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Thanks, Diversity™!

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This is all so drearily familiar.

– White Western nation opens borders to millions of muslim migrants.
– A muslim terror ring pulls off an attack in the heart of said White Western nation.
– Western nation responds with moments of silence, effete symbols of solidarity, reaffirmations of commitment to multicultural dispossession of native Whites, and a few bombs flung from the stratosphere onto abandoned campsites in the desert.
– Bubba cheers.
– Western leaders ignore nation’s open borders, preferring instead to acculturate its citizens to expect more genital patdowns of elderly nuns at the airport.
– muslims continue streaming into Western nation, more embittered and full of rage against the West.
– Another attack in heart of Western nation. Trend is toward higher kill ratios.
– Another bombing sortie against the desert.
– Bubba cheers.
– Western leaders ignore nation’s open borders, engage in all-out semantic war against “nativists”, and issue a flurry of executive orders bringing more muslim refugees into Paris and Mobile, Alabama.

Repeat ad infinitum until demographic and spiritual displacement of Whites from their homelands is complete.

Something’s got to break the cycle. Will Bubba eventual stop getting deliriously distracted by desert bombing sorties long enough to WAKE UP to what is really happening to him and his kind?

Meanwhile, the bodies of Frenchmen still warm on the ground, president Butt Naked commits high treason (again) when he announces at a meeting of globalist Davosians that “not all Syrian refugees are terrorists” and he will act to resettle more freedom-loving Syrians into small town, post-Christian America.

Start the countdown to the next attack….


In related high treason news, British officials have made an arrest in the War on Terror.

Police arrest woman for ‘racially abusive’ Facebook post banning Muslims from beauty salon because it is ‘time to put my country first’.

I feel safer already.


This is the change we can believe in.


More hope and change:

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After the Paris Diversity™ attacks, native White sons of the French soil girded their loins and steeled their hearts for the long war against the enemy. They picked up arms and held aloft their banner.

But there stirred among these newly forged White European warriors a rebel alliance with a different banner. This small by growing contingent believed that the modern ways of White self-preservation were outmoded, ineffective, dispiriting, and even self-defeating. Their banner was different; it crackled with vitality and with strength.

One of these banners is the pennant of the pussy. Those with full scrotes and clear minds will know which, and they will mass under the other banner. Those left crying and wailing in feminine solidarity under the ruling class-approved banner will fall to defeat, either on their knees or in their pooling blood.

The choice could not be starker. Will you choose the easy path, the path of the pussy? Or will you choose the path of purposeful Identity.

It’s clarifying to think of the Paris attacks as a front in the larger War of White Dispossession (aka the Swarm Wars). Muslim aggression can be therefore viewed as a consequence, rather than a cause, of the attrition of White spirit as they go down to one defeat after another in the Dispossession Wars. An acceptance that we are in the midst of a War of White Dispossession means that the prime enemy isn’t Islam. It’s our own White elite.

Don’t believe me that Whites are losing a War of White Dispossession waged by their own ruling classes? Spend the next few days, while the blood of young Parisians is still being mopped off the floors, counting how many Western European leaders and opinion-molders make full-throated calls for WALLS and DEPORTATIONS of non-European non-whites. The number will be vanishingly small. And of those few who do utter tentative concessions to the idea that White homelands are sacrosanct and deserve race-conscious stewards, count the number of days their flirtation with TRUTH and BEAUTY remains firm and unbending.

And then, when your disappointment in your traitorous leaders and cucked countrymanlets is affirmed once again, count something else…

Swing High Sweet Lariat

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Will this be the counter-propaganda antiviral that cures White civilization of its autogenocide disease?

IF this one is taken down, try the LiveLeak version.

Equalist leftoid traitors better hope so, because if video like this one fails to rouse the survival instinct in Whites, the immune response that assuredly follows will be more emphatic than memetic…

Swing High Sweet Lariat

PS The Poles find their balls. I like that the photos are mostly of rebellious White men, instead of the usual glamour shots of zero-threat level hotties inspiring slavish (heh) neocuck swooning. Not that there’s anything wrong with a few Polish hotties mixed in the crowds…

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Tucked into an epic post about the myth of immigrant assimilation into America over history, written by the blogger and hatefact analyst M.G., is a shivvily shimmering quote by late 19th-early 20th Century economist (and progressive) J. R. Commons:

We find that our democratic theories and forms of government were fashioned by but one of the many races and peoples which have come within their practical operation, and that that race, the so-called Anglo-Saxon, developed them out of its own insular experience unhampered by inroads of alien stock. When once thus established in England and further developed in America we find that other races and peoples, accustomed to despotism and even savagery, and wholly unused to self-government, have been thrust into the delicate fabric. Like a practical people as we pride ourselves, we have begun actually to despotize our institutions in order to control these dissident elements, though still optimistically holding that we retain the original democracy.

M.G. adds, “Commons wrote these words in 1907; he may just as well have penned them last week.”

Commons understood the threat of open borders and the danger of demographic replacement of the native stock of people who created the civilization that attracts the world’s benighted. He, like, ahem, we here at CH, understand all too well the abiding truth of the formulation


and that this WAR can manifest in many ways, including as a slow but inexorable corruption of the civilized institutions which must accommodate, with increasing tension proportional to the numerical pressures, the different and often antagonistic values of the genetically and culturally distinct migrants.

And just how much danger is there of the dispossession of America’s NW European White Man creators, builders and maintainers?

The term “self-cucked” comes to mind.

Bonus: Commons nailed the motivations of the ruling elite and reasons they embrace open borders and try to sell their self-interest with equalist rhetoric.

It is an easy and patriotic matter for the lawyer, minister, professor, employer, or investor, placed above the arena of competition, to proclaim the equal right of all races to American opportunities; to avow his own willingness to give way should even a better Chinaman, Hindu, or Turk come in to take his place; and to rebuke the racial hatred of those who resist this displacement. His patriotism and world-wide brotherhood cost him and his family nothing, and indeed they add to his profits and leisure.

Where are the men of Commons’ perspicacity today? If ever the nation needed their clear thinking and their courage, now is the time. Perhaps Trump will pick up the banner of Realtalk™ and march with it over the battlefield, crushing ethnomasochistic, autogenocidal shitlibs underfoot. We’ll see.

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I like the uploader’s description of the video:

As you can see, the scenery is clearly racist and problematic. You can see at least 9 Europeans there.

This hate must end. We must all work together to make Germany a hate-free, multicultural country free of Germans.

This is the inevitable logic of anti-White leftoid equalism, unless leftoids want to argue that they will work to protect native White German interests if their share of the total population falls below some predefined number like, say, 30%. But then we’re just arguing numbers, not morality, and once the leftoid goes there they have no tool left in their moral torture chamber to argue against a Germany that is 100% native German.

It all circles back to an inescapable truth:

This is what separate nations are for.


The Pushback, continued: Heather Mac Donald recently unloaded a full clip of Narrative-busting Realtalk™ on the assembled at a frickin’ Senate hearing! The woman has balls.

Any member who was paying the least bit attention to her mass destruction knowledge droppage could not in good conscience leave that room and ever again mouth the lies of anti-White BlackLivesMatter propaganda. But I suppose that would presume US public servants have an ounce of personal integrity.

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Steve Sailer unearths video of presidential candidate and ur-cuckservative George W Bush deriding “racial profiling” and calling for less scrutiny of Arab airline passengers eleven months before 9/11. Attaboy, W! For this, Steve earns the Shiv of the Week (sharing the shiv with MPC).

Trump, are you reading? Are your people reading? This is what’s known as GAME SET MATCH for your side. You win. Take every opportunity to shove this inconvenient truth into the plush betaBush faces, and make the entire Hivemind equalist leftoid apparatus and Cuckservatism, Inc. squirm with discomfort.

In related clown world news, a swarm of callow female Canadians and their manlet Cacucks elected a vapid shell entity multikultist, who loves foreigners more than he loves his fellow White neighbors, to lead their country further down the browntown shitter. This cipher, Trudeau, fabulously adores hijab-covered muslims so much he wants to import millions of them and preside over oath-swearing ceremonies that resemble a Charlie Brown Halloween costume party if Charlie Brown was a spiteful, backward ingrate committed to the creation of a worldwide caliphate.

Are we in clown world or the lunatic asylum? Ahmud the hoax bomb maker (yes, the nerdo and his fifth column CAIRhead parents knew what they were doing) was warmly received by president Butt Naked to participate in a ritualistic war dance becoming all-too-common nowadays: the celebration of another victory in the gleeful extirpation of Whites from their American cultural birthright.

Oh, and Butt Naked wants to take in thousands of Syrian refugees swindlers and no doubt resettle them in the Whitest parts of America. You know, as a lesson for the others still laboring under the delusion that their Diversity™-free neighborhood is safe from enrichment.

American Whites need to know EXACTLY what all this signifies. It is nothing less than CULTURAL GENOCIDE against White Americans, and White Men in particular. And, if left unchallenged, the ANTI-WHITE CULTURAL GENOCIDE will soon turn into an ACTUAL ANTI-WHITE GENOCIDE, red with the spilled hatreds and perfected vengeance of the degenerate freak mafia.

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