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Laura Ingraham couldn’t stand the Lies anymore and let slip a heady dose of Truth:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave a monologue Wednesday night about “massive demographic changes” in the U.S. due to immigration–and the reaction was typical.

“In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham said in part.

“Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like. From Virginia to California, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country has changed,” she added.

This was too much realtalk for the Diversitroid Fuggernaut. They menstruated all over Twatter. One oriental ingrate in particular caught my attention:


I suppose I’ll be the first to tell anti-White bigot ted lieu that America is indeed a race and a demographic. Specifically, the historic America until the recent open borders unpleasantness was Anglo-Germanic. That is core America, which persists to this day. Heritage America. If it weren’t true, then we could import a billion chinese and according to this “America is an idea” logic, America would still be America. Of course, that’s a laughable assertion.

Which is the point. Laughable assertions, or Big Lies, are meant to confuse White Americans about the true and historic nature of their homeland. Sow enough confusion, and (so the anti-Whites hope) White Americans will bloodlessly surrender their land to the hordes.

I’m happy to say that their hopes are dashed. There won’t be surrender. And if it comes to that, history shows us it won’t be bloodless.

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Via Lovekraft, a Faceborg post (reposted on Reddit) worth reading in full, condensing recent history into a clear and concise explainer for toxically self-deluding and malicious shitlibs:

To all the people who let this election break up families and friends let this sink in I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before November 8, 2016. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; you voted for her with glee. As a lifelong Republican, I bit down hard and cast my vote for Donald Trump. Then the unimaginable happened. He won. And you lost your freaking minds.

I knew you would take the loss hard—and personally—since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer.

The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. Some of you seriously expressed fear about modern-day concentration camps. Despite living a privileged lifestyle, you were suddenly a casualty of the white patriarchy. Your daughters were future victims; your sons were predators-in-waiting. You threatened to leave Facebook because you could no longer enjoy the family photos or vacation posts from people who, once friends, became Literal Hitlers to you on November 8 because they voted for Donald Trump.

I admit I was a little hurt at first. The attacks against us Trump voters were so personal and so vicious that I did not think it could be sustained. I thought maybe you would regain your sanity after some turkey and egg nog.

But you did not. You got worse. And I went from sad to angry to where I am today: Amused. As the whole charade you have been suckered into over the last 18 months starts to fall apart—that Trump would not survive his presidency; he would be betrayed by his own staff, family, and/or political party; he would destroy the Republican Party; he would be declared mentally ill and removed from office; he would be handcuffed and dragged out of the White House by Robert Mueller for “colluding” with Russia—let me remind you what complete fools you have made of yourselves. Not to mention how you’ve been fooled by the media, the Democratic Party, and your new heroes on the NeverTrump Right.

On November 9, you awoke from a self-induced, eight-year-long political coma to find that White House press secretaries shade the truth and top presidential advisors run political cover for their boss. You were shocked to discover that presidents exaggerate, even lie, on occasion. You became interested for the first time about the travel accommodations, office expenses, and lobbyist pals of administration officials. You started counting how many rounds of golf the president played. You suddenly thought it was fine to mock the first lady now that she wasn’t Michelle Obama. Once you removed your pussy hat after attending the Women’s March, you made fun of Kellyanne Conway’s hair, Sarah Sanders’ weight, Melania Trump’s shoes, Hope Hicks’ death stare; you helped fuel a rumor started by a bottom-feeding author that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slept with Donald Trump. You thought it was A-OK that Betsy DeVos was nearly physically assaulted and routinely heckled. You glorified a woman who has sex on camera for a paycheck.

You have learned all kinds of new things that those of us who didn’t willfully ignore politics for the past eight years already knew. For example, we already knew that illegal immigrants were being deported and families were being separated.

Some of your behavior has been kinda cute. It was endearing to watch you become experts on the Logan Act, the Hatch Act, the Second Amendment, the 25th Amendment, and the Emoluments Clause. You developed a new crush on Mitt Romney after calling him a “sexist” for having “binders full of women.” You longed for a redux of the presidency of George W. Bush, a man you once wanted imprisoned for war crimes. Ditto for John McCain. You embraced people like Bill Kristol and David Frum without knowing anything about their histories of shotgunning the Iraq War.

Classified emails shared by Hillary Clinton? Who cares! Devin Nunes wanting to declassify crucial information of the public interest? Traitor! But your newfound admiration and fealty to law enforcement really has been a fascinating transformation. Wasn’t it just last fall that I saw you loudly supporting professional athletes who were protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem? Remember how you fanboyed a mediocre quarterback for wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs?

But now you sound like paid spokesmen for the Fraternal Order of Police. You insist that any legitimate criticism of the misconduct and possibile criminality that occured at the Justice Department and FBI is an “attack on law enforcement.” While you once opposed the Patriot Act because it might have allowed the federal government to spy on terrorists who were using the local library to learn how to make suitcase bombs, you now fully support the unchecked power of a secret court to look into the phone calls, text messages and emails of an American citizen because he volunteered for the Trump campaign for a few months. Spying on terrorists, circa 2002: Bad. Spying on Carter Page, circa 2017: The highest form of patriotism.

And that white, male patriarchy that you were convinced would strip away basic rights and silence any opposition after Trump won? That fear has apparently been washed away as you hang on every word uttered by James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. This triumvirate is exhibit “A” of the old-boy network, and represents how the insularity, arrogance, and cover-your-tracks mentality of the white-male power structure still prevails. Yet, instead of rising up against it, you are buying their books, retweeting their Twitter rants and blasting anyone who dares to question their testicular authority. Your pussy hat must be very sad.

But your daily meltdowns about Trump-Russia election collusion have been the most entertaining to observe. After Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, you were absolutely convinced it would result in Trump’s arrest and/or impeachment. Some of you insisted that Trump wouldn’t last beyond 2017. You quickly swallowed any chum tossed at you by the Trump-hating media on MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post about who was going down next, or who would flip on the president.

For the past year, I have watched you obsess over a rotating cast of characters: Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Carter Page, Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Sam Nunberg, and Hope Hicks are just a few of the people you thought would turn on Trump or hasten his political demise. But when those fantasies didn’t come true, you turned to Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels for hope and inspiration. It will always be your low point. Well, I think it will be. Each time I believe you’ve hit bottom, you come up with a new baseline. Perhaps defending the unprecedented use of federal power to spy on political foes then lie about it will the next nail in your credibility coffin.

The next several weeks will be tough for you. I think Americans will learn some very hard truths about what happened in the previous administration and how we purposely have been misled by powerful leaders and the news media. I wish I could see you as a victim here, but you are not. I know you are smart; you chose to support this insurgency with your eyes wide open.

Julie Kelly American Greatness

“But it was just Russian bots who voted for Trump” — The Strapon Within

I have nothing to add. This was a beautiful ray of truth from Julie Kelly, piercing a veil of shitlib lies, distortions, and delusions.

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Cunt: “You sound proud that you haven’t taken any refugees”

MAGApole: “Of course.” [ed: heh] “…we can be called populists, nationalists, racists…I don’t care. I care about my family and about my country.”

This is a man even the great Trump could learn from. Trump gets very very close to speaking in this plain commonsense way that cuts like a hot knife through so much sophistic skypery, but imo he has not yet achieved Pole position.



How is a virtue sniveling shitlib supposed to answer that without sounding like xir’s against family and country? Answer: xir can’t. And how is a shitlib supposed to wrest a publicly humiliating penance from someone who “doesn’t care” about the Fake Virtue of the anti-Whites? Answer: xir can’t.

This is how to reframe a charge of “racism” (aka “perspicacity”). Watch and learn from our based Outer Hajnal White brothers. Reframing like this comes naturally to them.

Btw, this is the same dumb BBC bint schooled by Jordan Peterson a while back.


In more MAGAman news, Tucker Carlson gets better every day. Here he is interviewing Michael Anton, another MAGAman (and former Trump cabinet member) who wrote the famous “Flight 93” essay:

Michael Anton has excellent physiognomy, which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering he was among the first to recognize the importance and necessity of the Trump Realignment, and the decadence and corruption of the Uniparty establishment.

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From Jung Man, a better and more honest analysis of the Trump Era and the cultural and economic conditions that led to Trump’s rise than you will find in any “authoritative” newspaper or “respectable” magazine:

Teaching the Saxon to hate was not Trump’s genius; this had been tried by many in the past decades leading up to the 2016 election, from David Duke charlatan comedy-tier all the way up to Pat Buchanan erudite but flaccid-tier. In any case, by 2015 many white Americans could feel something was intrinsically wrong with having the most prestigious institutions in the land staffed by specially bred banana republic negresses that would make the Third World blush. The injustices and pure, unbridled clownery from about 2012 onward – Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, the President of the United States shucking and jiving in the Oval Office with the rap star du jour – was enough to ferment a powerful, if largely unspoken, anger among normal white Americans, to say nothing of them losing their livelihoods while being demographically dispossessed by the Mesoamerican hordes. It wasn’t just LARPers on /pol/ or GamerGaters on reddit: real, ordinary people could feel something was deeply wrong with the nation, and they were pissed. To appeal to MPC’s many Arabists, we were living through a modern-era American cultural jahiliyyah, a dark age of ignorance replete with iPhones wherein the leadership of the country was openly hostile to its historic people and their values and rejoiced vocally in their decline. I try not to do too many Dune references – something about it strikes me as a very Saileresque goonery-as-analysis conceit (and, besides, many better poasters have already made the apt comparisons) – but there was certainly an unacknowledged but palpable bond that developed sometime between 2012-2015 among large swathes of American whites a la the Fremen from the book; this American asabiyyah is what led to the proto-formation of the alt-right in the years leading up to 2016, but that was only ever a largely Millennial and Xer phenomenon, one expression of the underlying current. In short, your boomer mechanic likely never went on /pol/ and posted a cartoon of Pepe looking at IQ stats, but he was most assuredly culturally and spiritually tapped into this phenomenon; he knew the score. We all did.

The reaction was there, but much like King Arthur’s sword, it could only be wielded by a certain sort of man. This was not a job for the Ron Pauls of the world, and certainly not for the Jeb!s. It would take a man who could tap into this vast cultural zeitgeist in a chill, fratty, and Chadly way, at once lending credence to the ravings of incels on 4chan while still appealing to the American public at large. It would take an Apex Chad, and (if you subscribe to Chad Theory) only one of those exists at any given time. Donald Trump was the absolute right man at the absolute right time, and his genius was and is being able to package the Saxon’s hate into something palatable, at once appealing to the type of person who read Moldbug while simultaneously appealing to the type of people who were simply tired of hearing Spanish in public all the time. From the drop – rightfully calling Mexicans rapists at his very first press conference – it was clear Donald Trump was a whole different sort of animal, and he had lockstep support virtually from that moment on. That’s what the elites never understood, to this day still don’t understand: the Americans who put Trump in office would have voted for a plank of wood with a face drawn on it if it promised to upend the status quo. It was never his bombast, or his bullyciding, or his billions – it was that he felt what you felt, what his entire voter base felt.

Trump’s charismatic bullyciding helped sell his message. If ¡Jeb! ran on Trump’s platform, complete with Jeb’s signature mewling, cucked defensiveness, and backpedaling under pressure, I doubt Jeb would have beaten thecunt.

It’s like how a girl will swoon for a charming jerkboy who is, on paper, identical in all other ways to a polite niceguy. That charisma — aka Game — makes all the difference.

He knew what was happening to the American people was wrong, and in one of history’s greatest ironies, was far more the Springsteen-esque everyman despite his ultra one-percenter lifestyle. The NYTimes and WaPo will cynically tell you that Trump tapped into white anxiety over the aforementioned factors to win the election, and they’re exactly right: Trump was the only candidate to tap into real, actual reactionary anger against what the Obama era had brought to America. Where the paper of record is wrong is merely that it doesn’t see these concerns as valid, whereas the historical American people knows they are life and death. In short, Trump made populism cool, and the rest is history.

Praise should be reserved for core elements of the proto-Alt-Right (or what I call the Maul-Right) for their tireless (and often memetically amusing) efforts to draw attention to the burgeoning demographic crisis and its consequences through reams of graphics, stats, data, tables, facts, and SCIENCE that all acted as a stone cold chadian counterweight to the sophistic “fact checks” of the extended shitlib universe. This stuff leaked into the white normie consciousness, even if normies weren’t yet ready for blatant race conscious polemics, and ultimately had a strengthening effect on their emotional attachment to Trump and what he implicitly represents.

Hatefacts may not win elections, but they help subconsciously acclimate voters to the idea of supporting a radical change candidate.

Out of all the many politicians to grace this era, only Trump can actually tap into what the American people feel; this is the same today as it was during the election, and it is the source of his power. Even as the s**tlib howls at you with his fact checks and datasets showing unfettered Third World migration is actually a net positive, Trump’s supporters remain resolute. It’s hard to overstate the damage the media has done to itself since Trump’s first appearance about three years ago; the mere cognitive dissonance of having virtually every news outlet tell you not to believe your own lying eyes has effectively caused Trump’s voter base to voluntarily remove itself from mainstream influence. There is nothing the elites could say or do at this point to make Trump voters abandon him, a fact that shitlibs have been very slow to realize but are starting to discover much to their horror. No amount of “Trump said vagina” or Russiagate will make you or me forget Slate and Salon running nonstop triumphant daily articles from 2012-2016 rejoicing in the death of historic America, of the over-the-top jubilation the left displayed towards the idea of whites being bred out by imported browns. Even today, the left has devolved into such a freakshow that Trump – a moderate, democratically-elected, 1990s-era Democrat from New York – is compared daily to the greatest criminals of the 21st century; the election caused the shitlibs’ already very fragile masks of sanity to slip. What the whites who put Trump into office suspected during the Obama era is now loud and proud and on display every single day for all to see: these people hate you, they want you dead, and they will work tirelessly to obtain this outcome.

The media discredited itself in its hysterical urgency to “get DRUMPPFF”. The Chaimstream Media thinks with Trump gone, America will go right back to honoring them as the gatekeepers of truth. Democracy will have beaten the darkness, and Jeff Bezos can cash another weekly billion while fitting his Post employees with location finders and pee break urethra sensors that limit them to one 30 second piss per day on threat of electrical jolt.

They are delusional. Their “resistance” hopes are the wishful thinking of a dead man walking; America isn’t going back to those halcyon days of 99% shitlib control of the vertical and horizontal. The horse is out of the barn, the wolf is among the sheep, the cats have escaped their spinster hovels and gone feral. At least half of America loathes the media with a passion, and the other half clings self-humiliatingly to the media like a safe port in a storm, knowing that their port is filling with sludge and a tsunami is on the way.

The left has proven itself wholly incapable of understanding any of this in the past three years; they still largely see Trump as a blip on the radar, a speedbump on the way to full Blade Runner Los Angeles. Look at their scapegoat for Trump’s ascendancy – dumb prole flyover whites were hoodwinked by Russian secret agents on Facebook telling them the fake news that Mexicans breed like rabbits and smell bad. It sounds insane, and it is; whereas Republicans will sadly probably always be the Party of Stupid, the left has become the uncontested Party of Unhinged since Election Night 2016 (oh, what a night :allears:). Their bugmanische approach to Trump – scream Hitler and Fake News and “fact check” every time someone right of center yawns – are all meant to appeal to their idea of a rational voter. But, as Haidt, Taleb, and others have been telling them since well before 2016, they’re not getting anywhere with appeals to BIG DATA or Science! or fact checking. Trump intrinsically feels what is wrong with America (a very Chad instinct) and acts accordingly. He’s the once in a generation perfect storm president, and no amount of google doodles claiming naggers invented the space shuttle will make it not true.

Anyhow, got a bit off topic here, but the point is this: on June 16, 2015, I watched Donald Trump, Apex Chad, descend from on high down a golden escalator, and nothing has been the same since. Millions of Americans breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he publicly decried the Mexican invasion, knowing that they had just been spared the indignity of a Jeb!-gracelessly-losing-to-Hillary election. You can write entire books worth of posts about the dissatisfaction that white America felt (indeed, Sailer has made a rather boring career doing this), but the long and the short of it is simply that it would never have amounted to anything without Trump and his ability to connect with the average American. That he felt what Americans the country over did and was unafraid to say so made him President, and shitlibs with their reams of exit poll data will literally never understand this. And he did it all sans the credentials, slavish worship of BIG data, or expected gay comportment of a Republican politician in 2016. Truly, a miracle, and one must remember to thank God every day for bringing Donald Trump into our collective lives.

:trump: It was easier than it looked!

Trump may have helped accelerate the death of runaway credentialism, too, whether he knows it or not, and that’s a good thing.

If Trump’s one lasting legacy is his destruction of the lying legacy media, he will have done more good for America than the last four, maybe six, Presidents did combined. It will be no less an achievement than reversing the Fuggernaut and allowing Truth & Beauty to once again gain a foothold in this nation.

Frank Booth adds,

People looked around and realized how far things had slid down since 9/11, since the Great Recession, since Obama’s re-election and his “phone and a pen”. They realized they were poorer and less free than ever before, by a mile. Talk about a “Malaise Era,” the real Malaise Era was 2008 to 2016. And when you’re losing the game that badly, all you can do is flip the board.

First, we flipped the board.
Next, we win America back again.
Failing that, we change the game being played, with all that implies.

Libertardian replies to Booth’s comment,

Carter and both Bushes all rolled together were probably still better than Butt Nekkid’s second term.

9/11 was great for the traitors. Securing the border would have fixed the problem, of course, so they held it wide open and jumped at the opportunity to turn America into a police/surveillance state “for your own good.”

As for the Great Recession, it was utterly avoidable (by the simple expedient of not creating the bubble that caused it), and the subsequent bailout of the guilty at the expense of the nonparticipants is just another instance of the last bit from the quote above.

The Surveillance State is a growing evil descending like a shroud over America. I don’t think it’s on Trump’s radar, nor am I confident he perceives the ominous threat of it, but the man who follows Trump will, and that’s when the battle lines between deep state globalists and regular Americans become too clear to ignore, because if you think these swamp SWPLs can’t bear to relinquish their precious open borders, just wait until we demand they surrender their Big Brother surveillance powers.

Step One: De-diversify America. A White Christian America is a high trust America with no need for a Surveillance State.


A reminder of all the big and small ways we are constantly lied to and manipulated by the corporate-media goliath:

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At the time of this post’s publication, Trump may have already announced his SCOTUS nominee to replace the center-left Kennedy. Here’s to hoping his decision was made with the spirit of this post in mind.

As of this writing, the top 3 contenders (according to Anonymous Sources, who is probably one person who went to every one of the bar mitzvahs for the kids of Carlos Slim Times and Bezos Post employees) are Amy Barrett, Raymond Kethledge, and Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is the only responsible choice.

Barrett is Justice Thinking Housewife (h/t MPC).

Barrett will be another Sandra O’Connor, except worse. Sure, she can be relied on to make pro-life (ie pro-brown and black population explosion) decisions, but on everything else the odds are good (and the goods odd) that she’ll be squishy as is the wont of her sex. Barrett’s record is slim, so we only have details from her personal life to create a picture of how she might vote on the National Question.

And boyee, those deets are the stuff of creeps. Barrett is a religious weirdo who has signed up for evangelical universalist cuckery despite herself being Catholic. (At some point, I have to write a post about how Evangelicuck and Cathocuck charities are doing the most practical damage to Heritage America through their work as middlemen resettling Dirt Worlders in red state pleasantvilles.)

Most damning, she adopted two Haitian Kisses while she was pregnant with her own White children.

Only an utterly vain and self-centered headcase would bring that degree of disruption into her home and hearth. As Pedestalman put it,

Jane nailed the main issue with Barrett:  she was adopting Haitians at the same time as she was carrying her own babies.  This is wildly f**king insane judgement and I’ll bet even Gwerks would agree this bitch is too crazy to serve on the court.  I don’t care how right wing she might be.  God only knows what zaniness is waiting to pour out of her.  “Our four children at home are with friends and fearless babysitters.”  Holy f**king s**t who talks like this?

No real track record and a history of dubious affiliations.  I really hope Trump is just toying with the media here.

And the phyzz doesn’t lie:

Those are psychocunt eyes. Sorry, I call it as I see it.

If the choice is between an anti-abortion justice and an anti-open borders justice, the latter wins, no contest. What future is fated for us in an America overrun by swarth-hordes whose numbers can’t at least be culled at the margins by the palliative of eugenic abortion? Answer: a DARK and DREARY future.

Here come the pro-life Boomers to scold me. My only response is that some lives really are worth more than others. What good have you done to save Somali babies when your country is flooded with violent, dumb aliens imposing countless miseries on your friends and neighbors? You saved a fetus at the cost of your country. You think that’ll get you through the pearly gates?

Bottom line: you can’t trust women with the judge’s gavel. Trump best stick to nominating a based male WOP or WASP. He’d probably be on safer ground nominating a pitch black conservative like Thomas, who has really developed into a smart and based Justice in the mold of Scalia.

Universal rule of jurisprudence: Women think in feelz. It always ALWAYS comes down to that with women. Feelz > Logic, Feelz > Country. Few exceptions:


Kethledge is a GOPe cuckstablishment stooge. He can be counted on to “grow into” another shitlib David Souter.

The open borders billionaire Cuck Brothers support a Kethledge nomination. That’s all you need to know about him. He’s a sure thing if you want a Justice who will mature into globohomoist leftism, finding precedent for American Rights to apply to all 7 billion people in the world.

It’s no surprise to anyone paying attention that huge cucks like Mitch McConnell and Ross Douthat are pushing Kethledge on Trump. If stool sitters like those two are for one guy, choose the other guy. You’ll never go wrong.

For the truly smart and prudent justices like Gorsuch and the late Scalia, it has to gall when a shit tier president like Gay Mulatto stuffs the court full of dumbfuck wise latinas and sophistic Oyveys. It lowers the value of the smart white males to be associated with these diversity world dregs.

Which is my way of saying, for the good of the country and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, Trump should nominate hardcore White Christian Men for every one of the five SCOTUS vacancies he will have during his three terms.


(which in practice means make SCOTUS more White, Gentile, Male, and possessing of a shitlord physiognomy.)

Barrett is a virtue signaling psychocunt who put her signaling to practice and adopted two snickers bars to preen before her neighbors at the expense of her white kids’ emotional health.

Kethledge is controlled opposition who will do the bidding of ZOG.

It will be a yuge letdown if Trump nominates either one of these losers.

NO to Kethledge
NO to Barrett

YES to Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is /ourguy/.

I really hope Trump is listening and doesn’t cuck this up.


How do you know the Uniparty fears a Kavanaugh nomination? Just look at the sneaky manipulations they’ll undertake to try and influence Trump away from Kavanaugh:

The Bezos Post is shameless. I can’t wait for Bezos to institute a draconian pee break rule for Post reporters and to slap location finders on their wrists.

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Thirst is defined as the unrequited ardor of hard-up beta males lavishing girls online with flattery and desperate sexual solicitations. Sometimes thirst comes with a price tag. Case in point, this example of intercontinental thirst:

A Gabber quips,

The neckbeard will masturbate to the ticket receipt for the next few years.

Patronizing a real prostitute would be more dignified for this soyblob, because at least the whore would follow through on her end of the deal.

So now that you’re familiarized with thirst and understand that thirst generally accompanies feminizing or androgenizing societies full to the brim with demoralized men and juttingly manjawed careerist lawyercunts, as well as widespread obesity reducing the number of romantically acceptable female partners for all the partner-seeking men, it’s time to ask if we’ve hit Peak Thirst, and if we have what would it look like?

One tell-tale shift in the social dynamic that indicates a revolt against thirst is any noticeable decrease in its online frequency, coupled with an increase in men expressing the opposite of beta thirst: shaming sluts for trying to collect Thirst Tokens redeemable in monetized views.

And while I can’t be everywhere all the time, I do credit myself for having a keen sense of which way the cultural wind is blowing. If you follow attention whore media you’ll notice that more men are calling out women who post half-naked selfies. The thirst is still there, but now it’s sharing ASCII space with masculine satiation. Many more men are now ridiculing thots, demanding thots go away, mocking Instawhore skanks as headcases craving an absent father’s love, and accusing these modren day pin-ups for being willing to do anything for the likes.

Culturally, this is a good sign. The Shaming Of The Thots is a necessary step toward civilizational renewal. De-thotification will bring sexual market balance back to a society that has been veering dangerously close to an extremist gynarcho-tyranny. When women’s overblown egos are deflated, civilization is reinstated.

The, ahem, monkey wrench that could thwart the needed rebalancing is…open borders, and in the next post I will explain why open borders will ruin relations between the sexes and why women are in love with the idea of a borderless America.


Commenter Popcorn Out supplies a potent coda to this post:

Getting all those compliments on a public medium for all to see is the female equivalent of a guy being able to click his mouse and have a steady stream of girls come in to fuck him.

Women crave attention and validation like men crave sex.

Recall an ancient CH maxim: Men desire. Women desire to be desired.

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