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I don’t often give must-read website recommendations, but Narrative Collapse is one I came across recently that deserves Chateau recognition. Besides the pitch perfect blog name, the site has reams of realtalk lovefacts to make mincemeat of the most hardened shitlib ego.

Narrative Collapse on interracial crime:

There have been 145 black on white felony homicides in 2017 so far. But only 5 white on black felony homicides.

Narrative Collapse on ethnic differences in babies:

Fourth generation Japanese-American babies, like babies in Japan, sucked their fingers less and were less playful than Caucasian babies.

There’s much more like this at the website. It’s a gold mine of shitlib triggers and the kind of SCIENCE! that makes Equalist Leftoid NPR worms get the night sweats. This, and HBD Bibliography (not to mention the Chateau’s own contributions) are great resources for instantly discrediting the usual peals of libfruit antiracism, anti-White virtue sniveling rhetoric.

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Riffing on the infamous “spic-nig cycle” historical sweep analysis of Western Civ, an MPC poaster explains the “jihad-hashtag cycle“:

Remember: this is what ISIS does. It uses unprecedented western docility to export wogs to drive trucks into crowds of people so virtue signalling liberals can change their Facebook pictures until they’re too color-blind to tell which flag it is. It literally trains people in the cutting edge of improvised explosive devices to create more terrorist attacks to provide the necessary fuel for the jihad-hashtag cycle.

I guess I never really grasped the goal of Europe before. Why did Charlemagne convert the Saxons? Why did Palmerston preserve Belgium? The answer to these and all questions: to import Muslim terrorists to kill people in every city in Europe so that shitlibs can virtue signal until they gracelessly expire.

Haha it’s funny cuz it’s so very tragically true.

I’m coming around to poaster MMD’s idea that White citizens of the West need to treat their governments and media as hostile foreign elements, and to act with that in mind.

Eventually Europeans are going to have to start [REDACTED FOR WORDPRESS CENSORS] their own governments to make them more afraid of their own people than their imported MENA pets. At the upper echelons, they see events like the Manchester bombing as growing pains towards their greater goal, and the ability to punish crimethink is of course very useful in suppressing criticism of both the individual events and the greater goal itself.

I don’t know what else to call it but murderous intent when our ruling class psychopaths, idiots and losers, against the wishes of their subjects, insist on importing by the millions foreign invaders who make life miserable for the native Whites and ruin their carefully built and maintained societies. And if our elite are vindictive murderous scum, how exactly are we the people supposed to relate to them? The answer is crystalizing with each new Manchester and MS-13 gang rape: we relate to them as occupiers, fit only for the point of our shivs.

From VDare:

In the eyes of our governments, Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem, wanting to stop it is. We’re basically ruled by serial killers.

Modern post-industrial, post-Copybook Headings society selects for rule by psychopaths. Charles Murray calls it assortative mating; I call it psychopath tracking.


1917: I’ll see you in church this weekend friend 2017: I’ll see you at the Islamic terror bombing vigil this weekend friend

Weeping Whites who go to candlelight vigils after terror attacks have got to be feeling a morsel of shame at this point since the virtue sniveling practice has received so much brutal mockery from the Maul-Right. It would be interesting to track candlelight vigil attendance over the years; I’d bet we see smaller and smaller crowds, partly because it’s become lame to attend them and partly because there will be fewer Whites to attend, having been killed off by the muslim invaders.

Related, I wrote this on Gab (@heartiste):

I’ll repeat what I wrote about #LoveWins (because every week brings new reason to repeat it): Indiscriminate love is no love at all; it’s solicitation. The Left is a beaten street whore.

PS Reminder that muslim-Americans commit terror attacks at 5,000% the rate of non-muslims in America! Per capita is your friend, shitlibs!

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None other than Plato had this to say about Diversity™:

From Plato’s dialogue, The Republic.

Plato, run through the CH translator: “Inharmonious irregularity” + Proximity = War.

Our modren virtue signaling SWPLs do very well on the SAT verbals, but they’re no match for the smarts and wisdom of the ancients. They are like little baby brain in comparison. And their little baby brains are sending the West right over a cliff, wah wah wah all the way down.

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A reader passes along a gem of realtalk about women’s desire for dominant men and loathing of sensitive beta manginas.

In case this should be both novel and interesting to you and your readers…

The writer George Gissing is best known for “New Grub Street”, a grim tale of struggling writers in 1880s London. It contains a scene in which the failing author Edwin Reardon attempts to be masterful with his wife. He is shortly to take a clerkship job, several notches downwards in the social scale, in an attempt to rescue his fortunes; he wants his wife with him but she is resistant.

From the novel:

He had but to do one thing: to seize her by the arm, drag her up from the chair, dash her back again with all his force—there, the transformation would be complete, they would stand towards each other on the natural footing. With an added curse perhaps—Instead of that, he choked, struggled for breath, and shed tears.

Amy turned scornfully away from him. Blows and a curse would have overawed her, at all events for the moment; she would have felt: ‘Yes, he is a man, and I have put my destiny into his hands.’ His tears moved her to a feeling cruelly exultant; they were the sign of her superiority. It was she who should have wept, and never in her life had she been further from such display of weakness.


The ugliest of truths lies in the recesses of the female hindbrain. This is why white knights desperately fear to tread there; what they’d find in the uncut chick-id would put the lie to everything they believe AND to everything women have told them to believe. The confrontation with female nature reminds the beta male boob of his neutered sexuality, so he avoids it assiduously.

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The Chateau letterbox received this heartfelt appreciation from a reader and artist named Daniele Vek.

Good morning,

I am an avid reader of your blog Goodbye America and I wanted to extend my thanks to you and your work. I am convinced that it’s impact is much broader and deeper than you can imagine. I wanted to thank you, as I knew one day I would, for a particular entry dated July 26th, 2014, titled “Crosshairs on America“. I was still a very young child during the turbulent early 90’s and witnessed the tension of the Rodney King incident and the subsequent LA riots. Though I was comfortable in my suburban bliss, as a child the horror was not lost on me.

As the years went by incidents of domestic terror and social strain heightened and one such was that of the incident at Ruby Ridge. Although I was familiar with the case and had seen the photograph before, I was not yet prepared for the emotional impact of your accompanying message and the commentary to the posting. It was so stunning that I chose the subject and your message to create a painting, my rendition to the last photograph of Mrs. Weaver. This painting is named “Maeror” roughly translated from Latin to grief or suffering. I only recently started painting, and establishing online presence, when I was approached to have Maeror published in an American art and culture circulation. Something I never, ever expected to happen. I’m still shocked and excited because I’ve only been doing this for the past few days, and may I dare say I am all Squee! on the inside. Enclosed is the image, you can also see it on my site link below. I would like to know if it is okay for me to borrow from your post’s description, in particular the line “An American Pietà” it was that specific phrase that made it click for me and got my gears going.

Thank you again, your observations as small as they may appear are huge. Here I am today beginning a career in art with meaning, with feeling, and maybe one day I will impact someone’s entire life, their future, like you just did. From the bottom of my heart and with deep gratitude thank you and continue what you do. It is imperative.

Daniele Vek


You’re very welcome, Daniele. The best ‘thank you’ a labor of love can receive is another labor of love.

The Goodbye, America post that so moved her had this commentary (plus photo):

THIS PHOTO is my contribution to the “Goodbye America” series. It’s different than the usual images of degeneracy. Instead, it is a tragic snapshot of what was good and noble.

Look at the photo. Haunting, isn’t it?

It’s a US Marshalls surveillance image of the Weaver ranch ahead of the Ruby Ridge massacre. The woman in the photo is Vicki Weaver, who would later that day be shot through the head by an Asian-American FBI sniper, while standing in a cabin door and holding her and Randy’s baby.

If I understand the timeline of events correctly, Vicki Weaver in this photo is mourning the death of her 14-year old son Sammy, killed by the feds earlier that day. If that’s the case, the photo is an American Pietà.

If I recall correctly, long-time reader PA supplied the commentary and “American Pietà” designation. And yes it is a powerful photo. So powerful, in fact, that our legacy leftoid media has seen fit to memory hole it out of ever existing, fearing as they do its use as a rallying symbol of resistance for Heritage America and their nationalist cause against the dehumanizing forces of Globohomoism. You can damn well bet that if a similar photo had existed that supported, rather than undermined, the reigning anti-White Narrative, the media would have blasted the image nonstop for days, weeks, years, hailed its symbolic awesomeness, and appropriated it for every Leftoid suicideology under the black hole sun.

Here is the painting that Daniele created to honor Vicki Weaver and the embattled culture and nation she represents that have been under attack for decades by a malevolent urban cocktail set all too eager to order their diversity shock troops to pull the trigger on White America.


A chillingly beautiful work of art, Daniele. True beauty. Not the postmodern ugliness that inbred elitist degenerates think passes for beautiful art.

I only hope now that this post reaches out across the highways, the fields, the suburban tracts, the small towns, the gentrified hipster playgrounds, the media and technohive boardrooms, the campuses of equalism indoctrination, and the psychologically crippled churches…reaches far into their hearts and beyond to an awakening populace….and ignites something, anything, in our growing cells of dissident resistance to fight and fight with divinely inspired fury, throwing everything we’ve got, our strength and our passion, upon the evil, all-consuming globalism goliath, beating it back to its primordial hellsource and returning our people to their land, and the land to our people.

Our Maeror will become our Spero.

PS Yes, you may borrow anything from the post’s description. I won’t speak for PA, but I’m sure he would agree. We are all conduits for Truth and Beauty here at this humble chateau, and our streams of resistance merge freely into a mighty river drowning the souless insectoid bureaucrats and globalist nation wreckers.

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The leftoid legacy media (LLM) will never report fairly on Trump’s good deeds and bigly heart, so you’ll have to come here, to the Chateau, for the Authentic News.

I’ll assume everyone reading here has seen the YT video of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S live press conference, in which he perforated the usual suspects — rogue Derp Staters and the defanged and deteriorated shitlib media — with a rhetorical howitzer aimed calmly and even humorously at his targets.

As great as that Trump appearance could be fairly judged, there was an even better, and more important, video of him shot on the same day.

That appearance was Trump’s signing ceremony with WV coal miners, keeping his promise to roll back a burdensome and redundant Gay Mulatto regulation. It was an emotionally reverberating reminder of Trump’s big heart and why Heritage America loves him as their own.

Trump has a genuine and sincere common man’s touch. He may be a billionaire playboy President, but his heart is good ol’ boy and his soul salt of the earth. He’s a man’s man and a lady’s man without the hoverhand, a Vince McMahon-schooled showman and now the true leader of a revolution we may not deserve, but need more than ever. PBUT.


On the subject of Trump’s speaking style, as I wrote on Gab (@Heartiste):

My thoughts on Trump the extemporaneous speaker:
Not a master rhetorician.
Leaves killer points on the table too often.
Can veer off on tangents.

And none of that matters.
Because the man has balls.
That’s all it takes.
All it’s ever taken.

And one more thing….candor. Balls & candor. The two are often seen together.

“L. C.” objects,

Your wisdom is showing! Yet, as I agree with most of what you say, I must add that Trump is a master of one-liners, a RETORTICIAN if not a rhetorician as when I heard him say “low-life leakers” I burst out with laughter and enjoy his refreshing CANDOR.

L. C. is absolutely right. My complaints about Trump’s speaking style were in fact “backhanded insults”, meaning they were really praise. Trump’s lack of polish is his great strength; he’s candid, earthy, and funny, and that resonates with Americans even if it bugs snobby, conniving Acela elites. “Retortician”. I like it.

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…is a great day!

Today is the first nationwide “Day Without Beaners” protest siesta.

In cities around America, thousands of construction companies, restaurants and other businesses are bracing for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a combination boycott/strike that highlights the contributions of immigrants to U.S. business and culture.

The movement is a response to President Trump’s immigration agenda, which includes a pledge to seal the U.S. border with Mexico and a travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.

I got up and stretched and went about my business and drank in the sun and realized why it was such a great day…..all-White English-speaking staff served me, competent and friendly White faces greeted me, White cashiers didn’t fumble my purchase, White construction workers joked in that familiar way that only Whites can understand, White women blessed my field of view with a pleasing aesthetic only they could provide, and even the sun seemed a little Whiter and brighter up in the White-blue sky.

Next thing you’ll tell me the wages of vast swaths of American workers will go up.

I wish every day could be a day without immigrants!

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