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This is a grosspost. If you don’t want to read it, feel free to sashay over to gay bodybuilding forum MPC, where they’re just as gross but pretend to be offended by it.

Every Asian girl with whom I’ve lain (small sample set, tbh) has stuck a finger up my ass during a blowjob, or tried to. Talk about HELLO KITTY. One waifu rooted around down there like a tunnel rat in the ‘Nam jungle.

Wassupwitdat? Anyone else notice that Asian girls have an odd fascination with the male anus (manus) as a portal to mutual pleasure? Or so they envision it. Personally, I was not a fan. One Chinese-American girl looked genuinely crestfallen (as best one can discern emotion on an Asian’s face) when I recoiled and retracted from her probings with Kegelian thrusters set to escape velocity.

I wonder too if this is a fetish peculiar to Asian chicks as an group…or only to Asian chicks making sweet rove to the White Man. What’s the Asian equivalent of a mudshark? Chaddragon? Paleface pirate? Crackerjacker? Ivory poacher? Milk mugger? Frosted Flip? Bang wan wang? Bleached Lee? Fat Man and Little Koi? Ghost in the vajeen? Occiwench? Wog-eater? Epicanthicc? Ah, I see that the slang for it is Potato Queen. Meh.

Anyhow, maybe Asian girls always feel like they’re batting out of their league with White men, and presumably are compelled by the perceived SMV imbalance to extracarnally impress White men with that attention to physiologic detail only an Asian can grind out when the hind’s out.

Or Asian girls are magnetically drawn in by the anus region with a force matched only by gay homosexuals. Any Asians out there in the CH reading audience, man or woman, who can add their nuance to this…fissuring topic?

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J.Ross asks about the Hajnal Line and social phenomena that may account for White ethnic differences in eagerness to cuck on a national scale.

Could you say by way of illustration of the Hajnal Line that Polacks and Magyars have met both Muslims and unrestrained leftism, and are therefore “redpilled” from experience, whereas Londoners and Parisians have only encountered Muslims who either behaved themselves or kept to their enclaves, and leftists balanced by other political elements, and are therefore falsely confident?

J.Ross is touching upon what I call Secular Muslim Syndrome. That is, lib whites living in expensive culture (and often racial) bubbles only come in contact with the 0.1% of muslims who are competent and compatible with White civilization. This distorts the White libs’ worldview and feeds their insatiable appetite for open borders virtue signaling, but that reality distortion field will crack once the numbers of vibrants exceeds the carrying capacity of White libs’ self-delusions.

Secular Muslim Syndrome is real, and can be applied to any nonWhite group that creates friction once transplanted to a White society (see: the Talented Tenf), but it isn’t the whole story, not by a long shot. It’s more of a downstream effect than a first cause, which if the theory of Hajnalianism is true would pinpoint the first cause as an evolved disposition toward outgroup empathy and loyalty leapfrogging. In that case, Secular Muslim Syndrome would be more precisely an example of White libs seeing what they want to see because it fulfills their cuckological needs. This is why you can find craven White shitlib hipsters cowering in diverse shithoods who still cling to their silly numinous negroism.

In short, no, I don’t think Poles’ exposure to more foreign enrichment fully explains their innate red pillness (though it certainly could have been a contributing factor). Instead, Poles are simply more clannish than, say, Germans, and this genetic inheritance has in effect shielded them from adopting the suicidal excesses of Anglosphere Whites.

Like I’ve written before, there is an optimal balance between particularism (clannishness) and universalism (outbred altruism). In my 100% TRUEFACT opinion, the Whites perfectly situated to be the salvation of White nations in our currently operative globohomo environment are those Whites who are Hajnal half-breeds; genetically, partly or even mostly Inner Hajnal with just enough Outer Hajnal blood to ground their cooperative, trusting nature in stone cold common sense. Can you think of any Whites like this in your own life? See if your experience with them matches my assertion.

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A big news story is exploding in the dissident corners of the wokeweb, and it concerns our “gifts of love” streaming across the southern border.

Trump was right. The Latin American countries are not sending their best. Many are rapists. Like the two Guatemalan vermin who invaded the US via Mexico and, somehow, wound up in Rockville, Md as 18 year old freshmen in a local high school, where they escorted a classmate, a 14 year old girl, into a bathroom stall and proceeded to facially, anally, and vaginally rape her.

Rockville locals are livid, and the story comes precisely at a time the State of Maryland is considering passing a bill that would designate it a “sanctuary state”, (meaning that no state authorities would be obligated to turn over foreign invaders to federal agents for deportation — the word for this is called “treason”.) Hardeehar, jokes on us.

Amusingly, I did a Spoogle search on “rockville immigrant rape”, and the only major news organizations that showed up on the first page were FoxNews and The Daily Mail. A couple of local radio stations appeared, too.

For some strange reason, all the big news outfits like the Carlos Slim Times and the Bezos Personal Blog and the alphabet leftoid legacy media stations, haven’t seen fit to publish, or publicize, the Rockville Rapefugees story with all the relevant details. HOW ABOUT THAT. The shitlibs controlling our information gateways will spend months loudly and insistently reporting on, and over-analyzing, a fake news story about White frat bros raping a girl at UVA while utterly burying or suppressing the details of a real news story about two brown border jumpers who in fact raped a 14 year old girl in a high school bathroom.

Very Fake News? More like, Very Treasonous News.

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Via Steve Sailer,

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged Turks resident in Europe to have five children, telling the millions strong diaspora community “you are Europe’s future.” …

Erdogan has repeatedly accused EU states of behaving like Nazi Germany over what he sees as discrimination against Turks, in comments that have caused outrage across the continent.

“From here I say to my citizens, I say to my brothers and sisters in Europe… Educate your children at better schools, make sure your family live in better areas, drive in the best cars, live in the best houses,” said Erdogan.

“Have five children, not three. You are Europe’s future.” …

Erdogan is scum, but he has done our naive, suicide signaling White shitlibs a favor by removing the mask of politesse and allowing the underlying monstrous face of human nature to strike mortal fear in Western pathological universalists.

Diversity + Proximity = War, and Erdogan has dispensed with the usual niceties providing cover for malevolent intentions, to openly declare demographic war against White Europe. When a leader of a gutter nation advocates for a breeding war pitting his migrant janissaries against the gullible, welcoming natives they are sent to displace, we are one small step from a hot war. Or, unbelievably, from the first self-annihilating auto-genocide of a people in history.

But Turkey and the rest of the Sewer World invaders of the West would not have started the Diversity Wars. That blame would rest solely with the LUNATIC WHITE LEFTOIDS who plugged their ears to their political enemy’s warnings and to the actual threats of genocide from foreign enemies, to entertain fantastically infantile notions of one-race, one-world globohomo harmony.

Mein Gott shitlibs, you are SO FUCKING STUPID to indulge the momentary emotional rush of moral preening for social status points at the expense of losing your homeland, a sanctum of refuge and opportunity for you and your posterity, to foreign invaders. If a War of Migration is coming, unstoppable, then all I can hope is that you juvenile shitlibs catch the heat first and hardest, and when you come crawling back to your White betters for succor and protection all you get for your grand betrayal are closed doors, to face alone and unarmed your beloved brackish hordes in all their indiscriminate fury.

Human nature is conquest. Tribe against tribe, forever, unchanging, intractable. Peace and prosperity are always temporary, a beguiling veneer that lulls the weaker among us to luxuriate in the rhetorical vestments of Fake Morality. The id monster may slumber, but is never silenced. In rosier times, the percolating human compulsion to pillage another tribe to the benefit of one’s own tribe is subsumed in pretty lies and social graces. But it’s there, always scheming, always maneuvering, waiting for the dinner party to disperse and the velvet gloves to flutter off into rain puddles, at which time the id monster roars to life, baring teeth and claws and overjoyed that the moment has arrived when it can shred flesh from bone without the constraints of diplomatic decorum.

Pinker wept.

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Via reader Ponce du Lion, a Doctor H. Thiel quote from a 1907 report that eerily foretells Western decay through sexual bolshevism.

Hey Heartiste readers here is a mandatory read (by Doctor H. Thiel as quoted in Racial Decay by Octavius Beale):

There is just one thing more to add : unreasonable demands for exaggerated “rights ” of women will always find a limit in the fact that the majority of men will constantly prefer for wives those who do not claim such rights, but who rather seek their happiness in cultivating and developing their specially feminine virtues and attributes, apart from any aim at equality with men. These attributes will also therefore be preferably inherited, whilst the extreme tendencies of the women’s rights movement will usually not come into heredity, but will constantly tend to die out. Notwithstanding, should woman-rule —contrary to all expectations— become so strong in any single State that it will be able to enforce all its demands, even the most extreme, that result could only be possible where the men are completely degenerated. Such a nation would soon be supplanted and dissolved by healthier peoples, who might, perhaps, stand on a lower scale of culture.

Equalism is more than a big lie; it’s a corruption of civilized man’s soul. As the good doctor Thiel explains, femcuntery will only achieve wrecking power in a nation of degenerated men unable and unwilling to act to preserve their culture and protect their tribe. Women are followers and will follow their nation right into the abyss if it guarantees their social standing among peers; as I’ve been saying, it’ll take shitlord men with big balls to bring their women to heel and their nation back to greatness.

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Reader _svd comments about the changes in his life after a tumor caused his T to crash.

I’m a guy who’ve been born with high T, got a benign tumor that plummeted my levels of both T AND E at my late teens, and only found out about it and fixed it 15 years latter.

Handsome, nice body, smart, charismatic, good sense of humor. High-earner from early 20s. Work 4 hours a day. Eastern European (so, tough upbringing).

From the list above, everything re work ethics does not apply to me – always was “get the shit done” kind of guy. Good high-flying career in small high-value businesses with no corporate BS. Never was afraid of applying or receiving violence (but then I’m EE). I’ve also got through STEM with no problems. Hate ballbusters and feminists.

That’s what 100% true:
* no sex attraction. At all. To the point of complete celibacy for years – no interest in girls. Function was there, and very decent (last for long, recharge fast, though enjoyed the foreplay more than actual sex), but quick fap felt better to release pressure. And that’s what sex was about: releasing pressure. Started dating out of sense of loneliness. Women had to initiate sex when she wanted it (they usually did, as on the outside I’m Mr. Right from romance novels).
* total blindness toward any signals from women. They just don’t register.
* no interest toward team sport. I love boxing though, and ran daily sparrings for a decade. No problem with being competitive or dominant in work setting.
* never owned a car (but you don’t really need one in Europe). Always was irrelevant to cars.
* good erection required fetish. Mine was D/s on D side.
* facial features softened (and started changing back surprisingly fast with T levels restored). No facial hairs at 30 (again, fixed with T – although it was convenient). No problem with nose, ears or other body parts.

One more: depression as a norm of life. Suicide intentions for years. That fueled passive attitude toward the world and may have been seen like weakness.

Ask questions if interested.

Other effects of low T on a nation’s men:

  • leftist politics
  • vocal fry
  • uptalk
  • esssra klein
  • manboobs
  • john scalzi
  • beta orbiting
  • grinding incel
  • male feminists
  • experimental homosexuality
  • bad taste in, well, everything
  • androgyny in look and attitude
  • cuckoldry and miscegenation
  • marathon running
  • carbface
  • interracial adoption
  • anti-trumpism
  • open borders
  • antifa
  • vidgya gaming-induced deep vein thrombosis
  • protruding nipples (very disrespectful)
  • anal play and anal play accessories
  • math class is hard
  • intersectionality
  • shia lapoofter
  • fake news
  • NPR
  • tranny “rights”
  • butt-kicking babes
  • equalism
  • haven monahan (and other fake rape fantasies)
  • patton oswalt
  • talmudic sophistry
  • barack obama
  • hypocrisy
  • disloyalty
  • snark
  • censorship
  • literal bending over backwards for invading hordes of higher fertility ingrates
  • social justice posturing
  • “toxic masculinity” (the irony)

As you can see, chronically low T on both the individual and societal level is almost entirely downside. Bullying decreases. Maybe you could call that an upside. I wouldn’t.

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German Chancellor and High Priestess of Anti-White Virtue Signaling, childless hag Angela Merkel, is going to Washington to meet the God-Emperor and, hopefully, take another one of his rhetorical shivs to her flabby fraüface.

Merkel and GayMulatto are neck and neck in the running for Most Treasonous Leader of a Western nation since Abraham Lincoln. There’s a theory floating around the shivosphere that Merkel essentially opened the floodgates to hordes of rapefugee filth because she mortally feared the bad press she would get if she sent in German troops to stop the first wave of muslim invaders at the border.

I can believe that. An old woman with no genetic lineage to care for and who is forgotten and ignored by her nation’s men has caught a deathly case of the feelz and wants more than anything to avoid ostracism by the cowardly cucks braying at the center of her social universe.

What a cünt. This is why you don’t entrust your nation’s survival to a childless lonely old woman. She’s more liable to send your people to the brink of extinction on an emotional wave of moral peacocking than she is to sagely steward the nation and preserve its character.

If Germany and the German people disappear from the face of the earth, it will be an enormous evil of incalculable loss, but it will have been ENTIRELY THE FAULT OF GERMANS.

They can stop their suicide spiral. They just need the will.

Deus Vult

or Deus Excusat.

That is the existential choice facing Germany, and so many other White nations of the West.

PS I’m tearing it up on Gab. If you wish to join the sadistic fun, it’s gab.ai, and the CH account is @Heartiste.

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