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Priest Game

No, not the gay homosexual pedophile priest game. Commenter Roman explains,

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I used to get laid somewhat easily in my 20s by saying I was thinking about becoming a priest and was still trying to figure things out. It made curiosity/conquest interest by women of the “unavailable” man quite high. Since it was actually true, it wasn’t a “game” technique per se.

The best Game techniques are the ones that nobody knows you’re running. Not even yourself.

Anyway, that path didn’t work out. Because I like women too much. And marriage didn’t ever happen because I like variety too much.

Variety is the spice of life. Most men desire poosy variety. But most men fear long, involuntary dry spells. So they settle for one woman with at least an implied guarantee of occasional sex. Because fear is stronger than desire. The fear will not pass through most men; it will set up camp and call the shots, forever.

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bernieciz, the reader who used a CH anti-flake technique to turn a cold lead hot, has a clarification regarding the post about his progress report.

@CH thanks for posting; the third screenshot was from a different girl (I actually made plans with the first girl once the second one cancelled so thanks again for the advice)

Thanks for clearing it up. I read that third screenshot as coming from the original flake. This makes more sense now. The first girl bernieciz used the “flaky mcflakester” line on was a GO. The third screenie was from a different girl, and the humor value in it is that this other girl used the exact same “I’m sick” flake excuse. It’s like girls have a lot more in common with each other than they do with men. Strange!


When a girl flakes, a reader recommends texting her a picture of a corn flake. Let her figure it out.


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Proud Incel Game

Consider the subject of this post an extended play version of the Game tactic “Agree & Amplify”.

Commenter anon stumbles upon the potential of Proud Incel Game when he writes,

i get plenty of poon. yet i dont look like i do. so to allay suspicions ill say i havent gotten any in so long i forgot how. they ask why i say bad luck things havent worked out ect. it does a good job with dismissing the fear they have that im some kind of player.

This can be parlayed into a boss pickup technique with a little practice and refinement, and especially on those girls who suspect you are a player and react defensively to your charms. The trick is to exaggerate your incel hopelessness beyond the bounds of shame. Envision the cadence of PIG rapport:

GIRL: Are you a player? That’s not my type.

RAGNAROK’S HERALDIC COCK: Oh man, if only. I haven’t gotten laid since Y2K. I forgot where to put it, it’s been so long. Grandmas are starting to look good to me now.

GIRL: Really? Why?

RAGNAROK’S BATTLE COCK: I dunno. Bad BO? Micropenis? Vox reader? Kasich voter? Maybe I just haven’t met the right girl yet. I’ll give it another ten years to see if this string of bad luck breaks, then I’m joining the priesthood.

At this point, she should be laughing, or at least brightening with curiosity. “How can he be so confidently blase about his failure with women?”, she’ll ask herself, and then she’ll rationalize your ZFG incel incongruity as a put-on or, better, a feint to create distance between you and her. And this, paradoxically, will make you a challenge and provoke in her a desire to “get through” to what you’re really about.

Give it a shot sometime. Nothing beats the instant feedback of the field to test out new Game techniques. If you’re up for it, try to find a balance between conspicuous hyperbole and regretful sincerity. That gray zone where ambiguity rules is the cauldron in which tingles are stewed.

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Flake No More

This is what happens when you take Chateau pickup advice to heart and apply it in the field.

Hey CH I was the one [bernieciz] who emailed you about the girls flaking with the “I’m sick excuse” so I tried out what you said and here is the result:


I called her and set up plans for tonight and eventually got a confirmation text this morning:


Heh, received this message today and it put a smile on my face:


I know what some of the less perceptive readers are thinking. “Where’s the successful close? She still flaked on him!”

Ah, not so fast, young pantywad. Context matters. You’ll note three developments that strongly suggest this second “sickness” text from the girl is not a flake (i.e., an excuse to bail). One, after the “flaky mcflakester” gibe, she promptly replied with a flurry of three texts. No girl does this for a man unless she has had her curiosity and interest (re)ignited.

Two, she initiated a confirmation text the next day. Again, a girl planning on flaking (a second time) would not do this.

Three, her second sickness excuse sounded sincere. She’s effusive with regret, and at least puts on a genuine show of intent to meet at some point in the near future. The fact appears to be that this girl is a flu magnet, and doesn’t want to meet while sniffles and coughing ruin her appearance.

My conclusion is that this girl is still down to meet, and I look forward to bernieciz giving us all an update soon.

PS If I were bernieciz, I wouldn’t bother replying to her last text. The balls are in her court now. No need to hammer out further mission directives. Alternately, bernieciz could tease her for her inability to stay healthy. “maybe laying off the hooch wd help you get better”. Or:

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Here’s a line I sometimes toss out to faux bitchy girls glibly assuming I’m just another chode waiting to polish their pussy pedestals. As far as asshole lines go, this one is lethally penetrative of girly egg-bunkering egos.

The line is most effectively deployed on girls who are playing that “I’m too good for you” flirty game that is common among many prime hotties. You know the type. She’ll tell you, in so many words, how much better she is than you, or how you fall short of her standards in this or that way. It’s irritating, but also promising, because girls generally don’t bother with these sorts of vanity games unless they feel a pulse of attraction.

GIRL: “We could never date. You’re too short/tall/old/young/into your job/full of yourself/etc.”

THE COCKENING: “Great. You sound annoying anyway.”

DROP THE SHRIKE. I’ve yet to have negative blowback from saying this to girls. Sure, there will follow a tumult of indignation — all of it phony — but eyes will brighten, cheeks will redden, and muffs will moisten. HOW COULD YOU! HOW DARE YOU! WHAT’S YOUR DEAL?! And just like that I’ve trespassed her hindbrain, and she’ll start rationalizing reasons why we, in fact, could date.

One reason I rarely get negative reactions to this supreme gentleman’s riposte is because I tailor my asshole game to my recipient. Super-sensitive, shy girls a tit size short of an HB8 can be genuinely hurt by asshole-y lines like this one, taking it to heart that they really might be annoying, and this bad feeling will cause them to emotionally turtle or storm off in a huff and a bird flip.

Asshole Game is powerful, which means it must be wielded with skill. You could carpet bomb assholery and get laid more than slouching toward incel as a perpetual niceguy, but you’ll also lose a fair number of the less bitchy/less haughty/less egotistic girls who don’t have strong urges to succumb to a total dick.

Less egotistic? Yes! Contrary popular perception, girls with high self-esteem enjoy the charms of the asshole more than do lower self-esteem girls. A girl who thinks highly of herself — i.e., she thinks highly of her face and body as commodities to sell herself on the open sexual market — prefers more challenging men as potential partners in grime. On the other end of the female spectrum, less solipsistic or extroverted girls are thinner-skinned and quicker to bruise from backhanded compliments (tending to focus on the backhanded part) and reckless assholery. They can be coaxed into chasing assholes, especially if they’re hotter than average, but will weary sooner of commitment-averse, ZFG jerkboys than will stronger, more self-confident women.

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The ideology of nonjudgmentalism, primarily held by women, is better understood as female guilt transference of their secret desire to be judged. Women WANT a man who will judge them and make them feel if not unworthy at least short of perfection. This provides a pretext for the woman to prove herself to the man, which she will love doing because the act of pleasing arouses in a woman the feeling that the person she’s pleasing is above her and therefore deserving of her efforts. And though women will never admit it on self-report surveys, they get quite turned on by the challenge of satisfying a man who occupies a higher station than them.

With that in mind, here’s Twisted Alpha (Twatter handle @Twisted_Alpha) writing about a form of judgmentalism that women can’t resist,

scoreboard game. arbitrarily giving points for good behavior

He attached this screenie:


Adding or subtracting “points” from a woman’s conversational prowess (or even physical/sexual prowess) is a classic Game routine, and illustrates very well the theory of Qualification/Disqualification. There’s a reason Qualification is such an important Game technique: it works, and it works fast. Why does it work? In two words, female hypergamy. A magistrate is sexier than a sycophant.

So if you’re searching for a rhetorical ploy that will coax girls to aim to please you, try Scoreboard Game. And don’t be afraid to deduct points for bitchy or excessively coy behavior. The impact will be lost if you revert to the beta male norm of awarding hundreds of points to women for the accomplishment of possessing a vagina.

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archerwfisher arrived for his stay at the Chateau, imbibed of the house wisdom, and left a more virile man.

Got to test a piece of game off this blog, it worked well. Went to a college church group at my alma mater–I’m 24 so I can still fit–and it was handfuls of guys or girls sitting around here or there, and a few games. I was bored and had only said a few sentences to a few people, then walked over to a bolo game they had set up. Saw a cute brunette I had spoken just a few words with, sitting at a table chatting with two guys and another girl. Used the power of the Chateau–pointed and gave a “come hither” gesture. She says to the others “ah, I gotta go” and walks over to me, just like that.

This blog could cost $50 a month to read and it would be totally worth it.

Poon Be Upon You, sir.

The come hither gesture is high risk, high reward. Risk: takes real balls to pull off confidently, can backfire if performed with the slightest uncertainty. Reward: a positive response is *really* positive, practically greasing the skids of the next hour of conversation.

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