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My award for Most Disingenuous Shitlib Media Talking Point of the Month goes to NPR, for sneering that “most drugs enter through legal ports of entry”, as if this was a rebuke to Trump’s claim that an unprotected border lets in lots of drugs.

NPR neglects to inform its captivated NPC listeners that of course more drugs will be intercepted at chokepoints swarming with border police, rather than along a thousand miles of relatively unguarded open land.

The shitlib is nothing without his disingenuous rhetoric.


AntiDem quips,

So… what they’re saying is that we shouldn’t let foreigners in through legal ports of entry, either?

Smash Islamophobia joins the media-mocking fun,

Kinda reminiscent of the “There’s no voter fraud — because we don’t look for it, and don’t prosecute it when we accidentally find it” talking point.

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The chaimstream media use weaponized disinformation as well as suppression of legitimate information. See: the silence from the media on the unraveling Jussie Smollett anti-White hate hoax story.

PS The Corrupt Depraved Elite have waged a war against brotherhoods, and against any form of male solidarity taking root, because the elite know this is the only force which can oust them from power and make them pay for their crimes against the nation.

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Far from being a “medieval” relic (like the wheel, still used to this day) or ineffective, walls are springing up along borders everywhere across Europe and other parts of the world where migrant invaders are a problem. The evidence of their effectiveness is clear: WALLS WORK.

When taken one by one, and examined in detail, the flawed opinions embraced by Pelosi and Schumer that the wall is immoral, obsolete, or a waste of financial resources are shown for what they are — political obstructionism.

Take the left’s view that walls and fences are “medieval” and a thing of the past, and we find, as with many statements made by the left, that the complete opposite is true.

According to a February 2018 American Renaissance article, between 1945 and 1961, over 3.5 million East Germans walked across the unguarded border.  When the wall was built, it cut defections by more than 90 percent.  When Israel in January 2017 completed improvements to the fence on its border with Egypt to keep out terrorists and African immigrants, it cut illegal immigration to zero.  In 2015, The Telegraph reported on the construction of a 600-mile “great wall” border by Saudi Arabia with Iraq to stop Islamic State militants from entering the country.  The wall included five layers of fencing with watchtowers, night-vision cameras, and radar cameras.  Finally, a September 2016 article in the Washington Post reported on the new construction of a mile-long wall at Calais. “[A]ttacks have considerably changed the climate in France,” said Bruno Cautrès, a political analyst at the Center for Political Research at Paris’s Sciences Po.  “The desire for many is to have a president who can bring security back.”  The United States has that kind of president in Trump.

So the current trend among modern nations demanding safer environments for their people is not abandoning walls and fences in place of sophisticated surveillance and detection technology, but quite the opposite.  In a May 2018 USA Today article, border walls since World War II have increased from 7 to 77.  In 2016, the Economist asserted that, as a result of the refugee crisis and the conflict in Ukraine, “Europe will soon have more physical barriers on its national borders than it did during the Cold War.”

Democortezes and GOPe cucks are gaslighting the country into falsely believing that walls are useless and immoral (a contradiction in terms). They are lying through their teeth because they want the bulk of the Third World ushered into America to give Dems cheap votes and permanent political power, or cheap labor and back rubs from the Koch brothers for the GOPe cucks.

It would be treason in any other era but our Clown Era.

Speaking of hypocrite Dems, Beta O’Rourke (D-soyboy) was encircled by high fencing and barricades during his feeble El Paso rally.

fuckin loser.

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I suggest replying to interview requests from enemy media with this:

“Learn to FOAD”

How will you know who is enemy media? Due diligence. If you ever get solicited by a media whore for an interview, look up the whore’s publication history and check out the website of the media organization which employs the whore. It won’t take longer than a cursory skim to glean the ideological bias of the players involved.

If you want a shortcut, just assume 99% of whorenalists reaching out to you for an interview are deluxe shitlibs. If you’re unsure, then do a background check.

It’s time for political dissidents to get smart about their media exposure. That means identifying and supporting allied media who won’t twist your words or omit context or blatantly libel you and your ideas for clickbait.

Why give narrative-shaping ammo, reputation validation, and shekels to merchants of enemy propaganda?

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You know what makes my day? When a globohomo capital-stripping small business-destroying scumbag cock-eyed oligarch monopolist open borders billionaire whines about his dick pic being released by America’s foremost legitimate newspaper run by friends of the billionaire’s Prime Enemy, Presidente Trump.

Hey Jeffie, dick pics die in darkness!

Here’s Bezos Boner’s blog poast wherein he publicly weeps about the National Enquirer blackmailing him with threats to publish his dik piks texted to his over-the-hill mudsharking spinstress.

Federal investigators and legitimate media have of course suspected and proved that Mr. Pecker has used the Enquirer and AMI for political reasons. And yet AMI keeps claiming otherwise:

“American Media emphatically rejects any assertion that its reporting was instigated, dictated or influenced in any manner by external forces, political or otherwise.”

Of course, legitimate media have been challenging that assertion for a long time…

“Legitimate media”. This bugman is really butthurt about Trump and half of America calling his bought-and-paid-for rag Fake News.

Here’s a piece of context: My ownership of the Washington Post is a complexifier for me.

“Complexifier” is not a word in English.

It’s unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will wrongly conclude I am their enemy.

LMAO at this lame CYA. “Experience Washington Post news” sounds like a marketing slogan for a themed sex toy retailer.

President Trump is one of those people, obvious by his many tweets.

Every one of those tweets has gotten under Bezos Boner’s skin.

Also, The Post’s essential and unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles.

Khashoggi was a Moslem Brotherhood mouthpiece and a PR tool for the Qatari government. He was not a “journalist” by any definition that doesn’t include the word “whore”.

CEO Dik Pic wants us all to think he doesn’t direct or influence the reporting at the Bezos Post-Op, which he owns by the short and curlies. This is a lie. Bezos could fire every shitlib reporter working at the Post and replace them all with right-wing nationalists tomorrow if he wanted, but he doesn’t because under his tutelage he has preferred to turn the Post into a Trump Deranged dishrag publishing nonstop yellow journalism that fluffs the globalist billionaire class while crapping on the middle and working class Americans who voted for Trump to do something about the real threat to democracy posed by deracinated, cheap labor loving oligarchs like Bezos and by a lying, malevolent, agenda-driven Fake News media propaganda juggernaut.

I’m still laughing!

A commenter at Sailer’s scoffs at the accusation made by the Bitch Bezos,

Bezos really needs to lay off the T injections. Not only is he sexting like a teenager when he is the leader of global mercantile empire, but he is completely mishandling this matter with National Enquirer. First of all, Bezos knows shipping books, but I doubt he can manipulate sleaze and backstabbing like National Enquirer and Trump.

Bezos has private investigators going after National Enquirer and he is threatening lawsuits and subpoenas. National Enquirer responds that they have more embarrassing materials that they could publish, but are refraining to do so. National Enquirer is engaging in a settlement negotiation where both parties release their respective claims and National Enquirer would agree to refrain from publishing the incriminating photos. This is hardly a blackmail attempt.

Bezos is embarrassing himself because no one is willing to tell him no and critically, in the age of Trump, Bezos knows that the media will have his back regardless of how foolish he is acting. Much like the Clinton presidential campaign, there is no negative media feedback loop to keep Bezos in check and thus he is getting out over his skis.

Bezos is the kind of guy who would destroy an industry — book store retailers — by exploiting a middleman online niche and exercising monopsonist power over suppliers, then buy back the vacant stores he destroyed and sell books out of them under the brand Amazon Books. Oh wait, he did that!

PS Kamala Harris, Stalinist:


yewotm8 comments,

All the [sex] photos are of him. She didn’t even send any nudes? That’s the most striking beta tell here.

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Chuck Ross, the best reporter in America, has a bombshell story about Fusion GPS’s furtive connections to that infamous Trump Tower meeting back in 2016.


  • The bank for Russian-born lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin flagged hundreds of thousands of dollars in his account as suspicious in 2016 and 2017.
  • Akhmetshin worked closely with Fusion GPS in 2016 and was also one of the attendees of the infamous Trump Tower meeting.
  • Akhmetshin worked for Fusion GPS to investigate the lobbyist behind the Magnitsky Act, which was discussed at the Trump Tower meeting.

Wells Fargo in 2017 flagged half a million dollars in wire transfers and bank deposits to the account of Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-born lobbyist who has worked closely with opposition research firm Fusion GPS and also attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

Things that make you go hmm….

Reminder that Fusion GPS is the oppo research firm hired by Hillary “thecunt” Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie, which enlisted former British spy Christopher Steele to make up a phony dossier implicating Trump in Russian collusion that was then used as the justification for the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.

And now we know one of the Russians at that Trump Tower meeting worked for Fusion GPS. Was Akhmetshin a Deep State asset, planted at that meeting to provide the reason to a FISA court to allow the DOJ/FBI/CIA to spy on Trump? Could be!

Huge. Scandalous. High treason. And as usual the chaimstream media will ignore it or mention it in a three second blurb with the snide “without any evidence” dismissal.

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No further comment is necessary.

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