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Ann Coulter:

Selfie saves a man from 99 years in prison.

Also, another woman who lied about a man attacking her. Because apparently people don’t think this happens.



she claimed her old high school boyfriend – who she hadn’t seen in years – broke into her residence and carved an ‘X’ into her chest

luckily for him he took a selfie 65 miles away with his mom
cops still raided him w/o warning and put him in jail
cause Berieve Awl Wahmen and whatnot
he had to post $150k bail

notice you can tell it’s self-inflicted by how neat it is


ps obvious cutter is obvious. aren’t there any police who know how to identify a headcase cutter? or are we just gonna lock up every White man at birth and spare the expense of due process?

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The future is overfed.

This is a pic of fat gross boxwine catladies mourning Claire McCaskill’s (D-Pussyhat) loss. If you push the middle one over, she ain’t getting up.

Talk about a boner-killing, America-killing line-up of rough mugs in the Ballsy-Ford tradition. Is there a factory that assembles these haggard banshees by the millions? They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Big ol manjaws, leathery skin, ****


bzzzt ORANGE MAN BAD beep boop


**** blubbery fupas, yenta glasses, perpetual scowls, and of course the requisite femcunt slogans. “The future is female” “Woman 2018” “Believe Women” etc. Is this ritualistic vapid sloganeering supposed to help them forget about their desiccated wombs and romantic worthlessness to any man with half a choice?

(The male version of these broads is sitting behind them in the gray jacket, rocking a T level that is half theirs.)

From End Cultural Marxism,

Do a Twitter search for “white women” (in quote marks). All the dindus, mestizos and muzzies are hating on white women big time because of election.

I wonder what the thoughts are of normie white women reading this hatred…

Yes, White women did not sufficiently support the aspirational Dem cult leader candidates Gillum, Abrams, and Beta O’Rourke. 41% for Beta is well short of the 95% of black women who voted for him, and DAS RACISS. (“But wait, CH, by that logic isn’t it racist for blacks to give only single digit support to White Republican candidates?” Shhhh, go to sleep now.)

I’m a big fan of this recent coalition of the fringes crack-up. Maybe it’ll wonderfully focus White woman minds. It’s a two-pronged attack on virtue signaling White women. They get it from shitlords calling them catladies, and they get it from nonWhites calling them racists (and in a most revoltingly paternalistic manner).

I approve of this pincer move, because FULL SPECTRUM SHAMING is the only thing that will jolt White women out of their anti-White mass hysteria.

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“look at me i am powerful wahman with my fake bushy manbrows”

I figure mentally ill broads like this one paint on these thick fake manbrows to appear more aggrocuntish. You know, “I am woman hear me screech” ego assuaging. But now I wonder if it might be a subconscious expression of latent pathological narcissism.

Narcissists have thicker, denser, more distinct eyebrows, according to a new study

according to a new study, published in the Journal of Personality, you may be able to detect a narcissist by focusing on one particular facial feature — their eyebrows.

Researchers Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule recruited participants to look at the faces of people who were all across the narcissistic spectrum, from a normal level to full blown narcissist — and it turned out they were pretty good at identifying them.

Strangely, when participants were shown pictures of just the eyebrows, they could correctly identify the narcissists too.

They highlighted femininity, grooming, and distinctiveness when they picked out the narcissists, but results showed it was distinctiveness that was key — narcissists tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows.

Eyebrows make our faces more recognisable, and in recent years they have become something of a fashion statement. Narcissists may like to make a statement with their brows so to tantalise potential love interests and make an impression.

As the authors wrote, they might “seek to maintain distinct eyebrows to facilitate others’ ability to notice, recognise, and remember them; thereby increasing their likability and reinforcing their overly positive self-views.”

It could also simply be because eyebrows give away more social messages than we realise. They are important for our facial expressions, but could also reveal subtle, subconscious information too.

I predict what we’ll find out in the coming years as the genetic and biological sciences advance is that physiognomy is real; that there are thousands of these connections between the personality/behavior and the physical appearance which clue us into a person’s character.

The story of the 21st Century will be science vindicating the “discredited” wisdom of the 19th Century.

“The ability to identify dark personality traits at zero-acquaintance provides particular value for avoiding exploitation and manipulation,” the researchers wrote.

Sounds like pattern recognition aka racism & sexism to me. BURN THE HERETIC

ps “at zero-acquaintance” would make a great movie title.

“The increasing incidence of narcissism underscores this value. Fortunately, people can accurately judge others’ narcissism based on how they act, what they say, what they wear, and what their faces look like.”

Sociopathy and narcissism are increasing in America. Our fracturing social contract (thanks, Diversity!) is allowing con men and narcissists to flourish and exploit the growing number of weak links in the system, the declining cooperativeness, and the increasing inanity and infantilism. The War against Noticing is really a War against Not Being Exploited. It’s in the interest of the exploiters to keep the exploited dumb, gullible, and fearful to act in their interest.

Plus, I’m getting tired of women ritualistically uglifying themselves according to the tenets of a vapid man-hating pussyhat ideology.

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See this smirking, chortling sociopath Ballcutter-Fraud…

…I want her humiliated in the eyes of the public, of her peers, and of her family, for what she has done to Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

I want Blasey-Ford destroyed and her cat turd worldview crushed until no one will follow her anywhere and her name becomes synonymous with lunatic man-hating pussyhat shrews.

There is Evil, and there is Good, and you can easily see both in that comparison graphic above.

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Thousand cock stare. She went cross-eyed from all the shofars pushing her face in.

Let’s hope her threat is a promise. Dodged a shameful garbage hour hookup there. This is what winning feels like.

PS You don’t even have to ask.

PPS a comment by greinaurora that puts the kippah on a pike:

When the [special people] accept that the almighty gave them their chance at redemption and they went with “kill dat sucka”, felt no remorse about it, and rewrote their ancient religion to revolve around hating christians…

… when they really come to terms with the fact that they’re NOT the chosen people…

…they go atheist.

Because narcissists would rather God not exist than stop being the literal center of the universe.

Israeli Jews love President Trump, and I’ve read that they aren’t too keen on the idea of mass migration of American Jews into their homeland. Makes you think.

PPPS A poem, by Hugh Jenniks,

There once was a yenta named Vershbow,
Who hated Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She said “I won’t fuck”
& She said “I won’t suck”

And everyone just laughed at the stank ho.

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“What did she have to gain by coming forward to make a false sex assault accusation under oath?”

This is a weak sauce rhetorical gambit that shitlibs have clung to in their effort to buttress Ballsy-Fraud’s credibility and delude themselves that this crank isn’t a total liar.

What did she have to gain?

How about a cool $900K.

Once again, we see Soros’s Satanic fingerprints all over another act of sedition against Heritage America. How is this decrepit monster still freely subverting White nations?……….I mean he is a very old man.

Anyhow, I’m heartened to learn that this HoFundMe scam is being exposed, and that contributors can be prosecuted for making illegal payments to a witness testifying before a Congressional committee.

It would be sweet justice if we were to see pelicangullet in cuffs on her way to prison for making a heinous false sexual assault accusation, and all her shitlib and [very special people] enablers brought before the docket to answer for their crimes aiding and abetting a false witness.

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet…..and still waiting.

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A Georgetown University professor (first red flag), (((Christine Fair))) (second red flag — you could set your watch to this), who is as far as a quick duckduckgo search could reveal both unmarried and childless (third and fourth red flags — but thank Yahweh for small favors) has stated she wants to see White Republican men castrated and their corpses fed to swine.

A professor at Georgetown University known for making incendiary comments against supporters of President Donald Trump said white men deserve “miserable deaths” for supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown in the School of Foreign Service, tweeted Saturday, saying white Republican men should die and an added bonus would be if women “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

Georgetown University, naturally, is standing by their Death Wish Dame, because Georgetown, like almost every American institution of higher un-learning, is filled floor to rafters with despicable anti-White, anti-male, and anti-Christian bolsheviks running the place into the ground.

Fair (what a Waugh-ian name) believes “entitled White men…deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.” And — this should surprise no one — she’s a pitmommy who runs a blog called “Shit Men Say”.

Fair’s Twitter page has a banner that reads, “DON’T GRAB MY PUSSY.” She bills herself in her Twitter bio as a “Scholar of South Asian pol-mil affairs, inter-sectional feminist, pitbull apostle, scotch devotee, nontheist, resister.”

She also runs a blog called ShitMenSay where she doxxes people. It’s about ‘accountability’, she claims. It is a hateful blog.

On that blog, she basically used the space to dox anyone who disagreed with her online.

C. Christine Fair, a Provost’s Distinguished associate professor of security studies at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, started the blog “Shit Men Say” in January 2017. According to the description of the blog, Fair shares “snarcastic missives based upon the shit men (and sometimes  women ) say to me via email, voicemail and comments ‘deposited’ on my various social media” on her page.

In Fair’s posts, she reveals messages she received online along with the personal information pertaining to the people who sent her the messages. She posts her victims’ social media URLs, photos (including family photos), full names, locations, addresses, work information, phone numbers, and email addresses. […]

MRCTV counted approximately 80 posts on Fair’s blog in which she disclosed the personal information of people who sent her messages.

In addition to simply posting personal information, Fair repeatedly shares her victims’ personal information by reblogging the posts so they will result in higher Google search results.

Fair’s Tumblr blog is connected to her Twitter account, which means when she posts someone’s personal information on Tumblr, it is also shared on Twitter.

I bet you’re wondering if her phyzz matches the picture of her you have in your mind:

P R I O R S    V A L I D A T E D

Physiognomy is rael.

Look upon her crazy catlady face, and chortle. Miss Briss is hopped up on a cocktail of SSRIs, toxoplasma gondii, and box wine.

And a (formerly) prestigious university hired her and keeps her on.

There are two big stories here: the catlady apocalypse, and the total convergence of academia to the anti-White male orthodoxy. Both are smoldering ruins who have hit the Wailing Wall.

Christine Fair is Schrödinger’s Catlady, an indefinite paradox of quimtum mechanics that, once she interacts with, or is observed by, the outside world, collapses into a definable state of screeching lunacy. Schrödinger’s Catlady, like the cat, is both dead inside and alive until she is observed, at which point she becomes a cartoonish abstraction to ridicule.

This is the price society pays when pussy goes dry and un-rogered for decades on end, ignored by the Sexy White Boyium the arid pussy’s carrying vessel wishes were dead and fed to swine.

PS Yeaster Egg: this is the same heebsterical broad who confronted Richard Spencer while he was working out and got him kicked out of the gym.

PPS Related: How to spot the various flavors of sociopath.

PMS Also related: “Modify the standards of the in-group“. A reader summarizes:

Superb, detailed article proves role of [the special people] in molding / manipulating public opinion to favor [the special people]. Method: actively reshape in-group standards & reform peer group pressures to become antagonistic to in-group ethnocentrism. Goal: PC white culture that *policed itself* to be more user-friendly to [the special people].

Thanks to the tireless efforts of [the special people], America has become an open air, mass scale psy ops. Orwell would weep if he wasn’t flabbergasted into stunned silence.

A Gabber who will go unnamed (but who is quasi-famous in old time Maul-Right blogger circles), had this to say about the corruption of academia:

Well-meaning sheeple have no idea how loony and hostile the people at our colleges, govt, foundations and media outlets now are. They were always arrogant, of course, but current feminism and SJWism have kicked the insanity level up a *lot* of notches.

We’re at the “tearing the legs off the frogs” stage.

Extricating ourselves from this massive psy ops won’t be easy, but it can be done. Rage won’t work against [the special people]. They feast on our rage knowing, at least for now, it’s largely impotent, and all our rage accomplishes is justifying their increasingly barbed taunts.

But mockery has worked, and does work. Mockery has a salutary effect on the interfaith dialogue, provoking [the special people] to implode and sputter with the same incoherent rage they inspire in the targets of their venom.

For this reason, i’m a big advocate of mockery, which has the power to settle our ancient score in a bloodless manner.

I’m a mocker not a fighter. This is my preferred outcome.

[The special people] can’t handle being mocked by anyone but their own. It’s like telling a nerd he’s not that smart. It hits the ego and the id square on, for if the nerd isn’t smart, what does he have going for himself? Likewise, if [the special person] isn’t fearsome, he becomes that dweeby outsider getting stuffed in lockers by Bretts and laughed at by Ashleys.

A reader astutely notes they can’t handle being mocked…or named.

One of the most effective immunotherapy programs Heritage Americans can undertake to save their nation at this late hour is to highlight, in every medium which is still open to free speech, the stark cultural, biological, psychological, economic, and ideological differences between [the special people] and [the targets of their hate]. Clarity brings the battlefield to view.

And is there a more bittersweet joy in this world than that of the blind man who can suddenly see?

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