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John Bercow (or is it (((Bercow)))) is Britain’s House of Commons Speaker and Globohomo elitist in good standing who opposed BREXIT and who is now internationally infamous for wanting to ban President Trump from addressing Parliament.

He is also — hold onto your Pickelhaube — a sniveling mangina.

John Bercow has decided to give his marriage ‘one last chance’ after his wife Sally’s astonishing affair with his cousin.

lol Sharia family values.

The affair – revealed by The Mail on Sunday – progressed so far that Alan, 57, even moved into the Bercows’ £1.2 million flat in Battersea, South London, while the Speaker was away campaigning in his Buckingham constituency.

Sally was left alone in the flat while the Speaker stayed in his grace-and-favour Commons apartment. The couple’s three children were forced to shuttle between their estranged parents.

However, after Sally complained that she found living by herself ‘excruciatingly lonely’, Mr Bercow decided last month to give her a final chance – on the understanding that she never strays again.

What’s worse, John Bercow may be a literal cuckold. Tabloids are rife with juicy stories of his wife caught in flagrante delicto with other men.

Here is the Bercow woman with her black bull:


The West is out of order, Mr. Bercow, and you are part of the reason for the disorder.

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A few quick thoughts on the recent media frenzy that erupted after the nominal leader of the alt-right allowed himself to be photographed at a bar in DC dramatically thrusting up a seig heil with a Jewish friend and a female compatriot, Tila Tequila, an Asian reality TV star.

(I won’t link the photo. You can do a Startpage search and find it easily.)

First, remind yourselves that if no edgelord alt-rightist was available to mischaracterize in service to the anti-White Narrative, the leftoid media would invent one out of a moderate alt-rightist, (or even a gullible dope like Jeb). So whatever you think about Richard Spencer’s cheeky antics, know that a less trollish Spencer would not mean the sudden efflorescence of a fairer leftoid media hatemachine.

Second, the media assault was pre-planned with the sole purpose of cornering Trump into, once again, “disavowing” an alt-righter. Trump disavowed, but as usual did so in that way which makes it hard to miss he was subtly mocking the character assassination rituals of shitlib media. The end game is the same for the dying legacy media:

Alt-Right: *assaults public square with realtalk*
Trump: *disavows*
Media: *preens*
Alt-Right: *continues realtalk assault*
Media: BTFO

The American public is inured to the media anti-White shell game by now. A couple of grinning doofuses Roman saluting with an Asian girl? It won’t ping any normal American as a threat…or even a story worth reporting on. Meanwhile, the fashy photo op opens the Overton Window so wide the media is left blind-sided to the erosion of their narrative.

Although given to immature public attention whoring, Spencer isn’t a schmo. He’s a bright guy and his website, Radix Journal, has better writing and better ideas than anything that National Cuckview has put out in the last ten years. Spencer can intro the American public to ideas that legacy media conceals. So this pile-on by the media just might backfire in the long run.

Spencer is not the enemy. The media is the enemy. As hbr nrx twatted, “Reminder: Tim Wise is far more extreme than Richard Spencer, but Tim Wise gets paid large sums of money to give speeches at universities.”

Having softened Spencer’s public persona and decriminalized his nazi-larper signaling with just as much flattery as I can muster before feeling a bit nauseous, I hasten to add that the stunt he pulled did no favors to the Realtalk Revolution he wishes to lead into the limelight.

Semi-ironic meme war is most effective online, and when the media is complacent to the memetic threat. The Meme Wars are not as effective in real life when the media converges for a kill. Multiple tributaries of memetic warfare knock media libs off their game. Focusing the slippery White Nationalist memes onto one live person — in this case, Spencer — plays to the media’s strength.

The best response to the media’s smear and caricature tactic is to diffuse alt-right power to many sources and have self-disciplined leaders. By self-disciplined, I mean controlling the urge to upload dank visual memes into real life actualization. Prankster hijinks hitched to a leader occlude seriousness. One silly photo can cause a movement to be stillborn when the media maintains ironclad control over perception, which they still do when single photos capturing a moment in time are the standard by which the media sustains its White dispossession narrative.

The uniting theme of the alt-right is rejection of race & sex equalism. I like to think Chateau Heartiste was among the first online repositories of dissident speech to smash the Equalist Megalith. However, CH is in the shadows, so media management is not as much a concern for our ‘umble retreat in the dank wood as it should be for public figures like Spencer. As long as the guiding principles of the alt-right rebellion stay true to the fundamental premise of intrinsic race and sex differences, it can withstand the bad optics of a few drunk-happy thought leaders mischievously mugging for the camera.

That said, bad optics aren’t always blessings in disguise. There is a risk that poor message discipline and sloppy public relations will discredit the alt-right before it has a chance to get out of the Twatter ghetto.

A free piece of advice for the burgeoning alt-right revolutionaries who are now grappling with standards of entry:

Publicly defend, privately cull.

No enemies to the Right is excellent public policy, but a bad way to manage private affairs. The Left is currently destroying itself by forgetting the second half of my advice and allowing the degenerates and misfits to run the ship aground. It’s time to discourage the alt-right from doing the same.


Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this post should not be read as a call for Spencer to apologize or backpedal. Good lord n butter, that would energize his media tormentors a thousand times more than they are already. If we’ve learned anything at this blog and from the past year’s events, it’s that one should NEVER apologize to the rabid Left, even if what one has done is bad form. (Spencer did nothing wrong except violate style rules.)

A way for Spencer to turn this bad press around and come out looking better is suggested by commenter Lovekraft:

The next time Spencer speaks in public, he should be wearing a Malcolm X t-shirt with his hand raised high giving the Black Power salute.

When media ask him why he’s wearing it, he looks them in the eye and asks them if they’re now ready for a real discussion.

(which won’t happen because the narrative is still locked, but the ‘get down to business’ approach with the media could shift them into Trump territory).

While the Nazi-Black Panher comparison isn’t perfect, it will “reset” the optics and put the leftoid hivemind media on the defensive. It’s a finger in the eye of the media, pointing up their hypocrisy in how they cover White vs black tribal salutes.

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I didn’t think the sniveling leftoid freaks running the circus at Twatter headquarters would go so far as to censor a presidential candidate’s tweets one month before the election, but the evidence proves they have gone ahead and done it.

Specifically, Twatter has shadowbanned (made tweets invisible to most of the reading public) and even deleted Trump’s tweets encouraging voters in battleground states like FL to register to vote before the deadline.

This to me seems illegal in the sense that Twatter is now actively interfering in a national election and thwarting the democratic process, but maybe any lawyers reading this blog can confirm if Twatter’s censorship is actionable.

By my tumescent shiv, if this news means Twatter goes the way of Gawker, I will jizz so hard the space station will need birth control (and a cigarette).

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Gaypedoface Kaine

Given that thecunt is one blackout collapse off a high curb from being flayed over and over for eternity in the ninth circle of hell, it behooves us to consider that this creature could wind up President:


Like I said, this is an existential election for the soul of heritage America. It’s a globalist war pitting Lies and Faggotry against Truth and Beauty.

Tonight, Pence helped score one for Team Truth and Beauty. Kaine will drown his disappointment in a day-long Peter Pan film festival binge.



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A minute of staring at this friendzone logo and it starts to make sense: A beta male half-heartedly burying his real feelings to receive an asexual thumb’s up from his oneitis who green-lights his blue balls.


I think the girl’s hand is supposed to translate as “up yours”, or “I rip your heart apart with my dual-edged thumbnail”.


In this photo we see the straight man on the left friendzoning the gay man on the right.

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Three cultural adventurers — an antiracist, a feminist, and a shitlord — stumble upon a treasure trove. In the loot, they discover a magic dildo. The antiracist picks up the dildo with a great effort, his wrist flopping against the weight of the object, and rubs it. A genie ejaculates.

“I AM THE GREAT CISGENDER GENIE. I will grant you three wishes, but on one condition: the wishes will only benefit your next-born child.”

All three adventurers look at each other in amazement; the shitlord with his strong high T jaw and cliffside brow carving the air in front of him; the antiracist with his doughy face and watery eyes soaked in estrogen; the scowling feminist with her blue femmestache and “Syphilis Sisterhood” fupa tattoo.

The manlet antiracist, already struggling to maintain his grip on the tumescent didlo, goes first.

“I wish for a beautiful black daughter! That will show the world how committed I am to ending White hegemony.”

The genie booms, “Your wish is granted! Go home, and you will find your wife in bed with a 12-inch buck.”

Many years later, the antiracist would have his head caved in by his half-black daughter’s fully grown 9 year old black boyfriend. He will die with a smug grin on his battered face.

The feminist, creaming herself with the patriarchy-smashing possibilities, grabs the magic dildo (effortlessly, as if she had spent a lifetime handling such objects) and makes her wish.

“I wish for a smart daughter! Her smarts will lead her to the top in corporate law, and sufficiently privilege-checked male feminists will beg for her love.”

The genie announces, “Your wish is granted! In nine months, you will birth a 150 IQ daughter with the assistance of a noted Massachusetts sperm bank.”

Many years later, the feminist’s smart daughter, 32 years old, a lawyer, and clocking in at 250 pounds with a face that could cleave ice sheets, empties the bottle of pills into her mouth, tears streaming down as she remembers the boy from law school she loved who mistook her for a man and told her he “doesn’t swing that way”.

Finally, the genie turns to the shitlord.

“Maybe YOU will choose wisely?”

The shitlord ponders, (stoically, not theatrically, as is the wont of effeminate males). He thinks this is a mischievous genie, who will grant his wish with a baleful clause attached.

“I wish to make America great again.”


Many years later, revolution shakes the country to the core. President Trumputin imposes an immigration moratorium. Unfair trade agreements are torn up, deportation cars haul illegal aliens back home by the millions, colleges have stopped offering black and women’s studies, gay marriage is repealed, SJWs and feminists are laughed out of public discourse, heteronormativity is the norm, the Middle East is abandoned to its petty inbred warlords, and America is great again. The nation is so great, in fact, that the shitlord has many sons and daughters, and all of them can buy affordable homes in high-trust White neighborhoods with good schools, and bless him with a small army of grandchildren.

Now an old man, the shitlord is visited by the genie one more time.

“Why did you not ask for a beautiful daughter or a smart son? Your wish unleashed chaos for millions of Americans, and guaranteed you nothing in return.”

The shitlord smirks, knowingly (is there another kind?). “A beautiful daughter may be dumb. A smart son may be nerdy. But a great America gives all her sons and daughters a better chance.”

The genie smiles and slowly vanishes, departing with a final promise to grant one more wish.

Without hesitation, the shitlord says, “I wish to make anime real.” And like that he is compressed into a 2D cartoon and teleported into an alternate universe, large-chested wide-eyed Japanese girls giggling all around him, happy to have defied his mortality.

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