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This is not a joke. It’s a comic book by the very special Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith. (A parodist of Clown World couldn’t make up names that juicy.)

You ever notice in the fever swamps of border denialist fantasies how all the Dirt Worlders plopping onto America’s shores are these awestruck, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, child-like newcomers full of wonder, good will, and innocence? Nary a machete-wielder nor nepotistic throwback in the bunch. Just a sea of eyebrows arched to their highest, indicating an eager willingness to be absorbed by Globoschlomo and serve as the well-behaved props to Whites’ virtue sniveling.

This is how the typical shitlib sees the world: teeming with adult children who will by their presence here reinvigorate the shitlib’s flagging social (and sexual) life with their wonderment and neediness. Shitlib ennui and urge for psychosexual novelty is dispelled in one swoop by the arrival of a migrant caravan filled to brimming with the swarth version of this:

To the Bryan Caplans of the disintegrating USA, the infantilized invaders are part vibrator for their swollen egos and part inverted psychological projection of how caplanites prefer to see their own tribe, reflected onto equally corrosive tribes.

They want to remake America into a giant Gloryhole Face, achieving perfect submission to the penetrating cock of the aPOCalypse and, of course, to their own rule.

Anonymous[270] attacks the thermal exhaust port of caplanism:

This is a racial composition of the block on which Bryan lives in a rather expensive house (data from http://www.justicemap.org):

White 70.7%
Asian 17.8%
Black 3.4%
Hispanic 4.0%
Multi-Racial 6.9%
American Indian 0%
Islander 0%

Is anyone surprised?

It’s all just so goddamned tiresome. The lies, the manipulation, the self-regard, the sophistry, the slandering of better men….an endless sludge of levantine bullshit. Via bored identity,

Alfa158 wonders, with squinted, skeptical eyes,

They are all having a wonderful time right now; in the driver’s seat, fully in control, pedal to the metal, whizzing along at 100mph and still accelerating, running over their racial enemies like ducklings caught in the road. There are only a handful of them who realize what their joy ride is going to lead to in the future after their policies have destroyed the former US. Ilhan Omar and her ilk are just the first bump in the road. Sooner or later they will be coming up on a curve at 200mph, gently apply the brakes, and the pedal will go to the floor.
They’ll blame us for the crash.

AnotherDad closes out this post,

Various commenters complain when i mention the “J” word, but when it’s relevant it’s relevant.

I’m ready to buy that Bryan Caplan is a true autistic with no feeling for actual peoples and cultures and human life, and so actually sees people and nations as arbitrary fungible entities.

Still, there simply is no actual libertarian case for Open Borders. Open borders is not libertarian, but would be the most massive socialist project ever, stealing from some people to give stuff to other people. It’s classic a “tragedy of the commons” paradigm which libertarians all at least pretend to understand and use to argue for privatization.

An actual libertarian immigration model would be tradeable citizenship and/or a community selling citizenship. I.e. people who currently generate positive externalities would be free to realize those benefits, and people of quality who likely would generate positive externalities somewhere else are free to negotiate the best possible terms to do so. I.e. individuals get to realize the benefits–or incur the costs–associated with living around them. (The same way companies only make job offers to some people and don’t offer everyone the same wage.)

That is actual libertarianism, and it’s not the least bit difficult to grasp, and it flows right out of the sorts of models the libertarians build. But when it comes to immigration …. Caplan hates it.

I can only conclude that Caplan simply hates the white gentiles being allow to go off and do anything–including building nice nations–for themselves. It just … gets under his skin.

I see what AnotherDad did there.

PS Zach Weinersmith’s wife is a professor at Rice University, studying….wait for it…..

I study how host behavior influences risk of infection with parasites, and how parasites subsequently change host behavior and correlations between host phenotypic traits. I’m particularly interested in parasites that manipulate the phenotype of their hosts to increase the parasite’s likelihood of transmission.

From a paper co-authored by her,

Insidious wasps get ahead by tunneling through host’s head


“Rice researchers nicknamed it the “crypt-keeper” wasp and said it’s a rare example of hypermanipulation, in which a parasite is manipulated by another parasite.

“E. set and its gory emergence are described in two papers led by Rice evolutionary biologists Kelly Weinersmith and Scott Egan.”


Clown World is subconsciously desperate to be slapped down. Evidence for this comes from the warning flares constantly fired into the public domain, lighting up the night sky with a barrage of conspicuous and usually hilarious reminders of its malevolent presence.

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dvorak asks a straightforward question that will never be answered on NPR,

steve sailer: You know, New York Times, there is this concept called “per capita” that’s useful for thinking about topics like this.

It would be interesting to determine when the media stopped talking about ‘standard of living’ (inherently per capita) and replaced it with ‘the economy’.

SFG provides the Ngram.

“Standard of living” was the guiding concern leading up to the Great Compression — mid-20th Century egalitarian and 90% White America — and was lapped by “the Economy” sometime around 1950, presaging the Great Divergence and 60% White America.

The Economy became the clarion call of the elite when their fellow Americans became ballast holding back the potential heights of the elite’s avarice. “Standard of living” is what we talk about when we actually care about the quality of life of fellow Americans.

Cohencidentally, the media began to idolize “The Economy” when both the media and the economy became the playground of one very small but extraordinarily privileged and powerful minority. You see, “Standard of Living” risks empowering the Cossacks; “The Economy” weakens them with the imported detritus of scab laborers and mercenaries.

This rhetorical and policy switch reminded me that the Corporatocracy is alive and well, and consuming the last bits of America’s carcass. (And, I’m afraid, Trump has no intention nor plan to curb the power of the Corporatocracy.) From Amon Ra,

One of the [special] inventions, corporate personhood, destroyer of nations.

– You elected them to write new laws. They’re letting corporations do it instead. –

”Corporations, special interests wrote bills. Politicians introduced them. 10,000 times”

Here is the link provided by Amon Ra, and which was working as recently as yesterday:


Today, the link is dead.



As if it never existed.

I was about to comment on the article, because it was a real eye-opener on the extent to which corporate lobbyists basically dictate policy to Congress. Naturally, these corporate whores get policies which benefit them and not regular Americans. This is why we don’t have a Wall today, and why the Trump Admin is considering, incredulously, cutbacks to the E-Verify program.

But the article was too hot to handle, so TPTB made it disappear.

Self-rule is dead in America.

We are ruled by billionaires.

By fat cats.

By a malevolent tribe.

By deracinated oligarchs.

And they will not allow dissent.

Suppression is the order of the day.

If they keep this up…

well, I’ll leave it at that.


FYI Tucker Carlson, rightfully, took Trump to the wood shed in his monologue yesterday.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who in a segment on his show wondered what it might look like if Trump had decided he didn’t want to be president anymore and was taking steps to ensure he didn’t win another term…

In this “hypothetical” scenario, Carlson ran through a number of things Trump could do so that his base would turn on him — all of which line up with actual Trump administration actions or reported proposals. He noted, for example, that if Trump wanted to lose, he could raise gas taxes, something the administration is reportedly considering and an idea that Carlson said is “so mindless and counterproductive there’s literally no way you could get re-elected after doing it.” Later, he told Trump he should definitely “go with the gas tax” if he secretly wants “to retire early” and is “really sick of the job.”

Proposing cuts to Medicare and E-Verify would also be ways Trump could undermine his re-election chances, Carlson argued, as well as continuing “our pointless military intervention in Syria.” These, again, are not hypothetical scenarios at all.

“If the president did all that, the message would be very clear: he has no idea what he ran on in 2016,” Carlson said. “He just wants out.”

Tucker 2020.


A Vatican Cardinal has warned the “West will disappear” as a result of mass migration.

“If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians,” said Sarah, adding, “My country is predominantly Muslim. I think I know what reality I’m talking about.”

The Cardinal also blamed the European Union for its “desire to globalize the world, ridding it of nations with their distinctive characteristics,” labeling the move “sheer madness”.

“The Brussels Commission thinks only about building a free market in the service of the great financial powers,” he continued. “The European Union no longer protects the peoples within it. It protects the banks.”

Here is a photo of the Cardinal:

Is anyone surprised? Realtalk has ceased being the province of pathologically virtue signaling White elites.

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In the middle of a rip-roaring comment section at Sailer’s, istevefan wrote,

Consider this. We have had more immigrants since 1965, than any other nation in history. Yet the people in charge are clamoring for an ever increasing number of immigrants. Even Trump is suggesting we need “record” immigration.

Well what does this indicate? If a nation is devouring more immigrants than any other nation in history, and still needs an ever increasing number of them to continue to be a going concern, then what does this say about that nation? Either that nation must be able to stand on its own, or it needs to be dissolved.

And if the US truly needs people, which I dispute, what else does this indicate? It shows something is the matter with our nation in which citizens don’t find the environment conducive enough to have many children. So if a nation has such an environment where the natives don’t reproduce, and it must continually prop itself up by siphoning off people from other nations, this too suggests the nation must be fixed, or dissolved into new nations.

Finland only has 5.5 million people, and yet by all accounts it’s a very nice country to live. How does Finland do it, when America with her 330 million people must have even more people to keep the lights on?

It’s a simple question for the globalist shysters which will be dutifully ignored.

In the meantime, allow me to go on record here, right now, in support of dissolving the US into smaller regions which honor the ideals of self-governance and internal sustainability.

Olorin responded to istevefan,

Endlessly expanding immigration is being used to prop up an unsustainable money/debt regime.

Unless money is fundamentally restructured, politics will never be.

He then quoted John Adams,

All of the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arises, not from the defects of the Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.

I’m not a religious man, nor given to superstition. My instinct is to agnosticism on matters that can’t be observed from the material plane. But the surfeit of almost preternatural wisdom and warnings from the Founding Fathers of America makes me wonder if there was divine intervention which guided their thoughts and attended the birth of America with a cosmically mysterious baptismal ordination.

Too bad about us turning our backs on that providence.


I still don’t understand how the Founders knew all this. They really were a cut above.

Yes, they were, and that is why the Fuggernaut wants to tear down their statues. The lowly can’t bear the rule of the divinely-touched.

Ingrates and ignoramuses, every last one of them.

PS GBFM read this post with a single tear streaking his cheek.


Paracelsus links to a book we should all read,

One book perfectly sums up how America was destroyed through banking.

“The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins

If that is too long, you could read Senator Charles Lindbergh, Senator McFadden, or Rep. Traficant’s speeches to Congress about the Federal Reserve. There were the vigilant few vocally opposing what has become this current system. But, they are usually met with intense criticism by people who call them conspiracy theorists. Thomas Jefferson knew what a central bank would lead to, which caused War of 1812. Andrew Jackson repealed the Second Central Bank’s charter and was almost assassinated. Lincoln issued interest free Greenbacks and was assassinated.


Ocasio-Cortez’s I.Q. wavers from double to triple digits on a good day. She is too goddamned stupid to do any meaningful damage to the system at large. I even doubt she is controlled opposition like Ben Shapiro, because she throws on those glasses and a skirt suit and pretends like she understands what she is doing. She strikes me as more Legally Blonde than House of Cards.

She’s so dumb she might be smart enough to put Globohomo against the breaking wheel.

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The absolutely WORST plan of action a rebel leader like Trump could pursue is TALK BIG, ACT SMALL (or not at all).

The big talk energizes both his enemies and allies.

But the constant retreats from action only energize his enemies and demoralize his allies.

We are getting the worst of both worlds.

Amon Ra says he knew the moment MAGA was DOA,

The various arguments here on whether Trump was lying from the beginning, a Trojan horse, or co-opted later, through threats to his family or of jail time, are missing the point and unnecessarily complex, so lets simplify as Trump gave you the answer before he even won.

” At a meeting with the New York Times on Tuesday, Trump said he is not taking an investigation into Clinton off the table, but that he “doesn’t want to hurt the Clintons” and that he is “not looking to go back and go through this.”

Once those few words were spoken, I subconsciously knew it was game over, although, I kept denying reality to myself for awhile afterwards. This was before Mueller, before the election, before resistance from the Republicans and congress. So logically we are left with two options:

1) He’s a Trojan horse always working for the ((( other ))).
2) He was already co-opted at that point through whatever means.

Its that simple gentlemen.

Or maybe he just didn’t have the heart for that kind of fight, which would explain why he doesn’t have the heart for a real nationalist populist MAGA fight. His heart belongs to Boomercon staples like low taxes and inviting more invaders to enrich the wallets of the 1%.

Anyhow, I remember that quote from Trump. In hindsight, that was way more ominous than it seemed at the time.

PS A based, nativist, populist upstart right-winger could primary Trump in 2020, capitalizing on the oaf’s constant retreats from MAGA. Tucker, you reading?

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Ray tells of a time in America that will, soon enough, seem like the ravings of a fantasist to our future Woke Americans who can’t conceive of such a heaven on earth.

I was born in the late fifties into the same small Kansas town where my mother and father grew up. My grandparents all lived in that same town. Everyone was basically German, with a smattering of other northern European ethnicities thrown into the mix. The Main Street had everything anyone could possibly need to buy, from groceries to hardware. There were several Protestant churches that were always packed on Sundays, and one Catholic church on the edge of town, as well. There was no crime to speak of… we had one policeman, who spent most of his time bringing groceries to shut-ins. (He was a friend of my father’s, and my dad would joke about it.) We kids (and there were tons of us!) were outside from sun up to sun down, playing and fishing and riding bikes and building things. Every family had a garden out back, and sometimes a small orchard, and some folks raised a steer for winter beef, or kept chickens. That was in town! Every holiday was an opportunity for everyone in the family to get together and have some fun and good food. It was a warm, safe, sunny, idyllic way to grow up.

That all began to change in the seventies. People became much more materialistic, thanks in part to Mom taking a job outside the home and having all that extra cash. The new color television encouraged people to buy buy buy. Parents began divorcing and all my friends’ families disintegrated. People began staying inside from sun up to sun down. Where were all the kids? Inside, playing those new video games! The gardens went to weeds.The first black family moved into town. Hey, where’s my bike?

After college, I moved to another state for a job. When I returned home for a funeral last summer, I didn’t recognize the place. It was like that scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when George Bailey gets to see what his small town was like without him in it. The streets had all been widened, there were cars everywhere, and the town had become mile after mile of shopping and fast food joints. Main Street was dead and boarded up. There was a new GIGANTIC shopping Mall, though. It had been built on top of the land where my grandparents’ farm had been.

I sat at a table outside of one of the Mall’s restaurants, sipping a coffee and watching the people as they came and went. Most were fat, poorly dressed, and had a generally unhealthy appearance. They all looked so sad and stressed.

I thought of that YouTube video “Never Forget,” showing archival footage of daily life in a small town in South Dakota in 1938. A town filled with happy, healthy, well-dressed people. My home town used to be that way, too.

But now it is gone. The modern way of life is a curse, for sure.

I want you to listen to this song while you read Ray’s story:

You’ll be reminded of your ancestral spirit, long dormant, now awakened. Allow that feeling to energize you. A reckoning is coming.

I think this is the video about 1938 South Dakota which Ray referenced:

Something’s missing. Where are the fat women?

The diversity?

The poz?

So strange, this faraway land.


Commenter realone fast forwards to the present day, when he stumbled onto a rift in the time-space continuum, and for a brief moment that faded, beautiful America appeared in front of him, crystal clear, and he was inspired by it.

I was traveling in a very blue part of a very blue state recently. I popped into a McDonalds to grab some coffee and take a break. I was up at the counter when two little girls ran up. The older girl was likely big sister and asked for something like extra ketchup or napkins. The younger girl was an adorable White brunette, maybe about four years old.

The younger girl said “I want orange juice.”

She wasn’t whiny or complaining in her voice or the way she was standing. She wasn’t demanding. She was simply stating.

Something struck me to my very core, to my heart. I walked up to the teller and said “give her the orange juice, and I will pay for it.”

The mystery meat teller looked at me with a blank stare like he didn’t understand what I was saying. I repeated myself. A manager looking type (young White woman) came over as I repeated again that I would pay for an orange juice for the little girl. The manager looked at me, looked at the precious little girl and then went and poured an orange juice. She signaled to me that I didn’t need to pay and gave it to the little girl who said “thank you” and scampered off.

Later I reflected why I had ordered the teller to give the little girl an orange juice and offered to pay. I came to the conclusion that what I saw in that little girl at that moment in time was a radiating innocence that resonated with me. I have also felt a profound sadness from knowing that the little White girl’s innocence was transitory, and that it would most likely be ripped away from her by brutish others because of the “diversity” in that area.

The greater point is that, while (((they))) may have pathologized and preyed on our White altruism, our greatest weakness could be turned into our greatest strength.

Properly harnessed, White altruism for our own people, and only our own people, is an awesome power. No wonder (((they))) have corrupted it. I recently got a small taste of what it is to love our own altruistically.

Hate will be necessary. Hate for what has been taken from us and to the constant offenses and harms placed upon our people. But I don’t think Hate will be enough. Hate will only take us so far. We need to regain and purify our altruism, our capacity for Love of our own people and reforge our ethos with Love for our own and Hate for the other who would do us harm.

It seems such a small and insignificant thing, if you weren’t there you might call it trivial, but it wasn’t to me. It was like finding a sunflower in a brown and black wasteland, a breath of fresh air in a polluted sky, carefree days riding bicycles with your friends from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m in a bygone time.

I Hate (((them))) for what (((they))) have done to us, but I LOVE our people, and our ways, and the innocence of our White children.

Hate is as natural as love.

Hate protects the things we love from that which would destroy it.

To never feel hate is to never know the fullness of love.

To feel hate only for those who protect what’s loved is the center of evil.

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A great comment from dolph9, earning him the coveted COTW.

There is no stopping the 4 way racial battle and 4 way class battle going on in America. It’s terminal guys and you know it.
Racial battle:
1) [special people]: want total financial and media control, permanently
2) native whites: still have numbers and power but feel themselves threatened and slowly slipping away
3) native blacks: continually promoted by the powers that be but never really stood a chance and they will get really, really pissed off
4) immigrants from all over, but particularly mexico, china, and india: zero awareness of american collapse, combined with striving, uppity attributes, will bulldoze everything in their way to achieve the american dream
Class battle:
1) working class: fucked without any hope for redemption, boozing and mid life suicide is the way out
2) middle class: surviving but only if they make all the right moves all the time, high stress and some are starting to question if it’s worth it
3) upper middle class: totally protected and clueless, servile to the rich and scared shitless of the poor, they become more irrelevant by the day
4) upper class: long ago stopped giving a shit, just printing money at this point so their dollar wealth keeps increasing to infinity.


Where is the lie?


Runner-up COTW is heartily awarded to Kelly, who warns that the worrier-warriors should fear the coming warrior-warriors.

Quote [CH]: “The purpose of the lib fear-mongering amongst themselves is 1. to juice their virtue signaling score (the more fearful, the more valuable one’s moral posturing against the thing causing the “fear”) and 2. to provide a phony justification to ram their shitlib agenda down America’s throat.”


You sure got that right. I seldom listen to NPR, but every time I do, I hear the word “worry” over and over again. Those chicken-shit reporters (almost always women, it seems) worry about everything! “He’s worried that…,” “She’s worried about…,” “They’re worried because…” Once you notice it, you realize that it’s the bedrock foundation of their existence.

They are AFRAID. They are all basically children, scared of everything in this big bad world. I think a lot of that is due to their massive incompetence. They really don’t know how to do anything but talk, push buttons, and be afraid.

Meanwhile, we Heritage American Men keep designing, building, and maintaining everything in the real world because WE are competent. We know how things work, and have actual talents and problem-solving skills, so we are NOT afraid.

What we are is ANGRY, and God help those worriers when enough of us decide that we have had enough of their bullshit.

Shitlibs who continually intone “I worry about…” are engaging in passive-aggressive defamation of their enemy (us). To constantly “worry” is to tacitly impugn the character of those who are causing the shitlib to worry. It’s childish, but it’s also effective rhetoric and deadly dangerous to societal health. Call it out whenever you hear it.

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Lichthof reminisces,

I grew up in a 100% white nation.
We had a peaceful idyllic childhood.
No racism, no non whites, no ‘careful what you say’, no white guilt, no affirmation action, no freedom of speech issues…little crime.
Aged 10 in the summers we would be out on bikes from 10am to 10pm.
Women seemed happy too. Raising families, spending the days with other housewives.
My parents would have been married 51 years this year if my Dad was still here.
All their neighbors have been married the same.
Different universe to today.

I recall someone explaining that the goal of Globohomo is to get us to forget that there ever was a beatific, brightly White America. If we are slowly indoctrinated by agitprop and the grind of daily immersion in globalist miseries to the idea that Lichthof’s paradise was a myth and not the reality of just two generations ago…that our present dystopia “was always thus”…then we won’t have any sense of loss of a time and culture that was so much better than the Diversitopia under which we currently labor.

If we don’t feel the loss of something good, then we won’t fight to get it back. If we believe that something so good never existed, or was exaggerated to mythological status by “racists”, then we’ll believe it’s impossible to bring back that goodness. It’s a bigger psychological hurdle to create a reality from a fantasy than it is to recapture a fading reality stitched together and kept alive by still fresh memories.

Hold fast to those memories of day-long bike rides that continued on into the warm summer nights…carefree, exuberant, happy, accompanied by a chorus of crickets and a dazzling firmament. Smiling housewives and proud fathers. Cheerful neighbors. Muted yellow glows from outdoor garage lights that welcomed you home to unworried parents. A backyard of soft damp grass you could sit on for hours, staring at the sky, and never having to glance around for signs of danger.

If you remember, you fight harder to preserve what made those memories.

If you forget, you accept the gloom into your life, and into the lives of those who follow you.

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