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The tech company is in the news because its celebrated female CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was just charged with committing “massive fraud” by the SEC for misleading investors with false claims about her company’s tech.

And that little shitlord boy went HA HAAWW!

Watch this video of Holmes speaking in the patois of a souldead corporate diversiwhore automaton.

Wew. The Strange.

Under the skin of every female CEO you’ll find high T, manjawdibles, phallic clits, an excitable infidelity-cuckoldry neural feedback loop, a deep ocean vocal register, and quite often a leftover kippah from her bitch mitzvah.

In other words, a man. Parenthetically speaking.

PS Gaze into the technicolor funhouse abyss of her eyes. Crazy is as crazy glares. We live in the era of autistic psychocunts. #LOSING

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America used to be a Small House-Big Lot country.

America then became a Big House-Small Lot pseudo-country.

And She is on her way to becoming a Small Living Quarter-No Lot post-country.

Thanks, Globalist Scum, for turning American into a real life human version of Calhoun’s rat dystopia experiments!


In heartening news: when young White men are ready to fight, the world will shake.

PS De-urbanization should be a major plank of the Maul-Right. Crass, mass urbanization is intimately tied up with national decline. To save America, we must spin off Americans from the centripetal pull of the urban soymachine.


From RedPillofHergest:

Went with friends to a top ranked ski resort in New England for an over-priced (white-priced ?) weekend. At lunch we observed an extended family nearby. The brothers obviously worked out, looked to be late 20s or early 30s, both married to slender, blonde, attractive women. Each had 2 kids. There were 3 boys and girl, aged probably 4-8. One of the dads gave them a $5 and they wriggled past the crowd near the door waiting to be seated, through the packed restaurant, right along the bar, to the door in back that led down the hall to the arcade. A few minutes later we laughed as the little girl, all flowing long hair and batting eyelids asked for more quarters. One woman in our group said, “those boys aren’t dumb! Send the girl to hit him up.” And dad poked back at his daughter with “you guys went through 20 quarters already?!”, hesitating until she leaned in with a “puh-leeeeez?” before coughing up another $5. And off she went alone through the gauntlet of adults, out of sight in an instant. I looked to a 16 year old boy in our group and said, “what do you make of that? Those little kids going off like that and nobody is worried about them?” He replied, “so? I used to do the same thing here,” And then I hit him with, “You know why parents let their kids do it? Because this is a homogenous environment. Everybody operates the same way. If there were any freak that might hurt a kid, he would stand out in this crowd, and people would put a stop to it.” His eyes started scanning the crowd. “Now”, I finished, “imagine if you’re entire country was like that !”

*sigh* Heavenly thoughts.

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Add another hatefact to the Diversity + Proximity = War reference list (liberally forward to your libshit friends for cogdis hilarity!). US News editors compiled a “best state to live” ranking, but unlike previous rankings they gave more weight this go-round to scores in categories that mattered most to people, according to survey answers. (h/t Beeschelhoff)

Consequently, “Quality of Life” scores had more prominence in evaluating state livability. Quality of Life is defined as

…largely a result of their interactions with those around them,” U.S. News writes. “Studies show that when people feel socially supported, they experience greater happiness, as well as physical and mental health.”

Careful, veering close to crimethink there. (Someone page Pleasurecel so that he can update his SCALE archives with this latest confirmatory evidence.)

On this basis, the top five states with the highest quality of life were

North Dakota
New Hampshire
South Dakota

The state with the lowest quality of life was California.

Related, the percentage share of Whites in each of those states, as of 2015:

North Dakota: 88.7%
Minnesota: 84.8%
Wisconsin: 86.5%
New Hampshire: 93.7%
South Dakota: 85.0%

California: 61.8%

It’s well-known by now to those who aren’t self-deluding that Diversity™ reduces social trust. The more racially disparate groups crammed together in geographically close quarters, the more miserable, alienated, and socially atomized everyone feels. So it’s predictable that vibrantly diverse Mexifornia would have a shitty quality of life convincing its unhappy (White) residents to flee to other states for relief, while mostly homogeneous states like New Hampshire have a good quality of life and happy residents who feel like they belong to something bigger than their buttplug collection and anime porn.

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  1. Import polygynous third worlders into America
  2. Magic dirt!
  3. Instead get more zero sum polygyny, violence, despair in America
  4. “My magic dirt my magic dirt why have you forsaken me?!”

Most of the Dirt World is polygynous — a few alpha men take multiple wives, leaving the bottom 30% or more of men incel and ready to machete the neighboring tribe for their cattle and women.

Naturally, if you bring more of these kinds of people — the sudanese, the somalis, the pakistanis, the mystery meaties — into America, then America begins to resemble the polygynous wastelands our vibrant enrichers left behind. Get ready for xenophilic libshits to rationalize brideprices, clitoridectomies, child marriages, polygamy, harem quarters, and suburban raids because they’re part of the cultural tapestry of persons of machete and because it pisses off Heritage Americans.

“People and races aren’t interchangeable” was a fairly uncontroversial Truth for most of Western history that today in the Current Year provokes millions of shitlib Westerners to shrieking indignation and flashing their Though Criminal Patrol badges. This won’t end well.

The article is full of laughs. Excerpts:

Jok loves cows. “They give you milk, and you can marry with them,” he smiles.

Field of creams.

Asked about polyandry, Gurmeet says, “I strongly disapprove. It is against nature for a woman to have multiple partners.” He elaborates: “As a young man I kept chickens. The cock has many hens, but he does not allow the females to mate with more than one partner. So it’s against natural law.”

Coolidge winked.

Polygamy “can work fine, provided you do justice to [all wives] equally,” says Amar, a Pakistani judge with two wives. “If you do not prefer any one over the others, no problem arises.”

52 yo wife 1: “he goes limp inside me”

19 yo wife 2: “not for me”

52 yo wife 1: “the fuckin patriarchy!”

But Amar thinks he gets it right. “My routine is: I spend one night with one wife and one night with the other. That way, nobody feels treated badly. And I give them exactly the same amount of money to spend: they get one credit card each. As a judge, it is [my] foremost duty to deliver justice.”

Dread Game.

One of his wives enters the room and offers to give her side of the story. Her husband banishes her, with visible irritation, before your correspondent can ask her anything.

Shit test passed. Alpha.

In South Sudan, nearly 80% of people think it acceptable for a husband to beat his wife for such things as refusing sex, burning the dinner and so on.

Not many wives get headaches in south sudan.

Divorce requires that the bride’s family repay the brideprice; they may thus insist that the abused woman stays with her husband no matter how badly he treats her.

LJL. Family values don’t stop at the Bahr el Jabal River.

A study among the Dogon of Mali found that a child in a polygynous family was seven to 11 times more likely to die early than a child in a monogamous one. The father spends his time siring more children rather than looking after the ones he already has, Mr Barash explains. Also, according to the Dogon themselves, jealous co-wives sometimes poison each other’s offspring so that their own will inherit more.

Ban guns.

Her father, a former rebel commander, had eight wives and numerous concubines. She has 41 siblings that she knows of.

Natural conservative.

Sometimes her father would come round drunk, bang on the door and take her mother’s money to spend on another woman.

Preselected by other women.

That said, the extended family could pull together in an emergency. When her father was shot in the leg, his wives teamed up to bathe him, get him to hospital and pay his medical bills.

MLTR management. Or: how to know when you’ve got your plates on lock.

One day, when Akech was at university, her father asked her to come and see him. “We had never had a father-daughter bond, so I was excited,” she remembers. When she arrived, he introduced her to a fellow officer and ordered her to marry him. She was horrified. Her father’s friend was 65. Akech was 19.

Akech went on to complete university and find a good job. She recently bought her now-elderly father a house, partly to show him the value of her education, but also out of a residual sense of guilt at having once defied him. “In my culture, your parents are your earthly gods. I tried not to disappoint him,” she says. He has never said sorry for attempting to sell her.

Water under the bridge.

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Via TheExcrutiationator, a great comment by Matt in VA regrettably hitched to a Rod Dreher post, making the point that we live in a nation increasingly populated by sociopathic narcissists who aren’t all that different than the murderous school shooters they exploit as a springboard to the start of their left-wing political activism careers with CNN.

I am surprised that you don’t draw out the parallel between school shootings and another common theme on this blog — early-onset transgenderism.

Both are to some degree social contagions and media/extremely-online-culture phenomena.

The most recent school shooting in Florida is depressing but the school shooting itself is not the only thing that is revealing. What is most interesting from a cultural-criticism standpoint is the way the shooting generated a simultaneous parallel media spectacle in the form of the survivors who were already making videos for Youtube while bullets were being fired and who had media handlers and hashtags ready to go before the bodies had a chance to get cold.

I have seen the faces of the *gun control NOW* kids about 1,000 times since the shooting happened less than a week ago. I don’t think I’ve seen any photos of the kids who got murdered at all.

Generation Z will have two big cohorts:

alienated dysfunctional (to a greater or lesser degree) kids who engage in activities ranging from incredibly dedicated online trolling to can’t-get-a-girlfriend PUA forum posting to going crazy and school shooter speedrunning like it’s a videogame


smarmy cold-blooded strivers born on third base whose reaction to traumatic and horrifying experiences is to seek–instantaneously, instinctively, even while bodies are hitting the floor around them– to convert them to clicks, engagement, and fodder to pad college resumes with killer ways to sell themselves as passionate self-starters and change agents, hugely effective at doing exactly what Silicon Valley wants most — generating likes, comments, and shares.

100 years ago, many young people (not too much older than these high school kids) responded to the carnage they witnessed and experienced on the Western Front — how? By carrying around a well-worn volume of Housman and writing poetry (*the* characteristic response of that particular generation to the war.)

Now, kids’ primary response to something like this is to trample over the freshly fallen bodies of their classmates in order to throw themselves in front of as many TV and smartphone cameras as possible. The narcissistic sociopathy (cloaked of course, in repeated hysterical assertions of moral self-righteousness based not on acts but on political positions) is related, in a way, to the murderous nihilism of the school shooters themselves. This is how the winners and the losers of today’s society conduct themselves.

The question left to be asked is, WHY is there runaway narcissism in America?

Why do we have a generation of bratlings bouncing like hypertards from one hashtag to the next for a quick fix of social media applause? Why are there limelight hogs like David Hogg who will effortlessly segue from a traumatic school shooting to reciting focus-group tested shitlib lines in front of CNN cameras? Is no one else utterly repulsed by the sight of attention whores slipping in their dying classmates’ blood to grab headlines and harangue Congressmen with political talking points put together by craven chaimstream media propagandists?

Is this cultural trend not SICK AS FUCK to anyone with a scintilla of common decency left in him?

My answer to the narcissism question: it’s the feminization, stupid. Narcissism is an inherently female trait (and homosexual male trait). Both sexes have their narcissists, but the condition is more prevalent and manifests more acutely in women, who are natural attention whores constitutionally aware that their bodies and faces are their primary means of capturing male interest. Furthermore, in a sexual market becoming more r-selected (cads over dads), narcissistic men have a leg up on the male competition.

As our culture and institutions feminize, and media agitprop pathologizes normal healthy masculinity, we get more womanly narcissists. YouGoGrrlism and gay poz are yielding a bounty of narcissists for whom other people are either obstacles or accomplices to the public recognition of their glowing self-conception.

The explosion of Americans with the Dark Triad suite of personality traits means more psycho narcissists mugging for cameras and wearing pussyhats as substitutes for good character. Narcissism is being genetically or socially selected for via open borders mass immigration, sexual choice, cultural propaganda, and social atomization. The latter condition is particularly fertile ground for narcissists to flower, because a complete lack of social controls that otherwise small communities bring to bear on individuals means there is a lot of upside to using narcissistic exploitation to get similar social benefits from strangers that one would normally get in a rooted community from family and neighbors. And given that rootless itinerants are less likely to stick around for long after their sociopathic, narcissistic exploitation has shattered the lives around them, there is less possibility for corrective punishment like social shaming to curb the narcissist’s excesses.

The David Hoggs of the world aren’t far removed from the de Jesus Cruzes of the world. That’s something which should worry us all, because narcissism has a bad habit of burning itself out in a pyre of self-centered immolation that scorches everything in its radius of contact.

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