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It’s a perennial question among aspiring skirt-chasers:

Should the novice seducer cut his teeth on hot babes or ease into the womanizer’s ways on less intimidating plain janes? It’s the “stepping stone” theory versus the “immersion therapy” theory, and there are equal numbers of advocates for each model.

CH take: On paper, the Hot Babe Immersion Theory is more sound than the Plain Jane Stepping Stone Theory, but in practice I think it has some limitations which I will discuss below.

Reader themanofmystery2 gives the best argument in favor of Hot Babe Immersion,

CH, what do you think about this approach for newbies? I’m teaching my late-teens cousins this tactic.

Find the hottest women in every situation, and ONLY APPROACH THEM. they are likely to produce the most anxiety, but there is no substitute for logging the time and experience. Every minute spend chatting up a 10 makes you more skilled at chatting up a 10. The conversation itself should be the goal, just to log the hours. Get on the fucking bike and fall off a few times. Skip past the training wheels.


1. If you score, it’s a fucking home run and confidence builder
2. If you get rejected, there’s no shame in getting rejected by a 10. Happens to the best of us.
3. 9s and 10s, for various reasons espoused here and elsewhere in the manosphere, tend to have sweeter dispositions and are approached less than 6s, 7s, and 8s. This results in less Bitch Backturns.

The logic appears airtight. “If you want to get better at seducing hot babes, you’ve gotta talk to hot babes.”

And all three benefits themanofmystery2 describes are valid: successfully seducing a hot babe is a confidence boost on par with closing a multi-million dollar deal, the rejection won’t sting as much, and HB8s, 9s, and 10s are less antagonistic than 6s and 7s, the latter’s shitty attitudes effected in no small part by the greater number of low value men hitting on them (because they think they have a chance).

No argument there. HOWEVER… based on what I’ve sometimes seen happen in the field with my struggling friends who skip past the dross and head straight to the frothy top-cream, there are some drawbacks to following the Hot Babe Immersion Therapy protocol that aren’t immediately apparent to classroom analysis.

Some negative feedback loops in the Hot Bab Immersion Therapy model:

  • a very inexperience man will find it exceedingly difficult to maintain state control in the interactive presence of a very beautiful woman.

You can lead a beta to a beauty, but you can’t force the beta to talk to her without loading his pants. Shock and awe may be a lethal military strategy, but in the sexual market it’s usually the beta male standing there shocked and awed into stupefaction by a dazzling beauty. For a beta like this, it’s simply a better strategy to overcome tingle-killing social awkwardness with practice on girls who don’t fry his brain, and then move on to hotter women as his state control skill improves.

  • hitting on the hottest babes is sometimes used by goofy betas as a cheat code for avoiding putting real effort into the seduction.

There’s a temptation among some of the more extroverted betas to unseriously hit on hot babes, and then take their blue ball home and claim victory. If this beta had instead hit on a less outrageously alien prospect like a plain jane, it would be harder for him to rationalize potential rejection as a “waddaya expect?” ego assuaging ploy. Unlike the afterglow of a happy post-HB9 perp walk that he would enjoy, he won’t be able to walk away empty-handed from an HB6 without feeling a little bit like a failure. And that’s what will spur him to make the necessary changes.

  • there’s a risk that the beta confuses friendly but asexual politeness from a hot babe for seduction progress.

This paradox was noted above. The hot babe will often be a more pleasant prospect to talk to at first because she won’t have as many bitch shields deployed as will the lesser women who must bat away the entreaties of all sorts of loser men. The very UNAPPROACHABLE HOTNESS of the hot babe protects her from unwanted beta and omega male solicitations. This is great for padawan betas who want practice chit chatting with hot babes, but there’s an insidious undertow: that hot babe’s affability is also likely to be misconstrued by novice casanovas lacking the acumen to distinguish sexually intrigued IOIs from polite friendliness. The risk of this happening with plain janes is obviously lower, because any attention from these mediocre girls that falls short of massaging your crotch bulge isn’t likely to stimulate overeager appraisals of reciprocated romantic interest.

  • hot babes are often nice babes, and that’s not necessarily a good thing for the novice seducer.

A hot babe hasn’t cultivated an air of nastiness or defensiveness like her more attainable sisters, so she’ll have a harder time turning up the volume on turning down a no-game-having, insistent beta male. The hot babe’s false acceptance of the socially clumsy beta can lead him to commit all sorts of cringing faux pas as he begins to believe he really has a shot with her. When she does snap and lower the boom, it will hit him like a ton of bricks, because he wasn’t expecting it. In the meantime, he will have learned nothing and his seduction skill will not have made any improvement. In contrast, the beta male can expect more shit tests, teasing, aggressiveness, qualifying, and token resistance from plain janes. Surmounting these common female obstacles will do more to hone his pickup skill than polite head-nodding from super nice hot babes.

  • hot babes almost ALWAYS have men in their lives. Plain janes often don’t. The rookie rogerer has, all else equal, a better crack at unclaimed crack.

The goal is sex, and sometimes even love. You can practice on hot babes and watch their faces glow with curiosity, but if they are taken that’s just one extra hurdle (a tall one) that you’ll have to jump if a bedroom finishing move is more than just an abstraction in your head. Getting ACTUAL NOTCHES under your belt will go a long way to boosting your confidence major, and as long as you don’t dip below some female attractiveness threshold that matters to you, then a sweaty night with an HB7 will pay more psychological dividends than a sexless night chatting up an HB9 for an hour. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to stay at that middling level; it means only that it helps to get to SOME level if you want to advance to higher levels.


Despite everything I’ve just written about the benefits to remedial lotharios of practicing on plain janes, I say there is room on the practice pitch for spectacular, high risk shots on goal. My advice is to mix it up. Hit on the plain janes and the hot babes. The honest feedback from the former will rapidly improve your game, while the effort spent on the latter will slowly inure you to their intoxicating beauty. Until, one day, the exquisite beauties become your daily bread.

And, in the meantime, a bonus: when the plainer girls see you flirting with the hot babes, they’ll be a LOT more receptive to your company when you decide to give them a chance. There’s nothing better than a fully lubed seduction.

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Under the classic Game model of picking up girls, Trump has passed through all three stages of the Attraction phase of his seduction of the American voter.

– He has approached the people and opened them.
– He has created attraction and demonstrated his high(er) value to the people through a mix of effective game techniques (anchors, reframes, cocky/funny, body language, AMOGing, push-pull, and storytelling).
– He has forced the other candidates to qualify themselves to him and has refused to comply with the hoops thrown at him by the antagonistic media.

Trump’s Game has been masterful so far. The people are intrigued. Mass Vaginal Tingles (MVT) rocket through the electorate. But this is not enough. It’s one thing to arouse the people to curiosity; it’s quite another to take the people home and bang them silly.

Trump needs to move on now to the Comfort/Trust Phase of his seduction of the American voter. It’s time for him to:

– Build rapport with the people. The Game is played in rapport. This is where Trump must elicit the electorate’s values, mirror those values back to them, and capture and lead their imagination.
– Build an emotional connection with the people. Trump must tap into the deepest fears and hopes and desires of the people and have them believe he is the one who “gets them”.
– Get intimate with the people. At this stage, Trump is speaking past the media gatekeepers directly to the voters, and moving them into position for the final seduction and relinquishment.

The Comfort Phase of Trump’s seduction of the American voter means he has to start spelling out his policy proposals (values) and winning the voters over with promises of something deeper and more intimate than bombastic displays of his alpha sexiness. It shouldn’t be too hard, but it will require some more patience and temperance from him. He’ll have to spend time learning at least cursory details of policies (women) that may otherwise not interest him.

It’s time to “get real” with the people and kiss some babies (women). When he has earned their trust, he will be able to move this glorious love affair to his bedroom for the finishing move — the presidency.

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October 10, 2008, Chateau Heartiste:

VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell her you “feel bad” about what you did. You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.

September 11, 2015, Donald Trump:

“I think apologizing’s a great thing,” [Trump] said. “But you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I’m ever wrong.”


Chateau Heartiste, as usual, is way ahead of the curve. Donald Trump may or may not be a CH reader, but he’s putting CH principles into action, and it’s paying huge dividends.

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Despite the glib title, this is a serious post.

Men have problems approaching women for makelove and pieceinourtime. Ok, the men from the ice people races, mostly. This is a fact. There are theories why men find it so difficult to cold approach women and chat them up with the goal of bedroom hijinks, some of which might have predictive power. Finding the source of men’s approach anxiety would help motivated and aspiring womanizers figure out plans of attack to overcome the AA psychological hurdle.

(It is plausible that approach anxiety evolved from a reality of the distant EEA past when chatting up a strange woman in your tribe or a neighboring tribe could easily get you killed by her brother, father, lover, or the jealous cavebeta orbiter.)

Most pickup sites recommend immersion therapy: learn to love the crash and burn and the preemptive exit as you small talk your way through hundreds of women in a week’s time.

This is not a horrible strategy compared to the alternative for most men: staring at a cute girl from a distance and later masturbating to the cortically embedded visual of her enticing form. But it suffers from one major drawback. There’s no getting around the perception that you are the pursuer, and she the pursued. Not normally a big deal for more experienced men, but for beginners this heavily biased pre-pickup perception means they face an uphill battle getting girls invested in their spiel. Conversations will wind up being short and curt, and that’s no good for a newbie who needs the face and tongue time to improve his social mechanics.

There’s a better beginner exercise that won’t mentally tax your average frustrated neophyte as much as the immersion strategy does. Do you live in a city with a lot of street hawkers and open air social justice hucksters? You know, Greenpeace granolas, Planned Parenthood slutolas, Black Lives Matter shinolas, constantly soliciting passersby with supremely earnest requests for support and thrusting pamphlets or donation list clipboards at you?

These are the shitlib randos you should approach. They aren’t going anywhere, they won’t reject you, and they are pursuing YOU not the other way around. You should practice your conversational chops on these Merchants of Mewl, especially the cute girls.

It will be much easier to get feedback on your game from them because their instinct to insta-reject you for a clumsy blurt is neutralized by the preexisting social dynamic. Go ahead and neg that Occupy Wombchute girl, tease her, flirt with her. She’s been loitering on that sidewalk corner all day, desperate for a little attention and a little love for her cause. She’ll be more forgiving of your beta bumblings, but she won’t stop being a woman, which means you’ll still get honest feedback from her mannerisms, her smile, her eye gleam, and the direction of her body sway, all of which will betray her arousal, or lack thereof, under the tutelage of your incipiently alpha presence.

An addendum: I would bet 90% of the male readers who are interested in improving their charisma to attract and date cute girls won’t do a damn thing with the knowledge droppage that happens at CH. So, it is with a note of bittersweetness that CH continues to pump out posts like this one. Yet we soldier on. Why? Because 90% isn’t 100%. If someone saved a beta today, it will all be worth it.

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There is a card that women can play which is not readily available to men. That is the exhibitionism card, and women are capable of playing this hand with manipulative glee.

The Manipulative Exhibitionist (“the ME girl” for short) uses her body and her girlishness to get a rise out of men. She is usually a BPD attention whore with a strong streak of self-love, although every woman of sufficient youth and attractiveness will occasionally indulge in a spate of manipulative exhibitionism — how else will a girl get a man’s attention if she doesn’t advertise her goods at least a little bit? — for various purposes.

Those purposes include, but are not limited to:

Feeling attractive again to men after the end of a long relationship.
Capturing the interest of an aloof alpha male.
Tormenting beta males or the boyfriends of her girl friends.
Testing her sexual market value after a big weight loss/new hairdo/new clothes.
Passive-aggressive acting out stemming from psychological control freak issues.
Sending a message to her BFFs who are in happy relationships that she still has the power to steal their men.

As you can see, the ME girl’s manipulations can run the spectrum from clumsily benign (heavy-handed flirting with a man she likes) to sadistically malign (cockteaser/social circle saboteur). Most girls are on the less evil end of the ME spectrum, but there are a nontrivial minority of ME girls who are breathtakingly exploitative, and among them the majority are likely sociopaths or even psychopaths. (For proof of the obligate ME girl’s sociopathy, try calling out an ME girl on her antics and get ready for a shit river of obfuscating denial and blame-shifting.)

A girl who is simply showing a little skin or acting girlish in an effort to flirt with you is easily parried. A dab of push-pull will do ya.

GIRL: [showing leg, letting her skirt creep up and watching your reaction] Wow, take a picture it’ll last longer!
DEVIL’S MENTOR: I don’t want a picture of your knobby knees.

But that’s Game 101. What about the ME girls who take it to the next level? How would you handle a girl who, for instance, while tipping her chest to show you the deepest ravine of her cleavage says things like, “Be careful, your girlfriend’s watching”, right in front of your gf/date? Or the girl who jumps in your lap, grinds into you as your friends nervously laugh, and hops off blithely announcing, “uh oh, someone’s getting the wrong idea!” (She will say this even if no part of you got the wrong idea.) Or what about the girl who goes to the bathroom at house parties with the door open, talking to people outside during which you can hear her piss hit the water? Or the girl who, elevating her ME craft to levels of artistry unknown in the pre-modern world, gives you a Basic Instinct glimpse of her underskirt bare pussy, lingers in that position for a w(hole) note beat, then snaps her legs shut and accusatorially asks if you “enjoyed the show”.

The worst of the ME girls are power-tripping narcissists who love inciting sexual arousal in men, but especially in men with whom they have no reciprocal romantic interest. I.e., the classic cocktease, on roids. This is important, because the ME girl’s feeling of control and power over men would be harder to sustain in the presence of a man who likewise aroused her own curiosity.

The Power Tripper ME girl loves the reaction of sex-struck beta males driven to catatonic impotence, but she loves even more the consequent opportunity to put those betas in their places. This is why more than a few Power Trippers are past-peak women in their late 20s and early 30s; she is the woman in dire need of reassurance that she still has the slut stuff to play bumbling betas for marionettes.

Power Trippers will also try to provoke alpha males, but usually only alphas who are spoken for by another woman (typically the PT’s bestie girl friend). This is the darkest soul of PTME girls, the part of them that is nourished by triumphant demonstrations of their slutty allure over “off-limits” alpha men who are hamstrung by their relationships from retaliating in kind (aka pushing the PTME girl to a bedroom finale).

These are the girls you will need to learn how to handle, for your own mental peace as much as for the bang possibilities. If you let an ME girl run roughshod over you, she will be emboldened to worse behavior the next time you two are in the same room together. And, her female form of sadism is boundless, so there’s a real risk she’ll segue her power hungry exhibitionism into blowing up the relationships of her friends.

I’ve found that calling the ME girl’s bluff can backfire if you aren’t prepared to go toe to toe with her during the drawn-out aftermath. If an ME girl gets point-blank called out, she’ll respond with a greater range of theatrics than you thought she possessed. Expect her loudness and mannerisms to intensify, because she has a cultivated insensitivity to the fallout from making a scene in public. There is a danger too that she will act out like a dishonored maiden, signaling to any brave and stupid white knights in the immediate vicinity to rush to her defense.

The better response is to humorously clue her into the fact that you know what she’s up to, without going all the way to angrily indicting her for malfeasant immodesty.

“Jiggling your tits? That’s quaint, like something my grandma would’ve done back in her day. How many men does that work on?”

“Hey, what do you think this place is, a brothel?”

“You’re all class.”

“The burlesque club is down the street.”

“I was about to say ‘show me your tits’ but you beat me to it.”

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that.” (If she plays innocent and asks what you mean by that, summon the spirit of The Trumpening and say, “Your game is weak, you’re a weak game-having girl. Give me a real challenge.”)

If she ups the ante and says something like, “No way, you’re a creepy perv. Your head is in the wrong place”, keep teasing her for her bad acting at playing the innocent naif.

“Whatever, I’m not the one [going commando/leaving the bathroom door open/pretending like my boobs aren’t “””accidentally””” falling out of my shirt].”

Laugh her off, win over the crowd, and the ME girl is humbled. You might not see much of her again after your victory, because she prefers easy marks who won’t know what they’re up against, and untrammeled social pastures where her reputation hasn’t yet caught up to her.

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A reader alerted the CH audience to an excellent write-up by a seduction forum member, The Thin Man, titled “Woman’s 3 Fantasy Archetypes“. The archetypes the author describes specifically refer to “fantasy sexual scenarios”, but they sound similar to the femme fatale personality archetypes discussed here at the Chateau.

By understanding women’s archetypical sexual fantasies, and by identifying which fantasy animates a particular woman, a man can tailor his seduction sales pitch to better match a woman’s deepest desires.

Archetype 1) Pretty Pretty Princess- In the PPP scenario the woman’s desire is to be transformed by her sexual connection to a powerful man. The most common and foundational version of this sexual scenario is the Cinderella Fairy Tail. Cinderella is a scullery maid whose inner secret class and beauty are revealed through a super natural Fairy God Mother make over and a romantic evening with a good looking, rich and powerful man… Kissing and magic shoe shopping transform her into a princess.

The transformative archetype is why the part of Pretty Woman where Richard Gere buys the dresses for Julia Roberts, is so sexy to women… She is transformed from a prostitute, with a secret heart of gold, into an elegant socialite, who is so exquisitely sensitive that she cries at Italian operas! […]

The PPP is most attracted to highly self-developed men, because she literally wants to lose herself in your world. If she is whisked away on your horse, motorcycle, pirate ship, or limo… She must put herself in your hands, change her cloths hair and manners to match your world… This mean what happens next is up to you, she is rendered open and compliant. Because the Pretty Princes is aroused by the emotional rush of the giving over her self-transformation to a man, she is the most vulnerable of the three archetypes…The Princes does not risk her body, she risks her identity.

The PPP female fantasy archetype is held by women who most desire extreme sexual/personality polarity in their relatonships. They want to feel 100% woman with a man, and to achieve this they will execute a few feints in the opposite direction to test your fortitude to stay in the hunt and bend her to your will. Leading, giving directions, making demands, creating scenarios, emphasizing sex differences, and role playing are all effective seduction and romance techniques on the PPP girl.

The Amazonian Alpha and The Gold-digger are the two types of women most susceptible to cultivating PPP fantasies. These two female archetypes, each strong in their very non-feminist, but exceedingly feminine ways, are the women who crave a man stronger than them with whom they can finally feel 100% the woman they want to be.

Archetype 2 Over Come with Passion- The 3 sexist words in the English language to an OCP are… It Just Happened… Passion women have a lot to say and unlike the girly purr of a Pretty Princes, it tends to be pretty declarative, “We just could not help ourselves and tore each other’s cloths off… We were like animals…I could not help it… I never do anything like this…We were in public… Other people might have seen… We are practically strangers… Oh god this is so fucking HOT…”

Passion woman require the strongest masculine frame from you because their sexual scenario is about letting go of their inhibitions, they are aroused by transgression and risk. She is a little frightened by the intensity of her own desire and what she might do to satisfy it. She needs to trust you with that. This is why the OCP seduction is all about passing shit tests and trading barbed comments. Each time she tests your frame and it stands up, it increases the sexual tension. She needs a man that can handle her emotion/passion who is strong and trustworthy enough for her to be able to let go of her controlled social veneer and let her true animalistic passion out.

The OCP fantasy girl is likely an Eternal Ingenue. This type is charming, psychologically manipulative, often quite pretty, and occasionally slutty (while expertly concealing her sluttiness to less experienced men). The Thin Man is right about this girl: She is a master of the shit test and beta bait, and won’t relent qualifying you, which will usually trip up betas. The Eternal Ingenue is always seeking the “perfect romance”, and this is why she exhibits a predilection for fantasies involving passionate escalation that fills her with hope her search for the ideal lover could be over.

If you balk at grabbing girls and violently kissing them at unauthorized moments, then you will fail with the OCP ingenue.

Archetype 3 Submission Fantasy- Many woman have a variety of submissive fantasy scenarios, but whether they are imagining bondage, rape, coercion, discipline, being a pet animal, or spanked like a naughty school girl, all submissive fantasy has one thing in common. She is not in charge… And so does not have to be responsible for the sex act… I am not a dirty like that, he made me do it… I was tied up…and uh… I loved it.

Submission women have found a loop hole that removes their ASD. How can I be being slutty if I was handcuffed to the bed… For many woman their innate sexual resistance is at war with their desire. Their sub conscious fixes the problem with scenarios where their volition in the sex act is somehow compromised. This is the key to Submission woman… They are not fundamentally about the spankings or the handcuffs or the rough sex… although it is likely they will enjoy some or all of these things; Submission Women fundamentally crave being told what to do. The way to tease out submission fantasy is to tell her to do something and see how she reacts. I usualy start with, “ Sit here… and let me look at you,” said with a strong contained sexual state and a closed mouth smile.

Ah, the submission fantasy. All women have submission fantasies, to a lesser or greater degree, but some women craft their identity around them. The candidate archetype most likely to have submission fantasies is the Waif/Neurotic.

The Waif Neurotic is dangerous because she is emotionally manipulative through use of her vulnerability and commitment avoidance. A vulnerable, pretty girl playing hard to get is kryptonite to naive men. She is a master at the art of the push-pull, capable of driving men insane with her opacity and her mixed messages. For this reason, game tactics that “flip the script” work quite well on her.

The Waif-Neurotic often has submission fantasies because she craves what she hardly every experiences: a cocky, aloof man who won’t fall for her shit and who won’t beg her for signs of reciprocal romance. All she knows is that men dance to her tune, and she would kill for a challenge once in a while. In the act of submitting to a ZFG man she finds release from her romantic ennui, and for the first time in her life falls in love… with no psy ops strings attached.


Agent X adds,

An interesting follow-up would be the proclivities of these archetypes to cheating….and how to keep her faithful in a relationship.  Number 2, in particular, seems like a thrill junkie that is eventually going to end up in bed with the mailman unless that addiction to “ooooh..what am I even doing??” isn’t satisfied by some kind of risky/public sex life.

Number 1 would seem to be safe as long as Prince Even More Charming didn’t come along, but I suppose that’s basic hypergamy.  However, since her fantasy involves transformation and some kind of “story”, it would seem she’d be far less likely to slink into the bar broom closet with Chad on a business trip.

Number 3 seems to be the least naturally inclined to cheating.  A basic level of frame would seem to keep her happily in her place submitting to her man.

Overall, Number 2 seems to be the one least likely to remain faithful long term.  If your game involves relatively young divorcees or naughty housewives, it would seem your playbook is simplified a bit.  I-Don’t-Know-What-We’re-Doing Game.

Yes, #2 — the OCP (Overcome by Passion) woman — is the greatest infidelity risk.

Here’s a serviceable CH Maxim (that would be less salient for men with game):

Maxim #31: The faster a woman falls into bed, the faster she’ll fall into another bed.

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Wrong Name Game

There are essentially two ways available to a man to satisfy a woman’s strong compulsion — call it hypergamy — to relinquish her body and love to a higher status man who is more powerful, in any number of characteristics, than the men in his milieu against whom he competes for the attention of women.

  1. Raise the perception of his SMV. (SMV = sexual market value)
  2. Lower the woman’s perception of her own SMV.

Now, a man can raise how his SMV is perceived by women through objective and subjective means (both are effective, although a good argument can be made that the latter is more enticing as a seduction lure). He can, objectively, increase his mate value by, for example, becoming wealthy or fronting a band in a local club brimming with young cuties.

He can also increase his mate value by learning and acquiring the behavioral traits of an objectively HSMV man that signal to women he too is HSMV. This is the province of Game.

That’s the first option. The second option is the dark art of raising his own SMV by making a woman question her belief in her relative SMV. That is, it’s the art of instilling doubt in a woman about her presumption that she’s out of your league.

Which brings us to today’s topic: Wrong Name Game (WNG for short, daringly sharing an acronym with White Nationalist Game).

Wrong Name Game is a dark art, one of the darker arts of pickup, and also one of the more dangerous to execute with the required level of skillfulness. Failure at WNG will likely blow you out of the running completely.* So, proceed to read with caution.

Reader Observasaurus Rex gives us a perfect anecdote of Wrong Name Game in action,

Girl: Hey I’ve got to (Flaking because reasons).
You: Sure Stacy, catch you later.
Girl: My name’s not Stacy, it’s (whatever).
You: You’re the blonde girl in the sundress from (venue) right?
Girl: No I’m (blah blah blah).
You: k

WNG is used here as an anti-flake tactic, which is how it will be most often used. Obviously, the idea is to make it seem as if you’re juggling so many women you occasionally mix up names (HSMV), and that this particular girl whose name you mistook for some other girl’s name (“Stacy”) didn’t leave much of an impression with you.

So, WNG both raises your perceived SMV and lowers the girl’s self-perceived SMV. It’s a two-fer, and that’s why it is nuclear off the nimble tongue of a smooth operator.

Notice what Observasaurus did here that helped the believability of his WNG:

One, he didn’t make a big production out of addressing this girl by a wrong name. He simply passed it off as a credible oversight tail-ended with a friendly “catch you later”.

Two, when she corrected him, he didn’t immediately lunge into beta-ish apologia for his rudeness. He did the opposite, pressing for more information about her looks/style which forced her into qualifying herself to him.

Three, when the ride was over, he cut it off with a perfunctory “k”, leaving the girl to think that he wasn’t much bothered by having thought she was some other girl.

All these conversational feints — so subtle and brief in execution, which is typical when Game concepts are applied in the real world — came together into a synergistic pairing of his higher SMV to her (now) lowered SMV, and the result is a tiny tingle in her hindbrain telling her that maybe this man is worth getting to know.

*It is VERY easy to fuck up WNG. I don’t recommend inexperienced betas try this, until they have gotten some poon notches to build their inner confidence. There is a lot of opportunity for WNG to backfire, in which you would sound like you deliberately mistook her name, and which will then make you seem like you are head over heels for her. The artistry of WNG is paramount; it demands a near-superhuman affectation of casual, unflustered aloofness.

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