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Framing is a powerful Game skill, while Agree & Amplify is a powerful Game tactic. One may argue they’re nearly synonymous, but A&A is better understood as a specific practical application of the overarching concept of Framing.

(For CH newbs, “framing” is another way to say “controlling the narrative”. When you frame a conversation, you are funneling your listeners and readers into a particular channel of thought that is conducive to your communicative goals. “Agree&Amplify” is the rhetorical feint that subverts an antagonist’s conversational momentum and helps prevent you from entrapment in a defensive posture.)

I bring this up in relation to a recent post in which I asked you readers how CH should respond to interview requests from media whores. The overwhelming majority of readers voted for the option of continuing to ignore the Gaystream Media solicitors in perpetuity.

For the record, the Chateau was leaning toward the “Ignore on Rewind” policy prescription for dealing with inquisitive GSM whores before the commenters cemented the decision to certify the Ignore option.

But one reader wondered why CH doesn’t just “agree & amplify” solicitous media whores? A good question. A&A’ing media drones might sound like this:


GSM drone: Can we dox interview you?

CH: Only if you don’t use the term “White supremacist.”

GSM drone: But we have to stay true to our readers’ expectations!

CH: No doubt, but on condition that if you use the word “racist” or the term “White supremacist”, you must substitute with “super duper megaracist” and “SO FUCKING White supremacist that we at CH believe the 70% of the universe that is dark matter should be turned into White matter.”


That’s an amusing A&A, and many on the fence would chuckle knowingly at the sexy impertinence on display, and maybe even a few converts to the realtalk cause would accrue, but the predominant consequence would be shitlib readers pressing their hands tighter against their ears and shrieking “racist!” even louder.

Agree&Amplify is an awesome tool of persuasion in smaller social settings and one-on-one with brightening girls, but its limitations are more evident when scaled up to the national gaystream media hatrix. To answer the reader’s question, the power of the mass media agitprop machine to frame a dialogue — and to isolate, freeze, and polarize a dissident interviewee — is too great a force to successfully thwart with a single Game tactic executed in a single instance.

Framing trumps Agree&Amplify. This is especially obvious when the framing is done by a multifaceted, multi-noded, supranational conglomerate with thousands upon thousands of like-minded Narrative enforcers focusing their immense repository of rhetorical tricks on designated targets for social exile.

When you are gaming a girl, she’s not annotating the proceedings, (as is the wont of NPR apparatchiks whenever they do a story on Trump). Your mischievous A&A isn’t being preemptively framed and predigested for her, so there’s no risk she’ll automatically default to tuning out what you say. There’s just the spontaneity of the seduction, her words, your words, and the feelings that come from that.

But the media creates feelings before you have a chance to seduce their audience to sympathize with you. The power of the media to annotate and editorialize days and weeks before introducing you to the public is the power to instantly frame any interaction to favor the media’s worldview and goals. It’s not hard to guess how a CH-GSM entente would play out:

GSM shitlib: Be our interview Valentine?

CH: Sure.

*CH games the media into a leaving a love puddle on the seat.*

*GSM plays the coquette, promises fairness, releases their interview one week later*

Perhaps deriving from a deep-seated insecurity in a world rapidly leaving his kind behind, our interview subject CH attempted to deflate the enormity of the callous and unprecedentedly vile racist, misogynist, racist, and sexist ideas espoused at the Heartiste blog with cutesy requests to our reporter to refer to him as “God’s Chosen Shitlord”. We warn our readers to be aware of this sophistry and understand the psychological motivations behind it.

Bezos Post-Op: So, “God’s Chosen Shitlord”, how would you answer the increasing chorus of critics who say you are spreading a message of hate?….

Taking down the lying scum media is a job CH can’t do alone. A million CHs can though and, as Trump intuitively understands, America won’t be great again until the Gaystream Media is first destroyed and rebuilt in the image of Heritage America.

First time commenter Matt writes,

I have read your blog for over four years. I have never posted before. I have read almost every article, and probably fifty percent of comments.

Over last few months I have seen a huge spike in number of new commentors. I just finished you article about media calling you. Please do not reply to MSM, they will fuck you. I know its difficult, we are all vain to some degree.

It’s my only preen-ness.

You are a fantastic wordsmith, and for me personally, you have completely changed my view of women. I am 45 and have been married with children for a long time(over 15 years), for me game has saved my soul. Not that I see other women, but that I keep my wife in line (without being a ngger and beating her).

Do not talk to media. Do not let them figure out who you are. Many of these new commentors are suspect. (many are probably newbs too). I imagine you are gaining a lot of traction, several friends and family now read you as well. I don’t think you understand how important this place is, or you are.

Dont let them ruin it. We don’t need them anymore.

You are the media now.

Don’t talk to the media dude, don’t let them wreck this place.

The decision is made. Fuck the media. They’re a rotten corpse with delusions of breath left in their dusty lungs. They want to know about this outpost of bracing truth and beauty? They can come here and find out for themselves.

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White shitlib credentialati have to be among the most short-sighted subpopulations in human history. What do these status whoring virtue snivelers think will happen when their collective 1.2 White children have to grow up in a society that jettisoned the buffer zone of its prole class racial kin in favor of imported swarthlords with a bad case of the gibs? Do our landed gentrifiers think they’ll be left alone by the Dusk World denizens to play their SJW-certified vidgya games, read libfruit social constructivist history books, amass useless gender studies post-grad degrees, watch black bull porn, strut insouciantly from cafe to cafe wearing camel-toe accentuating yoga pants, stroke it out to another snark cue from steven gaybert, and wonder which amazon drone delivered goodie they can stick up their ass?

Mass delusion is real, and our current incarnation of Western White liberalism is proof.

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I’ve been receiving an increasing frequency of emails from gaystream media whores soliciting this blog’s lordship for a roll in the clickbait hay. All of them, to date, have requested absolute privacy (the irony), so I won’t divulge details on threat of (((legal))) recriminations, but I can offer a general impression of what they’re asking. For instance, one media whore speaking on behalf of a well-known whoresite is part of a team putting together a piece of agitprop art on the manosphere and wanted CH’s scintillating contribution to the effort.

I’ve wondered for a few months how best to respond to these inquiries. So far, the CH policy has been to ignore and plow. No j/k, it’s been to ignore. Period. I never respond, partly because, what’s the use? I won’t persuade a shriek of shitlibs to accept in their hearts the Rude Word of the Chateau, and I certainly can’t expect to be treated fairly by these toads. More practically, I am very careful to guard my shadowy dimensions, and there is a risk, however muted through multiple proxies and TOR nodes, that a reply by me would be scoured for identifying info by a black ops team at Fusion GPS (stands for Grabbing Pussy Systems).

But the inquiries are getting more insistent and coming from bigger and bigger names. So I’m reconsidering my standard policy of ignoring them; perhaps for an upgrade to a “lol suck a dik” response? I have toyed with the idea of a conditional reply. That is, I set the ground rules and they swear by them in writing before I offer any penetrating insights of my tumescent wisdom.

For instance, we all know leftoid gutter filth can’t help litter their reporting of deplorable subjects with smear terms and baseless slander. One can’t hold a gun to reporters’ heads (yet) to demand honest and accurate journalism, but one can bind them to abide at least a rudimentary schedule of fair play. I believe two of the Original Shitposters, weev and Anglin, have a lot to say about this tactic when dealing with the globohomogenized media and their skypistry.

For instance, I would demand any reporter refrain from using the term “White supremacy” in any article about Chateau Heartiste, and if needed for context to substitute the term “White competency”. Similarly, they would be required by the CH Vajeena Convention rule 69, subsection 14.88, to replace the word “racist” with “totally rad race realist”. And “misogynist” would become “man who doesn’t bow and scrape before delusional feminist cunts”.

Any violations of the terms of agreement would result in an immediate public shaming and an army of weaponized autistes leaving pig entrails on the reporter’s super zip front door.

And, to punctuate my seriousness of intent, neither would the reporter be permitted to insert a disclaimer that contained the words “white supremacy”, “white supremacist”, “racist”, “misogynist” or other favored term of othering the leftoid equalism cuntsortium employs to maintain their icy grip on their quack Narrative.

I throw my quandary to the studio audience. What do you think is the best way forward to deal with slithery solicitations from Snakes and Merchants of Fake?

PS Vox Day has written about this topic: Don’t talk to the media.

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This CNN meme-themed video is one of the best I’ve watched. A ton of visual gags are slipped in. Keep an eye out for Wolf Blitzer’s great shame.

CNN is a travesty of lies and agitprop. But that sick malevolent channel is still blared in doctors’ offices and airports everywhere in America. If you have some gumption left in ya, make it a point to change the channel, even when others are watching. At the doctor, demand that the station be changed (it’s making you more ill than when you arrived, and you don’t want to have to sue the doc for negligence). Pressure Globohomo conglomerates to drop CNN from their TV feeds.

Word on the street is that the Trump insurgency sent orders from the top to the heads of all departments and agencies, and now all government public access TVs have switched from CNN to the Playboy Channel (is that still around?).

It’s this kind of atomic wedgie culture warring that I just can’t love enough! Viva Trump!

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Fake News is quick to claim brown migrants don’t commit crime at levels higher than the native White populations of the countries the migrants are colonizing, but that claim is based on nothing but ignorance of the concept of per capita and wishful feels meant to allay nervous shitlibs starting to worry that the core tenets of their equalism religion are bunk.

A first-rate Twatter account run by French dude Philippe Lemoine parses the German crime stats and discovers the maul-Right was right all along.


Foreigners have a crime rate 3.5 times that of native Germans.

Asylum seekers have a crime rate 7.3 times that of native Germans.

Foreigners have a violent crime rate 5 times that of native Germans.

Asylum seekers have a violent crime rate 15.1 times that of native Germans.

Foreigners commit rape and sexual assault at a rate 5.2 times that of native Germans.

Asylum seekers commit rape and sexual assault at a rate 15.2 times that of native Germans.

And it goes on and on like this, one hatefact after another demolishing the leftoid equalist Weltanshauung. Consult Lemoine’s Twatter feed for the drilled-down details.

Thoughts, NPR? I know you lying sacks of libshit love to bamboozle your audience into falsely believing that “criminal attacks can come from anyone”, so maybe you effete pansies could summon an ounce of journalistic integrity to report on these hurtful crime stats so that your listeners can be better informed about the world they choose to live apart from.

Not holding breath…

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Thoughts on a Clinton-Obama-Creep State sting operation to thwart the will of the American people, by Jacked Handsomely:

After reading the latest twists in the story about Don Trump Jr meeting a Russian “lawyer” for twenty minutes in June 2016 ostensibly because he was promised by a music publicist shyster named Rob Goldstone that juicy dirt (opposition research) on Hillary Clinton would be forthcoming, and then Don Jr releasing the email chain he had with Goldstone a few days ago before the JYTimes could gotcha him, I have come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of smelly facts emerging that could implicate the Democreep Party, thecunt, and gay mulatto in a major political scandal to subvert the Trump candidacy and, later, Presidency.

Here’s the background on Rob Goldstone (#PhysiognomyIsrael alert) who arranged the meeting between Don Jr and the Russkiya. Does Goldstone’s ham-fisted stuffing of the claim in his email to Don Jr that the information comes by way of the “Russian government, who wants to see Trump elected” sound like a try-hard entrapment lie to you? It does to me. Goldstone posted this photo on his Instagram shortly after Nov 8, 2016 when the legitimate voters of America elected Trump President:

Then, after promoting Trump’s candidacy through his social media posts, Goldstone posted a picture on Instagram shortly after the Nov. 8 election of him wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “RUSSIA.”

The caption to the post read, “Hedging Bets.”

I look at Goldstone’s face, and I think “slimeball”. Not “trusted confidant on the up-and-up”. I don’t have the link on me, but I’ve read somewhere that Goldstone once worked for the DNC.

The whole thing reeks of a sting operation to entrap a member of the Trump family in a situation that could later be framed as Russian collusion, with the help of a Russian honeypot-slash-patsy who was mysteriously allowed back into the US on an expired visa by order of Loretta Lynch, Obama’s head of DOJ at the time.

By all accounts, the Russian honeypot Veselnitskaya returned to the US a week before her meeting with Don Jr, and was seen sitting with Obama’s Russia Ambassador Michael McFaul eight days after her meeting with Don Jr. She posted an anti-Trump rant on her Facebook page four days before meeting Don Jr. Her Moscow law office appears to be a shell company. Finally, during her stay in DC, her chaperone was Rob Dellums, former Dem Representative and big Clinton and Obama supporter. There is also evidence come out recently that Veselnitskaya was photographed in John McCain’s office.

PEE-YEW it’s getting stinky in the Swamp.

Meanwhile, Hillary is under renewed threat of prosecution. The timing of the release of the Don Jr story is suspicious.

And in actual collusion news, Juan McAmnesty reached out through an intermediary to a British spy (aka foreign agent) for dirt on Trump from the spy’s Russian contacts, producing the fantastical piss dossier that the Dems and cucks have heavily leaned on to sabotage Trump’s Presidency. Wherefore your outrage against McCain’s collusion, shitlibs?

What does it all point to? /pol/ has the most plausible take on the don jr meeting with Veselnitskaya. If this theory proves true, it means currently manic shitlibs calling for impeachment are in for a painfully depressive episode soon. (click on link to activate zoom-in option):


This anonymous truth-seeker gets to the heart of the matter: this Russia collusion Fake News pushed by the gay mulatto machine is tantamount to high crimes against the nation:

Interestingly, and probably related, Trump signaled this week he would bail on defending Obama’s DACA, the so-called “Dreamer” amnesty.

Why is Trump now deep-sixing DACA (after months-long hints he’d preserve it). Why now?
My 2 ¢:

Trump has realized there’s no compromising with the establishment, so he’s gonna do what he wanted to do all along, OR

Trump has the Russia-entrapment goods on the obama-clinton-derp state machine, and this frees his hand to go all-in on MAGA.

According to an inside anon source on /pol/ who claims to work for the Deep State, something big will drop on July 27th that will crush the hopes of the libshit collective. This source has had verified claims before, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep rope alive!


Latest news (I’ll probably have to keep adding postsciprts to this post, the Real News is coming in fast): “Leaked documents show Democreeps plotted to blame Russia for hacking“. A Ukrainian foundation transferred 10-25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, putatively in exchange for technical details in how to plant a false flag of Russian hacking of the DNC servers.

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A ramavan rammed a crowd of salafist invaders celebrating the muslim holiday ramadan in the capital city of a once-great White nation, and in the news reporting following the battlefield escalation all I can say is that I’ve never heard leftoids sound so somberly pious about a religious holiday. If only leftoids were as respectful of the traditional Christian holidays. Discuss.


Hackett to Bits twists the shiv,

Funny how the mayor of Londonistan isn’t bleating now about whytes mowing down Muzzies is just “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

The very fact that there’s a muslim mayor of London should be a glaring signal the West is on a war footing, and hostilities have begun.

Btw, the leftoid fuggernaut has so thoroughly discredited themselves by decades of indulging the rankest hypocritical posturing, that they have made themselves extremely vulnerable to semantic attacks by zfg shitscribes. The Current Year is a wonderful shivnette of leftoids hanging by their own rope.

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