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Grope Solo

Reader average chump has a Game question that a lot of men can relate to at some point in their womanizer careers: how to introduce oneself to groups of women when out alone?

This is off topic but relevant to flirting with women. Tonight I plan on going out solo. Last night I went out solo and ran into the issue of girls hanging out in groups. I don’t have any experience approaching multiple women at the same time so naturally the issue makes my approach anxiety more intense. Usually I’ll just wait till a girls on her own, then I’ll bust a move, but this is not a common thing. My only practical choice is to learn how to approach multiple women on my own.

What is your game plan when approaching 2+ women? – Do you just say fuck it and dive in? – Is there even a difference?

I’ll have to find out tonight.


My first piece of advice is this: Don’t worry about it. That is, don’t feel like you have to make excuses for your solitary night out. Talk to the groups of girls with the same self-assurance you’d have if a couple of your male friends were tagging along. If you aren’t concerned about what women will think of you spending a night out on your own, then the women won’t be concerned either. Remember, it is the nature of woman to fall in line with a strong man’s self-perception. Woman follows, man leads.

Having said that, I understand it’s not so easy for inexperienced or introverted men to simply summon an endless fount of confidence when they’re lone wolfing and trying to meet girls. For these men, I suggest an innocuous verbal trick I use when I’m solo and I have to approach a group of girls (or any mixed set) which makes the introduction a lot easier. Say, “I’m waiting for my tardy friends and getting bored so I figured I say Hi to you guys in the meantime.”

If you get in with the group, they’ll eventually forget that you had friends planning to arrive so you don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse for why you’re still there alone. If one of the girls does ask later what happened to your friends who were supposed to show up, you can at that point either tell her you made that up as an excuse to meet her (she’ll be flattered) or you can say “knowing my buddies, they’re probably tied up to a hooker’s bed”. Which is a sort of jerkboy-by-association DHV.

One last relevant factor I should mention. Approaching groups of girls solo is never as daunting as it seems from a distance and from inside your head. The reality is much kinder to your prospects, because individual girls within a group have a tendency to self-detach when they catch the vibe that one of their own is interested in the man talking to her. Girls are generally very perceptive and clued into cues of romantic excitation emanating from other women, especially if those other women are friends. Following a fundamental Game strategy, you’d befriend the group, tease your target (“who brought their bratty little sister?”), and gradually refocus your lovingkindness on the girl you really like, at which point the other girls will get the hint and peel off to talk among themselves or flirt with that guy wearing the MAGA hat.

The one exception to the above in-field rule is the fatty cockblock, but you should already have a plan for dealing with her before you open the set. If you don’t recall your Game teachings, make nice with the potential cockblock first so that she doesn’t feel excluded when you eventually turn your attention to her hot friend. If you’re out solo, handling cockblocks can be a challenge, as you won’t have backup to throw themselves on the grenade. But that challenge difficulty level can also work in your favor. When the cute girl witnesses you expertly defuse her bitter cockblock friend without male friends to provide you air support, it boosts your “grace under pressure” alpha cred.

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Reader TLM shares a vivid memory of a cuckryan in his group of friends who cuckryaned them all out of easy lays.

There’s always a Ryan type in every male group of friends until the group shuns them out of coming around anymore. My buddy was banging this chick once in our apartment and his girlfriend showed up. She kept pounding (pun intended) on his door while he was stuck in their with the other chick with no where to go. So one of the guys in our group (we had all come back with girls except him) starts helping my buddy’s girlfriend try and pick the bedroom lock (Those cheap apartment locks can be picked with a bobby pin). Now my buddy is naked holding the door closed while this guy is white knighting the shit out of the situation. So the girlfriend storms off. The chick my buddy was screwing around with is wigged out and wants to leave. She takes her friends that the rest of us are screwing around with, with her. And there we all are at 2AM with a bunch of blue balls because the weak guy in our group couldn’t pull down any trim and had to ruin it for the rest of it. I believe my buddy and him went at it the next day.

This is the kind of guy Ryan is. His father should have drowned him in a river when he was an infant. What a fag.

I have similar stories. It goes to show that all it takes is one cuckryan white knight toolbag to screw it up for all the cool dudes.

“damn, I coulda had that chick but Herb fuckin’ cuckryaned me when he asked her if she was sober enough to give consent.”

“cuckryans man, they’re the worst. you gotta learn how to neutralize a cuckryan.”

“oh yeah? how?”

“if the cuckryan is part of your squad you gotta tool him in front of the girl. say to her, ‘this is my dorky friend Herb. go easy on him he has a knack for blowing up good times’.”


“if the cuckryan isn’t your friend, you befriend him and keep him happy for a little while, then when the timing’s right tell the girl that the cuckryan and her are a perfect match, they look like they’re really in love. she’ll deny so hard the cuckryan will have to walk away in shame.”

“damn man you should charge for this.”

The OC (original cuckryan), PAUL RYAN, white knights for thecunt and prepares to screw America out of an easy greatness close. It’s time to SHAME him out of public life.

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Reviewbrah (YouTube account: TheReportOfTheWeek) has tight Game. Watch him DQ a sarcastic hottie and earn the lubrications of the women and the admiration of the men.


If you don’t know nothin’ ’bout Reviewbrah, WAYSA? Here’s a primer, (and I have it on good word that Reviewbrah is a secret alt-righter).

I would be honored if Reviewbrah was a lurker here at Le Chateau. What alias/alter ego would he be? PA? whorefinder?


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From personal experience, I can tell you [REDACTED].

Candy is dandy, and liquor is quicker, but for pickup power-ups nothing beats the white stuff.

A commenter at West Hunter tangentially makes the case for cocaine as the premiere Game drug.

Weird thing is, the coke users are also assholes before they run out. Most accurate film depiction of cocaine: the folie a deux sequence in Boogie Nights where two talentless and tasteless porn morons imagine they are promising musicians. Whoever wrote that knows the secret of stimulant-induced mania.

About withdrawal: it’s the alcoholics who die, and to a lesser extent the benzo-ites.

Heroin addicts don’t die from withdrawal, but do when they quit and suddenly go back, thanks to dosage errors.

Coke heads die of CHF and the like…or they get killed by sober people who can’t stand their endless self-absorbed chatter. Think Sheen circa 2010.

Coke abusers are assholes, but as we all know chicks dig assholes. There’s a well-documented and field-proven effect of overconfident men stimulating the sexual arousal systems of women. Imperturbable self-confidence, irrational or justified, is lightning to a lass’s limbic lobe.

PUAs of the worthwhile sort impress upon neophytes the importance of cultivating a “strong frame” or “inner game”, which is jargon for self-confidence, whether conventionally warranted by external achievement or derived from internal mental machinations. Cocaine mimics — quite a lot more quickly — the effects upon one’s behavior and attitude of having a fertile Inner Game brainscape. It can therefore serve as a seduction accelerant if taken at the right dose (a bump’ll do ya, or so I’ve heard), albeit the benefits are a temporary boost that come with a load of bummer withdrawal symptoms.

A soberly developed Inner Game is far preferable, because it’s a self-regarding high that lasts longer than fifteen minutes, and when inevitable down times arrive the crash isn’t all the way to the cortical cellar.

That said, if you’re a frightened beta bunny who can’t quite summon his Inner Bear to approach and dazzle women, you could consider availing yourself of the alpha-channeling benefits of a small pharmaceutical intervention. Just try not to get used to it.

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When A Past Lover Finds You Again

If you’ve left a trail of tearful lovers in your woke wake, you’ll likely get a surprise reconnect from at least one of them weeks, months, or even years later. The odds of this happening go up with the number of past lovers, of course, as well as the permanency of your contact information. Depending on your goals, there’s a personally advantageous way to handle the long-lost lover shout-out that smooths a straight road to a bedroom reprisal, (should she have maintained her girlish figure).

In most cases, the past*, former**, or (less commonly) the ex-girlfriend*** will reintroduce herself with a sweetly inquisitive “Do you remember me?”. (The bitchier women will start off saying “Hey, it’s Jemima…wat up!”)

I have discovered through extensive in-field research that the best reply is the coy reply. The goal when dealing with the reentry of old lovers is to straddle the line between Distantly Aloof and Creepy Photographic Memory. You don’t want to sound like you’ve totally obliterated her from your memory, nor do you want to come across as a man who longingly relives his time with her in between crybaby sessions.

So, my line:

“I remember all my lovers.”

A juicy bit of pith that subliminally communicates two desirable, if superficially contradictory, man-shaped traits: passion, and romantic options.

Where you go from there is wide open. You could tease her and deliberately call her by another girl’s name. You could segue anhedonically to an arid topic of your choice, defying her immediate expectations of YUGE SWOONAGE. Or you could politely ask why she ever thought you would not remember her, if her kitty is already halfway to your latching post.

If your ex is a not particularly nice person, you even have a plausible face-save follow-up line: “I didn’t say fondly remember.”

Good luck out there! MAGA! (make american girls archtheirbacks)

*past = she left because of uncontrollable circumstances
**former = she left on good terms
***ex = she left on bad terms

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Chateau Heartiste has featured snapshots of men executing flawless alpha male poses because these men are lessons to learn from if your goal is capturing the love of women (and the admiration of men). You should, as often as humanly possible, aspire to the alpha male body language aesthetic. Supplicating beta males and bitter feminists may not like it, but the following photos are what peak male performance looks like.

The curious reader wonders what qualifies as the best alpha male body language pose? I’ve culled some pics from the archives and consolidated them here in this post for you, Chateaulords, to determine which iconic alpha male pose is the one the God Emperor would assume, even when taking a dump.

First, a new addition: Michael Caine claiming ownership of a meat-stiffening minx. Note the direction of his gaze, the lean of his upper torso, the delightful choke-hold, and the nascent smirk.



Next up: Prince Harry.

begone, peasant girl!


Here’s Jason Stratham (in the ideal location for a man to be when he’s got a woman wrapped in his arms…back to a mirrored wall, surveying his kingdom).



The Brazilian Shitlord (photo cropped by press agents because he had his penis out to taunt the smelly participants at a feminism rally).

wait your turn, ladies


Donald Trump, whose year leading a new American Revolution has provided a master class in various victorious alpha male poses.


Steve McQueen, whom many women consider (as much as their hindbrains can take under consideration anything of a primal nature) the iconic coolasfuck jerkboy.



Birthday Cat, because no matter how hot or bitchy or manipulative the girl, this cat keeps his cool.

The voting:

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Trump entered the stage in Miami to a piece of shitlord political showmanship we haven’t seen the likes of in America since well, forever.

TheCunt called 1/3rd? 1/2? 3/4ths? of Trump supporters “deplorable”. So what does Trump do? Why, naturally, he co-opts the theme tune of a beloved shitlib Broadway musical, Les Miserables, and struts out under the Les Deplorables banner to a roaring crowd of American revolutionaries.

Folks, this is a TEXTBOOK application of the Game technique Agree&Amplify. Trump is a MASTER of so many Game principles that his meteoric rise should be studied by generations of young beta males for REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of the efficacy of Game. Trump will be studied by political historians for sure, but his life demonstrates so much more than mere political acumen. It’s no surprise he’s had a parade of some of the world’s most beautiful women as lovers.

MAGA 2016

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