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Commenter LOL sticks the shiv in,

So Hillary’s slut-shaming those girls who like having sex with trump?.


Heh. Trump should hit thecunt with this just to see her old sociopath grandma face deflate into a slack slurry of confusion, fear, and impotent femcunt rage.

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I didn’t think the sniveling leftoid freaks running the circus at Twatter headquarters would go so far as to censor a presidential candidate’s tweets one month before the election, but the evidence proves they have gone ahead and done it.

Specifically, Twatter has shadowbanned (made tweets invisible to most of the reading public) and even deleted Trump’s tweets encouraging voters in battleground states like FL to register to vote before the deadline.

This to me seems illegal in the sense that Twatter is now actively interfering in a national election and thwarting the democratic process, but maybe any lawyers reading this blog can confirm if Twatter’s censorship is actionable.

By my tumescent shiv, if this news means Twatter goes the way of Gawker, I will jizz so hard the space station will need birth control (and a cigarette).

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A reader experiences a major roadblock trying to access the Chateau estate.

As of Sept 29, 2016, Chateau Heartiste CRASHES my Firefox browser. Only this site causes the crash. Other browsers do not have the same problem. It appears the shitlibs of Silicon Valley are attacking truth-tellers directly. Heartiste must be hitting very close to the mark.

Anyone else having similar problems entering the Chateau hallowed grounds via Firefox, or any other web browser, recently? This, coupled with the second banning of CH from Twatter, leads me to suspect a coordinated shitlib tech industry campaign to silence pro-Trump and pro-Realtalk and pro-White voices has been activated and is currently in full swing.

Oh well. What can one shiv wielder do? I’ll keep piercing leftoid vitals until they pry the blade from my “unpersoned” hands.

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When A Past Lover Finds You Again

If you’ve left a trail of tearful lovers in your woke wake, you’ll likely get a surprise reconnect from at least one of them weeks, months, or even years later. The odds of this happening go up with the number of past lovers, of course, as well as the permanency of your contact information. Depending on your goals, there’s a personally advantageous way to handle the long-lost lover shout-out that smooths a straight road to a bedroom reprisal, (should she have maintained her girlish figure).

In most cases, the past*, former**, or (less commonly) the ex-girlfriend*** will reintroduce herself with a sweetly inquisitive “Do you remember me?”. (The bitchier women will start off saying “Hey, it’s Jemima…wat up!”)

I have discovered through extensive in-field research that the best reply is the coy reply. The goal when dealing with the reentry of old lovers is to straddle the line between Distantly Aloof and Creepy Photographic Memory. You don’t want to sound like you’ve totally obliterated her from your memory, nor do you want to come across as a man who longingly relives his time with her in between crybaby sessions.

So, my line:

“I remember all my lovers.”

A juicy bit of pith that subliminally communicates two desirable, if superficially contradictory, man-shaped traits: passion, and romantic options.

Where you go from there is wide open. You could tease her and deliberately call her by another girl’s name. You could segue anhedonically to an arid topic of your choice, defying her immediate expectations of YUGE SWOONAGE. Or you could politely ask why she ever thought you would not remember her, if her kitty is already halfway to your latching post.

If your ex is a not particularly nice person, you even have a plausible face-save follow-up line: “I didn’t say fondly remember.”

Good luck out there! MAGA! (make american girls archtheirbacks)

*past = she left because of uncontrollable circumstances
**former = she left on good terms
***ex = she left on bad terms

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The Chateau is on record stating the importance of shiv-rightists co-opting leftoid street art for their own ends. It seems someone is reading. Behold, the new vanguard of protest art:


It’s happening everywhere. Pepe in classrooms to the mockery of knowing students. The Apple logo, an iconic image of globohomo shitlibbery, gleefully remodeled as a pro-Trumpening war banner.

A savvy dissident from the reigning cuckocracy astutely advises the groundswell of shiv-right rebels to subvert the corporate symbols of the Left. No sacred cow of the Left should go unskewered by mischievous deplorables. Co-opt them all to hell and back!

We need to appropriate everything and make it ours.


This election is the beginning of something big, much bigger than even Trump. It is the beginning of an existential war for the soul of Western Man, to make a choice. Will it be the tranquilizing globofeed of Lies and Ugliness, or the transcendence of Truth and Beauty? In the long run, always bet on blood.

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Evidence mounts that there was a coordinated effort between thecunt and the moderator Lester Holt to subvert the debate.

Watch this video. (((YouTube pulled it))) It looks like thecunt was signaling to Holt at advantageous moments to give her a chance at a direct rebuttal, after which followed what sounded like scripted responses from thecunt.

The media and thecunt colluding to rig the debate against Trump and undermine faith in the democratic process to boot? SAY IT AIN’T SO.

The Fourth Estate is now the Fifth Column, actively aiding and abetting traitorous enemies within to suppress the nationalist will of the people. Not hyperbole. We’re really there. A sociopathic man-hating cunt and vile media shills acting as propaganda arms for the ruling class are the demonic face of a globohomo alliance that ordinary Americans are beginning to see clearly. When the people fully wake, it’ll be war.

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Hillary Clinton’s (aka thecunt’s) GayMillennial staffers found a Taco Belle surrogate who could putatively bolster the Dems “war on women” trope against Trump and the Deplorables.

Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan import and former Miss Universe, claimed that in 1996 Trump had “fat-shamed” her for putting on 60 pounds in nine months (she alleges that he called her “Miss Piggy”) and consequently tarnishing the Miss Universe brand. Somehow, thecunt figured that this 20-year-old he said-she said soap opera would play well with the 2016 obese, gynocentric American electorate. She may have calculated correctly if she had had her “killshot” properly vetted before going public with this tactic, because the news about Miss Machado since her hugbox office debut has been nothing but LOLs and TOP KEKs.

This is how a killshot misfires:

-Parade a Woman of Color in front of studio audiences filled with manlets and bitter old cat ladies, to whom the WOC will claim (while reading from a Clinton-authorized script) that Trump insulted her for getting fat 20 years ago (a charge which, if true, is perfectly reasonable given that the Miss Universe title is ALL ABOUT LOOKING HOT AND SEXY….if you can’t push away from the table, don’t sign up for a beauty contest).

-Recline in your tactical genius and virtue signaling feels as you wait for your poll numbers to skyrocket.

-Oops, what’s that? A few intrepid shitlord journalists discover that Miss Machado was the alleged getaway driver from a murder scene in 1998 in Venezuela, that she had threatened the judge’s life after her boyfriend was indicted for attempted murder, and…it gets juicier…she was a hardcore porn star and the baby momma to a notorious Mexican drug cartel kingpin.

-MISFIRE. Go back to collapsing in a heap in 78 degree weather and being carried limp into a van by a detail of Secret Service agents who secretly despise you. The Parkinson’s is really kicking in now, and the untainted Diversitopia surrogates are in short supply. Time’s a-wasting!

A Sailer commenter weaves together the presumed Dem strategy and how it backfired so hilariously (and yet predictably),

I hope Trump, his campaign and supporters will jump all over this and help it to blow up in Clinton’s face.

I mean, really: Trump could not have designed a more perfect case in point, for what Democrats do with immigration, than this woman. Hillary finds a repugnant alien from a Socialist hellhole, who obviously does not have the qualities we look for in a citizen, but who is ready to bring her Socialist country’s narcissistic sense of personal entitlement to all the riches of our country; said alien then proceeds to shill for the treasonous political elites who hooked her up with access to native whites’ social and financial capital, promising to vote against the idea that America and its people should come first; when we are not sufficiently obsequious in this process, they have the temerity to spit in our faces and call us racists.

This is obviously illustrative of our immigration problem in its entirety: we should thank Hillary for making our point for us, and publicize the fact everywhere. I think Trump could be almost as angry and hostile to Hillary as he wanted on this topic in the next debate, with excellent results. I keep hearing people say that Hillary is actually quite smart and has been seasoned by years of political maneuvering, and that Trump should beware her political acumen. That sounds like it should be true, but I keep concluding that, in fact, she and the rest of the Left have simply never faced real opposition. If one is willing to strike back, they have left themselves open to any number of devastating attacks.

A-fucking-men. The Clintons are the worst….perhaps the most evil politicians in American history. You don’t take down evil of the Clinton caliber by pussy-footing around and adhering to the cuckservative tenet of genteel political oratory. You go for the jugular. And thecunt has had her jugular exposed and throbbing invitingly for so long its a testament to the cowardice of our supposed opposition party that they haven’t drawn a rhetorical knife to it….until Trump showed up, then suddenly cuck knives were out on display, quivering for the blood of the Deplorables.

Trump (Twatter handle: @realdonaldtrump) should leverage thecunt’s misfire and turn the killshot back on her.

“Hillary loves open borders so much she wants to give citizenship to trashy third worlders like Alicia Machado, who threatened a judge’s life and allegedly drove the getaway car from a murder scene in her homeland Venezuela. Hillary obviously does not care about serving the interests of regular Americans who don’t get involved with murder plots and Mexican drug cartels.”

Boom drop the Pepe.

The question that remains is how thecunt’s campaign so badly vetted Machado? There are three explantions:

  • Incompetence. Today’s Democrats are skilled in the art of snark but maybe not so much in the discipline of hard work.
  • Indifference. thecunt knew but didn’t care, figuring the media would do its appointed job covering up for Machado’s past.
  • Gullibility. thecunt and her supporters are so waddle-deep in their race creationist equalism religion that they truly believe all colored people are lights onto the world and unstained by original sin.

thecunt exploited a dumb, troubled woman for political gain, but that’s par for the course in Clintonworld. What’s funniest about this spectacle is how the Democrats can’t fucking BUY a halfway sympathetic Diversity token to stand in for substantive arguments; every one of these Current Year surrogates for the Democrat party platform has been a loser and a piece of shit. Which is unsurprising. The Confederacy of Deceivers will choke on the pile of human excrement they increasingly lean on to further their goal of subsuming America into the globalism borg.

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