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Henry Mueller (this guy again!) has a great anecdote that involves himself, an SJW chick, and a brief but sufficient flash of brass balls.

No matter how often it happens, I’m still surprised sometimes by how well “You’re wrong” game works.

Just for kicks, I tried this approach with a girl standing in line for food recently. Turns out she was a carpet muncher. A 4 or 5 at best. But she started loudly talking shit about “pussy power feminism” and all that, in line.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and just started playfully contradicting everything she said. I called hardcore activists losers with no lives, and to my great surprise she said “Well..I don’t actually go out protesting and all that, my girlfriend is more into that…”

Point is, during a five minute interaction I actually had her by the end leaning against me while asking my help looking up a book I had recommended. We could call this the “I hope you’re not like those other girls” frame, and it’s another old school tactic that still works like a charm.

“You’re too pretty for the pussy hat march” might be the ideal game for these types. Most of them are in it for the virtue signalling as mentioned. And all women want to be perceived as special, especially at the expense of other women. Even if that woman is her girlfriend.

Convince her that this SJW nonsense is for losers, and then it’s a win-win either way. Either she sees the light and comes to the right side. Or she just pretends to in order to submit to you.

Isn’t it great when you can get a pussyhatter SWPL chick qualifying herself to you?

Every girl desires a dominant man. Every girls secretly desires to submit to a dominant man. Every girl will test men for their dominance. Every girl BEGS for a man to PUSH BACK against her insolence and entitlement.

Girls are BEGGING to be DEFIED.

Keep close CH’s three rules of manhood:

YOU make the demands.

SHE is judged worthy or wanting.

Always be prepared to WALK AWAY from the deal.

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A reader emails with a Game-related question,

This is between me and a girl who had been uploading videos from one of the gun-grabbing marches. Which route should we go here, the “natural hypocrites (women) have no business voting” route, or the “Low T shitlib men have no clue how ravenously their women desire MAGAmen” route?

This is tight Jerkboy Game right here. The joke about seeing this pussyhatter at the gun range gave me a genuine laugh.

The first line, btw, is a classic neg. “Do you go to this dumb shit because you love being the only pretty girl there?” It’s a type of push-pull rhetorical question: she’s getting the compliment about her looks couched in an insult about her politics and the kind of losers with whom she associates (which itself is couched in a taunt about her attention whoring and need to have her ego stroked).

Anyhow, to the reader’s question: should he segue to “women are natural hypocrites” or “you already want me but your soyboy orbiters don’t know it yet”?

I think he’s demonstrated enough titillating jerkboy attitude to consider moving on from it to less antagonistic banter. She’s already attracted — no girl would ask three times if you’re free tonight if she wasn’t already envisioning sex — so now it’s time to dig for a deeper rapport, in person.

What are your thoughts, readers?

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Henry Mueller (this guy again!) discusses an important Game concept, relating to the post about a girl sending a text pic of her newly painted goth nails as a ruse to fish for a compliment from a man.

“Red would’ve gotten my attention better.”

Even if you like the black.

There’s a subtle art to teasing a woman’s ego while still dangling the carrot to keep her interested.

If you say it looks nice, that’s alright. Not a fatal error but not terribly interesting. If you say “that looks like sh!t”, you run the risk of sabotaging it.

I say things like this in a “yes, but…” way so there’s always an implied compliment within a criticism, and vice versa:

“You look good now as a blonde but I prefer brunette.”

“The black nails look nice but __ would be better.”

I dated a beautiful Southern girl for 3 years who was obsessed with girly things like taking thousands of pictures of her nails and hair, and I used this kind of thing effectively on her whenever she was fishing for compliments.

It sets a win-win frame: I’m attracted to you, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Done in the right way, women will happily fall into this like a hypnotic subject.

She’s asking you for an opinion on her beauty. You can act indifferent, but why not use it to your advantage? Even if I have no opinion, I always give girls specific instructions and frame it like it’s self-evident that it’s all being done to please me.

A woman who will dye her hair or change her nail color at your whim just to please you is a woman who will do damn near anything to please you.

Related, from the world of highbrow literature: In Story of O, O had her labia pierced with a heavy dangling chain for her man, and gave herself over to another man on her own man’s insistence. Lesson: Women will only love you with wanton obsession if they are working to earn your approval. So keep them on their painted toes.

Fashion photographers and sleazy professors know this “yes, but…” compliance test trick and exploit it to great personal benefit. “This shot of you is great, but if you did this or moved there or smiled like so, the photo would be much better.” “You have a lot of creative ideas, but if you edited your thoughts you would persuade me better.”

In PUA lingo, this Cockiavellian tactic is called Compliance Tests. Similar and related concepts are Hoop Theory and Qualification. All have the goal of altering the usual courtship dynamic to one in which the woman is seeking the man’s approval. Old timers would call it “chasing the carrot”. The idea behind it is that women who do something for you, by being subtly encouraged to self-improvements to please you, are psychologically groomed to think that you are higher value and therefore worth pursuing as a lover.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to please a woman….if you already know she wants you and the act of pleasing her will validate her feelings for you. Men who are over-qualified to women will want to make a few sincere efforts at complimenting and pleasing them, so as to increase their attainability. (Surprisingly often for very HSMV men, women will bow out of a conversation early on with them to save their egos the frustration of potentially getting pumped and dumped or overlooked for a hotter friend.)

But trying to please women in the conventional sense is self-defeating when the dynamic is uncertain and unstable, and your efforts liable to be perceived as the try-hard supplication of a lower value beta male. Before she has fully opened for you (in every way), you want to keep her guessing, chasing, and pleasing you, so that she goes to bed at night eagerly awaiting your next date and all the ways she can impress you, instead of bemoaning the dullness of humoring another cut-out average joe who tells her nice predictable things and vouchsafes his submission to her whims.

“Yes, but…” is a devious sales technique that works as well in seduction — the arena in which you are selling yourself to women — as it does on the car dealership floor. As you persuade your woman to do things for you, over time you increase the frequency and intensity of your demands until wake-up BJs are given without waiting to be asked, just as a message to you that she is always ready to take her next order.

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Gentlemen….Game 101:

Never EVER take a woman to dinner before you’ve fucked her. You’re begging to be resource exploited. (aka economically objectified)

If the girl wants you, dinner isn’t necessary to coax her across the consummative threshold.

If the girl doesn’t want you, dinner won’t change her mind.

Save your money, sup her honey.

Stick with bottom shelf sugary drinks for those first crucial dates. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Food only gets in the way of alcohol absorption, and no girl feels sexy gnawing rack of rib in between talking about herself.

If anything, buying expensive dinners to impress a woman will turn down her thermosnatch. One, she’ll perceive (rightly more often than not) that you’re desperate and trying to pry her legs open with lavish payments up front. Two, if she thinks she can soak you before soaking your hog, she will.

Sperg Alert draws up the timeline:

What happens when you take out a #Modern #Wamen to a fancy dinner, and achieve… The #Friendzone.

…But don’t worry! She’ll suddenly have #Sex with you when she’s 35, and #PostWall after #Chad stops returning the phone calls, and you can have maybe 5-10 years of #Marriage before she #DivorceRapes you.

There is no end to the ways in which being in the bangzone is better than being in the friendzone.

PS What kind of dingbat spends $400 at an Italian restaurant? It’s fuckin pasta!


Henry Mueller is positioning for a COTW nomination:

Seriously. In the wake of #reetoo, I can’t count the number of “bad date” articles by complaining women that have appeared: “His choice of guacamole felt really problematic to me.”

If a lsmv man dares to even approach a woman, it’s “entitlement” rape. But if a decent guy she didn’t click with disappoints her, she feels obligated to write up a novella about it.

It’s a bizarro world we live in where a man seeking sex with a woman is taboo and a woman seeking to syphon off everything she can get while giving nothing in return is celebrated.

The term of art is Gynarcho-Tyranny. And only Game can defeat it….and save the West.

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Girl sidles up next to you at the bar to browse the tap selection. You, after binge reading CH: “I see the way you’re looking at me. Might want to tone it down a bit, I don’t date amateurs.”

Girl: “I wasn’t looking at you.”

You: “Win-win.”

What does a woman want? A man who’s rejected her.

Clear the way for Preemptive Rejection Game! From PBR Streetgang,

Can’t decide whether to shit or go blind with the options – I’m going on a campaign of rejecting women from the get-go. Gonna respond to even passing glances with ‘I’m not available’ – reject, reject, reject – my new modus operandi.

“Can I pet your dog” – You’re not my type
“Would you like your receipt” – Stop hitting on me
“Press the button for 5th floor” – I’m dating someone
“Good Morning…” – Too bad, I’m gay .. Try that guy

I was all in for ‘Approach Week’ – but their behavior recently has me fed up – her comes ‘Rejection Week’ – And I’m not feeling the lease bit anxious about it.

This is all upside if your approach game isn’t working for you. Sure, you might lose a few girls who’ll call your bluff, but overall your number of hits should go up because girls find it tough to resist a man who resists them.

Preemptive Rejection falls under the umbrella category of Disqualification Game and is an extreme version of the Assume the Sale tactic. You go about your day assuming all women want your D, but they have no chance to get it. You are disqualifying girls from being worthy of your consideration, while collaterally implying they want you. It’s courtship script flipping on steroids.

The best thing about Preemptive Rejection Game is that it’s just damned funny if your timing and delivery are right. Most girls will laugh, a little anxiously, not knowing whether you’re serious or joking around, because it’s something they never hear from most men. Humor can take a totally cold open from Zero to Curious in ten seconds flat. Even faster if the humor is deadpan.

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Opposite George Game

A buddy is a study in contrasts. He likes to do the opposite of whatever the masses are doing, but without the pretension that often characterizes iconoclasts. The idea, as he puts it, is to transgress social norms in one medium while following them in another, parallel medium, to disorient women and pique their interest.

For instance, he wears a deep red t-shirt on St Patty’s Day to go out in, while everyone else is dressed in a shade of green. Naturally, this draws the attention of hungry poon, particularly the girls who are up for a deep tissue flirtation. A girl walks over and gives him shit about his shirt, he smiles and, rather than smugly going off on not being Irish or how he’s too autistic to celebrate ethnic holidays in post-racial American, he says “eh, green makes me look washed out” or “I’m color blind. Feel better?” Or he might self-incriminatingly reply, “I’m a nonconformist prick.”

Opposite George Game — “I’m unemployed and bald and live with my parents” — can juice your bantz to incredible heights as long as you avoid even a hint of defensiveness, discomfort, or trepidation, and you don’t take yourself, or your marks, too seriously.

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A reader needs Game advice (for a friend, natch):

So you meet this girl. Very pretty & seems to be going well so far – albeit short time. Then she sends you this photo of her new manicure. Thoughts? Pull eject lever? Asking for a friend.

The photo was sent unsolicited, so he could see her new nails. It’s her left hand; her thumb is on the right.

I’ve decided to turn this reader’s quandary into a Test of Your Game post. Put yourself in his position. Pretty girl just sent you the pic above. You got her digits.

What do you do?

Clue: roses are red, violets are blue, palimpsests are nice, but anthroposcopy rules.

I’ll post below the best answers from commenters. Stay sharp!

PS If you can gauge a woman’s character, you can Game her with customized material. Solve the clue, and you’ll have more insight into her needs, wants, and desires than a man should be legally allowed to have.

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