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It’s time to re-introduce classic terms of disparagement that have fallen out of favor with the snarkerati. I’m thinking words like “traitor”, “coward”, “f@ggot”, “skank”, and “whore”.

We really need these powerful, masculine words now more than ever as our nation increasingly is held hostage by traitors, cowards, f@ggots, skanks, and whores.

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Trump’s substance — the wall, deportations, immigration moratorium, better trade deals, tariffs, noninterventionism — is what ultimately won over Heritage America. But Trump’s style — his Game — is what is destroying his enemies in and out of the media and keeping the morale of his supporters sky high.

Dawg writes,

It’s basic for Trump he has game and can handle women meaning our feminized elite and their followers.  Our betacons are stuck in the Ol’ Papa Conservative shtick and are utterly useless, Gen Z will pillow the fuck out of them, soon I hope.

Naturally, if Trump doesn’t follow through on his substantive promises, the bloom will eventually wear off his stylistic rose. And, inversely, if Trump had no Game, it’s not a sure bet he’d have been elected, or if he was if he could have manhandled the media and his enemies in the Deep State the way he has so far.

Dawg has hit the clit on the hood. The media/academia/globohomo bureaucracy are full-tilt feminized institutions staffed and womaned by feminized men, indeterminate androgynes, and masculinized manjaws pushing poz and shitliberalism by the metric ton. They are all, in effect, bitter cat ladies and BPD headcases with womanly sensibilities.

And this is why Trump owns them. He has Game. He has a history of seducing and screwing parades of beautiful women and, usually, leaving them better than he found them. Likewise with the female media, he screws them so good that they can’t stand afterwards, and act discombobulated for months on end.

The same Game that seduces the girl in the bar is the Game that seduces the feminized media to commit a series of self-discrediting own goals until they are begging to be loved again. (Which won’t happen, because they’re the equivalent of fat chicks. Hard pass.)

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I was alerted to a potential bombshell in the de Jesus Cruz shooting story by Ricky Vaughn’s Gab feed (@Ricky_Vaughn99). David Hogg, one of the self-proclaimed survivors who made an infamous tape while hiding out in a closet during the shooting, may have been caught lying on tape.

The media is telling us David Hogg interviewed his classmate in a closet DURING the shooting. In this video, he clearly states the time as 9:30 A.M.

But, as the timeline from the Sheriff’s office shows, the shooting did not start until 2:21 P.M.


What the hell is going on here? These student activists are LYING to us.


Folks, I have archived the video, so they cannot get away with this.

We need the truth, the public deserves to hear the truth.


I am NOT saying this is a false flag. I am NOT saying that these are crisis actors.

I am saying that these student shitlib activists are LYING to us, and we need answers. The public deserves to know, just what the hell is going on?


Here’s what I think happened: They had a drill that morning in order to scare kids into gun control. During the drill, they made these videos.

Then, that afternoon, there was an actual shooter.

They lied and said, “we made these videos during the shooting.”

First of all, why did they lie to us?

Second of all, were FBI agents online posing as Siegetards and goading this idiot, Cruz, into doing a school shooting that afternoon?

That way, they would have all the video and students who were anti-gun activists and media-trained all ready to roll for their massive anti-gun psy-op.

David Hogg, who is the face of this group of charlatans posing as “concerned activists,” is the son of a prominent FBI agent. What the hell is going on here, folks?

If true, this whole post-shooting “march against guns” activist movement is a HUGE chaimstream media-driven hoax, probably financed by that agent of Satan himself, George Soros.

More suspicious details about David Hogg that lend credence to the claim he’s a hired crisis actor tasked with pushing a major social movement to repeal the 2nd Amendment:

  • Hogg works for John Podesta’s Center for American Progress
  • From that same link, an antifa member claims Hogg didn’t go to Parkland HS; he went to school with him at Redondo Shores HS in California
  • Hogg really is the son of an FBI agent

Most hilariously, Hogg is seen feeding shitlib boilerplate scripted lines to a “schoolmate” in a video “interview” he supposedly shot “during” the Cruz shooting.

The whole hacktivist clown show has the feel of a top-down, rather than bottom-up, managed movement. A BIG LIE. Who’s behind the scenes, funding and directing the show? (((Curiouser and curiouser))).

Crisis actors and false narratives. It’s not like the Degenerate Leftoid Mob doesn’t have experience recruiting kids to tell whoppers. Turning out an army of child soldiers to shill for the cause du jour is the Left’s specialty.

America is drowning in lies. This age of chaos and spiraling decline will end, but not before the globohomos have tried every gaslighting weapon at their disposal. When the truth outs, the rats scurrying for cover will be a marvel to behold.



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4Chan pranksters, or a le 56%er subsidiary of 4Chan, trolled the Chaimstream Media bigly today, which wasn’t hard to do because the media is desperately eager to add more grist to its anti-White Narrative mill. The troll involved “confirming” for the ADL and ABCNews that the Florida shooter, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, was a member of a local White Nationalist group.

(((Media mavens))) including ostensibly conservative outlets like Drudge were all-too-gleeful to slap “FL SHOOTER IS A WHITE SOOOOPREEEMACISS” ledes on their webhovels based on the flimsiest uncorroborated claims. Nothing excites the media pharisee more than WN culpability, which is normally why it’s so easy to troll them with Fake Stories about WN “terrorism”. When even a tepid White self-awareness threatens to crash the curated national discourse, media tribal affinity quickly overrides any intratribal ideological differences. Drudge is not exempt from this schul rule.

Too bad for the information gatekeepers the story of Cruz’s connection to a WN militia group turned out to be a lie cooked up by some mischievous larkweb goons. Andrew Anglin sums up the timeline,

Summary is that someone wrote on 4chan that Cruz was a member of the group then the ADL called the group and they said he was.

For teh lulz.

Then the ADL ordered the media to report it as fact. And they did, because the media always does whatever the ADL tells them to do without asking any questions.

It really makes the media and the ADL look both ridiculous and bloodthirsty.

It was well played.

Troll, set, match. And police confirm the hoax: “there are no known ties between Cruz and a White Nationalist group”. ADL/Soros/GaystreamMedia BTFO…again. OY VEY will the media ever learn? (Answer: not until they’re culled of their excess leftoids.)

As much as I relish the opportunity to watch how hysterical fancyboy Drudge walks back from this troll job* (does his crack team of sleuths have a reverse red alarm?), I don’t think the upside of the troll outweighs the downside.

(*The latest is that Drudge removed the white supremacist lede entirely. No retraction, just a quiet redaction. Darn. I was hoping for a more hysterical backpedal.)

Anglin thinks this is a win for the White Side of the Force. I’m not sure anymore that these trolling antics work as intended (i.e., rapidly and unmistakably discrediting the media in the eyes of normies). And I’m not the only one sympathetic to the goals of subversive autistes who is beginning to doubt the effectiveness of rapid response chan-right trolling.

Trolling the media only works if there’s a good chance of coercing the media into humiliating retractions. But we’re deep into Clown World, where the media prints lies and avoids truths and refuses responsibility for either. It’s the old “a lie makes it around the world before the truth gets its boots on” aphorism, except there’s no longer any bother with putting on the boots.

Proving my skepticism on cue, my shitlib friends are crowing (yes, crowing) about the “news” that Cruz was a “White Supremacist”. The revelation that it was a con job by a limelight hound in FL hasn’t yet, nor will it ever, penetrate shitlib blocklike skulls.

It doesn’t matter if you successfully trolled the media into an embarrassing position of running with Fake News if the media is big enough and powerful enough to suppress or ignore the consequences of their gullibility. It’s about winning and power and crushing enemies, and if the media and its shakedown surrogates like the ADL can run with a fake troll story to hurt their enemy — White Gentile men — without feeling any pressure to retract the story (or to retract it weeks later in tiny fine print that normies will never read), then they’ll do it.


btw, after the shooting I predicted this about the killer’s motives,

When the dust settles and the kippahs have floated back onto their owners’ heads, i predict it will come out that the Cruz shooting was mentally ill omega male rage over a girl who rejected him.

Looks like I was close to the mark. Via:

Cruz had been suspended from the school from fighting his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend and was depressed and having girl problems at the time of the shooting.

Underneath every male teenager mass shooter raised by a single mom is the broken heart of an omega male incel with a crooked face betraying a high mutational load inheritance. AKA a le 56%er.

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Like the “It’s Ok to be White” posters cropping up all over college campuses, you know a maul-right meme is spicy when it provokes lib snowflakes to an impotent rage that they can only relieve by tearing the offending signs down. And this one — My Borders My Choice — is extra spicy hot because it borrows the daffy feminist rhetoric of shitlibs, forcing our phony xenophilic single White women into grand mal cogdis seizures.

When these dumb broads are really kind of upset, America wins. Here’s another meme that gets under the thin skins of the right kinds of fishmouths: #OpenBordersForHotties.

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The harder a cuck or lib loses their…shit…over the Trump “shithole” story, the likelier it is they have thought to themselves that a shithole country was a shithole. The usual mental libness projection.

Imagine being a lib and having to pretend Haiti isn’t a shithole? All the time? That’s a recipe for mental anguish.

Libshits have to suppress a lot of crimethink to function in their soyciety. COGDIS is more than an annoyance to them, it’s their life partner. So whenever they have an excuse to act phonily indignant about a shitlord’s realtalk, and they have a plausibly deniable moment of freedom to air their deepest darkest suppressed word bubbles, they go bananas repeating the offending term over and over. Like a small child who just learned a certain word is naughty and runs around the house yelling it in every room.

CNN maxipads said the word “shithole” 36 times during one night’s broadcast. That’s what a leftoid does when he’s got cover to relieve the pressure-cooker in his skullcap.

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An argument made by the pro-gay marriage crowd — one which Andrew RawMuscleGlutes Sullivan leaned on to prolapse his agenda into the social consciousness — is that marriage would “domesticate” gays because the wider social norms governing heterosexual marriage would infiltrate gay marriage.

Others warn that the sexual norms surrounding homosexuality would instead travel the opposite direction and infiltrate heterosexual marriage and corrode the institution over time. There are three powerful arguments for a gay –> straight transmission of sexual norms rather than a straight –> gay transmission of norms (and keep in mind gays have FAR MORE lifetime sexual partners and deviant predilections than heteros):

  1. Through the courts. As the courts have essentially been corrupted into a legislative branch of the Left after a long wind into legal positivism, what happens is that the “problems of the penumbras” created by gay marriage and the legal wrangling to accommodate those penumbras will necessarily and inevitably be applied in kind to heterosexual marriage.
  2. Precedent. The history of social movements is ever toward the Left. As chris wrote,

    “Now ask yourself, the people on the left pushing gay marriage. Do they have a history of trying to erode and dismantle the nuclear family, do they have a history of trying to erode and dismantle anti-cuckoldry laws and norms, do they have a history of trying to erode and dismantle Patriarchy? To answer the question is to illuminate their agenda with respect to gay marriage and the plausible direction that such equality will take.”

  3. Perception. Sexuality underlies the whole reason for marriage, and we can take cues from the non-marital tributaries of the sexual market to see how marriage norms can shift. And we find for instance that perceived norms of sexual behavior have a bigger influence on teen sex behavior than does peer pressure. What we think is happening in society influences our personal decisions. Thanks to a 24/7 pozzed media pushing gayness into our homes, Americans consistently and vastly overestimate the number of gays. As the actual sexual practices of gays become normalized, straights will perceive gay abnormality as normal, and this shift in perception will energize a “progressive” shift in the courts. (Gay marriage went from a joke to majority approval in twenty years, partly from court activism helping to normalize the gay lifestyle. That’s the power of perception.) In this way, the extremes of sexual behavior tolerated by a society tend to pull the traditional norm in the direction of the novel norms.

Even if there was norm cross-over — that is, gay norms meeting hetero norms in the middle for a half-rainbow compromise — the effect would be to gay-ify society, since a norm imported to 98% of the population will have a much larger impact on overall society than would a norm imported to 2% of the population.

Novelty-seeking is a hallmark of atomized societies (hyper-individualism and lack of social connection drive people to seek novel experiences to fill the nihilistic void), and gay marriage with its attendant gay sexual norms is a novelty that a disintegrating society won’t be able to resist embracing.

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