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GOP will hold the Senate.

House race too close to call. Newly elected reps will be either Fuggernaut Freakazoids from the coasts or pro-Trump Dems.

If the House flips, blame suburban married White women and urban single White women. These dumb traitorous broads can’t resist the siren song of the lying scumbag Fake News media. The ZOGbeat of anti-Trump hysteria is taking its toll on the weaker sex.

As I’ve been saying for a while, our unregulated womenfolk will be the end of our nation. 2018 may seal the deal.


An emailer cheers me up:

If the Ds get the House in 2018, Trump gets to beat the shit out of them for inaction doing nothing for two years, while the Senate continues to appoint his judges.

He retakes the House with pro-Trump candidates in 2020 as part of his landslide reelection.

Don’t get depressed. All great movements have their ups and downs. The disintegration of the idiocy on the Left will be a long painful process, and the assertion of Trumpian values will take many years.

Marathon not sprint!

Stay happy!

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This “Finnish” woman won the Miss Tampere 2018 beauty contest. Tampere is the second largest city in Finland.

The globohomos are just taunting us now. Good. Their coming demise will be all the sweeter for it.


From killercreekbryan,

In an age when absolutely every institution is failing all tests of legitimacy, why should international beauty contest be any different?

When decline happens, it’s closer to organ failure rather than isolated wounds.

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What’s next, Fat Imperative?

This is always the trajectory of leftoid equalism. It never stops at begrudging tolerance of the ugly, disfigured, and demented. The Fuggernaut uses tolerance as a springboard for more demands which upend the cosmic order. What is tolerated becomes accepted. What is accepted becomes celebrated. What is celebrated becomes intolerance of its opposite. Until, finally, what is intolerance of its opposite — Truth&Beauty — becomes a demand for Lies and Ugliness to be the new standard of normalcy and definition of virtue.

AKA Harrison Bergeron (<– we are here)

The fix for this broken code in human nature is obvious: never allow “tolerance” to gain a foothold.

A healthy, life-sustaining dose of intolerance for grotesqueries is an ounce of prevention that will prevent a pound of Civil War 2 cure.


OT Scintillating CH thought of the day: Shitlibs need to reacquaint themselves with that classic childhood taunt “you smelled it you dealt it”, because every time a shitlib hears a “racist” dog whistle they are unintentionally revealing how often they’ve had those same racist feelings.

In fact, what I’d love to see is the growing and massing shitlord army of Trump acolytes replying “you smelt it you dealt it” whenever a shitlib starts shrieking about le 56% racism.

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The Chaimstream Media’s really transgressive and corrosive effect on the public consciousness is not by how often it lies (often enough) but by how routine it’s become for them to lie through omission. The media can more effectively dupe a populace by refusing to cover important stories, because if they are called out on it they can plausibly deny deliberate attempt to sabotage the information flow. In contrast, if they are caught actively lying they usually suffer at least a glancing blow to their persistently-cratering credibility.

To get Real News filtered through the barrage of Fake News, you have to consult samizdat websites. Sara Carter is one of those sites.

Breaking: Day After Ohr’s Testimony, Congress Seeks to Question His Wife

Numerous congressional sources are telling SaraACarter.com that after Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr’s explosive closed-door testimony on Tuesday, lawmakers are gearing up to call his wife, Nellie Ohr, in for questioning regarding her work with the now-embattled research firm, Fusion GPS. Congress is also seeking access to Bruce Ohr’s text messages and emails with top FBI officials.

Fusion GPS was founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson and hired by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to investigate alleged ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Nellie Ohr, a Russia expert who was hired by Fusion GPS in 2016 to investigate the Trump campaign, received multiple large sum payments from the research firm, according to a U.S. official, with direct knowledge of the payments.

The payments from the DNC and Clinton campaign were made through the law firm Perkins Coie, which represented both clients. The research firm also hired former British spy Christopher Steele, who was friends with the Ohrs and who compiled the now infamous and unverified anti-Trump dossier. Steele was not only paid by Fusion GPS for his work but according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, he was also being paid by the FBI from Jan. 1. 2016 to Nov. 1, 2016.

The U.S. official did not disclose the amount of money paid to Bruce Ohr’s wife through Simpson’s firm, but said it “was not chump change, that much I can say.”

This is how the media lies by not lying: they coordinate (collude) to investigate and report on a campaign finance non-story about Trump (legally) paying off the silence of a porn whore he boffed ten years ago, instead of exposing a real story about thecunt, through intermediaries, paying handsome sums (deceitfully reported as “legal fees”) to Deep State operatives and foreign agents to gin up false information about an opposition candidate and thus influence an election outcome.

Now I ask you, readers, which strikes you as the bigger scandal? That’s right, the one the media refuses to cover because it incriminates their favored candidate.

And now the media complicity has gone on so long they are part of the scandal; exposing it at this time would also expose their participation in covering it up, so they won’t do a damn thing until it’s too late and every one of those leftoid whorenalist pieces of shit is out of a job or getting slapped with charges of treason.

More news that’s fit to omit:

A Republican congressman touched off a firestorm Tuesday after claiming on Twitter that his office had information suggesting the FBI leaked information to the press and used the resulting articles to help obtain surveillance warrants.

“We’ve learned NEW information suggesting our suspicions are true: FBI/DOJ have previously leaked info to the press, and then used those same press stories as a separate source to justify FISA’s,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., tweeted overnight. […]

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday that they want to declassify documents relating to the case so the American people can judge the FBI and DOJ’s actions themselves. “When they see it they will be appalled what happened with in our FBI and DOJ which should never happen in a constitutional republic,” Meadows said.

The FBI/DOJ are doing the equivalent of self-referential appeal to authority, (what some have cleverly tagged “information laundering”): surreptitiously using their own leaks to justify furthering their investigation. Doesn’t sound up-and-up to me, but at least I know NPR won’t cover it fairly if at all. That’s a reassuring touchstone.

More media dereliction of duty: how is this bombshell revelation not headline news? The Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend was apparently employed by the FBI:

Feds Scramble after Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Lists FBI as Place of Employment on Loan Application; ‘She Might have Been an Asset’

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, worked for the FBI, according to credit application data the Australian national reported as part of a loan application.

That’s the same Danley whose fingerprints were found on Paddock’s horde of ammunition packed into unused rifle magazines.

Publicly available intelligence obtained from consumer credit reporting bureaus show Danley claimed the “Federal Bureau of Investigation” as her place of employment.

Interesting revelation.

When contacted Friday, one FBI source said the Bureau “might have made payments to Danley but it is above my level,” the source said referring to access to the FBI’s confidential informant participant and payment records. The source said “bosses are concerned” with the new revelations about Danley’s financial relationship with the FBI.

In FBI speak, Danley could have been a paid asset. And ‘concerned’ means folks are getting ready to cover their own butts if payments were made to Danley either before or after the massacre.

You get the sense that all this sewage is coming to a head: the Deep State is *this close* to a reckoning that involves orange jumpsuits and Trump dismantling and reorganizing the FBI/DOJ to roars of public approval.

More media failure to report on anything worthwhile: Christopher Steele, the foreign agent paid by thecunt’s DNC to concoct a phony dossier that would be used as the pretext to launch an illegal investigation into fake ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, was a contractor for a Russian oligarch.

Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous Trump dossier, worked as a contractor for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and facilitated a meeting between the billionaire and Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr.

Deripaska’s law firm hired Steele’s private intelligence group, Orbis Business Intelligence, in 2012 to conduct research for Deripaska as part of a lawsuit against the billionaire, according to The Hill.

The Russia Hoax Fake News is a case of mass psychological projection by Dem operatives who actually had illicit ties to Russian power brokers.

More omitted news: most of the emails on Wiener’s laptop were never examined by the FBI.

More omitted news: The Chinese, not the Russians, hacked thecunt’s email server. There’s a theory floating around that thecunt let the chicoms have her emails, as part of a payback agreement for all the payola the child slave laborer auctioneers lavished on the Clintons in the early-mid 90s.

Another tactic leftoid journogrifters use to avoid reporting on stories that can’t be reconfigured to make Trump look bad is to autonomically categorize any Narrative-unfriendly story which escapes their confinement chamber as “debunked” without having done a lick of work trying to determine if the story has merit. It’s such a transparent ruse, yet their parched shitlib audience laps it up like dirty stillwater in a desert.

Lie, omit, muddle, and deny: This is the ethical code of the Chaimstream Media, a self-discredited dying institution which has substituted principles with expediencies. Democracy dies in darkness? How about, truth dies in legacy media newsrooms.

All the warnings and insight I and other maul-righters have put up the past couple of years of this Russia Hoax Creep State coup are coming to light now. Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised by the revelations over the next few weeks. All that’s left is for the hammer to drop and to listen to the howls of pain from the delusional Left.

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The timeless (and timely) CH maxim Diversity + Proximity = War includes the tacit rider that War can mean any sort of confrontation that doesn’t hit the bloodletting threshold. For instance, Diversity under one sociopolitical umbrella will inevitably result in, first, curbs on free speech and, finally, the gutting of 1A because the number and size of warring tribes won’t agree on the contours of a principle laid out, defended, and deeply felt by Anglo-Protestant White men, and the sphere of bannable “offensive” speech will enlarge to accommodate the sensitivities of increasingly antagonistic and thin-skinned groups all jockeying to acquire the power that will allow them to be the arbiters of which speech counts as “opposing viewpoint” and which is “hate”.

Today, nonWhites and leftoid Whites have allied to exercise full spectrum control over speech and to effectively silence any voices to the right of Shree Baboo. They rationalize their speech suppression with a glib retort that is effortlessly dismantled by Brendan O’Neill:

An MPCer adds a coda that is essentially a reiteration of the Diversity + Proximity = War equation,

Good statement from Brendan O’Neill. To expand on his idea a bit, there are linguistic and ethnic limits to the plausibility of free speech. Free speech as a way of life is communal and depends on conventions (many absorbed unconsciously from homogeneous communities) that lack the power to transcend the gulfs of racial and international difference. The only way to satisfy one-worlders and libertarians on the subject of free speech is to limit it in such a way that no individual is ever allowed to say anything with the potential to offend or hurt the feelings of any other individual, anywhere. Which is preposterous.

Free speech is under attack because the critical mass of its enemies is rising, or you could say that the minimum consensus of its champion is shrinking. It can’t survive without a solid majority of people who have in common a galaxy of shared assumptions about society and only differ about some questions around how society ought to operate. As it stands in America today, the plurality of worldviews being aggressively aired makes free speech anathema. The one worldview that would support free speech (basic Christianity) is the one that is of course ruthlessly suppressed.

The trend lines point to the dissolution of the Bill of Rights. America is only an abstract idea if that idea means the whole world gets to squat here and take a giant dump on Anglo-Protestantism and its codified Weltanschauung (the Constitution).

The two main problems facing free speech proponents trying to reconcile their principle with Mass Diversity are that diversity reduces trust even among Whites (and lower trust means greater suspicion of the intent of others’ speech) and different ethnic/racial groups have different notions about the form taken and value derived of allowable speech. These different notions aren’t alterable by the magic of assimilation; the contradictions go the bone, born before bred.

The backwash of all this Diversity (and virtue signaling for Diversity) is threatening to drown the very ideas that “America is an idea” cheerleaders claim to venerate. Our self-contradictory nation is tearing itself apart and the doxings, deplatformings, and demonetizations are the clearest evidence of it.

If American ideals are to survive, America must jettison its most recent and artificial idea that ideals are separable from blood.

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And we have our iGadgets, so kwitchyerbitchin. /neoliberal /libertardian

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What does Mass Dirt World Diversity really mean, on the ground? How does it tangibly, palpably, affect the lives of ordinary Heritage Americans?

From Jourdan,

This is how they take over. Political types always yell about how “Latinos don’t vote,” but given their numbers it hardly matters.

First, you notice that a majority of little children at the elementary school level are Latino. Then bilingual signs appear in the grocery stores. Then shitty little stores selling burner phones and money wiring services. Then a few fatal DUIs, often killing elderly White people or, as in the case of the guy who made A Christmas Story, a family. Then the local Police Department has a “Gang Enforcement Unit” and their budgets are now through the roof. Then the civil rights cases start, so your local cops start pulling over you going to work at 68 in a 55 zone, while studiously ignoring the beaner beaters completely out of code and not street legal.

Then there are zero White kids at the primary level. “Social Services” becomes code for “Free stuff for Latinos.” To the extent people are still walking around in your town, they are 4’11” latinas, each pushing three kids in strollers and each so pregnant they are wider than they are tall. Then the state comes in with the “women and infant children” program, congratulations, sucker, you’re paying for those kids.

Then the annual New Year’s Day story about “the first baby born here in X!” mysteriously always feature a blank-eyed latino couple, and the white anchors coo over Baby Rodriguez or Gonzalez. You begin to notice that you haven’t seen a White baby be the first born in the New Year for ages.

A few more years pass, and every service job imaginable is filled by brown people. The town you grew up in, with young White kids hustling to mow lawns, and local high school teenagers working at McDonald’s and Dairy Queen is dead as a doornail. In fact, speaking of fast food, you used to like to grab it on the go every once in a while but now ordering is an ordeal and the food always sucks..who puts that much mayonnaise on everything? (Answer: Latinos)

The new Gang Enforcement Unit isn’t doing too hot, so they need more manpower, bigger budgets, maybe hire a few consultants from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to help out. PTA and other school meetings are now held in Spanish, because 85% of the students’ parents speak Spanish in the home.

A few old family restaurants have been bought out. One–it was Jack’s Family Restaurant, you remember it fondly from when you were a kid–is now purple of all things and it’s called “El Pulpo – Mariscos” whatever the hell that is.

A few old bars are now hangouts, and one is Salvadorean and the other Nicaraguan and there are fights. People get stabbed. Fire Chief says he needs more paramedics, budget needs to go up, so property taxes go up again.

Local hospital is in crisis due to ER room write-offs in the tens of millions. They shut down. Now, if something happens, you need to go to the City, about 40 mins away, maybe 25 if the ambulance is going Code 3, but what if something happens?  That was part of the community here. Now, it’s all strip mall “Urgent Care” places run by arab-ey looking “doctors” and rumor is that there is a lot of Medicare/Medicaid fraud going on.

Your high school, the one you lettered in and still go to all the football games, now has a metal detector at the entrance and two cops posted there full time. There are fights between the latinos and the 20% of students left who are White. The school counselors are now all bilingual and latino and they have posters up on their wall from strange organizations like MeCHA, that speak openly of “Brown Pride.”

You’re paying through the nose in taxes. No public benefits are going your way. Now, your youngest is getting to high school age and you’re thinking private school, but, Jesus, how will you afford that?

Well, it’s Sunday, so you’re not going to think about it right now. You’re going to watch some football with the guys while your wife takes the kids to the Aquatic Center for some swimming and cute pictures. Just not going to think about it right now.

And then you hear your wife pull up and the car door slam. She walks in all business, herding your three children in to go upstairs and change out of swimming clothes. You notice: no one is wet, or has been wet.

“What happened? Is everything all right?”

“No, it’s not all f**king right. You won’t believe what happened. I’m standing there juggling towels and floaties and the Parks and Rec guys are telling me it’s now $10 a kid for a day swim pass, so I roll my eyes and I’m digging in my purse to get my card out, and then all these little mexican kids go flying through the front door and I’m like ‘Hey, why aren’t you telling them they have to pay’ and the guy is like ‘They have red wristbands” and I say “So?” and he says “it’s a program we have here at the Aquatic Center for disadvantaged youths so they get the benefit of swimming and lessons in a safe environment” and they just kept piling in and I’m thinking we’re already paying through the nose in taxes, and now I have to cough up money for OUR KIDS WHO WERE BORN AND RAISED IN THIS TOWN so these people can swarm the pool for free.”

You’re hoping she’s done there, but she’s not. You can feel Sunday slipping away. The “boys” can hear everything going on, but you can bet your ass they’re staying out of this one.  She continues:

“And there were so many of them, and they were SCREAMING AND YELLING and it was chaos, and I just, I just, couldn’t do it, so I told the kids we were leaving and I turned around and walked out of there. Then, before we get to the car, James starts crying, says it’s ‘no fair’ and that I promised we’d go swimming today all week, which is true”

And she’s looking at you, because, you know the deal, you are responsible for fixing this. You think. Or maybe she’s just venting.  But you do what you can.

That night, you get the Sunday Night Blues and Monday morning comes around, and you’re driving into work and you’re looking around your town and you’re thinking:

This isn’t my town any more. I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to do.

Am I racist? Jesus, am I becoming one of those guys. I sure sound like one of those guys.

And you’re stopped at a red light a few blocks from the office and here they come, slow walking across the crosswalk, two toddlers in tow, one in a stroller, and both pregnant, and both talking as loud as they can into two cell phones.

And you laugh, because hey, it’s all okay, because these people right here, right in front of me, them? They don’t vote much.

A powerfully effective rhetorical strategy for rousing the apathetic and unnerving the jaded until they apprehend the existential threat of Mass Diversity is the anecdote, an everyday lived experience recounted in detail so vivid you can feel the deterioration through the words.

No need to mince words…this is conquest.

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