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File the latest SCIENCE! study in the “Chicks dig jerks” binder (it’s bulging).

Women really DO love bad boys: Females are more likely to lust after people with criminal records than males, study finds

There has been a long history of people falling for inmates and criminals and now a study has found the phenomenon may be more common than thought.

According to a new study of prison guards and other correctional workers, the attraction is felt more by females than males, and hardly ever has a happy ending. […]

In a study published in the journal Déliquance, justice et autres questions de société, the researcher focused on more than 300 cases of the phenomenon in the US and European media over a ten-year period, from 2005 to 2015. […]

The study found women were more affected than men, with over 70 per cent of cases of sexual misconduct in US correctional system involving female staff, despite them making up less than half of the prison workforce. [ed: much less than half. in 2011, women were a quarter of total prison facility employment]

The usual Hivemind-approved rationalizations are given for why women LOVE LOVE LOVE incarcerated lowlifes (“emotional manipulation”, “forced intimacy”, “savior mentality”, etc), but really the answer is the most Occam-y of the hypothesis razors: dangerous men make women’s vaginas wet with arousal and their hearts flush with yearning.

Scathing ridicule aside, let’s keep something in perspective. Women fawning over hardened inmates and opening their pussies to criminal cock is an insult to the families of the victims of these killers. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

But that is female nature for you. Instead of ignoring that nature, or hand-waving it away under a shitstream of sophistry, we should all confront it and accept it as an unchangeable fact of life. Then, we as a nation need to have policies which recognize and synchronize with the reality of female sexual nature rather than attempt to defy it or mold it into something alien. So here’s an eminently reasonable suggestion that will be dutifully tut-tutted by our equalist overlords: ban women from working at male prisons.

Perhaps Trump can bring this up on his victory parade to the White House.

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Longtime Chateau guests know I’m keen to *preen* when the pretext is right. But sometimes even an egregious preening can’t sufficiently convey the tumescence of my stroked ego when SCIENCE! lands a study in my lap that grinds me to completion.

A recurrent theme at CH is the personal observation that American women are becoming less feminine. As it so happens, CH was right! A new study finds that, hey, American women are becoming less feminine.

Masculine and Feminine Traits on the Bem Sex-Role Inventory, 1993–2012: a Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis

The Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) is one of Sandra Bem’s most notable contributions to feminist psychology, measuring an individual’s identification with traditionally masculine and feminine qualities. In a cross-temporal meta-analysis of U.S. college students’ scores on the BSRI (34 samples, N = 8,027), we examined changes in ratings on the Bem masculinity (M) and femininity (F) scales since the early 1990s. Additional analyses used data collected in a previous meta-analysis (Twenge 1997) to document changes since the BSRI’s inception in 1974. Our results reveal that women’s femininity scores have decreased significantly (d  = −.26) between 1993 and 2012, whereas their masculinity remained stable. No significant changes were observed for men. Expanded analyses of data from 1974 to 2012 (94 samples, N = 24,801) found that women’s M rose significantly (d  = .23), with no changes in women’s F, men’s M, and men’s F. Women’s androgyny scores showed a significant increase since 1974, but not since 1993. Men’s androgyny remained the same in both time periods. Our findings suggest that since the 1990s, U.S. college women have become less likely to endorse feminine traits as self-representative, potentially revealing a devaluation of traditional femininity. However, it is also possible that the scale items do not match modern gender stereotypes. Future research may need to update the BSRI to reflect current conceptions of gender.

This is yuge… (news, as well as study sample size.) The implications in the study’s findings about the transformation of the American sexual market are profound. If American women are becoming less feminine, then American men will find them less attractive, especially as long-term investment vehicles for marriage and family. And that is what the data show; the overall marriage rate is down and the age of first marriage is up, coinciding with the period during which women have lost their feminine charms.

Men are dropping out because women are leaning in. Way to go, feminist harpies!

In the big picture, female femininity has declined over the last generation or two because of feminist indoctrination and social signals encouraging and celebrating the abandonment of femininity.

In the bigger picture, widely and cheaply available birth control, abortion, obesity, processed food toxins, and female economic self-sufficiency have all conspired to denude women of their femininity and to impel women to adopt masculine posturing.

In the biggest picture, the loss of American women’s femininity is exactly what one would expect to see in a culture that is unmooring from its historical K-selected, predominantly White biomechanical foundation (patriarchal, high paternity certainty, slender women with low cock counts) and drifting toward an r-selected, increasingly nonWhite society (matriarchal, low paternity certainty, muscular and obese women with high cock counts) similar to the African sexual market norm, (where men more than anywhere else in the world are “dancing monkeys” for women and the women toil in the fields and bring home the bacon while crapping out kids from behind-the-bush trysts with multiple fathers).

When men’s sexuality is maximally restricted, and women’s sexuality is released of all constraints, the inevitable result is a dispiritingly corporate romantic market of supplicating male lackeys and aggro “slut positive” careergrrl chubsters whose very financial independence (government gibsmedats by any name) obviates the need to be more pleasing and feminine to attract beta male providers with tight resource sharing Game.

An unfeminine androgyne is the New World Woman, and she is letting men know they aren’t worth her effort to please, (and her unkempt vagina has seen lots of action DEAL WITH IT).

PS Would have loved to have seen this study controlled for race (if it hadn’t been). Mass invasion of nonWhites must certainly skew raw femininity/masculinity scores in one direction or another.

PPS Another SCIENCE!❤ CH knob job: Storytelling ability increases a man’s attractiveness as a long-term romantic partner.

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File this latest salvo in the Diversity + Proximity = War reference list: a lovefact-filled article about the intersection of natural disasters with minority rule.

For the second time in a year, Houston — the fourth largest city in the US and the largest in Texas — is under water. While the rainfall was huge, the response was poor. No actual solutions are being discussed in the media. The reason for this blackout brings together troubling issues of race, population, environmentalism and industry.


Contrary to most stereotypes of Texas, Houston is a diverse cosmopolitan city that is 75% non-white — and climbing. Most of these non-whites are Hispanics from Central America, Asians, Indians and African-Americans. The latter group is declining as it is pushed out of its traditional neighborhoods by gentrification and its replacement in traditional sources of income by Hispanics and Asians.

Typical SWPL secretly thinks, “Yay! Crime will go down with fewer blacks!” What typical SWPL never imagines: “There are more ways to feel like a stranger in your own land than by the number of muggings you have to tolerate.”

While gentrification gets a bad rap in New York, here it is beloved by minorities on an individual level and bemoaned on a collective level. Individuals do not mind getting $400,000 for a house they paid $50,000 for only a decade or two ago, but groups notice the “diversity tension” which is that they feel like aliens in their own communities. At a certain crucial threshold, the original group simply moves out en masse.

“Alien-ness” is a concept our leftoid anti-White genocidists ought to consider in terms beyond glowing approval. Every race on earth* — yes, even GoodWhite liberals — feels more comfortable living among its own kind.

*With the possible exception of blacks, who love moving into White-run cities for the gibs and then bitching about White racism. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say the people of every race on earth feel more warmth and harmony toward neighbors who look like themselves.

Affirmative action dominates the construction industry where it overlaps with government. Where the private sector is dependent on cheap Hispanic labor to make larger profits, the government agencies give preference to minority- and woman-owned businesses. As a result, public works projects frequently move slowly and involve high costs, as seen with union labor in the past.

In addition, minority standards of construction are more like those one would find in Mexico or Vietnam. The development industry has standardized nearly every form of construction as a result. Homes are made of standard wooden frames designed to fit a pattern, covered in insulation and sheetrock, and then filled with pre-fabricated fixtures, door frames, floors, cabinets, doors and wiring. These are designed to be idiot-proof and quick to install. This enables the industry to use unskilled labor as if it were skilled, saving costs.

“Idiot-proof” = “dull shoebox houses”. Funny how a push for race and sex Diversity™ has resulted in a notable lack of housing design diversity.

Most renovation and much of construction is done through the use of “day laborers,” or mostly Hispanic men who sit at the edges of the parking lots of Home Depot and Loewes and other home construction businesses. Trucks pull up, shout out an offer for the day’s work, and then pick up a half-dozen men to go do a job. These groups follow a kind of “buddy system” where if at least one member of the group has some experience, the rest go along with it and do what he says. A network of mostly white but also Asian and African-American “contractors” make a good living by hiring day laborers, paying them relatively little, and taking the profits which are widened by lower labor costs.

Consequently standards of construction have plummeted. Homes fall apart; doors hang at odd angles; mysterious fires are more frequent. Since government is now also minority-dominated, each group represents itself. If the workers at a home that falls down are Hispanic, and the government officials investigating are Hispanic, the event is more likely to be classified as mysterious instead of a solution found.

Corruption, malfeasance, incompetence, bribery, nepotism… these are the curses of Diversity shoved down the throat of White America (getting less White by the day). Sad! At least the lawyers will have plenty of work. (((heh)))

A whole second string of industry has sprung up with pale Asian and white experts who are called in at high cost to fix what the contractors and city inspectors missed.

When things go south, bring the White men out.

The result is that a city with little infrastructure has more than doubled its population, changed its character and abilities from that of a mostly English-German city to a mostly Hispanic-Asian one, and has paved itself in roads, parking lots and driveways. The resulting changes have been vast. Air currents now move far to the north of the concrete wasteland, changing weather patterns and resulting in hotter temperatures; here, summer begins in April and ends in mid-September. Water runoff has become a large problem but the public works are not up to the task, so it floods.

I bet (White) environmentalists are pissed about this assault on nature and good taste. What do they have to say?

Where have environmental groups been in this whole process? Environmental groups are staffed by trust fund kids from the dying white establishment and the diversity/affirmative action hires who accept the lower pay for shorter hours. This pairs people with no sense of reality with people who could care less about being effective. […]

Environmental groups have followed a strategy of trying to save species rather than trying to save land. […] As a result, the species there are overpopulated and dying off, and very little land is set aside for nature.


To fix the problems of Houston and its flooding would require interventions that are politically unsustainable. Some developments would have to be removed to make way for more open land, which would not be park land and so would anger local residents. These communities would likely be either traditional minority communities in the process of gentrification, at which point the remaining minority residents would be rallied to protest “racism,” or new communities which minority groups hope to move into to live the American Dream™. Any action to cut down on concrete and over-development would also anger the oil and development industries.

Low-High versus Middle. The story of 21st America. May God Emperor Trump save us all from the coming Sheeeeeiit Death.

In Houston, we see a microcosm of the problem in the West: incompetent and morally rotten whites exploiting the situation for personal gain, including the importation of cheap third-world labor to make those profits fatter, paired up with a community more like that of Mexico or Vietnam where people simply do not care and cannot fix these problems. For all it is like winning the lottery: money pouring through the door for easy work, so enjoy it and forget about tomorrow.

I bolded a part that deserves more emphasis in discussions about immigration and open borders. Fact is, many nonWhite migrants and invaders from the less pleasing nations of the world are habituated to extreme apathy by the lifestyles they were accustomed to in their homelands before they absconded to the US to make anchor baby great again. Vast regions of the world are populated by blissfully ignorant peasant stock and bootlicker strivers who, through habit or disposition, accept “the way things are” even when that way means living in squalor and watching on the sidelines as a nepotistic parade of crooks and con men loot their nation’s fisc.

So a hearty congratulations to America’s ruling class for diligently overseeing the importation of tens of millions of these apathetic cheap labor cogs and public teat sucklers! You’ve got your obedient indentured brown servants who will consume your cheap Chinese-made throwaway trinkets and nail-by-number plasticine death-trap houses while dutifully voting your oligarch lefty buddies into office for lifetime, and generational, terms of nation-destroying service. And you also enjoy the self-aggrandizing benefit of fewer and fewer salt of the earth Whites remaining who are the only group capable of successfully rebelling against your depredations and ousting you from power.

But that was the point all along. And that’s why a revolution looms, despite your best efforts to quash it under a mountain of hivemind equalist agit-prop with the help of your SJW useful toolbags.

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Johnny Redux paints a lurid, dismal picture of the America he sees fulminating around him.

We need something to change, and that’s for sure. I live in a pretty nice area. Stopped at the chain grocery store to get some items for the week, and here are some things that I saw/thought:

* Saw two young girls (between 12-14) wearing skin tight leggings with no skirt or anything to cover their butts. They were not together, but with separate moms walking around the store. One mom looked like a trailor park loser, the other mom was a fake blond whore wearing her own set of tight leggings (and fat ass to go with it). Both totally oblivious to the whore-training their daughters (or maybe jealous of it, who knows!). The older brother of one of the girls (and son of the trailor park trash woman) looks pale, thin, and has turd green pants on drooping down to mid-butt. He slides when he moves, he does not walk. I am guessing there is no dad in the picture with any of them.
* Tall, heavier set 25-ish year old White girl at the checkout line next to mine, with what appeared to be her father. The father was carrying the girl’s young 2-year old looking son, who clearly had some Puerto Rican or other non-White blood in him. Turned my stomach. Of course, the father of the child is no where to be found. Pumped and dumped, raising the genome of another race, and doubtful to ever carry a full-blooded White baby to full term. Of course, beta dad is just happy to have a grandchild. Yeah, diversity.
* On the way out, a fat, 40 year old, 5’2″ slug of a woman almost runs into me (as she is coming through the exit!) because she is staring at her iPhag. Does not bother to say excuse me, sorry, etc. I say, loudly, “Nice job! Keep staring down at your stupid phone!”
* In the parking lot, put my groceries in the trunk. Look over to the car in the next isle unloading the family. Both girls are hypnotically staring at their iPhags. I wonder, “How will either of these girls making a fully functioning adult, let alone a fully functioning mother who has to GIVE her attention to another human being for more than 30-second blasts?! This is why the Third World, for now, has an advantage on the social level, because they are not being destroyed by all of this readily available technology…and pumped the drug of constant entertainment.”
* Get inside my nice, sound-deadening car, and all is quite. Breath. Jezuz! Going out is depressing when your eyes are open. Turn the key, and “Lips Like Sugar” comes on. That helped.

Kevin “Eggface” Williamson would tell these people to rent a U-Haul and move to another town. And that is why the magazine he works for, and his preferred candidates, fail.

America is regressing and growing coarser and more venal by the day. The last stages of decline and irruption are in view. I have hope that this ship can be turned around before hitting the shoals, but my hope dwindles with each new outrageous news cycle testifying to the stupendous malevolence and incompetence of our ruling elite and their sycophantic, status whoring, megaphone lackeys.

Eventually, this will end. I think now more than before that it will end with America splintered into regional powers, because the mutual hatreds have festered and been stoked for far too long to permit even a facile show of unity. Our “””leaders””” now openly show utter contempt for their subjects, denying their constituents even the simplest and most beneficial concessions, like deporting invading migrants and refraining from depositing alien refugees in small, rural towns; how is this state of affairs any different than living under a malicious dictatorship?

Good men of noble T levels fall into two camps: those ready to fight no matter the odds against, and those ready to “deaden the sound and the fury”. Either choice, in sufficient numbers, means the death rattle of this tainted America. Soon, the house cucks will come to realize their cause is not just futile, but wicked, and their time will disappear like Spanish moss in a hurricane.

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Compare And Contrast

president butt naked’s latest military combat command appointee:


Russian soldiers at the last Victory Day parade in Red Square:


There’s a reason Trump speaks well of Putin, and weepy cuck vaginas want to start WWIII with Russia, (from afar, and with prole cannon fodder, of course).

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Why is John “Cat Lady” Kasich — he who dribbles tepid platitudes like “migrants are made in the image of the Lord” and wants to hoard millions of them in the US as if they were stray cats — even in the GOP nomination race? He won’t win another state. Ohio was his hunchbacked cri de coeur. A 1-for-29 winning streak that can only get worse from here. Not to mention, the whole “aw shucks golly gee willikers” facade to dupe placid Midwesterners is just that; Cucksich is in reality a mean-spirited prick.

So what’s his angle? Obviously, he was employed as a GOPe suicide bomber. His job was to flush 66 delegates down the toilet so Trump couldn’t get them, increasing the hopes of the cuck traitors of a brokebacked convention that would cut Trump off from the nomination. Scum of the earth, these cucks, and how much clearer does it have to be shown to middle and working class Whites that their putative representatives in truth hate them with a passion and do nothing for them but make their lives worse?

Over on Twatter, Dick Brisket (@EmpireOfJeff) puts it well.

1. Consider: Kasich knows he has no shot at winning the nomination. So why would he stay in the race? It’s pretty simple, if depressing.

2. The GOPe has promised him some political plum in exchange for his help in keeping Trump from winning 1,237 delegates.

3. This is exactly the type of back-room dealing and betrayal of the voters’ wishes that got Rubio rejected so soundly.

4. It’s not that the GOP hasn’t learned. It’s that they hate you, resent even having to pay lip service to your demands, and now you’ll pay.

5. It may be suicidal for the party, but they don’t care. They will NOT share power with those they consider beneath them.

6. So what does that mean for the GOP? They’re finished. Expect at least 2 parties to emerge after this debacle. One Tea Partyish, one Estab.

7. Does this mean some time in the wilderness for conservatives? Of course it does. There was never any savior coming to fix our problems.

8. The country is now >50% Free Shitter. Hillary was president as soon as she announced her candidacy. That’s the America we live in.

Two thoughts. One, Hillary is not a shoe-in. Most Dems are secretly worried the most about Trump as a general election opponent. Trump has tremendous cross-over appeal that the GOP haven’t seen from their candidates since, oh, Reagan.

Two, Kasich was the Cucksters’ Last Stand. They don’t have any bullets left in the chamber. And I don’t think it will stumpening the Trumpening. At worst, the cuck show limps along all the way to the convention with Trump holding a comfortably large plurality of delegates, just shy of the 1,237 needed to lock the nom down. If the cucks’ menstrual flow hasn’t stopped by then, a GOPe split is a real possibility. I give it 40% chance at this point.

Either outcome — GOPe schism or GOPe acquiescence to Trump — means the end of the reign of “liberals are the real racists!” cucks. You could call it a Cuckularity. And it will be good.

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