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…and her perfidious sloot friends.

To the married or engaged men in the CH audience:

How confident are you that your wife or fiancée did not suck male stripper cock at her bachelorette party?

Feeling confident? Maybe you shouldn’t.

6 Male Strippers On What Really Happens At ‘Hen Parties’

1. Roughly half of the brides-to-be at bachelorette parties had sex with me or gave me sexual favors.

I worked as “male entertainment” for a few years in college. Roughly half of the brides-to-be at bachelorette parties had sex with me or gave me sexual favors. But bridesmaids were a 100% thing; every time I’d get with a couple.

2. Cocks get sucked.

Cocks get sucked. Pretty much everything the opposite of what happens at stag parties.

3. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen bride-to-bes asking for sex at the end of the night.

Stripped through my years in college and over summers to raise money for schools. Honestly, what you’d expect. Some weird times were had, a lot of the women want to “service” you, which I still have no explanation for.

I’ll explain it. Female preselection on steroids. A male stripper is surrounded by a throng of in-heat women grabbing at his junk. The scene triggers an ancient hindbrain compulsion in a woman to pursue the alpha male who is being pursued by multiple women.

4. I know few female strippers, and they’re amazed with what women try to get away with because they’re women.

I was a male “on-call” stripper for five years. I didn’t work in clubs, and booked by word of mouth and online adverts. Do women get stupid and want to service you? Absolutely. They’re drunk and it seems preprogrammed in their brains that every man in the world wants them. I know few female strippers, and they’re amazed with what women try to get away with because they’re women. I’ve had women grab my little guy, tug it, dive at it with their mouth, and try to jam their dirty “white girl wasted” fingers up my ass. Were there blow jobs? Yes. So many blow jobs. But the thing is, you aren’t there for you, you’re there for the client. You bust it, the fun dies. Imagine what you feel like after rubbing one out after watching porn, then think about that, but with 10-20 women trying to touch it

I slept with a lot of brides, bridesmaids, mothers, etc. When I look back, it was a really good way to earn money. I would make easy $1,000 a night for a few hours. Free alcohol made it so much better, and you were either going to a very nice house, or a very nice hotel.

The dirtiest girl I ever biblically knew was an asian chick who was “seeing somebody” at the time. LMAO. (Second dirtiest chick: a jewess)

5. I did feel sick a few times seeing how the brides were pressured into trying to cheat.

Stripped for a few years off and on privately when I was like 18-22. Lots of women trying to touch you happens, and the first ones to grab your stuff are the last ones you’d want to have grab your stuff.

That fat chick smell is desperation.

A few brides were pressured into trying to have sex with me, which I declined. The longer I maintained some degree of chub, the more money I could make, and by the end of the night everyone would be totally hammered.

and jackhammered.

(my flaccid state is another man’s degree of chub)

6. I have been flat abused, like I was not a human being, by women and women only.

Former male stripper, and current escort here. I have been flat abused, like I was not a human being, by women and women only. I went to one bachelorette party and as soon as I walked in I was greeted by an old lady (70+) grabbing my dick through my outfit, like I was her grandson and she was grabbing my cheek. They were insistent that I let the bride-to-be suck my dick.

fyi a girl’s sloot bffs are a man’s worst enemies. Nice guy? Your darling bridegroom doesn’t give a shit. Good girl? Fuck you! Go home while she plays with stripper dick.

As a man, you can learn to spot sluts from a parsec, and avoid wifing them up. But you can’t control the kinds of friends she has and brings into the relationship, (unless your Jerkboy Game is at Authoritarian Tyrant levels). Most good girls have at least one slut girl friend, and that slut will do everything in her subversive, passive-aggressive power to persuade her good girl friend to get in the cock pit with her.

PEERS ARE MISSION CRITICAL COMPONENTS. It’s just like what happens to a decent fellow who falls in with a bad crowd. He takes up the habits of his pot smoking, layabout buddies, if his will is weak. Even strong-willed men can buckle to negative peer influence. It’s easier to muddy yourself than it is to clean up afterwards.

If you think about it getting a nice girl to stop being friends with disgusting cunts is the first step to saving America — MPC Status Updates

I know many such cases. Problem is, the nice girls get a vicarious thrill from their cunty bffs. And the cunts love the challenge of corrupting the nice girls.

If you suspect your “good girl” has a slew of depraved slorefriends, my advice is to move quickly to psychologically separate her from them. Liberally make comments about how “other guys you know” think her slorefriend is disgusting. Slander by association. Drive the wedge in deep, between the inner labials. “It’s weird that you hang out with so many roasties. Are you like a therapist for them?”

You could move with your girl to a new town. Maximum disruption and social reconfiguration.

If that fails, fuck the slore yourself. That’ll kill the friendship.

PS Is there a man who’s lived a day in his life who still keeps a pussy pedestal in the closet? In this day and age? What a maroon!

PPS It’s time to end the modrenist absurdity of the “hen party”. Bachelor parties exist for a reason: male comradeship is more important than female stripperdick sucking, and men give up more when they agree to marriage, so the party is a kind of acknowledgement of that sacrifice.

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Zoomable link here. The rest of the 1939 Marital Rating Scale sheets, including the ones for the husband, are here.

A sample of traits that are a mark against a wife:

“Doesn’t like children”: -5 points!
“Slow in coming to bed–delays till husband is almost asleep”
“Wears red nail polish”
“Flirts with other men at parties or in restaurants”

A sample of traits that recommend a wife:

“Has meals on time”
“Dresses for breakfast”
“Personally puts children to bed”
“Religious — sends children to church or Sunday school and goes herself”: +10 points!

Fast forward to 2019…

The bad wife:

“Is really a victim of a bad husband”

The good wife:

“Dresses her son like a girl, turns her husband into a kitchen bitch, demands cunnilingus despite HPV pussy smelling like a rotting animal carcass, is “With Her”, has a trail of mudshark baggage and a mystery meat bastard, has a sphincter tattoo, thinks men are ‘intimidated’ by nasty old skanks with resting bitch face”

Is there really any question that America was, culturally and psychologically, a healthier, better, SANER nation in 1939 than it is today? We trashed all that was good about America and replaced it with smartphones and a gynarchic dystopia. Are the gadgets worth the trade-off?


From plumpjack,

this wasn’t a very one-sided social contract. the patriarchy had rigorous expectations of men also. lets see a picture of a 1939 draft card for comparison.

I linked it. I couldn’t save the pic locally for an upload, which is why it’s not included in the post. For the record, from what I read of the husband’s marital rating scale, there wasn’t much I disagreed with. You have to keep in mind that in a culture in which the large majority of wives are deferential to husbands and faithful to the end, there really isn’t much need for dread-style “married man game”, and so the cultural norms of the time reflect the acceptance and expectation of chivalrous husbands who don’t flirt with other women. As always, it takes two to tango.

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You’ve gotta get a load of this slore. She’s taken enough loads, it’s time for her to give one back. Wear a biohazard suit.

An inquisitive sleuth [name redacted] provides the backstory:

A 3 year old son by one man, currently pregnant by another man, and she still manages to rope in some poor sick cuck to clean up the mess

Is that a cuckfecta? Not one, but two fathers of bastards which she is currently shopping to a beta bux sap to raise as his own, for the reward of pregnancy sex with a petri dish vagina that can comfortably fit a V2 rocket. What level of cuckoldry are you on? Hold his beer…

Who said romance is dead?

B.J. has fucktoy face.

She better have a vagina that can do its own calisthenics.

A good bet is that any male who shells out for a diamond ring to wife up a literal camwhore with one bastard sprog and another on the way is a total loser. An omega dreg. The filthy crust on the floor of a dive bar’s restroom. A pap smear with a penis.

Any woman “bragging” about snagging one of these desperate losers knows in her heart that she’s settling so far down the male smv ladder — after all, what kind of man but a loser would beg for the hand of a slore — that the reflected misery of it will make her feel like shit for years to come. Naturally, she will take out her bitterness and spite on her children, especially sons.

And right on cue…

This poor kid is gonna need years of therapy.

(A reader quips, “and a presidential pardon in fifteen years”.)

(Another commenter, “Such things always backfire. In 20 years from now, her son will be the leader of the “New American Nazi Party”, the “punisher of thots”.”)

The vile slattern featured in this post is too souldead and psychologically syphilitic to affectionately grace her with the thot label. She’s a level above that…she’s a torc: a “tri-orificed chattel“.

With a circulation of about 300,000, Your Ward News has drawn a barrage of complaints from recipients in and around Toronto and as far as Ottawa. The federal government temporarily barred Canada Post from distributing the publication in 2016 and recently made the ban permanent.

The publication, Flumerfelt said, demonizes feminists as “dangerous people” and calls women “tri-orficed chattels.” It brands most feminists as “satanists exhilarated by abortion,” claims women are inferior, are “natural liars with no sense of justice,” and that feminist behaviour encourages rape.

Where is the lie?

Btw, thank God America has the First Amendment. Canada sucks.

This is a good time to mention that the percentage of married American women with premarital double digit cock counts has increased from 2% in the 1970s to 18% in the 2010s:

The only premarital sex partner categories that showed a decrease as a percentage of the total married female population over the last fifty years?

Virgins and good girls with one or two premarital lovers.

Think about that.

In the 1970s, among married women 80% had fewer than three premarital cocks.

By the 2010s, 61% of the married women cohort had three or more premarital cocks.

A total inversion of the sexual market, vaulting tramps into the position that damsels used to occupy.

No wonder the marriage rate is declining. Men have no incentive to invest in spoiled vagina.

Sex frequency may be decreasing as Pillennials retreat to their fapatoriums and cat cafes, but cock carousel riding is spinning faster than ever. Just because women don’t linger longer with their flings doesn’t mean the cockas aren’t accumulating.

Is it worse that women are cock hopping more but having less sex now than they did in the past when they had more sex with fewer men? Contrary to conventional wisdom, a lack of sex isn’t necessarily a positive social indicator if it’s accompanied by an increase in sex partners. A few heady romantic long-term relationships that end in heartbreak might not be as bad on a woman’s morale and sanity as a parade of prematurely aborted short-term flings punctuated by grinding bouts of loneliness.

What’s worse, the “sexless slut” who has had ten cocks in ten nights over ten years, with lots of ice cream and Tumblrrhea down time in between, or the well-sexed faithful girlfriend type who has had three cocks at three years apiece over ten years, with fleeting periods of clitoris-gazing solitude filling the short stints between boyfriends?

This question is not so easy to answer, but I lean toward believing sexless sluts are a bigger drag on functioning society, going by the rapid onset of pussyhat lunacy that has gripped our nation’s single women.

PS Dating in the Year 2018:


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Another tale of marriage dissolution horror. Luckily, this one has a happy ending (i.e., the man didn’t get reamed by the State for once). From shivsnasty,

The mental gymnastics that women exercise to excuse what I would deem evil behavior is something I could never wrap my head around until I stumbled upon this blog.

That mental gymnastic has a name:

Many years ago, my older brother had three children with his now ex-wife. Great father, great provider. Worked a steady job plus extra gigs on the side to bring in extra income. Bought into a business and became the sole owner. Things were good, kids doing well in school, family vacations – the whole bit. He catches his wife in an affair, files for divorce. She goes crazy because Virginia is one of two states where infidelity voids all spousal support. She took him to court to sue for support anyway – and actually tried to make the argument that the amount of work and amount of hours he put into his business was proof that he had walked out on the marriage. Her argument was that her having an affair wasn’t really an affair because his “abandonment” was where the marriage really ended . The judge – who incidentally was a woman – gave her the most brutal verbal beat-down I’ve ever seen. She told her that she was the living embodiment of self-centeredness and had an over-inflated sense of self-importance. Found her guilty of infidelity. She had to get a job, sell the house and share custody. She also had to watch helplessly as he went on to expand his business and rake in even more.

It was divorce porn for men.

“Evil” is the right word to describe a woman who cheats and then tries to shift the blame onto her husband for working too hard to prevent her from cheating.

Learn Game, Wives Tamed. Game can spare the world of Evil!

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Zoomable links here and here.

It’s funny cuz it’s tragic.

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Millennials are causing the US divorce rate to plummet [ed: “plummet” is hyperbole]

Americans under the age of 45 have found a novel way to rebel against their elders: They’re staying married.

New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are being pickier about who they marry, tying the knot at older ages when education, careers and finances are on track. The result is a U.S. divorce rate that dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to an analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen.

Sometimes superficially good news conceals much worse news. This is the case with the latest divorce rate statistics.

The Shrillennial divorce rate is lower than previous generations because

1. they are getting married later in life when they have fewer sexual market options to tempt them,

2. fewer of them are getting married (marriage has become a signifier of UMC membership) and

3. PoundMeToo has scared them to retreat to their fapatoriums.

These are not good developments from a society-wide perspective.

From Doom Chesterton:

in the year 2050 the last economically viable unmarried heterosexual man will have his career destroyed by vague, decades old accusations from the last non-lesbian female, and the divorce rate will go to zero

women hardest hit

haha. Delayed marriage is really the killer tell of a culture in decline. Delayed marriage works to everyone’s benefit in one context: when women are kept (relatively) sexually pure during their premarital years, largely to avoid the “alpha widowhood” syndrome which occurs when a woman has supped of alpha male staffs and consequently can never fully commit her love to the beta male with whom she will inevitably settle.

What’s the difference between a woman who marries later in life after her body has been spent by a decade or more riding the cock carousel, versus a woman who marries young, divorces, and remarries? If anything, the latter likely has spread for fewer cocks than the former. In this case, a higher divorce rate could signify an emotionally and genitally healthier marriage market.

And the latter likely has more kids. A dried up husk of a careerist battlecunt shrike at the ripe old age of 37 would be lucky to pop out 1.2 non-autistic sprog with her soypplicating beta hubby.

If you’re interested in making America great again, what you’d look for is an egalitarian trend in marriage — more long-lasting marriages in the middle and lower classes — and more younger marriages with larger families. You’d also do like Based Italy and make it harder for women to initiate divorce, since women are responsible for 70% of family breakups.

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Chalk up another loss for the “divorce experts” (aka the “man-hating feminist cunts, phaggy white knight enablers, demagogic politicians, and greedy lawyers”): the financial impact of divorce hits men hardest.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has found divorced people aged over 55 had less disposable income and fewer assets than their married counterparts.

The study also said men end up worse off, but this is in contrast to the views of divorce experts, who say older women are the ones who are missing out financially. […]

The study examined the financial consequences of divorce for up to 3,000 older Australians between 2001 and 2016, using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics Surveys.

It found that during this period, there had been a 10 per cent increase in divorce.

The research also found that men were slightly [ed: “slightly”? see below] worse off than women when it came to household disposable income.

Click on the direct link to the study for actual numbers on how men are getting ass-raped by the divorce industrial complex:

Australian Institute of Family Studies Director, Anne Hollonds said the study focused on people who had divorced on average 15 to 20 years ago and found their finances remained in a weaker position than their married counterparts.

“Our analysis shows that divorced men and women have less household disposable income than their married counterparts at this later stage in life. On average divorced single men were $10,000 worse off and divorced single women were $6,300 worse off over the 16 years,” she said.

This is in Australia, an Anglosphere nation as overrun with man-hating feminist idiocy as any Inner Hajnalian formerly all-White nation, so you can assume the same study in the US would have similar results.

The study doesn’t speculate why divorced men are financially harmed worse than are divorced women, but I can offer a few guesses why:

  1. there is more institutional discrimination against older men in the job market than exists for older women seeking work
  2. divorced men (have to) spend more of their own money to attract a new lover, whereas divorced women can leverage their cooking skills and holes to gain access to a new man’s money
  3. divorce on the whole redistributes money from men to women
  4. alimony and child support costs fall largely on divorced men

What’s funny is that a raft of studies show that men are financially more responsible than are women, so the “divorce gap” in household disposable income that favors women could conceivably be a lot smaller or even reversed if divorced women didn’t have the option (mostly unavailable to divorced men) to cajole new lovers to pick up the tab.


From very occasional poster,

My ex gets 30% of my military retirement until I die (her lawyer screwed up twice–she was eligible for 34% and he didn’t even ask for SBP until it was way too late and he was legally not allowed to). She $2,000 a month in alimony for the first four years after the divorce, so she got over $3,200 a month free and clear. Yet she somehow managed to run up $80,000 in debt in the first year after we divorced.

Wait, the children lived with me. After a few years she was up to $30,000 behind in unpaid child support. Took her to CS court, was asked why I was harassing this poor woman. After the first hearing, I told my lawyer that if the roles were reversed I would have left that hearing room in cuffs. My lawyer disagreed. After the second hearing where the judge nearly held her in contempt just for attending (child support court is technically the state vs the payer, as the father I was irrelevant), she agreed.

Five years after the divorce, my first child is a full ride scholarship at a decent private college. My second is a senior in high school. I am wasting money fighting her annual round of contempt claims, but so what, I managed to rear them safe from her and her thoroughly documented physical and emotional abuse. I make a healthy six figures.

What made it possible was I read all the warnings about divorce and divorce court, and took them seriously. I documented thoroughly. I didn’t waste the court’s time or my money on anything irrelevant to the well-being of our children, who were themselves insistent to the social welfare thugs that they wanted to live with their father, period. I knew that any financial good deed to the ex would be wasted and would mean nothing to the court, so I gave none. Her lies to people cost me jobs I had lined up, so I went unemployed for years and let her deal with the consequences.

I’ve told many men this, but they don’t get it. They are their own worst enemies. Develop a cold heart and steel yourself so that you don’t react to anything she does or says. Concede nothing, so many men give away the farm. I had to flee the house in the middle of the night with our children, but I had a place to go to and called the police along the way. Guess what, it’s just a legal for men to do that as women. I filed for the TCO, the TRO and the house, how many men do that? What did the constabulary say when they arrived at my refuge? “About damn time you did something, mate.”

I am the exception to the crippling poverty, and there is a ton of luck behind that outcome, but fortune favors the prepared. I knew the truth about women, and about the family court system, so I didn’t let myself get financially raped while crying about fairness. Finding myself on a tilted playing field, I figured out how to tilt it in my children’s favor. I was accused of being dirty, cold, unkind, unforgiving, I never cared. No one, but no one, cares about my children like I do, no matter how much they say they do (usually for a gummint paycheck). No fucks given.

These war stories from the divorce trenches are tough to read, but every man should read them because a little preparedness and clarity of mind beats getting caught in the id-shredding shrapnel of a scorned woman with her merc army of lawyers and judges.

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