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Reader Carlos decided to take my advice to the field, where he dropped the “How normal are you?” line as a rapport-boosting opener to seal the deal with a girl.




I’ll offer a suggestion here. Avoid dating any woman who use the word “male” in place of “man”, or even “guy”. This is a red flag that the woman you are talking with is a. a bitter cunt or b. a cunty feminist, and the Venn diagram on that is a perfect 100% overlap.

PS Notice all the “lol”s this chick scatters everywhere. She’s nervous, which means she’s experiencing rapid flushing of the genitals.

Qualifying women is a power keg of pussy ‘plosion. Women can’t resist a man who has the BALLS to hold to a tight set of standards and is willing to apply those standards where it counts: in-field, right to a woman’s face. Forget “hey I just noticed you and…” openers; hit ’em hard with “how normal are you?”, spoken matter-of-factly and without obvious affect, and watch as their eyes light up with faux indignation and their hamsters spin with myriad reasons to find out more about you. It’s pleasingly aggressive, intriguingly self-entitled, arousingly impudent, and daringly bold in a world full of timid, suck-up betas who “accept women for who they are”.

Newsflash: Women don’t want to be fully and unconditionally accepted for who they are by men. They want a man who will challenge them and make them work for his acceptance.

Maxim #45: Be less accepting of women, and women will be more accepting of you.

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It’s generally advisable to avoid ever apologizing for any infraction of social or courtship etiquette — particularly if the rules of the etiquette which would constrain you were established by your enemies — if it’s women’s hearts you want to hoard (and men’s loyalty you want to mobilize). However, even alphas with unimpeachable state control occasionally must pay tribute to the strategic, if half-assed, mea culpa. Along the serpentine path to incredible power, extreme circumstances will present which vociferously demand at least a feint in the direction of quasi-apology.

Which is why I give a pass to Trump for his “apology” to Megyn Kelly. (The sneer quotes are very apt, you’ll soon see.)

A reader forwarded this video clip from the interview between Megyn “blood coming out of her wherever” Kelly and Donald God Emperor Trump. She has cornered him into explaining his multiple “retweets” of various tweets that contained references to her, Megyn, as a bimbo. Watch and learn from a Master Charismatic how to say “my bad” like a badboy rogue.

GREAT example of Trump’s charisma in the exchange from 6:12 – 6:25 from interview w/ crazy Megyn.

When a woman wants an apology, don’t give it to her. If she craves it and NEEDS it, give her a simulacrum of an apology, and deliver it with a cheeky grin. Which is what Trump did here. And, unsurprisingly, Megyn’s mile-wide smile right after that charming BROADside testified to the effectiveness of Trump’s coy concession.

By way of making a stark alpha male-beta male comparison, try to imagine ¡Jeb! Bush in the same situation. (Suspend your disbelief for this flight of fancy.) Megyn has put the pressure on Jeb to account for his retweets of Jeb fans referring to her as a bimbo. How do you think Jeb would have replied?

Megyn: “You retweet…bimbo.”

Yeb: “Did I say that?”

Megyn: “Many times.”

Yeb: “I am really sorry. That’s not who I am. It was the heat of the moment, and I got carried away. Geez, my wife — and let me remind everyone how much I respect and love my wife, she’s my hero — my wife would never tolerate such abusive misogynistic language, and she’d never let me hear the end of it if I did anything that looked like I might be approving of it, even if someone else said it……..”

Megyno: *no smile, vagina snapped shut tighter than a clam at low tide, resentment welling* “You sicken me, chauvinist pig.”


Update: A readers points out another fine example of Trump’s tight Game in his interview with Megyn.

At 6.35 Trump says, “You’ve had a life that’s not been that easy”

How perfect is this? If you told a woman she had an easy life she’d take it as patronizing; if you told a woman she had a hard life she’d think you were saying she was from the ghetto.

you’ve had a life that’s not been that easy

Look at her face after that! The alpha knows when to misdirect and make it about her again so she can do what women do best at: talk about themselves.

Ambiguity, backhanded compliments (negs), frame control…. these are the tactics of the successful seducer.

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Subverting Sassy Sluts

What to say to a girl who has, unbeknownst or not, co-opted a favorite PUA line for her own amusement? A reader explains:

To CH & readers,

quick tactics question —

what if a girl pulls the Heartistian “don’t flatter yourself” riposte on you? How do you reply?

That happened to me, and not being swift of tongue I said nothing but walked away.



Before you can know the right words, you have to be in the right frame of mind. That frame is: “My dance card is always bursting with poon flavor, so whatever any one girl says to me hardly jogs me from my glowing self-conception.”

Once this inner game is established, the “right” reply to a sassy girl will come more naturally and punctually.



The words WILL come easier if you believe, really believe, you are Beelzebub’s gift to bush. I’ve no issue with those who advocate learning outer game before tackling inner game in order to get a taste of the in-field possibilities, but ultimately the coolest outer game must originate from the source pool of unshakeable inner game. Game neophytes often complain about being tongue-tied in the moment of truth, but that is less a reflection of their paucity of wit that it is of their weakness of mind. A strong mental self-appraisal will open the floodgates to a river of sexy ripostes.

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Options = Instability. A Chateau maxim as universal and relevant to life satisfaction as the famed CH aphorism Diversity + Proximity = War. The O=I theory was introduced in this original press post:

Where you have options, you have trouble sticking by one person. A man dating a girl (or girls) will feel on top of the world and suddenly all those single women traipsing around the city look like much easier targets to approach. His loins will quiver with excitement. A woman transplanted from a less populated region of the country to the big city will become enthralled with all the extra attention from men who are probably much better at playing the game than the men she left back home. Her ego will quiver with expectation.

…and fleshed out here, with accompanying scientific confirmation:

[T]here is an inherent sex difference in the destabilizing force of increased options. A man with more options than his partner is a less destabilizing force to his relationship than is a woman with equally more options than her partner. This phenomenon results from the greater hypergamous drive of women, who are less satisfied than are men with sub-par lovers, and from the biological reality that risk of female infidelity is a graver threat to relationship harmony than is risk of male infidelity for which there is no chance of “reverse cuckolding”.

Think of the relationship permutations this way:

Man with options + woman with fewer options = man with peace of mind and wandering eye + happy but anxious woman + lovingly prepared home-cooked meals.

Woman with options + man with fewer options = unhappy woman with wandering eye + happy but anxious man + microwaved dinners.

Man with options + woman with options = stable relationship. Both are happy and infidelity or rupture risks are minimized.

Man with few options + woman with few options = stable relationship. Both are unhappy yet infidelity or rupture risks are still minimized.

I don’t need my knob slobbed by ¡SCIENCE!, but I won’t turn down a freebie blowie if 💋SCIENCE💋 just can’t get enough of my Renaissance Meat. So once again, to the lab-coats (via VIP commentator chris):

Scientific proof that options creates instability.

In the interests of weeding out the mathematical complexity, there were three values calculated. Assuming you were taking the survey, they would correspond to (1) how well your actual partner matched your ideal (2) what percent of possible real mates out in the world are better overall fits, and (3) how much more or less desirable you are to others, relative to your partner. These values were then plugged into a regression predicting relationship satisfaction. As it turned out, in the first study (N = 260), the first value – how well one’s partner matched their ideal – barely predicted relationship satisfaction at all (ß = .06); by contrast, the number of other potential people who might make better fits was a much stronger predictor (ß = -.53), as was the difference in relative mate value between the participant and their partner (ß = .11). There was also an interaction between these latter two values (ß = .21). As the authors summarized these results:

“Participants lower in mate value than their partners were generally satisfied regardless of the pool of potential mates; participants higher in mate value than their partners became increasingly dissatisfied with their relationships as better alternative partners became available”

Implied in the CH Options = Instability formula is the premise that the available options are desirable; options don’t mean much if what you have now is decidedly better than the alternatives. Few people will trade up from a filet mignon to a burger, so the existence of millions of attainable burgers doesn’t register as a menu of options to our subconscious minds if we’re currently dining on filet mignon. (If you’ve dated a really pretty girl, you’ll know that, at least for a while, the world of women outside her presence seems to recede into invisibility. Some call that love.)

Instability follows from options when the options are instinctively perceived as worthwhile substitutes. From this truism, we can deduce the effectiveness of a powerful Game principle: Dread. If you are a man who is, or is subjectively perceived to be, lower in sexual market value than your girlfriend/wife, then you can help stabilize your relationship and increase the happiness of you and your partner if you ACT LIKE you are a man with many desirable and attainable options you’d trade up to if circumstances allowed.

That is, it’s sexy to act more like an untrustworthy man than a trustworthy man. Why? Because women LOVE LOVE LOVE men who are loved by other desirable women. And an untrustworthy man signals his desirability to many beautiful women. This principle is why it’s so common to see physically unattractive men dating hot babes “out of their league” strut like a cuntquistador who could drop his current lover on a dime if she ever gave him trouble. Platitudists may not appreciate this facet of human sexual behavior, but it’s real and it works.

CH Maxim #77: If a man acts as if his life is full of willing women, then women will be more willing company.

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Certain combinations of speech are optimally attractive to women. Wit, conversational fluidity, and terseness are common elements in the kind of wordplay that women most adore in men. On that subject, reader Sorcerygod explores the confluence of body language with, well, actual language.

The body language IS worth taking a closer look at, but it would be even more interesting to hear the tone of his voice and the contents of his words.

Considering that Stratham is a grunting jock figure, he probably doesn’t match his voice with his stance.

Now *I* have a good voice. Low, deep, slow, amused, intelligent, full of witty remarks . . . And I’ve been told more than once I’m a “good talker.” Supposedly words don’t matter, it’s just the auditory qualities of the voice, and the body stance, but I believe that offering skilled talk, and interesting dialogue, is CRUCIAL to seduction, and a man who can speak well and fluidly on many different topics can compensate for his poor looks . . . now when you combine looks and talk like me, you’ve got a veritable divine figure —

If I can offer a few tips.

One, start off using small words. The brain, especially the female brain, latches onto these first. These are your foundation.

Two, to show your intelligence sprinkle higher words like “epitome of something,” “nascent value,” “reductionism” . . . as long as you have a base of low level words, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t understand all of them, you will convey that you are erudite and sharp-minded. And she *WILL* subconsciously get the meaning of at least some from context. And she will drip drip drip.

So a sample monologue of Sorcerygod talk would go something like this:

“I love the new spring weather, it’s so refreshing and rejuvenating. The wind, the air, the flowers, the strangers on the street with smiles on their faces. But are any of them sad to the point of suicide? Sometimes I catch a glimpse on their faces . . .”

Mostly simple, basic words, jacked up with point-forward braininess.

That’s the way you want to go. Practice. Oh, and being able to write well translates directly into being able to speak well. So if you’re alone, you can still practice communicating by writing, and then transfer this later to spoken dialogue with others.

Absolutely. Many SMRT men make the mistake of ladling their verbal IQ all over women, imagining that women are aroused by their linguistic prestidigitation. NO. Women are aroused by dominant men, ZFG men, clever men, impudent men…. of whom advanced verbal fluency is as much a distraction from, as an amplification of, their attractiveness to women.

The ideal verbal approach is to coax an accelerated camaraderie with the use of “power words” — which are usually mono- or bisyllabic — that girls promptly jack into via emotional pathways that electrify fastest when lubed by simpler, stronger words than by nuanced Oxfordian words stuffed with exquisite connotations. This will be your conversational base, over which you will furnish the occasional five-dollar words and ambiguous subtext, because no pickup attempt went to the bedroom without first rubbing her rationalization hamster against the grain.

In succinctness, the best verbal DHVs are those which pleasantly surprise. If you showcase your linguistic prowess like a flesh-bound thesaurus, girls will think you’re a try-hard, or too nerdy to suffer gladly. But toss out a morsel of brain-waking blingo atop an entree of jerkboy-banter, and just when a girl thinks she’s got a handle on you her assumptions are destroyed and her vagina begins flowering anew.

It’s a similar concept to insulting SJWs. If you assault an SJW with a barrage of insults right out of the gate, no matter how creative or on-the-mark, xir will turtle and shut off to any more input from you. To really excavate the SJW soul and maneuver your shiv close to xir’s id for the killing twist, you’ve got to soften your initial salvos and pretend to polite discussion. Then, when complacence has lowered the SJW’s blubber-bunkered guard, and xim thinks you may be a reasonable sort, you place one hand on the end of your shiv and drive it to the hilt into xie’s now-exposed heartmatter.

This does require some amount of time investment, though, for a nonetheless delectable payoff, so there’s nothing wrong with taking the easy route and nuking the SJW from orbit. You won’t change xit’s mind but you will trigger xox’s amygdala.

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Alpha Male Body Language

As long-time Chateau guests know, body language is a crucial factor that helps define a man’s sexual market value. There is unsexy (beta) body language, and sexy (alpha) body language, and men can learn to avoid the pussy-parching postures and to adopt the muff-moistening miens.

Our latest example of alpha male body language is this photo:


Those two look like Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Stratham.

Check off all the obvious alpha male subcommunications in Stratham’s pose:

  • leaning a little bit away from the woman (she must lean into him, imperceptibly raising his mate value)
  • no hoverhand (related: I have yet to come across a pic of Trump hoverhanding)
  • leading with his crotch (and pressing her into it)
  • back to wall, facing outward toward the world, like a king surveying his kingdom (and she facing inward, like a woman in thrall to her man)
  • head and chin up (allowing her head to dip slightly and find a nook under his gaze of ownership)
  • chest turned at an angle somewhat away from her, nonverbally signaling a comfort level with her presence and an aversion to appeasement or supplication

This photo is the visual equivalent of Truth&Beauty. This is why we can learn so much from it. And why it pleases us immeasurably more than viewing photos of deformed SJWs, feminist shrikes, bitter fatties, plush cucks, alien mystery meats, quisling betaboys, or unnerving androgynes.

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Although the sexual nature of women never fundamentally changes, there do happen over the course of a lifetime environment- and age-conditioned… accommodations… to sexual market realities that subtly modify women’s romantic needs. As such, there are different schools of Game a man should know which are tailored to the life cycle stage a woman inhabits.

Helpfully generalizing, women go through three major romantic life cycles:

Passionate Love

This is the age — from teenager to mid-20s — when a woman is in her nubile prime. Physically and emotionally she is at her horniest, her most feminine, and, not coincidentally, her most discriminating. She’s on the prowl for an alpha male, and specifically for a charming jerkboy whose devil-may-care attitude speaks so forcefully to her deep desire to submit to a top tier man with limitless lover options.

Commitment Love

During this age window — late 20s to late 30s — a woman is powerfully aware of the beginning of decline in her number one asset: her beauty. Physically, she is noticing small changes in herself — the first nascent signs of decay — that, assessed from a distance relative to womanhood as a whole aren’t so horrifying, but compared to what she was herself just a few years earlier will split her id wide open. Urgency compels her (if she’s psychologically healthy) to escape the single lady lookatme scene and start seriously buckling down to achieve the goal of snagging a man who will commit to her and, hopefully, help her become part of a family. Naturally, this pressure to settle limits her options and the longer she waits, the more her “Mr. Right” will deviate from the Mr. Right of her teenage dreams.

Partner Love

The final romantic life cycle for women (ages 40-death), this stage is the longest and, sadly from the perspective of one who adores women when they are at their most womanish, the dreariest, though it does offer as consolation a tranquilizing serenity that can safely usher a woman through her middle years without resort to painkillers. In this cycle, a woman still harbors those tingles for the alpha jerk, but they are sufficiently suppressed by biomechanic winding-down and stone cold circumstance — her wilted bloom — to allow the flourishing of her other female needs. Those other needs center around her desire to a) not be abandoned to a cold cruel sexual market and b) enjoy at least facsimiles of reciprocal love so that she does not feel abandoned within her relationship.

Here we come to the Female Life Cycle Theory of Game.


Jerkboy Game

This is the Game a man will want to make a part of his identity if his romantic audience is the choicest of fillies. Jerkboy Game is the perfect complement to a woman’s Passionate Love. When a woman is at the pinnacle of her “female-ness”, she requires the ministrations of a man at the peak of his alpha-ness. And by alpha-ness, I mean more than high T physical bravado; your personality has to be full of brash confidence and outcome independence, to convey that you have a plate full of inquiring femmes.

When Game denialists and Niceguy propagandists shriek about the hazards of Jerkboy Game, they are seeing it through the eyes of an older woman who doesn’t need to be wooed with so heavy a jerk hand, or through the eyes of a beaten-down beta male who seeks to justify his time wasted in the parched hinterland of courtship sycophancy as an effective strategy bringing him closer to romantic fulfillment.

Relationship Game

As the age of the women that a man dates increases, the jerkboy quotient of his Game decreases. Why? Because too much of an alpha lovelord will intimidate past-prime women keeping a sharp eye out for men who are good long-term relationship prospects. The mid-30s woman loves the idea of passionate love as much as the 20 year old woman, but she also loves more the idea of relationship love that isn’t constantly tested by heady, tingle-erupting, ovarian-rattling disruption. The Dread Game that you successfully deployed to maintain the flow of barely legal slice will emotionally shatter the mimosa ladies brunching on borrowed time.

For the Commitment Love woman, you’ll want to ease up on the jerkboy gas and hit the “small tokens of love and commitment” cruise control. Search the Chateau archives for “relationship game” to give yourself an idea of what it means to walk the line between charming lover and loving check-writer.

Reassurance Game

After her 30s, a woman is a wilting flower. But she’s not dead. The stalks and leaves still grow, and need nourishment. And her ego — the taproot of her soul — is more fragile than ever, susceptible to all sorts of blight. Regular watering and sunshine in the form of Reassurance Game will be the main staple of your romantic interventions.

This is the time of a woman’s life when Game, ironically, is easiest for appeasing beta males accustomed to a lifetime of orbiting pretty girls to supply a shoulder for them to cry on about their badboy lovers, and most elusive to incorrigibly ZFG alpha males accustomed to a lifetime of withholding cuddles and compliments to be rewarded with endless streams of juicy poon.

It’s funny in its way; the beta male FINALLY has his moment to shine with women, to exploit his God-given talents at pedestalizing the pussy for maximum gain, and it happens to be when those women are at their least bangable. O Fortuna!

And the alpha males who can’t quite get a handle on what it takes to reassure a woman she’s still a “beauty in his eyes”? If they’re single, they don’t lose out on much. If they have a family, then failing at Reassurance Game could mean divorce, alimony, child support… basically a suite of really sucky consequences.

So all three Female Life Cycle Game schools are crucial to a man’s journey to God-Emperor status.

Jerkboy Game for the incomparably sweet vagina.

Relationship Game for the rock solid stewardship of a deeply loving commitment to woman and family.

Reassurance Game to avoid a royal screwing by the State and incessant nagging at home.

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