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Hoverhanding is such a beta male (verging on omega male) tell, that it’s more alpha to commingle with another man in an act of sharing the firmly-gripped flesh of one woman.

Word of the Day: Ownership

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Manjawed women are avoided by men because men don’t like women who look like men. CH has written about this topic a number of times, so the news won’t surprise regular readers.

Too much femme T
there goes my chubby

Evolution has seen fit to incorporate this distaste for masculinized women into the male limbic landscape as a hedge against female infidelity and getting cuckolded. It turns out the manjaw (and associated manchin) in women is linked with an increased “sexual unrestrictedness”, which in laybro’s language means manjawed chicks are more likely to step out on you.

It is therefore natural and normal and most importantly SELF-INTERESTED for men to prefer the romantic company of slender, young, attractive, feminine, womanjawed women.


In related SCIENCE, YO! news:

  • The more household chores a husband does, the more likely the marriage is to end in divorce. (Also an ugly truth CH has covered in the past.)
  • It helps (a lot) to be a female criminal defendant. “After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do,” and “[w]omen are‚Ķtwice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.” This gender gap is about six times as large as the racial disparity that Prof. Starr found in another recent paper.” Now some of this sex disparity (like the race disparity) is probably a result of female criminals exhibiting less depravity than male criminals in the commission of legally equivalent crimes. But a bigger reason for the disparity goes to something much deeper in the human psyche: the Fundamental Premise, which explains that female coddling is a natural psychological instinct among both men and women that exists because (most) women¬†are more reproductively valuable than are (most) men.

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Blur out a woman’s face except her jaw, chin, and mouth. If you can’t tell whether the blurred photo is a man or a woman, then the woman has failed the Manjaw Test. Via commenter quorasdesignatedasshole:

This is Lacy MacAuley’s jawline. (Opening line of a CH novel.) Lacy is a White shitlib feminist who flew to Turkey to get beaten and sexually satisfied by a Muslim rapefugee.

Man or woman?

Based on this photo, I would pick man if I didn’t know it was Lacy.

This is a perfect demonstration of the effects of masculinization on a woman’s face, and what that says about her character. If you can positively identify a woman as a woman by just her jawline and mouth, odds are she’s very pretty and feminine and likes President Trump. Try the Manjaw Test on your girlfriend today! (Don’t come crying to me if it turns out you’re dating Conan O’Brien.)

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Diversity‚ĄĘ is our Fake Economy greased by Fake Administrators doing Fake Work.

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The amoral Chinese have produced another study that supports the PHYSIOGNOMY IS REAL maxim, and adds to the growing body of real world evidence undermining the Equalism orthodoxy currently straitjacketing the minds of the Western intelligentsia-cum-Ignorati.

(Honey panda don’t give a shit for your laughable leftoid ideals.)

It has long been speculated that cues on the human face exist that allow observers to make reliable judgments of others‚Äô personality traits. However, direct evidence of association between facial shapes and personality is missing from the current literature. This study assessed the personality attributes of 834 Han Chinese volunteers (405 males and 429 females), utilising the five-factor personality model (‚ÄėBig Five‚Äô), and collected their neutral 3D facial images. Dense anatomical correspondence was established across the 3D facial images in order to allow high-dimensional quantitative analyses of the facial phenotypes. In this paper, we developed a Partial Least Squares (PLS) -based method. We used composite partial least squares component (CPSLC) to test association between the self-tested personality scores and the dense 3D facial image data, then used principal component analysis (PCA) for further validation. Among the five personality factors, agreeableness and conscientiousness in males and extraversion in females were significantly associated with specific facial patterns. The personality-related facial patterns were extracted and their effects were extrapolated on simulated 3D facial models.


Despite the uniformity of ant people faces, I can easily see the workings of physiognomy, a true palimpsest of the borg soul. The faces of the extraverted, conscientious, and agreeable Chinese reflect their subcutaneous personalities, and these looks-personality intersectionalities fit the primal templates we all have for specific types of people.

Something that stands out in particular for Chateau readers is one other trait revealed by the physiognomy test: the disagreeable and careless male faces look like they get a lot of vertical pussy. Chinagirls dig chinajerks. And the high extraversion female face looks like a party girl (adjusted for native population…to most Whites she looks like a budding Chinese teen boy).

Does anyone else get the sense that modern Western liberalism with all its gynecratic beliefs is about to suffer a catastrophic loss of faith very soon? The question remaining is whether the crisis of Western shitlib ego death will transition peaceably to a Shitlord Renaissance or if it will have to be birthed in a hell-crucible of civil road warring.

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You are about to enter another delusion, a delusion not only of religion and guilt but of race. A journey into a wacky cult of deracination. Next stop, the Christcuck Zone!

Please take a seat, you’ll find a vomit bag in the pocket in front of you. Trust us, you’ll need it. You won’t be able to un-see the contents of this video. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, like an evil clown nightmare. But your participation is necessary, to BEAR WITNESS to the abject degeneration of White Christianity.

Notice something besides the overarching virtue whoring evident in this Semen on the Mount? Our tawdry televangelist never asked for the black guy’s name. Not once, in the whole time our divine dindu¬†was up there on stage being used as a prop to fluff Preacher Pussyhat’s sanctimonious ego. He said, “I need a young black man”. Not, “What’s your name?” Not even, “How are you today?” Just, “I need a young black man.”

Really, that says it all about Christcuckery. These fawning phaggots don’t actually give a shit about blacks. They merely want¬†to use them as quickly discarded tokens to morally preen before their audience of equally empty-headed sanctimony signalers who for some godforsaken reason nurse a weird shame about living a decent life in their 98% White earthly utopias.

“I need a young black man”

….to make me feel good about myself
….to manufacture a glowing self-perception of my GoodWhiteness
….to guilt-trip other Whites into coughing up bennies for the MegaChurch coffers
….to masturbate furiously while watching my wife and her buck fucker
….to alleviate the searing humiliation of raising my wife’s son
….to pick my cult followers¬†clean
….to sit still on stage for ten minutes to¬†prove all those Very Bad, No Good, Awful BadThinking BadWhites wrong about race differences

The charade gets even more ridiculous. Pastor PutItInMyAss tells Saint Souvenir that he is valuable and “society hasn’t told you that”. Color me shocked that a self-abasing White cuck uses the same vapid platitudes as dumbfuck feminists.

8:53 — “We bros!”

Hilariously nauseating. If “I NEED A YOUNG BLACK MAN” is the Christcuck petition, “WE BROS!” is the Christcuck atonement. Redemption is achieved by adopting a few Africans until your biological kids need twenty years of therapy.

If this is the future of White America, they deserve their overrun by barbarian hordes. Nothing worth saving here, move along.

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