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Anti-Feminist Game

There’s an esoteric school of Game I like to occasionally indulge which amounts to triggering leftist feminist chicas living in shitlibopolises. It’s a peacocking gimmick that gets A LOT of attention from femcunts, and most of it is surprisingly positive attention, as long as you hold your frame and concede nothing to any indignant woman questioning your style choice.

I have a small collection of shirts and accessories that ambiguously, and not so ambiguously, taunt feminist sensibilities. Unfortunately, I can’t describe in detail the nature of these items, for to do so would risk giving away identifying information. The aesthetic is uncommon enough that it’s possible a pic or description would clue in some past or present fling to my New Zealand post-apocalypse billionaire’s bunker location.

I’ll attempt a very general description. One accessory is of a male symbol not so symbolically penetrating a female symbol. One shirt has a graphic of an icon of female empowerment….intimately entwined with a common household appliance.

There are more, but you get the gist. Women will do double-takes all the time when I sport this triggerwear. The crucial step in the proto-seduction is that I sound amused and even a little indignant myself when a woman tries to give me shit. I might respond with a haughty “I don’t know where your head is, but this is a pro-feminist shirt.” I may say, “I’m a big fan of strong, empowered women….like Ann Coulter.” The obviousness of the ruse doesn’t matter; all that matters is that I cling to my ZFG frame like a gay mulatto to his anti-White spite. It’s a neat trick in the right venue, where girls are amped up and itching for that bean-buzzed intersex drama that they crave like electrolytes.

Remember, a woman’s indifference, not indignation, is the opposite of her love.

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This comment by Les Saunders, Protestant rings true. I’ve seen so many similar cases that there should be a term to describe men who look like womanizers on paper, but who are paper tigers in practice.

Being tall and handsome simply isn’t enough. Well, I suppose it will get you some play but it’s not the be-all end-all. I’m tall and handsome, but had weak game in my 20s. My physical attributes meant I didn’t starve and probably got me a number of 02:00am drunk hookups at da club that a short, homely fellow wouldn’t.

However – I’ll tell you about a good buddy of mine in university. 6’0″, better-looking and -built than me.  Had absolutely zero game. Think he got laid once in 4 years of school by some fat redhead in our dorm who I turned down.  Once, after graduating, a whole bunch of us  gathered in the countryside at a buddy’s parents farm for a weekend of games, drinking, and pig-roasting. A good, old-stock Canadian gathering. A female friend of a friend, a lovely natural blonde haired, slim lass, let it be known that she would bang the retiring buddy of mine. He completely buckled. I saw him freeze up, shift nervously, and stammer, “I can’t do it.”  A few lads and I tried to strong-arm him into going to her tent, but nothing doing. We speculated that he was gay, but I lived with the guy for over a year, and I honestly believe he simply has zero game and zero confidence. His mother was quite a stern and forbidding figure in his life. To this day, 12 years after graduation, he still lives at home, commutes into the city to work, and is thoroughly single.

The moral of the story? Being tall and handsome isn’t everything. Not even close. I’ve seen many shorter, less attractive men hook up with quite attractive women over the years. To be fair, I’ve seen many of the same type of men hook up with fat, homely women, and this is what you’d expect.

What do we all want? Hotter, younger, tighter. To get that you need to be, above all, interesting. That can mean being an asshole with a motorcycle, being a musician, or having game. Tall and handsome gives you some breathing room if you’re a little short in the charisma department, but not a hell of a lot. I’m a tall and handsome guy, but the best lays I’ve got over the years had far more to do with upping my charisma and zfg/keep ploughing attitude than walking into a place and having girls throw themselves at me based on looks alone.

By the way, Ukraine continues to be interesting. Girls here are sexy as hell and receptive to being approached – it’s normal here. I’m staying in a suburban area so they don’t get any foreigners here (100% Ukrainian here) and they practically cream their pants when I speak English.  Why is that? Because, as adduced above, being a White native English speaker is interesting, and interesting is what sets hearts and pussies alight. It just might be a poosy paradise here.

It’s been said before at this raw truth retreat, so I’m not saying anything new here, but a usefully attenuated guideline to male SMV and predicted success with women would run in this order, from highest to lowest:

Tall, handsome, sociable man with Game
Average looking, sociable man of average height with Game
Tall, handsome, introverted man with no Game
Average looking, introverted man with no Game
Extremely ugly and disfigured man with Game
Extremely ugly and disfigured man with no Game

Anyone who thinks there’s something controversial in the above hierarchy of male mate value has, in my opinion, never lived a day in his life.

Bottom line, no matter your looks and height, or lack thereof, having male charisma is always better than not having charisma in the sexual market zero sum plunderdome for romance, love, and a genetic stake in the future.

I have personally witnessed so many good-looking men get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by less handsome men with BIGGER BALLS and NIMBLER TONGUES that I came to write this blog partly to deliver to the world the truths that I saw unfold almost daily in the dating and mating trenches of our modern sexual market. And yet there are still some who prefer the safe space of pretty lies where black-pilling passivity and inaction are rationalized as moral imperatives…..how predictable.

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A mixed group enters a room. As they walk through the door, the lead man spins around on his heels anxiously, ostensibly to check that the rest of his friends aren’t far behind. He clumsily rights himself forward-facing after he’s quickly scanned and accounted for everyone, and then makes half-step stuttering retreats backwards until he’s aligned at the group’s side, rather than at their front.

This subconscious body language is a classic tell that the man displaying it is, in his soul, a subordinate beta male. The “spin-check-relief-merge into middle of pack” dance of discomfort reveals the beta male’s aversion to leading his group, even leading by accident of spontaneous entryway coordination. The beta male is constitutionally uncomfortable with leadership, real or symbolic. He hates the idea of being at the front, clearing the way for his team to follow behind him, taking responsibility for their destination. He hates it so much that a tiny, temporary, positional cue that would cast him as the de facto leader fills him with unease, and he looks for ways to fall back into pack obscurity.

No man respects this maneuver, and no woman is aroused by it. They can’t verbalize their disgust, but they’ll feel it in their bone zones. So the alpha male Game lesson for today is this: don’t spin-check when your group falls behind you. Embrace the leadership role, however fleeting, and use it to demonstrate to any lovely minxes who might be watching that you’re a ZFG man with a plan, no time to flim flam, and the rest of them can board your jerkboy tram or scram.

Every cutie adores a self-possessed man who doesn’t act like any second his squad might bolt on him. The alpha male never worries about that; instead, his squad worries their alpha male may bolt on them. And that makes all the difference.


tomjones comments,

A mixed group enters a room. As they walk through the door, the lead man looks behind him, picks the hottest chick, takes her the men’s bathroom, offers her a line of coke, she snorts it and he tears the pussy up.

The alpha male.

Visualization is next to penetration.

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If you have an objective flaw, then as a man the best attitude to cop is a wry, over-confident disregard of it. Chicks dig men who aren’t wracked with self-doubt.

Observe any men good with women and the one trait the supreme womanizers share is an indifference, natural or studied, to their own limitations, weaknesses, and blemishes. The pickup artist worth his beaver pelts never expresses self-doubt in public, certainly not in the company of sexy women, and even in private he nurtures a deep reluctance to the kind of wallowing in self-pity that so often marks out the typical beta male three levels deep into rationalizing his romantic exile.

Are you poor? Never let a woman see you sweat about it. The poor jerkboy doesn’t shine a spotlight on his economic distress; he may occasionally own it with a droll Agree&Amplify — “my chauffeur’s out front. his name’s Honda and he’s 16 years old” — but beyond that he gives no indication of shame.

Same goes for shortness, ugliness, older/younger age, etc. Don’t act like it bothers you. Don’t make excuses for your shortcoming (heh), don’t draw unnecessary attention to it, don’t wring your hands over it. If you fret, girls won’t get wet.

Women aren’t the best objective evaluators of a man’s worth. Women DO have very good radar for a man’s PERCEIVED worth, and perceptions can be altered. Women think highly of men who think highly of themselves first. An objectively HSMV man who’s riddled with self-doubt eventually wears down women and loses their admiration (and arousal). An objectively lower SMV man who ACTS like a HSMV man, and comports himself as if he fully trusts his inflated self-regard, will engorge women’s curiosity and wrest their admiration.

A man must first stroke himself before women will do it for him.

PS This is possibly big news: Sources have told FoxNews that British Intelligence surveilled Trump on behalf of the Gay Mulatto Administration. That’s a clever way for the Derp States of the US and UK to get around the legal prohibitions against spying on their own citizens….just collect the data on each others’ countrymen, (which is legal since it’s spying on foreigners), and then exchange the data sets.

The Surveillance State is one of the great evils of our age. It was carried into the Anglo West in the Trojan Horse of Diversity, proving that Diversity is our wiretapping. No multi-racial stew lowering social trust and harboring terrorists, no need for the Surveillance State.

PPS I don’t want this post to be misconstrued as a call to avoid improving oneself. The cocksure, overconfident player doesn’t tolerate his personal flaws, especially if those flaws are fixable. The man who wants it all hates the thought that he might leave pussy on the table because he allowed a scab on his SMV to ooze and fester. Sustaining that charismatic ZFG attitude that girls love is easier when there’s a foundation supporting its stylish facade. That foundation could be self-reinforcing — i.e., charm begets more charm — or it could be a conventional buttress (better job, more money, bigger muscles, enlarged social circle, swankier home, brighter teeth, shinier trophies).

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Office Game

We don’t write about Office Game as much as we could, given the sheer beta-hours spent by so many aspiring womanizers in office spaces, but the fact is that the business and culture environments have changed to make it a lot more difficult to flirt with (let alone pick up) girls at work, if you aren’t the boss. It’s still good policy to not shit where you eat/don’t dip your pen in the company ink. But there remain sufficiently deniable and fun ways to flirt with cutie coworkers that will sail under the radar of HR ballcutters.

Reader archerwfisher reminds us how to liven up the cubicle farm by porting over an idea he read at this blog:

Off topic, but toyed with a game tactic I read on here and loved the result. Remember reading about little kid game?

Cute white girl coworker at work, sits at the cube across the aisle from me. We’ve talked a little and she seemed flirty, or maybe she’s just a flirt. Towards the end of the day she started yawning loudly now and then.

What did I do? Shoot rubber bands at her after each yawn, of course. So mature, a 25 year old shooting rubber bands at a 22 year old. She absolutely loved it, like a cat chasing a ball. She’d yawn then turn around and look at me, grinning, waiting for me to shoot a rubberband at her.

Read the Chateau, apply it to your life… live better.

That’s good stuff. Chicks dig the slow tease and saucy taunt. Teasing displays a man’s ZFG attitude and preselected prowess; men who care too much what women think of them won’t tease women. They’d be too frightened to even entertain the thought.

But act now, because freedom-to-flirt supplies won’t last. We’re nearing the day (if we haven’t already passed it) when flirtatiously shooting rubber bands at a girl in the adjacent soylent pod will get a man fired or tossed in jail for perpetuating the patriarchy and creating a hostile work environment (btw, don’t trannies advocating all-access shitters create a hostile bathroom environment?). Like I’ve said, the goal of Pozmerica is to liberate female sexuality from all constraints while maximally restricting male sexuality. It used to be all a man on the prowl had to worry about was rejection; now he has to evade state authorities, too. Which, come to think of it, if he successfully evades, his SMV shoots through the roof.

The alpha male bosses love the new rules of engagement that basically criminalize office flirtation, because it cuts off at the knees any competition from savvy, upstart beta males making a run at the hot secretaries the bosses really hired as options on future sexual trysts. Reality-warping and beta-stomping feminism needed a powerful ally, and it found that ally in the 1%er alpha male ovaguards.

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It’s been too long since our last reader mailbag, so here we go. The emails have piled up to an unmanageable level, which means if you don’t see your question answered here, stay tuned for future reader mailbags.

Email #1 is from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. The Niceguy’s Lament:

Dear CH,

They say the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing there is one. My problem is this: I’m a gamma. I’m 23, unkissed, I’m often called a nice guy and been rejected numerous times as a result. I fall into the trap of the worship/hate dichotomy of women. I catch the gaze of a lot of girls at uni, though, so I’m not all that unattractive. I’ve slowly began to realize that it’s not the women that’s the problem but myself. I have no game and hardly have the confidence to make advancements. When I do talk to girls, it’s the same old nice-guy small talk. Since reading your blog, though, I’ve hit the gym five times a week and have gained a chin and some confidence—after all, I do have a sizable cock. My question is this: is there hope for me and how do I get game? I want change.


First, a sizable cock is an asset…but only after you’ve seduced a woman into bed. Unless you’re in the habit of plonking your peter on the table for awestruck girls to gaze at hungrily, you won’t have any chance to leverage that asset until all the hard work is already done.

To your main gripe, what you’re suffering and feeling is the Niceguy’s Lament. You get eyeplay, but it never goes anywhere. Girls keep telling you you’re “a great guy” and it feels like a punch to the gut, because you know by now it means “a great guy who’s not drinking this milkshake”. Small talk inevitably leads nowhere, so here’s what you’ve got to do. I’ll give you a very simple instruction to follow, and all I want is for you to gauge girls’ reactions for any changes from prior experience.

Instead of the usual small talk, say this:

“Hey, I love your glasses/dress/shoes! My mom wears those too.”

That’s it. This is called “small talk with a shiv twist”, aka a neg aka a backhanded compliment. Watch closely for girls’ reactions; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how indignant and yet, curious, they become toward you.

Do this wee babby step, and get back to us with a progress report. We’ll work on you from there.

PS Cut your gym time to three days per week. You’re either over-training, or not training hard enough in each session, given how you are able to recover so quickly for consecutive workouts.


Email #2: A female reader, leveledup, wants to know what to call a female shitlord.

Shivgirl names:

How about shivlet, shivstress, shivdolly, princess of the shiv, pinkpiller, or misschiv?

Thoughts? CH’s first stab at this problem was “shivlady”.


Email #3: Eggplantzzz tries to explain the rise of beta male thirst.

I was wondering if in the past, the “expectation” of marriage and faithfulness allowed most betas to be less desperate and made it easier for them to act like they have options. More precisely, since promiscuity wasn’t normalized and most womyn pretended to be chaste betas in a way “didn’t feel threatened” to perform, or weren’t so anxious about their status/performance.

Short answer: Yes. Options will exert their marital market leverage whether objectively available to the man or perceived as such by him. Beta male thirst is really an inverse function of real or perceived mate options; the more options, the less thirst. We are seeing record high levels of beta male thirst now because the sex market, for multiple reasons discussed at this blog, favors women; this skew doesn’t have to be large, only large enough to strongly affect the margins until there’s a huge ripple effect extending out over the entire playing field.

Beta males who feel as though marriage with an under-30, feminine, slender woman is a realistic expectation are of course less likely to litter women’s Faceborg feeds with “you go grrl!” motivationals and the tepid wayward seed of their fapped-out blue balls.

The good news is that there’s a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed in a female-biased sexual market, for any man who has Game. The more women are clumsily hit on by anti-Game thirsty beta males, the more eagerly they’ll lap up the sexy ministrations of the aloof alpha cad who acts as if the world of women is his harem.


Email #4 is from Padawan, who needs advice about how to open chicks on dating apps like Tinder.

Hail lord and saviour.

Now that’s an intro I can strut in behind.

I’m a new learner on the path to the truth and I’m having a good progression but my weak point is sending the opener texts at dating apps like okcupid/tinder etc. I’m successful at dating and bedding women I meet irl , however usually I am clueless about what to say in the first message to get the chicks interested on virtual platforms. I have far less trouble with keeping the conversation and directing the topic to sex and meeting up *when* my opener gets through but that’s the only real trouble I have, it usually doesn’t get through especially when it’s with empty profiles that I have to make shit up out of blue (which I assume is the real thing that differentiates real winner alphas from the semi-betas) [ed: it can’t hurt] so I’d be grateful if you wrote a guide on how to open up with good starters for your young learners. And thank you for all your helpful articles.

Check the CH archives for online Game; there’s too much info to recap here. I’ll keep it brief, instead, to get the ball rolling for you.

Tinder/OkCupid and the rest are FEMALE ATTENTION WHORE VEHICLES. That means,

  1. don’t feed their egos
  2. jolt them out of their expectations that a deluge of beta male thirst is their due

Abide those two rules and your online dating adventures will feel like a spring breeze blowing through labial leaves.

In practice, these two online dating rules mean:

  • be terse
  • don’t be long-winded
  • don’t be needy (end chats first)
  • assume familiarity
  • don’t get bogged down in emotional conversation
  • don’t fall into the girl’s frame (always be framing)
  • push-pull is your friend (push more than you would pull)
  • a neg or disqualification opener right out of the gate is perfectly acceptable
  • you may experiment with “going the full asshole” in the dating app milieu

Remember, the girl is chasing you; you’re not chasing the girl.

A classic PUA OkTinder opener is the following:

you’re everything I thought I never wanted in a girl

Delightfully ambiguous, something girls can’t resist. Downside: this may be played out by now. (Some of the hardcore online daters ie sluts might recognize it coming from other newbie womanizers.)

In a world of thirsty betas, the man who qualifies women right away will stand out. So try this, too:

are you cool?

Simple and direct, and however she answers, you can reply “I’ll be the judge of that.” Chicknip!

There’s the sneaky opener:

woops. i meant to swipe left

And the all-purpose birthday cat opener:


Finally, I will reveal a new tingle triggerer that is TNT, a combination of asshole + disqualification game + attention whore hamster nuking, so be careful when deploying it.


This last one is actually best used as an opener or early on, in response to nothing particularly nagger-ish  by the girl, because she’ll wonder what she’s done to earn this repudiation.

Girl: “? what i do?”

Underworld Emissary: “nothing, yet. I’m just getting it out there now and out of the way.”

PS Here’s a guy who claims to have a pickup routine that puts Tinder on “God mode”. Note the Game elements he uses: eliciting a girl’s values, intriguing a girl through storytelling, female preselection (“I’ll tell you mine that happened last night”), and a solid DQ (“it’s prob better than yours”).

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A beta, Adam, tries to be funny and sympathize with the bluehair feminists he likely sees as his only romantic outlet.

Adam recruits a sad, sleepy emoji to punctuate his male feminist cred.

One of those weirdo feminist girls, Alysse, rhetorically pats Adam on the head and sends him to bed with no promise of sex.

Artistic flourishes:

“Aw” = interjectional castration

“Feel empowered!” = “you can do it, little boy!”

“(Hint: it’s equal rights. ^_^)” = no matter how feminist-y the male feminist struggles to become, the grrlpower targets of his smarmy sympathy will feel indescribably repulsed by his utter lack of sexual magnetism and finish him off with a barely-concealed nastiness (usually involving some recapitulation of banal feminist talking points).

Anti-Game is the romance-killer. It’s worse than No-Game because it actively reduces a man’s chances to get the lay. A No-Game-having herb can stumble into a lay despite himself,  but the Anti-Game-having adams actually make their prospects worse whenever they put forth an effort.

Here’s what the above Anti-Game looks like when converted to Game:

Adam: “This is why the patriarchy gets so much done at night.”

Alysse: “um wow? what’s that supposed to mean?”

Adam: “that the patriarchy are secretly vampires.”

Alysse: *SPLOOGE*

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