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The tech company is in the news because its celebrated female CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was just charged with committing “massive fraud” by the SEC for misleading investors with false claims about her company’s tech.

And that little shitlord boy went HA HAAWW!

Watch this video of Holmes speaking in the patois of a souldead corporate diversiwhore automaton.

Wew. The Strange.

Under the skin of every female CEO you’ll find high T, manjawdibles, phallic clits, an excitable infidelity-cuckoldry neural feedback loop, a deep ocean vocal register, and quite often a leftover kippah from her bitch mitzvah.

In other words, a man. Parenthetically speaking.

PS Gaze into the technicolor funhouse abyss of her eyes. Crazy is as crazy glares. We live in the era of autistic psychocunts. #LOSING

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Riffing on this long-form neg, (is it working, Bri? DM me!), some bantz regarding Brittany Pettibone’s purpose and pleasure ensued between readers and yours cruelly. As a stand-in for the constellation of PIVnat alt-right thotties, Brit does nicely. NAMinxALT, yes, yes, but let’s face it, these camera-ready nonconformist coquettes must share similar characteristics (and characters).

If they’re categorizable as femmes fatales, which archetype would best fit them?

The Golddigger?

The Waif/Neurotic?

The Eternal Ingenue?

The Amazonian Alpha?

I’d need more time studying her…personality, but from what little I know and have seen of B. Pettibone, she’s a cross between the Golddigger and Neurotic femme fatale archetypes.

Jack McKrack writes,

I doubt she’s a Golddigger – she’s attractive enough 2 have hooked a wealthy man by now if money was what she desired. maybe…Famedigger is more accurate? or maybe she’s playing a long game of seeking fame that turns into more wealth than could be had by a more direct approach (marrying a dude who’s rich already but with a comparatively low wealth ceiling)?

Yes, she’d more precisely be a Famedigger, a subcategory of Golddigger. (Less flattering terms are fame whore, starfucker, groupie, renown hound, rep chaser, klieg queen, YidTube sensation, blue tick snip dick (for the males).) These kinds of women don’t necessarily marry or fuck for money, but they are characterized by a ruthless pursuit of their goals, and a fulfillment of their desires, which can be unremunerated social status rather than wealth. This type doesn’t fall in love very easily, because love tends to interfere with the aggrandizement directive. And many of the men they latch onto are treated as stepping stones to further their public exposure, which also works against love finding any purchase.

FYI the modren sexual market with its economic and cultural incentives to ride the carousel into the Wall somewhat selects against attractive women hooking wealthy men for a lifetime of comfort and security. That option is always in the back of the thot’s head, but more than ever before she is unmoved to urgency by its siren call. This will likely change when penury and menace sweeps Western nations once again.


i’m real torn on this phenomenon as it pertains to the Maul Right. their T & A gets eyeballs where there normally would be none, but the Maul Right is rife with betas and white knights that are easily weakened and coaxed off message by Brit’s pouty lips or Lauren’s cosplay selfies. i disagree with Roosh on a lot but i agree with him on the imminent dangers here.

Taken in isolation, I don’t have a problem with cuties jamming the airwaves with their girlythoughts. In the aggregate, though, I agree that paradigmatic shifts in thinking and revolutionary movements are best led by men, of men, and for men, because men make the sacrifices in dire times. The women will, and should in a healthy sociosexual system, follow.

As for beta male thirst, yes it’s been discussed ad nauseam here and elsewhere that social media amplifies the thirst to pathological affliction, and likewise blows up the egos of oftentimes marginal SMV women who ultimately pay the price for their short-term ego boost by refusing to settle down until the settlin’ down’s out of reach for them.

Every girl has a bit of Famedigger in her. Not every girl can act on the impulse. Those that can, often do.

Famedigger and Woman are practically synonymous for the very simple explanation that women are ATTRACTED TO, AROUSED BY, AND LUBE UP TORRENTIALLY FOR famous men. That these women, when in the company of famous men, get to experience a little of that fame for themselves is icing on the handsome rake.

So most Famediggers swarm the spotlight because that’s where the famous alpha men are. Others, perhaps including our intrepid thots, seek fame for its own sake, and use famous men — specifically, beta famous men who aren’t at ease with their newfound HSMV and don’t know how to exploit it — to vault themselves into the public consciousness, where they can display their….minds….to a much larger audience of men. It’s every woman’s most cherished fantasy to be the object of desire of many (alpha) men, their coy protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Truth & Beauty are breaching The Fuggernaut’s perimeter defenses. You can tell this is happening because The Fuggernaut has, perhaps hastily, resorted to coordinated censorship of dissidents. The Keepers of the Globohomo Orthodoxy have mowed down innumerable thought criminals on Faceborg, Goolag, Twatter, and Fapple, and now they’re turning their silencing superweapon against Alt-Tech.

By Rabbi Abraham Cooper […]

–The Alt Tech phenomenon is gaining traction. Extremists in the Alt-Right movement reject the rules laid out by social media companies and others to curb online hate. As a result, they increasingly use platforms where there are few if any rules and, when necessary, start their own online funding efforts. Taking their inspiration from far-right gains in Europe, the U.S.-based extremists are recasting neo-Nazism, xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and white supremacism with a new vocabulary (e.g. “It’s OK to Be White,” “Stop White Genocide”). An entire subculture of hate is taking shape online ranging from Pepe the Frog’s icon to gaming apps to t-shirts—all using insiders’ vocabulary.

When your enemy has lost the argument in the arena of ideas, but refuses to cede power or admit defeat, then he will, while power is still in his hands, silence, censor, suppress, slander, gaslight, and blacklist you and anyone remotely associated with you. It’s what psychopathic neurotics do when things don’t go their way and their vision of a Globalist Market Bazaar in every small town is thwarted by the common man. If they can’t beat a foe’s ideas, they’ll beat the foe into submission.

This is where the West is at today, and the potential for the current stand-off to get a lot worse is at least as great as the potential for it to resolve peacefully and to the benefit of Heritage America.

But an uprising is coming. A Z which haunts their Zzzzs. And they know. It’s why they’re desperate to SHUT IT DOWN, while the shutting down’s good.

Over the course of this time, we’ve witnessed a frightening evolution in the sophistication of the tools they use and professionalism by which they go about their work. Today, we’re on the verge of a tipping point.

“tipping point” = “our decades-long curated Lies are about to be exposed”

The post-millennial Generation Z has grown up with a smartphone in its hands and is reaching adulthood with an unprecedented ability to organize, fundraise, and, if so inclined, to create hateful content and distribute it through fragmented, but interconnected media channels.

Translation: Unmonitored free speech is a threat to our democracy.

Here are the principal 2018 takeaways, all tying back to the common theme that we are dealing with more agile and increasingly capable adversaries:

Adversaries = White Gentiles. The mask has slipped so far down the face it’s like one of those comedy skits where the light suddenly goes on while a shadowed anonymous person is being interviewed.

Here is the good news: While far from perfect, most major social media providers, led by Facebook, are removing hate and terror postings.

These types never, ever learn the age-old lesson: they can censor the Truth and ostracize Truespeakers all they want, but the Truth never stays subdued for long. The Truth’s dominion is encompassing and irrepressible. If you strike down ten of us today, a hundred more will rise tomorrow, angrier and more vengeful than the martyrs they followed. Each iteration of censorship by the ruling elite begets a bigger army of the censored.

So we’re at a crossroads, anticipating the beleaguered elite’s next move. It’s in this time, cornered and stuck like pigs, that the elite are most dangerous. Oppress soldiers of the pen now, prepare for soldiers of the sword later. They censor and humiliate us with Fake Support for their nation-crushing agenda, and now they even jail us for speaking impolitely about essential differences between the sexes and races, and for daring to confront the corrupt authority in which so much faith has been lost. They’ve instituted their nuclear option all over the West, hoping to contain the stifled majorities that have experienced at long last the exhilaration of free thought unchained from the Globohomo Narrative.

It’s too late for them. All it takes is the tiniest morsel of mental and psychological freedom to shun the padded cell of soothing globalist boilerplate. There’s no going back, and attempts by the discourse gatekeepers to rewind the clock will fail, miserably, utterly, and, if they push it, spectacularly.

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I don’t thank my grassroots donors often enough. Like the NRA, and unlike just about every left-wing nonprofit advocacy group, this humble Chateau has lots of individual small donors standing up to the Globohomo behemoth.

So thank you, generous readers, those who have given a lot or a little. (Even you, that one guy who donated $0.69. I see what you did there.) It is appreciated.

Reminder that donations are always welcome, year round, big or small or epically yuge. The donate button is at the right side of the home page of this blog, just under the “where pretty lies perish” part of the banner. Direct link.

As a show of gratitude, there are two large Reader Mailbags scheduled for publication soon, chock full of answers to your pressing pickup and relationship questions. The core mission of this blog is, and has always been, to help men understand, navigate, and succeed in the modren sexual market, and to find and manage their role in a chaotically shifting cultural landscape. Topics can veer wildly here, but the core mission is never forgotten.


Screenshotted, and on bucket kick watch stand-by, ready to deploy an army of happy dancing Snoopys for the glorious occasion.


Reminder that the Chateau is a glowing, warm light guiding lost travelers to its doors and holding the encroaching darkness at bay. This encroaching darkness:

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Via TheExcrutiationator, a great comment by Matt in VA regrettably hitched to a Rod Dreher post, making the point that we live in a nation increasingly populated by sociopathic narcissists who aren’t all that different than the murderous school shooters they exploit as a springboard to the start of their left-wing political activism careers with CNN.

I am surprised that you don’t draw out the parallel between school shootings and another common theme on this blog — early-onset transgenderism.

Both are to some degree social contagions and media/extremely-online-culture phenomena.

The most recent school shooting in Florida is depressing but the school shooting itself is not the only thing that is revealing. What is most interesting from a cultural-criticism standpoint is the way the shooting generated a simultaneous parallel media spectacle in the form of the survivors who were already making videos for Youtube while bullets were being fired and who had media handlers and hashtags ready to go before the bodies had a chance to get cold.

I have seen the faces of the *gun control NOW* kids about 1,000 times since the shooting happened less than a week ago. I don’t think I’ve seen any photos of the kids who got murdered at all.

Generation Z will have two big cohorts:

alienated dysfunctional (to a greater or lesser degree) kids who engage in activities ranging from incredibly dedicated online trolling to can’t-get-a-girlfriend PUA forum posting to going crazy and school shooter speedrunning like it’s a videogame


smarmy cold-blooded strivers born on third base whose reaction to traumatic and horrifying experiences is to seek–instantaneously, instinctively, even while bodies are hitting the floor around them– to convert them to clicks, engagement, and fodder to pad college resumes with killer ways to sell themselves as passionate self-starters and change agents, hugely effective at doing exactly what Silicon Valley wants most — generating likes, comments, and shares.

100 years ago, many young people (not too much older than these high school kids) responded to the carnage they witnessed and experienced on the Western Front — how? By carrying around a well-worn volume of Housman and writing poetry (*the* characteristic response of that particular generation to the war.)

Now, kids’ primary response to something like this is to trample over the freshly fallen bodies of their classmates in order to throw themselves in front of as many TV and smartphone cameras as possible. The narcissistic sociopathy (cloaked of course, in repeated hysterical assertions of moral self-righteousness based not on acts but on political positions) is related, in a way, to the murderous nihilism of the school shooters themselves. This is how the winners and the losers of today’s society conduct themselves.

The question left to be asked is, WHY is there runaway narcissism in America?

Why do we have a generation of bratlings bouncing like hypertards from one hashtag to the next for a quick fix of social media applause? Why are there limelight hogs like David Hogg who will effortlessly segue from a traumatic school shooting to reciting focus-group tested shitlib lines in front of CNN cameras? Is no one else utterly repulsed by the sight of attention whores slipping in their dying classmates’ blood to grab headlines and harangue Congressmen with political talking points put together by craven chaimstream media propagandists?

Is this cultural trend not SICK AS FUCK to anyone with a scintilla of common decency left in him?

My answer to the narcissism question: it’s the feminization, stupid. Narcissism is an inherently female trait (and homosexual male trait). Both sexes have their narcissists, but the condition is more prevalent and manifests more acutely in women, who are natural attention whores constitutionally aware that their bodies and faces are their primary means of capturing male interest. Furthermore, in a sexual market becoming more r-selected (cads over dads), narcissistic men have a leg up on the male competition.

As our culture and institutions feminize, and media agitprop pathologizes normal healthy masculinity, we get more womanly narcissists. YouGoGrrlism and gay poz are yielding a bounty of narcissists for whom other people are either obstacles or accomplices to the public recognition of their glowing self-conception.

The explosion of Americans with the Dark Triad suite of personality traits means more psycho narcissists mugging for cameras and wearing pussyhats as substitutes for good character. Narcissism is being genetically or socially selected for via open borders mass immigration, sexual choice, cultural propaganda, and social atomization. The latter condition is particularly fertile ground for narcissists to flower, because a complete lack of social controls that otherwise small communities bring to bear on individuals means there is a lot of upside to using narcissistic exploitation to get similar social benefits from strangers that one would normally get in a rooted community from family and neighbors. And given that rootless itinerants are less likely to stick around for long after their sociopathic, narcissistic exploitation has shattered the lives around them, there is less possibility for corrective punishment like social shaming to curb the narcissist’s excesses.

The David Hoggs of the world aren’t far removed from the de Jesus Cruzes of the world. That’s something which should worry us all, because narcissism has a bad habit of burning itself out in a pyre of self-centered immolation that scorches everything in its radius of contact.

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Lawrence Auster passed away a few years ago, but his stamp on maul-right discourse lingers. In my estimation, he was a Jew of sufficient based-ness that I’d put him in the same rarefied company that includes Stephen Miller and Mickey Kaus. Here is Auster explaining the reason for Jewish support of mass nonWhite and nonChristian immigration into Gentile host nations:

That’s a highball of truth right there. The peculiar Jewish psychological profile of neuroticism coupled with psychopathy predicts this exact sort of behavior toward the majority culture. From a historical vantage, it’s incredibly short-sighted.

And we see this jewish predilection playing out in every imaginable way. Today, Jewish provocateurs assemble groups of child soldiers in Florida, following the de Jesus Cruz shooting, to agitate for gun control, which is really goyim control.

If the thesis that diaspora jews are most paranoid about a White Gentile uprising against them is true, then OF COURSE jews would want their Gentile hosts completely disarmed.

Yet instead of wisely reflecting on their own motivations and simmering resentments, jews prefer to take the moon shot of rendering the goyim toothless and impotent.

RIP Auster, you had a critical word or two to say about this blog, but you are honored here because your writing will be looked back on as prescient during a time of turbulence. You were one of the few jews who could cast a judgmental eye at the flaws and foibles of your own tribe. If only there were more like you in positions of influence.


Given that this post meandered a bit into the topic of gun control, a word from your esteemed host:

Trump should not concede an iota to the shrieking shitlibs on their “gun control” issue.

As sure as snide follows gay, that first tiny concession will lead to more concessions, and bigger concessions, until the 2nd Amendment is a historical relic.

This is because the goal of shitlibs is total disarmament of Heritage Whites. If it was about stopping violent crime, shitlibs would be all for effective methods like racial profiling and long prison sentences. But they aren’t. So they’re lying about their real motive.

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DEUSVULT wonders,

what is the lefts obsession on hating Christianity, but going balls deep in love with islam?

Less complex answer: Leftoids are cowards. It’s easier to insult people who won’t fight back.

More complex answer: Leapfrogging loyalty (a term coined by Steve Sailer iirc).

There are many psychological factors that explain leftist virtue sniveling, but one that I don’t see getting much airplay is this: virtue signaling is a way for leftoids to morally preen without actually having to act morally.

It’s a lot more work to be manifestly charitable toward your White neighbor than it is to profess empty charity toward a far away foreigner you will never see nor interact with except possibly at political protests against HURPHLE DRUMPH. Leftoids don’t want to do the hard work of charitable giving, they just want to emote about how charitable they are, and the best way for them to do that is by directing their phony piousness to alien hordes who are kept out of leftoid neighborhoods by restrictive zoning laws and high housing costs. The leftoid who claims the mantle of the xenophilic priesthood is careful to choose distant Others as the objects of her mouthed generosity, because if she made the mistake of speaking charitably about her countrymen and neighbors there’s a chance she’d have to put her signaling into concrete action.

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