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AOC is a radical commie leftwinger overseas puerto rican midwit who snipes as much against her own Democrat Party as she does against all that is true and beautiful in the world.

Ilhan Omar is a radical commie leftwinger overseas somali lackwit who barrels through the JQ and forces the media and uniparty to scramble for cover before too many normies are redpilled on the nature of their overlords.

The question is whether the aoc-omar entity destroys the Dems from within before the party can complete its demographic terraforming of America, or if they capitulate and are sufficiently converged to the globohomo borg and recruited as just more sloot soldiers in the war against White America.

tfw you marvel at the whims of a universe which decides an aoc/omar slag team will heighten contradictions in a rapidly degenerating empire and pull it back from the precipice of collapse.


“Behave yourself, guest.”

The new Maul-Right message of love.

Leave it to a based&crescentpilled imam to execute a level 99 Thot Patrol.

Better: “Buh Bye, guest.”

From a groyperfrog:

the brotherfucker names the [special people]
>the Imam patrols the brotherfucker when she gets lippy with the locals’ sheik

The Alt-Right/Islamic alliance will be the most unexpected development of 2019.

At this point, I’m game. Grab the popcorn.

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From This is a sobriquet,

Democrats [women] cheered harder for themselves getting into congress than for war heroes, criminal justice reform, child cancer survivors, preventing sex trafficking, lowest unemployment among black/hispanics in history, job growth, and a guy who landed on the moon.

It’s the Congressional LOOKATME caucus. The price of admission is to have a vagina and a perpetually curled snarl.

From Rabbi High Comma,

Occasio-Cortez couldn’t even look sincere clapping for a child with brain cancer. She will do our work for us. She could have gone into porn, or provided vagina for a black running back, but instead her destiny is to red pill millions of Whites who weren’t paying attention. God bless you La Raza Chan.

I know these chicks. The only face barmaidens like Attentionwhore Of-Color can sincerely express is snark&sass, the female counterpoint to the male agree&amplify.

PS Since we’re on the subject of false pride….

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A reader had passed along a quick story about his time with a Ukrainian chick, and it was too funny to keep buried in the Chateau vault.

This is a Ukrainian girl who had a notch count of 1 when she left Kiev and she stayed in San Francisco over the summer and fucked 13 different guys and sexted dozens more. The American culture turned her into a mega slut. I found this on her profile page, and I don’t know if this was done intentionally, but it clearly shows she likes to ride the cock carousel!

Would maul.

Reminds me of another mega slut

Best thing about this pic is the cougar in the back chasing after the escaping cock.

What the reader says about American culture corrupting foreign foxes is true. Something happens to these lithe ludmilas once they land on US soil that immediately weaponizes their hypergamy and turns them from tradwives in flower necklaces flouncing through spring meadows into thots with a taste for anal play.

It could be a selection effect: foreign femmes who leave their family behind for a few extra shekels are the kind to be ruthlessly pragmatic about cock-laddering their way to an American alpha male who will pay for their leopard-print lifestyle. Plus, once these girls are out from under the patriarchal oversight of their steely-eyed native men, they go crazy exploiting the naive soyium in America.

And maybe we have to concede that American culture is rotten, and corrupt, and dismally dehumanizing, capable of pushing psychologically fragile but still relatively chaste foreign girls to the slut side.

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Your 116th Congoress, ladies and gentlemen.

Occasional-Cortex had her teeth fixed. I wonder if that was before or after this pic:

Would you risk the hummer?

I’m becoming a fan of Occasional-Cortex. She’s hurling queztlcoatl cocktails at the Dem leadership and pushing the entire party to embrace hardcore socialism and brownism. She’s juuuust smart enough to sense the moment is turning against White Americans, and juuuuust stupid enough to not have a filter on her aggro anti-White drain-the-coffers gibs-eology. What this broad can do for MAGA (either under Trump’s guidance or under a post-Trump heir) is flush with possibility. Once she’s destroyed the Dems as a vehicle for the needs of blue collar Whites (leaving behind a rump of post-grad, insulated SWPLs) — with a little helping push from devious maul-righters — we can crush her credibility by pointing out she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth (which she was).

Personally, I’m even fond of the idea of a President Occasional-Cortex. Battlefield clarity, and all that.

*h/t SteveRogers42 for the post title.

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A fantastic comment from Make, about the current state of Finland politics (and why a “Western Warsaw Pact” is at present inconceivable to native Finns with long memories of the Winter War):

Greetings from Finland, Mr. Heartiste.

I’ve been reading American dissident blogs, including this one, for several years in order to understand, what’s going on at that side of the Atlantic. Mainstream media in Western European countries are simply mindlessly parroting whatever nonsense New York Times and CNN come up with, so they are utterly useless in this regard. While these dissidents often offer useful insights, many of them seem to be too quick to jump to conclusions, especially concerning what’s happening in Europe. (To be fair, most Europeans don’t have a very nuanced understanding of America either.)

For example, in Finland the Winter War and stopping the Soviet grand offensive in the summer of 1944 are still among the most fundamental building blocks of national identity. Even nowadays, when there aren’t many veterans alive anymore, this David and Goliath story has a significant emotional appeal for most people. We also still have universal conscription, and it’s pretty fucking clear for everyone serving in the army that we aren’t afraid of Norwegians invading our country. So the idea of Russian threat is still something pretty tangible for most Finns, and the idea that they could see Russia as any sort of ally is just downright absurd. Sure, we can pragmatically cooperate with them when it’s useful for both sides, but Russia will nevertheless be seen primarily as a threat for decades if not for centuries to come, and in countries which actually had to live under the Soviet occupation this feeling is probably even stronger. And the whole Ukrainian mess sure as hell didn’t make anyone feel less suspicious of the Russkies.

Now, judging by your reply to a comment above you seem to understand this, but I don’t know where did you get the idea that Finland is among the countries currently fighting against the “Globohomo”. The reality is quite the opposite. Like during the Cold War when Finland had to balance between the Eastern and Western blocs, its situation is again quite unique. In most Western European countries both the cultural marxist undermining of the foundations of society and the population replacement began already in the 60s and 70s, whereas in the former Eastern bloc countries both developments were stopped before they even seriously got underway. In Finland both really started only in the 90s, so while Finland is currently following the same path as rest of the Western Europe, we are few decades behind them, and that may very well end up saving us from the most disastrous consequences of this globalist ideology.

Our current political establishment is full of shitlibs and cuckservatives, to use the American terms, who are hellbent on following every whim of the Brussel’s Politbyro, but as I explained above there is still a healthy sense of patriotism among the hoi polloi, and most people are opposed to the mass immigration from shithole countries. Unfortunately, for most people immigration is not the most urgent question when they go to the voting booth, since the number of immigrants is still relatively small compared to Western European countries. Merkel’s insane decision to open the floodgates three years ago did wake up many people (including me) and made them realize that mass immigration from the third world is not just an idiotic policy but an existential threat, but not enough people.

So when it comes to cultural marxist indoctrination and levels of third world immigration, in the 80s Finland was basically where Poland is today (both were close to nonexistent). However today Finland is pretty much where Sweden was in the 90s. Both are starting to have serious consequences, but we are still in a position, where we can stop this lunacy before it destroys the whole country.

Fortunately, both the domestic political situation in Finland and the international environment today are very different compared to Sweden in the 90s. In the 90s the globalist ideology achieved a hegemonic position all over the West, and in those halcyon days the shitlibs and cuckservatives triumphantly assumed that there was no alternative to their worldview. Now their ideology is as moribund as Soviet communism under Brezhnev, and they are in full panic mode because of the rising tide of nationalism. This of course helps nationalist politicians here in Finland, and thanks to the internet, more and more people are seeing what a disaster mass immigration has been in Western Europe, whereas in the 90s the main stream media would have been able to sweep most of that information under the carpet.

And unlike in Sweden few decades ago, there is also already a viable alternative to the establishment in the form of the Finns party. They started as an all round populist party attacking especially the EU and the general unimaginative blandness of the consensus politics of the establishment parties, but immigration critics also joined the party and used it as a vehicle to make immigration a part of the political discussion. Under the leadership of Timo Soini the party managed to win about 19 % of the votes in the elections of 2011 and about 18 % in 2015, which thoroughly shocked the establishment parties and the main stream media.

However, there was always a tension between those loyal to Soini, who is really just a common snake oil salesman, and the immigration critics in the party. After the 2015 elections the Finns party became part of the government, and when the “asylum seekers”, who had traveled through the whole Europe, started pouring into Finland from Sweden in the autumn, the party was in a position to demand the government to close the border and let the Swedes enjoy all that cultural enrichment. But Soini did nothing, because he was too afraid to lose his comfy post as the foreign minister, and so 30 000 Muslim invaders simply marched into the country, most of whom are still mooching here. After this betrayal the support of the party collapsed, and it was clear to everyone, that Soini was nothing but an opportunistic piece of shit. In the 2017 Party convention leader of the immigration critics, Jussi Halla-aho, was chosen as the chairman of the party, which led supporters of Soini to leave the party and found their own. This earned Soini the nickname Judas Soini.

While this farce was hardly good publicity for the party, in the long run it was a good thing, because the spineless traitors are now out of the way, and under the new leadership the party has now a clear direction and stopping immigration is their most important goal. According to the polls the support of the party after the split has been steadily around 8–9 %. This is the hard core of the supporters, who think immigration is the most important political question of the day, but the party has potential to gain much more support. Halla-aho is a very intelligent and principled guy who started his political career as a blogger and is known for his sardonic mockery of the multiculturalist ideology. He is really the first internet age politician in the country. He has of course been dragged through the mud in the media for years and called every possible -ist and -phobe, so he has grown a very thick skin and definitely won’t cuck like Soini. However repairing the reputation of the party after all that’s happened during the last few years will take some time. There are elections next spring, and I would guess they are going to get something between 10–15 % of the votes. Not enough to change the course of the country, but enough to be a constant thorn in the side of the establishment. If the party doesn’t screw up, I think in 2023 there’s a real chance that Halla-aho will be the prime minister or at least the interior minister, and if that happens, then you can really count Finland among the based countries that oppose the evil schemes of the globalist cabal.

And given the principal subject matter of this blog, I think it’s appropriate to mention that while Halla-aho looks like a pencil necked nerd, he has four kids with his wife and one with his former concubine, so the guy is a real alpha in disguise. I guess razor sharp intelligence can supplant the missing muscle mass.

Look first for the peripheral Hajnal nations like Finland and, maybe, Norway to push hard against Globohomo. Sweden is a lost cause unless the pain of vibrancy gets so great that they execute a 180 and the consensus breaks to kicking out the foreigners. When that happens, IKEA will be renamed to VIKEA.

I don’t trust Russians, either (Russians don’t even trust each other), but I will welcome an alliance of expedience if it helps crush Open Borders Gaymulatto Yglesiasan Neoliberalism (OB/GYN).

PS A story about a Finnchick in America.

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From hbconservancy,

CH: How would you game this smokin’-hot babe? The Cindy Crawford-ish mole is an added turn-on. Since it appears we are now actually on the Titanic, why not enjoy the final few minutes? I prefer your witty lust to Greg Eliot’s disgust.

First, I wouldn’t call her smokin’-hot. Sure, she’s better than the average brownlady, but that’s not saying much. Generously, she’s a 6 (or an age-adjusted 7). Would I bang? Yeah, probably. Just for the exotic notch. And maybe for the secret crusader-pillager thrill.

Apparently, she’s Germany’s Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, with a bigger White-whittling demographic impact:

Sawsan Chebli from Palestine, twelve siblings, father illiterate, he doesn’t speak German, raised kids on welfare. She even looks like Ocasio-Cortez. Always insecure, highly strung, and peevish.

Insecure, high-strung, peevish? Sounds like the typical Semite woman. Race genetics rules!

Siegfried’s face palm in the first shot may as well be on Germany’s flag, because the whole country is face-palmable. Way to go, krauts, you really atoned for the world wars by surrendering your nation to the xerxes hordes. Such dedication to zee craft!

I’d game this bristly brownly semi-babe by opening her with, “I still call it the Wailing Wall” *wink*.

If she smiles knowingly, I’d segue into the Comfort Stage with florid talk of occupation, oppression, and redemption in the arms of an intoxicating infidel open to exploring the possibility of a romantic WEEE-had. On the walk back to my pad, I’d pick up a rock and pretend to throw it at an imaginary soldier, then stay my hand and place the rock in her palm, telling her to “keep the fire burning”. Sex would be a rocket-propelled attack and pre-orgasmic shouts of me bragging that i’d fill her with twelve outbred siblings. Finally, I’d escort her to her home….1,500 miles away.

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Italy has a catastrophically low fertility rate. Projections say Italy’s population will be halved in a few generations at current TFR. In an effort to encourage Italian women to push out more bambinos, the government introduced what can only be fairly described as an anti-mudsharking campaign to shame White Italian women to get serious about snagging and settling down with White Italian men, while the women still have relatively unrifled vaginas.

Italian health officials accused of racism over fertility campaign that urges women to ditch their black ‘bad companions’

An Italian public health campaign has been denounced as racist after it appeared to urge women to leave their black ‘bad companions’ if they wanted to fall pregnant.

I love how the Italian chick in the bottom pic looks like an extra from Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch.

Italy’s Ministry of Health launched its first ‘Fertility Day’ on Thursday in an attempt to prevent infertility and sterility through education and health programmes.

Some 700,000 Italians want to have children but can’t because of inferility problems. The country has one of Europe’s lowest birthrates.

The new campaign, backed by Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, focuses on tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse.

But one of the flyers was slammed as racist, forcing Ms Lorenzin to remove the advert on the eve of the event launch.

As a commenter mentioned, the ad may have been removed, BUT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT. Overton creaked and groaned.

The image shows four smiling, light-skinned adults at the beach illustrating ‘good habits’ for reproductive health.

The image was placed over a darker image of a group of young people, including a black man, smoking — an illustration of the ‘bad companions’ who should be ‘abandoned’.

The poster was widely criticised, even from within the governing Democratic Party.

But where is the lie?

Ms Lorenzin said Thursday she had approved a different ad and didn’t know how the mix-up occurred, and that she had fired the official responsible.

A Chateau infiltrator!

Earlier adverts in the ‘Fertility Day’ campaign were criticized as being sexist for featuring a woman holding her belly with one hand and an hourglass with the other with the tagline: ‘Beauty doesn’t have an age. Fertility does.’

LOL my sides! Ok, it’s time to reveal who we are. Chateau Heartiste……..IS ITALY.

Another read: ‘Hurry up! Don’t wait for the stork.’

Italy is basically a country-sized trigger of feminist bitterbitches. The anti-safe space.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the ‘Fertility Day’ launch, claiming the Health Ministry had ignored the real economic reasons behind Italy’s low birthrate.

I bet you’re wondering what an Italian feminist looks like.

Not much different than an American feminist!

They said a stagnant economy, low-paying, temporary work contracts for young people and insufficient public day care, were all contributing factors.

I don’t see “working women”, “mass immigration of cheap labor”, and “the Pill” in that list. Throw it away.

In 2015 Italy registered the lowest number of births in more than 150 years as the average childbearing age rose to 31.6.

That’s really bad. Think about it, Italian women are world leaders in riding the cock carousel. Say age 16-32 are the premarital casual sex years; that’s 16 years of cocka hopping! No doubt a few refugee cockas slipped into the woodpile. What beta Italian man would want to wife up such used, disgusting cheap tricks?

The top rated comment, from Joe in Ohio:

It’s the opposite of advertisements here where the white male is the one with negative traits and the cool, sexy, authority figures are black. When I began to notice I was offended and couldn’t imagine why television ads were cast that way until I realized it was intentional.

It’s called “waking up from Globohomo agitprop anesthesia”. The Chateau is here to help you clear out the sedative.

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