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Like the “It’s Ok to be White” posters cropping up all over college campuses, you know a maul-right meme is spicy when it provokes lib snowflakes to an impotent rage that they can only relieve by tearing the offending signs down. And this one — My Borders My Choice — is extra spicy hot because it borrows the daffy feminist rhetoric of shitlibs, forcing our phony xenophilic single White women into grand mal cogdis seizures.

When these dumb broads are really kind of upset, America wins. Here’s another meme that gets under the thin skins of the right kinds of fishmouths: #OpenBordersForHotties.

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Female hypergamy isn’t equally voracious in all women, but all women are hypergamous to an extent. Absent social controls (aka a dominant and benevolently sexist patriarchy), women will revert to their primitive form: willing and eager concubines to an alpha male’s harem as the beta males are recruited for frontline fodder and emotional tampons.

Our Twatterer above is @missmayn:

Not too shabby for a broad touched by the mystery meat brush. Would bang……and bolt. She’s right to emphasize her fuckability, because with her attitude and thousand cock stare*, her value as relationship material is bargain bint.

*Her right eye is half-closed from an irritating wayward cumshot.

Of course, her LTR worthiness hardly matters in the hypergamous feminist dystopia she wants for her and her bastard progeny; as long as beta males are platonically squeezed dry for their civilization-sustaining efforts, women can afford to fuck around and have Beta Daddy State pick up the tab for their fatherless sprog. Welcome to Africa-lite, soon to be Africa-maximum when those beta males figure out the scam and decide to opt out of their fleecing. Then Miss Never A Mayn Squeeze can deal with the “best men” beating her like an untrained puppy and segregating her in the grass hut that is now her home because women don’t build things, maintain things, or lead anything.

Poolside looking better yet, gentlemen?



Here’s a photobooth picture of Miss Mayn with her bf:

Now what does her bf’s soy-soaked gaping betaphag mughole remind me of…..oh yeah: the nümale grimace aka Moneyshot Face.

This leetle detail explains everything. Miss Mayn is transferring her animal disgust for her soyboy onto every beta male who crossed her cum-eyed path. She has him, when what she really tingles for is…..him:

The date stamp on that booth photo is a year ago. Taking bets on whether they’re still together or how much longer they’ll last if they are still in unpolarized union.

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Proof: ScarJo at the recent Termagant March:

33 years old and she’s already hit the Wall. Shame.

Beautiful women who take up the cause of pussyhat feminism to join the ranks of Nasty Womanhood, Inc. quickly lose their looks and resemble the jewish dykes that front almost every femcunt organization. It’s as if a woman’s corrupted soul manifests in her prematurely aging face.

Extrapolating from the individual pussyhatter to the gynarchy at large, @TheExcruciationator writes,

“Women are the body that reflects the soul of her society” sounds like a pretty nice aphorism, come to think of it.

A beautiful society has beautiful feminine women who age gracefully and love their men. A corrupt, poisonous, ugly society has ugly masculine women who age gracelessly and prematurely and loathe their men.

Corollary: A beautiful society has strong masculine men who age handsomely and love their women. A corrupt, poisonous, ugly society has weak feminine men who age into lesbians and fear their women.

Look at American women: fat, obnoxious, self-mutilating, screeching harpies.

Look at American men: fat or skinnyfat, supplicating, uxorious, whiny nancysoys.

Our society’s soul is sick and our unloveable repugnant pussyhatter women are proof of it.

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A Student of the Game writes about his journey from LSMV male feminism to normal SMV masculine sexism,

I spent the better/worse part of a decade of my 20’s and 30’s entrenched in radical left politics before I got redpilled. In college I was a member of the campus National Organization for Women. That’s how bad it was. I was constantly around women. A small fraction of them were hot. I didn’t do it to get laid, or at least that’s what I thought consciously. I did it because I sincerely thought I was being a good person. I never got laid, at least not through those avenues. I touted my virtue-signalling bona fides, my ‘street cred’ on every date but didn’t have the calibration to realize virtue signalling turned pussy away like halitosis. It was only when I got into game that I began to realize everything was a lie. Women weren’t these holy angels who were superior to us evil men oppressing them. They were worse in a lot of ways. And treating them worse made them want to fuck me. For years I tried to hold on to both lefty ideals and game but the shit pouring out of women’s mouths was too far from the obvious truth about what attracted them and what made both of us happy in relationships.

The Chateau Maxim you should never leave home without:


For reasons expounded on at length here, women have evolved a need to actively fool men about their true sexual natures, and woe to the man who takes women at their words. But the man who watches closely WHOM women fuck, HOW women autonomically react around different men, and WHY women choose some men over others, is the man blessed with women’s love. For he has broken the ho code, which is, “omg this guy really gets me!”. Commence splooging.

The reformed male feminist did not go gently into that White Knight….he’s seen things he would never have believed. Erect clits like spires off the tip of his tongue. He watched cunts gleam and flitter in the dark near the Bangmaster gate. All those moments will have opened his mind….like same night lays…..from behind.

Some of the most ruthless, cunning, and irresistible womanizers are those men who were former white knight-slash-male feminist dupes schooled in the self-abnegating art of parroting shrew boilerplate, before an epiphany — typically one summoned by accidental jerkboy success with a woman assumed to be an inviolable member of the oppressed — WOKE them in an instant to the true shape that desire takes in women.

There is no virtue signaling in the wench trenches. There is only jerkboy signaling.


Tipsy had a great line,

Virtue signalling is not virile signalling.

Virility signaling will save the West.

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Your Daily Game: Thot Training

When your girl tries to make you jealous, you have four options, in ascending order of personal benefit and relationship management effectiveness:

  1. act butthurt
  2. promptly try to make her jealous
  3. tease her*
  4. ignore her

Act butthurt, defensive, or otherwise emotionally pained, and you can count in hours the time to her dumping you.

Immediately attempting your own jealousy incitement ploy risks seeming ham-fisted and try-hard. She will see through a blatant table-turning maneuver. It’s better to spin your jealousy plotlines when they aren’t kneejerk prompted by her own jealousy provocations. However, a prompt response that may include flirting with another woman is better than an emotional outburst that will tell your girl she has “won” this battle and has you wrapped around her finger.

*I added this choice after commenter Jakius reminded me of it. Of course, teasing is a great response — “hey you may want to try licking your lips next time, your flirting is really bad, needs work” — and it was an oversight on my part to leave it off (in fact, teasing and ignoring are my go-to options whenever a girl tries to make me jealous).

Ignoring her is imo the best response. (I find teasing can be misconstrued by your girl as evidence that she unsettled you, especially if you have trouble teasing with the required amused mastery while in the fog of actual jealousy.) She will seethe with impotence. Acting like you don’t even notice her attempts to stoke your jealousy is a nuclear nonverbal neg. It’ll cause her ploy to completely rebound against her, and she’ll start pressing you for your attention.

You could NEXT her, but that’s a trigger happy response associated with hotheads. Every girl has her moments when she wants to incite an angry possessive passion from her lover. The NEXT option should be saved for chronic manipulators.

Ignoring her is a short term solution for those infrequent moments when your girl lapses into insecurity or entitlement. But a chronic offender needs a stronger corrective. Chronic abusers of the jealousy tactic will need eventual punishment (either leaving her or lowering the boom on her). The boom-lowering option can be accomplished by, in stern but controlled language and in clear terms, telling her to cut the shit or you’ll take your leave. The other boom-lowering corrective is basically Dread Game: a slow burn type of searing instructional that adjusts her behavior incrementally, slowly, but profoundly for the better.

For instance, say your girl tries to make you jealous. The Dread Game option would involve you openly flirting with another girl in view of your gf. If she doesn’t cut it off with the dude she’s flirting with and come shimmying back wondering what you’re up to, get ready to end it with her. (9 out of 10 times, she’ll crack first under the pressure of dueling jealousy plotlines as long as your frame is solid, thick, tight.)

It’s good to instill in your woman the knowledge that you have options and won’t hesitate to use them if she disappoints you, and this can be accomplished many ways but most permanently and effectively through your attitude which should subcommunicate at all times that you aren’t a domesticated eunuch.


Captain Obvious, with the Comment of the Week:

Either pwn thyself, or prepare to be pwned by someone else.

Nice. This spiffy aphorism is the central thesis of relationship management, and really, of all human interaction.

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White women always react the same way to a bothersome kneegr0 beggar: with deference, patience, and finally sorrowful apology for not coughing up enough dough.

Black women react differently: they completely ignore him or give him lip for not minding his own business.

Black women know how to handle their black men.

There’s a lesson there for earnest shitlib White women. #NotLikeUs

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A comment from Tiberius that had me chuckling,

The strip clubs around here are more circus than anything. We went to one on a friends birthday. The hottest one had only one arm. She dragged the birthday boy up on stage, ripped the elastic out of his underwear, took his belt, wound it tight around her stub and whooped his ass with it. I’ve never seen anything more surreal in my life. I do not get boners recalling this experience.

I’ll take a wild guess which region in the US this “Weird Americana” titty bar is located: West Texas.

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