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Supporting Lott’s research that found female suffrage immediately shifted American politics to the Left and enlarged the State, a recent study likewise concluded that female enfranchisement accelerated the same Leftward lurch well into the late 20th-early 21st Century, and it continues moving the country to the Left today (tradcon white knights hit hardest). Furthermore, the female compulsion to vote into existence larger and more intrusive government crosses party identification lines.

If America collapses from debt overhang and mass nonWhite colonization, sad to say you can lay the blame primarily on women. The feminization of institutions and decision-making bodies in Western nations will be their undoing.

Thot Patrol isn’t just an edgy meme, it’s a survival tactic.

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The unmarried woman is a temporary and fleeting state of adult womanhood, as noted pithily by Gabber @brutuslaurentius:

There is no such thing as an unmarried woman. She marries a husband, her Johns, or the state. For the well being of civilization it is best she marry a husband.

The Fundamental Premise ensures that a woman will be cared for as long as she has a stash of viable eggs (or the youthful promise of eggs on the way), and the largesse she receives will be out of proportion to her non-reproductive contribution to society. This is because the sexual market is the one market to rule them all. Most societies throughout history have organized themselves around the pampering and coddling of their prime fertility womenfolk, and this natural impulse extends to providing lush safety nets even for old women who have no further reproductive use.

In short, men are expendable, women are perishable. On a societal scale, that means men must strike out on their own without much help from the State, women, or other men, and women must secure the blessings of maximal beta provisioning before they have hit the Wall.

Practically, no woman remains unmarried for long. She’ll get her resources from a husband or husband-substitute, i.e. the State, and this explains why women broadly (heh) vote for bigger government and more welfare…..they’re covering all their bases. But as it is the wont of the solipsistic sex to ignore feedback loops, what women fail to comprehend is that their continual striving to enlarge the scope of the State necessarily restricts the scope of individual beta provider men who must compete with government largesse and wage-gutting foreign colonizers for the hearts of women. As beta males lose their competitive edge, they drop out of the marriage market, forcing more women to hitch their fates to the State. A negative reinforcement cycle is established that ends with the Africanization of Euro-White nations.

Women, a word of advice: you can have Big Daddy State or you can have dependable, devoted provider husbands, but you can’t have both. In time, antagonistic provisioners of female safety and security will come to blows, given that they mutually undermine the ability of each to satisfy women. A big lavish government cheapens the contributions of beta males, lowering their SMV, while a society organized for the benefit of a large, high-earning, beta male middle class reduces the necessity of government intervention to protect women from lifelong penury.

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Democrat Mayor of New Brighton, MN, the tubby post-menopausal schoolmarmish Val Johnson, is emblematic of the shitliberal establishment in predominantly White regions of the country. Here she is caught on video having an emotional breakdown ranting about the phantasm of “White privilege” (via):

Female brain gone insane.

This is your political party on estrogen, hot flashes, and dying ovaries. The feminization of the Democreeps means more crazy cat ladies virtue signaling like lunatics about all the browns and blacks they “look after” while haranguing White men about their privilege and misogyny. The mass influx of bitter hags and wrecked sluts into politics has been a disaster for the West, no doubt about it.

What’s more pathetic than this cunt’s psychotic break in the video, if that’s possible, is the collective reaction of the four UGH WHITE MALES sitting there taking hot splooges of this broad’s insanity to their faces. Not one of these “””men””” had the balls to tell this shrike to shut the hell up? You know they were all thinking it. At least, you hope they were thinking it; maybe shitlib White men are so utterly emasculated that this feels like normal to them. They would feel adrift without some rancid cunt shrieking like a banshee about how evil and stupid and entitled they are.

Anti-White feminism is a civilization-wide shit test, and men are failing it, badly. What the country needs more than ever is one man with brass ones to jab a chadfinger in one of these cunt’s porky mugs and tell her off. “There’s no such thing as White privilege you stupid old shrew, and if you keep it up I’m gonna throw you out of a helicopter!”

The Emascunations of the West are feeding the delusions of our worst people, and so naturally we are getting more shitty people behaving even shittier than ever running things into the ground. When the eunuchs guard the cunts, civ death is close at hand. Alexis de Tocqueville warned that America would turn into a country of masculine women and weak men, and that’s exactly what happened. The crazy cat ladies, homos, and ball-less wonders are at the helm, steering the ship of state straight into the litter box.

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Silicon Valley is a foreign entity operating on US soil. SV technopolies that import foreign scab labor by the tens of thousands should be considered enemies of the American people. My fervent wish is that the Trump Administration regulates the internet as a utility.

A reader writes,

This has less to do with Silicon Valley and more to do with the fact that foreign students get charged more for tuition, so universities have an incentive to enroll as many foreigners as possible even at the expense of native students.

That’s part of it, but no I really do believe SV prefers warehousing mystery meat code monkeys on its campuses because 1. they’re cheaper and 2. they won’t question authority. The solution is canceling the H-1B program and ending all foreign student allotments in American universities. All we need is the will and the shaming of virtue signaling single White women to make this happen.

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“Daddy’s Money”. 😂 I don’t call it “Twatter” for no reason.

H/T https://twitter.com/CheekiScrump

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Millennials are having less sex than previous generations, according to research by the CDC and other outfits. This is likely bifurcated survey data (i.e., the number of sexually inactive soyboys and fatty bluehair Millennials has increased over previous generations but a sizable minority of bubbly babes and trumpening chads are going hog wild). Call it the 80-20 Piece-of-ass Principle of Female Hypergamy. Nevertheless, an explanation is out there, and it’s missed by lots of people because it seems so counterintuitive. Doktor Jeep comments,

So with all the dating apps and simpery at its peak, women get their validation with a swipe – post some cleavage on social(ist) media and get scores of likes by the thirsty hordes – this explains why (mainly white) teenagers are having less sex than previous generations.

The great paradox of social media and dating apps which were intended to facilitate hooking up and relationship formation is that the technology leads to LESS sex because, as the good Doktor noted, women get their egos stroked so thoroughly by thirsty swiping betas, they don’t need their kittens stroked.

How utterly ironic that the very tech that was supposed to usher Sexual Liberation 2 has instead flattened the romantic landscape into a dreary chafed handscape. The Whoring 60s, 70s, and 80s have given way to the DVZ: Devirilized Zone. Chicks get swamped with empty anhedonic come-ons and the mass of thirsty betas drains their energies into porn and their dignity into Tinder aka chick crack.

A stroked female ego is a dormant female libido.

A sapped male libido is a debased male ego.

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East (and South) of the Hajnal line is the helical elixir that will save the White West.

When can targeted miscegenation do good? @Aquinas prompts this question with the following comment,

The admixture of a little Southern European basedness and tribalism is what will save domesticated nordics. They are over evolved toward pathological altruism. This is why so many alt right people are catholic.

A touch of Outer Hajnal White blood, ironically, will save Inner Hajnal Whites from their self-destructive excesses.

For those new to Hajnalianism, an explanation: The Hajnal Line is a geosociological concept. It’s a line that separates (more or less) NW Europe from Southern and Eastern Europe. Inside the line, White Euros (such as Germans and Englishmen) evolved extreme out-group altruism from selective pressures imposed by the manorial system and the Church’s ban on cousin marriage (out to the sixth cousin, I believe). Furthermore, inside the Hajnal Line there was a period of European history when the death penalty for violent and not-so-violent criminals was administered frequently and remorselessly, which had the effect of culling the impulsive predators from the NW European White genetic stock.

Unfortunately, we have a dire need for the services of those predators today.

If Inner Hajnal Whites are to survive, they may need the blood of Outer Hajnal Whites coursing through their veins. If you consider this ethnic cleansing or the counsel of an ethnicity traitor, be assuaged that a little interethnic White mixing goes a long way. The Cuckosphere wouldn’t need much. Think of it more as a vaccine. We’d be introducing a small dose of foreign agent to save the whole body.

Iambic Summary:


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