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Grocery Cart Game

This is a fine example of tight grocery cart game by reader Sentient:

An example from today – getting groceries, nice skinny 7 walking around pushing a cart – tight pants and heels. We leave the store about the same time, she is walking up one aisle of cars, me on the other side. Going the same direction and pace, then she turns and cuts across to my aisle, she is parked next to my car.

I say I knew it looked like you were racing me. she’s all I know right titter titter titter. I tell her “yeah you were definitively speeding up trying to win? super competitive huh” She’s laughing shaking her head yes – titter titter. I tell her I have to watch out for her or she’ll ram into me. Just to win. More laughter.

I left it there (local grocery store) but that was a good open, no need to neg hard if they are laughing. Could follow that with more statements – cold reads – misdirection stuff. Then the question – so what are you making tonight/going to/etc etc.

If you think you need to be in a bar to pick up women, you have already failed.

When reading this anecdote, pay attention to the demonstration of Sentient’s situational awareness. The typical beta boob sees an attractive woman pushing a grocery cart into his car lane and he has one of two reactions: Freeze in hypergonadal fear, or say something boring if he does manage to untie his tongue. That’s because the typical beta boob has no INNER GAME. He’s always thinking of ways to impress women instead of what he should be thinking of: ways to amuse himself in the company of women.

So we see Sentient understands the laws of flirting very well: he is fun, cocky, and teasing. He allows her to contribute to the conversation with a cold read (“super competitive huh”). He lightly disqualifies her and flips the chaser-chasee script, (“I have to watch out for you”). He doesn’t interrogate her with paint-by-numbers, fun-sapping résumé questions. What more could a woman want?

I think Sentient could have easily moved to a number or even an insta-date close from this flirtatious foundation. Anything that segues from her good feelings/amped buying temperature would have worked. “If you want another chance to take out your competitive aggression on me, we should meet for drinks yada yada.”

Stop waiting for 1 AM garbage hours in bars to hit on women. Women are everywhere, and so should be your impudent, ever-ready masculinity.

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Eye contact from women is usually the first cue that men who aren’t cut out for cold approaches rely on when deciding whether to initiate a courtship salvo. The disadvantage of waiting for eye contact before making a move is, naturally, the waiting. You’ll never cross the finish line if the starter gun doesn’t go off. The advantage of relying on eye contact authorization from women is the efficiency of only chatting up girls who have ocularly indicated a willingness to be chatted up by you. Plus, eye contact is one of those proto-sexytime signals that can be deduced from a distance, and in various locales. You can catch a woman’s eye on the sidewalk as easily as at a bar or a boardroom.

If eye contact is a must before you’ll consider talking to a random girl, then this post will help you identify your choicest targets. Did you know that people have autonomic eye movements which operate at the subconscious level, and which differ according to contextual inputs?

The rules of eye contact are simple. After catching her eye:

  • If she looks down: She’s instantly attracted but shy.

Approach this girl, but go easy on the cocky jerkboy game. She’s a natural introvert, and a romantic at heart. Don’t come on too strong. A light touch will do, flirty and coy. She’ll just be happy you even had the balls to escort her from her dreamy inner sanctum.

  • If she looks to the side: She’s not instantly attracted.

You will have your work cut out for you on this girl. A side-looker is as good as (or bad as, depending on your perspective) a cold approach on a girl who hasn’t noticed you. The side-looker has a boyfriend, or she doesn’t like your look or your leer, or she’s a manjawed feminist who is constitutionally incapable of flirting with men without having an existential moral crisis. You can turn a girl like this around, but it will mean you have to be exceptionally bold and full of teasing and negs. An effective opener would be one that immediately disqualifies her, flips the script, and assumes the sale. For example, “I caught you checking me out. Don’t worry, even though it’s nothing new, I’m still flattered.”

  • If she holds eye contact intensely: She’s instantly attracted and slutty.

Weaker men wilt under the pressure of the hard-eye contact girl. She’s dripping sex from her limpid orbs, and only men made of sterner stuff will rise to her fightin’ iris challenge. Nothing much needed here but an open-faced “Hi” and a pretext to absolve her nascent feelings of aggressive sluttitude (such as asking her for directions if you cross her path on a street corner). A direct, “Hey, I noticed you from across the room, and had to come over and see what your deal is”, will work in any bar setting. Ovulating women are often intense eye contact machines, and will lock on any man who has the right “look” for her fired-up womb. (This look encompasses not just physical traits, but body language and fashion sense.)

Strangely, I have yet to make eye contact with a girl who reacted by looking upward. If I do, I’ll assume she’s a nun. Or already on her knees in front of me.


As readers have probably noticed, this post was mistakenly titled “An eye contact crib shit”. It has since been corrected. :lol: I keel myself!

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Chicks dig jerks.

Chicks deeply dig stone cold killer jerks.

Chicks secretly want you to be the killer of their sexual fantasies.

Reader Dirty Old Man provides context,

I got a shit test from a 20 something woman who found me intriguing and needed to imagine me as “dangerous.” She asked, “Have you ever killed anyone?”

I thought it through and responded, “I have never killed anyone that did not deserve it or that would be missed.”

“GREAT answer,” she said.

The fact that this sort of thing happens as often as it does is interesting. I have had young girls say to me on more than one occasion something to the effect, “You are kind of a bad-ass, aren’t you?’

I am 5’8” bald, 50, a buck-‘fiddy’, and generally unarmed. They see what they need to see to make their attraction make sense.

“generally unarmed”. heh. That coda is the heart of the matter. Women want to be seduced by a powerful alpha male, and they will be complicit in their own seduction.

These kinds of posts really give cunts and manlets the hives. But CH is just a humble messenger, delivering the female id on a plate, wrapped in a Bartholin’s bow. You may not like the presentation, but you can’t deny the dark writhing mass staring back at you.

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A rich vein of Game material can be mined from the antics of attention whores. Why let a dumpy skank’s cry for attention go unexploited for profit with much cuter, thinner girls?

In any texting or messaging scenario with a Prime Femininity girl you want to gentlemanly court bang, there will be instances when she tries to

a. shit test you
b. qualify you
c. beta bait you with slutty flirting
d. flake on you
e. make you chase her
f. generally act bitchy and self-entitled
e. all of the above while in a late night alcoholic stupor

Instead of reaching deep into your mental storehouse of game knowledge for the perfect response, choose the Way of the Jerkboy and send a captionless pic to her that will have her hamster spinning frantically, her vagina flowering curiously, and her heart pounding recklessly.

GIRL: I can’t meet on Friday. I have a cat grooming class.


GIRL: You’re a really nice guy. Thanks for being there for me.


GIRL: Don’t get any ideas, I’m not gonna send you naked selfies.


It is my humble opinion that Lena Dunham Game represents the next level in the evolution of Emoji Game. Step aside, Birthday Cat, Lena Dunham is about to squat on you and turn you into a pickup diamond.


Commenter zodak adds [minor edits for comedic impact],

“this is the last thing her sister saw as she was about to be molested.”

I was about to put up a fourth pic of Lena, but I think everyone’s had enough for today. Or forever.


Great Caesar’s Ghost writes,

LaidNYC once said something like, “Tell a woman you like Lena Dunham, watch her agree. Tell a woman she reminds you of Lena Dunham, watch her rage.”

Women want to see the uglier of their sisters elevated (probably to act as pressure release valves for undersexed, uppity omega males), but they don’t want to be compared favorably to the fugs among them. Cognitive dissonance is the natural female state.

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Via The Other Anonymous, an anecdote that had my sides splitting from laughter.


Re: Texting – My 10 year old Daughter inadvertently hijacked iMessages so that I didn’t receive any texts and, for a couple weeks – unbeknownst to me, had running text exchanges with a cross-section of my adult life – friends, colleagues, lawyers, romantic interests, etc.

Once discovered I read this mass of messages. Texts from guys ended in about three exchanges and with instruction to call them when I’d sobered up. Texts from women went on for pages and pages … the more mundane, the longer they ran on:

Her: What are your plans this weekend?
10 YO Me: Girl Scout camp
Her: LOL I’m visiting my parents maybe take their boat out.
10 YO Me: My parents make me wear floaties on the boat
Her: LOL

Now these are adult women, with families and careers – and none, not one, indicated suspicion that they were, in fact, speaking to a young girl.

The moral of this story is – Women can’t differentiate a text from a 40 year old man and a 10 year old girl … So, you must make it immediately apparent by using the universal, tried and true, one-size-fits all response to female Texts:


Fuckin A, I just reread that a second time and I’m laughing all over again. “My parents make me wear floaties on the boat, Her: LOL.”  :lol: indeed!

There’s a Deep State Game lesson contained in TOA’s anecdote: 10-Year-Old Girl Game is a pretty good template for honing your Grown-Ass Man Game. Empowered, adult women can’t tell the difference between a 10-year-old girl’s texts and a grown man’s texts. To empowered, adult women who don’t know they’re texting a preteen girl, a 10-year-old girl’s texts and a sexy man’s texts both sound like ZFG, mischievous teasing to them, which turns them on so much they stick around to contribute pages and pages of texts, ecstatic with the cascade of professionally administered impertinent, flirty banter.

So the next time you’re texting an accomplished, proudly feminist lawyercunt, don’t make the mistake of speaking like an adult man clinging to his logic and linearity. Try chatting like a 10-year-old girl instead, if you really want to capture that confident, smart, adult woman’s imagination.

If you talk like a 10-year-old girl to your male friends, they’ll promptly tell you to sober up. Which is why the vote should have remained a male-only franchise.

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CH has traditionally been agnostic on the burning question of whether chicks dig smart men because they’re smart or because male smartness is correlated with some other attractive male trait. It has been our contention that smarts alone do nothing for vagina tingles, unless the smarts are leveraged into wit, humor, and adult-themed teasing.

Smarts, too, will help a man better understand and apply the principles of Game. The sweet spot for male smarts is an above-average IQ that is coupled to a robust EQ. The biggest haters of game are either dumb “bros” who scoff at any idea that’s more mentally taxing than the philosophy found in beer commercials, or smart but socially maladroit spergs who lack the concrete field experience with women to accept that it’s possible to attract women without being a Hollywood star.

The Heartiste Dating Market Value Test for Men has a category devoted to IQ, and pussy-parting points are given to a man if he has an above-average intelligence, but deducted from him if he has a below-average or a well above-average IQ.

15.  What is your IQ?

Under 85:  -1 point
85 to 110:  0 points
110 to 130:  +1 point
130 to 145:  0 points
over 145:  -1 point

This scoring system reflects the reality any man who has lived a day in his life has observed: super smart men are often nerdy and weird, and that turns off women (or at best is considered a neutral attribute by women), while dumb men without compensating attractiveness traits will turn off women who aren’t dumb themselves.

And now here comes the confirmatory ♂SCIENCE♂ adding heft to the humble CH formula.

Human general intelligence (g) has been hypothesized to be an indicator of genomic mutation load and under sexual selection for indirect genetic benefits (‘good genes’ for the offspring), implying that high g should be sexually attractive. People clearly report preferences and assortatively mate for intelligence, but these effects can be due to direct phenotypic benefts of g and social homogamy.

I am on record stating that the “assortative mating” phenomenon of late 20th-early 21st century America isn’t driven so much by women preferring smart Ivy nerds (or by men preferring smart Ivy nerdgirls, as HBD nerd-triumphalists like to claim) as it is driven by simple convenience: people tend to date whomever is readily available within their social milieu, which one could call a “dating market bottleneck”.

Measured male g had no effect on female short-term attraction, but a small positive effect on long-term attraction, though only after extraversion and independently rated physical attractiveness were controlled.

Kneejerk nerd-defenders like LotB are chastened by this news.

The minor male attractiveness boost of intelligence to women thinking about the male subject as a long-term relationship prospect is caused by two factors:

  1. the readout from an innate mate assessment algorithm women possess which informs them of the “dad” quality of potential suitors, and
  2. the tendency of women to conflate intelligence with extraversion and looks. (We all know that social king with the wisecracking, uninhibited tongue who comes across smarter than he really is.)

Revenge of the nerds? Not quite:

Overall we found no support for intelligence being sexually attractive to women on first encounters, and limited support that it increases initial impression of the potential as a long-term romantic partner.

Someone alert the feminist industrial simplex: Women are shallow!

A commenter at Dr. Thompson’s sums it up pithily,

Mensa has no groupies.

A brief excursion into helix-gazing abstraction:

Taken together with very limited support for an association between g and mutation load in the currently available genomic data, these results cast doubt on the hypothesis that g is an indicator of genetic fitness under ‘good genes’ sexual selection.

I always thought that the best indicator of genetic fitness was, in women, their youth and beauty, and consequently their ability to induce my boner. (Women’s IQ plays little to no role in men’s sexual arousal. As no man ever said, “Dayum, that’s a fine-looking grad school degree you got, baby!”) It now appears men’s smarts play nearly as insignificant a role in female attraction.

Now, point of contention, I don’t actually think this is entirely true, based on the simple objection that the men I personally know (a large-ish number) who are good with HSMV women are also smarter than the average bear. But.. and this is a big but… those men are also socially savvy and self-confident, no doubt both of which traits are benefited by their respectable smarts. And they mostly hit on SWPL chicks who would probably not give the time of day to slow men who had trouble parsing their snark-heavy conversations.

No man reading this post should despair that he has a high IQ. There is no end to the ways in which being smart/alpha/sexy is better than being dumb/beta/scalzied. The study results merely suggest that smarts ALONE aren’t sufficient to attract women. You need something else, like charisma, humor, or… wait for it… POWER RAPE. As another commenter at Thompson’s put it,

Intelligence doesn’t need to be *inherently* attractive in order to make its possessors more attractive. Assuming ‘power’ is still “the ultimate aphrodisiac,” intelligence can be useful for getting it, showing it, faking it, and wresting it from unfavorable circumstances. Therefore, I don’t see this finding as necessarily dampening the hopes of shy intellectual men.

Precisely. A smart man has a leg up on a dumber man in one crucial respect in the sexual market: he has the brainpower to better understand women and therefore to sell himself to women more effectively.

PS There’s a not-so-hidden trove of dystopian nightmare material peeking through this study, for those who want to amuse themselves with supporting evidence for the Heartistian theory that unconstrained, liberated female sexuality (in conjunction with restricted, regulated male sexuality) necessarily leads to dysgenic reproductive patterns.

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FEMINIST CUNT CULTURE: wow just wow i can’t even, ugh the patriarchy rears its ugly head again! having cis-sex with thin-privileged wymyn and then writing about it like it was a good thing! WRONG SIDE OF HERSTORY douchecanoes! will someone think of the children? i’m feeling so raped, rape everywhere, the world is raping me, rape-ity rape rape! SOMEONE SHUT THESE RAPISTS DOWN!

J&J: Yes, we have consensual sex with charming, fun women, and have written about it.

FEMINIST CUNT CULTURE: UGH! will the raping never stop!!!! president obama, do something! i will never drink your triple foamed, double whipped, peppermint and fudge infused XXL cappafrappaccinolatte AGAIN!

J&J: Dear valued customers,

As you have heard by now, our coffee shop, Waking Life, is owned and operated by two INCREDIBLY charming and, dare we say it?, sexy men. Yes, our reputation with the ladies precedes us. But why take the media’s word for it? Come try our new release latte, Sex Panther #9, and enjoy a bean flavor that we feel really captures our commitment to the refined pleasures of flirting with the opposite sex.

Gentlemen, take it from us, you’ll be smooth talkers after a sip of our silky smooth java. Ladies, you just might find love in our coffeehouse. We certainly did!

God bless, and a 50% discount on all coffee and coffee accessories to any customer this week who comes to our humble bordello wearing Playboy bunny ears, (for the men, you may substitute ascots and velour dinner jackets).


CH here. This isn’t so hard, guys. You just have to say a happy FUCK YOU to SJWs, manlets, and feminist cunts and AGREE & AMPLIFY. But that would require a working pair. Maybe you should have called your coffee shop Sleeping Scrote?


When the howling feminist and manlet cunt mob comes after your livelihood for daring to express your natural male heterosexuality, the absolute worst response you can offer is apology. If you tell the mob to fuck off, there’s no guarantee that your business will be spared but at least you’ll still have your dignity, which is more than you’ll have after groveling and sniveling at the feet of the degenerate freak mafia.

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