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The Trumpening knows no national boundaries. It is the call of the masculine, a return to a high T world our smug no-T snarkmeisters thought they had successfully relegated to the wrong side of history.

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Shitlibs are hanging their egos on the wispy reed of the popular vote, claiming (wrongly) that Trump’s electoral win is illegitimate because he (narrowly) lost the popular vote.

They are wrong whether their premise is true or false. Remind them that their beloved Bill Clinton won his 1992 election with 43% of the popular vote…meaning, quite correctly, that 57% of Americans did not want Bill for President. Bubba then went on to win his 1996 reelection with 49.2% of the popular vote.

Was democracy subverted by Bill Clinton’s back-to-back Presidencies each won with under 50% of the popular vote total?

Regardless of shitlib historical ignorance and incoherence about American republicanism and the electoral college championed by Alexander Hamilton, the reality is that Trump likely won the popular vote, too.

Not all the states have finished counting. MI is still tallying as of this post. Once counting up Trump’s states is done, the current popular vote difference will narrow.

More crucially, it is probable that thecunt’s national vote total is padded by the votes of millions of illegal aliens. Right now, she leads the popular vote by 300-500K. Toss those illegal alien votes (of which she doubtlessly received the overwhelming bulk), plus any felon votes and fraudulent votes (I see dead Democreeps), and Trump takes a 2-3% popular vote lead.

For this reason, President Trump should use his Golden Mandate to immediately send to Congress a Voter ID law. It’s time, for the sake of American democracy, to crack down on vote and election fraud.


A word on Trump’s successful campaign strategy. Trump didn’t follow the advice of cucks, for if he had he would have lost as assuredly as cucks have been losing for so long. Trump focused on galvanizing the Forgotten Whites vote, eschewing the cuck template of “reaching out” to Diversity and expecting (futilely) Diversity to return the embrace. This meant, on the ground, Trump maximized his White vote share in the Rust Belt and Appalachia, at the cost of losing White cucks and beaners out West.

“I Love Carbs” has a great write-up on Trump’s path to victory.

Trump’s low popular vote surprised me initially, but after giving it some thought, I think I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. After all, he was running an obviously skinflint campaign — spending $5/vote vs. crooked’s $20 — and sought to get the highest ROI for campaign resources. By implication, he didn’t bother much with states he thought weren’t worth it. I’m sure if the election was decided by overall vote he would have campaigned differently and obtained different results.


Now, WY is a state where, as an R, your vote matters, so unsurprisingly, Trump got basically the same amount of votes there that Romney did, ~170k. CA is a different story. Romney got 4.20M votes there, which was worth exactly nothing save for padding his total popular vote. Trump hardly bothered with CA, and unsurprisingly, only got 2.97M votes.


Also, you have to expect that plenty of voter fraud went on, especially with illegals, but, like with NeverTrumpers, this mostly happened in states that didn’t really matter anyway.

All of which is to say that the monster vote was indeed real, but Trump only tapped into it where necessary. And boy oh boy, that worked bigly…


…it’s pretty clear now that we really are in the midst of a yuge realignment. Trump did indeed bring out a ton of new voters, but he also lost a ton. Basically, he swapped the cucks out for the deplorables — the deal of the century, if you ask me!

Carbs argues that Trump ran at just the right moment, because America had to endure eight years of Gay Mulatto before they’d be ready for Trump, but analysis done by of all places National Cuckview found that Trump likely would have beaten Obama in 2012 using the same vote targeting strategy he used to successfully end the Clinton crimenasty.

PS The Semen Plug Within, right now:


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Trump should revitalize the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts passed in 1890 and 1914, respectively. This is how he can repeal and replace GayMulattocare with something much better for the middle and working classes.

A commenter from Lion of the Blogosphere explains,

Trump needs to enforce the Sherman and Clayton acts against hospitals and insurance companies. That would drop healthcare prices by about 60-80% making insurance unnecessary. Basically prices would return to their 1960s levels relatively speaking (indexed for normal inflation). Medical care outpaced real inflation by 3-9% annually the past 50 years, hence why it’s so expensive now and why there are calls for socializing it.

Trump cratering interest rates by putting an end to the .gov debt machine should also be helpful. Right now we have massive job destruction occurring because of interest rate distortions. Example:

Microsoft purchases LinkedIn in what is probably the most non-accretive deal ever. Who benefits? Microsoft execs. Who suffers? All the people who lost their job due to redundancy. That includes many high paying middle and upper middle class management jobs. Repeat this 1000 times throughout the economy and multiply by unreasonable healthcare costs and you have millions of jobs being restored.

Why does Apple’s CEO need to run a company that runs 40% profit margins and is a $500B cap? What if we had 10 apple’s with a 10% profit margin (down scaled efficiencies) with 10 CEOs making 10% of Tim Cook’s salary?

Velocity of money would skyrocket multiplying GDP by a factor of 2-3 overnight.

There are surely non socialist ways to do this and normalizing interest rates is the first step.

Co-sign. Antitrust should be a priority in the Trump Administration. Enforcing these pre-post-America laws would also go a long way to breaking up the internet and media monopolies, reducing the stranglehold that the shitlib Left has on national discourse. And antitrust would redirect power from traitorous Silicon Valley oligarchs to the rest of the country. It’s all upsides.

Trump, I know you and your people are reading us. We on the alt-right — or heritage America, as I like to call it — want you to be a great President. Not just good; great. You can be a great President, but it will require massive balls to face down the corrupt self-enriching elite establishment for the next eight years. Which I know you have.


Reader robpaxton gets at the heart of it.

I don’t care if something is socialist or capitalist. The Age of Ideology is over. The only pertinent question is: What is good for my people?

The Age of Tribes is back. Now is the time for choosing sides.

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You know what’s better than realtalking and taunting celebrities online to the point of apoplexy? Doing it to their faces!

A recent Tweetstorm from two Silicon Valley actors:

Shitlibs are always “stunned” when their insular bubble is gleefully popped by a zero fucks given shitlord. There’s gonna be a lot more stunning to come, Kumail, so get ready!

Soon, there will be no place left to run, Cuckmail. Our shitlord army descends upon your safe spaces. Of course, you will always have that one safe space left to go to: your ancestral homeland. Think about it.

When the peaceful hipsters have had enough of your cucky weak white shit, you know it’s Morning in Trumperica.

AHAHA. Is this tweet from Pman? “Moshe Kasher”.


PS RAMZPAUL redpilled the anti-White fruit cups at NPR. DEFUND NPR

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As I predicted, the Amish may have won the Presidency for Trump by voting in large enough number to be the decisive factor in swinging PA for him and thus securing his electoral victory. The Amazin’ Amish! Give them love, along with the Cubanos (aka White Euro-hispanics) who voted in droves for Trump to help him lock up FL.

Anyhow, I picked this photo because the backstory is so emblematic of what a revitalized America will look like: religious, tribal, back to nature Whites who get along with the majority White population (no vest bombs on Amish kids!) which reciprocates by volunteering to drive their Amish racial brethren (closer kin than Somalis, for sure) to the polls to do their part ushering in the Era Of Trumperica.

Hello again, America. It’s good to see you still have some life left in you.


PS There’s a great shiv buried in the Amish stumping for Trump. Once shitlibs become aware of how important the Amish vote turned out to be for Trump’s electoral win, they’ll be put in the unenvious position of having to redirect their sneering, snarky hatred towards one of the most congenial, good-natured groups in America. Can the shitlibs stomach that? Will they risk the social ostracism that comes with mocking a cherished and likable and completely inoffensive group like the Amish, all to assuage their vapid libfag egos?

I bet they will. And it will cost them.

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Amish Amass!

If the Democreeps can flagrantly rally illegal aliens, recently and suspiciously pardoned convicts, and the mentally ill to the voting booths, then the GOP can do the same for their die-hard constituencies. What’s keeping Trump operatives from busing THE AMAZIN AMISH to the polls? A sense of fair play?


Fair play is dead, friendo. We duke it out in Diversitopia now.

Corvo gives good info for Trumpentroopers to FIND, MEET, ATTRACT, and BUS the Amish en masse to the polls.

OK so it appears that the game-plan is pretty simple. AFTER you vote yourself (and get out all the votes you personally can), if you are going to join this effort to GOTV and drive the Amish, head here:

Continental Inn
2285 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602

God bless. Any Chateau readers who happen to reside in or near PA, you have your marching orders. Just think….as I foretold, the Amish (!), if they can swing PA for Trump, may very well be the saviors of America and of Western Civilization.

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