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More here. That Neil DeGrasse Tyson, he is a wise black man!

Credit to Pax Dickinson (@pax on Gab) for creating these. I only wish he had done more of them.

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First there was the Rat Pack. Then came the Brat Pack. Now, meet the Fudge Pack.

I knew there was something between these three!

Dom: Gay Mulatto
Power Bottom: Maricon
Masturbating in the corner while filming the other two in bed together: Truvada

Your leaders of the twee world!

PS Or, using MPC‘s “h0m0, negr0, j3w” bar game:

h0m0: maricon
negr0: truvada
j3w: barack soetoro

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Courtesy of da gbfm, this symbol says it all about the corrupted ego of the modern Western woman (and the thirsty beta males that enable her downward solipsism spiral).

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Hey Bernie, will you take responsibility for addressing your supporters’ violent actions, such as assassination attempts on political enemies?


FYI I think Bernie either deleted this year-old tweet, or Twatter buried it so that it’s not search-able anymore. This is a screen capture of the tweet.

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Clinton taint-licker Phoney Comey did his cowardly, CYA beta male shuck and jive act today before a Congressional panel, and as everyone who wasn’t a lunatic libshit knew already, Comey all but loudly proclaimed from the mountaintop that there’s nothing to the Trump-Russia collusion Fake News, and oh yeah one other thing he’s the kind of guy who’s scared to be in the same room with Trump. Admirable FBI Director we had there!

The clearest, most succinct take on the crackpot charade comes from here:

Very well said, gentlemen.  To me the key of understanding this so typical Beltway “scandal” is to look at the readily available primary evidence; in this case, that means the President’s dismissal letter to Comey.  Remember the passage in that letter that got the usual suspects riled up?


While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.


Now we know from Comey’s submitted, written testimony exactly why the President used this odd phrasing.

The President was briefed by the FBI director when he was President-Elect about certain ugly charges circulating around about his time in Russia as a private citizen and was informed directly that the FBI knew there was no truth to them nor that there was any Trump “Russia link” being investigated.

Once President, as the lying press continued to go crazy with this fake story, he asked Comey again–now as his boss–to dispel the cloud that was hanging over his ability to do his job as a result of this typical bullshit Beltway media frenzy, and Comey refused, citing, as has been expertly noted here, a lame excuse.  An exasperated Trump then told Comey he expected loyalty, i.e. to actually help his boss rather than blow smoke up his ass.  Comey did nothing and allowed the press speculation to rise to an even more unbelievable level of frenzy.

The President then did this a third time, with the same result.

So, Trump fired him, and when he fired him he told Comey, and the American public, why:  Because Comey had told him directly three times that there was no such investigation but had failed to tell the American public, Congress or the press this.

Good for the President.

Anyhow, everything you need to know about the fallout from Phoney Comey Day is written on the faces of these libsters glued to their CSPAN in a Brooklyn situation room:

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For your consideration:

Human brains are specialized for face recognition; chimp brains are specialized for butt recognition (!) (via)

For social species such as primates, the recognition of conspecifics is crucial for their survival. As demonstrated by the ‘face inversion effect’, humans are experts in recognizing faces and unlike objects, recognize their identity by processing it configurally. The human face, with its distinct features such as eye-whites, eyebrows, red lips and cheeks signals emotions, intentions, health and sexual attraction and, as we will show here, shares important features with the primate behind. Chimpanzee females show a swelling and reddening of the anogenital region around the time of ovulation. This provides an important socio-sexual signal for group members, who can identify individuals by their behinds. We hypothesized that chimpanzees process behinds configurally in a way humans process faces. In four different delayed matching-to-sample tasks with upright and inverted body parts, we show that humans demonstrate a face, but not a behind inversion effect and that chimpanzees show a behind, but no clear face inversion effect. The findings suggest an evolutionary shift in socio-sexual signalling function from behinds to faces, two hairless, symmetrical and attractive body parts, which might have attuned the human brain to process faces, and the human face to become more behind-like.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the commenter to draw the obvious illicit cross-species similarity.

PS The final sentence in that abstract is possibly the funniest nerd wording I’ve ever read coming out of a ¡SCIENCE! journal.

PPS Recently I saw a queenie with steatopygia so massive, protruding, and gravity-defying I had to do a double-take, during which I mused that not only could a brother (because who else would?) prop a forty on dat cantilevered azz, he could comfortably fit a whole goddamn case of forties on it.


jeangray07 observes,

There’s been an interesting trend on social media, especially Instagram, where big lips, big butts and darker skin are glorified, and “white girl” features like straight hair, natural proportions, and fair skin are mocked and stigmatized. It’s like there’s a massive push to eradicate time honed beauty ideals and install more primitive ones.

The de-gentilification anti-White project of the Ugly Mendacious Left has targeted its full spectrum psy ops weapons against every available sacredness of the White race. The first step in defeating this slithery enemy is to admit when its fangs are buried in your flesh. Only then can you know to suck out the venom.

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File under: Too funny

No further shivving, yer honor.

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