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Galactic Overlord Trump made a typo in a tweet and hit send before checking. He obviously meant to type “[media] coverage” instead of “covfefe”. On cue, full spectrum shitlibs descended into mass womanish hysteria and haven’t stopped crying about it. Trump decided to let the typo stand overnight before deleting it (or delighting in it) in the morning, figuring that there was much entertainment value to be had in triggering infantile shitlibs into yet another tantrum. Naturally, he was right. In the morning, he deleted the typo and replied with this tweet:

This is classic Trump; make a common mistake that millions of normal Americans make all the time when typing on their phones, wind up deranged lunatic shitlibs, and then drive them over the brink of sanity by poking a little fun at himself. Self-deprecation is most effective when it’s used to defang, belittle, or otherwise show up humorless drones like your garden variety Trump-hating shitlib.

You can bet the bank that if the Gay Mulatto had tweeted the exact tweet Trump sent out in the same circumstances, the autistic screeching crowd would be tripping over themselves with praise and unctuous flattery for the Golden Groid’s good sense of humor and common man’s touch.

Anyhow, the episode is a great real life illustration of two Game principles:

Never Apologize



The two principles taken together form a powerful seduction technique that I’ll call Covfefe Game. The purpose of Covfefe Game is simple: Come across like a confident cocksure jerkboy in the commission of a faux pas while dissipating any potential social awkwardness and deflating the indignation of humorless frumps demanding or expecting your contrition.

In pickup, Covfefe Game is usually evident when an alpha male pushes a little too soon or too hard for sex talk or physical mingling. If the girl objects (often nonverbally) or hurls a shit test because she’s a Level 99 Sass Lass, the alpha male will, most crucially, refrain from apologizing, and follow up with a Trumpian Agree&Amplify, e.g.:

GIRL: I’m not that kind of girl.

MODS! BONEHAMMER!: This is nothing. Wait’ll you see my finishing move.

If the alpha violates some sacred millennial iphag sjw tenet, Covfefe Game will help him come out smelling like roses.

JACKHAMMER OF THE GODS: that neighborhood is ghetto.

LISPING SJW: um, you can’t say that anymore.

JACKHAMMER OF THE GODS: damn, ok. that neighborhood is black as night.

If it’s a minor verbal miscue more along the lines of Trump’s tweet typo, a self-deprecating Covfefe strategy can help there too.

MAXIMUS TESTICULUS: I’m gonna recline poolside in my chaise longue.

PRETENTIOUS DORK: haha you said “chase lounge”. it’s pronounce shaiz long.

MAXIMUS TESTICULUS: Someone’s jealous of my super long lounge chair.

The goal of Covfefe Game is the same whether your target is a cute girl or the Shitlib Cuntsortium: to provoke arousal and make them chase you for validation.

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Dominance Game

Male dominance is the irresistible force that compels steadfast followers and unfurled furrows. It’s the secret sauce of seduction, and no man serious about luring the fare sex neglects to cultivate an air of authority and social dominance.

Emailer Lurky McAesthetics is astonished by the power of male dominance to arouse women.

Long time lurker and admirer. Came upon this nugget of game on one of my friends’ cellphones, he is tall, good looking, and id call him a charming narcissistic asshole (have heard him tell girls on more than one occasion that she should feel lucky he took time out from admiring how sexy he is to talk to her….it works more times than i expect it to)

Haha, that’s funny, and the sort of cocky banter that would work for any man, not just good-looking men. If anything, it would work BETTER for average-looking men, if delivered with a deadpan expression and convincing sincerity.

I have met the girl he was talking to mid 20s, hard 8, fancy, used to men slobbering over her, and he apparently talked to her for 5 minutes when we were at a bar (big city, USA) and then invited himself over to her place

Men invade, women invite.

and broke her self-imposed 18 month hiatus from “dating dicks”, she is feisty (overheard their first convo) but subdued around him.

Every woman adores a caesar.

I always wondered why she behaved like that around him until i saw his texts to her (relevant info redacted for privacy) even being aesthetic it just blew my mind that such a girl was just beggin to be reframed (?) dominantly. Without further ado, the text exchange. Please feel free to use to to educate any beta pussy-pedestalizing herbs (he told her he would throw her in a sac in a cat costume instead of getting a cat) Red Box response is his).

A masterful seduction reads like a symphony sounds: uplifting, transcendent, inspiring. Note that no words were needed to send this lass in a tailspin; just a picture, a cream meme if you will, signifying everything that women love about men, and what women want to do with men who are worthy of their pussies: they want to submit, eagerly, with happy abandon.

Women’s eagerness to submit is partly a function of the paucity of available men who can inspire their submission or have the guts to demand, through word or action, their submission. No crevasse of the female hindbrain is deeper than the one that contains the ür-desire to relinquish her body, heart, and soul totally to a man exuding that I AM A GOLDEN GOD attitude.

PS Some will waver that good-looking men have more leeway to act dominant; that women will forgive them this indiscretion that would sink less attractive men. That is a bad misreading of female nature. The dominant handsome man bests the submissive handsome man EVERY TIME. Although women don’t mind a man easy on the eyes, it’s his alluring dominance and entitlement (who does this man thinks he is? he must be someone important) that really snares their hearts and juices their cunts. Now this isn’t to say nebbishy men should charge out of the gate wielding a cream meme like the one above; there must be consideration given to women’s trite first impressions, and that means for the less conspicuously dominant man a sudden gear shift from niceguy beta to ass-slapping alpha will trigger female creep alarms. He should avoid this obstacle by setting a subtly dominant tone early and often, so that when he deploys the cream memes later they don’t land with a thud but rather a throb.

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The Chateau is long on record observing that a man’s force of personality — his charisma — is a powerful lure for women. As women are unlike men in some very fundamental aspects, it benefits men to understand which ways women differ from men and to tailor their seduction technique to press women’s particular arousal buttons.

One major difference between the sexes is the emphasis each places on desirable traits in the opposite sex. Shortly and sweetly, women are holistic mate evaluators, men are visual mate evaluators. Women want the whole package, but are especially aroused by men with intoxicatingly jerkboy-ish attitudes who stand apart from the masses of “So what do you do for a living?” beta males. Men want hot babes, end of story. More sweetly:

Men dig beauty.
Chicks dig power.

Male power is projected through various social cues, including dominance (over men and women), humor, confidence, cockiness, entitlement, wit….and creativity. All these traits fall into the “male personality” category, which broadly speaking one can call “charisma”, which is why the CH “Dating Market Value Test for Men” includes questions such as:

13.  When was the last time you went to a house party?

Within the past month:  +1 point
Between one month and one year ago:  0 points
Over one year ago:  -1 point

14.  Have people besides your family called you funny?

None:  -1 point
A few have:  0 points
Nearly everyone who knows me:  +1 point


21.  You’ve just met a cute girl in a club and have been talking with her for five minutes when she abruptly changes the topic to a raunchy conversation about her multiorgasmic ability.  You respond with:

(A) a huge grin and an eager “Damn! That is HOT!”
(B) a look of mild disdain.
(C) a raised eyebrow while saying “Hey, thanks for the medical report.”

If you answered (A), subtract a point.
If (B), no points.
If (C), add a point.


In the ruthless world of the mating game, plain-looking men instinctively know that being funny, smart or poetic helps to compensate for a less-than-stellar exterior.

That gut feeling has now gained scientific validation from an unusual study published Wednesday.

Average-looking men become more alluring when women sense the man has an imaginative spark, it found.

Charisma can vault an average beta schlub past hunky men and into the hearts of women. This is vindication of a core CH concept.

But for women, sadly, there may not be the same boost.

Indeed, one experiment suggests that less attractive women even worsen their mating chances if they show mental zing.

This too is vindication of a core CH concept: men don’t much care about women’s wit and wisdom as long as she lookgood. In fact, men are a little bit TURNED OFF by women who have interesting personalities that could make the men’s personalities seem lame in comparison. (The same happens with wealthy or over-educated women; men don’t like to be with women whom they perceive as competitors, or as possessing traits in sufficient quantity and quality that diminish the attractiveness value of those same traits in men. This is why it’s arousing to men when women seem vulnerable and admiring.)

The results showed that men with less attractive faces get a big boost in the popularity contest if they show a creative touch, Watkins found.

“Creative guys with less attractive faces were almost identical in attractiveness to really good looking guys who were not as creative,” he told AFP in a phone interview.

Male smarts are pointless for attracting women unless those smarts are put to use crafting an intriguing, creative personality. In other words, more storytelling, less logical explaining.

The top-ranked men were those considered to be both physically attractive and creative.

Also does not contradict CH teachings. Looks matter less for men’s romantic success than they do for women’s romantic success, but that doesn’t mean male looks don’t matter at all.

For women, though, the news is not so good. Looks remain paramount.

In one experiment, creativeness did nothing to boost the allure of attractive women — and it even reduced the appeal of less attractive women.

I enjoy being with witty funny women….who are super cute. But that’s because my wit and humor is at the infinity-eth percentile. The point being, the stablest, happiest relationships are those in which the man is superior to the woman in all ways except looks. Women want….NEED…to look up to a man to feel love for him. Men want….NEED….to know that a woman is looking up to him to feel loved by her.

Why would women rate creativity among men so highly?

Watkins pointed to evolutionary biology — the hidden criteria that drive us to seek the best mate for ensuring healthy offspring and their survival.

“Women on average are a more selective sex when it comes to choosing romantic partners,” he said.

Imagination and inspiration may be “a proxy for intelligence,” he suggested.

“Creativity is thought to be a signal that an individual can invest time and effort into a particular task or can see things in novel ways that may be useful for survival.”

Evolution works on the human hindbrain by hiding its intentions. Women aren’t thinking “Oh, I really want to sex with a high IQ man who will be better at providing for our future children”; what they’re thinking is “Wow, this man makes me feel great. He’s so funny! Wew is that a love puddle in my yoga pants?”

That means nerds and poets are at a big disadvantage in online dating, where decisions to swipe left or right — to shun or show interest — are often based on just a glance.

“Certain platforms that we have now for dating might not be favourable for assessing people on more complex attributes,” Watkins said.

This is another vindication of a CH tenet: online dating severely restricts the range in which men can display their mate value to women. Use online dating as an appetizer, never the main meal, especially if you aren’t a top 5% man in the looks department. If you’re an exclusive online dater, you are handicapping yourself if you’re a man with that ineffable jerkboy charm that women crave in doses of close physical proximity. It’ll be much easier for you to get across your charms face-to-face than through the Zuckerborg Dehumanization Autistoportal.

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This is both a Game post and a politics post. Enjoy this explicit two-fer, because it’ll be one of those rare times you can witness the see-sawing CH haters implode from cogdis.

The reframe is a powerful Game technique, capable of stopping shit testing bitches cold, reigniting stalled banter, and easing the apprehensions of egg-guarding girls. The reframe is essentially perception management, in which one can alter the value of something (such as oneself) by changing the context in which that thing is understood.

A classic of the genre:

GIRL: I bet I’m not the first girl you’ve said that to.

POPE BUTTPLUG’S ALT-NEMESIS: I’ve learned what to say from girls just like you.

One more PUA classic:

POPE BUTTPLUG’S SATANIC TRUMPDREAM: Hey girl, don’t get handsy! You’ve gotta wine and dine me first, I’m not that easy.


Swinging this around to the politics angle, we can apply the reframe to a current event that has shitlibs twitching with gotcha! tingles.

The story: A trickle down media dweeb and walking nebbish caricature Ben Jacobs got body slammed by a Montana Republican pol named Gianforte. It’s being reported with indignant tones suggestive of a major scandal but honestly it’s the best news I’ve heard all day! Who hasn’t wanted to remind these dorky uptalking shitlib manlets that high school never really ends for them?

The reframe: “A reporter was tackled by a Montana Republican? Don’t give in to fear and hate. If you do, the Montana Republicans will have won.”

Another reframe, courtesy of Gabber @CorneliusRye:

In the aftermath of this attack, I fear the backlash that the Republican and Alt-Right communities will have to endure. 😢

We stand in solidarity with them.

Post note: On cue, Paul Ryan has cucked his way into the news by asking Gianforte to apologize. If CuckRyan had instead said anything akin to the reframes above (instead of groveling for an apology from Gianforte), my estimation of him would have gone from AIDS VECTOR to T LEVEL DETECTED.

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Reader cobrantula accepted the CH MAGA Game Challenge. He writes about his experience.

A few posts ago you bad asses suggested a man go out wearing a MAGA hat and tell ya’ll what happened. So here ya go.

I live in Baltimore and usually hang out in the artsy, SJW area known as [REDACTED]. I will tell you where I went, but ask that you don’t make that public knowledge beyond saying an artsy neighborhood in Baltimore.

First I went to the [REDACTED] which is on the first floor of the [REDACTED]. I sat at the bar next to two SJW chicks. It didn’t take long for them to open me. They were challenging. “How can you wear that hat in Baltimore?” I went with an answer I stole from Wild at Heart.

“‘Cause it’s a symbol of my individuality and it represents my belief in personal freedom.”

They started trying to argue and that’s when I remembered the teachings of the Chateau. I just grinned and tried to have amused mastery. I don’t remember any of what I said, but I just remember my attitude and soon enough they were laughing with me and calmed down.

Unfortunately I ran out of steam. After a lull in conversation I asked for the number of the one closest to me and she refused. I stole a line from Sam Kinison. I said, “Good luck with your compromise,” and I left.

Next bar was the [REDACTED], another SJW haven. I got many looks of hate/ disgust, but no one really fucked with me. One Indian girl started chatting me up enthusiastically, but all of a sudden about three minutes in she just up and left.

The last bar I went to was the [REDACTED]. This bar I would consider the SJW belly of the beast. I sat and waited and sure enough the two girls next to me opened me with disgust and curiosity. But just as it was about to get good the Bouncer rushed over and shouted, “Do not talk to them!”

I tried to argue that they were talking to me, not realizing that I wasn’t gonna be able to logic my way out of this. At the time I thought the smartest option was just to open some other girls rather than get thrown out of the bar. So I moved.

It’s a good strategy to make friendos with bouncerbros at establishments you frequent, for exactly this reason.

Ordering a drink the cute bartender asked me about the hat. For the second time the Bouncer rushed over and this time said, “This guy’s a troll don’t feed the trolls.”

Then again, some bouncers are dicksucking phaggot white knights who voted for thecunt.

I left soon after and went to [REDACTED] where reactions were much warmer. In the end I got drunk and my game fell apart, but it was a fun experiment all in all.

Next day I walked around Georgetown wearing it. So many girls did double takes. A lot of them gave me looks of disgust.

Remember, in women disgust is one emo-oscillation away from a full blown vagina tingle. It’s true, SCIENCE! says so in this study which used plethysmograph measurements to discover that women are involuntarily turned on by a lot of weird and disgusting stuff:


The genitals of the volunteers were connected to plethysmographs — for the men, an apparatus that fits over the penis and gauges its swelling; for the women, a little plastic probe that sits in the vagina and, by bouncing light off the vaginal walls, measures genital blood flow. An engorgement of blood spurs a lubricating process called vaginal transudation: the seeping of moisture through the walls. The participants were also given a keypad so that they could rate how aroused they felt.

The men, on average, responded genitally in what Chivers terms “category specific” ways. Males who identified themselves as straight swelled while gazing at heterosexual or lesbian sex and while watching the masturbating and exercising women. They were mostly unmoved when the screen displayed only men. Gay males were aroused in the opposite categorical pattern. Any expectation that the animal sex would speak to something primitive within the men seemed to be mistaken; neither straights nor gays were stirred by the bonobos. And for the male participants, the subjective ratings on the keypad matched the readings of the plethysmograph. The men’s minds and genitals were in agreement.

All was different with the women. No matter what their self-proclaimed sexual orientation, they showed, on the whole, strong and swift genital arousal when the screen offered men with men, women with women and women with men. They responded objectively much more to the exercising woman than to the strolling man, and their blood flow rose quickly — and markedly, though to a lesser degree than during all the human scenes except the footage of the ambling, strapping man — as they watched the apes. And with the women, especially the straight women, mind and genitals seemed scarcely to belong to the same person. The readings from the plethysmograph and the keypad weren’t in much accord. During shots of lesbian coupling, heterosexual women reported less excitement than their vaginas indicated; watching gay men, they reported a great deal less; and viewing heterosexual intercourse, they reported much more. Among the lesbian volunteers, the two readings converged when women appeared on the screen. But when the films featured only men, the lesbians reported less engagement than the plethysmograph recorded. Whether straight or gay, the women claimed almost no arousal whatsoever while staring at the bonobos.


The CH ür-Maxim: Watch what women do, don’t listen to what women say.

I yadstopped one girl and she was all butthurt about the hat, but she stayed in set. Turns out she’s engaged so it didn’t go anywhere.

“Engaged” but “stayed in set”. Just when you think you’ve got marriage material on your hands.

Best part of the day:

A homeless veteran stopped me and said, “America was already great. He just made it greater.”

He showed me a picture of him and his infant son. He was wearing a MAGA hat in the pic.

God Bless Trump, America, and the Chateau.


Good stuff. I would say the reactions were what I’d expect in a deepest blue shitcity like Baltimore, but despite that there were women willing to indulge their curiosity with MAGA MAN. The bigger obstacle appears to be pissed off Trump-hating males like the bouncer in this sociological experiment. If you can neutralize the bitterbitch males, the women’s objections should be easier to surMOUNT. (White knights are like mobile border walls “protecting” women from sexy interloper womanizers.)

Any others willing to accept the MAGA Game Challenge?

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Nick brings up an important topic:

It’s Krauser’s business, of course he’s going to say that. Most guys would never cold approach a girl on the street to even know if she was a “yes”. Cold approaching is game, knowing how to escalate a “yes” is game, “converting maybes to yeses” is game, but it’s not where it starts, it’s moving the goalposts for PUAs to distinguish themselves in an increasingly saturated market. Nothing against Krauser, just ran into him last week, but approach anxiety is hands down the biggest issue all guys face. Getting over AA and flipping stones to find a “yes” girl is game, even if PUAs consider it insufficiently difficult to merit their notice.

In my opinion, approach anxiety is one of the top three hurdles beta males face on the journey to romantic fulfillment. The other two are the urge to appease women and the avoidance of escalating sexual tension.

Basically, the three SELF-COCKBLOCKING ISSUES bedeviling beta men are all downstream of one character trait they share: fear of failure. Cowardice, if you want to be mean-spirited about it. Reflectiveness, if you want to be nice.

The Chateau has covered these issues, in detail.

How to overcome approach anxiety. (among other suggestions in similar archived posts)

How to overcome the urge to appease women. (among similar posts)

How to escalate. (see also)

If women can be sorted into three categories




then game is about

-securing the yeses

-screening or cold converting the nos

-leading the maybes

Contra Krauser (or whatever his detractors claim he’s said), Game is part of nailing down the “yeses”. A lot of men blow it with “yes” women — how many dates have you been on that didn’t end with sex? — and could use the aid of game to stop doing those things that cause “yes” women to turn into “no” women.

I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating: Game is as much the discarding of unsexy beta habits as it is the accumulating of sexy alpha habits.

Related: The three beta male mortal sins.

Also related: You can calm your nerves before hitting on women. This is known as Inner Game.


None of the ugly truths discussed at CH are really off-topic. New research uses brain scans to estimate IQ. Mark your calendars. May 15, 2017 is the day Leftoid Equalism died.

Also not really off-topic: The Audacity of Yuge hypothesizes that the sexbot revolution could be a boon for America’s native stock fertility, rather than the civilization destroying sexual market shake-up I have foreseen.

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Not an AFC has a Game question,

Off Topic:

Hey Heartiste, could you tell me if my answer is good, or how to deal with this kind of banter?

I have a female coworker which is somewhat attractive, but I don’t want anything with her (I am married). That said, I enjoy some playful banter, but I dont want to come across as hitting on her, while also not looking like an AFC.

Chat through work chat system:

Me: oops
Her: what?
Me: accidently called you; guess it didnt go through
Her: missing me? 😉
Me: phat fingers

I feel my answer was subpar. What do you say? Thanks!

The dreary cube farms of Gynecorp, Inc are a minefield for men these days. Never mind office affairs; if you so much as cross paths with a cunt having a bad day, you can be frog-marched to HR for accusations of looking at her funny. Ironically, this reality calls for MORE Game, not less, because a man who has mastered the Art of Charm can sidestep a lot of Daisy Ballcutters.

Not an AFC is perfectly justified in wanting to keep his Game sharp, even in the caustic anti-human office environment. Men get a thrill from pleasing women, and likewise women get a thrill from being pleasing to men. Harmless flirting is loathed by the Feminist Shrike Demasculinization Post-Industrial Complex precisely because it reaffirms the sexual polarity of men and women and their unequal, unidentical humanity.

Rambling out. To his specific Game question, I don’t see anything resembling AFC (Average Frustrated Chump aka your mass produced beta male) behavior in his replies. “phat fingers” isn’t beta i.e., needy, desperate, lame, awkward, or overly aggressive…but neither is it the pinnacle of pussy parting wordplay. If Not an AFC had wanted to juice this chat beyond the bounds of predictability, and torque the girl’s obviously flirty prior come-on, a better reply would have been something like this:

Her: missing me? 😉
Not an AFC: you’d like that

When a girl offers up a blatantly flirty jab, that is no time to go *ahem* soft. She’s wanting you to rev the engine a little. Not too much…you’ll scare her off. Just a little rumble from under the hood to split shine the seat her bum nestles in.

Readers familiar with Game concepts from the CH archives will recognize a few principles put to use in the “you’d like that” reply. One, it’s a subtle DQ (disqualification) tactically removing the man from active pursuit of the woman. (DQs lower bitch shields aka female self-entitlement defenses.) Two, it flips the script and alters the perception of the interaction to one in which the girl is chasing the man. Three, it assumes the sale.

If more White men were bold this way in the office, our numbers would be insurmountable and the Gynecracy would collapse from internal contradiction.

By the way, with female tingles comes female deference, and with female deference comes big proud clanging balls in men returning to the spot where the corporate world scooped them out and fed them to the cats of spinster misfits.

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