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A reader alerted the CH audience to an excellent write-up by a seduction forum member, The Thin Man, titled “Woman’s 3 Fantasy Archetypes“. The archetypes the author describes specifically refer to “fantasy sexual scenarios”, but they sound similar to the femme fatale personality archetypes discussed here at the Chateau.

By understanding women’s archetypical sexual fantasies, and by identifying which fantasy animates a particular woman, a man can tailor his seduction sales pitch to better match a woman’s deepest desires.

Archetype 1) Pretty Pretty Princess- In the PPP scenario the woman’s desire is to be transformed by her sexual connection to a powerful man. The most common and foundational version of this sexual scenario is the Cinderella Fairy Tail. Cinderella is a scullery maid whose inner secret class and beauty are revealed through a super natural Fairy God Mother make over and a romantic evening with a good looking, rich and powerful man… Kissing and magic shoe shopping transform her into a princess.

The transformative archetype is why the part of Pretty Woman where Richard Gere buys the dresses for Julia Roberts, is so sexy to women… She is transformed from a prostitute, with a secret heart of gold, into an elegant socialite, who is so exquisitely sensitive that she cries at Italian operas! […]

The PPP is most attracted to highly self-developed men, because she literally wants to lose herself in your world. If she is whisked away on your horse, motorcycle, pirate ship, or limo… She must put herself in your hands, change her cloths hair and manners to match your world… This mean what happens next is up to you, she is rendered open and compliant. Because the Pretty Princes is aroused by the emotional rush of the giving over her self-transformation to a man, she is the most vulnerable of the three archetypes…The Princes does not risk her body, she risks her identity.

The PPP female fantasy archetype is held by women who most desire extreme sexual/personality polarity in their relatonships. They want to feel 100% woman with a man, and to achieve this they will execute a few feints in the opposite direction to test your fortitude to stay in the hunt and bend her to your will. Leading, giving directions, making demands, creating scenarios, emphasizing sex differences, and role playing are all effective seduction and romance techniques on the PPP girl.

The Amazonian Alpha and The Gold-digger are the two types of women most susceptible to cultivating PPP fantasies. These two female archetypes, each strong in their very non-feminist, but exceedingly feminine ways, are the women who crave a man stronger than them with whom they can finally feel 100% the woman they want to be.

Archetype 2 Over Come with Passion- The 3 sexist words in the English language to an OCP are… It Just Happened… Passion women have a lot to say and unlike the girly purr of a Pretty Princes, it tends to be pretty declarative, “We just could not help ourselves and tore each other’s cloths off… We were like animals…I could not help it… I never do anything like this…We were in public… Other people might have seen… We are practically strangers… Oh god this is so fucking HOT…”

Passion woman require the strongest masculine frame from you because their sexual scenario is about letting go of their inhibitions, they are aroused by transgression and risk. She is a little frightened by the intensity of her own desire and what she might do to satisfy it. She needs to trust you with that. This is why the OCP seduction is all about passing shit tests and trading barbed comments. Each time she tests your frame and it stands up, it increases the sexual tension. She needs a man that can handle her emotion/passion who is strong and trustworthy enough for her to be able to let go of her controlled social veneer and let her true animalistic passion out.

The OCP fantasy girl is likely an Eternal Ingenue. This type is charming, psychologically manipulative, often quite pretty, and occasionally slutty (while expertly concealing her sluttiness to less experienced men). The Thin Man is right about this girl: She is a master of the shit test and beta bait, and won’t relent qualifying you, which will usually trip up betas. The Eternal Ingenue is always seeking the “perfect romance”, and this is why she exhibits a predilection for fantasies involving passionate escalation that fills her with hope her search for the ideal lover could be over.

If you balk at grabbing girls and violently kissing them at unauthorized moments, then you will fail with the OCP ingenue.

Archetype 3 Submission Fantasy- Many woman have a variety of submissive fantasy scenarios, but whether they are imagining bondage, rape, coercion, discipline, being a pet animal, or spanked like a naughty school girl, all submissive fantasy has one thing in common. She is not in charge… And so does not have to be responsible for the sex act… I am not a dirty like that, he made me do it… I was tied up…and uh… I loved it.

Submission women have found a loop hole that removes their ASD. How can I be being slutty if I was handcuffed to the bed… For many woman their innate sexual resistance is at war with their desire. Their sub conscious fixes the problem with scenarios where their volition in the sex act is somehow compromised. This is the key to Submission woman… They are not fundamentally about the spankings or the handcuffs or the rough sex… although it is likely they will enjoy some or all of these things; Submission Women fundamentally crave being told what to do. The way to tease out submission fantasy is to tell her to do something and see how she reacts. I usualy start with, “ Sit here… and let me look at you,” said with a strong contained sexual state and a closed mouth smile.

Ah, the submission fantasy. All women have submission fantasies, to a lesser or greater degree, but some women craft their identity around them. The candidate archetype most likely to have submission fantasies is the Waif/Neurotic.

The Waif Neurotic is dangerous because she is emotionally manipulative through use of her vulnerability and commitment avoidance. A vulnerable, pretty girl playing hard to get is kryptonite to naive men. She is a master at the art of the push-pull, capable of driving men insane with her opacity and her mixed messages. For this reason, game tactics that “flip the script” work quite well on her.

The Waif-Neurotic often has submission fantasies because she craves what she hardly every experiences: a cocky, aloof man who won’t fall for her shit and who won’t beg her for signs of reciprocal romance. All she knows is that men dance to her tune, and she would kill for a challenge once in a while. In the act of submitting to a ZFG man she finds release from her romantic ennui, and for the first time in her life falls in love… with no psy ops strings attached.


Agent X adds,

An interesting follow-up would be the proclivities of these archetypes to cheating….and how to keep her faithful in a relationship.  Number 2, in particular, seems like a thrill junkie that is eventually going to end up in bed with the mailman unless that addiction to “ooooh..what am I even doing??” isn’t satisfied by some kind of risky/public sex life.

Number 1 would seem to be safe as long as Prince Even More Charming didn’t come along, but I suppose that’s basic hypergamy.  However, since her fantasy involves transformation and some kind of “story”, it would seem she’d be far less likely to slink into the bar broom closet with Chad on a business trip.

Number 3 seems to be the least naturally inclined to cheating.  A basic level of frame would seem to keep her happily in her place submitting to her man.

Overall, Number 2 seems to be the one least likely to remain faithful long term.  If your game involves relatively young divorcees or naughty housewives, it would seem your playbook is simplified a bit.  I-Don’t-Know-What-We’re-Doing Game.

Yes, #2 — the OCP (Overcome by Passion) woman — is the greatest infidelity risk.

Here’s a serviceable CH Maxim (that would be less salient for men with game):

Maxim #31: The faster a woman falls into bed, the faster she’ll fall into another bed.

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Wrong Name Game

There are essentially two ways available to a man to satisfy a woman’s strong compulsion — call it hypergamy — to relinquish her body and love to a higher status man who is more powerful, in any number of characteristics, than the men in his milieu against whom he competes for the attention of women.

  1. Raise the perception of his SMV. (SMV = sexual market value)
  2. Lower the woman’s perception of her own SMV.

Now, a man can raise how his SMV is perceived by women through objective and subjective means (both are effective, although a good argument can be made that the latter is more enticing as a seduction lure). He can, objectively, increase his mate value by, for example, becoming wealthy or fronting a band in a local club brimming with young cuties.

He can also increase his mate value by learning and acquiring the behavioral traits of an objectively HSMV man that signal to women he too is HSMV. This is the province of Game.

That’s the first option. The second option is the dark art of raising his own SMV by making a woman question her belief in her relative SMV. That is, it’s the art of instilling doubt in a woman about her presumption that she’s out of your league.

Which brings us to today’s topic: Wrong Name Game (WNG for short, daringly sharing an acronym with White Nationalist Game).

Wrong Name Game is a dark art, one of the darker arts of pickup, and also one of the more dangerous to execute with the required level of skillfulness. Failure at WNG will likely blow you out of the running completely.* So, proceed to read with caution.

Reader Observasaurus Rex gives us a perfect anecdote of Wrong Name Game in action,

Girl: Hey I’ve got to (Flaking because reasons).
You: Sure Stacy, catch you later.
Girl: My name’s not Stacy, it’s (whatever).
You: You’re the blonde girl in the sundress from (venue) right?
Girl: No I’m (blah blah blah).
You: k

WNG is used here as an anti-flake tactic, which is how it will be most often used. Obviously, the idea is to make it seem as if you’re juggling so many women you occasionally mix up names (HSMV), and that this particular girl whose name you mistook for some other girl’s name (“Stacy”) didn’t leave much of an impression with you.

So, WNG both raises your perceived SMV and lowers the girl’s self-perceived SMV. It’s a two-fer, and that’s why it is nuclear off the nimble tongue of a smooth operator.

Notice what Observasaurus did here that helped the believability of his WNG:

One, he didn’t make a big production out of addressing this girl by a wrong name. He simply passed it off as a credible oversight tail-ended with a friendly “catch you later”.

Two, when she corrected him, he didn’t immediately lunge into beta-ish apologia for his rudeness. He did the opposite, pressing for more information about her looks/style which forced her into qualifying herself to him.

Three, when the ride was over, he cut it off with a perfunctory “k”, leaving the girl to think that he wasn’t much bothered by having thought she was some other girl.

All these conversational feints — so subtle and brief in execution, which is typical when Game concepts are applied in the real world — came together into a synergistic pairing of his higher SMV to her (now) lowered SMV, and the result is a tiny tingle in her hindbrain telling her that maybe this man is worth getting to know.

*It is VERY easy to fuck up WNG. I don’t recommend inexperienced betas try this, until they have gotten some poon notches to build their inner confidence. There is a lot of opportunity for WNG to backfire, in which you would sound like you deliberately mistook her name, and which will then make you seem like you are head over heels for her. The artistry of WNG is paramount; it demands a near-superhuman affectation of casual, unflustered aloofness.

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Dr. Giggles draws an astute analogy between the snarky “gotcha questions” that are the empty-headed, but rhetorically potent, semantic weapons of shitlib journalists advocates and the game concept of Beta Bait, which is a form of courtship test that women subconsciously use to smoke out supplicating, sexually thirsty beta males.

It’s amazing how Game is an integral part of a politician’s repertoire. The shitlib’s comments on David Duke wasn’t the only one Trump had to sidestep during the interview. They tried to get him on everything from his personal religious beliefs to his opinions on old controversial topics like Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. DT didn’t take the bait….Which made me realize these gotcha questions are the same thing as Beta Bait!

Precisely. This is why it’s fair to say male shitlibs are wonanly: they attack using the verbal tactics preferred by women. Low T does that to a man.

The shitlib reporter hit Trump with the dating trap equivalent of a girl asking a man if he’s dating anyone else. “Donald, are you seeing David Duke, or any other proudly White supporters? Because if you are we can’t keep dating.”

Trump handled the David Duke question with his usual ZFG alpha male aplomb. “If it makes you feel better, sure I’ll do that for you…” is a huge neg. He basically called the reporter a wussy who needed a better man to stroke his delicate schoolgirl ego.

Neutralzing shitlib journalist beta bait is the same as neutralizing beta bait from women: Ignore it and plow into your favored topic, or reframe it as evidence of a character deficiency of your interlocutor. Either way, remember rule #1: NEVER APOLOGIZE. This includes never acting defensively, or butthurt with the accusation, or offended that your honor has been besmirched. Own the room, own conversation, own your antagonist.

Shitlib: “Do you agree that this latest tragedy of two white reporters shot dead means that we need stricter gun control?”

A Soldier Of Trump: “That’s interesting. Do you think a gun wrote the killer’s anti-White racist manifesto?”

If you can game women, you can game the leftoid media. If you can game the leftoid media, you win.

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The Reactionary Tree (Twatter handle @ReactionaryTree) created a trolling campaign that combines White nationalism with Game. Tinder is the medium of choice for the beta testing stage of White Nationalist Game (WNG).

The line used to pick up girls on Tinder is simple, and unambiguous (and goes by the 14/88-evocative name “The 14 Words”).

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

(The proper noun capitalization of “White Children” elevates this line from mere troll to art form.)

The responses — gathered at 8chan /pol/ — from attractive girls are, perhaps unsurprisingly, very positive. Or at the least very intrigued. (And in the arena of seduction, making a girl curious about you is as good as a win.)

You’ll notice in the above that the man’s reply is much shorter than the woman’s. Laconic Jerkboy Game rape!

Chicks dig a man who makes demands.

Never trust a woman who hates kids. That goes double for white women who only profess love for kids of other races.

“To show importance. With intrigue.” :lol:

Is anyone surprised that an antiracism liberal chick doesn’t want kids? I’m heartened every time I hear one of these conformist dolts swear her everlasting childlessness. Clean out the gene pool of their kind.

This girl qualifies herself HARD. It’s but a short hop to the bedroom when a girl qualifies herself so vehemently to your White standards.

I predict this convo above will excite a few readers to 100+ comment marathons.

My sides… they’re splitting!

Agree and amplify: Game 101.

But this last one might be my favorite:

This post is like some syncretic intersectionality of major, if superficially disparate, Chateau themes.

White Nationalist Game may have been intended as a trolling operation with high comedic value, but in fact many of the responses to it from lovely White women have shown that there’s real Game applicability to mine. WNG demonstrates the value of:

  1. short and sweet replies to girls
  2. never apologizing for your bold anti-sjw pronouncements
  3. qualifying girls
  4. agree&amplify
  5. having a ZERO FUCKS GIVEN alpha male attitude.

How about that. Game can save a future for White Children!

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“To Be Fair” Game

I have a buddy who says his pickup game boils down to “fatten them up before the kill”. He means by this that he lowers girls’ defenses with stray, off-hand compliments and then, when they’re smiling and acting gracious and conciliatory toward him, he pulls a 180 utilizing a coy “except for” non sequitur and mildly rebukes something about the girl that she prides herself on. The key, he says, is the delivery; he makes it seem like his insults are never intentional. His whole game is essentially an extended-play version of the neg.

I was reminded of this by reader Chad Durbsley, who explains his “to be fair” game which sounds tactically similar to “fatten them up” game.

Update on “gay game”.

Although I’ve been using Internet dating less and less, it’s still worth putting a minute or 2 a day into it depending on where you live, and your skill in spotting undercover fatties.

“Gay profile” gets amazing results. Especially with younger sjw girls with a rainbow profile pic.

Also having great success with “to be fair” game.
I.e. : “to be fair- if your profile was any gayer it would be a power-bottom named Steve”.

The trick here is to use the “to be fair…” and then say something that’s patently *unfair* and also insulting. This short circuits the hamster direct to the pussy.

This is a semantic trick that works surprisingly well. “To be fair” Game is a sneaky false premise verbal sleight, the false premise being that what you are about to say is anything resembling fair. (A cousin of “to be fair,…” is “that said,…”.)

This persuasion technique could be lumped into a school of salesmanship called “relationship building”. It works by presuming, or fast-tracking, a closer, more intimate relationship than actually exists, which in pickup jargon is known as time compression. When you use leading clauses like “to be fair”, you are insinuating yourself into the girl’s circle of trust; you are assuming in effect that you are a fair man, that she knows this, and that anything you say must therefore be weighed more seriously than what any other rando would say.

“Relationship building” goes a lot deeper that that, but don’t underestimate the force that a few well-timed quips can have on a woman’s perception of your mate value. “To be fair” Game would work even better if you “fatten her up” first with a sincere compliment. This is the psychological foundation for the efficacy of the neg. Like Chad said, the blatant contradiction between the declaration of fairness and the unfairness of your comment is just the kind of verbal theatric that drives women crazy with curiosity.

“Love your purple hair!….. To be fair, it does make you look like a gay tranny.”

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Vox points out that Donald Fucking Trump used a classic game tactic — the neg — on (former) supermodel (and mudshark) Heidi Klum, when he said “she’s great, but no longer a 10”.

You know a man is a mega alpha when a single casual neg directed in an offhand manner at a former supermodel results in two videos and multiple public statements as the woman desperately tries to qualify herself to him.

The tingle-stricken lady doth protest too much.

The sheer incoherence of Klum’s remarks underline the degree to which Trump’s dismissive remark rattled her. That, gentlemen, is how it is done. Identify the insecurity and casually press. You know you’ve hit the nerve when their reaction spans days.

The alpha does not qualify himself to women, ever. He expects women to qualify themselves to him.

ABQ: Always Be Qualifying.

Oh, and ladies, a helpful reminder: If you are a White woman of incomparable beauty, don’t throw your genetic heritage away on a coalburning “F YOU DAD” mission. When you get older and less attractive (as you assuredly will), people will feel less urgency to extend you kindness and deference because your family looks weird and they’ll have doubts about your character. Can I get a two-for-one ‘heh’? Heh.

(Trump’s remark actually straddles the line between a neg and an insult, although a man with as much preselected alpha goodness as Trump has more margin for error in this matter. Nonetheless, I’d still call it a neg, because he did butter her up first before delivering the backhanded compliment.)


Also from Vox, another demonstration of the power of Fame Game over women’s attraction triggers.

The best part about Game is watching a girl become “noticeably more interested” in you as you weave your biomechanic magic. It’s very satisfying, even apart from the normal anticipatory excitement that accompanies courtship.

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wounded warrior
bloodied and calm
a silent storyboard
to her heart embalmed

Reader Noel describes the reactions he got after he injured his hand.

2. observation. conversation starters. I don’t know if CH et al. would classify it under ‘peacocking’. I recently messed up my right hand bad [typing only with left] so had surgery, and now the hand is in a splint. People seem to gravitate to it naturally and start conversations [‘what happened?’] along with eliciting a lot of ‘poor you’ remarks and ‘get well!’ wishes. The handicap is real not apparent like peacocking, and obviously it doesn’t show some evo superiority…but it lubricates social intercourse! surprisingly people are thrown off when i give a non-straightforward answer….i don’t know if it’s my delivery or people in san francisco [where i am] lack a sense of humor….

Don’t underestimate the power of wounded warrior game (of which scar game is a profitable subsidiary). Girls flock to men who look like they’ve stepped out of the beta drone office cubicle to survive a spot of adventure. A man’s injury, or permanent mark of a past injury, is rocket fuel for the female fantasia callosum, which she herself eagerly fills with anticipated tales of ZFG (zero fucks given) alpha rogue exploits.

Your job, should you choose the alpha path, is to strike the incipient fantasy chord always taut and ready for a symphony in her brain with your boning fork. Then, allow her imagination some time to run wild before revealing your secret, which of course you should reveal with the maximum vaginally-approved embellishment.

Why are women intrigued by a man with a scar or a wound?

1. Injuries are evidence of a fighter.

Deep, deeeeeeep, in the female hindbrain there resides a poetess who scribes limpid odes to a man who has taken all comers and emerged victorious. It’s evolution all the way down in this instance; women can’t shake that irrepressible lust for a man who bears evidence of his ability and willingness to physically protect them from danger.

2. Injuries add drama.

All women are drama whores. The difference between women and their love of drama is one of degree, not kind. You have to scale some courtship walls before you can take her on an adventure. Add a scar, and she’ll beg to go on the journey.

3. Injuries are a palimpsest over a soul full of brooding pain.

All women are also nurturers, more or less. The nurse in her begs to tend to your wounded soul, a soul which is easier for her to summon into existence if your body bears the stigmata of real wounds.

4. Injuries are the next best thing to female preselection.

Show up to a club with a beautiful woman in your company and other women in attendance will autonomically experience a swell of desire for you. This is because you are a proven commodity. (Women rely much more on these proxy cues of mate value than do men, who merely require a split second visual appraisal to activate the courtship ritual). An injury or scar works like a beautiful woman, plus the added benefit of an implicit invitation to find out more. Certainly, an omega male loser can have a scar, but women are wired to assume, usually correctly, that scars are most often the badges of men who don’t play marathon video game sessions in gloomy bedrooms or rant ineffectually on male feminist tumblrrheas. As Noel experienced, you will have an incredibly easy time striking up conversations with inquisitive girls if you’re hobbled or engraved with proof of past battles.

Piercings and tattoos are probably a “safe” scar-lite form of mate value enhancement preferred by hipsters and freaks, but now that women have co-opted the same symbols of warriordom they might not be as effective for men. You’ll need the real thing now. Surgically embedded knife wound scars?

PS When a girl asks about your scar or injury, a classic opening reply would be “Ah, it’s complicated.” Sexual innuendo also works, if the moment is appropriate: “Bedroom injury.” Another good reply is to make up an obviously phony reason for it: “Fighting my way out of ISIS captivity”. But I think the most productive reply is one that alludes, loosely, to a troubled time from your past: “I got it a long time ago. It’s not something I like to remember.”

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