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Leftoids are an emotive species, and react to challenges to their authority on a continuum from hysteria to genocidal bloodlust. Since we are not yet at the point of genocidal bloodlust, mockery is our preferred weapon for defeating the Army of Amazogs. Mock shitlibs until you are giddy with sadistic pleasure and your targets are foaming at the mouth and vagina.

Your ridicule is a rhetorical rumspringa from the suffocating Globohomo narrative. You should revel in delivering verbal shivs of pain to shitlibs. The louder they shriek, the closer to bone you’ve hit.

Because this is all we’ve got. If mockery fails, it’ll be war. And that outcome is a lot less amusing.

On that somber note, here are recent innovations in shitlord mockery that you just know have rubbed leftoid egos raw.

That looks like SABO’s work. Brutal and brilliant!

To think that meme is based on a real life human male.


Right-wing activists stormed the security wall surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion and demanded access into the building Monday.

The group was led by Laura Loomer, an activist who has been at the center of many stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York offices.

Loomer was joined by a small group of alleged illegal immigrants from Guatemala. Loomer and her accomplices carried a large banner with the faces of notable Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrant crime over the recent years attached to its surface.

During one part of the video, Loomer could be seen marching to the door of Pelosi’s mansion, demanding she be let in to make a “sandwich” with the other illegal aliens. Loomer found the door to be locked and complained that it was “hypocritical” of Pelosi to not have “open doors and borders” to her own property.

That was an effective stunt. Kudos to Loomer for pulling it off and raising awareness about globalist hypocrisy. The actual illegals were a nice touch.

More send-ups:

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There has been an uptick in zero-commenter-cred passers-by attempting to use this blog’s comment section to smear the names of their perceived enemies by associating them with this blog in some form or another. There’s no good term for this sort of vengeful, guilt by association doxing, so let’s just go with that.

Numerous comments that have included the full names (and sometimes addresses) of random non-public people (putatively ex-lovers or ex-spouses) have been deleted, and unfortunately the moderation has had to stiffen up to prevent repeat offenders from spamming comment threads with the names of people they want associated with a “deplorable” blog.

CH proprietors don’t tolerate actively hostile doxing campaigns, no matter how much the vengeful doxer may think their ex-boyfriend or ex-wife deserves it. If an IP is connected to one of these surreptitious doxing campaigns, it will be banned.

This is our world now. Scummy people have realized the power of the dox and guilt by association with dissident broadsheets, and they are leveraging the stifling thoughtcrime suppression to ruin lives in acts of personal vendetta.

As always, anonymity remains the operative principle of this blog, and readers are not just afforded maximum anonymity here, but are encouraged to use pseudonyms. Anyone who requests a comment deleted for personal reasons will be obliged as quickly as possible.

PS Without revealing too much, it’s gotten so bad lately that guilt-by-association dox victims have emailed desperate requests to remove their names from comments here. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss a few, but we try to honor every request for privacy.

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Hundred-Handers is a new rebel group actively subverting the reach of Globohomo through the use of COPROP guerrilla tactics.

I’ll leave it to J.R. to explain the purpose and means of the Hundred-Handers.

Hundred-Handers is about trying to make IRL pro-white flyering as easy as possible using small simple stickers

seems to be trying to extend the IOTBW [ed: It’s Ok To Be White] campaign with simple standardized stickers and giving ppl very simple instructions, get this printer, these stickers, just carry them with you and when you’re alone somewhere, slap one on something

interesting idea

so you buy an $80 label printer and then you get a set of pro-white stickers in your (anonymous) email 2x a month

print ’em up, keep some in your pocket, and when you’re out and about and nobody is looking, slap ’em on places in public

it’s a very simple idea

just simple stickers to get ppl thinking

Great tag line.

These Hundred-Hander guys are on the right track. Guerrilla warfare. Invade the safe spaces of shitlibs, don’t let them think any public square in America is theirs to own. (Reminder: most shitlibs are transplants, so their claims to the public squares of their adopted cities are tenuous.) Get under their skins but leave them no easy target to harass, jump, intimidate, or dox.

From their social media faq:

Their calling cards:

Powerful relief, indeed.

This one is my favorite:

It’s so subtle yet the message will not be lost, particularly on snowflakes who are already hypersensitive to anything remotely resembling pro-White advocacy.

PS Audacious E* has a great post on that travesty of justice which just occurred in the James Fields trial and sentencing.

Fields’ sentencing was humiliation propaganda, meant to scare future white men from publicly and proudly identifying with their racial heritage.

It always has the opposite of the intended effect.

*FYI Audacious Epigone has moved over to Unz. A smart move, because blogspot is a Goolag operation, which means AE’s deplatforming from there was just a matter of when, not if. No dissident voices are tolerated in the new, super tolerant Post-America.

PPS According to the info in this screenshot, at 4′ 11″ and 330 lbs, HH’s BMI was precisely 66.6
The number of the beast.

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Reframe Of The Day

I came up with a powerful reframe in the course of arguing the merits of decentralized dissidence. The upstart social media platform Gab, the free speech alternative to Totalitarian Twatter*, remains one of a rare few internet outposts willing to allow offending speech. This means the pressure on it to bend to Globohomo demands will be enormous. A lone target attracts more firepower. But multiple Gabs across media niches will scatter Globohomo’s fire and help each individual dissident node survive the fusillade.

Which leads to my reframe.

It’s not offensive speech, or offensive speakers, or an offensive ideology.

It’s offending speech, offending speakers, or an offending ideology.

The small semantic adjustment makes all the difference.

offensive: the moral onus is on the accused.

offending: the moral onus is on the accuser.

Offensive speech, speakers, or ideology targets everyone.

Offending speech, speakers, or iedology targets the person claiming to be offended.

Shitlibs prefer the former, because they are indicted by the latter. Offensive speech must be roundly criticized, but offending speech connotes a breaking of taboos held dear by sanctimonious guardians of acceptable discourse. The latter draws attention to the motivations of the accuser rather than to the accused.

*my first twatter account lasted about two years.
my second: six months
my third: two months
my fourth: three days
a revealing look at the increasing intolerance of Shitlib Media.

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Shemale Acceptance (or Trannyfreak Acceptance), like its deviant cousin Fat Acceptance, is humiliation agitprop intended to pressure normal people to believe patently ridiculous things, and therefore betray their own natural instincts and common sense.

For instance, here’s a diary entry from the now utterly debased JYTimes, written by Parker Molloy, who tries to get you to believe that Twatter’s ban on “deadnaming” — calling trannyfreaks by their pre-mental illness birth names — promotes free speech.

Yes, banned speech is free speech. Welcome to 1984, FOREVER.

Obligatory phyzz reveal:

Could be a man, could be a woman. You’ll never know!

The NYTimes is basically the sequel to 1984 that Orwell would write if he lived today.

From a Defier,

I agree with Enoch’s take: tranny shit is a global scale shit test. If you will fall in line for this, you’ll fall in line for whatever is required.

Shemale acceptance is the Globohomo version of 2+2 = 5. Enoch is right. Our ruling degenerates rightfully figure that if Americans can be shamed to call a man a woman or vice versa, they will be fodder for any sort of nation-crippling globalist agenda item.

Diversity is strength.
Race is a social construct.
Love wins.
White privilege.

And it’s working. Trump’s election victory was a howl from the uncorrupted part of America’s heart, but the necrosis hasn’t stopped advancing. We are running out of time to reclaim healthy flesh from a dying America.

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Progressivism is anything but. “Joyce” (Twatter handle) writes that a better term for the ideology is Regressivism.

Regressivism is weaponized infantilism. It’s like giving a tantrum-throwing toddler access to the levers of social and political power. Nothing but lunacy and sadism will follow.

More from Joyce:

Virtue perishing.

Another Reframe, on women and the Pill:

Contra the ACLU, the Pill did none of those things. What it DID do was enable women to fuck around indiscriminately while pursuing a useless paper pushing career and putting off marriage and childbirth until it was too late and then bitching and moaning about “the patriarchy” in online femcunt ghettoes.

The Pill was really nothing more than a means for women to ignore beta males during their prime vagina years, which meant it was nothing less than a cataclysmic rupture of the sexual market with evolutionary consequences we are only just beginning to understand.

ps a history of the Alt-Right.

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This photo captures the totalitarian absurdity of Big Tech better than any other I’ve seen. Taken from inside the hardened bunker of a Faceborg office:

White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work while murals of crazy-eyed browns and blacks glower overhead, mixed in with messages about the myth of biological sex.

The Empire has no clothes.

The photo is part of a story about a Faceborg executive, Palmer Luckey, who was fired for supporting Donald Trump. (great name btw, both Luckey’s and Trump’s)

[In 2016, Luckey] donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

Perjury. And a violation of CA law against discrimination based on political affiliation.

Internal Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered,

Far left Faceborg executives who donated millions to thecunt campaign were pissed at this one employee who donated $10K to a NAAAAAH QUEEN group. Imagine the intensity of groupthink required to have such a skewed perspective.

Facebook executives including Mr. Zuckerberg pressured Mr. Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Mr. Luckey’s yearslong support of Mr. Trump,

Leftoids like Cuckersperg can tolerate “dissent” if it goes no farther than libertarianism. This is proof that libertardianism is an insipid, cowardly ideology that pussy White men adopt when they dare to be different but don’t want to piss off shitlibs.

Tech executives concede that Silicon Valley is predominantly liberal—Mr. Zuckerberg said in Senate testimony that it is “an extremely left-leaning place”—yet they have steadfastly maintained that politics doesn’t play a role in how they police content on their sites.

Psychopaths are good at steadfastly lying.

Mr. Luckey, a Long Beach native who was home-schooled by his mother, has sometimes been out of step with the largely liberal culture of Facebook. A fan of big cars and military gear, he drove a giant tan Humvee with machine-gun mounts and orange toy guns. He once was forced to move it from the Facebook parking lot after someone called the police in to investigate, according to people familiar with the episode.

LOL snowflakes.

Mr. Luckey has been a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump and wrote a letter to the then-reality-television star in 2011 urging him to run for president. Mr. Luckey has told friends that reading Mr. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” at age 13 sparked his entrepreneurial imagination.

Damn, this guy was on the Trump Train before anyone but Trump himself!

Mr. Luckey’s fallout with Facebook began in September 2016, when the Daily Beast revealed his $10,000 donation to NimbleAmerica, a pro-Trump group that paid for advertising mocking Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election. At least one billboard paid for by the group featured a picture of Mrs. Clinton and the phrase “Too Big to Jail.”

Mr. Luckey’s donation and the perception that he might be associated with a group that at times traded in misogynistic and white-supremacist messages,


Facebook employees expressed anger about Mr. Luckey on internal message boards and at a weekly town hall meeting in late September 2016, questioning why he was still employed, according to people familiar with the complaints.


“Multiple women have literally teared up in front of me in the last few days,” an engineering director, Srinivas Narayanan, wrote in one internal post following the meeting.

Everything gone wrong with America is summed up in the above sentence.

Some virtual-reality-game developers said they wouldn’t work with Oculus in the future.


After the incident, Mr. Luckey became more, not less, political. One month after he left Facebook, he hosted a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. He has since founded Anduril, an Orange County-based tech company focused on using artificial intelligence to protect troops, performing search-and-rescue missions and bringing “Silicon Valley thinking and funding to defense,” according to its website.

Someone on the dissident Right should get in touch with this guy about funding a parallel media-monetization universe to undermine Soylicunt Valley’s grip on the information gateways.


From Tam the Bam,

“White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work”

My liege! I pumped the pic up ctrl++++++, because I was suspicious of the insertion of the term “work” in that context.
And the stereotypes are even more stereotypical.
The Asian gent is stuffing his face with some no doubt infarction-inducing glop while on the go.
Soyboy with the clipboard is esculating his iPhag.
And schlubbing away in the background, shirtsleeve boy .. well just look at the splaying angles of his (flat) dyspraxic feet to the line of motion, as he orbits a business-suit basic-bitch. Can’t tell if that’s a (((hatlet))) or just a premature bald spot there too.

Keen eye. The dysgenic overload hits the lowers and uppers with equal ferocity but in different forms.

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