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The relationship between the ruling elite and the citizenry needn’t always be rancorous or antagonistic. Racially and ethnically homogeneous societies tend to have better relations between elite and citizenry. But there does seem to be a trajectory that developed nations follow, especially the nations bedeviled by Diversity™, from a socially healthy and mutually beneficial regard between elite and citizen, to a total severing that pits elite and citizen against each other as domestic enemies.

As reader irishsavant notices,

It seems to be the case that over time all elites fall out of touch with their subjects.

The progression of elite-citizenry relations goes like this (using the history of America as a template):

  1. Colonialism, mass egalitarianism.
  2. The rise of an informal aristocracy of the more intelligent, ruthless, individualistic.
  3. Elite gratitude for their blessings translates into a social and self-guided expectation of noblesse oblige.
  4. The elite pull away from the masses in wealth and cultural practices. Complacency and ingratitude erode noblesse oblige.
  5. The citizenry revolts (in whatever form) against the heavy-handed rule of their elite. Today, this revolt takes the form of a regression among the lower classes into FUCK YOU DAD degeneracy.
  6. The elite are repulsed by the citizenry (and vice versa), and become increasingly disconnected from their nation, turning to rootless cosmopolitanism (and among the prole margins to wiggerdeath) as an escape and a kind of ego stroking.
  7. Over time, elites fall out of touch with their subjects and, worse, come to hate their subjects. That is when they start thinking only of themselves and do evil things like advocate for open borders so they can turn their billions into tens of billion. The citizenry learns to return the hate.
  8. War, (political, civil, jurisprudential, cultural).
  9. The Happening.
  10. The Great Reset.

This relationship isn’t linear or discrete. There is a cyclical nature to it. But over the long haul, the cycles amplify into ever-greater peaks and troughs, until the cycle busts and rebirth or replacement is all that can possibly follow.

We’re in the hatred stage now, and if there’s one good thing to be said about this stage it’s that hate is a magnificently clarifying elixir, focusing minds and instilling fear in coal black hearts that haven’t felt fear in a long time, and have acted in predictable accordance with fear’s absence.

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What We Have Lost

Reader Moses links to an extraordinary website of just-released photos from 1935-1945 America, and comments:

OT – Over 100k photos of American everyday life between 1935-1945 were just released online.



Observe the style, the formality, civic rituals and shared civic culture. That is the culture that built America.

It’s gone.

Street scene at 38th Street and 7th Avenue, New York City, Nov 1936.

Detroit, Michigan. Style show of clothes worn by better-dressed office workers, presented by the Chrysler Girls’ Club of the Chrysler Corporation at Saks Fifth Avenue store. Chrysler girls drinking non-alcoholic punch. 1942.

Tip Estes, Indiana hired hand, with four of his nine children. Near Fowler, Benton, Indiana. March, 1937.

Men waiting in line outside the city mission–the first twenty-five will be fed. Dubuque, Iowa, April, 1940. [ed: that’s shame and gratitude on their faces, a look we haven’t seen on America’s underprivileged in a long while.]

Housewives in Tygart Valley, West Virginia, have weekly group meetings in home economics. Here they are quilting. September, 1938. [ed: not a fatty (or single mom) in the bunch. today, west virginia has the highest obesity rate in the nation.]

Student with recreational director during basketball game. Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama. 1939.

Something more tragic than nostalgia for a time in America you weren’t even alive forms a knot in the pit of your stomach.

I wonder, if late-stage decadent Romans had had access to photographs from Rome’s glorious past, would they have seen the light and done all they could to turn back before it was too late?

Reminder: What we have gained:

Anyplace, America, 2015.

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The developing story of Oregon UCC mass murderer Chris Harper-Mercer (mystery meat, half black-half white) has me thinking about the psychologies of mixed race young men and the invisible influence of their absent fathers.

In Mercer’s case, an interesting twist on the usual miscegenation patterns: his absentee father was white and his mother black. Mercer was allegedly an atheist who hated Christians, and had (Hivemind term) “white supremacist” leanings. He also had a huge stash of porn that he streamed to P2P sharing services, which is a major omega male incel tell.

Why would a milk chocolate moonpie identify with White racial consciousness? My theory calls to mind another moonpie with daddy issues: President Butt Naked Obama.

Both men had no-show biological dads growing up, except Butt Naked’s dad was black. The psychology of men during their formative years is irretrievably warped by the absence of a father. This tendency is amplified for mixed race outcasts who will never have it as easy fitting in as monoracial kids, (another good reason to avoid having mystery meats). What happens then is the boy grows into a man who struggles with his identity. This struggle compels him to either completely reject the father as a presence in his mental and emotional universe…


…to embrace the missing father and “force” an identification with him. The son will undertake preternatural “missions of the mind” to locate within himself what he imagines are the resonances and reverberations of his absent father’s spirit. He will spend his life constantly searching for the soul of his missing father, in big and small ways, even as he tells himself and others that his absent biological father is a footnote in his life.

If his absentee father was black, like Obama’s, the mixed race creation will come to identify with all things black, in worldview and emotional connection, if not in cultural accouterments. His white mother will recede in significance to him. If his father was white, like Mercer’s, he will seek the most material manifestations of “whiteness” as his guide to grounding himself into something larger than his airy atheism and brooding “anti-sheeple” solitude. He hopes, through a psychological osmosis, that carrying what he infers would be the banner of his distant father will lift him from his mixcel loneliness.

Throw in a horrible condition like asperger’s or extreme shyness that causes social awkwardness around girls in a society becoming more r-selected and less K-selected, and a single black mom rah-rahing him whatever he does or doesn’t do, and you’ve got your ingredients for a violent explosion at a future date.

This is where HBD and heritability absolutists reveal their short-sightedness: Over time, and given enough societal support and justification, social calamities like single mommery, incel, porn, feminism, equalism, self-esteemism, miscegenation, irreligiousness, sexual and social atomization from a nation rapidly fracturing along the fault lines of antagonistic Diversity™, and oligarchism resulting in mass wealth inequality WILL germinate more lone killers.

The mass murderer is the tip of the viceberg. Most men in this corrupt culture won’t ever entertain the idea of killing as psychological salve. But millions of desperate incel losers underneath that spectacularly violent tip will betray other symptoms of disaffection. And it is these less bloody retreats from American society that will, multiplied ten million times, do the real damage to the last, gossamer wisps of the social fabric.

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Our favorite Olizarch, Mark Fuckersperg, the Visitor who has let the mask slip to reveal the nation-hating reptile underneath, is once again exposed as the alien he is to his host society. Fuckersperg IMs from his Harvard days were made public (by “sources”, aka people who personally know the autistic prick), and we (re)learn that Fuckersperg has never had much use for protecting the privacy of his Facebook users.

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don’t know why.

Zuck: They “trust me”

Zuck: Dumb fucks.

Spoken like a true sociopath. And this is the reptile our nation’s leaders turn to for advice on how best to shove open borders and an endless wage-gutting, White culture-napalming shitstream of H-1Bs/HB1s down middle America’s throat.

Fuckersperg is right. You are a gullible chump, a dumb fuck, if you willingly hand over your personal life history to mini-tyrants like him. If you must surrender your autonomy to social media, make liberal use of anonymizing concealment. At the very least, deny these rootless vermin their targeted marketing profits.

PS How to permanently delete your Facebook account.

PPS Facebook isn’t a total cesspit. Before you leave it behind for good, check out the “No Hymen No Diamond” community. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

PPPS Disengaging from Facebook is a specific instance of a wider disengagement from America, which every truth-loving dissident should be doing now. Disengage from your country which has abandoned you, except to do those things that are necessary to maintain poolside time and then only with the barest minimum of interaction required by the system. I suggest everyone do this, because America is lost and she ain’t ever gonna be found again. Not in the incarnation of her glorious past. Say your final goodbyes to America as she was, and NEXT her. You’ll discover that this break-up is very liberating. You’ll have the freedom to game a new America who truly loves you and pledges her loyalty to you.

PA offers his version of an “Oath of Disengagement”:

I withdraw allegiance from the death cult of the United States of degeneracy and from the oligarchy it has become, wrecked nation, odious to God, with tyranny and burdens for Whites.


Reader Ton adds his version of the Preamble to the US Deconstitution:

We the cuckholds of the United States, in Order to form a morally perfect Union, establish social Justice, insure domestic Tyrany, provide for the common slob, promote the general Welfare addict and secure the holdings of goldman to themselves whilst ramming our posterity, do ordain and establish this Cuckstatution for the United States of Amerdica.

With liberty and trannys for all! Ahh men! Hot ones hopefully.


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Sometimes the conspiracy theorists are right.

Mark Fuckersperg — the Facebook CEO who is so beta he cashed in his billions for a fat waifu — was caught on a hot mic promising Angela “Swarthenfreude” Merkel he would do what he could to censor comments on his one billion customer base social media platform that were critical of open borders and the waves of refugee migrants into Europe and America.

We all knew this about Fuckersperg, that he’s an anti-White, pro-mystery meat degenerate equalist leftoid, but now he has let the mask slip completely off.

On cue, amygdala-stunted shitlibs will intone, “Facebook is a private corporation, so it’s not a violation of the First Amendment if they censor unauthorized opinions! It’s well within their right, and if you don’t like it you can just log off.”

How bizarre to listen to nuanced shitlibs so vehemently endorse the letter of the law and the virtue of tolerating ideas that offend!

Yes, it’s true that Fuckersperg can’t be marched to the gallows for censoring speech on his idiotic attention whore enabling website. But what shitlibs who defend the sanitization of Realtalk never grasp is that censorship needn’t be a government-only campaign for millions of American citizens to have their voices effectively silenced. When nearly every major information medium is owned and operated by scorched-earth leftoids (and sniveling cuckservatives) harboring intense hatred for normal, core White Americans, then in practice their coordinated (organic or conspired) attacks on unauthorized speech amount to a society-wide censoring — a disenfranchisement, if you will — of those who don’t toe the Party Line.

Leftoid: “but but durrr you can’t yell fire in a theater, shitlord!”

And that’ll be the end of sensible human communication with the leftoid, and the beginning of slapping him aside with the back of your pimp hand.

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Leftoid degeneration takes many forms, some obvious (tranny freakshow normalization) and some more subtle but just as insidious. Regarding the latter form, PA writes,

Leftoid degeneration:

JFK had Marlin Monroe
Clinton had Monica Lewinsky
Obama had Lena Dunham

JFK had Robert Frost
Clinton had Maya Angelou
Obama had …. whatever

Obama has free phone woman.

Leftoid degeneration can be measured directly, by judging the character of your leaders and opinion makers, or it can be measured indirectly, by judging the character of those who admire your leaders and opinion makers. As PA has demonstrated, the quality of our nation’s mirin’ mistresses and poets has taken a turn for the worse.


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America, Then And Now



H/t, The Whytening.

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