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She hit the wall, backed up, hit it again, and got crushed when it toppled over on her.

That’s what ten years of drugs, drink, cocks, and crazy — aka feminism — will do to a girl.

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She gets around‘: NFL star ex-fiance of Jeff Bezos’ new lover Lauren Sanchez claims she cheated on him, expected him to pay for everything and then kept their engagement ring when they split after four years together

ALPHA: giving a young hot chick a bag of Skittles for her birthday and she still loves you

BETA: falling deeply in love with a botoxed, road-worn slut and losing 70 billion in the divorce settlement after your wife finds out

Be Skittles Man, don’t be Jeff Bozo. The billions aren’t worth the effort to earn it if you’ll only blow it on a haggard slut with clown lips.


From P.K. Griswold,

I hereby amend my previous comment wherein I speculated that Bozos warm-opened this skank.

Nope. She opened him.

Sanchez’s hamster recognised Bozos for the pathetic little MARK that he is (probably at a dinner party he hosted) and she moved in for the hypergamous killshot.

Read the text messages; she had him eating out of her hand. Just a matter of time after that before she got her big payday. Good for her. She got what she deserved and so did Bozos.

You reading, Anglin? MONEY IS NOT ALPHA.

Sanchez is the classic femme fatale, minus the femme.

When you endured your formative years as an incel nerd and spent your twenties marinating in self-doubt about your ability to attract decent-looking women, a sudden influx of billions of dollars won’t fix your confidence problem. You’ll still see yourself as that lsmv loser, so when an aging beauty comes onto you, you fall in love.

This is Jeff Bezos.

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A caustically hilarious comment from Doktor Jeep,

Age comes no matter what you do.
It’s what you don’t do that hurts you later.
BTW I have dated women my age, and yeah, that’s the menopausal years. A warning to you young bucks who “don’t care about money”: The worst part about getting older is getting to fuck older women. Unless you have money.
Let me tell you something, when a woman hits menopause, she’s basically a man with girl parts, but SHE WILL STILL SHIT TEST YOU AND BE A DRAMA MONGER JUST OUT OF HABIT.
And that once or twice a month you get laid you’d think someone left a hunk of cheddar under the bed.
Mark my words.

In ranked order of active measures distinguished gentlemen should take to avoid sex with menopausal women:

  • Game (charm can keep men interesting to unwilted roses for a long time)
  • Low carb, lifting, intermittent fasting
  • A blood boy (or occasional bloodletting to reduce iron stores)
  • deliberate efforts to retain a youthful passion for life
  • liquor and prostitutes
  • raiding high Gini coefficient countries for their prime fertility women
  • money

You’ll notice money is last on this list. There’s a good reason. The amount of money (and therefore the years of investment) required to buy the loins and love of a young babe is beyond what most men can realistically achieve. It’s a better ROI to focus on your health, attitude, and access to high end escorts.


Related, advice from Johnny Redux,

And the silly, age-old (lol) question that older women always ask me: “How can you be interested in young(er) women? What do you have in common?” I have to imagine that they are not totally clueless that men want younger women for their better/fresher looks, tighter skin/firmer bodies, more energy, generally better personalities, and (most important) their fertility.

As I have said here a few times, men should not, if possible, marry women their own age. That is what supports the boner-medicine industry. Most men can get erections, it is just that they cannot get them for their old wives or gfs, but aren’t black pilled enough (or feel to guilty) to recognize/acknowledge that truth. Older women simply have very little, to no, sexual capital. It has all been spent (in many cases, wasted away). Give these older men a younger woman and….BOINNNNNNG! Feminist society and the pharmaceutical industry instead want to blame the man for his failure to get/maintain an erection, instead of focusing on the object of his attempts. It’s bullshit. Men in their 20’s and thirties should date women 5-10 years younger than them. Men in their 40’s and above should date women at least 10 years younger than them. If marriage is in the forecast, the age difference should be 10 years. You’ll thank me for this advice, if you take it, when you are 40+, when your younger wife still gets you hard.

Finally, I have seen many older women who are beautiful, in their own way, when they have class and a sense of noble pride, but that should not be confused with sexual attraction to them.

Marc has had the scales fall from his eyes,

I been tryin to holt on to the last bit of silly romantic in me, the part that still responds to Pound’s “When the nightingale to his mate/Sings day-long and night-late” and a thousand years of western Alba poetry but years of this site has cured me of most of it and the fact that a cute 6 at best would wear a “nice guys can’t fuck” t shirt in PUBLIC has raped the last bit of that out of me.
No way out but through.

You’re welcome.

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I’m sure we all woke up this morning hoping to see a visualization of the Original Wall through the lens of botox appointments. Your prayers are answered:

Botox is a neurotoxin produced from the most acutely lethal bacterium known, Botulinim, and it has the effect of paralyzing and relaxing muscle cells. For this reason, it is used in the cosmetic treatment of age-related wrinkling. Results are temporary and fresh injections must be administered every three to four months to maintain the waxy rictus of Fake Youth.

Scheduled botox appointments can therefore be interpreted as warning flares of looming Wall impact (aka sexual worthlessness).

Women are 92% of cosmetic procedure patients, so we can safely assume the above chart primarily reflects the anxieties and priorities of women.

The chart above reveals that for most women concerned about the first conspicuous signs of aging of the face, interest in botox intervention skyrockets between the ages of 30 and 39. Interest remains high through the 40s, then tapers off in the 50s and beyond.

From this, we can conclude women are aware of their impending hit with the Wall, and that this hit will take place sometime in the mid 30s, on average. Once first contact with the Wall is established, women spend the next ten to twenty years in a tragic denial of the Wall’s wake of destruction, going for monthly and then weekly “touch-ups” and draping velvet over all the mirrors in their homes to delude themselves of their sexual invisibility.

Once a woman hits her 50s (never in stride), she gives up on the dream and lets nature take her course (abject defilement of the body by soulless biomechanical forces). Self-delusion is therefore strongest during and around the time of Wall impact, when memories of the dew-dappled rose she once was can still be seen in the rearview mirror, to cruelly suffuse a woman with ill-bethotten hope.

But the very act of making the botox appointment is, on the deepest level where even the hamster dare not spin, awareness by an aging late 20-something beauty that her salad tossing years were in the neighborhood of 15-22, regardless of statutory laws implying the contrary.

Most depressingly, women as young as their 20s will feel the first sting of Wall anxiety. The rose is still fertile, but a petal or two has fluttered to the ground, and the chyron song of botox calls to them at this early age. It is at this age we see “Other Appointments” at its highest rate, which likely includes such noteworthy SMV boosters as nose jobs, tit jobs, and acne peels — the cosmetic procedures of ugliness-concealment rather than age-defiance.


Nicole Kidman has had a lot of work done. (h/t Corinth Arkadin)

Does this look like Nicole Kidman, or like the sexbot version of Nicole Kidman?

Humanity Status: Imperceptible
Lady Status: Desperate leg-spreading aging ho
SMV Status: Altered and airbrushed

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From a Gabber,

The hysterical thing is that the first 2 are only 1 year apart.

And have you seen the beta husband! LOL!

Most women are ignorant of the Wall’s quickness of approach and ferocity of impact. The Wall can shatter nubility in one year, demoting a woman to post-catcall status. Many such cases!

The female rationalization hamster (coined at this e’er-humble blog) originally described the thought processes of women who fall in love with badboys and then post hoc rationalize their badboy lovers as good men, often using terms such as “he’s misunderstood”, “you don’t see what I see in him”, or “xoxo you got me Skittles for my birthday!”.

The term has come to encompass the broader mental template of Woman, and now includes any kind of backwards rationalization to help a woman feel better when reality is doing its worst to make her feel bad. Sour Grapes (insisting a good thing one can’t have is bad) and Sweet Lemons (insisting a bad thing one is stuck with is good) are examples of logical fallacies that feed the Rationalization Hamster.

Jessica Valenti gives us a tour of her rationalization hamster.

“The end of hisses, whistles, and stares: we need to walk the streets without fear”

==> she wants alpha males to notices her, and (vibrant) omega males to keep to themselves because they disgust her.

“Men rarely catcall me anymore. I hate that our culture makes me miss it”

==> she misses the male attention, but blames culture instead of her necrotizing sexual worth, which leaves her ego to entertain the possibility that culture can be changed and she can be desired again (aka blame shifting)

“One perk of older age? Fewer catcalls”

==> Sweet Lemons. AKA polishing a turd.

The female ego is loathe to admit to itself that its biological status is uncompetitive in the sexual market. The denial is so strong that you will see women like Jessica Valenti contradicting themselves from moment to moment in a vain effort to avoid honest self appraisal.

Unfortunately for her, she gets honest self appraisal every time she wearily rests her eyes on her catch of a soyhubby.


PS Trump is reshaping the notoriously shitlib 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It may be that Trump’s greatest legacy is recapturing the judiciary for MAGAmerica.

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There is a reinforcing FEEDback loop that connects fatness, ugliness, shitlib views, and premature impact with the Wall, and is especially pronounced in the female of the species.

For a real life example, look what’s happened to Taylor Swift, once a chan-repurposed Aryan icon now turned schoolmarmish shitlib pussyhatter:

These before and after shots are NOT ‘SHOPPED.

Tay Tay got tub tub.

That first set of pics is particularly tragic. She’s one tray tray of donuts and box wine away from looking like pre-gastric sleeve Mama June:

Doesn’t Weigh Weigh have an Instawhore account of her cat? UH OH

They say the bloom on the Southern Belle Rose doesn’t last long, but fer crikey’s sake, Swift is swiftly nearing Wall impact at the ripe age of 28!

It’s not a cohencidence that Taylor Swift publicly came out as a cat-carrying member of Pussyhat, Inc at the point in her life when she’s bloated up and the Wall has risen into view. The rose is wilted; the screechy shrew is germinated. It’s nothing but White man-hating spite from here on out. Taking bets on Swift’s first mudshark paparazzi shot.

She’ll need to be retired as a frogtwatter secret-soopremacist Nordi-Alpine icon.

The ugly truth is that she’s an express line rider of the cock carousel. There are no innocent virginal women left in America, but the extremely homely who had no choice. How many boys have graced her song lyrics? None of them were good enough for her, or she wasn’t good enough for them. Solution: Carbs, cats, and cuntery.

The lifestyle is finally taking its tribute in the form of her sanity, like it does for most famous women. She is “anti-Kavanaugh” now and hitting the campaign trail for the Dem in TN’s midterm race. Her assimilation into the celebutard borg is complete (as is her retirement from peak nubility). Another White woman lost to The Fuggernaut. Sad!

Lesson: White women get married off before 25, or they instantly become hags for hillary.

Same goes for the trough. White women push away from the table, or they become hogs for hillary.

What’s not sad: Trump’s nuclear neg!

Trump tells us upon arriving back at the White House he likes Taylor Swift’s music but maybe about “25 percent” less now that she has endorsed Bredesen

We are blessed to have this man as our President. Trump is a Master of Game. I like this response, it’s very clever. It operates like a neg: you don’t want to come right out and insult a (former) hottie, because she’ll know you’re bitter, butthurt and try-hard. But if you say you still like the hottie “but just 25% less”, that’s a dig that reflects on her rather than on you.

Trump is smart, especially street smart. Lefties know this, but won’t ever admit it, so they prefer to go crazy denying the obvious.

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Woman Successfully Sues Dating Agency Over ‘Lack Of Men’

Tereza Burki was awarded $23,000 in damages for ‘deceit’ and ‘distress’.

A woman seeking a wealthy boyfriend has won £3,100 ($A23,000) in damages after an elite dating agency failed to introduce her to “possibly the man of my dreams, the father of my child”.

The High Court ruled Tereza Burki, a businesswoman living in London, was misled and deceived by dating agency Seventy Thirty about it’s “exclusive” membership, the Guardianreports.

The 47-year-old mother of three approached the dating service in 2013 in pursuit of a new partner, however, Judge Richard Parkes noted, her requirements were “not modest”.

She wanted a “sophisticated gentleman”, ideally working in finance and leading a “wealthy lifestyle”. He must also be “open to travelling internationally”. Plus, most importantly, he must be willing to have more children (she’s always wanted four).

As is usually the case with these tragic tales of bitterbitch lament, a much…clearer…understanding of the transactional dynamics motivating the complainant’s accusation is had with a glance at the glowing gal’s photo:

Three questions come to mind:

Have aging single mommies always been this delusional?

If not, what changed in the aging single mommy extended universe to lead them marching straight into the abyss of self-delusion?

If so, what culture constraints in the past helped to keep a lid on aging single mommy delusion?

Naturally, this being Clown World, she won her lawsuit.


williamk comments,

Those who seek status but can’t attain it through the settled order of Nature must seek to negotiate their status through whatever is its perceived arbiter. Their resulting character is a function then of the culture and who doles out status. Some cultures will produce nuns, others will give Guardian bylines and court payouts to delusional hags. Is it six of one, half dozen of the other? Not from my vantage point.


key keys in on the core conceit,

always wants the one kid with new sucker to lock in sprog support

busted timeline of xer retarded plan led to this legal tantrum

Gives new meaning to the term ‘anchor baby’.

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