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A heartwarming story for the holidays.

Tales of woe and perfidy like this one abound. The sexual and marital markets are two way streets. It takes two to tango. If our culture and society degrade or flourish, it will be because men AND women contributed in their particular ways.

Ignore this lesson to polish the pussy pedestal, and you are complicit in whatever social dissolution follows.

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wtf I love Finn chicks now, they can use their psionic powers to transatlantically stroke me off.


This is the funniest video I’ve seen in years, although it is meant seriously. All women have to do to keep from being raped is turn around, hold out their hand in a “halt” gesture and say “Stop!” That’s it! The Muslim migrant problem is solved!

Apparently, Finland has joined the growing list of White nations allowing itself to be overrun by ruddy rapefugees. And this is their response.

White people have lost their marbles. Try to come up with a better explanation.

I wonder if this is what it’s like for faithful adherents when their religion is under attack from an increasingly emboldened chorus of heretics? The religion — in this case Leftoid Equalism — must buckle as the onslaught of realtalk hits from every direction, prompting a wagon-circling reaction among loyal followers that eventually descends into farce, as they grasp for the lifeline of incrementally lunatic rationalizations and defensive postures to protect the investment their egos have made in their wacky beliefs.

If I’m right, then the lid is about to blow on this insanity soon, because when cultists realize they’ve been played for fools all along they either suicide or lash out with a fury. One day, Finns and all the rest of the CuckWhites will have no choice but to make their peace with the reality that the races are constitutionally different and no amount of love or social policy will change that fact. They will make their peace either in rest or in revolt. Pray for the latter.

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The Black Goo

These scenes of colonizing migrant hordes remind me of the black goo in Spiderman. And bringing with them the same deleterious consequences. The comparison works on both the aesthetic and symbolic levels.

A reader likes the analogy,

Damn that’s apt. Peter Parker inherits the suit in Secret Wars 8, dons it in the canon in Amazing 252. Parker learns the suit addles his brain, wages war on his identity, relegates the symbiote. The symbiote then takes on a new host.

Another reader,

“The Alien Costume” where the said phenomenon debuts is the most memorable American superhero story I’ve ever watched.

A people that aren’t willing to protect their homeland from invasion deserve to die.
A people that actively encourage the invasion of their homeland deserve much worse.

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Shitlibs are emotionally stunted escapists. If you imbibe any social media (rohypnol for the soul), you’ll notice that libs can’t stop feverishly drawing analogies between their favorite English Lit 301 book, Harry Potter, and Trumperica. So it is with tremendous relish that I forward this /pol/ meme that brilliantly satirizes the lib religious devotion to the Potter gooniverse while making an insightful point about the self-destructiveness of leftoid equalism.

After Voldemort is defeated and global wizard equality is achieved, the influx of half-breeds and less-capable wizards into Hogwarts and other magical schools grows dramatically. Criticisms of this change are met with accusations of bigotry, including calls of “you are starting to sound a lot like You Know Who with that talk!” This process continues, with miscegenation becoming “all the rage” for the next hundred years.

By the year 2100, magical bloodlines have become so diluted that very few people can actually use magic. Magical creatures find that they cannot communicate with students at school, wands begin to refuse ownership, and tensions rise as “pure” students begin to unite. The fear of a return to the Dark Days is still strong, and those critics who raise concerns over the decline in quality and use of magic are called “bigots” for their anti-muggleblood views.

In more progressive circles, prominent “intellectual” wizards begin to suggest that magic doesn’t really exist — not objectively, anyway. It is merely a social construct, and witchcraft and wizardry can manifest themselves in many different forms, most of which don’t involve the use of magic at all. This is met with great approval by the majority of muggleborns, though there is still discontent among those who continue to  actually use magic “correctly”.

To combat growing discontent, the Ministry of Magic decrees that “flagrant displays of magic” are now illegal on school grounds, as this can result in prejudice and feelings of unwelcomeness for muggleborn witches and wizards, who are utterly incapable of casting spells (even those who manage to keep wands). The school removes most of it’s “applied magic” curriculum, instead replacing it with “Justice-Oriented Magic” and “Muggleborn Studies”, which focus on present-day social issues and the various expressions of “Alternative Magic” that are popular at the time, such as Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and divination of palms and tea-leaves.

Please forward this post to every arrested development adult shitlib you know, for maximum triggering. The goal here should be mass suicide.

A Gabber adds, chillingly,

Cute, right?

Ok, now replace magic with engineering.

Not so cute now, is it?

There’s nothing cute about the wholesale destruction shitlibbery and cuckdom are visiting upon the White West.

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An observation, from me own eyes and time spent nestled deep in the booby-trapped dating trenches:

Girls drop out of the nightclub scene around age 25.

Some sooner, some later, but the curtain call age for girls seeking men in da club is on average about 25yo.

Clubbing is a young woman’s game. It takes spunk, junk, (maybe crunk), and….most importantly….the youthfully hottie good looks to inspire a same night spelunk.

I feel I was born with a talent for getting inside women’s heads and knowing how they tick, so this is what I’d guess goes on in the concentric mini-brain of the girly rationalization hamster that spins the wheel fueling the superfluous careercunt maxi-brain which envelops it:

The girl who hits 25 — and recall the CH axiom that peak female beauty and therefore fuckability and muse-ability is between the ages 15 and 25, give or take a few outliers — subconsciously knows her salad days are behind her. She may still be a looker, but the competition is wicked and slicked, and if the coolestasfuckness men are the point of her losing her hearing and sleep shouting in nightclubs until 2AM, then she’ll be passed over for the ripest peaches.

So there’s that subconscious signal flare warning her of rocky outcroppings ahead, but more pertinently there’s that instant feedback she gets when the male gaze doesn’t alight as firmly forcefully obsessively and a little psychopathically on her fruit stand like it did when she was younger. She’ll get stares from men, but they won’t be from the best men, and their stares will break off earlier than they used to, and get distracted easily by passing nancies.

Footnote: The curtain call age has been steadily rising, because of a number of sexual market disruptions and trendlines converging in post-America. I predict we may see an average nightclubbing female age of 30 in the near future as an increasing horde of single, childless mimosaettes desperate to avoid the detritus swamping online dating return to the classic meat market haunts.

It’s useful to contrast curtain call ages for club grilles and club monsters. Twenty-five is practically the START of a man’s clubbing career. It’s not uncommon to see men well into their 30s working the club floors and whores, as long as those men haven’t let themselves go to pot and know how to dress with a masculine sexy flair. The club curtain call ages mirror the bioreality of male and female reproductive fitness windows: women hit a higher max speed but crash early, men a lower max speed but ride longer.

A 35 year old woman in the club is pitiable. A 35 year old man in the club is pardonable.

The curtain call age for bars is a bit older, if for no other reason than that the absence of loud techno music, bathroom bumps, and frantic dancing are a relief to aging bodies and angsty minds. Fully grown oldsters will shamble around bars and no one will bat an eye. Still, women don’t like to throw their mate choice prerogative in with bars, either, but will feel less uncomfortable in bars than they do in clubs dogging it out until their early 30s if they are single and (god forbid!) swallowing patriarchal Pink Pills by the barrel.

Last call in bars is usually late 20s for most women who have need of a bar’s services. For men, it’s late 30s, even up to mid-40s. It occasionally needs repeating, because platitudes that stroke the gynarchy’s ego are tasty and mollifying: the average man enjoys a surplus fifteen years of romantic possibility over the average woman’s dating lifespan. This is why a 30 year old woman “settles” while a 30 year old man “relents”. It’s the difference between catastrophe insurance and early retirement.

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The latest rhetorical gambit by shitlibs emotionally invested in virtue sniveling about global warming but starting to feel uncomfortable about conspicuously aligning themselves with globalist nation-wreckers, is that renewable energy — by which they mean solar and wind — is good for the American economy and will create lots of jobs.

This is how shitlibs are trying to do an end-run around Trump’s nationalist appeals. They like to crow about there being “ten times as many solar industry jobs as there are coal mining jobs”, and point to that as evidence that Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Accord will hurt American workers.

It’s all disingenuous bullshit, which is standard operating procedure for the Fat Cat Globalist Left. Solar and wind are propped up by MASSIVE government subsidies. Wind subsidies alone total $176 billion dollars.

Can the US afford these subsidies? The country is $19 trillion in debt and essentially bankrupt. You tell me.

If you remove the Fake Economy of government subsidies, the renewable energy industry collapses overnight. And a reminder: subsidies are your taxed income from productive work being redistributed to artificially maintain uncompetitive job sectors.

(Another Fake Economy: the black middle class. If you remove lax government hiring and affirmative action to staff useless dead weight jobs, there is no black middle class.)

Now one can argue that those subsidies are necessary investments to avoid the coming global meltdown apocalypse (similarly how one could argue government make-work and set-asides are a necessary Dindugeld to pacify an enormous class of dysfunctional moochers), but what you can’t argue is that the renewable energy industry is good for the American economy. But just try telling this lovefact to the numbnuts at Shitlib Central hiveminds like NPR.

The Paris Accord is nothing less than a Globohomo cash grab from America to China, India, and the dirt poor Southern Hemisphere. A good rule of thumb is that all these international agreements have as their primary goal the hobbling of American power and sovereignty. That’s why the Gay Mulatto loved signing up for them. And that’s why the big business community and 0.1%ers hate immigration restriction and a Rio Grande Wall; they enrich themselves on the cheap labor provided by the Southern Hemisphere and the destruction of middle class White localism that would act as a preventive against globohomoist depredations.

If elitist shitlibs now crying about Trump’s majestic middle finger to the globalists were sincere in their stated beliefs about what pulling out of the Paris Accord would mean for the earth, they’d immediately stop jetting around the world to their Davosian confabs. Richard Branson, the homosexual CEO of Virgin Airlines who was photographed canoodling with the homosexual Barack Obama, certainly contributes more than his fair share of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Also, mass dirt world immigration into the West isn’t exactly a boon for the environment, either. Nothing says “I love Mother Gaia” like importing hundreds of millions of low carbon-emitting Third Worlders into the First World where they can immediately jump the economic development queue and live the high life of a high carbon-emitting Westerner.

Of course, shitlibs aren’t sincere, they just want to virtue snivel for the approval of their effete low T audiences with sterling SAT scores. You can tell how badly insincere they are because they’ve resorted to criticizing Trump for leaving an agreement that wasn’t even binding. OK, if the Paris Accord wasn’t binding, then what the hell good would it have done if the US stayed in it? Oh yeah, the whole point to the Paris Accord, like most of these international deals, is to set up a money train in loans from international investment bankers.

The agreement is widely expected to be the catalyst for large-scale lending and investments in greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction technologies and infrastructure. The International Energy Agency has estimated that the investment required to meet the Paris Agreement goals could be a towering $1 trillion annually. Bank of America Merrill Lynch calculates that investments in renewable energy alone will need to grow to $900 billion by 2030.

My thoughts on global warming:
– probably some human influence
– likely not as bad as predicted
– intervention would be pointless (CO2 lag effect baked in the cake)
– best solutions are adapting & nuclear power
– wind & solar are money sinks
– Int’l accords are meant to hobble USA
– Trump right again.

So chalk this one up as a win for Trumperica. If shitlibs want to reduce CO2 emissions, maybe they should think about de-scaling their societies and retreating from international liberalism? As @tteclod put it on Gab,

Best solution is energy conservation. Your family doesn’t need two commuter cars if your wife doesn’t need to be employed outside your home. Your kids don’t ride a bus if they attend a neighborhood school. Your country can build less infrastructure if it rejects refugees & immigrants. Conserve.

Trump should sell his travel bans, wall, and immigration moratorium as environmentally friendly. It would be an easy sell, because it’s true. You listening, Bannon? Miller?

The Paris Accord discord on the Left is the usual shitlibbery: distilled womanish hysteria from the rank and file emos, shekel-counting from the internationalist bankers. Trump is hated by both because he refuses to subsidize their lifestyles. And that’s a win for Heritage America.

PS More proof that the renewable energy industry is a scam. A government-investment banks payola scheme. It takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of electric power as one coal worker. Simply comparing jobs numbers between the solar and coal industries, as disingenuous shitlibs do, is misleading.

Here are some important energy facts that help provide a more complete picture about how much energy is being produced in different sectors, how many workers it takes to produce a given amount of electric power, and which sectors receive the most generous taxpayer handouts.

To start, despite a huge workforce of almost 400,000 solar workers (about 20 percent of electric power payrolls in 2016), that sector produced an insignificant share, less than 1 percent, of the electric power generated in the United States last year (EIA data here). And that’s a lot of solar workers: about the same as the combined number of employees working at Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Pfizer, Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble.

In contrast, it took about the same number of natural gas workers (398,235) last year to produce more than one-third of U.S. electric power, or 37 times more electricity than solar’s minuscule share of 0.90 percent. And with only 160,000 coal workers (less than half the number of workers in either solar or gas), that sector produced nearly one-third (almost as much as gas) of U.S. electricity last year.

Renewables can’t compete with coal and oil. Solar and wind are terribly inefficient sources of power. This is a geophysical fact of life that eludes libtards, who should really stop lying about the supposed economic benefits of the renewable energy scam, but I guess asking for honesty from shitlibs is a bridge too far.

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Reader John Whorfin writes about the costs, conspicuous and hidden, that women in the workforce impose on families.

A bit OT, but women in the workforce has obviously been a disaster for a number of reasons, well catalogued, but briefly:

1. Lowered wages across the board; Supply and Demand 101
2. Stressed families as no one is home to take care of the place, meals are fast food or processed crap.
3. Increased family taxes.
4. Inflation (more $ chasing goods).

All of which leaves the family running in place in terms of cost of living.

There are also less visible damages and one of them is kids overall getting less sleep. Think about it. Mumsy and Dadsy both work, so state-sponsored babysitting (aka “school”) is now a must, which means that the tots must be rousted out of bed at 5:30-6:00AM so mom can get to her cubicle job at Globohomo, Inc. This lack of sleep stresses the hell out of kids, whose brain development depends on 8-10 hours of sleep a night. I submit the hellish schedule most modern families adhere to is in part responsible for declining IQs and mental aberrations among kids.

Any family men out there should seriously consider if a two-income family is worth it. We homeschool, my car is approaching 10 years old, waifu’s is 14. We do state park trips instead of jet-setting or theme parks, don’t have the latest must have iPhag accessory and don’t have cable (a twofer as that sh*t is poison, spent that $ on a gym) and yet, we couldn’t be happier.

In the coming days of privation, prioritizing will become a…priority.

Leftoids have a real aversion to discussing or even lightly speculating about the economic, social, and biological costs of dual income families. When the Left’s argument is to shout down any opposing viewpoints and threaten ostracism via slander and libel, you have a good clue that the Left knows the opposition is onto something. No matter how much data and real world observations you amass to buttress your case that women in the workforce is far from an unalloyed social good, the mere utterance of this view will get you tossed out of uptight society, and probably from your job.

But those heady days of unaccountable power are ending for the Equalist Left. Each day their power drains, and they respond with increasingly unhinged displays of insanity. It won’t be long now before the leftoid system that’s been in place for the past 70 years breaks apart in a cacophony of rhetorical and possibly real shrapnel.


Related: Academia is becoming more left-wing because it’s becoming more feminized. The share of women who describe themselves as liberal or far left rose to an all-time high of 41.1%, while the share of men describing themselves this way was only 28.9%, for a 12.2-point political sex gap. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.

Also related: Women are sexually attracted to war heroes.

Tangentially related: Lord of the Gulf Stream jokes relevantly,

Little Johnny asked the teacher, “Say, there’s three women sitting on a bench eating ice cream cones. One is licking it, one is sucking it, and one is biting it. Which one is married?”

Teacher blushed to the roots of her hair, and stammered, “Why Johnny, how dare you even ask such a thing? I never! But, well, I’d have to say, the one who’s sucking it.”

“Nah, the one with the wedding ring, but I like the way you’re thinking…”


Passer By has a great comment about the dead weight of working women in ARE ECONOMY.

It is not clear at all if female presence in the economy benefits the economy. Feminisation is at all time high, yet growth levels are at all time low (and debt levels at all time high).

South Korea for example uses few women but economically is in pretty good shape.

For example male scientists publish twice as many papers per capita as women, receive more citations than women, invent twice as many new things and start twice as many new businesses as women (per capita). Currently 91 percent of new things in Sweden and 92 percent of new things in the US are invented by men (this is in modern times). A female STEM worker is 45 percent more likely to quit than a male STEM worker. In other words it makes no sense to have female scientists as they are actually a drag and burden on the economy and society, since they are far less productive than men.

Same with doctors – a male doctor is 25 percent more productive than a female doctor, several times less likely to quit his job, and although there are lots of females in the medical field, most medical discoveries are made by men. Female doctors are causing large debts and inefficiencies in western medical systems – again a drag on society. Even today, in modern western societies, men pay 70 percent of taxes while women are net liability for the government – take more from the government than they pay in taxes.

So currently we have both women who have negative birth rates (not replacing the population), and women who are less productive than men. I would say that society wants women as second rate men, instead of first rate women, and the result has been a failure – both economic and demographic.

That last paragraph is iconic truth for what it reveals about the nexus of female privilege and fertility. Coddling and privileging women should come with the expectation of robust female fertility. As women, especially White women who agitate most loudly for the feminist dystopia, have abandoned their prime directive — birthing the next generation — they have continued to receive largesse from the State. This is unsustainable on both genetic and economic levels. If women turn away from their natural function but continue to receive the State privileges that come attached to an assumption of fertility and child-raising, what we’ll have is an institutionalized system that privatizes profits (female coddling) and socializes costs (mass immigration to provide an ever-exapanding base of consumers for the technoborg).

If women want the State-enforced privileges that membership in their sex provides, then women must accept the rules of membership that their sex demands of them: procreation, not careerism.

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