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What do you get when you resettle Somalis into America?


I’m afraid not.

You get what you started with.

Somalis. Acting like Somalis. Local news link:

For five months, Fox 9 has been investigating what appears to be rampant fraud in a massive state program.

This fraud is suspected of costing Minnesota taxpayers as much as $100 million a year.

The Fox 9 Investigators reporting is based on public records and nearly a dozen government sources who have direct knowledge of what is happening.

These sources have a deep fear, and there is evidence to support their concerns, that some of that public money is ending up in the hands of terrorists.

This story begins at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where mysterious suitcases filled with cash have become a common carry-on.

On the morning of March 15, Fox 9 chased a tip about a man who was leaving the country. Sources said he took a carry-on bag through security that was packed with $1 million in cash.  Travelers can do that, as long as they fill out the proper government forms.

A shady-looking Somali leaving the country with 1 million in cash? Nothing to see here, goyim, what are you, racist?

Fox 9 learned that these cloak-and-dagger scenarios now happen almost weekly at MSP. The money is usually headed to the Middle East, Dubai and points beyond. Sources said last year alone, more than $100 million in cash left MSP in carry-on luggage.

Holy fugg. Minnesota scandicucks bilked out of $100 MILLION by their pet rapefugees. Someone page Poetic Justice Warrior.

[The ill-gotten money] was coming from Hawalas, businesses used to courier money to countries that have no official banking system.

Some immigrant communities rely on Hawalas to send funds to help impoverished relatives back home.

Kerns discovered some of the money was being funneled to a Hawala in the region of Somalia that is controlled by the al Shabaab terrorist group.

“I talked to a couple of sources who had lived in that region and I said, ‘If money is going to this Hawala do you think it is going to al Shabaab?'” said Kerns. “And he said, ‘Oh definitely, that area is controlled by al Shabaab, and they control the Hawala there.’”

Scandicucks inadvertently funding Somali Moslem terrorists. Oh my oh me oh my, it would be to laugh if it wasn’t so fucking predictable.

As Kerns dug deeper, he found that some of the individuals who were sending out tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of remittance payments happened to be on government assistance in this country.

How could they possibly come up with such big bucks to transfer back home?

“We had sources that told us, ‘It’s welfare fraud, it’s all about the daycare,’” said Kerns.

This is our world: Hate Whitey, Bilk Whitey, Shame Whitey for noticing. Maybe a leetle bit o’ corrective racism might not be such a bad thing?

Five years ago the Fox 9 Investigators were first to report that daycare fraud was on the rise in Minnesota, exposing how some businesses were gaming the system to steal millions in government subsidies meant to help low-income families with their childcare expenses.

“It’s a great way to make some money,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

In order for the scheme to work, the daycare centers need to sign up low income families that qualify for child care assistance funding.

Surveillance videos from a case prosecuted by Hennepin County show parents checking their kids into a center, only to leave with them a few minutes later. Sometimes, no children would show up.

Either way, the center would bill the state for a full day of childcare.

Video from that same case shows a man handing out envelopes of what are believed to be kickback payments to parents who are in on the fraud.

Dear diaspora scandicucks: when you resettle nonwhites into your White societies, all the nice things about White societies disappear as the shitty things about nonwhite societies take over. HTH.

Fox 9 obtained video of Fozia Ali being sworn in as a member of the city of Hopkins Park Board.

No one named Fozia Ali should be a member of any city board anywhere in America.

“We believe that there’s a scope of fraud out there that we really need to get our arms around and ensure that those dollars are going to kids that really need them,” Acting Commissioner for the Department of Human Services Chuck Johnson said.

You know which kids should get those dollars? Poor White kids. After all, Whites are paying for this welfare.

Search warrants obtained by the Fox 9 Investigators show each one of the suspect centers has received several million dollars in childcare assistance funds.

According to public records and government sources, most are owned by Somali immigrants.

When asked if the Department of Human Services has any evidence to suggest this looks like organized crime, Johnson responded, “There’s a common pattern in how a lot of these are carried out, but beyond that, not something that I would directly categorize as organized crime.”

Sources in the Somali community told Fox 9 it is an open secret that starting a daycare center is a license to make money.

Welfare fraud crime doesn’t have to be organized crime. All you need is a race of people who are predisposed to scamming anyone gullible enough to allow them into their elysium, and then let them act on their predilections with impunity. The end result will look something like an organized crime effort, but was really an organic expression of a race’s innate characteristics.

The fraud is so widespread they said, that people buy shares of daycare businesses to get a cut of the huge public subsidies that are pouring in.

Government insiders believe this scam is costing the state at least a hundred million dollars a year, half of all child care subsidies.

Minnesota scandicucks are the worst of the White virtue signalers. This is America’s Rotherham, and it required a whole state of self-abasing scandicucks to look away from the crimes perpetrated right under their noses because the perps were those sacred religious icons known as black africans.

This crime is spreading. Sources tell Fox 9 fraudsters in other states are now using the Minnesota playbook to rip off millions of public dollars meant to help kids.

Diversity + Proximity = the nationwide fleecing of America’s children. The blessings of somali vibrancy are coming to every town in America, because that’s how our ruling class wants it. And they’re getting it…until they’re stopped.

Quoting VDare,

Before Somali immigration, Minnesota had a reputation as a friendly and law-abiding state, so $100 million stolen from the state’s taxpayers for child care comes as a shock, although muslim crime has been an ongoing theme there for years. The fraud certainly blows up the diversity narrative that liberals worship. […]

Somalis have been leaving Minnesota for years to fight for jihad in their ancestral homeland — why wouldn’t they transport stolen dollars to Somalia for the same purpose?

Of all immigrant groups, Somalis are arguably the worst because they are actively hostile to assimilation, even though great efforts have been made by extra-nice Minnesotans.

America has been swilling immigration poison via Somalis for too long, so it’s time to admit failure and just stop importing trouble.

Espousing common sense like that can get you fired, censored from social media, thrown in jail, and your family raped and killed by all those “gifts of love”.

From commenter redone,

The government takes from the productiveness of the white man to give third world invaders free daycare. Third world invader brides (like the invaders themselves) don’t have jobs and don’t use daycare.

Third world invaders engage in massive daycare fraud and send the money out of the country stuffed in suitcases to support third worlders who are to lazy to invade – also, much money goes to terrorists.

We are supporting third worlders here, there, and their terrorist killers because the government is giving the big gibs.

Never has a time needed the gallows more than the time we currently live in.

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Chris comments about his time in Brazil, the muddy confluence of the world’s races.

I lived in Brazil 4 years as an American young man back in 1990s and I am yet to see a more dis-trusting and antagonist society in the planet. Brazilians HATE each other, they hate their country, and they distrust each other to the point the country is really nothing more then a 3rd world powederkeg of social and economic disharmony and violence. Brazil is California on steroids. Highly-racially and culturally mixed and yet that country is divided, dishonest, and self-loathing.

The more “racially mixed” a country is, the more unstable it becomes, because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. The only part of Brazil that works (sorta) is the South, where the population is overwhelmingly German, with Italians as second largest group, Ukrainians around 500,000, and about 100,000 Lithuanians, all concentrated in their own cities and towns across the 3 southern States. The south of Brazil is only coherent part of Brazil and only white-majority region. Most Conservative, prettiest girls, and least Feminist. The rest of Brazil is a messy chaos of mixed and semi-white populations, all distrusting and hating one another. It is a sight to behold! 😮

This is the case anywhere in the world. When Norway was almost 100% ethnic Norwegian, the country worked and functioned, even with dumb socialist policies (like national healthcare). Because the population was homogenous and educated, they did not abuse and overuse public services and that enabled socialist policies to work to some extent. After they allowed SOME immigration, not even at the ridiculous levels of Sweden or Germany, NOTHING works in Norway anymore. Healthcare is overwhelmed, people bleeding in ERs, elderly drinking water out of potted plants, and all levels of social services and police are overwhelmed, and the country has become more polarized and unstable.

But unlike Sweden (a country headed for total collapse), Norway woke-up and elected the “Go Forward Party” and the zero immigration parties are growing rapidly. Their motto “let’s not become Sweden”.

Simply put: mass immigration = chaos and disunity. No matter how much you “mix races” or “mix cultures”, the “mixing” will not resolve the most basic of human behavior, which is distrust, disunity, and hate. No matter how much you indoctrinate, the truth of our most basic ideas, behaviors, and reactions will never change. That is hwy “Progressivism” has always fails, since it replies on humans to “evolve” (progress) into holy and perfect beings. This will never happen, thus Progressivism fails over an dover again.

In fact, all tis “mixing” makes it all worse. My 2 cents.

Diversity + Proximity = War (by whatever means). Racial diversity introduces social instability. The races have on average differing world views, behaviors, temperaments, personalities, and preferences, and forcing them together into an artificial union under one political and cultural umbrella amplifies preexisting antagonisms and distinctions, resulting in lower trust and a less livable society by any one group’s standards. The reason racial and ethnic diversity creates instability (which Robert Putnam found in his research, even within races because lower trust caused by multiracial proximity infected relations between racial kin) is because shared threads of experience, history, heritage, values, demeanors, behaviors, rituals, and unspoken affinities are torn and discarded, and in fact must be, to appease the MultiKult Cerberus.

Mixing doesn’t fix the problems caused by Diversity™; it only makes it worse because the mixed population becomes more, not less, racially conscious, spending productivity-sucking energy jockeying for a racial identity and the status that accrues to it which sets oneself and one’s family apart from the muddy masses. It’s part of the human condition to tribalize; only NW European Whites have had this predilection somewhat but not entirely bred out of them. And if it is bred out of them, they will cease to exist and all the world’s races will return to unapologetic tribalism.

And as Chris noted, race mixing destroys cultural continuity — “no common culture, no common past, and no common background”. Our underlords must preach the satanic gospel of Diversity Is Our Strength constantly because they understand on a primal level that Diversity is our weakness. They propagandize that which requires propagandizing: the inorganic, the artificial, and the alien.

People who think all our problems of Diversity will be solved by de-scaling are short-sighted, unless by de-scaling they mean the disaggregation of America into separate and distinct geopolitical entities that are self-governing and no longer answer to the Federal Poz — aka racially distinct nations, which we forget, to our peril, is a redundancy in terms.


South Africa is another horribly low trust society. So how does the country function? Clues abound: fencing of every variety encircles everything, gated community security forces are armed to the teeth, and Whites self-segregate from nonWhites and follow an informal byzantine rulebook to help them avoid predation.

In other words, South Africa functions by creating an insular pocket of high trust Whites to run things and keep the low trust hued hordes surrounding them appeased with gibs (or with the lives of apparently disposable White Afrikaaner farmers).

Gibs Management is a classic example of short-run profit at the expense of long-run sustainability. It works, for a while, until the gibs takers outnumber the gibs givers, which they always do because (absent contraceptive and abortive intervention) gibs takers are wired for explosive population growth in times of plenty.

Atavator passes along an anecdote about a White African:

A few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a white guy from Zimbabwe — in the Wal Mart checkout line, of all places. Fair number of blacks around, but the guy was totally relaxed. It was a comparative matter, you see. Back home, he explained, there was just just no way his car would still be in the lot when he exited the store, since in the present case he had left no one armed to watch it. Just having that luxury — not leaving an armed person and believing his car would be present —   was like heaven.

Requiring the presence of an armed guard to watch your car in Walmart parking lots will become a feature of the US if the White share of the total population continues its downward trajectory to majority minority status, and then eventually to absolute minority status. This is why sounding pessimistic alarm bells about the demographic catastrophe set to befall us is as critically important as crafting an optimistic message that lures normie Whites to voting for pro-Heritage America politicians (aka MAGAmen).

If Whites in the remaining majority-White regions of the US don’t feel a sense of urgency and menace for the future of America as a nation, they won’t act as quickly about signing up for an implicitly or explicitly heritage-protecting agenda. And what we don’t have now is the luxury of time. South Africa is our future sooner than most think.

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Hat tip, El Kapitan, who writes,

Check out this one. It sums up western Europe so beautifully:

-A rude, aggressive immigrant openly breaking the law.
-A well meaning but completely powerless “native” man.
-A virtue signaling woman, complete with what appears to be a variation of a pussy hat. Prepare to feel organically misogynistic by the end.

Englishmen are the world’s most pathetic White Knights. Even the stronger among them who have the stones to reprimand a drunk migrant on public transit will wilt like summer flowers under the stern gaze of one of their shitlib women.

And just as expected, the Pathetic White Knight receives for his valor the reward of one of his own women coming to the defense of the ingrate migrant. You know how those Western educated shitliberal chicks dig jerkboys! Maybe that’s the problem…Western women don’t want to be their Western men’s women any longer; they want to be the Swarth World’s women.

williamk adds,

My shilling is on limey. Firm, still body language, holds eye contact. Migrant always looks away first and has more random, uncontrolled energy. Would it translate to a fight? Don’t know, but the brit is clearly the alpha of the dynamic here. He even gets up for the “lady” and then swats away her little soliloquoy with total frame control.

Like DNC, I suspect gypsy. Would a “polish” guy be so quick to play the “race” card? I truly don’t know, UK brahs can help – do poles play the racial outsider angle like this? Its fishy.

The drunk looks gypsy or Serb to me, but he could be a mixed ethnicity Pole. Poles have assimilated well in the US, having caused very little trouble historically in this country. I can tell you for sure that if this migrant had been a kebab or cannibal, our Englishman would have taken a knife to the gut as soon as he opened his mouth to complain. But I agree with williamk; the limey has the alpha body language and vocal tone here. Too bad he gives it all away as soon as yon faire maiden chastised him.

“Shut up, cunt,” was the only acceptable response to that fishmouth termagant when she decided to stretch out her piehole and virtue snivel for the assembled.

I can tell you this…White Men of the West are getting pissed off. If the current state of Uppity Phaggotry will ever end, it will be at the hands and by the will of angry White Men.

White men want their White women to stand by them in their fight against the Invasion. Instead, our White women prefer betrayal. They won’t be loyal until White men wield the pimp hand again. And that means White Knights have to be as mercilessly mocked as is civilization’s mortal in-house enemy, the pursed-lip pussyhatter femcunt.

Sanctimonious, virtue sniveling White women who refuse to fight for their nations by standing by their men are mortal enemies of the West. They will only defer to the pimp hand.


A pro comment from Scanman:

Note the invader’s assertion that “you have no right to tell me not to drink. Tell the police.”

The idea that rules are something members of a community agree to abide by in order to maintain certain standards and quality of life of the community is a high trust culture idea (Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian).

In asiatic/Mid East/African cultures, rules are something decreed from the top down to be obeyed solely to avoid punishment. If you can reliably avoid punishment (which this belligerent asshole knew for certain that he could), there is no reason to obey them.

Now keeping this in mind, someone please explain to me how The Bill of Rights survives when the founding Anglo Saxon stock becomes a minority in the US. If you think Guatemalans or Nigerians give two fucks about such things, you are completely deluded. It was something they had to know to pass the citizenship exam. Nothing more.

Society is a genetic construct. Women don’t have to understand it but they sure as hell have to abide by it or we might as well just burn the whole bitch down.

I’d argue it’s a fool’s errand trying to impart understanding of biocultural realities to women; they will only revolt against those realities. Better and more effective to expect women to simply abide social rules. The trick is ensuring that the social rules are created by White men and not by ingrate invaders.

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These are the biocultural revolutions the long-term impacts of which most Westerners have severely underestimated:

– the Pill

– cheap and safe abortion

– mass nonwhite immigration

– the total abandonment of organized patriarchal religion

– female economic empowerment

– sugar dousing

– market saturation of hardcore porn

– (((the diaspora)))

– runaway credentialism


Regarding that last item, credentialism is inherently feminine. Hierarchy is inherently masculine. All pre-collapse late stage empires are marked by a retreat from the masculine virtues and an embrace of the feminine vices. I plan to do a post on this subject because understanding its importance is crucial to correctly diagnosing the system-wide social failures now percolating through the West.


A reader adds penicillin to the list. I figure that’s a gray area, because the benefits of penicillin (at least over the evolutionary short term) would appear to far outweigh negatives (decoupling sexual behavior from fear of disease and helping to unleash an r-selected sexual market). In the long term, though, penicillin may come to be viewed as one of CH’s six sirens of the sexual apocalypse.

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From PBR Streetgang,

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out – has become
Tune Out, Turn Off, Work Out … Suppose every generation has its slogans, how you say – memes … It feels good to stick it to the man.


From commenter war-damned,

the seven beta sins:

greed: anti-family careerism
wrath: school shooting
lust: dumpster-diving
sloth: low-T
pride: virtue signalling
gluttony: carbs
envy: PUA hate

This “seven deadly [X] sins” meme has legs, I can tell.

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What if Big Pharma has created this androgyne self-annihilating estrogenically virtue shrieking society we currently inhabit because the Pill causes women to prefer limp beta males and ibuprofen feminizes men to prefer manjaws, so that the two find each other compatible and work together to bring the End of the West?

From David Duke Nukem,

When you combine this with the fact that birth control stays in the water tables, the plastics, Monsanto “food”, opiate epidemics, the entertainment industry promoting dindus, and more… It’s even worse. It’s such a perfect storm to destroy the White race that it couldn’t be a conspiracy. It’s so perfect that it has to be a biological consensus. Sleep well

The biggest red pill will be when Americans are woke to the chemical warfare waged against them for at least two generations. That is, if by then they’re still capable of wokeness.

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EU Head Juncker Slams Poland for Taking in Ukrainian Migrants But Not Muslims

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Poland should not choose which refugees to admit and should accept Muslims and other groups.

President Juncker said that Poland did not show the proper ‘solidarity’ with the rest of the political bloc because it has only allowed in large numbers of Ukrainian migrants and not Muslims, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

During a meeting with new Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Juncker praised the country for allowing in many Ukrainians displaced by the country’s internal conflict; however, he later said: “We are in talks with Hungary and Poland. I do not accept them saying, ‘we do not accept coloured people, Muslims, or homosexuals in our territory’. It is a major violation of European fundamental values.”

Jakub Dudziak, an official in Poland’s migration department, said: “In the streets, you can not tell if people are Poles or Ukrainians, we’re very much alike. It may be that the Poles are afraid of people coming from other parts of the world.”

Poles understand that race matters. Ukrainian migrants (likely from West Ukraine) are far closer genetically and culturally to Poles, and would therefore assimilate easily and abide Polish social norms and values. As the Polish official noted, Poles and Ukrainians are hard to tell apart. People who are physically similar are usually — due to the transitive property governing the relationships between phenotype, genotype, and personality — psychologically and behaviorally similar. Within this sphere of similarity, social connections are built on a foundation of shared values, personal affinities, and trust.

The effete traitor Juncker also understands race matters, which is why he wants swarths to overrun the last bastions of explicit Whiteness in Europe and destroy those precious and fragile social bonds, forged over millennia, forever. He is an enemy of the European peoples and in a de-clowned West would be treated as such.

The United States of America must impose a lengthy immigration moratorium and if or when the time comes to re-allow immigration, return to the immigration policy of the 1924 Immigration and Naturalization Act if this country wants to remain united.

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