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In response to Steve King’s virulent racial hatred, which involved false claims that “Western civilization” is not an offensive term which oppresses already victimized people of color, Congressional Republican leaders have announced that they will be putting on a live show featuring their wives having sex with black men.

Billed as “Abraham Lincoln’s Mandingo Extravaganza to Stop White People,” Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney will all offer up their wives to to black men, while they sit on the couch, watching and masturbating. The show will air live on C-SPAN. […]

After the upcoming Extravaganza was announced, Romney told CNN’s Don Lemon that the gangbang will be “really rough” and would involve “humiliating BDSM.”

“Let me tell you Don, the deepthroat is going to be brutal. And when I say brutal, I mean ‘brutal’ with a capital ‘b.’”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Lemon replied. “Like all Americans, I can’t wait to watch it.

The best modern satirists publish on dissident blogs that are hounded off the internet day and night by an unholy alliance of corporate and government agents for Globoschlomo.

It must burn these party apparatchiks that the revolutionary spirit lives on in America among The Deplatformed, who occupy the moral high ground and thumb their noses at their putative betters.

Mockery is war by other means. Commence happy ridicule.


Let the hate flow through you:


Let the irate flow through you:


This Steve King fiasco is Peak Anti-White Hysteria. The man said nothing untoward. He said, in so many words, it was a shame that Western Civ was being smeared as “White supremacy”. If he did anything wrong it was talking to a JYTimes propagandist.

As J.R. notes,

the craziness of it all is he’s being crucified for something he didn’t even say

in fact, what he did say was implicitly criticizing White Nationalism and White Supremacy, cause he was clearly saying, hey, when did Western Civilization become a bad thing? When did it become racist and white supremacist?

he’s saying those are bad things which Western Civ isn’t


Heritage America has no representation anymore.

424-1 in favor of condemning those who would entertain the thought that Whites have an identity.

The one nay vote was from a black Dem who thought the resolution didn’t go far enough.

lol america is finished.

The Two Minutes Hate directed against Steve King is symptomatic of a mind disease that has gripped the Western consciousness and won’t let go. Even otherwise normal, level-headed Americans are slave to the illness. What a shame. The craven prostration and groveling is what’s so disgusting about the whole spectacle.

Why do men like Crenshaw bend the knee to a puppet master who mocks them to their faces? Why make a show of his groveling on Twatter? Just vote “cuck” to appease the weasels and move on. Don’t hit up twatter to preen grotesquely about how bad Whites are for noticing their Whiteness.

But the greatest humiliation was reserved for Steve King, who had the temerity to insinuate that Whites are a collective identity with a glorious history of achievement who don’t deserve to be displaced from their own countries by third world rabble. One of those yea votes for the resolution condemning Steve King was from….Steve King.

As symbolism of a dying, weak, self-abasing race goes, that is hard to beat. Steve King condemning Steve King for crimes against the Diversity Orthodoxy he didn’t even commit.

It’s times like these I dream of the flammenwerfer.


blue pill: we’re all the same, happy happy joy joy!
red pill: race differences are real, asians are smarter than whites, checkmate lib!
rivers running with blood pill: whites deserve their own homelands fashioned in their image and reflecting their values.

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In a post titled “Shamelessness” (invoking a similar CH post titled “The United States of Ingrates“), Steve Sailer links to and remarks on a JYTimes op-ed written by Shikha Dalmia (a name straight out of the midwest….of an asiatic shithole) demanding more immigration of her clan into America.

Commenter Buzz Mohawk riffs on this with pinpoint hilarity, earning him the CH Freelance Comment of the Week:

Of course, when Shikha Dalmia’s cousins all get here, they will, in turn, write NYT opeds demanding even more immigration because not all of _their_ cousins have arrived yet. And so on ad infinitum.

Americans, with our principles and rule of law, are no match for Clan Loyalty.

That’s a lot of shikhas.

And this is a lot of shiksas:

Which do we prefer? It should be up to us.

The problem is “us” is changing to “them”, and then it will be up to “them”.

And that is the whole point of open borders. Changing “us” to “them”.

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Bonus TOTW:

Haha, best Twatterer ever.

But…..still doesn’t make up for this glibly dumb tweet by our President:

Mass immigration of peasants lowers the wages of working class Americans. Mass immigration of code monkeys lowers the wages of white collar Americans. Both types of immigration ruin the aesthetics of America and fray the social contract.

America has plenty of smart, talented people who can be trained and educated for high skill jobs, AT A DECENT WAGE. But of course the oligarchs would rather import their skilled workers on the cheap from countries that aren’t exactly known for having values and ideals in line with American values and ideals.

If Trump wants to win over some of the Berniebros-slash-AOCsoys saddled with college debt and no high wage prospects, he had better turn hard against H-1Bs. This comment by him is just silly and wrongheaded, not to mention at odds with what he has previously said on the subject:

From a reader,

You have understand Trump’s a boomer. He knows what boomers know. So we have to tell him these things. Give him the truth and he seems to act on it.

Ann Coulter almost single-handedly got Trump to back down from signing the original spending bill that had no funding for the Wall, and it cost her Trump’s following on Twatter. But it worked.

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From Second City Bureaucrat, one of the funniest accounts on Twatter:

This is what an aggressive-aggressive war looks like:

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Hey, Jeff, you little pissant wall-eyed value-eating slave labor-loving wage-gutting nation-wrecking globohomo nerdo, was the tranny blowjob worth it? Asking for a friend named Donald Trump.



Some thoughts on the Bezos Bimbo.

News is out (thanks to Trump’s friends at the National Enquirer) that Bezos cheated on his wife of two decades and had an affair with a 49-year-old woman sporting staypuft lip injections. That’s her above, Lauren “dirty” Sanchez. She is the wife of a friend of the Bezos’. The timeline is murky, but the latest reporting suggests Bezos was slamming Slamchez while both were still married, but you know how these satanic cult elite marriages are arranged to allow for “managed indiscretions”.

There were questions if the Bezos marriage blew up because Jeffy or his wife stepped out, but now we know — the rich husband cashed in his inflating SMV. The cosmic order remains in balance, and we may enjoy the spectacle of TDS sufferer Bezos getting his name dragged through the mud.

Bezos has been looking jacked since Trump became President. It’s known that lifting will raise testosterone levels, and higher T will increase the risk of infidelity (jacked up muscles => jacked up libido). I wouldn’t be surprised if Bezos has more than one mistress in his closet that he acquired after he started throwing the iron.

The Trump Curse is real. Bezos is a notorious Trump-hater who bought the Washington Post-Op with the sole intention of turning it into an unreadable anti-Trump rag, which he did, quite successfully.

Maybe Jeff Bezos hates Trump because Trump’s wives were and still are much hotter than the plain jane Bezos managed to land with his money?

Could be!

That’s another aspect of Trump I respect. He had the power and he USED IT to grab only the sexiest pussy. While Bezos flirted with a middle aged desperate housewife, Trump was romping with porn whores, playboy models, fashion models, and who knows how many garden variety hotties off the streets of NY.

A billionaire would really have to be a pathetic beta boob to fail at attracting a hottie. And that was Betazos. A beta soul cannot be cured by 140 billion dollars. It’s not that unusual to see very rich men acting like total noobs with women. If you’ve spent all your time making money and none of it learning how to banter with women, and lean on your money to do all the courtship and seduction work, then women will fall for your money instead of you.

Sanchez might be a golddigger. Golddiggers target already rich men. Smart women target pre-rich men who seem like they have the potential to become rich. How do women become filthy rich? By divorcing a filthy rich man.

Normally, I feel some sympathy for men who get taken to the cleaners by rapacious whores leveraging a corrupt divorce-rape system that enables their thievery, but in this case I will enjoy every minute of this spectacle and every last dollar squeezed out of robber baron Bezos’ Amazog Prime wallet. It couldn’t happen to a nicer globalist.

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Aging, retired porn whore Jenna Jameson did not like Yann Moix pointing out that 50-year-old women are unloveable. She bitched back at him on Twatter. You’ve gotta read the responses in that thread to appreciate just how brutally this walking diseased orifice who opened herself to thousands of cocks to make a living was owned by a crew of shitlords with no patience for fluffing another slore for the skankocracy.

She unleashed a beast…

There’s no safe space for glorified hookers anymore. The id monster roams freely.

PS Jameson sobered up, got married, and had a daughter (who is a good bet to grow up to be a high-def receptacle like her mom). I suppose that’s a lifestyle improvement, but you really have to wonder about the man* who would wife up a Wall-imminent ex-porn actress with a back entrance video catalog of all the men she fucked before him. Talk about sloppy thousandths. It’s one thing to make an honest woman of a fresh-muffed college girl with a few regrets in her short life; it’s quite another to rescue a has-been slam pig from the brink of spinsterhood and lay with her aglow in delusional self-satisfaction as if your pink legume has a chance of applying any friction to a vagina warped beyond recognition by the jackhammering of a caravan of migrant cocks.

PPS I have to laugh at Jameson for becoming indignant at slurs against her age, but indifferent toward and even proud of insults directed at her career of spreading her legs on camera for random pile driving. This goes to show just how badly the Wall shiv pierces female vitals; women know at the deepest hindbrain level that their window of sexual allure is only open for a brief spell, and shuts with an authoritative thud. Zero-point-sero SMV is the threat that women fear most.

*Wonder no more. Here is a pic and relevant bio of Jameson’s hubby (he’s an Israeli criminal….the phyzz is hilariously on-point):

My speculation on the nature of Jameson’s marriage was correct. She converted to judaism as part of an implicit deal with her shyster israeli husband: “I’ll be all the [special person] you want if you rescue me from suicidal post-porn depression”.

A lifetime of shameful whoring and the approach of the Wall wonderfully focuses a ho’s mind on the value of becoming very pliable to the demands of men.

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