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No manjaws, no tats, no blue hair, BMIs under 23 and glowing with feminine energy. These photos of Olde America are painful to look at, knowing how much we have lost since then.

Idle thought: how much influence does photography have on cultural continuity? Will photographs save America from the fates of other empires? When Rome was declining, Romans didn’t have photos of Olde Rome to remind them of what they were losing. They had myths, fading generational memories, and sculpture, but if they had photos would they have evaded their collapse?

If we had no mid-century photos, would we have forgotten by now what American women, and America, used to be? Would we be able to fondly, vividly, and instantly recall that America was once a shining titty on a hill?

Because we have photos and can look back at a better America, will it be the secret ingredient so many others before us were missing, that steels our hearts to save a dying nation? I wonder.


A reader writes,

Roman homes were full of busts and death masks of forebears which were worn at festivals and funerals. These and all sculptures painted to look lifelike. Oral family tradition strong. Household gods worshipped for a thousand years before Rome. The collapse took a long, long time.

But those were death masks. Ancestors captured in plaster and marble, stiff and quasi-monstrous in their facsimile. Today, we have photos, qualitatively different. We can see bygone America alive and happy and flush with confidence. The hit right to the feels is more visceral.


Another reader,

The question is how well does it compete with the shitlib infested media and education monstrosities that attack the culture.

I like to think a faded photo of one smiling, height-weight proportionate 1950s woman can sweep away the lies of a million hate Whitey opinion pieces by our enemies.


Another reader,

the marble statues and architecture gave them a false sense of permanence

Yes, ironically those statues might have had the opposite effect on Romans than what was intended: made them complacent instead of feeling the urgency of the loss.

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Mexican Colony

I see the beaners on the corner
And the grime of a world with no borders
I leave my town and check the neighbors
I leave again when it’s full of invaders
I hear the rhythms of ranchera
I plug my ears but it’s in my cabeza
I hear the talking of the lawn guy
Can’t understand but he’s 5 bucks a day

We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ohh colony

I look around and see invasion
They talk about a new globalist nation
I understand more than a little
Yo comprende, my vote is whittled

We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony
We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony

I wish I was with Bernie Sanders
Living with folk who are mannered
I’d sneer at rednecks in haughty tones
And keep the riff raff far from home
MS-13 is round the corner
The south has moved to north of the border
I hear the talking from the Beltway
Can’t understand they must live far away

We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony
We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony
Mexico El Norte
Mexico El Norte
Mexico El Norte
Mexico El Norte
We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony
We’re in a mexican colony
We’re in a mexican whoa-ooh colony
Colony colony
Where is my say?

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There are a lot of great examples of Game in advertising, especially ads produced during the egalitarian, compression era of America. For instance there’s this ad, which reads like Don Draper wrote the copy:

Can you identify the Game techniques and concepts used in this ad?

“We pass up around 19 girls, before we get one that qualifies”: (literally) QUALIFICATION

“If looks were everything, it wouldn’t be so tough”: ACTIVE DISINTEREST

“Sure, we want her to be pretty”: IMPLICIT NEG

“But we don’t stop there. We talk. And we listen”: COMFORT, ATTAINABILITY

“We judge her personality,…”: FLIP THE SCRIPT

“So we try to eliminate these problems by taking a lot more time and passing up a lot more girls”: MALE ENTITLEMENT, CHOOSINESS

What are adds today? A weak mewling White beta who is the butt of jokes, a manjawed careerist White woman with mystery meatballs in tow, a wise confident dindu anointing the unwashed.

How far we have fallen as a culture.


I bet very VERY few women of the day bitched about this ad when it was released. I bet the ad’s “misogyny” (by current year standards) barely if at all registered in women’s consciousnesses. American women have had to be propagandized by a relentless assault of feminist nonsense to learn that what was once normal relations between the sexes is actually patriarchal oppression. And now we have American women begging for the love of third world rapefugees and retweeting campus rape hoaxes published to universal fanfare and used as the basis for man-hating government policy.

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The American Library Association has been overrun by gloryholing nümales, rug munchers, and pussyhatters. (see slideshow)

ljl at that banal intersectionalist poopytalk at the bottom.

If Ben Franklin could have seen what would become of the American Library institution, he would have stayed in Paris, enjoying ze poolside.

The American Library Association is now staffed and overseen by submissive beta bitchboys, aggrocunt feminists, and ex-DMV employees, all of them intent on achieving final victory over the hated (and self-hated) White Man: corruption of his institutions, erasure of his history, and replacement by his lessers.

When weak men and abrasive women have captured the institutions, decay, desecration, and destruction of those institutions isn’t far behind.

Related: There is evidence (thank you, ¡SCIENCE!) that big goofy smiles — aka gloryhole faces — are associated with lower dominance and lower prestige.

Across four studies, the current paper demonstrates that smiles are associated with lower social status. Moreover, the association between smiles and lower status appears in the psychology of observers and generalizes across two forms of status: prestige and dominance. In the first study, faces of fashion models representing less prestigious apparel brands were found to be more similar to a canonical smile display than the faces of models representing more prestigious apparel brands. In a second study, after being experimentally primed with either high or low prestige fashion narratives, participants in the low prestige condition were more likely to perceive smiles in a series of photographs depicting smiling and non-smiling faces. A third study of football player photographs revealed that the faces of less dominant (smaller) football players were more similar to the canonical smile display than the faces of their physically larger counterparts. Using the same football player photographs, a fourth study found that smiling was a more reliable indicator of perceived status-relevant personality traits than perceptions of the football players’ physical sizes inferred from the photographs.

Another nugget of Chateau wisdom lovingly polished by the labcoats.

  • Betas smile too little and smile too much

Yeah, it seems contradictory, but betas never have a firm grasp on when and how often it’s personally advantageous to smile. They don’t smile when they walk into the bar or before they’ve started talking to a girl, and they smile too much once they are in a conversation with a girl. This behavior reveals their tormented beta soul: They are unhappy to be there until a girl’s presence makes them happy. Would an alpha relinquish his state of mind to another person? Especially a woman? No. His joy is self-generated.

When you go out to FMAC girls, try this face for best results:

In the big picture analysis, the efflorescence of gawping soyboys indicates a bifurcating sexual market featuring the cad haves and the incel have-nots. The open-mouthed betas are advertising their submission to the new paradigm whenever they get the chance, hoping an alpha will toss them one of his sloppy fifths and the manjawed shrikes who work with them won’t accuse them of a #MeToo infraction. This period of Western history, particularly in America, is notable for the appeasing prostration of its mass of beta males. The pendulum will eventually swing back to confident beta males in charge of the culture, and when it does it will swing with a vengeance, because we’ve gone much further down the road of anti-beta male degeneracy.

Also related: Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right website was de-registered by GoDaddy at the request of a butthurt black woman “civil rights” lolyer. Hey, how about that! Diversity isn’t so great for free speech! Corporations that cave like this to shrieking anti-White mobs ought to be de-registered from earth.

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These are the biocultural revolutions the long-term impacts of which most Westerners have severely underestimated:

– the Pill

– cheap and safe abortion

– mass nonwhite immigration

– the total abandonment of organized patriarchal religion

– female economic empowerment

– sugar dousing

– market saturation of hardcore porn

– (((the diaspora)))

– runaway credentialism


Regarding that last item, credentialism is inherently feminine. Hierarchy is inherently masculine. All pre-collapse late stage empires are marked by a retreat from the masculine virtues and an embrace of the feminine vices. I plan to do a post on this subject because understanding its importance is crucial to correctly diagnosing the system-wide social failures now percolating through the West.


A reader adds penicillin to the list. I figure that’s a gray area, because the benefits of penicillin (at least over the evolutionary short term) would appear to far outweigh negatives (decoupling sexual behavior from fear of disease and helping to unleash an r-selected sexual market). In the long term, though, penicillin may come to be viewed as one of CH’s six sirens of the sexual apocalypse.

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Cause and Effect: Act like a cloying beta male borefriend, become an ex-cloying beta male borefriend. From everybodylovesscott,

I have a friend where every single picture with his gf hes praising her in the fb caption (I’ve since deleted fb so I don’t see them anymore) with a “My gf is so amazing” or “She’s out of my league” or leaning into her and grinning like an idiot. Recently he complained to me “women are stupid, she takes forever to reply to my messages now” and he told me “yeah, we stopped having sex so often because my penis is too big and she needs recovery time”

When the reframe is way too try-hard.

She’s post 30 so I’m not positive she’s going to rip his heart out before they get married or after she gets her 2 kids and decides she “loves him but isn’t in love with him” but I don’t see the situation ending well. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

Ironically, the Wall has saved many beta males from a much-deserved dumping. The anxious woman on Wall approach is the beta male’s best friend. Downside: you get one, maybe two, months, tops, of bangable pussy.

He’s also packed on 40lbs in the last year because “I’m getting laid so I don’t have the motivation to stay fit anymore”

That’s not it. He’s depressed because he senses his aging beauty is already, or is thinking about, cheating on him.

He’s a narcissistic know it all so showing him this website would do nothing except get me a “you don’t know anything” response

Narcissists would make great Game-savvy womanizers, but their very narcissism prevents them from learning a thing or two from their betters.


Another example of Cause and Effect which eludes White shitlib cognition: Bring more third world peasantry to America, make America more like the peasants’ third world homeland they left behind. From Johnny Redux,

So, 150 or so squatamalans arrived at some shithole on the Mexican border called the Hotel de Migrante. The place looks like America — IF we let them keep coming in. One big shithole.

Anyhow, just like the fake “migrant” crisis in Europe, these so-called asylum seekers are bringing their iPhones. Oh, how rough they have it. Seeking more free handouts, medical care, etc. up North. Clearly they have NO right to seek asylum, when they walked right through a safe nation, Mexico, which offered them sanctuary. Nope, not enough free shit in Meh-hee-ko. Need to go farther north, to the land of the liberal gringos!

I’m convinced a lot of the West’s problems, and interrelatedly a lot of the problems bedeviling beta males, could be solved with a proper and complete understanding of cause and effect.

But no one’s much interested in cause and effect anymore (to economists: externalities), because the logic of it is a huge buzzkill to our gadget-enslaved, lifestyle advertising, virtue sniveling ipod people.

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Audacious E put together a graph of political donations during the 2016 election season and uncovered an astounding left-wing bias at Facecock:

…crooked Hillary received more than 85% of all campaign contributions made by Facebook employees during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign. Democrats took 93.1% of the total; Republicans 5.8%, and third-party candidates 1.1%.

Hillicon Valley is more lopsidedly leftoid than the Chaimstream Media. Incredible.

America’s arguably two most powerful institutions — tech and media — are anti-White left wing to the hilt. Floor to rafters staffed by leftists, run by leftists, and owned by leftists. This is very bad for democracy. No way can we sustain the fiction of a working republic with an IngSoc thumb firmly on the scale of fairness, free speech, and objectivity.

As I’ve been saying for a while, the only guaranteed solution to this problem of leftoid control of the command centers of America is a mass culling of them from the ranks of the media and, we may as well add, from Shillicon Valley technopolies. There really is no other solution. We won’t change their minds; we won’t convince them of mercy toward the dissident voices they censor and silence. We can only defeat them, totally, utterly, mercilessly, and run them out of power on a rail(car). It’s the only way to be sure.

Here’s to hoping, once again, that Trump or his surrogates read this blog and slip in the word “cull” in one of his morning tweetshivs to subtly acknowledge the influence this blog has on their thinking, and to signal their commitment to the necessary culling, by whatever means.




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