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Reader Fernando P recounts a funny story about a game tactic he tried on a girl.

I think I read in here a response to the famous female question “so what do you do for a living” being “I’m a drug dealer”. I tried it.

I quit my job, finally made up my mind regarding what I want in life. Decided I’d come visit my brother in Ukraine. I’ve been here for three months.

I’ve been seeing two girls, 20-21, I’m 25. I’m coming back to my country in a week, so I decided I’d do a little experiment.

In the middle of our deep conversations I told them I had something to tell them. That I had not been honest with them, etc. “What, Fernando, what?”.

“I’m a drug trafficker”

Given my nationality, looks and thanks to my brother’s apartment and car, they bought it. They were in shock. When things calmed down and after my surveying, one of them told me “you’re crazy, but perhaps I’m crazy too, I want you” or the likes.

Female rationalization hamster spotted in the wild.

The other said nothing but when I told her she could leave, I wasn’t going after her, she said no, she stayed too.

Aloof Alpha Attitude spotted in the wild.

It’s crazy, really crazy what girls will do if they like a man. Fear the day when your daughter meets a real drug trafficker with tight game.

Sadly I have to go back, but I’ll come back and marry one of these porcelain skin beautiful daughters of bitches.

A major psychological obstacle that hinders beta males from achieving more success in the dating market is their quasi-religious conviction that girls must be wooed by the ostentatious burnishing of one’s career credentials or they will run to the next man with a better job history. The typical beta male can’t comprehend how a ZFG, cavalier confession that one is a drug trafficker could in any way light a fire in women’s loins, let alone not send them running for the exits.

This explains why it’s a more civilized culture in which fathers regulate their daughters’ dating options. (Cf., moving to a nice White suburb in order to influence the quality of her social peers.)

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Warren Beatty Game

Warren Beatty may be a flaming shitlib, but he’s got Game psy ops chops (which usually develops in men, no matter their political leaning, who have gained a wealth of experience with women). Via Vernon:

Saw this in the New York Post’s review of Carly Simon’s book. It mentioned how Warren Beatty hit on her. I wonder if he was able to keep a straight face while doing it:


Beatty kept a list “he referred to as ‘the main loves of his life.’

“It worked and it shouldn’t have. It was irresistible,” she says of Beatty’s process.

“Warren’s list was there on a piece of white paper in his pocket so he could take it out and show you. When he showed me, he added my name, to make me current (the main one at the top) so I could see that I was right up there above women like Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Maria Tallchief and Lillian Hellman.”

Beatty’s charming ruse demonstrates two Game principles in action:

  • Qualification

Qualifying women flips the courtship script. Instead of the man trying hard to impress the women, he speaks and acts in ways that imply the woman needs to step up her game and impress him. He qualifies his soon-to-be conquests. If you don’t have Beatty’s preselected fame, you could tune his “main loves of life” list to better serve your intent to DHV by, for example, putting your date’s name four or five slots down in the list, and telling her that if she works at it she might move up a position.

  • Challenge

Women love to be challenged by men to prove their romantic worth. One reason women love a challenge is because so few men are up to the task, and the one who does reach for the lass ring instantly elevates his mate value stature. Another reason is because a man who challenges a woman intimates, through the tacit status display that he doesn’t fear pushing any one woman too far and alienating her, that he has an abundance of sexual market options mentality, and chicks dig a man who is dug by lots of other chicks.

Consider this post a Mission: Possible. Scratch out a cutesy “main loves of my life” list and whip it out when the moment is right. Ask the girl where she thinks she belongs on your list. Place her two slots lower than the ranking she chose. Tell her with a little effort, she’ll get there someday. Prepare to get swept up in a tingle torrent.

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Reader Wrong Side of History has a good question about girls who try to guilt you to do things for them that they claim their beta male orbiters do for them without being asked.

What’s the best response to a bitch trying to guilt-trip you into doing something by telling you how readily one of her beta orbiters would do it?

There are plenty of ways to effectively address this Voight-Kampff alpha male character test, which all more or less involve over-the-top sarcastic agreement, dismissive ZFG, or sly innuendo that her beta orbiter is her lover. Here are some replies offered by readers:

“sounds like you’ve already got an errand boy. you don’t need another one.” (this one was from yours truly)


“A&A that shit… tell her she should def fuck him as a thank you…”

“Sounds like a keeper. You oughta marry him.”

“He sounds like a really nice guy.” (the shiv is strong in this one)

“Rape.” Cold stare. Walk away. (one guess who wrote this)

“I always knew there was something between you two!” (also from yours truly)

“sorry, I’ll be busy shampooing my cat.” (ditto yours truly, and I really like this one because it humorously co-opts the ludicrous excuses of girls who aren’t even trying to sound plausibly unavailable)

“Give her the double middle fingers, kick her in the gut, and deliver a Stone Cold Stunner, BY GAWD, KING, A STUNNER!”

“Hey, can he pick up my laundry?”

But reader plumpjack has the best big picture perspective on the “will you be my beta bux chump” venus vaj trap:

if girl has the courage to guilt trip you about you not being her errand boy then it’s a dead giveaway that you’re not being dominant/assertive enough with her.

the best defense is a good offense. Put the bitch TO WORK. She’s practically begging you to boss her around.

be relentless. every time you talk to her is an opportunity to see if you can get her to do something for you.

it can be small and harmless: “hey can I get your opinion on this… [insert plausible prop here]

it can be ballsy: ” hey would you mind dropping me off at the airport at 5am. thanks”

or it can be completely zfg: “hey I haven’t been laid in awhile would mind if fucked you?”

be creative, zfg, and relentless.

guys get their panties all up in a bunch because a girl beta-baits. fuckin beta-bait HER, dude!

girl who’s beta-baiting you like this is INTERESTED. flip the script and see what you can get HER to do for YOU

Compliance hoops are a critical, and criminally under-explored, facet of seduction. Getting girls to do stuff for you TURNS THEM ON. How? Because when a girl invests in you, her wee hindbrain hamster whispers in her fluttering labial cochlea, “This man must be a catch, otherwise why would you go out of your way for him?” And from that moment of inner revelation forward, your journey with her to the bedroom is lubed with the slickest runaway romance rationalizations.

So FLIP THE COMPLIANCE SCRIPT on self-entitled girls. Every fiber of your beta being will protest this microaggressive intrusion into the female safe space (read: asexual friendzone), but know that this is exactly what girls desire. A self-entitled girl is just a girl who hasn’t yet found a man willing to ignore her entitlement and substitute it with his own sexy sense of entitlement.


The great American Benjamin Franklin confirmed the efficacy of Game (via Corey),

“This man must be a catch, otherwise why would you go out of your way for him?”

This is called, “The Benjamin Franklin Effect”. Franklin knew a thing or two about game.

People who hate the idea of Game and refuse to learn and accept its lessons are people who disagree, stupidly, with great men like Benjamin Franklin.

It’s nice to have a guy like Ben on one’s side.

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Instagram Game (Instagame)

Text Game has been explored in-depth at CH, but not until now has Instagram Game received its due props. Check out this guy’s tight Instagame. (h/t Just Some Guy)

Had to post a picture with my baby, really mad Kaitlyn photo-bombed this. #fresh #stang #hoco

A photo posted by Cole McNamee (@colepm) on

And the coup de gash:

Technically, this isn’t pickup game per se because he’s obviously taking the piss with his girlfriend in these photos. However, it wouldn’t take much tweaking to turn Instagram into a pickup medium for single men.

The obvious benefit that comes to mind is social proof. You can Instagram yourself with girls who aren’t your girlfriend. Female preselection is kryptonite to blasé girls with fully operational bitch shields, and seeing you Game a girl buddy will intrigue plenty of third party observers, even if they know the girl with you is just a friend.

You can chat on Instagram, but not private message, so your chat game had better be good enough to pass the Jumbotron test. If you manage to acquire a lot of followers, girls will naturally be attracted to your Instafame.

Don’t ever “like” a girl’s pic (and don’t follow her before she follows you). Don’t be a thirsty chode. That means no “I’d stick a thousand needles into my scrote and walk across a mile of hot coals for a taste of your moist taint” anti-Game. That has never worked on a non-fatty in the history of the universe.

Neg girls on their own pics, and use your pics and chat skills to demonstrate high social value. If you travel a lot, IG is the perfect vehicle to quickly DHV to adventure whores, either abroad or back at home. (You’ll have to ask for the girl’s location if it comes to a request to meet IRL.) Mark your pics with tags of the city you’re in so local girls searching on them can find you.

Instagram would go well with a Photographer Identity.

NB, face-to-face game is still leagues better than social media game, so don’t elevate the internet to anything more than an adjunct to real life seduction. Online game is meant to be a slow cook crock pot simmering in the background of your sex life. The best advantage of Instagram is that it’s hardly any work at all; a passive, rolling DHV and hook gimmick that draws girls into your world… for you to make dirty with!

Executive summary:

– Use Instagame to pick up artsy chicks and minor fame whores who love looking at photos all day and dreaming of faraway lands.
– Emphasize travel shots, female preselection shots (pawns and pivots are your friends), adventure/extreme recreation shots, and humor shots (if you have the comedy chops). Also, if you are a high-flying businessman, shots of you in a bespoke suit at fancy events are choice.
– Don’t follow. Be followed.
– Leverage IG’s platform to efficiently neg and tease a lot of girls’ photos. This is how you quickly trigger attraction in girls.
– Properly tag your photos to capture the widest female audience possible.
– Avoid puppy and kitten pics, unless you’re using them as props for a one act badboy play. Cuteness makes girls smile, but not tingle.
– Move to chat, and then to RL, sooner rather than later.
– Submit your Instagram field reports to CH for harsh, but unerring, judgment.

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Üntermenschlet Michael Cera once starred in a movie called Youth in Revolt. It wasn’t half-bad by the standards of his usual sackless oeuvre, but the best thing about the movie — a quasi-parody of indie flics disguised as a romcom — was its exploration of the Game concept of Identity Creation. In this way, the movie is actually a hidden gem of masculine awareness. Cera’s character is a hapless beta male with oneitis who creates an alter ego of himself as a suave, smooth-talking, slightly douchey badboy. The girl, naturally, falls for the new and improved Michael Shitlord.

Identity Creation is a big deal among the Game intelligentsia. That’s because it works. Crafting a recognizable, even mythological, persona and skillfully conveying it to women will provide a big passive boost to your charisma. All women — not just slutty bar skanks — love a dollop of drama and pretension, and are intrigued by men who embody sexy archetypes. Those men stand out from the mediocre masses of beta male boobs, and this is crucial in a saturated dating market that is nearing an effective sex ratio which is extremely favorable to prime nubility girls.

Women imagine that men possessing powerful identities live in a more exciting world than the plebes — a secret society, to borrow a PUA term — and as is the wont of women they desire badly what they think is being denied them. They want into that mysterious man’s world.

An identity is part of both inner and outer Game. A strong identity allows you to know yourself and thus act with purpose; your frame will be solid with this self-aware knowledge. As an outer game strategy, your identity — aka your core personality — is communicated via style, behavior, attitude, and body language. The better you can convey your identity, the more women will autonomically moisten in your presence.

The Cadfather of Game, Mystery von Mystery, was a two-bit magician who used that seedling of a self-definition to grow a much stronger and more seductive identity which he whimsically deployed in da clubs to the delight of boner fried hotties. Here’s Mystery on the importance of a well-honed method to conveying your identity,

I will attempt to resolve his misunderstanding between STYLE and METHOD as well as reveal some insights on how to specifically customize material to convey a unique identity (for both you and my friend Thundercat). Once you customize your material to fit your chosen “strong identity” will you no doubt make others who watch you work wrongfully assume it is your particular identity that gets you the girls and not the method that powers the conveying of it.

As those who have taken a Mystery Method seminar know, MM consists of three main areas:

PART 1. A format (or game plan) which has 3 stages, each with 3 phases.
PART 2. Mental tools to get you from phase to phase (isolation tactics, kiss tactics, extraction tactics, etc).
PART 3. Scripts and personality conveying material (content) to fill in each of the 9 phases.

While parts 1 and 2 (the MM format and it’s tactics) don’t change from person to person, part 3 (personality conveying material) does. We each possess a unique identity. You are not me. I am a magician. My wing Style is a writer. Tyler D. is a public speaker. Does this mean you have to be a magician, a writer, or a public speaker in order to attract women? Of course not! But what you DO need is what Style, Tyler D. and I share in common: we each possess a strong identity.


I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a set and have reached the point where your target says, “What do you do?” You either give her your honest but lame answer like, “I’m a student”, or “I’m a system’s administrator”, or worse, you try to circumvent the question entirely with “I’m an ass model.”

The problem is you don’t have an attractive identity, or if you do, it’s not a strong one. Some guys will experiment with “I’m a rockstar”, or “I’m a promoter”, or “I’m a public speaker”, but your target will either feel you are lying (in the same way we believe an “actress” is likely a “waitress”), or if they DO believe your evidence, they become intimidated when you get weighed down by the stereotype they have of you.

If instead of answering her question “What do you do” with “I’m [x]” you can ground your present identity to her reality and harness the opportunity to convey a much richer personality. Here’s how you do it.

Instead say:

1. “Well when I was little I wanted to be a [x].”
2. “When I was a teenager [x] happened.” Tell stories about how you got from 1 to 3.
3. “Now I’m [x]. Can you believe it?”


So this is what you must now do to improve your game:

1. Figure out who YOU are by looking at what you DO repeatedly – something you can say in a word or two. (ex: magician, writer, toy inventor, CEO, hacker, rock climber, rapper, public speaker, traveler)

2. Come up with several stories that convey how you got from being a normal kid to doing what you repeatedly do.

3. Practice telling these stories to others to make the stories enthusiastic and natural.

OK, you now know grounding — i.e., delivery style — and self-tailored stories are important to conveying your identity and triggering or amplifying female attraction.

There are two pathways to Identity Creation:

  1. Reframing your already existing identity as one that is sexier than an objective analysis would indicate.
  2. Choosing a fresh identity that is attractive to women and complements, rather than contradicts, the general contours of your personality and worldview.

Crafting a completely novel identity that is so unlike yourself no one would recognize you can be done, but it’s difficult, particularly at the beginning before you’ve built up the mental muscles that will internalize your new identity and enable you to express it congruently. The more practical goal is to work within the confines of your resting personality state, knowing that at the margins your personality is sufficiently flexible. And the intensity and zero sum nature of the sexual market means that a small change at the margins can mean a big change in the quantity and quality of your notches.

First, take heed that some identities are more equal than others. Proudly assuming the look and lifestyle of a basement porn consumer isn’t a golden ticket to gushing tingles. Most people instinctively know which identities are timelessly sexy to women, but as a reminder here’s a short list of some of the most commonly perceived sexy male archetypes:

  • adventurer
  • corporate titan
  • brooding artist
  • street tough
  • Machiavellist
  • world traveler
  • rock star
  • jock
  • ladies’ man
  • tormented writer
  • photographer
  • rugged outdoorsman
  • social linchpin (bartender/promoter/event planner)
  • cult leader
  • spy/shadowy figure with a murky past
  • ex-con
  • war vet (“i’ve seen things…”)
  • Jeb Bush….. HAHAHAHAHA

Unfortunately, there’s a new persona/identity taking the culture by storm.

  • SJW

No one will ever mistake the typical SJW for a sexy male (or female) archetype. So why does it now flourish? The answer is simple once you recognize that SJWism is a siren song for humanity’s dregs. The ugliest, fattest, weirdest, gooniest LSMV losers adopt the SJW identity to raise their own status and knock down the status of their betters. These degenerate freaks on their own would go to the grave incel, but with a Tumblrrea and a passion for poopytalk the Crouching Manlet Hidden Dildo sees in the SJW identity a chance — the slimmest possible (but still better than zero) — to get a drunken pity fuck from a bluehair fatty before his dick stops working from cheeto-clogged arteries.

This is how dysfunctional the American sexual market has become: the SJW identity is a legitimate recourse to escape lifelong involuntary celibacy.

Let’s pull one random sexy identity from the above list and I’ll run through the process of building upon and eventually conveying this identity to intrigued women:


You can completely fabricate a persona as a photographer, but it will be much easier to pull off if you actually have some experience at photography, or have some genuine interest in the subject.

Now, you’re not going to walk around with a honking DLSR everywhere you go. But you will deck out your bang pad with the accoutrements of the accomplished photographer. The sexier, the better. Keep a personal photo album on the coffee table. Have a few B&W photos of naked exes on the wall. Have a dedicated studio room, where you take your unsuspecting prey dates and slyly suggest they “have the right skin tone for indoor shots”.

When you go out, have stories ready for girls.

“Well when I was little I wanted to be a painter.”
“When I was a teenager I was introduced to the modeling world by a cousin who worked with models. I went on a day trip to see what it was like. I had a point and shoot with me and just started taking snapshots of girls getting ready for shows. They loved it, and I discovered I had a better eye than a painter’s hand.”
“Now I do photo shoots for aspiring actresses. It’s great to be able to have a passion and make money from it!”

Seal the deal by taking your dates to local venues where you have agreements with the managers to hang your photos on the venue walls. Nonchalantly at some point during the date gesture to a photo hanging on the wall and tell her that’s one of yours.

Fashion-wise, cop the stereotypical garb of artsy photographers. All black outfits, slim fitting pullovers, sneakers for that high-low style contrast, a lethally steady gaze.

Related: Persona contests are the new medium for status whoring. As the niches for status striving exploitation have filled up, Americans have moved from materialist status competition (McMansions) through lifestyle status competition (home brewing) and now to persona status competition (“black lives matter”). Charisma has long been a defining feature of all three Prime Identities, but it is predominant in the persona, so it’s not a coincidence that Game has risen in esteem with the rise of the cult of the persona.

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Commenter Aspiring Asshole stumbles onto a mellow-harshing truth:

So here I am, early 50’s, lifelong beta, chained to a bloated slob. Will probably take care of here to the end but would like to snag a bit of life before it’s too far gone. Discovered ‘game’ within this last year and have been soaking up as much as possible, mostly here at CH, damn this place is rich!

Most new people think my wife is my mother, creates much discomfort, and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

I’m in good shape, I lift, and I look pretty young. I can catch the attention, but where to go with it is where I’m lost. Just had another interaction at the grocery and couldn’t come up with a damn thing to say, so I’m asking for examples of how to play this latest incident out.

Mid 30’s 7 in shorts bouncing around with a 8-10 year old kid in the dept. store, catch her checking me once. I get my stuff and go to the nearby grocery. I see her in the grocery and end up behind her in line. No ring, banters around with the cashier about which kind of apple she bought and was it better than the one the kid bought. She then made a comment about the noisy conveyor and that something must be done. She had a playful manner about her and she looked back at me a couple times seeking some interaction I believe, and I couldn’t come up with anything.

Would be interested in hearing some ideas, maybe get my brain working in the right direction for next time.

A good measure of the manly life well-lived is whether your wife looks more like she could be your mother or your daughter. If you routinely date, and/or are married to, women who could age-wise pass for your daughter (or at least your younger sister), you’re doing something right. If people mistake your gf/wife for your mother, my friend your game is weak.

Regarding A.A.’s game-related question about a chatty cutie in a grocery store check-out line, so many pickup avenues were open that it’s hard to say any one would be better than another. Just off the top of my head, if I were there I would have made a comment about her apple choice, chiding her for her inferior apple variety, and suggesting some other expensive breed “if it’s not too hoity-toity” for her. Mild teasing, a bit o’ disqualification, and then a rebuke accusing her of “breaking the conveyor” for attention. Or maybe I would’ve told her she looks more like a banana gal, if I was feeling especially saucy.

But, really, any response would’ve beaten saying nothing. Even something lame. Too many men get wrapped up in their heads trying to think of witty replies to girls, and the result is a try-hard mess of confusion passing for banter, or tongue-tied silence. Wit is great to call upon in a pinch, but if you aren’t naturally witty the next best thing is saying whatever shit comes to mind. The important thing is not the words, but the attitude with which you speak them.

If you’re honestly stuck for ideas, just repeat what a girl says back to her, reworded slightly for a human effect. For instance, you’ve overheard a woman talking to the cashier about the type of apple she bought, and how it compares to her kid’s apple? Say, “You wondering if you bought the right apple?”, and stop there. Nine times out of ten she’ll reply in a manner that will open the conversation and supply you with “banter bait” that you can use to push more energy into the interaction. Men tend to underestimate how easy women will make it for them if the men give it the college try. Once a man has proven his boldness in action by breaking through the invisible wall of silence and self-doubt, women will happily cooperate to ensure that a fledgling flirtation is given a chance to breathe.

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Coffee Shop Game: Venti Vaguccino

¡Sentient! has been posting some really good field reports lately.

an interesting vignette from today… always fascinating how quickly attraction can develop…

In the local coffee place this morning, I usually run into half a dozen people I know here in the neighborhood, so I keep game on a low simmer. Long line today, backed up to one of the entrances. I get on line. a few minutes later a real cute 7 comes in, short super fit body, pale blue eyes, strawberry blonde short hair, pale white skin. Was wearing a really nice short dress and a scarf and heals. Love when women make an effort, she was stylish.

so she comes in, right behind me and looks at the line and her phone to check the time. I turn to her, square up and say “don’t worry it will be worth it” with full eye contact. She says “Oh yeah I know I have a client to meet though”. we are about 16 inches apart and I give her full laser eye treatment and slow down speech. I sensed she was in some psych profession, she just seemed really tightly wrapped but I don’t cold read her with this, I go with “You say you had a client, you look like a hairdresser” she is like no no I am a mental health counselor. So we banter a bit I say “well you look very stylish that’s why I thought maybe you worked in a salon”. She says she buys vintage clothes and we chat about that a bit, gives me a chance to graze her stomach and feel the fabric, “what’s this made out of”. Her eyes are getting bigger and I can see that start of the smile they do when they don’t realize it.

“what do you do?” she asks. I tell her to guess. Now I’m squared up to her, arms crossed across my chest, in workout out gear and a hat. She says “cop”. I laugh and ask if I’m intimidating her (emotional anchoring) she’s like “why?” and I say because cops are getting a lot of bad press lately. I can see her licking her lips more and swallowing, keeping direct eye contact with me. we chat about her job as a counselor and she checks the time again. Then another guy comes in, young dude with a man bun. They know each other so she says hello to him. Now instead of just abandoning the convo or turning away i engage the guy directly. Turns out he is a barrista but works nights so I’ve never seen him. I keep him engaged in conversation about the place at night, crowd etc. and this keeps the girl quiet just watching. a good way to neutralize the guy, not even amoging, just keeping him focused on me. This also keeps the attention off of her, so she is pent up.

The line moves we shuffle forward. She blurts out “The DSM just made a new entry today on caffeine”… so I engage her on this, now her attention is back to me. The guy, though right behind her, now vaporizes… he no longer exists. I ask her what it’s about and she says it’s an addiction entry. So I say why an entry for caffeine, addiction is a behavior seeking a response, it could be anything”. We are close again, lasering. She say “yeah like sex addiction” BINGO… there it is sexualized convo in the coffee line. LOL! Huge window.

We are lasering each other now, and the vibe is forming, focus closing on just the two of us. I say really really slowly “tell me… how would you… treat something like that… …. I mean… for me… I think like full immersion therapy or something would be required… you know… to get it out of your system…” while nodding my head and lasering her and she is smiling and nodding and saying “hmmm hmmm yeah”. I continue ” i mean… it would need… like… really really aggressive treatment… right? (nodding)” and she is really grinning now and nodding back. She says ”well it doesn’t always have to be sooooo aggressive”. I say, smirking, “sure, I mean it can be gentle too… start aggressive and then get gentle… mix it up” And she is like “yeaaaahhhh (nodding and grinning) right… gentle…”.

The line moves and we shuffle forward again. Now I am up to order. I turn away from her (roll off), order my coffee and do NOT turn back to her at all. Go way down the long empty counter 25 feet and take the last seat. Farthest from the door we came in. Did this as a compliance test, she was in a hurry so let’s see if she comes down there and waits by me for her order instead of right next to the counter. And she does… she comes down and sits by me and we continue some more banter, not much now, ask her if she could do anything for work what she would do, some comfort stuff. We get talking. She mentions crime increasing in the area as a result of “people” from the wrong side of the tracks coming over, and quickly says “I’m not a racist”. I get to go into “you are a realist” and we talk a bit about this. Interesting that SWPL psych girl feeling fear from the environment, second one I’ve come across recently… I think there is a change in the air… bodes well for TRUMP.

She tells me her name and I shake her hand, hold it too long and she asks my name… her coffee is up she gets it and comes back. We chat a bit more.

Now she is looking at her phone and the time has come to part, she has a client to see across town. she is waiting, waiting, waiting for me to ask her number… I smile at her “you better get going then. I’ll see you around” she says “take care” and heads out the door behind me then walks back the other direction outside to her car.

Some times game just bubbles up even when you aren’t trying to do anything…

This vagnette deserves a post-game analysis, as a teaching moment for the greenhorns.

– Sentient’s opener — “don’t worry it will be worth it” — isn’t the usual lame banter. He engages the girl with a conversational gambit that encourages a fuller response than just “hi”. It’s SITUATIONALLY AWARE. Those are the best kinds of openers.

“You say you had a client, you look like a hairdresser”. Brilliant concatenation of a cold read and a neg. Newbs, take note: The neg here works well because Sentient grounded it to something the girl actually said, rather than to some disembodied thought with no relation to anything the girl is saying. Repeating a girl’s words back to her in the context of your reply is a powerful verbal bonding tactic.

gives me a chance to graze her stomach and feel the fabric. Physical escalation is the scariest aspect of pickup for most men, but also its most necessary. Obliquely, you must leave a woman with the impression that you’re comfortable in close proximity to their bodies.

“what do you do?” she asks. I tell her to guess. A good rule of thumb is to avoid giving girls direct answers to their questions. Flirting is the art of evasion.

Now instead of just abandoning the convo or turning away i engage the guy directly. A lot of men make the mistake of trying to shut out male competition for the attention of a single girl, but that is the opposite of what you want to do. By including the man in your conversation, you take away the opportunity for him to appropriate the conversational lead, AND you can redirect the energy away from the girl, as Sentient noted, which makes her want to work harder to regain your sole attention.

She say “yeah like sex addiction” BINGO… there it is sexualized convo in the coffee line. LOL! Huge window. A girl’s indicator of interest doesn’t get much more indicative than this.

“I think like full immersion therapy or something would be required… you know… to get it out of your system…” For those unfamiliar, this is a verbal technique known as NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), which involves embedding ideas and thoughts in your listener’s mind through subliminal semantic ambiguity. It’s been discussed at CH a few times, but I don’t stress it because 1. its benefits are covered by other, more accessible, game techniques and 2. it’s really easy to fuck up. However, if done skillfully, it can nuke a girl’s hamster right out of its cosmic exercise wheel.

Go way down the long empty counter 25 feet and take the last seat. Farthest from the door we came in. Did this as a compliance test, she was in a hurry so let’s see if she comes down there and waits by me for her order instead of right next to the counter. Good move. The typical beta male starved for female interest would have lingered by the cashier as she pays for her order in hopes his dire proximity would coax super duper rays of love out of the girl.

Interesting that SWPL psych girl feeling fear from the environment, second one I’ve come across recently… I think there is a change in the air… bodes well for TRUMP. I’ve been noticing this change in attitude, too.

Some times game just bubbles up even when you aren’t trying to do anything…

No surprise. The essence of Game is the ZFG Alpha Attitude — no matter what happens, your toes are still tappin’.

Game Grade: A.

Sentient would’ve gotten an A+ but he pulled up at the last second when the goods were there for the taking. I’ll assume the reason for not closing the deal is that he’s in a committed relationship which he values.

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