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A representative from Campus Reform went around asking dummies (aka college students) their opinions of quotes about immigration restriction attributed to President Trump but actually said by prominent Dems like crocodiletears, gaymulatto, and thecunt.

After the conformist suck-ups were told the quotes were actually made by their Dem icons, they laughed that sort of laugh you hear when an amygdala is hijacked by a pulse of cogdis.

From one of the Y1dtube commenters,

America is going this century. Millennials are a disaster.

Where is the lie?

Propaganda works. A generation of pliable NPCs have been brainwashed by nonstop chaimstream media anti-White and anti-Trump propaganda to deny the existence of the sun if Trump says the sun is real. People really can be whipped into a hysterical frenzy of thoughtless mimicry by a hate machine dedicated to dispensing an agenda-driven narrative.

*BUT…propaganda isn’t all-powerful. A people has to have a leak in their code which can be exploited by the propagandists. In the case of browns and blacks, that code vulnerability is their raw tribalism. In the case of shitlib Whites, it’s their pathological need to virtue signal sympathy for nonWhites and to sanctimoniously chide insufficiently prostrate FreeWhites. Whites who are resistant to virtue sniveling are likewise resistant to anti-White agitprop. Hence, Trump’s incredibly stable favorable/unfavorable poll ratings since he glided down that golden escalator.

PS Speaking of relentless propaganda, OF COURSE that clinton lackey, snake in the grass Mueller leaked a manafort-russia hoax tidbit hours before Trump’s big address to the nation.

Fuck these Creep State vermin to hell.

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You will read the following thinking it a biting satire of Down’s World. And, once again, you will learn never to assume, in this day and age of raging insanity, that the unreal can’t be real.

The censorship and TOS violation warning come from Facebook.

Excuse me, Faceborg.

No wait, Facecock.

One more try, Fakespeak.

You get the idea.

Look at this Faceschlock warning again. Revel in its malice, soak in its abject nonsense, imbibe its assault on truth and common sense, and TREMBLE at the thought of our future under the rule of propagandists like those at Faceberg.

As CH has prophesied, giving The Fuggernaut an inch would inevitably lead to a mile of Fuggernaughtiness.

When the ugly, defomred, and repulsive are “accepted”, we are only a few short societal hops to their glorification, and finally to the demonization of Truth and Beauty.

The Ugly and Demented can’t rest being merely tolerated. The very existence of universal truths and beauty belies their agitprop, so they must destroy that which mocks them silently but powerfully. It was always going to end this way: Uglies in Power outlawing the true and the beautiful, and gaslighting a world into believing shit is chocolate ice cream and pearls are poison pills.

Objective standards of beauty — as timeless as the cosmos — are now deemed “hate speech”, because “hate speech” has come to mean anything which makes a Fugnut feel bad.

It’s past time to turn back the clock on the encroaching dementia gripping the West.

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“Two parents listening to the heart transplanted from their 23-year-old son, who overdosed on opioids.”

It’s cruel of me to laugh at this, but I can’t resist. As a photo, this has everything a chronicler of White civilizational decline could want: The young death of yet another despairing White man to drug overdose, his heart donated to a fat, elderly, smug black man to keep him alive a few more years, two grieving White parents in the throes of a bioengineered Stockholm Syndrome desperately clinging for comfort and for waves of social approval to the unrelated beneficiary of their son’s sacrifice….

All together, it’s the perfect symbol of one people surrendering their future and homeland to another people, and finding in their surrender a reason for rapturous hysteria.

MPC had a term for something akin to the scenario in this photo, called “the 3p!k-n*6 cycle“. This is the ultimate realization of that social phenomenon: The White body parts-POC life extension cycle.

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The shitlibs who will chastise you for using a tranny’s birth sex name are the same shitlibs who snap at you for calling their cat by the wrong sex.

As if the average person should ignore the obvious difference between human males and females but should readily see the difference between male and female cats.

Shitlibs: Insane about human sexuality AND cat sexes.

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A sufficiently robust self-abasement is indistinguishable from depravity. Case in point: this man who is seriously contemplating an agreement with his wife which would sanction her desire to have a “more attractive” baby with another man’s seed and which her openly cuckolded husband would raise as his own under penalty of law and his wife’s death-glare.

Wife [26F] wants to use a sperm donor because she wants attractive kids

I [30M] have been to my wits end with this discussion and I don’t feel comfortable talking to my family or friends about this due to the sensitive and embarrassing nature of the conversation.

So many embarrassing situations can be avoided by being a man.

When talking about children (we want to start soon), she suggested a sperm donor because then the child will (supposedly) have a better chance at a good life. I was incredibly confused and asked her to explain. To which she explained that if the baby had genes of an incredibly attractive and smart man (tried not to be insulted at that) then he/she would live an easier life and be happier. She’s not wrong in that more attractive people live life easy, but its just so hurtful to think that your wife doesn’t think you’re good enough to have children with.

Why did she marry him? Regardless, her (and his) presumption is undercut by the hardships that will befall beautiful bastard sprogs who are abandoned by nonbiological fathers or, at best, resented by those non-fathers until they crack one day and go the full Elliot Rodger/Amanjaw Mancuntte.

Before we got married (been married for 3 years), we mentioned our mutual interest in having kids but this never came up. If I’m being objective, my wife is incredibly smart but not jaw-dropping beautiful

This is why you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS commit to a woman for her looks first, and her smarts a distant second.

and though she has a healthy fit body, her face is not perfect.

Butterfaces are cursed to have the bodies that arouse alpha males for a night, but the faces that scare them away for the rest of the days and nights.

She is imperfectly perfect to me but she’s only a solid 6/7. I think her own insecurity might in part play a role since she struggled with not being a beautiful woman in her younger days and said how life is easier to be good looking.

For women especially, it sure is. But life is not easier as a single mommy. Remind her of that. Watch her reaction. Grab the popcorn. And get ready for an evening of sex you haven’t had with her since…ever.

I’m around the same level of attractiveness (I’m 6’0 and kinda on the thinner side but my face is average id say…never had anyone be repulsed) as her and she is attracted to me but she says she just wants our kid to have the best shot at life and lead the best life it can.

This is like the IMAX showing of Alpha Fux, Beta Bux. We’re immersed in it. Blink when you leave the theater to get your sight back.

I don’t know what to do. Its gotten to the point where now I’m starting to consider it,

Second biggest mistake. (First big mistake was marrying her.)

but it would make me feel as though she married me just for the money I can provide in raising this other handsome man’s child.

Whenever there is any doubt, there’s no doubt.

I don’t know what to do or how to reach her that this is not ok.

Try this:


Then this:

“No, you dumb crazy bitch.”

Then this:

“You don’t have to beg for my pimp hand, you can just ask.”

Finally, if those fail, this:

“There’s the door. Bye.”

Divorce is NOT on the cards; I just want to fix the problem.

Congratulations, you just gave up your only last ditch leverage.

Update: I just casually asked her if she would be ok with using a sperm donor and egg donor and she pretty much shut that down real fast.

How utterly surprising! /s

Nothing pisses off a woman more than an uppity beta going against character and daring to look out for his own interests, but doing so in the most mealy-mouthed, tentative way possible.

She says that at least one of us need to be biologically related to the child and its better if the mother is because the baby grows inside the mother and we could be involved in the pregnancy.

Thanks for the medical report.

This beta male on the cusp of omegadom is sadly representative of so many weak Millennial males who have NO CONCEPTION of the right and proper way to lead, dominate, and romantically possess women.


His pathetic weakness provokes predatory behavior from women.

The only blood women can smell better than their own monthly is the blood of beta chum.

A reader is flabbergasted,

Stuff like this hurts to read, it’s inconceivable to me that someone would tolerate this from his (or supposedly his) woman. How did he even get a woman? Must have been a big bank account.

The man who would tolerate this shit from a woman is the man women would cuckold.

Don’t tolerate it, and women won’t gallingly solicit your acquiescence to your Darwinian annihilation.

My advice to this man is simple, but requires a small measure of dignity, which means it will be ignored or dismissed as “misogyny”.

Do not walk to your nearest divorce lawyer. Run. And do it under cover of night. Plan your legal disentanglement now, while she’s blind to your tactical maneuvers. You want to catch her by surprise, and you want an ironclad divorce settlement that leaves her nothing (luckily no kids are involved….yet) but an empty feeling in the pit of her butterwomb. Secretly record her cuckoldry discussions with you to present as evidence to the court. If all goes well, she’ll be paying you to leave her alone and miserable.

And don’t for a second think this marriage is salvageable. The moment your wifey articulated her desire to shun your seed and profit from your toil was the date-picked stamp on your inevitable divorce. When a woman speaks openly of her hypergamy, you can bet she’s been thinking silently of it for years. A woman in that state of mind is one flimsy excuse away from cheating on you soon enough. Even if she drops her ridiculous demand of you to self-cuck, she’ll simmer with the resentment of a woman who has, for years on end, wanted to jump on interloper dick and get impregnated by a higher quality man. Stay in that marriage only if you eagerly await the day you find the damning sexts on her phone.

Oh, and stop voting for elitist Democrats and cucked Repubs. I can bet you’re the type of sniveling beta boob who votes for politicians who hate your kind.

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A toddler was professionally photographed throwing a tantrum somewhere south of the border, and now America must impeach Trump and accelerate the nation’s demographic displacement.

I kid you not. This is really happening, in our brave new Down’s World.


Many Chateau commenters had a field day mocking this obvious PR stunt.

Every time they want to emotionally blackmail and sentimentally manipulate the white goyim, they use the image of a brown toddler. Aylan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian boy, started the #refugeeswelcome madness and the mass-invasion of Europe. Than the “howling beanlet” Guatemalan girl started the “children in cages” and “abolish ICE” insanity.

It seems they prepare the field for another “humanitarian” fake crisis with this photo, to shame again the white goyim to accept another “caravan” of invaders.

I’m so sick of this strategy.

I coined it “The Great Bawlin’ Beanlet Hoax of 2018“.

As some have noted below, the clothes and shoes look pretty pristine for having “trekked unto exhaustion”.


It looks more like a spoiled kid who didn’t get any of her favorite candy for Halloween.

It’s a nicely paved road FFS!!!!

Has anyone actually BEEN to Central America? Paved roads without wear, tear and potholes are like snowballs in Kalgoorlie.


Who walks thousands of miles in hot pink patent leather ballet flats?


I’m pretty sure that would be the result of making any child that age walk more than what half a mile or maybe three quarters for the tougher ones or if there is ice cream or something at the end? You can probably go to any shopping place and see this several times a day.


That’s some brand spankin’ new looking Target gear she’s got on there. Nary a sweat stain or dust from all the trekkin’ across the jungle and desert! Fresh off the 50% rack?

Clean face too, no dust or soot at all. Very clear to see all the fresh tears.

BTW, no kid sinks to their knees from exhaustion. They pass out on their feet and fall the hell out.

That staged pic is some prime time movie-of-the-week drama right there.

Is anyone else sick of this gaslighting bullshit? Apparently not women and [the special people]!

She looks pretty well-fed too. Look at those chubby arms.

And mom’s shoes got a nice sheen on ’em too… don’t look too walked in.


The pose is reminiscent of Willem DaFoe in Platoon. Very dramatic!

Poor choice of footwear for ‘trekking’ across central America…and horrible taste to boot…

Seriously though, that pic was taken outside some Target/Wallmart parking lot in the US while the kid was throwing a tantrum. I’de bet next weeks paycheck that was taken anywhere but in the caravan.


Yeah, they could find better agitprop photos. Is this supposed to look like a long-suffering, exhausted child who walked half a continent crossing mountains and valleys? She seems more like a girl throwing a tantrum at the toy store because her mother didn’t want to buy her all the dolls on the shelf.

Hey, Chaimstream Media, if you are permanently in propaganda mood, at least do it intelligently. You are not even trying anymore.

Read through the comment thread at that Twatter link. Have a vomit bag at the ready, because the bathos has curdled into lumpy-throated schmaltz.

Women, of course, are hardest hit by this agitslop. Are women really this gullible and manipulable?

YES. Resoundingly.

Which is indirect proof that Game works, because women will fall for anything that tugs at their emotions, whether maternal or libidinal.

I figure the savvy player can repurpose this nation-wrecking sy ops into fruitful courtships. I’ll call it Dramatic Toddler Game. You can fib to a GloboAmeriGirl that you spent last month helping migrants cross the border, and one day you had to literally carry an exhausted toddler across the border into the waiting arms of crying US Marines. Everyone was touched. Please impeach. Go the extra mile and pantomime yourself carrying an invisible toddler. Look deeply concerned and sympathetic. Stroke the invisible toddler’s forehead. Say a few cooing words in Spanish. mi pobrecito…

Or, if you prefer the shock and awe approach, cast yourself as a sort of grown-up toddler throwing a dramatic fit because the girl you’re hitting on won’t laugh at your jokes (or some other suitably humorous pretext). Drop to your knees just like Dramatic Toddler, clutch your breast, wrest a few Fakes Sobs, and look heavenward while lamenting out loud, “I JUST WANT TO CROSS THE BORDER OF YOUR HEART”.

PS A funny video:

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I dare you to watch this Beta O’Rourke campaign ad without violently retching.

Jeeez, I wince with embarrassment for them.

The lack of shitlib self-awareness is astounding. Do they not recognize how cringingly puerile they come across?

It must be a Fuggernaut thing. When you’re amongst fellow fugs, swaddled in mutually supportive fugliness, you let it all hang out because no one will judge you. All it would take is one Chad to show up and point at them, laughing, for the fug facade to crumble and the catladies and soyboys and noseringers to scatter, red-faced, for their underground dwellings.

Anyhow, it appears Beta O’Rourke is the new cult leader to fit the bill for shitlibs’ need to be part of a cult. A know-nothing, zero-accomplishment, effete catboy who plucks the feels-strings of hippie retreads, bitter spinsters and snarling sluts. And he has a hit-and-run DUI on his record, which fulfills another shitlib need: to spend inordinate mental energy rationalizing away the flaws of their godheads.


From DavidTheGnome,

The left has entered 90’s, rapping preacher territory as far as “coolness” goes. I don’t see it turning around anytime soon. In fact I suspect the harder they try and reclaim it, the worse it will be. It makes me think of the chapo trap house guys and their reddit stream in particular, which has all the cultural energy of a super popular guys terminally dorky younger brother.

That’s really the heart of it: the Left has become uncool. Utterly, totally, uncool. They are now the alliance of very uncool people with massive chips on thier shoulders about the popular kid Trump’s inherent coolness and the Chads and Beckys he attracts to his social circle.

And of course, the Left is now trying way too hard to seem cool again, but as DTG notes, when you have to try to be cool, your failure is inevitable. The spiral downward into uncoolness intensifies, as the try-hardness strains to recapture a charisma that was lost long ago.

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