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Pathetic swedes. They don’t deserve my capitalization.

swede: ja we love the world’s people! don’t be a racist! bring them all here!

Shivlord: Ok, here’s one refugee who would like a home.

swede: oh my, i have to run, ikea has a sale on cuck corner stools.

Keep virtue-sniveling, swedecunts. We know you’re blowing hot air. As long as the vibrant migrants — vigrants — are in the *other* town, and the girl cut in half isn’t *your* daughter, it’s safe for you to lie about your love of diversity.

Until it isn’t.

PS A reminder that the enemy is inside the gates:

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This is a brisk, important read. It uses one example to highlight a major tactic that the media-deep state axis of evil uses to manufacture support for the anti-White agenda. In sum, it’s sneaky lies, manipulative sophistry, and advantageous redactions all the way down.

Via Empa Froga III,

How media and other organizations manufacture support for their causes by creating very specific definitions of words and omitting relevant facts about the statistics they present.

Archive link.

2. The report indicates that between 2000 and 2016, white supremacist extremists (WSE) accounted for the most fatalities of any domestic extremist group with 49. So clearly, WSE groups are the biggest threat to safety of US citizens. pic.twitter.com/0MKeaAOWxD

3. But upon closer inspection, there are some inconsistencies with the report. For instance, the report fails to mention that it includes murders committed by incarcerated whites. However, per capita, incarcerated whites commit less homicides than other ethnoracial groups. pic.twitter.com/Eoql6eBNKm

4. Further, incarcerated white people are actually murdered more than any other incarcerated ethnoracial group per capita. pic.twitter.com/ed4hRcCjfx

5. You’re probably wondering, “the Pulse Nightclub shooter alone killed 49 people in one night, shouldn’t domestic Islamic extremists be ranked the highest for murder?” Well, the FBI has defined “domestic extremists” as those without direction of foreign extremists. Convenient. pic.twitter.com/HtajQNCl2J

6. This definition of “domestic extremist” is different from the statutory definition of “domestic terrorist” in that a domestic terrorist CAN be directed by a foreign terrorist group. Thus, “domestic extremist” was likely a term politically devised to indict right-wingers. pic.twitter.com/oQR8cpBRJF

7. So why does this joint bulletin from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security matter? Well, it’s fodder that the J**ish media uses to manufacture public fear about dissident voices and right-wing ideology. pic.twitter.com/dFzTQgfser

8. It’s also used by US politicians like Chicago Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi who recently introduced a bill to prevent hate crimes and quoted the report. Most “prevention” comes by way of suppressing speech and the exchanging of ideas, if you haven’t noticed. pic.twitter.com/Ag7Rx6tmnv

“Chicago Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi…”
An American in letter, not in spirit.

9. To be fair, the FBI & DHS bulletin is far more benign than the ADL report about white extremism. The ADL’s report not only includes inmates, it also attributes murders to white extremism irrespective of motive; the perpetrator must simply be affiliated with an extremist group. pic.twitter.com/iq9y32tRgf

10. So the ADL attributes many superfluous murders to white extremism in their report. If someone has an image of the German “SS” rune saved on their phone and they commit a murder, the ADL would tally that as a white extremist murder. pic.twitter.com/r3dWmQ3l45

11. And again, just like the FBI & DHS bulletin, the ADL report is used by the J**ish media to indict any right-wingers that promote nationalism. Here is a prominent black news outlet that cites the ADL report (created and owned by a J*w). pic.twitter.com/JwhOiDgDRP

12. So how can we accurately parse the data to truly understand the hate crimes attributed white extremists? We can’t. But as we can see from FBI data, whites under-index for hate crimes per capita (62% of population, 46% of hate crimes). pic.twitter.com/2YRtmP2Ns7

13. But 46% is actually over-indexing for white hate crimes because the FBI counts ethnic Hispanics as white. In reality, it’s closer to 38%. Thus, whites are 62% of the US population and account for approximately 38% of the nation’s hate crimes.

14. Going forward, be cognizant of how organizations manufacture support for their causes by creating very specific definitions of words and omitting relevant facts about the statistics they present. Reject their definitions and know that omission is a liar’s best friend. ⛔

As I’ve written, lies of omission are an even more powerful disinformation weapon in the hands of the legacy media than are lies of commission. Omitting truths while camouflaging untruths in dissembling language is the stuff of propaganda blitzes that would make Soviet commissars blush.

Stalinism is alive and it lives on in the US of A.

The Globohomo enemy confronting us is almost incomprehensibly evil, but I toil to enlighten the world of the nature of this enemy, so that we know how to fight it, and how to defeat it.

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Escoffier writes,

Race is far and away the largest TRUTH of the alt-right to the point where people not Red PIlled on race are damn near useless?  The second is the JQ?  Some argue about the order but I think the majority would agree these are #’s 1 & 2?

The three pillars of modern leftoid equalism:

– the sexes are the same
– the races are the same
– Whites are uniquely evil and privileged

are attacked and undermined by:

– sex realism
– race realism
– JQ

People scoffed when I released the sex realism kraken, but I knew what I was doing.

It wouldn’t be long until the other two krakens joined their brother.

And here they are.

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Zoomed-in link.

The next time a leftoid you know brings up “White privilege”, casually inform xir, “that’s just a conspiracy theory”.

Another killer reframe: The Russia Collusion story is a “dual loyalty trope”.

Manafort memes, coming in hot… (h/t The Excruciationator)

PS How about dese fapples? CPAC is literally controlled opposition. Google paid them off to steer the convention away from discussing race, nationalism and populism.

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This post is part of a new series detailing all the big and little ways Globohomo invades our nations, our communities, our families, our lives, and destroys them all from within.


Motherhood is “damaging women’s mental health, study finds“.

Photo used to accompany the enemy propaganda? A lily-White mother with her White baby.

Globohomo really wants White women to extinguish their lineage.

FYI, the vast majority of these shitlib-friendly studies never replicate, and are withdrawn later, to *crickets* from the media which giddily boosted the original false claims. See, for example, the latest study to be retracted, which made the laughable on its face assertion that “homophobia” takes 12 years off gay homosexual lives (as opposed to, oh I dunno, life-shortening GRIDs, methfisting, and torn rectums).

Bad studies which support the anti-White Narrative are no problem for the media. That’s what page 26, year-late retractions are for.


Amazon has banned and memory-holed The White Nationalist Manifesto.

Corporate-State censorship and oppression of political dissidents reaches a fever pitch. Reader PA dubbed this the Reign of Anti-White Terror.


The UK has mandated a sex-education curriculum that will teach 5-year-olds about sodomy and trannies.

The UK has become a buttplug republic. The US should cut ties asap.


The pestilent Globohomo swarm is spreading everywhere. A scholar defends teaching the Great Books For Men, and the Fuggernaut shouts her down and bans her from future attendance.

This is the inevitable result of giving power to freaks, degenerates, fugs, and deviants.


Chaimstream Media is DESPERATE to reframe the Smollett blood libel as the inscrutable action of a man suffering anxiety.

J.R. scoffs,

there is nothing inexplicable about his behavior

he wanted to advance his Anti-White political ideology by framing White Americans as Violent Nazis

his motivation is comically obvious, but [Special Person] Media continues to pretend it’s inexplicable: Why did this Gay Black Jew who hates White America frame White America in a Hate Hoax? Why!?!

Speaking of hate, my hate grew three sizes in 2019, and we’re only two months in.


Shortest formulation:

The truth is anti-semitism.


Chase bank denies service to conservatives.

Political dissidents are being persecuted by a Corporate-State alliance of neoliberal tyranny.

Where is Trump’s DOJ?

Where is SCOTUS?

Where are the whistleblowers and patriots embedded within who will take on Globohomo and help save America from a rapidly metastasizing leftoid totalitarianism?

What a nightmare.

In the end, the job will fall to us. No saviors for bold men.


The demonically pozzessed entity known as Corporate America has to be challenged and cut down to size, and “limited government” won’t do the job. Reaganism is dead, and it has to be if we are to get out from under the tyranny of Globohomo.

Of course, it’s now a race between “enlightened state intervention” and Mad Max. Our traitorous elites are pushing Mad Max on us as fast as they can.

corporate America embraces conservative slogans to keep taxes low and unions weak but otherwise seems post-patriotic and performatively woke, the “silent majority” of hardworking, pious, culturally conservative blue-collar families is now essentially defunct.”

Decline can be traced to the rise of our new elite–importing Third Worlders which destroyed community cohesion, removing social supports for working class (which, were embedded in religion a consensus sexual morality) & anti-nationalist corporations wedded to left social agenda.

It’s the worst of all worlds, and we’re soaking in it.


Ripped from a Black Mirror episode, and coming soon to America: a pervasive Big Brother Surveillance State “social credit system” that can identify you by your walk (and tailor ads on-the-fly, or arrest you for pinging a blacklist of free-thinking dissidents).


The Fuggernaut (aka BioLeninism) is real.

The good news: All these deviants are the seed of Globohomo’s destruction.

The bad news: That is, if they don’t genocide us all first.


Our women are brainwashed, and the problem is getting worse.

Last weekend I had a casual date with a gal from my (large) church. Everything seemed to be going well: some IOIs, good teasing, etc. And then I was blindsided: “Moreso than the other women in church, I really consider myself a feminist.”

“I really consider myself a feminist” = she’ll put out on the first date. Pump and dump material.

She then proceeded to explain (paraphrasing) that she doesn’t want to waste one more day of her youth and fertility on her future husband than absolutely necessary. Dalrock’s maxim confirmed. Next!

Having read this blog for over a year, her statement wasn’t too big a surprise, but what she said next continues to bother me. She claimed that she tends to date outside the church (aka badboys) instead of the church guys, which again is no surprise to any of us. But she went on to say that she’s talked with a lot of other single women in the church about it, and they’ve all expressed that there are guys in the church they’d like to date, but basically all of them are already taken. Preselection and hypergamy confirmed.

It is a very painful pill to swallow that despite all of my work and growth as a man over these last few years, I’m still not in the “top 20%” (interestingly, about 1 in 5 men in my church social group have girlfriends who are in their 20s, which I’d imagine are the men this gal was referring to). A critical self-assessment would put me in the top third of men in this community, but apparently that still isn’t enough. “Game” is likely my weak spot, and probably the leading factor holding me back at this point.

Dalrock has posted recently about Christian marriage increasingly becoming only for the “elite”, and I clearly see that firsthand in my Christian communities. But perhaps it should be clarified to: “marriage to a Christian women in her peak fertility years is only for the elite.” Marriage prospects for the remaining 80% of men is limited to jaded mid-30s women (one of my best buddies just started dating a woman who’s 36 – over 5 years older than him). And I’ve had numerous 32+ women come onto me, or have her friends try to set her up with me. I have no desire to be with these desperate women, as I would love to have a big family and a young, attractive wife.

I guess the solution for now is to just keep on working. Keep on lifting. Keep on reading the Bible and leading my church group. Keep on improving in my hobbies. In doing so, I may very well get to the top 20%. Sadly, though, continued self-improvement is only a solution for one man, and does not solve the epidemic of Christian marriage (to youthful women) as being limited to the “elite.”

This is what happens when the Church emasculates itself. Women within the church fold proudly proclaim themselves “feminists”. And then fuck around with bad boys outside the Church.

You want to make Christianity great again? Make it High T and patriarchal again.

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The title of this post suggests a wordy exegesis, but readers may relax because the connections between the thematic elements aren’t difficult to explain.

The cause-and-effect arrows go like this:

War reduces the number of young men in a population


Fewer men skews the sex ratio to favor men’s preferences


A sex skew favoring men means more women available for each man


More sexual market options means increased male choosiness for better-looking women


Better-looking women produce better-looking daughters, ensuring more beauty in future generations.

Conversely, a sex skew that favors women (more men than women) intensifies beta male thirst, because there are fewer women for men to fight over. Men operating in such a parched sexual market will blast online fatties with horrible anti-Game and wife up sluts and single moms. Fertility will collapse from all the men “dropping out” to be one with their fapatoriums, and many ugly, fat, feminist women will find lsmv mates and bear ugly children, ruining the aesthetics of future generations.

Greg Cochran inspired this post with his comments about the insane post-WW2 female-tilted sex skew in Russia, which likely contributed to the Communist wasteland’s eventual collapse a generation later.

Cochran provided a handy dandy graphic to drive home the point about sex skews as an under-appreciated factor in large-scale geopolitical events.

In 1950 in Russia, there were 62 men for every 100 women in the 25-49 age bracket (prime reproduction years). This was the closest earth has come to a Poosy Paradise. An ugly, broke, charmless man in 1950 Russia could pick up 9s and 10s with no Game at all, and have them coming back begging for more of his situational alpha male love because he would have natural Dread Game from his near-limitless options.

In 2017 in Russia, that number had climbed up to 98 men for every 100 women in the 25-49 age bracket. Poosy Party’s over, but a Russia Enlightenment begins.

In 1950, there was a male-favoring sex skew in almost all of Eastern Europe, particular along the Eurasian steppe extending from the Baltics down to Crimea. Post-war Germany, unsurprisingly, also had a sex skew favoring men, although not as pronounced as that experienced by the Soviet Union and its satellites.

By 2017, the sex skew in almost all of Allied Europe has favored women (more men than women), and Russia has bounced back to near numerical reproductive-age parity between the sexes.

Cochran writes,

[The map] shows the sex ratio ( males per 100 females)  of the population aged 25-49 [sic] in a number of European countries in 1950 –  the adult men that do most of the world’s work. Those that produce more than they consume. In Russia, that number was 62, likely lower than anywhere else in the world.

I think one could truthfully say that one reason for the failure of Communism in the Soviet Union was that the heart of the country had been torn out.  Something similar happened in France, in the 1920s and 1930s. People would talk about some problem that need to be solved, or some desirable innovation, and explain that it never happened, because the guy that should have done it died at Verdun.  But it was worse in Russia. And it’s not just the dead: a lot of guys were crippled –  so many that they made Moscow look bad, and therefore were exiled to Central Asia for appearances’ sake.

In part, the Soviet Union failed because  ” an assegai had been thrust into the belly of the nation”. This makes a half-decent excuse: but it would be a better excuse if the Soviets hadn’t done so much of it to themselves.

Still: look at what Khrushchev had to work with.  He had released most of the zeks, wasn’t running show trials, undoubtedly wanted to make Russia great again: but the young, strong, independent-minded men he needed were scarce. Some had died of typhus or famine in the Revolution, some had been shot and buried in Kuropaty Forest. More had died at Vyazma,Stalingrad, Kursk, and Berlin.

Back in the 1950s, Russia was a lot weaker than it looked.

Yes, but Russia was stronger in one respect: A new generation of Russian beauties was being born.

Cochran may object on genetic computational grounds, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that today Russia, the Baltics, and the EE steppe countries have famously beautiful native women. Those regions went through a male meat grinder (that’s male privilege for ya), and out of that came rapid and intense sexual selection for an exquisite female beauty that has astounded the world.

As often happens, when men lose, women win. And then the surviving men get to enjoy women’s winnings.

Now that Russia has its core of young men restored, go long on the country’s prospects. Thankfully, once a high average female beauty is genetically established in the population, it tends to stick around for many more generations. Russia, not China, may be the story of the 21st Century.

The male-heavy sex skew in most of Europe and America now is an ominous portent. Excess men, each with no (feminine) woman to call his own, suggests a present and future West dominated by beta male thirst, intra-tribal skirmishing, foreign entanglements, rampant polygyny and a consequent growing incel subpopulation, and ugly unfeminine women acting like hard 10s. Mass migration of third world males into the West only exacerbates the problem.

We have entered the Age of Schisms and Solo Jizms.


It’s Meme Monday!

PS Must-read: Confessions of a Public Defender (Dindu Nuffins all the way down).


vfm#7634 clarifies,

Caveat: a population with excess women also needs low rates of out-of-wedlock births and single mommery. After all, the U.S. gr0id population is also woman-heavy… but still butt-ugly.

Very true. A male selection pressure acting on an abundance of females would have to include 1. male standards, 2. a social stigma against polygyny and 3. an innate disposition toward monogamy (and the concomitant male investment) in order to beautify proceeding generations of women. Otherwise, men will just pump and dump more women instead of invest in higher quality women, and leave a hellscape of single moms in their wake.

Eurasian men meet all three preconditions (generally, with some exceptions for high sociosexual men at the margins).


zeta male pondscum cracked me up with this sardonic aside,

Well, since a weak man like me is unlikely to last long in the coming civil unrest, i want you all to know that i bequeath to you all the beautiful young ladies whom i wouldn’t have stood a chance with anyways……

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A great comment from Asagirian,

To clear thing up, we need to speak of White Elite Privilege.

The US is really about White Elite Privilege, not White Privilege.

White Elites really do have privilege and work hard to justify & keep it by spouting PC cliches about fighting ‘white privilege’, thus spreading the blame around to ALL whites, most of whom don’t have privilege. It’s a trick of spreading the blame to stay in the game.

We have to stop talking of ‘White Privilege’. The term is too broad and genetic. Too often, the debate is about ‘there is white privilege’ vs ‘there is no white privilege’.
The problem is ‘white’ is too expansive and inclusive a category, including everyone from Bill Gates to toothless hillbilly in W. Virginia. So, ‘white privilege’ is pointless as it includes even dirt poor whites with nothing and are often victimized by black thugs.

But there really is White Elite Privilege. Paradoxically, in order for White Elites to keep their own considerable status and privilege, they must denounce ‘White Privilege’. It’s so very convenient for them because they, as the clever educated and affluent, get to pretend as agents of ‘social justice’ against the white working class and ‘deplorables’ who resist ‘change’. (Diversity also favors the elites over the masses. In a homogeneous society, the elites with MORE are at moral disadvantage to the masses who have less. But in a diverse society, the haves can hug Diversity [mostly as tokens and peons] and accuse the have-nots of their own kind of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Thus, moral advantage goes to the elites.)

To expose and bring these a**holes down, we need to use the term, White Elite Privilege. Or White Comprador Elite Privilege because white elite privilege is in service to Jewish Super-Privilege. As Jewish Power has rigged the Narrative to make Jews holy & pure while making whites sinful & guilty, white elites must appear to atone for their past sins in order to justify and keep their privilege. Jews exploit this psychology by steering guilt-ridden white elites to serve Jewish power and Zionism, and the white elites play along because it isn’t too difficult to shout out ‘Long Live Israel’ and wave the Israeli flag. Sure beats being dragged to labor camps for re-education.

We need to talk of White Elite Privilege vs White Mass Problems. Change the terms of the debate, and people will think differently.

Reframing is a core Game concept for a good reason: it’s a powerfully effective persuasion technique, of women, of voters, and of gathering revolutionaries.

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