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You are about to enter another delusion, a delusion not only of religion and guilt but of race. A journey into a wacky cult of deracination. Next stop, the Christcuck Zone!

Please take a seat, you’ll find a vomit bag in the pocket in front of you. Trust us, you’ll need it. You won’t be able to un-see the contents of this video. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, like an evil clown nightmare. But your participation is necessary, to BEAR WITNESS to the abject degeneration of White Christianity.

Notice something besides the overarching virtue whoring evident in this Semen on the Mount? Our tawdry televangelist never asked for the black guy’s name. Not once, in the whole time our divine dindu was up there on stage being used as a prop to fluff Preacher Pussyhat’s sanctimonious ego. He said, “I need a young black man”. Not, “What’s your name?” Not even, “How are you today?” Just, “I need a young black man.”

Really, that says it all about Christcuckery. These fawning phaggots don’t actually give a shit about blacks. They merely want to use them as quickly discarded tokens to morally preen before their audience of equally empty-headed sanctimony signalers who for some godforsaken reason nurse a weird shame about living a decent life in their 98% White earthly utopias.

“I need a young black man”

….to make me feel good about myself
….to manufacture a glowing self-perception of my GoodWhiteness
….to guilt-trip other Whites into coughing up bennies for the MegaChurch coffers
….to masturbate furiously while watching my wife and her buck fucker
….to alleviate the searing humiliation of raising my wife’s son
….to pick my cult followers clean
….to sit still on stage for ten minutes to prove all those Very Bad, No Good, Awful BadThinking BadWhites wrong about race differences

The charade gets even more ridiculous. Pastor PutItInMyAss tells Saint Souvenir that he is valuable and “society hasn’t told you that”. Color me shocked that a self-abasing White cuck uses the same vapid platitudes as dumbfuck feminists.

8:53 — “We bros!”

Hilariously nauseating. If “I NEED A YOUNG BLACK MAN” is the Christcuck petition, “WE BROS!” is the Christcuck atonement. Redemption is achieved by adopting a few Africans until your biological kids need twenty years of therapy.

If this is the future of White America, they deserve their overrun by barbarian hordes. Nothing worth saving here, move along.

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Betrayal is everywhere during the time of decline. This won’t come as news to some of you, it will certainly shock many others, and it will incense those who shirk from ugly truths about sex differences:

Single White women are the undertow dragging Heritage White America into the murky depths. Audacious Epigone teased out the 2016 election numbers and found that single White women OF ANY AGE were the outlier of all White voter demographics, significantly preferring thecunt to theTrump.

Single White men, married White men, married White women, any age: TRUMP COUNTRY

Single White women, any age: THECUNTRY

As the Bigly Epigone commented,

The Narrative was that white women betrayed “the sisterhood” by (modestly) preferring Trump.

The real story is that single white women betrayed white America and almost got away with it.

Thank you, single White ladies, sluts and spinsters alike, for showing your true colors this past election in your indomitable quest to drive America right over the cliff into Diversigeddon, because Trump’s tough talk hurt your feelings. Please feel free to menstruate your Fake Morality in some more airports with crayola signs welcoming rapefugees into your neighbor’s neighborhood. It’s clarifying.

Everything that’s happening is proving the wisdom of the CH maxims. Single White women unable or unwilling to marry and mother before the Wall makes the choice for them will vote gibs in the form of Daddy Government as substitute beta bux husband. The modern sexual market, deliberately stripped of the quasi-patriarchal organic rules that used to restrain it in White homelands, incentivizes a prolonged sexual precociousness among economically self-sufficient single White women, and embitters the older single White women who bought one too many tickets for the cock carousel and forgot to redeem them for a beta desperado willing to overlook the goods that are damaged.

All other Whites — INCLUDING single White men — voted for the preservation of their nation as a recognizable territory which honors them and their ancestors and promises their posterity the privileges of ownership.

This betrayal will only get worse, too, if the marriage rate among Whites continues to fall and the age of first marriage continues to rise, effectively increasing the relative total US population of single White women PRECISELY AT A TIME when the nonWhite US population is also increasing, amplifying and weaponizing the single White women political preference for psychocunts and mulatto misfits who brazenly advocate for the overrun of America by the nonmagical Dirt World.

Ok, Heritage America has identified the betrayers and subverters: Jews, gays, single White women, and nonWhites. The question that begs itself is this: how does Heritage America reclaim its inheritance from these usurpers within?

Runaway Jewish power can be slowed down by simply calling out their bad behavior and tribal antagonism in no uncertain terms. This won’t change their attitudes, but it will put a damper on their chutzpah if they know that they’ve lost control of the Narrative Megaphone to cow and silence their critics under fusillades of slickly sophistic legerdemain. Fortunately, there seems to me a small but growing chorus of sensible diaspora Jews who, however tentatively, have begun holding their co-ethnics to account for their rabid anti-Gentilism.

Homo power is also reliant on the Megaphone, but insinuates itself more thoroughly via cultural channels like the arts and social media. They, too, will never change their stripes but their electoral impact can be mitigated by culturally isolating them, which is accomplished whenever and wherever their diseased influence is spotlit and ridiculed with extreme rhetorical prejudice.

The above two groups have in cultural power what they lack in numerical power. Thankfully, there are limits to the effectiveness of anti-White propaganda; like hypnotists, you have to push your COGDIS agitprop to a partly receptive audience for it to take a strong hold on the nation’s psyche. Which brings us to….

NonWhites. They have numerical power and a gluttony for anti-White hatred. Globohomo White-hating propaganda finds a cozy home in the nonWhite id. They won’t change, and they can’t be persuaded by the usual means of power politics. The best you can do is stop their invading forces at the border and reduce their numbers already here by keeping their families together and deporting mothers with their anchor babies. The goal is to reduce the nonWhite population in America to a manageable number, ideally less than 30% of the total, and sequestered on Democreep gerrymandered farms that have no chance of overriding the national will.

Finally, we arrive at the one anti-White group that is, theoretically, amenable to a change of heart, if for no other reason than that they, like their married sisters, brothers, fathers, and sons, must sail subconscious eddies that continually and insistently push them toward a blood and soil genetic reconciliation with who they are as a people. Are single White women capable of going the Full Betrayal and turning the homeland of their own people into a decrepit technosmut street bazaar? Or will they, at the last second, feel the pulse of ancient rhythms and stand with their tribe when extinction — the Final Wall — threatens to end their sex and the diversity funtime?

Single White women are the lovers of White men and the wombs of White nations. No matter how badly lunacy grips them in the voting booth, they can’t be stopped at the border, nor can they be sidelined to political irrelevancy. Their numbers are huge and growing, and their necessary intimacy with White men and shared formative years with married White women means that those of us with clear-eyed future-vision of idiocratic America understand there is no other option but to try and find a way to coax single White women back onto the preservation.

Repealing the 19th is unrealistic at this time. Long-term, only radical changes to the structure of mass society will thwart the compulsion of single White women to betray what is in essence their extended family. I’m talking a whiplash of decentralization, possibly triggered by another Constitutional crisis, that limits geographic and economic mobility and restores local community watchdog influence over the choices of unmarried women.

Short term, the solution is mockery. Single White women, more than any other White demographic, fear social ostracism. Identifying a few of their worst offenders and holding them up to public ridicule will serve as a lesson for the others; lemmings can have their suicidal neurosis rerouted to stampede in a more advantageous direction. Sexually dimorphic Trump Girls and the Trump men who playfully tease them are the wedge that can be driven into the single White women herd to separate the loser antifemmes from the White shivladies.

It is beyond arguing that suffrage pushed the country to the Left. Maybe this was a good thing in the distant past, but it’s stupid to believe that White women voting would push the country just a little Left, and then stop. What has occurred is that White women pushed it Left, and kept pushing. Unchecked, single White women seem destined to push Leftward until an unapologetic Rightward pimp hand applies a stinging rebuke. The ultimate female shit test — autogenocide — answered by the ultimate shit test neutralizer: alphatude.

It is by now an academic argument whether married White women vote like their White men because marriage selects for emotionally stable White women with a common-sensical approach to the future, or if marriage (and presumably childbirth) itself calms the emotional roller coaster of a woman’s mind and allows her a better comprehension of what is at stake. Whether cause or symptom, the solution to the betrayal of our single White women is to whisk them out of the anonymous, contraceptively padded, libarts degree-greased, urban foreplayground and into marriage and children sooner rather than later in life. The cock carousel spins in only one direction: centrifugal molecularization, until the center axle cracks and the ride is closed for repairs. Women dispirited by the ride are nevertheless chained to it by Darwinian compulsions beyond their ken. It’s up to men and wiser women to pull the brake and escort the single ladies off the pump-and-go-round before it becomes a hyperloop to self-destruction.

A reader passes along an old yet apropos Cheyenne saying:

“The Cheyenne people have a saying: A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

The women want to give their bodies to the conquerors.

If the men around them are feminized, they will seek out conquerors to give their bodies to.

Feminized men get masculinized women, and a weakening nation teetering on implosion.

Masculine men get feminine women, and a confident nation full of robust health.

Sexual polarity will make America great again.

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The Drudge Report is the number two news source online, after MSN. That’s a lot of eyeballs. As an aggregator of right-of-center news stories, Drudge is an indispensable alternative to the leftoid legacy media (LLM), but he’s just a ripple in their ocean of Narrative dominance. We need twenty more Drudges on various platforms to come close to evening the playing field.

That full spectrum LLM dominance isn’t stopping shitlib media from acts of sabotage to reduce Drudge’s influence. I’ve noticed lately when I click on a Right-leaning headline at Drudge, it leads to a story that, just under the header, is full of liberal boilerplate news reporting. What libs are doing is enticing Drudge to link to their articles with Right-sounding headlines, then tricking ensnared Drudge readers to read their libshit effluvium.

Drudge is responsible for protecting his brand. He probably has a skeleton staff that rapidly scans headlines of news stories and links to the ones that appeal most to his readership, without bothering to read further and vet the stories for Realtalk as opposed to Shitlibsnark. Maybe Drudge could institute a flagging system that allows his readers to warn others if any of his site’s links lead to articles with misleading headlines that are nothing more than leftoid narrative enforcement.

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A big news story is exploding in the dissident corners of the wokeweb, and it concerns our “gifts of love” streaming across the southern border.

Trump was right. The Latin American countries are not sending their best. Many are rapists. Like the two Guatemalan vermin who invaded the US via Mexico and, somehow, wound up in Rockville, Md as 18 year old freshmen in a local high school, where they escorted a classmate, a 14 year old girl, into a bathroom stall and proceeded to facially, anally, and vaginally rape her.

Rockville locals are livid, and the story comes precisely at a time the State of Maryland is considering passing a bill that would designate it a “sanctuary state”, (meaning that no state authorities would be obligated to turn over foreign invaders to federal agents for deportation — the word for this is called “treason”.) Hardeehar, jokes on us.

Amusingly, I did a Spoogle search on “rockville immigrant rape”, and the only major news organizations that showed up on the first page were FoxNews and The Daily Mail. A couple of local radio stations appeared, too.

For some strange reason, all the big news outfits like the Carlos Slim Times and the Bezos Personal Blog and the alphabet leftoid legacy media stations, haven’t seen fit to publish, or publicize, the Rockville Rapefugees story with all the relevant details. HOW ABOUT THAT. The shitlibs controlling our information gateways will spend months loudly and insistently reporting on, and over-analyzing, a fake news story about White frat bros raping a girl at UVA while utterly burying or suppressing the details of a real news story about two brown border jumpers who in fact raped a 14 year old girl in a high school bathroom.

Very Fake News? More like, Very Treasonous News.

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Academia has become a training camp for petty tyrants. Universities were supposed to be arenas where the exchange of ideas, some of them taboo, could be pursued without compromise or threat of suppression. We’ve come a long way……down, baby. The majority of college faculty now either eagerly and gleefully relish the thought of silencing dissenting thinkers, or weakly acquiesce to those holding the heretic-whip. And yet these same dictatorial academics have the gall to project their witch-burning psychoses on Trump and his supporters and brand them the real authoritarians.

PS Interestingly (from an HBD-vantage), a survey of schoolchildren in 1971 found eerily similar percentages of support among them for free speech.

The origins of children’s attitudes toward freedom of dissent were investigated using questionnaire data from 1384 children in grades 5 through 9. Political socialization of attitudes toward free speech apparently does occur during late childhood and early adolescence. Most children acquire support for the abstract principle of free speech in slogan form, without learning its concrete implications. Support for free speech in concrete instances is dictated largely by the child’s attitude toward the dissenting out-group in question and only rarely by the general principle of free expression. There are indications that the child’s confidence in his ability to think divergently contributes to tolerance, presumably by reducing the personal threat posed by deviant out-groups.

More proof that shitlibs (who have almost completely overrun academia) are arrested adolescents, (and that Boomers are were the worst fucking generation ever, in any universe).

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Jesus Cucking Christ, the anti-White rot seeps into every crevice of the Church, softening the edifice from the inside out.


From Sigma K,

Was at the Catholic Church for my father’s funeral. The new art they used is this statue when they refurbished the church a few years ago. This is an almost all white neighborhood North of Detroit. It’s that way because of white flight in the 60s-70s. White’s will never learn.

Looks like we need a funeral for the church.

There’s a psychological undercurrent subtly conveyed by this “artwork”. You’ll notice the chocolate imp is sitting in (presumably) Jesus’ lap, while the White children gather round Jesus almost like they are his apostles. Everyone stares lovingly and tenderly at the black baby. The message is that the African orphan is a charity case through which empathobesic White Christcucks may demonstrate their virtue. It’s Captain Save-a-Fro as Church policy, and you will only ever see this sort of thing in all-White churches. (Black churches have black iconography. Blacks, for all their dysfunction, are unashamed of their race.)

Secularism and pleasuredome technologies wounded European Christianity, but Diversity will kill it in all but name.

Sigma K provides more context,

The ceremony for my father was simply awful.

The priest was weak but my all female family loved it because it was touching…

They had some lady playing a shitty keyboard/synth and singing with all of the awe, reverence and wonder of a month old loaf of bread. All doughy and moldy.

My dad’s corpse had more “T” in it a week after he died than the priest.

I understand why men are no longer interested in church. I understand why church is dying. I see why those vibrants/muzzies are so welcome.

Dalrock is correct, the church is poison.

Feminism is civilization death. It’s that simple. As either a contributing cause or a symptom, feminism and its ideological tributaries and political repercussions are an unmistakable harbinger of a nation’s decline and fall. When feminism poisons the commonweal and pollutes 2,000 year old institutions, the end is in sight. No low-T soynation teetering on the brink of no-T hyper-emotionalism will survive for long, in any capacity that would be recognizable to past generations. A strong-willed phalanx of foreign men pulsing with purified T can and will easily overrun a nation and its institutions of house eunuchs and their weepy, whip-hand postmenopausal matriarch slavemasters. “I’m with her…..to our Darwinian doom.”

Diversity Heretic adds,

Over at Occam’s Razor/Dark Enlightenment I read a comment that Christianity is becoming loud, brown and obnoxious. This certainly seems true of the present Roman Catholic Church and mainstream Protestant churches. Is there any hope in either the evangelical Protestant churches or the Eastern Orthodox Church? I don’t count the Mormons as Christian, but they also seem to be moving in the direction of race cuckoldry. I’m not sure about the Seventh Day Adventists. Perhaps in the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s rejection of the Roman Catholic Church there can be the beginning of a muscular ethnonationalist Christianity: perhaps the “Cult of Michael the White Warrior Archangel?”

Loud and brown Christianity is on a collision course with polite and White Christianity. Most Christian sects appear afflicted, with notable exceptions like the Amish and the Eastern Orthodox. Catholicism is fully under the spell of anti-White globohomoism as a seditious Pope does his level best to undermine the foundations of the Church he leads by embracing every pozzed directive and diversity nostrum on earth below.

The remorselessly masculine loud and brown will overpower the submissively feminine polite and White, if the present course remains uncorrected. Perhaps nukes change the historical equation. But even then, I doubt it; bitterbitches and their manlet quislings with their fingers on the button don’t inspire confidence. They’d probably hand the launch codes over to the first spokesvibrant who complained about lack of representation in deciding humanity’s fate.

The Christian Church can allow itself to be overrun by the loud and brown and reshaped into a grotesquely unfamiliar abomination of its former glory, or it can SACK UP and REASSERT its primal Whiteness, remembering the wisdom of the ancients: You dance with the one who brung ya.

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During a Florida rally, Trump commented that Sweden was having security problems with their self-inflicted migrant invasion. Swedish globalists (mutually exclusive terms in due time) rushed to snark-shame President Trump for implying migrants had brought any rise in crime with them into Sweden. (“Official statistics”, they huffed, showed no such migrant crime rate rise. Official Sweden statistics coincidentally also show Syrian migrants contributing to a massive increase in economic growth, world peace, and a boom in the nonconsensual fertility rate.)

So OK Swedish authorities (probably not for long) lie about their migrant problems and cover up crime associated with migrants. The data that lies outside “official statistics” clearly shows migrants have brought huge increases in crime with them to Germany, Sweden, and other NW Euro nations. Trump was likely referring to specific news stories about two Swedish police officers who blew the whistle on the Sweden government’s cover-up of migrant crimes. (One whistleblower is, incredulously, being charged with inciting racial hatred.)

The mask slippage in all this brouhaha is revealed in the words of the Swedish Foreign Minister (a woman, natch).

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom appeared to respond to Trump on Saturday by posting on Twitter an excerpt of a speech in which she said democracy and diplomacy “require us to respect science, facts and the media.”

Did you catch that? “…respect science, facts and THE MEDIA”. Since when does democracy automatically require the media is lavished with respect? Respect must be earned. Is it not possible in the world of Sweden’s Foreign Menstruator that a lying, discredited media can coexist with a democracy? In fact, all the evidence to date amply demonstrates the case: advanced degenerating democracies coexist quite warmly and even symbiotically with corrupt, media indoctrination mills. There are now six megamedia companies in the US, and all of them are wholly-owned subsidiaries of globohomo oligarchs. Our vertical and horizontal is controlled by a handful of obscenely wealthy rootless cosmopolitans who love open borders, cheap labor and compliant consumer cogs.

The mask slippage reveals another great fear of the anti-White Left: their loss of the leftoid legacy media megaphone and the power to shape public sympathies through devious framing of stories and omissions of counter-Narrative facts. If the media is discredited as the VeryFakeNews that it is, then the Left will have lost a powerful ally in their demographic war to reduce White majority nations to White plurality or White minority nations.

We in the Maul-Right are getting very VERY close to the target now. You can hear the Left’s fear in the nervous scoffs of the foreign ministers and in the shrieks of indignation from the newspaper editorial boards.

The stuck pig squeals loudest, and by the sounds of it the globalist pig is stuck in the vitals.

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