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Shitlibs are emotionally stunted escapists. If you imbibe any social media (rohypnol for the soul), you’ll notice that libs can’t stop feverishly drawing analogies between their favorite English Lit 301 book, Harry Potter, and Trumperica. So it is with tremendous relish that I forward this /pol/ meme that brilliantly satirizes the lib religious devotion to the Potter gooniverse while making an insightful point about the self-destructiveness of leftoid equalism.

After Voldemort is defeated and global wizard equality is achieved, the influx of half-breeds and less-capable wizards into Hogwarts and other magical schools grows dramatically. Criticisms of this change are met with accusations of bigotry, including calls of “you are starting to sound a lot like You Know Who with that talk!” This process continues, with miscegenation becoming “all the rage” for the next hundred years.

By the year 2100, magical bloodlines have become so diluted that very few people can actually use magic. Magical creatures find that they cannot communicate with students at school, wands begin to refuse ownership, and tensions rise as “pure” students begin to unite. The fear of a return to the Dark Days is still strong, and those critics who raise concerns over the decline in quality and use of magic are called “bigots” for their anti-muggleblood views.

In more progressive circles, prominent “intellectual” wizards begin to suggest that magic doesn’t really exist — not objectively, anyway. It is merely a social construct, and witchcraft and wizardry can manifest themselves in many different forms, most of which don’t involve the use of magic at all. This is met with great approval by the majority of muggleborns, though there is still discontent among those who continue to  actually use magic “correctly”.

To combat growing discontent, the Ministry of Magic decrees that “flagrant displays of magic” are now illegal on school grounds, as this can result in prejudice and feelings of unwelcomeness for muggleborn witches and wizards, who are utterly incapable of casting spells (even those who manage to keep wands). The school removes most of it’s “applied magic” curriculum, instead replacing it with “Justice-Oriented Magic” and “Muggleborn Studies”, which focus on present-day social issues and the various expressions of “Alternative Magic” that are popular at the time, such as Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and divination of palms and tea-leaves.

Please forward this post to every arrested development adult shitlib you know, for maximum triggering. The goal here should be mass suicide.

A Gabber adds, chillingly,

Cute, right?

Ok, now replace magic with engineering.

Not so cute now, is it?

There’s nothing cute about the wholesale destruction shitlibbery and cuckdom are visiting upon the White West.

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A hilarious comment from realgaryseven over at the Goodbye, America blog had me in stitches. He decodes the anti-White agitprop in a (shamefully typical) Faceborg ad:

White woman attention whoring on her phone; Negro/ mystery meat ecstatic that he’s in a position to lord it over whitey; Hispanic man trying to comprehend English; Asian woman emailing industrial secrets to China; White man in the background wondering how this came to be.

Too funny.

If this was a one-off ad, I would say, eh, coincidence, means little. But it’s not. It’s one anti-White ad in a succession of similar millions that have polluted our brainwaves and earcaves for at least a decade. This agenda is deliberate. It is hatred. It is the indoctrination that precedes real genocide, if awareness of its malevolent existence isn’t obtained in time to avoid the inevitable bloodshed.

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This CNN meme-themed video is one of the best I’ve watched. A ton of visual gags are slipped in. Keep an eye out for Wolf Blitzer’s great shame.

CNN is a travesty of lies and agitprop. But that sick malevolent channel is still blared in doctors’ offices and airports everywhere in America. If you have some gumption left in ya, make it a point to change the channel, even when others are watching. At the doctor, demand that the station be changed (it’s making you more ill than when you arrived, and you don’t want to have to sue the doc for negligence). Pressure Globohomo conglomerates to drop CNN from their TV feeds.

Word on the street is that the Trump insurgency sent orders from the top to the heads of all departments and agencies, and now all government public access TVs have switched from CNN to the Playboy Channel (is that still around?).

It’s this kind of atomic wedgie culture warring that I just can’t love enough! Viva Trump!

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After watching this Rammstein video (which PA called the most masculine music video ever produced), I was inspired to write a short list of final exits, sorted by the most common death scenarios for shitlibs and shitlords. Watch the vid first (great song too):

Shitlib final exits:
nursing home staffed by guatemalans
dildo impaction
sofa death, eaten by cats
marathon race collapse

Shitlord final exits:
mountaintop view
coital surrender
surrounded by twenty grandchildren and fifty great-grandchildren
under a personal best squat weight

I welcome commenter contributions to these lists. The ugliest truths are often excavated from the mind shafts of satire that blurs the line between exaggerated humor and unembellished reality.

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Shitlord of the Month is actor James Woods. He has earned it. Here’s his latest blitzkrieg of the snowflakes that populate Twatter:

After a shriek of shitlibs lamely counterattacks, Woods agrees & amplifies, taking out another gay parade of bruised lib egos.

James Woods shows the way
You don’t have to cuck to have your say

PS What is it with shitlibs and their quasi-pedophilic urge to dress up children as political placards and immerse the kiddies in nonstop perversion pozpaganda? Is it the blank slate thing? Shitlibs believe all humans are the same and malleable from birth, so why not commence the reeducation camps at the earliest possible age? At this rate of degeneracy acceleration, we’ll be reading in a year about shitlibs going clockwork orange on their newborns.


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A cheeky wag commenting on a blog post titled “The Five Stages of HBD” offered the Game version of the post’s subject:

Stage-1 (Denial): “What is this cavemanish-sounding “Game” of which you speak? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t answer that.”

Stage-2 (Anger): “SEEEXIIISST!!!”

Stage-3 (Bargaining): “… but even if Game is real, it doesn’t mean anything, does it? You know, women like soft cuddly fat guys, right? Game only works on a certain kind of girl… (or something).”

Stage-4 (Depression): “Who could possibly have imagined that reality was so evil?”

Stage-5 (Acceptance): “Feminism really has been a mountain of dishonest garbage, hasn’t it? Guess it’s time to learn Game or die lonely in Mom’s basement playing World of Warcraft…”

Interestingly, that post was from 2013, so the Rude Word of Game has been percolating through the blogocultural consciousness for a while. Le Chateau Heartiste may be a world wide web outpost, but its ideas have traveled the globe enlightening minds and engorging…souls….from a time when the red pill was still a Matrix movie gimmick and not a manosphere or alt-Right buzzmeme.

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