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The wonanish shitlibs who comprise 100% of the Washington Post-Op’s employee roll have torqued themselves into hysterics over a Fake News story about Trump discussing ISIS terrorist plots with the Russian ambassador.

The Fake News: Trump recklessly revealed sensitive classified terror threat info to a foreign adversary, endangering field agents. This was leaked by anonymous sources and reported in a tone of crisis, as if it were the scandal of the century.

The Real News: McMaster contradicted the Bezos Blog’s account of the event, saying Trump revealed no sensitive info. Regardless, no illegality was committed. Trump as President is free to declassify classified information and share it with whomever he pleases, and Trump believes Russia can be an ally to the US in their mutual war against ISIS, instead of the media’s favored characterization of Russia as an adversary.

The Realer News: The Washington Post-Op, before it transitioned to a shrieking anti-Trump cunt on the rag, was perfectly somber reporting the news in 2016 when Obama DID THE EXACT SAME THING they hysterically accuse Trump of doing yesterday.

“Democracy dies in darkness”. Try-hard much?

The Realest News: The Leftoid Legacy Media must be destroyed and culled of every last fucking libcrank obamanaut Globohomoist apostle who churns out pro-Democreep, anti-Trump, anti-nationalist, anti-White propaganda for their Acela zip code globalist whores. Nothing less will suffice.

There will come a time, maybe soon, when all these Gaystream Media clickbait whores have cried “Drumpf!” one too many times, and no one will listen, no one will read, no one will care. Not even their core leftist audience who will finally succumb to amygdalae burnout and recuse themselves from the company of sane people.

The Washington Post-Op is burning through its credibility at a rapid clip, and normally I’d say this means the end of it as a reputable news source, but there are a lot of mentally deranged libfruits who need their drumpf fanfic. Thankfully, the leftmedia has lost its power to steer public opinion, so these manufactured Fake Crises will largely go ignored by Trump’s supporters.

The leaks are the real problem. My advice to Trump: Fire everybody, including Jared Kushner, and start from scratch. No one has your back, President Trump. but The Deplorables, so think about bringing in freelance outside help from parts of the country that actually voted for you.

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That’s a lethal slip of the shiv, right there. Congratulations, Derek Hopper, you’ve won the coveted CH Shiv of the Week award. Accolades from people that matter, and lots of bitter butthurt from people that don’t, are coming your way!

Once more, for the nosebleeds:

Race matters.

Genes matter.

Social engineering doesn’t much matter.



Related: Porter on concentric loyalty circles [aka genetic distance] and White nationalism. A necessary corrective to the fretting of the gestalt-right culturalists.

Variances between Western peoples, while certainly no trifle to our eyes, are that precisely in light of the external force being applied to all of them. Scots and Englishmen may nurse a mutual acrimony as old as their island; but they are indistinguishable oppressors to the aliens busily taking it from them. Some natives will even say they don’t mind the encroaching muslims at all. But that’s the voice of solipsism speaking. The question more relevant to their continued health is “do the muslims mind them?” This being a question most whites are little inclined to pursue.

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Ready to unload a withering guffaw? While reporting on migrant squatters loitering in Rome’s streets, an Italian leftoid news anchoress was assaulted live on camera by the same swarth-saharan trash for whom she was trying to drum up sympathy.

mamma kek-a!

First, this media globowhore is HOT. Would bang, multiple positions, multiple times. I might have to apply bronzer, dress like a jihadi, and warm up my pimp hand to get her interested though.

Bella Francesca is a data point in favor of my personal theory that at the high end of female SMV, Italian women (along with French women) are among the hottest on the planet. Too bad they aren’t reproducing and their countries will soon be swarming with hairy awrah. 4,000 years of unique evolutionary phenotypes down the drain in three generations. OH WELL DAT SWEET EUROSLUT HSMV HAD A GOOD RUN.

Second, this YouTube comment:

The Hungarian speaks the truth.

PS Word has it YouTube has already taken down a number of copies of this video, so catch it now before the One World Governing Panel on Affirmative Censorship memory holes this one.

PPS Related: commenter Passer By compiled a thorough list of stats (with source links provided) that proves women are more left-wing and pro-immigrant invasion than are men.

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As the inescapable scientific and experiential reality of deeply-rooted, genetic race differences in behavior, temperament, and even morality pushes aside the lies and the hoary shitlibboleths of the equalist leftoid anti-White narrative, it’s dawning on those who normally would be amenable to hearing truths which undermine the communist Left that the ugliest truth of intractably inherited race differences might also undermine their tradcon worldview.

I have in mind Christian tradcons; not all but many of them have alluded misgivings about the genetics of race. I predict you will read many more Christian tradcons — and political “moderates” who aren’t antagonistic to religion — disavowing and slandering in strengthening language the ideology of “race realism” and anyone who assents to it. As the logical consequences of race realism (inevitable in a Diversitopia) are grasped and the ideas emerging from the theory are fully apprehended, along with what that portends for any philosophy which still clings to the penumbra of moral universalism, there will be a panic among Christian tradcons from realizing race realism is at odds with their teachings and professed beliefs.

They wouldn’t be entirely wrong in thinking this. Race realism subverts at least the superficial tenets of the New Testament. (The Old Testament was too genocidal and tribalistic to be anything but comfortable with race realism.) A generous reconciling between racial reality and Christianity/Tradconism (the Bene Gesserit Option) might suggest that post-modern Christianity has a cramped and incomplete understanding of the Bible, and that having lost touch with the more ancient, less New Agey Biblical injunctions the modern Christian is impelled to defend antiracism as a proxy for defending his religion from what he perceives as lethal heresies.

I don’t think Christian tradcons will be able to square this circle without serious cogdis and uncomfortable reappraisal of the more feminized beliefs that have overrun both Protestantism and Catholicism. Race realism could provoke a major schism in Christianity on par with Martin Luther’s rejection of Church dogma.

So be on the lookout for various “moderates” and “calmer heads” and “house eunuchs” (hi, Ross!) pressing hard with their assertions that culture matters (an anti-HBD strawman, at any rate), that not all Whites are equally impressive (also an anti-HBD strawman), that genetic influence is over-rated, that the history of Western Civ can be sufficiently understood without recourse to the genetic inheritances of the Whites who comprise it (it can’t), that life would be perfect if the nation was all-White (the ür-strawman). These nervous Christian tradcons will eventually lie and dissemble with the same facility as equalist leftoids lie to protect their worldview.

For instance, I can already hear Tradcons denying the racial basis of culture, on grounds that it’s “simplistic”; this is a catch-all word (like “nuance”) that people (mostly shitlibs and kneejerk contrarians) use when they wish to promptly and unmessily discard an idea that gives them the hives. It’s simplistic only in that it’s jarring to the modren’s sensibility. The race realism answer is that culture is indeed an emergent property of race, and that over time gene-culture positive reinforcing feedback loops set up, sculpting distinct societies (i.e., nations) from the clay of genetic inheritance of the people who create those agreeable social bubbles.

The cultures that arise from the gene source pools aren’t random configurations; cultures affirm, coalesce, and amplify the genetic traits of the people who populate them. So there’s no way to draw a red line between race and culture; the latter would be a phantasm without the former. The Alt-Right is right about this.

In short, change the genes, change the culture. This process is immediate on an evolutionary timescale. But change the culture from the top-down, say by mass migration and perniciously anti-realist indoctrination, and the genes of the native population remain the same for a long while, until enough selection pressure, stress, miscegenation, (and misery, as is the wont of the God of Biomechanics) culls those who are ill-suited to the changed culture.

Christians can reconcile their religion with race realism, but it will require a jettisoning of gathered 20th Century nostrums that have taken a hold of the Christcuck imagination. We are not all “made in the image of God“, but the Christian can console himself that the pre-feminized Jesus never taught that the sameness of man was God’s will.

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The Dark Meat Continent

These are the gifts of love made in the image of God that Fake Virtue signaling White leftoids who advocate for open borders in perpetuity want to air drop by the millions into a Heartland, America small town near you. And as the Africa population bomb ticks to its detonation, you can bet there will be no shortage of sanctimonious instruments of self-annihilation and their puppeteers sniveling for America to “open her heart to the human suffering” and relocate Africa’s miseries to Dubuque, Iowa, (instead of doing the sane thing and cutting all food and tech aid to Africa before the natural culling that must occur when an ecosystem’s carrying capacity is overloaded reaches the level of an epic die-back that will make the Holocaust numbers of dead look like street crime victims in comparison).

PS Trust CH commenters to find the humor in abject African depravity.

PPS This post’s title was half warning, half chewy bait for Matt King. I miss that guy’s sonorous pontifications, but an exposer of monstrous ids can’t stop, won’t stop, his duty to vivisect the corporeal provenances of the races of man.

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Neocons and cucks are ecstatic today about Trump’s missile strike on some Syrian pavement. If the craven enemies of my nation and people like something, I tend to take the opposite view of that thing.

As I predicted would happen (on Gab @Heartiste), lying forked-tongue neoscum who got us into a trillion dollar Fake War in Iraq based on a pack of lies, and who were Never-Trump until yesterday, are now hailing him as “leader of the free world” for his stand against Assad. The fucking chutzpah on this guy Elliott Abrams. Neoscum want da goyim to believe that a fairly elected American President isn’t a true leader until he’s bent the knee to their Bernankified globalist buttsecks cabal.

I used to read TOG as a fun, conspiratorial diversion, but I’m beginning to think he’s onto something.

Anyhow, the latest gulling point from the leftoid legacy media is the assertion that Trump must take in more Syrian refugees now that he’s bombed an airstrip over there. “If you break it, you buy it.” NPR (Nümales with Pierced Rectums) shitlibs think this is a clever boxing-in of Trump. FACT CHECK: Assad and the various warring clans broke Syria, with help from the CIA and Mossad. The American people certainly didn’t break Syria, and all Trump is doing (to take the unlayered view) is going in to fix things someone else broke. So, no, WE don’t have to BUY anything. There’s no moral law that states wartime actions must inevitably result in the mass relocation of one nation’s population into another nation.

This disingenuous shitlibbery is similar to their taunt that refusing rapefugees is “a sin according to the Bible”; the purpose is to subvert the goyim’s healthy survival instinct by seeding doubt about the tenets of his cherished religious texts. Gay marriage is a sin, too, according to the Bible, shitlibs! CHECK AND MATE.

The question that goes begging is a simple one: What the hell are neoscum still doing in positions of influence in the US? One would think that a group of warmongering dual citizens that were proven mind-numbingly malevolent liars OVER AND OVER would AT THE FUCKING LEAST lose their access to the halls of power.

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The Heritage America Resistance should know its enemy is the army of souldead shitlibs with ugliness in their hearts, minds, and nearly as often, their faces and physiques. Carthagian explains,

Scott Adams said the Bernie Sanders ad set to a Simon and Garfunkel tune was the best persuasion of the primaries. It was all American identity. Lots of whites. It felt like the 80s. In their hearts, most normal people want to MAGA. What’s so great about this new Welcome Back America idea is that even the shitlibs are susceptible to having their hearts and souls stirred by imagery of healthy white intact loving families. Then they catch themselves and remember that they are supposed to hate that beauty, not be moved by it. But that 2 second process highlights that ugliness in their hearts, to them, and, even more importantly, to normies. A similar thing happened with the TV show The Man in the High Castle. The ads showed intact German families in America and it looked so appealing that the advertisers were accused of celebrating the Nazis!

That’s insightful. Shitlibs can recognize beauty on a primal level, but instead of appreciating and enjoying that beauty for what it is, and being moved to aspire to similar beauty or contemplate the truth inherent in it, the psychologically disfigured and physically ugly shitlib’s immediate reaction is to deny their deepest longing and lash out at the display of beauty, and everything it represents. The shitlib witnesses beauty, feels a quick twinge of authenticity brighten his blackened soul, and panics at the meaty intrusion of Truth. In a swoon of existential crisis, he will frantically tamp down his incipient warm glow, and as a balm for his pricked ego will demean the Beauty as “sap” or “racism” or “Nazism”.

This is why shitlibs tirelessly spend so much mental energy elevating Lies and Ugliness to moral directives. They wear their degeneracy like armor and shield, protecting from harmony outside them and from dissonance within them. The moment they stop crusading for L&U, their vampiric flanks sizzle under the light of truth.

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