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This is real:

Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Melania wore this jacket on her way to visit border babbies. She was obviously sending a message to phonyfuck virtue signaling self-righteous sanctimonious shitlibs screeching hysterically about a twenty year old border apprehension policy that temporarily separates children from parents until the parents’ fake asylum claims have been reviewed…AND FOUND WANTING.

For this epic troll, the MOAB of trolls, I award Melania the coveted Shiv of the Week.

*hands golden shiv to melania*

*melania lightly grips it in a delicate feminine hand, running the pointer finger of her other hand along the edge of the blade, the sparkles of the shiv matched in luminescence by her hot rod red fingernail polish*

“do you think i didn’t pick up a thing or two watching my husband deal with scum in rat-infested new york?” she purrs.

Melania is the only First Lady about whom I’ve wondered what she’s like in bed. Sensuous, I bet.

Between Corey Lewandowski’s WOMP WOMP and Melania’s triggerjacket, it almost feels like we’ve turned a corner in the battle between the degenerate freak mafia and the MAGAmen, and we shitlords are now on offense, beating the freaks back to their hug boxes.

I’m not the only one to notice the change in momentum:

The snipdick blue ticks accounted for.

FYI it’s very easy to push the already mentally ill over the edge. A WOMP WOMP here, a jacket there, and a ‘umble blog outpost of realtalk dedicated to opening hearts and minds playing the background score, and mass shitlib suicides are not far off.

PS Monkfish adds,

Nothing a woman wears is by accident. Now we’ll be spending the next week’s news cycle talking about Melania’s jacket instead of Mexican children in dog kennels. Do our enemies never learn?

White shitlibs aren’t as SMRT as they like to imagine themselves. Their abstraction-weighted intelligence leaves them vulnerable to the reality-grounded concrete intelligence of the Chad. Cucks are beginning to learn this lesson: be more like Trump and less like an insecure lackey trying to win the admiration of your enemies.

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Sam Lavigne (((?))) is a far-Left, pantifa supporting NYU professor (it is to laugh) and active enemy of European Christendom who doxxed a bunch of patriotic ICE agents on Twatter via their LinkedIn profiles. Doxxing law enforcement agents into a readily accessible dossier and distributing it to anti-American pantifa activists is an implicit threat of violence against those agents, which Lavigne knows, and why he did it.

Naturally, you’re wondering about Xir Lavigne’s physiognomy. You won’t be surprised.

Shivthots and shitlords, I give you…the superbugman. There is no cure for this strain. I bet the fine volk at MPC would agree. This is the physiognomy of the ür-bugman, fit only for mockery and tubal ligation.

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I love this man. He has shown Heritage America how to fight, and more importantly how to welcome the fight. Unlike tomato can GOPe cucks who pretended to fight and then fell to the mat after getting a chin hair grazed by a weak jab, Trump fights for real. For keeps. And he keeps coming back to dish out more punishment to shitlibs. Result: shitlibs have lost their collective minds.

I still marvel that for this irreligious agnostic Trump more than anyone has me questioning my faith in the impossibility of divine intervention.

PS Trump has done the unimaginable. He dethroned Skittles Man. Say hello to President Starburst!

President Donald Trump reportedly threw Starburst candies onto a table at the G7 summit for German chancellor Angela Merkel, saying “Here, Angela. Don’t say I never give you anything.”

Who but Trump could be more alpha than Skittles Man? I would fight for this man to the ends of the earth.

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Our Comeytose caption contest winner is HL,

Admiring his fellow plants.

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Twatter CEO Jack Dorsey. Physiognomy is squeal. (were you expecting anything different?)

*giggle* *squeal*…i have your alt-right account info and i’m about to get you fired from life…*gigglesqueal*

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared at least 17 tweets from a Russian troll between late 2016 and mid 2017

Ban Jack Dorsey. He has colluded with Russia to undermine our democratic process.

PS Petitioning readers to scrape together a Deep State Reckoning Countdown Clock meme. The hour is nigh, and Phony Comey is all outta arrogant smug sighs.

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A MAGAman trolled vapid Trump-hater Robert “Punchy” De Niro during a De Niro-directed Broadway musical by hoisting, front row center, a “Keep America Great, TRUMP 2020” banner.

Good stuff. You know what would have been even more ruthless? If the banner was nothing but a photo of Punchy’s polychromatic family.

No caption needed. The pic is enough of a subtle reminder to De Nullified that most normal parents go into the enterprise thrilling to the prospect that their kids will resemble them, and his don’t.

The psychological burden of this awareness has obviously taken on toll (heh) on De Zero’s sanity, and he lashes out at Trump and what Trump implicitly represents: a return to biological reality, truth, and beauty.

An audience member at that musical creatively disrupted by a Trump minion had this to say about it,

“It’s sad that people can’t enjoy a beautiful show and embrace its unifying message without politicizing it,” Del Vicario said.

Lack of Self Awareness Achievement Level 99 Unlocked.

Another hot take from a hair dresser,

Brian Strumwasser, a hair department supervisor on “A Bronx Tale” and several other productions, agreed — saying the man “disrespected” the cast and crew.

“Whoever the low life scum bag who thinks it’s ok to post their political views at a Broadway show and disrespect everyone there who paid to watch a show that is ALL ABOUT INCLUSION was thankfully removed from the theater Saturday night,” Strumwasser wrote Sunday on Instagam.

Lack of Self Awareness Achievement Level 100 Unlocked. I wonder if this fruit cup was equally indignant about all the alt-right speeches and events closed down under pressure from anti-free speech left-wing protestors? Rhetorical. A reader astutely recalls similar hypocrisies of the Left,

This is how the insane liberal religious marxists have turned things into. What about the idiot actor from hamilton that started preaching his garbage at our vice president pence?! Fuck the left

Leftoids are getting an overdose of their own medicine from ZFG alpha chadlord dissidents ripping pages from the Left’s Rules for Radicals, and it is chafing their soy-mottled hides HARD.

When leftoids are force fed their own gruel, watch how quickly they backpedal and beg for civility.

NOT THIS TIME. The days when the Left could steamroll cucks who spoke out of turn are over; it’s the dawning of the Age of Atomic Wedgies.

Trump (and yours truly if I may) have shown that there’s nothing dishonorable about the fight, that the Left are paper ligers, and that having big brass balls is the best friend you’ll ever need in the battle to crush the creepy anti-Whites who to a soyboy and bluehair will fold like cheap lawn chairs under the slightest bit of unapologetic pushback.





Take the fight to the leftoid freak mafia, on their turf, in their house, and scatter their chinless foot soldiers, nasally consiglieri, hysterical hall monitors, and obese usurpers to the winds to carry their howls of pain across our MAGA plains.

If the leftoid cowers for your mercy, remind xir that it was the Left which started this war, which sadistically relished humiliating its enemies, and which never backed off an inch in its march through the institutions to leave behind corrupted de-souled husks as disfigured monuments to their malice and scorched earth depravity…and that their current ordeal of pain was necessitated, indeed fated, by the savage rules of total war they themselves brought to the battlefield.

Then strap another limb to the breaking wheel, as a lesson for the others: everything’s changed, there’s no word smithery to save you now.

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I’d add a fourth type:

The Dreg. This is the guy who can’t even get love from a fatty and who has no male friends.

PS The 3 Male Archetypes meme above is also a useful shorthand for civilizational cycles:

Relationship Beta -> Peak civilization
Polygynous Jerkboy Alpha -> Rising replacement civilization from the smoking ruins of a destroyed civilization
Incel Niceguy -> Declining civilization
David Fatrelle -> Gynarcho-tyranny

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