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Christine Blasey Ford said she “would be prepared to testify next week,” so long as senators offer “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.” – New York Times

“terms that are fair and which ensure her safety” = she gets to freely slander a good man, no questions asked. Please clap.

A reader notices,

Yesterday the Democrats said “she must be believed!” not just heard. They are literally trying to shut down ANY questions into the accusations. They are literally demanding that the world simply BELIEVE all of it.

This is the leftoid M.O. about every other tenet of their idiotic anti-white equalism religion. It’s a totalitarian update on declarations of faith.

We’ve gone from:








Next stop:


Big Taint Taleb has said the false accuser of a crime should be subjected to the same prison sentence that her victim would have received. This would remove the moral hazard of unequal repercussions for the accused and the false accuser. Quim in the game.

A significant number of rape accusations are fabricated (or, charitably, “misremembered”). The number varies anywhere from 40-60%. FBI and DOJ and State level court case stats paint a startling picture of female mendacity. An even higher number of sexual assault accusations are false. Women sometimes lie, deal with it. And the way a healthy society deals with it is by making the punishment equal for accused and false accuser alike. The rate of FRAs would dry up overnight.

It’s a perfectly just solution. If a rape conviction can land a man in jail for a decade and ruin his reputation for life, then the false rape accuser should suffer the equivalent punishment. Only in Clown World is this sensible position deemed misogynist hate speech.

“You must believe.”

“But she waited 30 years to dump this flimsy accusation in the news. It reeks of a political hit job.”


“But she’s lying.”






ps tangentially related, it’s time to play “count the kippahs”:

While you’re eyes-deep in this horror show, count the weirdly colored hair and pussyhats too.

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Bill Clinton was recently caught leering at Ariana Grande’s tush.

I don’t know anything about this brownish bish, but she has a decent figure, and she’s in her prime nubility years. A reader comes to Bubba’s defense (white-haired knighting?):

I don’t think I ever heard of this young woman before the Clinton leer went global.

A quick look at Google shows she is a top-tier specimen of petite (5’1″), lasciviously appealing womanhood, wearing, of course, extremely revealing clothes.

Ten seconds of the video of one of her hit songs shows that (1) the music is shit, (2) the images are software pornography.

We are supposed be shocked, just shocked, that an adult male notices all this?

Are we supposed to pretend that this talentless, writhing sexpot is, say, a coloratura soprano who is listened to for musical talent? It is to laugh.

The photo below approximates Bill’s view of the show, and his response can be characterized is in the center of the normal range for healthy adult males.

Femcunt man-haters and pussy pedestal polishing white knights labor under the delusion that old men like Bill Clinton lose the part of the brain that finds hot young minxes arousing. Or, they aren’t deluded about this fact of male nature and instead are merely cruel, preferring to shame and ridicule men for having a functioning sex drive past the innocent teenage years when Kavanaugh was a hit with the American sluts at house parties.

Either way, it’s time for these tut-tutting schoolmarms to get off the chodebox. Men dig beauty. Men will always, in all ages and at all ages, desire younger, hotter, tighter women. They may look at their old wives with paternalistic affection, but the white hot-to-flickering embers of their lust burns for the young and bangable. To deny this or, worse, to mock it, is the spite of the bitter sadist who loathes the natural state of maleness.

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The clearest analysis of feminist psychology is that it’s egocentrism driven by raw envy, and psychological projection is how they obfuscate that fact about themselves.

“I know you are but what am I!” It’s the mentality of a child.

FYI the guy who posted this got personally banned by Lil’ Lucifer Jack Dorsey. (It’s his company, after all. The buck stops at his bugdesk.)

The surest way to get kicked off Twatter is to post stone cold truths.

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Psycho sanpaku eyes? Check.
Chubby cat lady face? Check.
Feminist whackjob? Check.
Rootless cosmopolitan (“Irish in London”)? Check.

This is a subcategory of the thousand cock stare: the thousand coal cock stare.

Because you just know this toxoplasma infected dumpling has had to settle for a chain gang of black cock, given the exigency of needing a substitute for the ultra grade White cock which wants nothing to do with her.

PS From a Gabber:

lel, she’s at a vagina museum because her pussy is ancient history

PPS ¡SCIENCE!, shitlibs:

Totally related to the topic of this post.

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Another manjaw.


Atavator adds,

Men have evidently been perpetually in crisis. For about 2 million years.
It’s such a shame that it took one very sensitive woman’s observations for it to be detected.

The Brown Wall is the bitterest of impacts.

ps this broad isn’t american. she will never be american.

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Max Woke quips,

I’m sensing a sexual assault charge in this weasel’s future.

His accuser will be the boybody slut standing to his left, while he will wish his accuser was the redeemable redhead two slores down.

If you barged through that herpes wall, groping everything in your path on the way through, would they even have grounds to complain? You’re self-avowed sluts, what’s the problem?

(i only partly keed, because it takes two to tango, and if women want to be treated like porcelain objects no man shall brush against then women have to fulfill their end of the deal and not walk around in camel toe shorts baring their floppy tits while demanding white knight protection and lesser males to avert their gaze on punishment of psychological castration.)

Male chivalry doesn’t exist in a vacuum. One sex’s duty requires the other sex’s duty.

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A pear-shaped, bland-looking mid-30s White woman with splotchy skin, seated across a small table from a slightly younger black man (presentable, pureblood). It was obviously a first or second date. Her chicken wings and arm flab undulated in the air as she gesticulated during an impassioned speech about how much White people suck, “White privilege”, racist cops, etc etc. She caviled about her race for a few minutes, while blacky muttered “yeah” and grunted every few seconds. Under the table, I noticed he had slipped his paw up her thigh and was making a move toward her mons. She never stopped kvetching.

Blacks don’t give a shit about Whites hating on their own race. White virtue signaling is for the benefit of other Whites, not blacks, but some mudsharks are so oblivious, or so deluded to think otherwise, that they can barely contain themselves when a black is their captured audience. I swear these pre-Wall White frumps gets a bigger tingle from disavowing their own race in front of a black than they do later despoiling their own race in the black’s bed.

These women may as well be an alien species to me. Whatever connection we have through the mists of history is frayed beyond rescue.

I pity mudsharks. And pity is a form of contempt. She’s cursed herself to a lifetime of social ostracism, lineage destruction, and regret that crushes her soul with each year it becomes obvious to her what a big fucking mistake she made.

She is walking metadeath.

A reader asks, “what about white women who adopt black kids?”. In one important way, these White women are even worse. They pollute their families with the full knowledge that their actions will make the lives of their White biological children (if they have them) more miserable. It’s a staggeringly selfish act.

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