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I had the misfortune to overhear a La Raza ingrate whine in a loud, grating voice about “having no voice” in America, the country she hates so much that millions of her peasant kin invaded and squatted on its soil.

Add another term to the dissident COPROP lexicon: The Whinority. Definition: A favored non-White minority, currently dispossessing White Americans from their homeland and institutions, whose members constantly whine about being dispossessed.

If only these invading vibrants had no voice, America would be a much more pleasant place to live.

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Sam Hyde (of Million Dollar Extreme fame) trolled the holy fuck outta CNN goobers.

At 0:18, watch for the Easter egg crotch blackout.

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Pay close attention at around 0:28.

Make no mistake, the mainstream leftoid media reads dissident Realtalker sites like this one. Our language and our ideas and our memes are hijacking their equalist regurgitation algorithm. The gleaming truth has a way of radiating through the brain bunkers of even the most loyal Party apparatchiks. Dissent is sown.

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Leftoid degeneration takes many forms, some obvious (tranny freakshow normalization) and some more subtle but just as insidious. Regarding the latter form, PA writes,

Leftoid degeneration:

JFK had Marlin Monroe
Clinton had Monica Lewinsky
Obama had Lena Dunham

JFK had Robert Frost
Clinton had Maya Angelou
Obama had …. whatever

Obama has free phone woman.

Leftoid degeneration can be measured directly, by judging the character of your leaders and opinion makers, or it can be measured indirectly, by judging the character of those who admire your leaders and opinion makers. As PA has demonstrated, the quality of our nation’s mirin’ mistresses and poets has taken a turn for the worse.


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A rich vein of Game material can be mined from the antics of attention whores. Why let a dumpy skank’s cry for attention go unexploited for profit with much cuter, thinner girls?

In any texting or messaging scenario with a Prime Femininity girl you want to gentlemanly court bang, there will be instances when she tries to

a. shit test you
b. qualify you
c. beta bait you with slutty flirting
d. flake on you
e. make you chase her
f. generally act bitchy and self-entitled
e. all of the above while in a late night alcoholic stupor

Instead of reaching deep into your mental storehouse of game knowledge for the perfect response, choose the Way of the Jerkboy and send a captionless pic to her that will have her hamster spinning frantically, her vagina flowering curiously, and her heart pounding recklessly.

GIRL: I can’t meet on Friday. I have a cat grooming class.


GIRL: You’re a really nice guy. Thanks for being there for me.


GIRL: Don’t get any ideas, I’m not gonna send you naked selfies.


It is my humble opinion that Lena Dunham Game represents the next level in the evolution of Emoji Game. Step aside, Birthday Cat, Lena Dunham is about to squat on you and turn you into a pickup diamond.


Commenter zodak adds [minor edits for comedic impact],

“this is the last thing her sister saw as she was about to be molested.”

I was about to put up a fourth pic of Lena, but I think everyone’s had enough for today. Or forever.


Great Caesar’s Ghost writes,

LaidNYC once said something like, “Tell a woman you like Lena Dunham, watch her agree. Tell a woman she reminds you of Lena Dunham, watch her rage.”

Women want to see the uglier of their sisters elevated (probably to act as pressure release valves for undersexed, uppity omega males), but they don’t want to be compared favorably to the fugs among them. Cognitive dissonance is the natural female state.

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Via The Other Anonymous, an anecdote that had my sides splitting from laughter.


Re: Texting – My 10 year old Daughter inadvertently hijacked iMessages so that I didn’t receive any texts and, for a couple weeks – unbeknownst to me, had running text exchanges with a cross-section of my adult life – friends, colleagues, lawyers, romantic interests, etc.

Once discovered I read this mass of messages. Texts from guys ended in about three exchanges and with instruction to call them when I’d sobered up. Texts from women went on for pages and pages … the more mundane, the longer they ran on:

Her: What are your plans this weekend?
10 YO Me: Girl Scout camp
Her: LOL I’m visiting my parents maybe take their boat out.
10 YO Me: My parents make me wear floaties on the boat
Her: LOL

Now these are adult women, with families and careers – and none, not one, indicated suspicion that they were, in fact, speaking to a young girl.

The moral of this story is – Women can’t differentiate a text from a 40 year old man and a 10 year old girl … So, you must make it immediately apparent by using the universal, tried and true, one-size-fits all response to female Texts:


Fuckin A, I just reread that a second time and I’m laughing all over again. “My parents make me wear floaties on the boat, Her: LOL.”  :lol: indeed!

There’s a Deep State Game lesson contained in TOA’s anecdote: 10-Year-Old Girl Game is a pretty good template for honing your Grown-Ass Man Game. Empowered, adult women can’t tell the difference between a 10-year-old girl’s texts and a grown man’s texts. To empowered, adult women who don’t know they’re texting a preteen girl, a 10-year-old girl’s texts and a sexy man’s texts both sound like ZFG, mischievous teasing to them, which turns them on so much they stick around to contribute pages and pages of texts, ecstatic with the cascade of professionally administered impertinent, flirty banter.

So the next time you’re texting an accomplished, proudly feminist lawyercunt, don’t make the mistake of speaking like an adult man clinging to his logic and linearity. Try chatting like a 10-year-old girl instead, if you really want to capture that confident, smart, adult woman’s imagination.

If you talk like a 10-year-old girl to your male friends, they’ll promptly tell you to sober up. Which is why the vote should have remained a male-only franchise.

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