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Chateau Heartiste has featured snapshots of men executing flawless alpha male poses because these men are lessons to learn from if your goal is capturing the love of women (and the admiration of men). You should, as often as humanly possible, aspire to the alpha male body language aesthetic. Supplicating beta males and bitter feminists may not like it, but the following photos are what peak male performance looks like.

The curious reader wonders what qualifies as the best alpha male body language pose? I’ve culled some pics from the archives and consolidated them here in this post for you, Chateaulords, to determine which iconic alpha male pose is the one the God Emperor would assume, even when taking a dump.

First, a new addition: Michael Caine claiming ownership of a meat-stiffening minx. Note the direction of his gaze, the lean of his upper torso, the delightful choke-hold, and the nascent smirk.



Next up: Prince Harry.

begone, peasant girl!


Here’s Jason Stratham (in the ideal location for a man to be when he’s got a woman wrapped in his arms…back to a mirrored wall, surveying his kingdom).



The Brazilian Shitlord (photo cropped by press agents because he had his penis out to taunt the smelly participants at a feminism rally).

wait your turn, ladies


Donald Trump, whose year leading a new American Revolution has provided a master class in various victorious alpha male poses.


Steve McQueen, whom many women consider (as much as their hindbrains can take under consideration anything of a primal nature) the iconic coolasfuck jerkboy.



Birthday Cat, because no matter how hot or bitchy or manipulative the girl, this cat keeps his cool.

The voting:

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Trump entered the stage in Miami to a piece of shitlord political showmanship we haven’t seen the likes of in America since well, forever.

TheCunt called 1/3rd? 1/2? 3/4ths? of Trump supporters “deplorable”. So what does Trump do? Why, naturally, he co-opts the theme tune of a beloved shitlib Broadway musical, Les Miserables, and struts out under the Les Deplorables banner to a roaring crowd of American revolutionaries.

Folks, this is a TEXTBOOK application of the Game technique Agree&Amplify. Trump is a MASTER of so many Game principles that his meteoric rise should be studied by generations of young beta males for REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of the efficacy of Game. Trump will be studied by political historians for sure, but his life demonstrates so much more than mere political acumen. It’s no surprise he’s had a parade of some of the world’s most beautiful women as lovers.

MAGA 2016

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It’s too soon to conclude one way or the other, but it appears SCIENCE stumbled upon evidence that confirms the validity of Inner Game.

People suffering from anxiety or traumatic stress can be taught to modulate their own brain activity, claims a new study.

The recent study showed that people were able to make the change after just a couple of ‘neurofeedback’ sessions .

The technique could be used as an affordable way to help people control their own stress disorders, according to the study from Tel-Aviv University.


Using the updated tool, 42 participants were given visual and audible feedback according to the brain activity in their amygdala.

They were then trained to reduce this using a variety of mental strategies.

The participants were able to modulate the electrical activity in their own brains using this method.

In another experiment, involving 40 participants, researchers showed that they were able to actually improve the regulation of their behavioural emotion by lessening their own amygdala activity.

Emotions aren’t like IQ. The intractability of IQ is well-researched. Emotions, though, are more malleable, and at least in short-term bursts can be controlled or regulated. This is the premise that underlies the concept of Inner Game, aka state control, aka outcome independence, aka self-confidence:

Poor inner game — what is known by other jargon as your state of mind or your self confidence — is inwardly directed. Good inner game is outwardly directed. It’s the difference between berating yourself for not winning over others and berating others for not winning over you. The men who are naturally good with women live outside their minds — they are externally focused. The downside is that they are usually not very introspective, but who cares about that shit when you’re getting pussy? Introspection is for dainty young women in sundresses picking buttercups in meadows. […]

If your inner game isn’t solid then what you present to the outside world won’t match what you are feeling inside. Your inner game is reflected through your body language and voice tone, so however clever your routines they will strike a false note if you don’t internalize the confidence you are trying to portray. You will betray yourself with negative thinking. […]

Fake it till you make it means faking that internal confidence as well as the external behavior. This is not as hard as it sounds. Every time you feel self-doubt and talk yourself into inaction, yell “Stop!” out loud, and your brain will reboot. You then consciously reframe your thought processes to put the burden of approval seeking on those around you.

What the latest study above is hinting at is the truth of the classic Game dictum “fake it till you make it” (or, my preferred version: “fake it till you create it“). Self-confidence, irrational or otherwise, will take a man far with women. And now it appears we have the ability to self-regulate our emotions, which means that beta males struggling with women can learn to calm their nerves, refocus their energy outwards, reduce approach anxiety, and stop wallowing in self-pity when they think some girl they like is out of their league.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear’s path, and only I will remain.

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Realtor Game

I have an acquaintance who’s a realtor. He scores mad pussy on the job (according to him, banging chicks on stage room furniture is the height of romance), so I asked him once about his game. (All men should make a habit of squeezing successful womanizers for insider info.)

He said, first, the demographics were favorable. Real estate is a female and gay male ghetto, so a straight White man is a hot commodity. Second, the hours often meant that couples couldn’t show up at listed homes together. Daytime house showings were just himself and the female half of a buying couple (sometimes marred, sometimes not). Third, more and more single ladies were buying homes instead of waiting for marriage as a prerequisite to home-buying.

But, most importantly, he stressed that the language he used to sell a home was what sealed the deal. At every opportunity he would draw parallels between home-buying and heart-plying. For instance, his favorite line was “Buying a new home is like finding love; you’ll always have to make trade-offs.” He would say this in an off-hand way so as not to raise suspicions he was flirting (e.g., he might say it to the wall instead of the woman). Invariably, the prospective female buyer would ask what he meant by trade-offs, or better yet why he thought love involved trade-offs.

And then he was off to the races.

There are great careers a man can pursue that will maximize his pussy harvesting. Photography, music, gym trainer, CEO….and now you can add realtor to that list.

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The globalist warehouse of planned obsolescence consumerism, Amazon, uses the same Takeaway Game that Trump and PUAs use to seduce their respective objects of love. Reader Mutant Seven notices the relevant algorithm,

I was howling over today’s post, “Trump’s Takeaway Game.” The takeaway close is a brilliant maneuver and I fall for it every time – even though I know about it! I keep a bunch of shit in my Amazon “save for later” queue, just to monitor the price fluctuations. These are things I want but don’t at all need. (A lot of people must do this, and the Amazon AI overlords must cackle in fiendish glee every time we take the bait.) Let’s say there’s an item in my queue for $10, for example a new pair of handlebar gel grips. I see it at $10 day after day but all I do is stare at it. Then it starts to move. It goes up to $11.29. The next day $13.01. The day after that $14.75. Now I’m legitimately pissed. Shit, fuck, goddamn! I could have had those at $10. Now they’re way out of price. No way! Then a few days later it drops to $9.99. Man, I jump on that baby like it was a magna cum laude grad at Beverly Hills Cosmetology Tech. Bam, it’s mine now! Hahaha!!

Oh wait, I still didn’t really need it.

Works every time.

You can call it a brain hack. I prefer to call it a pussy pry, given that my amazingly prime (heh) consumer base is lithe ladies.

All goal-oriented language has an element of seduction, and Game denialists who support Trump should know they are as much in thrall to their happy manipulation as any “BPD damaged bar slut”. (self-refuting sneer quotes added for effect).

I wonder if something similar to Takeaway Game can be redirected to utterly discredit and socially isolate Jeff Bezos’ anti-Trump rag, the Washington Post-Op? Flood the gynecomasperger social media hives with broken links to “this great Wapo article DEMOLISHING Trump”, wait for unfulfilled ego validation to build, and then “fix” link to point to whatever mildly anti-Hillary article you can dig up on Wapo. A little bait-n-switch mixed with heightened anticipation and higher buying temperature could yield a lot of snapped shitlimbic systems.

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Trump’s Takeaway Game

There’s a lot of overlap between Game and sales techniques. Many modern Game tactics are adaptations of older sales tricks, (and probably many sales tricks are adaptations of even older ancient seduction wisdom).

The Takeaway has an esteemed pedigree, useful for closing all sorts of deals, from the Oval Office to, well, the oval orifice.

[A] takeaway is the act of feigning disinterest in a woman for the purpose of increasing her attraction for you, and thus your likelihood of bedding her. This fake disinterest can be as simple as a backturn, or an unannounced abrupt exit from a conversation. Takeaways are the Swiss Army knives of seduction, as they can be used at almost any point during the pickup, with equal effectiveness. For instance, a takeaway can set the right tempo early on by making a girl chase you for conversation instead of the other way around, or a takeaway can be employed during foreplay to get a girl to drop her last minute resistance to sex. […]

UNWITTING GIRL: I’m having a really good time.

DEVIOUS YOU: Me too. I’d like to have a drink with you back at my place, but…


DEVIOUS YOU: I dunno. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I think it means a lot more when things aren’t rushed. Maybe wait a little. You’re the kind of girl I want to take it slow with. Call me crazy, but that’s how I see it now.

Now after this, most likely she will say “Aw that’s so nice” and agree with you. Then you will be left asking yourself, “Hey, I thought this was supposed to work as advertised? She just called my bluff!” Settle down, Anakin. This takeaway works it’s magic on a delayed cycle. Continue the date as usual, and invite her over to your place anyhow. You won’t need an excuse because you’ve already told her nothing will happen. What you’ll notice instead is an increase in her compliance that you would not normally have gotten. Though you “confessed” only hours earlier, in so many words, that you wanted to wait for sex, she will find herself inexplicably moving things faster in the direction of your hidden agenda. The phony virtue takeaway has preemptively disarmed her anti-slut defense. She will rationalize that you are not forcing her to do anything because you’re “not that kind of guy”, and your road to sex will suffer fewer impediments.

You might be surprised to learn who else uses Game:

Donald Trump.

As Jay Five (aka Cinco Jotas, Twatter handle @JayFivekiller) explains, Trump “takeaway closed America into making him president”. It was evident in last week’s masterful push-pull seduction ploy that Trump unloaded on the voters and the media when he “softened” his anti-immigration stance in the weeks leading up to his meeting the White Mexican el presidente and then delivering a fire and brimstone speech in Arizona that recapitulated his best-of immigration restriction hits.

Trump just pulled a classic sales technique on Mr. and Mrs. America.  It’s called the Take Away Close. […]

Starting a couple weeks ago, Trump began to take away his original offer.

:trump: “Oh, well, maybe what you really want Mr. & Mrs. America is our cut-rate, guaranteed-porous Virtual Wall 2000. And maybe I can package that up with some sort of tax-scheme amnesty.”

Those of us who’ve already committed based on the original offer, start to flip our s**t. And the people who wanted Wall-MAGA, but couldn’t commit because of price, or whatever, have an emotional reaction. Now, THEY REALLY WANT WALL-MAGA!!  They’re disappointed. It seems like it’s not available anymore. And, just like that, there’s a s**t-ton of emotional energy around the Trump campaign, most of it negative, and it’s building. Ann Coulter is pissed off. Fash the Nation is black pilled. We’re grumbling and Trump is waffling. All eyes are on Trump. What’s he going to do? [..’]

Suddenly, in a spectacular coup, Trump overcomes the biggest objection  (“Trump is too unstable to be president”) and adds more value to the original offer.

“You were worried that I wasn’t Presidential?  Watch this… I’m not just giving you Wall-MAGA. I’m deporting the criminal aliens on day one. First hour in office.”

I wonder what Pleasureman thinks of the idea that our man Trump uses Game — the very same Game that degenerate PUAs have been teaching for years — to seduce the voters?

Heh, I say. (I rib because I love)

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Outwitting The AMOG From Afar

The AMOG, to freshen memories, is pickup shorthand meaning “alpha male other guy” or “alpha male of the group”. It usually refers to the man in a mixed group of friends (or just-met acquaintances) who gets a lot of attention from girls (and from sycophantic beta males). It has a negative connotation; the AMOG is often depicted as an entitled “douchebag” who interrupts the beta male’s masterly logical exegesis on the subtle evidence of his sexual worth with a joke at the beta’s expense. This, of course, makes the girls swoon for the AMOG and commence in-fighting for the pleasure of his douche-y company.

Knowledgeable and experienced men of the Game regard the AMOG as a potential courtship-killer, similar to the fat chick cockblock dragging her cute friend away just when things start to heat up between the two of you. Game tomes have thus delved deeply into tactics for defusing the AMOG threat, typically involving befriending and/or “choding”. Cf., “hey man the gay bar’s down the street. it’s not my scene but i don’t judge”.

In this post I’ll discuss an AMOG sub-species: the AMOG from afar. This is the conspicuously HSMV man who, even at a far distance, can preoccupy the minds of women, sometimes to the point where a girl will look at him lustfully WHILE she’s happily enjoying your rapport.

The AMOG from afar captures roomfuls of female interest, and can thus be quite a daunting obstacle to greenhorny aspiring womanizers who have yet to master control of their wavering self-perception. This AMOG may command women’s gazes on pure looks alone (very rare as a % of the number of times you go out to meet women) or he commands it on pure self-confidence and swaggering deftness leading social interactions. Sometimes he’s famous, sometimes he’s just a guy who happens to know everyone at a party (except you).

I’m sure there are numerous effective methods for neutralizing the focal-point AMOG stranger, so what I present here is just what has worked for me a few times. The traditional anti-AMOG tactics don’t really apply, because it’s hard to outwit a high value man when he’s killing your buzz by his mere uncomplicated presence.

A semi-famous dude showed up at an event I once attended. I was hamster pellets-deep in an attempted pickup of a sassy blonde when her eyes drifted and then locked onto the long-distance AMOG. Immediately recognizing the ego landmines that were now in view, and the chance that my flaxen muse might accidentally find herself sly-stepping into the AMOG’s visual identification zone, I pulled out the one card that’s never failed to redirect attentions back where they belong.

LUCIFER’S EXTENDED PHENOTYPE: *I glance over at the AMOG, squint, and rub my chin dramatically* Damn that guy is an unstoppable a force of nature. A real ladykiller. Good thing I can do this… *I jam out with my air guitar*…Air guitar champion, 2008 Regionals. You’re not going anywhere now.

Cheesy? Yup. Effective? Yup. She laughed. And the Gayme was on.

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