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Remember when shitlibs were about sexual freedom? Yeah, that’s over now. “Sexual racism” is the latest preprogrammed NPC line, and Globohomo, Inc has decided it’s time to stamp out the freedom of sexual choice in the name of encouraging more miscegenation.

My body, my choice? Not anymore.

Your racist body, our corrective choice.

You think this hyperbole. Oh no, if only. Mongrelization is now the openly stated goal for White nations and White people.

White people prefer white people on dating apps — but that could be changed, study says

Absolutely chilling.

Dating applications can allow users to fall into their own racial biases while searching for a partner, a new study says.

These “racial biases” in romantic preference are inborn and a structural part of human nature. Dating apps no more “allow” users to “fall into” these racial biases than food allows people to fall into a bias of eating for survival. “Racial bias” is what happens when people have freedom of choice; “racial bias” can only be “stamped out” if freedom of choice is likewise stamped out.

And that’s exactly what Globohomo wants to do! It’s totalitarian, baby! It’s not as if a pesky roadblock like human nature ever stopped totalitarians before from realizing their dystopian visions. </100milliondead>

But in their study, researchers from schools like Cornell University say the “sexual racism” that plagues apps like Grindr, Tinder and Bumble can be stamped out with a few simple changes. The end goal, the study says, is to promote more diverse pairings on the dating sites.

Why does that have to be the end goal? Isn’t real diversity promoted by allowing different races to reproductively sustain themselves through in-race preference, adding to the tapestry of human variety in the world?

Screw it, I should stop using logic on <racemix>NPCs. We all know why this is their end goal: they want to erase Wholesome Whiteness from the world.

Jevan Hutson, lead author of the study, said in a press release from Cornell University that “it’s really an unprecedented time for dating and meeting online” — which requires a more thorough look at how we can prevent discrimination on these dating apps.

I can’t be bothered to check, so I’ll assume at least one of the study authors is [a special person].

FYI, for a laugh, the study is called “Debiasing Desire”. These mad scientists are gonna have to figure out how to rewire White limbic systems without anyone putting up a fuss.

“More people are using these apps, and they’re critical infrastructures that don’t get a lot of attention when it comes to bias and discrimination,” he said in the press release. “Intimacy is very private, and rightly so, but our private lives have impacts on larger socioeconomic patterns that are systemic.”

Translating from the Evil-ese: “We can end inequality by mixing White genes with nonWhite genes, lowering Whites and raising nonWhites until everyone is the same, but diverse. Please clap.”

This has to be a put-on. Please let it be a put-on.

Take the case of Sinakhone Keodara for example. He threatened to sue Grindr, a dating app for gay, bi and trans men, because of “sexual racism” he faced on the site, NBC reported. More specifically, Keodara says some users on the site had captions like “Not interested in Asians.”

NOWAGS getting BTFO on gay dating sites, too.

Phumlani Kango, from Johannesburg, South Africa, said in an interview with NBC that the racism is prevalent in his country, too.

“What happens in Los Angeles … where you have ‘no fats, no femmes,’ it happens [in South Africa] as well,” he told NBC. “… They will say ‘no rice, no chocolate, no curry’ — which means no Asian, no black and no Indian.”

As noted by the study — which compiled data from prior research — white people are ten times more likely to receive a message from a black person on a dating app than they are to message the black user themselves. That suggests a hierarchy of attention on racial lines.

I already wrote about this. More precisely, dating app data analysis reveals White women are the most “racist” (ie they prefer to date in-race more than White men), and black men are more “racist” than black women, going by online dating preferences.

The study found other examples of inequality in dating apps, including:

  • Asian men and black women have the lowest chance of receiving a message or a response.
  • White people of “all ages” prefer to go on dates with other white people.
  • College students are most likely to avoid going on dates with black women.

Yes, reality has a bad habit of contradicting leftoid equalist blank slate delusions.

Stephanie Yeboah, a blogger, said that she has experienced racism as a black woman on online dating apps even when people are open to meeting up, according to The Independent. She said that some people ask offensive questions like if they can “get a taste of jungle fever” — and say they want to see if black women are “as aggressive in bed as they’ve heard.”

LOL I bet liberals write these articles to titillate themselves without risking social ostracism.

“Comments such as these are extremely dehumanizing to myself and other black women who are only looking for companionship,” she told The Independent. “It seems to suggest that black women are only good for one thing,

Ruining the DMV experience?

Even Christian Rudder, founder of OK Cupid, said that “when you’re looking at how two American strangers behave in a romantic context, race is the ultimate confounding factor.”

Race and sex are the alpha and omega of humanness.

But researchers behind the Cornell University study say they have some ways to push back against the racial biases of users.

Are [the special people] just pissed that their outmarriage rate is so high, and they want everyone else to join them in their festival of deracination?

The study’s authors noted that OK Cupid itself experimented with pairing up users and saying they were “highly compatible” — even though they weren’t considered good matches — and found that the conversation between the two people often went well.

Sy ops.

In other words, it appeared that just the mere suggestion that two people were compatible made both users more likely to give the connection a chance. The study’s authors wrote in a press release that it proves “the strong power of suggestion” that can be used to bridge the gap between people of different races.

“A chance” isn’t the same as “a realistic chance”. What do these reeducation camp kommissars think will happen when a White and black meet IRL and discover that they really aren’t as compatible as OKCupid lied to them they were?

Another potential solution could come from 9Monsters, a gay dating app from Japan, that allows people to describe themselves without explicitly revealing their race, according to the study’s authors.

A lot of these race-nullifying experiments are done with gay dating apps for a reason: gay men are less picky about their hookups.

Another gay dating app, called Hornet, prevents people from using their profile to mention race at all.


And a final solution might come in the form of “Kindr,”

“final solution”

 a campaign from Grindr that seeks to stamp out prejudice on its app by promoting inclusion.

NPC mantra alert.

The study’s authors said positive writing about diversity may help promote more diverse couples on the apps.

If Diversity™ needs positive PR, then perhaps it isn’t intrinsically positive.

The new guidelines from Kindr, for example, suggest that users describe “what you’re into, not what you aren’t” to avoid offending others.

“I’m into White women.” Experiment destroyed.

“These guidelines exist to let you express yourself freely while also helping us maintain the safe, authentic, and accepting environment we strive to cultivate,” the guidelines read.

“Kindr is not going to solve racism by any means,” Zumwalt said, according to GQ. “These issues have been present in our community long before Grindr, but we hope to increase conversations around it and have a dialogue about what constitutes sexual racism.”

It must be cohencidental that these “dialogues” always focus on White “racism”, when in fact a sexual preference for one’s own race is evident in nonWhite races as well.

The study’s authors concede that sexual racism is a hard thing to conquer

Like trying to conquer appetite.

Or love.

— but Keodara, who threatened to sue Grindr, said fixing the problem would improve the mental well-being of people of color looking for a chance at love on dating apps, according to The Guardian.

Somewhere, right now, a nonWhite feels bad. White nations must be genetically diluted out of existence to help this person cheer up.

“Over the years I’ve had some pretty harrowing experiences,” Keodara told The Guardian. “You run across these profiles that say ‘no Asians’ or ‘I’m not attracted to Asians’. Seeing that all the time is grating; it affects your self-esteem.”

Here’s a thought: you could move back to your homeland where there are only other asians who won’t affect your racial self-esteem.

You laugh now, “how preposterous!”, but this Orwellian/Bergeronian nightmare is coming for us if we don’t crush these power-tripping globohomos before they can fulfill their dehumanizing, dystopian wish list.

Sexual racism = love doesn’t win, when it’s discriminatory love. It won’t be long before all (White) romantic standards are deemed racist or unfaaaaaaaiiirrrr. I’ll admit I morbidly relish the thought of virtue signaling SWPL White women coming under attack by the shitlib swarm for “discriminating” against short men, poor men, black men, and furries.

No White vagina, no peace!

Love trumps consent!

Bang a minority for equality!

As I wrote, back when I could see this day looming on the horizon,

It’s no more racist to prefer the opposite sex of your own race for dating and fucking than it is to prefer brunettes to blondes. If sex preferences are racist, then we need a new word for *real* racism; racism that includes things like forced segregation (superracism), racial violence (superduperracism) or slavery (goddamnthat’ssomebadassracismrightthere). But our sexual preferences are hardwired, and if the free expression of those preferences are racist, then racism itself is hardwired. Woops. Cat’s out of the bag!

Yes, the cat’s out of the bag, and globohomo has some ideas about how to stuff the cat back in.

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You have to see this swedish TV ad to believe it, because the cuckery level is so off the charts it would violate Pornhub’s TOS.

I don’t even know wtf I saw here, but I know it was bad. It looked like an ad for interracial surrogacy. A White woman births a mystery meatball, then a sexually indeterminate black xir trots in for a group hug with a HuWhyte man holding the newborn “swede”. (Sneer quotes are the new triple parentheses.)

cortesar adds,

someone in the comment section says/asks
“I do not even know what is sold”
well my swedish friend I will tell what has been sold
Your history, your grand-grand-grandfather your father your children and their yet to be borne children,
that is what is sold

It’s a fire sale! Commenter Roy agrees,

Fritz. Get the flammenwerfer.

From TheGopnik,

Unholy shit !!! Did Barbara Lerner Spectre direct that one herself ?

It’s morbidly funny that the j__iest nation in the world is also one of the most Gentile nations in the world. J__iness through pozmosis?

The problem with sweden (undeserving of capitalization) is that they inherited the biggest load of cuck alleles, AND the government is run and staffed by catladies. This is a recipe for delirious jim jones cult-style mass suicide.


Daniel indignantly rebuts,

international marketing is true. This was very likely made by a marketing firm owned by a marketing firm located in New York. We’ve seen this on TV a hundred times. There is no evening without episodes of shows with gays and race mixing. It’s really disingenuous to use it against Sweden when it all comes from Hollywood. And I’m not responsible for Hollywood. Just like ordinary people in Sweden aren’t responsible for this commercial. No one chose this, it was foisted on us.

Have people forgotten who own the media? Does that need to be repeated because some people seem to forget it over and over?

Fair point. Isn’t there a governing body in sweden that can prohibit ads like this one from airing on swedeTV? Anyhow, I’m heartened that there are still some Swedes left with fight in them.

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A M2F trannyfreak entered a women’s world championship cycling race and — surprise! — he won.

Canadian Rachel McKinnon

That’ll be all, Canada. That’ll be all.

finished ahead of the field at the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the world cycling championship on Sunday. Many have praised her achievement, but some say it was cheating, since she was born male. […]

Before the final race, McKinnon set a world record in the quarterfinals – which only stood for 10 minutes.

You broke nothing but your dignity, freak. You are a man who entered a female sports competition posing as a woman and predictably “broke” the female cycling times because you exploited the greater muscle mass and oxygen capacity that men enjoy over women.

FINALLY, even some Gaynadians on Twatter are waking up to the Clown World that “trannyfreak acceptance” heralds for the West:

Unfair advantage and not to be celebrated. Look at the difference in size and muscle mass. Of course you were going to win.


Amazing! I was so enthused at reading this, I went out and challenged two 8 year olds to a 100m race. Guess what, I ONLY WENT AND FUCKING WON. First time running in a 8 year old’s race too!

That’s two shitlords, which in Canada is a veritable Woken Horde.

For his part, “Rachel” McKinnon argues that it’s unfair cycling rules require him to keep a lid on his natural testosterone level.

I’m still forced to have an unhealthily low endogenous testosterone value…it’s virtually undetectable it’s so low…way below the average for women.

Ignorance of biological sex differences is not the West’s moral crisis, though the shitlib extended universe is trying hard to make it that.

Soooooo…..I’m a WORLD CHAMPION.

The neotenous “soooo”. It’s a tell that the speaker is an arrested development shitlib who wants the listener to believe the whopper he’s passing off as truth. More precisely, the “soooo” speaker is trying to convince himself that his lie is truth.

More personal details about Mr. McKinnon,

Apart from being a professional athlete, McKinnon is a PhD in philosophy and focuses on gender studies.

“gender studies” Worse than useless credentialism; actively malicious credentialism. Our universities have become inculcation chambers for the transmission of virulent lies and destructive ignorance.

She argues that transgender women should be allowed to compete at the Olympics without being required to maintain their testosterone at a certain level.

Because, you know, the intrinsically unfair advantage men enjoy over women in physical competitions wasn’t wide enough, we now have to allow trannies to dispense with the veneer of aping female characteristics and compete as fully charged-up men in eyeliner and training bras.

This is bigger than sports and it’s about human rights,” McKinnon told US Today in January, arguing that there is no way to measure the advantage testosterone gives transgender athletes.

Of course there is a way to measure the advantage testosterone gives to athletes, which is why T doping is banned in every Olympic sport.

She went further, comparing discrimination against transgender athletes to racism in sports.


CH commenters Tam the Bam and Trav7777 get it,

That, sir, is a thing of much [insert big german word].
Apart from being a professional athlete, McKinnon is a PhD in philosophy and focuses on gender studies.

She argues that transgender women should be allowed to compete at the Olympics without being required to maintain their testosterone at a certain level.
So, not a real doctor then? Not even a DPhil. A PhD in Philosophy. Hardly something to ponce around proclaiming xetself a Doctor to the civilsed world about. All a bit Frau Doktor Cuntstain Blasé Fraud innit.

And is whining that xir baseline maleytude keeps reasserting itself enough to disqualify her and has to be artificially suppressed, even though that was precisely what allowed xit to thrash all the womynz out of sight.
But it was never high enough to make xone into an actual Man in the first place.

Xey should get back to the (dead white man) philosophy books about that one.


this is motherfucking theater of the absurd.

look at that thing, it isn’t a woman. All you have to do now is say you’re a woman…you can juice like a motherfucker like all the UFC guys do and everyone else who beats WADA. Show up with really low T and a proper T/E ratio and you’re good! Who cares if you have a penis and the significantly higher biological muscle/fat ratios of a man? You’re a LADY

Do any of the single White ladies or the fathers pushing their daughters into LARPing as sons understand the Pandora’s Box they’re opening by supporting and encouraging trannyfreak acceptance? These invasive males-pretending-to-be-female will enter female sports and dominate natural-born women, breaking every record and destroying the ecology of female athlete programs, making a mockery of Title IX (which was already a sham), leading to an inability to assess authentically comparative intrasexual female athletic accomplishments and reward high achievers accordingly.

Trannies will be the death of female sports. So I wonder just how far trannyfreak advocacy will go before feminists, tomboys, and disappointed dads realize it is incompatible with their worldview of an equal playing field between men and women? One or the other will give — M2F trannies will crush the idea of female sports, or trannies will be barred from female sports which will belie the shitlib stated belief in tranny equality — and when the day of reckoning arrives, that will usher the rapid internal discrediting of Gender Bender Leftoid Equalism, as the gossamer threads and duct tape holding the abomination together as an expedient disunited front against White heterosexual men falls apart in real time, and the TRUE HEALING PROCESS can begin.

Until then, understand that the subconscious motivation of The Fuggernaut, nonWhites, and leftoids in general is desecration of White glories, White values, and White civilization. As with any destructive force, it won’t stop either until there’s nothing left to destroy, or the carriers of destruction are destroyed.

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The NPC is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a SJW, soyboy, dangerhair, cuck, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an NPC and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

Heh. This meme is really getting under the skin of conformist suckup shitlibs.

More NPC art:

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Zoomable link. For some ungodly reason, Gaynadian immigration authorities want to increase Gaynada’s population to 100 million by 2100, by filling the country up with Dirt World detritus, despoiling their environment, crowding their roads, making their cities unlivable and their housing unaffordable and their schools warehouses of the worst sorts of social dysfunction…

…all to make Justine Truvada and his army of catladies feel a warm fuzzy in their fuzzboxes.

PS Canada, take note, this is what progress looks like:

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The NY Post has many excellent columnists. Here’s Maureen Callahan, with a topical column about the urgent need to trust bust Jeff Bezos’s Amazon.

When Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would be raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour last week, the reception was rapturous. The Seattle Times called it “the just thing.” “Good for them,” said President Trump’s chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow. “I’m in favor of higher wages.” Bloomberg called it proof that “an even higher minimum wage is probably safe for big, productive cities.” Senator Bernie Sanders, a chief Bezos antagonist, called it “enormously important.” “Unequivocally good news,” said The Washington Post.

The latter is owned by Jeff Bezos, an all-too-easily forgotten point these days. Because for all the questions to follow this announcement — Why now? What is Amazon eliminating to pay for this? How much praise does Bezos, recently crowned the World’s Richest Man, deserve while paying, as of 2017, a median Amazon income of $28,446? — we are not asking the real one.

$28K? sheesh, what a pennypincher.

When did we become The United States of Amazon?

“Amazonia” sounds exactly like the post-nation we’re careening towards. Lots of jungle, lots of inequality, lots of danger. A place Norman Rockwell wouldn’t recognize.

In his best-selling book “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google,”


Galloway cites some arresting statistics: Far fewer U.S. households have a gun than Amazon Prime, by 30 to 64 percent. More Americans have Prime than voted in 2016 (55 percent), or earn $50,000 or more a year (55 percent), or go to church (51 percent). He calls Amazon’s ability to woo Prime subscribers at a $119 yearly cost the equivalent of “entering into a monogamous relationship” with its consumers, who as of 2016 spent, on average, $193 per month. (Non-Prime members average $138 per month.)

From 2006 to 2016 Amazon’s stock price growth surged by 1,910 percent, destroying Sears, J.C. Penney, Kmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target and Walmart.

Perhaps most importantly: Since the Great Recession, Amazon has paid just $1.4 billion in corporate taxes compared to Walmart’s $64 billion.

Eye-popping stat. The southern border Wall is projected to cost $20 billion. If Amazon was fairly taxed, the company could have funded three Walls.

“We have institutionalized a regressive corporate tax structure at the hands of our idolatry of innovators and Amazon,” Galloway says. In 2017, Amazon paid nothing in federal tax.

The bugman idolizes rootless nerd billionaires.

The company is now on pace to become the largest clothing retailer in the country by 2021 and has become the most valuable company on the planet without ever posting substantial profit.

Think about that. Perhaps no other publicly traded company aside from Tesla has convinced the markets and investors of future profitability with such lopsided margins.

And Amazon has made itself such an indispensable part of the supply chain that it sets the price points of just about everything. If you are someone who makes something or sells something, from books to fire pits to flat- screen TVs, Amazon tells you what the market — its market — will bear. Its limitless supply of cash means it can undercut any other retailer in any space it wants to dominate.


In a world where so much is now controlled by so few — there are five big book publishers left, five Hollywood studios, five large health insurers, four phone providers and four cable companies — and this summer AT&T bought Time Warner — Amazon’s reach is terrifying.

We live in a Gelded Age of Oligarchs that would make the robber barons of the late 19th Century blush. This is beyond monopoly; this is rule by deracinated techlord. A corporatocracy.

Its ostensible search for the next city to house its second headquarters has become “the Olympics on steroids,” Galloway says, with state and local governments promising tax breaks that would starve funding for schools, police and fire departments. We have a new national holiday, Amazon Prime Day. Alexa and Echo, Amazon’s cloud-based voice-operated systems, sit in an estimated 40 million homes and spy on us, reporting our moods, tastes, wants, needs and fears back to HQ.

Yet we don’t fear Alexa.

We have become soy-stuffed sheep easily led to the slaughter. Our way of life, our values, our cherished traditions and once-revered institutions, our social accord, our Pleasantvilles….all of it under the butcher’s knife, served to the salivating maw of Globohomo.

I never imagined a time in America when the masses would not just tolerate Big Brother, but welcome the all-seeing eye into their bedrooms. And pay for the pleasure!

Amazon is spending $5 billion on original programming this year and is on pace to outspend Netflix by 2022.

F___ot Doctor Evil (h/t MPC) hates President Trump, as evident by the daily TDS droppings of the newspaper he owns, the Washington Post-Op. If Bezos gets his greedy mitts on a monopolistic stranglehold of streaming video, you can just imagine the amount of anti-Trump, anti-White, anti-American bilge that would spill forth every minute of every day. “93% negative stories on Trump? We can hit 100%! (with no pee breaks)”

Think about that, Galloway says: A retailer in Seattle as content king. And after announcing a vague health care initiative back in January, stock prices for major health care insurers plummeted — such is Amazon’s power that the mere hint of market entry damages long-standing competitors.


Amazon wants to feed, treat, entertain, educate and medicate America — and that’s just what it’s told us. Nothing Orwellian here, right?

The gay Millennial chimes in: “If you have nothing to hide, there’s nothing to worry about” as he hands over his private convos about strapons to server admin bindis and the HR bluehairs they’re trying to impress.

Galloway says that Amazon’s new $15 hourly wage needs to be viewed through a much more cynical lens. “Jeff Bezos doesn’t do anything that’s not the smart thing to do,” he says. “When Amazon raises their wages so publicly, other people are forced to do so” — thus starving out the competition. It’s our new Cold War, he says, and Amazon won’t stop at retail. It will outspend every other entity in pursuit of global domination.

And if we ever hope to stop it, we need to understand how we got here.

Our tectonic shift, Galloway believes, was the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. We were already on the path of technology replacing religion, but Jobs, in dying young, “became our Christ, Apple our religion, and the iPhone the cross,” says Galloway.

Big Tech became our sex. And as with all nerd-based sex, no one feels satisfied by the experience.

We have become equally complacent while technology mauls our economy, he says. “We seem to be comfortable, at least in tech, with the 8,000 people who work at headquarters splitting $80 billion in revenue,” while lower-wage workers struggle to get by. Business Insider reported that as of this year, Amazon was among the top companies whose employees relied on food stamps. And that $15 minimum wage? In exchange, the company quietly cut monthly bonuses and stock options.

Creative destruction.

This complicated problem, he says, has a simple answer: Break up Big Tech.

“The key to competitive markets is that no one entity has too much control of the marketplace,” he says, adding that no other company has violated anti-trust over the past 100 years as Amazon and its ilk. Bezos’ recent support for a universal basic income is alarming, Galloway writes, because it means he sees a near future in which Big Tech permanently puts people out of work.

Soynet. (privatize the profits, socialize the costs, personalize the meaninglessness)

“Ma Bell couldn’t have been easy to break up, and we unleashed 30 years of incredible innovation,” Galloway says. “Teddy Roosevelt broke up the railroads. If the Department of Justice hadn’t moved in on Microsoft [in 1998], do you think we would have Google? We don’t break companies up because they’re evil or take jobs or don’t pay taxes. We do it because it’s time.”

President Trump has every reason in the world to break up Amazon. Bezos constantly shits in Trump’s face through his newly acquired newspaper. He crushes the middle class and economically and culturally dislocates more vulnerable White Americans under a tide of short-term cheap, long-term expensive Dirt World labor.

Bezos is the villain who immiserates the “Forgotten Americans” Trump vowed to protect. So why isn’t Trump taking action? What’s staying his hand? It’s obvious Bezos fears an anti-trust suit; he’s busy paying off a small army of congressmen to do his bidding and cuck on cue before the almighty Amazon. Is the weak link Jeff Sessions?

Trump should make anti-trust and the Wall his defining issues in 2019 if he wants to lock up 2020.

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This is the j__iest thing I have ever read. I was just saying to myself that I really want to make it through a single day without getting smacked in the face by j__ish perfidy, and this day was going well until NRO took a steaming matzo ball on it and dashed my hopes. Another day ruined.

There’s so much wrong with this assertion, it’s hard to know where to begin discrediting it.

Europe was economically integrated before WWI. So much for that “shekels before nationalism” argument.

There is all the evidence in the world that shekels DON’T alleviate the problems and antagonisms of disparate peoples living in close proximity. See here and here. I predict NRO wormtongues will not read the truths spelled out at those links. Neolib Egos before Truth.

More revealing is NRO’s tacit admission that Diversity is our weakness. The craven rootless merchants at NRO know, though they are too cowardly or malicious to openly admit it, that Diversity is an obstacle to be overcome with a sprinkling of Magic Moolah. Like Magic Dirt, somehow, someway, economic activity will make all the problems of a multiracial dystopia disappear, and we’ll come together and sing of buttplugs and mocha-colored babies.

Except that has never happened, and won’t happen. At least NROniks have given up pushing the lie that Diversity is inherently good. Now they think it’s not so great but greed will make it moot.

Ann Coulter retweeted:

“who cares if the country turns into a polyglot, multiracial favela wracked by neverending inter-ethnic strife as long as i’m gettin paid.” — a principled conservative at the National Review

Trevor Goodchild adds,

Pretty ballsy to top this off with a portrait of Hamilton NRO, you know he loved tariffs and protectionism and would have probably had your entire editorial board shot for treason right?

ah, a shitlord can dream.


Courtesy of JimJones,

If you love wealth greater than liberty,
The tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom,
Go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms.
Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you;
May your chains set lightly upon you,
And may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

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