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paddy unsheathes a shibboleth-smashing shiv.

Trump and Jeb! Bush similarities:

both taller than average, attractive enough
both wealthy from birth
high-ish IQ, educated

Yet look at the differences in their women!

Says it all. Will this open the eyes of the sexual market deniers? The Game deniers? The sex difference deniers? No, but it will make them squirm. Which is nice.

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Courtesy of Reb, a very, uh, vivid anecdote of life after nofap.

Every 7 days is what I heard. I went no fap in jail a few times. I had the power of an animal. Fucked the first blond woman with big tities whom I approached when I got out. She was on birth control so her pussy sprayed the kid out like a plate of spaghetti two days after.

There should be a healthy balance between nofap and gofap. Strict nofap is an ascetic demand too great on the male body, unless the man is supplementing his literal downtime with a rigorous protocol of vajfap. But gofap — constant and unregulated personal indulgence of fapping — poses risks to a man’s health as well, mostly I’d guess through gradual wearing away of psychological defenses against crippling self-doubt. The gofapper is typically a man who struggles in the acquisition of the preferred vajfap release, so each crabbed-hand fap over time reinforces limiting beliefs in his sexual and seductive prowess.

The optimal ejaculation frequency is therefore going to be lower for gofappers, higher for nofappers, and like baby bear’s porridge, juuuuuust the right amount for vajfappers. There’s something to be said for “cleaning the pipes”, but more to be said for laying pipe. Really, there’s no upper limit on vajfap; the healthiest (in every measurable way) men I know vajfap like it’s their last. If there’s attractive vaj that wants fapping, the good and honorable vajfapper will never turn it down. Hedonism has its privileges.

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This comment by Les Saunders, Protestant rings true. I’ve seen so many similar cases that there should be a term to describe men who look like womanizers on paper, but who are paper tigers in practice.

Being tall and handsome simply isn’t enough. Well, I suppose it will get you some play but it’s not the be-all end-all. I’m tall and handsome, but had weak game in my 20s. My physical attributes meant I didn’t starve and probably got me a number of 02:00am drunk hookups at da club that a short, homely fellow wouldn’t.

However – I’ll tell you about a good buddy of mine in university. 6’0″, better-looking and -built than me.  Had absolutely zero game. Think he got laid once in 4 years of school by some fat redhead in our dorm who I turned down.  Once, after graduating, a whole bunch of us  gathered in the countryside at a buddy’s parents farm for a weekend of games, drinking, and pig-roasting. A good, old-stock Canadian gathering. A female friend of a friend, a lovely natural blonde haired, slim lass, let it be known that she would bang the retiring buddy of mine. He completely buckled. I saw him freeze up, shift nervously, and stammer, “I can’t do it.”  A few lads and I tried to strong-arm him into going to her tent, but nothing doing. We speculated that he was gay, but I lived with the guy for over a year, and I honestly believe he simply has zero game and zero confidence. His mother was quite a stern and forbidding figure in his life. To this day, 12 years after graduation, he still lives at home, commutes into the city to work, and is thoroughly single.

The moral of the story? Being tall and handsome isn’t everything. Not even close. I’ve seen many shorter, less attractive men hook up with quite attractive women over the years. To be fair, I’ve seen many of the same type of men hook up with fat, homely women, and this is what you’d expect.

What do we all want? Hotter, younger, tighter. To get that you need to be, above all, interesting. That can mean being an asshole with a motorcycle, being a musician, or having game. Tall and handsome gives you some breathing room if you’re a little short in the charisma department, but not a hell of a lot. I’m a tall and handsome guy, but the best lays I’ve got over the years had far more to do with upping my charisma and zfg/keep ploughing attitude than walking into a place and having girls throw themselves at me based on looks alone.

By the way, Ukraine continues to be interesting. Girls here are sexy as hell and receptive to being approached – it’s normal here. I’m staying in a suburban area so they don’t get any foreigners here (100% Ukrainian here) and they practically cream their pants when I speak English.  Why is that? Because, as adduced above, being a White native English speaker is interesting, and interesting is what sets hearts and pussies alight. It just might be a poosy paradise here.

It’s been said before at this raw truth retreat, so I’m not saying anything new here, but a usefully attenuated guideline to male SMV and predicted success with women would run in this order, from highest to lowest:

Tall, handsome, sociable man with Game
Average looking, sociable man of average height with Game
Tall, handsome, introverted man with no Game
Average looking, introverted man with no Game
Extremely ugly and disfigured man with Game
Extremely ugly and disfigured man with no Game

Anyone who thinks there’s something controversial in the above hierarchy of male mate value has, in my opinion, never lived a day in his life.

Bottom line, no matter your looks and height, or lack thereof, having male charisma is always better than not having charisma in the sexual market zero sum plunderdome for romance, love, and a genetic stake in the future.

I have personally witnessed so many good-looking men get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by less handsome men with BIGGER BALLS and NIMBLER TONGUES that I came to write this blog partly to deliver to the world the truths that I saw unfold almost daily in the dating and mating trenches of our modern sexual market. And yet there are still some who prefer the safe space of pretty lies where black-pilling passivity and inaction are rationalized as moral imperatives…..how predictable.

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If you have an objective flaw, then as a man the best attitude to cop is a wry, over-confident disregard of it. Chicks dig men who aren’t wracked with self-doubt.

Observe any men good with women and the one trait the supreme womanizers share is an indifference, natural or studied, to their own limitations, weaknesses, and blemishes. The pickup artist worth his beaver pelts never expresses self-doubt in public, certainly not in the company of sexy women, and even in private he nurtures a deep reluctance to the kind of wallowing in self-pity that so often marks out the typical beta male three levels deep into rationalizing his romantic exile.

Are you poor? Never let a woman see you sweat about it. The poor jerkboy doesn’t shine a spotlight on his economic distress; he may occasionally own it with a droll Agree&Amplify — “my chauffeur’s out front. his name’s Honda and he’s 16 years old” — but beyond that he gives no indication of shame.

Same goes for shortness, ugliness, older/younger age, etc. Don’t act like it bothers you. Don’t make excuses for your shortcoming (heh), don’t draw unnecessary attention to it, don’t wring your hands over it. If you fret, girls won’t get wet.

Women aren’t the best objective evaluators of a man’s worth. Women DO have very good radar for a man’s PERCEIVED worth, and perceptions can be altered. Women think highly of men who think highly of themselves first. An objectively HSMV man who’s riddled with self-doubt eventually wears down women and loses their admiration (and arousal). An objectively lower SMV man who ACTS like a HSMV man, and comports himself as if he fully trusts his inflated self-regard, will engorge women’s curiosity and wrest their admiration.

A man must first stroke himself before women will do it for him.

PS This is possibly big news: Sources have told FoxNews that British Intelligence surveilled Trump on behalf of the Gay Mulatto Administration. That’s a clever way for the Derp States of the US and UK to get around the legal prohibitions against spying on their own citizens….just collect the data on each others’ countrymen, (which is legal since it’s spying on foreigners), and then exchange the data sets.

The Surveillance State is one of the great evils of our age. It was carried into the Anglo West in the Trojan Horse of Diversity, proving that Diversity is our wiretapping. No multi-racial stew lowering social trust and harboring terrorists, no need for the Surveillance State.

PPS I don’t want this post to be misconstrued as a call to avoid improving oneself. The cocksure, overconfident player doesn’t tolerate his personal flaws, especially if those flaws are fixable. The man who wants it all hates the thought that he might leave pussy on the table because he allowed a scab on his SMV to ooze and fester. Sustaining that charismatic ZFG attitude that girls love is easier when there’s a foundation supporting its stylish facade. That foundation could be self-reinforcing — i.e., charm begets more charm — or it could be a conventional buttress (better job, more money, bigger muscles, enlarged social circle, swankier home, brighter teeth, shinier trophies).

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I wasn’t sure whether to put this human interest story (h/t reader A.P.) in a “Shitlord of the Week” or “Alpha of the Week” post, so I decided to skip either option and focus on the lightly embedded moral tale of this Texas man’s life:

The jerkboy may be hated, but he is never ignored nor unloved.

After Leslie Ray Charping died at age 75, his family decided to run a brutally honest obituary eulogizing the “evil” late relative.

The family wrote that Charping “leaves behind two relieved children,” in addition to “countless other victims including an ex wife, relatives, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses and random strangers.”

The jerkboy may come
the jerkboy may go
But the jerkboy is rarely
if ever alone.

His death came at an age that was “29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved,” according to the obituary on the Carnes Funeral Home site.

At least he was remembered. Many boring betas go to their graves leaving no trace of themselves in the collective consciousness.

“At a young age, Leslie quickly became a model example of bad parenting combined with mental illness and a complete commitment to drinking, drugs, womanizing and being generally offensive,” the obituary read.

I bet Leslie left behind a lot of broken hearts. Hearts which still secretly yearn for his love.

The obituary goes on to list his hobbies which included abusing his family and expediting trips to heaven for his pets. He was also interested in fishing, which “he was less skilled with than the previously mentioned.

Now that’s just bad form.

“Leslie’s life served no other obvious purpose, he did not contribute to society or serve his community and he possessed no redeeming qualities besides quick [witted] sarcasm, which was amusing during his sober days,” the obituary read.

Ah, there it is. Did you catch that? The sound of those hurt by Leslie who nevertheless, even in his “deserved” death, can’t help but fondly reminisce about his charming company. The jerkboy is like that; one moment stomping on your heart, the next lighting up your dull life. A force of personality. An anti-hero. A blast of heat in a cold world.

No services will be held for him.

He served himself in life.

“Leslie’s passing proves that evil does in fact die and hopefully marks a time of healing and safety for all,” the obituary concluded.

“Healing and safety”: the words of an alpha widow rationalizing the blessings of her post-Leslie bored, drama-free life.

To all the Leslie Ray Charpings of America: we lovers of women and grabbers of pussy celebrate your life and honor your passing in the hope that your kind will not disappear from weird, wild America at a time when we need you most.

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Trump is a lion, and does the lion fear going into the lion’s den?

In what is one of the most extraordinary video clips of 2017 (and the year is still young), Trump appears to deliver a subtle “fifth column” warning to a rogue, ISIS-supporting CIA.

The CIA was likely the agency responsible for commissioning and then leaking the lurid, unsubstantiated and unverified “Russian dossier” on Trump. No doubt forces within the Deep State wanted to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency because they feared that he meant what he said about draining the Washington DC swamp.

And if you doubted Trump’s word was good, yesterday’s and today’s news should hearten you: Trump announced the construction of the border wall, immigration restrictions, an end to sanctuary cities, and a whole host of other desirable America-First policies that the alt-right and maul-right have been advocating for years.

Pepe wept tears of joy.

It’s been remarked that Trump has balls the size of Mac trucks, but that may be underselling the heft of his cojones. His brass ones could be planetary in scope and gravitational pull.

The most nourishing ingredient in Trump’s battle stew may be that by his actions — full-throated, high T, unapologetically masculine actions — Trump is throwing into stark relief the GOPe cucks’ utterly degrading futility over decades as the leftoid message machine’s stepinfetchit house eunuchs. Trump is showing how much can be done with seemingly INCREDIBLE EASE by just SACKING UP and grabbing the pussies of the world to let them know a new shitlord is in town, and he’s not gonna wait for the crybullies to get in his grill before his guns are out firing round after round.

That’s Trump’s true gift to America: He has exposed the cucks’ ineffectual and treasonous cowardice for everyone to see. There is no coming back from this.

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Sluts do not come “in all shapes and sizes”; they fall into archetypes that are noticeable to even the untrained beta goober eye. This post briefly profiles the stereotypical slut appearance and behavior, with the caveat that these observations by yours truly are broad (heh) generalizations. Plenty of exceptions to the rules exist, and this is so because nature has deemed it beneficial to bestow women a valuable coin of the reproduction realm: skill in the art of deception, of others and herself.

For instance, despite my general impression that ultra-feminine girls are less slutty than mannish girls, there are certainly very dainty, coquettish, eternal ingenues who play men like a fiddle for their resources and pack on a surprising amount of cockage over the years as man-eaters in pixie’s clothing. So the wary (or opportunistic) man reading this post would be wise to use it as a loose (heh) guide rather than a precise schematic.

FYI, “cock count” is a lovingly scientifical term to describe how many sex partners a woman has had in her life to date.

Women with the highest cock counts tend to be

  1. sassy/neurotic
  2. liberal
  3. androgenized (narrow hips, manjaw, short temper)

Women with the lowest cock counts tend to be

  1. demure/deferential
  2. conservative
  3. estrogenic (hourglass figure, neotenous features, nurturing temperament)

Why do masculinized, liberal women have higher cock counts? My theory — one that will no doubt be validated by SCIENCE! in a few months’ time — is that the key variable isn’t the intensity of female horniness but rather the presence of female disinhibition. Masculine women, like men, skew toward risk-taking and have fewer inhibitions than feminine women. They are less coy about their wants and (probably) less regretful about fulfilling those wants (at least during the immediate aftermath of their hookups). And liberal women, like liberals generally, have a stronger novelty-seeking compulsion and higher disgust thresholds, which together mean they aren’t as prone to existential crises about noncommittal casual sex as are conservative women.

I don’t see that feminine, conservative women are any less horny than masculine, liberal women, but they are certainly less inclined to act on their horniness with the perfunctory freewheeling attitude that your garden variety slutty urban SWPL chick brings to the bedroom.

Men can do one of two things with this darkly dank information: help them identify which women will go all the way right away… or which women would make good LTR girlfriend or wife material. The two goals are mutually exclusive in the whole (allowing for overlap at the margins).

Be careful with this knowledge. There’s no free munch. Long-term, low cock count women are a much better bet for relationship stability (and hence, for paternity certainty and divorce theft avoidance). But those low cock count women come with a price: lower sexual drive. If you like to bang, and bang a lot, you may become unhappy with a chaste low N girl who’d rather dream of babies and gossip with her girlfriends than ride you through the night into the morning. One mitigating advantage men with aggressively high horny levels have at their disposal, should relationship stability be their primary concern, is that, as a reader has reminded, on average men have a higher sex drive than women anyhow, and it’s “better to ‘work [a low cock count woman’s libido] up’ (probable) than to ‘tame [a slut’s vivacity] down’ (not possible)”.

Men care more about any particular woman’s cock count in proportion to the length of time they want to spend with that woman. A woman’s cock count cutoff for a man is highly dependent on his intentions with her. ONS? No cutoff. Fun fling? A cock count higher than twenty will gross a man out (even if he won’t admit it). Marriage? Any number over ten will seriously make a man question his decision to nuptially shackle himself. Ideally, most (non-black) men would love to marry a woman who’s a virgin, or more liberally (given current sexual market realities) who has accumulated no more than three cocks in her lifetime.

One of the illest feelings in the world for a man is to find out post-cock ergo cocker that the woman he loves and committed himself to has a sexual history that would rival Genghis Khan’s. This feeling will percolate no matter how much his woman loves him presently or swears her fidelity to him in future; these are primal attractions and repulsions that modern society with its platitude carpet bombing and gogrrl glorification and emasculation affirmations will never banish from the hindmind of man. That’s why it’s so critically important that alpha males teach beta male buddies, and shitlord dads teach pre-brainwashed sons, how to identify sluts and exploit them for pleasure biding or avoid them for patriarchy building.

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