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This is NOT a parody comic strip lampooning SWPL shitlib sensibilities and their lifestyle pretensions.

“The Future is Female”. From the old oven, indeed. Heh.

It gets worse. The heroine is a fat, tatted, mudsharking cow.

My sides! So we’ve got two mystery meatballs playing in the grass, a dyke in a vest jacket, and a slovenly fat white woman with her black boyfriend who, btw, is wearing a Local Food t-shirt. There isn’t a single dindu in the world who gives a flying fuck about eating locally.

LOL Schlomobomb.

Again, not a parody. Astounding. One has to wonder about the physiognomy of the cartoonist — Marc Alan Fishman — who drew this multikult jizzart with sincere intentions.

The work is the product of an ad campaign by the town council of Homewood, IL, a suburb of 20,000 outside of Chicago. The goal is to pull effete Shrillennials away from Chicago by presenting their town as an affordable, less hectic “urban lite” enclave with its delightfully comforting trappings familiar to rootless cosmopolitan White liberals: the mixed race couples, the feminist posturing, the edgedork t-shirt slogans, the avocados, and of course the low T White soyboys prostrating themselves to their Masters of Diversity.

But the whole thing comes off less like a promo for an idyllic suburb with a decent walkability score than like a creepy caricature of shitlibville at the highest estrogen setting. I want to wash the menstrual blood off my eyeballs after reading this “comic”.

In one strip, a Homewood mom with a purple streak in her hair and a tattoo praises the school system. “Zen gets to be with the same kids all the way through high school,” she says.

Many urban hive bugmen and bugwomen feel an ancient stirring for less social atomization and more connectedness in line with how we humans evolved for most of our history, but the feeling is horribly atrophied in them, so they have to grapple with it through an infantilizing lens of abject POZ, because they frighten easily by the thought of a de facto patriarchal normietown where everybody knows your shame. Compromising solution: POZburbia for the burned out city creature.

The ads, which will run through the end of May, were the idea of Mary Jane Maharry [ed: echo alert], a public relations consultant to the town. Maharry enlisted Fishman, the local artist, and presented the concept to the village board, whose members embraced it, according to Homewood Mayor Richard Hofeld.

Try to picture the roomful of pasty herbs and jaw-jutting femcunts who signed off on this concept. Yeech.

Hofeld said the town wants more young families to move there, and as urban Millennials start to think about homeownership and child-rearing, it’s the right time to recruit them. “We found the Millennials [in Chicago] are prone to looking to the north suburbs and the west suburbs, and rarely look to the south,” Hofeld said.

Forget it, Zen. It’s N*****town.

Who’s the sucker for moving to the suburbs now, eh?, the ads seem to ask. But the characters are more or less interchangeable; the implication is that if they move to Homewood, those tightly wound Chicagoans will chill out and name their kids “Zen,” too.

While they might seem suspiciously like they were generated by an algorithm fed with marketing data and New York Times trend pieces,

And run through a soy compiler.

the comic-strip Homewood denizens are based on real residents and real events, according to Maharry (who lives in Homewood herself).

Maybe this is why Homewood needs a public relations consultant. (so very organic)

In fact, “Think Homewood” reveals just how much the old dichotomy of city vs. suburb is blurring.

It’s blurring because the cities are becoming Whiter (and thus more desirable) while the suburbs are becoming browner (and thus less desirable to high income Whites). There are huge tracts of suburbia throughout regions of the USA where the schools look like Little Mexico. Plus, blacks are being economically forced out of the cities they once held as a super majority, and flooding into the surrounding exurbs (with all the blackness that defines ghetto life transported in toto to the burbs).

It proves a fact that would have been unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago: Suburbs now have to work to attract the cohort they were built for.

Right, suburbs ringing the big shitlibopolises are rapidly embrowning, so they aren’t as attractive to Whites living in cities that are more pleasant places to live now than they used to be before their Paris-ification. This is why diverse suburbs like Homewood have to hire PR firms to sell their towns to Whites who have grown tired of talking to the cat.

As certain cities become more sought-after and lively, suburbs can no longer just sit back and wait for the inevitable stampede of first-time homebuyers and new parents. They have to convince skeptical young folk of their essential urbanity first.

To a juvenile mind, “essential urbanity” means a pussyhat and feigning adoration of mixed meatballs.

They also have to offer a competitive advantage vis-a-vis the city. In Homewood, that advantage is affordable real estate and good public schools. The median home value in Homewood is a reasonable $149,800, according to Zillow. The area high school, Homewood-Flossmoor, is well regarded.

“Well regarded” is real estate-speak for “no metal detectors in the separated White part of the school“.

In the view of sociologist John Joe Schlichtman, Homewood is basically promising gentrification without the guilt.

This is exactly it. The suburbs of these big cities are trying to replicate the cities’ success at convincing Whites to return en masse.

The multiracial cast of these ads is not a sleight of hand. Homewood is legitimately diverse: 53 percent white, 37 percent black, 2 percent Asian, and 8 percent Hispanic. Its schools are majority nonwhite. These figures reflect larger demographic shifts as people of color move out (or are pushed out) of expensive cities, and as immigrants bypass central cities and head straight to the ’burbs.

Open borders mass third world immigrations has been a disaster for suburbia. The landscape is now dotted with tiny ramshackle homes housing three generations of aztec peasantry.

But Homewood-Flossmoor also has a history of proactive integration efforts: The South Suburban Housing Center, a regional fair-housing organization, was founded in Homewood in 1975.

A history that will never end. Hint: the best kind of integration is the integration that doesn’t require proactive efforts to summon forth. It happens naturally, because the people are racially, temperamentally, behaviorally, and culturally similar.

[Mayor Hofeld] hopes people who are interested in the town will attend one. Millennials, he said, “have enjoyed living in the city, and the features the city might afford. But they’re getting a little bit older, thinking of raising families, and looking around for a stable community that has a lot of amenities. And that’s what we are.”

If the schools are good (White) and the residents genuinely feel an affinity for each other, then the amenities will organically follow. But amenities are a symptom, not a cause, of a strong social community. All the amenities in the world won’t turn southside Chicago into a Pleasantville.

I can laugh at the effort while appreciating the intention. De-urbanization (aka de-scaling) is generally a good thing, so in principle I support any efforts to get White libs to disperse for the countryside so that their liberalism is muted by a closer connection to the land, to kids, and to normal Americans. But some efforts are more retarded than others, and this one is super retarded. Not many Whites of the replacement fertility level persuasion want to live in a town that feels it necessary to have a PR flack and thinks purple-haired fat coalburning goonettes are a selling point. And they won’t live in a town without some serious compensation if the schools are *wink wink* “well regarded”.

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da GBFM needs no introduction, but does need a Pulzlolzllolzzlitzer. Reprinted in full:



lzozozlzozo da gbfm quiz:

1. The best way to bernankify a woman is through her:
a) nose hole
b) ear hole
c) mouth hole
d) butthozlzoozlz
e) gina hoelez
f) zlzozozlzolzozozoz

2. Tukker MAx rhryems with
a) Goldman sax
b) ben bernanke
c) sosdoomy
d) feminisst writer
e) sextrrive tapingz of buttehtx

3. The proper spellinzg of butthext is:
a) buttheext
b) butetehtxtxtx
c) butetehxtxtxt
d) buetetxlxoooozozoz
e) butetehrolozozozozozoz

4. The neoeocnths promote butyhe buttehxt so as to
a) desoul your womenz
b) beernakify your owmenz and ruin them as motehrz
c) pwn your owmenz and addict them to buttehxt
d) plant the butthextual longing seed that leads to divorce
e) detsory the fmaily to put your chcildren in beernaneke day care
f) all of da above zlzozooozlzoz

5. The following neoenthcts faought and were injured in the Middle East warz:
a) Jonah Goldbergz
b) BEn BErnnanke
c) Bill Crrystal
d) Jonah Goelebrgz mom lucianne goldbergz
e) bene shapriorz
d) none of teh abaovez lzozozozozoozoz

6. Sigmund Freud stated that the one question that puzzled him most was “What do women want?” The famous polymath poet/psychologist GBFM figured it out circa 2011. According to the great GBFM, women want:
a) beta fucks and alpha buckz
b) beta bucks and betasz fucks
c) alpha fucks and alpha fucks
d) alpha fucks and beta bucks
e) alpha fucks, alpha buckz, beta bucks, an all your moneyz too zlozlzlzozoz

7. The best way to gt a publishing deal with a publishing house run by women, or to be featured in a consertaive magazine article penned by women is to:
a) write exlated rhyming poetry
b) butthext a girl and tape it secrtely without her ocnctnt conthent
c) write a story with plot, values, and honor, like homer’s odyssey
d) write a shakeparean sonnet with imanbic pentaammeneterz and a couplet dat ryems at da end lzozlzlzozozoz

8. The difference between modern ministers and pimps is dat
a) pimps will not charge you for past use of a pussy
b) pimps are not fronting a divorce regime which transferz money from menz to owmenz and the state at gunpoint
c) a pimp cannot garnish your wagesz if yo ho beocme preggeersenenlzlzlzlzo
d) a pimp does not ask for donationz
e) a pimp doesn’t claim he’s doing god’s work by grating you temporal use of a pussy in esxhange for past, present, and future wages
f) all of da aboveez zlozlozlzlzozozoz

10. If a womanz is a 3 and 7 alphas pump and dump her in collegez, she will do the math and conldue she is a
a) 3-7 = -4
b) 7-3 = 4
c) 7+3=10 I AM A TEN ZLZOZOZOZO!!!!!!

a) It gets betas to pay for what alpahs got for free hwen it was younger hotter tighter twnety pounds lighter
b) It guarantees that there will be men with assetetzzz that can be rapaed via dirrvoece
c) granpda said so, “when i was your age son,” i was married and supporting a family. man up and marry da whos!!! lzozloz”

12. The chronalogical chroniloogical chronological economic relationshpipz between ass and assets is:
a) da bankerz get your wife’s ass in college (as thy sefctrievly tape her doeusling in a buttehxtual buttehxting sessisin like tuukker max rheyems woith godlman saxxx) and your assets after divorce
b) your wife givez her azz butthoele away for free in college, and then chagegegrs you moneyz (assetts) just to look at it
c) your wife is butthurt after her ass is plundered in college and den she takes her revenge by plundering your assettsst
d) da bankerz deosul your wife in college by bebenrnakaifying her in her buttholez ass, and den dey program her to transfer your assets to them, fgruataleyfliey transferring your assets out theorugh her bngohole and into their beenrbeeknake bank acocuntz zlzozozozoz
e) all of da above zlozzolzozoz


ESSAY QUESTION: Describe thee relationship between usury and sodomy. Those who cite Milton, Dante, and other historical sources and figures will be given higher scorezz zlzozolzlozlzozlzzozozozozlz

lzozozozolzolz bonus nboenerz wuqestsionz:
#11. I like dating aemrican womenz and western womenz beacues:
a) i like paying for what otherz got for fre when it was younger hotter tghtr twnety poundz lighterz lzozooz
b) i like paying for rental carsz after i return them
c) i like urinalz dat make me pay and make small talk each time i pee
d) i like suiting up in a hazmat suit, self-contained breathing apparatus, snorkel, fins, and thre cans of lysol when i go down on pusysysysys zlzozozlzo
e) i like hearing about how men created all the evil in the world including shoppng malls, cars, ipodz iphonez twitter (clitter/twatter) and even cinabun zlzozozolzozzl


In a sane world, GBFM would be hailed a visionary poet on NPR while Ta Nigisi Coates would be doing dreary slam rap on the gay black bar circuit.

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I don’t know who or which group was responsible for the above dissident skylarking, but it’s a beautiful thing to behold. If it were a shiv, it would be serrated and dipped in tree pepe poison. We need more of this, and fast. Increase the voltage!

The following is from the incomparable SABO, and is one of his bast street artworks yet:

Shitlibs are put on notice by this heretical street art. In this war, it’s strategically smart to let shitlibs know they don’t own the public square, especially the public squares of the big blue coastal megacities that have become their adopted hive home. We want them in fear every minute of their fappuccinoed soylives that the person standing next to them at the movie theater wine bar or sharing an uber pool ride with them could be an apostate, a VERY BAD FREETHINKER, and why is that person staring at them that way? Is he dreaming of DOTR? Oh god where did I put my inhaler?

PS An American Thermopylae.

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A surprising number of beta males will pull cute women totally by accident, usually because they temporarily forgot to filter their thoughts before speaking them aloud, or while in a fog of liquor and xanax they executed Dread Game or Disengaged Asshole Game without realizing they were doing that.

Which goes to prove one of my main contentions that ALPHA is a state of mind more than it is a jut of jawline, and that beta males CAN LEARN to be the more charismatic men that women desire.

It’s just so friggin tragic that these “accidental jerkboys” RARELY take the lesson of their fortuitous faux pas to heart, preferring instead to ignore the HARD EVIDENCE OF A BINDING CONNECTION BETWEEN JERKITUDE AND MUFF MOISTENING in front of their eyes for the comfort of keeping their lips latched to the milk-less teat of the pussy pedestal in their heads.

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This parody of the mini-tyrant David Hogg is friggin hilarious, and very well done. Of course, (((Susan Woczicki’s))) Yidtube is frantically trying to quash it, because it hits leftoid nerve. Can’t be havin’ none of those dissident crimethinkers telling profound truths through their unauthorized art!

Bonus: Shitlibs logic-trapped!


Scanman running away with this post’s COTW:

Can you imagine the shame that kid’s father must feel?

Oh wait… his father is a deep state leftist traitor.

Never mind.

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imo this is the most bizarre unreported fact to come out of the Parkland shooting: Unedited video of David Hogg coaching a girl, as they’re presumably hiding in a closet during the shooting, to say “we need diversity”. Creepy af and hints at a much larger scandal looming.


Many prominent leftoids are now calling for repealing 2A. I can’t think of a better turn of events for GOP fortunes in the midterms than Democrats going hogg-wild with calls for repealing the 2nd Amd. Instant right-wing voter turnout surge!

If Trump continues baiting the Dems into running on 2A repeal and coddling illegal aliens, he could raw dog every porn whore in LA and still see his favorability polls go up.

Dems and their invasive kudzu pets are overreaching on the gun issue, calling for repeal of 2A, but one can understand why they make this mistake: recent history shows huge and rapid gains for the degenerate freak mafia on issues such as tranny bathrooms and gay marriage. The typical Dem sees how easy it was to take a mile, so…


The Left’s ultimate goal is the restriction of free speech for their political & social opponents, by creating for themselves the power to deem what is and isn’t acceptable speech.

2A has to fall before 1A, to get the people accustomed to losing their cherished Rights, and ofc to remove the final obstacle to realizing their totalitarian dreams.


WHITE PILL: Trump’s Commerce Dept just added a citizenship question to the 2020 census. This move could significantly cut into California’s representative apportionment and electoral power.


Judeo-Christian heritage. From DEUSVULT: Norway is still a very homogeneous white European society “so there is a job to done” says Ervin Kohn, President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

tick tock it’s 1:10 o’clock.

The Semite’s lack of self-awareness is necessary to their success as a diasporic tribe. If they understood the consequences of their malice and showed empathy towards those it hurts (Gentiles), they’d not be as powerful as they are because good will and empathy work against the accumulation of raw F YOU power.

Atavator writes,

More importantly, it would probably work against their continued existence as a tribe. They would continue to exist as people, but not as A people. They’d simply get along with those around them, and then intermarriage would basically erase the identity, subsuming it into the surrounding group of goyim.

Listen closely to Jews, and you’ll occasionally hear this: intermarriage is feared nearly as much as a shoah.

This is why the state of Israel is such an interesting experiment. You’d think if the primary interest of Jews was to survive as a group, they’d all go there. But they’re evidently splitting their strategic chips, as it were, not fully trusting the way of other groups. Whether this is conscious or subconscious is hard to say.

My opinion has always been that Israel is necessary for this reason. Played correctly, it allows us to force Jews to make a choice: assimilate or go there — you can’t have it both ways. Nobody else gets it both ways.

Game theory experiments have proven that ethnocentrism defeats humanitarianism as a survival strategy, so…


The high IQ and educationally accomplished of the nonwhite races will clink glasses with elite Whites, but when tribal push comes to immigration restrictionist shove those articulate, well-to-do nonWhites will post-haste ally themselves politically with their dumb brutish co-ethnics to stick it to Whitey. There’s no whitewashing blood.


I’m still looking incredulously at this pit crew of mutants and wondering how in the hell the british decided it was a good idea to invite them in by the millions. hey brits, it would be a lot faster if you put the gun in your mouths. Right-o chap, you banned guns. Try throwing yourselves in the Thames then.

These gargoyles are no more “Oxford men” than I’m a shogunate man.

Soul cleanser and loin girder: “What do they know of England”:


The reason this meme…

…has triggered leftoids so hard and emboldened the Right is because it hitches the Boomer-friendly Constitutional Crisis angle to the face of a brown dyke, hitting that subconscious reptilian part of our brains that lights up when our way of life and our values are under threat from foreign invaders.


One of those 56%er Parkland narcisshits admitted to bullying school shooter Nikolas deJesus Cruz.

J.R. quips,

so wait – we have to give up our guns and tear up the Constitution cause some Bald Brown Dyke bullied an autistic kid until he went postal?

that doesn’t seem fair

Heh. Memed:

Double barreled heh:


The Senators should be asking these mini-tyrant tech reptiles why they routinely ban the speech of users with differing political views. And then smash their companies to bits and turn them into common carrier utilities.


How about that! Another thot-for-teacher caught banging her underage charge. (As always, we here at Le Chateau wonder if the lucky boy was a colorful lad.) Wait for the sequel: hubby makes a tearful announcement that he will “support and forgive” his wife “during this challenging time”.


White power couple Martin and Brittany listened to my advice and released a photo of themselves with the harmonious dominant alpha/submissive female body language. That’s the spirit!

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Girl sidles up next to you at the bar to browse the tap selection. You, after binge reading CH: “I see the way you’re looking at me. Might want to tone it down a bit, I don’t date amateurs.”

Girl: “I wasn’t looking at you.”

You: “Win-win.”

What does a woman want? A man who’s rejected her.

Clear the way for Preemptive Rejection Game! From PBR Streetgang,

Can’t decide whether to shit or go blind with the options – I’m going on a campaign of rejecting women from the get-go. Gonna respond to even passing glances with ‘I’m not available’ – reject, reject, reject – my new modus operandi.

“Can I pet your dog” – You’re not my type
“Would you like your receipt” – Stop hitting on me
“Press the button for 5th floor” – I’m dating someone
“Good Morning…” – Too bad, I’m gay .. Try that guy

I was all in for ‘Approach Week’ – but their behavior recently has me fed up – her comes ‘Rejection Week’ – And I’m not feeling the lease bit anxious about it.

This is all upside if your approach game isn’t working for you. Sure, you might lose a few girls who’ll call your bluff, but overall your number of hits should go up because girls find it tough to resist a man who resists them.

Preemptive Rejection falls under the umbrella category of Disqualification Game and is an extreme version of the Assume the Sale tactic. You go about your day assuming all women want your D, but they have no chance to get it. You are disqualifying girls from being worthy of your consideration, while collaterally implying they want you. It’s courtship script flipping on steroids.

The best thing about Preemptive Rejection Game is that it’s just damned funny if your timing and delivery are right. Most girls will laugh, a little anxiously, not knowing whether you’re serious or joking around, because it’s something they never hear from most men. Humor can take a totally cold open from Zero to Curious in ten seconds flat. Even faster if the humor is deadpan.

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