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Welcome to the CH patented, leather-bound B.O.B. seduction system.

Birth order has an impact on a girl’s character. How much of an impact is debatable, but the zero sum sexual market is all about exploiting pattern perturbations at the margins. In my travels through the Valley of the Thots, I’ve noticed that only-children, first-borns, middle chicks, and “woopsie” last-borns share personality, and hence sexuality, traits.

Only-children girls:

The stereotypes are true. Only-daughters have been coddled their whole lives. They have never had to compete for love and attention with siblings, and their parents (probably sad they didn’t have a son, given they stopped at one kid) treat them with kid gloves because they don’t want the onlies to be upset with them. Sometimes the fathers will resent their only-girls, or push them to be tomboys against their natures, and this will later fuel a slutty rebelliousness in the only-girl that materializes as Dad’s worst nightmare. These girls grow up to be your typical “precious princesses”; selfish, egotistic, demanding, irrationally confident…and DTF. Yes, onlies love to jump in the sack with men who can overpower their solipsism and associated shit tests. The catch is that onlies make such an overpowering first impression that most men are intimidated by their lookatme antics.

First-born girls:

The weight of expectation is placed on these girls. They have carried the burden of pleasing their parents and undertaking some responsibility for their younger siblings. These are your straight-arrow, apple polisher chicks with a good head on their shoulders. They know what they want in a man, and it’s usually a long-term commitment. First-borns respond well to “shared values” and “life dreams (or lost dreams)” Game routines, because they have spent their lives trying to please others often at the expense of pleasing themselves. You want to be the man who can connect with the first-born on the level of someone who gets what she’s had to sacrifice, and who can give her what she’s allowed herself to miss out on before she met you.

Middle chicks:

Keep in mind that White American family size is decreasing, so middle- and last-born chicks are a vanishing breed. Still, I’ve known a few, and they have their own way of seeing the world. Middles are usually artsy, free spirits, and this predilection extends to their poon. They have big, soft hearts, easily broken, that soar and sway and get carried away on bouts of self-induced drama. These were the girls largely ignored by their parents, left to explore on their own. And explore they do, every nook and cocka. Be the man who notices her “special talents” and she’ll be yours forever.

Woopsies (last-borns):

“Mistakes” are pampered even more than are only-children, especially if they’re girls. These are the “rare jewel” daughters of fathers who shower them with baubles, credit cards, BMWs for their Sweet Sixteen birthdays, and a hands-off approach to disciplining them. Part of the reason is that parents get lazy by the third kid, opting to let nature take its course. Another reason is that parents, feeling guilty about neglecting to properly raise the Woopsie, alleviate their guilt by giving the Woopsie lots of gifts and leeway to do as she pleases. The woopsie girl can do no wrong, and because she has never had boundaries on her behavior, she grows up into a thrill-seeker who will push men’s boundaries just to see how much she can get away with before the hammer comes down (it rarely does…most men are pussies). The Woopsie is liable to shack up with a jerkboy grifter before she ever has a serious relationship with a serious man. She’s prone to cheating, carousing, gallivanting, acting out, and then regretting her decisions when the Wall looms. Men looking for the Woopsie Bang should stress script-flipping; the Woopsie can’t resist a hard-to-get man after a lifetime having her feelings validated and her every want fulfilled by her Pedestal Polishing Dad.


“traitors first” connects the dots,

So essentially go for onlies and woopsies for the easy lay and first and middles for LTR or waifu.
Wow that really does explain why the female market is so screwed up, you’re picking from 70% + onlies and woopsies (probably closer to 90% now a days) leaving less than 30% (way less) as potential wife material and probably half of that left over is probably a lost cause.

There is much truth in this.

Small family size = More dirty sluts?

mmmmmm….could be!

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White men driven by a shared purpose, cooperating to defeat an enemy, are the most formidable force in the known universe.

But first, they have to overcome petty intra-ethnic divisions. Thankfully, the Democortez Party is doing that job for us; White male Dems are a breed being pushed off their habitat by invasive species.

Audacious E not-so-subtly hints that we MAGAmen can hasten the process by trolling the Diversitroid Fuggernaut into more quickly and permanently casting out the White men in their ranks (and thus depriving the Dems of critical leadership skills).

The Perfidious Mick Joe Crowleys of the USA may never come over to the MAGA side after their ousting from the Dems, but if we can successfully encourage their silencing and ostracism from Democortez politics, then we will have amplified the voice of the White MAGAmen on the other side who can save America from the abyss of virtue spiraling cat lady suicide.

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Why is this post titled “Spot the Chad” instead of “Spot the Alpha”? You’ll understand why after seeing the photo I’ve attached:

This is REO Speedwagon, pre-snowflake era rockers. Despite the classification I’m about to reveal, all these guys got mad pussy. Comes with the job.

They were (are) all alpha males according to the CH and Darwin definition of alpha male:

The alpha male attracts hot women, attracts women strongly, and attracts a lot of women.

Quantity and quality of female interest defines the alpha male.

By that metric, all the members of REO Speedwagon were alphas, hauling groupie pussy in its prime like a shrimping net.

But within the subset ‘rocker’, we find subtle and not-so-subtle physiognomic differences of male value. In the photo above, there is a clear Chad and a clear Cuck.

CHAD: far right (ofc)
INTENSE ALPHA: 2nd from left
NICEGUY: middle
CUCK: 2nd from right

FYI, “intense alpha” is the brooding artist type who may or may not leave a lover before morning light. “Goofball alpha” is the class clown if the class clown wasn’t a secretly low self-esteem basketcase.

The Cuck with the homo pose is the lead singer, Kevin. The Surfer Chad is the bass player, Bruce. So did their real lives match their physiognomies? reactionary writes,

Mostly. Kevin was their lead singer and had a very effeminate/annoying voice. Bruce was there bass player and would occasionally do vocals. “Back on the Road Again” is sort of an alpha song.

So what distinguishes the Chad from the generic alpha male? Politics, for one. No Chad is With Her. In point of fact, very few alpha males are With Her, so that’s not telling us much. The Chad phenotype tends to more often align with conventional views of what characterizes an alpha male (heavy jawline, Eastwoodian squint, overhanging brow ridge, mesomorphic frame, perpetual smirk). This serves as a reminder that more often than not, real life alpha males don’t look like central casting alpha males. They don’t look like soyboy cucks either, but the physical properties of the alpha male span a wide spectrum.

Crucially, I think the biggest delineator of the Chad is his aversion to emoting. He keeps it “close to the vest”, except when he’s giving atomic wedgies to nerds. There’s an IDGAF vibe about him that says “when the time comes, I’ll gladly take up sword and rid our land of these locusts”. Balancing this is a hint of playfulness in the eyes, honed from years in middle and high school teasing girls to heights of tingle eruptions.

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Halfway through this Carlos Slim Times article about the manosphere sounding the alarm about generationally trending low sperm counts in Western men, I spit out my bulletproof coffee when I read Roosh quoted saying this:

Daryush Valizadeh, who runs The Return of Kings, a men’s rights site, called the situation “a biological crisis” and one that women struggle to understand.

“Tell your editor to stop being an idiot and reassign the article to a man,” he wrote in a direct message on Twitter. “Then get in touch with me.”

That’s almost as good as “lol suk a dik”. If you’re gonna talk to the feministized corporate media, this is how you do it. Disparagingly, mockingly, condescendingly. Make these whorenalists the story. They deserve nothing less.

As if to punctuate the point of this post, Nellie Bowles (the NYBTimes typist) included a false claim in her story that the soy=>estrogen connection was debunked. It wasn’t. She is peddling Fake News.

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Naresh poses a thought experiment,

Here is a question

If you have to pick a woman who only has 2 out 3 which two would you want in her

Under 25, under a buck-25.

haha, true but not what you asked. Ok, here goes:

I’d choose no debt and virgin. My thinking: A girl can’t recapture lost virginity, and between the two slut tells — debt and tats — the former will wind up costing me more than the latter. (M2F wealth transference is almost unavoidable in any relationship lasting longer than three months.)

Also, tats on a girl are a powerful indicator that she bangs like a beast.

Yes, I know how unlikely it is that a tatted virgin exists in the wild. This was a thought experiment, after all.

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From Henry Mueller,

I miss the days when tattoos were only the hallmark of scumbags. Now they’re billboards for sluts and f@ggots.

There’s a “male” in one of my martial arts classes who fits the prototype: tall, thin, pale, nice, self-effacing, problem glasses. His noodly arms are covered shoulder to fingertips with a hideous hurricane of ink.

I find that almost more offensive than the tragedy of a beautiful woman tainting her virgin skin. At least some of them are intense and can fuck like beasts.

“He’s got a beard and menacing looking tattoos. My girl could definitely take him.”

Clown world indeed.

Tattoo rule of thumb:

Don’t (if you’re a girl).

If you’re a man, the size of your muscles should be larger than the expanse which the tattoo occupies. If you have noodle arms, no one will tremble before your steampunk butterfly tattoo that starts and finishes all the way around your concave bicep, leaving you looking like a domestic abuse victim.

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