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Audi released a Super Bowl ad that is more devious than it looks at first glance. Superficially a feminist boilerplate hack job, its real message is that Audi is a car for the GoodWhite victors in their eternal war against the BadWhite losers.

The Internet is in the proverbial tizzy about Audi’s “feminist” Super Bowl advertisement, in which the automaker comes out in favor of equal pay for women.


After watching the one-minute advertisement carefully, however, I understood feminism, or equal pay, is the last thing Audi wants you to take away from it. The message is far subtler, and more powerful, than the dull recitation of the pseudo-progressive catechism droning on in the background. This spot is visual — and as you’ll see below, you can’t understand it until you watch it and see what it’s really telling you.

Advertising — especially advertising of the anti-White male and anti-BadWhite varieties — is a psy ops of bone-chillingly manipulative complexity and influence. The GloboHomoBezos Ministry of Propaganda did not get to where it is by playing softball. And for quite a long time, American advertising has had as its mission statement the demoralization and demonization of White people who aren’t sufficiently eager to be absorbed into the mudworld and feminist man-hating borg.

Well, if you’ve been reading along, I think you’ve figured out what the real message of this Audi advertisement is, but just in case you’ve been napping I will spell it out for you: Money and breeding always beat poor white trash. Those other kids in the race, from the overweight boys to the hick who actually had an American flag helmet to the stripper-glitter girl? They never had a chance. They’re losers and they always will be, just like their loser parents. Audi is the choice of the winners in today’s economy, the smooth talkers who say all the right things in all the right meetings and are promoted up the chain because they are tall (yes, that makes a difference) and handsome without being overly masculine or threatening-looking.

At the end of this race, it’s left to the Morlocks to clean the place up and pack the derby cars into their trashy pickup trucks, while the beautiful people stride off into the California sun, the natural and carefree winners of life’s lottery.

The White War is heating up. Instead of finding common ground, White factions are squaring off and preparing in every way but firing actual shots for a coming Civil War II. Advertisers that sell to upscale GoodWhite (or, what they should be called, FoolWhite) markets have chosen sides and all firepower is now directed without remorse or mercy on the enemy BoldWhites.

It’s getting hot in here. The nearer shitlibs approach their reckoning and destruction of their equalism worldview, the louder and more insistent will be their calls for violence. America will hit a breaking point, a threshold of discarded empathy, when the sputtering vituperation will boil over into manifest vengeance. This reality is becoming less avoidable by the day. And, as I have cautioned shitlibs who strayed into this happy hunting ground before, their side won’t win this time around.

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Why are mass protests usually the domain of crazy-eyed leftoids? I’ve mentioned it before — and parisian privilege mentions it here — that geographic distribution plays a role in the Right-Left mass protest disparity. It’s simply a fact that densely populated coastal cities loaded up with shitlibs provide a large, quickly mobilized base from which to efficiently scale up a mass protest.

Conservatives number in the single percentiles in most of the blue megalopolises that host these mass protests; they live in the suburbs and towns, so getting into the city for them means a minimum one hour trek by car and then finding street parking or paying through the nose for it at a garage. Shitlibs living in the city can roll out of bed, and if they skip the shower (they often do), they can be downtown with their paper mache puppets in fifteen minutes flat. Geographic centralization and density without a doubt amplifies shitlib protest formation.

And it’s far easier to get the word out about a protest inside of shitlibistans. One poster advertising a march stapled to a kiosk on one city block will reach a thousand eyeballs. Where would one tape up a poster in the suburbs? A street light pole. Ok, that’ll be seen by the fifteen people who live on that leafy suburban street.

Pleasureman unnecessarily and superciliously objects to this theory, which is a habit I’ve noticed of him. PugnaciousMan is a natural contrarian — it’s the trait that probably drew him to the maul-right and against the reigning equalism orthodoxy — but he carries his contrarian banner into too many battlefields, frequently winding up contradicting himself out of stubborn resistance to conforming to a majority view. No need for the perpetual pissiness, Pman, you can curb your obstinacy without losing e-dad cred. Geography plays a role in the relative paucity of conservative mass protests; so do other factors, which you and others in your thread wrote about; the factors aren’t mutually exclusive.

Pman prefers to blame character or personality failings of conservatives for their aversion to political activism. He belittles conservatives for this, but it’s unfair to call conservative “inactivism” a failing; rather, conservatives have inherited a unique suite of personality traits and moral feelings that predispose them to methods of registering their disagreement and of seeking social belonging that aren’t mass protests.

I happen to think the moral dimension of DISGUST has a lot to tell us about leftoid protest organizational skill and affinity for mass protesting. A big moral chasm between conservatives and liberals is the feeling of disgust; cons have low disgust thresholds (they are acutely sensitive to disgusting things or disgusting people) and libs have high disgust thresholds (they can tolerate, even enjoy wallowing in, disgusting things). Gathering tit-to-tit and fagface-to-fagface by the thousands, hoisting obscene placards and wearing obscene costumes, and cursing for hours at the top of one’s lungs feels disgusting to cons. Libs, otoh, practically live for the degenerate slop life.

Keep in mind, too, that atomized city living requires a different way of looking at friendships. SWPL city libs have fewer means of building social connections than do cons. The urban shitlib has lost the social glue of his family and the neighborhood he grew up in. He has to befriend people through his job…or through similar political outlook. And the multiracial, low trust blue cities lean heavily on politics as a friendship glue, at least for Whites. So you’ve got a dense population of extremely politicized shitlibs yearning for social belonging who are within walking distance of mass protest sites and are bombarded on every street corner with posters screaming for “resistance”.

Now, I happen to agree with Pman and others that cons need to get better at mass protesting, or whatever the optical equivalent of mass protesting is, because as long as the media acts as a leftoid propaganda mill framing all lib vice as virtue and con virtue as vice, cons can’t afford to cede the protest arena to shitlib shenanigans. Cons may not like it, but when Civil War II is looming it’s time to tear away from the college football and hit the streets, real or metaphorical, to do your part reframing the media anti-White message machine. If there was ever a time for acting and not just reacting, this is it.

But the adage “maximum your strengths, minimize your weaknesses” applies here; maybe cons shouldn’t bother getting in the street theater mud with shitlibs where the latter are strongest. I don’t know what the optimal counter-attack will be for cons, but it has to include defusing the leftoid legacy media normie-destruction protocol. Which Trump is doing, PBUH.

I also don’t buy the argument that leftoids are better at organizing protests because they’re SMRTer or more conscientious than conservatives.

And contrary to the self-serving pablum pushed by conservatives, almost all of these high-involvement liberal activists have jobs and a healthy majority have at least some sort of family commitment. They’re just way more willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of political action than conservatives are, and the squalid direction of American society over the last half century bears witness to this tragic fact.

Maybe the top of the shitlib protest organizational chart is staffed with UMC mcmansion strivers, but the rank and file — you know the hundreds of thousands down on the field capturing media attention — really are disproportionately filled with bitter aging spinsters, childless shrikes with libtart degrees working as baristas, and their weak chinless male hangers-on thinking of post-protest pity blowies.

The sexual market is, like with most big picture issues, the best lens for viewing the phenomenon of mass protesting. Conservatives find fulfillment checking off in a timely manner the traditional milestones of a good life. Liberals below the UMC level enjoy more chaotic, novelty-seeking lives, and part of that can mean enduring stretches of sexual and romantic dissatisfaction or loneliness. And in fact we see this behavioral preference of liberals reflected in the fertility of their women, who average fewer kids than do conservative women. Mass protests are the shitlib sublimation of their reduced fertility. They hope their slogans will seed the future they aren’t conceiving.

Conservatives may numerically outnumber liberals nationally, but it doesn’t matter because in the political protest arena that anyone is showing up to, liberals vastly outnumber cons. So cons should focus on fighting an asymmetric war against the louder voices of the Left. This could mean hidden camera type stuff, like James O’Keefe does, or prank videos, like Sam Hyde does. On a larger scale, it means trust-busting the tech and media oligarchies. Guerrilla tactics are how the geographically distributed Right will take down the densely urbanized Left. Small, thematically targeted protests by cons in their suburbs and towns, multiplied a thousand-fold across the nation and coordinated to exploit the transmission power of the net, WILL have an impact on the media narrative, even if the media tries to negatively spin it.

And it needs to be said, conservatives steeled themselves for the fight when they unburdened themselves of the demoralizing dead weight of their cowardly cuckservative opinion “leaders”. Trump’s greatest blow, imo, was his utter annihilation of any coherent or effective controlled opposition of cuck saboteurs. Once he did that, he could turn his gatlings on the Left and the media with much greater force than if he had to fire while weaselly cucks were pushing the safety back on. Trump opened a way forward for local conservatives to fight back against the poz; his greatest gift to them has been to show that victory can be had without betraying one’s principles.

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Shitlib travels.
Sees shithole.
Feels bad man.
Brings shithole people to US for non-shitty life.
Shithole comes to US.
Shitlib blames Trump.

Don’t be a shitlib.

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The Jan 21, 2017 Bitter Bitch March can be explained, in part, as the mass hysteria of childless women seeking the drama in their lives that their childlessness denies them. Reader Days of Broken Arrows writes,

Women are psychologically built to deal with drama, because nothing is more drama-inducing that having to deal with a baby or a toddler.

But if there are no kids, women still have the psychological need for drama. So they create it. In most cases it’s in their personal lives, but what you’re seeing with this march is that drama being acted out on a mass scale.

This is ultimately the mass insanity caused by a country that insisted on women having careers instead of families. The fact that women now live longer than ever (thanks to the ingenuity of Beta MALE scientists) means there will probably be a lot more of this to come.

This is insightful. American White women — and Western White women in general — have the easy life, all whims catered to, all conceptions thwarted, all egos stroked. Their abject sexual liberation and child-free lifestyles — and recall the Chateau maxim: “the goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality” — has made them yearn for submission to a greater dramatic power. Now that God is gone and the patriarchy is prostrate and supplicating boringly drama-free beta males orbit them like cosmic dust, to whom do these placated women submit?

Islam. Leftoid equalism. The cock carousel. And finally, they submit to incoherent rage fueled by the dying eggs of their childless wombs. Ashley Judd’s “Nasty Woman” recitation on stage at the Bitter Bitch March before a squealing crowd of whores and harpies is emblematic; her “poem” was a psychotic, obscene fusillade of nonsense and man-hatred. A more iconic representative of the inchoate mentality and emotional infantilism of modern feminism would be hard to find. A literal crazy bag lady screeched like a loony toon as half a million sympatico spinsters and sluts metaphorically scissored her cunty discharge.

Childlessness and cresting sexual worthlessness are the two unspoken, subconscious psychological drivers impelling the scattershot and scatterbrained “protests” of the women who went to the Bitter Bitch March. Not all of them; I’m sure there were one or two women who just wanted to get a coffee and got caught up in the crowd on the way.

Strip away the sound and nagging of the bitterbitches, signifying nothing, and you are left with the sad tragic realities of their lives. Childless Ashley Judd with the dead womb six feet under a mound of piling regret is Exhibit C(unt). Here is a photo of her ex-husband with his new wife, who just had his baby.


Leave yourself little doubt that this excruciating reality of Ashley Judd’s personal life — alone and old, looking from the outside at her ex-husband’s happy life with his glowingly beautiful new wife and his new child — colors everything she does. She is a “nasty woman”, but not because she wants to crush the patriarchy or Trump, or make a bold stand for on-demand abortion. She’s a nasty woman because her heart is small and black, poisoned with envy and regret, with nothing but ugly feminist anthems to alleviate the pain of spinsterhood and cratering SMV that consumes her.

The BitterBitchMarch was

1. childless libchicks looking for drama

2. old hags yearning for lost sexual relevance

3. their weak men

A collection of modern America’s MASS SCALE losers, venting their pain and frustration at a man the media helpfully caricatured into Hitler reborn, descended on DC with binders full of slogans and chants…..and complete obliviousness to the real reason for their torments: an atomized society on the verge of cracking apart while their worst excesses are glorified and their true contentment demonized.

A nation’s women never self-immolated so spectacularly. As marriage rates continue to fall, and age of first marriage continues to rise, and childlessness follows in the wake of two decades spent cock hopping, paper pushing, and mimosa chugging, prepare yourselves for more hysterical female fireworks. There’s a lot of ruing in a nation.


The Bitter Bitch March was the death rattle of feminism. The truth about the sexes and their innate differences will have a resurgence. Like I predicted, this march was shitlib women’s “good cry” after a bad breakup with normal America. Out of their system!


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I facetiously mused why we don’t see real cost-benefit analyses of the effects of affirmative action and diversity quotas on the economy and on society, knowing full well the answer (a lying corrupt anti-White media, government, and academia stifles such crimethink).

I mused too soon. Those Who Can See crafted a superb post laying bare in excruciating detail just how much the Diversity Is Our Strength cult costs us Americans in hard cash and soft social cohesion (answer: a lot).


We at TWCS propose, on the contrary, that in Western countries diversity has proven to be much more like a tax. A tax that falls, like medieval manorial dues, disproportionately on the working classes.


To grossly generalize, we will split our subjects into two groups: the ‘higher-functioning’ and the ‘lower-functioning’ Diverse.  The reason is that the two groups tend to tax us in different ways.


In this essay La Griffe du Lion models the effect of affirmative action on the income of whites, blacks and Hispanics. It is shown that on average a black worker between the ages of 25 and 64 earns an extra $9,400 a year because of affirmative action. Hispanics also benefit to the tune of almost $4,000 a year. However, being a zero-sum game, white workers pay an average of about $1,900 annually to foot the bill.


As we have reported in detail, the EEOC, Washington’s private-sector quota enforcement arm, spends $385 million of your tax dollars each year to make sure enough non-Euros are hired by private companies.


France’s ‘banlieues,’ or suburbs, filled mostly with low-performing Diversity, are an endless money sink. The National Observatory on Urban Policy’s 2015 report points out that despite half a trillion taxpayer euros invested in these vibrant areas in the last ten years, the quality of living there is still the worst in the nation.


Closer examination reveals that the biggest effect is in the semi/unskilled services sector, where a 10 percentage point rise in the proportion of immigrants is associated with a 2 percent reduction in pay.


‘Where else would you see bags of shit, bottles of piss, car parts, bathroom fixtures, canned vegetables, furniture and shitty diapers snatched off the baby’s ass in a fit of rage to be flung out the window at the Police.’


The top ten most expensive riots in U.S. history were all the work of our lower-functioning Diverse, with a total cost of $2.8 billion (in 2016 dollars) to the taxpayer.


Minneapolis has asked for half a million dollars to keep its new Diversity, Somalis, from committing crime and terrorism. This most vibrant of minorities is apparently unable to avoid such activities without massive cash infusions.


‘My wife works at the mayor’s office in a town near Paris, exactly the same scene this morning… the Muslims bring their whole clan (I thought this was a Christian holiday? [ed: Easter] pffft)… They go back again and again… If you ask them to stop, they call you “racist”… The only way to control them is to stamp the kids’ hands once they’ve filled their [egg] basket, otherwise it’s total anarchy… What a screwed-up [Arab] community!’


Once places of affordable, innocent entertainment for American families, they have now degenerated into holding pens for feral minorities who can’t keep themselves from cursing, molesting, or simply attacking each other or anyone else that gets in their way.

… Dr. King, your daughter couldn’t go to Funtown because white Southerners knew that once it was integrated, your people would ruin it. And you did.


I teach for Metro Nashville Public Schools … At my high school around 30 percent of the total student population has a first language other than English, with as many as 120 languages represented. More than 14 percent need English language (ELL) services.

School districts nationwide are pouring millions of dollars into helping students learn English.  … Researchers say it takes students five to seven years, sometimes more, to attain the English proficiency necessary to do the academic work of grade-level peers.


Never mentioned is the cost that families incur in order to live in a safe place away from the destruction of poor blacks. … Of the suburban white families I know, the woman works full-time. Homes in “safe” neighborhoods are hundreds of thousands of dollarsmore expensive than my mostly black neighborhood.

Four bedroom historical homes here cost $60,000 with low taxes, but then you must deal with bad schools, feral thugs, teenage gangs, graffiti, police presence, shootings, blight, section-8 rentals, and poverty. If we lived in the suburbs, our home would cost over $350,000, taxes would be much higher, and my husbands commute would be more expensive.


The Iowa cheating rings are the latest evidence of how a vibrant East Asian industry is corrupting the U.S. higher education system by gaming entrance exams, concocting college applications and completing college coursework on behalf of students.

As Reuters reported in March, some companies are leveraging weaknesses in the SAT, a standardized college entrance exam, to help clients gain an unfair advantage on the test by feeding them questions in advance. In addition, Reuters has identified companies in China that help students contrive their entire college application – embellishing or ghostwriting application essays, doctoring letters of recommendation from high school teachers, and even advising kids to obtain fake high school transcripts.


Faculty and domestic students interviewed said it appears that substantial numbers of international students either don’t comprehend or don’t accept U.S. standards of academic integrity. At the University of Arizona, the staff works hard to explain academic integrity to those from abroad, but “our students don’t always understand what plagiarism is,” said Chrissy Lieberman, associate dean of students.

…  At nearly all [schools] that provided data, the rate of such cheating reports was at least twice as high for foreign as for domestic students, ranging up to over eight times as high.


At Queen Mary University of London 75% of postgraduates found to have plagiarised were from overseas with a third from China, the newspaper reported.


As a BBC documentary showed, the system is wide open to “health tourist” abuse whereby foreign nationals use NHS services to which they are not entitled, place an already overburdened system under intolerable strain. It is a form of predation to which the traditional White population, with their almost reflexive honesty, have no defence.


University College London said that the majority of the 88,000 foreign doctors practising the UK would fail exams if held to the same standards as their British colleagues.


There have also been accusations of postal voting fraud in predominantly Asian areas, just years after a judge found evidence of fraud in Birmingham.


‘I too am fed up with job seeking where Cantonese or Mandarin are required. We’re just handing our country, values and culture over to them and they are laughing at us for it and not even discreetly. This isn’t immigration, it’s an invasion.’


In his findings, Putnam writes that those in more diverse communities tend to “distrust their neighbors, regardless of the color of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television. … that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.”

And on and on it goes….all these wonderful blessings of Diversity.

Except, you see, the truth of it all is that far from being a blessing….

Diversity is our curse.

Far from being a strength…

Diversity is our penury

our coarsening

our demoralization

our surveillance state

our declining trust

our misery

our metadeath

and, soon, if we don’t stop the black goo of Diversity poisoning the lifeblood of White nations…

our real death.

Our war.

May the MAGA be with us. We’ll need it. Because as TWCS asked, “Why, then, must we import many multiples of these same problems, but in different hues?”

PS As if reading this post himself and responding with a gift of love, reports emerge that the God Emperor is set to sign an immigration restriction executive order targeting Muslim countries and refugees on Thursday. That’s a start if there ever was one.

It is impossible to be as erect as I am now. Skyward!

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Recall The Chateau Fundamental Premise — that sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive and this biomechanic reality manifests as observable cultural and institutional differences in the treatment of men and women — while reading this comment by long dong silver drawing a contrast in response between the Slut Walk March and the Bonus Army protest of 1932.

If a group of men marched on Washington and the state capitols in the same numbers, I’m certain that the police would to nearly [full] media coverage crack some skulls. Funny how that works. One little footnote in history not taught in the history textbooks anymore is the Bonus March. Over 17,000 WWI veterans and their families set up shop on DC in 1932. It was much like the occupy movement of a few years back. The veterans had tent cities that included their families. They were broke and hopeless. Uncle Sam promised them cash for their WWI Service but didn’t pay. In response, they staged a peaceful but lengthy protest. President Hoover responded by sicking General MacArthur on them with cavalry, infantry, and tanks. The media called the protestors “the Bonus Army.” They were not an army at all. It was a hobo camp. Imagine if that happened to these women. You can’t because it wouldn’t. The message is clear: Eggs are precious, sperm is cheap. Men’s legitimate complaints are met with either shame or truncheons. Women’s slight pet peeves are demonized by publicly funded propaganda or made outright illegal. We live in clown world.

The Fundamental Premise coupled with leftoid equalist control of the media apparatuses means that 17,000 WWI homeless vets with a legitimate grievance against their government get crushed by cavalry and tanks, while half a million cat ladies and emotionally frazzled wine-chugging cock hoppers with NO LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCES WHATSOEVER in the year 2017 beyond a chance to vent their self-inflicted spinster frustrations on a world stage custom built to satisfy the most demanding attention whore’s ego get lavished with endless praise and credulity by every American power structure that isn’t named Trump or Chateau Heartiste.

Ringling Bros recently announced it was closing down for good. So clown world does have a termination date.

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The Editor in Chief of National Geographic in December, 1969 was Frederick Vosburgh. He once halted the presses and cost the magazine $30,000 because of a missing comma.

The Editor in Chief of National Geographic in December, 2016 is Susan Goldberg. She is the first female editor of NatGeo magazine, and has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University. She is also a member of the International Women’s Forum, and lives in Washington, DC.

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