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The gay mulatto (his stature now so diminished I can’t even merit capitalizing his insulting but truthful nickname) was asked by a doting reporter to patiently explain to benighted White Americans why he refuses to say the phrase “islamic terrorism”. He replied, paraphrasing, “We shouldn’t indict all the members of a religion. I’m a Christian…”

— yes he really said that–

“…and I think Christians wouldn’t like it if every time there was a terror attack by a Christian I got up here and blamed Christian terrorism.”

There is no end to the ways that this filthy disingenuous lying scumbag faggot mulatto — this spiteful white-hating muslimist creature — besmirches the highest office in the land by his occupancy. The wrongness of his statement is glaringly evident. First, there’s the intrinsic innumeracy of lawyerly shitlibs like obama whose snark-addled brains are incapable of understanding, or unwilling to acknowledge, socially relevant mathematical concepts like population ratios.

FACT: As a share of the US population, and for that matter of the world population, the number of terror attacks committed by muslims FAR EXCEEDS terror attacks committed by members of another faith.

Second, there’s the stated or implied motivation of the terrorists. In nearly EVERY muslim terror attack, the attackers themselves, or their surrogates in goat-fucking country, claimed Allah and Islam as their inspiration.

FACT: In close to NONE of the non-muslim terror attacks, the few that there were, in the US and Europe over the last century have the attackers claimed to be Christian warriors smiting the infidels for God and Jesus. Even abortion clinic bombers (whose victim count is paltry next to muslim terrorism) who claimed to be guided by God targeted the source of their grievance instead of random innocents going about their days.

Third, terrorist attacks are only the tip of the vice-berg when the motivation is islam. For every terrorist there are ten family members who privately aided him, supported him, or ignored his activities.

FACT: There is a huge number of muslims throughout the US and Europe who approve of the institution of sharia law and privately support terrorist motives. This “complicit majority” is nowhere found among Christians, who immediately and unwaveringly align in unison against any one of their own who commits an attack in the name of Christianity.

So we’ve got to listen to the gay mulatto lie through his teeth about why he won’t use the phrase “islamic terrorism” when the truth is that he has an emotional affinity for islam and a lifelong resentment of White Christian culture, and these feelings of his motivate him to falsely conflate all-too-common murderous known wolf muslims perpetrating their evil in the name of allah with rare lone wolf White attackers who happen to be Christian.

When the gay mulatto is out of office it will be every shiv-right knight’s duty to drag his reputation through the mud until the day when his name becomes a bad word White parents caution their children against saying out loud.

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Evidence mounts that there was a coordinated effort between thecunt and the moderator Lester Holt to subvert the debate.

Watch this video. (((YouTube pulled it))) It looks like thecunt was signaling to Holt at advantageous moments to give her a chance at a direct rebuttal, after which followed what sounded like scripted responses from thecunt.

The media and thecunt colluding to rig the debate against Trump and undermine faith in the democratic process to boot? SAY IT AIN’T SO.

The Fourth Estate is now the Fifth Column, actively aiding and abetting traitorous enemies within to suppress the nationalist will of the people. Not hyperbole. We’re really there. A sociopathic man-hating cunt and vile media shills acting as propaganda arms for the ruling class are the demonic face of a globohomo alliance that ordinary Americans are beginning to see clearly. When the people fully wake, it’ll be war.

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Hillary Clinton’s (aka thecunt’s) GayMillennial staffers found a Taco Belle surrogate who could putatively bolster the Dems “war on women” trope against Trump and the Deplorables.

Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan import and former Miss Universe, claimed that in 1996 Trump had “fat-shamed” her for putting on 60 pounds in nine months (she alleges that he called her “Miss Piggy”) and consequently tarnishing the Miss Universe brand. Somehow, thecunt figured that this 20-year-old he said-she said soap opera would play well with the 2016 obese, gynocentric American electorate. She may have calculated correctly if she had had her “killshot” properly vetted before going public with this tactic, because the news about Miss Machado since her hugbox office debut has been nothing but LOLs and TOP KEKs.

This is how a killshot misfires:

-Parade a Woman of Color in front of studio audiences filled with manlets and bitter old cat ladies, to whom the WOC will claim (while reading from a Clinton-authorized script) that Trump insulted her for getting fat 20 years ago (a charge which, if true, is perfectly reasonable given that the Miss Universe title is ALL ABOUT LOOKING HOT AND SEXY….if you can’t push away from the table, don’t sign up for a beauty contest).

-Recline in your tactical genius and virtue signaling feels as you wait for your poll numbers to skyrocket.

-Oops, what’s that? A few intrepid shitlord journalists discover that Miss Machado was the alleged getaway driver from a murder scene in 1998 in Venezuela, that she had threatened the judge’s life after her boyfriend was indicted for attempted murder, and…it gets juicier…she was a hardcore porn star and the baby momma to a notorious Mexican drug cartel kingpin.

-MISFIRE. Go back to collapsing in a heap in 78 degree weather and being carried limp into a van by a detail of Secret Service agents who secretly despise you. The Parkinson’s is really kicking in now, and the untainted Diversitopia surrogates are in short supply. Time’s a-wasting!

A Sailer commenter weaves together the presumed Dem strategy and how it backfired so hilariously (and yet predictably),

I hope Trump, his campaign and supporters will jump all over this and help it to blow up in Clinton’s face.

I mean, really: Trump could not have designed a more perfect case in point, for what Democrats do with immigration, than this woman. Hillary finds a repugnant alien from a Socialist hellhole, who obviously does not have the qualities we look for in a citizen, but who is ready to bring her Socialist country’s narcissistic sense of personal entitlement to all the riches of our country; said alien then proceeds to shill for the treasonous political elites who hooked her up with access to native whites’ social and financial capital, promising to vote against the idea that America and its people should come first; when we are not sufficiently obsequious in this process, they have the temerity to spit in our faces and call us racists.

This is obviously illustrative of our immigration problem in its entirety: we should thank Hillary for making our point for us, and publicize the fact everywhere. I think Trump could be almost as angry and hostile to Hillary as he wanted on this topic in the next debate, with excellent results. I keep hearing people say that Hillary is actually quite smart and has been seasoned by years of political maneuvering, and that Trump should beware her political acumen. That sounds like it should be true, but I keep concluding that, in fact, she and the rest of the Left have simply never faced real opposition. If one is willing to strike back, they have left themselves open to any number of devastating attacks.

A-fucking-men. The Clintons are the worst….perhaps the most evil politicians in American history. You don’t take down evil of the Clinton caliber by pussy-footing around and adhering to the cuckservative tenet of genteel political oratory. You go for the jugular. And thecunt has had her jugular exposed and throbbing invitingly for so long its a testament to the cowardice of our supposed opposition party that they haven’t drawn a rhetorical knife to it….until Trump showed up, then suddenly cuck knives were out on display, quivering for the blood of the Deplorables.

Trump (Twatter handle: @realdonaldtrump) should leverage thecunt’s misfire and turn the killshot back on her.

“Hillary loves open borders so much she wants to give citizenship to trashy third worlders like Alicia Machado, who threatened a judge’s life and allegedly drove the getaway car from a murder scene in her homeland Venezuela. Hillary obviously does not care about serving the interests of regular Americans who don’t get involved with murder plots and Mexican drug cartels.”

Boom drop the Pepe.

The question that remains is how thecunt’s campaign so badly vetted Machado? There are three explantions:

  • Incompetence. Today’s Democrats are skilled in the art of snark but maybe not so much in the discipline of hard work.
  • Indifference. thecunt knew but didn’t care, figuring the media would do its appointed job covering up for Machado’s past.
  • Gullibility. thecunt and her supporters are so waddle-deep in their race creationist equalism religion that they truly believe all colored people are lights onto the world and unstained by original sin.

thecunt exploited a dumb, troubled woman for political gain, but that’s par for the course in Clintonworld. What’s funniest about this spectacle is how the Democrats can’t fucking BUY a halfway sympathetic Diversity token to stand in for substantive arguments; every one of these Current Year surrogates for the Democrat party platform has been a loser and a piece of shit. Which is unsurprising. The Confederacy of Deceivers will choke on the pile of human excrement they increasingly lean on to further their goal of subsuming America into the globalism borg.

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What the shitlibs bleating about “fascist Trump” don’t understand (or don’t care to understand) is that our president, Gay Mulatto, fits the criteria of a fascist dictator using the government as a tool to exact petty revenge on his political enemies.

Peter Thiel crossed Gay Mulatto and Gawker, (in my book Thiel’s role in destroying Gawker elevates him to a genuine American hero), and now it’s payback time. Recall this is the same spiteful, “peevish princeling” [ed: credit PA]  Gay Mulatto who sicced the IRS on conservative political groups. And who ordered Eric Holder to make an example of an innocent White cop in Ferguson.

Gawker and the rest of the shitlib media whore websites are octopus arms of the Democrats and their Muslimist leader, tasked with properly indoctrinating Americans to accept without question the inevitability of the White-hating Diversitopia. When Thiel cut an anti-White propaganda arm off, and supported the man (Trump) best positioned to forever tarnish the Gay Mulatto’s legacy, his transgression was too great an affront against the leftoid hate machine. Thiel must suffer. Here’s hoping he has the fight in him to take on the beast so directly.

Gay Mulatto is a petty tyrant, the exact sort of petty tyrant liberals bemoan Trump will be once in office. And thecunt’s pettiness, should she achieve power, will make his seem tame by comparison.

It’s shitlib psychological projection all the way down. If you wonder whether we’ve yet hit bottom, there’s always a deeper pit to excavate as long as the sworn enemies of White civilization remain free to scheme and indulge their hatreds.

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A week ago, the liberal media outlets (but I repeat myself) crowed about a Census Bureau report claiming that the 2014-2015 percentage increase in median household income was the largest since 1998.

A commenter at the Census Bureau blog, Dr. Noman, throttles the claim,

“I would also appreciate any comments from the Census Bureau that elucidate the “one-off” uniqueness of this rate?”

Don’t expect one. The Census Bureau has pulled a fast one here just before the election. A lot of the increase is due to the redesigned questioning for median income and they know it. Google search ‘2013 redesign census’ and follow the PDF links especially.

Or look at a previous blog post here:

Their own studies show that the redesigned questions inflate median income figures, and they’ve mentioned in the fine print several places that comparisons for median income for now prior to 2013 should be made with caution, but they didn’t mention it when pitching these numbers to the press, and they didn’t exercise that caution on their own.

That’s why the note about the recent increase not being significantly different than 1997-1998 is there. It’s cover.

So the Census Bureau has proved itself another corrupted wing of the Equalist Leftoid State, pulling a globalism-monger shenanigan intended to hurt Trump and nationalist spirit and aid the legacy of the Gay Mulatto and thecunt’s election chances. The anti-Whiters want so badly to say, “See? Diversity really IS our strength! Median household income is up as Whites are down!” And the Narrative-ensconced Census Bureau has stepped in to help them assert their lie with a patina of plausibility.

Welcome to low-trust America. We hope you enjoy your stay in a nation run by people who actively lie to you, day in and day out, because they hate your guts and dream of ushering a nightmarish deracinated America subsumed in total to the mystery meat market of the world.

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You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the active and accelerating Western elite propaganda campaign to promote miscegenation, particularly of the White woman-black man variety. So the question becomes, why are the elite doing this?

A Twatterer (@JamesGaius) gets to one of the prime motivations, in my opinion:

Perhaps that is why (((they))) promote miscegenation. Produces more rootless people who don’t understand populism.

The elite fear populist revolts, as they should, and they intuitively know that populism is racial identity by another name, so in their globalist whore minds it makes sense to decouple their current nation of residence from its racial roots. Miscegenation is a permanent and devastatingly complete decoupling, forever severing the race ties that emotionally bind a people to their land. In this way they hope the resulting mulatto mudslide (which they will not allow to pollute their own families, of course) will bury any idyllic sentiment for heritage America, ushering in a glorious epoch of transnational progressivism managed by a hyperwealthy technocratic asborger consortium selling low quality baubles and “upgrades” to a mass of deracinated morons unable to mount effective countermeasures to preserve an Historic America culture that is now more foreign to them than the farthest-flung corners of the earth.

Other, mutually reinforcing motivations for elite (and sub-elite) promotion of mongrelization:

  • virtue signaling for upper middle class peer approval
  • backwards rationalization to accommodate a family member who has miscegenated
  • suppression of natural feelings of disgust toward miscegenation
  • moral posturing by comfortably untested Christians eager to prove their godliness
  • necessity driven by sexual choices
  • ego assuaging driven by the past sexual choices of one’s current lover
  • hostile outsider subversion cultivated by historical grievance toward the majority native stock
  • feels good man

The elite promotion of miscegenation has had mixed results; succeeding in ostracizing opponents and creating a social expectation of full-throated approval, but failing (until recently) to significantly change what really matters: mate choice in the free and liberated sexual market.

The social expectation pro-miscegenation successes of the elite War Against Nationhood are seen in late stage America surveys showing consistent and high White support for homophilia and miscegenation. But these public surveys are like negatives of people’s true feelings. A public poll inquiring for opinions on what is essentially one’s social status in the modern sexual market is likely to produce the opposite of privately-held truths and behavior. In reality, every parent secretly fears their kid turning gay or marrying out of the race. Even the shitlib parents fear it, (though they would never admit it to anyone, including themselves, but they will feel a limbic eddy of revulsion just the same).

In contrast, the mate market failures of the elite miscegenation project are evident in the historically very low rates of interracial dating and intermarriage, especially between Whites and blacks. The heart and the loins are not easily moved to desire what they don’t.

HOWEVER, there is Census Bureau data that proves the aggressive, malevolent, and unrelenting elite promotion of miscegenation (primarily via TV, movies, advertising, and mass importation of nonwhite migrants altering the demographic equation) is beginning to have its intended effect on the real world, practical romantic choices of Whites. In 1980, the share of intermarriages from the total married population was 3.2%. In 2010 it hit an all-time high of 8.4%.

Despite the interracial dating and marrying trends, the raw numbers for White race preservationists still look manageable. In 2010, only 9% of American Whites outmarried to a nonWhite, the lowest intermarriage rate of all racial groups in the US, (keep in the dankest part of your mind, this says nothing about interracial patterns of premarital fucking). However, the trends are unmistakable, and intermarriage is rising relatively quickly for all races in America, including Whites for whom their share of newlywed intermarried couples rose from 8.9% in 2008 to 9.4% in 2010.

My thinking is that a large nation can tolerate some crossing of the jizz streams at the margins of society. What it can’t tolerate is a full-scale, weaponized, anti-White, pro-miscegenation propaganda assault that year by year carves out a higher share of Narrative-duped Whites willing to commit the ultimate disloyalty of abruptly ending their genetic, cultural and aesthetic lineage. Perhaps love can conquer all….or, more likely, a politicized love can temporarily soothe the misgivings and percolating regrets that inevitably follow in the wake of racial seppuku.

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Hillary Clinton (née thecunt) has been tits-deep in corruption for so long she’s probably lost the ability to discern when she’s breaking the law. The latest Crooked Cunt dispatch is a howler (and in a sane world would DISQUALIFY her from the Presidency): Her IT guy logged into a subReddit tech forum seeking advice on how to strip VIP email addresses from emails.

She’s going down in a landslide in November, but even if by some demonic intervention Her Heinous steals her way into the Black House, her reputation is now so tarnished she’ll spend the next four years putting out fires and appearing before special prosecutors. Here’s to hoping she strokes out during the debate and Trump offers her a mischievous “get well” wish.

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