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I recall reading that Shrillennials are the generation least friendly to the First Amendment, coming out in favor of hate speech codes on campus by a wide margin. I also recall reading that after breaking down the survey data by race, White Millennials are very pro-1A. Maybe Audacious E can confirm or refute.

The real book burners are the Ochre Hordes who currently squat at about 37% of the total US population, and quickly growing in number, especially as a percentage of Millennials. These are the future Americans who will use the Constitution as toilet paper. Our vigrants don’t much care for, or about, airy-fairy notions of free speech. That’s a Heritage America thing, and Heritage Americans are so…yesterday.

Here’s a stunner: 71% of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born.

Big Tech leads the charge to censor political dissidents and demonetize insufficiently submissive Whites who exercise their free speech.

It’s all coming together now. We are beginning to make sense of Clown World.

Free speech, like almost all idealized Western credos, is racial in provenance. Whites are slower to rouse to anger, and generally more tolerant of opposing views. Whites can handle personal insults against either themselves or their kin without resorting to violence in answer.

Free speech is thus best viewed as a natural continuation of a pre-existing White psychological disposition. The Bill of Rights is White temperament codified.

But Paperwork Americans are different, culturally, genetically, psychologically. In most of the world’s people, intolerance is the norm. Impulsive anger is the norm. Contempt for open debate is the norm. Thin skin is the norm. To them, free speech is a casus belli for violent redress. They can see it no other way.

The only way they can live with each other is through a byzantine array of tacit and de jure social taboos governing interpersonal communication. Speech restriction is how they keep a lid on their tempers.

This is why legal enshrinement of abstract principles such as free speech never materialized in the Ochrelands. This is why the Ochre-hai laugh at our quaint ideas of free speech, and why they will tear up, first, the spirit of 1A and, second, the letter of 1A, once they have achieved demographic critical mass.

Which they are already doing. The Ochrefication of America is underway. Our cherished Anglo-Germanic rights won’t survive the onslaught.

You can’t expect alien peoples to honor and respect the same principles that Heritage Americans honor and respect. The principles must be felt in the bones to be obeyed and sustained, and despite universalist agitprop to the contrary, the vast majority of the world feels nothing in their bones for creedal America.

When they rule, the rules will change. You have been warned.

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Pathetic swedes. They don’t deserve my capitalization.

swede: ja we love the world’s people! don’t be a racist! bring them all here!

Shivlord: Ok, here’s one refugee who would like a home.

swede: oh my, i have to run, ikea has a sale on cuck corner stools.

Keep virtue-sniveling, swedecunts. We know you’re blowing hot air. As long as the vibrant migrants — vigrants — are in the *other* town, and the girl cut in half isn’t *your* daughter, it’s safe for you to lie about your love of diversity.

Until it isn’t.

PS A reminder that the enemy is inside the gates:

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Democortezes and Recucklicans who assert there is no national emergency at the border are lying through their teeth. They are lying to your faces.

The Uniparty is on tilt with utter lying, filthy, scumshits. The hate I have for these traitorous greedy bastards knows no bounds.

I’d say 30-50 million foreign invaders over two decades qualifies as a motherfucking national emergency! Oh no, wait, excuse me, a national emergency is a White man posting a hurtful meme somewhere on the internet, my bad.

President Trump,




are you doing? Sitting on your ass watching Foxman News all day?





Honestly, it’s the only way you’ll win reelection, so what are you waiting for? An invitation? You already got one in November, 2016. Tell your daughter and son-in-law to hit the bricks and prepare to unleash hell on the Deep State, the Corporatocracy, and the Treason Party.


A literal invasion by a foreign power and not only are we treating them with kid gloves, but half of our population is on their side.

What do you do when you’re living in a nation under siege and half of the citizenry is supporting the invaders? What do you do when your fellow citizens are opening the gates, protecting the enemy, and lobbying to make their invasion even easier?

How long can such a nation continue to exist without collapsing in on itself?

We’re at a crossroads. A pivotal point in American history- fuck, not just American history, but world history. As the world’s only superpower, the way we as a nation address this invasion will set the stage in how this madness is either dealt with or accepted across the globe for decades to come.

We need a peaceful separation before we get an un-peaceful separation. Either way, we’re getting a separation.

PS When is a right-wing conspiracy theory reality? When the chaimstream media won’t report on it.

PPS Look at all the money pouring out of America to enrich foreigners:

All that money could have been intercepted by USGOV and redistributed to help opioid addicts in rural White America.
But our overlords hate those declasse whites.
So we get this.
Treason in the morning, treason in the afternoon, treason in the evening. Treason all night long.

DEUSVULT, again,

Illegals in California are moved from Tijuana through the freight trucks across the border and put into storage facilities in a place called Otay Mesa where they are held hostage until someone comes to pay around 1K to get them out or they pay for it themselves. Those who cannot pay are sold to agriculture companies that will ship them out to Central Valley where they work with local gangs to get housing and work the fields until they can buy themselves out.

It’s systematic large scale organized human trafficking. I know over a dozen people that have gone through this personally and it’s 100% real.

Trump needs to hit this angle, hard. He leaves so many guns on the table. But we knew that about him already. We just hope he picks up one or two guns and blows a hole in Globohomo.

(Dear nerdboy FBI and NSA voyeurs: the preceding was a figure of speech. Oh, and fuck you.)

PPPS There is no clear upward trend in far right terrorism in the West in recent years.

A reader quips, “sadly”.

PPPPS #JudeoMoslemValues

PPPPPS Will Westcott on Lil’ Benny Shapiro:

Why do people with strong jewish identities like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager want to convince White peoples that Western civilization has nothing to do with White people and that it’s just a creed?

If White people with powerful Media influence were telling jewish people that their culture had nothing to do with jewish people and that Israel was open to everyone, Shapiro would be the first person to start shouting “anti-semitism”.

Where do these [special liars] think that creedal ethos came from? Somalis?

Listen to me, [special spazzes]…

RACE *smack* IS *smack* UPSTREAM *smack* FROM *smack* CREED

PPPPPPS Second City Bureaucrat takes the shiv to that cunty New Zealand Prime Catlady:

My god that might have been the sweetest shiv I’ve seen all year.

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*mixed race couples in bed on tv*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

*gay kisses on tv*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

*giant animated talking penises and vaginas*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

“trannies in short shorts singing songs to schoolchildren*

shitlibs: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

…pretty soon there won’t be anything worse.

IMO what Clown World is teaching us is the value of disgust as a moral referee.

Shitlibs cheering on an 11-year-old trannyboy and grown gay men slipping him dollars is what Zero Disgust Felt looks like.

It’s time to bring back disgust. Make America Disgusted Again. #MADA

What are some ways to reinstitute a finely-honed disgust reflex in Americans?

One way is a disease epidemic. The least disgusted will be culled first. The remaining will be those with low disgust tolerance who quarantined themselves.

A theory I (and others) have is that an accumulating genetic mutational load in a population burdened by dysgenic breeding (aka loosening of social and economic restrictions on reproduction) will in time unleash a hellish torrent of infectious diseases old and new that will, in accordance with Darwinian reality, exploit the weakened host population.

We may be entering the age of superbugs. Survival will depend on staying out of the cities and choosing your friends wisely.


From Alex the Goon,

Disgust is our strength.

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Thank you, Diversity, for all your Blessings and Strengths, including the fact that we Americans now have to put up with full-body gaypedo rub-downs at the airport!

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A pimp mommy spends hours photographing her daughter’s inner labia with strong overtones of incestuous arousal, and Go-Pole dick cams hit the market just in time for the latest middle school sexting scandal.

I’d say the answer to this post’s question is a resounding ‘no’.

It’s gonna have to be segregation, secession, and separation.

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It’s brutal cuz it’s true.

Rich shitlib actresses paid big bucks to get their airhead kids into elite colleges.

“I don’t know how much of school I’m gonna attend but I’m gonna go in and talk to my deans and everyone, and hope that I can try and balance it all,” Jade said in a YouTube video from August of last year. “But I do want the experience of like game days, partying…I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.”

A smart White boy from Kentucky was denied a slot because this ditz’s mom forked over half a mil in bribery money to buy her daughter an admissions acceptance letter.


Bronze Age Pervert on Woke Environmentalism and its betrayal of its core principles:

So true. Media shitlibs and their darlings like Alex Ocasio-Quinoa are raging about mandated meat-free and dairy-free diets now because of cow farts, while of course totally ignoring the obvious downsides (stunted growth, soyface, feminization, shitlib politics).


Joe Biden is sounding a lot like the campaign trail version of Trump (pre-cohenvergence).

I’d say Trump won on issues AND personality. (Jeb would not have won with Trump’s message, although he would have done better.) But point taken, Trump has strayed far from what brung him to the dance.

Kelly asks the relevant question,

Is Biden is morphing into 2016 version of Trump? Where’s Bannon when Trump needs him?

Trump misses Bannon, and for that we all suffer.

Bannon shot himself in the foot, but his departure was still the worst thing that happened to the Trump WH. Bannon was Trump’s gateway to the White working class — the forgotten Americans — who won him the electoral college and gave America a fighting chance for survival.

Trump has, up till now, largely squandered that support. For the last six months, he has played defense. No big ideas. No more fulfilled campaign promises. No FIGHT. I trace it back to Bannon’s exile. When Bannon left, Trump lost access to the hearts and minds of Heritage America. Javanka filled the void, and it’s been a steady drumbeat of inanities from Trump that include abject betrayals of his base such as declarations that the US needs more legal immigration to fill all the jobs being created.

Things could still turn around for Trump and MAGA, but time is short and the trends are disheartening.

I remember the counter-arguments at the time when Bannon was fired…”bannon has character flaws” “bannon is a sloppy drunk” “bannon betrayed his boss” “bannon was probably a leaker” “bannon is a loose cannon” — which all may be true but still doesn’t refute the central premise that he was a necessary lynchpin in the MAGA agenda. When he left, the javanka entity assumed control.

Now I wonder if it was Trump himself who ordered Bannon’s firing, or if it was someone…near and dear to him who did it.

Anyway, I stand by my prediction that Bernard wins the 2020 general if he gets past the black belt primaries unscathed, and if Trump doesn’t execute a course correction soon. But if Biden continues stumping like he’s being advised by Bannon, we may have a real contender for the throne. And I don’t say this with glee in my heart. Biden is an anti-White scab laborer like the rest, and will do nothing to curb the demographic destruction of America, but he may vault to victory if Rust Belt Whites are still dispirited in two years.

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