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Game literature as well as generic persuasion how-tos include a seduction technique known as “future pacing”. It is one of the most powerful persuasion tools and can rapidly intensify the comfort stage of a pickup.

Naturally, Trump the Master of Seduction is familiar with future pacing. From a Gabber,

we need to radicalize the White Wamens

and Trump showed exactly how to do that – use emotional language, not stats & facts

imagine it was your husband or father or brother or son that this [kavanaugh’s show trial] was happening to

imagine that it was someone you love who you know was innocent and some left-wing bitch decided to destroy his life over politics, cause he doesn’t agree with her on abortion

what would you do?

btw, that’s a key little Persuasion Phrase there, telling someone to imagine something

it works even if the person you’re trying to manipulate knows you’re trying to manipulate them

ppl can’t help but imagine something you tell them to imagine

imagine an elephant, imagine you’re an astronaut, imagine you’re old and dying, imagine you’re a kid again


The ease and simplicity of this powerful tactic is the word “imagine”. When you’re with a girl, start a sentence with “imagine”. Build a vajnette around it. Lead her where you want her mind to go…

“Imagine you get carried away on an ecstatic high from meeting someone new, someone exciting…”

The pussibilities are endless.

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Courtesy of Hackett To Bits, an extended playlist of an instantly classic Trump Neg:

A great all purpose neg…

“How could you vote for Trump?”
– “Now I like you 25 percent less.”

“Look at my new kitten here on Instagram!”
– “Now I like you 25 percent less.”

“I have a boyfriend…”
– “Now I like you 25 percent less.”

I’ll really miss Trump when his five terms are over. We will never have another President who gives so much to the storehouse of Game knowledge.

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I don’t go down on girls, unless they’re virginal and their poosies smell like a springtime meadow. If I’m with a 21 year old and I have a strong suspicion I am her first or second lover, then yeah, here’s me gorging at the Y:

Most over-25 women aren’t virginal and their poosies aren’t exactly garden fresh. I have no interest in sticking my nose in a sewer and contracting mouth cancer.

But try telling a girl that (ID FATALITY).

And yet, I’ve noticed more girls demanding mouthlove, especially reciprocated mouthlove. Sex often inaugurates with the girl slobbing my knob, but now it’s been transactionalized by anti-romantic battlecunts who have been inculcated by Femcunt Inc to view any unreciprocated action — no matter the context or the mood lighting — as a slight against grrldom by the oppressive white male hateriarchy.

In fact, some of these chicks will push my head downward toward their steampipes as I’m dropping mad kisses on the non-smelly parts of their bodies, and I’ll RESIST, which only makes them push harder on my head. Wouldn’t that qualify as sexual assault under the terms created from thin air by the BELIEVE WAHMEN cuntsortium?

So here’s what you should say if a girl expresses in so many words that she wants you to lick her cancerclit:

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: I don’t do that.

GIRL: Why? Are you selfish or something?

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: I only offer those services to girls I’ve been dating a long time. It’s very intimate.

GIRL: We’ve been dating a while.

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: Not long enough. I’ll let you know when.

I never let her know when, because a girl who’s indignant that her poosy be viewed like a tootsie roll pop (how many licks to get to the G spot?) is a girl who

  1. has been scoured by a squadron of stiff ones and can only get off now with extraordinary efforts on the part of the man and
  2. is a strident bitch who won’t ever show generosity of spirit or snatch without a rider attached to it

Ladies, if you want the licky licky, avoid the sticky pricky. Virgins are ravaged because they haven’t been ravaged. Get the picture?


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A little psy ops I like to do with a woman I bring back to my place is ask if she wants a water or a cold glass of milk.

You chortle, but hear me out. Most girls expect a man will try to (further) liquor them up once back on his turf, a few exquisite steps away from his mattress of muffstuffing. This isn’t necessarily a deal killer; women expect this, and so are emotionally ready for it, having geared themselves up for the coming payload.

But sometimes a woman is tentative, or reconsidering the propulsion of her lust. Promptly dangling a glass of wine in front of her as she sits on your couch cross-legged and looking like she’s turtling with incoming anxiety could shut her down for the night. She won’t be receptive to the alcohol solicitation, framing it in her head it as a pretext for her to prematurely relinquish her number one asset (vagina). She might then begin to feel you’re pushing too hard, too soon (and then the PoundMeToo beast breathes its hot breath on your bedroom door).

You have to take stock of the type of girl you’re with, and adjust accordingly. If she’s suddenly nervous, make a tactical retreat.

It’s not that rare for a girl in your place to flash signs on her face of having second thoughts, even if you’ve gamed her right and set the stage. Women are slaves to their caprice. So I prefer to sidestep that possibility by offering water or (ridiculously) a glass of milk. And I offer it with utmost sincerity and seriousness. No cracked grins or just-kiddings.

If she’s like most women, she’ll laugh at the suggestion and either take you up on it as a form of shared frivolity that bonds you two tighter, or she’ll audibly sigh and welcome the excuse to drink stronger stuff, replying something along the lines of, “oh that’s ok…..buuuuuut if you have some stronger stuff I might be down for that”.

It’s then that you have hurdled her anti-slut defense and given her free rein to indulge the swelling abandon of the moment without the burden of regret.

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This is a new series, because let’s face it, we’re in a new era of female man-hating hysteria and media-amplified sex panic. Game isn’t just a helpful seduction system for getting laid; Game has become a life-saving necessity to protect oneself against mendacious psychocunts.

First installment: Preemptive Disqualification Game.

Girl: “Are you hitting on me?”

Lucifer’s Light Saber: “No thanks, I don’t want to be MeToo’ed.”

This should wrest a wry smile from a normal girl, and a scowl from a psychocunt. Now you can screen out the psychos. Doubleplusgoodness: It sets up a challenge that no woman can resist, marks you out as a Quenched Alpha, and seeds the conversation with endless flirtatious possibilities.

Girl: “what makes you think i would MeToo you?”

LLS: “I dunno, you just have that look in your face.”


Girl: “do girls normally MeToo you?”

LLS: “Only if I forget to call back.”


Girl: “what are you scared of?”

LLS: “ruining your reputation”

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Your Daily Text Game

From POTUS Groyper,

Text Asshole Game

(a girl you playing a little hard to get within text, she feeds off of)

Her: some mudane shit that may be implying that you send her some attention to inquire.

You: Was this meant for me?


Her: I’m going to hawaii with some friends in Oct.

You: Was this meant for me?

Her: Yes you ass!

Grammar issues notwithstanding, I think we all get the gist of this pitch perfect asshole Text Game.

So if a girl plays hard to get (they all do, it’s the Prime Pussy Directive) and baits you to lavish attention and earnest flattery on her, try replying “Was this meant for me?” instead.

As you can see from this girl’s indignant response — “Yes you ass!” — it will cause an irresistible efflorescence of labial meadows.

The beauty of the line comes from it working on two female hindbrain levels: it is a mild disqualification of the girl (implying her bait isn’t juicy enough for your prompt attention), and it suggests you, The Cadman, are currently distracted by so many women in your life that this one girl’s manipulative ploy has landed with a thud before your depleted cock.

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Catfish Game

An emailer asks me for the details about how I run Catfish Game.


I want the details about the fake profile pics and pulling girls. You basically catfish them?


Basically, yes. Sometimes. Or the fake pic is so obviously fake that it’s not really a catfish, but an opportunity to wildly flirt with the girl and issue increasingly brazen challenges to her to overcome her “weird suspicions”. It’s what I call Gaslight Game, and the objective is to corrupt the girl’s comfortable grip on reality and make her think she’s going a little bit crazy believin’ her lyin’ eyes and her gatekeepin’ thighs. It’s akin to the advice I have given to men who get caught cheating: deny deny deny, until your woman starts to question her sanity.

It’s hard to give too many revealing details, what with the heat around every corner, but a couple of commenters provided personal techniques that are similar to what I do. From Chris,

I did exactly this all throughout 2012-2015 when I was on POF.

I used to hate being seen by locals on that sewer of a site, and so always used fake pics (that were, admittedly, a reasonably close resemblance to how I actually looked). I used to hunt for someone like me on Google Images.

The thing is, 50% of chicks never remarked on anything untoward when they met me, and when the other 50% mentioned me not looking like my photos I shrugged my shoulders and said “photos can be funny like that”. I actually had a girl I had been seeing on the regular (for around 4 months) finally discover one afternoon I had used fake pics; she was really upset that she had been duped, but it didn’t stop me from continuing to plough her.

One of the other reasons I used fake pics was that I could run no-holds-barred asshole game on these girls with the confidence of anonymity.

Those were my best years in game.

100% cosign. I use two methods. The one Chris describes here (similar looking photo and nonchalant dismissal of the woman’s suspicions) and a supplementary method where I choose a fake photo looking nothing like me and then challenge the girl to see past the pic and ask herself what kind of sexy asshole would think he could get away with this *wink*. Or, like I mentioned above, I’ll turn on the gaslight and make her think she’s nuts for even questioning my moral rectitude. The overall effect is a positive one: “who does this guy think he is?

From HEM, a reminder that if you’re gonna try Catfish Game, you had better have command of your frame,

I like to do this when I get bored. I actually prefer not even using a pic at all. But, sometimes I’ll use a scenic pic of some exotic place. Put something interesting in the profile bio (eg something that illustrates you’re intelligent and witty, as well as explicitly state that you’re alpha; the alpha can also be referenced in the screen name) and prob about 30% will respond. Of those, half will immediately ask for a pic. I usually trash them. The other half are receptive to what you have to say. Be straight-forward, brash and cocky. Never compliment their looks. Never apologize for something jerky that you say. You’ll be amazed at the results.

These are generally useful rules for online and offline dating. Truth is, there is plenty of overlap between the techniques advised for each realm of pickup.

No Pic Game is a cousin of Fake Pic Game, and the tactical payload is the same: zero fucks given sexiness combined with an enticing challenge to a woman to rise above her lameness. Plus, follow the general rule that a big component of any online pickup is radical pre-screening. The numbers are there, so there’s no good reason not to screen.

Final note. I can drop one vagnette from my worldstar. If I meet an online prospect for a first date who has not seen my real pic, she naturally will be stunned once our faces are inches apart. I immediately move to reduce her anxiety: “Yeah, I know, you’re pleasantly surprised. Even better in real life than in photos.” This gets a laugh. If it doesn’t, I follow up, “If you keep acting weird, I’m gonna think you’re a serial killer. Some guys are into that. Not me.” See what I did there? What would normally be a defensive position is upturned and the onus to act like a normal person is placed on her.

If she bites on all this, she will get around to asking me why I chose a fake pic. I measure her buying temp and use that to decide wether to continue whimsically gaslighting her or to get real and confess that the fake pic is there to a) evade the feds or b) screen for really shallow women. Now she’s feeling a need to prove she’s not shallow. Off to the races!

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