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You know who had a decent grasp of Game and understood its essential truth? Shakespeare. Motherfuckin Shakespeare. His Sonnet 130 (h/t @martel2112):

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask’d, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.

Here’s an analysis of Sonnet 130. CH take: Sonnet 130 is basically one long anti-white knight/beta male pussy pedestal polisher neg. “Her eyes may not be pearls, especially the left one.”

There are innumerable examples of White European Game in Shakespeare’s works that resonate with today’s more scientific/field tested Game knowledge. Too many to list here. He should probably have his own ‘Great Men on Game’ category. The man knew women, and knew how they loved.

The poets always precede the professors. Unless they’re slam poets, who precede only Culture Death.

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The previous discussion about ego validation run rampant among Western women and how that changed reality affects the art of seduction generated some fantastically useful comments. Of particular note were the commenters who pointed out that a lot of novices get tripped up stressing the rapport and comfort aspects of pickup to the detriment of the edgier, jerkier realm of game. (And no surprise, either, as most beta males are terrorized by the thought of “acting up”.)

As usual, YaReally, replying to another commenter, provided insight coupled with foundational game principles to help clear up confusion.

““how tall are you?” they usually reply below 5’5″—to which I reply: “I can pick you up like a kitten” which always gets them curious about that imagery.”

This is good. But if you wanted to supercharge it, throw in disqualifiers to add that emotional rollercoaster ride:

“How tall are you?”
“So short. Are you a hobbit?”
“Lol how tall are you??”
“Way too tall for you.”
“Tell me”
“You’re going to need heels.”
“Lol I hate wearing heels”
“Short AND a bad dresser. If you turn out to be bad in bed on top of all that I’m deleting you.”
“Omg lolololz”

Basically while what you’re saying is GOOD, and better than what 90% of normal dudes would say because it IS playful and sexual…it could be charged with more rollercoaster/qualifying for more impact/attraction.

It’s not that you NEED it to get the lay…but it’s fun to play with and gives her an experience that she doesn’t normally get with guys.

A great benefit of game is its rarity of use. There’s nothing quite like standing out from the crowd of mediocrities to electrify women’s curiosity.

It’s very rare for her to have to chase or invest or defend herself or impress a guy. Most guys are dying to give the milk away for free as soon as possible.

Beta Male: “You’re really cute. I’d love to take you out and show you a good time. Oh, and I’ll never look at another girl again if you choo choo choose me.”

Alpha Male: “If you can talk about more than Scandal, you have a shot with me.”

Just something to play with. I use a ton of this shit in my game and it’s part of why I get an emotional impact that dwarfs looks.

Like a lot of the guys who cry that girls just care about looks are running fucking boring game (not even talking about normal chodes I’m talking even experienced dudes studying red pill Manosphere PUA game) that’s primarily based in seeking rapport and comfort ASAP and they don’t do push pull and emotional rollercoaster shit so they’re kind of interesting to the girl but they aren’t CAPTIVATING getting inside her fuckin brain and taking over her RAS. So ya she picks the good looking guy over them, but she’ll pass him up if you make a strong enough emotional impact on her. Pimps and wifebeaters aren’t all 6’4″ 6-packed rich jocks. Most of them are pieces of shit but they have more emotional impact on the girl and she’s more invested in them and keep coming back for another hit of emotions.

Emotional impact trumps looks. Or, to put it in CH-ian terms, male power and charm trump male looks. I suspect a lot of the “only looks matter to girls” crowd are the types of pickup slackers who, as Ya wrote, shy from cultivating that jerkboy essence in favor of leveling bedroom eyes at chicks and hoping that one of them is horny enough for that to be sufficient.

This is where the armchair warrior says “but yareally that’s just the low self esteem girls who are probably all heroin addicts that wouldn’t work on a high quality girl!!!” and demonstrates that they don’t go out.

All girls love emotional roller coaster rides, but in my experience I’ve found that the “nice girls” — the ones with low N counts and stable psychology — love the emotional push and pull the most. Why? Because they get to enjoy it the least often, surrounded as they are by niceguy betas who target nicegirls under the mistaken belief that those are the girls likeliest to swoon for their Ol’ Dependable beta male routine.

More Ya:

– self-amusement (you’re not bothering to let her defend herself you’re just moving on on your terms instead of letting her lead the direction of the conversation. A lower value guy lets her lead the convo cuz he wants her to have fun and talk about eat she wants to. A high value guy will do that with someone who’s EARNED it but some bar chick hasn’t earned shit just cause she threw on heels and a push-up bra which is crazy because every other guy lets her lead)

– neg theory (standard shit, it’s not that it necessarily knocks her off her pedestal (negative mindset that assumes you’re starting out lower value than her) it’s demonstrating that she doesn’t impress you by default which implies you’ve had girls at least as hot or hotter than her before because you aren’t dying of thirst like other guys she interacts with and the 10 guys messaging her on tinder and the 100 dudes Liking her selfie etc)

– abundance (how come you’re fucking around aren’t you scared of losing her why aren’t you trying to impress her like these other guys??)

– push/pull and cat string theory (dangling winning your interest just out of reach, letting her pass then failing her etc etc)

– that “he has the wrong impression of me I have to correct” him itch she needs to scratch but you stack it repeatedly so that she has 10 itches (lol) and eventually has to grab you. Imagine how it feels when someone mis-states your view on a subject or quotes you wrong in a way that makes you look bad or mid-represents your views. Instinctively you NEED to correct them. You’ll even do it politely and let then finish and then say “for the record what I ACTUALLY meant was–“. Now imagine before you can get that sentence out they’re already misrepresenting something ELSE about you. And again and again and again. Eventually you grab them and go NO SHUT UP FOR A SECOND LISTEN!!!!! and try to correct it all. It doesn’t matter who that person is and you kind of hate them a little…but you’re emotionally reacting to them. In that moment no one else exists they take over your full attention until it’s resolved.

– then when that above dynamic plays out and they’re fully qualifying themselves to you, you just interrupt and do like Julien where he’s like “you don’t have to try so hard to impress me, it’s fine I already LIKE you. Relax I LIKE you.” and she’s like “wait wut??” because it’s like she was struggling and then someone just dropped the prize in her lap because of some one thing she did and she’s confused and like oh good I mean wtf just happened??? But you’ve given her an emotional rollercoaster ride that the other guy who was talking to her and the guys on tinder etc have no idea how to make her feel

– remember ppl bond thru sharing emotional experiences. If we can’t talk but we survive on an island after a plane crash together we will be brothers for life when we get back to civilization. So it doesn’t matter that none of what you did made sense logically. You could make it as ridiculous as possible. “Oh you don’t like older men (loud) wow why do you hate old disabled people? (to the ppl beside you) This girl pushed an old disabled man down the stairs how fucked up is that.” All that matters is that she feels an emotional rollercoaster with you.

– investment. A prize you don’t have to work for isn’t worth much. The more you invest to get something the more you value it. The harder it is for her to get you to like her, the more value your attention must be worth. Chick logic. “If I’m investing so much effort to qualify myself to him so he views me right, then he must be high value because I wouldn’t qualify myself to a low value man”. When Julien gets into his “get on your knees and beg me for my number” stuff (and like his infield clip in that vid where he tells the girl she thinks he’s just like any other guy and makes her grab him and tell him she likes him and makes her say what she likes about him etc) he making them invest hardcore. Because they invest so much, they need closure. ie – if you beg a girl to take your number, she’s not going to give a shit when you txt. But if you make HER beg, and in juliens case basically debase herself for your approval and drive her thru enough qualifying and investing she will NEED to fuck you to justify all that investment…because if she invests all that and debases herself for you then DOESNT get the lay, I mean, then she was just dumb and embarrassed herself. But if she fucks you then it was all a brilliant plan on her part. At least that’s her logic lol

No one goes to a theater to watch 2 hours of happy people being happy. They go to feel a rollercoaster of emotions good and bad. It makes them feel alive.

Women fall hard for men who know how to take them high, and drop them fast, until their pretty little hearts are sitting on their sleeves.

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How do you game a girl who has received twenty solicitations for sex and fifty compliments on her beauty all before 11AM? This is the problem that men face in the electronic ego validation age, when Tinder and Facebook and sundry dating websites serve as mediums for the uninterrupted fluffing, however superficial, of the tumescent self-perceptions of every halfway bangable girl with an internet connection or a mobile data plan.

This is no minor obstacle to love and romance. The ego is the enemy of intimacy, and female egos that have been inflated to the bursting point are a neural (and neurotic) bunker between you and a girl’s heart. Evidence of this mass female ego inflation comes directly from men’s testimonials and indirectly from data showing trends in how couples meet.

Every inception source of romance is down over the past 70 years except for bars and online. What happens in bars and online that doesn’t happen in the normal course of events when couples meet through the more traditional routes? That’s right: Intense, relentless, and usually charmless come-ons by drunk and socially clumsy men, that pump girls full of themselves. We’ve entered the age of the narcissistically-charged woman who houses in the well-marbled fat of her skull ham a steroid-injected, Facebook-fed hamster spinning its distaff vessel’s place in the world as the center of existence.

The catalyst for this post was a question by reader Culum Struan, regarding a girl affecting a pose of boredom who wasn’t “biting” on his attempts to connect with her.

I never got through to her emotionally. Even my best stories barely got a mild emotional response – these are GOOD stories and I have a lot of practice. It was just flat. What do you do with these girls?

YaReally, responding, suggests putting the girl in the defensive crouch, qualifying herself to Culum.

Stack disqualifiers lol make fun of her basically. If she isn’t interested in your stories about yoursef then turn the tables and put the spotlight on her instead and put her on the defensive because she likes that more than she likes yapping about her own stories. Drop the stories and go for her emotional jugular and get her qualifying herself and thinking you’re a bit of an asshole but then a nice guy but then an asshole etc etc giving her an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Think of it like you’re entertaining a 5yo with a book but they’re not paying attention or don’t seem that into it. Instead of sticking with the book and it might be a great book that most kids love, calibrate to this kid and throw on an exciting movie instead. Or play a game with them. Engage them on a different level.

What Culum describes — girls who seem impregnable to emotional engagement — is a problem that grows in proportion to the amount of ego validation girls are rewarded with online. The more a girl has her ego stroked by a phalanx of online dating desperadoes, the less she’ll feel the urge or the need to devote her full attention to any individual man unlucky enough to take her on a real world date. What results is a growing brotherhood of men finding they share experiences dealing with selfish, classless American women of mediocre appearance who act like the stereotype of haughty swimsuit models. It’s gotten so bad that actual swimsuit models are proving to be more pleasing dates for men with the balls to ask them out.

Since social media ego validation isn’t leaving us anytime soon, a man must learn the skills that will help him master the polluted dating market moonscape. YaReally continues in this vein, linking to a Mystery seminar video and explaining the concept of “conversational stacking” as a technique designed specifically to deal with egotistic, ADHD, mortally validated girls.

Try stacking it to increase her obsession, 3:57 in this vid.

For anyone who’s checked out the Julien PIMP vids I’ve linked about devalidation stacking, this is the multiple threading concept juliens shit is based on. It’s basically this concept but combined with negs/devalidation. Strongest chick-crack I’ve ever seen, makes the girl obsessed with qualifying herself and correcting your impression of her. Planning to do a write up about it in depth sometime. It’s the first legit evolution of classic MM to adopt it to the social media over-validation/over-entitlement era that I’ve seen.

The value of devalidation in the age of ego validated chicks cannot be overstated. To penetrate a girl’s Tinder-spackled ego fortress, you must first show an active disinterest in her world, and one powerful method to accomplish that attitudinal cue is the veering, shallow, self-amusing, multi-threaded conversation style. As Culum says,

So if I understand right – stacking and changing conversational threads (MM style) is good because it shows lower investment on your part plus creates conversational tension the girl will want to resolve. Julien’s devalidation basically puts the girl into a “box” and that creates tension that the girl will want to resolve by climbing out of the box (hence why we make statements about her and not ask questions). But if you combine the two, you multiply the effect of both strategies – is that it?

Recall the formulation “statement-statement-question“. This is the foundation you want to begin your career in active seduction. (Active seduction simply means you, as a man, aim to have choice in the women you date, rather than drearily accept the fate of the majority of beta males who take what they can get, which is usually an overweight hausfrau.)

Ultimately, the best weapon against internet-abetted female ego validation is LOWER MALE INVESTMENT. If a man must deal with a woman’s hypergonadal ego, (and consequently her revved-up hypergamous impulse), his first order of business must be neutralizing the influence and unclogging the romance-blockage of her ego. This, in practice, means FLIPPING THE SEDUCTION SCRIPT as soon as possible, and creating the perception that you are the chased and she is the chaser. Tactics that work include:

– refraining from asking a girl too many questions,
– skipping around topics of conversation (less investment in any one topic signals that you aren’t much interested in her input, and aren’t seeking her approval),
disqualifying her as a romantic prospect, and
– treating her with amused mastery, as if she’s a precocious nuisance you could take or leave.

Once you have the girl hooked, you can switch gears and start to qualify her as a possible sex interest and drive for deeper rapport by asking her more open-ended leading questions with sexual undertones.

This isn’t your Greatest Generation’s dating market. Prairie farm ladies aren’t waiting at home for a battle-weary man to rescue them from spinsterhood. Women aren’t effusively grateful to men for giving them the opportunity to exit the singles market. The sexual market has, in sum, devolved from a K-selected one to an r-selected one, and all that goes with such a cataclysmic change. The era of High Male Investment and Low Male Sexiness courtship signaling — poems and flowers and punctuality and appeasing her parents and stressing your financial stability and lavishing her with promises of eternal devotion — is OVER. Or, at least, its effectiveness greatly attenuated. We are now in the era of Low Male Investment and High Male Sexiness, or altered perceptions thereof.

What economically self-sufficient and Pill-freed women want now is a man who can make them FEEL again, and that means, in essence, giving women back the opportunity to do what they used to do without prompting: Making an effort to please men.

A woman is lost, adrift on a murky ocean of her undifferentiated emotions, when she’s robbed of that special female duty to please men. Game — the art and science of learned charisma — can give back to women that which massive social changes and the sexual revolution have wrested from them. Game can save women’s souls.

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Consolation Game

When women vent, something they do with alacrity and disinhibition, men of all kinds are frequently and amusingly caught off-guard. It’s a wonder, given the natural urge of women to routinely weep for their lonely souls and their otherworldly problems, why so many men are inept in the art of consoling women.

I’ve seen alpha males tongue-tied off the shoulder of a crying HB. I’ve watched smooth players wither into puling beta males listening to a cute chick quake. All those moments to make her feel special, lost in time… like tingles pre-vow.

Consolation Game is a minor adjunct to the Game oeuvre, but it has outsized importance, mostly because so few men know how to properly execute it. It’s very simple.

SELF-PITYING PRINCESS: oh whoa is me, whoa is me yada yada mada yada yada fada welcome to camp grenada…


There ya go. That’s it. “I understand.” No more need be said. Let her smear her make-up all over you and when her aqueduct is about run dry you express your very succinct understanding.

Oh sure, if you want to be creative, you can refract your response through a female narcissism filter.

“It’s right for you to feel bad.”

I swear 99% of the time this strategy (as elementary as it is) will leave you in her higher esteem than before. Why? Because women don’t want answers to their problems; they want wagon circling sympathy feels. And they LOVE LOVE LOVE a man who will step aside and let them have their emotional cleansing once in a while.

Unfortunately, something so simple is lost on the great majority of men, who for some strange reason as a sex are incapable of handling the frailer sex with the unobtrusive, curt collusion that signals to women an experienced man’s navigational facility with their peculiar feminine landscape. Instead, what one often observes is the man frantically trying to “lift up” (hi SJWs!) his inconsolable girl, or worse, trying to solve her issue, only to receive as gratitude her scowl and labia-turtling exasperation.

Eager, excessively earnest gestures of sympathy are NOT SEXY to girls. Don’t be that approval-seeking beta male spinning his tricycle wheels to turn a girl’s frown upside-down. Be the alpha male oak tree (Poon Commandment XV) who, in his girl’s moments of frivolous crisis, shades her from the judgment of the world until she has spent herself and returns to the delight of stroking his mighty trunk.

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Dick Pic Game

Reader W.E.K. takes a page from a gilded CH tome to harness the muff misting magic of the dick emoji.


An interesting anecdotal aside to the 8======D—- guy.

I have worked as a doorman/bouncer in some highly popular bars/nightclubs in my area.

One time I was working the door sitting on a stool when out comes a quite attractive brunette from inside the bar. She sits on an adjacent stool for a few moments but I really wasn’t paying much attention as I was trying to text my then gf at the time and manage her fragile/needy emotional state because she had fallen quite hard for me and at this point was freaking out whenever I went to work and thus was surrounded by lots of young attractive women. Regardless of the fact that I met her at another bar I worked at.

Anyway back to the brunette on the stool. She sees that I’m texting and paying her no mind so she says to me
“Hey want to text me?”
I paused for a moment considering the idiocy of the question.
I was in a playful mood that needed respite from my insecure gf”s annoyingness so I hand her my phone to put her number in.

When I got my phone back I texted her this.

I think she texted back ” what’s that ?” To which I lol’d.

True to female form her next response was
“Wanna make out?”

I paused for a few moments considering the utter hilarity of the question. Then I stood up and glided over gently holding the back of her head and pulled her in for a quick make out.

Ever the professional I kept it short and made myself get back to focusing on the job.
A few hours later and she texts me with
“Come to my hotel”

I told her I wouldn’t be off for another few hours and I forgot about it due to logistics and the fact that my gf was at my place and would stay up waiting for me.
As i’m driving home she texts me again wanting me to come over but I just ignored because I was already nearly home.
Unfortunately for me my gf went through my phone and found an unknown number added while at work (fucking sneaky bitches). The texts were of course deleted. So then I have to make up a lot of shit and manipulate some emotions to keep things copacetic.
The gf ended up calling her though and a lot of shit talking ensued. I had to really hide how entertained I was.

Moral of the story:

It works.


And why does it work on lovely ladies? It keeps ’em guessing. It smacks of male sexual entitlement. It betrays a sexy indifference to female approval. It’s fun and flirty. It’s (literally) cocky. It’s unpredictable and immature.

In other words, it’s everything beta males aren’t.

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In a normally functioning social dynamic, less attractive women (and lower status men) behave more deferentially toward their betters than do hotter women (and higher status men) toward their lessers, because the beta of each sex seeks to gain social standing by ingratiating herself or himself to pack leaders, (and because threatening the social hierarchy carries great risk).

But sometimes the behavioral properties of the pecking order get scrambled, as often happens when intersex feedback loops are introduced, and we observe contingent social phenomena occur such as when less attractive girls act bitchy when they believe beta males are making advances on them.

Reader Colonel Spartak illustrates this well, with an anecdote that reveals much about the female ego and its response to different sexual market stimuli.

[Beta males] get bitter about women because the women they hit on are much more likely to be bitches. As you have said previously, the 8s and up are hit on less regularly than the 5-7s who the lower smv value males hit on. These 5-7s are often bitchy, partially because they are suffering from the cuntishness endemic to the western womyn and partially because they are bitter themselves.

Case in point. Last weekend a DJ friend of mine took me with him to a club which was filled with 16-19 year olds. We were there for an hour, so I took off to the dance floor to make some conversation with the resident poon. The first girls I talked to were a group of straight 6s who were standing watching the dancing, and I asked them if their parents knew they were out. The one girl replied to me ‘how old are you, 47?’ and not in a playful way, in full on viper mode (I’m a youthful 37), so I told her I was 72 and my old age home had given me a free coupon to the club. I left them and 10 mins later approached two solid 9s at the bar and said exactly the same thing. I struck up a conversation with one of them, who was really friendly and kept asking me how old I was. I wouldn’t tell her and eventually she guessed I was 28.

That’s not the first time I have experienced savage put downs by unattractive women both irl and on Tinder. Some lower smv women prop up their self esteem by being bitches to men who approach them because in some way it must allow them to feel like they are emulating the behaviour of women with higher smv and like they have choices (ultimately they don’t). Higher SMV women have less to prove to themselves and others.

That last paragraph gets to the heart of the matter. Quite often, LSMV girls will act bitchy toward men, even high value men, because this is their only chance to feel, for a very short moment in the sun, the thrill of being an in-demand hot babe with the consequence-free privilege of rejecting suitors left and right. The LSMV girl is, through the egoistic palliative of her phony bitchiness, playing the role of the beautiful girl with tons of options and the self-entitled, my-shit-don’t-stink attitude that goes with all those options.

Of course, the put-on is self-defeating. An LSMV girl bitching out an alpha man leaves him no worse for the wear, especially when higher quality poon is a few feet away and willing to treat him nicer. Beta males don’t lose much, either, for they have avoided entanglement with a cranky bitch who will never stop resenting any beta she settles with into aromantic despair. The real risk to beta males is the growing bitterness that will gradually erode their self-confidence and strip from them any latent natural charms they could develop, for few betas can endure without ill-effect a constant stream of bitchiness from sub-par girls with bruised egos.

The biggest losers are the middling girls who engage in this sort of temporary, impulsive ego gratification at the expense of beta males too nice and generous to know when they are being played for a cunt’s ego prop. These bitterbitches will spend their fleeting prime nubility years in loveless pump and dump scenarios, in the last alone and wondering where it all went wrong, or having to settle far lower down the male desirability scale than they would have if they had ditched the bitch act and got serious about cultivating that sweet, feminine woman inside before youth abandoned them.

Emulation of alpha behaviors really only works for men; ugly girls can emulate the behaviors of cute girls till the cows come home, but because their raw appearance is the alpha and the omega of their desirability to men (at least at the first few meets), such alpha female emulation by fugs will land with a thud at the retreating feet of men rightly casting them off as that most loathsome of creatures: the screwed-up bitch who’s outer ugliness amplifies her inner ugliness.

For men who want more choice in women, and value the crimson pill knowledge that will help them deal with the phony puffery of plain janes icing their player vibe, the first thing to know is never to take an NB4’s bitch facade personally. You aren’t the only man upon whom she’s unloaded her species’ peculiar psychological issues, and you won’t be the last. Water off a duck’s back.

Understanding will increase your confidence as well. Accepting women for what they are, you’ll come to appreciate those times when you’re the target of a homely woman’s nastitude as evidence that you’re far above her lay grade. It’s like a shit test; when you get one, you know the girl is grappling with a bean-budding arousal for you.

Second, know too that a bitchy mediocrity can be leveraged into romance with a pleasant hottie. If the bitchy NB is part of a larger group, calling her out with wit can intrigue the better girls in her company. “I’m sorry, you must have me mistaken for a man who broke your heart.”

Even a mediocre bitch can be turned, if for some strange reason you relished the challenge of notching a night of mediocre sex. Playfully evading her taunts, reframing, and finally gently chiding her for hiding her true feelings under the mask of a tough girl really crying out on the inside for someone who “gets her”, is a (painful, laborious, four-hour) formula for seducing the nasty NB5 of every man’s fantasy.


Mr GS passes along the story of the battle-toad.

I was out last summer and my friends and I were flirting with whatever female passed by. Anyways, a plump (-5454085/10) girl walks by and hears our hilarity ensue with the females we are joking around with; I’m still not sure, but I think she might have known these women we were speaking to? Anyways, to be friendly I jokingly flirt with her as well to keep things moving, and without a pause she says “You are the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen” to which I fire back “Well my mother would disagree with you;” the two girls we were initially joking around with laugh and kind of look at this plump-porker in a weird “are you serious?” way.

A warpig of this calibur is not going to get me down with her comment, but in this scenario, where two good-looking men (I’d say my friend and I fall into the 8-9 category looks wise), it seemed out of place. The warpig persisted, “No seriously, you guys are just fucking lame. You are just disgusting.” This battle-toad swung her axe and was trying to cut deep; “did a guy who looked like me molest you or something?” Miss Piggy’s donut-scanners widen and she stares at me in shock (I don’t care if I seduce these other females now, Miss Piggy ruined my fun). “Really???” the battle toad exhales in disgusted awe, “you shouldn’t joke about people getting molested!!” I smirk, “well I’m sorry you got molested.”

Anyways, I can continue my story, but the point is the last paragraph is spot on. I assume her two relatively good looking friends (if they even fucking knew her since they were distancing themselves from her) made her jealous that she was not a part of the fun, and she decided to reject before she could get rejected.

Preemptive rejection is a favorite tactic of the left-behinds. The battle-toad would rather swing her axe than suffer another second of invisibility.

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Be A Secks God

Remember Alana Massey? No? Ok, remember the CH evisceration of her? Ah, yes, that does ring a bell. She’s back, but in a different way, providing ugly truth fodder that’s fun for the whole family. Her Twat feed secretly tingles for a suitor who made such an impression on her that she couldn’t help but fondly recall him and announce her fond recollection to the whole world.

Massey writes,

my fave part of this tactic is always showing up in sunglasses and a shit-eating grin like some kind of a goddamn genius.

He got your attention, Alana. And that’s more than can be said for the loser betas “lifting you up” (in SJW-speak) on Tinder.

Boring men who play by the rules are never remembered by women. “Hey, secks?” game may not be eligible for inclusion in the pantheon of great seduction techniques, but it beats “Hi, beautiful, how was your day? ;)” anti-game. (In Alana’s case, this come-on would be a lie in at least one detail.)

Don’t aspire to be an SJW-approved lapdog shell entity. Aspire to be a Hey, Secks man, a Skittles man, a Bring the Movies man, a Birthday Cat man, or a 8===D man. In every generation, women get the men they put out for.


A commenter thinks Massey is the one texting the “Hey, secks?” line. If so, it doesn’t speak well of her SMV. I mean, if you have to request a booty call intervention from a man, you probably don’t have much to offer beyond a few minutes of your discount bin jizz receptacle.

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