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An insider source at NBC reported that Hillary Clinton (you may know her as thecunt) had an epic meltdown off-stage of her recent debate with Matt Lauer (who is currently being criticized for asking her normal journalistic questions that enraged Leftoid Hivemind authorities in charge of preapproving fluff talking points for Hillary’s benefit). Here is the transcript:


“will have us swinging from nooses”…wew, that’s an oddly descriptive choice of phrase from America’s Sociopath Schoolmarm. A couple thoughts about her noose reference:

  1. In context with her alt-right moral panic speech, this is additional evidence that Hillary herself reads samizdat websites like this one, or has the information contained in dissident websites relayed to her through a lackey. It’s not for nothing that “Day of the Rope” allusions are practically a by-line in the shiv-right universe.
  2. Paranoia is indeed the destroya. Hillary would not be having fever dreams about swinging from a noose – a reckoning which no sane person actually believes a President Trump would declare upon taking the oath of office – if she didn’t know, deep inside, that her actions, and the actions of those monied interests whom she serves, are noose-worthy. This is Hillary confessing that her agit-prop and her policies amount to traitorous crimes against the nation.

My best guess is that, due to a degenerative neurological disease, Hillary Clinton, like her misfit SJW supporters, is experiencing increasingly frequent and severe detachments from reality, leading her to imagine scenarios like DOTR that, while eminently justified, are extremely unlikely to occur… unless she keeps pressing her anti-White pro-globalist agenda, at which time the noose may swing for traitors in real world places outside of their martyrdom fantasies.

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The Philosopher offers a needed corrective to this post about the failure of the proposition nation ideology that so animates the Anglo-Germanic White soul:

Just want to note that when you make the argument slavics and irish and italians and so on reduced the character of the nation, just remember the irish, italians and slavs are also the most pro white minorities and peoples in the west. Poll your readers: how many call descent from these rather than scandinavians and dutch? These nice people.

Scorcese’s taxi driver was making hbd arguments about cesspit new york 30 years ago. Slavic and irish are generally very r selected whites. With slavs being more intelligent but irish being more r.

They will stand at your side even more than most of the autistic leaning germanic descended cucks because these white ethnicities are more survivalist, even if their differential calculus ability or blind rule following is not 100%.

Trumps temper is 100% scottish.

The Philosopher makes a very astute point. The cultural landscape has changed. The White groups who once made America great now strive, unwittingly or intentionally, to destroy America, while more ornery white ethnics rise up as a last bastion against suicidal universalism.

So three cheers for the American SlavWhites and their high T refusal to bend the knee to the multikult mongrelization machine. Odin-willing, these outposts of White ethnic shitlords will crush the SoftWhites, hear the lamentations of their wive’s sons, and herald The Trumpening, altering the course of America for generations.

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This comment by consiliosus stands as one of the purest expressions of “proposition nation” idolatry I’ve read. I highlight it because Realtalkers should understand the imposing mental road blocks of the benighted that they have to hurdle if America is to be saved in any form that remotely resembles the historical America.

Respectfully, what CH is missing is that, what is unique about America, is it was the first nation or even first political organization of people NOT built on race or ethnicity, but on an ideal. Alt-Right/ethno-racial nationalism is based on European political thinking. The latter is a way of thinking that goes back to the beginning of Human history. America made a break from this. It showed that it was possible, even ideal.

Leftism, another European ideological import, exploits ethnic and racial groups for it’s benefit, seeking to be in power. The Alt-Right, being an ethno-racial ideology also, reacts to such, and fights back, also seeking to be in power. Both however are ethno-racial based, even more so the latter however.

America doesn’t deny the influences of bio-mechanics and race and ethnicity. It developed a new way to organize and benefit from such influences. We need Constitutionalism more than we need White Nationalism. The latter is just a European leftist ideology based on race, ethnicity and bio-mechanics. It’s a watered down Nazi Germany.

The fundamentally flawed premise in this earnest proposition nation belief system is the idea that America is an idea which can stand apart from her racial genesis and heritage and continue thriving with any sort of people constituting her population. “As long as the idea is embraced, America will survive”, is the core tenet of this “blank state” religion.

This religion is heretical in any American age but the one we live in now. It is historically ignorant and a disingenuous misinterpretation of the Founding Fathers intent — Vox does a good job dismantling the proposition nation lie here.

Like any effective lie, each is constructed  around a fragment of truth, in this case, the section of the Declaration of Independence which declares: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

However, it is also self-evident that a secular atheist Jew, such as (((Ekaterina Jung))), who does not believe in a Creator, cannot credibly appeal to the Declaration in order to claim to be an American. And it is documentarily evident that, like the U.S. Constitution, the Naturalization Act of 1790, the writings of John Jay, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and other Founding Fathers, and the Alt-Right nationalist position, the Declaration of Independence itself is directly opposed to the revisionist interpretation, as the document also refers to:

  • the connection between [the United Colonies] and the State of Great Britain
  • the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages
  • large Armies of foreign Mercenaries
  • the present King of Great Britain
  • the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners
  • the free System of English Laws
  • our Brittish brethren

To cite one phrase of a document in contradiction to the central theme of the entire document, which is that the People of the United Colonies are an English people, unique and distinct from foreigners, Indians, and the English people loyal to the King of Britain, is an outrageous attempt at deceit that relies entirely on the historical ignorance of the audience. To say that anyone can become an American because “all men are created equal” is a shameless lie. One might as readily cite it as evidence to claim it means anyone can become Chinese.

And here is MPC’s contribution to debunking the proposition nation myth and revealing the universalist idealists among America’s founders whose equalist fervor helped provide subversive rhetoric for the various tribes to come later who despised blood-and-soil legacy America.

So not only is the proposition nation shibboleth historically inaccurate, it’s biologically (and hence culturally, since culture derives from biological inputs) fraudulent. The principle simply cannot be severed from the people. And the people cannot be severed from their pedigree.

Principle from people from pedigree.

Ergo, Constitutionalist principle = racial pedigree.

Race is people is idea is culture is nation. Englishmen created the American Idea, and Englishmen are best suited to allow that idea to flourish and to sustain it over generations. Others came who were not too dissimilar from Englishmen — the Germans, Dutch, Swedes — and their genetic closeness did not radically undermine the American Idea. Later still, ethnic Whites and half-White/half-Semites — Slavs, Italians, Irish, Jews — arrived, and their genetic and cultural distance, relative to the Englishman’s, did begin to erode the American Idea and twist it into a monstrous apparition that could be turned against its father.

These later White ethnic waves opened the Pandora’s Box to the Hart-Cellar 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, which has since overrun the nation with literally tens of millions of nonWhite hordes who are as genetically and culturally distant from the founding sons and daughters and their posterity as can be, and their presence on American soil now rapidly (and predictably) debases, poisons, and will shortly extinguish, the Proposition Nation ideal.

Of course, some misanthropes insist that turning America into an unrecognizable third world market bazaar teeming with violence, grime, corruption, hostility, incompetence, and tribalism, all of which left unchecked by a hollowed-out disappearing White middle class, is evidence of the victory of the Proposition Nation ideal.

Normal people say to that, “If that’s colorblind Constitutionalism, give me race-aware Nationalism.”


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Courtesy of elmertjones,

The class valedicktorian is preparing hard for her upcoming battle with the class wise-ass. The media has already declared her the winner, especially after her devastating George Santayana quote (to be delivered in the debate along with other killer platitudes). Everyone else is going to the party at wise-ass’s house.

That about sums it up. TheCunt is a spent shell entity who delivers her “killer” lines like an automaton in a gravelly dyke voice, and her wonking out on stage will go over about as well as the class nerd tediously explaining the logical fallacies of stuffing him into a locker.

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One of the better attempts to describe the occasionally shape-shifting alt-right political platform that I’ve read comes from an anonymous source who devised the following “Nine Theses” infographic.


All nine points are winning soundbites to quietly rebelling White (and black-American) voters. One could quibble on the details of each thesis — for instance, I wouldn’t say the alt-right rejects (or should reject) any immigration in perpetuity, so much as it rejects racially and religiously incompatible immigration in high numbers — but the general thrust of the Nine Theses alt-right message is unassailable.

I don’t think any anti-SCALE missionaries would find fault with this platform, either. It’s strongly anti-globalism (and against all related social upheavals that globalist traitors foist on societies) and, most importantly, gives no quarter to the blank slate, leftoid equalism forces of culture destruction and anti-White humiliation porn. It’s bold, brash, and unyielding, all traits from which the useless cuckservative me-too-ist establishment recoils, like they do from health inspector oversight of their favorite bathhouses.

CH appreciates the shout-out as well. After all, the inaugural Chateau post (pre-dating all thoughtcrime Realtalkers except the venerable Steve Sailer) could justifiably qualify as a proto-alt-right blast of social realism. So we Stewards of the Shiv have been feeling a little left out of the recent alt-right foam party, though on reflection we don’t mind too much. The low media profile of this ‘umble outpost keeps Hillary’s good squad off our backs.

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In honor of Hillary’s schoolmarm harangue against the alt-right today, I’ll jot down a few of my thoughts on the idea of White Nationalism (as a principle and as it would work in practice).

First, a word on vanilla (heh) nationalism.

Nationalism ultimately distills to racial nationalism, though the latter isn’t required to prompt the former (or to sustain it for a while). A polyglot, Babelized citizenry corrodes nationalist principles and practices. A multicultural nationalism is an oxymoron over a long enough timeline. This is self-evident once we take it as a given that culture (aka nation) is inherited from the genetic legacy of its people.

So in principle, White Nationalism is effectively a synonym for garden-variety nationalism, because a numerical onslaught of nonWhites would irretrievably alter the characteristics of a White-majority nation that followed a theoretically race-blind nationalist ideology (similar to Steve Sailer’s Citizenism).

In practice, though, avowed White Nationalism is a non-starter. Whites aren’t a monolith. Italy looks and operates differently than England which looks and operates differently than Ukraine. There are four primary continental scale races — White, asian, amerind, black — and a nationalism ideology that attempted to place those races under an all-encompassing umbrella term would be viciously mocked and rebuked by popular revolt. There can be no Black Nationalism or Asian Nationalism or Amerind Nationalism. Try telling a Mexican he’s indistinguishable from an El Salvadoran.

Likewise, a White Nationalism movement will fail.

Although I will say this in contradiction: If White Nationalism can work anywhere, it’s most likely to find purchase in a Euro-mixed nation like America, and at a point when American Whites fall below 50% of the total population. (Spot the irony.)

I’ll have more to say on this subject in future posts, but for now my conclusion is to leave White Nationalism alone in favor of regular Nationalism. The White part will work itself out organically as the nation becomes less globalist and more nationalist.

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Walking on the shiv’s edge.

FYI, the Chateau guest list includes dissident musical talents.

(whorefinder: rape against the machine!)

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