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During moments of pop media regurgitation, I have had White girlfriends say to me, a White man they were happily fucking and to whom they professed their love, that, in so many words, “White men are the problem with society”.

Try to wrap your head around that lawgic trap.


Atavator comments,

Heartiste, remember Larry Auster’s “3 person morality play” in liberalism? Good White, Bad White, Other. Just about every movie people watch follows this script. Shitlibs say this kind of crap so easily because they simply assume that YOU assume they’re putting you in the “good white/redeemer” category. And when they say “white men” are the problem, they mean someone… out there.

It’s a disgusting filthy lie of a worldview, but few women have the ability to think their way out of that programming, and would probably express surprise that you would even take offense.

A big part of what we all need to be doing is making people PAY in some way (even if it begins with disgust and anger) for parroting this loathsome garbage.

Perceptive. (RIP Auster) This is the mentality at work here. When women find out I’m very much the badwhite of their nightmares (defying their expectation of the form and style a badwhite should take)….well, they get a little hotter in the panty blotter!…even if long-term they must know it’s not gonna happen between us.

It’s evidence of a profound sickness in our culture when you really digest what’s happening here:

SWPL White girls are trying to connect with White men by slandering White men. In the twisted landscape of their damebrain, these chicks think that bashing BadWhites to a White man is romantic, an example of “shared values” that White girls need to feel with a man before they’re ready to receive his swarth-free seed.

That White chicks don’t even contemplate the possibility a White man will ever object is an extremely damning indictment of the SWPL White men who share their social strata: the girls are probably right; vanishingly few craven soyboys will ever call them out for their insipid anti-White posturing.

Until they meet a stone cold shivver like yours truly. A subversive who swims among them. A rebel right under their noses.

Batrachian writes,

Women relate to things on an inchoate, emotional basis. They don’t understand themselves, or what the fundamental drivers of their behaviours often are.

The same women that feel deeply offended by the very proposition of societal eugenics and hierarchy are also the first to be socially-Darwinian in their attitudes toward men.

CH Maxim #77: The fealty to equalism women signal is belied by the ferocity with which they sift and sort men in the sexual market.

Evolution likely saw to it that women would not be aware of their subconscious motivations, lest the fair sex lose the ability to dupe beta males (self-duping authenticates other-duping).

Complementarily, evolution saw to it that men would appease the Sexual Darwinism of women by avoiding any show of weakness or expression of emotional vulnerability…or die incel. Over the eons, men have been selected to indeed be less emotionally vulnerable because instinct usually trumps affectation.

Autarky writes,

[Women’s] biological programming is to avoid social exclusion. Only when white men are seen to be more powerful than the media will ‘their opinion’ change.

My quick rebukes may not have changed their opinions but it did shut their pieholes. For a spell. (My reply to anti-White virtue sniveling women is along the lines of “you have me confused with someone who will listen to your crap”. Or mouthlove.)

Batrachian again,

I’ve often wondered about the lack of self-awareness involved in this [White women signaling anti-White bona fides].

It’s understandable that they’re primarily acting out of fear (the west has become utterly isolating and tyrannical in a way that few are able to articulate) but I doubt anyone openly acknowledges this.

Is fear driving the epidemic of White women to posture against White men? Yes, if you believe that White women believe social ostracism is guaranteed if they don’t parrot the Anti-White Party Line. Something else is driving it, too.


SWPL, overeducated, over-employed, under-childed White women, for reasons I’ve explained at length in the pages of this blog, have become disgusted with their White men, the soyboys and bugmen and effete toadies and “Concorde-nosed moguls” who are their sexual market confederates. No man is standing up to them; worse, these low T lackeys are cheering on their race-traitor White women to ever greater depths of Hajnalian subversion of their shared homeland and culture. On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.

And why these same chicks flee to tumblrrhea to tell of how they relievedly surrendered to a proudly White MAGAman and were beginning to question everything they thought they knew about themselves.

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Men have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable, a study has revealed.

And women prefer men who are less agreeable but pay attention to detail, according to the German survey of a thousand people.

They found “men whose partners had less emotional stability reported better sexual function” while “lower agreeableness of a sexual partner was predictive of better sexual function in women.”

From a Gabber,

Most men already knew this. The best sex you’ll ever have is with a woman who’ll stab you with a pair of scissors for liking another woman’s social media post.

Headcase women try a lot harder in bed because they love that feeling that their man might leave them at any moment. So Dread Game is useful in two ways: it keeps women attracted and faithful, and it heats up the bedroom. Of course, the downside is that you have to learn to deal with the blowback of continually provoking her to unlock ever-greater levels of achievement in girlcrazy.

The usual way these Manipulative Man-Crazy Girl relationships go is:

Hot sex => Surprise drama => Hotter sex => Manufactured drama => Soul-desiccating sex => Here comes the crazy train! => Stroke-inducing sex => Breakup.

Every one ends in a huge blowout-slash-blowjob because every man has his breaking point beyond which he can’t tolerate another bout of crazy from his girl. That breaking point is reached when the relief of getting away from the crazy is stronger than the regret of giving up the hot sex. For the options-rich alpha male, the breaking point is between three weeks and three months. For the options-starved beta male, the breaking point is between three years and early death.

The second part of that study — women have better sex with disagreeable men — recapitulates a rich Heartistian archive of personal anecdote and scientific confirmation of the CH maxim that chicks dig jerks. The man who locks a woman in (tethers her to his dick like ribbon to a may day pole) is the man who balances his charming and impeccably ambiguous emotional distance with his sensual expertise navigating a woman’s body.

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From Days of Broken Arrows,

Runaway Maternalism Is Female Narcissism.” It’s worse than that. It’s a form of revenge.

Most runaway maternalism comes from the childless-and-single crowd. They misdirect those feeling onto things like pitbulls and refugees BECAUSE they know these very things will harm the innocent children of the happy couples they resent and despise.

You know that awful feeling men get when we see a stunningly beautiful woman we can’t have? Well, barren women get that feeling when they see the children they never had. The different is that “10s” are few and far between but babies are everywhere.

This is what makes The Barren Womb crowd more insidious than the male incel crowd. They mask their hatred as altruism.

The end.

It’s brutal ’cause it’s true.

I really do think though that this is a multifaceted problem, and that there are multiple, positively reinforcing psychological motivations behind female xenophilia and pathological maternalism. Many childless women, young and spinster, seek an outlet for their unfulfilled nurturing instinct, and find it in pit bulls, rapefugees, and border beanlets.

But DoBA is right; revenge plays into the sick compulsion as well. Single White women are bitter and are taking it out on normal, healthy White America. Trump is their lightning rod to “resist”. The solution is not to give these bitterbitches what they want; you don’t bargain with a vengeful woman who wants to make everyone as miserable as herself. The answer is to defy their screeching and break their spirits with a campaign of mockery and shaming. Only then will they be ready to submit to the will of their White men.

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One of my realest of realtalk posts — women are LESS cooperative than are men — contributed a new aphorism to the national discourse:

Men compete, then cooperate.
Women compete, then cast out.

The post inspired this perceptive comment from a Gabber,

Vertical male hierarchy ensures a place for everyone. Order is kept via rules-based discipline and the threat of demotion. Allows for graceful losing and peaceful surrender. Stable.

Horizontal female hierarchy causes massive churn, clique formation, uncertain and shifting status and frequent change of allegiance. Zero sum. Highly unstable.

There’s a good reason why ascending civilizations and female disempowerment are mutually inclusive and why declining civilizations are associated with female empowerment. The system becomes unstable under female deference and rule (hence the term I coined: gynarcho-tyranny).


In related news

A Swedish student activist stopped the deportation of an Afghan man this week by refusing to take her seat on a packed Turkish Airlines flight, and her dramatic video of the tense standoff has gone viral.

The student, Elin Ersson, initially bought a ticket because she believed that a 26-year-old man from Afghanistan was being deported to Kabul from Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg via Istanbul. When she got on the plane, the 26-year-old was not there, but an Afghan deportee in his 50s was with the Swedish authorities.

Ms. Ersson, 21, live-streamed the standoff on the flight late Monday on Facebook, and footage of the 14-minute video shows her in tears, at times being confronted by crew members and angry passengers. But she also garnered some support. […]

“I’m trying to change my country’s rules,” she tells a seated passenger. “He is going to die — because it’s Afghanistan.”

Globalizing the empathobesic White female nurturing instinct has been a disaster for the West. (And the invidious YKW with their lackey status anxious goyium have exploited this instinct masterfully.)

Let’s have a look at Mz Ersson’s phyzz:

Swedish problem glasses. You can practically smell the cat piss through the photo. How many White women are suffering from undiagnosed Williams Syndrome like this hysterical broad? Millions? (apparently)

White women really need to be brought under the White man’s whip hand again. It’s obvious they’re craving the whip hand, and they’ll take it from swarthy invaders if they can’t find it among their own men. It used to be the sensible cure for female hysteria was…


In slightly less related news, with a name like Rod Rosenstein he was born to subvert Heritage America:




Elin Errson, the proto-spinster in the news story above, “rescued” an Afghan man who turned out to be a wife beater and child abuser. LOL.


Refuse White women their desire and they will make you pay for it forever.

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This is what runaway credentialism does to our naturally suck-up White women: turns them into Gay Mulatto adoring, poz-pushing, miscegenating White man-haters willing to trash their nation and turn it into a gibs depot for the world’s filth just to get a virtue sniveling tingle in their cooches.

Thankfully, this mental illness is largely confined to over-credentialed White women (I wish this data had been further broken down by marital status). If Trump is to keep winning, he needs a message that appeals to working class women as well as to men. The credentialed battlecunt vote is lost to him; best we can do on Trumperica’s behalf is mock these cat ladies in waiting, shame them for their vapid beliefs, and ridicule their sanctimony. Women do feel the hot burn of shame far more powerfully than do men; a shaming campaign can pay big dividends.

Why do credentialed White broads hate Trump? An MPCer thinks media capture is primarily to blame.

This is the media capture effect.  100% of mainstream political media is anti-Trump, and it hits women hardest.

College educated women listen to NPR and read the NYT.  If they’re Republican-leaning they may possibly watch Fox News instead of CNN, but more likely neither.  Even the Republican-leaning women still listen to NPR.  The Anti-Trump message on all of this media is that supporting Trump is not even something that needs to be rationally considered.  Only damaged people like Trump.

This tells on normal women.  Plenty of these women would like to support Trump and not vote to sell out their country, but they need social cover for it.  There need to be more normal women on TV and the media talking about the bread and butter reasons to support Trump.  Jobs, the economy, and protecting what we’ve got from foreign competition are all things to emphasize.  Some way, some how, we have to get images of normal women supporting Trump onto the television.

Also, while banging hot women on the side may have helped JFK/Clinton with the average single unmarried Democrat woman, it doesn’t help Trump so much with the average married Republican woman.

Credentialed White Women (CWW) need to be weaned off the Talmudvision. Ripples in their comfortable conformism can eventually effect sea changes in attitude. For instance, ask a CWW at your local airport to remove CNN from the TVs; tell her you don’t want to hear “Fake News”. If she objects, laugh in her face and snort “typical”.

Media capture includes social expectation bias. Some, maybe 5 or 10%, of these CWWs telling survey takers they are voting Democreep are lying to avoid social ostracism from the spinsterhood. I doubt that explains all of the trend, though.

A more potent explanation is that CWWs have come to despise their available White men. These cunts are surrounded on their college campuses by squadrons of soyboys. They resent these un-men and transfer their resentment onto Trump and the shitlord men who support him.

Some of (((their))) resentment is aimed at married White women and popular “Beckys” (a generic term for a psychologically and physically attractive White woman who supports Trump and loves masculine men).

Adding fuel to the CWW rush to anti-Trump and anti-White conformism is the fact that US colleges have become far less discriminatory over the last two decades. Admissions standards have been lowered to accommodate Diversity™ and incoming hordes of White women who want to major in Gender Fluidity and Whorenalism. Colleges are 60+% female, and the sex skew is getting worse, stoking a bitterness in female students who want to nuptially land an educated Chad but find they have to compete with prettier girls just to get a one night stand. Romantic frustration is another culprit pushing CWWs away from sanity and toward Globohomoism.

Which leads to a point I’ve made many times on this blog: when women remain unmarried but economically self-sufficient, they vote for anyone who will strengthen the power of Sugar Daddy Government at the expense of White beta male providers. Government becomes not only a beta provider substitute, but also an outlet for CWWs to vent their spite and signal their loyalty to the gynarcho-tyranny.

The loss of the early-wedded homemaker, in both numbers and status, has created a perverse economic incentive for the CWW who wants cheap consumer products and indentured servants to release her from labor-intensive routine household chores and child-rearing that used to fill a big part of the day of un-credentialed White women, before the DEGREE UP AND LEAN IN, YASS QUEENS ideology took a hold of their imaginations. Throwing more government money at these CWWs isn’t going to solve the problem of them aligning with Globohomo; in the long term it will only intensify their disloyalty to their White men.

The CWW problem isn’t fixed until women have “skin in the game” again. Women have to feel like they are in this together with their men, and that any President and any policies which benefit their men also benefits the women. This means a return to the benevolent patriarchy of America at her height, when sex roles and sex differences were celebrated instead of bitterly cursed like they are today.

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Sex skews can have profound impacts on sexual market behavior. The scarcer sex gets to dictate the terms of engagement. Generally, more women than men means more cads and tramps, fewer dads and damsels. While more men than women means this:

Western societies, particularly in America, have currently operative sexual markets which strongly indicate sex skews that favor women: dull-looking egomaniacal attention whores holding out for apex alphas. Western Men are noticing. From farmlegend,

CH: “But the hourglass-shaped, slender, feminine woman is a vanishing breed, and fat chicks are so disgusting that men will bang a strident, chisel-jawed, hipless careercunt with 3% body fat because the alternative — spelunking neck deep into the smegma swamp of a quintuple-folded labia-rinth — is so ghastly.”

Couple things –
In my day, “curvy” meant Sophia Loren, Racquel Welch. In 2018 America, any overfed warpig with a beer gut, flabby batwings and pendulous tits can proudly call herself “curvy” and no one bats an eye.

Another thing about the America of my yute – a plain-faced, hipless, titless gal was practically invisible in the SMP, and would have considered herself fortunate to snag a dull, hardworking average dude for marriage and babymaking. The obesity epidemic has radically transformed the social value of these types of women, and they can and do get away with behaving like entitled queens near the apex of the pyramid. I personally know of a few women in my orbit of acquaintances that fit this description, and the amount of attention they get from the ravenous horde of thirsty men is unreal – they get approached all the damned time, shit test and flake like it’s goin’ out of style, and sneer at the effrontery of men that show her interest who aren’t 6’3” and studly.

I’ve written about this topic before: female obesity has a huge impact on the practicable sexual market:

there is another, MASSIVE factor at work skewing the sexual market, and one that, just as unsurprisingly, gets almost no attention from the PC-soaked punditariat: female obesity.

Imagine you are an unmarried working class dude recently unemployed. You look around you and marvel at a sea of grotesquely misshapen fat women, rolls upon rolls of undulating flesh hiding stores of cheesy poofs, porky hellion spawn trailing their wakes, chins resting atop chins, bloated diabetic cankles stomping the Walmartian grounds like lumbering elephants. In some towns, close to 40% of the available single women are clinically OBESE.

This is obesity folks, not just overweight. Overweight women are physically repulsive, but obesity renders them monstrous. To clarify this assertion for the modern indoctrinated female reader: an obese woman is as sexually undesirable to men as a jobless, charmless, humorless, enfeebled, dull man is sexually undesirable to women.

So back to our realistic scenario: Our typical unmarried working class man surveys his cellulite-blasted kingdom (and it does not matter how fat he, himself, is, for fat men and thin men alike prefer the exquisite sight of slender female bodies), and he makes a quick hindbrain calculation. Does he bust his ass in a crappy service sector job doing women’s work for a shot at legally bound long-term commitment to a shuffling shoggoth dragging the bastard spawn of a hundred alpha males in tow, or does he say “fuck it” and turn to video games and porn featuring hot, thin chicks for his status and dopamine fix?

Sex skew doesn’t necessarily have to be purely birth-ratio numerical in character; a functional sex skew can exist anywhere the BANGABLE population of one sex outnumbers the bangable population of the other sex. Given the inherent nature of the sexes — expensive eggs, cheap sperm, female perishability, male expendability — there will under normal circumstances and in most places and times be fewer bangable women than bangable men, but additional, novel factors can push that ingrained female-favored skew closer or further from favoring women.

Gross, boundless obesity — an evolutionary novel factor if ever there was one — negatively affects female bangability more than it does male bangability, so a high rate of female obesity would in practice reduce further the number of bangable women available to men, creating a “dads and damsels” sexual market of fewer women and more men that mirrors a numerically shifted sexual market in which male live births greatly outnumbered female live births. The tilted playing field would tilt even more against men, from all the fat women standing at one end of it.

In short, widespread (heh) female obesity means women can call the shots, and the less-fat the woman, the more shots she can call and the louder and more obnoxious her calls. Sex-skewing obesity has a downstream effect on the sexual market that influences the decision-making process of every woman, slender and larded alike, so that even the plain janes and the bangable-by-black-man-standards chubsters strut and preen like the past HB8s of a better, thinner America. Meanwhile, a present day HB8 has so many options and love-parched lickspittles fanning her with online flattery that she leverages her power to convince an alpha male to accept exclusivity and nagging before he’s ready (if she’s forward-thinking), or she squanders her prime lubricity years on the cock carousel laboring under the well-fed delusion that she has all the time in the world and a limitless, uninterrupted menu of alpha males eager to save a ho and pay through the nose for the privilege of it.

The picture is complicated (for the worse) by the fact that “dads and damsels” aren’t the sole manifestations of a female obesity-skewed sex market that favors women. Scarce slender pussy can just as easily mean more men dropping out of the dating market rather than “dadding up”, especially if conditions in the dating field are such that actively or attitudinally chaste, pleasantly feminine damsels remain in short supply, which as anyone looking at Current Year Cuntery can readily ascertain they are. And “dropping out” becomes a lot more tolerable to men if they have the horniness release valve of hardcore online porn, to be supplemented (very soon) with lifelike HB10 sexbots.

None of this state of affairs, btw, is conducive to maintaining, let alone building, civilization. But we won’t learn this lesson until it’s too late. It is required.

Solve the female obesity pandemic and you solve countless associated ailments suppressing the innate greatness of European Christendom.


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From Amon Ra,

Why are our women so pathologically stupid ? Rhetorical question.

– Afghan Deportee “Saved” By A Little Swedish Girl, Turned Out To Be Violent Criminal –


I’ve run out of facepalms to express Western Man’s exasperation with his unregulated womanfolk. Suffice to say, this runaway maternalism — a virulent, gynocentric form of pathological altruism — is indistinguishable from female narcissism. Women get a thrill up their egos when they can cast themselves as saviors of putatively downtrodden foreigners oppressed by the Bad Beta Males who forgot how to hold the whip hand.

It’s no coincidence that every civilization collapse in history was preceded by female social, sexual, and political empowerment.

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