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Two recent news items from Trumperica that have stirred the shitlibs and their media friends to a frenzy provide a glimpse into the under-rated genius of Trump and his ability to logic trap his enemies into awkward hypocritical stances.

Item One: Trump’s tweet about flag-burners

This isn’t an idle emotional blurt from Trump. He knew what he was doing. By triggering all the pro-flag-burning shitlibs just days before his announced “Thank You” tour, he racks up tons of good will and favorable photo ops when protestors arrive to do exactly what he trolled them into doing.

More sadistically, Trump is also aiming straight at thecunt’s corrupt, dying heart. He knows that Hillary Clinton, as a New York State Senator, co-sponsored a bill to outlaw flag-burning. This is trolling at a level that even Kek Kekself cannot comprehend.

Item Two: Trump considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State

Trump’s interview of Petraeus was designed to make the ClintonNewsNetwork take the bait, and to once again drive his golden shiv deeper into thecunt’s rotten heart.

Trump is goring thecunt by proxy, exploiting the very media channels that have tried so mightily to hoist her dumpy dying body into the White House to do his bidding and crush thecunt into dust, scattering her pulverized legacy to the winds.

Flag-burning ban? Hillary did that.

Petraeus broke the law? Hillary did that, too.

Just read what Trump said back in July about Petraeus.

“The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair!,” Trump tweeted in July.

Trump’s courting of Petraeus is a direct shot at Clinton, who now has to deal with the media suddenly remembering that the laws Petraeus broke, Clinton also broke them and then some.

4D-chess? More like forty twists of the shiv.

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The Trumpening knows no national boundaries. It is the call of the masculine, a return to a high T world our smug no-T snarkmeisters thought they had successfully relegated to the wrong side of history.

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Vince McMahon is an under-appreciated genius of physical comedy. I’d put him in a class above Chris Farley (RIP). And it should surprise no one that Vince is a big Trump supporter. Shitlord physiognomy and morphology don’t lie.


This compilation video of shitlibs and cucks over the past year laughing at the notion of a Trump Presidency is a beautiful multi-pronged shiv to the guts of the globohomo establishment.

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Portland police released the fug shots of some of the anti-something or other shitlib protestors flinging poo at the dawn of Trumperica.


Now that’s a lineup of LSMV losers.

Top left: acid tripping Happy Gilmore
Top center: homeless wigger neanderthal
Top right: Edwina Scissorhands
Middle left: assembly line bluehair fatty
Middle center: Ricky Gervais pooping
Middle right: It’s Pat!
Bottom left: Thomas Middleditch
Bottom center: problem glasses gaywad
Bottom right: Alex DeLarge, post-aversion therapy

When high disgust threshold meets genetic mutational overload, you get these freaks filling their diapers in Portland. Inchoate shitlib rioters, particularly the white variety, are usually sexual market rejects acting out their failures with the opposite sex.

If you know what to look for, you’ll see the influence of the sexual market on just about every human activity.

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After getting trolled hard to his face by a couple of young huwhite shitlords and smarting from it so badly he took to Twatter to express his indifference to it all, Silicon Valley actor Thomas Middleditch attempted the Agree & Amplify game maneuver to save face. It didn’t work.

If you say so, Tommy.

Agree & Amplify is a powerful Game rhetorical tactic, but it has a limit on its usefulness as a verbal reframing tool. Two hard ceilings on the wide-ranging applicability of A&A are

  1. its inability to neuter thermonuclear insults
  2. sloppy execution

Tommy Boy ran into both of these limits. “CUCK” is an insult so powerful, aimed straight at a manlet’s sexual worth, that even advanced level evasive sophistry won’t redirect its devastating payload to the sender. It’s like calling a man a loser, or a woman a fatty….it’s next to impossible to formulate an effective (read: crowd-pleasing) comeback from those shivs if the insult is based on readily apparent characteristics of the person getting insulted.

Second, execution matters. If there is a way to A&A a charge of cuckery, Tommy didn’t do it here. Coming back from “cuck” requires a much nimbler tongue than the butthurt try-hard reply, “I’m totally cuck. Proud of it.” If someone called you a fag, would it help your cause to retort, “I’m totally faggy. Proud of it. Wouldn’t want it any other way”?

The tightest Game means being ready for any exigency of the field, and since I’m feeling magnanimous I’ll offer Tommy a better reply to someone calling him a cuck (which will happen again for him soon, I’m sure). “Your wife didn’t think so. Neither did your mom.”

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You know what’s better than realtalking and taunting celebrities online to the point of apoplexy? Doing it to their faces!

A recent Tweetstorm from two Silicon Valley actors:

Shitlibs are always “stunned” when their insular bubble is gleefully popped by a zero fucks given shitlord. There’s gonna be a lot more stunning to come, Kumail, so get ready!

Soon, there will be no place left to run, Cuckmail. Our shitlord army descends upon your safe spaces. Of course, you will always have that one safe space left to go to: your ancestral homeland. Think about it.

When the peaceful hipsters have had enough of your cucky weak white shit, you know it’s Morning in Trumperica.

AHAHA. Is this tweet from Pman? “Moshe Kasher”.


PS RAMZPAUL redpilled the anti-White fruit cups at NPR. DEFUND NPR

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Not only is this post’s title great Game advice, it’s also President-Elect Trump’s preferred attitude toward life’s challenges. For evidence, see this photo of Trump taken at his campaign headquarters when the Florida results came in, declaring him the winner of that state.


“just another day at the office…….the OFFICE OF WINNING”

Game can help you get laid, and win the Presidency.

Bonus shitlord face: Don Trump Jr.


That is the face of a man who has tasted the sweet elixir of slaked vengeance.

By way of comparison, let’s take a look at a representative selection of the vanquished:




You can’t see a photo of thecunt supporters without coming across a gayface or ten.


She’s crying because her next stop is gonna be Saudi Arabia.

For more delicious tears, see this.

A message to crybaby shitlibs, from their God Emperor:


PS Has there been a more frequently and stupendously wrong-headed commenter about Trump’s rise and victory than The Semen Plug Within? Every one of that yenta’s posts over the past year were of the “derp drumpf has no chance, john oliver said so” school of shallow shitlib thought. It’s one thing to strike-out when swinging for the fences, but it takes a real talent to whiff at T-ball.

TSW, how would you rate your butthurt? Mildly chapped, or all the way to anal fissure flare-up? Would you say your salty tears are unfathomably sad or bitterly self-pitying?

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