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Framing and reframing are core Game concepts that every Chateau guest should by now understand and have internalized. The topic has been discussed frequently here at CH, and deserves that level of scrutiny because framing has broader applications beyond seducing women.

A frame is a system of interpretation that an individual or group uses to understand a certain event/situation.

Frame is important in pickup, because it communicates the PUA’s mindset as well as the underlying psychology behind his words and actions. For example, Swinggcat advocates a “prizing” frame, whereby the PUA always assumes the girl is interested in him as the prize. In this frame, a chick can say, “I really like the tie”. The PUA can respond, “Thank you, slow down a little bit. At least buy me a drink before you hit on me like that.” […]

“Framing”, [or frame control], in the context of media studies, sociology and psychology, refers to the social construction of a social phenomenon by mass media sources or specific political or social movements or organizations. It is an inevitable process of selective influence over the individual’s perception.

In pickup, as with mass media, there are always certain levels of interpretation of a specific event that can be reframed based on frame control, and your emotions and conviction in your beliefs.

Pay attention to that word conviction. It’s critical to knowing why cuckservatives are so cucked, and why they can’t ever seem to go on the offense against anti-White leftoids.

For now, a helpful (and amended) reminder of a relevant CH maxim:

Maxim #45: Any conversation with a woman/leftoid/Hivemind jackboot that is not explicitly framed by you to maximize your perceived status will lead to her/the leftoid/the Hivemind forming a negative perception of your value over time.

Which brings us to a comment left by reader Moses,

I’ve said it before and I’m gonna keep saying it:

White self-immolation is nothing more than a loss of frame on a massive scale.

When whites began elevating other groups’ interests of White interests it was a loss of frame on a societal level.

Other ethnic groups saw an opportunity to exploit White guilt and did so — and continue to do so — brilliantly.

Non-Whites have only the power that Whites give to them. It’s true that Whites deserve whatever they get. And they will get it good and hard.

Moses is right. A massive loss of frame will not just send you home alone a (self-)beaten incel; it will also send your civilization and your race to an incel defeat.

Relevant to this discussion, I was listening to a news show about the GOP nomination race and the guest cuckservative cucked his way into a perfectly cucky explanation for Uncle Ben Carson’s popularity among middle America Whites. He said, paraphrasing, “I’m not racist! Some of my best friends are black!”

Well, yeah, that’s pretty much what he said. More precisely, he said, “Republican support for Carson proves that they would love to vote for a black or hispanic or woman president.” Left unmentioned was the stool chafing he gave himself while watching his wife get banged out by her black lover.

This is what is meant by a massive loss of frame enabling White autogenocide. The cuck actually aids his enemy’s purposes when he loses frame and ADOPTS THE FRAME of his tormentors. He is essentially conceding that White Republicans are secret racists who are trying hard to overcome their terrible affliction and prove they are making progress toward the one true faith of antiracism, and voting for a shell entity black guy is how they impress their reeducation camp officers.

What if cucks — or even BadWhites in general — stopped losing frame? What would that world look like?

I can think of two powerful ways to reframe the anti-White leftoid narrative, and by so doing recapture the moral and practical high ground.

1. Attack the anti-White leftoid hypocrisy.

Cuck: “Republicans need to do more outreach to black/hispanic/tranny voters and prove they are not the party of exclusion.”

The Un-Cucked: “Blacks vote 90% for Dems. Hispanics vote 70% for Dems. Billionaires vote 80% Dem. The Democrats need to do more outreach to Whites and non-billionaires.”

2. Attack the anti-White leftoid premise.

Cuck: “Republicans have to show they aren’t going to be the party of White people.”

The Un-Cucked: “It’s good that there is a public voice for White interests. No one else but Whites will look out for Whites.”

That is how you establish the frame and Uncuck the Discourse. Nothing good gets accomplished until the cuck is cast off his royal corner stool.

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Any guesses what it might be?

Basement Gollum: “Muscles!”


Basement Gollum: “Looks!”


Basement Gollum: “Facial symmetry!”

Ah nope.


The game maestros are, yet again, correct in their worldview. ♂SCIENCE♂ clearly confirms the field observation that women are instantly and romantically curious about a man who is in the company of other women, especially if those women aren’t fat bluehair feminists.

[Female preselection] solves a more important adaptive problem for females than for males—getting information about a potential partner. Because men are often initially concerned with the attractiveness of a partner, they can look at a female and instantly discern a fair bit of mate-relevant information. That’s often less the case for women. […]

Back in the 1970s, a pair of researchers conducted an experiment to examine the importance of having a physically attractive partner. Participants evaluated men who were either the boyfriend of, or unassociated with, a female; and the female was either attractive, or unattractive. Of the four conditions, the men with an attractive girlfriend were evaluated the most favorably. The men with the unattractive girlfriend were evaluated the least favorably. This was taken as evidence of how the company you keep seems to be important. […]

Because physical attractiveness is an important cue for female mate-value, the perceived quality of a man’s female partner can be determined to a large extent by how physically attractive she is. Due to positive assortative mating, this can have a bearing on a man’s own mate-value. Some studies have demonstrated that mate copying effects are stronger when the female partner of a man is physically attractive than if she is less attractive or perceived as unattractive. In some research I personally conducted, a man’s mate-value was elevated simply by having physically attractive female friends. […]

Based on the research presented above, a man looking to romantically attract women might do well to surround himself with beautiful women. And if one (or all) of them behaves favorably toward him, all the better.

CH has discussed this topic many times, because it is important. You can fast track your seduction successes by rigging the game with a powerful attraction-building shortcut: the presence of an (attractive) woman to cue other women that you are a HSMV man.

But be careful. Being seen with an ugly fatty will actually hurt your attractiveness to other women more than being seen alone! The ideal set-up is one in which your female company is a young, cute girl who acts a little too vajcurious with you. (Btw, older men can greatly increase their close rate with younger women through the application of this principle.)

Of course, getting that first cute babe to join you on your nightly poon expeditions isn’t a small feat. But once you have her, successive cute babes become easier to score. It’s like the stock market; you’ve gotta find the money to invest, but once you’ve got a steady return on investment you can let the magic of compound interest work and live off your dividends.

In the future, I will have a post about game specifically designed for ugly men (bottom 20% in physical appearance), and preselection will play a big part in the ugly man’s ability to extend his dating market victories beyond a few one-off flukes.

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Mars and Venus“, by Antonio Canova.

Dat contrapposto. The old timers knew how an alpha male should stand (and how a woman should look when she’s ecstatically submitting to him).

Crucially, notice how Mars’ chest faces outward (while Venus’ entire body is devoted to him). His eyes pierce Venus’ soul with divine love, but his torso belies a longing in his heart for conquests and glory that are apart from her. See also: CH Poon Commandment III.


Compare and contrast with modern Western art:

It’s the elevation of ugliness all the way down.

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CH Poon Commandment VIII (first printed oct 2008):

VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell her you “feel bad” about what you did. You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.

Recently, in the Washington Beta, an article was published confirming that the CH game advice to never apologize is effective at winning people to your cause.

Donald Trump never apologizes for his controversial remarks. Here’s why he shouldn’t.


Research shows that a person who backs down in a dispute becomes less likable to observers, who may want to punish that individual.

Second, overconfidence, even to the point of breaking rules, causes people to view an individual more positively, as does social risk-taking. In particular, males who show social dominance are judged more attractively as potential mates. An individual who does not back down in the face of controversy shows confidence by not giving in to social pressure, and takes a risk by refusing to follow the conventional path. Some on the right openly suggest that part of Trump’s appeal lies in his refusal to apologize and his unwillingness to be “politically correct.”

“some on the right’. hey, throw a chateau proprietor a bone here!

Here is where my research comes in. […]

Respondents… read about the suggestion by then-Harvard President Larry Summers in 2005 that genetic factors help to explain the lack of high-performing female scientists and engineers at top universities. After reading the comments and hearing about the outcry, half the participants were told that Summers defended himself by saying he believed that “raising questions, discussing multiple factors that may explain a difficult problem, and seeking to understand how they interrelate is vitally important.” The rest learned that he had apologized and read a brief statement Summers made expressing regret for his comments and reflecting on the damage that they had caused. […]

The results for the Summers controversy were even more surprising. Of those who read about his apology, 64 percent said that he “definitely” or “probably” should have faced negative consequences for his statements about women. However, that number dropped to 56 percent when respondents were led to believe that Summers stood firm in his position. Moreover, the surprisingly negative effect of Summers’ apology was even larger among the groups that arguably should have appreciated the apology: women and liberals.

No one who is familiar with Le Chateau’s teachings should be surprised that women and liberals react the most positively to alpha male Realtalkers who don’t back down like sniveling plushphag manlets from their hurtful, triggering words.

CH has long been on record stating that liberals, women, and especially liberal women are secret submissives and CRAVE the guiding pimp hand of a strong, deliberate, unshakable, dominant alpha male to calm the storm of their feels whirlwinds. And now here’s ¡SCIENCE! to give its imprimatur — the same imprimatur that shitlibs adore more than life itself when it’s used to discredit biblical creationists — to one of the coldest, stoniest, Heartiste-iest ugly truths.

perchance, to *preen*.

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Hot Tub Gine Machine

There’s a game skill for every situation. Benson explains how he navigated what could have been an awkward scene by assuming his prerogative as a man and LEADING his woman to a comfortable and relieved submission to his authority (and bats away her loaded shit test while he’s at it).

tl;dr: I avoided an awkward situation and had sex in a hot tub last night.

Last night I’m walking to the hot tub with a girl I’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks. As we get to the gate, I see two couples in the water. “Cool,” I say to myself, “I’ll introduce her to my neighbors, maybe offer them a beer.”

But we walk in and notice two things about them: they’re very young, probably still in high school, and they’re fooling around. So much for socializing.

We’re already there and I’m a little drunk besides; so there’s no way I’m walking back to my apartment, though my girl is visibly uncomfortable. I grab her by the hand and lead her into the hot tub, and we carry on drinking and hanging out like they’re not there.

Conveniently, one of their moms comes by a few minutes later and breaks up their party. Once they’re out of earshot my girl says, “Don’t get STDs, kids.”

Me: “They’re little sluts.”

Her: “Hey, we had sex on the first date. What does that mean about me?”

Me: “That you were overwhelmed by my sexiness.”

Her: And that you’re a slut.”

Me: It’s true, I’m a total manwhore.”

Then we banged. Later, as we walked back to my apartment, my girl grabs my hand and says, “Thanks for not letting me make that awkward.”

Also, this blog cures depression and everything that sucks about life.

Nicely done. The critical juncture in this snapshot of a love match in motion was the moment Benson faced down, and passed, his woman’s innocent-but-not-really query about what he thought of her decision to put out on the first date. The typical beta would’ve assured her he never meant she was a slut, or that she was easy, and let the record show he only has a high opinion of her faire maiden’s virtue.

Benson wisely chose another course of action, the Way of the Game-Savvy Alpha, and sidestepped her beta bait trap by ASSUMING THE SALE.

“that you were overwhelmed by my sexiness”

The woman’s departed confession — “thanks for not letting me make that awkward” — is a surprisingly candid self-assessment that, translated through the super-sassy CH-decoder instrument of salacity, really means “thanks for being a dominant force calming the chaos of my emotionally charred female id-scape”.

Sentient adds:

The beta bait… A&A!!! Her reframe… A&A!!! The stronger frame wins!!!and seriously, think about how fraught with peril this kind of ‘feelings” conversations is for the non game aware… “no baby you are not a slut… You’re special…. blah blah blah” – death. and think about how much her “sluttery” was preying on her mind, ex post facto – and how your good feelz beat bad feelz. Good feelz for the win!

Betas love the idea of “feelings” conversations because betas are romantic idealists at heart and have no understanding of the true nature of women. Betas tend to project what they themselves want to hear from women — a steady stream of sappy feelings and vows of love for the beta — onto women as something they believe women wish to hear from men, and so it is that betas fool themselves into sounding precipitously similar to women when all the women want is for the beta to act more like a cocksure, self-entitled, sexily aloof, charming, ZFG alpha man.

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Invoke the Trump for the Hump!

How powerfully alpha is future President Donald Motherfucking Trump? You can can laid by channeling his mojo and slapping shitlib hos upside the vajflaps with the invocation of his name.

Eric Wilson writes,

So, I’m on a date a couple of nights ago. Had seen this girl quite a bit about 6 mos ago, she cut it off then asked if I wanted to grab a drink before she moves to France. She’s super liberal, so we are talking about exciting acts or shows or people we’d like to see or did see.

Me: There’s only one person that I would go crazy to see right now, but I can’t tell you, cause you’d just walk out the door.
Her: Now you have to tell me.
Me: Nope. Can’t do it.
Her: Ok, how about if I tell you one really embarrassing one from when I was a kid? I got super excited to see the Jonas Brothers.
Me: Fair enough, Donald Trump is mine.

She about fell on the floor and was so flustered, she didn’t know what to do. Although it was funny. She started out almost angry and by the end she was kind of rationalizing my choice in politicians to herself.

If a girl has become attracted to you, she will rationalize your penchant for keeping the bodies of craven manlets under the floorboards.

She had to teach school in the morning so I walk her to her car, give her a kiss.

Me: How does it feel?
Her: How does what feel?
Me: Kissing someone who’s a yuuuuge Donald Trump fan?
Her: *tingle explosion*

Later that night she texts me saying how great it was to see me etc. etc.

I call it Donald Trump game.

Make Vaginas Wet Again. Vote Donald Trump.

PS: Trump’s alphazoom knows no speed limit, stops for no one, and rolls on for the journey as much as for the destination. Here he is yet again demonstrating mastery over the game concept known as “Agree&Amplify”.

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The Game Quickie is a new series created with the flickering screen-addicted ADHD scatterbrain in mind. This is for those of you who don’t have the slow eye to make sweet sweet love to a longer game post.

When a girl — a stranger or a loose acquaintance or even a girlfriend — compliments you, the proper response is one infused with self-entitled expectation.

Corollary: the worst response is one which sounds like you think compliments from women are rare and therefore novel and exciting to your senses, or that any compliment from a girl deserves a compliment in kind from you.

So, let’s say a girl tells you that you have a good body (any compliment will do here). The wrong (read: beta) replies include:

An ebullient “Thanks!”

“Wow, you’re the first to tell me that!”

“Really? I’m flattered!”

“You’ve made my day.”

“And you have a good body, too.”

Feigned humbleness. “Aw, really, it’s nothing. I’ve been working out lately.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Women never say stuff like that to me. Thanks!” (yes, I’ve heard betas say this, and it is cringeworthy)


Instead, act like women flatter you all the time (and it has made you jaded). The right (read: alpha) responses:

A flatly-intoned “thanks”.

A smirk.


There should always be an air of expectation in your words and behavior in response to a woman treating you well, which she will perceive as your habituation to the romantic attentions of women through your life. A womb-weary ennui enshrouds the man who has “heard and seen it all before” from women, and this communicates a challenge that no woman who thinks highly of her offering will be able to resist taking on.

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