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Platitudes are the curse of our times. The Pretty Lies are everywhere, and polluting the minds of our most vulnerable and emotionally fragile: single White women.

Here’s a revealing glimpse at one of the incantations performed during this Platitude Purification Protocol that single White women indulge to gain entry to the right-thinking GoodWhite World:

A morning zoo radio show had a discussion about the female orgasm and what women need to experience it. A chirpy White woman, quoting a glam mag article on the same topic, bubbled that women need trust to have an orgasm. The male hosts agreed, lending the skit an air of medicinal predictability.

This is a lie. As Overlord-pilled guests of the Chateau know, what women say and what they do are two very different things, especially in the realm of sex and romance. Women say: “I need to trust a man to relax enough and have an orgasm”. Women do: Have mattress-soaking orgasms with some bad boy who picked them up at a nightclub.

Women don’t need trust to have great sex. What women need is a psychologically dominant ZFG man who can arouse them to an autonomic orgasm.

Usually, when we restrict our range of options to women who are sexually unfulfilled, the men with whom these women have the most trouble having orgasms are the men women trust the most and know the longest: borefriends and hubbies.

tl;dr: Women say: “trust”. Women need: “alpha”. Trust is nice, but jerkboy is spice.

You want an uglier truth? Women’s orgasms may not be for women at all; they may exist to serve men.

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Many women, particularly single women of the slutty persuasion, take a perverse glee in recounting episodes of bad sex with a man. Some even like to challenge the alphalinity of a potential suitor by offering unsolicited stories of times in the past when they had endured bad sex, the unstated purpose being a sneaky desire to test the new man’s quickness or reluctance to assert that he is not one of those “bad sex guys”. (Sincerely answering this kind of probing question is a no-win situation; best reply is to tell her it takes two to tango.)

The femmesplaining and gloating by women cackling about bad sex is a rhetorical ego balm. The truth is that the bad sex theory, as a rule, is a misdiagnosis of the first cause: a bad stimulant. Women who complain about bad sex should look in the mirror. If you’re not very attractive, don’t expect the men who will have you to put much effort into pleasing you.

I’m sure there are isolated cases of men who for whatever reason are simply horrible in the sack. But it defies credulity that the world is overrun with bad sex bros; more likely is that very few men are banging their dream woman, and that this mismatch in the male hindbrain between bang reality and bang fantasy accounts for most of the bad sex complaints by the middle of the belle curve plain janes.

And the further down the female SMV hierarchy a man must tumblr to get laid, the less likely he is to feel the power of his Inner Jackhammer summoning him to feats of boudoir majesty.

This is the high unholies of ugly truths that sub-hottie poseur-thotties will never ever acknowledge (not that I blame them): that their romantic disappointment is a byproduct of their facial comportment.

Personally, I have noticed big differences in my enthusiasm with women who differ by as little as 1 point on the 1-10 female beauty scale. As a man of stealth and taste, Game and my accumulated experience with women have afforded me a lifestyle which precludes the necessity of dumpster diving for sustenance, however even a maester of the muff sometimes dates across instead of up, and heaven forfend even down a bit when the stars cross in cursed portent.

The occasional muse-less 5 or 6 has knelt at the Chateau pine shrine. From my perspective, at least, bad sex ensued, and I imagine they thought similarly though they kept that opinion to themselves. A perfunctory piston-efficient pumping, followed promptly by a snooze.

I can tell when I’ve delivered a sub-par performance because I know what heights of sexual abandon I’ve scaled when inspired to a great performance. The HB8s and yippie! 9s who’ve made the crimson-pillgrimage received the banging of their lives, all clitorises excited, all proclivities gratified, all G spots perused. Once, I broke my no-licky-the-sticky first month rule on a first date with a hard 9 whose pussy smelled of lavender. I went at her neatly trimmed bush like a tasmanian devil, gulping her aroma with the exuberance of a drowning victim piercing the surface for that precious breath of life. Anal? You betcha. Sweat? Through the sheets. Splattered juices? Like a crime scene. Bent over the kitchen counter, her head knocking into a cabinet as glassware rattled its orchestral approval? Oui oui, my mortal release. And did I kiss her deeply, passionately, longingly, as we met and pressed our flesh into one? It was required.

An older womanizer once told me that erectile dysfunction isn’t real if it can be cured by a younger, hotter, tighter woman. He was a mentor of sorts, and in his honor I remembered of him that old seducers never die, they just fade from the game.

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An Orwellian story coming out of the Left Coast illustrates just how deranged and malevolent San Fran shitlibs have become trying to maintain their allegiance to the Equalism Narrative in the face of meaty intrusions by race reality.

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Withholding Surveillance Videos of Crime to Avoid ‘Stereotypes’

In the last three months, there have been at least three robberies on BART involving groups of teenagers.

“I think people are genuinely concerned — they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks, the assaults, the thefts,” said Debora Allen, who is a member of the BART Board of Directors. […]

So far, BART has refused to turn over surveillance video for any of these incidents.

Allen told us the agency issued an explanation for why it is being tight-lipped about the thefts.

“To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district,” she was told. “And in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”

According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”

The memo was from BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill.

Physiognomy alert (aging cat lady schoolmarm edition):

Allen emailed Hamill, “I don’t understand what role the color of one’s skin plays in this issue [of whether to divulge information]. Can you explain?” Hamill responded, “If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process.” And added her opinion of the media: “My view is that the media’s real interest in the videos of youth phone snatching incidents isn’t the desire for transparency but rather the pursuit of ratings. [ed: ten bucks says she isn’t offended by the gaystream media indulging clickbait trump-russia fake news] They know that video of these events will drive clicks to their websites and viewers to their programs because people are motivated by fear.”

What a load of Shrewspeak. That last line reveals the rotten core of the shitlib null-soul: pure unadulterated psychological projection. “people are motivated by fear”. Well OF COURSE people are motivated by fear when there’s a REAL FUCKING THREAT TO THEIR SAFETY AND SECURITY. Fear is what shitlibs feel when their world view is crashing down before their eyes, like it is now.

[Allen] says all this raises questions, “What is the priority of BART? Is the safety of the passenger — of all passengers — is that a lesser priority than the race bias issue?”

I’ll answer for the priestess BART class: Yes. Your personal safety is less important than concealing and suppressing the truth about brown and black crime. Now you know the value that our overcunts place on your individual White life. You are nothing but collateral damage in the Globohomo War Against BadWhites Noticing Things.

Read the actual memo from Kerry Hamill, catlady esq. It is bone-chilling in its malignant, twisted shitlibbery. The stuff of Big Sister nightmares. Some excerpts:

Furthermore, disproportionate elevation of crimes on transit interfaces with local media in such a way to unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary directed toward the District through our social media channels, email, and call centers. The BART Police Department has a hard copy of all the data provided to CrimeMapping.com. It is available to the public at its Lake Merritt Station headquarters. Many police agencies, according to the Police Chief, provide written versions of their police logs for public review at their offices as standard practice.

The key lie here is the word “unfairly”, as in it’s unfair to characterize some races as being more crime-prone when they are in fact more crime-prone. (It’s OK to characterize less criminal races as crime-prone though; that serves the Anti-White Narrative). The shitlib lies through her teeth when the topic is race or sex, and she lies so often and so effortlessly that she has lost the discernment to know when her bullshit won’t be swallowed whole by skeptical people outside her bubble.

The other lie is the sneering implication that “sweeping generalizations” somehow have no validity in the real world. The opposite is true: generalizations about certain races don’t materialize out of thin air; they become part of the mass consciousness by repeated observation of the behavior of different races.

The social media reaction to the original Coliseum incident in April was startling in the level of racial profiling that it prompted.

Adjustments made to accommodate the truth are often startling to virtue sneering shitlib SWPLs living in prohibitively costly all-White enclaves.

The General Manager got a call about the incident on her voicemail that used racist and incendiary language that made my mouth drop.

Another lie. Deep inside, she silently agreed with the language.

Many posts used patently offensive language that often involved racial slurs (no news articles ever referenced the race of the offenders yet some members of the public leapt to their own conclusions).

Justifiably, the public leaps to certain conclusions about the race of the perps because the media goes out of its way to conceal the race of the perps. Duh?

Some telephone calls and posts even involved vague threats.

She writes this as if she secretly suspects she deserves the business end of The Happening.

The media has proven its tendency to highlight material in the most inflammatory way possible.

Leftoid-to-human translation guide:
“inflammatory” = “truthful”

As a former journalist,


I can cite for you a number of bias studies that have pointed out media bias and the damaging consequences of it.

Those studies are bunk. (She’s probably referring to stereotype threat.)

The firestorm of criticism in the wake of the Oscar Grant killing centered around a belief that BART police were racially biased. If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process.

One, crime by its nature is sensationalistic, and more so when the crime is committed almost entirely by nonWhites.

Two, it isn’t a false stereotype if the stereotype is based on a real, observable pattern of behavior.

The lies dribble from her mouth like cat cum.

I have worked in or with media since the 1980’s.

There’s her problem right there.

My view is that the media’s real interest in the videos of youth phone snatching incidents isn’t the desire for transparency but rather the pursuit of ratings.

Or maybe it’s just an old-fashioned belief that honest and true reporting still matters.

They know that video of these events will drive clicks to their websites and viewers to their programs because people are motivated by fear.

Whenever I hear a shitlib use this line, I want to ask her why she fears racism.

People can be fully informed about crimes that occur on our system without being shown images that will inflame some members of the public and paint the transit agency in a poor and ultimately misleading light.

BART will be bathing in poor light when their transit system is overrun by googles preying on passengers, and years spent actively covering up the nature of the crimes is revealed to the victims’ and their families.

Equalist shitlibs rationalize their narrative as if they fear a justifiable reaction from angry Whites more than they fear unjustifiable criminal predation by nonWhites. But no, what they really fear is the edifice of their carefully manicured egos flaming out upon contact with the illuminating sunfire of plainspoken reality. So they happily lie and throw the occasional bleeding White girl under the bus to preserve their domain of feels.

So many lies, so little rope….

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Feminists unable to tolerate evolved psychological and biological differences between the sexes, along with free love freakazoids on the supposed side of realtalk, cleave to the neoDarwinian meme that bonobo society proves polyamory is a natural instinct that humans share with them. Sexual jealously is just so gauche, don’t you see, pleb? Welcome to the polyamorous side of history!

The problem is that it’s just a feelgood meme for LSMV rejects; the actual research has discovered that bonobos aren’t polyamorous at all, they just happen to be less violent than other apes in apportioning bonobo pussy to the top male.

Bonobos have a reputation for being the peaceful, free-loving hippies of the primate world. But, researchers reporting in Current Biology on July 10 have discovered that despite friendly relations between the sexes, particular males have a surprisingly strong advantage over others when it comes to fathering offspring. For example, researchers found in one group that the most reproductively successful bonobo male fathered more than 60 percent of the next generation.

Another blast of ¡SCIENCE! leaves equalist losers rubbing their wounded egos.

The top male bonobos father most of the next generation, which means female bonobos are acutely hypergamous.

What’s interesting about bonobos is that they are less violent than chimps, but MORE polygynous, (that is, a few males get all the females). This is a puzzle for researchers because they thought female hypergamy was a downstream consequence of male dominance, i.e., “let’s you and him fight”. Men fight for women, and the women mate with whoever is left standing in the arena of genetic oblivion or survival. Bonobos show that female hypergamy itself is a decisive factor. The females don’t have to wait around for the males to duke it out; they glom onto the most charming of the bonobo PUAs.

So what do all those unloved beta male bonobos do with their extended fap-time as they watch a few alphas hoard the females? Apparently, male and female bonobos are very friendly with each other, so maybe the blue-balled beta orbiter phenomenon seen in humans evolved from bonobo females LJBBFing (let’s just be bonobo friends) their mangina males?


The alpha male bonobos father 60% of the next generation. Imagine that degree of female hypergamy in human society. Did it exist once? Evidence is scarce, but tantalizing gene research says it did exist in the human past, to the extent that for every one man who reproduced, two women reproduced.

So, if you think beta male thirst is bad now, try envisioning a society in which half the men were lifelong incel and most of the other half had to share their women with a few harem leaders drowning in pussy. Somehow, the spark of civilization emerged from that stew of toxic hypergamy.

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Fake Indignation shitlibs were aghast that President Trump would innocuously flirt with a female reporter, expressing their Fake Outrage by claiming that his compliment of her smile was “creepy”.

That’s rich coming from libs, the crowd that loves the idea of tranny freaks whipping their she-dicks out to piss in front of their daughters in public restrooms, and back in the day mocking flyovers for finding offense in the president shoving cigars up an intern’s cooch.

And I certainly don’t recall any shitlibs tossing around the “creepy” label when Gay Mulatto mischievously flaunted his pants-stretched erection to a plane full of journoclits tittering like schoolgirls.

(Oops, it looks like free speech champion YooToob pulled the video for violating their frazzled lib egos.)

And when Uncle Joe Biden flirts with the incredibly underaged ladies, I don’t hear shitlibs calling it “harassment”. (Apparently, shitlibs believe it isn’t flirting if the woman doesn’t consent to it beforehand, thus retroactively annulling every relationship and marriage since time immemorial that began when a man approached a woman and gave her a compliment without first having her sign a consent form.)

The lesson is this: treat shitlibs like women. Watch what they do, don’t listen to what they say. JRH adds,

Does it surprise you?

Attention on action. Ignorance on words.

I have had a lot of girls who self-profess their hatred of me. Banged all of those minus the ones I genuinely wasn’t interested in.

“I hate masculinity” = words. They are crying for it, but too many limpwristed fags and those who have ulterior motives take it literally and run with it, like this sentence.

PS Reader midnighttoker astutely points out that Trump said “she has a nice smile on her face“, and this added clause has a subtle impact on how the compliment is perceived.

it’s interesting how he worded that. he didn’t just say she has a nice smile. most people would take that as a general compliment about her appearance.

instead he said she has a nice smile…on her face. that to me comes off as him pointing out that she has a nice smile right now, in this moment, because i’m talking to her, etc.

he wants everyone to know she is smiling because he is giving her attention. anyone else read it that way?

I read it the same way. Made charm often turns on these exceedingly nuanced semantic twists. Game is about managing perception — a man’s self-perception and a woman’s perception of him. Trump’s wording (and the dangling unspoken but palpably felt “…right now because I’m talking to her”) does shrewdly imply that it’s his presence and attention that is wresting a smile from the woman’s face, rather than that she just happens to have a nice smile which she carries with her everywhere and that Trump would like her to know he noticed. Trump’s essentially telling her, and anyone listening, that she lights up FOR HIM. Only the Trumpenführer could thaw an icy reporterette.

Trump is a master of Game, and a Natural Alpha. You could learn a lot from him about how to act around women just be eavesdropping on his Twatter feed or his Oval Office phone calls.

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A fat chick was fat-shamed on the internet, but a national scandal was avoided when her boyfriend defended her honor and in return thousands of social media Likes fell upon the lovebirds like high glycemic index manna from heaven.

Boyfriend Restores Faith In Humanity With His Response To Someone Calling His Girlfriend “Fat”


Whenever you read a formulation of “just wait until you read his response”, slip into your biohazard suit because you’re about to be splooged by toxic shitlibbery.

The Fat Girl:

And here comes the PUNCHline….the chivalrous boyfriend:

The funniest outtake from this happy pill sap story leaking out of femmeland was this:

Following this, Tre also became the victim of online hate when he was asked if he had “lost a bet”.

😆 Ok, no but really this was the funniest part:

I believe this young black man is sincere.

The cathartic release all those reality-escaping libfruits have been waiting for:

People from all over the world decided to share their views on the controversial goings on, including Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Madison’s tweet was retweeted more than 43,000 times and liked more than 224,000 times.

Tre’s love and support for his girlfriend was retweeted more than 33,000 times and gained more than 64,000 likes.

The couple even went on to feature in People magazine, where their story was published in newspapers and magazines in England, France, Italy, and all the way in Australia – not forgetting the coverage they received in the U.S.

Ahhhhhh, now doesn’t that feel better, losers? A troll cracked the fuggernaut fantasy facade for a brief shining moment when she reminded the corpulence collective that fat chicks are gross and doomed to rake the mud pits of the sexual market to relieve their existential loneliness, and the glimpse of reality sent the fat acceptance fupa frottage crowd into a rage denial spiral so combustible they shared a mass catharsis over an ungrammatical shit-tier tweet brimming with the moloko plus of empty bromides.

“Your not fat baby. Your perfect. PS GO AWAY I’M BATIN'”

Unsurprisingly, bugwoman nothingburger Chelsea Hubble retweeted Tre’s panegyric to his pachyderm. This horse-choppered spawn of thecunt is headed for great things, I tell ya.

PS What we are witnessing is the rapid evolutionary split of White America into two racial classes, the El-Aloi (pure White and jewish-hybrid globorace) and the Mudlocks (LSMV fat White chicks slapping a saggital-headed horde of mystery meatballs from the comfort of their Walmart cruisers). Some argue this is best for the White race, because a culling of the dregs further purifies and focuses the minds of the milky cream at the top. I disagree. Allowing and even celebrating the racial jettisoning of our worst kin instead of resisting the broken society that encourages their defiant retreat into depravity will have upstream effects that will reverberate for generations, infecting every member of the race from bottom to top.

The best solution is ending the female obesity epidemic so that a vast blight-wing enstupidation doesn’t take hold in our homeland and despoil the natural beauty. Maybe the day will come when we have no choice but to sever ties with our unlucky kin and kith, but for now there’s still time left to ennoble our worst to aspire to something better. But it won’t happen if our currently operative noblesse malice isn’t replaced soon by a return to noblesse oblige.

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The greatest disconnect between whom a man claims to love and whom he really loves is that produced when asking him his thoughts on the superiority of the virgin bride. You’ll hear variations of the following from him:

“Hey man, I don’t care who’s she’s slept with as long as I’m her last dick.”

“Nah don’t matter, as long as she’s spreading for me.”

“How can I ask a girl to be a virgin when I have so many notch counts?”

“I want an experienced woman, not a dead fish.”

“What’s the diff? Pussy is pussy.”

These are all male hamster rationalization droppings, intended to conceal a deep truth that most men are uncomfortable revealing to themselves, let alone to any women they’re sizing up for long-term commitment. Men prefer virgins, and the preference is universal. The gynarchic West may have made it inconvenient to satisfy that male preference, or to even announce that preference out loud without threat of job loss and social pariah status, but that doesn’t mean the preference has been abolished. The primal code isn’t trifled with.

The CH explanation for this innate male preference to be the sole pumper of a virgin (and the numberless dumper of a slut) has been to invoke the paternity certainty clause: Men don’t get pregnant and bear children, so they have to be sure the women they choose to make honest are the sort to stay sexually faithful and guarantee any children of their unions are in fact fused tissues of their own seed.

And ¡SCIENCE! has been bearing this maxim out: Slutty women are a bad bet for marriage. The likelihood of marital disruption is greater if you have hitched your sunk opportunity costs and roughhoused wallet to a veteran cock carousel rider. Cheating is a surefire way to disrupt marital harmony.

Over eons of mutually co-evolving love and romance and righteous dickings, the virgin bride was prized by men (and prized as a condition to retain by women) because men could be near-certain that a child with a virgin would be his (and virgin women could be as nearly certain the love of an alpha male was theirs). Bedding down in legal limbo with a slut whose snatch has scarfed up a scud missile’s length of schlong is asking for a cucked effacing, a divorce raping, or a dignity scraping. The slut may put out sooner, but she’ll make you pay for it later.

Tantalizingly, ¡SCIENCE! may have stumbled on another, related, reason to explain why men prefer virgins.

Male Microchimerism in the Human Female Brain

In humans, naturally acquired microchimerism has been observed in many tissues and organs. Fetal microchimerism, however, has not been investigated in the human brain. Microchimerism of fetal as well as maternal origin has recently been reported in the mouse brain. In this study, we quantified male DNA in the human female brain as a marker for microchimerism of fetal origin (i.e. acquisition of male DNA by a woman while bearing a male fetus). Targeting the Y-chromosome-specific DYS14 gene, we performed real-time quantitative PCR in autopsied brain from women without clinical or pathologic evidence of neurologic disease (n = 26), or women who had Alzheimer’s disease (n = 33). We report that 63% of the females (37 of 59) tested harbored male microchimerism in the brain. Male microchimerism was present in multiple brain regions. Results also suggested lower prevalence (p = 0.03) and concentration (p = 0.06) of male microchimerism in the brains of women with Alzheimer’s disease than the brains of women without neurologic disease. In conclusion, male microchimerism is frequent and widely distributed in the human female brain.

63% of women tested had male DNA in their brains. The primary culprit in this study appears to be male fetuses, but prior studies have found male DNA infusion from other sources, and though it’s speculative at this point the possibility exists that one source of male microchimerism is sexual intercourse.

In conclusion, data suggest that male microchimerism in young girls may originate from an older brother either full born or from a discontinued pregnancy or from transfusion during pregnancy. We speculate that sexual intercourse may be important but other sources of male cells likely exist in young girls.

If sex implants tiny cargo holds of male DNA into a woman’s body — a big if at this stage of research — then it’s plausible that the male preference for virgins ensues from a subconscious desire of men to avoid having children with a skank whose vagina has hosted a spunk parade that could festoon his precious DNA-carrying vessel with the spermtastic spangles of past dangles.

The gbfm summary:

lotsa cockas, bastard totsas.


FYI chimerism is one of the leading theories to explain the persistence of low levels of homosexuality despite the huge reproductive hit the condition incurs in those afflicted (pathogens and genetic susceptibility are the other contending theories). The chimerism theory states that early in pregnancy the winning fetus absorbs genetic material from the losing fetus (which is never born), and in some cases this will mean female fetus DNA embeds in the male fetus’s brain, somehow altering the sexual orientation of his brain architecture. Just putting it out there.

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