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Birthday Cat is a multi-functional Game changer, capable of flipping girls from cold to hot in an instant. Use judiciously, but never second-guess His Royal Kitty’s pedigree, because Birthday Cat has slain pussies on all social media platforms and in all courtship contexts. The latest delirious victim (somewhat NSFW):



Birthday Cat is the emoji equivalent of “lol”, “gay”, or “bring da movies“. I think he’s even better than those, because girls can’t resist a cute jerkcat.

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Chateau archives contain limitless wisdom, including the idea that hitting on girls while you’re battling a hangover can do wonders for your pickup success. There’s a related personal observation which I want to share with the assembled. Dressing like a slob and stinking of barn animals is an oddly effective means of hurdling chronic approach anxiety.

Very few men don’t feel at least a little anxiety in the moment between seeing a cute girl and thinking over how he’ll introduce himself. (We call those men lacking any approach anxiety, “psychopaths”. Or, “blacks”.) Obviously, some men will be more anxious than others. For these sufferers, a mental or behavioral short circuit that bypasses their anxiety modules can mean the difference between intractable incel and endless samplings from the poon poon platter.

The based brain trick works like this: Dress slovenly before going out. I’m talking white tube socks and sandals, jorts, and a ratty t-shirt with holes in the pits. Top with greasy hair. Talk to girls with flirtatious intent, making no sincere feint toward excusing your disheveled appearance. As on any day when you approach numerous girls, you’ll likely experience some female skepticism*. But unlike other times, you’ll have a scapegoat to blame for their caution*. The grist of the cognitive gimmick is your psychological instinct to pin the blame for any romantic thwarting on the most obvious culprit: your slovenliness. The benefit of this ego detour is that it grooms you away from listening to that inner voice that loves to blame your strike-outs with women on your personality or looks.

If you have a conspicuous and largely superficial fault to help explain to yourself this or that stillborn pickup attempt, then you won’t feel approach anxiety as strongly as you would if you looked sharp and thus had only the less malleable aspects of your character to blame. Do this enough times, and the quieting of your anxiety will start to stick, becoming something of a permanent fixture of your resting emotional state.

Affected slovenliness makes approaching girls more like a fun game, with little on the line that can’t be answered with a wry smirk and a raised eyebrow… “Oh, it’s my pit-stained t-shirt, isn’t it? I always forget it isn’t a hit with the ladies.”

* It’s good to reframe women’s natural leverage in the sexual market — their sexual prerogative — into a less loaded term. So stop saying a girl “rejected” you. Say instead she was skeptical or cautious or tentative. Word choice matters. You can add sting or remove sting with the words you choose to describe your seduction adventures.

FYI the greatest variable influencing any one man’s success with women is his BOLDNESS.

CH Maxim #21: In the quest for romance, boldness overcomes a lot of personal flaws. Timidity swamps a lot of personal virtues.

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In a CH post about older men’s advantages in the sexual market, frequent sex difference and Game denialist wolfie65 avers,

There are VERY few things in this world that actually do get better with age.
High quality wine (if you like that sort of thing), high quality cheese (to a point), things made very well from high quality wood, like musical instruments or furniture.
People are not one of those things.

Generally true, past a certain age. But that threshold age from youthful to old is different for men and women. Most men aesthetically peak around 29-30 and stay there well into their late 30s. For women, their physical peak happens somewhere between the late teens and early 20s, and doesn’t stay there long.

Men who lift weights and don’t bloat up can look quite dashing to the majority of women well past their 30s. Women who lift and stay slender will keep their sexual worth longer as well, but not nearly as long as in-shape men keep theirs. So the adage that one should strike while the iron is hot is more germane to a woman’s romantic fortunes.

If men over 30 have any advantages in the dating market, they are:
1) MONEY – Very few younger men have any money worth bragging about and da wimminz do LOVELOVELOVE da moolah, all polls to the contrary.

Sure, women love da moolah, but it takes a LOT of moolah to activate a woman’s love programming. Merely being in the top quintile of SES won’t cut it. The entrance fee for unlimited access to poonworld rides is seven figures in the expensive shitlib cities. Given that most men boffing cute girls have nowhere near seven figures, it stands to reason that, although money may be a powerful attractant once accumulated over a very high amount, it’s a rather weak attractant below that number. Other, more important, factors contribute to a man’s success with women.

2) Social status – Very few younger men (athletes, rock stars) have the kind of ss women are looking for, their mostest favoritest sport being social climbing.

Younger men who aren’t musicians or athletes can accrue social status through sheer force of personality. If you make yourself the life of the party, women will notice. And, always worth reminding recalcitrant readers, BOLDNESS is itself a sign of a man’s social status. If you approach girls uncompromisingly, they will adorn you with a higher status than you would otherwise have had if you stayed in your little corner staring at them lustily.

The ZFG part is more something that benefits you, the guy, internally, as it makes failure easier to deal with.

ZFG does more, far more, than simply make courtship failure easier for a man to deal with, (specifically which in Game terminology is called “outcome independence”). Zero Fucks Given is an ATTITUDE, expressed manifold ways through a man’s words, behavior, and body language, that women have FINELY TUNED VAJDAR for recognizing, because it is in women’s DARWINIAN INTERESTS to hook up with and fall hard for men whose attitude suggests they could TAKE OR LEAVE those women. This kind of man is desirable BECAUSE he acts like he’s desirable. And desirable men have OPTIONS, which they show by never bending over backwards to appease or impress any one woman.

It’s not something she’s going to pick up on at da club, not even with her magical powers of ‘female intuition’ ESP………

Yes, she is. This is the gripe of someone who hasn’t been in a heated sex market arena in a long time. No ESP required. Women have a sense originating at the nexus of their hindbrains and tingling pussies for which men are high value, just like men have a sense originating at the nexus of their hindbrains and boners for which women are high value. Men react instinctively to the sight of a beautiful, height-weight proportionate young woman. Women react equally instinctively to the company of a masculine, devilishly charming, self-confident, ZFG man.

The sexual market is the prime market exactly because its machinations are governed by instinct instead of by considered forethought. It’s hard to undermine human instinct, though our Equalist Overlords are doing their level best to do just that.

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There’s no question the Trump Temptresses are more attractive than the Hillary Harpies. The photographic evidence accumulates with every rally and selfie. Trump women flaunt hourglass figures and bubble with estrogen. Hillary Hags bomb the retinas with volumetric flask-like waistlines and attitudes dripping caustically with androgen overload.

So it is with no surprise that supporters of TheCunt can be so easily triggered merely by holding up a mirror to them. They know their visages say more about their worldview than any 12,000-word New York Beta Times article could glowingly conceive for them.

CH Maxim #200: Pointing out a feminist’s masculine, ugly physiognomy or a manlet’s androgynous physiognomy is reliable shorthand for their politics.

(One Twatterlord put it pith-wise, “You can tell a man’s politics from his upper body strength. A woman’s by her waist size.”)

Swinging this around to the topic of Game and politics, reader Freereel forwards,

[H]ere’s a great strategy cribbed from the blog Poseidon Awoke:

“Let’s face it, Bernie and Hillary have a terrible branding problem: their supporters are just not attractive. Have you seen Hillary supporters? Lena Dunham is a perfect example. Yuck.

On the other hand, beautiful women love Trump and masculine men want to be Trump. I’ve even seen some predictions of a Trump-inspired baby-boom, which is certainly possible.

As I’ve said before, I spend some of my time in the Trenches meme-ing things into reality. And a Trump presidency is one of those things. I’ve also been learning from Vox Day about the difference between rhetoric and dialectic. When someone attacks Trump with some nonsense charge, a dialectician will attempt to counter with a logical argument, facts and reason. However, humans are rarely persuaded by dialectic. Humans are persuaded by rhetoric. So, I have a new kill shot for those who attack Trump. I post a picture of a hot Trump supporter.

Because Hillary and Bernie supporters are cat-ladies and low-T bronies, they are unattractive, so they have no response. Images like these arouse normal males to want the girl that supports Trump. It’s just animal instinct. Women want to be like the women that men want, so they want to be this girl. This is rhetoric in action. No words, just a picture of a hot Trump supporter. Luckily, there are millions of hot Trump supporters.

It’s a kill shot.

Pickup and politics are kissing cousins. Both utilize the principles of seduction to win the hearts of women and of voters. One paramount Game concept — amused mastery — is the courtship equivalent of meme-worthy rhetoric. In practice, amused mastery manifests as quippy retorts to women’s shit tests, or quasi-juvenile observations of a woman or her surroundings, or dismissive indifference to a woman’s tantrums and dramatics. This is the stuff of ZFG alpha males, and women LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Amused mastery in the political sphere would appear as a photo of a fat bluehair Hillary voter or a raging, arm-flapping SJW feminist in id-carving response to some shitlib regurgitating boilerplate shitlibbery. The brutalist juxtaposition is a nuke to her anti-antifragile ego. It’s like when a potential date you’re texting starts asking you what you can do for her and talks about the cool guys she knows, and you reply with a Birthday Cat emoji. A rapport break like that can’t be answered. All she can do is laugh with growing desire at your alpha impudence.

Dialectic is the preferred form of communication when level-headed White men are drawing up policies to ensure prosperity for their nation and a future for their posterity. But we don’t live in that world anymore. Our world is tribal wagon-circling and feral women. Dialectic falls on deaf ears in an Idiocracy and in a Jizzocracy.

Rhetoric has the stage now. The beta male who patiently and thoroughly explores all the logical implications of a woman’s emotional extemporizing will bore her to tears. No sex for him. As it is in 2016 American politics; the cuckservative who patiently and thoroughly explores all the Constitutional implications of a liberal’s destructive anti-White animus will ostracize himself from the public discourse. No influence for him.

The ideal set-up for the alt-right rebel is rhetoric + dialectic. Get your kill shot in, then cow the others with an unanticipated foray into informed dialectic. This is a war that needs its meme MOABs as much as its persuasion personnel.

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We lords of love at Le Chateau have explored and endorsed the theme of improving one’s seduction skills through the use of children’s games and phrases. Women, especially the prime nubility hotties, are more like children than they are like men. A despicably un-PC truth, but true nonetheless.

There’s another way the behavior of children holds the key to successfully flirting with grown women. The conversation style that elicits peals of joy from children is pretty similar to the conversation style that elicits squeals of arousal from women.

Allow me. When you talk to a kid, they will react in one of two ways: escalating excitement, or boredom. Kids don’t have a “neutral listening gear” like adult men do. When a kid is excited, he’ll show it. When he’s bored, ditto. And there’s no faster way to bore a kid than indulging in long-winded, detail-oriented replies to the myriad questions with which kids love to bombard adults. It’s not that kids don’t want answers to their burning questions; it’s that they don’t want dry answers that aren’t painted with the brute force rhetoric of the primary colors.

Kids expect short answers because kids have underdeveloped attention spans and a hunger for amusement. Just like women. Therefore, kids, (just like women), will zone out on long explanations. And they will positively engage with pithy, sarcastic jibes that merely brush with a sufficient answer to the questions.

For example, say a child asks you about something unique you’re wearing. The beta male reply would be to dive into a lengthy history behind the artifact which has momentarily caught the child’s eye, boring him to an exasperated facial expression with an answer that might surely be thorough and enlightening but not fun at all. The alpha male reply would be something shorter, sweeter, far more dramatic, and only superficially aligned with the real provenance of the artifact. So instead of the straight answer to the child’s question, the savvy man answer would be something like, “A bullfighter gave it to me as a gift.” Which is a delightfully heart-racing, child- and woman-amusing shorthand for “I found it in a Spanish alley next to a cafe purportedly owned by the mother of a famous bullfighter.”

The drive-by conversational style that wows children is equally effective on the limbic nodes of women’s hindbrains. If you can keep a child’s happily rapt attention, you can do the same to women. Practice, practice, practice.

Related: Owning a dog is training for owning a woman.

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If you’re a man over 30, you have something to look forward to as you prepare to navigate the post-nightclub scene sexual market: the gradual accretion of two powerful male attractiveness traits.

  1. Social status
  2. ZFG (zero fucks given, aka outcome independence)

Social status accumulates over decades for a man, because his social worth is tied less to his youthful looks than to his connections, social savvy, experiences, business acumen, and character. (A woman’s social status has two peaks: one, higher, peak when she is at her most attractive – early 20s – and a second peak when she becomes a mother and family caretaker.)

A man’s social status is loin of the realm in the mate bazaar, easily bartered for fresh poonmeat. Women are irresistibly attracted to men who are well-regarded by lots of admirers or who have lots of friends and supporters they can lean on for favors. This is an evolutionarily adapted trait that helps women FMAC (find meet attract commit to) men who are capable of MASS ACQUISITION of material resources to bring to the raising of their children. Social status is the man who walks into a party and everyone’s eyes light up with anticipation and joy. Women notice this about a man, and they react reflexively to the spectacle his presence incites.

Generally, older men will have more social status than younger men. It’s not a guarantee, but it is the way to bet.

ZFG (aka self-possession) also accumulates with a man’s age. While it’s theoretically possible to regress from zero fucks given (zfg) to numerous fucks given as one gets older, it’s very uncommon. There are two reasons for this: one, a man’s self-confidence tends to grow along with his wealth, accomplishments, bedroom experience, and social skills. Self-confidence relaxes the ego, granting it a flexibility that fortifies it against minor insults that then are easily brushed-off by the man who is secure in himself. Insecure, low self-esteem men don’t usually have the requisite ZFG to arouse women, and it shows in their quickness to anger at the slightest provocation or in their transparent, sour grapes butthurt when a woman slips them the sass.

Two, physiological age-related changes in the male brain sweep it clean of over-sensitivities. Remember when you were a teenager, how one throwaway affront could send you into a frenzy of self-examination and/or rageful retribution? You’d mull over that little calumny as if it were a final judgment handed up by Lucifer himself. You could call this inner frame, IFG: Infinity Fucks Given. It’s painful, but its hold over your psyche greatly loosens after high school, though it still continues through the 20s, typically in the form of anguished mental replays of first dates that went south or of ambiguous flirtations by cute girls playing hard to get.

Once a man passes 30, it’s almost magical how suddenly IFG will dissipate into a weak facsimile of its former emotional grip. Something about aging into a grown man with real responsibilities and a collected history of romantic failures and successes buffers him against myriad slights by other men and by opaque women. You could say it’s a dullness permeating the aging brain that fortuitously protects it from excruciating self-doubt, but I think instead it’s the opposite: a heightened awareness of the meaninglessness of most people’s opinions, especially opinions on the nature of one’s character or desirability.

So these two developments — the gain of social status and ZFG — are advantages that older men enjoy in the quest for pussy. And they are big advantages, maybe the biggest. It would be unwise to scoff at the notion of their pull over women. A socially prominent man who is amused by women’s shit tests and unfazed by men’s challenges is akin to a beautiful feminine woman in the fullness of youthful fertility. He is a commodity that women will fight each other to claim as their own.


You’ll notice I didn’t include “money” in the traits that specifically benefit older men in the sexual market. That’s for a good reason. In my observation of the players I’ve known, there’s really not a lot of difference between making 40K/yr and 100K/yr as an influencing factor on women’s attraction. About the only difference there could be is one of self-confidence; men who make more tend to project more swagger and that’s what women find attractive, not the money per se.

Money itself doesn’t really start to affect a man’s SMV until it brushes with the SES stratosphere. If you have a million in the bank and pull a solid six figure income, allowing you to tool around in exotic sports cars, then yes women will magically gravitate into your orbit. But few men under 60 reach that kind of wealth, so it’s largely a hypothetical SMV boost that isn’t necessary to attract and bed cute girls.

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I chubbed a little writing this post’s title. But it’s true, (despite my penchant for indulging in hyperboney). The Game technique known as qualification — i.e., having standards and demanding women meet them — is rocket-fueled tingle induction. It takes balls to pull it off….most men can’t even fathom dealing with women in anything other than an appeasing mindset. But when your typical prime pumpability hottie hears a man challenge her to rise to his expectations, she almost can’t believe her luck. What a breath of fresh air compared to the parade of betas who ask nothing of her but how far backwards to bend in cloying supplication!

On this theme, a reader (@kingcrimson88) writes about his experience using the qualification line “how normal are you” on a girl.

Response rate is up at least 50% w/ opener ‘how normal are you’. Dat qualification👌🏼 Thanks CH.


Bait and hook. Now all he needs to do is reel and release to heighten the sexual tension. The first thing you’ll notice after dropping a qualification MOAB on a woman is how eagerly she steps to the challenge. It’s as if she’d spent her whole life up until she met you trapped in a purgatory with men who had no idea she needed to feel like she was working for their interest.

As a seduction technique, qualification is an accelerant. As a tool for achieving life goals, it’s indispensable. That’s right, the same pickup wordplay that will arouse a girl’s romantic curiosity is the frame of mind that will help a man find the right woman, the right career, and the right friends for himself.

Boldly and unapologetically exploring the subjects of, for example, a woman’s religion, worldview, values, strengths, and weaknesses will help a man better screen out incompatible lovers for long-term commitment and identify those women (or that one special woman) who best complement his life and his ambitions, and vice versa.

You aren’t just qualifying women to improve your odds of getting laid; you’re also helping yourself find love and happiness.

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