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The enduring romance of ’80s icons –  Cars rockstar Ric Ocasek and supermodel Paulina Porizkova — is one of history’s greatest lessons in the power of fame and game to help a man overcome his ugly looks and snag a real beauty.

Reader JCclimber provides background,

following the links back to 2011, I read again your post on Paulina Porizkova being the elusive 10 by voting.

10s do exists, rare though they are. Because of a few freak contrarians wedged in the id gears, there will never be uniform agreement about female 10s among men, but you will find that large majorities of men agree strongly with which women embody physical perfection, or come closest to it.

Bing images of Paulina from her prime. She was a hard softnlovely 10, with a killer body to match her heavenly face. (I believe she was an SI Swimsuit model, ostensibly during a time when SI wasn’t squeezing fat chicks in fatkinis between its pages.) The radiant beauty of 10s is so magnificent that these women can still look bangable 20-30 years after their prime nubility.

As with many others, she was my favorite hot model then, throughout the 80’s. She was in a couple movies. Took me years to track down the foreign magazine where she posed topless. blah blah blah. let me cut to the chase.

Ya want to know how Ric Okasec of the Cars rock band got her? His fame and fortune wasn’t enough to bag THE top supermodel of that time. Nope. He had to overcome that face of his. He needed a little something called “game”.

They met filming the music video “Drive”. The director Timothy Hutton wanted to show the various aspects of a relationship and breakup. To get the scene of her crying, he had Ric and her yelling and cursing and screaming at each other, over and over to get the take correct. Interspersed with the happier scenes.

Years later, after they were married, she still gushes about those few days of filming during interviews. Does this remind you of any particular seduction technique? Anyone? Bueller?

You think a red hot supermodel who showed up for her first major modeling gig at age 14, while wearing a t-shirt that read “Too drunk to fuck” hadn’t encountered some alphas? Some fame and fortune? You think she emotionally bonded to any of those alphas?

Ric should send a thank you card every year to Timothy Hutton.

Very interesting backstory, JC. Push-pull, hot-cold, asshole-niceguy, ftw. Ric didn’t just snag Paulina; he owned her. And every woman secretly dreams of falling in love with a man psychologically strong enough to own her.

That’s the beauty of… game! Even when a man’s display of game is artificially stimulated by a third party it still exerts an arousing influence on a woman’s high and low love lobes. Think of game as the equivalent of good lighting, makeup, and a skin-tight cocktail dress. A woman has to work hard to get all those beauty-enhancing cues working for her, but when she does (and given she exceeds a natural cuteness threshold), men respond like dogs to the sound of a clattering dinner bowl.

Likewise, a man who practices the crimson arts to enhance his sexiness will trigger autonomic lust in the women blessed with his company. If he has concomitant fame, emotional range, and game-less competition that pales in contrast, the most beautiful women in the world will do more than give their sex… they’ll give their hearts, a much more precious commodity women guard like Fort Knockers.

A comment by PA pulled from that archived post linked by JC:

Ocasek has a total of six sons, two from each of his three marriages.

Even more proof that he’s alpha. When the girl loves you, her body chemistry favors XY sperm because she want to have a child that is a replica of her man.

But when she’s ‘meh’ about you, the chemistry is biased toward XX sperm, just so she can get a girl, or a copy of herself.

I know the ¡SCIENCE! for my supposition about to follow is lacking, but I’ll assert it anyway. It’s been my observation that more masculine looking or acting fathers have more sons. (And vice versa. The most beautiful girl I loved growing up had a father who was a Betamax Prime.) Maybe the reason is super sperm. Maybe it’s what PA says. Whatever it is, there’s something to the idea that women’s congenital solipsism flourishes alongside the feeble tutelage of beta males and happily retreats under the psychological leadership of alpha males. And that this id-shaped process may even extend down deep, beneath subconsciousness, to the chromosomal level.

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little 15
why does she have to defend
her feelings inside
why pretend
she’s not had a life
a life of near misses
now all that she wants
is three little wishes
she wants to see with your eyes
she wants to smile with your smile
she wants a nice surprise
every once in a while

Women have slicker emotional fluidity than men, but their highs aren’t as high nor their lows as low as the passions that men are capable of feeling. Few women will ever feel with the same intensity the exhilarating rush of power that a man feels when he is victorious in struggle. Few women will experience the lustful, insistent, romantic yearning that surges outward from every corpuscle of a young man’s being when the merest flicker of a pretty girl grazes his retina.

To rectify this sin-inducing passion deficit, the devil gave women, as substitution for intensity of emotion, frequency of emotion. Whereas a man can easily make it through a day without needing his emotional state roused to action, women slowly rot from the inside if their inner emotional joyride rusts unused for too long. Women are not built for stoicism; an imposed stoicism drives them mad, a self-imposed stoicism madder still.

When a woman isn’t receiving her recommended gaily allowance of emotional stimulation, she will try to “fill the tank” by seeking out a man who can make her feel alive or, if no man like that is available, by manufacturing drama in the hopes of dragging others across the event horizon into into her black hole of anxiety.

This sex differential in emotional consonance has a major implication for the sexual market. Women, in general the more passive sex, will be more attracted to men who are skilled at frothing a woman’s broad (but shallow) well of emotions and, from that foundation, creating an emotional connection. As the “receiving” sex, women will naturally gravitate to men who best represent the prerogative of the “injecting” sex. (Fainting dames are welcome to describe men as the “infusing sex”.)

Like all things romance, there are inherent and unresolvable contradictions in the system which a wise player abides. Yes, women are drawn to “the oak”, the man who can keep his cool when her’s is heating up, who lets her frolic under his protective branches. But all stoicism all the time makes Jack a dull boy. Women also want to feel what a man feels, because women know, instinctively, that men boil with an active volcano of white hot passion women can only dream of feeling for themselves. So women, as the sex with the greater need for constant emotional stimulation, will work hard to coax that passion out of men, and when it comes to soak it up like the rays of the sun.

Unfortunately, this is the subroutine of courtship which fails too many men. I’ve seen it happen to older men and to socially maladjusted nerds, the two largest groups with a propensity to stifle their expressiveness, or an incapacity to summon it in the proper dosage. The older Lothario, through a combination of his own negligence and a fatefully slow passion contraction, will lean on manly stoicism less as a seduction tactic than as a necessity to compensate for gimped emotional range.

The spergy nerd has a different problem. His emotional range is bifurcated. Most of the time he’s a monotonic drone, but sufficiently pressured by social contingencies will explode in a cluster bomb of random emotional shrapnel, thereby codifying the social ostracism that always stalks him.

Older men and nerds aren’t the only kinds of men with a constricted emotional range. For example, men suffering from PTSD can lose the ability to feel emotion, or to signal emotion to others. To a normal woman, a man incapable of the occasional burst of passionate feeling must seem an alien to her female mind. Intriguing to her for a while, yes, but absent some human dimension her intrigue will soon enough wither to revulsion.

A lack of emotional range is a serious handicap in the mating trenches for men who don’t have palpable or tacitly acknowledged social power to leverage in exchange for pussy. If this describes you, it’s time to learn how to express yourself. But not haphazardly. There’s still a stern science to this sloppy art.

Here are a few pointers for improving your emotional range:

– Learn to be more facially expressive. Raised eyebrows, comically widened or narrowed eyes, winks, hyperbolic brow furrows, etc. You don’t have to be Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, but you do want to be more than a blank sheet of flesh with eating and breathing inputs.

– Use your full body. Accentuate your words with hand gestures. Backturn when she misbehaves. Become skilled in the art of slithering close to a woman. Play the “stop repeating me game”, except wordlessly, with your body mimicking hers. It goes without saying that you don’t want to be a spaz. Control of your body mechanics to whatever purpose you put your physicality is key. Be bodily loose, but also be capable of shutting it down at a moment’s reflection. Girls like to know a man is both excitable and self-calming.

– Use a fuller vocal range. Vocal variability is attractive to women.

– Try to “shock” a woman into attraction by polarizing her. There will be more on this in a future post. (Yes, it is possible to trigger attraction in a disinterested female stranger with nothing more than your body language and your words. This is one of the great advantages of being a man.)

– If you have the time and inclination, take an acting or improv class.

– Get well-acquainted with the classic game concepts of push-pull, hot-cold-hot-cold. Bring her up, bring her down, Take her high, take her low. Tell her a happy story about cute puppies, then tell her a sad story about dead cats. Be sexual with her, then be cold. Appease her, then befuddle her. Emotional range doesn’t mean going to one extreme and staying there; it means exploiting the whole spectrum of emotions.

– Storytelling succeeds in the details. Your stories don’t need a plot or a point if they are told with loving details that light up her imagination. In practice, this means more references to the senses: textures, colors, aromas, etc.

– Sing. In the middle of a pickup, I might just sing aloud a thought or two, Is it ridiculous? Yes. Does it entrance women? Yes.

– If you feel happy, or sad, or angered during the time you’re talking with a girl, express those emotions a degree more fiercely than you would in an office setting.

– To nerds: Your best option for self-improvement will be observing men who are good at emotional expression in the field. You have an elevated power of observation, so put it to use. There will be fits and starts, but after a few flame-outs with women you’ll get the hang of it.

– To weary, cynical men: Biomechanical feedback loops are a real thing. Time and/or experience may have robbed you of your expressiveness, but you can, to borrow a nerd expression, reinstall the OS by forcing a reboot. Making pointed efforts to expand your emotional range and expressiveness will invigorate any natural and instinctive habits of the emotional centers of your mind which have atrophied over time. “Fake it till you intake it” works.

– Finally, a cheap and easy method to project emotional range is sarcasm. Sarcastic remarks tend to recruit facial and bodily cooperation for some reason. Just don’t overdo it. Too much sarcasm will incriminate you as the kind of soul-seared man with massive ego-protecting shields. A girl has to feel like she’s cracking through your shell to the “real you”, and sarcasm works against that progression.

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Commenter 7darktriad3 writes about his ONE POON-HUNTING TRICK that turns around recalcitrant girls,

Not strictly redirection but I’ve found a great way of yielding high % of numbers when you get this type of response:

You: Send me your number
Her: But I hardly know you etc
You: Your right we should stay Tinder BFF and chat on here forever and ever
Her: Hehe I guess your right – ######

Essential Game Techniques 101 should be required coursework for all middle school boys.

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The Redirection Rejection

Have you ever had to deal with an annoying girl who answers a question with a question, like she’s trying to put her tier 14 law school degree to use? A reader laments:

Thanks so much for your blog. I’ve read it for at least 5 years, and learned a lot. Lost my virginity at 18, so not a natural, but have banged 25 chicks in the last five months in South America by learning from your blog and others’, going to a spot suited for me, and generally improving myself.

At this point, I mainly worry about specific issues that crop up over and over. One is that I’ll text a girl an invitation, and she’ll ask a follow up question about it instead of answering. I call it the redirect rejection. Examples from tonight:

A girl I hooked up with 8 years ago and have seen twice since. Really.

Me: Better for me. I eat brisket like a glutton. I watch the game. They get you drunk. You come after.
Her: I can’t drink alcohol. (First redirection)
Me: Pregnant? (Plan to get back to the invitation, but first thought I’d tease)
Her: hahhahaha
Her: hahahaha
Her: Can I drink alcohol before traveling?
Me: No. No you can’t. You have to arrive skinny for more contrast with Americans.
Her: Hahahaha
Me: You drinking was the least important step. Most important is that I have my brisket and you come after. I will prepare you for your trip.
Her: What is brisket (second redirection)

Not expecting to see her tomorrow


A girl whose number I got at a party and who I have invited out a few times with no success. I had given up. Tonight she texts me.

Her: Hey! You up to anything tonight?
Me: Working up the courage to ask me out? ;) (don’t chomp the beta bait, frame her as chasing, I toy with dropping the emoticon but I don’t want to discourage her)
Her: Hahahahah. Call it whatever you want.
Me: (stop fucking around and make the plans) Come by at 11. I have the best drink in town chilling in my fridge. Maybe you can convince me to go to [well-known club]
Her: What exactly is the best drink in town? (redirection)
Me: [Image of the bottle with the caption Trust Me]
Her: Haha. Alright. I’m sold.

expecting her in two hours


A girl whose number I got out once. Never met up since. Been texting some. She went on vacation.

Me: [funny picture of me on a glaciar, I happen to be wearing tight jeans] are you back?
Her: I’m coming back.
Her: And that photo?
Me: A little present for you. Look how tight my jeans are.
Her: Hahahahahah
Me: I would send you a photo in my bathing suit but I don’t want to cause an accident
Her: hahaha good idea
Me: Let’s get together this week. There is a bar cafe I want to try.
Her: What bar? (redirection)
Me: The important thing is the company.

No response.

In only 1/3 did I turn around the redirection rejection, and that was when the girl had basically begged me to ask her out. Is the redirection rejection game over? I know that it means my game up to that point has been weak, but can I recover?

When a girl is in a positive mood and open to you, and she asks you which bar you plan to take her, it’s OK to just tell her, so I wouldn’t consider that last exchange a great example of the redirection rejection. You have to have a feel for when it’s in the interests of both of you to drop the banter and speak plainly. However, the first text snippet is a classic redirect. The reader made multiple meet-up offers, and she responded coyly to each suggestion with a lame question.

The redirection rejection isn’t game over, but it is game on life-support. She’s bored, maybe a little curious where this is going, but so far you haven’t excited her out of her resting female stupor. But she keeps the romantic possibility, however remote, open. Mostly to amuse herself.

If you are getting a lot of these redirection rejections, that means you’ve become predictable. Stale. She can see your friendly teases coming a mile away. She throws questions back at you because that’s her way of trying to extract a little excitement nugget from the conversation. She’s trying to amp the teasing to a level of edginess that makes her vagina feel alive. This is good news in one way: She’s saying you have a chance.

You need to surprise her. Don’t grace her questions with a relevant reply, like some earnest beta looking to solve all her problems. Instead, dodge and dislodge her hamster from its comfy resting state.

Her: Can I drink alcohol before traveling?
Me: Maybe you should stick with diet coke.
Her: Hahahaha
Me: You drinking was the least important step. Most important is that I have my brisket and you come after. I will prepare you for your trip.
Her: What is brisket (second redirection)

Be silly, be nasty even. The goal is a seismic shift of her emotional state from boredom to shock, dismay, and intrigue. If, after amping your alpha for a few iterations in this manner she still doesn’t make a firm commitment to seeing you, abruptly stop communication. If you can leave her with her last text dangling for a response, that’s good. She’ll be wondering why you didn’t reply, and it might upset her just enough to plant thoughts of you in her head for a week, after which she may be more amenable to your charms.

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Types Of Game

This post is 1/8th tongue-in-cheek, so don’t get yourselves too worked up into an inference lather. Disclaimer aside, there is a solid, observable foundation for the basic premise that there exists a need for categorical types of game streamlined for efficiency in different contexts and with different women.

Don’t misconstrue this to mean that there are no universal game principles. The point is that along with the universally applicable seduction techniques, there are refinements of execution that a man could undertake to improve his return-on-courtship (ROC). On that rascally note, here’s reader Putin with a cursory list of what he considers different types of game:

Types Of Game:

1. Quick Picker Upper Game
2. Text Game
3. Recover Relationship Game
4. Marriage Game.
5. Crazy Women Game? Is there such a thing or are they all crazy?
6. Dating/relationship game

Any others……

Why are there even “types” of game? The need for differing styles of game rests on three realities: One, the races and cultures of women are different from each other just as women as a sex are different from men. Two, women’s desire changes with age (and by monthly cycle). Three, environmental contingencies can subtly realign women’s mate choice priorities.

These realities suggest that game tailored to a woman’s specific needs which are informed by her racial, life stage, or contextual realities will be superior to a “one size fits all” game.

To recap: Game will vary according to three major input variables:

-Women’s race/culture. (Race and culture are nearly synonymous, notwithstanding leftoid beliefs to the contrary.)
-Women’s age and monthly cycle. (Evidence, both laboratory and real world, show that women crave alpha cock more when they are ovulating.)
-Women’s mating context. (Context includes relationship status, sex ratio, pickup venue, etc.)

I can already smell some of you sweating the small stuff. Pat yourselves dry, un-knot your laden brows, and put down your pickup manuals for a second. There’s a simple rule that governs the effective range of beneficial modifications to game:

Maxim #20: All types of game are basically variations in the balance of beta male and alpha male traits.

To visualize this maxim, imagine a line representing the spectrum of male psychosexual characteristics, running from extreme beta on one end to extreme alpha on the other.


Now, if one had to (or could) choose between the two poles, and nothing in the middle, it is BY FAR better to choose extreme alpha over extreme beta. The latter will get you laid more often, and for most men getting laid more rather than less is at least one of the primary ingredients in the recipe for life happiness.

But women are creatures with a dual personality — they crave both the provider beta and the piledriver alpha. Alpha fux, beta bux, as a wise man once said. A man will maximize his ROC if he knows how and when to balance the expression of his plush beta side with his dominant alpha side.

How much beta or alpha maleness to display in the presence of a woman in whom you want to incite spasmodic gushers of… love… depends in part on the confluence of those three input variables I mentioned above. What is her race/culture? What is her age? Is she a girl you just met on the sidewalk, or is she a girl you’ve been dating for six months?

Taking all that into account, plus a girl’s particular personality profile, will guide you to express the best mix of beta and alpha traits. Or, to put it in PUA parlance, you will find that important balance between comfort game and attraction game.

Returning to Putin’s “types of game”, it’s easy now to evaluate each type based on the metric of beta-alpha balancing. I have placed hatch marks along the beta-alpha spectrum to show you how much of each you should emphasize relative to the other.

1. Quick Picker Upper Game


You’re shooting for a quick lay. This means you’ll do best targeting horny girls with few scruples and low impulse control. 90% alpha.

2. Text Game


Text game is an impersonal medium that favors alpha over beta. Comfort stage game doesn’t translate very well to ASCII. (She’ll miss that strong eye gaze.)

3. Recover Relationship Game


Insufficient data. A relationship could falter because the man became too domesticated or too emotionally disconnected. (NB: It can also falter when the woman becomes too chunky.) However, most relationships fail because the man lost touch with his inner alpha asshole. The hatch mark slightly favors the alpha side.

4. Marriage Game


Marriage game is a specific instance of relationship game. Time and familiarity erode a man’s alphaness, so marriage game typically requires more infusions of alpha, although there are exceptions (like when a woman manages to rope a charming cad into marriage, and later discovers it’s hard to change a tiger’s stripes).

5. Crazy Women Game? Is there such a thing or are they all crazy?


Thanks to their dual mate choice algorithm issues, all women are a little crazy, but only a tiny minority are bunny boiling crazy. I put two hatch marks here because the genuinely crazy chick is best played like a fiddle, alternating potent doses of beta and alpha until she feels like she’s on a seesaw. With crazy chicks, a good offense is the best defense. PS: Cut and run as soon as you’ve drained your balls (this could be a full year for those of us with robust testicular bounty).

6. Dating/relationship game


Assuming this type of game refers to that delicate moment in time between the passionate first few weeks together and the serene routine that distinguishes relationships that have reached the six month milestone, I’d say that more beta is the key here. You’ve already established your alpha fides, and now she’s wondering if you’re boyfriend material or just another pump and dumper about to break her heart. This is a good time, if you’re so inclined, to do those little beta things for her that relax her amygdala and dilate her labia minora.

In a future post, I will explore in greater detail the specifics of each type of game as they relate to common scenarios most men will experience at some point in their lives. This post was meant as a general outline to get your head in the right mental space.

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The Special Occasion Texter

Many men will recognize the Special Occasion Texter. (To be fair, many women will recognize this stalker subspecies as well. I bet men are more frequent SOT violators than are women.) The SOT is the tease-slash-desperado who texts you out of the blue to commemorate a holiday or some other day that is ostensibly important to you.

Commenter ‘meet me’ has a question about the SOT.

What do you guys make of a girl who texts you randomly on holidays or birthday, but always delays for a strict meet? I don’t try again after suggesting, just looking for attention/orbiters?

The female SOT is a cocktease in digital form, especially if she dodges any offers for a meet-up. But she’s no ordinary attention whore tease. There are three common reasons a female SOT would behave this way.

1. Beta Orbiter Maintenance

She texts birthday messages to all the beta male orbiters she has accumulated over the years, and she does this as part of a maintenance program to keep her orbiters from spinning too far out of her orbit (or, conversely, too close to her planet). What good is a beta orbiter who wises up to the futility of pursuing her for sex that will never come, and manages to achieve escape velocity from her pull? She needs those suck-ups sucking up to her emotional needs, and sometimes that requires sending a tiny sliver of romantic hope — say, a birthday text — to her cuckubines.

2. Relationship Anxiety

A woman who is in a shaky relationship and fears its end is nigh, but hasn’t yet emotionally abandoned her current lover, will reopen backchannels to once-interested men. But she’ll do this with sneaky nonchalance, as is the wont of her sex. A birthday greeting is the perfect set-up to maintain plausible deniability. “but it was his biiiirthday! i was just being frieeeeeeendly!”

Similarly, a single woman who has started worrying about ever getting a man to commit to her, but hasn’t yet found that Charming Jerkboy of her dreams, will, with wavering reluctance, contact old flames or new suitors to pump her ego and to calm her anxiety. The thought of numerous men “waiting in the wings” is very comforting to single women on their first approach to the Wall.

3. Garden-Variety Mindfucking

She’s a wicked mindfucker who gets off stringing men betas along.


Whatever the reason, the female SOT is best handled by, most crucially, refusing to chomp on her bland beta boob bait. Don’t respond right away to her SOT text. Don’t thank her for her thoughtfulness. Don’t move immediately to pin her down for a real date. Instead, wait a day, then reply “did u wish me happy labor day? weirdo.” Or, “you’re so cute when you stalk me”. The female SOT needs to know that you aren’t the kind of desperate guy to ask “how shiny?” when she tells you to polish her pedestal. She needs to be reminded in so many words that SHE’S the one who texted YOU, not the other way around, and this reminder of her active solicitation will reinforce the implication in her mind that you are the higher value company to keep.

PS If you want to use a SOT to open the lines of communication with a prospect, one irresistibly jerkish maneuver is to text the girl “happy bday” two weeks after her actual birthday. When she responds (and she will) that you’re two weeks late, grace her with a laconic “woops”. This is a small but powerful tactic to close the organic chaser (man)-chased (woman) gap, and thus improve your odds-to-lay.

PPS The rare SOT who is really interested in getting banged out won’t be circumspect with her texts. If you suspect your SOT girl is DTF (based on, say, past history), then it won’t take much more than a ‘thx’ to coax her to leap at the chance to continue the banter and move negotiations to the bedding table.

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Short Man Game

Short men, like ugly women, through no fault of their own got a raw deal when the cosmic abyss spit them into existence. Short men, all else equal, have it rougher in the dating market. However, unlike ugly women, short men have means at their disposal to improve the quality of their prospects.

Life is unfair, and it’s better to make peace with that fact than rail futilely against it for a magical intervention that will eradicate the unfairness. This should help: Understand that as a short man you can still find happiness and pleasure despite unfavorable starting odds.

In that spirit, here’s Reservoir Tip with an excellent piece of game advice for short men,

Side tip, if you’re a short guy (like me), and a girl observes that she’s taller than you, this is obviously a shit test. The German girl, and other girls in the past have thrown this test at me. I’ve found a good reply to be,

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m six feet tall.”

All with a straight face of course. It’s a solid, simple reframe.

Elegant. It works because it follows an elemental precept governing the functioning of the sexual market: A man’s overconfidence — to the point of irrationality and possibly beyond it — is attractive to women. Impenetrable egotism will assist a man in his quest for high quality poon as assuredly as beauty will assist a woman in her quest for an alpha male.


Reader theasdgamer adds a witty riposte to the short man game repertoire.

I grow seven inches in bed.

I don’t know if this qualifies as airtight game, but it is funny. Any normal girl will laugh along with it.


Reader farmlegend has some short(ish) man observations,

A few random observations from decades at an altitude of 5’8″ –

1. Because women’s initial hindbrain reaction to short guys is that they are less manly, it is important that short men adopt as masculine a frame as possible – hit the gym, develop uber alpha body language, speak slowly and deeply, make solid eye contact, etc. These are all good things to develop in general for all men, but it is especially critical for short guys.
2. Develop day game. It is very hard for short men to DHV in noisy settings like night clubs. Back in the day, I never did well in bars. Hypergamy makes you physically invisible amongst all the taller dudes in those places.
3. For whatever reason, I always found that the most difficult targets were short attractive women. It is as if they are subconsciously bound and determined not to have short children, and they have the greatest preference for tall guys (I’m the product of such a pairing, between a 5’1″ italian spinner and a 6’2″ three sport college athlete). I came to have greater confidence of success with women in the 5’5″ – 5’7″ range.

My thoughts:

1. Given a cost-free choice (no negative side-effects) to grow six inches, I’m certain most short men, even those who have tight game, would take it. It’s human nature to travel the path of least resistance, and if a short man can get the pussy with less effort, he would be weird not to abide. That said, shortness isn’t a pickup killer; it just makes the job harder. I’d bet short PUAs, on average, have better game than taller PUAs because the former have been through the equivalent of trials by fire.

(The human desire to take the path of least resistance is also a major reason why late-stage decadent civilizations implode. So you could say short men are practitioners of individual civilizing progress.)

2. Yes to this. Day game is essential for less physically imposing men.

3. CH is on record supporting the idea that short men can improve their odds by targeting women shorter than themselves (under the theory that the female preference for male height is relative to female height). However, farmlegend makes an astute point about the notable predilection for *some* very short women to prefer much taller men, and there may be an evolutionary reason for that. So, perhaps it’s better advice for short men to target *slightly* shorter women than themselves, rather than significantly shorter women.

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