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First there was the Rat Pack. Then came the Brat Pack. Now, meet the Fudge Pack.

I knew there was something between these three!

Dom: Gay Mulatto
Power Bottom: Maricon
Masturbating in the corner while filming the other two in bed together: Truvada

Your leaders of the twee world!

PS Or, using MPC‘s “h0m0, negr0, j3w” bar game:

h0m0: maricon
negr0: truvada
j3w: barack soetoro

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The Auarian wonders about that ballyhooed Melania hand swat that gossipy shitlibs want to believe is evidence the Trumps’ marriage is faltering,

Has anyone used any common sense in connecting the dots when Mrs. Trump was walking a little distance from the pres and delayed taking her hand…this bootylicious cougar was walking near Trump. Mrs. Trump’s actions clearly reflect those of a jealous woman, maybe she was mad that this quite fuckable president of croatia was getting a little too juicy over her man and her man knew it.

Ergo..she was mad.

I haven’t followed the handhold story closely, so I don’t know what scenes may have served as pretext to Melania’s supposed displeasure with her husband, (personally I can’t clearly discern from the vid I watched if she really swatted his hand away). If Auarian is right about Melania noticing HBCroatia cozying up to Donald, then his is the best reason I’ve read yet for Melania’s hand swat. The problem is that too many shitlibs and dweebs in the gaystream media have no understanding of women, and therefore don’t get that women will sometimes act out not because they don’t love their husbands but because they are afraid and angry that their husbands may have cast wandering eyes at other attractive women. And when a woman acts out of jealousy, it’s one small step from that to intense arousal. It’s Dread Game 101.

The other reasonable explanation is that while Melania was in a woman-hating shithole like Saudi Barbaria she wanted to be extra vigilant about projecting an image of an independent woman, and maybe to her holding hands with her husband (as he walked ahead of her) undermined that goal.

Those who think Melania never loved Trump and continues to not love him are engaged in willful ignorance. Melania, like almost all women, is attracted to power and charisma, two traits Don has in ample supply. She married him when he was a real estate icon and minor celebrity. She bore a son with him. That’s love. Now that Trump’s Galactic Overlord? Just remember that Melania has had a habit since Inauguration Day of provoking Trump haters in the media with her sly fashion choices that mock liberal sensitivities. See for example, her “pussy bow” dress.

Side note: I’ve dated East European women, and it’s my impression that they aren’t as keen on PDA as are Western women. They’re ragingly passionate sex sirens in bed, but can appear cold and distant when out in public with their men. I believe this difference goes to their DNA.

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When she gives you this look:

Someone should notify Emmanuel Maricon that this is what a bangable older broad looks like. Maricon took the “half plus 7” rule and inverted it to the “twice plus twenty” rule. Way to go, try-hard closet case!

Chicks dig power.
Men dig beauty.
The rest is commentary.

PPS I laughed so hard at this meme of Reviewbrah channeling his inner Racistbrah.

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I don’t often give must-read website recommendations, but Narrative Collapse is one I came across recently that deserves Chateau recognition. Besides the pitch perfect blog name, the site has reams of realtalk lovefacts to make mincemeat of the most hardened shitlib ego.

Narrative Collapse on interracial crime:

There have been 145 black on white felony homicides in 2017 so far. But only 5 white on black felony homicides.

Narrative Collapse on ethnic differences in babies:

Fourth generation Japanese-American babies, like babies in Japan, sucked their fingers less and were less playful than Caucasian babies.

There’s much more like this at the website. It’s a gold mine of shitlib triggers and the kind of SCIENCE! that makes Equalist Leftoid NPR worms get the night sweats. This, and HBD Bibliography (not to mention the Chateau’s own contributions) are great resources for instantly discrediting the usual peals of libfruit antiracism, anti-White virtue sniveling rhetoric.

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Riffing on the infamous “spic-nig cycle” historical sweep analysis of Western Civ, an MPC poaster explains the “jihad-hashtag cycle“:

Remember: this is what ISIS does. It uses unprecedented western docility to export wogs to drive trucks into crowds of people so virtue signalling liberals can change their Facebook pictures until they’re too color-blind to tell which flag it is. It literally trains people in the cutting edge of improvised explosive devices to create more terrorist attacks to provide the necessary fuel for the jihad-hashtag cycle.

I guess I never really grasped the goal of Europe before. Why did Charlemagne convert the Saxons? Why did Palmerston preserve Belgium? The answer to these and all questions: to import Muslim terrorists to kill people in every city in Europe so that shitlibs can virtue signal until they gracelessly expire.

Haha it’s funny cuz it’s so very tragically true.

I’m coming around to poaster MMD’s idea that White citizens of the West need to treat their governments and media as hostile foreign elements, and to act with that in mind.

Eventually Europeans are going to have to start [REDACTED FOR WORDPRESS CENSORS] their own governments to make them more afraid of their own people than their imported MENA pets. At the upper echelons, they see events like the Manchester bombing as growing pains towards their greater goal, and the ability to punish crimethink is of course very useful in suppressing criticism of both the individual events and the greater goal itself.

I don’t know what else to call it but murderous intent when our ruling class psychopaths, idiots and losers, against the wishes of their subjects, insist on importing by the millions foreign invaders who make life miserable for the native Whites and ruin their carefully built and maintained societies. And if our elite are vindictive murderous scum, how exactly are we the people supposed to relate to them? The answer is crystalizing with each new Manchester and MS-13 gang rape: we relate to them as occupiers, fit only for the point of our shivs.

From VDare:

In the eyes of our governments, Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem, wanting to stop it is. We’re basically ruled by serial killers.

Modern post-industrial, post-Copybook Headings society selects for rule by psychopaths. Charles Murray calls it assortative mating; I call it psychopath tracking.


1917: I’ll see you in church this weekend friend 2017: I’ll see you at the Islamic terror bombing vigil this weekend friend

Weeping Whites who go to candlelight vigils after terror attacks have got to be feeling a morsel of shame at this point since the virtue sniveling practice has received so much brutal mockery from the Maul-Right. It would be interesting to track candlelight vigil attendance over the years; I’d bet we see smaller and smaller crowds, partly because it’s become lame to attend them and partly because there will be fewer Whites to attend, having been killed off by the muslim invaders.

Related, I wrote this on Gab (@heartiste):

I’ll repeat what I wrote about #LoveWins (because every week brings new reason to repeat it): Indiscriminate love is no love at all; it’s solicitation. The Left is a beaten street whore.

PS Reminder that muslim-Americans commit terror attacks at 5,000% the rate of non-muslims in America! Per capita is your friend, shitlibs!

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None other than Plato had this to say about Diversity™:

From Plato’s dialogue, The Republic.

Plato, run through the CH translator: “Inharmonious irregularity” + Proximity = War.

Our modren virtue signaling SWPLs do very well on the SAT verbals, but they’re no match for the smarts and wisdom of the ancients. They are like little baby brain in comparison. And their little baby brains are sending the West right over a cliff, wah wah wah all the way down.

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A reader passes along a gem of realtalk about women’s desire for dominant men and loathing of sensitive beta manginas.

In case this should be both novel and interesting to you and your readers…

The writer George Gissing is best known for “New Grub Street”, a grim tale of struggling writers in 1880s London. It contains a scene in which the failing author Edwin Reardon attempts to be masterful with his wife. He is shortly to take a clerkship job, several notches downwards in the social scale, in an attempt to rescue his fortunes; he wants his wife with him but she is resistant.

From the novel:

He had but to do one thing: to seize her by the arm, drag her up from the chair, dash her back again with all his force—there, the transformation would be complete, they would stand towards each other on the natural footing. With an added curse perhaps—Instead of that, he choked, struggled for breath, and shed tears.

Amy turned scornfully away from him. Blows and a curse would have overawed her, at all events for the moment; she would have felt: ‘Yes, he is a man, and I have put my destiny into his hands.’ His tears moved her to a feeling cruelly exultant; they were the sign of her superiority. It was she who should have wept, and never in her life had she been further from such display of weakness.


The ugliest of truths lies in the recesses of the female hindbrain. This is why white knights desperately fear to tread there; what they’d find in the uncut chick-id would put the lie to everything they believe AND to everything women have told them to believe. The confrontation with female nature reminds the beta male boob of his neutered sexuality, so he avoids it assiduously.

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