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A sufficiently robust self-abasement is indistinguishable from depravity. Case in point: this man who is seriously contemplating an agreement with his wife which would sanction her desire to have a “more attractive” baby with another man’s seed and which her openly cuckolded husband would raise as his own under penalty of law and his wife’s death-glare.

Wife [26F] wants to use a sperm donor because she wants attractive kids

I [30M] have been to my wits end with this discussion and I don’t feel comfortable talking to my family or friends about this due to the sensitive and embarrassing nature of the conversation.

So many embarrassing situations can be avoided by being a man.

When talking about children (we want to start soon), she suggested a sperm donor because then the child will (supposedly) have a better chance at a good life. I was incredibly confused and asked her to explain. To which she explained that if the baby had genes of an incredibly attractive and smart man (tried not to be insulted at that) then he/she would live an easier life and be happier. She’s not wrong in that more attractive people live life easy, but its just so hurtful to think that your wife doesn’t think you’re good enough to have children with.

Why did she marry him? Regardless, her (and his) presumption is undercut by the hardships that will befall beautiful bastard sprogs who are abandoned by nonbiological fathers or, at best, resented by those non-fathers until they crack one day and go the full Elliot Rodger/Amanjaw Mancuntte.

Before we got married (been married for 3 years), we mentioned our mutual interest in having kids but this never came up. If I’m being objective, my wife is incredibly smart but not jaw-dropping beautiful

This is why you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS commit to a woman for her looks first, and her smarts a distant second.

and though she has a healthy fit body, her face is not perfect.

Butterfaces are cursed to have the bodies that arouse alpha males for a night, but the faces that scare them away for the rest of the days and nights.

She is imperfectly perfect to me but she’s only a solid 6/7. I think her own insecurity might in part play a role since she struggled with not being a beautiful woman in her younger days and said how life is easier to be good looking.

For women especially, it sure is. But life is not easier as a single mommy. Remind her of that. Watch her reaction. Grab the popcorn. And get ready for an evening of sex you haven’t had with her since…ever.

I’m around the same level of attractiveness (I’m 6’0 and kinda on the thinner side but my face is average id say…never had anyone be repulsed) as her and she is attracted to me but she says she just wants our kid to have the best shot at life and lead the best life it can.

This is like the IMAX showing of Alpha Fux, Beta Bux. We’re immersed in it. Blink when you leave the theater to get your sight back.

I don’t know what to do. Its gotten to the point where now I’m starting to consider it,

Second biggest mistake. (First big mistake was marrying her.)

but it would make me feel as though she married me just for the money I can provide in raising this other handsome man’s child.

Whenever there is any doubt, there’s no doubt.

I don’t know what to do or how to reach her that this is not ok.

Try this:


Then this:

“No, you dumb crazy bitch.”

Then this:

“You don’t have to beg for my pimp hand, you can just ask.”

Finally, if those fail, this:

“There’s the door. Bye.”

Divorce is NOT on the cards; I just want to fix the problem.

Congratulations, you just gave up your only last ditch leverage.

Update: I just casually asked her if she would be ok with using a sperm donor and egg donor and she pretty much shut that down real fast.

How utterly surprising! /s

Nothing pisses off a woman more than an uppity beta going against character and daring to look out for his own interests, but doing so in the most mealy-mouthed, tentative way possible.

She says that at least one of us need to be biologically related to the child and its better if the mother is because the baby grows inside the mother and we could be involved in the pregnancy.

Thanks for the medical report.

This beta male on the cusp of omegadom is sadly representative of so many weak Millennial males who have NO CONCEPTION of the right and proper way to lead, dominate, and romantically possess women.


His pathetic weakness provokes predatory behavior from women.

The only blood women can smell better than their own monthly is the blood of beta chum.

A reader is flabbergasted,

Stuff like this hurts to read, it’s inconceivable to me that someone would tolerate this from his (or supposedly his) woman. How did he even get a woman? Must have been a big bank account.

The man who would tolerate this shit from a woman is the man women would cuckold.

Don’t tolerate it, and women won’t gallingly solicit your acquiescence to your Darwinian annihilation.

My advice to this man is simple, but requires a small measure of dignity, which means it will be ignored or dismissed as “misogyny”.

Do not walk to your nearest divorce lawyer. Run. And do it under cover of night. Plan your legal disentanglement now, while she’s blind to your tactical maneuvers. You want to catch her by surprise, and you want an ironclad divorce settlement that leaves her nothing (luckily no kids are involved….yet) but an empty feeling in the pit of her butterwomb. Secretly record her cuckoldry discussions with you to present as evidence to the court. If all goes well, she’ll be paying you to leave her alone and miserable.

And don’t for a second think this marriage is salvageable. The moment your wifey articulated her desire to shun your seed and profit from your toil was the date-picked stamp on your inevitable divorce. When a woman speaks openly of her hypergamy, you can bet she’s been thinking silently of it for years. A woman in that state of mind is one flimsy excuse away from cheating on you soon enough. Even if she drops her ridiculous demand of you to self-cuck, she’ll simmer with the resentment of a woman who has, for years on end, wanted to jump on interloper dick and get impregnated by a higher quality man. Stay in that marriage only if you eagerly await the day you find the damning sexts on her phone.

Oh, and stop voting for elitist Democrats and cucked Repubs. I can bet you’re the type of sniveling beta boob who votes for politicians who hate your kind.

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In case you didn’t already know that Robert Mueller is a zero integrity, dirty-dealing fixer for the Deep State, here is a great thread to remind you of Mueller’s history mocking the spirit and the letter of the law.

The Mueller method: one the worst scandals in FBI history involved framing innocent men to cover for the crimes of politically connected Boston mobster Whitey Bulger. Guess who led the US attorney’s office to protect Bulger and frame innocent men? Mueller.

The Mueller method: right after 9/11, a small set of our own government snuck connected Saudis out of the country to escape interrogation or possible arrest. The law enforcement leader of that Saudi escape effort? Mueller.

The Mueller method: right after the Waco debacle in which an FBI raid led to the deaths of many children, a key Justice Department official advised federal law enforcement to go easy on the agents who caused the deaths of kids. That official? Mueller.

The Mueller method: after the Panama invasion, the US wanted to prosecute Noriega, but cover up the US role in Noriega’s rise to power, and ties to CIA drug-running. The prosecutor got the judge to cover up the evidence. Who led the prosecution? Mueller.

The Mueller method: in pushing for war in Iraq, the Bush administration needed high ranking domestic law enforcement to vouch for “WMDs in Iraq.” Who did they turn to to lie to Congress? Mueller.

The Mueller method. HSBC continued the BCCI ways as the bank (money launderer for illegal arms trade, war profiteering, dictator skimming, political bribery, and sex-trade slavers too). Who was the FBI man that made it go away quietly? Mueller.

Isn’t it amazing how the corruption scandals of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, regardless of party, were covered up so effectively? Then, Obama-era: Fast & Furious; IRS targeting; Clinton Foundation. All swept under the rug. FBI decision maker for each? Mueller.

Prosecutorial overreach seems like too tame a term to describe Mueller’s malice.

As I’ve been saying for a while, 4D chess guys who thought Mueller was a secret MAGA asset were out to lunch. Mueller is and has always been a Bush stooge, a Clinton lackey, and later an Obama cleaner. He’s a garbage human whose resumé may as well say “Deep State pit bull”, and the only reason the ruling class gushes about his “honor” and “integrity” is because he’s saved their asses from a richly deserved justice over and over. He’s one of them.

GuardAmerican comments,

Pulling A ‘Mueller’

Is this a thing? It seems like it should be.

Cuz Special Counsel Mueller’s tactics are to question innocents about non-crimes, and then charge them with false statements under 18 U.S. Code § 1001 if they imprecisely remember perfectly legal things they did, said, or wrote.

And when their recollections of such things are in any way contradicted by some other testimony, likely also coerced.

The Excruciationator adds,

What was the old Loki quote? Something like: ‘Mueller’s tactics have always been the same: giving immunity to people who don’t deserve it, suborning perjury via plea bargain and leak threats, and often outright paying for testimony…’

The only “victory” Mueller can possibly get from this Russia Hoax/Spygate scandal is Fake Prosecution on a cheesy process crime such as obstruction or a perjury trap, or on a shit tier misdemeanor like campaign finance law which gaymulatto violated but the media deemed unworthy to report. Of course, a Mueller “victory” is a Heritage America defeat, so we should be taking his sedition seriously.

On the topic of gaymulatto’s campaign finance violations, J.R. writes,

Obama purposefully turned off credit card verification on his campaign website so foreigners could donate to him when he campaigned in Europe in 2008. They encouraged foreigners to donate and lie about which country they lived in.

Eight years of that Subverter-in-Chief and all we have to show for it are negrolatrous encomiums to his awesomeness. When history is returned to serious men, it will record that the greatest danger to a nation is a media industrial complex wholly in the tank to one party and one ideology, and under the rule and guidance of one small, nepotistic tribe.

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Remember Derbyshire’s PSA, “The Talk“? Now there’s a complement called “The Talk Down”, courtesy of ¡SCIENCE!: (via Washington Times)

White liberals ‘patronize’ minorities, study finds

Liberals present themselves as warmer, less competent to minority audiences

White liberals present themselves as less competent when addressing minorities, while conservatives use the same vocabulary no matter what the race of their audience, according to a newly released study.

Yale and Princeton researchers found that white Democratic presidential candidates and self-identified liberals played down their competence when speaking to minorities, using fewer words that conveyed accomplishment and more words that expressed warmth.

On the other hand, there were no significant differences in how white conservatives, including Republican presidential candidates, spoke to white versus minority audiences.

This study buttresses my belief that White shitlibs know their equalist antiracism virtue signaling is bullshit, but they just can’t help themselves. Feeling morally superior to “unenlightened” whites is a drug to them. They can’t quit it. Withdrawal would be a bitch.

It also confirms every shitlord’s suspicion that White liberals are condescending pricks who psychologically project their racist feelings onto BadThink Whites who don’t have, or care to have, the tact to talk down to nonWhites.

Conservatives, it turns out, are the Real Egalitarians. Shitlibs just mouth the word while acting in complete discordance with it.

The leftoids doth protest too much. You should automatically assume any White person who goes on and on about White racism and White privilege secretly possesses both, and hides her true feelings from herself through acts of exculpatory negative transference that slander heretic Whites who are too gauche (read: dignified) to “get with the program”.

White shitlibs have a lot of unresolved, conflicted feelings stemming from the enormous gap between their actions and their self-conception, and yapping nonstop about the racism of others that secretly percolates in their own ids is their way of stabilizing the dissonance.


From Kelly,

Somebody on Twatter commented on this issue: “For my own personal safety, I often find myself having to “talk down” to white liberals.” Good one.

I prefer to talk straight and carry a sharp shiv.


irishsavant comments,

Yet gay mulatto is credited with being one of the wittiest Presidents ever

The flip side of White shitlibs’ condescension toward nonWhites is the fraudulent attribution of admirable traits to nonWhites (aka Wakandaism). The shitlib talks down to the black person while artificially boosting the merits of the black person. It’s a one-two punch of smug patronage that reveals the White shitlib’s bloated self-regard; she dumbs herself down to assuage her lessers, and unctuously flatters her lessers to obscure the reason for her condescension.

Also, a lot of White libs really do suffer from Magic N__ro Syndrome, and in their zeal to wish this magical creature into existence they indulge a ferociously cloying n__rolatry, imparting near-divinity to their onyx icons.

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This is a useful enemies’ list to keep at the ready, to remind you of the nature, identities, and scope of Globohomo.

NeverTrump’s Billionaire Leftist Benefactors

Just hours after Jeff Sessions resigned as attorney general last Wednesday at the president’s behest, #TheResistance found its newest target for destruction: Sessions’ interim replacement, Matthew Whitaker.

[The special people] HATE HATE HATE Whitaker’s Aryan phyzz.

NeverTrump “conservatives” are aiding Schiff and the media in their campaign to paralyze if not remove Whitaker. Commercials attacking the acting attorney general were aired on several Sunday morning political shows. The ads were sponsored by “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” a group founded earlier this year by Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard. The group’s primary role so far appears to be pimping for the Mueller probe, a political witch-hunt that Kristol and his fellow NeverTrumpers pray will lead to the impeachment and removal of the president. The Left and their NeverTrump footsoldiers fear Whitaker will thwart the special counsel’s investigation instead of rubber stamping Mueller’s ever-expanding investigation as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has done over the past 18 months.

Buying primo air time on network television doesn’t come cheap. So who is funding “Republicans for the Rule of Law” and their attacks on the Republican president and his acting attorney general? Is it big Republican donors?

We haven’t found any, but we have learned learned that one of Kristol’s benefactors is progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the co-founder of eBay.

Omidyar -> not a Heritage American.

The Omidyars have also been among the most prolific supporters of  left-wing causes for years. According to a 2014 report by the Media Research Center, “Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and George Soros’s son, Jonathan are major funders of the left.

Fuck, there’s another Soros sprog. What do all these fine, upstanding, salt of the earth “Americans” have in common? They are united by their desire for

cheap labor
wealth concentration
weakening of the White Gentile majority

And lately, Omidyar seems to have become a big fan of Kristol’s, probably because of their mutual hatred of Donald Trump. Digging a little deeper it looks like they may have more in common since Kristol has recently found his “inner socialist” and he now opposes Republican candidates.

LMAO Kristol didn’t “find” his inner socialist, he just stopped concealing his “inner tribalist”. Immigration restriction advocacy has that effect on the [special people].

One of Omidyar’s nonprofits is the Democracy Fund. In 2015, the Democracy Fund awarded nearly $9 million in grants, “many of which went to left-wing organizations.” One Democracy Fund recipient is currently in court fighting the results of the Georgia gubernatorial race, which was won by Republican Brian Kemp.

Left-wing billionaire money corrupts democracy.

An affiliate of that fund disclosed on its website that it has given as least $600,000 to Kristol’s umbrella group, Defending Democracy Together, since May. (Other NeverTrumpers involved in the group are author Mona Charen, strategist Linda Chavez, and former governor Christine Todd Whitman.) Republicans for the Rule of Law operates under the purview of Defending Democracy Together.

“Rule of Law”. Pure _ewspeak. You can throw Kellyanne Conway’s disgusting, fat husband in that mix of Globohomo seditionists.

So why is a group of so-called principled “conservatives” accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a leftist billionaire who has shown zero dedication to conservative causes, an activist who finances interests that are inimical to conservative values and policies, and who bankrolls Democratic candidates hostile to mainstream conservatives?

Because the same phonies who claims to be all about principles and integrity are now the folks willing to do almost anything to take down Trump. (Remember that the next time they lecture pro-Trump Republicans about being a cult.)

Well of course. They even have the symbols. The pussyhat is the Stahlhelm of this cult.

Omidyar is a virulent Trump foe; he donated $250,000 to the NeverTrump PAC in 2016. Calling Trump a “dangerous authoritarian demagogue” during the presidential primaries, the Iranian-born

Why is he in America? I don’t remember getting a say in this turd’s application for invasion.

Omidyar also is tied to another billionaire archenemy of the president: George Soros.


Omidyar has donated millions to Soros’s pet projects, including the Open Society Foundations, a main funder of Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Center for American Progress.

Meanwhile, rich conservatives are funding Friday night football programs.

Among the goals of the Open Society Foundations are “creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, cutting the number of prison inmates by 50%, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, increasing welfare handouts, and raising taxes to redistribute wealth.”

Sounds like a Dr Evil plan to me. How does this Globohomo agenda significantly differ in its practical effects from actual genocide of White America?

(The Standard has other ties to Soros-linked projects and seems to be running a lot of cover for the global financier of late. More on that in an upcoming piece.)

The Weekly Standard is run by Bill Kristol, a very special person, who has turned his rag into a PR machine for international financiers.

Now look, I’m not gonna say stereotypes R real, but yeah stereotypes R real.

It’s one thing for a political pundit like Kristol to brand himself as a Trump-hating “conservative” to earn hits on cable news shows and get fawning coverage in elite media publications.

Shitlib media outlets like Non-Player Radio routinely introduce Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg as “conservatives”. This is classic “make words mean something entirely different than what they actually mean” psy ops.

It’s quite another to partner up with the sworn enemies of the very principles one has claimed not only to champion, but of which he has insisted he is the last, best defender.

It makes sense if you keep in mind that kristolniks are sworn to nothing but what is good for kristolniks, and immigration restriction is like a crucifix and garlic to them. THEIR WHOLE LONG-TERM PROJECT IS TO END THE CONCEPT OF WHITE CHRISTIAN MAJORITY NATIONS.

His new friend is a foe of these causes and has been for decades, which makes it appear as though Kristol is ready to sell out to any deep pocket just to damage the president while hiding the fact that his crusade is financed, at least in part, by a major anti-Trump, anti-conservative left-wing billionaire. (There is no information posted on Republicans for the Rule of Law’s website, or Kristol’s umbrella group, that discloses their funding sources.)

Vampires hate Sunshine laws.

The irony is rich indeed that “Republicans for the Rule of Law” is financed by a Democrat.

Expose the funding streams, and you are halfway to a Mass Woke Event.

So here are the billionaire soy’s club names you need to know:

Any and all members of the Soros clan
Pierre Omidyar
Michael Bloomberg
Warren Buffett (fucking quisling)
Tom Steyer
Jeff Bezos (he funds the Left through his agitprop blog, The Washington Post)
Carlos Slim (same as Bezos, except his plaything is the NYTimes)
Sergey Brin
Mark Zuckerberg
Jack Dorsey
The Koch-suckers (h/t mendo)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it hits all the big traitors.

PS Ace of Spades covers the story.

PPS J.R. expertly summarizes the sordid globohomo network of billionaire nation wreckers,

so, here’s what’s going on:

Pierre Omidyar, the Left-Wing Billionaire, runs the Democracy Fund which gives cash to left-wing groups to advance anti-white causes

Democracy Fund gives $600k to Bill Kristol’s Defending Democracy Together Fund which then creates the Republicans for the Rule of Law group which then buys ad time on FoxNews to bash Trump

I’ve coined a term for this:

Anti-White agitprop laundering.

PPPS “Defending Democracy Together Fund”…so Orwellian.

PPPPS From Smash Islamophobia:

Black pill:
There are no conservative megadonors.
Vulture fund billionaire vulture fund billionaire (((Paul Singer))) is a top Republican donor.
His #1 cause?
Homosexual “marriage” & other issues related to promoting homosexuality. He also funded the Pissgate “dossier,” of course.

MAGAmen, I’m afraid we’ll have to save America with nothing but the steel in our spines and the righteous fury in our hearts.

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I asked how shitlib webzines and shitlib nonprofits stay solvent, and more perplexingly, manage to swim in an ocean of funny money. Commenter and epicurean trav777 answers,

CH- I can answer your question.

I have lived here for a while and I was fucking a chick who worked at exactly one of these ubiquitous nonprofits, and have done research into them.

They’re [special people] money laundering scams. Period.

One guy, I think ZH did an expose on him, had something like 6 or 8 shell companies colocated at the same address. They do the same shit with PACs as with nonprofits. People make deductible donations and the money gets routed around from corporation to corporation as “costs, fees, expenses,” whatever, and it ends up largely back in the pockets of the donors.

These billionaires didn’t get there by giving their money away, they got there by understanding how to KEEP the money they were making by any means necessary.

So the aforementioned nonprofit…some kind of africa bullshit. I told her, not asked her, “everyone there is a [special person].” She was like how the fuck do you know this? The [special people] that fund it are on the take from it, hiding ways to pay themselves and others massive sums to avoid taxes.

So think of this- every single expense of their life is expensed out to the nonprofit or PAC. Trips, travel, food, clothing, you name it. Deducted. The donors have their own shells to do the same sort of shit in a lazy susan. As long as the IRS gets some dough here and there, they really never fuck with corporations. And this is massive business with massive political cover.

These [special people] never went to africa, like nobody did, there were no perceptible projects she could discern and she was constantly confused about what tf this nonprofit actually *did*. I told her, they launder money. That is the business. The white chicks who worked there surely thought they were doing good but all they are is a sunk cost necessary to launder massive sums of money. Foundations are the same. Ways to perpetuate dynastic wealth.

Like I wrote, an entrepreneurial True News journalist who wasn’t afraid to lose it all to a vengeful Globohomo would really make a name for himself exposing the money laundering scam at the heart of the conglomerated shitlib media universe.

Fortunately, there is a samizdat dissident underground media willing to do the work that the Chaimstream Media won’t do.

From emailer “Matt”, an analysis of media dissembling (aka Fake News) that is related to the topic of this post.

Thought you’d find this relevant given your recent post discussing VOX. Below is a data driven analysis of 20 large news outlets. Given the lack of pointed initiative, I think the results are more cudgel than shiv.


The Fiat News Index […]

Fiat news is about the press telling you how to think about issues. Fiat news is about the presentation of opinions as facts, regardless of whether they consistently favor one group or another. If you want a bit more of a primer, including why we call this fiat news, the original piece Ben wrote in 2017 is located here.

We think there are some ways to measure this, so we’re going to try. And we’re going to do it in the open. Let me introduce you to the Fiat News Index.

I’ve selected 20 of the largest and most prominent US-based news and commentary organizations. Using the tools and database from our friends at Quid, the Index measures the proportion of articles from a media outlet which use one of a range of words or expressions I selected. These words and expressions fall roughly into three categories: words that convey a causal link between two statements (Causal Expressions), words that seek to communicate the Common Knowledge element of a narrative (Common Knowledge Expressions), and words that communicate explicit value judgements (Value Expressions). These concepts will be familiar to readers of the recent In Brief, The Tells of Fiat News. […]

The basic idea behind this framework is that writers, when using Causal Expressions, are communicating how you should perceive the relationships between facts and other facts, or between facts and certain conclusions and analysis. This conflation is a common way to present a judgment or opinion as objective fact. It is a writer coaching you on the logical path they wish you to follow. Sometimes that is innocuous, because sometimes the relationship between two ideas, two facts or two statements really is incontrovertible. Often it is not. When using Common Knowledge Expressions, the writer is encouraging you to think less critically about an assertion or argument. It is, after all, obvious to everyone else. Value Expressions are more straightforward and easily understood. They also look a bit more like an analysis of bias, although these words may just as easily be used to tell you how to think about what is good and what is bad without any element of structural favoring of one point of view. […]

For this reason, the absolute levels [of media dissembling expressions] are much less instructive than the relative levels. For me, I understand this index to mean, “If I open the pages of this publication, how much more likely is it than in another publication that I will read a story that is telling me how to think?”

Here is the Fiat News Index for the last 12 months ended November 10:

A few words. First, the Index includes four media companies that are not news outlets. This is by design. The unit of the Fiat News Index is the Vox, not because there’s necessarily anything bad or dishonest about what Vox does, but because Vox’s stated mission is to explain the news. Approximately 91% of its articles in the last year included one of these explainer words. Nothing necessarily wrong with that in a commentary or analysis publication (like Vox, The Atlantic, National Review or The New Yorker), but potentially a matter of concern when it takes place in a news outlet. Each other source is scaled to express how many Voxes of explaining their articles have engaged in over the last year.

The poles are instructive. On the one hand, we have Vox, and on the other, Reuters. In between, there is a meaningful range. While I don’t have the data to give Reuters a completely clean bill of health, for our purposes I think it is useful to think of their level as a baseline of the innocuous usage of these terms. From there, Voxes will rise with the (1) use of these terms to explain topics in news articles and (2) the relative proportion of opinion and commentary to pure news coverage. The first is our primary focus, but the second isn’t irrelevant, and we don’t consider it a false positive. You should read this as an attempt to proxy the following question: “If I open this publication, how likely is it that I will be told how to think about world events instead of being given simple information about world events?


Go there and read the article. The thing that jumps out at you is that leftist media outlets are more likely to “tell you how to think about world events” — i.e., to present opinions as news — than are right-leaning outlets.

This is the natural and expected consequence of leftoids being more ideologically conformist than conservatives, and why I have said the only fix is to cull at least half the shitlibs from their media perches and replace them with un-cucked, un-zogged patriots.

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This photo captures the totalitarian absurdity of Big Tech better than any other I’ve seen. Taken from inside the hardened bunker of a Faceborg office:

White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work while murals of crazy-eyed browns and blacks glower overhead, mixed in with messages about the myth of biological sex.

The Empire has no clothes.

The photo is part of a story about a Faceborg executive, Palmer Luckey, who was fired for supporting Donald Trump. (great name btw, both Luckey’s and Trump’s)

[In 2016, Luckey] donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

Perjury. And a violation of CA law against discrimination based on political affiliation.

Internal Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered,

Far left Faceborg executives who donated millions to thecunt campaign were pissed at this one employee who donated $10K to a NAAAAAH QUEEN group. Imagine the intensity of groupthink required to have such a skewed perspective.

Facebook executives including Mr. Zuckerberg pressured Mr. Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Mr. Luckey’s yearslong support of Mr. Trump,

Leftoids like Cuckersperg can tolerate “dissent” if it goes no farther than libertarianism. This is proof that libertardianism is an insipid, cowardly ideology that pussy White men adopt when they dare to be different but don’t want to piss off shitlibs.

Tech executives concede that Silicon Valley is predominantly liberal—Mr. Zuckerberg said in Senate testimony that it is “an extremely left-leaning place”—yet they have steadfastly maintained that politics doesn’t play a role in how they police content on their sites.

Psychopaths are good at steadfastly lying.

Mr. Luckey, a Long Beach native who was home-schooled by his mother, has sometimes been out of step with the largely liberal culture of Facebook. A fan of big cars and military gear, he drove a giant tan Humvee with machine-gun mounts and orange toy guns. He once was forced to move it from the Facebook parking lot after someone called the police in to investigate, according to people familiar with the episode.

LOL snowflakes.

Mr. Luckey has been a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump and wrote a letter to the then-reality-television star in 2011 urging him to run for president. Mr. Luckey has told friends that reading Mr. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” at age 13 sparked his entrepreneurial imagination.

Damn, this guy was on the Trump Train before anyone but Trump himself!

Mr. Luckey’s fallout with Facebook began in September 2016, when the Daily Beast revealed his $10,000 donation to NimbleAmerica, a pro-Trump group that paid for advertising mocking Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election. At least one billboard paid for by the group featured a picture of Mrs. Clinton and the phrase “Too Big to Jail.”

Mr. Luckey’s donation and the perception that he might be associated with a group that at times traded in misogynistic and white-supremacist messages,


Facebook employees expressed anger about Mr. Luckey on internal message boards and at a weekly town hall meeting in late September 2016, questioning why he was still employed, according to people familiar with the complaints.


“Multiple women have literally teared up in front of me in the last few days,” an engineering director, Srinivas Narayanan, wrote in one internal post following the meeting.

Everything gone wrong with America is summed up in the above sentence.

Some virtual-reality-game developers said they wouldn’t work with Oculus in the future.


After the incident, Mr. Luckey became more, not less, political. One month after he left Facebook, he hosted a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. He has since founded Anduril, an Orange County-based tech company focused on using artificial intelligence to protect troops, performing search-and-rescue missions and bringing “Silicon Valley thinking and funding to defense,” according to its website.

Someone on the dissident Right should get in touch with this guy about funding a parallel media-monetization universe to undermine Soylicunt Valley’s grip on the information gateways.


From Tam the Bam,

“White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work”

My liege! I pumped the pic up ctrl++++++, because I was suspicious of the insertion of the term “work” in that context.
And the stereotypes are even more stereotypical.
The Asian gent is stuffing his face with some no doubt infarction-inducing glop while on the go.
Soyboy with the clipboard is esculating his iPhag.
And schlubbing away in the background, shirtsleeve boy .. well just look at the splaying angles of his (flat) dyspraxic feet to the line of motion, as he orbits a business-suit basic-bitch. Can’t tell if that’s a (((hatlet))) or just a premature bald spot there too.

Keen eye. The dysgenic overload hits the lowers and uppers with equal ferocity but in different forms.

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A great comment from Davy Holmes, on why creating a parallel information network that competes with Globohomo is so difficult, and on why Trump is hated so much by the elite (answer: he exposed their cowardice).

Wealth for the last hundred years or so must not only be earned, it must be given. As we have seen, time and time again, it will only be allowed to flow into the coffers of those who have been deemed sufficiently submissive or controlled. As an excellent example, look at Trump.

He supported liberal policies, he gave millions of dollars to the democratic machine, he married his daughter off to the son of one of the most filthy [special people] you can find on the east coast, and he has been a constant and vocal supporter of blacks, here in America.

He was, in a word, bought. The problem with Trump – for them – is that he didn’t stay bought.

There have been more than a few others who attempted to buck the yoke, one way or the other, and wound up recanting. I think of Rand Paul, who refused to clap during the visit from NetanYAHOO during the Obama years – and then spent the next three months on an apology tour of Israel. Or Winston Churchill who warned the entire nation against getting involved in World War II, only to plunge headlong into it when exterior pressure was brought to bear.

Men with money in today’s world – and I mean BIG money – are too invested in the machine to buck the system, and even if they did, it wouldn’t do them any good.

There have been a number of alternative platforms that have been started, and were viable alternatives. Guess what happened to them. They were defunded, banks pulled out of the deal, VISA and MC refused to work with them at all, contracts were illegally broken, and the courts refused to give satisfaction – the list goes on and on and on. In a nation that held the rule of law to be paramount, these kind of things wouldn’t be possible, but we haven’t lived in that nation for a VERY long time, if ever. In the nation we live in, laws are only sticks used to cudgel a very specific group of the masses back into submission, and are easily and readily broken whenever the opportunity arises.

I’ve spoken a lot about going after certain people legally, although perhaps not here. Yes, I think we should do that, but not because I think it’s going to do any good. I think we should do that so that the ‘normies’ who are left can continue to be given concrete, substantive proof that there are no – and I mean NO – viable alternatives to what is coming. That, and to simply irritate the [SP]MC’s ([Special People] in My Country). They really don’t like it when you question their authority.

[Special People], clawing for power: “Question authority!”
[Special People], in power: “Don’t question authority!”

There won’t be any alternative platforms, not real ones. They won’t allow it. As soon as there IS a platform that could truly challenge their ability to control the flow of information, it WILL be shut down. Or probably something sneakier, like ensuring that users searching for the platform are redirected to a different, more sinister, site. The SPMC’s, after all, don’t particularly care for confrontation. With the exception of when God has clearly stated that He was on their side, they’ve lost.

Somehow, I don’t think He’s got their back on this one.

The theme of Davy’s comment dovetails with a snipe by commenter BRUH, who works for the benefit of masters s/he may have no conception of but masters whose skypistry is mirrored in BRUH’s words,


Nah just righteous anger. I don’t envy my lessers. The truth is pretty much the opposite of BRUH’s hackneyed drive-bys. I have it on good authority that leftoids and cucks employed by these illicitly-funded rags read this humble blog and seethe with envy at the talent and insight and freedom of thought expressed here FOR FREE that they can’t muster WITH BILLIONS THROWN AT THEM. That’s gotta sting.

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