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Sluts are wild women. The wildest, which is impressive considering the basal state of women is sexual wildness when released from cultural supervision. Many an unwitting beta male has thirstily stumbled into a slut’s Venus Thigh-Trap and been liquefied, financially and emotionally, by her muff-shaped machinations. But sluts can be controlled, and their sexual recklessness harnessed for the beta’s exclusive pleasure, no psychological costs or commitment strings attached.

williamk writes that a slut uses her sex like a shackle, binding her quarry into a one-sided relationship that robs him of his dignity and prepares the way for his cuckolding:

Sluts control weak guys with sex.

It’s likely every once in a while he imagines her past and feels disdain rise in his viscera, but then she drains his nuts and dissipates his drive.

He’ll never leave her or cheat because she knows just how much to sate him to own him.

Beta male thirst is more than a tingle-killer; it’s a poisoner of long-term relationships. If you give in to an LTR with a slut solely to prevent your nuts from backing up with unspent sperm, you’ll regret all the times in between nutting that you have to spend with her, and that’s a lot of time, unless you can nut non-stop without turning into a bleached desert skeleton.

A slut who has your cock on a leash will NEVER give you all the sex you want; she will give you THE BARE MINIMUM of sex to get what she wants, which is usually a combination of your money, energy, abject supplication, unreciprocated fidelity, and willingness to excuse any and all bad behavior she wishes to dish out (which sluts will dish out frequently and gleefully).

The experienced man with options knows how to control sluts for the reasons above: his interests as a man will often diverge from the interests of the sluts he bangs for fun. He has no thirst, so sluts can’t play the ol’ dame game of throwing their sex at him in the beginning and then slowly but incrementally drawing their sex away in hopes of reorienting the relationship to one in which the slut has all the hand.

The Slut Whisperer also never commits long-term to a slut unless he is absolutely sure of his ability to control the slut’s sexual manipulations and impulsivity. The number one reason to avoid commitments to sluts that last longer than a three-month fling is because they’re high risks for cheating, divorce, and cucking. As a man, you’d want such a tight grip on your slut’s heartlight that she wouldn’t dare indulge her natural inclinations….and that’s a tall order to suppress what is likely a genetically imprinted predilection.

So, the two most potent slut controlling psy ops a man has at his disposal are:

  • dating options, or the ability to collect dating options
  • his love

Having options, or the confidence that comes from an ability to collect options on short notice, reduces a man’s sexual thirst, thereby reducing his susceptibility to a slut’s exploitation of men’s higher sex drive.

A tried-and-true technique for projecting a powerful perception of your ability to score new poon post-haste is Dread Game. And nobody falls for Dread Game as thoroughly and predictably as the slut, who senses in it (and for that reason cannot defy it) the mirror manipulation of her Sex Apportioning Game. Driving a slut to heights of jealousy will put the brakes on her sexual power games because she will lose the focus to stick to her Gine Directive.

Dread Game is essentially Love Apportioning Game, and as a slut will open and close her vagina to the rhythm of her desires met and unmet, so will an experienced man open and close his heart to the rhythm of his desire met or unmet for a woman who will behave herself to his liking.

In sum,



are the ingredients to bring a slut to heel.

In woman-conditioning language, I call this


and now you have tamed the slut.

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It’s Jerkboy Game Day!

Courtesy of Gabber @LexParsimoniae:

She looks like she’s ready to admit him to her S&M dungeon. A keeper!

FYI the jerkboy move that sealed the deal (or at least sealed delivery of the dominatrix outfit pic) was when Lex dropped the “lol” bomb. Short, snappy retorts like “lol” and “gay”, which in context don’t make a whole lot of sense nor need to, are MASS GAINER snickerdoodle flavored hamster pellets. Also, note the ratio of her words to his words: she’s investing more in the exchange (even microinvestments like total typed letters count towards relative SMV scores and the perception of higher value of the person investing less).

Remember, as you scan that screenshot for eternal wisdom: NICEGUYS PACIFY, JERKBOYS ELECTRIFY

Her: what makes u think u can demand anything from me

Niceguy: oh sorry if i crossed a line *wets himself*


Her: what makes u think u can demand anything from me

Jerkboy: lol *chain texts three other plates*


I had her over for dinner, she washes all the dishes and the ones I used before she gets over and never complains. She’s 30 I’m 45. She’s used to getting her way. She can’t figure me out.

My guess, she wants to land a man. Doesn’t want kids though. See what happens.

Insist that she wear those cute animal ears whenever she’s with you, including out to restaurants. (This is domination-ownership move you can find in classics of the Unholy Love genre, such as Story of O.)

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More Non Sequitur Game

Non Sequitur Game — a valuable Chateau addition to the pickup oeuvre —  is a tributary of text Game that, with minor adjustment, can be ported to IRL social interaction, with similar results: female intrigue and curiosity, two states of gine which necessarily precede sex.

Non sequitur game is mystery bait. An odd word or fragmented sentence is like an eight ball to her head hamster — the little rodent will snort it right up and spend the next hour spinning frantically trying to figure out what you were saying, or — *squeal with delight* — whether it was meant for another girl.

I’ve done the accidental non sequitur text to girls, and come to think of it they did text back immediately, asking me to clarify. It’s a superbly sneaky tactic to trick a girl to chase you.

Some other truncated non sequitur game examples:

“see you at”

“leaving” (this one will trigger her threat of loss anxiety)

“we’ll see”



A similar version of non sequitur game is reverse eavesdropping game (REG). This is where you send a text to a girl that has nothing to do with her and is clearly not meant for her, thus inducing her to “eavesdrop” on your putatively private conversation. The REG text should be constructed such that it hints at your high value and/or social proof. Something like “bring the chips and i’ll get the booze. it’s gonna be crazy.”

Reader Mutant Seven passes along another type of non sequitur game — the gibberish hamster pellet. Pay close attention to the girl’s reaction.

One, she replied. Two, she didn’t say no.

So you’re saying I have a chance!

M7 adds,

This one has had me laughing all weekend long. Chicks just don’t get non-sequiturs or absurdity. It doesn’t compute. It’s abstract. It doesn’t correlate with their mundane, pragmatic concerns.  But they have difficulty leaving it alone as well because it’s mysterious. It draws them in by its very indefiniteness, its portent of profundity. Wasn’t it you who discussed this as useful game technique?

Daddy gib gamies.

Non Sequitur Game benefits the man using it as well as the woman receiving it. If you are uncertain of a woman’s reaction to your solicitation, or if you are tongue-tied and can’t summon your characteristic wit to close the deal, then just dump an absurdity in the grill’s cuntbox. She’ll be hooked like a fish, and you buy yourself a little breathing room to regain your composure, confidence, and, most importantly, your INVISIBLE HAND OF SEDUCTION. The Chad non sequitur will ALWAYS be better than the try-hard, sweated-out Virgin reply. Bonus gamies: Nothing reinvigorates a flagging convo by opening new and untrammeled lines of communication quite like a bizarre or sneakily allusive non sequitur.

CH Maxim #59: The less it looks like you’re trying, the harder the girl will try to figure you out.


vanbrah comments,

I once texted a girl “thanks” then followed up with “oops wrong person” Four days later I go to pick her up from her house. Within the first five minutes she asks me who I was texting. I felt bad for her poor hamster. Poor thing must have been exhausted.

I guarantee that girl was thinking about vanbrah’s retraction text during all four of those days, and well into her four sleepless nights.

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Men (and lately women too, thanks to the endless sex denialist propaganda stream) underestimate the vast difference in physical strength between the sexes, and as a consequence also underestimate the psychological impact men’s size and strength has on women’s emotional state when in the company of men. The strongest woman would be no match for the average soyboy, and this fact of life has implications for how women have evolved to behave around men. Specifically, women are evolved to be both aroused and scared of male physical strength, and particularly so when alone with a man and no nearby white knights to aid her in case the man she’s with turns out to be a psychokiller.

Women have evolved this way because a dominant, potentially dangerous man is both a benefit and a risk to her. His benefit is obvious: in a harsh environment filled with predators human and animal, he can protect her. His cost is obvious as well, but maybe less so to the muff-struck girl: a dominant man may turn his ire on her if she crosses him or his entitlement or rage escape his self-control.

Thankfully for you readers, years in the wench trenches and a compilation of personal experience from hundreds if not thousands of aspiring womanizers who told their stories in online forums have revealed some extraordinarily potent pre-bedroom maneuvers to heighten a woman’s sexual arousal and consequently lower her inhibition.

The goal is to walk that fine line between a display of dominance which excites women and a menacing threat which scares women. Foreplay is maximally inflamed with a quick, yet unmistakable, hint of your manly power.

The move is simple. Grab a woman’s wrist HARD in the heat of the moment. Pin it against the wall, or against her shoulder or hip. This motion is AC/DC electricity, and as segue to sex it’s both boner and beaver fuel. You see, your dominance display will not only arouse her, it will arouse yourself seeing her submit so deliriously to your entitled whim and overwhelming physicality. Dominance is the limbic lube that both men and women secretly crave, the former for its powerful alpha penumbra, and the latter for its submission summoning sexiness.

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Adhering to standards and expressing them to women is what separates the quenched alphas from the thirsty betas. Too many men cede the Darwinian high ground of standards to women, an assumption not without biological basis in reality — the vessel housing expensive eggs can demand more than can cheapo spermos — but nevertheless an assumption that can cost men a lot of romantic possibility, and tragically an assumption which can be overturned with minimal mental effort.

We are all familiar with the 463 bullet point checklist that fertilely-fledged women carry in their subconscious to be accessed when and where potential suitors are found. The online dating market doesn’t even require the cloak of subconsciousness; there, women are forthright about their criteria. Some female Tinder profiles can run to upwards of fifty dealbreakers, often hilariously coupled with fatty bluehairs and fishmouth tatted freaks belying either their sincerity or their sanity with which they make their demands.

The “out and proud” female bullet point checklist accompanied by ravenous hordes of thirsty betas tripping over themselves to meet those female standards is solid evidence that the modren sexual market has shifted to the favor of women — likely culprits in the imbalance: numerical sex skew and female obesity — and that men are falling right into their roles as desperate hound dogs chasing after table scraps.

It’s even worse now that we’re in the era of Trump, and ideology has become one of if not THE sorting mechanism for Shrillennial hookups and relationships. “TRUMP VOTERS SWIPE LEFT” is a common refrain on girls’ profiles.

It doesn’t have to be this way. So much hidden love can explode in the world if men abided for themselves the same laundry list of criteria that women take for granted as the prerogative of their sex. Men with freely and boldly expressed standards are a lightning rod to women who labor under a scarcity of such men. Try it and see for yourself. Set standards of what you will allow or disallow in women and follow those standards. You don’t even have to be sincere; the mere revelation of your standards and ACTING as if they matter to you will be enough to flip the seduction script and have women effortflirting for your approval.


And I’m not talking about demands for physical perfection. Women already know men lust most forcefully for 36-24-34, barely legal, and blemish free. NO FAT CHICKS is just a start. You need to flesh that out with MORE demands, MORE criteria, MORE checklists. For example: HILLARY PUSSYHATTERS SWIPE LEFT. NO FATTIES, NO TATTIES, NO WHACKIES. BPD? SAVE IT FOR YOUR BETA MALE ORBITER. LTR FOR THE GIRL WHO EARNS IT.

Then sit back and recline in your cowgirl position banging chair as the ladies line up to

  1. meet your exacting standards or
  2. shit test you to kingdom cum

Either reaction is good. Remember, the shit test is prologue to sex. If a girl is uninterested, she will ignore you or curtly reject you. If a girl is interested DESPITE her forebrain telling her you’re no good, she will tease, taunt, and try to wind you up as a gauge of your alpha male state control (or beta male emotional and libidinal incontinence).

Some readers object: what’s to stop a girl from simply lying to you about meeting your standards?

A lying girl?

Is there another kind of girl?

If you ask the second cumming of Mother Theresa how many cocks she gave alms to in her youth, she will lie about the number.

Why it doesn’t matter:

You’re still getting laid.

And, unless you’re a hard-up buffoon who marries the first girl who looks at your cock cross-eyed, you are gonna have (at least) a three month trial period breaking her in; few women can sustain the illusion of a perfect fit with you longer than that. Her annoying tics, untrustworthy sluttiness, antagonistic value system, psychological scars, and feminist proclivities will eventually out, and they almost always out post-coitally, when she (like all women) thinks her vagina is sufficient to placate any doubting thomas and divert his attention from her shitty personality.

Know the ho
in the afterglow.

By then, you’ll be well-positioned to offer or rescind any implied promises of exclusivity.

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Confounding The Cocktease

If you’ve been around enough women in your life, you’ll have come across a most frustrating subspecies of the sex: the manipulative exhibitionist, aka the cocktease. Anonymous writes,

Happened to a friend of mine. She let him touch her everywhere but nothing more. When he gave up, she lured him back, only to play the same game again, for months. Don’t waste your time with such women, or improve your game to prevent these games.

The worst reaction a man can have to the unique predations of the cocktease is gullibility. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football Lucy is holding for him, the cocktease will never let you make solid contact. Keep hoping for a different outcome with her, and keep getting stymied right at the moment your blue balls have hit maximum pressure.

You have to stop pulling her toward you, and start pushing away from her. Redoubling your efforts to get in her pantsuit will only lead to the same detente: her stringing you along by the short and curlies, and then giving you the Heisman when you think you’ve breached her perimeter defenses.

A few CH words of wisdom on the cocktease, which should help clear any man’s mind about the nature of his antagonist.

The worst of the Manipulative Exhibitionist girls are power-tripping narcissists who love inciting sexual arousal in men, but especially in men with whom they have no reciprocal romantic interest. I.e., the classic cocktease, on roids. This is important, because the ME girl’s feeling of control and power over men would be harder to sustain in the presence of a man who likewise aroused her own curiosity.

The Power Tripper ME girl loves the reaction of sex-struck beta males driven to catatonic impotence, but she loves even more the consequent opportunity to put those betas in their places. This is why more than a few Power Trippers are past-peak women in their late 20s and early 30s; she is the woman in dire need of reassurance that she still has the slut stuff to play bumbling betas for marionettes.


The cocktease’s ideal man would be someone she approaches first, but who doesn’t flirt back. He just stands there being amused by her antics, making her work harder and harder for his attention, until his value is outsized in her mind. One step forward, two steps back, is his motto for dealing with cockteases. And then when the time is ripe, he pushes hard for the close, leaving her little head space to rationalize yet another coquettish escape.

The cocktease doesn’t want you to chase her; that will only embolden her to greater depths of cockteasery. The only intervention that breaks the cocktease’s spell is non-intervention.

When she lures you back….don’t bite. Brush her off and later offer a rescheduled meeting on your timetable and at the place of your choosing. This will screen out the cockteases who truly have no interest in you and are just using you for ego thrills. What the cocktease least wants to do is make an effort, so if you have made her work a little for you she’s more likely to drop her act and get real.

When she lets you touch her….don’t bother. Your active disinterest will drive her crazy, and she’ll overcompensate by coming onto you harder to provoke a flirtatiously sloppy reaction from you. State control is your best friend when in the company of a cocktease.

When she’s coming onto you to provoke your ardor…..push her away. “Whoa, not so fast. I like to be wined and dined first.” Or, “What are you running here, a brothel?” You get the idea. You want to frame the situation as one in which you’re the prize and she’s the ho who can’t control herself around you.

The Confound the Cocktease strategy is basically flipping the seduction script. The better you are at psychologically manipulating a cocktease to believe she’s chasing you for your approval (and romantic interest), the quicker the cocktease will stop manipulating you for external validation.

Tell your friend to give it a go, and report back to us.

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May-December Game

For May-December alpha cads, the best gambit to pick up much younger women is this disqualification line: when she starts to think you may be flirting with her, gently chide, “Don’t get the wrong idea, you’re too young for me.”

9 out of 10 naifs will react by proving they’re not too young for you.

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