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Every government policy recedes to insignificance in the crucible of demographic churn created by waves of immigration. If you’re arguing over tax cuts while your country starts to resemble Zimbabwe and Honduras, you’re a fool aka a cuck.

The American settlement and later independent nation was relatively churn-free for the first 200 years of its life. America was never a “nation of immigrants”, not for 200 years. America (and before that the Royal colonies) was a nation of Anglos. A nation of settlers. Of Englishmen.

Then, the dam burst. Not once. Not twice. But three times. And the last time may very well be the killing deluge.

See the full size version of the time-lapsed map of 200 years of immigration to the US, at this link. It’s basically a crystal ball into the future of America (cloudy, with periods of Armageddon).

Two centuries of US immigration is a revealing glimpse at the soul of a nation slowly being rotted out and replaced with new soul parts. It looks like there were three inflection (or defecation) points which irretrievably altered America’s future for the worse: 1840-1860 (Irish immigration bringing corrupt Irish machine politics to American cities), 1900-1920 (Russia = Jews, though some were Germans), and 1971 (start of the Dirt World invasion which has yet to decelerate).

Present-day immigration looks like a rainbow of mystery meat throwing up on America, with nothing but a pot of Danegeld and social strife at the end of it. Every country is sending their worst EXCEPT native White countries. Fucked, we are, if the Trump MAGA agenda is captured and subverted by Chamber of Commerce Recucklicans. Looking at that map, we may be fucked regardless.

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Silicon Valley is a foreign entity operating on US soil. SV technopolies that import foreign scab labor by the tens of thousands should be considered enemies of the American people. My fervent wish is that the Trump Administration regulates the internet as a utility.

A reader writes,

This has less to do with Silicon Valley and more to do with the fact that foreign students get charged more for tuition, so universities have an incentive to enroll as many foreigners as possible even at the expense of native students.

That’s part of it, but no I really do believe SV prefers warehousing mystery meat code monkeys on its campuses because 1. they’re cheaper and 2. they won’t question authority. The solution is canceling the H-1B program and ending all foreign student allotments in American universities. All we need is the will and the shaming of virtue signaling single White women to make this happen.

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A stocky young White man, pale, short-limbed, barrel-chested, and ruddy-bearded who looked to have a significant amount of Scottish ancestry was ordering food when I noticed the Chinese chicken scratch that passes for some ancient Confucian wisdom tattooed on his calf.

A Vietnamese couple were sitting behind him and across from me when I watched the ladygirl snicker to her rice burner boyfriend and point at the White dude’s cucktat. Clearly they were amused that this fatted Pink Pig would have Oriental script inked on his ham hock.

I laugh with them. What kind of man dishonors his ancestors, his family, and his people with the cucktat of a foreign race? A poseur, that’s what kind of man. Our Scot-ish piglander should have had a halberd tattooed on his Proud White Calf.

Death to fake leapfrogging loyalty, long live authentic concentric loyalty!


Moses writes,

Tats in a foreign language fetish-ize outgroups. It’s a symptom of low self-worth.

Just part of a larger disease afflicting Whites. Whites are fetish-izing outgroups and preferring them over their own in-group at rates that are unsustainable. It will not end well.

Chinese would never dream of adopting a non-Chinese baby. Ever. Same for pretty much every racial group except Whites.

Pathological altruism indeed.

It’s no coincidence that as White women’s self-esteems are artificially pumped to eleven by the Globohomo Ministry of Propaganda, the White race’s collective self-esteem is hitting rock bottom. Time to bring  back those halberds.

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Tinder Thots

A new hashtag — #TinderThots — has revealed the thotty midriff of America. It’s a tingle explosion of social decay and sexual market deregulation. Enjoy these selections of America’s Women at their least marriageable!

et tu, waifu?

is that a cup full of cum?

I’ve got the (T)ree (T)runk, all I need is the HO.

Mockery will tame the thot. Here’s a funny dude who mimics Tinder thottery under the tag #TinderThotCosplay.

¡Jeb! isn’t laughing at that last one.

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Just imagine what a spiteful cuck you’d have to be to work at crushing Trump and his MAGA agenda to indulge a momentary vindictiveness at the expense of your political ambitions, your Party, and your country.


Williamk writes,

If the muddying of America is destined, we will necessarily shift to NIMBYism.

This is how WASPs operate. See the liberal town in Vermont that voted overwhelming against letting refugees live there.

It may be that the concept of race nationalism does not compute to hypocrite liberals, because they only sense threats as they encroach upon their Dunbar number.

Long term thinking should be get outta the cities, plant roots.

That’s an astute point about the Dunbar number. (Dunbar’s Number is the upper limit on the number of social relationships the average person can comfortably sustain, and usually rounds to 150 people.) Maybe liberals and conservatives differ fundamentally on how well they can perceive threats beyond their immediate social circle. Shitlibs can only sense danger if it pierces their Dunbar Number, while conservatives can sense it farther off. What this may prove is that contrary to conventional wisdom it’s conservatives who have the imagination and open-mindedness to perceive things that fall outside their Dunbar sphere of influence and sensation, while shitlibs only see a mass of LoveWins refugees who randomly do bad stuff to random strangers who are of no concern to the shitlib. (This also gets at loyalty, which is stronger feeling in conservatives and better helps them identify threats from afar.)

For a perfect example of Dunbarred liberals, see the recent truck attack in Manhattan, in which the local shitlibs insisted to media whores that they were unaffected by the attack and it wouldn’t stop them from celebrating Halloween.

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Unsubtle message: the enemy is White men, and the future will be rid of them.

PS there are two trannies in this PuffedHo montage. Can you pick them out?

PPS If you’re a White man, would you fight overseas for this country anymore? I wouldn’t. It’s time to turn that White shitlord martial instinct inwards, and fight AGAINST the country for betraying its contract with you and yours.

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Diversity + Proximity = War update (the hits (to the Narrative) just keep on coming!): Cities in the predominately White hold-out of the Midwest have the highest social capital scores. Diverse cities the lowest.

While entertainment, climate and recreation are no doubt important considerations for many people, there are many other location-related factors that influence quality of life. Social capital, for example, is rarely factored into the various indexes that rank and rate cities according to their quality of life.

As the World Bank defines it, “social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions.” In other words, social capital looks at community relationships and social cohesion. People living in places with high levels of social capital are likely to feel more connected to their local community and less isolated from their surroundings, while the opposite is true in places with low levels of social capital.

Generally, people build social capital through their participation in organizations and institutions. Examples may include attending religious services, volunteering at a special interest organization, joining a sports league or any other activity in which people can build a common bond or share a common goal. Social capital, therefore, is not necessarily a reflection of “quality of life” as many city planners understand the concept. While a community may have a high number of nice cafes and art galleries, they do not necessarily improve an individual’s quality of life if he or she holds no personal or emotional attachment to them.

Richard Florida BTFO.

According this index, the places with the highest social capital scores are mostly Midwestern cities where “quality of life” scores based on nightlife and natural amenities are lowest. These cities mostly have small, relatively homogenous populations. By contrast, many of the smaller, ethnically diverse cities in Texas, Arizona and California, as well as many cities in the smaller cities in the Southeast are at the bottom of the list in terms of social capital. Joining them near the bottom are large auto-dependent cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Houston.

Diversity is our lonesomeness. Homogeneity is our tight communal bonds. But, hey, you can get a Korean taco in your favorite Diversitopia to eat your despair!

No one but a virtue sniveling White liberal would be surprised (or pretend to be surprised) to learn that ethnic and racial homogeneity — that is, genetic closeness — buttresses stronger, healthier communities because people feel more at ease with those who are similar to themselves. Diversity isn’t a strength at all, unless you’re a globosouled bugman whose religion is your Faceborg quest for Likes and whose patron saint is your iPhag.

The article notes that for those who want to strike a balance between consumerist amenities, natural beauty, and social connectedness, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you.

In addition, small- and medium-sized cities in the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West offer a good balance between social capital and quality of life concerns. These cities have both the physical and social infrastructure to help people enjoy their community while also building the sort of emotional attachment required for long-term civic health.

Unfortunately, the PNW is also loaded down with the worst shitlib Whites in the country, a veritable outpost of soylandia uptalkers and bluehair fatties. You have to get away from the coast before people start resembling normal, sexually dimorphic humans again.

PS I’ve added this research to the Diversity + Proximity = War Reference List on the front page of the blog, bringing the total number of linked, lib-triggering studies to forty-three.

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