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A couple of years ago, there was a post on CH explicitly calling for a closed border policy for the United States. Did Trump read it? Because just today he cranked up his inner shitlord and dropped a post-San Berdoo sanity bomb on the Shitlib Collective: A ban on all Muslim immigration into the US (until further notice, like when the cousin marriage rate in the Middle East drops below 1%).

you’re so vain
you probably think the trumpening reads you
you’re so vain
i’ll bet you think the trump has you bookmarked
don’t you don’t you…..

I’m glad that Trump and his team are taking pointers from this ‘umble retreat nestled deep in the Ardenne forests. Our knowledge and talents are available to aid your journey to the White House, Donald.

How much has the dissident-right helped Trump shift the Overton Window all the way to “induce lactating of shitlib manboobs”?

This is incredible.  After 9/11 (3000 people dead), visas are issued to the dead terrorists.

After San Bernardino (14 people dead), Trump calls for a Muslim immigration shut down.

A few fearless voices will ring out like a… trumpening… from the din of lies. Trump understands the importance of Game to world-changing politics as well as to women. Game 101: Trump is proving the way to defeat the leftoid hivemind is to go on the offense, give no quarter, and make no apology.

Also, a reader adds that Trump just made a statement that sounds like the idea was ripped straight from a recent Chateau Heartiste post.

Trump giving a speech just said re: Bernardino: “His wife radicalized him, maybe he couldn’t get women? Who knows?” Is Trump reading Heartiste? Saw this on CNN just now. Trump also said, If people in Paris/Bernardino had guns, things would have been different.

Ok, the truth is, I can neither confirm nor deny if the future 45th President of the United States Donald M to the Fer Trump is a CH reader. Our guest list is a secret guarded on threat of punishment to sit strapped in a chair listening to Jeb Bush and John Kasich natter about the true meaning of conservatism (guacamole recipes and endless streams of cheap ingrate labor).

Related: A useful rundown of what happens to a society as its Muslim population grows. Diversity™ always creates headaches and rips apart social cohesion, but Muslim Diversity™ is a special breed of vibrancy; acting like an accelerant on the process of societal disintegration in a linear relationship with the population share of Muslims.

Related, big picture-wise: “Western Civilization is in the Hands of Women… Heaven Help Us

Maybe it has been in the hands of women for too long… but not anymore. There’s a testicular spectre emerging from the century-old swamp of equalist orthodoxy, and the women are doing what they always do when ZERO FUCKS GIVEN men take the lead: they fall in line (and swoon while doing it).

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Ouch. But there is a ray of hope. This beta appears to have swallowed a crimson pill or two, as he has had the good sense to delete this pic from his Cuckbook profile, and all “you-go-eunuch!” comments attached to it. Are betas starting to feel the hot shame of their pussy-pedestalizing ways? Is the all-fronts Heartistian Realtalk assault on the swaddled ids of sackless orbiters finally breaching their blueball bunkers? It’s fappening!

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Disingenuous shitlibs (are they ever anything else?) have feverishly rushed to reshape the post-San Bernardino Muslim terror attack narrative with lies, obfuscation, evasion, and really big lies your grandfather might call whoppers. One of their snarking points has been attempts to contrast the number of (pre-9/11, natch) Muslim terror deaths in America with the number of non-Islam related mass shootings. Faggoty antiWhite graphics along this “Whites are the real terrorists!” theme litter the Twatterverse and Vaginaverse.

Besides the glaring own goal of basically admitting that the number of total mass killings in America could be seriously curbed (at least by a third) by kicking out Muslims back to their countries, there is the evasive little shit maneuver of neglecting to mention in their cutesy graphics how many jihad mass murders were thwarted by the surveillance state that, if left to execute unhindered, would have greatly increased the Muslim representation among mass murderers, right into a significant majority of all bloodbaths.

Evidence: Fifty (!) terror plots have been foiled since 9/11. With few exceptions, almost all these thwarted attackers were Muslims putting the lie to the shitlib “religion of peace” mantra of impotence. The total number of American deaths from these 50 thwarted “shadow jihads” could have easily gone into the tens of thousands had the attack planners remained undiscovered by authorities and free to execute with extreme prejudice.

So, adding thwarted Muslim terror attacks to successful Muslim terror attacks makes it quite clear to all but those with their heads in the oil-rich sand that the mass migration of Muslims into America has been a


The US borders should have been closed to the Middle East decades ago. But we no longer have a ruling elite looking out for the best interests of normal, mentally sane White Americans still clinging to their common sense and functioning amygdalas.

PS Don’t misconstrue this post as advocacy for the Orwellian Surveillance State, which is a malignant tumor on the American body politic. The source of our woes is Diversity™, the endless blessing and fount of strength which the Surveillance State was created out of necessity to monitor for incipient flare-ups of tribal violence.

Dismantle the Diversity to dismantle the Surveillance State.


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A group calling itself “Overweight Haters Ltd” is handing out leaflets on the British subway.

“perverted chubby-lover”

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I swear this fat shaming shiv could have been pulled straight from the CH sheath, word for word.

Are the Chateau’s very special lessons percolating through the wider culture? This ‘umble blog doesn’t have millions of daily readers, but it doesn’t take much visibility to get an idea, a truthful idea long suppressed and now revealed with gleeful sadism, to make a “memetic sweep” through society’s DNA.

The Awakening is Happening, on all fronts: race, sex, truth, beauty. And on the banner of the shitlords, an emblem flaps victorious in the crisp autumn breeze:


Why are the police investigating the provenance of this Realtalk™? Doesn’t Britain have a lingering respect for free speech? Or is that a quaint White Man invention destined for the ash heap of history? One could look at this authoritarian overstepping as the sort of frenzied reaction a ruling elite makes just before:

Swing High Sweet Lariat

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A recent poll shows that in a hypothetical general election match-up between Grandma Rodham-Sociopath and Der Trumpening, the charismatic jerkboy tops Huma’s lesbian lover. The trend lines look, in a word, delicious!

The Purple Saguaro Within wept. Before the cuck crows thrice, his tears will become a river, and then an ocean.

Meanwhile, Trump has reTwatted a hatefact about black crime. Not coincidentally, CH Twatted the same graphic just a day prior. Donald and CH, we dance under the silver moonlight.

Has there ever… EVER… been a major American presidential candidate in the “modern” era who came half this close to unequivocally broaching the topic of disproportionate dindushines? Trump also recently mocked food stamp recipients and fatties in one fell swoop during a speech. Can this love I feel be real?

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This is a map of all the US states with governors who have sworn to refuse Syrian refugees.

Prophetically, this could also be the 2016 electoral map. (You can liken the yellow states to those Trump-leaning “centrists” who will pull for Trump behind an anonymizing voting booth curtain.)

Some of you are saying there’s no way Massholeachusetts votes Republican. Remember that Massholes had the pleasure of experiencing Diversity™ up close and personal when the Muslim Chechen bomb brothers enriched a Boston fun run. Massholes are also keenly aware that the dreamy Tsarnaev family gained entry into the US under refugee status. But… ingrates gonna ingrate, and now Massachusetts natives are, shall we say, less open to Obama’s spiteful high yella crusade to shove ululating vibrancy down their lily-White throats.

Blood-spilling has a way of focusing minds and turning off the spigot on bleeding hearts, and Bostonians discovered that even they, ür-leftoid avatars of GoodWhite status whoring, have a ceiling on their moral exhibitionism.

So Massa is no longer willing to say, “Please may I have another, Massa Morgan Freeman”, and are instead in the process of quietly walking back their leapfrogging moral universalist preening as the consequences of their posturing become more palpable.

Given this development, here’s a deal worth considering: How about we bring into America as many Middle East Muslim refugees (and the assassins who swim among them) as obama wants to bring in, on the condition that they are all resettled into wealthy super zips in blue state cities. A few million put-upon Muslims in the loft condos of the Upper East Side, the historic Victorians of San Francisco, and the leafy suburbs of Connecticut. Money should be no object; after all, this is “the right thing to do”.

Raise the leftoid moral signaling calculus beyond their hearts’ carrying capacity. Let’s see, truly see, just how much Diversity™ they can tolerate. Call it the patented CH “Breaking Wheel Theory of Ideological Durability”. Leftoids have been pushing BadWhites into a corner for a long time. It’s only faaaaaaaiiiirrr to return the favor.

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After the Paris Diversity™ attacks, native White sons of the French soil girded their loins and steeled their hearts for the long war against the enemy. They picked up arms and held aloft their banner.

But there stirred among these newly forged White European warriors a rebel alliance with a different banner. This small by growing contingent believed that the modern ways of White self-preservation were outmoded, ineffective, dispiriting, and even self-defeating. Their banner was different; it crackled with vitality and with strength.

One of these banners is the pennant of the pussy. Those with full scrotes and clear minds will know which, and they will mass under the other banner. Those left crying and wailing in feminine solidarity under the ruling class-approved banner will fall to defeat, either on their knees or in their pooling blood.

The choice could not be starker. Will you choose the easy path, the path of the pussy? Or will you choose the path of purposeful Identity.

It’s clarifying to think of the Paris attacks as a front in the larger War of White Dispossession (aka the Swarm Wars). Muslim aggression can be therefore viewed as a consequence, rather than a cause, of the attrition of White spirit as they go down to one defeat after another in the Dispossession Wars. An acceptance that we are in the midst of a War of White Dispossession means that the prime enemy isn’t Islam. It’s our own White elite.

Don’t believe me that Whites are losing a War of White Dispossession waged by their own ruling classes? Spend the next few days, while the blood of young Parisians is still being mopped off the floors, counting how many Western European leaders and opinion-molders make full-throated calls for WALLS and DEPORTATIONS of non-European non-whites. The number will be vanishingly small. And of those few who do utter tentative concessions to the idea that White homelands are sacrosanct and deserve race-conscious stewards, count the number of days their flirtation with TRUTH and BEAUTY remains firm and unbending.

And then, when your disappointment in your traitorous leaders and cucked countrymanlets is affirmed once again, count something else…

Swing High Sweet Lariat

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