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Via fagsnark central:

More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America […]

Part of the uptick in cardiovascular-related deaths is because more pregnant women in the US have chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, all of which put them at a much greater risk for pregnancy complications.

“It’s a larger problem than just dealing with women during pregnancy, it’s the health of our society,” said Callaghan. “Imagine a [pregnant] woman comes in with BMI of 40, and she’s 24 years old — that didn’t happen in the past year, it happened in the past 24 years.”

Obesity is not just bad for women’s health, it kills women’s romantic dreams…and it can kill them during childbirth. Blubber is an across-the-board decrease in quality of life (for men as well, but the impact of excess adipose is bigger (heh) for women).

But hey let’s have more fat acceptance headcases tell us all how much real men prefer women with one convex curve.


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You’ve all read about the “thousand cock stare“, and most of you have seen a woman exhibiting it in your daily life. Now there’s a male version of the thousand cock stare — the thousand cuck stare — and it has nothing to do with a high number of sex partners, (just the opposite, really, as the thousand cuck stare is usually coincident with involuntary celibacy and a legacy of romantic failure).


Those eyes are seen on two types of (typically white) males: Literal bottoms (who have just passed a wet gas bubble of gay lover sperm) and figurative bottoms who are psychological castrati eager to bend over for the world’s cunts, ingrates, and swarths in a bid to rationalize that severely low T can be a blessing for humanity.

The thousand cuck stare is a watery, degenerate Sanpaku-eyed window into the soul of a male who has embraced powerlessness out of necessity and rubs out dopamine rushes by posturing as an androgyne happily relinquishing any trace of testicular fortitude for abject prostration at the cankles of the femborg hivegine.

He is a soy-drenched, sexual market discard who pretends his groveling at the feet of those who despise him is a righteous blow for equality and unctuous unisexuality. He is a contemptible loathsome creature who by dumb luck is having his day in the sun, but who will, as natural law dictates, soon be back where he belongs, foraging the icy wastelands for scraps of charity.

In two generations, when majestic Trump Presidency memorials dot the nation’s landscape, will the grandchildren (however few and miraculous) of these grandcucks recall with great shame their emasculated forebears as warnings against denigrating masculinity?

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WOMAN: Hulking, sullen, traps that could stuff an NFL running back.

MAN: Effete beta, deferential to his wife, smug libfag smirk because he’s proud of himself for signaling his male feminist bona fides. (“Ladies and gentleman…my beard! I wouldn’t be where I am today without him..er, her.”)

COUPLE: Bitter black affirmative action queen who longs for real black man dick, and spiteful tragic hipster gay mulatto who adopted black power identity and hates White people, especially his late mother with the boy’s name and lifelong penchant for fucking District 9 set extras.

CONTEXT: President and First Macaque of the United States of America.



Beta males, especially those of the cuck variety, have a knee-jerk urge to publicly elevate their wives to positions of influence in their lives that are all out of proportion to reality. Jeb!, Kasich, Cruz…they all did it. A little self-abnegating generosity toward the wife is fine until it turns hyperbolic and comically supplicating. Beta males still haven’t learned that the handicap principle is easy to abuse and backfire on them, and that a man has to show a little alpha gumption before he can safely indulge some oily deference toward women.

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The rancid media libocrisy on display in their latest manufactured hysteria over Trump’s comments to some pedofaced Paki whose son was killed in the Iraq War that Hillary Clinton approved, and subsequently flaunted at the DNC degenerate freak parade to score anti-White political points, is so over the top that I find it hard to believe normal Americans will put up with this clown world for much longer.

This is the media scum we are dealing with:


Trump should not back off from this fight, even if the entire corrupt establishment — Dems, GOPe, media, billionaire oligarchs — is arrayed against him. He has a more powerful weapon:


A Muslim migrant who lost a son in a stupid American war based on lies is a poor premise upon which to base a nation’s border policy. This toolbag Khizr Khan (or so he innocently postures; he could very well know exactly what he’s doing) has so many sharia-friendly skeletons in his closet that he’s starting to get nervous about all the publicity he, or the DNC, unleashed upon himself. Khan is an immigration attorney who specializes in getting more Muslims into the US; he has ties with the Saudi government; is alleged to be a Muslim Brotherhood agent; and has connections to the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation. The latest news about him is that his law firm’s web site was recently deleted. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HARAM….

Various shiv-righters on the Twatter and at MPC also gleefully pointed out the ¡SCIENCE-Y! numbers don’t support the Khan Is Who We Are Now Narrative: more American soldiers have been killed by Muslim-American soldiers than Muslim-American soldiers have been killed in action fighting for the US.

Unfortunately the link is dead, but assuming this is still around at MPC, it says it all about the Side of History we are being stuffed into, come hell or sharia law:



It’s amazing how coordinated the hottake on the DNC has been.

The new rally point is Mr. Kahn, the father of the Muzzie soldier KIA who held up a (pristine) pocket Constitution and challenged Trump to read it and discover the inviolable Zeroth Amendment (Sailer’s phrase) which guarantees limitless immigration to the U.S. for shitskins. Apparently according to the DNC, Mr. Kahn’s son was one of 14 killed on the American side in the GWOT. (Last night in chat I posted that this represents a 0.3% KIA rate for American Muslims compared to the total).

If I had the time to research it, we could probably come up with 1) the number of American Mohammedans killed fighting against the U.S. and/or for terrorist entities which likely exceeds 14; and, 2) the number of Muslim U.S. servicemen who turned on the U.S. while in uniform (Nidal Hassan, Hasan Akbar, etc.) which is not insignificant, and whose body count in the aggregate likely exceeds 14. It’s probably a significant net negative in either event and blows the proposition that Mr. Kahn was trying to establish out of the water.



Maximus, great observation!  I’ve been tweeting this hatefact at the usual suspects all afternoon.

The stats are:  Nidal killed 13 and Akbar killed 2, for 15 American soldiers killed by Muslim-American soldiers. There’s been at least one terrorist plot  planned by a Muslim-American soldier (Hasan Edmonds) thwarted. If you were willing to hammer it home, you could add the Beltway Sniper.

The number of Muslim-American service men killed in combat is supposedly 14, a number that was reported out of the House Homeland Security Committee by Chairman Peter King in 2011.

I actually have some doubts about the 14 number, but whatever.  The point is still valid….. More American soldiers (15) have been killed by Muslim-American soldiers, than Muslim-American soldiers have been killed in combat (14).

It’s great sadistic fun to rub shitlib faces in the FACTS, BIGOT! they purport to sacralize, but the essential nature of this war is a simpler proposition: No nation has a moral obligation to allow untold numbers of migrant foreigners on its soil. This goes double for immigrants who by genetic inheritance and habit are incompatible with American culture, and unlikely to ever become compatible. This is the tooth and nail of it: Neither the Constitution nor historically shared common sense sanctions that an endless infernal flow of alien peoples must necessarily remain unabated if America is to “live up to her principles”. The truth that even shitlibs acknowledge to themselves when alone in bed as a cold shiver sends them to sleep is that a limitless invasion of migrants will not only change America, it will change America’s principles. Forever.

The stakes could not be higher.


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H. P. Lovecraft (the same early 20th Century fright-fi writer whom modern day SJW wikinerds are trying to obliterate from the historical record) wrote a treatise on what it really means to be an American, and it’s chock full of so much shitlordery source-pool realtalk it could double as Trump’s first martial law decree. H/t:

It is easy to sentimentalise on the subject of “the American spirit”—what it is, may be, or should be. Exponents of various novel political and social theories are particularly given to this practice, nearly always concluding that “true Americanism” is nothing more or less than a national application of their respective individual doctrines.

Slightly less superficial observers hit upon the abstract principle of “Liberty” as the keynote of Americanism, interpreting this justly esteemed principle as anything from Bolshevism to the right to drink 2.75 per cent. beer. “Opportunity” is another favourite byword, and one which is certainly not without real significance. The synonymousness of “America” and “opportunity” has been inculcated into many a young head of the present generation by Emerson via Montgomery’s “Leading Facts of American History.” But it is worthy of note that nearly all would-be definers of “Americanism” fail through their prejudiced unwillingness to trace the quality to its European source. They cannot bring themselves to see that abiogenesis is as rare in the realm of ideas as it is in the kingdom of organic life; and consequently waste their efforts in trying to treat America as if it were an isolated phenomenon without ancestry.

“Americanism” is expanded Anglo-Saxonism. It is the spirit of England, transplanted to a soil of vast extent and diversity, and nourished for a time under pioneer conditions calculated to increase its democratic aspects without impairing its fundamental virtues. It is the spirit of truth, honour, justice, morality, moderation, individualism, conservative liberty, magnanimity, toleration, enterprise, industriousness, and progress—which is England—plus the element of equality and opportunity caused by pioneer settlement. It is the expression of the world’s highest race under the most favourable social, political, and geographical conditions. Those who endeavour to belittle the importance of our British ancestry, are invited to consider the other nations of this continent. All these are equally “American” in every particular, differing only in race-stock and heritage; yet of them all, none save British Canada will even bear comparison with us. We are great because we are a part of the great Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere; a section detached only after a century and a half of heavy colonisation and English rule, which gave to our land the ineradicable stamp of British civilisation.

Most dangerous and fallacious of the several misconceptions of Americanism is that of the so-called “melting-pot” of races and traditions. It is true that this country has received a vast influx of non-English immigrants who come hither to enjoy without hardship the liberties which our British ancestors carved out in toil and bloodshed. It is also true that such of them as belong to the Teutonic and Celtic races are capable of assimilation to our English type and of becoming valuable acquisitions to the population. But, from this it does not follow that a mixture of really alien blood or ideas has accomplished or can accomplish anything but harm. Observation of Europe shows us the relative status and capability of the several races, and we see that the melting together of English gold and alien brass is not very likely to produce any alloy superior or even equal to the original gold. Immigration cannot, perhaps, be cut off altogether, but it should be understood that aliens who choose America as their residence must accept the prevailing language and culture as their own; and neither try to modify our institutions, nor to keep alive their own in our midst. We must not, as the greatest man of our age declared, suffer this nation to become a “polyglot boarding house.”

The greatest foe to rational Americanism is that dislike for our parent nation which holds sway amongst the ignorant and bigoted, and which is kept alive largely by certain elements of the population who seem to consider the sentiments of Southern and Western Ireland more important than those of the United States. In spite of the plain fact that a separate Ireland would weaken civilisation and menace the world’s peace by introducing a hostile and undependable wedge betwixt the two major parts of Saxondom, these irresponsible elements continue to encourage rebellion in the Green Isle; and in so doing tend to place this nation in a distressingly anomalous position as an abettor of crime and sedition against the Mother Land. Disgusting beyond words are the public honours paid to political criminals like Edward, alias Eamonn, de Valera, whose very presence at large among us is an affront to our dignity and heritage. Never may we appreciate or even fully comprehend our own place and mission in the world, till we can banish those clouds of misunderstanding which float between us and the source of our culture.

But the features of Americanism peculiar to this continent must not be belittled. In the abolition of fixed and rigid class lines a distinct sociological advance is made, permitting a steady and progressive recruiting of the upper levels from the fresh and vigorous body of the people beneath. Thus opportunities of the choicest sort await every citizen alike, whilst the biological quality of the cultivated classes is improved by the cessation of that narrow inbreeding which characterises European aristocracy.

Total separation of civil and religious affairs, the greatest political and intellectual advance since the Renaissance, is also a local American—and more particularly a Rhode Island—triumph. Agencies are today subtly at work to undermine this principle, and to impose upon us through devious political influences the Papal chains which Henry VIII first struck from our limbs; chains unfelt since the bloody reign of Mary, and infinitely worse than the ecclesiastical machinery which Roger Williams rejected. But when the vital relation of intellectual freedom to genuine Americanism shall be fully impressed upon the people, it is likely that such sinister undercurrents will subside.

The main struggle which awaits Americanism is not with reaction, but with radicalism. Our age is one of restless and unintelligent iconoclasm, and abounds with shrewd sophists who use the name “Americanism” to cover attacks on that institution itself. Such familiar terms and phrases as “democracy,” “liberty,” or “freedom of speech” are being distorted to cover the wildest forms of anarchy, whilst our old representative institutions are being attacked as “un-American” by foreign immigrants who are incapable both of understanding them or of devising anything better.

This country would benefit from a wider practice of sound Americanism, with its accompanying recognition of an Anglo-Saxon source. Americanism implies freedom, progress, and independence; but it does not imply a rejection of the past, nor a renunciation of traditions and experience. Let us view the term in its real, practical, and unsentimental meaning.

-from the United Amateur, July 1919

Executive Summary: Diversity + Proximity = War. Also, Cognitive Stratification + Noblesse Malice = Anti-Americanism.

America: A gift in the process of being squandered and sacrificed by the ingratitude of her soft, effeminate, decadent, virtue signaling inheritors. What would Lovecraft have thought of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act and the resulting third world bazaar America has since inevitably become? He’d probably say, “holy fucking hell, and I thought the micks were bad news”.

Programming note: Joyce Carol Oates greatly admired Lovecraft. I wonder if she knows about his unauthorized thoughtcrimes?


PS As TOG put it in one of his classic rants, “White people need to realize its not the Ice Age anymore and we are now dealing with the threat of diversity”.

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The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement provoked a whitelash from a few put-upon White shitlords-in-training, who answered with the more universalist (and cheeky) ‘All Lives Matter’ riposte. After all, who can argue against all lives?

Well, blacks can. ‘All Lives Matter’ really bugs blacks and virtue ejaculating fagwhites. I don’t recall exactly from whom I heard this, (I think it came from president Gay Mulatto xirself, but it easily could have been any random dindu), that the reason ‘All Lives Matter’ is, despite the innocuous message of the slogan, a slap in the face to Our Unsullied Underserved is because it belittles the “special vulnerability” that blacks experience in their violent, crime-ridden communities and to the police that are tasked with the thankless (and life-threatening) job to keep order there.

Apparently, to our aggrieved half-blood president and sun-dried blacktivists, only blacks have a special vulnerability to black violence and to police abuse of power. But the reality is, as usual, 180 degrees removed from the Numinous Negro Narrative; if anything, Whites have a special vulnerability to predatory, violence-prone blacks. Even after controlling for relative population sizes and frequency of inter-race contact, black-on-white crime is disproportionately more common than the inverse. And police shootings disproportionately involve White suspects. Those are two big media-manufactured anti-White whoppers debunked by stone cold data.

What is going on here is pure psychological projection. Blacks and their perpetually pissed mulatto mouthpieces and libfag White patrons know deep down that EVERYONE ELSE is especially vulnerable to black predation; it’s not just blacks who can’t relax around other blacks….. no one can. So when a black hears ‘All Lives Matter’ he is reminded that once again Whitey is not giving him the MUH RESPECK he feels in the haze of his tumescent self-esteem he richly deserves. Blacks, especially the talented tenth ones, get that their race is a stand-out menace, and that’s what motivates projecting their failures onto the White Man, who serves as the shame-magnet for black dysfunction. To be rudely informed by the implications in a harmless and inclusive platitude that black lives are not uniquely vulnerable to police misconduct or violent crime is a Bled Pill too ferric to swallow for a race so thin-skinned they kill if you dawdle while handing over your wallet.

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Melania’s speech was a better remake than ghostbusters.

Heh. As most of you know by now, Melania’s uplifting speech at the CuckNC convention contained a few lines apparently ripped from a Macaque Obama DNC speech. Cucks, naturally, were besides themselves, lathering into a high dudgeon about Melania’s writer lifting lines from Michelle’s writer, (while continuing to evade realtalk about black crime).

I would have dismissed this non-event as incompetence on the part of one of the Trump campaign’s speechwriters, until I found out there was also a Rick Roll meme-egg buried in the speech. That sealed it for me: a saboteur was working from within Trump Central to humiliate him and his beautiful, classy wife. This could not have been a mere cohencidence. And I’m not the only one to notice the workings of a mole.

Let’s get one thing straight about the anti-Melania hate: It’s the domain of ugly women and the effeminate beta manlets who see Melania as every girl who ever friendzoned them. Which means just about every feminist, male lapdog, and cuckbot in existence. Shitlibs and cucks don’t sincerely believe the plagiarism kerfaggle is a great moral failing; if they did, they’d have feverishly flapped their limp wrists in the direction of Gay Mullato, Joe Biden, and Martin Luther Kong Jr., all violators of the Credentialist sacred commandment to cite original sources of sappy bromides.

(I’ll plagiarize myself from Twatter: The wages of #credentialism: Fags more hysterical about source of anodyne convention speech than they are about massive demographic change.)

Back to the Trumpentraitor mole. It was either a physically sickly Dem operative or a balloon-faced cuckservative. The hate for Trump is equally intense in both groups. My bet is that the mole is a cuck. SJWs and the rest of the degenerate freak mafia will go on protesting and gathering shekels during the Trump Rule, but cucks will lose everything. They are discredited now; they’ll be out of work once Trump is elected and exacts his justified revenge. Cucks/neocons have nothing to lose by pulling every dirty trick in the book to prevent a Trump Ascension. Expect to see this and much worse in the coming months from snakes and saboteurs slithering out from the GOPe stool-warming machine.

So what should Trump do? He takes my advice, so here it is.

If there’s an anti-Trump mole:

1. Caving to cuck need for apology/admission: BAD

2. Quietly firing mole while publicly trolling cucks: GOOD

And on a more personal note, Donald if you want this, you have to vet your insiders under the assumption that all of them are potential elements of subversion. Due diligence. This applies to Mike Pence, too. The stakes are higher than even you know.

There is a great deal of cucking in a nation.
– Elder Smith


Someone named John Robb adds,

She had an NYC author she knew edit the speech. That’s how the sabotage and the rickroll were inserted.

Isn’t it just like a (((Manhattanite))) to prey on the innocence and trust of a comely )))woman(((.


As is his wont, The Trumpening masterfully reframed this “”””controversy”””.

Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!

How can you not love this guy? Oh I suppose if you tendered your balls to the cuck altar, you might not be able to love Trump, but that’s a lonely price to pay for MUH TRUCON PRINCIPLES.

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