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Another tale of marriage dissolution horror. Luckily, this one has a happy ending (i.e., the man didn’t get reamed by the State for once). From shivsnasty,

The mental gymnastics that women exercise to excuse what I would deem evil behavior is something I could never wrap my head around until I stumbled upon this blog.

That mental gymnastic has a name:

Many years ago, my older brother had three children with his now ex-wife. Great father, great provider. Worked a steady job plus extra gigs on the side to bring in extra income. Bought into a business and became the sole owner. Things were good, kids doing well in school, family vacations – the whole bit. He catches his wife in an affair, files for divorce. She goes crazy because Virginia is one of two states where infidelity voids all spousal support. She took him to court to sue for support anyway – and actually tried to make the argument that the amount of work and amount of hours he put into his business was proof that he had walked out on the marriage. Her argument was that her having an affair wasn’t really an affair because his “abandonment” was where the marriage really ended . The judge – who incidentally was a woman – gave her the most brutal verbal beat-down I’ve ever seen. She told her that she was the living embodiment of self-centeredness and had an over-inflated sense of self-importance. Found her guilty of infidelity. She had to get a job, sell the house and share custody. She also had to watch helplessly as he went on to expand his business and rake in even more.

It was divorce porn for men.

“Evil” is the right word to describe a woman who cheats and then tries to shift the blame onto her husband for working too hard to prevent her from cheating.

Learn Game, Wives Tamed. Game can spare the world of Evil!

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Zoomable links here and here.

It’s funny cuz it’s tragic.

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Millennials are causing the US divorce rate to plummet [ed: “plummet” is hyperbole]

Americans under the age of 45 have found a novel way to rebel against their elders: They’re staying married.

New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are being pickier about who they marry, tying the knot at older ages when education, careers and finances are on track. The result is a U.S. divorce rate that dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to an analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen.

Sometimes superficially good news conceals much worse news. This is the case with the latest divorce rate statistics.

The Shrillennial divorce rate is lower than previous generations because

1. they are getting married later in life when they have fewer sexual market options to tempt them,

2. fewer of them are getting married (marriage has become a signifier of UMC membership) and

3. PoundMeToo has scared them to retreat to their fapatoriums.

These are not good developments from a society-wide perspective.

From Doom Chesterton:

in the year 2050 the last economically viable unmarried heterosexual man will have his career destroyed by vague, decades old accusations from the last non-lesbian female, and the divorce rate will go to zero

women hardest hit

haha. Delayed marriage is really the killer tell of a culture in decline. Delayed marriage works to everyone’s benefit in one context: when women are kept (relatively) sexually pure during their premarital years, largely to avoid the “alpha widowhood” syndrome which occurs when a woman has supped of alpha male staffs and consequently can never fully commit her love to the beta male with whom she will inevitably settle.

What’s the difference between a woman who marries later in life after her body has been spent by a decade or more riding the cock carousel, versus a woman who marries young, divorces, and remarries? If anything, the latter likely has spread for fewer cocks than the former. In this case, a higher divorce rate could signify an emotionally and genitally healthier marriage market.

And the latter likely has more kids. A dried up husk of a careerist battlecunt shrike at the ripe old age of 37 would be lucky to pop out 1.2 non-autistic sprog with her soypplicating beta hubby.

If you’re interested in making America great again, what you’d look for is an egalitarian trend in marriage — more long-lasting marriages in the middle and lower classes — and more younger marriages with larger families. You’d also do like Based Italy and make it harder for women to initiate divorce, since women are responsible for 70% of family breakups.

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Chalk up another loss for the “divorce experts” (aka the “man-hating feminist cunts, phaggy white knight enablers, demagogic politicians, and greedy lawyers”): the financial impact of divorce hits men hardest.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has found divorced people aged over 55 had less disposable income and fewer assets than their married counterparts.

The study also said men end up worse off, but this is in contrast to the views of divorce experts, who say older women are the ones who are missing out financially. […]

The study examined the financial consequences of divorce for up to 3,000 older Australians between 2001 and 2016, using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics Surveys.

It found that during this period, there had been a 10 per cent increase in divorce.

The research also found that men were slightly [ed: “slightly”? see below] worse off than women when it came to household disposable income.

Click on the direct link to the study for actual numbers on how men are getting ass-raped by the divorce industrial complex:

Australian Institute of Family Studies Director, Anne Hollonds said the study focused on people who had divorced on average 15 to 20 years ago and found their finances remained in a weaker position than their married counterparts.

“Our analysis shows that divorced men and women have less household disposable income than their married counterparts at this later stage in life. On average divorced single men were $10,000 worse off and divorced single women were $6,300 worse off over the 16 years,” she said.

This is in Australia, an Anglosphere nation as overrun with man-hating feminist idiocy as any Inner Hajnalian formerly all-White nation, so you can assume the same study in the US would have similar results.

The study doesn’t speculate why divorced men are financially harmed worse than are divorced women, but I can offer a few guesses why:

  1. there is more institutional discrimination against older men in the job market than exists for older women seeking work
  2. divorced men (have to) spend more of their own money to attract a new lover, whereas divorced women can leverage their cooking skills and holes to gain access to a new man’s money
  3. divorce on the whole redistributes money from men to women
  4. alimony and child support costs fall largely on divorced men

What’s funny is that a raft of studies show that men are financially more responsible than are women, so the “divorce gap” in household disposable income that favors women could conceivably be a lot smaller or even reversed if divorced women didn’t have the option (mostly unavailable to divorced men) to cajole new lovers to pick up the tab.


From very occasional poster,

My ex gets 30% of my military retirement until I die (her lawyer screwed up twice–she was eligible for 34% and he didn’t even ask for SBP until it was way too late and he was legally not allowed to). She $2,000 a month in alimony for the first four years after the divorce, so she got over $3,200 a month free and clear. Yet she somehow managed to run up $80,000 in debt in the first year after we divorced.

Wait, the children lived with me. After a few years she was up to $30,000 behind in unpaid child support. Took her to CS court, was asked why I was harassing this poor woman. After the first hearing, I told my lawyer that if the roles were reversed I would have left that hearing room in cuffs. My lawyer disagreed. After the second hearing where the judge nearly held her in contempt just for attending (child support court is technically the state vs the payer, as the father I was irrelevant), she agreed.

Five years after the divorce, my first child is a full ride scholarship at a decent private college. My second is a senior in high school. I am wasting money fighting her annual round of contempt claims, but so what, I managed to rear them safe from her and her thoroughly documented physical and emotional abuse. I make a healthy six figures.

What made it possible was I read all the warnings about divorce and divorce court, and took them seriously. I documented thoroughly. I didn’t waste the court’s time or my money on anything irrelevant to the well-being of our children, who were themselves insistent to the social welfare thugs that they wanted to live with their father, period. I knew that any financial good deed to the ex would be wasted and would mean nothing to the court, so I gave none. Her lies to people cost me jobs I had lined up, so I went unemployed for years and let her deal with the consequences.

I’ve told many men this, but they don’t get it. They are their own worst enemies. Develop a cold heart and steel yourself so that you don’t react to anything she does or says. Concede nothing, so many men give away the farm. I had to flee the house in the middle of the night with our children, but I had a place to go to and called the police along the way. Guess what, it’s just a legal for men to do that as women. I filed for the TCO, the TRO and the house, how many men do that? What did the constabulary say when they arrived at my refuge? “About damn time you did something, mate.”

I am the exception to the crippling poverty, and there is a ton of luck behind that outcome, but fortune favors the prepared. I knew the truth about women, and about the family court system, so I didn’t let myself get financially raped while crying about fairness. Finding myself on a tilted playing field, I figured out how to tilt it in my children’s favor. I was accused of being dirty, cold, unkind, unforgiving, I never cared. No one, but no one, cares about my children like I do, no matter how much they say they do (usually for a gummint paycheck). No fucks given.

These war stories from the divorce trenches are tough to read, but every man should read them because a little preparedness and clarity of mind beats getting caught in the id-shredding shrapnel of a scorned woman with her merc army of lawyers and judges.

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Did you buy your girl a big rock to ritualize your love for each other? Odds are, she’s daydreaming about fucking BIGDICKENERGYMAGACHAD down the office hall. From the world’s most authoritative journalism source, diamond rings as beta male screenings:

Women expect a pricey engagement ring if their partner is UGLY to compensate for their poor looks

Researchers showed 590 people a photo of an attractive or unattractive person

They were asked what it would take to get engaged to the person in the photo

Men said they would buy a more expensive ring if the ‘girlfriend’ was attractive

Women expected a pricier rock if the ‘boyfriend’ in the photo was unattractive

Ah, complementarity. Diamonds are a girl’s best recompense.

Alpha fux/beta bux field tested and found operative. da GBFM lollzzloled.

The good news for ugly men is that they can buy themselves a hotwife, which once again proves that men can compensate for their looks while women have no such option. An ugly chick can’t do anything to convince an hsmv man to commit to her.

The study also found that women who rated themselves as attractive were more likely to go for larger, more expensive rings, regardless of their partner’s looks.

‘The finding is consistent with the notion that desirable women expect greater resource investment from their mates,’ said study lead author Madalyn Taylor.

Game can save men a lot of money. What’s it worth to you to be able to seduce and sequester hot babes on the cheap?

But there’s a dark side to appeasing a woman’s self-entitled instinct to indulge herself of a man’s earned wealth:

A previous study by economists at Emory University in 2014 found that the more expensive the engagement ring, the more likely the couple would get divorced later.

Once you establish a dynamic of giving a woman everything she wants, she has no reason to work for your love and the challenge of pleasing you goes missing, leaving her adrift in anhedonic limbo, waiting for the first excuse to step out.

A reader writes,

Damn, I must be better looking than I thought.  My wife to be only wanted a simple quarter caret ring.  I offered more, but that’s what she wanted.

How do you know when you have your girl on lock? She agrees to stay on as your kept concubine for the low low price of your intoxicating cock.

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70% of divorces are initiated by women. Now a Pedestalman might say that’s because more than ever men are horrible, but a Pedestalman would say the same if 70% of divorces were initiated by men.

Kids, don’t do pussy pedestals.

The truth about the Divorce Industrial Complex is exactly as I have described it here on this blog: INCENTIVES MATTER. And American women respond to the personally advantageous incentives of the divorce market which massively redistributes money and children away from ex-husbands to ex-wives at no cost or stipulation to the women.

Proof? It’s as plain as the mangina in your midst who never took a risk with the opposite sex in his life. But if you prefer STATS AND DATA, here you go:

Rise of women backing out of divorces as court settlements shrink

Women are backing out of divorce cases because settlements are becoming less generous, experts have said.

Fewer wives are being awarded income for life and they are increasingly having their divorce settlement limited to a few years.

This is making some of them back off from going through with a split, law firms say.

Yo yo yo….ayo hol up….so what you’re sayin is….


How about that! Women ARE rational creatures! This is an astounding discovery to the world of white knights who had been laboring under the belief that women bear no moral culpability for social ills, nor exercise any self-serving sex-based calculus which might fray the social fabric.

I’m happy to see that at least in some White redoubts the direction of reform is heading away from incentivizing EatPraySlut frivorce rape and toward equitable treatment rooted in a wise understanding of the inherent, innate, and intractable biosocial differences between men and women.

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Poor guy. He shoulda bailed with one of the bridesmaids.

Fame Game is all-powerful, so don’t expect many women to be able to resist smiling ear to ear when in the presence of a famous man. What you should worry about is when your wife can’t summon the same smile on her wedding day that she did standing next to Rob Lowe for 30 seconds (that we know of).

Game can’t stop a woman from auto-splooging around famous men, but it can sufficiently turn on her heart light so that she doesn’t look like she’s being forced into an arranged marriage with John Scalzi during the wedding day photo shoot. You want your girl smiling as broadly with you, in grateful acknowledgement of the sacrifice you’re making to be with her alone and to foreswear all other poon, as she would be smiling when posing for an Instawhore pic with 55 year old Rob Lowe. Or: If your girl acts like your groupie, you’re doing it right.

(This brings to mind a good rule for any kind of relationship: I call it the Smile Disparity Rule. If your girl smiles less than you in photos, you need a relationship course correction. If you both smile equally, have fun but don’t get complacent. If she smiles more than you do, she’s your love slave. Be discreet about your mistresses but don’t fret if your main dame discovers one of them. She’ll cry about it for a few minutes then concede she can’t stop loving you.)

More than anything, the photo comparison above exposes female hypergamy in its full flower. Ecstasy is her reaction when an alpha male so much as grazes her shoulder or asks for the time; barely concealed disappointment is her reaction when she knows she’s settling for ol’ dependable beta male who will provide her a lifetime of comfort and adoration. Not every woman will act on her hypergamy, but every woman will feel its tremors deep in the pit of her womb.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reorient society so that informal regulations on the ability of women to satisfy their hypergamous urges are established for the benefit of civilization. Good luck!

At the very least, don’t be a self-deprecating cuck and act like there’s something funny or endearing about your woman swooning for another man while she looks at you like you’re ball-less ballast. If your wedding pic resembles the one above, prepare now for the inevitable divorce industrial complex ass ramming, and start sexting Schneiderman’s brown slave exes. Their nights are free now (praise be upon Trump and his long memory).

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