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Is refugee pimping by Western leaders and shitlibs a nation-wide scale-up of the PUA tactic peacocking (aka the handicap principle)?

Peacocking signals to potential mates you are so HSMV you can handle the burden of unneeded impediments. Refugees are unneeded impediments…for Trump-supporting flyovers, because that’s where the Gay Mulatto and the various international adoption Christcuck agencies have been relocating the refugees.

“Refugees Welcome” shitlibs (and their limpwristed leaders) get the reward of peacocking in the vestments of refugee virtue signaling without taking on any of the risk of actually living side by side with hordes of transplanted refugees that they can’t escape from into super zips and electronically gated apartment buildings.

Signaling one’s commitment to welcome refugees, particularly brown non-Christian refugees, is a demonstration of sexual market value by shitlibs who don’t have alternate, more traditional means of advertising their sexual and resource fitness, (through means, for instance, that include physical strength, emotional stability, masculinity, femininity, or yes, even looks).

PS The latest research has discovered that conservatives are, on average, better looking than are liberals.

PPS Yet another Chateau maxim based on real life observation is affirmed by the labcoats: Shitlibbery is the ideology of the ugly, infirm, freakish, and degenerate, whose motivation is driven primarily by a desire to upend normal society and replace it with a dystopian system that is more accommodating of their physical and psychological afflictions.

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Trump Negs Justine Truvada

Recall the definition of the Game technique known as the neg — a backhanded compliment which has the purpose of jarring a high mate value girl’s self-esteem — as you read this Tweet by President Trump to Justine Truvada, Canada’s Prime Menstruator.

That was a subtle neg slipped like a rhetorical shiv right between Truvada’s ovaries.

I could get used to Trumperica.

Trump is a manspreader. Truvada is, well, skeered of his raisinettes. Truvada clasps his hands very close to his vagina, a clear defensive tic….the man is an emasculated product of the gynecracy to our north known as Tumblr: the Country. I’d rather have Russia as an ally and Canada as an enemy. At least Russian leaders don’t make me throw up with disgust.

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The Beta Orbiter Destroyer

The Boyfriend Destroyer is a staple of the dark arts of seduction. A darker shade of crimson, if you will. The tactic is thoroughly explained here and contextualized within a bigger picture — outcompeting other alpha males for pussy — in this CH post.

For a brief overview of the Boyfriend Destroyer, see here.

The Boyfriend Destroyer is, like most Game tactics, essentially an exercise in full range REFRAMING. If you are unfamiliar with the Game concepts of framing and reframing, please consult the past 18 months of President Trump’s rise to power for real life examples of its use.

4) You must REFRAME all behaviour to appear like insecure nice guy behaviour.

Even behaviour that -WE- as ASFers would use on girls (such as not agreeing to LTR) is to be REFRAMED as being nice guy behaviour, as someone who is too afraid to be decisive and go for what they really want, since they are too afraid that they will lose it once they’ve been emotionally vulnerable (as will be explained below). All behaviour can be REFRAMED.

5) By making the guy look like a “NICE GUY”, you are making him the most sexually unappealing guy conceivable. Once you’ve done this, there is NOTHING that he can do to get back into her good books, as you’ve put him into a predicament where anything that he does will be interpreted by his GF as being insecure. So, if he’s too distant, and he makes up for it by buying her flowers -> he’s insecure. If he’s too needy, and he makes up for it by getting a life -> he’s insecure. You are trying to DIFFUSE his outer glossy shell, and give the girl a window into his inner workings, so that he no longer appears “mysterious” in any way. You make her understand him so well, that she likes him more as a person, but no longer has any sexual desire for him.

In the realm of direct sexual market bartering, the Boyfriend Destroyer is a devious underhanded method of lowering the value of the girl’s boyfriend while appearing to defend him.

The tactic:
What you’re looking to do here is tear the guy down to a NICE GUY, while making it look like you’re actually STICKING UP FOR HIM! Your goal is to make him one of those guys that a girl would go out on a date with, like as a person, and feel bad for having to LJBF at the end of the night when he tries to kiss her at the door.


“You’ve got to understand that for this guy you are his entire world. He cares about you so much, that everything else in the world is meaningless to him.  You are his only source of pleasure, and without you he knows that…he’s nothing. You can’t blame him, he just doesn’t have anything else going for him, so he needs you.”


So, remember that you are focusing on destroying the guy’s sexual appeal, by making him seem too familiar, and easy to understand. People generally get ‘one-itis’ for those who are challenging and hard to understand. By making the BF seem both easy to understand, and very insecure/nice/beta in the meantime, the relationship will likely not last the week.

Just remember not to be the LJBF who counsels her on her problems. Instead, you are constantly getting her worked up by doing the EVing that MrSEX4uNYC discusses in his archive. Ideally, she must be getting both turned off the guy by what you’re doing, and getting turned on by YOU, and the conversation NATURALLY LEADS TO HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT, AND -IDEAL- FOR WHAT SHE WANTS. The natural flow of conversation must indirectly lead to exposing your highly desirable qualities.

She is getting turned on by the DIRECT CONTRAST between you and her boyfriend.

A subset of the Boyfriend Destroyer is the patented CH Beta Orbiter Destroyer. Beta orbiters are boyfriends in all ways but PIV. They hover around the girl you are picking up, generally making the seduction more difficult than it need be by interjecting at awkward times to alternately tool you, drag her away, or clumsily kill the buzz you’re creating with the girl. Beta orbiters WANT the girl you want, but unlike you are stuck in a recursive incel hell of their own making, so their bitterness is often not very far from the surface.

If you have an especially persistent beta orbiter disrupting the smooth move of things, I have a line you can use which will effectively neuter him above and beyond the self-imposed exile already placed on his frustrated frank and beans.

Wait for the orbiter to leave the girl’s ear-space for a minute, and ask, as innocently as you can, if he’s the girl’s boyfriend, or if she’s dating him. She’ll say no, (listen for the tone of her reply…indignation is a good sign you’ve hit pay dirt), at which point you say, under raised eyebrow and through upturned lip-corner,

“Does he know that?”

This is a megatool and a subtle qualification wrapped in four simple words. It not only showcases the beta orbiter’s romantic futility, it reminds the girl of his inability to read social cues and take a hint, as well as signals that YOU are aware of HER amoral reluctance to forego using the orbiter for his emotional support.

The trap is set. She has nothing of mercy left for her orbiter, whom she will cavalierly dismiss if he approaches again out of sheer shame that he shares her company, and she will likewise know that you know the game she’s playing. Your tacit disapproval may be evident to her; better still will be your implied familiarity with the sexy women who have the goods to pull into their orbit easily exploitable beta males. She will get that you aren’t “one of those loser guys”, and have in fact a pretty good idea of what women are like because their secret world is always open to you. She won’t consciously know it, but she’ll feel it: YOU’RE PRESELECTED.

How the girl answers that oh-so-innocent question will reveal a lot about her (and how you should proceed).

SATAN’S SIDEARM SHIV: Does he know that?

BUNNY RABBIT: *giggling* uumm….no?

SATAN’S SIDEARM SHIV: Maybe someone should tell him. *motion towards the beta to come over*

BUNNY RABBIT: What?! What are you doing? (If she frantically grabs your arm to stop you, the bedroom door is already ajar.)


SATAN’S SIDEARM SHIV: Does he know that?

BUNNY RABBIT: *indignantly* of course!

SATAN’S SIDEARM SHIV: Oh good, then he won’t mind you hitting on me.

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This is a little trick I picked up over the years hound-dogging my way into women’s heart-shaped boxes. First, oftentimes even moreso second, and sometimes third dates, can fall victim to the dreaded conversational lull. Women I have noticed are less revealing than are men in the early going. Likely, this too is an evolved predisposition to protect women from themselves: unsavory blurts about their sexual histories or motor-mouthing that might betray a little more eagerness than should be acceptable for a coy woman measuring up a bevy of suitors.

Anyhow, drawing a woman into conversation isn’t so hard once you know a few verbal tricks to lube their larynxes and spike their curiosity for you (a feeling which in women is handmaiden to self-doubt).

I will ask some anodyne question, like “What do you like to do for fun?”

She will get that glaze in her eyes that women always get when a man asks them to describe themselves in a generalized, ill-defined way (chicks prefer details). “Oh, here comes the interview”, she’ll thought bubble.

And just as she’s starting to speak through blank eyes and blanker lips, I’ll interject,

“It’s ok, I know everything about you anyway.”

aaaaaand……TINGLE STORM.

She’ll suddenly perk right up, lean forward, and naturally wonder aloud “And what’s that?”

At which point, I’ll call upon my powers of id-stripping observation and like Shercock Bones deliver an ASSessment of her peculiarities. If I’m not feeling so keen, I’ll just make up some shit on the spot. If I’m wrong, at least it revs the banter and opens avenues for humor and sexual innuendo.

Try it, you’ll find you (and her) like it.

And you should know that drawing a woman into conversation is a great example of FLIPPING THE SCRIPT and MAKING THE WOMAN CHASE YOU. When a woman is invested in what you have to say about her, she’s in effect assumed the role of the suitor, the chaser, the eager beaver who wants your validation. She’ll qualify herself to you, over and over, enthusiastically, a bit desperately, like a beta male, and her head space and vaj place will effloresce with anticipation of hosting your arrival.

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Trolling As A Pickup Tactic

Reader irksome1 suggests a universally-applicable cousin to the Birthday Cat emoji sabotage of grandiose female self-perception.

CH, I came up with a troll so simple, so powerful, it’s like a cold fusion briefcase nuke. It works as a comment on posts of nearly any topic (or as a responsive text, perhaps), due to its perfect simplicity. It doesn’t matter if it’s some retarded political post, party selfies, pictures of her dinner, or whatever pop cult degeneracy she idly finds entertaining. It is best when the posts aims to be ~empowering~ to women sorts of agitprop. The comment is:


I like it. It’s sufficiently ambiguous — “asking for what?”, she wonders — yet pointedly provocative — “who does this badboy think he’s talking to!”, she tingles — that it will spur additional inquiries from the woman so addressed. Additional inquiries that could lead to nutritional intrusions.

Another ambiguously graphical emoji I’ve lately been sending to ladies is this one:

Like Birthday Cat, it’s an all-purpose response to just about anything a girl texts or posts. She yaps about Trump, or TweeVee, or fashion, or my reticence to indulge her with immediate and glowing respectful appraisals of her awesomeness, I pass along this graphic illustrating the ideal womanly “swayback” that maximally arouses men…..and she’s left in the defensive crouch, furiously hamstering what it could mean and feeling just the right amount of unease that the pic has something to say about her own sexual worth.

Meme magic is real, and it’ll get you erected just as it got Trump elected.

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If your body language resembles the pose of the male in this photo, and the girl you’re with looks like the woman in this photo, end your date immediately because you aren’t getting any.

Ouch. So much beta in one snapshot. A summary of what he’s doing wrong:

  • leaning forward
  • clasping hands (merchant-style) and blocking the view of his crotch
  • downcast gaze
  • looks like he’s apologizing for farting

And her autonomous “get away from me you lazy-eyed psycho” reaction:

  • leaning backward
  • arms and hands blocking vagina viewage
  • retreated into corner of couch to maximize physical distance
  • looks like she smelled a fart

Remember the cardinal rule of pickup: FLIP THE SCRIPT. You will get sex if you are the chasee and the woman is the chaser. It takes some skill and effort to flip the seduction script, because the default dynamic between men and women is hunter male-hunted female….which will never be overturned, but a smart man knows perceptions can be altered just enough to jog a woman out of her natural indifference and into a curious feeling.

Ben Shapiro’s lawyer is chasing badly here, and Tomi is reacting as most attractive women do when presented with an over-eager suitor — she is recoiling to protect her precious eggs from contamination by subpar sperm.

So what should Shapirolawyer be doing instead? Think the Mad Men silhouette: relaxing lasciviously into the couch, arm draped over the back, legs impudently spread, head tilted back a little, chin up, smile wiped from his face. As a man, if you incorporate these alpha body language cues, the woman you are with will irresistibly and mechanically assume the vulnerable, entreating posture of flowering arousal. As you lean back, she leans in….as you stop smiling, she smiles more (to earn your hiding smile)….as you eye her judgmentally, she juts her bosom under your gaze….as you deliver ambiguous signals of intent, her intent to get to know you becomes clearer. When you feel that she has begun chasing you is when you can make a more forcefully intentional move on her sexsugarbloodmagick. A woman needs this challenge; deny her at risk of acquiring incel mojo.

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The Counter-Qualification

Qualification (having standards and applying them to women) and Disqualification (telling a woman in so many words that she doesn’t meet your standards, to raise your SMV relative to hers) are vital Game concepts that no seducer should leave the fapping hovel without.

A reader suggests a third entry in the Qualification suite of pickup dialectics: The Counter-Qualification.

Dear CH,

Think I came up with a new way to handle a woman trying to qualify you – I call it “counter-qualification” (CQ). I was out on a date tonight and this girl was asking me a lot of questions – not because she was curious – but because I felt she was trying to qualify me a lot.

So at a few points I said to her “Wait, this isn’t a job interview – is it? You’re asking me a lot of questions…” if her questions were sounding like too much like an interrogation Eg. if she said, “so do you go to shops all the time and try to get dates? When was the last time you used Tinder/online dating?” etc. In which case, I used counter-qualification.

I did this on the iDate I went on last night and the same thing again – the girl got a bit defensive and qualified herself. Again, when she was trying to interrogate me about my dating habits, I would tease and say “see – you’re doing it again. back in “interview mode”. Do you do this to all the guys you date?”

I’m gonna play with it some more. I’m also thinking I could start using CQ questions like “why are you asking me that question?” or “why is it so important for you to know that?” – of course, has to be done with the right tone, expression, etc. to avoid sounding butthurt and defensive.

Be interested if anyone at CH has experience with this. Maybe next time a woman gives you a shit test and it’s a question, you could:

a) Ignore
b) A&A
or c) CQ


The CQ is a push-pull subroutine that’s more akin to teasing than to qualifying, but the gist of this reader’s definition is clear enough. In fact, the “wow I didn’t know I was going on a job interview” CQ line that the reader uses as his example is a well-known PUA shit test-busting tactic for instantly deflating a hot babe’s pretensions and flipping the chaser-chasee script. If a girl peppers you with interrogative questions and you cheekily reply, “is this a job interview?”, she will back off her aggressive posturing and regard you with more carnal curiosity. After all, she’s used to beta schlubs dutifully answering her questions as fast as she can ask them.

So that’s the CQ. The A&A response would be something along the lines of “My job? I’m a male stripper. Work is slow right now, but I fill in my free time doing bored housewife porn”. A&A achieves a similar result as CQ, slowing a girl’s momentum and asserting your manly prerogative.

Caution is warranted when using these tactics. If the girl is just needling you to see if you’ll break beta, then CQ or A&A can be repeated with a positive response rate. She’ll laugh and stop asking her banal questions. On the other hand, if she genuinely wants to learn more about you, then don’t overuse CQ or A&A; you’ll sound spergy and suspicious, like you’re trying to hide something unflattering about yourself. If she’s a real deal doll, then one CQ followed by one A&A is all that’s necessary, allowing you to gracefully segue into surrendering a sincere answer to her questions without losing alpha bed-cred.

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