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The shitlib demand for Whites Doing Bad Things greatly exceeds the supply.

The shitlib demand for Vibrancy Doing Good Things greatly exceeds the supply.

At the intersection of these market realities, shitlib mendacity crashes into shitlib insanity.

I came to this formulation about how the Virtue Sniveling Market governs shitlib behavior after reading Moses’ comment on the “Shitlib Ego” post:

CH: “The lesson: never give the Left an inch. They’ll take a parsec. Confederate statues today, books authored by White men tomorrow, until it finally reaches end game: second class status for all Whites outside of a few Acela elites who sufficiently grovel at the altar of anti-Whitism.”

This can not be emphasized enough.

No matter what shitlibs do, it will NEVER be enough for them. Their whole belief system is built on lies. They MUST HAVE an oppressive enemy to keep their believe system from crashing down.

Today it’s confederate statues. Tomorrow it’s removal of any Great White Man from any place of honor in our society — Jefferson and Washington removed from currency (gasp, slave holders!), schools renamed, shaming of White children, it goes on and on.

Demand for “evil whitey” far outstrips supply. So they manufacture more. Like a fire, it simply will not stop and will grow until the fuel is exhausted.

I’m running out of hope.

They absolutely cannot be reasoned with. It leaves violence, and violence only, as the unavoidable end-game. It will be violence from based White Men or violence from Islamics, but violence all the same.

The major limitation of the Virtue Sniveling Market, at least from the perspective of shitlibs who love to never practice what they preach, is that the kind of virtue shitlibs want — Vibrant Virtue — is scarce, while the kind of vice that shitlibs want to snivel against — White Vice — is as scarce as virtue is among Vibrants.

So, as Moses correctly states, shitlibs will manufacture Evil Whitey lies from whole cloth, while simultaneously excusing the worst predations of nonWhites as the consequence of conveniently hidden Evil Whitey forces. Since lies are the coin of the shitlib realm, there is simply no internal brake on their agenda, no end to their game that doesn’t feature war by whatever means and either the eventual subjugation and destruction of White Civ or the total and complete ousting of shitlibs from positions of power and influence.

Unfortunately, since shitlibs have at the moment no real pushback from anyone in power, (the alt-right is effective but don’t mistake that for institutional power), the likelihood of war in the not-so-distant future, maybe even a real hot war, between rival White factions — between say localist Whites and globalist Whites — is greater than it otherwise would be.

It all comes back to Leftoid Equalist lies about race and sex, and the pacified cowards who abet their lies.

As long as cucks/the controlled opposition refuse to grapple with the reality of race and sex differences and everything downstream from those, the Globohomo Bathhouse Alliance will continue winning the rhetoric war, even if a million nail bombs go off in every city of the West and welfare-incentivized dysgenic breeding rots the edifice from within.

The Alt/Maul/Balls-Right, far from being the dire threat to civilized society the Mendacity Merchants would have you believe, are a last gasp salvation for the West and call to redemption for the cucks who have betrayed their claimed principles every step of the way. Appeasing milksops will never find their own way, but stronger harder men can inspire them to break out of their vaginal prisons.

As Trump might say, only losers snivel for virtue whoring status points.

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President Donald Motherfucking Trump and reader PA see eye to eye on at least one very important subject: rhetorical precision. PA has given advice to White parents about how to prevent their daughters from burning the coal, and one suggestion is to stop referring to the dindulopers as dangerous or criminal. That kind of descriptive language (true or not) only excites young women; all chicks dig dangerous men. PA recommends instead referring to them as “losers”. Chicks (and that includes your daughter, Average Joe) definitely DO NOT dig loser men.

This is the same rhetorical tactic I take when discussing shitlibs. I describe them first as losers, creeps, degenerates, nerdos, freaks, androgynes, manlets, manginas, fatties, frumps, cat ladies, eunuchs, sackless wonders, and scalzified low T limp-wristed panty-waisted watery-eyed vocal frying uptalking effete chinless shambling mounds of soyfatted indeterminate sex (all of it true). This seems to get under their skins.

Well now Trump has done the same rhetorical gambit, and very explicitly, when he talked about the all-too-predictable Manchester Muslim terrorist attack:

“I won’t call them monsters, they’d like that. They’re losers.”

Trump is much smarter than shitlibs and black pillers credit him. A lesser, dumber man would have crumbled by now under the establishment onslaught Trump has endured since his Presidency began; instead, he perseveres, and carves out little and big wins in the midst of the cacophony of libphaggot insanity.

Want an example of a little win? How about Trump’s refusal to bow before the Saudi Inbredarch? Recall that the Gay Mulatto bent over far enough to purpa lip-tickle the Saudi King’s cock. Or Trump “forgetting” to shake Netanyahu’s hand.

Another little win: Trump’s perfunctory Wailing Wall note that reads like a “wish you were here!” vacation postcard. Another: Melania’s refusal to wear a headscarf in Saudi Barbaria (while wearing a black veil in the heart of Christendom):

The above photo could be included in a “best of” compilation of Trump photos. Pope Buttplug looks sad. Trump alpha’d the Vatican.

These little wins matter when added up. They dispirit and demoralize Western shitlibs and, ironically, earn Trump yuge respect from the leaders and people of the world’s more primal races and nations.

Big win? Jeff Sessions as AG. That alone makes Trump’s election worth it.


PS Here’s a little something something for the hysterical womanish black pillers: Trump’s 2018 budget calls for the elimination of 66 federal programs, including:

National Endowment for the Arts
– National Endowment for the Humanities
– African Development Foundation
– Minority Business Development Agency
– U.S. Institute of Peace
– Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Training

For the “ARGH TRUMP IS A TRAITOR PUPPET OF THE OLIGARCH ZIONISTS” crowd, do you think you would have gotten so much anti-(((poz))) defunding goodness from a thecunt presidency?

Perspective is your friend.

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I have a suggestion for alt-right artiste Mike Enoch and his band of pranksters who’ve been organizing street theater dressed in Nazi regalia. Instead of the Nazi stuff, which isn’t really tapping into Heritage America’s soul, and besides is kind of gay, how about wearing something else that’s equally triggering to shitlibs and their media overlords, but that won’t repulse or confuse normies and therefore will put the media in a bind about how to report on it without sounding antagonistic to a touchstone cultural symbol shared by millions of Authentic Americans?

For maximum libgina apoplexy, I suggest this:

Broad sword optional.

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Besides the obvious reason — that border walls work (ask Israel) — there’s the psychological factor. Enfant Terrible explains,

If he actually does it, building the wall will be Donald Trump’s greatest achievement as a president.

The psychological value of the wall against ZOG psyops will be enormous. When the wall is finished, DT popularity will soar to unbelievable heights, and it will be very hard for any shitlib to be critical of such a structure without sounding totally anti-American.

Plus, for a great leader to leave a long lasting legacy, nothing beats being the force behind some great public works that will benefit the nation for decades, or centuries to come. I can’t imagine that a guy like DT is oblivious to that reality.

The only way he will not do it, is if the (((secular people))) are holding a gun to his head. And if he doesn’t, then we know (((they))) are.

Building that wall, brick by beautiful brick, will be a giant middle finger to the anti-White, anti-Beauty, anti-Truth, Globohomo shell entities who stand for nothing but social decay, vapid consumerism, and Fake Virtue signaling. Nothing will humiliate and dispirit the snark demographic like a massive solid immovable structure, full of testosterone and phallic privilege, glowering down at them.

Build it, and they will moan.

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Some words should never be spoken aloud….unless speaking them aloud is personally advantageous.

Once upon a tingle, I had gotten into a shouting match with a girl I was dating. As is the wont of her sex, she quickly wound herself up to a height of melodrama and hysteria on the flimsiest and stupidest of pretexts, emptying a deluge of emotion that was really about an old resentment having nothing to do with the reason given for her anger in the moment.

But the shrieking and carrying on had cracked my coolasfuckness. Even an Amused Master has a breaking point. My hand slashing the air between us, I growled,

“You don’t get it! I need you less than you need me.”

Boom, drop the shrike.

Now, my statement happened to be true, but it didn’t need to be true for it to hit her id dead center. A silence swept over her, lips trembling, eyes rattling in her sockets, and her face reddened, like a baby caught in a body-quaking anticipatory soundlessness just before unleashing a wicked wail.

But instead of corking off with a femme finale of righteous rage, she physically crumpled and loosed a bitter mewl…if that’s the way you feel about me….is that the way you feel?….cause that’s just an asshole thing to say….

Reading between the lines, I knew she was saying, “I’m not ready to let go of you, so I’ll step off this ledge I walked out on.” When a girl exhales a vulnerability like “cause that’s just an asshole thing to say”, you can be guaranteed two things: she hasn’t stopped loving you, and she needed to hear that from you.

The Game lesson is to remember “I need you less than you need me” by heart, because it’ll be useful if you spend any significant time with the furor sex. It’s a condensed and concentrated form of Dread Game, which when deployed will demoralize even the most combative girlfling. Your reward will be a renewed flowering of her adoring femininity…..for a while. Generally, though, the long term prognosis for relationships that have shared a vitriol to match in vitality any love that might be present isn’t promising. Rut and roam, gentlemen. You’ve only so much life to blow on poison giney.

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A reader who for obvious reasons prefers anonymity asks a favor,

Me and my friends would like to fly a Chateau flag at the next pro Trump Rally. Any suggestions?

Fly the Happy Chateau at a Trump rally? Hoist the Heartiste standard above the battlefield strewn with the crushed egos of antifa?


A modest suggestion: Use the front page banner of this blog.

Anyone who manages to take a photo or video of the CH flag held high at a Trump rally will earn two distinctions: Shiv of the Week and Shitlord of the Week. If a shitlib faints at the sight of it, or immediately falls to her knees before it to vow fealty, I will add a permalink to the dissident blog of your choosing.

Here’s another CH flag suggestion that will serve the dual purpose of rallying the troops and inviting curious inquiries from women feeling all tingly for reasons they can’t consciously comprehend:

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The leftoid legacy media, salesmen, and pickup artists have something in common: they all use framing as a powerful rhetoric weapon to lock in friendlies, persuade fence-sitters, and demoralize belligerents.

Framing — that is, perception management — is a staple of the leftstream media. It’s the most useful rhetorical gambit the media has at its disposal for enforcing its Anti-White Man Narrative. And the media manlet journolisters use it all the time. Example (via):

Studies also show that although female politicians have a wide range of positions, they often are more compassionate, better at working across the aisle and more willing to compromise, qualities intricately bound in successful policymaking.

A big part of the lie is the framing. Could just as easily write: “Female politicians are more emotional, less principled, and more likely to sacrifice political concerns.” I guess that wouldn’t be “intricately bound” (?) (???) enough.

Almost always, the Leftoid media has to reframe from a more factual interpretation to a less factual DISinterpretation of the evidence at hand. This is because the modern Left’s moral pyramid is built on a foundation of Equalism Lies. Therefore, every story has to be twisted into a sophistic slander of actual events and actual data to fit their preconceived Narrative: Whites suck, and White Men suck the most.

This is why the media — staffed, keep in mind, almost entirely by race and sex denialist liberals — can plausibly claim to avoid outright lying in their agitprop copy; they aren’t presenting blatantly false info (although they do that too; see UVA rape hoax or Jayson Blair) so much as they’re reconfiguring and retconning real information into a photo negative of the truth.

The Wage Gap is a prime example. The leftist media frames it with the omnipresent implication that Dirty White Men are the evildoers preventing women from making more than 78 cents to The Man’s dollar, when an un-framed reporting of the Wage Gap would clearly and incontrovertibly lay the cause at the truth: that women prefer lower-paying occupations than do men, women work on average fewer hours, and women slow their career advancement with motherhood. And that under all these TRUEFACTS is the compelling ür-truth of biologically innate sex differences in psychology, temperament, and behavior.

But man o man would that kind of reporting BLOW equalist shitlib minds. And since the media is 99% equalist shitlib, that means a self-mindblowing. How many people do you know who voluntarily stomp their own egos without immense pressure from outside antagonists?

The leftoid media fuggernaut demonstrates the awesome power of framing to control perceptions and even trigger mass psychoses (“Trump is Hitler”). But we dedicated womanizers and practitioners of the Crimson Arts knew this all along; framing is just as powerful at controlling the perceptions of pretty girls and seducing them into bed.

A frame is a system of interpretation that an individual or group uses to understand a certain event/situation.

Frame is important in pickup, because it communicates the PUA’s mindset as well as the underlying psychology behind his words and actions. For example, Swinggcat advocates a “prizing” frame, whereby the PUA always assumes the girl is interested in him as the prize. In this frame, a chick can say, “I really like the tie”. The PUA can respond, “Thank you, slow down a little bit. At least buy me a drink before you hit on me like that.”

A funny example of re-framing is when Borat wears his famous swimsuit to the beach, and the reporter comments, “Borat, those trunks seem a little small for you”. Sasha Cohen pauses, and then promptly responds, “Ah… thank you!”. The reporter’s expression to contain a laugh thereafter was priceless.


“Framing”, [or frame control], in the context of media studies, sociology and psychology, refers to the social construction of a social phenomenon by mass media sources or specific political or social movements or organizations. It is an inevitable process of selective [ed: seductive!] influence over the individual’s perception.

In pickup, as with mass media, there are always certain levels of interpretation of a specific event that can be reframed based on frame control, and your emotions and conviction in your beliefs.

The leftoid media is engaged in a massive reframing of reality to seduce Americans into believing 2 + 2 = 5. They have been winning for 70 odd years, but finally — finally! — a woke wave of dissidents to the anti-White orthodoxy have begun appropriating the media’s Rhetoric psy ops and coupling it with Realtalk cogdis to succeed, for the first time in recent memory, in undermining and exposing the media’s information distortion field.

I doubt I’m going out on limb when I say that the rise of Game in the late 90s had a big impact on the nascent anti-globalism revolutionaries who would many years later help vault a billionaire playboy with a knack for reframing into the White House.

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