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Twatter brownflakes and sjws appear intent on cratering the share price of their platform. Today, Twatter locked James Woods out of his account. For being too based, basically.

The tweet which @Jackboots found offensive is mild by Maul-Right standards. But whatever, Woods has a lot of followers and he’s dangerously heretical to the neolib equalist orthordoxy, so that’s reason enough to silence him.

Trannyslation from the Tweetspeak: “We received a report from a DNC operative about one of your tweets which includes text and imagery that has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming midterm elections.”

It used to be shitlibs would plug their ears when they heard realtalk. Now they plug your mouth.


PS You can add James Woods to the very short list of Left Coast shitlords which includes Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn (and the street artist SABO). Unsurprisingly for this fact, Woods’ girlfriend Sara Miller is a hot young piece of shitlordette. You know how chicks dig nonconformist rebels.

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Why are shitlibs so afraid of White people? They see WHITE SOOOPREMACISTS and NAAAAAZISSSSS everywhere, yet Poland remains un-invaded and reconstruction of the concentration camps is not yet evident.

I guess shitlibs are scared shitless of White people, that’s the best explanation. Did you know that you can make a shitlib cry and shit xir’s pants by flashing the OK hand sign? If you chug a gallon of milk with one hand, make the “OK” sign with the other hand, and wear New Balance sneakers, the shitlib will menstruate on the spot. Males, too. Automenses is a fun parlor game to play at SWPL house parties.

Now that a few devilish chanlords have made paranoiacs of millions of bedwetting shitlibs, the SPLC (shitlib pussy loser challahheads) ought to know that there is an entire subculture of once-innocent hand gestures that evoke the White Power bogeyman and violate polite diversity norms.


Dear Deep State chucklefucks and “hate watch” synagogues,

The above is a joke.

But you should continue to think it’s real.


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Sometimes the best thing to do with a gloating, smug, vacantly narcissistic and toxically spiteful gay mulatto shitlib (or ex-president of the United States) isn’t to debate him on the merits of his arguments using logic and reason; it’s to rhetorically stuff him in a locker. And that’s exactly what President Trump did:

President Donald Trump on Friday said he “fell asleep” watching Barack Obama tear into him during a rare public speech that framed Trump as a threat to democracy.

“I’m sorry I watched it, but I fell asleep,” Trump said, during his own speech in North Dakota.

lol Sleep-Inducing Soetoro. There’s no coming back from that. Now every normie and even the starry-eyed negrolatrous neolibs will picture a boring, tedious, boilerplate bullshitter when they think of obama. ZZZzzZZZZ…ZzzzZZ wha what?….did obama drone on about something? I must’ve dozed off.

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A pointed comment from Sebastian Hawks, reiterating a common theme here: open borders is the equivalent of foreign influence in our elections, and leftoids are psychologically projecting their own nation-wrecking, democracy-undermining, globalist depredations onto Heritage Americans.

I tend to see this [the JYTimes cuck-anon op-ed] as a psy-ops operation to try to get the Trump regime bogged down with suspicions against everyone in the room. This is just like a CIA disinformation operation we’d run against various 3rd world dictators we were trying to weaken. When the mole is real, we’d never raise such suspicions, and why would someone who is really doing this go to the times and risk outing themselves? On the other hand there have been an awful lot of leaks, someone close in there is an enemy. Of course “The Deep State” is a big, fancy sounding label for a much simpler phenomenon, a certain “Non Heritage America” ethnicity entrenched in our bureaucracy working for their communities radical agenda the plan to final implement due to “foreign influence in our elections” in other words all the 3rd world lowlifes they’ve imported into America over the last couple generations. Real projection with all the accusations against Trump and Russia for “Foreign Interference” at the ballot box vs. their very real machinations with foreigners they imported as a scab electorate.

I’ve been wallowing in some black pills lately, and am coming around to the thought that Trump may be a transitional, rather than transformational, President. My advice to Trump: If he wants to be the latter (and all of us here want that), then he needs to reintroduce Bannonism to his Inner Circle and his Inner Thinking and merge it with Trumpism — the populist policy-making with the Fake News media-demoralizing savvy. But I fear that Trump may have allowed intransigent neocuck Bush operatives into his orbit, and they are sabotaging MAGA.

This booming economy won’t last forever, and when it crashes, if it does so while Trump is President, he will have been positioned by his innumerable enemies in the Globohomo cabal to take the entirety of the blame for it. If he wants a cushion against that possibility, he needs to

  1. build the wall
  2. start throwing employers in jail for hiring foreign invaders
  3. massive anti-trust cases against Big Tech (talk with Bernie about his BEZOS Act, find a compromise solution)
  4. get a healthcare plan out there
  5. consider a debt jubilee for college students
  6. end all student visa programs (they’re a scam, and we have enough smart Americans already)

There’s more, but you get the gist. Trump has no political capital, and his people capital will dwindle if he embraces CoC neoliberal Bushism. Reminder that all these National Cuckview GOPers care about is enriching themselves, enjoying their fruity SWPL lifestyles, and having continued access to the cocktail party circuit. If Trumpism merges with that crowd, he can kiss his 2020 election chances goodbye.

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Mollie Tibbetts, murdered by a foreign invader from Apocalypto, inspired this response from her grieving parents:

Sickening. I’m beginning to lose the capacity to fathom the White shitlib mind. They are so alien to me now.

Is it a genetic mutation? I find it hard to believe. Not that long ago, if a lovely young daughter was murdered by a churlish chalupa, the mother would silently grieve and the father would seek vengeance, personal or State-sponsored. What there wouldn’t be is an immediate recourse to universalist pabulum and a soiling of the dead daughter’s life, legacy, and memory to avoid social ostracism from crackpot shitlib peers.

Either the Globohomo Ministry of Anti-White Propaganda is far more powerful than even I, a hardened cynic, imagined, or something has gone seriously, irrevocably haywire with the brains of White shitlibs.

The shitlib ego is the most powerful force in the cosmos. I’ve said that, and I stand by it. But I didn’t want to believe it was so powerful that it would take its tribute from a violently slain daughter in the bloom of youth. And yet, here we see it has. The collective ego of Mollie’s family hungered, and her death became nourishment.

I would pity the family of Mollie Tibbetts if I didn’t despise them for dragging her still warm body through the misunderstood mud and sacrificially tossing it at the feet of the Diversity Cerberus. But, all I can summon is contempt.

“Evil comes in EVERY color”

True, but banal and disingenuous. Evil comes in some colors more than it does in other colors. And preventable evil — prevented by closing the borders to uncivilized lands — is the most tragic evil.

Contempt. Yet, here I am, still trying in my hopelessness to set Mollie’s family on the path of Truth & Beauty. They’re immune to my entreaties, to reason, but still I try. This nightmare has to have an end.


Pup comments,

I am surprised, after reading every comment here, that the term “cowardice” has not be raised once. I wonder, after having seen a few theories for the anti-white, self extinction death cult, if the answer is not just that the virtue signaling, “overly altruistic” whites are actually just chicken shit? Not unlike women of lands being conquered by invading armies, rather than fight and support their men, and risk their children being killed, they are bowing before their new masters and signaling their submission, without having fired a shot, hoping to be kept alive long enough to be the pet of the new rulers of their home land…

Any takers?

You’re right, and after publishing this piece my thoughts immediately wandered to pondering the sheer cowardice of leftoids who would rather intone supplicating anti-White pabulum at the funeral service of one of their murdered daughters than to rise up and shout a battle cry of vengeance against those who allowed our borders to be so wantonly disregarded and against the gruesome alien invaders who accepted the invite.

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If I had been in charge of Unite The Right (the group which planned the C’ville debacle, assuming they weren’t all FBI plants), no way would people be out there marching with nazi paraphernalia to play right into the media’s preconstructed narrative. First, I’d have focused the message on defending free speech/assembly. Second, I’d have created new symbols to rally around, symbols the media was unfamiliar with and couldn’t pigeonhole.

This was a big reason why the 2016 Pepe the frog meme was so successful; the media didn’t know what to do with it and were caught flat-footed, unable to mount an effective defense. A cute frog is the symbol of White awareness? Oy vey it’s all so strange! Pepe is overused now, but his lesson remains: defy the expectations of your enemies.

Two of the 48 Laws of Power apply.

Law 17: Cultivate an air of Unpredictability.

Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people’s actions. Your predictability gives them a sense of control. Turn the tables: Be deliberately unpredictable. Behavior that seems to have no consistency or purpose will keep them off- balance and they will wear themselves out trying to explain your moves. Taken to an extreme, this strategy can intimidate and terrorize.

Law 48: Assume Formlessness.

By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack. Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp keep yourself adaptable and on the move. Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed. The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes.

And yes I know the 48 Laws of Power was written by an international frugalist. Perfect. You take the useful stuff they create and use it against them.

When you have power, you can bulldoze your opposition.

When powerless, you have to find different paths to victory. Bulldozing will only incite a more powerful counterattack; that’s what happened to UTR. Instead, the powerless must rely on insinuation, guile, cleverness, misdirection, and subversion, confusing and demoralizing their enemies.

So if I were Head of Counter-Narrative Activism, where would I start?

I’d start with a protest at the foot of the Yarrabee Farms property, owned and operated by CEO and Boomercuck Craig Lang. That’s his company which illegally employed the churlish chalupa Cristhian Rivera (undocumented immigrant née foreign invader) who murdered American White Girl Mollie Tibbetts. Banner? NO CHEAP LABOR NO CHEAP VOTES GOP CUCKS GET THE R0PE

Shame these traitorous BigAg Midlands cucks into joining Team Trump with everything they’ve got. Cucks still do feel shame, right? Or is that another virtue cucks lost on the way to rationalizing the annihilation of Heritage America for a fatter loan on home equity?

A reader adds,

Benedict Arnold in a business suit for the visual behind the slogan.

Now we’re cooking with gas!

PS Your Daily Chortle

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When will Shanica Johnson be fired for anti-White bigotry? For her hate speech? Not holding breath. (If anything, the NewYidTimes will be calling her for a job interview.)

She seems a bit confused about the workings of miscegenation. If black men increasingly shack up with White mudsharks and make mystery meatballs together, that means fewer black men for black women, who have to find partners outside of their race or go to their morbidly obese, steatopygous graves lonely and prognathically bitter at the White men (or any men) who aren’t interested in relieving black women of their YASS INCEL status.

Second, middle aged White men are rapidly becoming a minority IN THE DEMOCORTEZ PARTY. The Trump Party (née Republican Party) will in reaction become a party predominately comprised of WHITE MEN and married White women who retain allegiance to Team White.

Then we will have the grounds established for Civil War 2. Beautiful.

The bigger picture here is a trend I’ve noticed taking shape in the past few months. The Diversitroid Fuggernaut and allied degenerate freak White leftists are attempting to drive a wedge between “middle aged White men” and all other Whites. They are beginning to wake up to the fact that being virulently bigoted against ALL Whites will blow up in their faces, so they’re massing their anti-White firepower against middle aged White men, the putative leaders of any nascent political movement that would more explicitly advocate for White interests. Their strategy is a simple one: ostracize established, effective White Men who are admired in their communities and natural born leaders of anything worth leading — i.e., make them “uncool” — and the splintered White factions awakening to their wholesale dispossession won’t have a strong, reliable, authoritative base of White men to effectively gel around in opposition to District N1g.

The Grotesqueries have convinced themselves that if Whites flee from any association with “middle aged White men” then there is nothing stopping nonWhites from terraforming America into an arab bazaar, a black ghetto, and a brown favela. A baghela (heh).

They may be right; but I suspect they have overlooked a powerful force cresting the horizon:

Generation Zyklon.

PS White men have to stop spending shekels on sportsball. It’s the only message these ingrates will understand. More precisely, it’s one of only two messages these ingrates will understand.

PPS Pointed comment from FastEddie,

Yep. Don’t know how many times I have to say it. Quit adding to the narrative that the n***ers are the cool kids. They’re not forbidden (that would set their panties on fire faster than the f*g from Twilight.) They’re just diseased, gross, and the only women who mud shark are jokes.

Turn off Afroball
Cancel Jooflix
Raise your own SMV personally, physically, financially
Do not bang mud sharks. Ostracize them.

If just 25% of White Men did this, at the very least, we’d bring afroball to its knees. (heh)

Glad you’re all my bros.

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