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God Game

If you really want to mindfuck an urbanness girlie and instill the Good Lord’s dread, after banging her out Saturday night, wake up early Sunday, get dressed, and tell her you’re going to Church. She won’t be able to stop texting you for the rest of the day.

If your local church is a cucky cheese, make a detour for the nearest pool hall.

Bonus God Game routine: After dressing in your Sunday best, kneel at the foot of your bed while she’s still in it half-asleep, wondering if you’re for real, and pray, “Dear Lord, wash the taint of carnal sin from me, and spare this woman your divine retribution. Show mercy on your wayward flock. Amen….Oh darlin’ there’s leftover pot roast in the fridge if you get hungry later.”

Why does this work?

Chicks dig the jerk with a heart of gold. (Bust expectations to crest poon vibrations.)

The bigger reason is that sheilas get all confuse’d-like and tingly when their man ignores them for a higher purpose.

The beta mangina’s credo is “there shall be no other god above me than the goddess whose pussy pedestal I swear to polish unto my last day”, and we can see how arousing that is for women. (Not very.) But the jerkboy who knows the value of God Game has placed a higher power above pussy power.

In fact, I’m convinced that the abandonment of Christianity and rapid secularization of the West removed a critical pillar supporting the natural hierarchy from women -> man -> God. When man no longer had God’s pearly gates to polish, his worship was redirected to the pussy below him. But women are constitutionally repulsed by men who worship them (being the object of worship goes against the inclination of women to submit to a sexy, dominant power), so secularism has had the knock on effect of hardening women’s feelings toward the growing brigade of supplicating secular beta manginas. Women have become resentful of the pussy pedestals onto which their areligious men have placed them, and they have reacted to this unnatural state of no-affairs by lashing out at feeb betas and by themselves masculinizing to fill the masculinity void.

Natural born alpha male jerkboys who haven’t lost that supernatural feeling know that God is the perfect foil for wanton woman, serving the role of the “other woman” who incites romance-intensifying jealousy and neediness in his earthly woman. God is an HB10 who shuns careerist cuntery for nurturing femininity and boundless few-strings-attached love. That’s the source of some serous mortal female envy.

The areligious jerkboy is at least smart enough to have replaced God not with one woman, but with many women, so that the only pedestal he polishes is the shrine to his penis that resides in his heart.

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Seduction — a Eurasian male art form that women only weakly impersonate when they want to hasten the enforcement of an already closed deal — is in its essence the flipping of the conventional courtship script to follow a plot line in which the woman chases the man. A Game technique which effectively flips the script is Self-Disqualification (SDQ). I’ll explain by way of example.

(You could also call this George Costanza Game)

SDQ means telling a girl in so many words or actions that you aren’t good for her. The idea is to steal the natural female prerogative to reject suitors by “rejecting yourself” before she’s had a chance to assess your mate value. This is a psychological feint that has the effect of raising your SMV relative to hers because we have a cognitive glitch that biases us to think a person willingly evading and disavowing our social approval is a person with high social status who doesn’t need our validation. Or, worse, whose social and sexual status would FALL with our approval. SDQ, just like DQ (telling a girl she’s not good for you), is a potent activator of female inquisitiveness. And in women, curiosity thrills the snatch.

While it may be amusing to disqualify yourself as an opening gambit — “hi there, i’m not gonna say more because you don’t want to get to know me, it’s problematic…” — and may even work sometimes if the girl is in a flirty mood, I’ve found that SDQs are better administered a little ways into a virgin pickup attempt (visual intended). You open a girl, casually chat a bit, then just at the moment the convo threatens to go comfy cozy for her (and thus drained of its sexual tension), you deliver the SDQ. My favorite SDQ routine is the “Two Strikes Trick”:

“As great as it is to shoot the breeze with you, I’ve gotta cut it off now before you’re entranced. I already got two strikes against me. A third and I’m out.”

If you’re in the bantz zone, feel free to jokingly deprecate the nature of the strikes against you. “Yeah strike one is my riotous BO. Phew! Strike two, I’m always making girls cry…”

You can also explain the two strikes as references to how you flubbed your approach. “Strike one, I used canned material to hit on you. Strike two, I still think it’s gonna work.”

Or you can go over-the-top. “Strike one, I’m on parole. Strike two, I’ll probably break it tonight.”

You get the idea. Almost all girls WILL laugh at this, and it will rejuvenate a flagging flirtatious vibe. Most girls will ask about the strikes, and most will react by saying something like “we’ll see about that” to give them an excuse to continue enjoying their seduction. But be prepared for the sassalasses who will CALL YOUR BLUFF. This is the girl that’ll come at you, through a wickedly wide smile, with “Oh, OK then, I don’t want you to strike out, so see ya!”

The best reply is a simple one.

“Good call.” Say it with an equally disarming smile and a wink, then leave her. You want to convey an impression of total state control, as if this was the response you were expecting from her and are grateful to receive, rather than leave in an acrid mist of bitterness. 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 the sassalass will call out for you to come back. When that happens, you’re in the driver’s seat. Now YOU are being chased and SHE is the chaser. And she and you will feel this change in the complexion of the seduction down to your sinews. Romantic aspirations become must easier and smoother to fulfill when the woman is implicitly soliciting the love of the man, instead of the usual way these things go.

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If a woman cheats on you, there is only one acceptable response:
And don’t look back.
Anything else is accommodation.
For if you decide to “stand by” and “support” your cheating ho, you’ll have doomed yourself to being a second class man in her eyes.

Female infidelity is the septic tank of shit tests. Trying to “pass” this shit test within the boundaries of a relationship will only cover you in liquid shit. If a woman knows she can get away with cucking you, there’s no end to the mischief she’ll visit on your dignity. The surefire way to lose a woman’s respect is to forgive her cheating. You will forever be that pitiable beta spittoon who stood by her side soothing her worries and relieving her guilt after she opened her furrow to another man’s plough. You set yourself up as a man for whom no woman’s insult to his pride is too great to endure.

“Ladies night out with some random men in tow? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Getting drunk with my boss at an after-work function? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Attending an underwear and dildo party with a casting couch director? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Getting pregnant while on a two-week ‘business trip’ in Ibiza alone and telling my boyfriend it’s his? Of course he’s cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

There’s no turning a ho into a loyal harem primary. You could Game her into a more compliant and respectful lover, but the stink of her infidelity, and your disgrace, will waft over the detente. No real love can find purchase in that poisoned ground.

Remind yourself that female cheating never occurs in an emotional vacuum, or without downstream consequences. (Male cheating often does occur in an emotional vacuum, because of the male psychological wiring predisposing to visual-triggered arousal and polygyny when the option is available.)

If she cheats because she’s impulsive, then what’s stopping her from giving in to her urges again? If she cheats because she is horny for the alpha fux to supplement your beta bux, then how will you feel knowing that your worth as a man to her is as an asexual sounding board with a wallet? If she cheats to fill a romantic void, then she likely had a long emotional affair accompanied by nightly fantasies before she physically consummated her infidelity, in which case you would be tolerating and forgiving not one isolated cheating event, but months and perhaps years worth of emotional betrayal, creating a horrible imbalance of power that will corrupt any attempts to salvage the relationship. Very rarely will women cheat spontaneously and out of the blue if their relationships bristle with sexual polarity.

A reader asks,

What about beating the shit out of her?

Scoundrels would argue that’s an option for a more enlightened age in the past. But we’ve regressed as a society, so the best move is to move on, and leave her to suffer the fallout by herself.

Another reader suggests the playa protocol (aka the “I don’t give a shit about her feelings anymore” full throttle pump and dump alternative),

Ah might I suggest banging her sister or best friend? Takes some good frame control to be sure but it is one way to do it…or for the hardcore men her mother.

Make lemonade out of sour pussies.

Banging another woman within the social orbit of your cheating ho is the MOAB of Dread Game. You drop that explosive load and you’ll wipe the patronizing smirk right offa dat ho’s mug.

Ghosting on a cheater is for men who had good intentions and wanted to get serious with the girl. If you’ve made a bad investment, cut your losses because that slutstock will never rise again….for you. But if you’re just playing around with a girl and you discover she cheated on you, the option remains to continue fucking her, if she’s still putting out and you double bag it. I have done this once with a fling; we had a few great months of fucking, and then I came across evidence suggesting she may have cheated — although under the circumstances, I’m not sure it qualified as cheating since I never gave her promises of exclusivity. Anyhow, instead of confronting her about her whoring, I ignored it and continued the Plow Protocol, knowing it would end soon. The important detail was that it would end on my timetable. Three weeks later, after loading her up with a few more gallons of souljuice, (and sensing by her erratic behavior that the time to move was then), I told her I couldn’t see it working out, and that she was great but she wasn’t the one. Her face instantly morphed from distracted indifference to twisted rage. WHAAAT, she bellowed, are you taking about? You’re not good for me, I said. Red-faced, she fumed, Whatever, maybe you should know I’ve been cheating on you! Eyebrows raised half-staff, I feigned mild surprise. Ok, then no harm no foul. This works out for both of us.

The key to really sticking the shiv under the skin of a cheater is state control. You knew she was like that, you didn’t care, the fucking was great regardless, but there was no way she would be anything more than a fun time for you.

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We give white knights a well-deserved shellacking here at the Chateau for general inanity and counter-productive goofballery, but meeting one in real life is more a blessing than a curse. You just have to know how to leverage them for fun and profit.

For reasons I won’t get into in this post, white knight numbers seem to be on the rise, mostly online but occasionally offline. Confronting one in the wild provides the maester seducer a wonderful expedient to aid him in getting the bang with the very girl whose honor the white knight rushes to defend.

I love crossing paths with white knights because they’re the hanging curveball of cockblocks. It’s a pleasure to tool them in front of their girls whose vaginas they will never see.

White knights play the really long game, hoping the girl will one day wake up and appreciate their efforts on her behalf. Sometimes it happens, but by then the girl is a little rougher for wear and has been through a few cockas. It’s a piss poor strategy in an open unregulated sexual market, though, because the implicit rules favor those men skilled in maximizing short term gains. White knights are no match for jerkboys in an atomized and quasi-anonymized hookup market; their brand of chivalry works better under highly regulated courtship conditions in which fathers have as much input as daughters and the pill isn’t dispensed like candy.

Now that you know you’ll almost always have the upper hand against white knights, it helps to know the best strategy for neutering neutralizing them and turning them into an advertisement for your sexytime fitness. The best method that I’ve found is the ol’ standby Agree&Amplify. Assume the white knight’s good intentions, and praise him effusively. By doing this, you are

  1. tooling him as the hard-up lickspittle he is
  2. delivering a proxy neg/disqualification to the girl which will cause her to distance herself from the white knight

When a white knight comes in all m’lady-like, I tell them, “It’s good you’re looking out for this girl. Does she have a curfew? I wouldn’t trust her alone either. Lotta bad guys out there.”

This banter achieves multiple objectives. One, it demonstrates your high value. Now you’re the insinuated bad boy with whom she might get into trouble. Few girls can resist that delicious thought. Two, it embarrasses the white knight. He’ll get defensive and swear he’s not chaperoning her, he’s just being a friend yada yada, which now plants the perception in the girl that he’s not actually her protector he’s just a dud who likes asexually hanging around her.

Three, and most importantly, it will provoke an opposite reaction in the girl. She’ll laugh or act indignant (either one is a positive reaction for you), insisting she’s doesn’t need a babysitter, she can handle herself, and the white knight is cool with that (he won’t be).

At that point, it’s time to run the table. “I dunno are you sure you’re ready for this…being on your own and all? It’s a scary world. If you can’t handle it, I’ll check in with your buddy (always use the word buddy to describe a girl’s male orbiters) over there (point at white knight across the room) and he can safely take you to your parents’ place.”

Now you’ve set up the challenge — is she a strong independent woman or is she a nervous little girl? — and if you’ve learned anything here it’s that girls love challenging men with standards. It’s the flip-the-courtship-script ruse and it works because women have no defense against their own weapons.

If, on the off chance, you are confronted by a physically bigger white knight — rarely, a bouncer will white knight just to start fights — the better course of action is to keep it short and plausibly complimentary. Don’t directly engage the white knight, that’ll only wind him up. “Looks like you’ve got a bodyguard already. Lucky girl.” Leave her be after saying that, and there’s a good shot she’ll find her way back to you later in the night once Derp Lancelot is distracted and moves on.

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Your Daily Game: A Kiss In Time

On a first date (or first meet), aim to kiss the girl during the middle of the date when she’s emotionally invested and fully engaged in the outcome. Going for the kiss at the end is predictable and desperate. Going for it at the beginning is needy and awkward.

Ignore this advice if the girl is uncontrollably horny for you.

On second thought, even if it’s obvious the girl wants you inside her badly, hold off on kissing her until later in the date. Anticipation is making her wet, is keeping her waiting….she loves the man who keeps her guessing. Giving a girl what she needs means not giving her what she needs when she expects it. Delayed gratification = inflamed vaginal elation.

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Imagine yourself in this situation, however painfully.

This is a test of your Game. Ground rules:

  1. This is not a test of your ability to state the bleeding obvious or throw satisfying insults. That means refraining from leaving stupid comments like “I wouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with.” The purpose of this test is to demonstrate how you would skillfully rescue what seems like a hopelessly bad ending to a date.
  2. “I’d stay home and fap to my pornhub waifu princess” is not an acceptable response.
  3. Cut Your Losses isn’t an example of Game. It’s an example of cutting your losses, which is a perfectly reasonable suggestion for the no-Game-having beta prone to self-embarrassment spirals, but by no means anything resembling “Game” in its colloquial sense.

No doubt any man having a passing familiarity with the charisma arts would know better than to save the kiss for the last possible moment, when he’s standing at the door to her place ostensibly to drop her off and thank her for yet another sexless evening added to his string of sexless evenings. It’s never a good idea to put that kind of expectational pressure on girls; all that does is create awkwardness and deflate the air of mystery which girls love about men. It’s like charmlessly hitting on a woman in an elevator…if she does’t feel like she has an escape hatch and that you’ve only screwed up the courage to ask her out because she’s cornered with nowhere to go and no cockblock to summon if you’re a dud, she’s gonna physically and emotionally turtle. And then write a bitter tumblrhea post about the experience.

(FYI the proper way to do an elevator pickup is to open with “damn, looks like I only have 63 floors to flirt with you. Don’t get too excited, I need fifty floors to think about it”. In other words, make light of the perception that elevators are breeding grounds for sexy pickups.)

Game 101: kino escalation is your night-long companion, not a hurried afterthought at the end of the night. You make your move for the kiss close during an emotional high, as the date is steaming up, not after all the energy has dissipated and she just wants to go to her apartment and pig out on PozTV.

So we all know the doofus in this video clip fucked up the kiss close timing. We also know he made his fuck-up worse by leaning way in and for far too long trying to steal a smooch, only to be left with his puckered lips smacking empty air like Pepe Le Pew after his chat amour squeezed out of his grasp. To get not one cheek, but two cheeks as he futilely tongue bathes the infinite space between his craning mouth and her obviously practiced dodge and weave raises this scene from a tale of beta woe to a Jumbotronic piece of performance art.

That’s where you the reader come in. You’re this man. What’s done is done. Now tell us your next step.

What do you do?

Sometimes the most impressive Game is the Game you spit when the odds are nowhere near your favor.

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Recall Poon Commandment VII, because Trump just obeyed it.

VII. Always keep two in the kitty

Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need. It builds confidence and encourages boldness with women if there is another woman, a safety net, to catch you in case you slip and risk a breakup, divorce, or a lost prospect, leading to loneliness and a grinding dry spell. A woman knows once she has slept with a man she has abdicated a measure of her power; when she has fallen in love with him she has surrendered nearly all of it. But love is ephemeral and with time she may rediscover her power and threaten to leave you. It is her final trump card. Withdrawing all her love and all her body in an instant will rend your soul if you are faced with contemplating the empty abyss alone. Knowing there is another you can turn to for affection will fortify your will and satisfy your manhood.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the news lately (after dutifully sifting through the 99% of it that’s Fake anti-White and anti-Trump trash), you’ll have noticed Trump making overtures to some Dems on raising the debt ceiling and reworking the tax code.

Trump is doing exactly what I predicted he would do after eight months of the GOPe thwarting him at every turn: dissociating himself from Congressional recucklicans and threatening their 2018 midterm prospects by reaching out to Dems. This is CLASSIC push/pull Game. Works on girls, works on cucks.

It’s also a bracing demonstration of CH Poon Commandment VII: Always keep two in the kitty. Trump has some major Dems lined up as working partners (however temporary) who are situated to reap the legislative and midterm election rewards if their partnership is successful. The Dems are like plate #2 in Trump’s kitchen vaginet (aka his cherry-go-round). Their purpose is to instill dread in Trump’s primary girl, the GOPe.

But the GOPe cucks have been trying to divorce Trump since he announced his candidacy. They have withdrawn their love from Trump, so he has responded by reminding them he has another “woman” waiting for him on the side. This has had the predictable effect of scaring the shit out of the GOPe cucks, who stand to lose no matter what happens now — they either lose their midterm election prospects to the blossoming Trump-Dem alliance, or they lose their Chamber of Commerce big money donors by finally giving Trump the populist agenda he wants.

This is more evidence that he Game that works on women is the same Game that works on….well, womanly men like GOPe cucks and Dems.

PS Here’s an incredibly based video clip of Steve Bannon (pbuh) delivering a two minute shitlord salvo of realtalk that blows open the reality of the swamp’s existence and its tireless efforts to sabotage Trump.

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