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This is an unsettling but all-too-real personal anecdote from Anonymous about how utterly self-entitled and, quite frankly, UNHINGED American women have become.

Oh, this is real. Your average modern woman is effectively a prostitute who dashes with your cash before delivering the gash.

A number of years ago, a good friend’s wife quit her six figure lawyercunt job to go learn Graphic Design. My friend, bless his heart, supported this both emotionally and financially as they dropped to just his income and she racked up $40k in tuition expenses over 2 years.

She graduates and now needs a job. Problem is, she’s terrible at design so no one will hire you.

At the time, I was building a startup and needed some branding. My friend asks if I could let her bid on the project, so as a favor, I throw her a bone. “I need a concept for branding and logo, get me some ideas and a proposal in the next month and if I like it, I’ll hire you.”

She’s on it, or so she says.

Three weeks in I inquire as to how it’s going as I haven’t heard a peep. “Working hard, it’s looking great!” She replies. I tell her I am looking forward to seeing the concepts and proposal next week and can we pin down a date to meet. I get no reply to this last one but whatever, it’s not a priority an this is favor after all.

The next week passes and then another and I make an inquiry. “Almost done! You’re gonna love it!” She says.

Three more weeks pass and my inquiries about the project go unanswered…

At this point, I need this done so I end up contacting a designer I’d worked with before and a week later we’ve got a contract for him to do the job.

Startup launches and I get a call from my friend’s wife, “What the fuck?!?!? You told me that was my job??”

I said that I was sorry I didn’t let her know earlier that I’d picked someone else but things are busy and she missed the deadline by a country mile and wasn’t responding so I had to pick someone else who could execute on time.

“But I worked so hard on this! It’s all ready to show you! I’ve put in 80 hours on this project, so you owe me!” She replied.

However, since she’s my friend’s wife, how about I take she and her husband out for dinner to say thanks for trying.

“No way! I did this whole project as you asked. We had an agreement and I’m not letting you back out on it.”

I remind her that our “agreement” was that she would produce a proposal and concept for my approval and that if she chose to do a bunch of work I hadn’t approved nor agreed to, that this was going to be a very unfortunate lesson for her as without a contract or approval she was not even due a kill fee.

As I am on the phone with her, I receive an email from her with the “work.” Attached are a single page of childish sketches in black and white with what appears to be a branding proposal template on work to be done along with an invoice for 80 hours at $350 per.

I laugh.

“I’m serious! You HAVE to pay me!” She’s now apoplectic.

Actually, I tell her, I don’t. We don’t even have a verbal agreement for any of this. You missed the deadline for submission and you’ve done a bunch of work without getting client approval or any sort of contract so I don’t owe you anything. What you have sent me is not a finished product, it’s barely a proposal.

“Then I’ll sue!”

I mention that she certainly can but she would lose, badly and end up owing me legal fees. I tell her that I am not interested in continuing the conversation and say goodbye.

A few weeks later I get a text from my friend who is married to the shrew. Evidently we can’t be friends anymore. I tell him that I understand and wish him well with all that.

What post-modern feminism has wrought is not equality, but the demand to enshrine princess privilege in law.

Fortunate, friend saw the light and bailed on that marriage, I’m proud of that lad even if it took him long enough.

Women are miserable because their in-group think tells them to strive for the opposite of what their limbic system wants, which is a firm hand and a man who is not afraid to walk away from the table. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Be strong.

There is no “White Privilege”; there is, however, Princess Privilege, alive and fully operative, dragging Western Civ into the abyss with it.

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This is already old news, but worth posting about because it’s a showcase of the female id completely unleashed. Read on, and feel your horror and revulsion grow (and your boner run for hiding).

“For once, let me take the stage”  Just a hunch, but I’ll bet she’s taken the stage many times in her life.

Great, another single mom to add to the flowering dystopia that is America. When I read this excerpt, I’m reminded of that newspaper delivery boy in one of those ’80s John Cusack cult classic movies, who rides his bike furiously after Cusack’s character trying to collect his “$2” payment. MY TWO DOLLARS, I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS.


“CASH UP FRONT, CUNTS” ==> marriage material.

FYI, translating from Unholy Bitch-ese, “I’ve heard of people asking for worse” means “I have a lot of allies in email. I swear.”

The romance is dead in this soulless termagant. Men are the romantic sex, women are the avaricious sex. A man thinks a Vegas wedding, while cheesy, is also romantic. What better tribute to the love for each other than a vow made under financial constraints? Some women would agree, others would grin and bear it, and a few distilled cunts like this broad would break up an engagement over the merest suggestion.

“She KNOWS my fucking DREAM was a blowout wedding”

Lady, everyone has dreams, that doesn’t mean everyone deserves $60K to fulfill their dreams. If you want to realize your DREAM, then put in the work and don’t expect others to hoist you on a cloud of your own petulant megalomaniacal egotism.

“I just wanted to be a kardashian for a day…”

lol like it would only be a day. This bitch would be whoring it up with mace dindus until kid #2 was delivered to the sound of nurses dropping their trays in shock.

Do you hear the resignation in her voice? That’s what’s happening to shitlibs all over America in the age of Trump. It’s music to the ears.

Moral of the tale: American women have become insufferable. We need a Patriarchal Reset.

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A tale of horror, from giselle,

My son was completely duped by a filipina.. she cleaned, cooked and loved him until she got pregnant and married him within 2 1/2 months. She turned on him and he is devastated after she called the police on him and lied, telling them he beat her up! he had to go to jail – we got him out immediately. however we are having to pay 10k for a good lawyer. She is fast-tracking her way to a green card now b/c she is a victim. She even has a youtube channel, talking about women’s right. (Rosemarie Aventura – comment if you want to, please -be my guest) I’m debating on creating a gofundme for his legal fees because he wants his baby. Much to be said about women all over the world, not just here.

In this age of PoundMeToo and BELIEVE WAHMEN lies about the infallibility and faultlessness of women, you do a good deed to fight against it with stern reminders that women are capable of perfidy the equal of men. In fact, along certain dimensions of moral depravity, women are capable of MUCH WORSE than are men.

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This is Kristy Swanson, actress who starred in 1992’s cult film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a right wing MILF who spends her free time nowadays trolling snowflakes on Twatter and mocking the PoundMeToo movement:

I’m with her ☝🏻

This is Christine Blasey-Ford, false sexual assault accuser and Hillary voter:

WOMP WOMP (I’m not with her ☝🏻)

Swanson is only three years younger than Ballsy-Fraud.

Would Still Bang Vs “Box Wine Hobgoblin”

Hot women gravitate to Trump and to men who support Trump.

Ugly women make up sex stories that help them feel like a hot woman inside, and then sell their load of psychosis to other ugly women.

Unlike Ballsy-Fraud’s testimony, impossible to refute.

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I don’t go down on girls, unless they’re virginal and their poosies smell like a springtime meadow. If I’m with a 21 year old and I have a strong suspicion I am her first or second lover, then yeah, here’s me gorging at the Y:

Most over-25 women aren’t virginal and their poosies aren’t exactly garden fresh. I have no interest in sticking my nose in a sewer and contracting mouth cancer.

But try telling a girl that (ID FATALITY).

And yet, I’ve noticed more girls demanding mouthlove, especially reciprocated mouthlove. Sex often inaugurates with the girl slobbing my knob, but now it’s been transactionalized by anti-romantic battlecunts who have been inculcated by Femcunt Inc to view any unreciprocated action — no matter the context or the mood lighting — as a slight against grrldom by the oppressive white male hateriarchy.

In fact, some of these chicks will push my head downward toward their steampipes as I’m dropping mad kisses on the non-smelly parts of their bodies, and I’ll RESIST, which only makes them push harder on my head. Wouldn’t that qualify as sexual assault under the terms created from thin air by the BELIEVE WAHMEN cuntsortium?

So here’s what you should say if a girl expresses in so many words that she wants you to lick her cancerclit:

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: I don’t do that.

GIRL: Why? Are you selfish or something?

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: I only offer those services to girls I’ve been dating a long time. It’s very intimate.

GIRL: We’ve been dating a while.

MY TONGUE, MY CHOICE: Not long enough. I’ll let you know when.

I never let her know when, because a girl who’s indignant that her poosy be viewed like a tootsie roll pop (how many licks to get to the G spot?) is a girl who

  1. has been scoured by a squadron of stiff ones and can only get off now with extraordinary efforts on the part of the man and
  2. is a strident bitch who won’t ever show generosity of spirit or snatch without a rider attached to it

Ladies, if you want the licky licky, avoid the sticky pricky. Virgins are ravaged because they haven’t been ravaged. Get the picture?


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h/t BigGayKoranBurning Steve for this triggering research paper.

Race Bias Tracks Conception Risk Across the Menstrual Cycle

Although a considerable body of research explores alterations in women’s mating-relevant preferences across the menstrual cycle, investigators have yet to examine the potential for the menstrual cycle to influence intergroup attitudes. We examined the effects of changes in conception risk across the menstrual cycle on intergroup bias and found that increased conception risk was positively associated with several measures of race bias. This association was particularly strong when perceived vulnerability to sexual coercion was high. Our findings highlight the potential for hypotheses informed by an evolutionary perspective to generate new knowledge about current social problems—an avenue that may lead to new predictions in the study of intergroup relations.

When women are most fertile, they are the most “racist.”  Women are least racist when pregnant or on the Pill.

In other words, women are biologically programmed to want kids who look like them (are of the same race).

This study focused on White women. When push comes to ovum, White women don’t want mystery meatballs nipping at their ankles. They want babbies who resemble them, in size, shape, color, and texture. (That is, not like the African megafauna. More like Alpine forest nymphs.)

The birth control Pill very well may be the foul source of the pathological universalism that is rotting European Christendom from the inside out.

Lesson: Get White women off birth control pills and they’ll be less xenophilic and more realistic about race differences.

Also, try to synchronize elections with ovulation.

PS the number of black women test subjects was too small so they were excluded from the study. Of course. Acquiring a decent sample size of black women would muddy the Anti-White Narrative that only Whites can be healthfully racist and preservation-minded.

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Christine Ballsy-Fraud is a sociopath who maybe, just maybe, will pay a price for her brazen attempt to bring down a good man.

Gateway Pundit and the crack sleuths at /pol/ are both reporting on something veeery interesting about Christine Ballsy-Fraud: that second door on her home she claimed was the trigger for her remembering sexual abuse by Kavanaugh?…it’s likely all made up and the truth is that she was trying to hide her illegal landlord activity from authorities.

Here’s an accomplished woman, Margot Cleveland, who has thoroughly analyzed Ballsy-Fraud’s testimony and come to the conclusion that her constant story changes to stay one step ahead of any defense against her accusations that would attempt to falsify her recollections is the best evidence that Ballsy-Fraud was LYING UNDER OATH:

There are sociopaths among us. Most people don’t know when they’ve met one. The sociopath is adept at concealing herself through mimicry of normal people. So when a sociopath like CBF sheds crocodile tears in front of Congress, normies think she’s credible. They can’t fathom anyone who would blatantly lie about a good man and destroy him before an audience of millions.

But these soul-killers exist, and normies had better wake up real quick to the fact that their inability to fathom anyone so radically and malevolently unlike themselves doesn’t mean sociopaths don’t swim among them, preying on their gullibility and integrity.
They do.
And they have like-minded kin in Congress who will cover for them.

I will be vindicated in my very early assessment of Ballsy-Ford as a psychopathic liar who made up her accusation out of thin air.
And I will be vindicated in my very early assessment that it was wrong of the GOP and assorted pants-wetters and pedestal polishers on the Right to sacrifice Roy Moore to the jackals and embolden the Leftoid Fuggernaut to even greater slanders against innocent men.

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