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Eastern Europe will carry the torch of Western Civ/European Christendom after Northwestern Europe surrenders it.

Do we have a based&whitepilled president in Trump?

The central mystery of the Trump Presidency is this: Does Trump understand the National Question, and if so does he agree with its basic premise?

Because if he does, then his actions to date are somewhat baffling.

If he doesn’t on either count, then his actions make some sense if seen as those of a man who truly believes the sole point of the Wall is to keep out drugs.

PS On Ivanka’s hobbyhorse, paid family leave:

Paid family leave likely won’t do what’s implied by it: raise the birthrate of White Americans. It does sound good and it will bolster Trump’s 2020 election chances.

In fact, PFL is more likely to suppress White fertility, by encouraging more women to join the workforce.

The lasting solution is high wage jobs for men that allows women to be SAHMs.

PPS Here are the anti-MAGA provisions in the bill Trump just signed:

1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to

2) Liberal local officials have veto power

3) Bill contains a blatant amnesty

4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter

5) Doubling low-skilled workers

Word is that McConnell lied to Trump that there were no “land mines” in the bill. Trump should have insisted on reading the whole damned thing himself, even it it meant weeks before making a decision on it.

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AOC is a radical commie leftwinger overseas puerto rican midwit who snipes as much against her own Democrat Party as she does against all that is true and beautiful in the world.

Ilhan Omar is a radical commie leftwinger overseas somali lackwit who barrels through the JQ and forces the media and uniparty to scramble for cover before too many normies are redpilled on the nature of their overlords.

The question is whether the aoc-omar entity destroys the Dems from within before the party can complete its demographic terraforming of America, or if they capitulate and are sufficiently converged to the globohomo borg and recruited as just more sloot soldiers in the war against White America.

tfw you marvel at the whims of a universe which decides an aoc/omar slag team will heighten contradictions in a rapidly degenerating empire and pull it back from the precipice of collapse.


“Behave yourself, guest.”

The new Maul-Right message of love.

Leave it to a based&crescentpilled imam to execute a level 99 Thot Patrol.

Better: “Buh Bye, guest.”

From a groyperfrog:

the brotherfucker names the [special people]
>the Imam patrols the brotherfucker when she gets lippy with the locals’ sheik

The Alt-Right/Islamic alliance will be the most unexpected development of 2019.

At this point, I’m game. Grab the popcorn.

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Far from being a “medieval” relic (like the wheel, still used to this day) or ineffective, walls are springing up along borders everywhere across Europe and other parts of the world where migrant invaders are a problem. The evidence of their effectiveness is clear: WALLS WORK.

When taken one by one, and examined in detail, the flawed opinions embraced by Pelosi and Schumer that the wall is immoral, obsolete, or a waste of financial resources are shown for what they are — political obstructionism.

Take the left’s view that walls and fences are “medieval” and a thing of the past, and we find, as with many statements made by the left, that the complete opposite is true.

According to a February 2018 American Renaissance article, between 1945 and 1961, over 3.5 million East Germans walked across the unguarded border.  When the wall was built, it cut defections by more than 90 percent.  When Israel in January 2017 completed improvements to the fence on its border with Egypt to keep out terrorists and African immigrants, it cut illegal immigration to zero.  In 2015, The Telegraph reported on the construction of a 600-mile “great wall” border by Saudi Arabia with Iraq to stop Islamic State militants from entering the country.  The wall included five layers of fencing with watchtowers, night-vision cameras, and radar cameras.  Finally, a September 2016 article in the Washington Post reported on the new construction of a mile-long wall at Calais. “[A]ttacks have considerably changed the climate in France,” said Bruno Cautrès, a political analyst at the Center for Political Research at Paris’s Sciences Po.  “The desire for many is to have a president who can bring security back.”  The United States has that kind of president in Trump.

So the current trend among modern nations demanding safer environments for their people is not abandoning walls and fences in place of sophisticated surveillance and detection technology, but quite the opposite.  In a May 2018 USA Today article, border walls since World War II have increased from 7 to 77.  In 2016, the Economist asserted that, as a result of the refugee crisis and the conflict in Ukraine, “Europe will soon have more physical barriers on its national borders than it did during the Cold War.”

Democortezes and GOPe cucks are gaslighting the country into falsely believing that walls are useless and immoral (a contradiction in terms). They are lying through their teeth because they want the bulk of the Third World ushered into America to give Dems cheap votes and permanent political power, or cheap labor and back rubs from the Koch brothers for the GOPe cucks.

It would be treason in any other era but our Clown Era.

Speaking of hypocrite Dems, Beta O’Rourke (D-soyboy) was encircled by high fencing and barricades during his feeble El Paso rally.

fuckin loser.

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The Tampon Mob is coming after men. Kavanaugh was the first fusillade in the war against White men.

When campus activists argue against the Trump administration’s due-process guidelines, they are arguing for the power of campus administrators to punish (mainly) young men for alleged acts on or off campus without cross-examination, without seeing available evidence, without a live hearing, and under definitions of the alleged offenses far broader than those that apply under relevant law.

Some people call this neo-Victorianism. I call it Gynarcho-Tyranny. The difference? Gynarcho-Tyranny absolves women of any accountability while punishing men for invisible infractions that offend the accusatory whims of women.

Victorianism placed a lot of social restrictions on women AND men. Gynarcho-Tyranny places those restrictions on men but allows women the freedom to explore their feral sexuality without shame or censure. This is lop-sided treatment that is bound to further corrode relations between the sexes.

We aren’t revisiting the age of Victorianism; we’re entering a new age of Misandrism. Anyone who denies this is willfully ignorant or malicious.

Women are unhappy, but instead of reflecting on the choices they make in their personal lives and at the voting booth and how those choices have contributed to their unhappiness, they have decided at the behest of their Narrative gatekeepers to direct all their incoherent rage against men, specifically White men.

And it’s showing up in Shrillennials, who are separating by sex into antagonistic camps.

This isn’t controlled for race, so one has to assume the browning of America in the past two-three decades accounts for some proportion of the leftward lurch among Shrillennial women.

Nevertheless, the trends are apparent, and disheartening for red pilled White knights. Women in every generation except Silents (the oldest generation) have turned to the Snark Side. Female Millennial bluehairs and brownbears have lurched so far Left they may as well be concubines at pantifa BBC cuck parties.

The oldest women — the Silents — know what has been lost, and what we are rapidly losing, and they have responded by being the only female generation to turn Rightward. This generation is probably also the Whitest.

But we knew all this already.

What we didn’t know, perhaps, is the gumption and fortitude remaining in a contingent of normal-T Millennial men.

Men in general are more Republican — and more right-wing — that are women, but unlike their women the Millennial men have shifted a little bit away from the Left and to the Right. (Boomers and Gen X men have both shifted to the Left. Silent men are as based as you’d expect interpolating from their women.)

Diversity can’t explain this (unless there are more vibrant females than vibrant males in America). The shift is small, but notable, as it comes in the headwinds of their women marching frantically in the opposite direction.

What gives? It’s the Misandry. Millennial men are at the front lines of this Cunt’th Wave Feminist orgy of man-hate, and they recoil in fear and disgust.

It’s the Diversity. White Millennial men are watching their women lay with the Other in historically record numbers. No matter how shitlib the male shitlib, there is still a spark of life in his atrophied soyheart that stirs indignantly when his women are pillaged by invading tribesmen.

And it’s the Sexual Market Restructuring. Millennial men are standing idly by as their beta bux are strip mined by a corrupted social contract, by student loan debt, by a services economy favoring HR gossips, and by mass immigration gutting their wages and pricing them out of the livable housing market to feed a voracious urban shrew maw that sacrifices its prime fertility years and partial birth aborted children to alpha fux and credentialist gluts.

I welcome this Separation, for in it we will find Clarity, and an open view of the Battlefield and of the nature of our Enemy.

If Millennial men — the most pozzed and soyed generation of men in American history — are beginning to wake up, hang on, because that portends a much bigger change over the horizon…

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If inventions of the White man didn’t exist, there’s a very high probability that the polar vortex shattering records across the northern states would cull a disproportionate number of the resettled tropic-evolved gifts of love.

The best maul-right argument for addressing and reversing global warming* is that it will create an environment favorable to Whites and hostile to invasive tribes.

J.R. strips away the rhetorical fluff,

Europe and North America were cold and hostile places

we invented central heating, AC, supermarkets, and fast food

so now you can easily make it 70 degrees all the time
and have a constant and steady supply of cheap food
that requires almost no effort or intelligence to acquire

we’ve basically recreated Africa

Which means we’ve recreated a dysgenic breeding environment, which affects Whites as well.


From a reader,

A single winter without modern heating and many northern states would be 99% founding stock again.

A snow-kissed lass.

Seasonal mood music: “Winter Chan“.

PS Twatter has banned users from tweeting “Learn to Code” at fired whorenalists. From Aquinas,

All effective rhetoric will be banned. It is a new axiom. If your online campaign does not end in some kind of banning, then you know it was not effective.

I’m strangely proud that I was among the first wave of Twatter bannings. (And then the second and third waves.)

PPS Since we’re on the subject of snow white purity, if demographic destruction is baked in the cake (see: France, Scandinavia, Anglosphere), then it stands to reason that many if not most of the beleaguered Whites in those rapidly transforming countries would respond by abjectly placating their POC replacements. Once the Fuggernaut becomes unmanageable (IT’S ALIVE) Whites will try to rationalize their dispossession absent the will to fight. “Not to worry, these new vibrant miseries imposed on us by a hostile elite are actually good for us! I’m so happy! Couldn’t be happier!” This is the shitliberalism central tenet. Defying this tenet means you are, in essence, calling out White shitlibs as cowards. That is why they screech in pain.

PPPS My soul is the North.

My heart is the South.

My head is the Midwest.

My erotic anime collection is the West.


*I won’t get into the thickets of anthropogenic global warming theory here, except to say that

a. the earth is likely warming a bit, but not as much as warmists claim.

b. humans are probably responsible for some of that warming, but exogenous sources such as solar cycles are downplayed or ignored by shitlibs.

c. shitlib laysoys and shitlib scientists exaggerate the threat (and goose the data when they think no one will hold them accountable — see: NASA, NOAA).

d. we are entering a solar minimum period which will counteract any global warming effects for the next thirty years or so.

e. detached polar vortices are theoretically explainable by current AGW theory (a smaller high latitude-low latitude gradient in upper air temperatures allows the jet stream to meander more wildly, allowing “pieces” of polar air to plunge southward), but of course shitlibs have poisoned the science by retroactively explaining any climate variation, hot or cold, wet or dry, as evidence of AGW.

f. AGW is the substitute religion for shitlibs, and like all zealots they have embraced the apocalyptic overtones of their religion and can’t tolerate heretics. Their AGW religion is rivaled in intensity of belief only by their race denialism religion.

g. In the meantime, the best solution to AGW is mitigation. That includes nuclear power, sea walls, and northward migration, among a bevy of other rational responses to the threat. It DOES NOT mean killing the modern economy by banning oil or requiring governments to give every person in the world a $7K subsidy to buy an electric car. Solar and wind power can fill energy niches, but can’t scale up without massive state subsidies. Batteries are of limited use and cause their own ecological problems. The only energy source, as of now, that can compete with oil in terms of EIEO, is nuclear. If a shitlib you know is against nuclear energy, then that shitlib is not serious about her global warming hysteria.


I’ll admit I laughed.

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In case you haven’t heard, the Great Media Purge of 2019 commenced this week.

PuffedHo laid off 15% of its propaganda team, most of them women.

Do you remember PuffHo? They’re the digital media cistern which gave us this, after Steve Bannon was fired:

Take a moment to retinally breathe that in, because the wails of poverty from recently fired PuffedHobags will lift your spirit into the stratosphere.

“talented and lovely” = talentless and ugly.

“literal PhD in romantic comedies”. LMAO. 90% of women in the workforce are dead weight.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…..to laugh in your face!

One might say….aborted!

A culture/gender/politics reporter….I bet she brings a unique perspective! HARD PASS

Journowhores losing their jobs en masse?


How many of these laid-off globalist girl tweets are there? I think i’m falling in love with the feeling. Science will now have data to determine if prolonged jizzing uninterrupted by a refractory period is possible in those under the influence of acute schadenfreude.

Here come the desperate unemployment line camwhores! Sadly, this isn’t an attractive bunch. We can all do without the deluge of softcore pics from starving, ex-journowhores soaking thirsty soyboys for ramen noodle money.

G.V. suggests,

A mockup of the PuffHo front page with lay-off tweets prominently displayed around the text ‘GOY: “BYE”‘

I love the cut of that shiv.

Cornelius Rye dishes,

On this morning’s Fash the Nation, McFeels and Halberstram predict the end of National Review this year

rumors are going around that they really pissed off the last of their supporters/small donors with the Covington debacle

huge if true

My erection can only get so big.

A reminder that the media is shitty and in bed with Big Tech, licking the digital taint:

From MPC Status Updates,

the tech exec on his boat calling the journo in his rat-infested apartment “You guys are our everything”

Pman on media woes,

PMAN in CHANPOASTING format on the loss of media jobs:

> it’s true that google and facebook are gobbling up all the ad revenue, although craigslist started it years ago

> lots of newspapers got ruined by loss of classifieds

> none of these self-styled “digital journalists” cared about any of that stuff

> only now that they are losing their jobs are they having tantrums about it

> in fact, most of them were quite chipper as older reporters got retired early, finally they could replace those white men

when in reality it was just them moving up in the line to the wood chipper

An anon channer explains how modren media works: they take the “moral” low ground:

There is not enough misfortune that could befall lying, malevolent media propagandists which would satisfy my bloodlust.



Commenter P.K. Griswold,

Whole bunch of beta-exes just got a random text.

Back to that ol’ dependable well for the roadworn shrews. It’s gonna be funny when betaboys sack up and stop making honest women of these slatterns.

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It starts with stoic endurance…

then progresses to defiance…

which leads to open rebellion…

Be careful Leftoid America. Your final victory is not yet assured, and we are very close to the last panel of this triptych, and to what lies beyond.


The Real Right has gotten much better at Rhetoric.

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