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Reader OldFart asked me what I thought of this face:

Physiognomy is the word to describe the face as an index of the character and personality. It is the science — yes, the SCIENCE — of inferring personality traits from facial composition.

My thoughts on Des Shoe’s mug and what it reveals of her innermost nature:

  • manjaw
  • unsmiling, sneering duck lips
  • beady, sociopath eyes
  • ample nose
  • bangable in a fuck piston sort of way, not a marriage material way
  • and last but not yeast, she’s got the thousand cock stare

Her hair is a natural color and she isn’t sporting a bull ring, so I figure she’s not yet fully subsumed into the whore borg.

Verdict: unprincipled urban gogrrl careerthot with pretensions of uber-feminist “resistance” to the Trumpening. Speculative, based on the aforementioned physiognomic details: she has a rifled vagina from a full clip of phalluses firing off inside her.

Let’s see if I hit the bulls-eye.

Project Veritas has released a video of the New York Times Homepage Editor Des Shoe, who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that the Times has a liberal bias and attacking President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. This is part three of their American Pravda NYT investigation.

When confronted with the notion that during the election, The Times‘ front page, for which she is responsible, was completely focused around Trump. She tells the undercover journalist that NYT reporters tried to influence the election with their reporting:

“I think one of the things that maybe journalists were thinking about is like…Oh, if we write about him, about how insanely crazy he is and how ludicrous his policies are, then maybe people will read it and be like, oh wow, we shouldn’t vote for him.”

She admits that the New York Times has a clearly defined liberal-leaning bias: “The New York Times is not…I mean, it’s widely understood to be liberal-leaning. But, American newspapers are not supposed to claim a bias, they’re supposed to be objective.”


She also tells the undercover journalist that reporting objectively is simply too difficult for the Times: “Our main stories are supposed to be objective. It’s very difficult in this day and age to do that.”

Shoe blames the business model for the New York Times‘ lack of fact-based reporting:

“This is what I was trying to say is like the last couple years it’s changed for the bad…

“I think the business model itself is just… there’s so much panic about what to do that, you know, what else is a company supposed to do?

“That’s the conundrum…is that a business model, in this time is built on what the readers want.”

The New York Times senior homepage editor goes on to explain the positive effect of Trump’s victory: “Since the election, like you know…Speaking on, you know, for The New York Times, our subscriptions have sky-rocketed since…I mean, they call it the Trump bump.”


Shoe finally goes on to explain her personal biases against President Trump, “I feel like Trump is…is just a…is sort of an idiot in a lot of ways. Just an oblivious idiot.”

She also attacks Vice President Mike Pence, implying that his religious beliefs make him unfit to lead:

“If you impeach him, then Pence becomes President, Mike Pence, who’s f***ing horrible…I think maybe, possibly worse than Trump.

“He’s extremely, extremely religious. He [Pence] at one point backed a bill that hinted at conversion therapy for gay people…Which is like electrocution, stuff like that.”

LOL. When memes become real.

Des Shoe is a Southern transplant (gleaned from her Twatter bio) with what appears to be a high T hormonal profile acquired either prenatally or while immersed in the careercunt subculture. Personal details were hard to come by, so I don’t know if she’s still single and careening to a cat lady retirement or married to a betaphag. Her PR face shot is far prettier than her live action face in Project Veritas’ video, so my guess is that as a mediocre looker she gets pumped and dumped a lot by drunk Manhattan chads having an off night, and spends the aftermath rationalizing her romantic failures as a blow for shrew empowerment. It’s a good bet she has participated in one or more slut walks.

My physiognomy analysis was close to the mark, eh? She’s a cog in the worst shitlib propaganda machine in the world, a Trump hater, a rainbow coalition platitude pusher, and has forsaken a calm family life in her hometown for the gritty clitty bottomless brunch abattoir of shattered peak fertility windows.


It won’t surprise erudite and learned guests of the Chateau that anti-White message makers like the NewYorkChaims have been reduced to running their operations like Feedbuzz clickbait warehouses and therefore totally destroying their reputation as serious journalism, given that ad blockers are killing the online revenue generation model. (You better have an ad blocker installed, asshole, or be ready to turn in your shitlord card.)

What should also be understood is that it takes two to tango. The shitlib gaystream media doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Sure, the craven ideological bias and tribal disposition of the vast majority of journowhores practically assures a left-wing slant to the news, but the utter implosion of journalistic integrity and ethics wouldn’t be as spectacular as it has become without a willing shitlib audience who hungers for the swill that the media are ladling into their rattled cortical cages.

The media can be cleansed of shitlibs to help restore objectivity and sanity to the news, but that won’t solve the demand side of the freakquation: there is a needy and vocal American subpopulation — rootless cosmopolitans and virtue sniveling SWPLs — willing to financially prop up anti-White leftoid equalist bullshit “”””reporting””” for the happy feelz it gives them. As long as those people exist, and they are eager to jettison any expectation of standards from their news sources as long as they are imbibing news that assuages their egos, then there will be media outlets ready to serve them.

The solution is not clear, but it has to include delegitimizing the concept of a “mainstream media”, so that shitlibs can no longer comfort themselves that the news they seek out is anything close to a consensus opinion. The readership of Bezos’ personal blog has to feel that they are trapped in an insular newsiverse that just may not be giving them the whole truth.

Long-term, I think the only lasting solution to a debauched partisan media will be secession, either formally or culturally. Freedom of association and organically emergent segregation are the future of multiracial bus depots like America. We’ll either have separate countries with our separate folk-owned and -run news sources, or we’ll have de facto genocultural nations within the boundary of our American nation that effectively filter news sources to appeal to the like-minded residents living in each largely self-governing canton.

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Are you curious what kind of wormy male wriggles just above the stinking detritus at the bottom of the male SMV barrel? Meet our Lesser Beta of the Month:

I made this image in Texas while working on a story for MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) about a group from an Amish community in Ohio that traveled down to Texas to help out local folks hit badly by rampant fires and flooding last year. I am posting this for two reasons. 1. This is my way of encouraging all of us (including myself) to find ways to involve ourselves in being rebuilders of brokenness. If not in the aftermath of Harvey currently ravaging Texas then perhaps in other areas of need in our communities. and 2. During coverage and other conversations about Hurricane Harvey, I’ve heard on more than one occasion about how this storm is going to require a “man sized” effort that could be drawn out for years and cost untold sums. In response, I am showing this image of this exceedingly capable and strong woman to help fight against that kind of sexist language, because of course the obvious truth is that women are as vitally important and as capable as any men can be. I know that many of us use languages like this casually and without meaning any offense or harm. I know that it's difficult to be mindful of such things when sexist language is so deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness and subconsciousness (believe me I totally get it, because I catch myself more often than I like to admit). Nevertheless, I do believe it is vitally important being intentional about reducing our sexist language and actions as much as we are able to, because at its core it serves to dehumanize and to normalize the lie that one gender has more worth and is more capable and more important than others. Harvey has broken so many lives already. Let us not add to that by unnecessarily breaking each other further.

A post shared by Andrew Huth (@andrewhuth) on

Only a limp-souled mangina can be triggered to verbal apoplexy by the term “man-sized”. in response, he posts a photo of an Amish woman — a woman who supports and cherishes the most patriarchal subculture in America — either pushing aside or ducking under a slender tree branch as evidence in his stunted juvenile ball pit of a mind that women are as physically strong as men. This is the soiled diaper of inanity and virtue sniveling which the Lesser Beta is happy to squish around in all day if it means a pat on his ASCII head from fat feminists online.

What else does the Lesser Beta and intrepid defender of ye faire maiden’s honor excel at? Disavowing “female objectification”, of course! (While unwittingly disavowing the natural functioning of his own gonads.)

I grieve over the fact that I grew up in a society and a time period where one of the first things I was taught about women from the well meaning voices all around me were commentaries about the appearance or “usefulness” of their bodies. Look at how beautiful you are! Well aren’t you a gorgeous princess. Oh my watch out, she’s going to be heartbreaker! Wow, you’re so sexy. Oh that Dad is going to have a hard time fending off all the boys when she grows up. I grieve this for many reasons, but one of them is because it has obscured the fact that bodies truly are beautiful and mysteriously amazing beyond explaining. Not as the object of someone else’s judgement or commentary, but INTRISICALLY beautiful in its own right. Think about your body for a moment. Big or small, scarred or markless, flat noised or sharply angular, long or stout, curvy or straight. It is a marvel and should BLOW ALL OUR MINDS! The way we often talk about bodies (women’s bodies in particular) strives to strip away their universally intrinsic beauty and instead cheaply commodifies it and seeks to take ownership of it away from them and into a thing for others to posses and place a value on. Like everyone else, me included, she isn’t immune to the damages of such toxic narratives about our bodies and from time to time feels that her body isn’t particularly beautiful. I won’t tell you that she is beautiful. I will simply tell you what I try and tell her on my better days (and I fail at it more often than I like). I love you. Please know that love is a slow burner of a thing. It has taken me awhile to get here, but the impossibly kind and generous life you lead has redefined for me what it means to be beautiful. Your sharply intelligent and creative mind engages and challenges me. And yes…your body is amazing. Not because I say so, but because it simply is. And because I’ve earned the right for you to care a little what I think of you, on our walk the other day, I took one camera and this one lens and I wanted to show you, YOU, as I see you

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“I grieve this…” Would someone pass the vomit bucket? Spewage incoming. That’s a lot of rambling incoherent poopytalk to say “you’re a butterface, honey”.

The Lesser Beta avoids slipping into Omega Male incel status by somehow securing for himself a homely female. Naturally, the daily reminder of his low SMV causes him to polish his lover’s pussy pedestal with the vigor of a man hoping to be blinded by the turgid light reflected off it.

I've now been married to this woman a few years less than all the years I've spent not having known her. I've photographed her face more times than I could possibly remember. On certain days when we cross each other's space while we're carrying on with the mundane movements of our lives, I sometimes catch a glimpse of her face and realize that there isn't a line on her face that I don't thoroughly recognize. On other days, even when I'm gazing deeply into her eyes, lost in conversation, I realize her face is a total and utter mystery to me. Some days she is a vision of home–calming and steadfast and on other days she is a land foreign—a curiosity and complexity that I'm eager to discover and rediscover time and again

A post shared by Andrew Huth (@andrewhuth) on

My advice, kid. If you’re gonna do purple prose, take a T-boosting supplement before writing. It helps keep your readership awake.

Finally, our Lesser Beta in the skin-crawling flesh:

“sleepovers”. “fell in love wholly and with all my body and being”. What does he mean by this?

Oh, and you might want to stop manspreading. That insolent display of misogyny is apt to get you in the doghouse for years.

Well that was an unpleasant foray into manlet-land. Final thought: In the context of the US’s multiracial gruel, white knighting by nonWhites should be viewed as a proxy attack on sturdy White men. In fact, every whine and cringing exegesis on the patriarchy should be viewed as an extended play wail of desperation and bitter envy by the degenerate freak mafia against their Golden God White Man tormentor.

Placing bets how long it’ll be before Mrs. Lesser Beta steps out to indulge her secret fantasy of a righteous jerkboy MAGAfucking by a member in good standing of the objectifying patriarchy.

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An AI algorithm — or “GayI”, if you will (I will) — has proven that gayface is real.

We show that faces contain much more information about sexual orientation than can be perceived and interpreted by the human brain. We used deep neural networks to extract features from 35,326 facial images. These features were entered into a logistic regression aimed at classifying sexual orientation. Given a single facial image, a classifier could correctly distinguish between gay and heterosexual men in 81% of cases, and in 74% of cases for women. Human judges achieved much lower accuracy: 61% for men and 54% for women. The accuracy of the algorithm increased to 91% and 83%, respectively, given five facial images per person. Facial features employed by the classifier included both fixed (e.g., nose shape) and transient facial features (e.g., grooming style). Consistent with the prenatal hormone theory of sexual orientation, gay men and women tended to have gender-atypical facial morphology, expression, and grooming styles. Prediction models aimed at gender alone allowed for detecting gay males with 57% accuracy and gay females with 58% accuracy. Those findings advance our understanding of the origins of sexual orientation and the limits of human perception. Additionally, given that companies and governments are increasingly using computer vision algorithms to detect people’s intimate traits, our findings expose a threat to the privacy and safety of gay men and women.

What about the privacy and safety of young boys and dudes who just want to be left in peace in the gym locker room?

YET AGAIN a scientific study has validated a Heartiste real world observation. Megapreen incoming! CH has been saying gayface is real since inception date 1488. From a May 15, 2008 Chateau post:

There is such a thing as a “gay face”. Hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. Think big bright feminine eyes, full lips, and an all-around glow.

The gayface composite photo that accompanied the above study:

Swishiognomy is real.

Would gaypedoface be redundant?

You can almost draw diagonal lines representing femininity and masculinity levels, connecting the gay male face with straight female face, and the straight male face with the lesbo female face.

There is (for lack of a better science-y description) a feminine glow and openness in the faces of the straight woman and the gay man composites. Oppositely, there’s a masculine hardness and compactness in the faces of the straight man and the lesbo woman composites. (And honestly that’s not even a very representative composite of most dykes I’ve seen….my composite lesbian face would be a lot fatter, uglier and mannish.)

Gabber @lglookingglass adds,

Gay Face is the hollowing out of the checkbone structure.

This approach applies to almost all chronic health conditions as well. If you want a really deep cut, realize that doctors do about 1/2 their diagnosis from seeing your face. It’s why they’ll catch rare things: they’ve seen it.

According to the study, the GayI was better than humans at accurately identifying by facial features alone the gays from among the straights. But I bet a person who was exceptionally observant and had spent time around many gays would have a more honed gaydar than the average human test subject, so I wonder if the GayI hit rate can’t be matched by, say, an urban SWPL with a social circle that included a lot of homos.

Or maybe the urban SWPL’s gaydar would be blunted due to inurement to constant exposure, familiarization, and normalization.

Composite soyface:

Composite pedoface:

Fistiognomy is real.

Composite ashkepathface:

Composite xirface:

I detect a pattern.

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I’m gonna stop critiquing leftoid media drivel and just post pics of the authors, activists, and reporters. It’s a more efficient and powerful rebuttal.

PS I think we should start calling the anti-White Left genocidal maniacs. The funny thing about fightin’ words is that it forces the recipient to answer the charge. And that’s half the battle won.

PPS When the Realtalk flood came, I figured the Leftoid Equalism establishment responses would be:
1. shame
2. defame
3. inflame
and if those responses failed to produce the expected result, they would trigger the nuclear options:
censorship, suppression, and extortion.
The ICBMs have been launched.

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Trump has done well in the aftermath of the Texas hurricane, so naturally the Gaystream Media are turning the focus of their agitprop firepower onto Melania Trump’s shoes in order to deny the Golden Don any positive covefefe. Via Gabber @kgrace:

Just for perspective:

THIS is the vogue writer who wrote about Melania’s inappropriate shoes upon arrival in Texas.

The mutant leftoid hag above is Lynn Yaeger, fashion typist for Vogue. She’s a fashion expert, you see. You do see it, right Winston? Right? *caged rats chitter hungrily*

The Ugly resentfully lash out at the Beautiful, and the media frame it as the moral reprimands of unbiased third party sources.

The cleansing fire of Truth and Beauty can’t come soon enough.

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The more the physiognomies of the anti-White leftoids are exposed to the sunlight of public scrutiny, the weaker they become as a force in American culture and politics.

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This is Lisa Sparxxx (néigh Lisa Hansen):

She is a porn star who holds the world record for most sexual partners in a single day: 919 cockas.

Look at her eyes staring back at you. What you see is a literal thousand cock stare. Vacant and deranged….the same look a soldier has when he’s seen too much blood and death.

Whatever anima pulsed in the broken vessel of her body abandoned her for good around cock number 300, I’d wager.

For the record, would only bang in virginal condition. She’s not hot enough to overcome the disgust factor at porking the semen slide which is her vagina.

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