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Thirst is defined as the unrequited ardor of hard-up beta males lavishing girls online with flattery and desperate sexual solicitations. Sometimes thirst comes with a price tag. Case in point, this example of intercontinental thirst:

A Gabber quips,

The neckbeard will masturbate to the ticket receipt for the next few years.

Patronizing a real prostitute would be more dignified for this soyblob, because at least the whore would follow through on her end of the deal.

So now that you’re familiarized with thirst and understand that thirst generally accompanies feminizing or androgenizing societies full to the brim with demoralized men and juttingly manjawed careerist lawyercunts, as well as widespread obesity reducing the number of romantically acceptable female partners for all the partner-seeking men, it’s time to ask if we’ve hit Peak Thirst, and if we have what would it look like?

One tell-tale shift in the social dynamic that indicates a revolt against thirst is any noticeable decrease in its online frequency, coupled with an increase in men expressing the opposite of beta thirst: shaming sluts for trying to collect Thirst Tokens redeemable in monetized views.

And while I can’t be everywhere all the time, I do credit myself for having a keen sense of which way the cultural wind is blowing. If you follow attention whore media you’ll notice that more men are calling out women who post half-naked selfies. The thirst is still there, but now it’s sharing ASCII space with masculine satiation. Many more men are now ridiculing thots, demanding thots go away, mocking Instawhore skanks as headcases craving an absent father’s love, and accusing these modren day pin-ups for being willing to do anything for the likes.

Culturally, this is a good sign. The Shaming Of The Thots is a necessary step toward civilizational renewal. De-thotification will bring sexual market balance back to a society that has been veering dangerously close to an extremist gynarcho-tyranny. When women’s overblown egos are deflated, civilization is reinstated.

The, ahem, monkey wrench that could thwart the needed rebalancing is…open borders, and in the next post I will explain why open borders will ruin relations between the sexes and why women are in love with the idea of a borderless America.


Commenter Popcorn Out supplies a potent coda to this post:

Getting all those compliments on a public medium for all to see is the female equivalent of a guy being able to click his mouse and have a steady stream of girls come in to fuck him.

Women crave attention and validation like men crave sex.

Recall an ancient CH maxim: Men desire. Women desire to be desired.

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Audacious E passed along a field report from a buddy commenting on what he noticed among the Generation Zyklon crowd while in Panem’s Capitol.

Wearing MAGA hats in the most hostile place in the country to do so isn’t for the faint of heart. These young shitlords are made of stern stuff. They’re exactly what we need.

My gut feeling is that the schism between Mewllennials and Generation Zyklon will be ahistorically large. I expect an intergenerational break so profound it buries the Neoliberal Equalism status quo for good.

On a side note, for nonWhites, Filipinos are particularly assimilable to American culture. Our long-term military presence there obviously has had a beneficial influence on Flip assimilability, but I think it goes deeper than that. Filipinos share a sense of humor with Americans, at least from what I’ve noticed with the few Americanized Flips I’ve known. Humor is incredibly resistant to cross-cultural transmission; who here “gets” French humor, for example? But for reasons beyond my ken, Flips and Amerifats have a shared idea of what’s funny, and that likely helps grease the inter-racial skids.

AE also provided some confirmatory evidence supporting CH’s Fundamental Premise:

– Doing a little back-of-the-envelope calculating, at present around 127 million men in the US are fertile. That compares to about 47 million women in the US who are currently fertile. Women aren’t the natural gatekeepers of sex only because it’s a potential investment of nine months (or eighteen years!) of their lives compared to 15 minutes of a man. They’re also gatekeepers because there are in the general population a lot more fertile men than there are fertile women at any given time.

Women’s precious eggs are only matched in value by men’s passionate energy.

The (no)wag sneers, “If White women’s eggs are so precious, why do so many of them pollute their eggs with swarthseed?”

First, not as many White women treat their eggs with as much disrespect as the GloboHomoBezos Ministry of Propaganda would have you believe. Second, the White women who do chuck their ova to the orcs aren’t typically best of breed, so relative to the White woman SMV norm these coal burners are, arguably, banging up, given that the White men they could get would be the absolute dregs, if they could get a White man at all. Thirdforth, female hypergamy doesn’t obey Queefsbury Rules of Mate Selection; what might seem incomprehensible to the reliable beta White male provider — a hot un-hued White babe gravitating into a pitchy pimp’s orbit — could feel refracted through the hindbrain of the mudshark like a big step up in her dating life if her ZFG boonfriend hits all her hamster-shaped buttons. The guardians of Civilization may think she’s trashing her eggs, but Civilization was only ever a fortuitous tributary of the many winding forms taken by the God of Biomechanics.

Still, there are exceptions, and they do present a challenge to the Fundamental Premise, which can be satisfactorily resolved by assuming those exceptions are mentally ill and/or emotionally unstable, covered in sickly tats, addicted to hard drugs, and grew up without a father.

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A great comment from R.G. Camara,

There are really only two ways to defeat SJWs once they take over an organization:

1. Let the institution die a slow, painful death while you build another one and keep SJWs out.

2. A massive, one time, blitzkreig strategic/tactical attack where you and some very trusted allies remove all SJWs in one fell swoop—a purge of immense magnitude and blinding speed to prevent any form of defense.

For the blue print on the latter, see how the NRA took the organization back from the SJWs in 1977, in what is now termed “The Cincinnati Revolution“.

If Trump is playing the latter game….expect it to happen in a flash. He knows if he leaves any significant number of SJWs around, they will redouble and use every means necessary—including unleashing black mobs, calling for UN intervention, and releasing gas and biological attacks—to fight the purge.

Either way, the SJWs will desperately try to paint it as a “Night of the Long Knives.”

For a real-time example of a once-admired American institution utterly surrendering to the Veil of SJW Darkness, see the Boy Skirts (née Boy Scouts), which has allowed homosexual scout leaders and girls into the fold, and now requires the availability of condoms to all participants at its global gathering.

The Soy Scouts is lost to us. There’s no salvation that doesn’t involve a mass cleansing of the filth that has infiltrated the organization. Evoking Camara’s point number one, White men and their sons will have to create parallel male-bonding institutions free of the freakqualist poz, and then make sure not even one bitter beauty-destroying leftoid is allowed into the ranks.

Point number two is of course a lot faster and a lot more fun, if inflicting mass casualties on shitlib psyches is your thing (and why wouldn’t it be?).

I hoped that Trump would execute his version of the Cincinnati Revolution the day he took office, but he either felt it was necessary to wait and lull his enemies into the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE zone, or he really didn’t know what he was up against until enough betrayals of trust and basic Constitutional guarantees had accumulated and cleared his mind of the nature of his enemy. Whatever his motivation, I hope that he is about to unleash Hell now that the Dirty Deep State has finally revealed its scaly underbelly.

A third way — one that is slow, laborious, but ultimately long-lasting and preserving of the traditions and organizations that leftoids have corrupted — is an equal and opposite march through the institutions by a Standing Shitlord Army. This is the bloodless way, but truthfully I think we’ve run out of time for it; the counter-MTTI needed to happen at least a couple decades ago. Now it’s too late. Leftoid Equalism has dug in too deep, has closed off too many avenues for redress, and painfully slow substitutions of leftoids for sane people won’t come quick enough to pre-empt Civil War II.

My bet is that the future of America will be a combination of #1 and #2 — parallel reactionary institutions flowering and multiplying, while a few SJW captured organizations fall to a Night of Long Gibes — followed by cultural and then political regionalism that essentially heralds the end of America as a united nation.

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From Electric Pence,

He has his cabinet, the courts are filled to the gills with right-wing judges, the FBI/CIA’s public reputation is in ashes, thousands of indictments are ready against the Swamp. Everything the Deep State does from here on out will be the death throes of the most corrupt secret bureaucracy in history.

Trump is ready for war.

As are we, his standing army of American citizens fed up with Globohomo sedition.

PS Because I am proud of the warriors I send out into the world, a short mention here that Chuck Ross — former commenter at the Chateau — is delivering some great reporting on the breaking story of the Dirty Deep State’s coup attempt against President Trump.

Note that the Degenerate Freak Mafia tried to take Chuck out for his past realtalk on his personal blog and here on this blog, but they have failed. Chuck is now instrumental in helping to bring down the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Deep State nexus.

When CH sends its soldiers to do battle, we only send the best.

PPS Bonus shiv:

PPPS greginaurora writes,

Unless I misjudge the man, calling for action means he’s already assured of success. That’s why I love his tweets so much; in battlefield terms, he doesn’t deploy his battlelines until he’s already guaranteed their win against the enemy.


PPPPS How do I love thee God Emperor? Let me count the ways…starting with this (authentic) headline posted at the whitehouse.gov website:

PPPPPS More happening:

Greg Eliot, do you have another Turd Pill to share with us at this moment?

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No manjaws, no tats, no blue hair, BMIs under 23 and glowing with feminine energy. These photos of Olde America are painful to look at, knowing how much we have lost since then.

Idle thought: how much influence does photography have on cultural continuity? Will photographs save America from the fates of other empires? When Rome was declining, Romans didn’t have photos of Olde Rome to remind them of what they were losing. They had myths, fading generational memories, and sculpture, but if they had photos would they have evaded their collapse?

If we had no mid-century photos, would we have forgotten by now what American women, and America, used to be? Would we be able to fondly, vividly, and instantly recall that America was once a shining titty on a hill?

Because we have photos and can look back at a better America, will it be the secret ingredient so many others before us were missing, that steels our hearts to save a dying nation? I wonder.


A reader writes,

Roman homes were full of busts and death masks of forebears which were worn at festivals and funerals. These and all sculptures painted to look lifelike. Oral family tradition strong. Household gods worshipped for a thousand years before Rome. The collapse took a long, long time.

But those were death masks. Ancestors captured in plaster and marble, stiff and quasi-monstrous in their facsimile. Today, we have photos, qualitatively different. We can see bygone America alive and happy and flush with confidence. The hit right to the feels is more visceral.


Another reader,

The question is how well does it compete with the shitlib infested media and education monstrosities that attack the culture.

I like to think a faded photo of one smiling, height-weight proportionate 1950s woman can sweep away the lies of a million hate Whitey opinion pieces by our enemies.


Another reader,

the marble statues and architecture gave them a false sense of permanence

Yes, ironically those statues might have had the opposite effect on Romans than what was intended: made them complacent instead of feeling the urgency of the loss.

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For decades (in the pre-Current Year era), blacks have voted lockstep for the Dems. The black vote of either sex rarely dipped below 90% D in any election. That may finally be changing. I predict a coming black sex gap, in which black men will vote less D while black women continue voting D with near-unanimity. The reason?


It won’t take much black realignment to cause an electoral crisis for Democreeps. If Trump can steal 10-15% of the black male vote from Dems, a lot of purple states will flip red. Some blue states would come into play. Kanye West isn’t the cause of this shift, but he is a powerful symptom of it, and his Overton smashing, leftoid COGDISSING tweets may very well end up pushing a nontrivial number of blacks into Trump’s camp in 2020.

Black men secretly love Trump. They respect Trump. Not enough to leave the D reservation (for now), but enough to consider it in the future. Trump’s brash style, his preference for gaudy golden palaces, his “one man taking on The Man” political trajectory, and most relevantly his hilarious TRASH TALK are all traits admired by the black man. That’s Trump’s style — his GAME — winning over blacks. But Trump’s substance shouldn’t be discounted. Black unemployment is at record lows in Trump’s reign; black men are noticing this in their lives, and it’s trickling into the black consciousness (such as it is). Blacks, especially black men, also notice Trump making their lives better by restricting legal and illegal immigration, which depresses the wages of lower skilled labor. The Beaner Wall is Black Magic.

Black women don’t notice it nor will they ever see the Trumpian light because black women are already under the employ of Uncle Gibs. Diversity quotas mean the government has to hire lots of incompetents and dead weight; black women are generally more conscientious and disciplined than are black men, so agencies fill their quotas with black women, hoping to limit the damage that Diversity brings to quality of service and product. Walk into any DMV and the ratio can be as high as ten black women for every one black man. This isn’t an accident; sure part of the skew is because a lot of black man are “out of the workforce flow” so to speak, but mostly it’s because black women are considered less obstreperous employees.

There is also a racial predisposition at work in the potential for diverging political preferences between black men and black women. As a race, blacks are r-selected; they have the behavioral profile of their African ancestors, and in Africa to this day the women toil in the fields while the men drink, gambol, and alternately revere the “Big Man” or try to become him. Africa is a matrifocal social organization, and that carries over into African-American neighborhoods where black women don’t expect black men to have a job and stick around to help raise the kids. Black women are economically self-disciplined in a way black men aren’t, either self-disciplined to earn a living working for the government or to know how to soak the welfare state.

So Trumpism has less to offer black women, who do quite well already under a quasi-socialist Democrat-controlled makework bureaucratic administrative state. Trump’s nationalist-populism agenda means a tighter labor market, especially at the low end, and more manufacturing jobs, which largely accrues to the benefit of black men. But it also means a less powerful central government as hiring agency, as employment opportunity moves away from Panem and toward localities; this would harm the interests of black women who, like women of other races, aren’t much interested in men’s jobs like manufacturing or anything involving physical labor and teamwork.

Which brings me back to Kanye; closeted gay though he may be, he has tapped into a dragon energy pulsing through many black men that will, in time and under the guidance of the Goad Emperor, create a noteworthy sex gap with their black women. But only if Trump reigns; any Republican after Trump not sufficiently Trumpian will lose black men as quickly as Trump gained them.

“JL” is John Legend. Kanye is in green. BTFO linguistic killshot confirmed.

Professional Boob Washer writes,

Kanye going hotep would be earth shaking culturally but the gender split in blacks is overdue seeing how black men are useful to the Left only when dead. Clinton won black women 93-4 and black men 80-13. If Kanye and the Hoteps move the needle at all, it’s over for the Dems due to their need for blacks +90% tallies. If the gender gap were to widen, Trump would be taking 18-20% total and depressing enthusiasm which enables vote stuffing in those 106% turnout districts. This helps secure the swing states he flipped and puts VA back into play. I don’t see black men voting for a black woman and there isn’t a South African style militant available yet nor will be with America’s mix. It’s Caudillo-Big Man politics now and Trump is the playmate fuckin’ Big Man.

When black men hear that Trump hired hookers to piss on the hotel bed Gay Mulatto shared with Reggie Love, they think “TRUMP IS A PIMP DADDY”. And they’d be right. Just yesterday, the Trumps used thecunt’s china collection to deck out their State Dinner with Micron, in what has to be one of the coldest shivs a sitting President has ever delivered to a sociopathic former political opponent. (I loved that news story so much I read it twice for the sheer pleasure of it.)

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of room for black male vote poaching by Trump — they’re a tribal race far outside their natural environment and they will vote anti-White gibs now, gibs tomorrow, gibs forever; the “natural conservative” myth is a cuckservative talking point for a reason — but Trump’s persona and agenda open the possibility of a paradigm-busting movement of 10-20% of black men away from the Dems. This would be good for America and hilarious on many levels, not least would be listening to the lamentations of the ur-cucked NeverTrumpers.

From TOG, one of my favorite reads across all platforms,

[Kanye’s Konversion is] a big deal in that it shows the MK Ultra brainwashing didn’t work 100% on Kanye.  He fought it.  Having a famous black liberal icon show solidarity with a famous black conservative helps the average black man wake up to divide and conquer saul alinsky tactics.  This may matter if it takes votes away from the Dems in midterm elections.  It’s also a big “f**k you” to the jewish media.  Kanye played the game and was used as a tool of jewish media interests for years so they allowed him to be A-List popular.  Now that he is A-List, he is allowing other blacks to not be a democrat.  Woah!  Just the seed being planted that “you dont have to be a democrat” is a good thing.  The democrats only have smoke, mirrors and trickery to keep their followers together.  Once people start looking up the facts the democrats push (i.e. they push the narrative that white cops shooting black men is a problem, & when you look it up you see statistically it is insignificant, and in fact, black crime is the problem) then the democrats cease to exist.  Their entire party relies on the fact that some people don’t look anything up and just get all their news exclusively from international jewish media outlets and NPR.

7 Simple Steps to being a Liberal
Step 1) Listen to national public radio on the train ride to work,

Step 2) Seek confirmation bias from others at work who also listen to jewish media

Step 3) Watch cnn and msnbc when you get home after work.

Step 4) Sneer and snark at anyone who thinks differently than you.

Step 5) Occasionally read a huffpo blog article confirming what the jewish media has told you after you were triggered by a random pepe meme.


Step 7) Pat yourself on the back and call yourself “informed”

Btw, not that I listen all that often, but I haven’t heard any of the lertoid media outlets mention the Kanye story. NPR? NPR? Omitting truths is as bad as committing lies! Journalism 101.

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At first glance, this photo is the iconic Goodbye America still shot. The soyfaced White punching bag just standing there, inert and full of self-hatred, taking the n1gra’s bullhorn to his frappuccinoed face while mystery meat onlookers, their psychotically masochistic white enablers, and a (((puppeteer))) cheer on the n1gra’s ‘shines. Sick!

But look closely at Whitecuck’s eyes. What’s going through his head? “I am suitably chastened and prepared to make amends to my black betters.” “I am scared.” “I am not getting paid enough for this.” “I hate myself.” “Please make it stop.”

Hm, I dunno. I think I see something else: the look of stoic resolve just before the battle charge. Redemption.

And is that soyfat or muscle beneath his apron of oppression?

If America has a future, our beset White man is thinking, “fuck this n0gnoize, where’s the road war sign up sheet?”

Auschwitz Pool Lifeguard writes,

Imagine actually taking this abuse for a minimum wage job at a company that forces you to undergo constant humiliation from the point of training onwards for being a white male.

I personally can’t imagine it, but a lot of White males can, and decide to live it out in reality. Those of sane mind and descended testicles can only hope that these self-castrating White males one day, not far off, tire of the prostration parade they must march in every day, and on that day become White Men.

From MPC Status Updates,

Ancient men called general strikes, manned barricades, put bourgeoisie to the sword…you go to “coffee chain” for “grande latte” and enjoy “diversity training”…YOU ARE GAY!

lol. We may have hit Peak Paleface Prostration with this Starcucks nonsense. Safe White Spaces (all implicit today) like Starcucks are the newest frontier in enlightened leftoid activism. Anything or any place that can be remotely associated with Whiteness or pinned as an organically emergent White community will be under fire from here on out to disavow its Whiteness and make room for disruptive elements.

Leftoids really want a world in which there’s no place left for Whites to run from Diversity™. Leftism is a White death cult.

tin man wonders what our White hero-to-be could do under the circumstances,

The fuck is he supposed to do, fistfight someone for Starbucks Corporation? This is the first time I’ve ever thought it would be cool to work there, this would be fun

He could laugh in the face of his inquisitors. He could throw down the garb of his anti-White SJW corporate master and storm out, cleaving the freak crowd in two and leaving them screeching at his receding figure. But that’s the crux of the issue. It’s not so much what he isn’t doing, it’s that he’s embedded in a malevolent system which hates him and his kind, and which prohibits him from doing anything. The whole point of these mau mau charades is humiliation porn, to strip White men of their dignity.

That channer prank using a fake free coffee coupon redeemable only by those of african american descent has the potential to bring Starcucks to its knees if it goes viral. No brotha is gonna question the authenticity of a gibs ticket, so what’s Starcucks gonna do? Tell the proud black body sorry, no freebie for you?

PS I find it hilarious that everyone in this photo is wearing problem glasses.

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