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There’s a reason the Maul-Right calls them Generation Zyklon. The Whitelash is coming, and it’ll be glorious, (assuming current trends are indicative of future results, which I think they will be, because normally White kids at that age are extremely and stupidly kumbaya liberal, so for them to be so strongly pro-Trump is a powerful cue that they are instinctually repulsed by their parents’ and grandparents’ self-cucking universalism).

When Gen Z WHITE GIRLS support the Anti-Shithole President by over a 2-to-1 margin, you know something beautiful and clarifying and dangerous to the elitist old order is barreling toward us, to deliver a reckoning of historical proportion. The only question left is whether the transformation portended by Gen Z will arrive in time, before the shitholization of America has metastasized and neutered Gen Z’s electoral power. If The Darkening outpaces the Whitelash, then all bets are off. A competent and pissed off White people won’t go quietly into that electoral irrelevancy night.

More evidence of the Zyklonic Tonic:

PS I believe both of these graphics are from Audacious Epigone, but I couldn’t find the links. If a commenter would supply them, I’ll add them to this post.

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Shithole Nationalism is basically White Nationalism minus the (((emotional))) baggage.

Other forms of implicit White Nationalism include but are not limited to:

  • White flight to the suburbs (getting farther away every year)
  • talking in euphemism about “good schools”
  • White reintroduction to gentrified, formerly nonWhite neighborhoods
  • Whole Foods, craft breweries, opposition to expanded mass transit from the inner city
  • the Founding Fathers and the Preamble to the Constitution

The Chaimstream Media and the gobsmacked shitlib masses it leads by the nose are menstruating over Trump allegedly asking why the US is “taking in immigrants from shitholes like Haiti and Africa instead of from Norway” during a meeting with Congresstraitors.

Everyone of sane mind asks the same question, but of course you’re not allowed to ask that aloud anymore. The worst sin in Clown World is to vocalize a truth (what are you, some ill-bred rube?) instead of suppressing it at great psychic cost and insisting the opposite is true so your soyciety lib friends won’t ostracize you or get you fired. Emperor has no clothes, on a mass scale.

And whom are these sanctimonious liberals fooling, anyway?

From MPC’s status updates:

Pres. Trump used the same word to describe Haiti that liberals use for the entire Midwest.

A reader suggested a Venn diagram to represent the latest self-manufactured shitlib outrage.

There’s a social signaling element to the shitlib reaction to Trump’s plainspeak, but there’s also an aggressiveness that belies an intent to humiliate the enemies of shitlibbery. @pen writes,

Refuting that “Haiti is a shithole” is the ultimate test of the communist apparatus’ power to humiliate.

2 + 2 = 5. (Orwell was a prophet)

Testosterone: “shithole countries”

Estrogen: “if i had a son, he’d look like trayvon”

mendo/eaux writes about how badly the libs have logic-trapped themselves with their insistence on not calling shithole countries shitholes,

…[libs] defending that those countries aren’t shitholes, then the obvious follow up, “then why are those people leaving?” puts them in a quandary.

Friggin’ checkmate!

It’s so unbelievably easy to checkmate shitlibs on the subject of uncontrolled mass third world immigration that it really speaks to the treachery, cowardice, or just plain stupidity of GOP cucks that they couldn’t do it for decades, as they presided over the US sinking into the mud.

“If these shithole countries are so great, why is everyone from there leaving them?”

“If White colonialism/imperialism/racism caused shithole countries to be shitholes, then why do shitholies want to come to White countries?”

“If America is an idea, why can’t we just send a copy of that idea to shithole countries so they can build their own cities on the hill?”

The fact is that shithole people (shitholies, to morally preening lib Whites) make shithole countries. Just as there’s no magic dirt in nice countries which will turn a Somali into a White Vermonter, there’s no magic dirt in shithole countries that turns them into shitholes irrespective of the people living there.

Which means, the more shitholies you bring to America from shithole countries, the more America becomes a shithole. The people, not the paper, make a nation.

Now I hear that Norwegians are twatting about the US being a shithole, in protest of Trump or something. Nobody virtue snivels like a scandicuck. They are world champions at disavowing their whiteness. NorRRREEgian anti-Trump poseurs who say the US is a shithole are thinking of the black ghettos, not the white parts of america. Or they’re outright lying for a pat on their pussies.

Ending on a positive note, Trump has masterfully pinned the Dems (and cucks) into a corner where they either have to deal with him or admit to the American Normie that they think the US should be eternally open to migration from the whole world, for any reason, at any time. A literal shithole depot. It would be tough for Trump not to look good when the dust on this settles. From a CH commenter: “The left will replay that “shithole” comment nonstop in 2020 and accidentally get Trump elected again.”

If, as it appears increasingly likely, Trump pushes the fuggernaut over the edge with a few coarse words and a couple of early morning shittweets, I have to just LOL that America may lurch into Civil War 2 and break up into regional entities because libs wept salty crocodile tears over DACA.


Great comment from a reader on the Left’s meltdown over the national conversation on immigration that Trump has forced:

Immigration is about sharing in the exploitation of the country, not sharing in the building or maintaining it.

To the Left, the US is something that White people found in North America and stole from Native Americans, and now we have to stop hoarding it and give it to the rest of the world.

Simple hooks are all Trump needs to destroy the Deceitful Uniparty and its leftoid lunatic army and win the approval of the majority of Americans. Simple hooks, like


PS The US State Department (no friend of Trump) believes Mexico is a shithole.

PPS Via /pol/ News Network, the US Department of State pays employees extra, up to 35%, to work in shithole countries.


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An insider account, via OldFart, of the Trump Effect on the IT industry.

Trump quietly working behind the scenes on H1B Visas, personal story.

This isn’t copypasta, this actually happened over the past year at my company. Several other companies in the area are experiencing similar issues with their visas.

I’m an IT guy, a developer to be exact. I’ve been around the H1B issue for about 20 years and things have always gotten worse, never better. Despite Trump’s fantastic rhetoric during the campaign, I didn’t believe he’d make any real changes or fix anything. However, what I’ve seen over the past year demonstrates this is definitely not true.

My development team is probably 90 percent indian. The manager of our department is indian and the hiring managers are all indian and they have all stated pretty openly that they prefer hiring indians.

Diversity is our str……tribal solidarity!

Whenever there are layoffs, non-indians get cut. Whenever there is hiring, more indians get brought on board. They get paid about 40k a year less than I do, they work hard and they don’t complain. I think they produce garbage quality work for the most part, but I don’t think the managers care. It’s slowly rotting away the quality of the software but again, they don’t care.

Anyway, the typical scenario is that every year, a stack of visas goes in for renewal and about a week later they come back stamped [APPROVED]. Very easy. At the start of this year, instead of coming back approved, each application came back with a huge list of questions and requests for documentation about why the applicants were being paid so little. The lawyers were confused and assembled a huge pile of documentation for each applicant and sent it back. Every single application then came back with either more questions or a denial. EVERY SINGLE ONE is either in limbo or denied (you must go back!). I’ve heard this from multiple sources, including several who had their visas held up.

As a result of this, our company’s HR department has quietly decided (I heard this through the grapevine talking to several department heads) to no longer hire employees that need sponsorship. I’ve talked with recruiters and with people I know in several other companies in the area and I’ve heard similar stories everywhere. Pretty much unless you’re making 120k a year on a visa, you’re going to get yanked. The guys like WIPRO and INFOSYS must be shitting their pants over this.

And salaries for developers are already rising as a result. Salaries have been stagnant for several years but in Q4 2017, they started going up noticeably in this area. Trump is truly making IT great again.

Fantastic! Best news I’ve read all day. It’s only a matter of time before techie White men in CA and elsewhere see the light and hop aboard the Trump Train, hopefully dragging their waifus with them.

Related, who was a bigger treasonous scumbag, Gay Mulatto or Dubya?


(trump wins)


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Shiv of the Week goes to the person or persons who put up this id-rending sign in the beating heart of Shitlibistan. Bonus shiv points for making it look like a legitimate State authorized welcome sign. I would guess Sabo did this handiwork, and for obvious reasons can’t take public credit for it.

Trump should retweet this photo with this simple attached message: DEMS WANT CHEAP VOTES, GOPE WANTS CHEAP LABOR. THEY GET MS13! That would go a long way to scaring the living FUCK out of the Globohomo Uniparty, and practically guarantee a successful realization of his nationalist-populism MAGAgenda.

As reader PA has said, shitlibs have to know they don’t own the public spaces. Not anymore. There’s a new agitator in town, and he’s had it up to here with the leftoid orthodoxy.

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Londonistan calling. I can’t tell if this is subversive street art satirizing post-moderinity or a sincere cry for self-abnegation. The educated guess is that it’s sincere, given that White Brits have become a Jim Jones cuck cult.

We all need a dendrite cleanser after that: Based boy makes pro-White Pepe hand sign during a meeting with President Trump.

Look at the shit-eating smirk on that little Whitelord. America is gonna be all right, after all. In due time she’ll fall into the loving care of a whole generation of ZFG Trumps.

A reader remarks,

This is actually no joke lol I’ve seen several kids doing that shit constantly. I told one if he knew it’s a Nazi sign. He answers, and I quote:

“Yes I already knew it meant white power or something thats offensive to lesbian dance theory majors”

This kid is like 12 LOL

Let’s face it, secret society pro-white hand signals under the noses of the Globohomo elite that provoke the jewish interest media to spill vats of ink dissecting for nefarious intent are so much cooler than any rebellious act the Left has done in the past fifty years of their cultural dominance.

A lot of the hatred on the Left for the dissident Right is motivated by artistic and aesthetic envy. Case in point: If hillary had come up with MAGA, the Left would have creamed themselves over her superior branding skills.

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Here comes Generation Zyklon!

How the fuck do you deal with this shit? I’ll tell you. You surrender to it. Because the alternative is much much worse….for you.

I sleep easy at night knowing, or at least believing, that this ‘umble abode of Blood Squat rack Sex Realtalk helped birth and inspire the shitlord army about to descend on the land and crush the Globohomoists.

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The corrupt and compromised FBI is filled fifth column to fifth column with Clinton lackeys and NeverTrumpers. I’m not exaggerating. Recent news has dropped that FBI agent Peter Strzok, while working in his capacity as the lead investigator in both the Clinton email case and the phony Russia collusion hysteria, had been sending rabidly anti-Trump text messages and pro-thecunt texts back and forth with his mistress Lisa Page, also a pro-Hillary Pussyhatter. Mueller silently demoted him months ago, but the news about the texts has just now trickled out because Mueller and his team sat on the info and stonewalled Congress about it.

Ingrained Clinton-Globohomo bias suffuses the Creep State Swamp, and the FBI arm of the beast is no exception to this rule. If anyone was under the impression that Trump would receive fair and impartial treatment from our nation’s decorated and entrusted law enforcers, I have one word for you:


Also note that Peter Strzok was involved in an extramarital affair with an FBI lawyer. From WaPo:

During the Clinton investigation, Strzok was involved in a romantic relationship with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who worked for Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The extramarital affair was problematic, these people said, but of greater concern among senior law enforcement officials were text messages the two exchanged during the Clinton investigation and campaign season in which they expressed anti-Trump sentiments and other comments that appeared to favor Clinton.

So the Clintons, via Terry McAuliffe, donate a s**t ton of money to McCabe’s wife for her state-level race. McCabe puts Lisa Page–who hates Trump and loves Clinton–on the Clinton email case as a lawyer. Page carries on a romantic affair with Strzok, a lead FBI investigator for the Clinton email case. So while [they] are carrying on this affair and supposedly “investigating,” they spend a lot of time bitching about DRUMPF via text message.

That’s a lot of back-scratching, payola, kickbacks, and graft. Welcome to Hillaryworld!

And it’s not just Strzok who brought his I’m With Her sensibility to his job of trying to railroad Trump on a process crime. The rot penetrates deep and oozes wide:

I’ve warned about the Comey-Mueller-FBI-Deep State allegiance to thecunt, how these perfidious scumbags would try to kill the Trump Presidency in its infancy by employing all sorts of lowball tactics (aka phony BS), and now my warnings have proved prescient. Strzok, with the green light from Gay Mulatto, quite literally opened a fake investigation against a political enemy based on an uncorroborated dossier, in which money exchanged hands between the DNC, Clintons, Fusion GPS, the FBI, and foreign agents (British ex-spies), in the hopes of entrapping Trump in a violation of the arcane Logan Act or on a process crime.

Furthermore, Strzok was the treasonous hillary clitlicker responsible for changing the language in Comey’s draft statement on thecunt’s email case, downgrading her malfeasance from “grossly negligent” (which carries criminal penalties) to “extremely careless” (which doesn’t). Justice (not) served!

Laughingly, Comey absconded to Twatter following the Mueller indictment against Flynn to quote Scripture at President Trump, referencing the “waters of justice”….obviously a bit of G-man Biblical vengeance porn that gets Comey hard. Maybe he can find the part in the Bible where God talks about the sin of politically covering for a criminal hag by unilaterally declaring “intent” rather than “gross negligence” the standard for pressing charges. This smug prick is a DOTR front runner. At least Trump fired him in the most humiliating and richly-deserved manner possible.

The US has become a banana republic. The sooner we accept our nation’s demotion in designation, the fewer moral qualms we’ll feel about doing what needs to be done to aggressively sweep out the Globohomo Order for new MAGA blood.

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