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One characteristic of alpha males that beta males should try to emulate is the poker face. Alphas don’t often wear their hearts on their sleeves… or on their faces. And this is especially true when the alpha male is in a room occupied by both his wife and his mistress.

Via a SnarkJW central casting website which shall not be linked, old photos have emerged of the first time monica lewinsky — the 21-year-old orifice plaything of then-president Bill Clinton — met hillary clinton in person.

monica meets hillary:

monica meets Bill:

the contrast in monica’s face between the two meetings:

monica’s reaction is hardly surprising. She was truly, deeply in love with Bill Clinton, super alpha male esq., and it shows on her face in that photo. She, like most mistresses, does not give a flying fuck or feel a scintilla of shame that her lover’s wife is a few steps away. In fact, judging by the lockdown procedure her face contorted itself into when directly meeting the First Other Woman, it’s a good bet she was feeling, yes, uncomfortable, but also mischievous, as if she was thinking, “Heh, I got one over on you Hillary. He loves me and we are going to be together forever once he leaves you after his fifteen terms are up.”

The SnarkJW readers, as is the wont of the preserve of manlets and cunts, prefer to focus on Bill’s supposedly apparent facial change when monica approaches him for a mingle and tingle. But to my eyes it looks like Bill’s face hardly changes at all. He looks the same shaking that old dude’s hand as he does shaking monica’s certainly sweaty palm. Even Bill’s body language is the same, ramrod straight and not leaning into monica, (Don’t Lean In, the new book by Chateau Slamclam), betraying no obvious attraction for her.

Bill Clinton has alpha male poker face. Whatever the circumstance, he’s been there before. Dat face is like chicknip to women, opaque, mysterious, aloof, emotionally unavailable, yet flickering with caddish charm, and it drives women crazy with love. The alpha male knows discretion… in the bedroom, in his office, on his face. In public, and particularly in view of his wife, the alpha husband doesn’t cave to the immediate ecstasies of youthfully invigorated love and hop with unbridled, and stupidly conspicuous, joy like the beta male would do. No, the alpha male keeps his cards close to his vest, and plays the final table round like he plays all the preliminary rounds: he makes you guess what he’s holding.

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The Wickedest Links

1. As usual dissident alt-right websites are the ones doing the job legacy journalists won’t do. Is there a HALF-WHITEWASHING campaign being conducted by Hivemind operatives to erase from the public sphere any evidence of Chris Harper-Mercer’s anti-cop, anti-White, pro-black radicalism ideology?

According to initial police reports, Mercer left a manifesto behind at the scene. Where is that manifesto? Was it burned by Narrative “cleaners”? The public deserves to know what motivated Mercer’s murderous rampage, so that there’s a chance to thwart potential future attackers before they snap.

2. Another heavenly trumpet blast heralds The Trumpening. Trump says Eisenhower’s 1950s illegal alien deportation plan dubbed “Operation Wetback” is a model for his own immigration plan.

It’s very effective of Trump to remind Americans that what’s he’s suggesting we do about illegal invaders isn’t (too) racist, beyond the pale or practically impossible, as so many shrieking shitlibs want you to believe. It was done before without the gates of hell opening, and that means it can be done again.

This is another good moment to remind the studio audience how much more COMPETENT 1950s America was compared to 2015 America.

3. Related: Trump is back up to 34% in the latest IPSOS poll. ¡Jabe! is down to 4% in the new Pew poll.

Gonna have to agree with the Trumpendoge here. Chihuahuas are shit dogs. Ugly, nasty little yappers. Diminutive, thin-skinned, and useless, just like our New Diversity America.

4. Here’s shocking news (not): South Africa’s murder rate is up in the past few years, reversing a slow decline in the murder rate over the previous years. Nearly 49 people are murdered every day in South Africa, and it’s safe to say White Afrikaaners are not the ones doing the murdering.

Someone else can check the numbers, but I believe lovely Honduras remains the number one murder nation of the world. Clearly the solution for these wretchedly homicidal countries is to circulate propaganda photos of a dead kid to ethnomasochistic shitlib SWPL Americans so that they will open the US border to millions of murderous Hondurans and Bantus. That’ll level the worldwide murder rate (lower the sending countries’ crime rate and raise the US’s crime rate) and make gated community bubble-headed status whoring spergitarians like Bryan Caplan and Alex Tabbarok happy.

I have a better solution: Separate countries.

5. BigGalYoga. Namasticate.

6. More research points some of the blame for the rising diabetes and obesity epidemics at endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDCs).

Known EDCs include bisphenol A (BPA) found in food can linings and cash register receipts, phthalates found in plastics and cosmetics, flame retardants and pesticides. The chemicals are so common that nearly every person on Earth has been exposed to one or more.

Westerners have had decades now receiving the harsh blowback of the industrial/better-living-through-chemistry revolution. Blowback from the iPhag/information revolution is starting to sting. And, as CH has predicted, the eventual and inevitable robot/sexbot revolution will usher a blowback so powerful it will shatter the foundations of the economic and sexual markets. Prepare for an era of accelerated gene-culture-environment co-evolution the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen since, oh, the Toba Event or the Black Death.

7. This is a great thread about smoking, and its unusually rapid demise as a social bonding ritual in the US. Although I’m not conspiratorially minded, I like Bixxy Noodles comment:

It was never about smoking per se. Think of it as more like a proof-of-concept roll-out for a social control system, which has now gone from beta to alpha to gold release.

Smoking was an easy target because its social pattern was recent and not deeply ingrained. But it WAS ubiquitous and associated with a highly addictive substance.

I like to point out to fat acceptance losers that the insanely effective anti-smoking campaign in America is proof that aggressive, sustained, and widespread social shaming can indeed work to change human behavior on a large scale. The success of anti-smoking PSAs, regulations, adn social stigmatism is a mild rebuke to strict hereditarians who hold that nothing changes in a culture without the human genetic substructure changing first. This isn’t an argument in favor of blank slatism by any means, but it is a reminder that humans also have genes which make them susceptible to feeling bad when ostracized by their tribe. What worked for smoking may not work as effectively for fatty fattitude, but it’s worth a try. And by “a try” I mean a real try, not a half-assed try that spares fat fucks’ feelings.

Anyhow, Bixxy is onto something. It’s easy to envision the ruling class learning all the wrong lessons from the success of their anti-smoking propaganda, and applying those lessons to perfecting the science of mass mind control on a host of issues that are deleterious to the well-being of middle class White Americans.

As for smoking itself, one other reason it disappeared so (relatively) quickly from the culture is because people really were prematurely dying from it by the truckloads. The evidence, laboratory and real world, is that smoking industrially packaged cigarettes in any frequency beyond the casual, socially lubricating one or two cigs is obviously bad for you. The obviousness of smoking’s lethality doubtless helped supercharge the wider shaming incentives to encourage people to quit.

But this topic is trickier than that. It may be true, for instance, that getting a little bit of nicotine into your blood has health benefits, because it acts as a minor stressor which in turn activates anti-aging cellular mechanisms. So while smoking two packs a day will send you to an early grave, smoking one or two hand-rolled, lightly-filtered cigs made from fresh-leafed tobacco a couple times per week might actually improve a number of physiological markers.

The social angle of smoking is equally as interesting as the physiological angle. Smoking does make men appear more masculine. (It’s a mixed result for women, who can either look trashy or sultry while smoking.) Smoking does seem to lighten moods and grease conversation. I smoke a cig now and then, (mostly, when I find myself in the rare venue that allows it), and I get a lot of leery looks from SWPL chicks who want to join or ask me in a roundabout way why I don’t conform to social expectations about smoking in public. It’s a pretty good passive opener, I’ve found. My total inhalation, though, is probably no more than a few hand-rolled cigs per month. I’m sure a lot of former smokers have neural wiring that disposes to addiction, so for them total abstention is the only answer.

Despite my occasional indulgence and admission that smoking is a masculine social ritual, I think the war against smoking in the US and the banning of it from public venues was generally a good thing. Occasionally, the elite get it right (or rather, used to get it right). Besides the health factor, it’s also pleasing to come home with the scent of a woman’s perfume on my clothes rather than the scent of a woman’s perfume + stale cigarette smoke.

A couple of final points: the en masse abandonment of smoking is in line with the general Western trend toward abandonment of male masculinity (and embrace of female masculinity — I think there are more young female smokers than young male smokers now). American men are healthier and less smelly, but they’re also more effeminate.

And, it’s useful to think of the anti-smoking movement as the precursor to the rise of the SJWs. Smoking was first reviled as unhealthy, then it was reviled as gauche, offensive, and low class. The sort of thing BadWhites do. This would become the template for our current crop of SJW witch burners.

8. Randall Parker on Peak Median Income, by US county. And here he reminds spergitarians caught up in their fantasies about mass incarceration of minor drug offenders that only 17% of state prison inmates are there primarily for drug offenses. Bottom line: the US locks up a lot of ultraviolent bastards for long periods of time, and this makes everyone safer, and probably* has the beneficial knock-off effect of reducing the fertility of the worst of the worst, which will pay huge dividends for your children and grandchildren.

*Chicks do dig ultraviolent jerks, but if the jerks are locked up before their reproductive years really kick into high gear, and conjugal visits are prohibited, it’s possible to put a real dent in their genetic contributions to future generations.

9. P. D. Mangan has a new book coming out titled Muscle Up. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, supplements, optimizing muscle growth, anti-aging strategies, and the concept of hormesis from his site, so this book deserves a reading. And the proof is in the author. Mangan looks in better shape than most men half his age. Other good posts: Increase autophagy to extend your lifespan. How to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle.

10. America’s art schools are now nothing more than art-less propaganda vehicles for anti-White male, anti-Western hatred. The institutional structure of academic arts and humanities must be destroyed and the earth under their smoldering foundations salted for good measure. Kill it all with fire, and watch in wonder as new vegetation emerges and long-dormant saplings stretch their leaves to the sun.

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This post will have many detractors, but if they would stop and think about what they have actually observed happening when women and their beloved jerkboys break up, they will see the wisdom in CH Maxim #16: A woman never falls out of love with a selfish jerk.

This does not mean a woman never ends a relationship with a selfish jerk. It means that, even when the woman initiates the break-up (usually from desperate frustration at her failed attempts to extract a tiny concession toward domestication from her jerkboy), she will continue feeling strong love for the incorrigible jerk who makes her swoon.

A woman’s love, once ignited, is hard to extinguish. But there are ways in which women genuinely fall out of love. Being a jerk is not one of them.

Here is a list of the most common scenarios that can cause a woman’s love for a man to wither and die.

  • the formerly lovable jerkboy turns beta while lounging in the comfort bubble of a long-term relationship or marriage.

This is the biggest reason why women fall out of love. The charming jerkboys they once knew transformed into boring beta males suckling at their teats for emotional nourishment. Marriage/LTRs are not only fattening agents, they also acts as hardening agents on women’s hearts, and as solvents on men’s scrotums.

  • she found a higher status man.

Female hypergamy is a bitch. Darkly, women can fall out of love if they meet a man superior in many ways to their current lovers. It’s not nearly as common as scenario #1 above, because love tends to dampen women’s hypergamous instinct.

  • she lost weight and suddenly found herself the center of male attention.

Women can fall in love with lower SMV men if their self-perception is that they are themselves low SMV. But woe to the beta male who marries a fatty who later slims down (it’s been known to happen). She will “feel her oats” and her love will migrate from her loser man who settled for her to better men with options who actively CHOOSE her newly slender sexiness.

The above are the big three explanations for how women fall out of love.

What you will never see: A woman falling out of love with her man because he was too much of a charming, narcissistic, selfish jerkboy to her.

She may very well end her RELATIONSHIP with the jerk, but that’s not the same as ending her LOVE for him. In fact, you will often hear freshly single women lament their lingering love for the jerkboys they had to let go to spare their sanity (or to find a man willing to give them marriage and children). You know, you’ll hear stuff like,

“I still love him, but it wasn’t going anywhere.”

“I’ll never stop loving him, but I had to do what was right for me.”

“GOD, you make this so difficult!”

“I’ll never stop having feelings for you.”

“Is this what you wanted? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!”

“We’re done. I can’t take it anymore. You had my love, everything. Why did you throw it away?”

When a woman ends a relationship with a jerkboy, she leaves with love still fluttering in her heart. A deluge of her tears will accompany the jerk’s exit from her life. (For his part, he will leave sad, but not cripplingly sad, and not at all worried about finding another girl, and this will naturally drive the woman crazy and deeper in love.) Her words will ring with tragic exasperation, and sorrow for what she feels unwilling to do. It will take months, sometimes years, sometimes longer than that, for her to fully get over the jerk, and achieve some inner peace when she can once again give her body and heart freely to another man without the stigmata of the jerk’s love marking her out as the ex-maiden of a demon’s unearthly magnetism.

Now, compare and contrast to a woman leaving a beta male:

No love in her heart. (only pity, sometimes contempt)
Impeccably trouble-free transition out of the relationship.
No guilt, pained regret, or second thoughts.
No mention of the word “love”.
Cold as ice execution of the break-up.
Outward-focused blame, rather than inward-focused. (she blames herself for the jerk’s inability to commit to her satisfaction. she blames the beta for her loss of desire for him)
Little need to lean on female friends or beta orbiters for emotional support during the post-break-up adjustment period and follow-up rebound dating.

Women leave selfish jerks all the time. But women never really fall out of love with selfish jerks. They carry that jerkboy torch all their lives, a warm nostalgia preserving forever a faint echo of loyalty to the jerkboy and simultaneously an inconvenient barrier to any future betas who might foolishly try to win the full scope of her heart for themselves.

PS There’s a major sex difference on the theme of this post. A man will never leave a sexy woman with heaviness in his heart because she won’t commit to an LTR or otherwise follow his script for their future together. A man in such a situation will privately nurse his disappointment but never think about giving up such a fine piece of ass on the regular. If he does finally give up on her on his own terms, it will be because some other equally cute and marginally less crazy girl started showing interest in him. Men DO fall out of love, though. It happens all the time when women get older and/or fatter.

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The Trump 2016 campaign slogan is “Make America White Great Again”, and it is a good one, upbeat, energized, catchy, and embodying just enough downscale kitsch to attract both working class and SWPL hipster supporters.

However, there is an even better slogan — you could call it the complementary Bad Cop slogan to the “Make America Great Again” Good Cop slogan — that Team Trump should immediately start pressing into bumper stickers.

Courtesy of Canadian Friend (sometimes it takes a Canadian):

”Obama’s sons or Trump’s daughters? Vote wisely”

Congratulations, CF, you have earned the Shiv of the Week. Wield it with the expertise that causes cuckservatives to load their diapers.

One reason this slogan hits the id so hard is because it adheres to the Fundamental Premise. You just can’t go wrong obeying the laws of the god of biomechanics.

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It’s time for a sequel to the original “International Truth Day“.

– the ugliness of the world is proven by the energy devoted to hiding that ugliness under mountains of platitudes and self-deluding hokum.

– i have yet to see an exception to the rule that fat men who lose weight promptly start dating thinner girls than they dated when they were fat.

– the specter of options, or lack thereof, is always haunting one’s choices, despite any assertions to the contrary.

– christie brinkley at 60 beats lindy west at 220.

– christie brinkley at 20 beats christie brinkley at 60, no matter how good 60-year-old christie “looks for her age”.

– eventually, money, or space, will run out. when either does, liberal pieties will vanish in a puff of smoke, as if they had never existed. don’t underestimate the flimsy nature of post-industrial morality.

– female “natural beauty” is spoken of with sentimental reverence, because it is so rare, and the rarer still not long past the teenage years.

– nearly all women look better with strategically applied make-up. maybe one in a thousand women are equally attractive without cosmetic illusion.

– the numbers of women who look just as good without makeup are dwarfed by the numbers of women who ruin their looks with too much makeup. this proves that women universally understand the critical importance of artificially improving their appearance to remain attractive to men.

– a woman will fish an alpha male’s used condom out of the trash to impregnate herself. she’ll demand her beta boyfriend wear a condom.

– guilt is a man’s second wife.

– later marriages = passionless marriages. the marital norm is shifting to less passion.

– fat men desire the same thing that thin men desire: slender babes. ugly old women desire the same thing that hot, young women desire: sexy alpha males. the demand far outstrips the supply. in economic terms, sexual desire is inelastic while the stimulants of sexual desire are a scarce resource.

– in the trade-off between inelastic sexual desire and scarce desire stimulants, we find the innumerable losers starved for affection.

– there will never be a post-scarcity sexual economy. not even one in which beauty and charm are genetically engineered to perfection. in the gattaca of the future, all it takes is one man trying to get a leg up on others for the equalist utopia to shatter.

– “diversity is our strength” is the Prime Lie of our age.

– Liberal Race Creationism is the Totalitarianism of our age. like Totalitarianism, Liberal Race Creationism is destined to fall.

– fathers provide confidence, mothers provide comfort. when parents attempt to reverse those roles, their children suffer emotional distress.

– the ideal long-term relationship dynamic is one in which the woman is (if such an intersex comparison could be made) more physically appealing than the man, and the man is more socially appealing than the woman.

– options = instability.

– the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) stat in baseball is useful as a sexual market analytic. the higher a man’s WAR (Women Above Replacement, or the number of additional women he could get above the number of women the average man is expected to get), the more valuable he will be to women scouting for mates.

– the only pro-natalist argument that makes any philosophical sense is the hedonistic argument: that is, the true pleasure of having and raising kids over a lifetime outweighs their psychic, social and material costs and the opportunity cost of giving up pleasures derived from other sources… unless the premise of an illimitable black void after death is wrong, in which case competing pro-natalist arguments gain currency.

– philosophy is nice, but unfalsifiable human emotions will have the final say.

– if nonwhite immigrants become more patriotic and flag-waving, expect to see white natives become less so. tribes demand differences, even if those differences must be paid in a sacrifice of civic fellowship.

– if a wife or girlfriend calls you her “best friend”, start looking for replacement pussy. you’re already pushed halfway out the door.

– synthetic vaginal lubricant is the tribute frigid wives pay to their beta husbands.

– it’s easy to control the frame once you stop giving a shit. corollary: you will almost always cede the frame if you care more than the other person.

– when you observe naturals to learn their ways, you will fortuitously learn more about women than about naturals.

– discretion is the better part of seduction, but the conventional wisdom is wrong: women are often the ones to break the code of silence first, especially when they have developed strong feelings for a man.

– a man’s romantic love for a woman fades in direct proportion to the fade of her looks plus the time spent in a monogamous relationship with her.

– in every successful, long-lasting relationship, romantic love was replaced by companionate love.

– kink is just a desperate attempt by unattractive has-beens to recapture the sexual passion of youth.

– a big penis is like PEDs; it’s prohibited from use in precisely those circumstances when it could be most useful.

– the meaning of life is still to fuck.

– politeness never defeated an existential threat.

– men in long, happy marriages to first or second loves can never give insightful advice about women. for that, turn to cads with recent experience and a high N sample size.

– strong evil beats weak good every time.

– SJW hate merchants make the fatal mistake of assuming their hate can be limited to those targets with whom it is hard to empathize. but hate is a fragmentation grenade. blowback is inevitable.

– a dead lion is worth more to white liberals than a million aborted black fetuses.

– eventually, in every relationship, terms of endearment and professions of love become as perfunctory as belching. and about as meaningful.

– cynicism is the handmaiden of experience; hope is the burden of innocence.

– a rapist (bill clinton) and a community organizer (barack butt naked) were elected president twice.

– a lonely woman inspires sympathy. a lonely man inspires contempt.

– racism is normal, natural, healthy… and most evident in the actions of those claiming otherwise.

– when women aren’t openly adoring cruel men, they are sleeping with them.

– women who shun men with standards are the women who can’t live up to them.

– a man with strict standards is like a beautiful woman; both make their lovers feel like they have acquired something priceless.

– fake it till you make it, and once made you will no longer be faking it.

– this, too, shall pass, but you’ll probably be dead before then.

– love is easily missed, carelessly denied, fleetingly intense, nakedly vulnerable… and for all these reasons it is more precious than anything else in this world.

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A recent cross-cultural study with a large sample size has found… or, rather, re-found… that men and women have radically different mate-preference psychologies, and that these differences are even larger than previously thought. (Parenthetically, the study also found that feminists are still idiots.)

Men’s and women’s ideas of the perfect mate differ significantly due to evolutionary pressures, according to a cross-cultural study on multiple mate preferences by psychologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

The study of 4,764 men and 5,389 women in 33 countries and 37 cultures showed that sex differences in mate preferences are much larger than previously appreciated and stable across cultures.

The sharp reader may ask, “Ah, but does this study suffer from a WEIRD bias?” The answer:

“Many want to believe that women and men are identical in their underlying psychology, but the genders differ strikingly in their evolved mate preferences in some domains,” said co-author of the study and psychology professor David Buss. “The same holds true in highly sexually egalitarian cultures such as Sweden and Norway as in less egalitarian cultures such as Iran.”

No WEIRD bias.

The researchers suggest that these patterns of mate preferences are far more linked to gender than any individual mate preference examined separately would suggest.

Thus confirming the CH ugly truth that attractiveness standards for men and women are universal and sex-based, and that the hope of everyone being a special snowflake having equal sexual market value is a myth.

Researchers found that they could predict a person’s sex with 92.2 percent accuracy if they knew his or her mate preferences.

WOW. Think on that. The implications are far-reaching, and VERY discomfiting to believers in the sex-based blank slate.

According to the study, men favor mates who are younger and physically attractive. Women seek older mates with good financial prospects, higher status and ambition.

Amanda Marcotte’s id just emitted a death wail.

“Because women bear the cost of pregnancy and lactation, they often faced the adaptive problem of acquiring resources to produce and support offspring, while men faced adaptive problems of identifying fertile partners and sought cues to fertility and future reproductive value,” Conroy-Beam said.

These sex-based mate preferences are evolved over millennia and deeply embedded in our hindbrains, so even in a modern environment where women are coddled by the State and pregnancy is easily avoided or terminated by technology interventions, and where women are bloating up into disfigured pigbeasts hiding fertility cues under layers of blubber, we still find that the old evolved preferences continue to exert the primary influence over our desires and preferences.

But, it is possible that some powerful modern sexual market disturbances, such as the Pill, may alter certain preexisting mate preferences which are more flexible in nature, wired for adaptability to changing environmental pressures. Women in a state of nature prefer men with good financial prospects 3/4ths of the time and sexy PUAs during ovulation, but women in a manufactured state of existence where the Pill is widespread and cheap may more frequently, or more intensely, favor the layabout alpha cad over the dependable, resource-rich beta provider, because the cost of pregnancy has been obviated, (a change in their environmental reality which would register subconsciously in women).

Which mate preferences varied the most by sex?

Of the 19 mate preferences that researchers considered, five varied significantly based on gender: good financial prospects, physical attractiveness, chastity, ambition and age.

Chicks dig:
well-off men,
ambitious men,
older men.

Men dig:
beautiful women,
younger women,
and (this is my favorite anti-feminist ugly truth) chaste women who haven’t ridden the cock carousel until the gears fell off.

Four other preferences — pleasing disposition, sociability and shared religious and political views — were not sex-differentiated.

What men and women share in common can be just as interesting as where they diverge. While “pleasing disposition” is a bit vague to get a proper CH-ian handle on — many a charming jerkboy would be asserted by women to have a “pleasing disposition” — it’s not at all surprising that men and women prefer lovers who agree at least in part with their own values and religious views. Sex is great, and love better, but after a few years if you love Jesus and she loves Shiva, or you’re Team Trump and she’s Team Cuck, that’s gonna cause some friction. Unless you’re in the minority of people for whom a conventional value such as religious affiliation doesn’t serve as a personal identifier.

I’d like to know exactly what the study authors were measuring with “Sociability”. Does this mean extroverts, of either sex, tend to prefer extroverted lovers, and introverts likewise? I wonder about that. I could see an extroverted drama queen getting exasperated with an introverted man who hates drama, but I’ve also seen a lot of couples where that combination of extrovert-introvert seemed to produce a balancing force that kept each of their worst instincts in check. And left unspoken, they understood how that dynamic benefited them.

“Few decisions impact reproduction more than mate choice,” Conroy-Beam said. “Mate preferences will therefore be a central target and driver of biological evolution.”

The sexual market is the one market to rule them all.

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Via reader “Game for the Hunt”, a scathing quote from a great man that presages the current de-balling of America’s “conservatives”.

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 4/19/24

A simple ‘heh’ will do here.

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