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The latest revelation of Deep State perfidy evident in the connection between a Pakistani immigrant limo driver who killed twenty White Americans in New York and Christine Blasey-Ford’s longtime FBI friend Monica McLean would have shocked me a mere few years ago.

Today? I shrug. Business as usual. Totally expected.

Mystery as Christine Ford’s FBI Lawyer Pal Is Linked to Owner of Limo Company That Killed 20 People in NY

Monica McLean, the best pal of Kavanaugh-accuser Christine Ford, is linked to the case of the limo company owner tied to the recent deaths of 20 people in New York.

McLean’s name turned up in a FBI filing where the owner Shahed Hussain [ed: does not pass the “American-sounding name” citizenship test] was an FBI RAT in a case to help the bureau charge Muslims in “a plot to detonate explosives near a synagogue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York, and to shoot military planes located at the New York Air National Guard Base at Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York, with Stinger surface-to-air guided missiles,” according to public records.

Hussain was also an FBI RAT in New York criminal cases.

The limo company owner is reportedly also on the lam for a murder in Pakistan, but why should that stop the FBI from paying him as an informant? […]

McLean is listed on one of the DOJ’s case files where terrorists Hussain ratted out were pinched.

I guess the knowledge the FBI was harboring and paying an accused murderer who was on the run sort of shatters her credibility as a fact witness against Kavanaugh.

Here is the filing from the DOJ as warehoused and compiled by the Investigative Reporting Project.

The same players keep resurfacing in bad things as does the FBI. And the Southern District of New York, a breeding ground for domestic problems and skulduggery stemming from its federal law enforcement apparatus’.

Monica McLean is the missing piece in a lot of these Creep State puzzles, and it’s a wonder (it’s not) the Chaimstream Media doesn’t investigate her or peer into her motives. This Paki limo driver connection is probably a weird coincidence, but it speaks to McLean’s character (not good) and suggests she’d be the type of power-tripping catlady who’d gleefully write a phony false sexual assault letter for her catfriend Ballcutter-Fraud, and pass it off under oath before Congress, knowing well that her FBI and media NeverTrump buddies at the head of the silent coup to oust Trump would cover for her.

PS Isn’t it funny how quickly the media and their lackeys dropped any further investigations into Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh once their fates were determined? It’s a moral crisis to the media-Dems until the accused are no longer useful to the Cause.

PPS Sweden’s anti-White virtue signaling is hitting a fever pitch. The Swedish Catlady government is preparing to expel a 6-year-old orphan to Ukraine while granting amnesty to 9,000 Afghans. Pure malice motivates Swedish cucks.

PPPS maybe you missed it, because the media wouldn’t cover it, but the Russia Hoax imploded today:

Mark your calendars, today is the day everything changed. SHITLIBS BTFO

PPPPAmazonPrime Not Deep State related, but may as well be:

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America, Then And Now



Top pic is General Lee. Bottom pic is a present-day descendant of Lee, Lil’ SoyLee, who has spent the last week disavowing his family line in a masturbatory orgy of anti-White virtue signaling.

“Last night I was disheartened to hear Donald Trump, our president, make comments about Robert E. Lee as a great general, as an honorable man. These were far from the truth,” said Robert Lee IV, who is the great-great-great-great nephew of the general.

“Robert E. Lee fought for the continued enslavement of black bodies. It was for state’s rights, yes, but it was for state’s rights to own slaves,” added Lee, who is an ordained minister.

Trump’s comments made Lee “saddened by the state of our nation,” he said. “But I’m encouraged because we are going to work to end this,” he added. “We are going to vote. We are going to show Donald Trump that white supremacy has no place in … our government. We are going to show him who the people are and what really matters in this nation.”

Lil’ SoyLee has that demonic pedo-smirk. It’s a thing among leftoids.

Heather clarifies,

He is not Robert E. Lee’s progeny. He is related as a distant nephew.

He definitely has gayface and may even have a few jews in the wood pile. Also, he’s Episcopalian, which really explains it all, tbh.

Yeah, my gaydar is pinging as well. I’m also picking up effeminate sociopath vibes.

PunishedRedux notices the obvious,

This is just 4 generations apart. Modernity took a bloodline of great warriors and leaders and turned it into this in just about 4 generations.

Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak males.

You know the rest.

PS Read the Twatter thread on this topic. The White masses are awakening from their apathetic slumber.

Imagine being so hollow that you take every opportunity to disparage your own blood, who was, infinitely greater than you, and a hero.

Just IMAGINE being part of such an illustrious bloodline and throwing it all away


I cannot fathom this kind of treachery. Certainly this is what Judas must’ve felt when he got the silver from the high priests.


fellas, we gotta stop them putting hormones in the drinking water at any cost


Consider the “Iron Youth” of just one hundred years ago, versus the spoiled, angry squeamishness of today’s people, young and old. The 18th century was most certainly our high watermark, the tumultuous destruction from which we have never recovered.

and no, no panoply of consumer goods or creature comforts will resurrect that, before anyone says “but look at how many baubles we possess!”


It’s the hormones in our meat. It’s dropping our testosterone levels.


Must have been a kink in a helix… [ed: woke to genetic mutational overload]


Emperor Marcus Aurelius died in 180. By 193 the Praetorian Guard literally auctioned the Imperial Throne for $. Decline doesn’t take long.


I’ve never seen such a punchable face! [ed: cuckpfeifengesicht]


All his frown lines are horizontal submissive lines unlike the vertical lines of a furrowed brow.

Lil’ SoyLee has his eyebrows raised in the universal signal to bathhouse patrons that he is ready to present his mouth for gloryhole duty. That’s where all those horizontal wrinkles come from.

PPS Four generations is enough time for genetic degeneration to have established itself in the wake of cultural degeneration. Or: We’re not getting out of this mess without a major reset and rivers of salty shitlib tears.

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It’s funny cuz it’s tragically, morbidly, catastrophically true.

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This is an unsettling but all-too-real personal anecdote from Anonymous about how utterly self-entitled and, quite frankly, UNHINGED American women have become.

Oh, this is real. Your average modern woman is effectively a prostitute who dashes with your cash before delivering the gash.

A number of years ago, a good friend’s wife quit her six figure lawyercunt job to go learn Graphic Design. My friend, bless his heart, supported this both emotionally and financially as they dropped to just his income and she racked up $40k in tuition expenses over 2 years.

She graduates and now needs a job. Problem is, she’s terrible at design so no one will hire you.

At the time, I was building a startup and needed some branding. My friend asks if I could let her bid on the project, so as a favor, I throw her a bone. “I need a concept for branding and logo, get me some ideas and a proposal in the next month and if I like it, I’ll hire you.”

She’s on it, or so she says.

Three weeks in I inquire as to how it’s going as I haven’t heard a peep. “Working hard, it’s looking great!” She replies. I tell her I am looking forward to seeing the concepts and proposal next week and can we pin down a date to meet. I get no reply to this last one but whatever, it’s not a priority an this is favor after all.

The next week passes and then another and I make an inquiry. “Almost done! You’re gonna love it!” She says.

Three more weeks pass and my inquiries about the project go unanswered…

At this point, I need this done so I end up contacting a designer I’d worked with before and a week later we’ve got a contract for him to do the job.

Startup launches and I get a call from my friend’s wife, “What the fuck?!?!? You told me that was my job??”

I said that I was sorry I didn’t let her know earlier that I’d picked someone else but things are busy and she missed the deadline by a country mile and wasn’t responding so I had to pick someone else who could execute on time.

“But I worked so hard on this! It’s all ready to show you! I’ve put in 80 hours on this project, so you owe me!” She replied.

However, since she’s my friend’s wife, how about I take she and her husband out for dinner to say thanks for trying.

“No way! I did this whole project as you asked. We had an agreement and I’m not letting you back out on it.”

I remind her that our “agreement” was that she would produce a proposal and concept for my approval and that if she chose to do a bunch of work I hadn’t approved nor agreed to, that this was going to be a very unfortunate lesson for her as without a contract or approval she was not even due a kill fee.

As I am on the phone with her, I receive an email from her with the “work.” Attached are a single page of childish sketches in black and white with what appears to be a branding proposal template on work to be done along with an invoice for 80 hours at $350 per.

I laugh.

“I’m serious! You HAVE to pay me!” She’s now apoplectic.

Actually, I tell her, I don’t. We don’t even have a verbal agreement for any of this. You missed the deadline for submission and you’ve done a bunch of work without getting client approval or any sort of contract so I don’t owe you anything. What you have sent me is not a finished product, it’s barely a proposal.

“Then I’ll sue!”

I mention that she certainly can but she would lose, badly and end up owing me legal fees. I tell her that I am not interested in continuing the conversation and say goodbye.

A few weeks later I get a text from my friend who is married to the shrew. Evidently we can’t be friends anymore. I tell him that I understand and wish him well with all that.

What post-modern feminism has wrought is not equality, but the demand to enshrine princess privilege in law.

Fortunate, friend saw the light and bailed on that marriage, I’m proud of that lad even if it took him long enough.

Women are miserable because their in-group think tells them to strive for the opposite of what their limbic system wants, which is a firm hand and a man who is not afraid to walk away from the table. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Be strong.

There is no “White Privilege”; there is, however, Princess Privilege, alive and fully operative, dragging Western Civ into the abyss with it.

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On the subject of the Globohomo elites “rubbing our noses in Diversity™” agenda, Trevor Goodchild forwarded a screencaptcha from the now-shtetled MPC ‘bate forum which explains the motivation of the Uniparty. (Dox and a $20 will get you in, or you can flash a kippah for restricted access.)

It’s dark, but accurate.

Yeah, I think he overlooked the fact that the coda to his story is the next time Labour finally got power, the mission was to, and I quote, “rub their noses in diversity.” After being punished repeatedly at the polls, Labour came to see the common man as an animal and vowed to rub his nose in shit to get revenge on him for voting incorrectly. And for whatever reason (I’d really like to know), the Conservatives embraced the “rub their noses in diversity” agenda with full-throated approval in the ascent of David Cameron. Labour’s conclusion after getting drubbed by Thatcher wasn’t just “okay, maybe we should give up on outright socialism,” it was, “the British people are beyond redemption and must be abolished.”

I expect our Democrats to do the same thing.

Yes, this is right with regard to the Democrats’ motivation, but it’s wrong in supposing that this is only a Democratic plan and that it hasn’t started yet. The election of a new people in the United States has been underway for some time now.

And this is a thoroughly bi-partisan project–as it is in the United Kingdom–for the same reasons. The Party of Government (Democrats, Labour) gain both client votes and conditions on the ground requiring an ever-increasing role for government, with a concomitant increase in government budgets, manpower, and client public unions, while the Party of Business (Republicans, Conservatives) gain an ever-growing surplus army of the unemployed/unemployable who massively depress labor costs while at the same time sharply increasing the domestic market’s demand without any accompanying fear of labor unrest or organization.

There was a lot of good discussion about the larger motivations behind this move in the United States here not too long ago. While I don’t think I can say it was the consensus view, the leading view was that the massive failure of integrating blacks in the aftermath of the civil rights era—most clearly seen in the unprecedented crime wave this failure caused in the 1970s-mid 1980s—left the then-dominant Blue Tribe with the stark choice of either admitting failure on one of it most treasured ideological positions or resolving the matter by submerging the White character of the United States. If the black people couldn’t be integrated successfully into White America, then the only choice left them was the erasure of White America.

I really believe the biggest stumbling block to national harmony is the White shitlib ego. Shitibs, aka universalists who profess faith in the religion of equalism, can’t ever own up to their Big Ideal — their religion’s core tenet — being founded on a lie, so they’ll burn the nation down before admitting the failure of their belief. If reality works against them, then reality must burn to assuage their egos. If Truth & Beauty belie the shitlib faith, then Lies & Ugliness must supplant them.

This attitude stems from shitlibs priding themselves on their self-perceived smarts. If that goes, they have nothing. No muscles, no charm, no aesthetics, no integrity. If they aren’t as smart as they think, as evidenced by the real world discrediting their ideals, then there’s nothing left to recommend them. They’re just dumb nerds, the lowest of lsmv losers.

Related, anonymous echoes this theme in a comment at Sailer’s blog:

Yeah… somehow I just can’t find myself getting worked up into a real fear of the party of trigger warnings, safe spaces, and p*ssy hats. It’s what comes after, when you ‘useful idiots’ are the first to be sent to the gulags that’s frightening. There’s a reason why you and your ‘allies’ fly into a hysterical fit whenever you’re presented with a hard look at facts and it’s because at the core, you have to deny reality. No matter what happens in the short term, in the long run, Leftism always fails, even when it’s run by steel-toed men with a spine. It would be nice if we as a nation could recognize what a colossal failure it always winds up being; 100 million deaths and many more suffering through starvation, terror and impoverishment across the 20th Century- it probably kinda sucked to be living under it. But I guess there will always be fools who like to shoot holes in the bottom of the boat they’re in, so we all get to suffer from your stupidity. So thanks for that. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes resentment, naivety, and willful delusion for him to become a leftist after the 20th Century.

Leftoid rhetoric is unprincipled by design; it’s constructed to constantly evade facts, twist facts into facsimiles that superficially buttress the leftoid’s beliefs, and project malice onto the bearer of facts to undermine the power of those facts. All of this is necessary to the leftoid because xir knows, deep down inside, that reality is at odds with xir’s conception of it. Sophistry is an ego protection mechanism.

The leftoid ego is immune to a lot of attacks but two: carrying vessel annihilation and mockery.

We’ll do mockery…as long as it works.

PS What’s going on at the MPC Improv? I haven’t checked in since PurimMan instituted a tithe to keep out the riff raff and punslingers. Anyhow, I encourage CH denizens who foolishly think they can trust PedestalMan with their personal info to cough up the dough and visit. The forum is a valuable node of dissident thought.

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A fantastic insider’s view of the Poz Industrial Complex formerly known as the public school system, from commenter Mr. Barry Steakfries,

I’m a High School teacher. Went to education school recently to get a teaching cert. The indoctrination was off-the-chain bonkers. They taught the genderbread person thing, then someone realized it was made by a cis white guy (just being gay doesn’t cut it these days). Hilarity ensued. This email was sent by the faculty to the whole cohort. This is a Masters in Teaching program at a flagship state school.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for a thoughtful first gender caucusing session this past Tuesday. It was great to see you all again!

After our session, it was brought to our attention that the Genderbread Person image we shared with you is problematic. We learned that the Genderbread Person image was more or less appropriated by a straight, cis White man from similar images created by members of the transgender community, such as the Gender Unicorn (we looked at this in [***]’s class),

which was created by Trans Student Educational Resources. Also, as we looked closer we saw that, while the Genderbread Person includes two axes each for gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexuality, and so on, and thereby basically reproduces these identities as binaries, the Gender Unicorn includes a third/other category for each.

For these reasons, when we meet for our next caucusing session (this coming Thursday for M****’s section, and next Tuesday for T****’s section), we will be using the Gender Unicorn to guide our discussion, rather than (as planned) the Genderbread Person. You do not need to print a copy of the Gender Unicorn yourself, but do please look carefully at it, and (as originally assigned) think about how you identify along each of the identity axes it includes. We will use these reflections as the basis for our discussions in caucusing.

We apologize for not having investigated more carefully before selecting this image. We made a mistake, and we really regret any harm we might have caused. Our aim now is to model holding ourselves accountable and publicly owning our oversight, as we hope you will do with your students if you ever find yourself in a similar situation!


All the best,
L***** (and the caucusing planning team)


PS got into your blog when I was single like a decade ago for the game tips. Sent me off in a whole other ideological direction; I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thanks for what you do.

PPS Link to the Better, Woker, Gender Unicorn.

Nuke the bluehair catladies, and scatter their ashes to the winds, it’s the only way to be cleansed.

PS LMAO that even the most sniveling shitlib heterosexual White male can’t win Pozemon points with the degenerates he’s eager to suck up to.

PPS Homeschool if you have kids. Total avoidance of the public school system is the only alternative. Reforming it from the inside won’t happen in time to save this generation from malicious inculcation of pozpaganda.

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As the worm tongues…

PS lol!

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