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CH hasn’t had a Trumpening Game post in a while. Check out this video of O’Cuckly interviewing Trump yesterday about Trump’s wise decision to forego the FoxNews GOP debate moderated by the extremely biased and unprofessional shit stirrer Megyn Kelly, (skip to 14:25).

TRUMP: Don’t ask me that question because it’s an embarrassing question…… for you.

That quip was deadly. It’s what I call a micro-reframe. In a pickup situation, one would use this on a girl who asked a personal question (say, about how many girls you’ve been with) that you didn’t want to answer. The pause before unloading the “for you” coda builds a smug anticipation in the girl that her qualification attempt will soon be validated. But, like what Trump did to O’Cuckly, you unleash this explosive little reframe and she will be left speechless, wondering where you’ve been all her life.

It takes balls to pull off stuff like what Trump does on a regular basis, but if you want to date young, cute, thin girls who have lots of options, you’ll need to find your balls.

Don’t be Fox News, the betabitch who begs for love.

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Another drearily familiar rapefugee news story contains a portentous subtext.

All over Europe, women are suffering the consequences of the Muslim invasion disguised as a refugee crisis, and one reporter’s encounter was captured on video. A group of Muslim migrants thought she was too attractive, then showed her what happens as a result.

The video is at the link above. There’s nothing NSFW in the video; it’s just the usual enriching perspectives we’re instructed to appreciate from our colorful third world Diversity.

A reader gives his interpretation of this vibrantly multicultural scene, and issues a warning to the White Men of the West.

Here is the reality.

These guys have monumental, stone cold asshole game.

They treat this woman like absolute shit, and she is fascinated by it, she keeps calling them back for more.  She lets the guy take the microphone out of her hand.

In the pussified world of Western European girly-men, these guys stand out as masculine, hard men who say what they want, take what they want.  They walk down the street like they own it.  They don’t smile.  They double down when challenged.  They give sub-zero fucks.

CH readers will see where this is going … .

The dried up miserable vaginas of Europe’s women will be engorged and dripping at the sight, and they will be blushing and squirming in their chairs and playing with their hair even as they say, oh, how awful … .  Then they will do everything they can to get more of these unapologetic bastards into their country, and look for the opportunity to be called a slut, have their hair pulled, their clothes grabbed and pulled off, be slapped, be violated, be dominated, be owned.  As more of these videos circulate, the man-starved women of Europe will become increasingly desperate to spread their legs for a vicious and hateful pummeling by these invaders.

They will forget their own so-called men ever existed.

And to get all “meta”, feminism was a civilization-wide shit test, and the men of Western Europe and the USA failed.  They have been reduced to sniveling beta status ever since.  The poon of the West is desperate for a stern and iron Alpha ramming by anyone, and the first guys who showed up are these Muslim dirtbags.

Looks like it’s their lucky day.

Note that the foregoing is clearly correct for the Germanic countries.  The Muslims will own the place in a generation.  This is not true in Eastern Europe, only the west.  The Poles, Hungarians, Serbs, will absolutely without blinking shoot, hang, stab, run over with trucks, set on fire with gasoline, or club to death every Muslims they can get their hands on before they will turn over their women.

Hyperbolic, but he’s onto something. After watching the video, I wouldn’t go so far to say the female reporter is sexually aroused (she could just be chirpily stringing the rapefugees along to make sure she gets entertaining quotes), but the wider theme explored by the reader is by and large true: when stronger* men invade your public space, your women will eventually, and often in contradiction to their own stated wishes, gravitate into an orbit with the dominant invader male valence and assume the submissive position.

*Stronger in a sexual market context means less appeasing, bolder, and firmer of frame. IOW, an asshole.

The lesson is that when an existential crisis threatens the nation, its women simply can’t be trusted to correct course. Men must steer the ship. And if that means dismissing their women’s opinions while they get to the hard job of making their country great again, then so be it. The dismissiveness will probably reignite their women’s desire for them.

The conclusion one must draw is the utter incompatibility of the White K-selected races with the less-than-White r-selected races. Multiculturalism is a failure. Worse, it’s a deliberate failure; an attack by the ruling classes against their own people.

The saracens are a different breed, possessing a natural ZFG attitude and patriarchal insolence towards women that may not buy them much poon in their homelands but acts like a tingle generating explosive reaction in secular, betatized, domesticated, and effeminated European societies. The shy, shoe-gazing, polite White European beta male – representative of his tribe – is rendered impotent when contrasted against the brutish brown man’s street theater, and the White man’s women notice the contrast, and their hindbrains, despite the best intentions that some may have, map out sexual market hierarchies accordingly.

PS Refreshingly, there are some young women who know the score.

If there is hope among White women, it lies with the virginal cuties. But, as reader Diversity Heretic averred, the White man’s chivalry comes with a necessary cost.

Okay, you want male protection. Male protection comes at the price of female deference. If you want to compete with (and displace) men in the job and education marketplaces, if you want women to be defense ministers, if you want to pursue a career at the expense of being a wife and mother, if you want income and status equality with men, if you want to ride the alpha cock carousel until your early thirties, then expect to find a beta male provider who’ll buy with a ring what you gave away free when you were younger and hotter,


PPS PA writes about white knighting (when it’s appropriate, and when it’s self-toolage.)

PPPS Reader Philomathean adds,

I’m not convinced the majority of White women support the invasion because they long for a mud breach in their vaginal canals. It’s state sponsored, socially approved moral posturing no different in spirit than an Oprah inspired kaffeeklatsch.

I reply: But women lead the moral posturing to open the borders. They are lapping men in their eagerness for more diversity enrichment. There is a deeper psychological compulsion that animates women’s politics, and I contend it begins at the source of female sexuality: their innate desire for strength and dominance in men. Right now, that female desire has been redirected to outsider males, because their own men are hamstrung from reacting in the proper masculine manner to the alien threat (and too many are donning miniskirts as feeble signs of protest).

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A lost boy desires a blessing of Chateau munificence,

What is the most effective thing a long time Beta male can do to introduce some ‘game’ into his life? I don’t mean things like pick up tips, do more of this, more of that… I mean lifestyle changes. Lift weights? Play on a highly competitive, high testosterone sport (e.g. Hockey)? Do endurance exercise? (I read somewhere runners are much more likely to get laid).

Your input is much appreciated.

Leaving aside for the duration of this thought exercise the sneaking suspicion that you are trolling, the answer to your question is “Game”. I’m not being facetious. You will get more alpha BANG for your beta bux by improving your charismatic presence than you will playing sports, running, grinding in the business world, or even lifting weights.

Game – aka learned charisma – is simply the most efficient and time-saving route to better results with women, which will lead to massive boosts in self-confidence. Game IS a lifestyle change, just like any other.

Now that that’s out of the way, I will answer the dangling participle of your question. The best non-Game lifestyle change you can make is… highly dependent on how you define “best”. Is it the change that will get you laid the quickest? Or the change that will permanently improve your odds of landing that “perfect girl” for marriage? Or is it the change that will maximize the length and breadth of your career in womanizing?

For quick lays, get in with a high value social group. That’ll offer easy, lubed access to cute girls who won’t give you too much sass because they will be preconditioned by the fact that you come socially proofed by the company you keep.

For permanent improvements in your SMV that will benefit you for years to come, take up weightlifting. Girls like some muscle on men, and more importantly your growing strength will infuse you with a confidence that girls can’t resist. And for the love of Lucifer, don’t do endurance running as a sport. Did the cross country runners in high school get laid? The milers? No. The football and basketball players got laid. (The badboys smoking in back of the school also got laid, but that’s a story for another day.)

There’s nothing wrong with highly competitive team sports, but don’t expect them to radically alter your perception with girls, not in the short term at any rate. Over years, participation in team sports will pay psyche and testosterone dividends, but the time and energy required to get there mean that this pursuit is best undertaken as a supplement to other life changing improvements you can do which are more sparing of your available resources.

For a permanent AND quick improvement in your attractiveness to women, get a sense of style. It’ll be pricier than a gym membership, but you’ll enjoy more immediate feedback from girls. If you are especially well-appointed, girls will even approach you to lavish you with compliments and maybe use the moment as an excuse to lightly touch you on the arm.

Finally, if you want a lifestyle change that will have an explosive and speedy impact on your transition from beta male to alpha male, be an asshole. The platonic love of the few buddy girls you’ll lose by being a complete prick will be more than compensated for by the romantic love of a lot of hot girls you will gain. The Way of the Asshole isn’t moral, societally admirable, or stable over the long term (if unleavened by Provider Game), but it packs a poon punch like few other male attractiveness traits do.

Final thought: One of the best lifestyle changes you can make to expedite your B2A transition is to connect with and observe the lifestyle of someone who is already alpha. Make friends with a Natural. Watch him work his magic. Take mental notes. See with your own eyes what works on women and what doesn’t. Your Natural friend doesn’t have to know his utility to your life goals. He only has to be there, a beacon of ballsy badassery, passing on his teachings unawares.


Commenter Harland adds a drastic lifestyle change that truly hapless beta males can undertake in the quest to improve themselves.

For the extreme, for the beta male whose life is already in ruins and can’t do any worse, move to a new city, at least 1000 miles from your home. You don’t want it to be easy to go back. For the advanced version, move overseas. Everyone who knows you as a total skeezy loser is now gone, and you are free to tell people you are the man that you’ve always wanted to be. Since they don’t know any better, they take you at your word, while you act the part accordingly. Soon enough, you actually ARE this man, and you can’t believe everyone fell for it. You are now getting laid and have cool friends. Mission accomplished.

The downside is being far away from your old friends and your family. Some people are just homebodies and can’t hack it, and will cry every night if they’re not in the place they happened to grow up. Oh, well. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Which do you want more, to stay in a comfortable social-poverty that will never change for the rest of your life, or make a radical change and start getting actual attractive women to willingly submit themselves to your every desire?

CH writes quite a lot about social atomization and its discontents, but it does offer some benefits to men who are stuck in small communities that provide no social status maneuverability (and thus sexual opportunities with fine looking ladies). The anonymous urban playground, or even foreign country, are the closest environments to an SMV blank slate that a beta can hope to exploit.

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ZFG (zero fucks given, otherwise known as aloofness & indifference, or outcome independence) is a fundamental principle of seduction that will rarely fail a man adhering to it. But there are those times during a courtship, infrequent but pregnant with suspenseful uncertainty, when a man would do well to give a girl a small token of his attainability, which is expressed with a fleeting affair with sincerity. In other words, you need to occasionally swap your shitlord for your lovelord. Reader Mr. Meaner demonstrates,

OT game post, but sort of related.

Text convo I had with a chick recently.

Her: You’ve made me so horny today. Can’t wait to see you again.

Her: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, it is a full 8 inches.

Her: Lol. Are you sleeping with anybody else atm?

Me: Only your sister

Her: So no?

Me: Haha, why would you ask me that? You sound like my wife. Except my wife is on vacation at the moment.

Her: Haha. What are you doing this weekend?

Run of the mill shit test, but notice how you have to shift the frame slightly when she persists beyond the smart-ass flirty responses. CH has touched on this before. One or two smart-ass responses is good game, but being a total shitlord with zero sincerity is too transparent. The “Why would you ask me that?” is a solid reframe in this situation.

Note this: A chick who’s horny and can barely control herself around you will shit test you to find any excuse to lose those out-of-control tingles. They’re scary for her, because they’re real, and so few real-life guys give them to her. Don’t give her the easy excuse she needs to extinguish them by answering her concerns like a sperg.

I give this Text Game an A+. Perfect execution. Lots of great teasing, taunting, negging, and amused mastery. No beta apologetics or defensiveness or sappy romanticism. The moment of sincerity — not too direct, but just a glancing blow delivering a glimpse of “realness” — comes when Meaner says “why would you ask me that?”, followed by a quick cocky jab of humor, taken all together providing the right amount genuine response to the girl’s yearning desire to know whether he was sleeping with any other women, (in turn lowering her anti-slut defense shields).

This is how it’s done. A lot of jerkboy game seasoned with a sprinkle of vulnerability game. Tat for tit. All play and a little work make Jack a sexy boy.

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Fash Game

Reader Agree&Amplify (@angreeandamp) explores the rich vein of possibilities in an emerging discipline of pickup tactics: Fash Game.

Opener: “Hitler did nothing wrong”

Spoke some French

Told her I wasn’t kidding.

Fasc’ Game

Fash, or fasc’, is short for fascism. The brass balled right co-opted the term to infuriate shitlibs who wanted to maintain exclusive use of it as a limp-wristed slur against their foes ad infinitum.


The black concealing blotch at the bottom looks like a dick.

All chicks adore a dominant man (read: a man who controls the frame). The particulars of fascist ideology may or may not be expressly dominant in a pickup context, but holding fascist views in the current SJW climate — and proudly, uncuckedly so — is an alpha power move.

I bet a lot of White women are secretly yearning and waiting to be escorted over to the dank side, but being women they won’t do it themselves. Too risky, and that’s not reproductively optimal from their genes’ point of view. They need a game-savvy man to show them the way; not a cucked yes-beta to give them excuses to remain Narrative schoolmarms.

PS Fash Game works even if you’re appropriating the term semi-ironically. The key is an unflinching delivery. Ambiguity is a seduction amplifier.

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FB (Former Beta) has a nice personal story about his journey to Game (Learned Charisma),

Having started from an Omega level to now being a former Beta (I won’t call myself Alpha yet, but getting there), I completely agree with this Heartiste post.

(This blog is a great blessing to a lot of us. I started reading in 2008 or so…I posted for the first time this year, after having lost 100 lbs and an ugly wife since 2008).

Alpha: awareness with self forgetfulness. Lack of guilt, ease in all situations, fundamentally: lack of fear.

Both women and men respond positively to the Alpha.

The positive male response yields career success for the Alpha.

The positive female response to the Alpha yields romantic/sexual success with the ladies.

Realistically: you can control your approach to life, one moment at a time, one interaction at a time.

At 48: I am living exceedingly well. A lot of gratitude to Heartiste for opening my eyes to female nature and female needs.

Big props to CH!

Props received and converted into bitcoin.

The take-home point is this:


Both women and men respond positively to the Alpha.

The positive male response yields career success for the Alpha.

The positive female response to the Alpha yields romantic/sexual success with the ladies.


Tradcon ignoramuses who nurse a prude’s kneejerk resentment of Game and Chateau principles of seduction have never bothered to consider their wider applications. (A few are considering them now, thanks to The Trumpening’s YUGE demolition of cuckservatism, inc. Trump is a walking advertisement for the power of Game over foes and friends alike.)

The fundamental concepts of Game…

  • outcome independence
  • ZFG
  • state control
  • amused mastery
  • qualification/disqualification
  • compliance hoops
  • assuming the sale
  • reframing
  • bustamove
  • and more utilitarian tactics like time constraints, negs, kino escalation, and agree&amplify

…are as useful to climbing the career ladder as they are to cavorting in the dating market.

EVERYTHING TIES TOGETHER. Just as lies travel with ugliness, and truth with beauty, so too is Game a companion to masculinity, providing endless lifelong benefits to men in all avenues of pursuit.

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Ported from the Chateau Twatter feed.

Physically backing away from a girl, slowly, while happily chatting her up is an unholy mindfuck that pays pickup dividends later. Pretty girls expect men/betas to be eager to get near them. Signaling that you aren’t eager for nearness cues girls that you aren’t like the typical beta male desperate for female intimacy, which in turn prompts girls to seek your validation.

Of course, you have to establish nearness at some point, but physical intimacy is far more powerful an effect on women when it’s wrested from you, or when it takes its sweet time announcing its presence.

This may sound like it contradicts the established Game principle of kino and rapid physical escalation during a seduction, but the details of execution matter. Your Physical Retreat (PR) is tactical in nature, and operates in concert with kino escalation. Example: You chat up a girl, unassumingly place a light touch on her forearm, remove your hand, stand up, continue talking but in a more animated matter as you begin moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, your whole body away from the girl. Then, reach for something behind her, say your drink on the bar, and exploit that gap-closing motion to reintroduce your physical proximity.

Repeat a few times as her attraction builds, and she’s ready to be swept into a comforting, deeper conversation in a quiet spot.

This is seduction psy ops that hits the female id square in the sternum. She can’t get a bead on you… do you like her, don’t like her, what’s your deal? why does she feel this weird impulse to seek your approval all of a sudden?… and when a girl can’t figure you out, all she wants to do is…. figure you out. Driven by her compulsion to pigeonhole your rank in the sexual market relative to hers, she is apt to play right into your frame, and you will have all the hand. Hand is critical to seducing women. Without jerkboy hand, you are just another chafed hand on the fap ledger of incel life.

A reader adds,

Brutal! Another mindfuck is to look at a spot just next to his (her) ear & watch as he tries to lean into your gaze.

Yes, that is another unholy mindfuck. Works on sociopaths and queen bees too (they never expect it because their narcissism levels are off the charts). So much of seduction – the sexual and the social kinds – is the art of structuring a dominance-submission hierarchy that raises one’s value and does so (it has to be said) at the expense of lowering the other’s value. That is the nature of goal-oriented communication (which is all communication, when you think about it).


I should mention the importance of incongruence to the PR tactic. You aren’t physically retreating from the girl in a state of bewilderment or butthurtness; you are backing off with a smile on your face and a happy upbeat tune to your words. This disjunction between body language and facial/verbal expression is what sets the female id aflame. There are contexts within the seduction process when a little incongruence adds rather than subtracts from a girl’s perception of your mate value.

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