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I’ve seen it unfold over the years winding my way through the dating trenches, and the personal observations of other men, plus the occasional sociological study, provide mounting (heh) evidence for what I’ve noticed: that the configuration of the 2016 America sexual market has shifted to extreme female selectivity. It’s why women feel like they can be all the fat fugly tatted up slutted out femcunt they can be without negative repercussion.

(Women’s feelings about their sexual market options are, of course, often at odds with their sexual market realities, but that’s a topic for another post.)

The question naturally arises: how should a man position himself to best neutralize the putative advantage that would seem to accrue to energetically selective women?

The answer is clear to Chateau VIP guests, but will seem to normies like a paradox.

A man should act like he’s selective and women are competing for the pleasure of his company.

This is a truism regardless of the selectivity of women, but it’s even more relevant when women act like they can do no wrong and a TripleA rated Alpha will still land in their sexpot-LARPing laps.

In a culture of extreme female mate market selectivity, the best defense a man can have is Game, i.e., the art of flipping the script. When women are extremely selective, beta males (most men) tend to respond by sucking up to them. The man who acts like he’s selective will intrigue women, and the intensity of this female intrigue is directly proportional to female selectivity. The more demanding the woman, the more aroused she will be by the man who not only refuses to entertain her demands but makes his own demands upon her.

The man who carries himself like he’s God’s gift to women in an age when women believe the opposite dynamic is standard operating procedure will shine like a diamond amid the mass of mediocre males striving way too hard to capture women’s interest. This means, once you clear the debris from your defeatist, rationalizing beta ego, that a sexual market of extreme female selectivity (EFS) is in reality a POON PORNUCOPIA for men with Game.

Remember the old CH maxim: CONTRAST IS KING

Here’s what an alpha man living in an EFS environment sounds like when he understands women and has made his decision for the God of Biomechanics:


You laugh, but I guarantee Tom gets more pussy, and higher quality pussy, with this profile than your average beta male straining to showcase his career accomplishments, male feminist bona fides, and sky diving adventure over the Steppe of Pussboy Servility.

Amoral of the story: Female selectivity is just a green light for male selectivity.

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Via 28Sherman, a series of photos of Trump and Romney shaking hands, with their faces cropped out, and a challenge to the viewer to determine who is who by the attributes of the handshake.


I bet most CH readers will ace this Spot the Alpha test with barely a cortical strain. Pulling the hand of the other man into one’s torso is a classic alpha dominance move. (For you noodle-armed newbs, there’s a sneaky way to pull off this alpha handshake prestidigitation that doesn’t required ballsy muscular flexion; swivel the free-hand side of your torso into the person whose hand you’re shaking, which will give the visual impression that you’re pulling the person’s hand inwardly to your body.)

Verdict: Mittens is Trump’s bitch.

PS An LA Times story on the alt-right. Richard Spencer appears to have congealed as the official face of the alt-right. I have nothing against the man, so good luck to him. From what I’ve read (about himself and of his views), there isn’t much with which I’d disagree. I wouldn’t stress objectives like mandated racial segregation or mass deportations of nonWhite citizens, (that kind of stuff just serves red meat to an automatically antagonistic media), but his world view strikes me as mostly in line with a realist appraisal of the eventual fate of hyperethnic, multiracial societies.

The other criticism I’d level at him is the embrace of the ghey. Enough already with this fruitcup glorification as a perceived means of lending a revolutionary movement a sophisticate’s credibility to make it more palatable to a pozzed culture. I really don’t see NPI going anywhere if its brand is embroidered with the gay rainbow. The Trumpening is a clarion call to a resurgent masculinity, not to the poseur campulinity of roided up gays.

PPS An oldie-but-goodie: feminist women have masculinized digit ratios. Bonus LOLs: Swedish WOMEN have more masculine digit ratios than Swedish MEN. Sweden is so cucked it’s fucked….by swarthy invaders. Too bad. Say goodbye to the Swedish phenotype. It’s not long for this world.

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Twatterer City_DayGame passes along his version of Trump Game, suggesting that there is a rich new vein of text game to exploit by summoning the power of Trump.




Bestride the sexual market with the spectre of Trump at your side, and never go thirsty again.

A quick count of all the little alpha male cues of high mate value that are evident in this short text exchange:

  • ZFG (Trump opener right outta the gate)
  • Shit test nuke (He responded to her “gross” remark with a pitch perfect “pussygrab” voltage amplifier)
  • humor (‘shopped video clip)
  • Rapport break + assume the sale (“remind me are you a wine or cocktails kinda girl?”)
  • Leads the interaction to a meet (“I’ll explain why I’m glad Trump won over cocktails”)

This was a master class in Trump Game. Not all iterations of Trump Game will sound like this one, but they will all share the same themes: proud ZFG Trump support and provocation, shit test destruction, unshakeable frame, and bold leadership. The God Emperor would approve.

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After getting trolled hard to his face by a couple of young huwhite shitlords and smarting from it so badly he took to Twatter to express his indifference to it all, Silicon Valley actor Thomas Middleditch attempted the Agree & Amplify game maneuver to save face. It didn’t work.

If you say so, Tommy.

Agree & Amplify is a powerful Game rhetorical tactic, but it has a limit on its usefulness as a verbal reframing tool. Two hard ceilings on the wide-ranging applicability of A&A are

  1. its inability to neuter thermonuclear insults
  2. sloppy execution

Tommy Boy ran into both of these limits. “CUCK” is an insult so powerful, aimed straight at a manlet’s sexual worth, that even advanced level evasive sophistry won’t redirect its devastating payload to the sender. It’s like calling a man a loser, or a woman a fatty….it’s next to impossible to formulate an effective (read: crowd-pleasing) comeback from those shivs if the insult is based on readily apparent characteristics of the person getting insulted.

Second, execution matters. If there is a way to A&A a charge of cuckery, Tommy didn’t do it here. Coming back from “cuck” requires a much nimbler tongue than the butthurt try-hard reply, “I’m totally cuck. Proud of it.” If someone called you a fag, would it help your cause to retort, “I’m totally faggy. Proud of it. Wouldn’t want it any other way”?

The tightest Game means being ready for any exigency of the field, and since I’m feeling magnanimous I’ll offer Tommy a better reply to someone calling him a cuck (which will happen again for him soon, I’m sure). “Your wife didn’t think so. Neither did your mom.”

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Election Day Game

Granted, this post has a short shelf life, but I think it’s worth it nonetheless.

If you’re standing in line waiting to vote
and a fine looking lady slips into your groove
take a moment and clear your throat
then ask her if this is the line for the make-out booth.

now don’t just stand there bust a move!


Indian Race Troll has an Election Day gambit to acquire vag bit that could work if you don’t mind the unpromising hit to miss ratio.

In case you can’t see the tweet (some readers have complained of this):

I am doing restart texts today to SWPL shitlib bitches with one word…#MAGA. Let the triggerin’ begin

He posted a screenshot:


This is great. Yes, you’ll need a fairly extensive back catalog of conquests to properly execute, but you get the doubleplusjoy of opening sex possibilities on what could turn out to be the best day of America’s life AND stroking your tumescent shitlord ego with the short-circuiting shitlib triggerings. I’ll say this….any girl who does grab your MAGA ring is down to gaga on your cockas with a fury. That’s a lotta pent-up shitlib girl tension form dealing with sniveling beta bitches all day that you’ll be releasing.

#MAGA my friends. Make American Girls Aroused.

#GALA, too. Get America Laid Again!

(#666, because thecunt wouldn’t want to feel left out)

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Grope Solo

Reader average chump has a Game question that a lot of men can relate to at some point in their womanizer careers: how to introduce oneself to groups of women when out alone?

This is off topic but relevant to flirting with women. Tonight I plan on going out solo. Last night I went out solo and ran into the issue of girls hanging out in groups. I don’t have any experience approaching multiple women at the same time so naturally the issue makes my approach anxiety more intense. Usually I’ll just wait till a girls on her own, then I’ll bust a move, but this is not a common thing. My only practical choice is to learn how to approach multiple women on my own.

What is your game plan when approaching 2+ women? – Do you just say fuck it and dive in? – Is there even a difference?

I’ll have to find out tonight.


My first piece of advice is this: Don’t worry about it. That is, don’t feel like you have to make excuses for your solitary night out. Talk to the groups of girls with the same self-assurance you’d have if a couple of your male friends were tagging along. If you aren’t concerned about what women will think of you spending a night out on your own, then the women won’t be concerned either. Remember, it is the nature of woman to fall in line with a strong man’s self-perception. Woman follows, man leads.

Having said that, I understand it’s not so easy for inexperienced or introverted men to simply summon an endless fount of confidence when they’re lone wolfing and trying to meet girls. For these men, I suggest an innocuous verbal trick I use when I’m solo and I have to approach a group of girls (or any mixed set) which makes the introduction a lot easier. Say, “I’m waiting for my tardy friends and getting bored so I figured I say Hi to you guys in the meantime.”

If you get in with the group, they’ll eventually forget that you had friends planning to arrive so you don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse for why you’re still there alone. If one of the girls does ask later what happened to your friends who were supposed to show up, you can at that point either tell her you made that up as an excuse to meet her (she’ll be flattered) or you can say “knowing my buddies, they’re probably tied up to a hooker’s bed”. Which is a sort of jerkboy-by-association DHV.

One last relevant factor I should mention. Approaching groups of girls solo is never as daunting as it seems from a distance and from inside your head. The reality is much kinder to your prospects, because individual girls within a group have a tendency to self-detach when they catch the vibe that one of their own is interested in the man talking to her. Girls are generally very perceptive and clued into cues of romantic excitation emanating from other women, especially if those other women are friends. Following a fundamental Game strategy, you’d befriend the group, tease your target (“who brought their bratty little sister?”), and gradually refocus your lovingkindness on the girl you really like, at which point the other girls will get the hint and peel off to talk among themselves or flirt with that guy wearing the MAGA hat.

The one exception to the above in-field rule is the fatty cockblock, but you should already have a plan for dealing with her before you open the set. If you don’t recall your Game teachings, make nice with the potential cockblock first so that she doesn’t feel excluded when you eventually turn your attention to her hot friend. If you’re out solo, handling cockblocks can be a challenge, as you won’t have backup to throw themselves on the grenade. But that challenge difficulty level can also work in your favor. When the cute girl witnesses you expertly defuse her bitter cockblock friend without male friends to provide you air support, it boosts your “grace under pressure” alpha cred.

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Reader TLM shares a vivid memory of a cuckryan in his group of friends who cuckryaned them all out of easy lays.

There’s always a Ryan type in every male group of friends until the group shuns them out of coming around anymore. My buddy was banging this chick once in our apartment and his girlfriend showed up. She kept pounding (pun intended) on his door while he was stuck in their with the other chick with no where to go. So one of the guys in our group (we had all come back with girls except him) starts helping my buddy’s girlfriend try and pick the bedroom lock (Those cheap apartment locks can be picked with a bobby pin). Now my buddy is naked holding the door closed while this guy is white knighting the shit out of the situation. So the girlfriend storms off. The chick my buddy was screwing around with is wigged out and wants to leave. She takes her friends that the rest of us are screwing around with, with her. And there we all are at 2AM with a bunch of blue balls because the weak guy in our group couldn’t pull down any trim and had to ruin it for the rest of it. I believe my buddy and him went at it the next day.

This is the kind of guy Ryan is. His father should have drowned him in a river when he was an infant. What a fag.

I have similar stories. It goes to show that all it takes is one cuckryan white knight toolbag to screw it up for all the cool dudes.

“damn, I coulda had that chick but Herb fuckin’ cuckryaned me when he asked her if she was sober enough to give consent.”

“cuckryans man, they’re the worst. you gotta learn how to neutralize a cuckryan.”

“oh yeah? how?”

“if the cuckryan is part of your squad you gotta tool him in front of the girl. say to her, ‘this is my dorky friend Herb. go easy on him he has a knack for blowing up good times’.”


“if the cuckryan isn’t your friend, you befriend him and keep him happy for a little while, then when the timing’s right tell the girl that the cuckryan and her are a perfect match, they look like they’re really in love. she’ll deny so hard the cuckryan will have to walk away in shame.”

“damn man you should charge for this.”

The OC (original cuckryan), PAUL RYAN, white knights for thecunt and prepares to screw America out of an easy greatness close. It’s time to SHAME him out of public life.

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