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Before I get to the grist of this post, a reminder about my feelings on the subject of coal burning:

On a case-by-case, practical basis, I don’t sweat it if the mudshark and her F YOU DAD boyfriend are only loosely affiliated to me. If the love is real and true (rare, but it happens), I’m not gonna rain on their charade. It’s the Equalist miscegenation propaganda, and the forced platitudes of shitlib miscegenators trying to justify their anti-Darwinian middle finger, that sticks in my craw. If the propaganda and the SJWistic glorification of dindu diving were to disappear tomorrow, I’d probably drop the subject because 1. there wouldn’t be a nonstop media assault of mixed race sproglet abominations to offend my aesthetic sensibility and 2. the risk of emotionally unstable White girls betraying their race’s heritage at the behest of subliminal media messages would be lower.

Now that that’s out of the way, PA provides an intro to the main subject:

Check out that Stephanie tweet. Dad threatens his mudshark daughter with disowning. She tweets the letter saying more or less that “racissss so sad it’s the current year.” Thank God I have sons, no daughters.

Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly, after the mudshark received the serrated side of the CH shiv), short-sighted Stephanie (not fat, looked pretty) deleted her Twatter account, so I can’t dig up the letter her despondent father wrote to his daughter and re-post it here.

But I can say this about that: Every father, every parent, has a perfectly justified and legitimate grievance when a daughter strays from the Good and White to slum it with vibrancy. In fact, I’d go so far to say that nonWhite parents are equally justified to fear their own daughters dating outside the race, and to try to thwart it.

The plain fact of it is that parents want children, and grandchildren, who resemble them and share their temperamental qualities; this is a deeply primal genetic imperative imprinted into the hindbrain. To deny this longing is to deny a piece of one’s divinely-inspired humanity. We can see how the denial looks on the faces of older patriarchs in family photos featuring a mudshark daughter and her dusky affront: blank, listless, sallow, hinting at a soul killed dead from suppressed grief. The eyes have a thousand-coal stare.

What miscegenation comes down to is defilement — of family, of thousands of years of irreplaceable genetic legacy, of Truth and Beauty. This is why, if people (including shitlibs) are honest, they will admit that the thought of their daughters getting fucked — yes, FUCKED… let’s not prettify the gutter rebellion with softened odes to intimacy — by a man of another race, especially of a genetically and phenotypically distant race, disgusts them to their very marrow.

(Oil drilling sons don’t elicit the same degree of disgust, but that’s because sons don’t carry the risk of burdening the family with a technicolor conception.)

mendo writes:

I checked that out and saw the all the people supporting her. There was even another girl that disowned her dad, for other reasons, and was glad she did.

Fucking parenting failure all the way.

Love how the dad had the suitcases on the ready and where she could find them.

greg adds:

Exactly… people forget that, back in the day, banning and shunning wasn’t just for outsiders.

Community integrity demanded that it be applied to one’s own family, if need be.

This is a good time to plug PA’s PSA on how to prevent mudsharking.

My sentiment is that White fathers have a MORAL DUTY to keep their daughters off the coal. To abandon this task, or worse to welcome the reproductive dispossession, is tantamount to betraying one’s own identity. It’s a scary prospect, but it needs consideration. If as a father you’ve given it all you’ve got, and you still lose your daughter to dinduville, then the option to disown is available. If you can’t save her, you can at least save yourself decades of humiliation concealing your torment for social approval.

I imagine the biggest concerns of new parents must be fear of a son growing up gay and a daughter landing in a relationship with a racial alien. This is about as harsh an ugly, un-PC truth as you’ll read anywhere, which is usually the case with truths that emanate from the id, where platitudes find no purchase. Whites currently constitute less than 10% of the total world population, and shrinking fast. Pretty White women are, by a global accounting, as rare as blue lobsters. Throwing that precious gift away and destroying thousands of years of evolved preternatural uniqueness to, in most scenarios, spite a parent or an ex-lover, is the height of folly and the banality of evil.

A Dark Future.



Here’s a web cache of the father’s desperate letter to his mudsharking daughter. And here’s a link to an incredibly faggy run-down of the story plus letter, written by Mustafa Gatollari (good lord). Representative quotes: “All right so it’s the year 2016. The civil rights movement happened.”…”Cops shoot suspects in the back just because of the color of their skin.”…”It’s the whole being super racist thing that’s the worst part. Best of luck to Stephanie and her man, and hopefully her dad will realize he’s totally on the wrong side of history,”…”What’s up with us as a country?”

What’s up Mustafa, is that Whites are WAKING UP to the occupation of their country by ingrate goat-humpers like yourself. If you think your feels are hurty now, just wait until the gloves are off. (Mustafa’s whine is so SJW-ish I wonder if it’s a parody.)

Getting back to the Stephanie business and her dad’s letter, one can’t help but think her dad’s words got under her skin, as she felt compelled to publicize his letter for wagon circling “atta girl”s from a small army of degenerate social media sluts.

A father can exert a lot of influence over his daughter by removing the credit card. Too bad Stephylococcus’s dad didn’t avail himself of that option. A woman will bend to a strong man’s will, and that includes daughters who have had their weekly allowance lifeline cut off. If that fails, the last thing left for a father is disowning. No money, no emotional support, no contact ever again. In most normal daughters, this will strike a deep fear and shame in them that may not become apparent to themselves until years later, which will be too late. Mudshark orphans are tragic lessons in preventable suffering that can serve as examples in what not to do for the others.

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The Pump And Trump

2016 will be the Year of Reckonings. A great schism in the nation opens, a herald rises, and battle fronts coalesce. As a soldier of furrows, it’s time to take up the banner and the hammer of The Trumpening and do your part for the revolution:

The Pump and Trump.

The next time you have your woman post-coitally wrapped in the shelter of your shitlord’s uncucked embrace, gaze contentedly at the ceiling and slowly announce, in a gravelly nut-busted voice, “That was almost as good as making America great again.”

If it’s just after the election when Trump is anointed Supreme Galactic Overlord, say “That was almost as good as voting for Trump”.

The purpose of the Pump and Trump is two-fold: one, any shrieky silly SJW/SWPL feminist freaks with nonetheless fuckable figures (rare, I know) will be sufficiently offended by your declaration that they will self-remove from your life, post-pump. A no muss, no fuss gruffly stuffed muff buff.

Two, you will know love if she reacts with peals of delight, or even an amused exasperation. This woman is a keeper, and she will stand by your side whispering words of encouragement as you prepare to crest the paradigm shift to victory and glory with the Trumpentroops.

The Pump and Trump: Make American Women Sated Again.

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Graphic and post title courtesy of Twatter squatters @LibrarianofHate and @SOBL1, respectively. Great job, boys. The number of Dinducrat rapists is even more starkly disproportionate than this graphic indicates (which is based on absolute numbers), once you realize blacks+beaners are (for now) still a minority of the total US population.

Anyhow, this post is what I call a Masterful Reframe. It takes the fight straight to the concave solar plexuses of shitlibs. This is the what I’m thinking of when I write about leveraging the power of dissident right COPROP. Don’t let up on the hot hot heat until your enemies are roasted to a crisp and their ashes used to top off their cats’ litter boxes.

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They haven’t seen the likes of Trump in their lifetimes. Johnny Redux explains,

Trump has so much game, and the general public (and especially libtards) have not seen great game in a White male public figure (especially a politician) in such a long time (maybe a generation), that they really have no clue on how to deal with him. CH, you could probably make a fortune as a hired contractor to advise Hillary, or Jeb!, on how to counter The Donald. If you do, of course, we will be obliged to hunt you down.

I *could* help Grandma Sociopath and Pop-a-Guac make headway against The Trumpening. (In fact, I have considered writing a post playing devil’s advocate and dispensing anti-AMOG advice to Trump’s Trumpenstruck victims.) However, it’s much more fun to watch Trump steamroll every goddamn cuck, cunt, and globalist turncoat in his signature jerkboy style. Best not take the chance that one of ¡Jeb!’s lackeys checks in on this site for tips and tricks that could stump the Trump.

There’s no way I’d help to slow down this shitlib destruction show. Here’s a taste of the fun (h/t Hackett to Bits):

I love it. From CNN:

“[Trump] added that Fox had been “extremely nice,” but it was too late. In an interview with CNN just before the rally, Trump said Fox News “apologized” to him for a mocking statement the television network issued…”

He has taken the most watched network in the country, pumped her and dumped her, and ‘she’ is begging him to take her back. Has any other candidate for any office at any time, anywhere in the world of electoral politics had this kind of power? Even Obama had to simper before he won in 2008.

Although in this day of and age of fractionated news sources no one medium captures attention so singularly as television used to, I also can’t wait for news that whatever tv coverage the Drake University event got beat the debate’s ratings. And for Trump for rub that in their faces too.

The annihilation of every pozzed-to-the-pubic-hilt American institution that Trump is spearheading is an absolute godsend for true patriots. Burn this mother to the ground and rebuild it in the image of the Divine Shitlord.

Getting back to the original point, I seriously can’t recall any White politician who has, or had, as much alpha male gravitas and tight Game as Trump has at this moment in time. The Rick Wilson clown car is at DEFCUCK 1 and the teeming masses of psychologically and physically disfigured leftoids are shitting their panties because none of them have been opposed by a man like Trump who so expertly wields the soulkilling Shiv, and who so masterfully understands and executes fundamental Game principles.

Besides presenting the best chance to make America great again, Trump is a frequently featured guest at the Chateau because he is the embodiment of a high level seducer, proving on a daily basis the effectiveness of the entire oeuvre of CH Game techniques. Shitlibs can’t stump the Trump because shitlibs have never seen this combination of




in one man. Zero Fucks Given means a million libcucks driven over the edge. Let’s hope it’s a long fall.

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Piggybacking on the previous post (and perhaps modifying it), here is a research paper (h/t Irving) authored by Chateau VIP guest Satoshi Kanazawa which uncovered some ugly truths about sex differences in xenophilia (pathological love of foreigner).

For foreign conquest and alien rule, the evolutionary psychological perspective suggests that women should fear alien rule much less than men, but only so long as they are reproductive, because they then have a good chance of being spared by the conquerors and have the option of marrying into them. Accordingly, the analyses of the Eurobarometer data show that young women are much less xenophobic than young men, but the sex differences disappear around age 50. […]

Interestingly, a separate analysis (not shown) demonstrates that the interaction term between sex and age in a combined sample of all ages is not statistically significant, except for religion. It means that, at least for nationality and race, women do not gradually and linearly become more xenophobic over the life course. They suddenly become qualitatively more xenophobic sometime between the ages of 40 and 50.

The entire paper is a great read, beyond the salient finding quoted above. Kanazawa is a skilled messenger of evolutionary psychology, even when putting forth theories that are more speculative in nature than established fact. Kanazawa’s basic contention – that wars are fought ultimately for access to, or protection of, pussy – dovetails with the CH premise that the sexual market is the one market to rule them all.

Anecdotally, I have heard far more support for rapefugees, and more generally for open borders, from young White women than I have from any other group of people. (The men I know don’t bring it up, but a few of them, when forced into a conversation about it, hemmed and hawed or meekly cosigned their girlfriends’ opinions. Even the alphas are susceptible to this inglorious path of least resistance.)

The women might not truly believe what they claim to think about letting in Muslim refugees — CH Maxim [X] explicitly advises watching what women do instead of listening to what they say, for the two are quite often at odds, especially in a mate market context — or they might believe it only insofar as they are signaling their conformity to GoodWhitethink, and otherwise don’t feel very strongly about helping rapefugees and throwing open the borders to the third world.

Whichever it is, there is no doubt young, single women (and yes, this includes single White women) vote IN DROVES for the antiWhite leftoid candidate on the presidential ticket. Kanazawa would appear to be onto something regarding the evolutionary psychology underpinning the easy acquiescence of young fertile women to invasion by foreign conquerors. And, as is becoming dishearteningly more obvious, when invasion isn’t looming on women’s horizons, invitation extended to the foreigner to traipse into their White homelands will substitute nicely.

To swipe a page from the Alinsky playbook and pin a suitably baneful term on the phenomenon: women suffer from ignorant xenophilia, and the cure is (*smarmy liberal voice*) education.

I hope that I’m getting a skewed impression of women’s true feelings regarding border control and White demographic displacement, because if I’m not then the fate of our White nations is sealed, barring repeal of the 19th Amendment.

Alternately, a YUGE increase in the population of marrieds and decrease in the age of first marrieds would also improve the electoral prospects of proto-nationalists, because married women tend to vote like their shitlord husbands. Care of children and preservation of family has a way of focusing female minds.

On a hopeful coda, data analysis of profiles on the OKCupid online dating website tangentially contradict Kanazawa’s finding that maximally fertile White women fetishize foreigners more than do men. If dating preferences can be extrapolated to immigration preferences, then White women want to import swarths as much as they want to date swarths… which is to say, not much.

Related, Kanazawa has a shitlord face, for an Asian.


Woops, that’s not Kanazawa. Here he is:

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Ported from the Chateau Twatter feed.

Physically backing away from a girl, slowly, while happily chatting her up is an unholy mindfuck that pays pickup dividends later. Pretty girls expect men/betas to be eager to get near them. Signaling that you aren’t eager for nearness cues girls that you aren’t like the typical beta male desperate for female intimacy, which in turn prompts girls to seek your validation.

Of course, you have to establish nearness at some point, but physical intimacy is far more powerful an effect on women when it’s wrested from you, or when it takes its sweet time announcing its presence.

This may sound like it contradicts the established Game principle of kino and rapid physical escalation during a seduction, but the details of execution matter. Your Physical Retreat (PR) is tactical in nature, and operates in concert with kino escalation. Example: You chat up a girl, unassumingly place a light touch on her forearm, remove your hand, stand up, continue talking but in a more animated matter as you begin moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, your whole body away from the girl. Then, reach for something behind her, say your drink on the bar, and exploit that gap-closing motion to reintroduce your physical proximity.

Repeat a few times as her attraction builds, and she’s ready to be swept into a comforting, deeper conversation in a quiet spot.

This is seduction psy ops that hits the female id square in the sternum. She can’t get a bead on you… do you like her, don’t like her, what’s your deal? why does she feel this weird impulse to seek your approval all of a sudden?… and when a girl can’t figure you out, all she wants to do is…. figure you out. Driven by her compulsion to pigeonhole your rank in the sexual market relative to hers, she is apt to play right into your frame, and you will have all the hand. Hand is critical to seducing women. Without jerkboy hand, you are just another chafed hand on the fap ledger of incel life.

A reader adds,

Brutal! Another mindfuck is to look at a spot just next to his (her) ear & watch as he tries to lean into your gaze.

Yes, that is another unholy mindfuck. Works on sociopaths and queen bees too (they never expect it because their narcissism levels are off the charts). So much of seduction – the sexual and the social kinds – is the art of structuring a dominance-submission hierarchy that raises one’s value and does so (it has to be said) at the expense of lowering the other’s value. That is the nature of goal-oriented communication (which is all communication, when you think about it).


I should mention the importance of incongruence to the PR tactic. You aren’t physically retreating from the girl in a state of bewilderment or butthurtness; you are backing off with a smile on your face and a happy upbeat tune to your words. This disjunction between body language and facial/verbal expression is what sets the female id aflame. There are contexts within the seduction process when a little incongruence adds rather than subtracts from a girl’s perception of your mate value.

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Reason and logic and simple coherence are stripped from this she-leftoid’s snark. She has dropped all pretense to rational justification for her rancid antiWhite views and has allowed the rawest emotion – undiluted hatred for BadWhites, flyover Whites, the goyim, rednecks, or any White who prefers the company of his kind – to percolate.

When faced with unbridled hate from those who wish to see you and your posterity humiliated and rendered powerless and miserable in the nation built on the blood and sweat of your ancestors, there is only one effective counter: expulsion. Expulsion from healthy society. Expulsion from nation. Expulsion from the living world, if the previous benign methods fail to take.

The disease is identified. It’s past time to organize a cleansing immune response.

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