going through your head to justify your action. The homicide is evidence of the hate.

So why aren’t more defense attorneys attacking the fallacious and inherently anti-1A “hate speech” premise? VDare:

At one point in his piece Volokh asks why defense attorneys aren’t kicking up more of a fuss, and I have a thought.

As with, say, many defenses that would be available for firearms offenses, your average criminal defense attorney is a flaming liberal who abhors guns in any event and thinks nobody should have them. So, in defending a client with gun charges, the creative muse doesn’t pay a visit.

Maybe the same lack of inspiration affects them when their client is facing a “racial incitement” charge in Connecticut.

There are a lot of sclerotic institutions in America that need a mass culling of lunatic shitlibs within their ranks.

This subject is eminently important. The whole malicious rhetorical foundation of “hate speech” needs to be discredited. It was a concept invented by YKW and their shitlib suckup lackeys with the eventual goal of silencing their critics, as we can see happening today.

Tragically, the goyium have underestimated the lethality of a foe with a mean verbal IQ higher than any other group in the world. The tide is only now starting to turn against the Word Corruptors, and their hysterical lashing out in response has been all too predictable.

When they are crying out indignantly is the best time to INCREASE THE VOLTAGE.

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Shitlibs more strongly identify along ideological axes. This is why, for instance, they can’t tolerate the company of those with differing world views. (White libchicks are the absolute worst at tolerating those with opposing political views.)

And, although I don’t have confirmatory data at hand, I suspect shitlibs are more likely to wander and become itinerants, always looking for a shiny new city to infest. Personality studies have found that shitlibs tend to be more novelty-seeking, or to put it less charitably they tend to have higher disgust thresholds. This desire for novelty and filth probably contributes to the shitlib “born to run away” compulsion. They just can’t handle too much niceness (read: Whiteness), order, and comfortable functionality. They need to feel distressed. They crave chaos in their lives.

How do I know this? Well, I have been surrounded by shitlibs. I’ve swum in the deepest waters of their subterranean cultures, taking what I wanted from them while leaving behind that which repulsed me. I know them pretty well, tbh, how they tick and what emotional keys are tickled in their hamsterchords.

I bring this up on the heels of the recent exposure of Stephanie Wilkinson, the proprietoress of the Commie Shrew, excuse me, the Red Hen, who hounded Sarah Sanders out of her restaurant and followed her like a psycho down the street screaming libanities at her, as a shitlib vagabond.

The rootlessness of shitlibs is intimately connected to their ideological fence-guarding in a positively reinforcing feedback loop. The shitlib leaves for a strange new locale, loses touch with everyone before her, and finds new friends at work, bar crawls, or expediently through shared housing.

Each move in the shitlib’s life brings more severing of social connections and greater stress finding and stringing together replacement social connections. (Family connections are surrendered for good.) There’s very little organic or authentic thread tying together the nomadic shitlib with her new sets of friends…no common upbringing, no schooling experiences, no history or unique local culture, and most importantly no shared memories which is the most powerful bonding agent.

Into this toxic atomization the one binding agent strong enough to overcome the disintegration of traditional social and family bonds is ideology. A fevered, frantic, hysterical attachment to ideology becomes the substitute for natural bonds, and the shitlib leans on ideological identification — in herself and in those who would be unwittingly auditioning for inclusion in her social circle — to screen for friends who will meet the lowest standard in friendship: someone who won’t irritate her with an opposing viewpoint.

This is why shitlib friendships (and similarly, romantic relationships) in the big blue cities are typically superficial, transient, and transactional: the only common ground is hatred of [X] and how one votes. When ideology is the foundation of friendship, those mystic unspoken bonds of reassuring familiarity get twisted into a grotesque facsimile of affinity, one based on an overweening insistence of ideological compatibility and purity. With nothing else to connect them to each other, the shitlib relies on ideology to shoulder the burden of standing in for the missing authenticity.

And ideology can work, for a while, as a values substitute and proxy for relationship complementarity, to create and maintain relationships (which is why city chicks will stress “shared values” and “Trump voters swipe left” when pole shopping), but woe to the friend who steps out of line one day and utters a deplorable bit of crimethink through the bottom of a cocktail glass. When ideology is the glue, a trivial difference of opinion on a point of order can feel like a gross betrayal.

The problem is a long-run one. Besides the lapses into crimethink, shitlib relationships dissolve easily and perfunctorily with work relocations and life stage changes that demand more social involvement and commitments than simply ideological conformism. The shitlib is bothered by these demands because they throw into stark relief the inauthentic nature of her friendships.

What is evident to the meanly keen observer is that shitlib friendships start to take on the veneer of artifice, fraying at the edges and duct-taped by snark and late nite talk show references. The very fact that shitlibs strive so hard for social authenticity prevents them from ever realizing their goal. They are their own worst frenemies. It’s a variation on the old “if you have try to be cool, you aren’t” aphorism.

De-urbanization and a revitalization of towns and smaller-sized cities geographically dispersed more equitably throughout the country will go a ways to helping shitlibs form real, lasting friendships that can survive the occasional disagreement with a Colbert monologue.


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