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From (of all places) Real Clear Politics, an essay on David Lisak and the lies about campus rape he pushed onto an eagerly believing academia and equally gullible legal system, to the detriment of American men everywhere.

Discredited Sex Assault Research Infects U.S. Legal System […]

The example discussed here began with a small study by an associate professor at a commuter college in Massachusetts. The 12-page paper describing the study barely created a stir when it was published in 2002. Within a few years, however, the paper’s principal author, David Lisak, a University of Massachusetts-Boston psychologist, began making dramatic statements that extrapolated far beyond the study’s conclusions. He created, virtually out of whole cloth, a theory that “undetected” serial rapists are responsible for 90 percent of assaults on college campuses, that they premeditate and plan their attacks, and that they are likely to have committed multiple acts of violence.

When speaking on campuses, to the military, and to law enforcement, Lisak started showing a highly disturbing video that he claimed was based on the transcript of an actual interview with a campus rapist to whom Lisak gave the name “Frank.” The authenticity of the video has been seriously questioned, raising grave doubts about Lisak’s contention that it illustrates the typical campus perpetrator—in his view, an unrepentant sociopath who cannot be reached or educated.

A news search for mentions of Lisak finds only a single one prior to 2009, in which he revealingly opined in an urban policy magazine about the Duke lacrosse rape hoax. He was interviewed again by CBS News in November 2009 about non-stranger rapes. He increasingly became the draw at conferences on sexual assault and his calendar filled with campus presentations. The media began to fawn over him […]

As his celebrity grew, the gap between documented facts and his status as an expert became almost inconsequential.

Criticism did eventually catch up to David Lisak. His serial predator model of campus rape has been compellingly debunked by scholarly researchers and well-regarded publications, including investigative articles and a book. His claims regarding the psychology of campus perpetrators were revealed to be based on nonexistent interviews. […]

His assertions, allegedly supported by a study he co-authored in 2010, that false accusations of sexual assault are exceedingly rare, have been shown to violate basic math by counting as true cases that didn’t qualify as sexual assault, had insufficient evidence to make a determination, or were referred for prosecution but about which the outcome was unknown.

As for Lisak’s vague statements about having interviewed “hundreds” of serial rapists (occasionally styled as “thousands” when others talk about him), in truth no evidence exists that Lisak has interviewed any “undetected rapists,” serial or otherwise, since his dissertation research 30 years ago.

Feminism, of the femcunt or mangina variety, causes real pain and extracts real tribute from innocent men. It’s essentially blackmail of men, a ransom on normal healthy masculinity. Feministism is a blight on the country and should be taken seriously as a wicked ideology which destroys lives, communities, and whole nations.

Unfortunately, our “elites” and our institutions in which we have placed our trust lap up the lies of feminism and beg for more of that man-hating vitriol:

Yet all of these devastating exposés have barely dented Lisak’s popularity. […]

Were the damage wrought by David Lisak’s popularity confined to his college-circuit road show, there might be some hope that his toxic influence would be worn down by the critical thinking ostensibly prized by the academy.

Instead, that has not happened. The list of invited presentations, workshops, and media appearances in which he has hawked his unsubstantiated theories runs an additional 40 pages on his curriculum vitae. Among the most worrisome aspects of Lisak’s presentations and workshops is how they appear to be gaining influence among professionals close to the investigation and adjudication of sexual assault. His debunked serial predator theory and wildly extrapolated statistics on the false-accusation rate form the core of the training materials he has developed—and in some cases sold to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and the military.

Read on, it gets worse. The System is utterly and totally rigged against men.

Most troubling of all, Lisak’s material is being codified in law enforcement policies, legal precedents, and judicial guidelines at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Sexual Offense Bench Guide for judges in the state of Washington, for example, draws liberally from Lisak’s 2008 publication “Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence.” His claims have been similarly incorporated into New Mexico’s Sexual Assault Bench Book, the Tribal Court Judges Bench Book on sexual assault, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office Policy and Procedure Manual, the Pennsylvania Crimes of Sexual Violence Benchbook, New York State’s Judicial Symposium, Wisconsin’s Prosecutor’s Sexual Assault Reference Book, and the Judge Advocate General Corps Criminal Law Desk Book.

The relationship between prosecutors, judges and the juries who will ultimately arrive at verdicts in criminal trials is further tainted by recommendations that prosecutors and judges incorporate into the jury selection process: namely, Lisak’s claim that false accusations are rare and his unsupported theory about serial offenses.

JAG guidelines for prosecutors, for example, advise that “myths” about the frequency of false reports be challenged “directly, in voir dire and in argument.” Prospective jurors whose information does not align with the (inaccurate) information provided in guidelines influenced by Lisak could then be dismissed and/or a seated jury could be told of the supposedly “true” facts.

Ignoramous snarkmouths mock anti-feminism as “male whining”, but flesh and blood innocent men are being chewed up and their livelihoods destroyed by this lying spiteful institutionalized femcuntery that has polluted our legal system:

A judge in Montana, for example, denied a request to have a case dismissed on the grounds of a Missoula police department requiring officers to presume the guilt of the accused when investigating sexual assault. The judge stated that she based her ruling on Lisak’s (baseless, and thus misleading) testimony about the low rate of false reports. When such decisions are made, when presumptions of guilt are part of the training of judges and prosecutors, or reflected in jury instructions, innocent defendants are put in harm’s way.

No institution is immune from the feminist gelding project. The media are bullhorns for every crackpot man-hating feminist or mangina claim that lands in their Faceborg feeds:

Even those ostensibly in the business of impartial news coverage have been tainted by their own guidelines, as when the media have been fed the same misinformation, masquerading as insight. Their contribution to the problem is further amplified when they are further advised not to use the phrase “rape allegation” because “allegation is not a neutral term and strongly implies doubt,” and they fail to see that the alternative suggested—“reported rape”—implies an act that has, indeed, happened, distinguished only by the fact that it is on record.

The authors of this piece ask:

Where does that leave those for whom accuracy, integrity, and truth matter?

Crushed underneath the jackboot of the Anti-White Male Narrative enforcers.

This is not an easy assignment, but the use of good lawyering to dismantle bad “research” can be powerful, and good courtroom theater as well. When faced with a Lisakian claim that “only 6 percent of rape allegations are false,” the defense attorney can ask what percent, then, are true? David Lisak himself would have great trouble answering that question without being exposed as a statistical manipulator, because his writings have never even addressed it. Rather, he has used misleading language to imply that almost all rape accusations have been proven true. Indeed, a good defense lawyer could fairly ask: “Isn’t it a fact, Mr. Lisak, that the number of rape accusations that have been proven false may well be larger than the number that have been proven true?”

Reminder that false rape accusations may be as high as 40-50% of total rape cases.

Women lie. Women especially lie about matters concerning sex. Shitlibs and tradcons need to deal with this fact of womanhood, and stop pretending belief in the Princess Proposition.

Lisak’s claims are wrong and the experts who tout them are vulnerable when asked direct questions. The discrediting of Lisak must become part of the court record, in case after case, before the far more difficult task of correcting the effects of his bogus claims on criminal justice policies can be accomplished.

The Truth won’t be denied forever. It will out, one way or another. And helping the Truth out will be the re-introduction of lots of Based White Gentile Men into the legal profession. More White Gentile shitlord lawyers will put these laywercunts and their greasy society-subverting (((accomplices))) under the microscope, their biases and agenda revealed for the world to mock, their malfeasance exposed, and themselves along with their standing army of Fake Social Scientists punished with extreme prejudice.

The focus here has been on one particular—and particularly problematic—conveyer of misinformation. David Lisak’s high profile and willingness to depart from even his own published papers in service of an agenda makes him the embodiment of the attack on due process. But Lisak is not alone. He has recently been joined by other “experts” straying even further afield from verifiable data and often in direct contradiction of known science.

The Fuggeraut feels no guilt. The Hate Machine feels no empathy. Fuggernaut and the Hate Machine will only stop when they are stopped by a more powerful force wielding a more powerful weapon: The truth.

The difficulty of fighting the toxic distribution of misrepresentation and statistical sleight-of-hand is partially a function of high-profile purveyors and enablers.


The codification of myths in law enforcement procedures; in the training of prosecutors and judges; and in policy at the town, county, state, and federal levels all but guarantees insidious and continuous regeneration.

There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, and there is a great deal of effort required to repair a ruined nation.

The roadmap such myths provide is wrong but concrete, offering up sociopathic villains in place of a continuum of offenders, permission to presume guilt in the absence of evidence, and a philosophy that accusers not only don’t lie but are never mistaken.

A lot of this man-hating false rape fabulism witch hunting is motivated by an ego-preserving shitlib urge to avoid confronting the elephant in the room: the massively disproportionate rate of black-on-white rape. The Lying Lisaks of the world give white feminists and their mangina lickspittles an excuse to avert their eyes and level their redirected rage against the object of their desire and envy: White Gentile Men.

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A gross skank brags about cheating on every man she’s been with, and pretends it’s her preferred career path. It’s a classic case of sweet lemons rationalization (the inverse of sour grapes rationalization). She can’t get a quality man to commit to her, so she lovelessly fucks around with losers or fly by night cads who have no problem pumping and dumping a sloppy slut for a no muss no fuss easy lay, and then claims it’s the perfect lifestyle for her and anyone who will listen. Those LSMV lemons are really sweet! she swears through jizz-stained tears.

When I talk about my future with my friends, it always includes marriage and children. But I’ve also cheated on every person I’ve ever been with.

No man worth marrying is gonna wife up and have kids with a slattern. What man could trust such a bargain bin cum receptacle? Why would any man with something on the ball give a Proud Slut and an incorrigible cheater the blessing of birthing his champions? He’ll always wonder if the kids are his. The lowest of loser males might consider it, but that’s because they have no other options except incel, and the skank will be reminded daily of her low value as a woman by loserboy’s presence in her life.

People don’t refrain from cheating because they’re happy with their partners, they refrain from cheating because they’re afraid of being caught.

That’s not the whole story. Fear of being caught rarely stops a cheater from turning thought into action. The primary reasons monogamous people don’t cheat are because 1. they can’t (un-tradeable undesirability) and 2. they actually love their lover. Oh, and guilt. Most people feel guilt about cheating on their lovers or spouses. People who putatively don’t feel guilt, like Gross Skank, are sociopaths missing a part of their humanity.

Fear of being caught factors prominently into the decision for older married men who have money and holdings they could lose in divorce court, or for stay-at-home moms married to alpha males who aren’t apt to “forgive and support” a wife caught cheating.

But Gross Skank has never been in love (sad!) so it’s easy for her to cheat on the street curs sniffing around her putrid pussy, and then act as if spreading her diseased jizz trap for these hard-up losers (how much you wanna bet most aren’t white?) is some sort of achievement, (it’s not an achievement for women….getting a man with options to stick around, now that’s an achievement).

It’s easier to get away with than you think

Only if the males she fucks are beta noobs who have little experience with women and can’t identify the warning signs of a slut. Or they don’t give a shit about her character.

If you’re worried about them seeing you on Tinder, don’t be. Ask them why they were on it in the first place.

That non sequitur won’t allay their suspicions.

And if a friend sees you? Say your account is old.

She must have very gullible friends if they believe her unconvincing bullshit.

There’s no easier way to get bored of someone than by dating them.

And nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t have their own life. Seriously dating someone is similar to moving in — you can’t just un-move in with someone you’re seeing. You’re either going to spend the rest of your lives together, or you’re going to split. Those are literally the only two options. With decades of time ahead of you, why rush into pushing other people out?

I hope (and assume) you know this by now, but guys want whoever is least interested in them. Once you’re dating, it’s impossible to keep playing hard to get unless you actively work towards making yourself unavailable.

Psychological projection — thinking that others feel the same way one feels — is everywhere in this age of bruised, fragile egos. And women are particularly prone to this cognitive bias, because as a rule women are more solipsistic than are men. When a woman is rejected by a man — rejection for a woman is romantic, not sexual — she is brutally soul-seared by the experience; to protect her ego from imploding to a hamster singularity, she rationalizes the rejection as her failure to be insufficiently man-like, rather than insufficiently woman-like which would be a much harsher indictment on her worth as a woman.

Men don’t want whoever is least interested in them. Men want beautiful women who are attentive, feminine, and loving toward them. Women, otoh, *do* desire challenging men who give ambiguous signals of interest for them and who “have their own life”. A herpes incubator like Gross Skank who can’t get what she wants from high value men — marriage and kids — subverts the reality of differing male and female desires to avoid confronting the obvious cause of her woes: her revolt against ideal femininity.

Not all girls think men are attracted to the same traits that they are attracted to, but most do. And slutty low value girls are the worst afflicted by this psychological deflector shield. The slut who thinks men want what she wants can justify to herself why men don’t stick around after porking her without harming her self-conception as a desirable woman.

In the end, you’re going to date a lot of people and you’re going to marry almost none of them.

Almost? Sluttery is the triumph of self-delusion over experience.

But how many of your friends and interests are you going to shelve while placing them first, only to realize you’re boring and impossible to date afterwards? You have nothing of your own because everything you had was shared.

Telling. She defines herself by the number of cocks she hoovers. And if she isn’t hoovering random cocks and cheating on “boyfriends”, she’s “boring”. This is a woman so empty inside she needs gallons of cum to spackle a veneer on her paint-stripped soul.

Someone should remind her that most emotionally healthy women manage to have their own personalities while being faithfully committed to a man.

Guys don’t want you to sleep with other people because it’s the only thing they have that we don’t.

That’s not it. Men don’t want their gfs or wives to sleep with other men because it’s disgusting and she could get knocked up, cuckolding him.

And once you rise above that, they realize they’ve lost their grip on that leash they thought was so tight.

So very revealing. This is unfiltered man-spite. She’s trying to lash out at men because she’s been burned so many times by them in her quest to find the love that has eluded her for her whole life.

I didn’t love any of the people I cheated with, and I never went on to date them in the future.

The palimpsestic lament of the unloveable lovelorn.

But ultimately, they taught me more about myself than any of the guys I called my boyfriend.

Obviously, these “boyfriends” were nothing of the sort, and her naming designation was an exercise in ego assuaging conceit to avoid calling them what they really were: dildo-shaped opioids.

And as far as the “boyfriends” are concerned, they’ve all slid into my DMs since. Checkmate.

I put “boyfriends” in sneer quotes above to highlight Gross Skank’s essential dishonesty, but here she is one line later putting “boyfriends” in sneer quotes herself, so if she comes by here to wake up on the table and witness her own vivisection she should find herself in complete agreement with what I wrote about her. Checkmate.

Executive summary: Butthurt Caroline Phinney pens the Fake Braggahocio of a lonely hearts club cunt.


A reader writes: “the whole article reads like a foolish attempt to project the image that she’s super in demand, which she’s obviously not if you look at her nose. Literally ruined any hope of marriage.”

Yeah, it’s all another version of LOOKATME by a road-worn disposable cumdump. I’m sure all the “boyfriends” she cheated on have shed copious cockodile tears over losing such a prize.

As with all matters issuing from the Degenerate Freak Mafia, their underlying motivation is revealed with a quick glance at their physical form.

Here’s Gross Skank at her absolute best, caked with makeup and saturation lighting:

And here she is the morning after (which explains why her pumpings are always followed by dumpings):

Yeesh. This is all publicly accessible, readers. She wants the world to see this, so who am I to deny her the audience she craves?

Finally, the full body physiognomy:


Physiognomy — or more generally, anthroposcopy — is realer than ever.

High T, Low E boy-shaped hole fucknchuck aggrocunt sex piston slurping wine slag from the bottle wants you to know she cheats on every man she’s been with and will continue to do so, men really like it despite not a one of them sticking around to show their appreciation, and by the way she dreams of marriage and kids one day, a dream which eludes her, but that’s totally unrelated to her decision to shill for skank glorification.

PS Related: Research shows American women are becoming less feminine since the 1970s.

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Gay Mulatto used to say after a school shooting that “this just doesn’t happen in other countries”. Various leftoid media outfits picked up on it and the like-minded chaimchorus kicked into action, singsonging the Big Lie that mass shootings are a peculiarly America phenomenon. After the de Jesus Cruz shooting, NPR apparatchiks slipped into hysteria, challenging guests who were insufficiently anti-2nd Amendment with references to “this one study, and so many other studies if we had the time to cite them, that proves mass shootings only happen in America”.

Lies lies lies lies lies…all in service to the ultimate goal of disarming law-abiding White Gentiles who are the ONLY group in America capable of organized revolution against the globohomos.

John Lott already researched this issue, and concluded that the US, on a per capita basis, falls in the middle of the mass shooting pack when compared to European nations. Remarkable, considering that most European countries are….wait for it…”gun-free zones”.

The US is NOT uniquely violent in the world. Shitlibs are lying through their teefs.

The Leftoid Lie is even more pronounced when one controls for race. Nearly half of the mass shootings in the US between 1982 and 2017 were perpetrated by nonWhites, (and this number could go higher if we account for the disproportionate number of mischling mass shooters), which means that the native White mass shooting rate compares even more favorably to the mass shooting rates in European countries most of which are still predominately White populations.

So the next time one of these anti-White bigot haters sheds a Fake Tear…

…for the chillun, just remember that Chicago has had 60 murders by gunshot in 2018 to date, almost all of them the result of black-on-black or black-on-nonblack violence. Where are the Fake Soros-Funded Marches against the 2nd Amendment for all of those Chicongo murders?

America doesn’t have a gun problem; America has a n[REDACTED BY GOVERNING AUTHORITIES] problem. We need n[REDACTED BY GOVERNING AUTHORITIES] control, not gun control.

But this is a raw uncut truth that doublespeaking shitlibs…

…would rather hide from the public because it undermines their Get Whitey Narrative.

A conspiracist book written in 1991 by a former Naval Intelligence member gets much closer than the Gaystream Media to the truth behind the leftoid push for national gun control:

So far, the White middle class has held strong in defense of 2A. But the anti-Whites have turned up the heat following Parkland High, and the puppeteers and their puppets spy an opening to take on lawful gun ownership and mold the nation in their vision: an unarmed impotent babel of squabbling tribes rules over by a gated community elite.

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The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax story had its ignominious coda today when Clintonista special counsel Robert Mueller released his indictments of thirteen Russian nationals on counts of conspiracy to shitpost on Twatter and organize pro-Trump, pro-Bernie, and pro-Jill Stein rallies of about eight people.

What a fucking joke and waste of taxpayer money.

This is a CYA face-saving move by Mueller to protect the FBI, DOJ, Clinton cabal, and Gay Mulatto minstrel show from the real story, which is collusion between all those ideologically aligned groups against Trump and the Americans who voted him into office. ffs there’s more evidence (Uranium One for starters) of thecunt colluding with Russians than there ever was of Trump drawing up campaign battle plans in Putin’s study.

So Mueller quietly ends this witch hunt in a way that gives just enough of a patina of legitimacy to this farce while protecting the FBI and DOJ from a counter-investigation into their roles in the biggest scandal in American history pushing this hoax to illegally spy on a political opponent and subvert democracy.

The timing of Mueller’s announcement is curious too, considering that it arrived on the same day the FBI had to confess that it dropped the ball on the Nikolas de Jesus Cruz threat, failing to investigate 39 LEADS which if followed-up on would have thwarted that nutter’s murderous rampage a month later.

The FBI has the blood of those 17 Parkland High students on its hands.

This is not hyperbole.

So let’s talk about thirteen Russian content farmers instead who probably moved the needle on a combined ZERO votes in the 2016 election.

If you want someone to shoot women holding babies, you call the FBI. If you want to stop a terrorist attack or school shooting, well you’re shit out of luck. — MPC Status Updates

Related: An American Pietà.

Tangentially related, on the topic of the Cruz school shooting and womanly shitlib virtue sniveling:

Shitlib Fantasy: “Congress is bought and paid for by the NRA!! REEEE”

Reality: The NRA is not among the list of the top 20 lobbyists in 2017.

The NRA is one of the few truly grassroots, unsemiticized lobbying groups on Capitol Hill. And this is why they are hated by the Left.

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Cheap labor is neither.

1. The imported peasant world labor is less productive than the native White labor.

2. The initial cost savings to BIGCORP are lost to negative social externalities.

Monopolize the profits, socialize the costs.

Cracker Jack writes,

It wasn’t long ago that liberal Democrats/media made the case that “cheap foreign labor” wasn’t cheap – it was an example of big corporations  profiting while society pays the cost.  Then big corporations/Big Judaism convinced the Democrats to abandon workers because those foreign laborers and their anchor babies vote Democrat 8 times each.

The forces of Globohomo Inc will and are pulling out all the stops to thwart the nascent rise of a White-aware political and social movement in America.

They have everything to lose if they fail to contain nationalist populism. They know this, which is why they’re resorting to lies and frame jobs and censorship and full throttle 24/7 Narrative agitprop. The media-democreep-oligarch partnership in crime will assure America’s decline into banana republicanism if their agenda isn’t exposed and stopped in its tracks.

Which means we Americans have to ask ourselves…do we want self-rule, or rule by BIGCORP overlords?

PS The armchair historian in me recalls that the demand for cheap labor and the sexual and political liberation of women were defining features of nearly every major civilizational collapse. If there was a notable exception to this rule, I invite the commenters to discuss it with the civil flair that is customary for Chateau comment threads.

PPS From an MPC Status Update (strapon will be triggered to a pungent menstruation):

‘The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) counted over 100 people killed or injured by alleged perpetrators influenced by the so-called “altright”-a movement that continues to access the mainstream and reach young recruits.’

“100 genuine deaths or injuries from the altright per year would make them about 14% as dangerous as toasters”

Ban toasters! Heh.

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The “White supremacist terrorism” Charlottesville Narrative is slowly being unraveled by dissident investigators. The latest turn is the uncovering of evidence that Dwayne Dixon, a professor of anthropology (self-discrediting) and antifa leader proudly admitted on the socials that he, while armed with a rifle, chased down James Fields, the Dodge Challenger driver who accelerated into a crowd which resulted in Heather Heyer dying of a heart attack.

Dixon was confronted on camera about his actions chasing down James Fields’ car while brandishing a rifle, causing Fields to panic and accelerate his car into a crowd. Dixon’s reaction was…telling.

That sound and fury you see in the video are the soy drippings of a fruitcup who knows he’s done fucked up and hurt The Anti-White Cause.

The you-know-whos are gonna lose their weinsteinian grip on their carefully constructed C’ville Narrative, and they are shrieking like never before in pain and anguish that they have failed to bottle up the truth and silence the truth-seekers.

It’s past time for Trump or Sessions to classify pantifa as a domestic terrorist organization.


From commenter zek,

Prof: Fuck the police!
Interviewer: Did you kill Heather Heyer?
Prof: Police!!


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We’re in the age of stranger love. Not real love, but signaled love. Love that is expressed but not felt, for the same purpose: to keep the peace and to feel something, anything that distracts from a boring dreary life.

Hackett to Bits includes a great Godfather quote in an equally great comment,

The Godfather novel is a Red Pill must-read.

“…Don Corleone had no desire, no intention, of letting his youngest son be killed in the service of a power foreign to himself. Doctors had been bribed, secret arrangements had been made. A great deal of money had been spent to take the proper precautions.

“But Michael was twenty-one years of age and nothing could be done against his own willfulness. He enlisted and fought over the Pacific Ocean. He became a Captain and won medals. In 1944 his picture was printed in Life magazine with a photo layout of his deeds. A friend had shown Don Corleone the magazine (his family did not dare), and the Don had grunted disdainfully and said, “He performs those miracles for strangers.” ”

And that was for 90% White America.

Here we are, in the 17th year of sending our alphas off to foreign lands to risk their lives, only to protect the ‘rights’ of invaders to claim the use of our lands and send billions in cash to their home countries, to protect the ‘rights’ of the mentally ill to claim that their biology can be ignored and their ‘rights’ to not be offended by those of us who object, to protect the ‘rights’ of two finocchios to get ‘married’ and thus render marriage meaningless, and all the other crimes against the people and against nature, whitewashed as ‘enlightened attitudes’, that we daily comment on here.

No more performing miracles for strangers…

The Don was speaking as a man from Outer Hajnalia: the clannish Sicilian blood made him question the value of shedding it for anyone outside the family.

Clannishenss prevents the wider social trust needed to advance to the heights of civilizational greatness, but it’s also a prophylactic against the high trust Inner Hajnalian compulsion to xenophilia — stranger flings.

The time has come to accept the Don’s wisdom and stop performing miracles for strangers while we ignore and slander our close kin and leave them to suffer under the miseries of the strangers’ ways.

Love that forever goes unrequited is no love at all; it’s obsession. And our virtue shrieking SWPL White shitlibs are in the grips of a severe obsession that may very well mean the death of the one thing which is truly capable of loving them back: their blood, their soil, their nation.

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