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Your Daily Peacocking Tip

Courtesy of LeShitlourde,

How about [instead of slathering on sunscreen] just don’t char yourself in the sun, and wear a wide brimmed hat and some linen? Gives you an excuse to look exquisitely colonial as well, which is a flattering look on whites.



PS Enjoy this bitingly sardonic meme:

A reader,

The history of the Earth 1800-2100 AD

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Hate crimes against White people wearing MAGA hats are on the rise. That’s a real hate crime category with an exponential growth in numbers of cases since Trump was elected, which the media doesn’t want to cover.

“81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat”

“Bully attacks, intimidates, high school Trump supporter for wearing MAGA hat”

J.R. cuts to the chase,

this isn’t about MAGA Hats

this is about race

this is just another Violent Black [and hispanic] attacking a White Kid

the MAGA hat is just the excuse

The MAGA hat has become the symbol of uppity Whiteness, and blacks don’t like a White man who doesn’t automatically bow and scrape before his kangz.

Uppity Whiteness is the real sin. A cowed and defeated White person knows his place, but a White person donning a MAGA hat is telling his putative superiors and tormentors that he kneels for no one. That’s what is driving the rage against the MAGA hat. It’s a symbol of Whites abstaining from submission.

Perhaps Whites could wear this MAGA lid instead, to ward off potential hate crime attacks against them:

PS Alex Of-Color tacitly says having White kids is immoral.

Things that will never happen: AOC telling Africans to stop having so many babies because she’s hypocritically trying to save the earth from the comfort of her $3,000/month one bedroom apartment in an all-White enclave of DC.

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You can buy a sweet Trump ring at Skull Jewelry.

Commenter Corinth Arkadin bought one,

Speaking of Toxic Masculinity, I got my Trump ring today (you know, the one we talked about earlier this month). Guess what it came with?

Anyone? Anyone?

A bag of SKITTLES.

I’m pretty sure the folks at SkullJewelry.com are fans of CH.

Do they know about Skittles Man? Is this real life?

Oh yes, and it was NOT subtle, like “Oh here’s a bag of skittles in thanks that we were late with your order he he Drink Your Ovaltine” type-ebay shit, NO, it was like:

“Here’s yore bad ass, YUGE ring (it is, BTW, holy living fcuk!), Good Luck pulling HB8 tail, remember to Be Skittles Man”

Ah I feel a preen coming on…

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This isn’t a shiv, it’s a scythe.

Scythe of the Week award goes to Trump, for cutting that batty old witch Pelosi in two:

Trump strikes back at Pelosi after a day of silence

The president abruptly yanks Pelosi’s international trip after she pulled a power play by postponing his SOTU address.


Some days, Trump’s tweets and WWE governance are enough for me.

PS James Woods on the Demcreeps’ treasonous plan:

PPS You need this: A Donald Trump ring, from Skull Jewelry. Peacocking: Trump Edition. SABO quips,


PPPS The Master Troll had Pelosi’s luggage returned to her on a cart.

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Introducing the next evolution in peacocking headgear:

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White walkers

For you photography phreaks, the alternate title of this post is “White balance”.


LOL, Alex Jones told Marco Foam Party Rubio to “go back to your bathhouse”. What a time to be alive! FYI, shortly after this exchange Twatter perma-banned Alex Jones. Did Foamboy run to Lil’ Lucifer Jack Dorsey and ask for a favor? Could be!

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I’ve been meaning to start up a Stone Cold Truth T-shirt Company monetized through something like CafePress, but, well, life, like my meat, intrudes. It’s too bad, really, because perusing back issues of this blogsheet reminds me of all the stick figure drawings and verbal jujitsu that would look great emblazoned on a pec-hugging v-neck, to be worn to da clubs to provoke tingle-gushing shit tests.

ANYHO, a Gabster thought the following by yours truly — an ASCII tablet of inscribed Chateau Principles inspired by a stray musing about the nature of the power of sophistic skypery — would make a great graphic tee:

Jews understand that a coherent, pithy world view can subvert civilizations. Right back atcha, schlomo inc, the chateau world view, annotated:

Chicks dig power
Men dig beauty
Equalism is a lie
Sex differences are real
Race differences are real
Culture is race
Race is genes
and the hour is late

There’s a dissident business owner on Gab who goes by the handle @cryptofashion who may be interested in seeing my Weltanschauung on a line of t-shirts, papuan cock sleeves, beach towels, and bikini bottoms (waif font required).

It’s time to Make Shitlibs Uncomfortable Again.

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