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Opposite George Game

A buddy is a study in contrasts. He likes to do the opposite of whatever the masses are doing, but without the pretension that often characterizes iconoclasts. The idea, as he puts it, is to transgress social norms in one medium while following them in another, parallel medium, to disorient women and pique their interest.

For instance, he wears a deep red t-shirt on St Patty’s Day to go out in, while everyone else is dressed in a shade of green. Naturally, this draws the attention of hungry poon, particularly the girls who are up for a deep tissue flirtation. A girl walks over and gives him shit about his shirt, he smiles and, rather than smugly going off on not being Irish or how he’s too autistic to celebrate ethnic holidays in post-racial American, he says “eh, green makes me look washed out” or “I’m color blind. Feel better?” Or he might self-incriminatingly reply, “I’m a nonconformist prick.”

Opposite George Game — “I’m unemployed and bald and live with my parents” — can juice your bantz to incredible heights as long as you avoid even a hint of defensiveness, discomfort, or trepidation, and you don’t take yourself, or your marks, too seriously.

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A reader needs Game advice (for a friend, natch):

So you meet this girl. Very pretty & seems to be going well so far – albeit short time. Then she sends you this photo of her new manicure. Thoughts? Pull eject lever? Asking for a friend.

The photo was sent unsolicited, so he could see her new nails. It’s her left hand; her thumb is on the right.

I’ve decided to turn this reader’s quandary into a Test of Your Game post. Put yourself in his position. Pretty girl just sent you the pic above. You got her digits.

What do you do?

Clue: roses are red, violets are blue, palimpsests are nice, but anthroposcopy rules.

I’ll post below the best answers from commenters. Stay sharp!

PS If you can gauge a woman’s character, you can Game her with customized material. Solve the clue, and you’ll have more insight into her needs, wants, and desires than a man should be legally allowed to have.

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*cracks knuckles*

Leaning in, kung fu grip of +100 mate guarding, forehead cuddling PDA.

Verdict: beta body language

Assessment: trouble brewing

This power couple is Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone, renowned figures in the It’s Self-Evidently Awesome to be White revolution. Sellner fronts a European “Identitaire” group, but don’t hold me to that. I don’t follow these things closely.

Does their pose remind you of anyone?

I know there’s a post in the CH archives about cheekpecker guy above, but I can’t be bothered to search for it. Anyhow, I remember the romance did not end well for him (nor did it start well for him).

The lean-in with goopy canoodling is the international symbol of anxious betatude. All men should strive to avoid it, especially when cameras are pointed at them.

A few readers have objected to Sellner’s skinny fit purple pants, green sneakers, and man purse (excuse me, European handbag). That’s not much of a hit against him, tbh. It’s classic peacocking, and it works if paired with a confident jerkboy attitude. His bigger problem is that his body language betrays an Inner Niceguy. If Brittany’s ardor wanes, it won’t be because of his floodwater purple jeans.

To his credit, Sellner does strike a legit contrapposto pose, the ideal Davidian stance that girls love across time and space.

Why do I tease Brittany? Because she’s totes adorb, and it’s what I do with adorable girls. I can’t help it, it’s in my mischievous DNA. (Sellner may be adorable, but I wouldn’t know. All men are ugly to me.) I mean no disrespek to the Movement Minxes. I wish these two the best, but Manpurse is gonna have to step up his body language game if he wants to heave Brittany the bone. Call it tough love.

Martin, less of what you’re doing in that snap above, and more of this:

You’ll thank me later.

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All girls are judgmental, but not all girls pretend otherwise. In your thigh adventures, you’ll come across a subspecies of chica who flirts by cutting men down to size and watching their reactions. She’s the Crisis and Observation Girl [COG]. If you can take both barrels of her muffshot without flinching, she’ll clear a snatch path for you.

The COG can be vicious. The worst of them can incite an omega male to suicidal ideation and a beta male to an SMV-cratering explosion of butthurt spite. Many wannabe alphas are brought low as well, unprepared as they are for the COG’s gleeful sadism.

What’s the COG’s MO? She quickly finds your weakness, and ruthlessly exploits it for personal gain or public spectacle. Subconsciously, she’s testing your jerkboy mettle. The man who makes the grade can set the tone of the seduction from that point onward.

The COG is brash. Politeness bores her. When she rejects you, she wants to relish the pain of her stinger piercing your soul. The Cog won’t hesitate to defy social convention; she’ll confront suitors with barbs like “You’re weird”, “You have food stuck in your teeth”, “Try a different girl, this right here *waves hands over you*…this isn’t working for me”, “You’re too old/young/ugly/boring/hipster for me to care”, and my favorite “I can’t believe you thought you had a chance!”.

Obviously, we’re dealing with a girl who could be a clinical sociopath. But stay the course, Chadington Cockmonster, because it doesn’t take a lot of skill — only state control — to crush her outer defenses for an easy victory march to her soft, chewy center. The COG is if nothing else easily impressed by unflappable jerkboys (she’s used to men crumpling in a heap of mortification or lashing out in impotent rage, so the jerkboy of refined emotional continence is her dreamboat.)

Now we get to the choicest cuts of this post: how to reply.

I have a go-to line that I’m ready to share with you. It’s multipurpose, effective at deflating any COG, no matter how bitchy. A warning: say it with a nonchalant smirk. Not anger. A hint of anger will cause the line to backfire.

GIRL: You’re too [X].

TRUMP’S RECENTLY HIRED PERSONAL ASSISTANT: I didn’t ask for your approval.

A variation on the line, if it suits you: “I don’t remember asking for your approval/opinion.”

It’s a line that thoroughly takes the wind out of a COG’s sails. Sure, she’ll try some comeback — “well i’m giving it” for example — but it will invariably sound feeble. The subtext — or subcommunication — in the line is critical to understanding its power: it at once disqualifies yourself from chasing her and it implies she’s chasing you for a reaction. It’s a script flip move.

A short buddy of mine used to drop this line whenever girls would mention his height (it happened enough for him to be prepared to hear it — the urban jungle is full of nasty womans). He would follow up with “but good job noting the obvious”.

This shit test counter strategy is a part of the “assume the sale” Game technique. The framing created by the line puts the girl in the position of the outsider striving to make an impression on a higher SMV man. Girls love to be in that position. Another variation on the same theme:

GIRL: You’re weird.


Give it a whirl in the field and let us know how it goes.


Hawk comments,

Her: you’re weird

Master of his Domain: children should be seen and not heard.

Her: can’t believe that you thought you had a chance.

Butthurt: bitch
Beta: uh uh….stammers.
Alpha level bronze frame: chance to get you pregnant? Slow down, honey, I barely know you.
Alpha level silver frame: I don’t recall asking your opinion (no smile)
Alpha level gold frame: quit stealing my negging lines, perv (smirks)
Alpha level nuclear frame: stop staring at my crotch when you say that. (Laser eye.)

The mastery of the riposte distinguishes butthurt from nuclear ZFG. The nuclear frame gives the subtext that you can ditch her for another at a moment’s notice, i.e. dread game. Verbal and physical communication must be in sync for this to work.

Outcome Independence is the psychological essence of alpha maleness. Assume the Sale is the tactical essence of alpha maleness.

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Theodore asks,

Game question: What is the best way to respond when a girl asks if she annoys you?

As you probably surmised, this question is a trap. If you answer yes, she “got to you” and you sound a little butthurt. If you answer no, and she really is annoying, you look weak for appeasing her. A teasing evasion is the way to go. I’d answer, “now you do”, or “when you ask questions like that, you do”. One of my favorite go-to lines for taunting girlquestions like this one is, “You wish”. It totally deflates a smarmy beyotch and re-establishes yourself as the dominant banter force.

The other countermove is Agree&Amplify. “Yes, you are the most annoying girl I have ever met. Each second with you is like waterboarding torture. I’m gonna call you Gitmo.” Obviously if you’re saying this with a wry smile and over-the-top eye rolls, she’ll laugh and come back down to earth to meet you human-to-human instead of shit testing theatrical drama queen-to-human.

The Gotcha! Girl trips up many a beta male with her deviously probing questions. The best frame of mind to have for skirting this trap is to dodge her rhetorical charge and make it about her and her insecurities instead of about you qualifying yourself to her. The thrust (heh) of a man’s seduction should always be away from qualifying himself and towards qualifying the girl.

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Ted Colt asks for some Game advice to give his son,

other than fleeing, what advice would you give my son?

He’s referring to this scenario:

If a chick sincerely and weirdly said that to your son, and she was cute enough to consider angling for the bangling? He should ask if that pickup line has ever worked for her.

A fledgling womanizer up for the challenge of seducing femcunts-in-training will never go wrong macking these girls using the one-two combo of “assume the sale” and “flip the script” game techniques. Assume she’s trying to pick you up, and flip the female chasee-male chaser script. All delivered with a tacitly, pregnantly jerkboy je ne sais cock.

These kinds of girls — the screechy parroters of feminist drivel — were never very common, but their numbers have been increasing since The Insanity took over America, so there’s a chance your son may come across a girl saying something like this to him, in which case my line above should help him pass her shit test with flying colors and wipe the early onset schoolmarm sneer off her face.

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Your Daily Game: Assume The Sale

That’s a two-for-one assume the sale payload!

Why work for a woman’s love when you can assume she already loves you and sit back in the banging position waiting for her to catch up?

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