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10s exist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Their rarity and rarified beauty are naturally cause for disputation among men who bound their egos to their ability to discern exquisite apex femininity, but rarity is not a synonym for nonexistence.

With that in mind, would you consider this meadow minx an HB10? The perfection of woman by the standards of present-day worldwide womanhood?


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Women by their nature want to submit to a man; the only question is to which men they will submit.

Hint: It’s not weak yes-men who flatter feminists’ childish world views.

Canadian Friend winces with disgust at the wont of the fairer sex,

A bit off topic,

another submissive feminist,

take a look at the prime minister of Ontario ( population 14,000,000 ) a lesbian feminist, a strong independent woman who turns into a submissive woman and acts as if she is inferior to men the second she steps into a mosque

they made her wear a veil and sit separately from men, a woman who is in charge of 14 million Canadians, she became docile like a battered wife, like a battered dog in the presence of muslim men.

I’m looking for s stronger word than scandalous.

the photo alone is mind bogglingly shocking. ( first link large photo + second link details by Milo )



“Wynne didn’t complain about degradation of women. Nor did she, although gay, say a word about the statements of the imam at the mosque she visited.”

Let’s just say the imam’s words would easily qualify as hate speech under the Berkeley code of acceptable discourse.

The GAYNADIANS are the most nauseatingly cucked of the Anglosphere nations. At the very top of GAYNADA power prances an effete SJW closet case, Justine Truvada.

Did the Russians hack the GAYNADIAN food supply and slip megatonnes of soy into the poutine and Horton’s hot beverages? The only grace that is saving GAYNADA’s bacon for the time being is their skills-based immigration system, but expect that to be challenged in short order and overturned in even shorter order.

But never mind GAYNADA, an afterthought of a country. The real issue illuminated by this story is the BIG MISTAKE it has been handing the reins of power over to women. And especially to lesbian ferengi-faced women. We can see in technirainbow glory how hypersignaling women are driving the West off a cliff, as they sneer at and belittle their own White men, (who can’t stop sucking up to feminist twats for POZitive press in the VeryFakeNews papers), while literally sitting shoeless and veil-clad in the mosque dunce corner at the demand of dumbfuck sand wops, submitting to the strong horse quicker than you can say “Obama is a secret Muslim”.

Feminism is the final shit test because if we men of the West don’t pass it — i.e., brutally ridicule and ostracize women like Wynne — then the West will fall into the hands of men who don’t pass shit tests….they give them. And feminists will happily, joyously, even relievedly, oblige their patriarchal supplanters.

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One thing I have noticed (as has reader DoBA) is the incredible amount of hysterical bile flung at Trump by has-been ex-sluts, spinsters, cougars, and bitterbitch skanks whose salad days are receding in the rearview mirror. DoBA:

Re: Louise Mensch.

A lot of people don’t like Trump, but I’ve noticed a pattern in that the people who truly seem to DESPISE him with an obsessive fervor all seem to be aged ex-sluts. Examples among women I know: An old “rock club” slut who used to fuck metal bands passing through town; a former college friend who fucked almost the whole dorm hall and several professors; and the town slut who not only fucked but *dated* her high school bio teacher, then went on to be in countless wet t-shirt contests.

I could give more examples, but these are the most glaring. Why? Because they especially took offense to Trump’s pussy-grabbing comment. That’s right — the very women who were the first to actually get their tits out in their teens and twenties are now indignant in their forties that a man (OMG!) would actually talk about sex. Imagine that. How rude!

There has to be some weird psychological thing going on here. Resentment? Loss of power? Lack of control over the sexual market? All of the above?

I have three theories to explain the psychological motivations of ex-slut hatred of Trump (and by extension, hatred of Trumperica and its people).

  1. Shame. Ex-sluts have to carry the burden of their sluttery and no matter how much they put on a brave grrlpower face, they HATE HATE HATE to be reminded that they joyfully acquiesced to alpha men like a young Trump using their youthful bodies for fleeting pleasures of the flesh and of the peak femininity.
  2. The Wall. Ex-sluts try to ignore The Wall and their inevitable sex and romance-destroying impact with it. As with the shame of their sexual histories, ex-sluts don’t like reminders of their rapidly coalescing sexual (and marital) worthlessness. Trump’s well-known ALPHA MALE ENTITLEMENT in the company of younger hotter tighter women, and his implied DISAVOWAL of spending romantic effort on older women, is a constant needle under the skin of aging beauties for whom Trump is the visual embodiment of every man they secretly desire but can now no longer attract.
  3. Social ostracism. Fact is, if Trumperica is realized in all its feminism-jettisoning, patriarchy-recovering glory, sluts and spinsters will have a hard go of it, especially in the marital market. A nation of beta males energized with a renewed masculinity and healthy male prerogative will feel less inclined to suck up to low value women or, worse, settle for them out of a misplaced sense of lack of options which have heretofore been drilled into their heads by the man-hating shrikegeist. Trumperica means the end of beta male thirst, at least as it is practiced today under the rules of our degenerate matriarchy: in public, with ostentatiousness and self-defeating white knight earnestness. The drying up of the beta male thirst pool will mean, blessedly, less attention lavished on fading cock hop stars by any man but the most desperately indiscriminate blacks. Ex-sluts will feel this social demotion in their bones, and they fight against its arrival — an arrival in the form of Trump and his aesthete army — with a passion they are no longer able to conjure in the bedroom.

I hope this clears up the matter!

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This edition of the Washington Bezos’ “Date Lab” is a rarity; not for the beta male’s crash and burn (all too common) but for the clues in the quotes that reveal a budding shitlady navigating the dating shoals of DC, which next to San Frannie and Minneapolis is the shitlibbiest of shitlibistans.

Policy analyst Adam Staveski, 22, and financial analyst Maddie Csere, also 22, are fresh-faced and fresh out of local colleges, enjoying their first year as D.C. young professionals. We sent them to Maple in Columbia Heights to see if a shared love of running, economics and a laid-back attitude was enough to spark a fresh romance.

Read the story and keep an eye out for a name-drop of an infamous Twatter icon.





Got it? Ok.

Once you’ve found it, consider that this girl, Maddie, might very well be a female shitlord…a shitlady….and I mean that in the most complimentary way.

Evidence that Maddie is a closet alt-righter:

  1. Harambe name drop
  2. she’s from rural Michigan (Trumpland)
  3. according to her date, she’s able to “look at [political issues] with a lot of nuance”
  4. one of Maddie’s deal-breakers is someone who’s “extremely political” (aka a shitlib)

Number 3 is really telling. Any shitlady wading through the bug-eyed hysteria of a major shitlibistan learns to handle the local fauna with savviness and a deft inscrutability. Parroting shitlib insanity is the cheap accommodation; better is to retain one’s dignity by slipping realtalk into the hivemind miasma under cover of plausibly deniable “nuance” to avoid triggering one of the snowflakes into calling for ostracism air support.

And number 4 seals it for me; extreme politicization is the domain of liberals. Conservatives are much less invested in publicly debating politics and the status whoring verbal sparring that goes along with it. When a girl says she wants to avoid “extremely political” dates, she means “liberal male feminists who enjoy buttplay (their own)”.

This chick Maddie is RIPE for the taking by any Trumpentrooper who wants her. Just show up with biceps and a smirk.


Reader Little Spoon asks,

Can you give them a more attractive name than shitlady? Alt lady? No actually that sounds like some new kind of trans gender. I don’t know. You’re better with words than I am. But going on names alone, leftoid is more becoming than shitlady.

How about shivlady?

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Reader tomjones copypastas a plaintive cry for attention from a single lady on Valentine’s Day.

It’s valentines tomorrow . This is the first valentine being single so I thought I am sure there are other singles too . If anyone wants to meet for coffee and just talk about life and things message me.
Please include ur info when u messge

The above paragraph is a lady on craigslist. Discuss….

More American women than ever are single well into their 20s and 30s. V Day used to be a time for couples to rejoice in their love, but the corporate holiday has had to bend to the new reality of pump and dumps, flings, the extended cock carousel ride, delayed marriage, and late in life marriage. So V Day has morphed into a convenient, plausibly deniable excuse for these future cat ladies to crassly advertise themselves in the hope they’ll get banged out by cads or showered with sexless sympathy feelz by gullible white knight betas all too willing to drop a bennie on expensive cocktails so that they can trudge homeward with full aching balls after doing their last ditch V-date duty and cheering up a studio apartment slut who’s experiencing a bout of regret and timetable disorientation in between cock hops.

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Because Sweden’s leaders are emotional, virtue signaling women.

It would be funny if it weren’t existentially tragic. Team Cunt invites the swarthworld into Sweden on a menstrual wave of righteousness, and bows to the swarthworld like the submissive harem playthings to which they secretly aspire.

Handing the reins to White women will be the Final Stupidity that ends Western Civilization, unless the native fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands of these women reassert their masculine privilege and demote them to the roles for which they are most suited: inspirational physical beauty and motherhood.

Feminism is the shit test that MUST be passed, or Western White men are doomed to be cucked forever by Morlocks with a stronger pimp hand.


Days of Broken Arrows writes that the problem of women in leadership positions is their pathological conformism.

Anyone who went to an American school knows that females, as a group, will go along with any trend that’s being pushed by mass media, from clothes to music to makeup. The girls didn’t question why they were doing what they were doing (except for the odd math team girl). They just went along with everyone else.

So it is today with politics. The same girls who had to have the same shoes as everyone else now have to go along with everyone else too. This was the danger of allowing women a political voice and I’m guessing that on an unconscious level, the Founding Fathers knew this.

Schools are really about socializing people, so principals and teachers make such girls the center of attention. The media is all about “manufacturing consent,” so women are placed front-and-center as much as possible.

Conversely, men are a more dangerous proposition. Even the most conformist men have an individualist streak. Schools and the media do as much as they can to curb this, but you can’t change human nature.

The guys you knew in high school are still around and still probably have the same individualist quirks you remember. But you don’t hear about them. Their opinions are now being drowned out, the same way they were drowned out as high school sophomores by girls shrieking over the new pairs of Lucky jeans they bought.

When you get down to it, politics is a pair of jeans for women. It’s not that they particularly even care about jeans or want to wear them. It’s that everyone else is doing it.

Female (and relatedly, gay male) infiltration of so many institutions has created unstoppable momentum toward US decline and eventual collapse. Those drowned out voices of the individualist (White) men will have to get a lot louder and more insistent if the female-led decline is to be reversed.


This is a great blog post tying together feminism and the third worldization of the West.

Thus feminised groups will open their borders (and their legs) to everyone and everybody, including to more masculine groups who have more kids, leading to the feminised group becoming a minority in its own country. This could be also observed in the real world. All currently feminised groups, such as western Europeans and white north Americans, have open borders policies and are becoming minorities in their own countries. In contrast, less feminised ethnic groups (Eastern Europeans, Muslims, Israeli Jews, East Asians) have closed borders and are more openly nationalist and xenophobic.


Women, in general, have similar behavior to that of minority non-white groups, so they reinforce each other. This could be also called the “women – minority alliance”. You will see lots of similarities between female behavior and minority/third worlder behavior. […]

As you can see, the one group empowers the other, there is collusion between them, and they jointly create an environment that is particularly well suited towards parasitism upon white men.


What is interesting to me is that feminisation and third-worldization work together. You often hear the phrase “women and minorities”, “racism and sexism”, “white privilege and male privilege” etc.  Those words often come together. There is collusion going on. Why is that? Because women pay only 30 percent of taxes, (10) but receive the vast majority of welfare, pensions and medical care, and benefit from diversity quotas/affirmative action, so they often support other parasitic groups and often work together with them to expand the welfare state and affirmative action/diversity policies.

The more influence women have directly leads to more minority influence, and vice versa, creating a positive “more diversity” feedback loop. There is correlation between the level of female influence in first world societies and the third-worldization of those societies.


Feminism could cause a white woman to support a minority woman against a white man, and put the non-white woman above the white man. When white women, due to feminism and “sisterhood”, feel closer to non-white women, than to white men, and turn against their own men, then their group may not survive such treason.

This is why feminism is incompatible with nationalism and the survival of the ethnic group.


Basically, many women and minorities have similar (parasitic) behavior and similar (more government, more affirmative action, more quotas, more taxes, more redistribution, more welfare, more “give me, give me”) goals. They also both fear potential white male violence, both complain about “too many white men” dominating this area or that area, or how a certain sector is “too male and pale”,  and both shout “down with the 1950s!”.

If you look at political parties who support feminism, you will notice that they also support more minority influence, and vice versa. For example the Canadian election where female supported liberal Justin Trudeau won resulted in both more women and more minorities in Parliament and in the Government.


The Women’s march against Trump also demanded immigration and open borders, claiming that “no human being is illegal”. (42) Meanwhile, non-white feminists are turning against white feminists using the same methods they used on men.


So basically white men in the West are getting attacked by a coalition of many of their own women working together with minorities.


Do you think it is a coincidence that western societies became more liberal and opened their borders in the 60s, exactly the decade when contraception became widely available, women were freed from the burden of having multiple kids and entered the work force and politics en masse, and female influence exploded?


If you want to get rid of white people, then it makes sense to promote feminism among them. First, it will lead to negative birth rates. Second, it will lead to more tolerance for immigration and open borders. Third, it will divide and destabilise the targeted ethnic group, and will turn the women and the men of that group against each other. And fourth, women will hardly care about the presence of Jews in the midst of their society, since women are less xenophobic than men. So I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the people who are on record saying they want to get rid of white people of European descent are also supporting feminism in western countries (but not in their own country).

Tradcons will have to wake up to the fact that White women and nonWhites have formed, intentionally or organically, a de facto coalition to destroy the nations that White men have created. The war for the survival of the West really is White men versus everyone else.

I like those odds.

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There are friendzonings so cold that men reading about them from hundreds of galactic zones away can feel the chill in their bones.


I’ve seen masterful vivisections of orbiters before, but this LJBF scalpel removed the fool beta’s id and placed it outside to sizzle under the hot sun. One might say our Good Christian Girl crucified Daniel’s upstart apostolic lurch.

Note that this beta orbiter is not gay. If he was, the girl would not feel compelled to append a brutally perfunctory #stillsingletho tag to her post; if the beta was gay, she would know all her friends know that he’s gay and the tag would make no sense. This was specifically a tag intended to remind both the orbiter and any real men reading that her pussy is OFF-LIMITS to the orbiter and IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE to any man with the BALLS to JUST SAY NO to the friendzone.

I hereby declare Still Single Tho Girl to be the female equivalent of Skittles Man, Nah Man, and Bring The Movies guy. She takes emotional fulfillment from a hapless dopey beta male orbiter without giving an ounce of her sexual fulfillment in return, just as Skittles Man takes sexual fulfillment from his hapless smitten girlfriends without giving an ounce of his emotional fulfillment to them. Well OK, he gives about 12 ounces….of Skittles.

Incels and insols are not the loneliest people in the world. That distinction belongs to the friendzoned beta orbiter whose romantic loneliness is compounded by the excruciating juxtaposition of the physical and emotional nearness of his oneitis with the cosmic immensity of her sexual remoteness.

There is no loneliness worse than the tortured loneliness.

I have a powerful message for lovelorn beta male orbiters stuck in the gravitational pull of the friendzone black hole: Paying a hooker for sex is more dignified than pretending to enjoy being blue-balled by your cold-hearted lust object.

(“Why cold-hearted?”, asks the pleb. I’ll tell you why. Because EVERY chick wielding the power of the friendzone knows EXACTLY what her emotional tampon wants from her, and yet #ShePersists in draining her sexually thwarted beta buddyboy of the last drops of his dignity and often while feeding him just enough morsels of hope to keep him tagging around in asexual limbo and giving her what she wants from him….which in this case is Top Golf, dinner, flowers, ice cream, and horseback riding. The horse was her sexual outlet. Cucked by a horse!)

Recall an ancient CH maxim: Sexless resource extraction is the female version of the uncommitted sexual extraction practiced by alpha males.

If after our unconscionably stoic beta sucker Daniel gets his head straight upon blowing his load in a hooker’s strait, he can go here to read about methods for curing his oneitis, and thus releasing himself from the souldeath of the friendzone.

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