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One characteristic of alpha males that beta males should try to emulate is the poker face. Alphas don’t often wear their hearts on their sleeves… or on their faces. And this is especially true when the alpha male is in a room occupied by both his wife and his mistress.

Via a SnarkJW central casting website which shall not be linked, old photos have emerged of the first time monica lewinsky — the 21-year-old orifice plaything of then-president Bill Clinton — met hillary clinton in person.

monica meets hillary:

monica meets Bill:

the contrast in monica’s face between the two meetings:

monica’s reaction is hardly surprising. She was truly, deeply in love with Bill Clinton, super alpha male esq., and it shows on her face in that photo. She, like most mistresses, does not give a flying fuck or feel a scintilla of shame that her lover’s wife is a few steps away. In fact, judging by the lockdown procedure her face contorted itself into when directly meeting the First Other Woman, it’s a good bet she was feeling, yes, uncomfortable, but also mischievous, as if she was thinking, “Heh, I got one over on you Hillary. He loves me and we are going to be together forever once he leaves you after his fifteen terms are up.”

The SnarkJW readers, as is the wont of the preserve of manlets and cunts, prefer to focus on Bill’s supposedly apparent facial change when monica approaches him for a mingle and tingle. But to my eyes it looks like Bill’s face hardly changes at all. He looks the same shaking that old dude’s hand as he does shaking monica’s certainly sweaty palm. Even Bill’s body language is the same, ramrod straight and not leaning into monica, (Don’t Lean In, the new book by Chateau Slamclam), betraying no obvious attraction for her.

Bill Clinton has alpha male poker face. Whatever the circumstance, he’s been there before. Dat face is like chicknip to women, opaque, mysterious, aloof, emotionally unavailable, yet flickering with caddish charm, and it drives women crazy with love. The alpha male knows discretion… in the bedroom, in his office, on his face. In public, and particularly in view of his wife, the alpha husband doesn’t cave to the immediate ecstasies of youthfully invigorated love and hop with unbridled, and stupidly conspicuous, joy like the beta male would do. No, the alpha male keeps his cards close to his vest, and plays the final table round like he plays all the preliminary rounds: he makes you guess what he’s holding.

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There are some really strange coincidences surrounding the Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon.

Alex Skarlatos, one of the three men who took down a jihadi shooter on a French train some months ago, was a student at Umpqua. At the time of the Oregon shooting, Skarlatos was in LA auditioning for Dancing with the Stars. Did the Umpqua shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, think Skarlatos would be in class on the day he committed his murders?

Now, news comes out that Spencer Stone, another one of the French train heroes, was stabbed in Sacramento last night.

Spencer Stone, one of three Americans hailed as heroes for stopping a suspected terror attack on a French train in August, was stabbed Wednesday night in the Sacramento area… Officers responded to a report of a stabbing and found a man in his 20s who had been stabbed multiple times in his upper body and was in critical condition… Stone, a 23-year-old U.S. airman from Carmichael, Calif., was the first American to tackle a gunman aboard the Paris-bound train. Stone, who was with his CHILDHOOD FRIENDS Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, was awoken by the sound of a gunshot in their railway carriage….

Things that make you go hmmmm. I’m wondering, was Mercer an Islamist foot soldier, exacting revenge for the beatdown a fellow jihadist suffered on that French train at the hands of American men? Or was Mercer an unwitting patsy guided by secretive Islamist forces into an act of terror by redirecting Mercer’s autistic, omega male rage? Just a thought, but the “conservative Republican” description on Mercer’s online profile struck me as a little too on the nose, like it was made up after the fact to lead reporters astray.

Anyhow, if my speculations are within the ballpark of reality, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to think that our equalist leftoid Hivemind media propaganda machine would try to conceal these facts from a public already getting fed up with the elite’s open borders policies.


I was right! Chris Harper-Mercer had Islamist sympathies. He bought an ISIS flag online and left a comment at the store website.

Harper-Mercer goes by the User Name IRONCROSS and left a comment about his purchase of an ISIS flag[h]  (shown at left of comment) that reads:

“Exactly what I was looking for. I really like the quality. Great product, thanks! I will continue to make purchases from this company. I am very impressed. I WILL be back against soon. A+++++++ Seller. He also answered my questions quickly and satisfactorily. Received quickly, will be back for more purchases.”

Islamic State Flag, 3′ x 5′, ISIS, ISIL, Muslim, Islam

This is why Mercer targeted Christians. He was a jihadi who hated non-Muslim infidels. Why is the media hiding this information?

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I had the misfortune to overhear a La Raza ingrate whine in a loud, grating voice about “having no voice” in America, the country she hates so much that millions of her peasant kin invaded and squatted on its soil.

Add another term to the dissident COPROP lexicon: The Whinority. Definition: A favored non-White minority, currently dispossessing White Americans from their homeland and institutions, whose members constantly whine about being dispossessed.

If only these invading vibrants had no voice, America would be a much more pleasant place to live.

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The developing story of Oregon UCC mass murderer Chris Harper-Mercer (mystery meat, half black-half white) has me thinking about the psychologies of mixed race young men and the invisible influence of their absent fathers.

In Mercer’s case, an interesting twist on the usual miscegenation patterns: his absentee father was white and his mother black. Mercer was allegedly an atheist who hated Christians, and had (Hivemind term) “white supremacist” leanings. He also had a huge stash of porn that he streamed to P2P sharing services, which is a major omega male incel tell.

Why would a milk chocolate moonpie identify with White racial consciousness? My theory calls to mind another moonpie with daddy issues: President Butt Naked Obama.

Both men had no-show biological dads growing up, except Butt Naked’s dad was black. The psychology of men during their formative years is irretrievably warped by the absence of a father. This tendency is amplified for mixed race outcasts who will never have it as easy fitting in as monoracial kids, (another good reason to avoid having mystery meats). What happens then is the boy grows into a man who struggles with his identity. This struggle compels him to either completely reject the father as a presence in his mental and emotional universe…


…to embrace the missing father and “force” an identification with him. The son will undertake preternatural “missions of the mind” to locate within himself what he imagines are the resonances and reverberations of his absent father’s spirit. He will spend his life constantly searching for the soul of his missing father, in big and small ways, even as he tells himself and others that his absent biological father is a footnote in his life.

If his absentee father was black, like Obama’s, the mixed race creation will come to identify with all things black, in worldview and emotional connection, if not in cultural accouterments. His white mother will recede in significance to him. If his father was white, like Mercer’s, he will seek the most material manifestations of “whiteness” as his guide to grounding himself into something larger than his airy atheism and brooding “anti-sheeple” solitude. He hopes, through a psychological osmosis, that carrying what he infers would be the banner of his distant father will lift him from his mixcel loneliness.

Throw in a horrible condition like asperger’s or extreme shyness that causes social awkwardness around girls in a society becoming more r-selected and less K-selected, and a single black mom rah-rahing him whatever he does or doesn’t do, and you’ve got your ingredients for a violent explosion at a future date.

This is where HBD and heritability absolutists reveal their short-sightedness: Over time, and given enough societal support and justification, social calamities like single mommery, incel, porn, feminism, equalism, self-esteemism, miscegenation, irreligiousness, sexual and social atomization from a nation rapidly fracturing along the fault lines of antagonistic Diversity™, and oligarchism resulting in mass wealth inequality WILL germinate more lone killers.

The mass murderer is the tip of the viceberg. Most men in this corrupt culture won’t ever entertain the idea of killing as psychological salve. But millions of desperate incel losers underneath that spectacularly violent tip will betray other symptoms of disaffection. And it is these less bloody retreats from American society that will, multiplied ten million times, do the real damage to the last, gossamer wisps of the social fabric.

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Sometimes the conspiracy theorists are right.

Mark Fuckersperg — the Facebook CEO who is so beta he cashed in his billions for a fat waifu — was caught on a hot mic promising Angela “Swarthenfreude” Merkel he would do what he could to censor comments on his one billion customer base social media platform that were critical of open borders and the waves of refugee migrants into Europe and America.

We all knew this about Fuckersperg, that he’s an anti-White, pro-mystery meat degenerate equalist leftoid, but now he has let the mask slip completely off.

On cue, amygdala-stunted shitlibs will intone, “Facebook is a private corporation, so it’s not a violation of the First Amendment if they censor unauthorized opinions! It’s well within their right, and if you don’t like it you can just log off.”

How bizarre to listen to nuanced shitlibs so vehemently endorse the letter of the law and the virtue of tolerating ideas that offend!

Yes, it’s true that Fuckersperg can’t be marched to the gallows for censoring speech on his idiotic attention whore enabling website. But what shitlibs who defend the sanitization of Realtalk never grasp is that censorship needn’t be a government-only campaign for millions of American citizens to have their voices effectively silenced. When nearly every major information medium is owned and operated by scorched-earth leftoids (and sniveling cuckservatives) harboring intense hatred for normal, core White Americans, then in practice their coordinated (organic or conspired) attacks on unauthorized speech amount to a society-wide censoring — a disenfranchisement, if you will — of those who don’t toe the Party Line.

Leftoid: “but but durrr you can’t yell fire in a theater, shitlord!”

And that’ll be the end of sensible human communication with the leftoid, and the beginning of slapping him aside with the back of your pimp hand.

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It’s a perennial question among aspiring skirt-chasers:

Should the novice seducer cut his teeth on hot babes or ease into the womanizer’s ways on less intimidating plain janes? It’s the “stepping stone” theory versus the “immersion therapy” theory, and there are equal numbers of advocates for each model.

CH take: On paper, the Hot Babe Immersion Theory is more sound than the Plain Jane Stepping Stone Theory, but in practice I think it has some limitations which I will discuss below.

Reader themanofmystery2 gives the best argument in favor of Hot Babe Immersion,

CH, what do you think about this approach for newbies? I’m teaching my late-teens cousins this tactic.

Find the hottest women in every situation, and ONLY APPROACH THEM. they are likely to produce the most anxiety, but there is no substitute for logging the time and experience. Every minute spend chatting up a 10 makes you more skilled at chatting up a 10. The conversation itself should be the goal, just to log the hours. Get on the fucking bike and fall off a few times. Skip past the training wheels.


1. If you score, it’s a fucking home run and confidence builder
2. If you get rejected, there’s no shame in getting rejected by a 10. Happens to the best of us.
3. 9s and 10s, for various reasons espoused here and elsewhere in the manosphere, tend to have sweeter dispositions and are approached less than 6s, 7s, and 8s. This results in less Bitch Backturns.

The logic appears airtight. “If you want to get better at seducing hot babes, you’ve gotta talk to hot babes.”

And all three benefits themanofmystery2 describes are valid: successfully seducing a hot babe is a confidence boost on par with closing a multi-million dollar deal, the rejection won’t sting as much, and HB8s, 9s, and 10s are less antagonistic than 6s and 7s, the latter’s shitty attitudes effected in no small part by the greater number of low value men hitting on them (because they think they have a chance).

No argument there. HOWEVER… based on what I’ve sometimes seen happen in the field with my struggling friends who skip past the dross and head straight to the frothy top-cream, there are some drawbacks to following the Hot Babe Immersion Therapy protocol that aren’t immediately apparent to classroom analysis.

Some negative feedback loops in the Hot Bab Immersion Therapy model:

  • a very inexperience man will find it exceedingly difficult to maintain state control in the interactive presence of a very beautiful woman.

You can lead a beta to a beauty, but you can’t force the beta to talk to her without loading his pants. Shock and awe may be a lethal military strategy, but in the sexual market it’s usually the beta male standing there shocked and awed into stupefaction by a dazzling beauty. For a beta like this, it’s simply a better strategy to overcome tingle-killing social awkwardness with practice on girls who don’t fry his brain, and then move on to hotter women as his state control skill improves.

  • hitting on the hottest babes is sometimes used by goofy betas as a cheat code for avoiding putting real effort into the seduction.

There’s a temptation among some of the more extroverted betas to unseriously hit on hot babes, and then take their blue ball home and claim victory. If this beta had instead hit on a less outrageously alien prospect like a plain jane, it would be harder for him to rationalize potential rejection as a “waddaya expect?” ego assuaging ploy. Unlike the afterglow of a happy post-HB9 perp walk that he would enjoy, he won’t be able to walk away empty-handed from an HB6 without feeling a little bit like a failure. And that’s what will spur him to make the necessary changes.

  • there’s a risk that the beta confuses friendly but asexual politeness from a hot babe for seduction progress.

This paradox was noted above. The hot babe will often be a more pleasant prospect to talk to at first because she won’t have as many bitch shields deployed as will the lesser women who must bat away the entreaties of all sorts of loser men. The very UNAPPROACHABLE HOTNESS of the hot babe protects her from unwanted beta and omega male solicitations. This is great for padawan betas who want practice chit chatting with hot babes, but there’s an insidious undertow: that hot babe’s affability is also likely to be misconstrued by novice casanovas lacking the acumen to distinguish sexually intrigued IOIs from polite friendliness. The risk of this happening with plain janes is obviously lower, because any attention from these mediocre girls that falls short of massaging your crotch bulge isn’t likely to stimulate overeager appraisals of reciprocated romantic interest.

  • hot babes are often nice babes, and that’s not necessarily a good thing for the novice seducer.

A hot babe hasn’t cultivated an air of nastiness or defensiveness like her more attainable sisters, so she’ll have a harder time turning up the volume on turning down a no-game-having, insistent beta male. The hot babe’s false acceptance of the socially clumsy beta can lead him to commit all sorts of cringing faux pas as he begins to believe he really has a shot with her. When she does snap and lower the boom, it will hit him like a ton of bricks, because he wasn’t expecting it. In the meantime, he will have learned nothing and his seduction skill will not have made any improvement. In contrast, the beta male can expect more shit tests, teasing, aggressiveness, qualifying, and token resistance from plain janes. Surmounting these common female obstacles will do more to hone his pickup skill than polite head-nodding from super nice hot babes.

  • hot babes almost ALWAYS have men in their lives. Plain janes often don’t. The rookie rogerer has, all else equal, a better crack at unclaimed crack.

The goal is sex, and sometimes even love. You can practice on hot babes and watch their faces glow with curiosity, but if they are taken that’s just one extra hurdle (a tall one) that you’ll have to jump if a bedroom finishing move is more than just an abstraction in your head. Getting ACTUAL NOTCHES under your belt will go a long way to boosting your confidence major, and as long as you don’t dip below some female attractiveness threshold that matters to you, then a sweaty night with an HB7 will pay more psychological dividends than a sexless night chatting up an HB9 for an hour. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to stay at that middling level; it means only that it helps to get to SOME level if you want to advance to higher levels.


Despite everything I’ve just written about the benefits to remedial lotharios of practicing on plain janes, I say there is room on the practice pitch for spectacular, high risk shots on goal. My advice is to mix it up. Hit on the plain janes and the hot babes. The honest feedback from the former will rapidly improve your game, while the effort spent on the latter will slowly inure you to their intoxicating beauty. Until, one day, the exquisite beauties become your daily bread.

And, in the meantime, a bonus: when the plainer girls see you flirting with the hot babes, they’ll be a LOT more receptive to your company when you decide to give them a chance. There’s nothing better than a fully lubed seduction.

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The latest liberal screech-out is high dudgeon over some prankster teenage muslim mud in Texas who brought a “””clock””” to school as a science project that looked suspiciously like a suitcase bomb, and his teacher justifiably freaked out and called the cops.

Status whoring badwhite-hating disingenuous shitsack liberals, of course, are springboarding off the incident to claim, for the umpteenth time, that racist White America keeps the mudman down, neglecting to mention while in thrall to their righteous indignation that White kids have been tossed out of school and hauled before court for, to wit, bringing in a pop tart bitten into the shape of a handgun.

America, fuck yeah!

Anyhow, as details have leaked past the Hivemind information bottleneck, it’s become apparent to anyone who isn’t a robotic, race creationsist leftoid that the kid was doing the bidding of his white-hating black muslim family. The “clock” was deliberately mocked-up to resemble a suitcase bomb and frighten White authorities, who would react in the appropriate way (and according to Texas law which explicitly forbids bringing objects to school that look like jihadi weapons of area-wide destruction).

The oh-so-innocent Ahmed’s darling parents are lined up behind him in faux outrage, delivering speeches to the media that sound like they were scripted by a team of Alinskyte shock-troop Eskimos.

An emailer adds to the evidence that this bomb/clock story is a giant middle mudfinger in the face of White America,

RE: Ahmed’s completely innocent homemade clock.

When I first heard about Ahmed, the kid who made the news for his “bomb” clock project, I took his side. I played with discrete electronics as a kid. I built breadboards, I soldered, and I experimented with early robotics… In this STEM obsessed educational system, why couldn’t the school officials quickly dismiss this scare as a science project? Why did this make the news? I just didn’t get it… and then I saw a picture of the clock.

From CNN: “A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the digital clock he’d made from a pencil case.”

Anyone with an understanding of electronics will immediately see this “homemade clock” is not the tinkering of a child or teen. It was never Ahmed’s idea to begin with. This isn’t some innocent science project. The picture of the clock exposes the lie. Ahmed did not lovingly patch together IC chips and resistors, as the media would like you to believe. What you see is the guts from a manufactured digital clock, right down to the 9 volt memory backup, and the prefab button board. Absolutely nothing was made. It’s the equivalent of taking the plastic surround off of your TV and claiming you “made” a TV.

Look at the case itself. CNN calls it a “pencil case.” Please. The whole package is vaguely sinister, and it’s intentional. Notice the nondescript packet of unidentified white powder. See that nice dent in the side? I wonder if you could stash plastic explosives behind that huge LED. Why is the lining so bumpy? Look at the shoddy taping and the twisted wire used to close the case. It’s almost as if someone designed this clock to look like a questionable object.

Again, from CNN: “”I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her,” Ahmed told reporters Wednesday.” It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it.””

Ahmed, you didn’t build a clock. You’re a pawn to your Dad’s political and social agenda. This is all a creation of your father. I’m sure he involved you in the process, and made you feel as though you were truly making something, but you didn’t. It’s a clock without its case. Everything in the “pencil case” was made in a factory. See, a legitimate electronics project full of diodes and resistors looks innocent. It usually runs off of a battery, not an exposed AC to DC transformer… speaking of science projects, Ahmed, why again did you bring this to class? Was it part of an assignment? Oh, you just wanted to impress your teacher with a clock you rearranged inside a small briefcase? Hmm…

From dallasnews.com: ““He fixed my phone, my car, my computer,” Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said. “He is a very smart, brilliant kid.”

If he were so smart, he’d know the difference between creating a circuit and stripping the guts from a manufactured clock. His dad helped him “make” this, and dad helped to make this “project” look as questionable as possible, within the realm of plausible deniability.

The dad is a politician.  He made this happen. Whatever agenda he’s advancing, it just further demonizes western society, and reminds us all to be guilty for how racist we all are. Maybe that’s the agenda.

It’s propaganda.

Yes, and these anti-White ingrates wouldn’t get nearly so much mileage out of their schtick if they weren’t enabled by a ready and willing army of millions of fanatical white leftoids (and their eskimo paymasters) to see how much they can freely shit in the faces of normal White Americans.

Perchance to say, wake up white man. It’s getting ugly out there.

Yet more proof of the CH ur-maxim:


Strip away the particulars of these increasingly unhinged and ludicrous attacks against BadWhite America, and we are left with two insistent questions:

Why are all these ingrate nonWhites even in America in the first place?


Why do White Leftoids have so much power?

Someone’s gotta ask the first principle questions; it may as well be CH.

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