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If you see a girl you find attractive flirting with another man, don’t assume she’s out of your reach. Not all female flirting is the same. I’ve noticed that women will flirt to satisfy three emotional compulsions:

  1. To directly signal sexual availability to a man she really likes. This is authentic flirting, and it’s easy to discern because the girl won’t break eye contact with the object of her flirtation. An aroused girl who is happy to be swept up by a man’s attention will flirt hardcore with him, because she won’t want him to miss her interest and have him decide to break away under the false assumption she’s not open to her seduction by him. Authentic flirtation is, in this scenario, used by women to increase sexual tension, and help drive the courtship toward a culminating bang, but only if the man is capable/alpha/experienced enough to deduce her intention and successfully parry her flirting.
  2. To release sexual tension. This is different from Flirting case #1, even if it sounds superficially similar. A girl who’s all wound up with sexual tension will seek a man (or men) into whom she can dissipate her stored sexual energy if her preferred mate choice isn’t available. This urge to release sexual tension will manifest as flirting when it isn’t resolved through actual sex or making out. Despite sensational press releases to the contrary, most women have an instinct to protect their precious eggs and guard against indulging wanton sexual escape. For a woman, flirting serves this purpose as both tension reliever and firewall against cumming down with Sudden Meaty Intrusion Syndrome. The man who is the recipient of this kind of female flirting doesn’t necessarily have to be on the girl’s radar as a potential lover; extraverted BPD girls are particularly prone to flirting with men for whom they have no sexual desire. Any earport in a tingle storm will do. NB: Beta males should be wary of this kind of flirty girl, because they are often exploited as earports and likely to misconstrue the girl’s harmless flirting as real sexual intention.
  3. To coax a third party man to bust a move. In this instance, the one under consideration here and practiced by the girls to whom I refer as Flirt Fatales, the flirting is a means to an entirely unexpected end: inviting a different man than the one with whom she is flirting to come over and meet her. The Flirt Fatale’s objective is to incite jealousy in the man she truly desires, and she does this by openly (and often sloppily) flirting with another man in the hopes that it will trigger the “hurry up and conquer” instinct in the man who is her primary interest. You can easily identify the Flirt Fatale by how she’ll frequently break eye contact with the pawn she’s flirting with to cast darting, sidelong glances at the rest of the room, or directly at you. NB: A man who suspects he is the true target of a girl’s flirtation with a beta prop should be ready to pounce after the girl is finished cockteasing her sounding board. I like to go in and open with the line, “Looks like your flirting didn’t work on that guy.” This is both a disqualification of her as a primary target of your affection and a cheeky challenge to her feminine allure.

In sum, if you see a girl flirting with another man, and she’s in your vicinity, check for darting eyes that betray her real purpose. If her eyes are locked on the flirtee, don’t bother. If her eyes sweep the veldt for your predatory gaze, prepare to approach once she’s detached from her pawn.

The neophyte to the world of women may ask, “why won’t the Flirt Fatale just go up to the man she really wants and flirt with him instead of going through this convoluted proxy beta?”

Sure, women do that. But not always. Not even very often. The reason Flirt Fatales like to play this game is because they want to maintain the illusion of their feminine allure, and that illusion creaks under the strain of any active moves she makes to capture the attention of a man she wants. Directly flirting with a man, to these women, is like giving too much of their game away. She relinquishes power with every aggressive move that betrays the essence of her feminine soul; an essence which is vulnerability and submission to a powerful man who takes what he wants. So she plays these flirty games with the unwitting aid of third party beta dupes to preserve her self-perception of passive sexual power which overwhelms desirable men to throw caution to the wind and risk her rejection on a direct approach that hasn’t been green-lighted by any overt flirtatious invitation she could easily send their way.


It almost goes without saying, but another psychological need of the Flirt Fatale is to satisfy her urge to play the “let’s you and him fight” game of male social dominance that helps her identify which men are strong enough to enjoy her chute fruit. Inciting jealousy through manipulative flirting with a proxy beta pawn gives her the giddy high of watching a second man enter the field of battle to oust the first man for her romantic favor.

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A gem of a neg turned up in this Twatter exchange. So good, it deserved showcasing at the Chateau.

To which a sly dog replied:

A well-placed and finely-tuned neg like this one can slake beta male thirst. Nothing arouses a ho’s curiosity more than a man who betrays her expectations. And noticing a girl’s big feet in a vanity shot she had taken of her ass in the bent-over position, prepared for copulation, is a YUGE expectation-buster.

Maybe you think this neg is too rough; more an insult than a neg. I say no, it’s difficult to be too much of an asshole with slutty airheads like the one in this pic. But there are safer ways to neg if you’re a wilting flower sort of man. For example,

“Big feet on a girl are sexy. đź’Ż đź’Ż”

This is the classic formulation of the neg as a backhanded compliment. Buried in the compliment (she’s “sexy”) is the observation that she has big feet, which no woman would consider an attractive part of her body.

There’s a pandemic of beta male thirst in America, perhaps in all of the White West, and tried-and-true Game techniques, including the neg, can help betas get past their thirst and to stop sounding like desperate, needy tools who have a sordid sexual history with their hands and waifu pillows. Will the beta males listen? Or will they continue their self-defeating goal of making themselves as unsexy as possible to women?

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Mystery’s 3 Second Rule is a standard Game tactic, and I don’t intend to overturn it with this post. Mystery had a good reason to advise men to follow the 3 Second Rule in the field: it helps a man overcome his fear of approaching women. Its singular benefit is its physicality: adhering to the rule forces a man to move toward the girl he wants to talk to, and to actually speak to her, which when executed in a short time frame has the knock-on effect of jolting a man “out of his head”. It’s that interstitial head space — that ego pacifying sanitarium of doubt and rationalization — where many a beta male are tripped up while taking their first steps on the path to romance.

So keep following the 3 second rule even as I go on to tell you it’s not necessary; if your choice is between the 3 second rule and doing nothing as the girl of your creams slips out of your life, then the choice is obvious.

In practice, I’ve found that a man really has up to a couple of minutes between eyeing a cute girl (or a cute girl eyeing him) and approaching her, without loss of face or ding of his SMV. In fact, it can improve a man’s pickup success rate to wait a little before approaching, as long as there was mutual eye contact. (There’s no point to waiting to approach a girl if she hasn’t even noticed you in the room. You’ll have to make yourself noticeable.)

The exception to the 3 second rule works within this context: You and the girl have a brief introductory volley of eyeplay from across the vast expanse of the NPI meeting room you both have crashed. Instead of immediately chomping on her eye-bait and approaching before the gleam has left either of your eyes, you wait a beat. During this interregnum to love, look at your phone or talk to someone else. Look distracted. This has the effect of raising your SMV (sexual market value — the all-important coin of the mate choice realm) relative to her SMV, and therefore rubbing her hypergamy hamster along the fur grain.

She’ll wonder, very subconsciously within the margins of her inner monologue, why you aren’t coming up to her after she tossed you her splooge of eye love, and if she hasn’t the power to tear your attention away from some other object or person of interest. She won’t have to wonder long, because you’ll make your move shortly after she’s moved to self-doubt, but you’ll have permitted just enough of a pregnant pause to linger in the space between you two for a crucial pang of morose self-assessment to squall through her ginebrain.

This girlpang is the stuff of flowering muff. A girl experiencing a hot flash of self-doubt, quick and searing and instantly relieved with your approach, will be MUCH more inviting of your charms.

This is the way seduction works; not with a bang but a simmer. If a girl is a violin, and your SMV is the bow, you aren’t hitting all her strings at once unless you’re famous and/or famously preselected by other hot women. To properly play her, you tap her strings, lightly and individually at first, each note ringing a declaration of your mate value, the occasional minor key note radiating a shivering undercurrent of her inadequacy in your presence, until all the notes converge on a covfefe crescendo.

Male SMV is like that….tiny plucked musical notes that take a woman’s emotions on a ride of pleasure, through grandiose highs and anxious lows, until vertigo has stripped her of her defenses and she wobbles into your steadying arms.

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A reader dug up an old CH anti-flake tactic and wished to express his gratitude for a successful reversal.

I’m a beta trying to break out. I often peruse the CH archives for helpful advice, and it’s still there in all its glory. Let’s go back to 2009, I used this tactic on two girls with results:


I deleted the second conversation, but attached is the screenshot of the first. Each time the girls had stopped responding to my messages, yet each time they immediately responded to the mcflakester comment. It resuscitated my conversations with both girls. Unfortunately my lack of game prevented me from capitalizing, but it gave me two additional chances. So far I’m 2/2 using that quote. Feel free to share this e-mail as a reminder to the readers of Le Chateau of the effectiveness of this tactic.


Implied in the reader’s enthusiasm about the “mcflakester” anti-flake line is a reminder that each of these CH Game tactics, taken individually, won’t normally seal the deal with a girl, but taken together greatly boost the chance of sheet twisting success. That’s because you can’t get anywhere with a girl if she isn’t talking with you, and one throwaway CH line can be enough to, in the reader’s words, resuscitate a dead conversation. Game is a full spectrum assault on women’s hindbrains; one artillery shell won’t win the war for reproductive entente but a barrage of shells all targeted at different limbic bunkers will open a clear path to her heart.

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Condescension Game Update

An enterprising reader (call name: ireallymissyareally) already put my Condescension Game suggestion to use (if only the government worked this fast).

Victory. This reader’s patronus is Birthday Cat.

And now I will take a long acid bath to wash the gayness of Harry Potter references off me.

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Condescension Game

A condescending line I like toss out when a fine SNHB (supernova hot babe) gives me a little shit has worked so well for me that it’s time I share it with the world. Try not to burn the source through over-use.

Context: I approach and chat up a frisky filly.

GIRL: “You seem kinda young/old/tall/short/weird/devastatingly handsome to be hanging out in this club/hitting on me/flirting with me.”

KURT EICHENWALD’S HENTAI FAP FOLDER: “You’re very perceptive.”

The line is a multiple-warhead MIRVaj because it’s short, sweet, and deploys a cargo load of female ego busting rhetorical sleights. It’s also a subtle neg (i.e., a backhanded compliment) because it teases the girl for noticing the bleeding obvious.

It subcommunicates:

  1. You’re not interested in seeking the girl’s approval (sexy)
  2. You don’t care what the girl thinks of you (implied higher value)
  3. You can jive like the best practitioners of amused mastery (super sexy)
  4. You’re cutting off any further interrogation from her concerning your presumed incompatibility with her (leader of women, social dominance)
  5. You’re experienced with girls, evident by the facility with which you swat away their feigned objections (preselection)

Usually the girl will laugh in response, or if she’s witty say something like “I try”, and then it’s off to the races. After the line is delivered and alpha ape social status secured, rarely will the girl try to excavate the conversation for further reasons to object to your presence. A ZFG demonstration of value, if effective, will jolt a girl from her prepared beta male-filtering banter and open avenues of freshly unscripted flirtation.

Try out the line and report back with your progress vids!

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Mr. Meaner collected an impressive best-of compendium of CH banter lines and jizzed them all in one glorious rhetorical orgasm while jiving with a sheila on Tinder. I don’t think this is the first CH reader to attempt such a feat, but Mr Meaner’s effort is worth inclusion in the Hall of Swain pantheon of poon wrasslin’.

Tinder convo, nearly every CH line used in one sitting, more as a tribute than anything. Enjoy!

Me: so how normal are you?
Her: I guess that’s a matter of perception.
Me: little spoon doesn’t make the rules
Her: Haha
Her: What if I don’t play by the rules?
Me: punishment. that’s what
Her: Haha does this normally work for you? I’m actually curious…
Me: only on hot girls
Her: Touche
Her: You’re good
Her: I’ll give you that
Me: so what else have you got going for you?
Her: Not much really… just my looks
Her: Oh and my sarcastic remarks
Me: How’s that working out for you?
Her: Rather well to date
Her: What do you have going on for yourself, apart from a desire to be domineering?

I almost feel sorry for this girl. How much vaginal overload can one girl take?

PS Take special note of the word count ratio between these two poolsiders. Mr Meaner adheres admirably to one of the Poon Commandments:

V. Adhere to the golden ratio

Give your woman 2/3 of everything she gives you. For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you in equal measure instills in her the proper attitude of belief in your higher status. In her deepest loins it is what she truly wants.

Mr Meaner: 6 replies
Girl: 11 replies

That’s actually better than the 2/3rds ratio recommended in Poon Commandment V, and it shows. This chick has one foot in his bedroom already.

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