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Trump has gotten reelection campaign advice from Javanka and other GOPe cucks to go to war against “socialism”. This will be a losing strategy. We’re not living in the Reagan era anymore. If Trump’s election didn’t prove that Reagan 2.0 is a non-starter, I don’t know what will convince these sentimental cornball cucks.

Mark my words, if Trump merges with the Uniparty establishment and embraces globalist Javankaism, the Americans who voted him into office to take on a bitterly malicious elite will switch allegiance to a HARD LEFTOID SOCIALIST to get the job done.

So if you don’t want a HARD LEFTOID SOCIALIST ANTI-WHITE BIGOT in the White House, then let Trump know he’s running out of time to be the man we elected him to be for us.

I haven’t given up on Trump, despite recent (and justified) criticism. The question that will define the next year and a half is whether Trump can recapture that MAGA magic. I remain hopeful, but guarded.

So here are my thoughts on the message Trump needs to craft and the policies he needs to offer if he wants to win a second term. *cracks knuckles*

You know how the pussygrab tape didn’t matter to Trump’s supporters?

Well guess what, Bernard Sanders’ million bucks and socialist hypocrisy won’t matter to his supporters.

Banging that drum will fall on deaf ears.

The only thing that will matter is Trump hewing to his MAGA promises and stealing some of that socialist thunder from Sanders.

And yes, I know that Trump was deliberately misconstrued over the pussygrab stuff, but the optics and media manipulation of context are the only things that matter.

Railing against socialism is a losing proposition. Like it or not, America is entering a new phase of the Turchin cycle when socialist solutions become acceptable to the majority of the population to address growing wealth and SES inequality. Couple this with the hordes of less capable Diversity™ corrupting the electoral map, and redistributive socialism in some form beyond where it’s already at is inevitable.

My preference is that a leader from my side harnesses this wave of corrective socialism, instead of leaving it in the hands of an anti-White POC or [special candidate] (but I repeat myself).

Consider socialism to be the trade-off Trump must make to get a closed border and legal immigration restrictions. Socialist policies can be reversed at a later date; demographic change is forever.

Nationalism, populism, socialism, pick any three.

Zman adds,

There’s also the fact that America has been a social democracy for close to a century now. Mostly what the Right in America has done since WW2 is perpetuate a fantasy that is not based in fact. Just about every aspect of American life is socialized to some degree.

There is no area of American life where the state does not play an active role and there is no redistributive goal of their involvement. The core of both parties, both sides of the ruling class, is packed to the gills with central planners. Their only dispute is about the resulting patronage.

I hope Trump reads this post. It would do him far more good than listening to Judas Kushner or Ivanka. I want Trump to succeed, but not if he insists on being another lame-ass ¡Jeb!.

Right now, the country and the Trump Administration are at a crossroads. This is a moment as pregnant with anticipation as was the moment Trump descended the golden escalator and the moment he won the election. We stare down a future of redemption, or of Trump slowly, tragically, slipping away as a mere headliner for the main act to come. Which way, Trump?

When I’m feeling optimistic:

Trump sidelines Javanka, consults Bannon through backchannels, reinvigorates immigration hardline policies and offers his own version of single payer healthcare and debt jubilee to capture Berniephag voter base.

When I’m feeling pessimistic:

Trump continues racing away from MAGA, embracing Javankaism, doing nothing substantive, appeasing cucks, snarking about socialism on Twatter, until four months before the election when he’s down in the polls and decides that’s a good time to invade North Korea.

The final nail in Trump’s coffin will occur when Bernie pivots to steal Trump’s White male Rust Belt support. If Bernard Sanderstein has his “Sista Soulja” moment and says, on Foxman News, that he has had a refinement of his views on open borders and now believes, like he once did, that it’s better for the wages and prospects of America’s working class if the border is closed…and Trump stays his current, uninspired course…then Bernard will run away with it in 2020.

If you doubt my power of prescience, remember that I threw my lot in with Trump in June 2015 on a strong hunch he would sweep the field. I have a hunch now, not quite as strong, that Bernard is on the cusp of taking the White House from Trump.


PS SCB on the case for why Bernard will never get close to the WH:

Welp, another great one banned by the bindis at Twatter. Here’s what SCB wrote,

This is why Bernie types will never win. The Democratic Party isn’t a leftwing party. It’s the party of ethnic narcissists and affluent whites. https://t.co/peTtgJwSkE

PPS My sanity litmus test for a fellow American is a simple one. Are you busy working for groups which resettle third world filth into heartland America? You’re insane.

PPPS Don’t misunderstand. I’m not a socialist. I think socialism is a harbinger of civdeath, and socialist fervor among the populace intensifies (as it passes through cycles of waning and waxing enthusiasm) the closer a nation gets to the terminus of its life cycle.

PPPPS Shitlibs are deluding themselves and interpreting Trump’s statement (see below) as a tacit admission of guilt, but it’s obvious from the context (and from what has transpired) that Trump rightfully worried a special council would bog down his presidency until he was completely neutered (which has largely happened). Trump knew his innocence was irrelevant, because the objective of a special council — especially one triggered by a soft coup based on a false pretext — is political delegitimization.

Trump said, when hearing of the Mueller Report:

“Oh my God! This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency, I’m fucked!” word for word quote from Donald Trump in the Mueller Report.

It’s time for Trump to go on offense. Put these Creep Staters in the docket and make them answer for their crimes against America. Investigate the shit out of the provenance of the FISA warrants. Coup accomplices must be punished, publicly, to prevent this happening again.

PPPPPS It turns out the Swamp is left-wing.

We learn something we already knew every day!

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What Trump twatted today:

Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only….

….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!

THIS is the Trump we voted for! How do I know? Well, one, forcing xenophilic shitlibs to choke on their hypocrisy is always good policy.

Two, it triggered the HOLY FUCK out of shitlibs. Many sly shitlords descended in the Twatter thread to innocently ask rattled shitlibs why it’s a problem if Trump relocates illegal aliens into their Orwellian-named sanctuary cities?

I thought shitlibs would welcome their “gifts of love” into their own neighborhoods? What’s that, Nancy Pelosi? Alyssa Milano? And the rest of you virtue sniveling phonies? You have a problem with Trump’s suggestion? Are you……RACIST?

Of course, this being Trump, we’ve been teased before. I hope this goes somewhere, redux.

Word has it that Stephen Miller is now calling the shots on all things related to the border and immigration, and was responsible for this latest proposal by Trump.

Homeland Security officials said the sanctuary city request was unnerving, and it underscores the political pressure Trump and Miller have put on ICE and other DHS agencies at a time when the president is furious about the biggest border surge in more than a decade.

“It was basically an idea that Miller wanted that nobody else wanted to carry out,” said one congressional investigator who has spoken to one of the whistleblowers. “What happened here is that Stephen Miller called people at ICE, said if they’re going to cut funding, you’ve got to make sure you’re releasing people in Pelosi’s district and other congressional districts.”

Stephen Miller saves America.

Stephen Miller is /our-number-one-guy/.

Stephen Miller is more Trump than Trump.

Kind of ironic, doncha think?

The investigator spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect the whistleblower.

Whistleblower, or bureaucratically entrenched #resistor ph@ggot? You be the judge!

The idea of releasing immigrants into sanctuary cities was not presented to Ronald Vitiello, the agency’s acting director, according to one DHS official familiar with the plan. Last week, the White House rescinded Vitiello’s nomination to lead ICE, giving no explanation, and Vitiello submitted his resignation Wednesday, ending his 30-year-career.

Faster, please.

According to both, there were at least two versions of the plan being considered. One was to move migrants who were already in ICE detention to the districts of Democratic opponents. The second option was to bus migrants apprehended at the border to sanctuary cities, such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

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Prominent Democrats lined up to hammer Attorney General Bill Barr for testifying Wednesday that federal authorities had spied on the Trump campaign in 2016, with one top House Democrat charging that Barr is not acting “in the best interest of the DOJ or the country.”

I think spying did occur,” Barr said during the explosive hearing before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. “The question is whether it was adequately predicated. …Spying on a political campaign is a big deal.

Barr later clarified in the hearing: “I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred; I’m saying that I am concerned about it and looking into it, that’s all.”

Dems rage against Barr for backing claims of Trump campaign ‘spying’ by FBI

Dems rage. They are indignant. What I hear are the squeals of fear.

Stuck pigs. Cornered rats. They know the walls are closing in on them and their allies in the media.

I, and others in the FreeThought Community, were on top of this from the moment Trump won the election. Just do a global search on this blog for “Deep State Update”. Anyone who wasn’t blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome and by faith in a dying and soon to be dead Universalist religion could see that the DOJ, CIA, and FBI had been compromised by corrupt Gaymulatto holdovers and Clinton lackeys, and weaponized into a secret police force that took a shit on civil rights and Constitutional protections to attempt to oust Trump from office in an illegal coup.

Bigger Than Watergate is understating it. The scandal here is so huge and monstrous that in saner times there would be many seditious heads getting fitted in the latest neckware.

Everyone who isn’t braindead from a Woke stupor understands the portentousness of Barr’s testimony. As usual, this guy gets it,

There’s no disputing Barr’s first point: Spying on a presidential campaign is a big deal, especially when it was authorized by a rival administration. Imagine if, a year from now, the Trump administration allowed the FBI to surveil officials in the Kamala Harris for president campaign. Imagine if, when caught, Trump pointed to opposition research generated by the RNC as justification for that surveillance. How would the media react to that? Like it was a major, jaw-dropping scandal. And this show would heartily agree. We wouldn’t defend it. Law enforcement should never be used as a partisan political tool, no matter who it benefits.

But the media doesn’t feel that way about Obama’s spying. They refuse to admit it was even spying. Professional dumb person, Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, attacked the attorney general for daring to bring up the topic at all. She called Barr ‘Trump’s toad.’ CNN, meanwhile, assured it’s viewers that there is ‘little evidence’ that spying occurred. But that’s a lie. There is plenty of evidence. We’ve had it for months. In 2016 and 2017, the FBI wiretapped Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman. Former Trump aide Carter Page was spied on extensively, even though it was obvious from day one that he wasn’t a Russian spy. Last year, we learned that the FBI used an informant to feed them information from inside the Trump campaign. This is all spying. There’s no other word for it.

I sometimes wonder how shitlibs will react when their lies, false beliefs, and mythologies come crashing down around them? How will they handle it when they realize their sworn enemy, the “alt-right” (note: not “conservatives”), was right all along, and they were wrong? That they have made of themselves fools, idiots, villains, and dupes?

I hope for a mass self-deliverance event, but shitlibs are too cowardly to take that honorable course of action. Most likely, they will double and triple down, descending ever-more rapidly into their own personal lunacies, until they disappear from public life, medicating themselves on the offal of shrinking niche shitlib media cesspits and cat nuzzles. They will go to their unremarked graves shrieking at the sky, sad and pathetic, and constantly reminded by the reality which enshrouds them of their wrongness, and this will be the Endless Ego Death from which they will find no respite, owing to their aforementioned cowardice.

The accumulated filth of all their shitlib lies and depravity will foam up about their shattered egos and all the whorenalists and blueticks and pussyhatters and virtue signalers will look up and shout “Bring back civility!”…and I’ll look down and


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Where are we at with Trump and the MAGA agenda, as the clock ticks down on his first term?

I have some thoughts to share.


It’s pretty clear that Trump is, if not reneging, ignoring or at best blowing hot air about his campaign promises to shut down the southern border, stop illegal immigration, and deport the invaders who have already crossed. There have been a smattering of small forward incursions in the battle against globalist open borders, but by and large the border deniers and whackjob nation-wrecking universalists are winning. The border is a sieve like it hasn’t been in years. By some measures, obama was tougher on border security than Trump has been to date.

And I don’t remember Trump promising to INCREASE *legal* immigration during his campaign stops, but here he is doing just that:

DHS to double seasonal guest worker increase

Homeland Security will dole out an additional 30,000 seasonal guest worker passes this year as it pushes to make good on President Trump’s new promise to bring in more foreign labor amid a strong economy.

There’s no way to interpret this move except as a betrayal of MAGA. Maybe Trump really was made an offer he couldn’t refuse? The Deep State backs off if he commits to open borders aka [specialed] borders.

Trump didn’t win any votes on a promise to further lower native Americans’ wages. He won on a promise to curb immigration and allow working class wages to rise as well as allow towns and rural communities groaning under an overload of racially and culturally alien migrants to have some respite from the onslaught.

Trump’s SOTU this year was the first time I heard him blurt that he’d like lots more legal immigrants to come here and pillage America. If he mentioned that during his campaign, I and many others missed it.

Trump is doing nothing to rectify or even acknowledge the aggressive throttling of free speech for Whites, by Big Tech and Big Media.

Dangerous, unconstitutional precedents are being set, and Trump is silent. An ominous tyranny shrouds America and Trump’s DOJ has no response, other than to continue virtue signaling about “zero tolerance for White soopremacy”.

Globohomo is pushing its anti-White agenda hard. If it were to make inroads, say on a pitch to allow the world to vote in America’s elections (Democrats would not object)…

…would Trump do anything but bloviate about it on Twatter? Or would he sack up and send the US marshals into every judge’s chamber that ruled against American national interest? I don’t know anymore.

Whites are becoming victims of overt discrimination in large states like CA.

DEUSVULT comments,

This is systemic discrimination by the way. So if any antiWhite should happen to level their typical, “Whites have it so good they’re not oppressed” bullshit you can just remind them that institutional acts of discrimination against Whites exist. Regardless of how they deny it, this is precisely what institutional discrimination is and it’s been levied against White children.

Also, a bill that was supposed to help segregation is now being used against Whites.

Again, silence from Trump. This is a ripe target for his DOJ. Yet…..nothing.

We got Campaign Trump and Twatter Trump, but if we’re honest we have to say President Trump has been MIA on the core tenets which powered him into office. I won’t make excuses for him here, but I will say now that the Mueller Russia Hoax boot is off Trump’s neck, he has more political capital than he ever had, and there’s an opening to use it. Hopefully soon. Because each day another 5,000 pintos swarm our bucolic neighborhoods and terraform America into a facsimile of the Dirt World countries out of which these invaders stream forth.

More reasons to worry:

Trump said he would cut aid to Honduras, El Salvador, and some other mayan toilet.

Trump says a lot of things.

Has he?

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn two months from now the aid is still flowing freely, no strings attached.

I heard an interview with some Federal Reserve guy Trump just hired. The dude was basically a globalist free trader, shitting all over the idea of Trump’s tariffs.

Tell me again why Trump hires people who conspicuously and loudly disagree with his campaign agenda?

I don’t think Trump was flim flamming us during the campaign, so I don’t believe he’s knowingly hiring these globalist stooges.

I think Trump is either too lazy to vet anyone, or he’s getting misinformation from traitors within his administration.


The evidence mounts that Ivanka and Jared Kushner have a lot of pull over Trump’s decision making.

So disappointed. But I predicted this would happen. You don’t let family close to the MAGA throne unless they have proven themselves loyal servants. It was clear early on that Jared is a garden variety globalist [special] and Ivanka is a shitlib cosmopolitan.

I did predict right after the Inauguration that the main obstacle to a successful and effective Trump presidency would be Javanka. Even Steve Sailer has come around to embrace my foresight.

party1981 adds,

you might like this post about 1 year ago from someone claiming to be FBIanon (the original FBIanon transcripts are a goldmine of knowledge and can be found by searching ‘fbianon pdf’).

In the post, FBIanon identifies Ivanka as the problem holding Trump back.


A more recent CIA anon also made the same claim, that Jared by way of Bibi is actually the one pulling the strings in this presidency, and that their deal with Trump is to make Ivanka president later down the road so long as he toes the line. Trump will not be allowed to build the wall or do anything else of significance for Whites. He agreed to the deal because he wants a family dynasty, like the Bushes. The anon called this presidency “the most expensive case of ‘daddy I want a pony’ in history”.

Trump has to understand: No wall, no dynasty. End of story. End of legacy.


J.F. also says the turning point for MAGA was the blowout between Javanka and Steve Bannon,

It was a watershed moment when Jarvanka had the big blowout with Bannon. Bannon started chiding them on Breitbart, and very quickly after that he was ousted from the White House AND from Breitbart. That sequence of events was full of meaning, and it’s when everything changed.

Watch for Bannon to endorse Sanders or Gabbard, maybe even Buttiegay.

Trump started out strong, he had big goals, but he was stymied by a cucked GOPe the entire first year of his presidency. I first sensed the change in him sometime around the raid on Cohen’s law office. Trump is currently in “blink three times” mode. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

It’s nearly inconceivable, but what are the chances that Trump legitimately remains unaware of his base’s opinions on policy?

We already know uberglobalist Gary Cohn deliberately withheld information from Trump which resulted in a no-show on an important EO. It’s likely other saboteurs have tirelessly worked to keep Trump ignorant of MAGA reality.

Chuck writes,

At this point Trump knows they are withholding info. Allowing it is complicity.

Bannon has many flaws, but he was a trustworthy conduit to the “forgotten Americans” of Trump’s Inauguration speech. Bannon kept Trump grounded with his base. Then he was ousted. And it’s been a steady drift away from Trump’s base ever since.


Heather says that Trump’s team has internal polling numbers suggesting a big movement of White Dems to Trump:

They are telling him everything is great. His people were on the tv after the Saginaw rally bragging that 32% of the attendees were registered Democrats. Their internal numbers are showing a huge shift right from working class dems.

Hopefully he remembers why he is getting that support and why he won.

We know Trump A/B tests policy during his speeches. The biggest applause came when he talked of closing the border. He could not have missed that.

It was encouraging. They are doing lots of data analysis. Basically, the used the phone numbers of the attendees which they freely provided in order to get tickets and then compared the names against the voter roles. They harvested all kinds of demo info that I doubt they will reveal for strategic reasons. Suffice to say, there is a reason the left is freaking out. I also think the border issue dragging on helps Trump because the Democrats own these caravans, the voter fraud, the obstruction and everything else.

I’ll say it again.

Trump can guarantee his 2020 reelection if he does three things:

– expands medicare
– builds the fucking wall
– imposes a moratorium on *legal* immigration

If Trump isn’t reading me, he should be.

The Dems have gone crazy, and normally that means the opposition incumbent sails in for a 2nd term. But these are strange times of upheaval and discontent. We have glimmers of bad omens for Trump in polling out of the Rust Belt from a month ago. I don’t think Trump wins *on his current course*. He needs to recapture the spirit of his campaign agenda, and put it into policy.

Maybe you don’t like the idea of expanded Medicare or single payer, but it will ensure Trump’s victory in 2020, which will give us more breathing room to address the demographic time bomb. He should do it.

Unfortunately, I see Trump retreating from the Wall and embracing the anti-MAGA, Boomercuck notion of open borders *as long as it’s legal*. He hasn’t proposed an alternative to gaymulattocare, yet.

He’s going backwards. A cynic would say he’s been co-opted. Converged. I’m more sanguine. I think he’s lazy and prone to trusting people who don’t have his, or his supporters’, interests in heart.

It’s obvious to me that Trump has pivoted to Reaganism 2.0. If so, he will lose to just about any clown show the Dems nominate for 2020.

Cuckservatives are feverishly pushing Trump into Reaganism, and act astounded that some on their side “don’t defend conservative principles like free markets, individual liberty…” ad nauseam. I swear I can’t tell if cucks are more stupid or subversive. TIMES HAVE CHANGED CUCKS. GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM.

These shills for an antiquated ideology really think that if “their side” just hammers harder on TrueCon talking points, the electorate will see the light. To them, the only thing holding back a conservative Reaganite renaissance sequel is a lack of PR.

The Wall

The recent surge of chalupas at non-port of entry borderlands proves that the only real, long term, effective solution is a great, big…dare I say it…YUGE reinforced concrete WALL along the border which can withstand tonnes of invader flesh pressing futilely against it.

Ok, there’s one other effective, long term solution, but the stomach is weak.

The Black Pill

What if, after four years, all we get out of the Trump Presidency is a tax cut and sweet tweets?

Plus a record number of foreign-born “Americans”?

Did anyone imagine that possibility in November, 2016?

Of course, that’s still better than a president thecunt.

But so unsatisfying. A liberating moment in history, wasted.

Check that. Trump gave us Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. No minor accomplishment. Gorsuch may be the real deal. (Still unsure if Kav will wilt like a southern summer flower.)

The White Pill

From gameninjasteve,

What I’ve gotten out of the Trump presidency:

1. MASSIVE red pilling of the general populace of just how corrupt,underhanded,and evil the mainstream media is. Only the most deeply apathetic and out right commies still believe anything the media says. Their primary control system is in shambles.

2. Proof upon proof of interparty collusion towards destroying the country. Pretty much everyone in government is an Israeli agent.

3. Public outing of the [specials]. More people than ever are aware of AIPAC and [special] organizations like SPLC and ADL. Even Trump bending over for them came with him naming exactly who was telling him to do it. Everyone knows (((who))) Trump was winning favor with when he moved the embassy to Special-rusilum and came out in defense of [special] occupation of the Golan Heights. How many people knew about what was going on there and now everyone knows.

4. Internet censorship is a major issue. Before this presidency,people would just rabble around a false flag like TPP and “internet neutrality”. Now the [special people] are desperate to control the internet and being very obvious about it. And everyone with half a brain is watching.

So we haven’t gotten our border wall. Yet. But you can’t argue with the fact Trump’s done a lot of good.

I’m OK with a White Pill that essentially amounts to “Trump is the physical manifestation of a national Sunshine Law”.

The Verdict

Right now, it’s possible to rationalize Trump’s anti-MAGA actions, or inactions, as character glitches, feints, or bribes to buy time.

But there are a few actions Trump could take that would cement his Globohomo convergence and remove all doubt about his intentions to betray MAGA.

One of those is invading Venezuela.

If Trump doesn’t relocate himself squarely in the nationalist populism heart of MAGA, his base will drift off, soured by scorecards like this:

A perception of weakness is beginning to overshadow Trump. PA writes,

Much was said about the world’s leaders not respecting America under Obama’s presidency, but that’s not entirely correct. Obama the figurehead himself was a dork. The world sure did respect the obviously determined and unified deep state power behind its weak-mulatto mascot.

It’s the opposite with Trump, a strong and charismatic man but also a president that’s left out to hang by his own state apparatus.

Atavator gets the last word,

Trump is looking increasingly like a historical figure who was granted a shot at greatness, but failed to rise to the occasion.

We all wanted Trump to prevail. Well, those of us who aren’t depressive backstabbing assholes. I like the guy on a personal level. His straight talk cutting through swaths of cucks and Dem tardos filled me with joy. His womanizing and alpha characteristics were a breath of fresh air in the stale, staid gynarchic catlady hell that America has become.

But I arrive stubbornly at the conclusion that Trump may not live up to the promise of those heady days of 2015 and 2016. Now I just hope that whatever follows Trump completes the promise of him.

Atavator replies,

I hear ya man, and I know that feelz.

My way of putting it was that Trump was the one guy who was willing to walk into their temple, drop trou and piss on their idols. I still think that the Russia collusion hoax — while it was a conscious deep state calculation — resonated as deeply as it did because we were not watching a conventional political loss, but a religion being challenged. They were (and to some degree still are) crying out to their false gods to take vengeance on the blasphemer. And the gods remain silent.

This is why I think no matter what happens next, I’m still glad he was elected, and a person like him was a necessary step, just to crack the spell.

Well said. We challenged a religion, Equalism, and a horde of earthly demons was released.

2016 was a minor miracle. It was epochal, and I will always recall it fondly. I hope that I can recall it in the glow of a redeemed America, instead of in the ashes of a collapsed empire.

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An extremely online wag posted this photo of a Trump supporter:

I sort of feel bad for how I replied.


A lady chastised me.

Now. Now. I giggled myself, at first. I must confess. However, she is a @POTUS and #Q Supporter! It matters NOT her looks OR her size! Right? She’s on the right side of history!

Well, to be honest, it DOES matter.

Our Q gal is on the right side, and that is admirable, but the fatness has to go. It indicates low self-esteem and poor character.
Think of me as a shepherd to a wayward flock. I want my flock to survive, to BE BEST, and that means being in good shape.
For the aesthetics.
For the self-worth.
For the physicality which will be needed in the coming holy war for the soul of America.
When I survey my army of Heritage Americans, I want to see warriors.
Only then will I know they are ready to join the battle.

Tough love wins.


Pence is such a cuck. He besmirched the men in the other three pics with that last pic.

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From Joyce’s Wake Twatter account (now shoah’ed);

In most of the West, you can’t tell your sons they have a right to their land, or that they have many reasons to be proud of their race. But you can tell them it’s OK to cut their dicks off, pump themselves full of female hormones, and fight for access to the girl’s bathroom.


Every “Whiteness” seminar, every day of mass migration, every speech law, every allegation of racism, every Zionist cent that sways our politics, every claim our lands were always diverse, every neighborhood that becomes a “no-go” zone is an act of terrorism.

I don’t want apologies from the media for Trump.

I want hellfire rained down on the media.

A reader,

Exactly right. No apologies from them, no gloating by us. Now is the time for vengeance. Now is the time for the settling of scores. Time to drain the swamp while they are disoriented and demoralized.

From J.R.,

Mueller and the Media are saying the Russians repeatedly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

But this is a lie. The FBI repeatedly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign. The FBI paid informants to setup stings of the Trump campaign. And the Trump campaign rejected all their attempts.

There were no Russian Infiltration Attempts. It’s all a lie.

MPC rewards its paypigs with the usual trenchant analysis.

I honestly would not give a shit if every media whore vanished in a puff of Thanos purple.

Related: Today, Jimmy Kimmel and Steven Colbert pushed in their ribbed dildos another notch to help them forget the pain.

Finally, Lindsey “freed from McCain’s clutches” Graham, with the ominous tweet:

The spectacle of many Deep Staters and media whores marched to the gallows warms my heart, but none quite as much as the image of Comey wetting his betabitch britches during his treason trial.


One more win for the day:

LMAO, how many times did CNN invite Avenatti onto their shit tier cable station and credulously swallow what he was jizzing into their faces?


Are there any similarities between the years leading up to Civil War 1 and the present time? I’m sure there were Americans in 1850 who thought a civil war was unlikely, just as today few Americans can fathom the idea, but Senators were openly brawling in the Capitol leading up to Civil War 1. From Decimus,

You could see it coming.

In 1850 two senators draw pistols on each other on the floor of the Congress.

In 1856 Sen. Brooks of South Carolina nearly beats Sen Sumner of Massachusetts to death with a cane. While Sumner is beaten Sen. Keitt holds the rest of the Senate at bay with a pistol.

By 1858 there are is a huge 30 person brawl.

Today, we’re more civilized. Now we just have one party try to oust the other party’s sitting president by a soft coup involving FBI plants and fraudulent opposition party research.

I can see a CW2 unfolding fairly rapidly with a series of intra-state secession movements, as upstates and outer boroughs try to rid themselves of their shitlib megalopolis outposts.

The likelihood of CW2 is low but higher than most people think.


IMO the menstrual hatred of single White women for Trump goes back to the pussygrab tape. These broads haven’t gotten over that. They hate that an avowed “misogynist” rules over them.

More precisely, they hate that Trump revealed the hypergamous female id in all its squalor, because what’s absolutely true is that women WILL LET PLAYBOY BILLIONAIRES grab their pussies.

A reader,

Gold digging whores will shoves their pussies into the faces of rich and powerful men in the hopes that they will get their pussies grabbed.
And THAT is exactly what Pres Trump was talking about. He NEVER SAID that he walks around grabbing random women’s pussies.

Correct. That’s exactly what Trump said, but the media ripped it out of context and lied about it to help thecunt across the finish line.

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