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Childless women are headcases. Empty wombs, empty heads.


Stallman comments,

Friendly Reminder that women are still the majority voting block in the US.

America is fucked.

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“Would you be serious for a moment?”

“Are you like this with everyone?”

“You’re such an asshole!”

“You really think highly of yourself.” (translation: “I really think highly of you”)

“I can never get a straight answer from you.”


“You never tell me what you’re feeling.”

“That’s not gonna work on me.”

“You think you can just waltz in here like nothing’s wrong.”

“Why do you have to make this so difficult?”

“It’s just, I dunno, I need a little something more from you.”

“I know you love me.” (translation: “you know I love you”)


If you hear any of these giddily exasperated complaints from a girl, you’re doing it right.

Just don’t actually address what she’s asking of you, or you’ll kill her love outright. Simply smile, and know that your ship of state is steady and on course to vaginaland.

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Merde passed along a funny news blurb about one of the rich Hollywood ladies, Felicity Huffman, charged with bribing her kid into an elite college.

This is interesting.

According to the Today Show, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman “dated for 15 years before they finally tied the knot in 1997. Sofia was born in 2000, Georgia in 2002.”

Felicity told TribLive that marriage once terrified her. “I was so scared of marriage that I thought I would’ve preferred to step in front of a bus,” she told the newspaper, adding: “Bill Macy asked me to marry him several times over several years. And I was finally smart enough to go: ‘I’m going to marry this guy or really lose him for good.’ And it was after we broke up for four or five years when he asked me again, I knew I couldn’t say no.”

So marriage to William Macy was less appealing to Huffman than being killed by a bus until he won acclaim for Fargo in 1997. Suddenly she couldn’t risk losing him.

Female hypergamy is always sniffing about for alpha maleness, even in the same man. If a man comes into a fortune or experiences a big positive change in his social prestige that raises his SMV, his girlfriend will suddenly stop having “headaches”, start cooking more often, quietly throw away her 2016 pussyhat, let her hair grow out, and stop bragging about her slutty past. That same man she broke up with for five years will, after starring in a blockbuster movie, seem like a real catch.

Naturally, such a man, if he were smart, would toss the foot-dragging bitch and upgrade to a younger, hotter, tighter prospect.

FYI Felicity Huffman has a huge manjaw. Yeech.

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An explosive 2014 paper authored by (from the look of the names) three White Gentiles finds that female economic independence or female dependence on the state as substitute beta provider husband decreases the stigma against and moral opposition to female promiscuity.

In environments in which female economic dependence on a male mate is higher, male parental investment is more essential. In such environments, therefore, both sexes should value paternity certainty more and thus object more to promiscuity (because promiscuity undermines paternity certainty). We tested this theory of anti-promiscuity morality in two studies (N = 656 and N = 4,626) using U.S. samples. In both, we examined whether opposition to promiscuity was higher among people who perceived greater female economic dependence in their social network. In Study 2, we also tested whether economic indicators of female economic dependence (e.g., female income, welfare availability) predicted anti-promiscuity morality at the state level. Results from both studies supported the proposed theory. At the individual level, perceived female economic dependence explained significant variance in anti-promiscuity morality, even after controlling for variance explained by age, sex, religiosity, political conservatism, and the anti-promiscuity views of geographical neighbors. At the state level, median female income was strongly negatively related to anti-promiscuity morality and this relationship was fully mediated by perceived female economic dependence. These results were consistent with the view that anti-promiscuity beliefs may function to promote paternity certainty in circumstances where male parental investment is particularly important.



Results of both studies were consistent with the theory that opposition to promiscuity arises in circumstances where paternity certainty is particularly important and suggest that such opposition will more likely emerge in environments in which women are more dependent economically on a male mate. Attempts to replicate these results in other cultures will be necessary in order to determine the robustness of this model under diverse social conditions. Further research will also be necessary to illuminate the psychological mechanisms that underlie the observed association between female economic dependence and opposition to promiscuity (e.g., the cues which shape individual perceptions of the local environment). One plausible mechanism is that people living in environments characterized by higher female dependence are more likely to learn about negative consequences associated with promiscuity (e.g., difficulties faced by parents and offspring in situations of high paternity uncertainty), a process which could generate a cultural opposition to promiscuity that is founded on biological concerns.

Now where have you read independently arrived meditations on this theme before? Oh yeah.


And here.

And here.

And here.

When women are economically self-sufficient (aka “leaning in”), or their needs are met by the State (i.e., welfare queens), the value of a beta provider husband goes down. Consequently, the value of paternity certainty drops. If women don’t need to convince a man to stay, they don’t need to convince a man the kid is his. And unconvinced men are less likely to want to stay, completing the dystopian circle.

Women who don’t need a man for his provisioning and protection are the backbone of the “slut pride” movement. Big State, Big Capitalism, and Big Slut reinforce each other. Moral opposition — itself a derivative of the disgust reflex — to sluttery decreases in gynarcho-tyrannies in which women can fend for themselves and can therefore survive as single mommies should they get pregnant by one of their fly by night lovers. Men adapt to this new reality of economically empowered women by emphasizing seduction and pump and dumps at the expense of monogamy or dependability signaling.

Women and alpha men benefit from this system, while beta males are left in the lurch. Predictably, what you’ll see in a gogrrl sexual market is the culture coming to be dominated by women extolling the slut lifestyle and alpha men happily obliging them, as beta men simmer. Women who can financially support themselves [cf, special ladies] will agitate for more sexual freedom and the relaxation of social norms that regulate female hypergamy. These women are making the subconscious calculation that if paternity assurance is passé because they don’t have to economically rely on a man to survive and vault the jobscareersgoals status ladder, then they’d be better off in a system that celebrated and encouraged cock carousel riding. Women get their cad chads without the worry of penury caused by abandonment.

Charming jerkboys are making the calculation that it’s better to drink the milk than to buy the cow, especially if the cow has a lot of miles on her and doesn’t inspire chivalrous adoration or romantic respect.

The Big State-Big Slut nexus is where we find the opposite of the debt-free virgins without tattoos maiden paradise.

Interestingly, the recent PleaseMeToo societal extrusion can be viewed as a clumsy reaction to the decades’ long primacy of Big State Big Slut. The flavor is still man-hating and exculpatory of female responsibility, but underneath the surface feminism one can see the faint outline of a female backlash against slut glorification and the destruction of paternity certainty and monogamy that it leaves in its wake.

Ultimately, Big State and to a lesser extent Big Capitalism will have to be dismantled and reined in to reverse the social trend toward Big Slut. Localism, decentralization, and if necessary secession and segregation, will be the cures that herald a return to Based Damsels.

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The males — and I use the term loosely — who would acquiesce to voluntary cuckoldry are the kinds of males no woman would want. And the females who would demand acquiescence to cuckoldry are the kinds of females who couldn’t get the man they wanted.


Second City Bureaucrat is my favorite Twatter account, which means he’ll be banned soon.


Michael Tracey, an honorable leftist, has also been wielding the Twatter shivs,

For those unfamiliar with her character, Jennifer Rubin is possibly the most malevolent Stalinist in legacy punditry. Truly a sick piece of cunty shit. Oh, and she’s the house conservative for Cuck, Inc., but I repeat myself.


It’s time for Spot the Hypocrisy, a game you will always win as long as you have very special opponents.

Mark Kogan supplies the endless chutzpah today.

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