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A 50-year-old French author named Yann Moix plainly and truthfully stated that most women are sexually and romantically worthless by age 50, and that he, like most men, prefers the “extraordinary bodies” of much younger women.

A 50-year-old French author has sparked outrage by claiming women over 50 are ‘invisible’ to him.

Yann Moix, a TV presenter and prize-winning writer, said it is ‘not possible’ to love a woman his own age and that he prefers ‘younger women’s bodies’.

‘Come on now, let’s not exaggerate. That’s [over 50] is not possible … too, too old,’ he said in an interview with the French edition of Marie Claire.

For a man to love, he first must lust. Old broads don’t inspire lust, so they don’t inspire love, unless they have been married to the same man for a long time and have built up a protective buffer of his affection.

‘The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary,’ he added. ‘The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.’

He added that he preferred to date Asian women, particularly ‘Koreans, Chinese and Japanese’.

Naturally, his tsar bomba of realtalk triggered a cacophony of cantankerous catlady caterwauling. Peak Shriek, I call it. This was the best part of the Moix Outrage; the impotent screeching and wailing provoked by what amounts to very banal observations of the human condition. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a wrinkled old pussyhatter blowing a forehead vein.

Get a load of these id droppings from the butt-chafed shrews:

The sexist comments have drawn widespread criticism on social media.

One posted: ‘Yann Moix is 50 and I bet he’s single and no one wants him. Women over any age are beautiful and age shaming is pathetic like he is.’

The Cryfecta:

  1. sour grapes
  2. self-deluding platitude
  3. hilarious same-sentence self-contradiction


By outing himself as a tacky old stereotype, Yann Moix has rendered his entire body of work invisible so I’m cool with his uninspired opinions 🙂

“old stereotype” I thought age was just a number? Like most chicks, she judges a man’s accomplishments by his devotion to sucking up to the whorethodoxy. She’s cool with that *ADDS OBVIOUSLY TRY-HARD SMILEY TO PROJECT INDIFFERENCE*.

Women over 50 don’t want to read or buy your books either.

I’m sure his heart will go on.

Phew! Women like me are breathing a sigh of relief that in another year and too we will be ‘too old’ for bad rubbish like Yann Moix. At last we can breathe in peace. Thank you universe — Deepali Nandwani

The lady doth breathe relievedly too much.

‘People in glass houses!…..have you looked in the mirror?….you don’t look a day over 65.’

Refuting ageism with…ageism.

Twitter users also shared photographs of women over 50, including Halle Berry, 52, Sandra Bullock, 54, and Cindy Crawford, 52.

HAHA oh my sides. How fuckin predictable. Deny biological reality by….posting pics of extreme exceptions to the rule. Exceptions who, btw, were still much hotter when younger than they are in their 50s.

Responding to the outrage, he told RTL radio, he was not ‘responsible’ for his taste in women.

This is the shiv that cuts deepest. Women want SO BADLY to believe that men can change the shape of their desire to find uglier, fatter, older women more attractive, but here comes a very bad man to remind them that men’s arousal is an unconscious, evolved compulsion resistant to social engineering, which just happens to point HARD in the same direction across all cultures and times: toward alluring young beauties.

The comments to this article in the World’s Foremost Newspaper of Record are full of spitting mad catladies who can barely contain their existential pain in between snarls of snark, but refreshingly the comments generally support Moix. For example, check out the ratio of likes and dislikes between the best-rated and worst-rated comments.

Best-rated (from a woman):

A lot if men think like that. He has just vocalised it. Speaking as a 53 year old woman, he is right in most cases. My body is not the same as it was in my twenties, it has more lumps and gravity takes it toil despite my healthy lifestyle, so of course a twenty something woman will seem more desirable. The same is true of men though. My OH goes to the gym and takes care of himself but his body is different to his 20 something self. However, we are not just our bodies. Attraction takes place due to a myriad of reasons, personality, wit, intelligence. I would not want to see this French guy’s naked body either, but might want to take a look at his son’s! There will be 20 something women reading this and distancing themselves from this, thinking that ageing will never happen to them, but it will. My advice to them, never find validation in another person’s gaze. You are more than your looks.

–2216 upvotes, 53 downvotes

Worst-rated (from a man):

He is absolutely right. There is nothing like the feel of young skin and flesh. Who wants an old broiler when there are so many young chicks out there. Well done for saying it, Sir.

–168 upvotes, 281 downvotes

The best-rated comment essentially recapitulated Moix’s point and earned a 42:1 like-to-dislike ratio, while the worst-rated comment did the same with fewer and funnier words and earned a 1.7:1 dislike-to-like ratio.

In short, the indignant deluded are greatly outnumbered by the cheerfully awakened.

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An emailer supplies this hideous emblem of Western estrogenesis,

I’ve never personally seen anything more beta and revolting than this, so I thought I will submit this to your blog.

This poster was for a party at a student dorm in Germany.

Is that Esssra Klein in the middle?

The right side reads, “party without the patriarchy! last party of the year!”

What we have here is a snarling battlecunt going to a party to get fall-down drunk, fuck the bouncer, and soak timid, demoralized betas for free booze while keeping a finger resting on her “MeToo hotline” number should one of the betas insolently open his mouth to say hi, in no particular order.

No doubt there are thirsty soyboys lining up for the privilege.

Funny thing is, these parties don’t have to be billed as such for this dynamic to happen naturally anywhere the gynarcho-tyranny is the de facto governing social system. Advertising and marketing are just now catching up to a reality that has been brewing for a long time: all female whims catered, all female vice excused, and the mediocre masses of vegetable lasagnas get blamed for the ruin left in the wake of our liberated wahmen.

Even funnier, the poster is an invitation to assholes, who are the closest approximation to oppressive patriarchs in the modern West, to raid the dorm party and easily slip into the role of the rebellious badboy to give these cunts the battlefield defeat they so desperately desire. It’s like shooting snapper in a barrel.

She’ll be at this party:

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You’ve gotta get a load of this slore. She’s taken enough loads, it’s time for her to give one back. Wear a biohazard suit.

An inquisitive sleuth [name redacted] provides the backstory:

A 3 year old son by one man, currently pregnant by another man, and she still manages to rope in some poor sick cuck to clean up the mess

Is that a cuckfecta? Not one, but two fathers of bastards which she is currently shopping to a beta bux sap to raise as his own, for the reward of pregnancy sex with a petri dish vagina that can comfortably fit a V2 rocket. What level of cuckoldry are you on? Hold his beer…

Who said romance is dead?

B.J. has fucktoy face.

She better have a vagina that can do its own calisthenics.

A good bet is that any male who shells out for a diamond ring to wife up a literal camwhore with one bastard sprog and another on the way is a total loser. An omega dreg. The filthy crust on the floor of a dive bar’s restroom. A pap smear with a penis.

Any woman “bragging” about snagging one of these desperate losers knows in her heart that she’s settling so far down the male smv ladder — after all, what kind of man but a loser would beg for the hand of a slore — that the reflected misery of it will make her feel like shit for years to come. Naturally, she will take out her bitterness and spite on her children, especially sons.

And right on cue…

This poor kid is gonna need years of therapy.

(A reader quips, “and a presidential pardon in fifteen years”.)

(Another commenter, “Such things always backfire. In 20 years from now, her son will be the leader of the “New American Nazi Party”, the “punisher of thots”.”)

The vile slattern featured in this post is too souldead and psychologically syphilitic to affectionately grace her with the thot label. She’s a level above that…she’s a torc: a “tri-orificed chattel“.

With a circulation of about 300,000, Your Ward News has drawn a barrage of complaints from recipients in and around Toronto and as far as Ottawa. The federal government temporarily barred Canada Post from distributing the publication in 2016 and recently made the ban permanent.

The publication, Flumerfelt said, demonizes feminists as “dangerous people” and calls women “tri-orficed chattels.” It brands most feminists as “satanists exhilarated by abortion,” claims women are inferior, are “natural liars with no sense of justice,” and that feminist behaviour encourages rape.

Where is the lie?

Btw, thank God America has the First Amendment. Canada sucks.

This is a good time to mention that the percentage of married American women with premarital double digit cock counts has increased from 2% in the 1970s to 18% in the 2010s:

The only premarital sex partner categories that showed a decrease as a percentage of the total married female population over the last fifty years?

Virgins and good girls with one or two premarital lovers.

Think about that.

In the 1970s, among married women 80% had fewer than three premarital cocks.

By the 2010s, 61% of the married women cohort had three or more premarital cocks.

A total inversion of the sexual market, vaulting tramps into the position that damsels used to occupy.

No wonder the marriage rate is declining. Men have no incentive to invest in spoiled vagina.

Sex frequency may be decreasing as Pillennials retreat to their fapatoriums and cat cafes, but cock carousel riding is spinning faster than ever. Just because women don’t linger longer with their flings doesn’t mean the cockas aren’t accumulating.

Is it worse that women are cock hopping more but having less sex now than they did in the past when they had more sex with fewer men? Contrary to conventional wisdom, a lack of sex isn’t necessarily a positive social indicator if it’s accompanied by an increase in sex partners. A few heady romantic long-term relationships that end in heartbreak might not be as bad on a woman’s morale and sanity as a parade of prematurely aborted short-term flings punctuated by grinding bouts of loneliness.

What’s worse, the “sexless slut” who has had ten cocks in ten nights over ten years, with lots of ice cream and Tumblrrhea down time in between, or the well-sexed faithful girlfriend type who has had three cocks at three years apiece over ten years, with fleeting periods of clitoris-gazing solitude filling the short stints between boyfriends?

This question is not so easy to answer, but I lean toward believing sexless sluts are a bigger drag on functioning society, going by the rapid onset of pussyhat lunacy that has gripped our nation’s single women.

PS Dating in the Year 2018:


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Is there no greater ingrate than the White Woman? You give her the world, and she agitates for your extermination. There’s a Game lesson there.

ps totally OT, but I had to pass along a pretty good defense of tipping, from a commenter who wrote that in a multiracial dystopia like Post-America tipping serves the purpose of allowing White patrons to distinguish themselves from black patrons (who are known to be allergic to tipping).

pps from PA,

How much of it is alpha-baiting — as in, they want the tall blond Chads from an 80s jocks vs nerds movie to take ’em away?

No woman dreams of a hippie ravaging her, as goes the saying. Also no woman dreams of being leered-at by beaners, raped by a black ape, or beaten by a filthy brown muzzie.

If my theory that Western White men are becoming more beta is true, then alpha male baiting would make perfect sense from the woman’s perspective. The aggrocunt man-hate could be viewed as an intimidation tactic to cow the hordes of sniveling betas, and as an incitement to action directed at the alpha males who won’t put up with her shit (and happily rescuing her vagina from a parched desert of Zero Dark Tingle).

ppps tangentially on-topic: FeedBuzz unwittingly exposes the benefits of living in a high trust White Nordic nation. Number 12 could not exist outside of a Northern White nation. All those comforts would be swiped in under fifteen minutes.

Newspeak nails it,

It’s amazing that Aryan Nation Taint Licking is still a hobby of the denialist left. I suppose they get around it by mistaking socialism as the cause rather than the effect, enabling them to perceive the pleasant sensate reality of white civilization without triggering their ideological cogdis.

pppps “White girl learns to virtue signal”, oil on canvas:

From key,

There are no bad demon dogs, only bad owners.

ppppps the essence of cuckservatism:

There really should be more Planet of the Apes memes. An untapped resource.

pms Faceborg NPCs blurred the presidential Seal on Trump videos. In the bottom left pic, they went full petty dorkwad and airbrushed out the Seal entirely. (h/t BigGayKoranBurning Steve)

Related, lizardface cuckersperg was apparently triggered so hard by candidate Trump’s call for a ban on moslem immigration that he cried in the arms of sheryl sandberg and asked if Trump violated Facecock’s TOS. The Visitor wanted to ban Trump’s account.

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Ann Coulter:

Selfie saves a man from 99 years in prison.

Also, another woman who lied about a man attacking her. Because apparently people don’t think this happens.



she claimed her old high school boyfriend – who she hadn’t seen in years – broke into her residence and carved an ‘X’ into her chest

luckily for him he took a selfie 65 miles away with his mom
cops still raided him w/o warning and put him in jail
cause Berieve Awl Wahmen and whatnot
he had to post $150k bail

notice you can tell it’s self-inflicted by how neat it is


ps obvious cutter is obvious. aren’t there any police who know how to identify a headcase cutter? or are we just gonna lock up every White man at birth and spare the expense of due process?

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The future is overfed.

This is a pic of fat gross boxwine catladies mourning Claire McCaskill’s (D-Pussyhat) loss. If you push the middle one over, she ain’t getting up.

Talk about a boner-killing, America-killing line-up of rough mugs in the Ballsy-Ford tradition. Is there a factory that assembles these haggard banshees by the millions? They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Big ol manjaws, leathery skin, ****


bzzzt ORANGE MAN BAD beep boop


**** blubbery fupas, yenta glasses, perpetual scowls, and of course the requisite femcunt slogans. “The future is female” “Woman 2018” “Believe Women” etc. Is this ritualistic vapid sloganeering supposed to help them forget about their desiccated wombs and romantic worthlessness to any man with half a choice?

(The male version of these broads is sitting behind them in the gray jacket, rocking a T level that is half theirs.)

From End Cultural Marxism,

Do a Twitter search for “white women” (in quote marks). All the dindus, mestizos and muzzies are hating on white women big time because of election.

I wonder what the thoughts are of normie white women reading this hatred…

Yes, White women did not sufficiently support the aspirational Dem cult leader candidates Gillum, Abrams, and Beta O’Rourke. 41% for Beta is well short of the 95% of black women who voted for him, and DAS RACISS. (“But wait, CH, by that logic isn’t it racist for blacks to give only single digit support to White Republican candidates?” Shhhh, go to sleep now.)

I’m a big fan of this recent coalition of the fringes crack-up. Maybe it’ll wonderfully focus White woman minds. It’s a two-pronged attack on virtue signaling White women. They get it from shitlords calling them catladies, and they get it from nonWhites calling them racists (and in a most revoltingly paternalistic manner).

I approve of this pincer move, because FULL SPECTRUM SHAMING is the only thing that will jolt White women out of their anti-White mass hysteria.

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“look at me i am powerful wahman with my fake bushy manbrows”

I figure mentally ill broads like this one paint on these thick fake manbrows to appear more aggrocuntish. You know, “I am woman hear me screech” ego assuaging. But now I wonder if it might be a subconscious expression of latent pathological narcissism.

Narcissists have thicker, denser, more distinct eyebrows, according to a new study

according to a new study, published in the Journal of Personality, you may be able to detect a narcissist by focusing on one particular facial feature — their eyebrows.

Researchers Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule recruited participants to look at the faces of people who were all across the narcissistic spectrum, from a normal level to full blown narcissist — and it turned out they were pretty good at identifying them.

Strangely, when participants were shown pictures of just the eyebrows, they could correctly identify the narcissists too.

They highlighted femininity, grooming, and distinctiveness when they picked out the narcissists, but results showed it was distinctiveness that was key — narcissists tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows.

Eyebrows make our faces more recognisable, and in recent years they have become something of a fashion statement. Narcissists may like to make a statement with their brows so to tantalise potential love interests and make an impression.

As the authors wrote, they might “seek to maintain distinct eyebrows to facilitate others’ ability to notice, recognise, and remember them; thereby increasing their likability and reinforcing their overly positive self-views.”

It could also simply be because eyebrows give away more social messages than we realise. They are important for our facial expressions, but could also reveal subtle, subconscious information too.

I predict what we’ll find out in the coming years as the genetic and biological sciences advance is that physiognomy is real; that there are thousands of these connections between the personality/behavior and the physical appearance which clue us into a person’s character.

The story of the 21st Century will be science vindicating the “discredited” wisdom of the 19th Century.

“The ability to identify dark personality traits at zero-acquaintance provides particular value for avoiding exploitation and manipulation,” the researchers wrote.

Sounds like pattern recognition aka racism & sexism to me. BURN THE HERETIC

ps “at zero-acquaintance” would make a great movie title.

“The increasing incidence of narcissism underscores this value. Fortunately, people can accurately judge others’ narcissism based on how they act, what they say, what they wear, and what their faces look like.”

Sociopathy and narcissism are increasing in America. Our fracturing social contract (thanks, Diversity!) is allowing con men and narcissists to flourish and exploit the growing number of weak links in the system, the declining cooperativeness, and the increasing inanity and infantilism. The War against Noticing is really a War against Not Being Exploited. It’s in the interest of the exploiters to keep the exploited dumb, gullible, and fearful to act in their interest.

Plus, I’m getting tired of women ritualistically uglifying themselves according to the tenets of a vapid man-hating pussyhat ideology.

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