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If only there were more Clay Travis’ storming the clitadel at ChosenNewsNetwork, we outnumbered but not disheartened shitlords would have the media back in control of Heritage America within the fortnight.

A couple thoughts. First, this is a sly meta defense of the First Amendment by Travis that logic traps the talkingcunt into tacitly disavowing the free speech protections of the 1A. “Because as a woman, I can’t even….why are you sitting here on CNN…why would you even say that live on national television and WITH A FEMALE HOST…to the reeducation camps with you, sir! RAKE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH”

Second, it’s not often you’ll see a 100% undiluted dindu humorlessly white knight an overtanned hapa. But I suppose the urge to stick it to Whitey overrides any other innate compulsion.


PS Take some time today, gentlemen, to manspread extra wide whenever the opportunity presents, because the gynarchy deserves nothing less.


A great comment by williamk,

This vid highlights for me one contemptible quality of liberals: The insincere posing.

Here Ms. Brooke Baldwin is playing the part of a woman who is really offended by the word “boobs”. How dare you sully the presence of a lady with such words. Meanwhile, we all know damn well that this 38 yr old never married powerslut fucks dudes who joke about her boobs. Probably the dude she’s currently banging made some remark about her tits after the news of this blew up. She probably laughed, then fucked him.

They don’t believe in any of this shit. They buy houses in 100% white areas, feminists fuck the baddest bad boys their collagen can get them, and everybody takes jobs that immigration can’t threaten if they can.

The world is separated into people who admit plainly obvious facts, and people who lie about it for brief pats on the head.

That second paragraphs sez it all about the Lie Machine that is post-America shitliberalism.

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wtf I love Finn chicks now, they can use their psionic powers to transatlantically stroke me off.


This is the funniest video I’ve seen in years, although it is meant seriously. All women have to do to keep from being raped is turn around, hold out their hand in a “halt” gesture and say “Stop!” That’s it! The Muslim migrant problem is solved!

Apparently, Finland has joined the growing list of White nations allowing itself to be overrun by ruddy rapefugees. And this is their response.

White people have lost their marbles. Try to come up with a better explanation.

I wonder if this is what it’s like for faithful adherents when their religion is under attack from an increasingly emboldened chorus of heretics? The religion — in this case Leftoid Equalism — must buckle as the onslaught of realtalk hits from every direction, prompting a wagon-circling reaction among loyal followers that eventually descends into farce, as they grasp for the lifeline of incrementally lunatic rationalizations and defensive postures to protect the investment their egos have made in their wacky beliefs.

If I’m right, then the lid is about to blow on this insanity soon, because when cultists realize they’ve been played for fools all along they either suicide or lash out with a fury. One day, Finns and all the rest of the CuckWhites will have no choice but to make their peace with the reality that the races are constitutionally different and no amount of love or social policy will change that fact. They will make their peace either in rest or in revolt. Pray for the latter.

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The more the physiognomies of the anti-White leftoids are exposed to the sunlight of public scrutiny, the weaker they become as a force in American culture and politics.

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Get this meme-wielding shitlord a Chateau VIP pass!

I laughed. More of this, please, and fewer of the self-serious nutzi arm band FBOy plants.

Given the massively coordinated gaystream media anti-White narrative boosterism following the police-antifa pincer movement in Charlottesville to disrupt an alt-right rally, it makes sense (for now) to abide some ancient warrior wisdom when confronting a much larger and stronger enemy: don’t present an easy target, move like water through the channels of power, subvert the power structure from within.

“Goy, Bye!” <== YOU ARE HERE does this effectively. Mockery, mockery, mockery. This is how the anti-White Left will be mortally wounded, if not outright defeated. So put down your spaztikas and start using your head before storming into battle with your flanks exposed. The enemy is clever; you must be cleverer.

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You know it’s bad for CNN when a black woman won’t come to their anti-White narrative’s defense.

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Shitlibs are emotionally stunted escapists. If you imbibe any social media (rohypnol for the soul), you’ll notice that libs can’t stop feverishly drawing analogies between their favorite English Lit 301 book, Harry Potter, and Trumperica. So it is with tremendous relish that I forward this /pol/ meme that brilliantly satirizes the lib religious devotion to the Potter gooniverse while making an insightful point about the self-destructiveness of leftoid equalism.

After Voldemort is defeated and global wizard equality is achieved, the influx of half-breeds and less-capable wizards into Hogwarts and other magical schools grows dramatically. Criticisms of this change are met with accusations of bigotry, including calls of “you are starting to sound a lot like You Know Who with that talk!” This process continues, with miscegenation becoming “all the rage” for the next hundred years.

By the year 2100, magical bloodlines have become so diluted that very few people can actually use magic. Magical creatures find that they cannot communicate with students at school, wands begin to refuse ownership, and tensions rise as “pure” students begin to unite. The fear of a return to the Dark Days is still strong, and those critics who raise concerns over the decline in quality and use of magic are called “bigots” for their anti-muggleblood views.

In more progressive circles, prominent “intellectual” wizards begin to suggest that magic doesn’t really exist — not objectively, anyway. It is merely a social construct, and witchcraft and wizardry can manifest themselves in many different forms, most of which don’t involve the use of magic at all. This is met with great approval by the majority of muggleborns, though there is still discontent among those who continue to  actually use magic “correctly”.

To combat growing discontent, the Ministry of Magic decrees that “flagrant displays of magic” are now illegal on school grounds, as this can result in prejudice and feelings of unwelcomeness for muggleborn witches and wizards, who are utterly incapable of casting spells (even those who manage to keep wands). The school removes most of it’s “applied magic” curriculum, instead replacing it with “Justice-Oriented Magic” and “Muggleborn Studies”, which focus on present-day social issues and the various expressions of “Alternative Magic” that are popular at the time, such as Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and divination of palms and tea-leaves.

Please forward this post to every arrested development adult shitlib you know, for maximum triggering. The goal here should be mass suicide.

A Gabber adds, chillingly,

Cute, right?

Ok, now replace magic with engineering.

Not so cute now, is it?

There’s nothing cute about the wholesale destruction shitlibbery and cuckdom are visiting upon the White West.

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A hilarious comment from realgaryseven over at the Goodbye, America blog had me in stitches. He decodes the anti-White agitprop in a (shamefully typical) Faceborg ad:

White woman attention whoring on her phone; Negro/ mystery meat ecstatic that he’s in a position to lord it over whitey; Hispanic man trying to comprehend English; Asian woman emailing industrial secrets to China; White man in the background wondering how this came to be.

Too funny.

If this was a one-off ad, I would say, eh, coincidence, means little. But it’s not. It’s one anti-White ad in a succession of similar millions that have polluted our brainwaves and earcaves for at least a decade. This agenda is deliberate. It is hatred. It is the indoctrination that precedes real genocide, if awareness of its malevolent existence isn’t obtained in time to avoid the inevitable bloodshed.

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