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I predicted on the Twatter that underprivileged muslims would target iconic European landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower. WELP. France is on fire…again.

I wonder when it will be the Western White elite give up on their open borders ethnic cleansing pogrom swamping native Whites in their homelands with third world trash. How many dead bodies have to hit the floor before deluded or malicious leftoids renounce their race creationism religion?

Rhetorical. Too many. The right answer is removing these perfidious leftoids from power. By force, if it comes to that. And the hour is late.

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It’s been said by others, but it’s worth reiterating here. Open borders are an impossibility. If you remove one border, two more, smaller, borders will be created in its place. It’s like the titular creatures from Gremlins. Spill water on one, and five more mogwai spawn.

The logic is inescapable. A big border protects a lot of smaller entities within the territory it rings. Abolish the big border, and small borders will organically arise to protect the smaller entities that were once protected as a whole behind one big umbrella border. Abolish the small replacement borders, and still smaller borders will be formed to protect the integrity of the multiplying units of partitioned entities and territories.

For real life examples of this phenomenon in action, see any gated community, school with metal detectors, or bulletproof glass-enclosed 7-Eleven check-out counter. If you remove the national border, the citizens will respond to their unwelcome vulnerability by erecting borders around that to which they can still control entry.

Open borders libertardians like Cheap Chalupas either are too stupid to understand this or, more likely, are too disingenuous to bother understanding. Perhaps for them, ensconced in the swaddle of their own leafy, 95% White, high trust suburban borders, the recursively multiplying, mitotically dividing, expanding universe of atomized borders and supporting Surveillance State machinery necessary in a Diversitopia are a feature instead of a bug. If that’s how they think, then here’s to hoping their cushioned principles are put to the test the best possible way: with swift and unremitting exposure to the reality of the borderless world they champion.

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There are developments in the Orlando muslim fanatic mass shooting that won’t surprise Chateau guests. Omar Mateen’s second wife, Noor Zahi Salman (American as apple pie), knew about his plans to shoot up the Pulse anal playground, excuse me, nightclub, and declined to tell authorities. She basically covered for Omar, and could be charged as an accessory to murder.

The lessons are as old as time. Muslims, especially from the Middle East and Central Asia, are extremely inbred and clannish. When one muslim goes on a killing spree for allah, you can bet that his immediate and extended family silently acquiesced and probably even supported his violent intentions. This is a sort of tribal wagon-circling and abetting you won’t find too often among Whites of Northwest European descent. It’s confirmation of Donald J. Trumpening’s sensible position that the families of jihadis should be targeted for kebab removal.

The second lesson is ripped straight from the pages of the CH Philosophes. Chicks dig jerks, especially cute chicks in the prime of their fertility who could have non-jerks if they desired them. The allure of the alpha male — note I did not say admirable man — over women is unmissable. Even a brown, ISIS-pledging son of weirdo immigrants with a possible history of downlow sexcapades can cast a spell over women who should know better. Is anyone who’s lived a day in his life among the fairer sex shocked that Noor Salman would swooningly swim in the wake of her psychopath husband’s plans to reach his 72 goats? History is replete with female accomplices of alpha male killers whose charms could not be resisted.

Lest it go under-reported, Omar’s first wife is a true hottie, and he has kids from multiple women. ALPHA. And if you don’t like it, don’t blame the messenger. Blame the massengil.

Meanwhile, a beta male has six white roses instead of twelve red roses delivered to his wife on their anniversary, and she nags him for the oversight and closes her legs for six months.

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Men from aggressive, foreign tribes, full of passion and conviction, have begun targeting the culture and lifestyle centers of their post-tribal enemy, as opposed to government and military sites. They have identified the softest underbelly and are eviscerating it with a vengeance. This means liberals — r-selected rabbits — will bear the brunt of violent Diversity. We are careening into the rabbit holocaust, when everything liberals believe and hold dear will be under mortal threat, and they will die or scatter to the protection of their warrens.

This may be a needed cleansing. After all, it’s rabbit ideology that got us to where we are: besieged by malcontents and barbarians, and making high-minded rationalizations for welcoming ever more of them to lay waste to the rabbit-optimized Elysium fields of grass that is always fresh and green.

Grass needs watering and tending to keep out pests. Rabbits forget that. All they know is that the grass is there, let’s eat, and why not invite others to join in the feast. Well the grass is retreating, and the rabbits are being gunned down. This won’t change things; common sense and a preservation instinct are missing in the rabbit genes. Millions more Americans — even shitlib Americans — could die at the hands of Diversity and the Effete Elite would not surrender their open borders globalist race-mongrelizing agenda. The solution will be, as always, a forceful taking of power by the K-selected wolves, to save the rabbits from themselves.

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Brannon asks what could be the burning question of the century:

How could an entire generation get so cucked to give their entire nation & values away like this.

He links to an outstanding comment that should be retired to the Realtalk Hall of Flame. The comment was to an article written by @NickCohen4 (which I can’t locate atm; if any reader would care to do the legwork, I’d appreciate it).


The White West — we, us — is really in uncharted territory, which means this experiment in self-annihilation signaling has the potential to go very, very wrong. “Civilizational death dance” captures the dispirit of our times: a reckless gambling with our nation’s posterity for the fleeting pleasure of moral preening. The fundament rends… or rather, prolapses.

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Female suffrage was a big mistake, part infinity in a series.

Austria had an election recently, pitting a nationalist, immigration restrictionist patriot (Hofer) against a globalist, open borders nutjob (Van der Bellen). The vote results confirm a pattern seen all over the Western world: White women are voting in the shitlib traitors who will drown White nations in a polluted sea of third world misery.


Men invade, women invite. Right now, White women — especially over-educated White women — have the West’s power structures by the balls, gleefully cutting them off and handing them to migrants, invaders, refugees and general admission Diversity for display in their conquerors’ trophy cases. White men have responded by… well, until the Trumpening struck fear in the hearts of the West’s enemies, throwing up their hands and retreating to pr0n, opioids, and video games.

Trump is the West’s last, best, chance to turn this thing around. If TheCunt wins, it’s GAME OVER for America as we have known her.

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A reader who is the owner of Page For Men writes,

In my executive life, I can answer [the implied question in this CH post] – They don’t have a fuckin clue. I work for several fortune 500 clients (I am a consultant now) that want better online results.

They hire fresh out of college, female college grads to handle social, online and media. These 22 year olds say this is what the demographics that purchase the products say, so they agree.

As an ex CEO of these types of companies I get it. They look at “reports” and agree (as I did not too many years ago)… usually in less than 15 minutes.

We all think the CEO is the Alpha, and they are in the world they live in, but the are not trying to re-engineer the world. Just increase revenue. And these adds sell. Whites overlook it cause it would be (add any SJW term here) not to.

Brother, most of them don’t have a clue. And I’m not much better, in a contract position I do my magic online and don’t school anyone on the other BS they are doing. I have tried a few times, and it always burns me. I am also building my 100 acre ranch and I can hit a target at 600 yards repeatedly. I am a capitalist, not stupid.

The real answer is most of these large companies are run by older (like me) people that just don’t see the truth of the issue.

Still love your writing, keep going. You inspire us.

So the problem comes back to, as it often does, the malign influence of single ladies living the slut and the city lifestyle, and the eager gullibility of older male executives believing everything these cute young things implore them to believe. And, apparently, Millennial consumers are fully on-board the anti-White express train to genetic and cultural obsolescence, so this mongrelization agit-prop sells. Which means we will see more of it… until one day, hopefully not too long from now, a MASS WOKING will rupture the grotesque system, floorboard to ceiling rafter.

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