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It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.

George Orwell, 1984

Ol’ George was spot on with this observation. It’s [the current year] and you can’t toss a cat on a college campus without hitting an SJW hugbox humidified with the triggered tears of a bulbosity of bitterbitches.

Related, PA adds historical context to an anecdote recalled by social scientist Jonathan Haidt:

the auditorium full of high school girls doing the finger snapping routine at him. […] Haidt says it is (was) very disconcerting, worse than disconcerting actually – upsetting and a little scary even. Threatening.

The teenage girl’s simple minded absolutism and devotion to the master.

Accounts of Mao’s and Pol Pot’s atrocities consistently paint teenage female cadres as the most terrifying among the henchmen.

Women in their prime beautility (beauty + fertility), which coincides with the ages from 15 to 25 or thereabouts, are the most eager to submit to the reigning tyranny. CH writes a lot about the romantic desire of women, especially young women with a full load of eggs in their moist wicker baskets, to submit to a powerful alpha male. A lot of Game concepts proceed from this first principle governing the instinctive mating behavior of women.

But Le Chateau is more than a dating guide, and hopefully readers are beginning to see how Game and Seduction tie in with Culture and Society. The internal combustion forces that drive women to happily submit to intoxicating powerful men are the same forces that equally drive women to submit to the tyrannical Leftoid Orthodoxy, and to profess their undying love for the orthodoxy. (Even to make excuses for the orthodoxy, just as they do for their jerk boyfriends, when someone points out that maybe they’d be better off in the long-run with a different master.)

The only way to win White women back from their loyalty to antiracism tyranny is to present them with the allure of an even stronger, sexier tyranny. Mock antiracism without apology or backpedaling and you provide women a glimpse of your ZFG alpha rebel bona fides. Offer in the place of antiracism orthodoxy another, better, orthodoxy that speaks more clearly to the White woman’s future and, importantly, exhibits more conspicuously the greater good of your sexually irresistible self-entitlement.

Shitlibs and cucks will tremble and rage, while you, Master of Your Amused Domain, Knight of the Order of State Control, Wielder of the Shiv of Unified Purpose and Divided Vaj Flaps, reap the dual rewards of a rich sex life and a reborn nation once again administered for the benefit of your posterity.

Game can, indeed, save the White homelands.

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There are three abiding truths about chicks and their attraction for jerks.

  • Women have always had, and will always have, a big place in their hearts for charismatic jerkboys.

  • The romantic allure of charismatic jerkboys is stronger than the romantic allure of dependable niceguys, in nearly all circumstances.
  • There are environmental conditions that can repress or amplify women’s innate love for jerks.

In this post I make the case that we are living in a Golden Age for Charismatic Jerkboys.

Note: I did not say we are living in a Golden Age “of” charismatic jerkboys. Rather, the age is ripe for jerks, should they assert themselves, to exploit the presently configured sexual market to their hedonistic benefit.

It’s not a surprise that, among those nethers-deep in the American dating scene, there is a shared opinion that jerks do especially well with women. It’s neither a coincidence that this opinion has disseminated through the dank and vile with the same gusto that the overarching culture alternately chest thumps and whimpers its way toward a new norm of masculinized women and feminized men.

All one need do is peruse the SJW oeuvre on the usual striver media outlets for accumulating evidence of an epidemic of low T faggotry sweeping through Millennial manlets. Men, White men mostly, have become cringing, feminist boilerplate reciting, race cucked suck-ups to every group making a claim against their impudent White male privilege.

Opposing this gathering effeminacy are the women, who seem hellbent to secure the blessings of frat bro licentiousness to themselves and their twerking posteriors. No one seriously argues that megaphony feminists aren’t mostly a collection of ugly manjaws with masculine behavioral profiles. But there remained hope that screeching feminist stridency was a niche market, leaving the wider society unscathed.

That hope may be premature, if vagnettes like this one recounted by Jonathan Haidt, the popularizer of the five moral senses that distinguish shitlibs from normals, are indicative of scenes across the fruitless plains.

Mean girls and cowed boys. A sure recipe for sexlessness and false rape accusations, leavened with romantic entreaties for pre-kiss consent forms and Title IX Damegeld.

This is the manginarrific milieu the amused jerkboy find himself navigating. And if he is perceptive, he’ll know this means his time is now.

How so? Think about the CH maxim that the best way to understand women is first to accept the disconnect between their words and actions. When leaned-in careerist tankgrrls shriek against slut shaming, the patriarchy, and phalloaggressions, as sycophantic eunuchs scrape and bow before the clitdick juggernaut, these women are really projecting a mournful need for the ministrations of the very type of men they hold up as exemplars of chauvinist misogyny.

The weakness and effeminacy of the males around them is the very triggering (or one such triggering) that impels women to lash out at men in the aggregate; and, as is the wont of the supremely rationalizing sex, to lash out specifically at a fantasy simulacrum of the exciting, dangerous, sexually irresistible badboy who is regrettably missing from their alpha-parched lives.

The charismatic jerkboy will stand out as a sexual savior from among this melange of mewling manboobs. His product, so rare and valuable in a sexual market saturated with softies, will be sought after with a vengeance by economically self-sufficient and urban heat island-anonymized women intoxicated to apoonplexy from the merest whiff of unapologetic, sexually entitled alpha maleness.

We are currently living in an environment that is amplifying women’s desire for jerks. What was once a latent female lust, controllable with the proper societal and peer inputs, for the ZFG jerk has exploded into a delirious hunger that no social control, even if it was available and willing to be deployed, could possibly dampen now.

Women HATE HATE HATE weak men, with the same passionate revulsion that men HATE HATE HATE uglyfat women. Of course, few women have the cognitive awareness or discipline, or the sadistic stones, to come right out and say they hate male weakness, so they engage in a little of the ol’ ultratransference of their negative feelings onto socially approved targets of hate, i.e., sexy patriarchal jerkboys.

So every time there’s a public showing where beta manlets once again perform down to feminist lapdog expectations, the howl of women for the heads of wished-for patriarchs on spikes intensifies. And, every time an amused jerkboy steps into this chaos to plunder the down under, he walks away from the scene of his 50 shades of crime glowingly reviewed by those very same shrews. In fact, his pleasure vessels might send him a post-cortical thank you note for his efforts to restore their faith in mankind.

Lesson for aspiring jerkboys: Stop paying attention to what women say, and start giving them what they truly, deeply, want. Your journey begins on your feet, instead of at hers.

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Reader Wrong Side of History has a good question about girls who try to guilt you to do things for them that they claim their beta male orbiters do for them without being asked.

What’s the best response to a bitch trying to guilt-trip you into doing something by telling you how readily one of her beta orbiters would do it?

There are plenty of ways to effectively address this Voight-Kampff alpha male character test, which all more or less involve over-the-top sarcastic agreement, dismissive ZFG, or sly innuendo that her beta orbiter is her lover. Here are some replies offered by readers:

“sounds like you’ve already got an errand boy. you don’t need another one.” (this one was from yours truly)


“A&A that shit… tell her she should def fuck him as a thank you…”

“Sounds like a keeper. You oughta marry him.”

“He sounds like a really nice guy.” (the shiv is strong in this one)

“Rape.” Cold stare. Walk away. (one guess who wrote this)

“I always knew there was something between you two!” (also from yours truly)

“sorry, I’ll be busy shampooing my cat.” (ditto yours truly, and I really like this one because it humorously co-opts the ludicrous excuses of girls who aren’t even trying to sound plausibly unavailable)

“Give her the double middle fingers, kick her in the gut, and deliver a Stone Cold Stunner, BY GAWD, KING, A STUNNER!”

“Hey, can he pick up my laundry?”

But reader plumpjack has the best big picture perspective on the “will you be my beta bux chump” venus vaj trap:

if girl has the courage to guilt trip you about you not being her errand boy then it’s a dead giveaway that you’re not being dominant/assertive enough with her.

the best defense is a good offense. Put the bitch TO WORK. She’s practically begging you to boss her around.

be relentless. every time you talk to her is an opportunity to see if you can get her to do something for you.

it can be small and harmless: “hey can I get your opinion on this… [insert plausible prop here]

it can be ballsy: ” hey would you mind dropping me off at the airport at 5am. thanks”

or it can be completely zfg: “hey I haven’t been laid in awhile would mind if fucked you?”

be creative, zfg, and relentless.

guys get their panties all up in a bunch because a girl beta-baits. fuckin beta-bait HER, dude!

girl who’s beta-baiting you like this is INTERESTED. flip the script and see what you can get HER to do for YOU

Compliance hoops are a critical, and criminally under-explored, facet of seduction. Getting girls to do stuff for you TURNS THEM ON. How? Because when a girl invests in you, her wee hindbrain hamster whispers in her fluttering labial cochlea, “This man must be a catch, otherwise why would you go out of your way for him?” And from that moment of inner revelation forward, your journey with her to the bedroom is lubed with the slickest runaway romance rationalizations.

So FLIP THE COMPLIANCE SCRIPT on self-entitled girls. Every fiber of your beta being will protest this microaggressive intrusion into the female safe space (read: asexual friendzone), but know that this is exactly what girls desire. A self-entitled girl is just a girl who hasn’t yet found a man willing to ignore her entitlement and substitute it with his own sexy sense of entitlement.


The great American Benjamin Franklin confirmed the efficacy of Game (via Corey),

“This man must be a catch, otherwise why would you go out of your way for him?”

This is called, “The Benjamin Franklin Effect”. Franklin knew a thing or two about game.

People who hate the idea of Game and refuse to learn and accept its lessons are people who disagree, stupidly, with great men like Benjamin Franklin.

It’s nice to have a guy like Ben on one’s side.

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Contrary to blue pill unwisdom, it’s not mom jeans-wearing beta males or conspicuously dysfunctional omega males whom girls shit test the most; it’s greater beta/lesser alpha men striving for quality in their mate choice who are the primary targets of female shit tests.

And it’s not the hottie girls who most frequently deploy shit tests; it’s the mere-cute girls who have a reasonable uncertainty of their place in the sexual market hierarchy. (The fugs and HB10s are confident of their place in the henpecking order, but the girls in the middle have a lifetime of SMV status jockeying to look forward to.)

The dynamic isn’t hard to grasp. When a low to middling sexual market value man hits on a legit hottie, she will let him down easy. There’s no benefit to her from harshly rejecting lsmv suitors; she gets to feel a warm magnanimous glow from treating her obvious lessers well, AND she affords herself a measure of personal safety by not unnecessarily antagonizing potentially vengeful losers.

But when a middling to above-average SMV man hits on a borderline cutie with delusions of glamour, the female shit test protocol is activated with extreme prejudice. The shit test is a subconscious program initiated in a woman’s hindbrain which helps her determine if that striver greater beta male or lesser alpha male is really the sexy stud he is trying to project, or if he’s a paper pickup artist who will crumple under the withering assault of her snarky banter (which of course she thinks is flirting but which men of tender constitution will mistake for bitchy rejection).

Why is the borderline cutie the most egregious abuser of the shit test? The reason is because she doesn’t possess the incontestable beauty of a genuine hottie to buttress her self-conception; her relationship material attractiveness to men is less certain and more dependent on contextual variables such as how her competition stacks up and the motivations of the men expressing interest in her. To the borderline cutie, then, the shit test is a valuable courtship tool which serves the dual purposes of 1. propping up her shaky ego when men come to her yard to judge her milkshake worth (c.f.: sour grapes fallacy) and 2. determining if the men at or above her own SMV are legitimate ZFG contenders for her ZOMG heart, or if they are boring beta herbs in cad’s clothing.

All girls shit test when the suitor stars are aligned, but it’s the girls in the gray zone of pulchritude — the 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s — who resort to the practice with the greatest alacrity. The homely girl may shit test the loser man, but any other men breaking the 20th percentile in SMV status will never hear a shit test from her, not as the shit test is commonly understood. (They might hear a grunt or a brusque cockblock interjection or a feminist diatribe, but never a romantically pregnant, eye twinkly shit test.)

The beautiful girl will likewise infrequently shit test, but when she does her targets will be men at the other end of the SMV spectrum: the alpha males and the men aspiring to alpha maledom. All other men (the great majority) will receive asexual banter or gentle brush-offs from the beauty… or, if they’ve made a real nuisance of themselves, eye rolls and verbal signals to girl friends for escape assistance.

It’s those desperate darlings in the fluid middle of the belle curve who level shit tests at just about every man who shows interest in them. Only upper echelon alpha males get a pass from the borderline cutie’s shit tests (for obvious reasons). Omega dregs also get a pass from shit tests (but not from shrieks of horror).

So why are aspiring greater beta males and lesser alpha males striving for the lass ring the most frequent recipients of female shit tests?

BECAUSE they strive.

Aiming for something better than what is assumed the due of the mediocre masses marks you out as a man to take seriously. A man an uncut above the rest. A man, therefore, with high sexytime value. Once you have pinged a cutie’s romance radar and tickled her tingle repository, she will reflexively lob a fusillade of shit tests great and small to happily confirm, or regrettably refute, your coalescing poonslayer profile. (Obligatory NAWALT placeholder here.)

The man who SKILLFULLY STRIVES for the best girls gets the most shit tests because he is perceived both as a man of self-regarding rarity and as a man capable of quickly bursting the neurotically self-doubting cutie’s carefully manicured ego.

The greater beta/lesser alpha SKILLFUL STRIVER — aka the bold man of intention possessing a nascent social savviness that evades the typical beta — is a man the cutie strongly desires, because he is also a man the cutie strongly perceives as attainable, as open to long-term relationship possibility, and as the best she will get in that moment.

THAT is why she shit tests him so eagerly. Pulses of white hot love have melted the neural bonds governing her propriety.

There is a field-tested premise that applies: girls only drop shit tests on men for whom they feel a budding attraction. It is a true fact. If you are getting shit tested by a girl, there’s a good chance your company has elicited in her rudely intrusive thoughts of your bangroom, as envisioned through her inner eye’s swirl of prophetic ecstasy, and of your gleaming conquest bed on whose sheets she twists.


NB: the shit test is a separate concept from the neg. You neg bona fide hotties even when they aren’t shit testing you because they come pre-equipped with an SMV self-awareness index topping 100. You don’t necessarily need to neg girls who are shit testing you, if those girls aren’t ultrababes. The neg is not meant to be a response to a shit test (in fact, using it as such can backfire on you); the best responses to shit tests are ones adhering to the Agree&Amplify or the charming jerkboy formats.

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The tankgrrl careerist shrike demands that men desire her for her careerist shrikery. The obstacle to her demands is the basic biological constraint of male sexuality that compels men to be attracted to relatively less accomplished, more feminine women. At best, a woman’s career is neutral background noise to a man’s desire; at worst it actively undermines love.

Ollie passes along a story that demonstrates this sexual market reality quite well.

What amazes me about this story is the number of idiots that are dumbfounded as to why Mr. Rossdale has been boffing the lookalike nanny instead of his “awesome superstar real thing” wife.

To any man with even a hint of red-pill awareness (and the ability to be honest with himself) the reason for Mr. Rossdale’s dalliance is as obvious as the mid morning sun:

His wife was a Diva.

Why is this so bad?
1. She has spent years constantly being marinaded in a bath of non-stop adulation and fan worship. Even the most noble woman will eventually succumb to the spiritually toxic effects of that attention bath, and become an insufferable narcissist, utterly incapable of loving anything but her aging reflection.

2. She has a full time job as a recording artist. This kind of job is designed to destroy relationships like a cruise missile, with its potent combination of time-consuming recording/promoting sessions, long distance separation (touring), and surrogate attention heaped on by adoring fans. A relationship needs to have some degree of contact to exist.

3. She also has a job as a TV show judge, and a fashion design company to run on top of that. As often remarked in these hallowed halls, a woman obsessed with her career is a woman who is fundamentally damaged. The precious little free time Gwen had left over from her recording job is furiously consumed like the last slice of cake at a hambeast convention. Ergo, the nanny, whom I’m pretty sure has spent an order of magnitude (or two) more time loving and caring for Gwen’s own children than “Amazing Superstar” Gwen herself has.

Now, think about the 25 seconds or so of yearly photo-op family time Gwen can afford her progeny and subdivide it by 50. That’s the amount of time Gavin gets for intimacy with his bombshell wife. Essentially, being Gavin Rossdale is like owning a Bugatti Veyron with welded shut doors, or having a 3-star Michelin chef prepare you a sumptuous feast that is then placed in a sealed glass box for you to watch as it slowly rots.

Throw on top of this the fact that Mizz Stefani’s career and identity were conceived during and directly through the height of 90’s Doc Marten ball-stomping riot grrl feminism, and we have a recipe for marriage disaster that makes the Hindenburg look like a minor fender-bender.

Gavin probably did the math at some point, figuring “Why am I, a famous rock star, getting laid less than Elliot Rodger?” and took action, getting what a man needs in life from the nearest available source.

What men really want from women, aside from those oh-so important physical attributes, is a sweet, caring, loving helpmeet. We’re talking the kind of woman who adoringly reads her children lullabies and makes her husband a home-cooked meal. Pop superstardom is as useful to a man’s heart as an ice machine is needed for residents of northern Alaska.

I know this subject has been already covered in the “Dating Market Value Test For Women” section, but I really think it is time for the Chateau to once again spotlight the incredible attraction-killing power of high female achievement.

Aging famous women have it rough in two ways:

The alpha males they want don’t really care about women’s career goals or accomplishments. In this respect these alphas are no different than any man, and once the bloom on the rose starts to wilt, their men’s eyes will start to wander more frequently.

The alpha males they want have a lot of SMV, and thus a lot of sexual market options. No matter how famous, rich, and beloved she herself is, her high status husband/boyfriend has more options to trade up, because aging does not affect his SMV like it does hers, and his careerism does not negatively affect his SMV like it does hers.

Female hypergamy is a bitch, but it’s bitchiest to those high-powered aging women who must suffer the smallest pool of equally or higher-powered men acceptable to her mate match algorithm. Maybe if those men had no other options…. but then they wouldn’t be the sort of men desired by the Gwen Stefanis of the world.

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Continuing on the theme of “WOMEN…THEY REALLY ARE NOTHING LIKE MEN”, another study (h/t Arbiter) finds that not only are rape fantasies common among the female of the species, but, contrary to conventional tradcon wisdom, it’s the HIGH SELF-ESTEEM women who have the most frequent and pleasurable rape fantasies.

This study evaluated explanations of rape fantasy in a sample of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a sexual fantasy checklist which included eight types of rape fantasy, participants’ detailed descriptions of a rape fantasy they have had, a rape fantasy scenario audio presentation, and measures of personality. Three explanations of rape fantasy were tested: openness to sexual experience, sexual desirability, and sexual blame avoidance. Women who were higher in erotophilia and self-esteem and who had more frequent consensual sexual fantasies and more frequent desirability fantasies, particularly of performing as a stripper, had more frequent rape fantasies. Women who were higher in erotophilia, openness to fantasy, desirability fantasies, and self-esteem reported greater sexual arousal to rape fantasies. Sexual blame avoidance theory was not supported; sexual desirability theory was moderately supported; openness to sexual experience theory received the strongest support.

It appears women have rape fantasies because… wait for it… it TURNS THEM ON. Which makes sense. Fantasy is based on real desire. (For proof of this, ask yourself when was the last time a woman admitted she fantasized about sex with a dutiful beta provider.)

Rape fantasies aren’t reactions to negative real life experiences or evidence of imbalanced psychologies; quite the opposite, rape fantasies are the domain of women who think highly of themselves and are comfortable with their sexuality.

Arbiter interjects,

Yet another finding that contradicts the feminist worldview. The women who like sex the most and are the most daring, are the ones who fantasize about rape the most. These are the toughest women, the most independent women.

Feminists claim that “rape is about control”. It is “a way for men to control women”. In that case it should be the women who feminists consider traitors who have the most rape fantasies, shouldn’t it? The women who are the most “submissive”, women who are obedient slaves to the evil men, shy and afraid, quiet as a mouse, “seen but not heard” and all the things feminists imagine about conservative women since they don’t know any. Instead it’s the toughest women who enjoy rape fantasies the most, since rape is about sex, not the “patriarchy’s” control.

What’s equally interesting is why women who are lower in sociosexuality and in self-esteem have fewer reported rape fantasies. Maybe they are less honest about their true desires, thinking them shameful? Or maybe they simply have lower libidos than more erotically feminine women, and this is reflected in their lower incidences of the sorts of sexual/romantic fantasies that preoccupy the female hindbrain.

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Ryan DeLuca is the wealthy CEO and founder of Bodybuilding.com, (the misc forum is a funny read). Dan Bilzerian is some kind of D-list actor, pro poker player, and “social media personality”. DeLuca’s hot trophy wife was recently plastered in a compromising pose all over Instaslam by Bilzerian, who taunted DeLuca with the photo and claimed he had just finished banging her out “while wearing Gucci slippers”. Bilzerian, in true ZFG alpha male mode, later posted a pic of said slippers, festooned with additional taunts.

Reader shartiste gives a primer on the sordid affair and what it reveals about the competing goals at the heart of male and female sexualities,

yeah, [the bobdybuilding.com thread] got deleted by mods. pics are all over twatter though.

anyway, your point [about wealthy beta males] is correct, however the thread runs deeper for Mr. Ryan Deluca, former CEO of Bodybuilding.com.

He had a high school sweetheart who he was with before he started his business, when he was a dead broke Idaho schlub. She stayed with him and bore him three kids. Not only that, she was really hot and was a model for the site. Duckduckgo Bryna Deluca. Got into fitness and was upper echelon for her age.

Yet he divorced for the alluring whiff of prime pussy. I am not exactly hating, his PYT was very hot. This is a deep vein of CH teachings though. His hot high school sweetheart could do nothing to compete with a 20 year old slut, despite looking hotter than 99.99% of women her age. And DeLuca, despite no doubt loving his kids, absolutely could not swat aside his prime directive biomechanics to fly too close to the sun with the griddle hot nubile puss.

The kicker though: he is beta. He had money, reasonable looks, and little else. He couldn’t back it up and his young gf bolted at the first nibble of a real alpha rodding. A lot negative things can be truthfully said about Dan Bilzerian, but he is alpha.

And the little slut who was no doubt gold-digging from the start got her slooting plastered all over the internet in ZFG fashion by the alpha who used her to tool on DeLuca and will now continue fucking model quality women while doing whatever the fuck he wants. Anyone who dates her seriously after this is a complete fool. She’ll find a beta parachute of course, she is hot, but this was soul-crushing episode for her. Will other young babes take a lesson from this? Its doubtful.

BB.com has been my other time-killing vice besides CH so I know more about this than I perhaps reasonably should, but its been a great source for me both in fitness and lulz over the years, and it was just a truly awesome episode to see two worlds collide like this.

Deluca’s response to being outed as cuck:


Ever watch the recoiling body language of hot TV babes interviewing goony, mumbly poker tour winners? That’s all the evidence you need that money alone won’t melt the pussy. The kind of money that by itself can buy prime poosy loyalty and authentic love — and not just poosy services rendered — doesn’t exist in sufficient vastness. In fact, the more money you have, the less sure you can be that women you are fucking have fallen in love with you.

DeLuca by all accounts had a lot going for him, except the one thing that really matters to prime poosy: that teasing, charming, ZFG alpha male attitude. The wealthy, accomplished, good-looking beta male is still a beta male, and that will make all the difference to his golddigging rent-a-ho, who is, after all, a woman like any other.

Public cuckings are always painful to behold (I’d imagine they are pure torment for the victims), even to an unbiased third party observer. As men, we all can relate to the idea of getting cucked, even if we have no personal experience of it. The reason that taunts against the beta male cuck work so well is because the wincing is close to a shared experience by all exposed to the revelation, and not just those unfortunate participants. Every man knows instinctively the Darwinian catastrophe that would befall him if he were the victim of a cuckolding.

Game can save second marriages to sloppy sluts…. but foolishness in the rush to marry a sloppy slut is something no game can fix.

The best that will come out of this public cucking is that Bryna DeLuca gets to smile again for a day, and the trophy slut forfeits any and all claims to Ryan DeLuca’s HALF in divorce court.


da GBFM adds his sharp, if syntactically warbled, perspective.

hey heartsietstsetsz!!!

a woman has the right to her own body.

so that means that anyone can fuck it other than her husbandlzlzlzz, if she so desires!!!

“a woman has the right to her own body” = teh eskimoesz have the right to profit of your wife/daughter posting photos of her buttsz and boobiesz on tumblr the internetz, and/or other men posigs photos of your wife/daughter after they get done fuxxxingz themz in their gucci slippersz.

and the greatest thing about this system is that the wronged husband will respond to this carnal slight and adulterous behavior by pledging to gain more followers on the eskimoesz netwrok, thusly serving the eskimoses bottom line after dan brazilians sevres his wives bottomz linesz llzlzlozozoz

Anyone get the growing sense that this entire privacy-revoking social media internet culture will collapse soon? Or is that just my hope triumphing over the reality of the gathering detritus of American society?

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